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File: efcfa5be5095fe7⋯.png (58.97 KB, 1460x730, 2:1, o5ffe5lfyd301.png)

acf4fb  No.11259

i am curious as to why y'all believe that fascism is the right way to go, considering the god-awful reputation it gets. what exactly does a fascist state have to offer, and why should we advocate for the ideology?

cfda08  No.11260


Maybe pick up a book and stop thinking of politics as identity politics.

0919e1  No.11261


Are you perhaps an anti racist?

cfda08  No.11265


No I’m just not some /pol/ tier retard. You want to learn about fascism? How about you read the books written by the fascist themselves instead of expecting a tl;dr on everything in life because you have a short attention span.

0919e1  No.11266


>Thinks I haven't read books by the Fascists and their leaders themselves

>Thinks I go on /pol/

yikes dude.

cfda08  No.11267


Then what was the point of you’re retarded reply? Don’t you think it’s stupid that people come here just to ask the same question a billion times when they could read some short ass manifesto?

3797c5  No.11269


The overwhelming majority of people have no interest in or have knowledge of political ideologies, and the extent of knowledge they do have goes as far as little bits they pick up from a small social sphere or mainstream sites i.e facebook. I would go as far as saying that 99.99% of people or more don't know the general gist of what economics or laws Germany had - and a similar number have never even heard of 3rd-positionism, or syndicalism, or strasserism, etc. let alone understand their mechanisms. While 'Nazi' Germany obviously is known to most people, they believe the ideology is literally, actually pure evil. Their understanding is that Nazi's are comic book villains that oppressed people, killed innocent jews, started wars and killed people, and as most people also don't even understand the pov of racial realism nor have heard of it before, were racists who hated random groups of people, and were led by a conniving, scheming leader. This is what all movies portray them as, this is what all TV-shows portray them as, this is what video games portray them as, and this has been the standard view for at least fifty years. And considering how you phrased OP, I think you share this view. Italy is know as the retarded underdog, and is practically unknown to most people - the most you will hear is things from documentaries that involve the invasion of Italy, and usually it will be something akin to "The Italians managed to rebuild this town in just a few weeks, at the cost of forcing peasants to work day in and day out", drawing from a real example here, which is retardedly untrue of the basic fundamentals of the ideology. My point with all of this, is that the ideology having "a bad reputation" is irrelevant, and instead of off the bat going 'You guys are stupid this is evil what can it even offer', read literature on the subject, look up who Gottfried Feder is, or Alfred Sohn-Rethel (who I am not personally a fan of, bit still), or any number more, read their side, come to an educated opinion on the ideology, and then go further and read the contradictory side - except, you'll soon come to realize that majority of non-german books on the structure focuses heavily on jews, military actions, an assortment of things on Hitler and how supposedly stupid his staff were, and much less on peace time economics, or in the rare a book which does in fact try to address the economic structure, but uses vague terminology and obvious emotional bias. Anyways, tl;dr instead of asking stupid questions and barging in like a retarded on cocaine and expecting a succulent five-sentence explanation of fascism as a whole read some books on the subject.

b562a4  No.11315


Can fascist be regulated market capitalist?

70d4cc  No.11325


No. At least not in current fascist movements. Back then they did not experience the extent of capitalism and liberalism like we do today. Now everyone (even some alt right retard for what that’s worth) understand capitalism is just something that will eventually erode your society and push it towards liberalism in order for the system to survive.

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