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File: f46d0229bd86d45⋯.jpg (5.1 KB, 246x250, 123:125, 1546041919132s.jpg)

ac4c8c  No.11167


2 brainwashed idiots arguing for 2 Jewish ideologies this is what (((democracy))) does ladies and gentlemen it weakens and separates the nation only under fascism can a nation truly be strong and united.

59f63e  No.11191

Jesus christ that shit was retarded.

d04f34  No.11212

File: 9d58646fc207259⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 445x305, 89:61, anigif_sub-buzz-5618-15262….gif)

It's one of the reasons I get kicked out of establishments. I'm the guy who says pic related

9be65d  No.11217


this event made the jews fucking giddy im sure. white fools calling white fools racist. total semitic victory

59f63e  No.11222


This is one of the few situations when I do see a use for the term "race traitor". I don't personally subscribe racialist views, but I think it's ridiculous to speak generally against a group you are. It is not only stupid, but self-destructive and hypocritical.

Although the retardedness did extend to both parties on the video, that lib is just sad.

3516d7  No.11242


They’re both libs

b04263  No.11245


Don’t you know that race is a spook? People separated by geography, and climate, for tens of thousands of years could never evolve to be different except for skin tone! Also fuck white people, they are the source of all the worlds problems.

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