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File: 2bf15a009b9d7d9⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 275x611, 275:611, heinrich_laufenberg-19a9f.jpg)

bd6d8d  No.11209

Feel about this divide figure?

Wikipedia states:

Before long Laufenberg moved towards the Communist Party of Germany(KPD) and before long the local party had come under the control of Laufenberg and his ally Fritz Wolffheim. The pair were strong critics German imperialism, producing a 1915 pamphlet against German expansionism and attacking the SPD for being, as they saw it, complicit in such aggression.[13]Following the war, in October 1919, the pair made contact with Karl Radekand suggested a policy to him that they were already calling 'National Bolshevism'[13] (although it has also been suggested that it was Radek who coined the term for Laufenberg and Wolffheim's policy[14]). They sought a dictatorship of the proletariat which would harness German nationalism and place the country back on a war footing against the occupying Allied armies in alliance with the Soviet Union.[13] Within such an ideology the need for class war was to be placed to one side in favour of cross class co-operation in a war of national liberation.[15] The idea initially met with some enthusiasm amongst members of the Spartacus League.[16]

Such support soon ebbed however when Vladimir Lenin publicly denounced the policy, claiming that Laufenberg was seeking a war coalition with the German bourgeoisie, before branding him as "absurd".[2] Soon Laufenberg and Wolffheim were expelled from the KPD after they attempted to resist the leadership of Wilhelm Pieck.[17] Radek, after showing initial enthusiasm, soon also denounced Laufenberg's National Bolshevism vehemently.[18]

e6d59d  No.11229


Tl Dr?

54e529  No.11230


You can't be serious

16d854  No.11231


It’s literally 2 paragraphs long you brain let go back to /pol/ please.

b5ff38  No.11256

Interesting figure. Also, interesting to see how this destroys the 'stab-in-the-back' myth the Nazis and Prussian militarists had for communists/socialists.

As an aside, Laufenberg looks a lot like Stalin. Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

bd6d8d  No.11262


yeah I noticed that too

bd6d8d  No.11263

btw this is Adolf Stalin, I'm the guy who started the thread. and the last reply but who says I don't make quality threads? too bad this board has slowed down.

1637c2  No.11281

File: 9f762e0b5bb5d15⋯.jpg (20.26 KB, 236x298, 118:149, f18a1ba6bc0d50e0ab0ca84a9f….jpg)


I'm sure a random German NatBol who was denounced by the actual Jewish Bolsheviks debunks the stab in the back theory.


A White Jew much like Strasser, you couldn't really juxtapose this guy with someone exceptional like Georges Sorel or Mussolini who both were very socialist and heroic.

Adolf Hitler was right, Night of The Long Knives for pseudo Bolsheviks who attatch a civic nationalist label on it, socialism has no place for the Jewish Hessian distortion of real socialism which was originally an Aryan invention, which Mussolini and Hitler both cultivated. I fail to see the problem with Imperialism as it does not nor has it ever really come to odds with Fascism, which tried to carve a living space for the race, whether it be Spazio Vitale (Italian) or Lebensraum (German) and a lot of other examples. Hitler also made a good point in one of the later chapters on alliances in the second volume of Mein Kampf that it is absurd to ally yourself with a government that would favor your own destruction, ala the Soviet Union.

b5ff38  No.11284


Well, there's also the fact that the Germans shipped Lenin to Russia. Also, the same military officers who peddled that line were working with the Soviets in joint military exercises to develop Blitzkrieg/Deep Operation tactics in the 1920s and 30s.


>White Jew

Strasser is not a radical, but that doesn't make him a 'white Jew'. He's just a reformist-nationalist statesman. If anything, it's Hitler who was Jew-tier, by offering no practical program for actual national renewal besides pure militarism. He even got money from industrialists and support for Junker officers, the latter of which are the ones who have been working with the Soviets in joint military exercises.

Laufenberg himself and other NazBols are just the natural consequence of geopolitics. Russia and Germany ended up having similar interests against the Western Allies, who were the ones who actually were responsible for Germany's ruined state in the 20s. There's practically no difference between that and what Mussolini did to advance Italy's interests during the First World War.

Otto Strasser was ironically the most anti-Bolshevik of the 'left-Nazis', wanting to fight against Soviet Communism more than others like Ernst Rohm and Gregor Strasser. The more pro-Boslheviek 'left-Nazis' were just as virulently anti-Semitic as the 'right-Nazis'.

The Night of Long Knives wasn't aimed at Otto Strasser, who had left the Nazi party three years prior. It was aimed at Ernst Rohm and the SA, who were all just as fervent in their ethnic nationalism as Hitler.

Also, Lebensraum is exactly what led to the death of Fascism and the resulting ascendancy of Jews and the liberal-capitalist order to hegemony. It led to the deaths of millions of gentile whites. The impracticality of it also led to the destruction of Germany. Austria was permanently sundered from Germany, Prussia was ethnically cleansed, and Germans have been turned into national-masochists. You'd have been a delusional moron to not realize how much it failed.

The Italian Spazio Vitale, at the very least, was aimed mostly at non-whites in Africa. Still, Mussolini ultimately was a complete failure as well. Sorel is a pretty great figure, I agree. But, Mussolini ultimately sold out his ideals to the conservative elites of Italy, while Edmondo Rossini already had a large-scale syndicalist movement ready. Hell, he couldn't even control the impulses of the reactionary Squadistri, who resembled more Antifa in their mentality than honest revolutionaries. (Also, Mussolini was actually in favor of negotiating with socialists and communists, even including an ex-communist in his ranks.)

The Soviet Union also wasn't in favor of World Revolution ever since Trotsky was kicked from the government by Bukharin and Stalin. Socialism-in-one-country practically made the USSR a potential ally. (Of course, Otto Strasser was still an anti-communist to the core.)

bd6d8d  No.11300


>I'm a political dogmatist

>anyone who wants to help out poor people is a communist

/pol/ would love you. You should go back there


Much more refined answer, thank you. You're alright. I've seen you in leftpol. Most people hate me there. Ehhh. No great loss.

bd6d8d  No.11301


Also, one more thing. Sorel in his later years was pro-Vladimir Lenin. No true Scotsman indeed.

bd6d8d  No.11303

Strasser I will admit was lighter on the jews than hardline NatBols like Niekisch and Paetel, though a proper English translation of the latter's book hasn't been done yet. Strasser was also not ethno-nat like either of them settling between civic and cultural.

2f5867  No.11306


>strasser was just a reformist

Which is ironic because pretty much every strasserite today wants revolutionary politics

bd6d8d  No.11377


then they are Nazbol then, not Strasserite.

2f5867  No.11381


Idk pretty much every strasserite I’ve talked to wants revolution, I will admit they aren’t as extreme as nazbol tho

b9d3e9  No.11404



I feel like in this age most are driven to the idea of revolution because there are hardly any outlets today that would be in a position to enact such a """radical""" reform

0eb6b7  No.11548


>I fail to see the problem with Imperialism as it does not nor has it ever really come to odds with Fascism

Let's presume you're not white, let's presume you and your fellow non whites form a Fascist movement in your country

<white Fascist country invades and massacres your people

<now Fascism is seen as bad an inherently against the interests of your people

The Europeans and their diasporates aren't the center of the world. Fascism must be created organically, each branch of fascism is different where you go, but they're all fascist; it's people like you that ruin everything nice.

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