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File: 610d5b0cb89d762⋯.jpeg (251.38 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 9AB7E5FD-BFC5-4347-96B7-8….jpeg)

5a514c  No.11785

The only way to end the current tyranny in the world is to kill all these White racist Fascist and Racist scums one by one. Just like how Communists beatofully massacred Nazi soldiers in WW2. These white racist savages have been enslaving and massacring millions of defenseless Indians, Blacks, Jews, Muslims and Asians, physically, economically and politically. We have to all unite and eradicate them once and for all. Do not engage in any dialogue with them, they’re a lost cause, eliminate them. Kill all these Savage White Pussies who are hiding behind their big guns. MAKE THE RACIST AFRAID AGAIN.

6839f0  No.11789

Yeah sure, nice bait.

e7c35a  No.11790


When will liberal left learn what fascism is instead just using it as buzzword?

2c4a90  No.11799


Hell yeah, let's take down the world central of racial hatred, the main perpetrator of ethnic warfare, the leading cause of fascist thought oppression globally, the reason behind the industrialization of world poverty that viciously exploits billions of racial minorities around the globe for slave labor, human trafficking, drug/organ smuggling, tax fraud, money laundering, and that created the donation racket that steals the income of hard working citizens, while keeping poverty in it's cycle of endless human suffering…let's bring the war to ISRAEL.

5a8846  No.11802


fucking nigger

64904f  No.11837

File: b53530e4c6a1b87⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 202x198, 101:99, happy_american2.jpg)

ecc58c  No.11845

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