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File: 871a81869a5a8cd⋯.jpg (28.58 KB, 484x348, 121:87, Nativeamerican.jpg)

aa5704  No.11139

I found out that my great, great grandmother was part native American. I am of Irish-German heritage. Would I be considered mixed in your Fascist society and by what degree, Going by the nuremberg laws.?I really enjoy the work of Oswald Molsey and Would consider myself a Fascist. But this may be a hindrance

4d5152  No.11141

OK. Origin no matters, only culture

dd5993  No.11145

Depends on how part native I suppose. Even if your great great grandmother was full native that'd still just be 1/16, so I'm reasonably sure you would pass Nuremberg laws.


yes origin matters. The nicest guy on earth can still pass STD's on to kids and muck up genetic lines for quite some time. Rich people look as good as they do because some of them will check medical records/genetic diseases for potential spouses to keep pure, peak condition bloodlines.

51216a  No.11150


As long as you aren't part Jewish or visibly mixed you'll probably only catch flak from purity spiralers. Granted, I'm from Kentucky - and everyone here claims that their great great grandad shacked up with a Cherokee. My great great granddad was a full blooded injun - so my great grandmother was half, my grandma was a fourth, my mother an eighth, and that would make me and my siblings a sixteenth. I'm still majority white - Irish and British roots.

You should be good.

08d6f0  No.11274

23andMe tells me I'm 38.3% Native American and 50.9% European. Whelps. And I look phenotypically keltonordid. I assumed I had at least 10% Amerindian genes (both parents have Spanish surnames), but didn't think it was so much, specially because both are pale and my dad has blue eyes. I do have a bigger nose than it's usual for Europeans though and they've always told me my eyes are asian-like. Should I just become the Führer of South America?

1a21a8  No.11279


Not aware of anyone else looking to scramble for South America. Conquer away.

192240  No.11283


Having a descendant of a "Native" American from that long ago isn't enough to consider your blood fully tainted, a damn shame that the mixing did happen but you can't do anything about it and you're mostly White so just don't mix and you're fine.



084d79  No.11304


it depends. some areas there have remained pretty xenophobic.

3a2982  No.11305


Now you see, I've yet to come across anyone who openly holds disdain for injuns, and that's saying something because if you want to join the klan all you have to do is go two towns over and walk around the woods at night. Redskins aren't a major issue in this day and age - the colored mass seeking to engulf us is mostly Niggers and Spics and people know this.

f973fb  No.11531


What tribe? Certain tribes, those on the east coast, developed agricultural technologies and lived in a climate similar enough to Europe as to be considered aryan to some extent.

1ebc82  No.11554

My father was German and my mother was half-Ojibwe and half-Irish.

I have pasty white skin and straight black hair that I keep long and dark brown eyes that are almost black.

r8 my mix.

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