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File: 79bd80a5f992915⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1043x583, 1043:583, EA83E45E-CEF8-4745-B1A4-1D….png)

b03577  No.11718

Post anything shared on 8chan about the shooting. I’m talking Archives, Images, and more.

As threads on /pol/ keep getting 750 post limited, keep account for the best posts and videos shared about the happening.

I’ll start


b03577  No.11719

File: 02ad5f0bbbe2ace⋯.png (472.2 KB, 2558x736, 1279:368, Banned.png)

The OP of the initial thread, the shooter himself, has been banned off /pol/

Our work begins. Archive everything!

b03577  No.11720

File: e4b2af5f6e7f550⋯.png (278.95 KB, 1142x592, 571:296, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d9017cfda86a093⋯.pdf (867.57 KB, The Great Replacement.pdf)

Get as much data as possible

8d8bba  No.11721

File: 4e5fd8de2fefade⋯.jpeg (513.4 KB, 2481x3508, 2481:3508, 81E2D6E4-8C72-40A3-91B1-B….jpeg)

File: 4be662108017dde⋯.png (55.44 KB, 609x370, 609:370, 47607343-9171-4B2A-8094-F6….png)

File: f616e77f83ea78d⋯.png (26.69 KB, 575x137, 575:137, 0293FF28-331C-481F-8FFF-9B….png)

73a35c  No.11722

Full vid, the madman really did. /pol/ is a mess right now, at least /fascist/ remains as comfy as ever


6b39f2  No.11723

File: 39e4c3215dddcd6⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1472x1326, 736:663, Attire_1.png)

File: b78f9a0fc8d2dfd⋯.png (321.81 KB, 916x548, 229:137, Attire_2.png)

File: f676557609f78dc⋯.png (126.21 KB, 978x252, 163:42, Furry.png)

6b39f2  No.11724

File: f151fd11c2f5c84⋯.png (396.29 KB, 1590x712, 795:356, LastPost.png)

6b39f2  No.11725

File: 303d4816464b355⋯.png (116.77 KB, 1720x318, 860:159, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d98a0ba434049d0⋯.png (131.37 KB, 2554x216, 1277:108, ClipboardImage.png)


The /pol/ volunteer mods have no clue what's going on.

Now they're just banning everyone with "terrorist threats" as a reason.

6b39f2  No.11726

File: 15333579a693a3d⋯.png (354.53 KB, 431x578, 431:578, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0a6b2511de2220⋯.png (497.79 KB, 767x553, 767:553, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2efeabfd7bccc52⋯.png (695.71 KB, 759x522, 253:174, ClipboardImage.png)

Here are photos of his attire he wore during the shooting.

Curious why the middle ammo has Russian writing on it. Is the shooter potentially Russian or fluent in Russian?

6b39f2  No.11727

File: fafaef423b8c7eb⋯.png (481.16 KB, 440x581, 440:581, ClipboardImage.png)

73a35c  No.11728

File: f9e1a4966110ef4⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1541, 54:67, 9CBA7C20-1752-4F9D-B8FB-0….jpeg)

So, anons, what is your thoughts on the whole thing? I disagree with the tactics and think a solution based on the people themseves is the only real and lasting solution, but I really don’t have any problem with this attack occuring. I see it as a natural outcome of multicultural societies – racial struggle between two groups inhabiting the same living space. It’s only going to get worse as white genocide intensifies.


>here’s your migration compact


e20e3a  No.11729


Similar sentiment from me. I wish we all could avoid violence, but sometimes this shit is natural to these situations.

73a35c  No.11731

b38d0c  No.11732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It just happened and it will keep on happening. But to be honest? I feel satisfied after seeing the whites still can play game of terrorism.

73dd8b  No.11733

Reminder: There is nothing wrong with violence.

11135c  No.11740

File: 759c71d21b54479⋯.jpeg (211.58 KB, 950x1181, 950:1181, 6C1122E1-32E9-460E-B6F1-A….jpeg)

>50 dead now

Is the King getting nervous?

11135c  No.11743

File: 43e15f3ae94c2d8⋯.jpeg (164.73 KB, 590x604, 295:302, D98ADAEF-1F62-438F-92AD-6….jpeg)

A profound truth

00b6fe  No.11745

File: 16b537371a7b82b⋯.png (961.48 KB, 759x506, 3:2, m-80 iq.png)


Unlike the teenagers on /pol/ and other places I do not condone the slaughter of innocents. Killing a bunch of random dunecoons accomplishes little, and the time spent planning, prepping and carrying out this attack would be a hundredfold better spent on kike politicians or similar, i.e rothchilds. Your purpose and message will never be taken seriously by killing randoms too, which is all in stark contrast to someone like Otoya Yamaguchi who genuinely destroyed an entire political party by killing 1 man, and to this day is regarded as a martyr. Rather than shooting up a bunch of muslims, shoot up the people importing them. If my city has a stray dog problem, and to continue the analogy, a bunch of PETA folk keep importing stray dogs, why would anyone think that it'd be a good idea to shoot a bunch of random dogs rather than shooting PETA officials? And then of course the media can spin it as 'evil man kills poor dogs' and push for things protecting them further.

Regardless of what I would advocate for, and as others have stated, this is a natural byproduct of the state of western society.

00b6fe  No.11746

File: eb0f84e31550d86⋯.jpg (529.07 KB, 1200x2240, 15:28, eb0f84e31550d865be1f844d07….jpg)

73a35c  No.11747

File: c928d6d5abc0310⋯.jpeg (218.01 KB, 422x640, 211:320, 28548E5C-148A-41D3-9E8B-5….jpeg)


More people than you’d think on /pol/ seem to share a similar sentiment, though it’s hard to tell with the shitstorm that board is right now. In line with what you and others are saying, I’ll drop this passage from Codreanu’s book to remember as a true example of this sort of action:

>We felt in that moment bubbling in our veins the blood which demanded vengeance for all the injustices and the long chain of humiliations to which our people had been subjected.

>Shortly after this, there gathered at Mr. Butnaru's home on 12 Saveseu St. Ion Mota, Corneliu Georgescu and Vernichescu frorri Cluj; llie Gameata, Radu Mironovici, Leonida Bandac and myself from Iasi; and Tudose Popeseu from Cernauti. The first problem we had to face was to decide who were the principal guilty parties; who were most responsible for the state of misery which seized the whole country: Romanians or Jews? We unanimously agreed that the first and greatest culprits were the treacherous Romanians who for judas's silver pieces betrayed their people. The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanian leaders who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. The first and fiercest punishmment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it. We agreed on the names of several individuals who had betrayed their country, namely, six cabinet Ministers, George Marzescu heading the list. At last, the hour was striking for those scoundrels who never imagined they would have to account for their deeds in a country in which they considered themselves the absolute masters over a people incapable of any reaction-the hour in which they would have to answer with their lives. This time the Nation was sending its avengers through the invisible ties of the soul.

>Then we took up the second category: the Jews. Which ones should we choose from the two million? We pondered, discussed and finally concluded that the real chiefs of the Judaic attack on Romania are the rabbis, all rabbis in all market towns and cities

>They lead the entire Jewish mass to attack and wherever a Romanian falls, he does not fall by chance. He falls because he was marked by a rabbi. Behind every politician who sold out, there is the brains of a rabbi who laid the groundwork and ordered the Kahal or the Jewish banker to close the deal and pay him off. Behind every Jewish newspaper to inspire slander, lies, instigation, there is a rabbi. But there are only a few of us so we chose only "the big cats" in Bucharest. Had we had the numerical strength we would have taken absolutely all of them.

>Then we picked the bankers.. Aristide and Mauritiu Blank who corrupted all parties and all Romanian politicians by putting them on boards of directors and showering them with money; Bercovici, who financed the Liberal Party (Blank took charge in particular of the National-Peasant Party, but he felt capable of buying the Liberals too).

>Then we looked over the Jews of the press. The most insolent ones, the poisoners, of souls: Rosenthal, Filderman, Honiginann (Fagure), directors of the papers Dimineata ("The Morning"), Adevarul ("The Truth"), Lupta ("The Fight"), all these, the enemies of Romanianism.

>We left for Bucharest in groups, saying to Iasi good-bye forever. I left a letter for the students in which I explained the justification for our gesture, bade them farewell, and urged them to go back to classes, but fully to keep the faith till final victory. We all wrote to our parents and comrades-in- arms.

f039a9  No.11749

2c1a1a  No.11750

File: e5f1e01a381e782⋯.pdf (9.21 MB, ADV.pdf)


I'm going to be the odd man out and say that, no, I don't agree with this and here's why:

First of all, I understand. I deal with Muslims every day, walk past a bunch of mosques on the way to work, etc. I've imagined doing something like this more times than I can imagine. So why not?

1. This doesn't hurt them. There are, at this moment, 1,700,000,000 Muslims on the planet. There could be a Muslim 9/11 every day for the next thousand years, and it wouldn't matter. Furthermore, due to high birthrates in muslim-majority countries, any possible attack one man could pull off will be absorbed before the day is over. I actually did the math. It's just like Kirito getting attacked by Titan's Hand

2. This hurts us. If I may be frank for a moment, the movement isn't doing so hot right now. Fifty percent of this is on Donald cucking out, and the other half on Little Dicky's KKK Project X. But what this means for us is that we're still in recovery mode. Yes, a year later still. It's slow and annoying, I'm sorry. But when your doctor prescribes you antibiotics and you feel better after a few days, you still have to take all of your meds. If you don't finish all of your antibiotics the infection will still come back.

3. It was sloppy. If you have 11 minutes read the Pierce essay "Killing Little Children", he's a better writer than me. He wrote it in response to a jewish community center shooting in 1999 and it still rings true today, but the basic gist is that yes, the beast intends to eat us but we don't fight it though childish fantasies. We fight it through structured long-term plans. I was never a believer in accelerationism, and I believe even less in retarded REED SEEJ doomsday fantasies. If you intend to do a violent action, why not go after someone high level, or at least someone who won't be easily replaced?

4. Reddit used it as an excuse to ban r/watchpeopledie. I liked that subreddit.



b5c9e5  No.11752


Disagree completely. First off,


Who is innocent? What on earth does "innocent" even mean? Noncombatant? Alright, because they're a noncombatant today who says they won't become a combatant tomorrow when provoked by something outside your control?


>killing rotchilds

That would imply the rothchilds can be touched. I bet many attempts are made on the rothchilds and similarly wealthy people all the time, and probably not even for ideological reasons, just to try to hold them for ransom and get rich.

>Otoya Yamaguchi

That implies the people you're with are on your side to begin with. Japan has deep roots in nationalism, the west is founded on liberal principles, as a general rule. Also, the party continued until 1996 where they rebranded, so no, killing the dude didn't destroy the political party although I'm sure it helped keep at least some power from them.

>why would anyone think that it'd be a good idea to shoot a bunch of random dogs rather than shooting PETA officials?

They both have to die eventually, you're just being picky about the order it was done in. If every jew dropped dead tomorrow on earth do you think all these colored imports will peacefully show up for euthenization/deportation?

>media spins it as evil man kills poor dogs

They do that already, all the time. They called the guy's "ok" symbol a symbol of White Power. They called Richard Spencer, a, at best, liberal racist, a full-on nazi. The media will never be on your side, it doesn't matter if you lobby in peace (like Richard Spencer) or if you go militant like our lad did. Between the two, the militant lad has actually achieved results and Spencer hasn't achieved anything.

73dd8b  No.11762

133eba  No.11763


guy was a fucking crusader larper kek

whole entire thing stinks of OY DEUS GEVULT faggotry, and all it will do ultimately is empower Salafi Jihadi autists and SJW niggers

and his anti-Ottoman/Islamic scribblings speak volumes of how thoroughly jewed he is considering the allyship of the Ottomans to Germany in WWI and the Islamic world to the Reich in WWII

And also

>"directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the invaders themselves."

Who the fuck is he going to scare away? Any refugee or migrant would much rather run the very small risk of getting shot up by a crusader autist, than risk staying in their home nation and getting beheaded by ISIS or another fundie organization for being a kufr

but as previous poster stated this is a natural consequence of a multiracial, multicultural society with plenty of jewry peppered onto it so whatever. worlds fucked

73dd8b  No.11764


>allyship of the Ottomans to Germany in WWI and the Islamic world to the Reich in WWII


b38d0c  No.11774

Unrelated to topic in general but sort of related because it's obvious after this event.

The situation is fucked up. /pol/ is posting screenshots of tons of women virtue signalling on sns with relation to this event. Of course they feel bad about it, why many of imageboard shitposters expect women to understand something like this? I don't read nothing else between the lines in their posts than they are scared. I see this as our big failure. Women don't trust us anymore and that was our only job - to make them sure we will just protect them and no matter what crazy shit is going on in the world, they should just rely on us. Our women are not against us, they just need us to be strong for them but all they see are soyboys and because they don't have a strong man with ideal in his heart and mind, they are not strong enough to be alone so they try to belong somewhere. Women are weak in their views, they need someone who can take a lead, even if they say opposite. This rant is basically pointless, it just fucks me up that many of white men think women are against them, while in fact they need us more than before.

606840  No.11784



That's such a beautiful German word…

Hitler even gave the CCCP the oppurtiunity to join the Dreimächtepakt but they refused…

a0900f  No.11800


The guy was an Odinist.

0bb43c  No.11805

What's crazy is this board is called Fascism, but this has the most level headed conversation on the topic of multicultural displacement and the existential and literal threats it is involved in.

000000  No.11806


>Here are photos of his attire he wore during the shooting.


>Curious why the middle ammo has Russian writing on it. Is the shooter potentially Russian or fluent in Russian?

000000  No.11807


its written there "сражение при кагуле 1770" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kagul), the other two doesnt seems to be russian, but фружин is bolgarian and russian too (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruzhin)

e28da1  No.11809

Man, these false flag theories are surprisingly well researched, i think this may have been faked…

just kidding, all the theories have been easily debunked and are mostly stupid.

3a8d5c  No.11812

73a35c  No.11813


I mean what are we supposed to do on an imageboard? I save my anger for real life and use the Internet for discussion. /pol/ is what you get when retards just blow steam and call everyone shills all day long. We are fascists and recognize the existential threat to the Aryan race but just blowing hot air online all day is pointless

73a35c  No.12362

File: 2fc8eebbe515a8a⋯.webm (9.1 MB, 720x486, 40:27, piano man.webm)

New shooting of a synagogue. No need to make a new thread when we can just talk about it here.

Here's his manifesto: https://archive.fo/mhFD2

I really wish we could see some serious book-length manifestos that comprehensively explain their motives and everything that one would want to know, something written with soul. Codreanu's book (while not a manifesto) absolutely floored me. It was powerful. If you're gonna do something like this and throw away your life make it worthy of the decision.

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