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File: 28cdfc4bc3b393f⋯.jpg (568.87 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 1508544229664.jpg)

1a7328  No.11638

The enemy of my enemy is my friend the third position and the left must unite against the capitalist right. Capitalists care about nothing but profit they will do anything to make money. They do not care about anyone but themselves but we do we want a better future we want a future and if capitalism prevails then there will be no future. So i am calling all communists Stalinist or Trotskyist etc, socialists, corpratists syndicalists national-syndicalists distrubutists national-socialists hitlerist or strasserist etc juche and national-Bolshevists to unite under one banner, do not let our differences divide us. Collectivism is the way forward, the way of individualism and selfish greed will only lead us to our doom. So unite i beg of you, for the betterment of the human species and the world as a whole, we can only prevail together.

1a7328  No.11639

Don't forget Duginists

1a7328  No.11640


And maoists

0b0e4d  No.11641

That's good and to present that here, why not go to


30cf27  No.11642

77790b  No.11643

No tolerance

81ccb0  No.11645

Can someone tell me –Whilst saging– how are these leftists not as materialistic as capitalists? They see some shallow economical similarities and they immediately think we are compatible. Fascism and Communism are enemies not because of economic disagreement, but a spiritual one, not realizing this only shows their ignorance and how much an expression of the modern world the Left is, even at their most revolutionary they are still trapped in the same paradigms of modern society, their revolution will ultimately will futile.

77790b  No.11648


I'm confused, we're collectivist with regard to collectives that make sense, of the nation and so and so, not some kind of internatonalistic, raceless collectivism. After all, united we're strong doesn't mean get everyone in.

81ccb0  No.11649


I agree with those statements, but our goals are too different. I can see groups with different methods working towards the same goal, it may be sometimes disruptive but in other times they could also complement each other. But –seemingly– similar methods and a different goal are not compatible, we will diverge very early on and our union will be a waste of time, resources and energy. I say « seemingly » because there are great differences in our methods, we are militant romantics that fill men's hearts with passion for a greater future; a future that can only be acquiring by leaving envy for our fellow man and other earthly and modern emotions, and working together. They fill men's minds with promises of a full stomach and punishment to those they ever felt materially envious to, by turning into a mob united under the same desire of revenge satisfying the disgusting idea that someone else winning means that I must be losing.

And what are the differences to our goals? I risk manny angry replies of communists telling me that –at best– I am generalizing too much, but this is the image they have made for themselves, as they refuse to explain anyone what they actual ideas are and instead point you to long studying expedition in which the only two posible outcomes are you agreeing with everything you read or you end up disagreeing not due to an educated conclusion, but because you were not able to understand such infalible texts. Truly the intellectual's ideology. Anyways, what I see as their goals are:

>Demolish the economic class-system

>Kill the rich, royalty and anyone who tries to stop you

>Create a system in which the accumulation of material wealth is imposible

>Establish a system in which everyone is equal as long as their merit allows it

>Worker's paradise

Meanwhile, classical fascism for me is

>Turn economic classes irrelevant since society is no longer structured around material wealth –Anti-materialism–

>Rescue the national myth and partake into national rebirth –Traditionalism–

>Escape the Kali Yuga by leaving the modern world behind –Isolation and Ride the Tiger–

>Either stop apotheosis or embrace it –Go against time or Ride the Tiger–

Plus, I think it is reasonable to say that this thread was made by /leftypol/, their shallow understanding or themselves and us have made them think that we are compatible, they have made repeated attempts at turning people to their side by citing some of our most "leftist" –The Left/right meme needs to die– economic postures and their most "right-wing" social proposals as proof that we are not too different, while ignoring that fascism is much more that mundane economics or law-making. Similarities within the conclusion to some issues is not an invitation.

77790b  No.11650


I was agreeing with you, Fascism and any other idrology are simply not reconcilliable and this cannot ally.

716f8f  No.11651


I agree but after we're done with porky we're coming for the reds.

cc2fc2  No.11652


Capitalism has proven to last longer and be most stable than any leftist ideology, regardless of culturally corrupting aspects, and its followers while stupid are not half as stupid as the average communist. I would side with a drooling gadsden-flag waving capitalist before I would side with a communist.

6157b5  No.11653


>I would side with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg before i ever sided with someone who doesn't believe in (((private property rights)))

Look, fellas, we've identified the enemy!

81ccb0  No.11656


>instead going with someone who believes in (((equal distribution of wealth)))

A degree of private property can serve as a material medium for people to act, if guided by non-materialistic principles then a practically free-market –not what we have today– will prove more beneficial and efficient than the absolute bureaucracy needed under communism, anyone abdicating for a more complicated centralized bureaucracy shows that they never leave their room, it is an absolute nightmare to get anything done, most of the time your only practical options are bribing or staying in your house and turning into a work-beast.

I am sorry, but if everyone owns the means of production then no one owns them, worse is the fact that such systems make people dependent not to their fellow man, but an artificial administratoria system. This society will not be a destruction of the master-slave age we live in, but the triumph of slave mentality.

This is just like the whole deal with Venezuela, people feel obligated to pick a side in bilateral issues when in actuality « Both sides are shit » is a valid answer. Actually, the abuses of capitalism and the lacking answer that was communism was the reason fascism was created, it opposes both.

I can also feel the naïve though that one must remain loyal to their very conditional alliances, penalty for breaking an alliance with a capitalist only comes if you do not succeed at the end.

So an alliance with the other side will end up with either them converting to fascism –which in this age of egoism is unlikely– or being destroyed as soon as they stop being useful, so the question of who should we side with –if at all– comes down to not ideological compatibility, but short and mid-therm usefulness. Capitalists win this at this easily, you have the status quo against a loose group of screeching intellectuals with molotov bombs. I should also make the comment that capitalists are easily manipulated, they have shown that with enough material incentive they will follow a self-destructing path, with no regard of long-therm consequences, Capitalists make a better ally because they, as individuals, are easy to dispose of, communists on the other side are like rats, they need to be destroyed before they make a nest and infest your home. Actually, a comparison with rats is too misleading, communists are like cockroaches, or general pests, they do not make a nest, they invade the infrastructure that others built for them, expulse the inhabitants and rot it until the structure falls, killing manny of themselves, but some survive, so they spread their insectoid wings and look somewhere to inhabit, and the cycle continues. Maybe this is why communists speak so much about « Revolution », « Occupation » and « Taking », they are inherently parasitic and cannot built anything for themselves.

3f5e48  No.11659


Just become accelerationist and drop ideology as a whole

b8c886  No.11660

File: eaa9f5c0700d363⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 480x540, 8:9, eaa9f5c0700d363d4115980854….jpg)

No. Hitler would never ally with your filthy jewish ideology. How can a national socialist ever ally with an ideology so opposed to the idea of nationality, traditionalism and family.

63a3b2  No.11665

>The enemy of my enemy is my friend


>the third position and the left must unite against the capitalist right.

Why not against both? Both are ideologically opposed to our final goals. We align with the left in some ways, the right in others, ultimately both are our enemies.

>Capitalists care about nothing but profit they will do anything to make money. They do not care about anyone but themselves but we do we want a better future we want a future and if capitalism prevails then there will be no future.

Agreed, but advocating for an “alliance” on 8chan is a waste of time. Actions > Words

81ccb0  No.11667


90% of people here are just intellectuals, pointing out our lack of action goes without saying.

I fail to understand why are people so quick into reducing everything into a dichotomy of « Us vs Them », not picking a side in bilateral issues seems to be a foreign concept for manny, only made worse by the necessity of manny to participate in everything, they need to form opinions on every issue no matter how inconsequential. Yes, those who do not form opinions are, by nature, harder to spot, specially in forums, buy manny opinions show a very shallow understanding, putting in evidence the lack of passion to the subject but something else, maybe the need to participate in discussions.

I am sure that the democratic though-process is in part responsable for this, the idea of freedom to know now –giving rise to a culture of tl;dr, that trivia and shallow understanding are good enough–, to form and to voice opinions no mater who you are, this phenomena is surely a manifestation of the spirit of democracy into our every-day lives.

ad8a73  No.11668


Sometimes but not always the case

ad8a73  No.11669


Private property is like how big tech regulates internet content. Without ceos or content moderators, the internet can go back to the way it used to be. It's either that or break internet companies up under antitrust laws.

ad8a73  No.11670


But that can also be combined with ideology of the ends justify the means.

6c9850  No.11700

File: 4f0ec682ecc8f8e⋯.webm (4.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4f0ec682ecc8f8e5024f46406….webm)

By uniting two entirely different things, you weaken them both. For the outside observer it seems as if the newly created movement doubled in size and is now a force to be reckoned with, but in truth it is a headless snake, with two tails.

a16b74  No.11987

File: cfb7d14d3b35e14⋯.jpg (139.68 KB, 480x678, 80:113, cfb7d14d3b35e140b085860737….jpg)


>National Bolshevism

>Enemy of my enemy is my friend

Keep your crummy (jewish ideology. You are not my friend, you are my (((enemy's good goy))) that has killed millions of their own citizen and try to hide the evidence as the cherry on the shit sunday. You and the (((crapalists))) are part of most of the world problem and you nearly ended the world into a radioactive wasteland along with the fact of the marxist only believing subverting a nation's people into your shitty ideology.


63a3b2  No.11989

Imagine thinking that communists – who are anti-nationalist, pro-equality and pro-democracy could ever cooperate with fascists just because the two are both "anti-system". It is true, we fascists are anti-system, though in completely different ways than communists. While it varies heavily from person to person, all fascists are nationalistic, anti-(liberal) democracy and anti-equality. When we throw in other factors like questions of race, the gap grows even wider. Funnily enough communists today often agree more and are accommodated by the system than at any other time in history. Communists are approve of hate-speech measures, democracy, internationalism / globalism and endless degeneracy and tolerance – just like their Jewish masters in government.


Fascism is collectivist in the sense that it recognizes and triumphs the nation or race, not in that it grinds the individual to dust like communism does. Hitler recognizes the "aristocracy of Nature", the power of the individual mind and the disproportional influence of small minorities on world history.

>for the betterment of the human species and the world as a whole, we can only prevail together.

Implying I care about the "human species" as a whole.

63a3b2  No.11990


Just realized I already replied almost a month ago. Oh well, I like this response better.

2b6ba0  No.11995

File: 220624f7ed833ab⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 336x274, 168:137, minions.jpg)


>Capitalists care about nothing but profit they will do anything to make money.

Surely you mean jews?

bd9438  No.11996


>implying white capitalists aren’t race traitors more often than not

be880e  No.12013

All Nat versions of Bol are to be tolerated… until we take power. Then you will have to convert to Nat Soc or shut up and fuck off to a hippy commune or something.

13d095  No.12028

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