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File: 2eded8dc94a0c60⋯.jpg (169.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fascist world.jpg)


One advantage that the communists have over us is that they are really good at working together across international lines. The communists for years had massive meetings they called the "communist international". Their goals were obviously very different than ours, however, the fact that they were able to network in this way across national lines worked in their favor in achieving their goals. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for fascists to establish our own international organization for various fascist groups to meet and discuss strategy. Obviously, the purpose of this organization would not to be to break down national borders like that of the communist international, however, I feel that this sort of organization could potentially be useful in spreading the fascist ideology around the world and supporting fascist groups in other countries. Not to mention, if we could get fascism established in other countries they could potentially fund other fascist groups in our own countries which could be advantageous.

So how would we set this up?

First of all we'd need funding. There's a few ideas on how this could be achieved, none of them set in stone but here's a few I can think of off the top of my head.

<Small entrance fees for parties attending the conference.

This could also be useful in weeding out LARPy groups. We'd want the most serious and well funded groups attending these conferences. The fees wouldn't have to be exorbitant, perhaps 50-100 dollar entrance fees per person or larger fees for large parties with lots of members, maybe a 2000 dollar entrance fee for parties containing over 100-500 active members in attendance, that wouldn't be hard for a party that large to gather assuming assuming they pooled their money.


This is important on both individual party levels as well as for the conference itself but for our purposes I'll be discussing it on the conference level.

In order for any organization to be successful it has to know how to brand itself properly. Branding also brings money. This means selling merchandise with the organizations logo and using the money you make from selling merchandise for things like online advertising campaigns and activism. Smaller things can be given out freely at conferences (or in the case of national parties, at rallies) things like buttons, coasters, etc… etc… This is important to spread your image to the wider population.


This one is quite obvious but still an important part of funding.

<Foreign investment

There are many states, especially in the eastern half of the world that would like to see a change in the liberal governments of the west which are antithetical to them diplomatically. It's a bit more complicated getting funds from Russia or China but it's still an important possibility.

And on the reverse end, money made by the fascist international could be used to fund elections and activism within individual nations.

What do you all think? Is this something that should be pursued?


OP from the 4chan thread here wow has no one replied to this ? damn :(



Give it a little while. Like I said, things move a bit slower here than on 4chan. I usually check back here every hour or so and the catalogue is usually updated.



ah i see i never knew things moved THIS slowly kek




m8 in 8chan things have always been slow, give it time.



You'll get used to it because the post quality is usually much higher. I originally came here after the first exodus and mainly browsed /pol/. Long story short I ended up leaving for a couple of years and going back to 4chan because the moderation there had turned to shit. After the moderation was changed over on 8/pol/ I came back and haven't looked back at cuckchan since. With that said, it wouldn't hurt to lurk for a while, while it's still a chan culture the culture is still different from cuckchan in a lot of ways and this board has already developed it's own culture distinct from /pol/ and generally looks down on /pol/ for it's sensationalism rather than focus on theory. While 8/pol/ generally looks down on 4/pol/ for being a sea of piss. I'll freely admit there's a degree of elitism here but it's for somewhat good reasons since 4chan is poorly moderated and full of shitposts.



I recruited him from /fsg/ - fascism general. It's the only decent thread over there.



yes i understand i heard alot of 4chan veterans fled to here when the newfaggots took over and especially nu/pol/ so this place will probably have better content rather than just fucking shitposts



You'll enjoy it. If this board is a bit slow from time to time you can always browse /pol/ for some news or faster posts. Or even browse places like /leftypol/ or /leftpol/ if you want to see what the opposition is up to. There's a wider variety of boards here than 4chan which certainly makes things interesting from time to time.



thank you i will check them out and why are there anarcho capitalist and communist flags ? also gaddision flags as options ? they are not in the third position are they ? i understand the hammer and sickle national Bolsheviks can use that but why the others ?



We allow everyone to speak freely on this board for the most part and welcome debates with our opposition assuming it's not just shit posting. That's one thing that makes this board unique on this site as some of the other boards have kind of have overly strict moderation.



I don't know honestly

>IF it was for me there wouldn't be any flags but thats just personal taste.



This board encourages free speech.People all of all beliefs are welcome here.

Also the Bo fortunely is pretty good at his job and unusually laid back moderating




ah fair enough thank you



No problem.


My only problem with this is whether different nationalist / fascist groups could really gain anything fruitful from discussing strategy between themselves since the situation will differ so heavily from nation to nation. Strategy will be entirely different, as will the endgoals of these groups. All of this said, though, I’m not opposed to a sort of international conference, it’s just that fascism, being a national doctrine, will have far less reason to look abroad than Communists would.



It would be neat to see the fascist groups of different countries amicably meeting together though and rallying, I admi


File: 124ce37e4ab3bb9⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 960x764, 240:191, 930ce07e5aee6b8a37cf31be99….jpg)

File: 1769e868d39e5e1⋯.pdf (2.35 MB, MartinHeidegger-WhoIsNietz….pdf)


>will have far less reason to look abroad than Communists would

on the contrary, precisely because communism and liberalism looks abroad, so much fascism. Ignoring your enemy is suicide.

Also, there is the fact that our historical epoch is inevitably one of global domination. That great man Nietzsche spoke endlessly of this epoch and how to respond to it, as did his heir, Martin Heidegger. This .pdf is a sample of Heidegger's clarification of Nietzsche and "globalization."




That's true with regards to different strategies in different nations, things like that would probably mostly occur on the party level with the larger organization potentially acting as a financial support structure. It would also be an opportunity for fascists of various nations to meet one another and potentially use it as a platform to speak and discuss the problems occurring within their respective nations.

As for your second point, see what this poster said: >>1219



>European national movements.

Unfortunately for me as an American Fascist that's not too useful.



yeah they were the only ones i could find sorry but has their been any in the Americas that you know of ?



In terms of international organizations, not that I'm aware of. In terms of individual parties, there's a ton of them, ranging from alt-right style groups, to parties like the American Black Shirts, American Corporatist Party, Identity Evorpa, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and everything else in between.

>inb4 alt-right isn't fascist

That's somewhat debatable considering it's such a loosely used term that many actual NatSocs identify with, even though a lot of liberal turds identify with it as well (people like Lauren Southern).



we will need to convince all these loose organisations to merge into one if we want to get closer to this global fascist alliance


File: c47492c9c222336⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 329x450, 329:450, caesar.jpg)


I agree but actually accomplishing that would be difficult since you have party leaders who would be hesitant to give up their positions and parties that would be hesitant to bend their platforms to be in line with other groups. You'd need a Caesarian figure to pull that off.



>inb4 alt-right isn't fascist

Aren't they just libertarians with a "racist" twist?



I know that Rockwell used to have some regual email with some figures in Chile and in Argentina, does anybody know anything about it?



i am sure we will find someone eventually someone as influential as Hitler was someone that can give speeches that will give tiers to peoples eyes we just need to find that person



> tears



unfortunately no but that sounds very interesting



>Aren't they just libertarians with a "racist" twist?

It's such a big group that you can't really call it any "one" thing. You have the retarded lolbergs but there are a few genuine fascists within the alt-right. I know that Richard Spencer, despite being a complete autist on many occasions has often thrown around some fascistic and Spenglerian rhetoric and shits on libertarians quite a bit and he's certainly not the only one within that large umbrella. You've also got guys like Enoch who tend to do the same thing. Although I think that there's much better people out there, I'm just using them as examples.

>I know that Rockwell used to have some regual email with some figures in Chile and in Argentina, does anybody know anything about it?

Unfortunately I don't.


>i am sure we will find someone eventually someone as influential as Hitler was someone that can give speeches that will give tiers to peoples eyes we just need to find that person

Well I think it will be someone who gets into politics and wins. That's the only way we'd get someone to have a big enough platform to reach enough people.



hopefully we find this person soon they will be a big game changer



I think it will happen eventually. The wheels of history are moving in our favor. Hail Victory.



hail victory brother


what should the flag or symbol be for this organisation ? it has to be recognisable but unique at the same time of course


File: 6d608fe98e4388a⋯.jpg (96.22 KB, 578x578, 1:1, 33569198_234394507317816_2….jpg)


The problem with that is that 85% of fascism groups around the world are run by schizophrenics and stormfaggots that drive on the delusion of trying to take power even if it means sidelining everyone else. You really want to associate yourself with the trailer trash NSM?

The last time an international group was formed (WUNS), their trailer trash leader split the group up in two, irreversibly weakening it, to form some faggot occult LARP club



Although I should mention that WUNS is still active, but way smaller than what it could have been



File: db5e03803e2ee37⋯.jpg (195.4 KB, 1021x1005, 1021:1005, hIdNngkihjhbhghgybhghb.jpg)


i fucking hate stormfaggots and skinheads they give us a bad name



>Aren't they just libertarians with a "racist" twist?

Honestly the label is so vague that it's nearly meaningless (almost like the term fascist in colloquial speech kek)




Necessary, I propose that a future Fascist International to be open to a multitude of different Fascist subtypes. We should compromise amongst ourselves, but of course never compromise with the true enemy.



In many political internationals there exist the concept of "observers." The smaller, poorer, and perhaps more LARPy groups should be given observer status. They can join and participate but have no vote in Conferences. A single merge is unnecessary.



yes of course all fascists are welcome



yeah i guess we should look for the best of the best groups


File: 02437de4e747dad⋯.jpg (154.56 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, fascist international.jpg)


Maybe something along these lines. It's a really shitty example but an idea of a general outline of what the flag of a fascist international would look like.


I'd be in favor of letting anyone attend who wishes to attend. Although making attendees pay money would be how the wheat would be separated from the chaff.


I pretty much agree with this. The shit ideas will fall to the bottom while the best will rise to the top.



that symbol can be a start we can make improvements along the way


i am heading to bed now it is getting late but i hope to see a thread like this again soon and again thank you for telling me about this place

until next time brothers



Cheers my friend.


File: 4df92618bb55038⋯.png (915.77 KB, 1193x869, 1193:869, apu mexicastaja.png)


Meanwhile I do agree with the sentiment that you express of having a strong and charismatic leader, I think that it would be far more important to push for a heavy collective effort rather than relying on finding a diamond in a sea of shit to carry forward a fascist movement. Mainly because we live in an unprecedented historical moment, where communications are global and connecting with people from different backgrounds is easier than it has ever been and it would be in our best interest to work with what we already have, ourselves and social media. We have already seen the effects that we can have when united, nothing stops us from going further.



I really hope mexico gets rid of the cartels soon,the shit they do is disgusting



>I think that it would be far more important to push for a heavy collective effort rather than relying on finding a diamond in a sea of shit

I agree with this. If there’s some great hidden talent I believe he’ll naturally arise through interacting with others in a given party / group. No reason to go out of the way to look for a “new Hitler”


File: d5bacd0283104e3⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1480291091703.jpg)


>tfw some edgy faggots will unironically try to justify their actions.



>Selling a T-shirt with the logo

Nice way to get arrested or fired




Not if you live in the U.S. but I can understand if you're from Europe.


Don't wear it to work.

Also, T-Shirts are just an idea. You're over analyzing what I'm saying and missing the bigger picture.



>Don't wear it for work

Well duh, but why if for example someone takes a picture of you and leaks it online, or a friend, co-worker, family member finds out and also leaks it online? Seems like a useless risk to me.


this thread is still up ? damn i am glad it is



i am the British anon form earlier by the way i am just saying because my id has changed



i know hard times are happening in mexico at the moment friend but once our plans are set in motion every single cartel will get the rope i promise you that



most of those groups are too civnat for someone like me and in the case of the NSM, too capitalist.

being an American Fascist sucks I tell ya.


File: 4eb78b0709da1ce⋯.png (358.53 KB, 562x519, 562:519, mexi apu.png)



Thank you, I hope that at some point in the near future we will be able to do away with those barbarians and their backers, not only for the well being of the mexican nation, but also for the benefit of the whole continent. But first we need a bigger and better military as well as attacking the roots of the problem, which are poverty, marginalization from society, lack of values and education.


Of course, but also I think it would be more important to emphazise in characteristics such as an understanding of the geo-political situation,proper diplomacy, estrategic imndset, debating skills and economic literacy over passionate speeches. Because even tho it is quite important to reach the population through inspirational speeches, it doesn't secure the success of a fascist regime in the longrun.



no problem friend like i said if everything goes according to plan then things will be much better



Traditionalist workers party was the only party I agreed with on 99% of issues and now it's fucking dead because Heimbach had to act like a nigger in his trailer park.



those mexican apus are top kek

keep doing this,its lewd


File: 04281a397b283e4⋯.jpg (180.02 KB, 1280x573, 1280:573, Space Worm Eats Earth.jpg)

I want to add to this Fascist International idea, one thing to consider about Internationals is that usually multiple Internationals are created by different sects and tendencies. As previously mentioned there already exist the World Union of National Socialist (WUNS), someone can stat their own NatSoc International if they don't like WUNS. Every other fascist sub-type like the Integralist, Normal Fascist, Clerical Fascist (of any religious denomination), Strasserites, NazBols, and any more weirder or more minutely different sects can make their own organizations and their own internationals.

I propose the creation of a very loose and very open fascist organization that can unite all fascist to at least agree to meet somewhere. An International Fascist Convention. In this convention all fascist parties, fascist intentional communities, fascist individuals, fascist labor unions, fascist businesses, fascist advocacy groups, anything that is fascist can meet up and simply talk, plan, recruit, anything.

A convention is looser and more open then an international, this eliminates politicking in contrast to the internal politics of an international's congress/conference and secretariat. This way it truly is a place where any fascist can meet and work together for their collective goals while still respecting their differences. These conventions can occur once or twice a year.


File: fe40fefc5dd6324⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x683, 500:683, 1486006467402.gif)

I'm not sure if this is the place, but I'd like to mention some economic options.

1. The establishment of the Keynesian Bancor proposal amongst fascist nations to curtail trade imbalances.



If you didn't get the gist of this from both sources, the fascist Bancor would essentially act as an international reserve currency that would be put into a reserve fund that incentivises buying goods from to balance trade. This would be in place of the US-Petrol dollar hegemony, a possible Chinese hegemony in the future, or a gold regime. Which would basically level the playing field between nations.

2. Installment of a fascist BRICS counterpart, or joining BRICS.


In the near future, we will face the towering opposition of the IMF, so in order to combat it we will make our own fairer orbit of finance. This may be vital if we don't want to face financial pressure in a globalised world. We don't want to end up like Peron whose country was disturbed by defaulting on US loans. If not, BRICS might be easier to join than building the infrastructure. Unlike the IMF, BRICS has the intentions of their people in mind more or less.

3. Fascist Counter-hegemonic globalisation

For example; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-hegemonic_globalization

But, it must be based on the fascist preconception of social justice and more state oriented.

4. Regional Economic Unions

Like Mosley's European Superstate, we can divide world trade into economic unions based on close proximity and participate in resource pooling. Maybe not structures like the EU, but like leagues. Some of speculative examples can be; a Western European Bloc, a Central Europe-Eurasian Bloc, a Latin American Bloc, etc…

I know some of these ideas seem to against autarky, but national self-reliance can be still be stressed in these scenarios. Admittedly, sometimes autarky cannot be attainable or even be ideal. Hitler's Germany largely was unable to achieve it, traded with Russia and allies, and used barter trade (which I suspect was due to sanctions.) Also, some of you might be suspecting that I am softly advocating globalism or internationalism. I am not. Some realities require inventive solutions. Each of these may be one. Who knows, maybe economic unity amongst nations is a key to overcoming the barriers cultural nationalism presents in fascism.



I like the idea that a world ruled by Fascist Nation-States would create a form of Westphalian Global Cooperation where each state is allowed to be proud nationalist and have balance trade.

>tfw Fascist would be the top supporters of Fair Trade Goods



This sounds like a good idea.


File: 2a74aeaa80df0fa⋯.png (4.36 KB, 357x245, 51:35, The_Golden_Circle.png)

File: ec955ae86d46b7f⋯.png (6.69 KB, 301x167, 301:167, confederate flag.png)

Do not agree with your map the NSM is controlled op.

A Fascist rebranding of the Confederacy would be better

because most fascist in the south do not seek to remain in the union so America would have to atleast be split in two.


bad flag on the US. NSM are probably feds at this point. need something more radical.



>the confederacy controlling rightful aztec, mayan, and incan clay




might vs. right, technically.



I don't see an issue with schizophrenia. makes more sense than Confused Jenner post-modernism disorder.


File: 71141bde6b458e0⋯.jpg (232.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2eded8dc94a0c60b3655ef6ed8….jpg)


Sorry for shit coloring and deformed swastika guys but I guess I have made my point.


What about making central america a place to throw fascist propaganda and ideology maybe we can found a fascist party in that geography location.


Keep in mind the reason why Communists were able to set up international organizations is because they were backed by international finance. To work globally, we need global infastructure– an "Underground Railroad" of contacts, weapons caches, cells, and funds.



Many Internationals are surprisingly not as well funded as you may imagine. There are like 20+ Trotskyist Internationals. One way to simply make an International is have two Fascist parties in two countries agree to make one via the Internet, you have the absolute basics of making an international.


You don't necessarily need so much money, though that will help. Now that we lack the funds the best source of action is to simply spread Fascist ideals in the Internet and in real life. From there incorporate any spontaneously forming fascist party or any fascist organization to join the International and have members meet up in the Internet and in real life if possible. Due to sectarian differences, be aware that multiple internationals may form.



The only newly created non-business organization that I know of that makes a lot of money are religious cults. If you want to grow your party you need to know how to squeeze as much money from people, who you brainwashed, as possible. Normally if you lack the skill, the work ethic, or the funds (biggest issue) to make a big organization, the best course of action is to build coalitions and internationals among a myriad of autonomous fascist organizations. These orgs will likely pop up the more fascist ideology you spread around, think of how Antifa is not one organization but hundreds of autonomous organizations with similar ideology. The Alt-Right right now similar to this formula where you have National Vanguard, NSM, TWP (formerly), League of the South, Etc. Let groups spontaneously form, then work with them. That is the culmination of a movement.

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