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File: c55709151fdf79c⋯.png (41.28 KB, 800x551, 800:551, 800px-Map-Flag_of_the_Sovi….png)

d9d6a6  No.11271

ITT post opinions that you feel won't be very popular on this board.

>The Soviet Union should have never been allowed to collapse. Officially replace Marxism with "Russian socialism"? Yes. Lift atheist policies and makes guided market reforms? Maybe. Dissolve? Absolutely not. The dissolution removed the last obstacle standing between global Jewish capitalism and complete world domination. Central Asia and the Caucasus are now terrorist-infested shitholes, Ukraine and the Baltic are getting brainwashed into embracing Western degeneracy, and the largest country in the world is now a destitute, drug-addled kleptocracy.

a5fa94  No.11272

You're not entirely wrong. Soviet Union had a great round about racial apartheid system with their internal passports. Moscow and St. Petersburg used to be 95% Slavic Russian or higher. Now it's crawling with churkas, Asiatics and Turkic Mongols and muslims.

0767b9  No.11273


Okay I’ll post some

>the axis should have allied with the Soviet Union instead of Japan

>left wing politics is actually far more superior than right wing politics if you remove the liberal and progressive element from it

>ignorance of racial politics will only lead to civic nationalism in the future

>capitalism is worse than communism

>there is 0 place for Jews in Europe

>reactionary politics was for the 20th century, we must adopt revolutionary politics in the current day and age

Also thanks for posting an actual thread instead of some random lolberg tier shit

a44829  No.11280


The Soviet Union should have converted to natonal Bolshevism.

b83192  No.11289

This. Thanks to the Soviet Union's rejection of western capitalist consumer culture, the eastern block had remained very traditional, compared to the west anyways. Religion is still a thing that is respected by a majority (except for the Czechs, but they're the retarded little brother), tradition is still alive and kicking, and although even this couldn't stop governments from being occupied by jews after the dissolution, there is still potential in the youth as its not as racemixed as the west.

That being said, the USSR did fuck up a lot economically; my country, Poland, basically exported most of its produce to feed the communists, and because of that I do not get to experience growing up in my home country, but instead had to emigrate to Ireland at a young age. However, if the economic model was changed, and perhaps a greater level of autonomy was offered to satellite states, allowing them to actually prosper off of their production, a European Socialist block could be established, because while capitalism offers quick profits and accelerated production, it relies on outsourcing, and results in moral decadence as consumerism takes over.

Nationalism is also an issue that the USSR had to face. Both in terms of relations between ethnicities, and those seeking independence. Sure, if the USSR was more decentralised, and granted more autonomy, then perhaps it could have been avoided, and a larger push for nationalism, inspired by the second world war could help galvanise relations. It's really all up in the air if it was at all possible to simply maintain such a large, diverse and unstable nation, while trying to rapidly industrialise.

a334d4  No.11295

This is based on the conversation Striker and Unruhe had, but it's about how the USSR and Germany should have been allies during WW2 and if they were, could've destroyed the USA at the time.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTwmXBiKDR8

74d5e4  No.11302


I don't see whats wrong with Turkics

>sees Golden Dawn flag

oh, nevermind…

74d5e4  No.11345


while I don't advocate our destruction the least they could do would install one of our own closest to our ideology. Yockey would've been a good pick. first dictator of New America.

5fff20  No.11348

Common sense gun control should be implemented to prevent violent crime and rebellion.

e3f1a8  No.11430


Alright then, i will share

>Hezbollah sucks and just wants to turn Lebanon into Iran.

>People shouldn't just automatically support a politician if they trash Israel.

>Capitalism, generally speaking, tends to work most of the time

>Allying with communists is bad

>The Soviet Union was only slightly good for the Russians, Baltic people tend to not think fondly of it.

>Private Property is a human right

>Germany allying with USSR

>Eastern European countries are very nationalistic and traditional as a reaction to communism, not that communism actually protected traditional values or anything people like.

>Yugoslavia, hailed by commies as the "true" example of communism working, was ironically the most open to western nations (First communist country to open McDonalds, and showed a lot of western movies.)

Yeah, i know, this post became just a full on rant and i am sorry.

0767b9  No.11431


>Capitalism tends to work most of the time

Yeah until it erodes your culture, establishes liberalism( a must for capitalism to survive) and inevitably caters to the elites.

>allying with communists is bad

Well if you mean Marxist’s,leninists, and especially Trotskyites then yes, other than that every revisionist I’ve Met has been more in line with our goals than anyone in the right.

>private property is a human right

There’s no such thing as human rights. And private property (especially real estate) was something that was pushed so Jews could legally buy up a host nation, it also pushes the backward concept of selling your own cultural lands for material

>eastern European countries

And how do you think they are able to push tradition? Because the USSR shielded them from cultural erosion. Of course it would be ludicrous to say the USSR defended it but no one ever said they did.

e3f1a8  No.11435


>There’s no such thing as human rights.

How so?

>, other than that every revisionist I’ve Met has been more in line with our goals than anyone in the right.

Where have you met these people?

>. And private property (especially real estate) was something that was pushed so Jews could legally buy up a host nation

Okay, i want to argue that is a biased opinion since there were nations with private property that did not deal with what you claim, like the Estado Novo, and perhaps Italy. I won't bother with mentioning Natsoc Germany since you are a Strasserist.

Also i have other opinions

>Not all jews have to be massacred and genocided because believe it or not, not all jews are in on the whole thing.

>It was for the best that Franco took power and not the falange or carlists. Franco was more or less the middle man in the Nationalist side and the Falange and Carlists didn't really like each other, which isn't helped that the Falange threw grenades at a Carlist rally at some point. Letting the Falange or Carlists take power would have possibly created more issues.

0767b9  No.11436


>how so

No one is owed anything in life, rights are the product of a society not because you want them or deserve them. There are people out there who believe homosexuals being accepted into society is a human right, human rights is just a projection of what a certain individual wants in society.

>where have you met these people

Pockets of the internet and a few comment sections, some in real life. They are usually the people “normal” communists and anarchists hate. I was intrigued with why the left would cast out there own and thus began me shedding the notion of “le left wing is ebil XD”

>biased opinion

Perhaps, it’s not that I don’t believe in ownership. It’s just that the concept of real estate is one that’s dominated by jewery. Buying a country, profiting off of something by simply owning it, hiking up prices year after year, forcing people to go into debt just to live etc. Etc.

>not all Jews are in on the whole thing

They don’t have to be. Their very nature is why they would have to be. Just because they don’t own the institutions doesn’t mean they don’t support it or play roles in it. I will admit however it’s either complete deportation or genocide.


He was a sellout and a backstabber, his compromising attitude is what fucked everything up.

>you are a strasserist

Sorta. I mean this flag is the closest thing to my political views. And the strasser flag has kinda turned into a representation for left wing nationalism now.

c4c650  No.11449



In a way, Dugin was right. Even Cuba is more socially conservative than most western nations. Russia, Iran, Venezuala, Syria and DPRK are the countries that currently put up the most resistance to jewish global capitalism. After the revolution of 68, the tankies unwittingly inherited the torch of true nationalism and anti Zionism. I consider myself a NatSoc and ostensible enemy of the eastern bloc but in retrospect, the jewish capitalism of wall street is so evil that communism has legitamately more merit. After all, if third positionism are supposed to be opposed to capitalism AND communism, then strategically and cynically supporting communism shouldnt be seen as any worse than strategically and cynically supporting capitalism. Yet we see so many white nationalists and alt fighters reflexively siding with capitalism because

>they still hold on to priors from their conservative and libertarian days

>they have yet to really consider fascism as a socialistic, future oriented, third position rather than an edgier version of conservatism.

Fascism and related ideologies like national socialism were always ment to be progressive, not reactionary. Were not conservatives because our current plutocratic order is unworthy of preservation

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