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File: d78282ce3978107⋯.png (48.9 KB, 714x496, 357:248, qtddot fascist.png)

f280a2  No.10

Post your small questions here and have other fascists answer them

Post last edited at

32402f  No.17


How do we go about spreading fascism?

f280a2  No.18


Less talk, more action.The biggest thing I think we need is to have some sort of unified push in real life eventually. Internet stuff will always be important nowadays for spreading information and organizing, but if we want to spread the word to normalfags fascists will have to try to form a real movement eventually. A lot of my issue with the alt-right is that it is too focused online and making intellectual-type videos without seeking to do much in real life. It will have to be a populist-style movement like Trump did, but better and more revolutionary than that ever was. Most importantly, we have to show that fascism is more than a pejorative or it means taking away freedom for the sake of tyranny. We seek to build a new national community, end the atomized individualism and nihilism of today. I don't know if an American party should outright call itself fascist or whether that'd be political suicide out of the gate. I'm leaning towards no, but we should never change our beliefs for the sake of public opinion. Minds can be changed.

Another important thing a lot of people need do more is to not copy foreign ideas and symbols for their movement. We are Americans, we are not the Nazis of the 1930s and we shouldn't try to imitate them exclusively. Oswald Mosley once said "Fascism in essence is a national creed finding different national expression and method in each nation". We need a platform suited to the needs of the US in our situation. What that platform would entail would have to be thought of.

As a final thought I think we need to self-improve for reasons of health and presentation of fascist beliefs. Skellies and fat degenerates are both problems, though the latter is probably worse. Look how some of the people at Charlottesville looked. One doesn't have to be a body-builder, but at least be in shape for their own sake at the very least. Also blackpillers should be driven out of any movements or discussions. I can't find the quote by Giovanni Gentile once said "don't live life as it is, but rather how it ought to be". That is what fascists need to be doing. Sorry if this was ranty or not specific enough

f280a2  No.19



One more thing is that there needs to be a serious debate between an ethnonationalistic approach or an ethnopluralist approach. Pragmatically speaking I'd lean towards the latter but debate needs to be had.


c10c4c  No.38

File: fcccc9e017bbf15⋯.png (8.34 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1509034269.png)

It should be obvious but I'm going to ask anyway. Why split this and /pol/ when they're essentially the same thing? Is it because /pol/ reduces other fascists to civnat cucks?

2ea56a  No.40


/pol/ nowadays is a lot of daily news about Trump, migration, Jewish tricks, etc while I want this board to be more focused more closely on fascism and third position politics. I want it to be more actual discussion and debate, but I don't want to discourage funposting and ban others just for having a different opinion like me on /pol/ currently. Some fascists like Salgado might just be instantly berated on /pol/ instead of actually being discussed, along with ideas like Strasserism, etc. I have no beef with /pol/ nor do I seek to replace it, though I do hope to grow this board in one way or another. To fill a certain niche, I guess

35504e  No.45


The niche is growing. There are more Fascists today than there were 20 years ago. That number is going to keep increasing. The current system of the world is stagnant and dying. Let it die. We will replace it with something much more grand.

c10c4c  No.51

File: 2b45277076983a9⋯.jpg (195.33 KB, 600x585, 40:39, 1507570517.jpg)


As much as I'd like nonwhites to leave, it would logistically be a nightmare to deport all of them; especially the blacks that have been here for 8+ generations. There's just no where for them to go or anyone (in Africa) that would take them. Ethnopluralism seems like the best option for America without balkanizing, and I'd rather we not lose territory.

f280a2  No.54

File: 50dd5261983214e⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 950x766, 475:383, black populatio n 2010.jpg)


Yeah I think it would be nearly impossible to try to deport 40 million blacks to a place where they no longer have any roots, whether linguistically, culturally, religiously even racially in some respects due to white admixture present in a lot of blacks to a greater or lesser extent. The time has passed to try to deport them. Now this may get into LARP territory since it depends on getting into power, but I've always thought a "Black Autonomous Region" should be established in the South. It would remain a part of the Union however. Now concerning other non-whites like Hispanics, I'd instantly deport the illegals and have English declared the sole language in government, signs, TV, etc, while also ending birthright citizenship shit.

As a side note, while I don't think the black man can be turned into a white man, I think all races would benefit from the restriction of the Jew in media, entertainment. It could be argued that blacks are just as, if not more judaized than whites, but with a heavier dose of degeneracy and a victim complex rather than self-hatred

Post last edited at

c10c4c  No.57

File: 32133dffaa7e1fc⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 316x609, 316:609, 1436117313596.jpg)


The mixed people is the ones I have a hard time imagining in a fascist society with ethnopluralisn. They have no roots and no people they can truly belong to, they are the perfect people to be swayed by globalism. If they can't fit in with any monoracial group they would easily be convinced to seek out the mongrelization of all races. They themselves are a product of internationalism which makes their situation all the more tragic considering as how they simply can't help it.

f280a2  No.64


I've seen a lot of mixed people online complain about that rootlessness feeling. I can't imagine how that feels. At least as a Euromutt I can feel a slight connection to a few different European countries, interest myself in the mythology of my distant ancestors, try to study their languages. It's no wonder the spawn of an already uprooted African and a Euromutt white produces such a prime target for the Jew, they're the (((ideal))) product of the judaized modernity

0182f7  No.94



For what purpose? I don't want to rule over brown people and if we segregate into separate communities then what is to be gained in having some union in name only?

We must separate that much is clear so why not go all the way and focus on getting our own house in order unburdened by orcs.

f280a2  No.95

File: 36e24d1f2f48579⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1280x997, 1280:997, Ethnic Map USA (2).jpg)

File: a80834672e3cfe7⋯.png (236.84 KB, 1250x827, 1250:827, Bantustans.PNG)


Ethnopluralism is merely the minimal I'd be content with. It certainly doesn't need to be the final step towards separate development . I mentioned it here >>54 , but it certainly could (and should eventually if ethnopluralism was reached) go further to full independence. My model would probably be something like what they tried to do with the Bantustans in apartheid South Africa. Recognizing that America is multiracial and the best hope for harmony is our separate development and self-determination, not mixing and fighting amongst ourselves. Thus the best way forward from an ethnopluralistic method would be a sort of "controlled Balkanization" from above. This would take some time to enact, of course and would involve collaboration with chosen non-white leaders. Steps forward would be enacting stuff like internal passport systems to limit movement between regions, moving towards something like The Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act of 1970, which made Africans in South Africa citizenship of a Bantustan, linking them with a homeland.

Even if this would be a long-term goal, I'd still run any fascist movement in a implicitly, but not exclusively white fashion, something like the Integralists but with a long-term goal towards separate ethnic states. The question is how much blacks actually want to rule themselves and how it would be promoted as a benefit to all groups, something I truly believe it would.

a33b0e  No.116


Just three simple things: learn from mistakes, notice patterns that occur, and don't make those mistakes again.

a33b0e  No.117


There's one thing holding those people back, and it's the lousy state of their country. What if we repaired their society, gave them skills, cut aid money, reform their government, and ditch them never to speak with them again? It worked with Japan after they were nuked twice, why not those countries as well?

a33b0e  No.119


Blacks do want to rule themselves, and you can see their sentiment from how they want "more diversity" in white fields. They don't want diversity, just homogeneity because they can trust each other. That's why they like Black Panther more than Star Wars.

f280a2  No.122


After all, it is only natural that a group will want to control its own destiny. The real question is how would this be presented to the public. Is it relevant for running in small public positions? Probably not. If a movement ever got large enough to be nation-wide, I would seriously start looking into communicating with black nationalist groups. Balkanization from above is the only type I see as plausible under current circumstances. People aren't going to want to up and leave the US and form some little white enclave while they are materially satisfied and have a job and food on the table. It'd just have to seem fair to both parties. Obviously the whites would end up with a majority of the current US outside of the South, but the blacks would have to be given a sizeable enough area, bordering the ocean and geographically contiguous. That along with expropriation WITH compensation for whites and blacks would make it an easier pill to swallow, not to mention a majority of people in this nation will and do admit that racial tensions will never die down. Their natural, we're different. Apart we can thrive amongst our own people. We don't have to be enemies with whatever state would be formed, a close relationship would be more valuable in fact.

a33b0e  No.125


I'm in agreement, provided that they're willing to handle their own issues. What I fear is that they might attribute their shortcomings to us, but I'm cool with it if that scenario won't happen at all.

f280a2  No.126


I would hope that if a fascist government with a platform like I described ever got into power, media and education would work to undo the heavy victim narrative fed to both blacks and whites. Maybe that's iust too much idealism on my part, it very well could be

a33b0e  No.128


It definitely would be more effective than democracy. Democracy sounds good in theory, but ineffective in practice because countries are now repeatedly replaced by people who don't represent the native country. Whether people like to admit it or not, a hispanic illegal immigrant is going to have a different set of priorities than a white and black US citizen. Rather than fix the plethora of issues within whites (opiod crisis) and blacks (gang violence), liberals want to ignore it and pile additional issues that illegals have to secure more votes.

If you point this out to the left, then they panic and quickly try to shut down discussion by claiming that you're a heartless sociopath. That card won't work for long anymore though.

f280a2  No.129


I want an end to the party game and a more technocratic, meritocratic form of government. I definitely believe democracy in the current form should be curtailed and changed to a form that will function better. In the past I've read about doing away with geographic representation for occupational franchise. Doctors vote for the issues of doctors, teachers for teachers, etc. It'd obviously be more complex than that, but getting rid of the obstruction and lobbying of our current system is essential. How many of the people who vote on our laws are actually experts in the field that a certain law concerns? Hitler was right when he spoke about the "Jewish-democratic blind worship of numbers", yet even he held referendums on public approval. Mosley proposed periodic referendums on the conduct of goverment as well. These quote by William Joyce and then Giovanni Gentile sum up my view:

>National Socialism will certainly smash the crumbling edifice of social democracy; and if dictatorship is the principle that a people should arm its chosen leaders with absolute power to express its will, it is a principle which must be upheld. If, on the other hand dictatorship is identified with tyranny or with the government of the people against their will, it is condemned on the ground that it violates the first principle of national unity.

>Nationalism and syndicalism–together with liberalism, itself–had criticized the old representative form of the liberal state and appealed to a system of organic representation to better capture the reality in which citizens are lodged, and would better represent their psychology and provide support for the development of their personality.

TL;DR: End to the party game, real representation, empower our leaders to act, no leadership shuffle every four to eight years. Sorry for rambling

a33b0e  No.130


That's my ideal system. Letting the experts decide as opposed to opinionated lobbyists who parrot the ill-informed views of journalists and celebrities. With regards to current firearm debate, it would be great for both sides. The anti-gun side would make sensible gun control laws from their experience and the pro-gun side would ardently defend it.

The current system only exists to fund corporate entities and Israel, it needs to be replaced at this point.

f280a2  No.131

File: 3f9040174d533c5⋯.jpg (681.68 KB, 480x4650, 16:155, Illusion of Choice.jpg)


>The current system only exists to fund corporate entities and Israel

Same with the press. Do they conduct actual journalism and truth-telling? I'm no huge fan of Trump, but look how they libel him day after day, denigrate the nation and drag everything of value through the mud. Not to mention Trump is barely outside the norm. I wish Trump would have stopped threatening to strengthen libel laws and actually did it. It's common knowledge that when journalists wax lyrical about "muh press freedoms" all they're talking about is the freedom to spread their lies in the favor of (((interests))). Libel laws need strengthened and the government should have the power to prosecute papers and media outlets who lie, especially if it is proven intentional and in support of vested interests. I wouldn't go as far as to directly control the press directly, but undoubtedly I'd support some form of "fascistic oversight" for lack of a better term.

The press should have the freedom to disseminate the facts but not to maliciously lie.

a33b0e  No.133

File: e5fcb97e52d6863⋯.png (49.09 KB, 1204x930, 602:465, Siege- Marching to One Dru….png)

File: faa3fb18492be73⋯.png (44.92 KB, 1222x910, 47:35, Siege -Marching to One Dru….png)


Their lies are double edged sword. On one hand, it's frustrating to tackle each and every one of their lies. On the other hand, their lies are so far-fetched and distorted that it appears drastically different from the source material.

They're the reason why I went from a far-left feminist to right-wing fascist in the first place. They were decrying "fascism" as this cartoonishly evil ideology that instructed you to gas millions of Jews, but when I decided to read books from actual fascists out of curiosity, I read a great intelligent alternative to our government that failed to represent it's people. I saw a reasonable and pragmatic ideology that would better society for everyone in the long run.

The press complains about the ideology being oppressive censorship, but what weight do their complaints carry when they simultaneously act on their censorship against towards those who don't share their interests? Not only do they advocate for riots and deplatforming, they also cut the funds of their opposition. You don't have to look far for examples: Kevin Williamson being fired for a line that he said in a podcast in 2014, Citibank prohibiting the bank accounts of those who sell firearm attachments, Laura Ingraham having her ads, and Chris Cantwell being cut from payment processors. Ultimately under the current system, you're predestined to be a lower class for having a view that they find unacceptable. Mainly because (((they))) will actively attempt to remove your wealth and status. Apparently, it's been true for decades as James Mason (see: pic related) stated that we already live under a dictatorship.

Anyway, I'm sorry for rambling too much. It sucks that journalists are like that, but a lot of our issues would be solved if folks read or looked at the primary source like we did.

f280a2  No.136

File: 31c25b20e4e8cad⋯.png (307.02 KB, 1221x1316, 1221:1316, IMG_1329.PNG)


>Anyway, I'm sorry for rambling too much.

No problem at all, anon. Your posts are exaxtly the type of content I was aiming for on this board.

>we already live under a dictatorship.

Agreed. Whether through incompetence or maliciousness, our current government is wholly removed from the interests and will of the vast majority of our citizens. Just look at congressional and presidential approve polls (to the extent polls can be relied on). Is American foreign policy in the interest of the everyday American citizen? How does it benefit them? Our infrastructure crumbles, our people are obese and unhealthy, racial relations are shittier than usual and yet ZOG still looks at the problems of countries abroad and try to impose our will there and spy on all of our citizens indiscriminately.

Mason's been pretty on point in all of the screenshots you've posted. Be careful, anon…I might turn into a Siegefag at this rate

a33b0e  No.138


Spot on. I'm glad that you liked his excerpts as I've been too hooked with his book. Mason was an author ahead of his time.

3e8eba  No.177

File: ce5251b665f48b9⋯.png (1007.18 KB, 1431x960, 477:320, ClipboardImage.png)

Rate my OC.

f280a2  No.179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not really the place to put this, but Fascist Maxims (run by Cultured Thug) will have a livestream at 1pm PST / 4pm EST

c10c4c  No.180


I've been waiting for another one of these

f280a2  No.182


I'm glad it seems to be starting up again. It had been a while since a Fascist Maxims was uploaded. Hopefully CT and Marshall Ironsides can get together for some more talks soon

0cd608  No.350


>They're the reason why I went from a far-left feminist to right-wing fascist in the first place.

That's a great leap


9b9b4e  No.353


What turned you from a commie into a fascist? It blows my mind that anyone would go from a reasonable model of how modern society operates (people acting in rational self-interest) to conspiracy theories about muh jewry based largely on feels over reals.

caf971  No.358


>What turned you from a commie into a fascist? It blows my mind that anyone would go from a reasonable model of how modern society operates (people acting in rational self-interest) to conspiracy theories about muh jewry based largely on feels over reals.

Go be a faggot somewhere else

8647cb  No.359


I didn't see anything wrong with his question

415b05  No.369

Should fascism be a temporary inoculant against foreign infection or should it exist indefinitely as a system?

8647cb  No.370


Permanent in an ideal situation. Representative democracy as we have it is inherently flawed anyway and I wouldn't want to return to it personally. I might be less authoritarian than some here though, and don't see an need for excessive militarization at all times or a total curtailment of democracy in many areas. I truly think society would truly be better off based on more collectivist, socialist and national lines.

78d99f  No.419


Communism has been reduced to a mythology of lies. It is predicated on class struggle and a reductionist view of history that denies spiritual or traditional ties. Once you reject materialism you have to reject both capitalism and communism. Fascism offers a viable, regenerative alternative. Jews are a problem but they are over emphasised by Nazis. Capitalism merely accentuates their worst qualities as a race, as it does to whites.

78d99f  No.420


Difficult to say. There is no doubt that a fascist country would be persecuted in the liberal world order unless it had a strong geopolitical strategy. If fascism was temporary corrective force it would lead to its degeneration. What is the great legacy of Salazar and Franco in the wake of their regimes? Fascism's aim is to ensure stability by rendering certain institutions not up for debate, it should be influenced by monarchism in this respect.

8cd031  No.422


Fascism ought to be a permanent solution, or else lead to some unthought system that's even better than itself. Remember that fascism is not just a political philosophy, but it is a way of life. To quote Gentile, it's a cult of life, of strength, of youth, et cetera. Even when liberalism, democracy, and communism are eliminated and long gone, Fascism must hold itself up.

3db09a  No.482

File: 3723e45de14caaa⋯.jpg (254.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a705649ef2082ce691ed3fb4ac….jpg)



>mixed races easily swayed by globalism

blog post incoming

I won't argue that the appeal of finding a sense of belonging when you haven't had any group you could identify with at a base level is appealing believe me when I say any sense of belonging would have been well received at my lowest points, oddly enough for me (and maybe for some other people who were born mixed) what pushed me away from globalism and more towards a nationalistic mindset was the idea of many different cultures being lost forever from something like globalism. It was an old article in some nature magazine about one of the last speakers of an old dialect, talking about how her kids were busy learning a language that would see a lot more use (I think the journalist said English, but any language used in an international setting is just as likely) and how dialects and languages like these were disappearing at a rather alarming rate forgive me if I can't Remember the exact number but I want to say it was 14 or 42 a year and while I want to say that the article was trying to blame it on forcing western values on them, I think what I concluded was that it didn't really matter what values and ideas were being pushed on these people, due to the push they were losing their identity. I think from that conclusion and the thought of other people going through what I was going through, made me start pushing back at what I perceived to be a threat to other people's way of life.

blogpost finished

Honestly, I don't know what people should do with mixed races if we were to go fascist in the United States. I think the best route even if civic nationalism tends to be a meme as a good first step is to assimilate the groups as quickly as possible into a more positive American culture affecting America's culture by adding a more fascist spin prior to the assimilation (building up one's self for the whole) should require no explanation. The issue with America is its lack of ethnic homogeny, so to pick up the slack, the next best thing would be to build and instill a fascist American culture. The issue is still a lack of belonging, but with a goal and a group to belong in, even if it's only at a more cultural level, is still better than being an easy target for more kosher media. It's not a perfect solution, but better to have people willing to help their neighbor than willing to fight for a nation less people. That of course only solves a small problem. What do you do from there? You could keep them on a higher path by instilling western values and ideals, but what about when they want children? Nature is just as big as nurture and a strong cultural foundation only gets you so far. again sorry about the blog post earlier but I wanted to show a possible mindset that diverged from what even I would say is probably a 60 40 at its best, if that

41e122  No.483

File: c45fe388cc8b6d7⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 1350x1005, 90:67, nazbol gods2.jpg)

File: d013ff435c75297⋯.jpeg (25.4 KB, 206x245, 206:245, nazbol assemble.jpeg)

File: 2ca1e0004f5e9a0⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 670x758, 335:379, N A Z B O L.JPG)

File: e4b7ced2ba545ca⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 1280x701, 1280:701, nazbol_globalist_bullshit.jpg)

File: 8a25a86bfcd211b⋯.jpeg (12.28 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Nazbol Squad.jpeg)

is nazbol of allowde?

a38191  No.484

File: d47ffd978274ee2⋯.png (83.62 KB, 637x403, 49:31, dugin.png)


Too bad that "nazbol" was hijacked by bunch of leftypol cunts that saw it only as a ironic shittposting with the images you posted being good example

Even mentioning Dugin and his orginal idea of alliance of the extremes "nazbol" gets you banned there

56e75d  No.495


The reason the Japanese were able to rebound so quickly is because of superior genetics. Unfortunately for blacks, the genetic cards aren't stacked in their favor with regards to IQ. I think they can do well for themselves but generally only under strict white supervision.

efcf6c  No.502

One question for fascists: how do you deal with the fact that making a law against something doesn't stop it? I'm really into national socialism, I like the idea of a connected people who all work towards the good of everyone, but I can't think of a solution to this problem other than having some 1984 type surveillance state, which I don't particularly like.

56e75d  No.503


We have laws against murder and even though they don't completely stop it they curb it. If you're talking about something petty like marijuana I have no problem with mj legalization since it would help stem the tide of spics/drug cartels flooding across our border.

efcf6c  No.504


So in your mind, the law discourages crimes that most people would agree are wrong (murder), and I'll assume that's because there's a punishment for it. But why is government the only entity that has authority to punish? Private police, who enforce "laws" that most people agree on would work just as well, even better in some cases.

3f00e6  No.523

I'm not a fascist myself but I'm curious about some of its tennets and ideals, so I have some questions.

Is fascism inherently racial or can it be properly applied on an international and multirracial stage?

If so, can there exist an international fascist community of allied countries or is it a "survival of the fittest" with the purpose of establishing a single nation as the most powerful?

Is there a unified or consistent form of fascism considered to be the right one or are there other fascist methodologies? If so, which do you find more fitting or interesting?

Sorry if these are too many, feel free to answer some or all of them or none at all, I also hope I don't come accross as oblivious or baity, I just like to have political discussions.

000000  No.525

Is fascism inherently racial or can it be properly applied on an international and multirracial stage?

>Fascism doesn't have to be racial,look up integralism

If so, can there exist an international fascist community of allied countries or is it a "survival of the fittest" with the purpose of establishing a single nation as the most powerful?

>Nationalism is part of fascism,so this idea of internationalism is not very appealing to many of us since we all want to remain independent.Same reason why establishing a nation has the most powerful would create closeted hatred and division amongst nations

Is there a unified or consistent form of fascism considered to be the right one or are there other fascist methodologies? If so, which do you find more fitting or interesting?

>Fascism is always organic to the nation,its an expression of the people and culture in question,No two fascist movements are the same. Italian fascism,national socialism,Mosleyism are all very different even if they all have the same core tenant in mind(the nation above all)

8647cb  No.536

File: 078cef271d60241⋯.png (101.15 KB, 486x347, 486:347, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ace5550972c833d⋯.png (61.95 KB, 465x210, 31:14, ClipboardImage.png)


>Is fascism inherently racial or can it be properly applied on an international and multirracial stage?

Like another poster said, fascism is by no means an inherently racial ideology. The AIB (Integralists) in Brazil completely rejected the Nazi racial theories (pic related), and advocated for the assimilation of foreign groups and racial fusion as a means of achieving national unity. Sinarquismo in Mexico was also similar, using Catholicism over race as a means of fostering national unity (pic related 2). I wouldn't say fascism can be "international" though. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that. If you're talking about international collaboration, I don't see why not. Fascism is first and foremost and nationalist ideology in whatever manifestation it takes.

>Is there a unified or consistent form of fascism considered to be the right one or are there other fascist methodologies?

Oswald Mosley had a good quote that said something to the effect of that fascism is not one monolithic ideology, wherever it manifests itself it is a reflection of that countries own unique culture. There is no "correct" form, just certain common characteristics.

>Sorry if these are too many

No problem at all, I'm glad people come to seek actual info on fascism!


Ação Integralista Brasileira: Fascism in Brazil, 1932-1938 by Stanley E. Hilton

Fascism and Sinarquismo: Popular Nationalisms Against the Mexican Revolution by Albert L. Michaels

8647cb  No.537

File: f61efdc93d9f42c⋯.png (106.49 KB, 570x357, 190:119, ClipboardImage.png)


My first picture got cut off, my bad

3f00e6  No.540


Ah, I see. On that note, what is the general take on militarism? Is there a consolidated effort on keeping the nation on edge and on the verge of war? The speeches made by Mussolini and Hitler are often quoted as being all-encompassing proof that fascism leads inevitably to war and conflict, though I'm not so sure considering that the sociopolitical landscape of their time was murky and rife with turmoil and crisis, so I can't tell for sure if there is an active military component to fascism or if it was just a product of its time.

Also, it's good to have people here who have actual info to share rather than just go full retard and REEEE at everything, which is the thing that turns me away from /pol/, so thank you for answering.

8647cb  No.542


>Also, it's good to have people here who have actual info to share rather than just go full retard and REEEE at everything, which is the thing that turns me away from /pol/, so thank you for answering.

I hate that shit too, I don't even use /pol/ anymore because of stuff like that.

>On that note, what is the general take on militarism? Is there a consolidated effort on keeping the nation on edge and on the verge of war?

Every fascist movement I can think of has been militant in one form or another, whether one thinks of the NSDAP's Sturmabteilung, the AIB's Greenshirts or the Italian Blackshirts. Now whether "keeping the nation on edge and on the verge of war" is a thing inherent to all types of fascism, I would disagree. While of course Hitler had imperialist motives in the East towards Poland and Russia, other movements didn't advocate for imperialistic policies. As a fascist, I would advocate in my country for the conscription of all males into the military for a certain period of time and have the system itself organized like the Swiss military. This is more for reasons of preparedness, sense of duty and fitness than gearing up for an imminent war. We wouldn't need to be in a war economy, nor stock-piling weapons.

4d31bd  No.544

File: 0b863ee535ddc87⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 768x768, 1:1, IMG_6366-768x768.jpg)


The best option would be something akin to a giant reservation of sorts in the American south that would be semiautonomous like the bantustans in South Africa, a nation within a nation. I hope that without Jews using them as pawns they would be a LITTLE better off.

4b9f44  No.557

File: e1da1e7dae0d56a⋯.jpg (156.62 KB, 1017x1024, 1017:1024, that's not a nazi that's a….jpg)

>deport instead of killing

8647cb  No.558

File: 5aa767574b86329⋯.jpg (2.72 KB, 125x115, 25:23, 1400329483883s.jpg)


>how to play right into the hands of the eternal Jew

052574  No.571


A private entity with the authority to enforce laws would function no different to a government.

56e75d  No.607


I really don't want to have my call to 911 ignored because I didn't subscribe to the blackwater Gold Package™️. Also what this anon said:


539ac0  No.618

Are inflatable furries allowed under Fascism?

8647cb  No.624


Keep your degeneracy in the house as long as it's legal. Under fascism there would be no more pride-parades and similar filth in public

12b013  No.630

Hello /fascist/s, young Traditionalist man here.

Other than differing methods on continuing leadership (I support hereditary leadership e.g. monarchy), how different are we, really?


>prioritize ethnic welfare

>push nationalist values

>welcome traditional/ethnic customs as expression of nationalism

>argue for class cooperation

>believe in hierarchy, opposed to egalitarianism in most forms

>One man rule

56e75d  No.632

File: 646cdd9ad025d5b⋯.png (4.65 KB, 69x149, 69:149, fasces 3.png)


Fascism is something that can unite us all. Unlike the Marxists and the individualists we understand the power of unity so are less prone to sectarianism unlike /leftypol/ and /pol/. We don't all agree on everything but our nationalism is a prevailing theme on this board that keeps us all together.

d78512  No.641

Was Stalin fascist?

I swear this is not a shitpost

9dbb4d  No.663


I don't think so, I'm pretty sure fascism is the co-operation between state and corporation. When there's no co-operation then it's Capitalism. When there's no corporations then it's communist. Stalin's Russia had no corporations and is then communist by that (rather logical) definition.

bfd000  No.674

File: 6e354108893e06c⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 388x431, 388:431, 1495452772.jpg)

Why do leftists call us capitalists? Whenever I see them bitching about capitalists I always assume they're talking about the /liberty/ crowd until they harp on about them being fascist as well. Do they just not study their opposition?

3db09a  No.677

File: 31841be893b38ff⋯.jpg (43.6 KB, 500x735, 100:147, c709060f24ff3de89c51908e94….jpg)


Personally I'd place it more on not studying the opposition just as much as using their boogeyman words to generalize the sacred cows they're allowed to kill. The leftists (the far more so at least) that know capitalism =/= fascism don't care because they lose their easy support if they have to sit down and kindly explain to Tyresha that libertarians believe in private enterprise and fascists don't mind business as long as the nation is the priority and it works in unison with its employees or else it risks heavy handed intervention in part to the government to ensure everything runs on a tight track. Its just a lot easier to say that everyone that is bad wrong think is an evil fascist capitalist and be done with it. Those that don't understand are too busy being proud that they could spot the thinly veiled NAZIS reference in some garbage media that some writer couldn't even be bothered to write anything more than goose stepping walks and a minimalist flag with a symbol that looks closely like a swastika. These people too will be just fine with calling everything fascist and capitalist, if only because it's what media and Facebook meme tells them to say.

Speaking of people, does anyone else think the whole "90% of people are essentially lemmings" holds any water? I think even with an attempt at pushing fascism culturally, you'd need mass public support which only seems to happen in terms of terrible crisis. Maybe it sounds defeatist but it feels like, while people are trying to wake up, the combination of entertainment and met basic needs means they won't react and just wait for the small people to force change themselves. I could very well be wrong, but it feels like unless there is starvation or gross government neglect, people will just wait for the status Quo to shift back

dacac7  No.682


>other movements didn't advocate for imperialistic policies

Spazio vitale?

dacac7  No.683

File: 3177772312d2c42⋯.png (1006.96 KB, 686x1920, 343:960, Mussolini_Race.png)


>The AIB (Integralists) in Brazil completely rejected the Nazi racial theories (pic related), and advocated for the assimilation of foreign groups and racial fusion as a means of achieving national unity. Sinarquismo in Mexico was also similar, using Catholicism over race as a means of fostering national unity

>assimilation of foreign groups and racial fusion

This is the classical liberal approach towards mass immigration and ethnic enclaves in Europe. You will never assimilate anything but create division and different shades of brown warring with each other.

>Mexico was also similar, using Catholicism over race

Both of your examples are from heavily mongrelized states in South America with a castizo/white elite at the top. I can't think of one example of religion unifying different peoples inside a nation. Aren't blacks in America Protestants? All fascist movements in Europe and the USA were racial. If you don't believe me read about the meeting between Evola and Mussolini to create a racial doctrine for Italy independent of the German one.

dacac7  No.684


No. He was a socially conservative authoritarian who appealed to Russian patriotism. The real question is are tankies crypto-Fascists?

dacac7  No.685


And why would you sacrifice the integrity of the United States so you can appease the Blacks? Are you really willing to give up land, resources and infrastructure to a people who will most likely ruin it? The idea that ethnic groups could encounter one another without some sort of relationship of dominance and hegemony being established is not realistic and giving Blacks an ethnostate will ultimately result in a future war.

b92d25  No.704

why is fascism better than monarchy? Transitions of power in fascism seem unstable

t. monarchist

8647cb  No.705


I really only have a problem with the concept of heritable monarchies. If I had a say in choosing who would lead my country I would undoubtedly decide that the best and brightest of my country should be summoned to lead. Hereditary monarchy doesn't run on this meritocratic principle. If one king is extremely intelligent and competent in his leadership abilities, what guarantee is there that he will pass these qualities onto his son? Furthermore, I want equality of opportunity for all citizens, and a principle of hereditary descent in the leadership of the country would run contrary to this. All of this said, I would not be against an electoral monarchy, where the ruler will rule for life as long as long as they are of sound mind, etc. I can't foresee this being very much like a monarchy in aesthetics though, it would be closer to there being a president for life. How this monarch would be elected and by who, I do not know. I've had people tell me that hereditary monarchies are better because of shit like "muh symbol of the nation", but it never really wins me over.

b92d25  No.709


The only reasons I prefer hereditary monarchy over fascism are that a ruler can train his successor well for a long time. He can die peacefully knowing that he didn't waste time training someone who wouldn't be a ruler. Stability of transition of power is the only thing keeping me from fascism. I like the idea of a true meritrocacy and the equality inherent in fascism. For as long as the leader is alive, a fascist government will be extremely stable and the people prosperous. My main question is: how are stable transitions of power ensured in fascism?

8647cb  No.714

File: be248526969761d⋯.png (14.04 KB, 575x115, 5:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6ff28a4bbf3593⋯.png (146.03 KB, 608x784, 38:49, ClipboardImage.png)


>The only reasons I prefer hereditary monarchy over fascism are that a ruler can train his successor well for a long time

This is definitely advantage of the type of monarchy you prefer, I can't deny that. I would guess (in the system I talked about, which is a derivation of Strasser's. Pics related) that the electoral body which elects the monarch will have appointed a successor or a list of potential successors well before the death of the incumbent. With these being selected beforehand, the incumbent monarch could definitely give a similar type of training to the heir. Now of course there's the question of how potential successors are chosen, etc etc. I really like the idea of some sort of standardized testing to identity potential leadership material. I'm sorry this is all so abstracted from reality, since most notable fascist states never survived long enough to even see a transition of power unfortunately

aca435  No.744

is religion a Jewish trick?

1907e8  No.751

2d5416  No.776

>If one king is extremely intelligent and competent in his leadership abilities, what guarantee is there that he will pass these qualities onto his son?

Genetics. IQ is heritable, but high leadership competence still requires lifetime training,

which only hereditary monarchy can provide, according to history.

>Furthermore, I want equality of opportunity for all citizens

>wishing for equality of opportunity for leadership in a Fascist state

>i-it's not democracy guise!

You're running in circles. You don't want to have commoners vying for political power in an already unstable state driven with an ideology that hasn't lasted for more than one leader's lifetime; a race for power will destabilise the state as competing factions will abuse their power not for the good of the state, but simply to secure power. Just look at any democracies; even in public debates, political candidates can't just stop throwing crap at each other all the time even if all participants actually have made a good point on their own.

>I've had people tell me that hereditary monarchies are better because of shit like "muh symbol of the nation", but it never really wins me over.

It's merely a rhetorical point, but it works. If given the choice, would you have someone fearful or lovable as a leader with absolute power? Why do you think Hitler got into power?

Monarchs do have reason to be loved by the people, as they are linked to lineages of tribe chiefs who have consistent historical records of protecting the interests of the tribes. Unlike chiefdoms, monarchs have their responsibility on an entire nation, not just a single tribe.


I won't comment on Abrahamic religions, but I can say for sure that Paganism and religions of the East Asians are not Jewish tricks.

2d5416  No.777


I meant to quote >>705

8647cb  No.788


>>i-it's not democracy guise!

The reason the system I am talking about has more democratic elements is because I'm less of a fascist and more of a Strasserist. I don't see a completely undemocratic state as being desirable. Of course, I do mean an overturn of Western democracy in the form we have it today (e.g. I'd ban political parties and move to a form of occupational franchise, etc). If you can point out what exactly is wrong with the concept of meritocracy and equality of opportunity for all, I'd love to hear it.

8f5038  No.857

how are you today?

8cc5bb  No.890

Ok, I'm new with fascism so I have couple of questions. I love liberty in economy and personal liberty(freedom of speech, guns, private property etc.).

How does that work in fascism? In fascism you could not own weapons because of possibility of an civil war, you can not have full freedom of speech because you will be able to criticize the leader. So help me with this.

Also, maybe a dumb question but was Pinochet a fascist?

82908c  No.929


8647cb  No.932


PART 1/2

>Ok, I'm new with fascism so I have couple of questions. I love liberty in economy and personal liberty(freedom of speech, guns, private property etc.).

Do you mean private property in the sense of personal possessions or means of production and ownership of land? You’ll get different answers depending on who you ask. No one wants to mess with your personal possession, but answers will very in respect to private property. The NSDAP was fine with private property and actually went against the trend in the 1930s and reprivatized a variety of firms ranging from steel, mining, banking, local public utilities, shipyards, ship-lines, railways, etc. Granted, some of these were transferred to party-affiliated organizations, but it still was a form of private ownership. Strasserites, like myself, want to seize the means of production and abolish private ownership in land and natural resources, working within a national framework.

>In fascism you could not own weapons

“Fascism” is too vague here. The fascist movement of what country? As the leader of the British Union of Fascists said in his book “Fascism 100 Questions Asked and Answered:

>>…the German Movement also is known throughout the outside world as Fascist, which is the name commonly used to describe the phenomenon of the modern Movement whether in Britain, Germany or Italy. National Socialism and Fascism in my view are the same Movement, finding difference expressions in different countries in accord with different national and racial characteristics.

So even if one particular fascist movement happened to ban the possession of firearms to all citizens, it would not necessarily hold true elsewhere. Think of the diversity of views on race within some of the fascist movements in history. The Brazilian Integralists were nearly diametrically opposed in their stance on racial ideology of the NSDAP. We can speak of “fascism” in the abstract, a diverse movement with certain defining characteristics, but it will main abstract unless we are talking about a specific movement reflecting specific national conditions. Otto Strasser in his book “Germany Tomorrow” advocates for a system like the Swiss militia concept, quite the opposite of disarmament. I think many will agree with me when I say I am opposed to disarmament. Weapons to the people!

>because of possibility of an civil war

Ideally not, but in reality that might have to be dealt with. Fascism strives to create a truly popular (in the sense of “of the people”) national community, incorporating all elements of the nation within it. That’s what we mean when we say “totalitarian”. Fascism certainly strives for the total state, but that is not a bad thing in and of itself. If a group of people oppose a popular fascist movement it would be crushed and the insurrectionists dealt with.

8647cb  No.935


Ignore my flag, I don’t know why I had the Gadsen Flag.

PART 2/2

>you can not have full freedom of speech because you will be able to criticize the leader. So help me with this.

I don’t think a cult of personality is a necessary component of fascism. I think it’s a mistake to needlessly glorify a man to god-like proportions. But, I do not see anything wrong with respecting the authority of a strong and proven leader. I really don’t know how speech-laws would be under any given fascist government, but I myself am adverse to needlessly restricting the “right” of free-speech to individuals. It’s not like you can really stop it anyway, especially in this day and age with the Internet. Now the press is a completely different matter. An independent press would still exist in my ideal system,as it does in many other fascist movements I am familiar with, such as Mosley’s. I ‘’would’’ restrict the freedom of the press though. It’s freedom to commit libel, be the mouthpiece of big capitalists and drag the nation through the mud at every chance it gets. That would end.

>Also, maybe a dumb question but was Pinochet a fascist?

I don’t know anything about Pinochet besides meme images so I’ll leave this for someone more qualified

I hope I did an okay job with my (lengthy) post. If you have any further questions or would like for me to try to clarify, I’d be happy to

000000  No.1009

Just how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, assuming, of course, a woodchuck could in fact chuck wood.

And what does the woodchuck hope to accomplish by the chucking of wood? Is this for the good of their fellow woodchucks, or a private enterprise?

Where exactly does woodchucking fit into Gentile's teachings?

What does it even mean to "chuck"? Is it physical? Mental? Spiritual?

Is the toil of the woodchuck to chuck merely a deceptive concept of the jews?

Or do the jews chuck wood, and are keeping the woodchuck from chucking, thus the hypothetical nature of the question?

As third positionists, I feel our volk would be better served having answered this question if we are to move forward.

88d622  No.1056

Does anyone know how to rip audio from audible? I want to post Magicians of the God's and Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

05066b  No.1059


You can record your own version of any audio file by using Audacity (a free program) to record audio from your computer's sound system and then save it as an mp3. The only downside is that you have to let the entire audio play while you record.

29c99b  No.1078


I say that when action is taken, be aware of where you are and how/if it can grow there. Some areas will have close to zero potential recruits or sympathizers while others may be more receptive. I don’t call for PR cucking but just strategy in doing this. Vermont and Maine for instance are two pretty similar states. But one just experienced a mob killing by Somalians very very fucking far from where they really belong. Gotta capitalize on the anger. Growth before the inevitable confrontation.

Also in general I’m actually pretty anxious about adopting the name fascist. I know it’s a real term but it’s been butchered to hell and people use it like a swear word in the West. You’d see people who you think were nominally on your side or even close to being swayed made instant enemies when you tell them ‘I’m a fascist.’ It has unamerican connotations whether accurate or not. Like what dilbertman Scott Adams said in this election about how truth itself doesn’t matter to the masses only persuasions do. Even if you called the movement the ‘kill a commie movement’ some astute normalfags might guess who that makes you, but if hating communism is what is accepted then they won’t mind acting like fascists while not being called them. Lead them to us without triggering them I guess. I hope people lose the ingrained fear of certain terms but I’m not holding out for that.

c5a6a8  No.1276

File: 4eb78b0709da1ce⋯.png (358.53 KB, 562x519, 562:519, mexi apu.png)


Because /pol/ has become (or has always been) too much of a cesspool, it serves shitposting purposes most of the time rather than serious discussion about politics, it's basically digging for diamonds in a pile of shit.

Having a seperate board entirely dedicated to the discussion of different branches of fascism, instead of creating general threads on /pol/ or /int/ gives much better results. Discussing any kind of fascist leader that isn't Hitler, ends up derailing the thread into "whiter than you". And let us not forget about the constant happening threads and race war LARPing going on daily.

Personally, I'll admit that sometimes I like to go on /pol/ to farm (you)s out of some retards by muttposting and boomerposting, but it is slowly becoming more and more stale.

7ecd0f  No.1287

File: feae26e04401ec9⋯.png (451.53 KB, 632x758, 316:379, OCFAS.png)



56e75d  No.1346


>Discussing any kind of fascist leader that isn't Hitler

Also if you discuss any fascist ideologies that aren't natsoc you get called a shill and people screaming NATSOC IS THE ONLY WAY.

With that said, I don't have a problem with real, genuine natsocs and this post isn't meant to attack them. It's meant to attack retards who like to use the label without reading any actual natsoc theory.

ff9cba  No.1348


The issue i have with Natsocs is that they think they have the solution to everything. They think that a system developed in Germany would work fine in a place like the United States.

8647cb  No.1349


I have a feeling a lot of them are just into it for the edge-factor plus the National Socialist aesthetic. I wonder how many of them have never read Mein Kampf. It’s a shame it’s so long

ff9cba  No.1352

File: b0420e72d007e2a⋯.jpg (506.65 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, Slovaks.jpg)


I can't blame them for the aesthetic.

8647cb  No.1358


I can’t either, they knew their fashion well.


This. There are people who think we should use Mein Kampf as an instruction manual and the Third Reich as a model. While of course there were many good things about the Third Reich and have incorporated bits and parts of Hitler’s thought into my own, I can think of negative things as well. Especially with the US the difference between 1920s/1930s Germany is massive. The US is many times larger, ethnically diverse and pretty different culturally. I don’t think the NatSoc path would work at all. Hell, an honest discussion needs to be had whether American fascists should be pursuing a more Integralist-like route or not, I think

ff9cba  No.1359


We need to develop "American" Fascism.

ff9cba  No.1360


My name was OP this whole time? Ugh.

c86a25  No.1400


That's what George Lincoln Rockwell advocated as well. Frankly it makes the most sense.

It boils down to one of two things

1. They stay on the reservations

2. They self-deport, and we incentivize this process

It would behoove any fascist movement to look into reservations for ethnic groups, i.e. Native Americans and learn from mistakes there. I do genuinely feel for Native Americans on Reservations. With more guidance as opposed to a more open way of organizing society they could prosper and leave both of our peoples well and better off.

7458b5  No.1414


>feelz for dirty injuns

Anon, you do realize that the injuns forced onto the reserverations, were the ones that were violent rapists, murderers, and thieves, yes? All the decent tribes simply assimilated or were relatively left alone and joined the Union.

c86a25  No.1440


Right. At the same time. I don't want them to live in squalor. I'd like for any group of people to be prosperous in their own right without interfering with my nation. I will confess that my opinion on the matter is colored by my experiences with them. I'm not blind to how barbaric they were before Manifest Destiny and I wouldn't have that changed.

ad7f78  No.1477

Are white nationalists welcomed by fascists? I’m getting the feeling that a lot anons here are against the racial elements. If you are, then explain why?

a3ff8a  No.1481

i am new here do threads here even die ? i have seen some that have been active for almost a week

8647cb  No.1485


I have it set to have something like fifteen pages of threads. I don't think we've even got more than ten at this point.

a3ff8a  No.1501


ah i see thank you

7ecd0f  No.1507

Thinking about becoming a libertarian or an cap.

So how many brain cells do i have to lose to accomplish this? How do i get permanent brain damage?

Is there any know way of developing autism or aspergers?

0cd608  No.1523


uh, what?

56e75d  No.1529

File: a6c3a46ea1adecf⋯.gif (533.87 KB, 231x142, 231:142, thumbs up.gif)


I'd recommend huffing glue and paint. You could also try drinking cough syrup, huff gas, develop a drinking problem and maybe throw a little LSD on top of it for good measure if you want to lose the amount of brain cells required for ancappery. Good luck on your path.

7ecd0f  No.1532


taxation is literally the same has slavery

jesus its working already,thanks.

fc7ef3  No.1655

What is "iron guard"?, is this a fascist movement?

9ddf74  No.1693

8647cb  No.1701


Read "For My Legionaries". It was a religious fascist group lead by the great Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. There should be a copy in the literature thread

56e75d  No.1718


No problem anon!

fc7ef3  No.1720

9d3e94  No.1771

File: 27bebd29d7fe1fc⋯.png (141.91 KB, 300x395, 60:79, pokey.png)

why do lolbergs/ancaps associate fascism and its variants with communism?

8647cb  No.1772


Probably because they typically believe in something retarded like horseshoe theory and think both extremes are the same.

>hurr stop thinking about collectives bro! Start thinking about individuals! You both want a degree of authority and big gubmint, evil!

c5a6a8  No.1774


Because to many of them, any government with social programs is socialism/communism.

aa6e95  No.1795


Nope. Before Hitler made Mussolini his bitch Italian fascism wasn't racist or antisemitic. I consider my personal beliefs to be a synthesis of various political ideologies, with a little bit of fascism thrown in. It's possible to be super liberal on social issues while supporting fascist economics.

a44554  No.1804

File: 69a68d7aa290547⋯.jpg (118.41 KB, 1178x874, 31:23, white supremacist muslim n….jpg)



And I personally believe consider think that you two quadroons need to fuck off back to /pol/ or /liberty/ with this kind of talk.

aa6e95  No.1808


You first, /pol/tard.

0cd608  No.1811

File: d5c27398e962cea⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 1365x1024, 1365:1024, slide_23.jpg)

File: 3177772312d2c42⋯.png (1006.96 KB, 686x1920, 343:960, 3177772312d2c42c5512659fc0….png)


>Before Hitler made Mussolini his bitch Italian fascism wasn't racist or antisemitic.

>Being this retarded

>Being this ignorant

Fucking educate yourself

d9f771  No.1820

File: 13c7b5094bc3155⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000187337164-p18m….jpg)

Why are NatSocs and fascists so hostile towards Christian NatSocs/fascists if said Christian's are against the same enemy? (The Jew) Why are Christians who are diehard fascists now hated by other NatSocs/Fascists

052574  No.1824


Many are disillusioned with Christianity due to the current cucked nature of the church. They mistake the current state of the church with how it originally was "i partially blame Varg" I'm not a Christian myself but i understand that earlier Christianity was definitely part of the European spirit, and i wish my fellow fascists who are Christians the best of luck in fixing the church alongside our broken society.

9d3e94  No.1829

File: 2829534972fdda1⋯.gif (666.35 KB, 500x391, 500:391, spoopy skeleton.gif)


a lot of fascists/natsocs are disgusted by evangelical boomers, francis and the weirdo mesoamerican bastardization of catholicism and the like

d9f771  No.1832



It really blackpills the fuck out of me, dedicating so many years to a cause only to end up hated. Hated by meta cult lemmings, hated by Christian's in the church and now hated by the only thing giving me drive. Its isolating. Do you think theres any future for Christians inside fascism?

9d3e94  No.1833


outside of the ultra-orthodox legionnaire movement I honestly don't think so, unless you follow the "positive christianity" thing that the nsdap cooked up

aa6e95  No.1840


>Mussolini didn't just appeal to racists whenever he felt like it

>Mussolini meant biological race rather than a cultural entity that assimilated other groups

>linking Atomwaffen unironically

Please kill yourself.

052574  No.1843

File: 2232380a8e3b0d7⋯.pdf (76.3 KB, Benito Mussolini - The Man….pdf)



>Mussolini wasn't racist even though he sent Jews to the Germans and made it a crime to fuck niggers in Ethiopia. This is true because i fetishize fascist aesthetics and i don't want to be un PC by being racist.

No where does Mussolini make a mention of "race is just a cultural group lol" Neck yourself you absolute faggot.

aa6e95  No.1850


>outright states that race has no biological basis

>g-guys he was talking about biological race, not culture

>despite Mussolini stating that Italians' ability to assimilate other ethnic groups is part of why they were so strong

bfd000  No.1879


Mussolini couldn't use race as a uniting factor because of the disparity between North Italy and South Italy, as well as the colonies in Africa. It was easy for natsocs to focus on the racial aspect more because there was no disparity in Germany (unless you want to count Bavarians as swarthy Germans) and they didn't have any colonies left. What Mussolini said in public doesn't reflect what he actually thinks, the same thing with Hitler.


I think you're inflating the number of anons that hate christians. I lean heavily towards paganism but I wouldn't think to drive away christian comrades because of pettiness like that. The problem comes in when christians try to constantly proselytize people away from their native faith and traditions, but chances are if you're fascist you wouldn't approve of that anyway I hope

038ef0  No.1919

I've noticed my views are a mix of Falange and Carlist thought but I'm ancestrally Scots-Irish. is there a flag that even fits me?

9d3e94  No.1921


probably BUF

aa6e95  No.1935


>i-it's just propaganda!

Yeah, no. Calling bullshit.

052574  No.1948


So how do you justify the Italian racial laws? did Hitler force Mussolini to be racist? was your hero so weak and ineffectual that he was just a Nazi stooge at the end? that's absolutely hilarious, especially considering people like to meme that Mussolini hated Germans.

038ef0  No.1983


yeah but weren't they Corporatist not Syndicalist

aa6e95  No.2070


Mussolini sucked up to Hitler, simple as THAT. The racial laws were unpopular at the time and opposed by such people as Italo Balbo.

Fascism has no need for racism or antisemitism or other conspiracy theorist nonsense. All that is necessary is a national rebirth. Such a revolution could assimilate minorities into the nation. Take your ramblings about niggers and kikes elsewhere.

052574  No.2098

File: 4c4ae237b359a25⋯.pdf (3.09 MB, The International Jew - He….pdf)

File: 0b184c9deb74d0e⋯.pdf (1.9 MB, The Culture of Critique - ….pdf)

File: 3b141177ee08b0d⋯.pdf (1.22 MB, J. Philippe Rushton - Race….pdf)

File: c07efef2dacca36⋯.pdf (628.23 KB, IQ and Immigration Policy ….pdf)


Popularity means nothing, do you honestly expect a fascist state to be popular anywhere in the western world? No one forced Mussolini to enact the racial laws, he enacted them on his own accord and there is no evidence that he saw them unfavorably.

>Its just a evil conspiracy theory

Yes, borders are also a conspiracy theory we should all join together and sing kumbiya under one global government. Because just like race, borders are merely a socially constructed myth created by the white bourgeois to control us!!! Nations aren't real either, what even is a nation? all people are the same, why should you divide humanity!? a nation is just a arbitrary line on a map, right? I'm sure all the Jews, and based shitskins of the world would just LOVE to work in your totalitarian state. Tyrone is well known for his support of tradition, and I'm sure you can expect Mr Goldstein to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Racial minorities are ALWAYS net benefits to the nation, they never cause any problems over perceived injustices or racism, and can be expected to be just as self sacrificing as the main ethnic group. Especially Jews, Jews are the best of us all. Ignore Jewish nepotism and tribalism, they're just scape goats used by rednecks and evil genocidal Nazis to justify their inceldom!!! ignore the problems that multiculturalism causes, that's just a conspiracy theory made by porky to divide the working class! ignore everything the champions of fascism have said on race and Jews, because new BASED non racist fascism is the way to go!

038ef0  No.2139

what is national syndicalism if it uses a market socialist economy?

038ef0  No.2153


no doubt. wait until they hear about Kai Murros

aa6e95  No.2191


>da joos

Neck yourself you retarded stormfag

052574  No.2202

File: f3142eb25dabc6d⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 1651x4679, 1651:4679, Jews own America.jpg)

File: 7d80111a16d06f3⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Codreanu on Jews.jpg)

File: 3a5d76b328552f0⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 975x1021, 975:1021, SirOswaldMosleyQuoteOnJews….jpg)

File: f6c0ca351545582⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Hitler on Jewish takeover.jpg)

File: 8de14e26fa6a8a0⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2054x1683, 2054:1683, 1527385573381.png)


What a wonderful and truly enlightening post, you really showed me. How can stormfront ever recover?

8647cb  No.2225


>da joos

Nice refutation. While I don't think Jews are a hivemind or are omnipotent, the JQ is absolutely a real thing.

aa6e95  No.2227



Lmao, citing antisemites isn't proof, you fucking retard. There is no "Jewish question." Most of the Jews of Europe were assimilated before World War II. Shitler uprooted the Jews that had been assimilated and wrecked everything. German Jews fought in equal numbers to ethnic Germans for the German Empire in World War I. You are fools and buffoons.

d638aa  No.2228

8647cb  No.2232


>citing antisemites isn't proof, you fucking retard

I'll translate this for you

<stop citing people on your side of the argument!!1!

Of fucking course me and other people will cite antisemites when making antisemitic arguments

>There is no Jewish question

I laughed at this. The JQ is still very much a thing, though not in the exact form that it was in in the early 20th century. Also before you strawman me to death, there is no cabal of Jewish overlords ruling the world so sorry you can't use that on me :^)

052574  No.2234


Literally everything you just said is completely wrong. Also nice job on only mentioning "muh ebil Hitler" i doubt you even know who the other people i posted are.

You're in the wrong place bucko, here are some boards that might be more to your liking.




8647cb  No.2257


I kinda hope he stays so we can watch him autistically screech for a while.

bfd000  No.2379

File: bf3541e676ed1ce⋯.jpg (31.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, make my day.jpg)

Any thought on Duterte? I like what he's doing in regards to criminals in the phillies and he already called himself a fascist.

0cd608  No.2380


He is giving free funs (guns) to the people, that already makes him 10/10 on my book.

>t. /k/ aficionado.

56e75d  No.2582


I like him a lot.

1ab80a  No.2741

File: e0a98af8678eaab⋯.jpg (113.25 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, rodrigo duerte the punishe….jpg)

File: a3b3949809929d0⋯.jpg (155.07 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, socially correct vs biolog….jpg)

File: 215148a67dcbc59⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, rodrigo duerte the punishe….jpg)

File: 5270dd94106198d⋯.jpg (67.85 KB, 548x685, 4:5, you been visited by based ….jpg)


>he already called himself a fascist.


f44807  No.2760

Hey anon, why aren't you registered on fascistforge.org yet?

000000  No.2810


>Doesnt know what to do with negroeswhat is a caste system?you could devide into aristocracy, bourguise, workers and slaves/negroesYou do understand that they are basicly less developed "humans".

000000  No.2811


(sorry for the odd format, I hope this will be better)

>Doesnt know what to do with negroes

what is a caste system?

you could devide into aristocracy, bourguise, workers and slaves/negroes

You do understand that they are basicly less developed "humans".

af1aaf  No.2815

What are your thoughts on videogames?

241a4a  No.2817


Nothing wrong with them if played in moderation

8647cb  No.2819

af1aaf  No.2820

File: 57e75e0933a2fc7⋯.jpeg (76.39 KB, 540x825, 36:55, c66ca63ab0081bb7dd7c8c403….jpeg)



I wanted to ask because last time I asked this at /pol/ some literal anti-fun fag said that the time I play vidya or just relaxing could be used in learning how to make chairs and tables. He was also obsessed about how anime is not art of some shit. Why has /pol/ degenerated so much?

8647cb  No.2821


I don't know why or how /pol/ has degenerated so much, but it's part of the reason why this board exists now. As long as someone isn't pouring their entire life into staring at a screen, it's fine on my watch. I watch an episode or two of anime every night before I go to bed, but I don't make it my life like otaku degenerates or people who go "I'M A GAYMER".

af1aaf  No.2822


Cool then.

9d3e94  No.2838


really it's the US elections that brought in all of these no fun allowed spergs and boomers to /pol/, but as those other anons said, there's nothing wrong with sticking in good ol' earthbound or chrono trigger into your snes or watching fist of the north star or jojo once in a while

0b6732  No.2839

In your opinion, has fascism ever seen a positive implementation?

9d3e94  No.2841


given that franco's regime lasted about 40 years or so I'd say yes

af1aaf  No.2871


Franco gave us a huge industry boost and free healthcare.

t. Spaniard.

af1aaf  No.2873

File: e2dbc61617685a2⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 840x447, 280:149, e2dbc61617685a272f2754b86f….jpg)


Problem is Earthbound was created by a commie. The creator was into some commie organization and shows his true collors at Mother 3.

9d3e94  No.2881


I don't know about Itoi's political beliefs/ventures but Mother 3 felt more like anti-American consumerism, a lot of Japs feel that way about ZOG

af1aaf  No.3048

File: a0b02fc7487a9ae⋯.png (220.64 KB, 424x401, 424:401, c492a0dedd2972f2f8d354d5db….png)


>Live in happy anarchist town were everyone just shares whatever is necessary.

>Bad guys, pigmasks, look like cartoon nazis.

>Money is a thing used to take control of people's lives.

>Pokey sells not-TVs that just emit weird flashing lights and sounds promising they will grant the clients with happiness that he just uses to mind control the populace.

>Electrical tower to blast dissenters (leftist persecutional syndrome).

>Space magical trannies.

>Tomboy dike rised by said space trannies joins your party, she is also supposed to be a "princess" or some shit.

>The only bad Magypsie looks like Hussein instead of a magical tranny.

>Itoi confirmed Mr Saturns to be sexless/genderless space beings.

I don't know man, you tell me.

9d3e94  No.3049

Not really related but I'll ask anyway What's this board's view on TRS/Peinovich

af1aaf  No.3059

File: a86af513c0f42dc⋯.jpg (328.94 KB, 774x873, 86:97, 4348181d7742ba4b579dcf028d….jpg)


Disgusting kikelover hypocrite who should be put to death.

038ef0  No.3063


that reminds some German bitch called me "white trash" which disingenuous because often times you get really bright people in bad situations (like myself, living on the skids with a high verbal IQ)

8647cb  No.3071


Degenerate, fat LARPing kike

038ef0  No.3102


Exactly even if I'm a U.S. citizen, pol did get pretty toxic after awhile

038ef0  No.3103


I modified my beliefs to fit a more Ungern influenced Marcionism after awhile.

af1aaf  No.3335



Don't use that word, you sound like a fag whenever you use it. Just say that /pol/ got pozzed.

cf83fa  No.3516

File: d4424bd48fead6c⋯.png (98.74 KB, 647x672, 647:672, iron guard feel.png)

So am I a fascist or not? I'm not 100% sure I know what fascism means but I

>am very nationalist, think that the nation should be in more important to people

>support private property and people to be allowed to start a business, BUT I want minimal involvement from other countries, I want there to be a strict domestic market

>not 100% on board with a authoritarian government because people would be quick to demonize the movement and revolt

>think societies should be racially homogeneous and homogeneous in ideals as well

Am I a fascist or just a nationalist capitalist?

0cd608  No.3519


When it comes to economics, there isn't a clear consensus, some fascists are more socialists than others, others are more capitalistic than others. You have to remember that fascism is more of a philosophy and a way of life more than just a economic theory.

You should check this video to know more:


7be259  No.3541

Is it true that /soyboys/ was created and is populated mostly by /fascist/s?

498161  No.3884


why is there no flag for argie fascists

038ef0  No.3898


furthermore, if Ustase gets a flag, Chetniks do too.

038ef0  No.3900


sure thing. I don't like using it but I think I posted that, don't remember.

c5a6a8  No.4019

Who is the actual "Far Right"?

So given that we have to explain to outsiders that Fascism is a Third Position ideology, therefore not Far Left or Far Right, which political ideology should be considered as such inside of the political spectrum?

From my perspective it should be Anarcho-Capitalism. Here is what could convince the masses:

>It diametrically opposes the Far Left (Socialists/Communists and Anarcho-Communists)

>The concept of Physical Removal as explained by Hans Hermann Hoppe in "Democracy: The God that failed"

>Disdain towards the poor in the late stages of (((Murray Rothbard's))) career

>Fetishism towards Pinochet's Regime in Chile by it's followers

>Unapologetic about discrimination when inside private property

>It embraces inequality among people

Pointing to AnCaps (at least from my point of view) would be beneficial for us, since redirecting the attention towards a different group would allow us to operate in a more relaxed manner meanwhile the hordes occupy themselves with their new toy. It is also pretty convenient given the already generalized discontent with Capitalism among certain younger people.

Once again, this is just my personal vision as a former Libertarian, feel free to propose other options, expand on what is already exposed and discuss any errors.

8647cb  No.4028


This might be worthy of its own thread tbh

498161  No.4068


and russian fascism would deserve one

9d3e94  No.4156

File: b1b659493cfeebb⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 341x354, 341:354, samus.jpg)

what was the buf and mosley's view of the irish land dispute?

9d3e94  No.4162


also their view of the irish in general

0cd608  No.4180


>It embraces inequality among people

Isn't that also part of fascism?

291447  No.4285

File: f1492152ac3b047⋯.jpg (226.15 KB, 500x404, 125:101, 1499543088440.jpg)

Excuse me, while I was looking for the Codex Fascismo in interest of buying it, I saw that there was multiple parts/volumes. I saw parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in three volumes readily available online, but it makes me wonder if there is a part 1 of Codex Fascismo? It's something I might be missing because I can't any indication from H.R Morgan that there is a part 1 anywhere at all. Morgan seems elusive to me as he doesn't have an online presence.


"Far right" is pretty much a pejorative made by the media. Economically, yes, anarcho capitalism would be to very right within the left-right paradigm currently. Which really does contrast with who normally are labelled far right; parties like the Golden Dawn or BNP for example that have supported seemingly socialistic and left wing positions. Really now, libertarian groups, a lot of Republicans, the American Tea Party group, Neoliberals, and even UKIP deserve the term far right more than crypto fascists. But, few of those groups hardly evoke a sense of extremism, so they don't get the label as often in the press. Right-left dichotomy has always been fickle, so Mussolini and Hitler didn't care at all for it. Hitler even admitted to the more socialistic gestures like red and "comrade" being adopted to be provocative. As for teaching people about it, I'd explain that: the further right you go, the more freer markets; and the further left you go, the more you want to regulate/abolish capitalism. That's if it has to be stressed. In my opinion, caring about left and right is stupid. It is about how much you care about the people.

05322b  No.4286


>Excuse me, while I was looking for the Codex Fascismo in interest of buying it, I saw that there was multiple parts/volumes. I saw parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in three volumes readily available online, but it makes me wonder if there is a part 1 of Codex Fascismo? It's something I might be missing because I can't any indication from H.R Morgan that there is a part 1 anywhere at all. Morgan seems elusive to me as he doesn't have an online presence

I own all three volumes. As far as I know there are only three books available. I was pretty disappointed with Morgan’s work tbh. Lots of spelling errors in his books and especially in the green volume (can’t remember the name) lots of his “translations” (which he seemed to have done himself without training the in the languages) are very clunky and hard to understand, some stuff is literally translated where it sounds wrong in English, etc. I kinda regretted spending so much on all three volumes honestly.

0cd608  No.4287


I think the terms "right" and "left", are pretty much useless because people are always gonna strive for something that they think is true not giving a shit if it's right or left, for example you have libertarians (right wing) but that advocate for open borders (left wing).

291447  No.4298


Do you recommend an alternative? Should I just get parts 2 and 3?



038ef0  No.4338


of course. btw, how do I contact the BO?

8647cb  No.4354

9fb9c9  No.4472

Unironically being a facist is the most cringeworthy political position possible. Infinitely worse than even anarcho-primitivism. My question to you is this: How often do you cuddle your pillow like the girlfriend you wish the state would provide for you?

a8025d  No.4474

File: 219cd89b8597d53⋯.png (568.8 KB, 788x753, 788:753, 6CBA3850-78B8-4F11-B63F-36….png)


What the fuck is a “facist”? This is /fascist/. Learn to spell, brainlet

eaa74d  No.4482

File: 08a9d35f970f8d2⋯.gif (471.19 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 1529604016324.gif)

038ef0  No.4517


nah I just use your mother and then throw her in the dumpster after dosing her. works every time.

e4ef03  No.4583

I don't know much about Italian Fascism at all. Would anyone be willing to explain the main differences between it and National Socialism?

8647cb  No.4585


Others may be able to give you a more in depth answer, but definitely give pdf related a read for some information by the so-called “philosopher of fascism” himself, if you haven’t


e4ef03  No.4603


Thank you. I will read it. I asked this question mainly because someone asked me about it the other day and I really didn't know enough about it to answer the question. I know that Hitler was inspired by Mussolini and Italian Fascism to a certain degree, but also that the two ended up having somewhat negative opinions of one another. I also know that before WWII Mussolini tried to ally with the British and the French to contain Germany but that it fell appart with the Italian invasion of Abyssinia.

I am also curious about how much of Italian Fascism is Mussolini and how much is from others. From my admittedly non-Italian perspective Mussolini comes across as something of a buffoon, although this is surely partially due to Allied propaganda.

fb952d  No.4666

File: 7838cdca0315e20⋯.jpg (849.26 KB, 906x936, 151:156, 1526994722256.jpg)


hi leftypol

1fa2e6  No.4719

Which Mein Kampf English translation is the least jew infected?

a8025d  No.4721


Stalag is the best but honestly even the most commonly available version in the US (translated by the kike Manheim) is basically the same as the Stalag. Stalag is much easier to read, imo.


>not learning German to read Hitler’s original words

8647cb  No.4730


>What about past degeneracy in ones life before becoming a Fascist? Or what if said past degeneracy becomes public through tabloids once one becomes involved with a fascist movement?

How bad was what you did? Was it on film or is there proof that you did it? I've done tons of stupid and weird shit but there's nothing obviously linking anything to me or provable

8647cb  No.4745


>and my face shows in some of them

>a hot girl who had a fem-dom fetish who took pictures of it

Do you think any of them kept the photos? Honestly you shouldn't go into politics without anticipating that every obscure thing thing you've ever done in life will be dug up and thrown at you, especially if you get any recognition in the media. Would those photos coming out be career destroying? It depends how easily embarrassed you are and how willing you are to brush it off and not let it bother you. Just be glad you were doing nothing super fucked up (by normalfag standards). I'd be more worried with the femdom thing. Was your face in that? I guess I'd say if you have the balls to go into politics, be ready and expect it. Don't be a hypocrite only to get exposed

8647cb  No.4768


>My only hope would be that none of these people had kept any of the material over the years or deleted it because some of their partners found it.

This is the most likely situation, honestly. And whether you decide to go in or not will have to be your choice. Personally speaking I’ve done worse stuff than what you’re describing degeneracy-wise but luckily I’d always made a concious decision to refrain from showing my face. But hey, we all make dumb decisions when we’re teens. If I had a time machine I’d change nearly everything I’ve done in my life since I turned 14 or so. I’m not going to let my past drag me down though, even though there’s still a possibility of it one day surfacing if I do go into politics. All this said, if it did ever happen to me I’d claim the images are fake and photoshopped. With stuff like deepfakes existing nowadays you can cast a lot more doubt on these images.

6c71ba  No.4962


Anon, this might sound weird, but you should have been a gimp. That way, people wouldn't recognise your face because of the mask. Ironically, getting deeper would have helped you in the future. Really makes you think.

038ef0  No.4972

File: b140c0c68678a45⋯.jpg (85.12 KB, 540x526, 270:263, 4gfuF3E.jpg)


I'm too misogynist to let any woman dominate anymore.

5597a0  No.5051

What is fascism?

7ecd0f  No.5091

File: 1d89519dad8e915⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 2050x3000, 41:60, 1439265168974-3.jpg)


An organic national movement that defends putting the interests of the nation above everything else utilizing a form of national and economic collectivism. Nationalism+Third position policies are always part of it aldo it can differ from being more left wing(strasserism) and even non racial(integralism).

9bd17c  No.5143

File: b7d24eed8e16957⋯.png (414.14 KB, 624x714, 104:119, b7d24eed8e169572415f82e786….png)

What does /Fascist/ think of Marshal Ironsides and Cultured-Thug ?

8647cb  No.5149


Cultured Thug is one of my favorite Youtubers. He was probably the guy who made me snap out of my edgy /pol/ LARP phase and begin to take fascism seriously and really dive into the reading. I like how he's so knowledgeable and how this truly shows in his Discord AMAs. I also appreciate how down to Earth he is and open to questions / disagreements. Marshall Ironsides isn't bad but I don't like him nearly as much. His videos are kinda corny (at least imo) and I can never forget the fact that he is an unironic Freemason. I did like his and Thug's Fascist Maxims podcast though, I hope they get back together again soon

9bd17c  No.5154


I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to do another Maxims vid

I agree with you on both of them, I got into Cultured thug after I watched his discussion with Stefan, and showed me a brand new world with literature.

Ironside's book though, it's a passionate read, really dives into the marxist and the fash

8647cb  No.5155


What's his book called? I thought I heard he was writing one a long time go, I didn't know it had came out

9bd17c  No.5157

File: d801d39eeec3162⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 331x499, 331:499, Destiny.jpg)


>Not sure if there's a pdf of it or not, but amazo n

dfe3d1  No.5586

How would using a trip code be received on this board?

0de3ad  No.5632

File: 96e37ac40b65e40⋯.png (539.88 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, tmp_96e37ac40b65e401c510ab….png)

Does anyone know good resources for Roman spirituality theology and mythology and Jewish spirituality theology and mythology?

Or a comparison between Jewish and Roman spirituality.

I want to read about it. Can you explain the differences?

529898  No.5654

File: 2c443f3971563a2⋯.jpg (91.67 KB, 746x1070, 373:535, GV.jpg)

File: 8375642cc51f084⋯.jpg (27.27 KB, 500x283, 500:283, tumblr_mk0rl9hSva1qc6ytxo1….jpg)

Stupid question but are fascists allowed beards ? i know facial hair is allowed to a degree but what about full fledged beards ? would the beards be ok if they had an imperial style if that makes any sense ? beards like pics related

8647cb  No.5658


Nothing wrong with a good beard. I personally don't like facial hair on myself, but don't let the hipsters and soyboys ruin them for you

529898  No.5660


Thanks friend

529898  No.5739

Does anyone know a website that sells all kinds of flags ? i want to collect all the fascist/third positionist flags i know the NBU sells British fascist flags but that is all they sell

000000  No.5805

God i fucking hate Ben Shapiro,that guy is such a dirty little weazel.

Literally everybody from left to right has good reasons to hate him,the way he talks about the poor like they are some drag on society,the way he has no problems shilling for israel and government spending on his neo con bullshit but healthcare to him is basicallt slavery.

185eea  No.5857


Just a little jew full of contradictions

9fea23  No.5864

Anyone has that picture comparing real National Socialism to Siege"culture"?

a0480b  No.5866


I recently had a friend of mine casually drop the fact that he listens to Shapiro while on breaks. Lost a bit for respect for him there

291447  No.5919

Is anyone worried that we're so deep into leftism and so free about Marxist discussion that there might be /leftypol/ infiltration? And what will become of this board in the future if things remain as is? Will we ever turn our backs on fascism? Oh, and one last question. Is the environment here too hostile to National Socialists?

000000  No.5926



Kek i know,because being "forced to pay" for healthcare is abuse but nobody should have the option to refuse to pay billions of dollars in taxes for israel


>Is anyone worried that we're so deep into leftism and so free about Marxist discussion that there might be /leftypol/ infiltration? And what will become of this board in the future if things remain as is?

Not just Lefty pol but also the Siege Fags and Atomwaffen.I am guessing decline.

> Oh, and one last question. Is the environment here too hostile to National Socialists?

No,they can come here and argue with any of us anytime,people only are sometimes hostile because they are usually horrible posters and are the quickest ones to jump into insults and ad hominems.

8647cb  No.5929


>Is the environment here too hostile to National Socialists?

I don’t think NatSocs are the predominate force here, but everytime someone has been asked to explain their hostility to NatSocs they are almost always referring to /pol/ retards who know nothing about the ideology they profess. Hell, the reading thread is reading NatSoc literature by Gottfried Feder right now

aea2e7  No.5933

File: 478aa949359f42e⋯.jpg (174.22 KB, 1277x1652, 1277:1652, Banned!-page-001ww.jpg)

Jew mods are afraid of Tuplas

010d58  No.6004

Stupid question but Sargon of Akkad Paul Josef Watson and count dankula should i keep them or just unsubscribe from them they are libertarians but they do give good news on the reality that is going on in Europe and the world

291447  No.6056


Unsubscribe them. Find people better like the Iconoclast.

e7c02c  No.6061

Is there any relation with IronMarch and this /board/?

d95d7a  No.6064


Like officially? Nope, but there have been a few IronMarch threads

291447  No.6302

File: 481e3e45b77a561⋯.jpg (78.41 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, death_stranding___wallpape….jpg)

File: dc99580397d582c⋯.png (560.39 KB, 566x381, 566:381, finland-nordic-military-un….png)

File: 61f5db7af5fb63f⋯.jpg (6.45 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, norwegian_border_guards.jpg)

Does anyone have ideas on how modern military uniform can be changed as to not look so Americanised? I like the look the look of the Nordic uniforms. They can be a great start for a template that can be something more.

5aa057  No.6357

What happened to a board? Did it get hacked or nothing?

bd2cc7  No.6358

2ba2a0  No.6417

Once you get your ideal fascist government, how do you ensure that it does not become corrupt and bureaucratic? And if it does, how do you fix that outside of a violent revolution which would invariably cost lives and destroy the economy?

11e122  No.6418


Failure of execution of duties would mean death, short of extremely extenuating circumstances. Same way the English become kings of the sea, essentially, admirals who failed their given missions were executed on return, hence why "The captain goes down with the ship" exists.

78d99f  No.6509


Nietzsche writes about it in Genealogy of Morals and The Anti-Christ.

038ef0  No.6614

Why is defending figures like Pol Pot a sore subject for the entire political spectrum?

Also why are Turks bullied by both the left and right when the female-heavy Kurds are supported so much considering women aren't really fit for the military except as snipers or pilots?

7d37dd  No.6700

File: dab38e70d9934e6⋯.jpg (76.6 KB, 719x730, 719:730, dab38e70d9934e6e45bfc44d05….jpg)

Hey there brosephs, do you know anything about the faggot that hacked your board some time ago? we at >>>/soyboys/ are having the same problem right now.

56e75d  No.6730


It was most likely our BO after he turned into a Marxist.

bfd000  No.6950


Why do you keep peddling this?

b7ab54  No.6999

Is distributism fascist?

56e75d  No.7019


Because it's true. Our original BO turned into a Marxist and purposely destroyed the board, there was evidence of it where he posted on /leftpol/ talking about how he had become a Marxist. After he destroyed the board one of our moderators, a guy named Egor started a new board called /3rdpol/ which was our bunker for a while, than someone else claimed ownership of this board like 3 weeks later (our current BO) and /fascist/ was reborn.

Don't believe me? Go to /3rdpol/ and look at the threads for yourself newfriend. I say this as someone who's been on this board when it was only like a couple hundred posts strong and a former moderator here.

56e75d  No.7020



Also, why do you think the word "rebirth" is posted above every thread? It's because the new BO took the board after the old crypto-Marxist BO destroyed the board and didn't sign in for 2 weeks allowing someone else to save it. This place didn't just come out of nowhere, it has a very rich history behind it.

56e75d  No.7024


Get out of here pedo faggot.

b1e695  No.7025

Would wearing pins or anything be a good idea nowadays?

What about purchasing fascist literature and other items?

bfd000  No.7026


I see now. I didn't stay on /3rdpol/ very long because I thought things were completely dead and only left after I found out the original BO deleted /3rdpos/ for dividing the community. It's a shame really, he gave us a fun alternative to /pol/ just to be swayed by internationalism. Hardly new to this board, my first post was this >>39

b28d4e  No.7037

File: d8c90bd778a8ed5⋯.png (213.26 KB, 473x460, 473:460, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b168d17961236c9⋯.png (213.23 KB, 476x583, 476:583, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68d5450685fe650⋯.png (272.97 KB, 500x583, 500:583, ClipboardImage.png)





I like him. Is there something like Dutertism or Digongism yet?

The Facists in the Philippines seem to hate him though…or are they shills?

291447  No.7044



I think it is because he implements a lot of neoliberal policies and collaborates with leftist parties too much. It could also be that his crackdown on drug crime is possibly ineffective. Although I am not entirely sure.

56e75d  No.7054


Fair enough.

56e75d  No.7055


Like most modern fascists, they're purity spiralers.

Honestly, I think this is a flaw of many modern fascists. I used to be a big purity spiraler until I watched a cultured thug video one day where he explained that too much purity spiriling gets us nowhere and just leads to intellectualism which we as fascists are supposed to be opposed to.

11e122  No.7056


purity spiraling is an effective defense against big tentism, which had the alt right ever bother ed practicing would have kept faggots and trannies out that they now have in and prevented them from becoming a directionless democratic blob.

0cd608  No.7075


You're kinda right but fascists still shouldn't cuck out in their core principles and if they are going to, it needs to be worth the price.

d5eaf8  No.7203

I see that the board is back. Who's the new BO? Or does he prefer to stay in complete anonimity?

d95eb3  No.7217


He appears to prefer staying anonymous he barley posts i think he is more bothered about keeping this place in order which is obviously a good thing

d5eaf8  No.7225


That's fine. As much as i liked Egor and i hope that he's still here with us , i feel that a big reason for the failure of his board was his explicit and constant intervention on the board. That gives off a wrong impression on many people.

a1e804  No.7230

File: 093f1c4dd7d7dcf⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1579x1920, 1579:1920, 1498362698770.jpg)

When does NatSoc change into Strasserism/NazBol? What type of Socialist ideals are implemented that take away from the volk?

038ef0  No.7238


dissolution of all private property, I think

038ef0  No.7254

just wanted to let everyone know this is the last time I'm using this tripcode its pissing people off on other boards unless some anon knows to how set one just for this board and maaaaaaaaaaybe leftpol.

d95eb3  No.7322

I am concerned we have had a peak number of 80 active isp's but the maximum posts per hour i have witnessed are 4 why do we have so many observers and barley any people that post ? if we want to keep this board alive we will have to keep making fresh and good threads but that does not seem to be happening

cd89f9  No.7324

I was seeking help for myself by trying to have sex with animals but people are restricting me from doing it. If I am such a nuisance to you people when I'm not having sex, I can't help but feel like youre trying to harm yourselves. You did this to yourselves. You like to harm yourselves I know you could take a step further and step off a tall bridge. You are working so hard for it all you need is the courage to take that final step you are almost there.

83a217  No.7344

Where's this spam coming from?

d95eb3  No.7348

This is the last time i am asking because if you do not respond to this one it is probably a good indication that you will never respond but can you please pin these 2 threads



They are vital to our cause /sig/ will teach people how to prepare themselves for when the time comes and my real life organisation thread will help us find places to organise all around the world so that we will be ready to strike so please for our cause's sake pin them

d95eb3  No.7354


How long do you intend to spam shitposts all over the board sir ? until you get bored of it ? or until the BO bans you ?

d95eb3  No.7358


Move to Canada your problem will be solved

a76a66  No.7429

I'm new to board so I haven't read all the threads on here, nor on /3rdpol/. I was just wondering: why does this place seems less focused or "redpilled" as it were on race? I realise that fascism was not just about race but I've seen some people on /3rdpol/ imply that Europe being overrun by non-natives wouldn't be a problem as long as it's governed by Fascist rule which seems very similar to the civic nationalist argument of "they can replace us as long as they adapt to our culture". And I've seen similar stances on the situation in the US where apparently the nigger criminals who have been destroying the country for decades should live alongside the white population.

Again, I realise that Fascism was not just about racial purity and that it was mainly National Socialism that focused on this concept but I believe that this is mainly because Fascists like the Italians and British didn't have to worry about their race dying as they didn't allow millions of migrants from other parts of the world into their country every year like is currently the case. So shouldn't Fascists of today adapt their ideology to this modern-day problem rather than go with the very defeatist choice of "well, they didn't focus on race so neither should we"?

83a217  No.7433


It's no coincidence fascism ascended in racially compromised countries, due to centuries of Arab occupation; Italy, Spain, Portugal. You can't really be an Italian nationalist as well as a racial purist.

Fascism is governed by the thirst for power, whereas national socialism is oriented towards order. It's why national socialism is superior. Don't @ me.

a76a66  No.7434


Scicily was the only part of Italy that was under Arab rule and Northern-Italians are heavily intermixed with Germanic ethnic groups.

bfd000  No.7444


We do, look at some of the older threads. We're not denying race should play a big role and we certainly aren't saying it's ok to mix up. The only exception to this would be the Brazilians but they were already so mixed that it didn't even become a focal point for them to latch on to.

0cd608  No.7447


>why does this place seems less focused or "redpilled" as it were on race?

Because that's common knowledge? we don't need like 12 threads about it like in /pol/.

You have to understand that fascism is more a view of life than just economics and politics


I don't know why the link didn't want to embed .

Anyways fascism adapts itself uniquely to each country, I've always argued that national socialism is just german fascism.

>mainly because Fascists like the Italians and British didn't have to worry about their race dying as they didn't allow millions of migrants from other parts of the world into their country every year like is currently the case

True, despite that Jose Antonio (Founder of the Falange) didn't consider race to be a big factor but, I can't really imagine him to be a champion for multiculturalism nowadays if he was still alive.

59ecd0  No.7453


I take it my threads are not going to be pinned oh well if you really do think they are not worth anyone's time then so be it it is your board after all

56e75d  No.7469


Very few people here think race isn't an issue or that immigrants shouldn't be removed. With that said, the reason we're here and not on /pol/ is because we want to delve deeper into theory instead of shitposting about race 24/7.

56e75d  No.7492


God you're a fag.

038ef0  No.7498


literally what the fuck...

b7da5f  No.7594

What is the correct economic policy for a fascist nation?

833950  No.7616


Their are a variety of them for fascists to choose from there is corporatism national syndicalism distributism national socialism and it's branches such as strasserism and others that i do not know the same of and this might be a controversial one but national Bolshevism

833950  No.7621



f84d8b  No.7695

File: 2215b80b253ac8d⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 700x436, 175:109, augusto-pinochet_ORNuupi.jpg)

File: 4fe8202028fa6e8⋯.jpg (7.69 KB, 285x177, 95:59, brasil.jpg)

File: 2fbfb013e507160⋯.png (51.19 KB, 220x290, 22:29, Jorge_Rafael_Videla_1976.PNG)

Seeing as we have a lot of South American anons, how do you guys feel about your military junta past? I know Pinochet is overrated and Ancaps like him more anyways, but i never really looked into the Brazilian junta or Argentina during Videla.

2e7942  No.7700


Argentine here. Pinochet and Videla were not fascists by any means. At least from what I know. They were alligned with the jews, Kissinger, etc.

f84d8b  No.7702


I know that neither are fascist. I am just asking how you feel about them in general.

a76a66  No.7915


>The only exception to this would be the Brazilians but they were already so mixed

That's complete bullshit, pre-WWII white Brazilians were direct descendants of European immigrants and South-America as a whole was a popular place to both immigrate to and go on vacation to for Europeans only for non-white immigrants to shit their countries all up later on.


>Because that's common knowledge? we don't need like 12 threads about it like in /pol/.

Well, my point was that I saw serveral anons on here (of course, I can't speak for an entire board but I saw enough of it to bring it up) defended non-racial fascist policies in majority white countries.


>shitposting about race

You realise that there have been lots of scientific theories regarding race and the origins/qualities of specific ones? You seem to be making a conclusion that because "/pol/ is interested in the subject of race" + "/pol/ is full of shitposting" that any sort of discussion on race on this site would just lead to shitposting. Which I disagree with, the only reason why /pol/ is what it is, is because of lax moderation and because it's the most active board of the site thus it attracts a lot of newfags who don't really care about putting any sort of effort into their posts.

22c2e3  No.7936


>newfags who don't really care about putting any sort of effort into their posts.

This is what I am worried about if this board ever makes it to the top we will get countless newcomers that will fuck up the board it is almost like real life with the mass imagination to Europe we need to become more strict if we reach that stage it will be the only way to keep quality posts the majority

98c56d  No.7992

Are there any active forums like what Iron March was?

I am missing the place, and I am sick of the general 4chan /pol/ Trump worship line that people are taking as their stance.

I know of FascistForge and IronVolk, but those look deserted.

I am also not really into the Siege worship that IM got into in the last few years.

afee28  No.8031

Does anyone have good materials on cultural Marxism? and Marxist infiltration of academia?

bfd000  No.8036


Anon, even the white Brazilians had mystery meat ancestry. Whether Brazil had white immigrants or not wouldn't have mattered, the natives were non-white.

7ecd0f  No.8126


Just got to be BO of /national socialism/,still thinking what I am going to do with it

Anyway heil Hitler

038ef0  No.8188


oh good now I have two reasons to hate him.

038ef0  No.8189


I have one atm

e4e7df  No.8259

File: 4a19edf7da842b0⋯.png (52.92 KB, 1377x737, 1377:737, New world order.png)

Here is an incredibly LARPy map that i have made out of boredom it is not meant to be serious what do you think ?

7ecd0f  No.8337


The Americas, Africa are all good.

Middle East is okay.

Asia is terrible and I think many asians would have a hearted attack just looking at that.

Russian's and Slavs are their own thing/people, only mainland Europe needs to be actually united,the Russian's and Slavs can do their own thing and maintain good relations with us.

f84d8b  No.8356

File: ad2d9617f4896b8⋯.jpeg (61.63 KB, 664x513, 664:513, pinko shooting.jpeg)

File: 10199a786fcb2de⋯.jpg (252.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, badda bing.jpg)

What do anons thing about the Years of Lead in Italy? The time of political instability with communist groups fighting neo-fascists and all groups having strange supporters. I know we have at least one Italian anon here so i would like to hear his feelings during the time.

7ecd0f  No.8364


The terrorism by the side of the commie was way worst,higher body counts, successful terrorist acts with plenty of victims and even kidnapped and killed a former PM.

Italy was literally lucky that things managed to come to an end at some point, dangerous times and it wasn't that unlikely for them to go into a Marxist state had things gone differently

7ecd0f  No.8365

I'm not the Italian guy Btw,but you did

Say anons.

96b82b  No.8411

I know Discord is kinda Jewish, is there any alternative? Is there a fascist IRC server?

6af74a  No.8493


Does ICQ still exist?

e6839c  No.8500


People on FascistForge have been more active lately, and there’s more users now. I made an account the other day.

11e122  No.8528


I miss Ironmarch too. It was the one and only namenigger forum I could ever stomach, the rest of my time was spent on image boards. Surprisingly, they managed to keep the normal ego that comes with nameniggery in complete check, at least from what I could tell.

650ad0  No.8574

File: e3cfe69ce334b4e⋯.jpg (817.25 KB, 1215x3031, 1215:3031, 1537656408856-0.jpg)

What does /fascist/ think about Iron Pill?

dde3de  No.8608

Gathering Sons of Liberty.

Those who have lost purpose due to a life of disinformation.

Only serious applicants need apply.

The main purpose is fellowship, education, and connection with our roots.

083ed2  No.8619

File: d68aeceda8ca487⋯.jpeg (24.67 KB, 185x255, 37:51, image.jpeg)

HI everybody! There is really a lot here to respond to but I'll try to hit on a few things. When I was a boy I visited my family in Bavaria - god I love that place. I met all kinds of old school fascists then, many are probably dead now :( an itailian black shirt told me when I asked him what was important "the trains were on time". I had tea and cookies with a u-boat captain and he told me " not to be afraid of dying" , my aunt elfreida told me " how we all helped"- she had job during the war riding stuff around on her bike. So what I learned is order, bravery, and cooperation. I took this from the horses mouth so I hope it helps. On another note physical fitness, me I'm not ripped but I'm close- work out! It's a must. But also make time for your mind. As for the guy who asked about dropping pjw, dude seriously? To be my friend you got to be cool and smart, that doesn't mean that we will always agree. I love watching Slavoj videos, he's a really smart guy. Not everyone that is good is going to share all your views so don't get too uptight. If we are going to take things to the next level I think a bit of flexibility is called for. Reality and theory are not the same thing. Well that's it for now. Dream big dream everybody because we can do it if we try :) oh and screw the data society bitches lol

5f7f02  No.8623


how can you establish which sexual practices are degenerate or not without being arbitrary or using the bible (of course by not using the bible I don't mean start doing gay shit or sucking a pussy after fucking/cumming in it, I mean things like sucking the pussy as foreplay, footfaggotry, legs etc..)

ba3fec  No.8642


Use common sense, you know as everyone else does what is normal and what is deviant.

ce8ad3  No.8953

Would anyone know of any books that talk about the origin of the Jewish race as we know it today? I'm not too big on history, always preferred to engage in science and physical knowledge a lot more, but I'm wondering when and how exactly did the 12 tribes transform from a bunch of nomads to a specific race with distinct features (that in some cases resemble arabs, such as the hook nose).

Thanks in advance

dda77c  No.9076

What are your thoughts on Albert Einstein?

Also what happened to Egor ? I have not seen him in weeks

f03803  No.9117


The Spanish Arrows and Anvil, why would you want a return to a Monarchy, the current line brought Spain nothing but ruin save Alfonso who was the only Spanish patriot in the Bourbon line

038ef0  No.9196


well I'm an odd character. Sorelians differ between each other in philosophy but similar in tactics.

dbc69b  No.9249

File: b45ef49634b9d35⋯.jpeg (168.49 KB, 1242x628, 621:314, 739C4A58-7203-406A-97A7-F….jpeg)


0b6c79  No.9257


Why not have all 3 ?

37cb65  No.9296

File: 47be12f883b860c⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpg)


As the great philosopher Jonathan Rebel once put it…

a32f7d  No.9297

What do you do when one gets demoralized?

It has disturbed me to know people think it's manly to marry a whore.

8c5f3c  No.9298


What's a soul without a body? What's a body without clothing?

8fae02  No.9305

Who here /chilean/? What do you think of the Socialpatriotic Movement?

3e344c  No.9317



> What do you think of the Socialpatriotic Movement?

They are not doing a bad job in all honestly, I wish they answer my email in all honestly.

Also check the translation thread.


bfd000  No.9363


Just another attempt to one up other fascists same as always. The natsocs always do this with every other fascist movement but this is the first time I've seen someone advocate legionarism on the same basis

0b6c79  No.9424


The infighting really needs to stop we will only achieve our goals by working together in all honesty

42970b  No.9450

File: f183d2999aca3f0⋯.png (104.04 KB, 800x650, 16:13, 4G89uaNWt6lL9p84wZAUaAEWAE….png)

Would it be possible for a fascist and capitalism to co-exist? I would imagine a 'FashCap' economic structure to be dual economic if even possible. Dual economic similarly to Hong Kong or Singapore, but even more so…

39fc56  No.9451

File: af90de6b922e5ad⋯.jpg (322.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hong kong bedspace apartme….jpg)


>Would it be possible for an ass-backwards country to compete on the world stage

No. Hong Kong and Singapore are examples of places you'd never actually want to live in a million years. You're on the wrong board, scum. >>>/liberty/ is that way.

42970b  No.9452


It was just a question, I want to generate discussion. Using the cage homes in Hong Kong isn't an appropriate example for market failure due to the housing market being screwed over by policy. The government owns all of the land in Hong Kong and due to this, Hong Kong has very little amount of space that can be dedicated to housing.

39fc56  No.9453

File: c207317236a108f⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 620x372, 5:3, STOPLOITERINGSCUM.jpg)

File: 23591c466351b31⋯.jpg (257.27 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, wagecage.jpg)

File: ce1862010b244a5⋯.png (413.16 KB, 569x859, 569:859, social credit.png)


I can't think of a better example of authoritarian Capitalism than when i think of a cage home or hostile architecture, or something like pics related. Get a good look at these things, these are the things and people you support.

3e344c  No.9454


Hmm, I guess so but I have yet to see some thinker make a case for it (crhis cantwell doesn't count), most of if not all fascist thinkers of old tried to find alternatives to Capitalism and Socialism.


> You're on the wrong board, scum

Come on, don't be so agressive he's just asking.

39fc56  No.9455

File: 09ce554afad097d⋯.jpg (81.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, payandsit.jpg)

File: 64d55e2adc10cad⋯.png (71.23 KB, 680x256, 85:32, curingpatients.png)

File: 91e72b2a8c624f0⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, don'tfeedtheworkers.jpg)


>three image post limit

3e344c  No.9456


wait is that 3d pic for real, wtf?

39fc56  No.9457

File: ee6a62dc260b249⋯.png (757.65 KB, 773x819, 773:819, insulin.png)

File: 2ebdf0fda34cb3b⋯.jpg (76.66 KB, 1136x502, 568:251, laborday.jpg)

File: 53add2335f3a047⋯.png (19.87 KB, 750x245, 150:49, mammonism definition.png)



Mammonism is anti-fascist.


I'll be damned if i ever allow such a subversive ideology as authoritarian Capitalism overtake the ideology of the nation.

42970b  No.9458

File: 1bbfa7f1be39b9a⋯.jpg (28.75 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 'national' capitalist flag.jpg)


Authoritarian capitalism is an odd case. The truth is, capitalism alone is a libertarian ideology, anti-State, for capitalism to be actual capitalism, it must be entirely absent of State control. The lower taxes go, the more capitalism grows yet the smaller the State becomes, the higher the taxes go, the more capitalism shrinks and the bigger government becomes. Authoritarian capitalism is a contradiction.

This is why I ultimately believe that 'capitalist fascism,' in theory, would be dual economic, operating on both free market and dirigisme depending on region or just simply absent market things, 'fat tax' or georgist policy, to name examples.

39fc56  No.9459

File: de54b8c8ad7aba5⋯.png (17.05 KB, 700x700, 1:1, borrowerslave.png)


>georgist policy, to name examples

Georgism is a Socialist ideology, for one.

>Capitalism alone is a libertarian ideology

Which is why it's shit. However, there is a difference between individualism (i.e. "i'm forced to choose between taking care of myself and my own needs or other people and society as a collective") and libertarianism ("i am free to choose between caring for myself or society, as i can expect my needs to be met either way")

Capitalism is the former. You are free to choose between caring for yourself or other people, but if you care for the collective society you will suffer and if you care for yourself society will suffer. Fascism is an ideology that will promote collectivist thought rather than individualism, but a person living under Fascism can expect their needs to be met no matter what course of action they take with regards to who or what they take care of or which conditions they improve. Authoritarian Capitalism is simply "pay your rent or the mcpolice will come fuck you up". It cannot be Fascist. Subversion of this board should not be so tolerated as my Falangist friend attempted.

85f04e  No.9460


IMO Fascism promotes both collective and individual thought

Collective in sense it believes in cooperation between the different elements of society from the poor to the rich,punishing the rich if they are greedy or abusive,and punishing the poor if they decide to act like leeches

Individual as it gives it's people the desire to self-improve in their own way to achieve their


42970b  No.9461

File: bacce701719e643⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 540x532, 135:133, 1528783727148.jpg)

File: 4f705c75febc529⋯.jpg (115.14 KB, 437x568, 437:568, retrofuturism4.jpg)


How is georgism remotely socialist? It was appreciated by people like Milton Friedman. Please, I would like it if you would explain to me why georgism is socialist.

>Which is why it's shit.

Listen, that isn't what we're discussing. We're discussing the theory of 'capitalist fascism,' stay on topic.

>Authoritarian Capitalism is simply "pay your rent or the mcpolice will come fuck you up". It cannot be Fascist.

This right here was the only bit relative to the topic (and you're entirely correct on the basis of individual/collective operation, that, I do not disagree with you on, capitalism rewards selfishness). Yet, in all societies that have some of the freest markets, a 'mcpolice.' as you put it, is non-existent and would never exist, in fact, in all cases of privatized law enforcement, little violence is ever manifested in moments of appliance of said sector. In many scenarios, privatized police typically just patrol, and that alone allows the State to focus on matters important to the public, while the market can focus matters important to the private, in most cases, private police out preform public police. At this point, the market exalts the State without being oppressed by it, so to speak. Many of the pictures you supplied in former posts, the spikes, for example, were operations preformed by the State, not the market, that is entirely anti-capitalist. My pic related is a fine example to as to how the private sector can preform duties for the State voluntarily, allowing to market and the State to exalt each other, thus exalting the nation.

>Subversion of this board should not be so tolerated as my Falangist friend attempted.

My wishes are not to subvert but to offer my ideas and discuss ideology, I do not know who your 'Falangist friend' is, nor to I really believe that they are relevant to our discussion.

42970b  No.9462

File: c5ab424d1921fc8⋯.jpg (318.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 89vgxfsa8mcg.jpg)


Also, this, fascism rewards both individual efforts/private pursuit and collective efforts to better the nation.

39fc56  No.9463

File: 2176cb86f109dcb⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 328x154, 164:77, government responsibility.jpg)


To give all property to private individuals, and all weaponry to those individuals as well, to allow private individuals to produce the weapons required by your grand military, the fact is that the rich cannot be punished.

To have the rich be punished for wrongdoing in a privatized liberal economy is to have bloodshed and war between the rich and the poor.


Georgism is Socialist in that it directly punishes those who privately own the means of production by means of taxation of large amounts of land. Einstein supported it in a book praising Socialism. It's an ideology that is rather libertarian in that aside from taxing land it taxes nothing else, ensuring that people are not unfairly taxed.

>Domino's Pizza infrastructure project

Wouldn't exist if not for the fact that the government would rather subsidize private industries than build the infrastructure up.

Those spikes (read; hostile architecture) were employed in their creation by mainly private businesses and rich individuals with a disdain for the poor, in order to counteract the problem of homeless people sleeping on benches and under bridges, as well as to ensure that loitering is reduced.

McPolice isn't always a literal description of law enforcement under Capitalism, you autist. Usually, law enforcement under Capitalism takes the form of state-owned services which make deals and contracts with private interests. In fact, Democracy itself is often subverted in this manner - corporate lobbyism destroy the very idea of popular movements by means of money influencing the political arena, in this way Capitalism subverts the law enforcement system in the pursuit of its interests.

By the way you act and your original post with the image included, my first conclusion is that you are not one of us and do not intend to argue or debate in a friendly or even respectable manner. The fact that your political ideology you posted seemed extremely idealized, as if you did not answer it in a way that would properly describe your own ideology, it appears my instinct was correct. You are a subversive agent, now go back to >>>/liberty/ where you belong.

3e344c  No.9464

File: 546f2cea8f78a76⋯.png (677.95 KB, 1280x1061, 1280:1061, shrugs jack.png)


> Subversion of this board should not be so tolerated

Too late for that, too many edgy natsocs

>as my Falangist friend attempted.

Hey I just thought it was interesting, this is probably the most interesting discussion that I've seen in a while. sorry man.

Also if anons are confident and knowledgable of their beliefs then subversion should be Impossible. I at least expect anons that come here to be like that.

85f04e  No.9465


I am not a capitalist nor am i a "true" socialist,i simply believe that fascism is a combination of the best elements of both these sides and more willing to change it's economic policies to better suit it's people depending in situation they find themselves in

85f04e  No.9466


It feels that anons are just scapegoating all problems of this board onto natsocs,but i agree that some of natsocs here are retards

39fc56  No.9467


Sounds like you want a Nationalist Social Democracy. Go join your local Nationalist AntiFa branch.

42970b  No.9468

File: 6abf7da7e0e09a3⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1531185048603.jpg)


Georgism taxes land that is unused, it does not directly interfere with the market thus not necessarily being anti-capitalist, I suppose you can call it 'socialist' if you judge it by the fact it taxes private industry owners, though it is by no means distributionist if not contributing to means of social welfare but to instead maximize State efforts, if it did, that would be socialist, but it doesn't have to do so. Georigsm maximizes market output by punishing poor land use. If you don't use the land, it would be more efficient to sell it to somebody who does plan on making use of it, this policy was particularly appreciated by early Americans, who, in fact, were pro-free market capitalists, they liked the idea of this policy due to the fact that it would enable farm industry to flourish to greater degrees. All taxation that intervenes with private goods are anti-capitalist, taxes that are external do not do so, thus being pro-production, it mobilized the market, it stimulates it, furthermore making capitalism even more decentralized in many areas.

>Wouldn't exist if not for the fact that the government would rather subsidize private industries than build the infrastructure up.

Sure, I am against subsidizing private industry, that, I agree with, like I keep saying, any support the private industry gets from the State is anti-capitalist thus anti-'capitalist fascism.' But that isn't what the State does in this particular case, the State controls most roads and very rarely out preforms the private sector when it comes to public works.

The spikes may have been constructed by the private but were still planned by the State, meaning the government is directly interfering with the market, which is anti-capitalist, corporatist. The State contracts the private to provide for the public, that is anti-cap. The rich have a habit of gaining State power due to the west's mixed market economies and poor quality democracies, this allows them to follow through with the projects selfishly, which, again, is anti-capitalist, making your idea of 'authoritarian capitalism' more in line with corrupt corporatism. From you two points regarding both the 'spikes' and the 'McPolice,' it doesn't seem that you understand that the examples you have provided are not problems or scenarios that arise from private initiative, but public initiative.

>Usually, law enforcement under Capitalism takes the form of state-owned services which make deals and contracts with private interests.

Capitalism is an economic doctrine, not means of rule. Capitalism is the private and when law enforcement initiates under capitalism, it acknowledges only one thing, 'private property.' True capitalist law enforcement is never contrary to the private.

>law enforcement under Capitalism takes the form of state-owned services

I will fix this for you. Law enforcement under capitalism NEVER manifests in public form, that is an ideological contradiction. Perhaps you hold the misconception that we live under capitalism. In the west, we lived under mixed market economy, for free market, not capitalist, we live under corporatism. The State initiates force and the private sector is corrupted by the conglomerated sectors. Crony-capitalism. A true capitalist society fills the doctrine that the State and private industry are absolutely separate entities, thus making capitalist subversion to the law impossible.

>you are not one of us

What does that have to do with anything? I just want to discuss political theory. You are correct in your assumptions that the original post I provided doesn't accurately represent the political doctrine I fall into classification with. Nor did I ever say that it was. But I don't see why that makes me subversive, I am discussing idea, not trying to divide and conquer a damn image board. You are committing logical fallacy.

42970b  No.9469

File: 0e30a74b3c380fe⋯.jpg (2 MB, 2480x1650, 248:165, 1512685047492.jpg)


Please provide a response. I want to continue this discussion though, I have duties to attend to. I will return your inquires once I get the chance.

Thank you.

85f04e  No.9471


I didn't defend democracy and i dind't defend capitalism,i defended a combination of the individual and the collective and you jumped to the conclusion that i support all forms of private property,that i somehow support a privatized liberal democracy,and that everything should be done by private enterprise.

Not everything is black and white when it comes to ideology,so stop arguing in ill faith

39fc56  No.9472

File: d10f856f4b6d9c1⋯.png (137.78 KB, 543x300, 181:100, adam smith.png)

File: f1f8d63b91c4cdd⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 314x161, 314:161, jeffersoncorp2.jpg)

File: 89f1b5c6ef34071⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 600x390, 20:13, madisonquote.jpg)


>early Americans who were pro-free market

pics related.

>not liking corporatism on a fascist board

I thought everyone here loved Corporatism?

>not TRUE capitalism!

Is this even worth debating?

85f04e  No.9475


You answered the wrong anon m8,i think you meant to answer >>9468

42970b  No.9476

File: 03eaf8797eec770⋯.jpg (115.54 KB, 640x640, 1:1, natasha.jpg)


Early Americans were many things, but I am specifically referring to the Smithian American politicians, apologies, should've been more specific.

>I thought everyone here loved Corporatism?

That isn't an argument. Wouldn't be much of a political discussion board if everybody agreed on everything.

>'not TRUE capitalism!'

>Is this even worth debating?

This is also not an argument. Corporatism/Cronyism, literally are not capitalism. Corporatism typically conglomerates market and public works, capitalism is exclusively market works.

Just opt out of the argument if you're incapable of constructing coherent points. I want a meaningful discussion.

71c8a0  No.9477


dem. happas are the true master race, right after italians.

71c8a0  No.9478

File: ef9a638bc680dd9⋯.png (760.81 KB, 1145x619, 1145:619, ClipboardImage.png)


182a2e  No.9504

What the fuck is your problem, Gaddafi poster? What's with the hostility, the Capitalist isn't the one being an asshole.

88eeb1  No.9540

Thought exercise.

There's a white man who does wonders for the fascist state. Single handed he changed the direction things were going and brought a great victory. Killed hundreds of enemies, lived the ideals to the letter, absolutely perfect in every way. On one of his adventures into Africa on safari he meets an infertile negro. He falls madly in love with her but knows his love is forbidden in his home nation. He has more work to do at home and it will help improve things without a doubt but he now has to pick between two things he loves deeply.

What do you do in this scenario?

What compromises would you be willing to make if you were in charge of his fate?

79a172  No.9541


Canada and america annexed but

not mexico.

japan and china ever

south sudan and sudan ever

iran and pakistan gud

russia and any one else?

b28d4e  No.9543



The absolute state of Sarcuck. Someone needs to refute his points and turn this around…

88eeb1  No.9545


Why do you care what some fat mixed race cuckold thinks? He hasn't been relevant since gamergate but you're viral marketing him.

b28d4e  No.9548


That was not my intention but you're right.

2704a7  No.9571

File: d1ae78a48b70470⋯.jpeg (115.52 KB, 594x519, 198:173, BD753695-B4F6-4C13-96F3-3….jpeg)

File: 872aa68a04f733f⋯.png (365.75 KB, 752x587, 752:587, 350DE383-64AC-4E6C-A5FD-E9….png)

File: e240f6c68555f7c⋯.jpeg (154.65 KB, 896x1024, 7:8, 07C671B7-1DED-4EE2-B68B-4….jpeg)

Does anybody have that quote that's something like "Fascism is at its base an aesthetic movement"? I'm pretty sure it's from Mussolini but no matter what I search I can't find it. I offer as payment these three random quotes

88eeb1  No.9651

Is it worth trying to filibuster hate speech laws by mass reporting things that cannot be proven or disproved? A man driving by said a hate speech term at me and I'm offended type of thing. Just overwhelm the system until every report is just thrown out?

3b5f94  No.9676


Whites reporting hate speech tend to get ignored. It's more viable if you can report anonymously, though, especially if you're mass reporting one minority group insulting another.

555940  No.9699


What does anyone think of this channel? I don't know Spanish, but I kept my eye on them.

621d31  No.9707

File: 78c084d5a7a8e00⋯.png (33.5 KB, 647x672, 647:672, ramiro ledesma wojak.png)


"Falange autentica" is not doing that much of a bad job in making the falange respectable again by getting ridd off of the neo-nazi trash and LARPERS.

Now is good that the falange is focusing again on the working class just like the old falange used to do. And is good they are putting more focus in preaching national-syndicalism as an alternative in politics.

Now the bad thing. In their efforts to made themselves respectable again they have also being left behind the times.

When the falange was created spain was still inhabited by spaniards, Thus the Falange and the JONS never talked much about race, you barely find any mentions of race in the writings of Ramiro Ledesma and Jose Antonio. Jose Antonio went further and in a interview he said:

>Falange no es ni puede ser racista.

<The Falange is not and can not be racist

Sadly, we can not and shoudln't ignore the dangers of multiculturalism and demographic replacement and this is something that the new falange should adopt. I'm not saying that they have to accept Hitler's view of race but to be aware of it at least would be very beneficial, specially now that race talks are back on stage.

88eeb1  No.9715


That was my idea not for whites to report it as that's worthless.

3d61ec  No.9745

BO the posts on here are getting worse and worse everyday please do something about the /pol/acks

01f354  No.9761


Try out other fascist boards anon,theres plenty.

88eeb1  No.9777


Maybe /leftypol/ would suit you more. All they dois whine about /pol/

06ecaf  No.9930


As of now 42% of Germany's youth are descended from migrants and it just keeps growing

We are running out of time guys

56e75d  No.9954



I really hate you newfags who have infested this board like roaches.

9c8fb4  No.9973

File: 47bc953740bbd66⋯.png (820.54 KB, 1808x784, 113:49, Greater India racial trans….png)

File: a7db68d58ce34d2⋯.png (638.71 KB, 692x1118, 346:559, Greater Iran racial transf….png)

File: 2ebcd1bfed41390⋯.png (2.58 MB, 5888x2464, 184:77, Racial map world.png)


I have some more LARP maps that I think are nice

Would be nice to see how these scenarios turn out.

9c8fb4  No.9974

File: 417b8cfcff408b2⋯.png (1.3 MB, 5888x2464, 184:77, Religion map world.png)

File: 078276167c48bc8⋯.png (88.46 KB, 1195x523, 1195:523, Union of South Africa - Et….png)

File: 920024b2f5d4389⋯.png (276.6 KB, 869x523, 869:523, Union of South Africa.png)


more LARP maps

88eeb1  No.9987


Then leave.

56e75d  No.10005


I was here first. You leave. You're like immigrants coming in and shitting the place up then whining and wondering why people don't like you.

c88438  No.10046

I know Italian fascism incorporated some aspects of hegellian philosophy, including the mysticism. I've read Schopenhauer and Plato in the past, but I no longer believe in an universal Will/Pure Act/The One. Is this a required belief in order to adhere to fascism? I have almost always being an atheist, what fascinates me about fascism are the values, the Spartan ideal, etc…

ad6f4a  No.10104

File: eb83d0ef7a7f319⋯.jpg (138.82 KB, 798x1002, 133:167, IMG_0413.JPG)

I know times are tough and our board is currently dying so I thought I would make this pointless thread to encourage optimism for the future remember defeatism is illegal this is a happy thread post things in this thread that will give us hope

Here have a happy pelly

ad6f4a  No.10105


Whoops this is not a thread this is a post

ad6f4a  No.10106



Oh well as Bob Ross always said there are no mistakes just happy little accidents

0e1760  No.10277


Any economical models of fascism?

0e1760  No.10278


Didn't most jews livein compact areas until "Refrom Judaism" came ?

0e1760  No.10279


Newfag question:

Why is this board dying ?

16afce  No.10280


Because it was getting flooded with /pol/acks but thankfully I think that has died down now

f6e5f5  No.10290

File: cc3a4f5748d7f0c⋯.png (47.52 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0432.PNG)

With the rising and unstable demand for meat and the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses will it be a much safer option? I was going to make this a thread but I kept getting met with pic related

0e1760  No.10292


Well, I am /pol/tard myself.

What exactly did we do?

Destroyed your natural environment ?

f6e5f5  No.10293


Sort of yes I am not saying all of /pol/ is bad but when they started coming decent discussions turned into people calling each other niggers and Jews and just genuine childish shitposting I am glad they are now gone and if you are one of the few good ones then you are welcome to stay

191275  No.10372


Thanks, so when are we going to discuss economical side of our policies ?

90f43b  No.10373


I am sure there was already a thread about that somewhere but if not then be the first to make one

191275  No.10374


Nobody is paying attention on it.

I guess I'll have to make another one on this weekends.

90f43b  No.10474

File: ed6a3816b5b3c23⋯.jpg (31.11 KB, 220x294, 110:147, IMG_0494.JPG)

Was this pointless war the beginning of the end for European civilisation?

24c62a  No.10518

File: 8c07a31c58285d0⋯.png (43.86 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0506.PNG)

I keep getting this every time I try to make a thread. What does it mean ? And how do I fix it ?.

Your help will be appreciated

4d8c49  No.10519


It means you're a phoneposting newfag

24c62a  No.10526


Am I not aloud to phone post anymore ? I have been doing it for the past month becouse my laptop broke

1dc4f4  No.10532



Sad that an Englishman would have such a poor grasp of the English language

bc596f  No.10549


It means you need at least 200 characters to post a thread.

4df30f  No.10559


I take it this is to stop low effort threads?

279b7c  No.10560


Nice joke.

0edeb7  No.10566


Yeah, I think I saw the BO mention something like that.

11d9c4  No.10568

File: 1a40943598ec071⋯.pdf (615.63 KB, The Case for Colonialism -….pdf)


I'm here on this board because i'm mixed and my parents immigrated. The spiritual revival inherent to any fascist effort is the only solution to the deracination which I and other racemixed transplants have undergone.



What you're describing is the reasons for the model of colonial governance, esp. the collaboration with non-white leaders. Effectively, White America needs to colonize itself. See pdf related. Colonialism is beneficial to non-whites and was once beneficial to whites as well. The rule of law established by occidental civilizations is inherently eugenic, removing the violent, the low IQ, and the malformed from the gene-pool, not through any intential genetics, but through honest-to-God justice.


Spain still has a monarchy and is still somewhat Catholic. That is Franco's legacy. IDK about Salazar.

a3d20a  No.10571


Colonialism is a continuously costly venture that diverts resources and attention away from homelands to an intangible empire. Other great European powers like Germany largely went without one. As well as the fact that full colonialism has been superseded economically (in place free markets and spheres of influence), so there's no appeal to the national bourgeois. If otherwise, you're supporting a trans-national (ex. US, Dole, and Hawaii.) Exerting such imperial force may come at a benefit to the imperialists and the ethnic underclass, but doing so puts whites in direct proximity and care for a sluggish underbelly. It becomes the white man's burden. And only comes to an expansionary justification, which in this alarmingly finite world, I rather see a deepening at home. Better to elevate the infrastructure present than to build more clout for a race that's self regulating. Bringing them modernity only erodes their own traditions.

As for you,I am sure you can fit somewhere. Mulattos have blacks and Malcolm X. Hispanics have Latin America. Happas have…? Maybe Eurasia. If you don't fit, become the Nietzschean overman. There's room for you. If not, don't breed or find your mix to breed with. I wouldn't fetishise Europeans if I were you. Have self-determination.

b483f6  No.10577

File: 3028c81b7731c0f⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 785x600, 157:120, 785px-The_Last_moments_of_….jpg)


Okay so everyone told me that 8/pol/ was better than 4pol, so I went there and I read probably some of the dumbest shit ever

>Mussolini was a civnat because he wasn't obsessed with race like hitler was

>50 anti trump threads accusing trump supporters spamming

>"kike on a stick xd Christians more like CUCKSTAINS XD"

>retarded anti porn thread where morons claim that porn makers and watchers must die, people who make more rational ideas are called kikes

I don't know, but i feel like I was lied to. For all the dumbasses on 4pol, there is some decent threads from time to time. Sorry for off topic.

96320c  No.10580


You are welcome to stay here unlike the /pol/ boards this place is for more serious people although we are currently being overrun with /pol/ack pests we are working on it to get rid of them

1731a7  No.10582

I thought something happened to this board. This is classier than /pol/

cb9b93  No.10598


3/4 of that is pretty spot on.

33951c  No.10603

Since this is the sort of off topic thread and I don't want to revive a dead thread, I agree with Adolf Stalin now on the subject of Pol Pot. I remember my response being that he had a bias to urbanites, that Pol Pot was supported by the CIA, and an appeal to class collaboration. Excusing any of that, I can see the merit in what was his argument. Firstly, revolution, Marxist or not won't, happen non-violently without concessions. I can think that only if there is an elite schism would it be possible, the very least in the present case. Given that Marxism is Marxism (predicated on class struggle), violence is only inevitable. More succinctly, I agree from a perspective that's incorporates elitism (in the sense that the exceptional will rise above the masses and in support of ancient castes), ecology, population control, eugenics, and Rohm's second revolution concept.

038ef0  No.10606


glad you were finally convinced. I'm not retarded ALL the time like SOME people think here.

40a524  No.10653

Does anyone have that picture of Mussolini as a skeleton with words saying next to him saying it is never over ? It was in the propaganda thread but that thread must have been deleted becouse I cannot find it

32baed  No.10724


I'm an argie.

Videla wrecked the country. His government had various crony deals with various companies, and harmed the national industry.

Still, the junta tackled communist terrorists and subversion rather well.

19d54c  No.10735

File: 633bfd8389a7575⋯.png (130.66 KB, 640x992, 20:31, IMG_0642.PNG)

File: 8ac426c53fb7c8f⋯.png (50.25 KB, 635x310, 127:62, IMG_0643.PNG)

File: 601bb2fd7b1489f⋯.png (83.91 KB, 608x551, 32:29, IMG_0644.PNG)

I was having a debate/argument with and anon on half /b/ did I fuck up or is the anon being ignorant? (There are a lot of screenshots I apologise for the spamming)

19d54c  No.10736

File: e7cf1ae73a514c2⋯.png (111.5 KB, 629x699, 629:699, IMG_0645.PNG)

File: ec41ec1c1a161ad⋯.png (154.6 KB, 633x975, 211:325, IMG_0646.PNG)

File: d54ce51ee446417⋯.png (202.86 KB, 640x1042, 320:521, IMG_0647.PNG)

19d54c  No.10737

File: 1129d97123def7b⋯.png (249.94 KB, 640x1029, 640:1029, IMG_0648.PNG)

File: 9e808bdba931a24⋯.png (175.93 KB, 640x1039, 640:1039, IMG_0649.PNG)

File: cdcc0f74325ebcd⋯.png (211.37 KB, 640x1036, 160:259, IMG_0650.PNG)

19d54c  No.10738

File: a37a08d8773483d⋯.png (127.05 KB, 639x564, 213:188, IMG_0651.PNG)

7fda4a  No.10739

What are the names of the marching songs

1) In the beginning of this video?

2) The song starting at 2:14?


bfd000  No.10743

File: 3411c00c443b692⋯.jpg (207.84 KB, 988x685, 988:685, 1414786833296.jpg)





Do you even have to ask whether or not if he's ignorant?

f6a7d6  No.10769


>fascism is bad x4

>ideology is cancer

>scholars know better than you

>corrupted the left

Lmao normalfags are so dumb it's funny, they are like living stereotypes.

Also you are gay as fuck mate, apologizing, backing down on what you say, not calling him a subhuman/leftist, posting from phone, muh economy, no punctuation, muh nazbol, and being redundant. You should fuck off this board and kys cuckchanner.

19d54c  No.10770


>You should fuck off this board and kys cuckchanner.

Woah the fucking edge is strong with this one. Grow up i have probably been here longer than you

19d54c  No.10771

File: 4b1da5097101020⋯.jpg (110.26 KB, 700x700, 1:1, IMG_0724.JPG)

What went wrong in this child's life ?


bfd000  No.10776


Kikepedia and modern education, maybe his family of 56ers talking about how evil Germany was despite not hearing about it outside jew approved sources.

Which reminds me, how far reaching is holocaust class? I imagine Euros have it but here it was only a 45 min class and it was still worth a whole credit (likely to encourage the goys to take it). I'm seeing more zoomers not know anything about the holocaust or just not care about it so that's a good sign.

572d83  No.10781

I'm 3/4 portuguese and 1/4 mutt including around 1/8 or 1/16 amerindian, i will be honest . I was born in Brazil, but feel no connection to this land or its people and have pretty much no hope for it ever surpassing the status of shithole. On the other hand, i do feel a national connection to Portugal, it feeling much more like a homeland to me than Brazil.

I'm only a few generations removed from Portugal (that meaning that my grandparents and great-grandparents are portugese) and i have relative ease on getting citizenship because of it (but citizenship laws in Portugal seem to be rather loose tbh, that's something you need to fix ASAP). I wouldn't bother giving up brazilian citizenship either, since i don't feel like i'm part of this nation anyway.

Would i be welcome in Portugal and portuguese fascist movements or would you rather have me stay in Brazil? I honestly don't expect anyone to welcome me there, since i have nothing to offer that you couldn't get from the population that never left.

Sorry if it sounds whiny, it is not intentional. I have to work on my writting so that it reads less like a "i'm a poor refugee pls feel sorry for me" letter that you would see on MSM while sad violin music plays.

>inb4 butthurt integralist larper calling me vira-lata

fd9454  No.10820


>I'm 3/4 portuguese and 1/4 mutt including around 1/8 or 1/16 amerindian, i will be honest . I was born in Brazil, but feel no connection to this land or its people and have pretty much no hope for it ever surpassing the status of shithole.

Don't be so negative,cheer up anon.

>On the other hand, i do feel a national connection to Portugal, it feeling much more like a homeland to me than Brazil.

This is highly common in non homogeneous country,you see it all the time. It's nothing to worry about, rather work on rebirthing the passion you have for Brazil.

>I'm only a few generations removed from Portugal (that meaning that my grandparents and great-grandparents are portugese) and i have relative ease on getting citizenship because of it (but citizenship laws in Portugal seem to be rather loose tbh, that's something you need to fix ASAP I wouldn't bother giving up brazilian citizenship either, since i don't feel like i'm part of this nation anyway.

Yes it is,as we cannot take anymore (even from a place purely technical standpoint due to infrastructure) more negroe and Brazilian migrants.

>Would i be welcome in Portugal and portuguese fascist movements or would you rather have me stay in Brazil? I honestly don't expect anyone to welcome me there, since i have nothing to offer that you couldn't get from the population that never left.

Mate no you wouldn't,and I say that without any hate or hostility. People Will never accept you has Portuguese, things simply don't work that way around here,if you lived here you would understand exactly what I am talking about. Even mostly Portuguese people that were born here still don't get considered as real Portuguese because their 1/4 whatever by the populace and you will feel it, they will lie to you about what they think of you to not be rude,but many won't consider you Portuguese.

To add,any legitimate nationalist Portuguese movement will put priority on kicking out south Americans (Brazilians) as they are one of the biggest threats against our demographics. Don't pay attention to what Larpers say btw, seriously their completely out of touch with reality to a point it's embarrassing.

>Sorry if it sounds whiny, it is not intentional. I have to work on my writting so that it reads less like a "i'm a poor refugee pls feel sorry for me" letter that you would see on MSM while sad violin music plays.

>inb4 butthurt integralist larper calling me vira-lata

Nah, just try to live your life the best you can and try to be happy the way you are. Cheers

9d8eae  No.10822

Was there a migration I missed? I was browsing /pol/ and noticed the board quality was way down of 2016. Did they go to Endchan or somewhere else?

7b55af  No.10841


I suggest becoming an existentialist, then applying it to your situation.

7e48f4  No.10862


Surely there must still be a racial element to such an ideology though? Like these Mexican syndicalist guys still wouldn't look kindly on an influx of ethnicities that weren't common/indigenous to Mexico e.g. Arabs whether they were Catholic or not? I'm unfamiliar with it so this is just me casting aspersions ofc but I feel like they'd favour mestizos, indios and whatever they call their black halfcastes (zambos?) over other ethnicities even if the main emphasis is on Catholicism

7e48f4  No.10863


>hurr durr anyfink gubmint duz iz bad

According to a libertarian anything that has a functioning, active government is communism

bfd000  No.10864


Ironic considering commies don't even want a government themselves.

afc9a9  No.10901


Total shit in the beginning. The Asians will always exist. Other races will always exist, even when only white people exist, it will be x isn't white feuds all over again.

otherwise i can't disagree with the second part.

Most white people with racial leanings aren't racists, they're Classist. Which is why they visibly "punch right" when policing the lower class habits away from their back yard. .

afc9a9  No.10902


8ch /pol/ is the argument for democracy. It's uninformed vitriol spam written by ugly nerds who shouldn't have power.

6ca6ed  No.10907


>talking shit about ugly nerds

fuck off normalcattle

afc9a9  No.10926

File: 8dacb9cc041ddd0⋯.png (453.07 KB, 763x1065, 763:1065, 1456989748825.png)


ugly nerds ugly nerds









bfd000  No.10960

File: c0ffc055c0aa8c1⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 546x546, 1:1, 1501129868.jpg)

Anyone else feeling depressed at the state of America's national anthem? Romania and other Euros aren't even fascist, yet they sing their anthem in protest of their government/invaders/traitors/etc. Meanwhile we have some variety of negress on a football/baseball field that sings it like she's in an audition for a record company. That seems to be the only time our countrymen feel enough pride to sing about their nation and it's one of the worst aspects of it they could feel pride in.

4d8c49  No.10990


Be the change you want to see in the world

5a620a  No.11006


I'm not much a fan of the way our anthem is performed. Although, I will admit, I much prefer our other national songs to our anthem. "The Battle Hymn of The Republic" is the kind of national hymn which gets the blood pumping when performed fast and which inspires glory and reflection on our past triumphs when played slow. Granted - if "The Battle Hymn of The Republic" was our anthem I don't think that would stop roasties with microphones - and the jews who fund them - from ruining it.

8dd374  No.11058


Also, I feel like NatSocs tend to be incredibly stagnant. Starting from the fact they still Heil Hitler. It's disturbing. They don't have their own leaders as the greatest ones and the ones they should support. It makes me think of USSR and Marx. At worst, not much more than a common name and obsession with the observed father of the ideology. Instead of actually talking how their own country should be, it often seems to me like they'd rather want a Germany of 1936. Of course it's important to recognize and respect the roots of an ideology, but not to the point of crippling obsession. Tradition is keeping the fire lit, not praising the ashes.

Excuse me if this sounds aggressive, but I'm at this point quite disappointed with majority of NatSocs I've seen on internet.

e35e46  No.11062


What is needed, I think at any rate, is more people reviewing their countries original fascist thinkers materials (for example, Mosley in my case) and carefully considering their thoughts and ideas in relation to the present situation facing their own nation.

I agree with you, there is too much Hitler-worship, and not enough momentum behind making new valid fascist manifestos. Too many blinded by hate and not motivated by love of their own nation.

A new "Mein Kampf" but for each nation of its own, a book or video now maybe, a speech, something to contain the core points and spread it like wildfire.

78f3f8  No.11183

Is Egor still around ?, i have not heard from him for awhile

90756d  No.11243

Is this board dead?

144751  No.11253


sleeping is the correct term, waiting for new recruits to repopulate it

943538  No.11276

File: 941aad4f27178fb⋯.png (64.43 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, Drapeau_de_Rex.svg.png)

could this be added as flag?

87fa55  No.11333

Can anyone post discord links or invites? I’ve been trying to find discord’s that aren’t full of people from /pol/ or just LARPers in general

000000  No.11356

asalam alaikum!

Just fyi: I can confirm that various US and UK intel agencies have funded and armed close to 23 Muslim groups in various regions of India to start communal riots before the upcoming 2019 elections in India.

The US intel agencies have also asked Pak is tan to get ready for a potential war with India. US has agreed to provide full armed support to Pak is tan in case of war with India.

Our dream of the Unified Region of Islam will soon be a reality as Muslim warriors conquer the country of India, creating our "Dur Ul Islam" spanning across entire As ia.

Allahu Akbar!

924ab4  No.11448



Do you know of Hogar Social? They’re another Spanish Falange group.

e80593  No.11553

File: 79eb7edbedaa79b⋯.gif (3.66 KB, 325x216, 325:216, cross.gif)

Thoughts on Carlism?

a119aa  No.11562

So, regarding Venezuela… I've been vehemently anti-Maduro (for all accounts he's a Trotskyite Jew), but I've occasionally praised Chávez as a Social Nationalist. Despite me being against the Maduro regime I do not support an international intervention, either militarily or economically (maybe I'd support a covert sale of weapons to an hypothetical fascist opposition but that's never going to happen). I just don't feel it's correct to support a capitalist invasion of any kind, I would support if it were fascists invading Venezuela though. What position do you guys personally have regarding Venezuela?

78d99f  No.11580


The American Empire needs to be weakened by all costs, and this requires retreat from the world stage. Non-interventionism is the position I take until we can intervene on our own terms.

acbef5  No.11671


I accidentally revealed my power levels at work.. how fucked am I?

8647cb  No.11676


What happened? As long as you didn't make yourself look like a retard there's nothing to worry about, honestly. You shouldn't be ashamed or have to hide

acbef5  No.11678


See that's my problem though. I tend to overthink stuff & I work with a bunch of old Sicilians who are pretty hard to read.

8647cb  No.11680


What exactly did you say to them?

9780d6  No.11692


Ehhh no.thanks Fed, forget we ever had this conversation. Your id is sketchy as fuck.

8647cb  No.11694

File: c9913b9a7b1d4a7⋯.jpeg (194.89 KB, 1216x415, 1216:415, 4FF2C3F7-15EA-4D29-82C8-F….jpeg)

File: ea351bd4b8f3e04⋯.jpeg (242.6 KB, 1242x612, 69:34, 2660E36A-4C01-45D4-8C26-9….jpeg)


I’m the old BO. I haven’t owned /fascist/ since mid July of 2018 but that’s why my ID responded to so many posts ITT though.

d02756  No.11706


I think the Venezuelan people already angry enough. We don't need to be there. I still want Maduro's head on a dinner platter. Chavez was maybe slightly better, but comparing Chavez to Maduro is like comparing getting stabbed to getting shot.


Were those posts on /leftypol/ actually from you? Be honest. I don't hate Strasserists, but guys like you are the reason why i distrust them.

8647cb  No.11730


Most of the time I’m shitposting under a Nazbol flag on /leftpol/ if I’m on any leftist board. I’ve been permabanned for a month or so on /leftypol/ though. But hey, even if you’re worried about me or Strasserists in general I’ve got zero power over this board anymore

d02756  No.11748

File: a7d35a1e3adfbc8⋯.png (57.79 KB, 294x291, 98:97, 1551044469868.png)


I'm asking if that guy in the image was you, it's a yes or no question. I know you know what i am talking about, and if it was you, were you being serious, or did you just post that to fuck with them?

da1b96  No.11757


What I said here >>11656

I am against the idea of being obligated to choose a side. I do not like the modern US at all, but I also have Venezuelans –And Cubans– for friends, hey all say the same story which only confirms my ideas against Latin American leftist dictatorships.

I won't settle for anything but someone who I can actually trust long-therm, both of the current sides are disposable allies at best and it would be hypocrite for me to support either even if it is just to push my plans.


>That pic

Why do you have to make me cry like that?

Worst is the fact that the current head of the Mexican Royal Family –The Title does not exist anymore anywhere but in my heart– is called « Count Maximiliano Agustín von Gotzén-Iturbide », a.k.a. « Maximiliano II ». The Nostalgia is real

da1b96  No.11758


I should add that my comment on capitalists being more useful does not apply to the US as a whole but individuals and smaller movements.

And also refer to >>11667 as an expansion on my problems with dichotomy

943538  No.11847

Do eco-fascists acknowledge typical mainstream global warming argument or do they think we are definitely going through climate change like warming/cooling/just change - more floods, etc. because we fucked up our nature?

b9d477  No.11887

What does everybody personally define as fascist? I know it's such a typical question but I like hearing the diversity in response.

7dabd6  No.11954


The worldview of Truth

f71317  No.11963

File: e87bb914cef0b21⋯.png (928.79 KB, 909x1280, 909:1280, 1514663376-nzgirl.png)

Does anyone have the path of gods discord invite i was a regular there but left some time ago, did they get shoah'd?

If anyone has it please help your brother out, that was the best discord server i knew.

cf38f7  No.11964



Do you want the Jews to read your messages and forward them to the feds?

f71317  No.11965


I've used discord for ages and the government here doesn't give a shit as long as you don't do any public shit, but we're not as kiked as America so yeah

cf38f7  No.11966


Discord is still selling your data and can read everything you write though. There’s zero privacy.

88e013  No.11978

File: 800d441eef64f7e⋯.png (124.79 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1425520635704.png)

What kind of vidya does /fascist/ like, or rather what kind of media would you guys recommend?

c7acb7  No.12012


Satisfactory and Cities Skylines are games for white men.

8647cb  No.12033

File: 7bb49c5a0b9ee68⋯.png (402.02 KB, 416x626, 208:313, ClipboardImage.png)


When I was growing up I had a blast with various Command and Conquer games. My favorites were CnC Generals + Zero Hour DLC and Tiberium Wars + Kane's Wrath DLC. I can't believe it's the main games for those came out in 2003 and 2007 respectively, fuck. Now I'm nostalgic; I used to have a blast playing games like that with my neighbors. I also remember making similar games on paper in school with maps and units. RTS games are great.

2ff01b  No.12104

File: 7ed22bef5e3e764⋯.jpg (417.46 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 33ef21965bfdbc678cac16c500….jpg)

Anyone here have an issue with an Irish-American going back to Ireland? Me myself have never been there, but my great grandparents originate from there, while my Dad's is mostly Irish as well. I've become disgruntled with America, and don't see a real future with it, and considered going to Ireland for awhile, and if I like it enough stay. Should I try it, or stick with my fellow Americans? I know this isn't necessarily a Fascist question, but race seems to be a common theme here, and would like opinions.

d02756  No.12108

File: 3f375cd4ef3feff⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 540x296, 135:74, swearing.gif)

How come so many self-described fascists on the internet always seem to believe in more of a nanny-state than an actual fascist state.






Yes, some of these things are bad influences on children and other people, but the state has greater things to focus on than making sure kids can't watch Dragonball Z or something. The types who believe in this shit seem to believe that only the state can possibly make you stop watching porn, not your parents, friends, or yourself. How do you even ban porn anyways, i bet most Nork kids buy porn from Chinese black market guys, despite it supposedly being banned. I want a fascist state, not the future setting from Demolition Man.

bf300b  No.12123


A lot of the stuff you listed is unironically degenerate and should be either banned or regulated out of existence. Fascists want to develop the people to their highest potential, not turn them into masturbating beta males watching animated little girls go do whacky things while listening to nigger music. I’m not saying I’d ban it all (or even most of what you listed besides porn), but none of it is conductive to a fascistic society

e70c0e  No.12127


Are you kidding me? Pornography DOES have terrible psychological and health effects on people; It's not a meme, it's a fucking fact, reason why it was banned in most of the world, including Democracies™, until not long ago. The rest I don't care, although in a fascist State the kind of art/entertainment produced should indeed be monitored.

d02756  No.12144


>A lot of the stuff you listed is unironically degenerate and should be either banned or regulated out of existence.

My problem though is that i doubt any actual government would bother with labelling things as degenerate, because it is such a small thing and /pol/ocks are the only ones who keep inflating it into a bigger deal. And i doubt any law agency would actually enforce any kind of those laws, or any business would follow these laws. If you want people to reach their highest potential, then promote some of those boy-scout like groups, and encourage outdoor activity clubs and groups in schools. Just banning hip-pop or anime is not a way to make people want to go outside. Also, it's a parent's responsibility to monitor what their kids watch and listen too, not the state.


> It's not a meme, it's a fucking fact, reason why it was banned in most of the world, including Democracies™, until not long ago.

Thing is though, is that i doubt any of those bans were actually enforced, you always hear about China supposedely banning websites or some shit, and it's pretty obvious those laws are barely enforced, because cops don't care, and most Chinese middle-class boys know how the internet works.

I guess i am glad that you both understand that banning isn't a practical way to curbside "degenerate" behavior. It's better to have organizations to discourage that behavior though psa's and public announcements, not banning.

bf300b  No.12146


>My problem though is that i doubt any actual government would bother with labelling things as degenerate

There are dozens of countries in existence today which alcohol, pornography, adultery and related “small” things.

>And i doubt any law agency would actually enforce any kind of those laws, or any business would follow these laws

They would be made to enforce these laws or be replaced with officials who would enforce these laws. In the case of business the answer is simple: if they don’t obey the national interest we either pressure them to do or in the most extreme cases expropriate the business and make it state-run. The national interest will always trump the will

of private capitalists and individuals. The main problem today is that business has no responsibilty towards the nation – see how they shill for open borders, immigrants, unrestricted free markets and the removal of tariffs.

>If you want people to reach their highest potential, then promote some of those boy-scout like groups, and encourage outdoor activity clubs and groups in schools.


>Also, it's a parent's responsibility to monitor what their kids watch and listen too, not the state.

I disagree on some level. The state absolutely has an interest in what its people do and consume. Fascism is hostile to ALL decadent culture. Fascist states in practice and in the philosophical writings of Giovanni Gentile and others have made this clear. This is a two-pronged approach, education and state-power to wage a cultural war against degeneracy in all of its forms.

d02756  No.12147


>They would be made to enforce these laws or be replaced with officials who would enforce these laws.

How are you so sure you will find the right man who will this along with everything else you want, officials in law enforcement will always put one thing above another, so what if this new official begins to put other things below his priority list that are just as important? I don't wanna strawman, but i feel like no serious man would give a shit about enforcing "degeneracy" laws, i am sorry.

For your point on businesses, i suposse you could bully certain businesses to do as said. In my opinion, the best solution to keep people happy, is just make the old Adult's section.

For your point on parenting, the parents should be the ones most responsible on what their children consume, the state should only monitor what those children have access to. It's the parents who should always have the final decision on what their can and can't have. I agree that the state will always have an interest in the activities of children and the media and such that are aimed at children, but it shouldn't be to the point where they basically become the parents. I suppose i just have some libertarian leanings when it comes to this sort of thing.

bf300b  No.12150


>How are you so sure you will find the right man who will this along with everything else you want

I don’t think I’m advocating for anything that far beyond the pale. I believe all sorts of things SHOULD be banned or repressed, but from a pragmatic standpoint I wouldn’t ban much besides pornography, opposing political parties, gay marriage and adoption and clamp down on what can and cannot be showing on TV, advertising, etc. There are plenty of zealous Christians here in the United States that could be found to roll back this shit back. Most people are fundamentally apolitical and will just follow orders and try not to rock the boat. Most people don’t like fags, immigrants and all of this leftist propaganda forced down their throats, even if they won’t stand up and say it.

>I don't wanna strawman, but i feel like no serious man would give a shit about enforcing "degeneracy" laws, i am sorry.

I don’t understand what you find so strange about it. A little bit more than a century ago even the most “liberal” countries on Earth didn’t allow this stuff to happen. I’m not going to take the liberal position that we’ve “moved beyond” XYZ.

>parents and children

I don’t think we’ll find much common ground on this topic outside of a few general areas. I do think the family is an important building block of our societies, though only a single block in a great structure. For example, I think that the state should have the power to promote eugenics — both positive and negative. I’m sure you’d agree with me on positive eugenics (i.e. encouraging those with desirable traits to reproduce), but with negative, where the state has the power to sterilize, euthanize and abort undesirable and useless sections of the population without familial consent may (unless I am making assumptions) be more controversial to you.

>but it shouldn't be to the point where they basically become the parents.

I agree, I don’t think the state becoming surrogate parents is good or desirable. For an example of that, look into the communist Kollontai, who wants the state to totally take over parental duties and dissolve family ties to create a feminist free-love utopia. That sounds like the recipe for a sick society to me.

2b6ee6  No.12167

File: 0b435d527f19fd6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1764x823, 1764:823, child bullied to death for….png)

File: 79fb92aabc73f77⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2000x3084, 500:771, fascism vs altright.png)

File: 5726d2141424cb9⋯.png (31.79 KB, 897x537, 299:179, ClipboardImage.png)

Where is the meta thread? Do we have a mod? Ban that mutt spamming shitty threads, the one who doesn't know half a shit about fascism

d8b019  No.12168


Here is the meta thread >>>/fascist/1

We do (apparently) have a BO but as of last week he was openly considering giving the board up due to lack of time to either the original pre-hack BO, who openly showed interest in reclaiming or to another interested or qualified anon. After that, which was around a week ago now, there have been no changes. People were complaining last week too that the BO doesn’t do shit and needs to either get to work or give it up to a more active user.

bfd000  No.12175


Nigga, 1/4 of those was actually degenerate

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