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File: 185ca1b19ba7b3b⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 460x275, 92:55, youtube-banned.jpg)

30d0b9  No.13193

I have a channel that I want to get archived by someone on here and then uploaded to bitchute. as you know, I'm Adolf Stalin and I fear they will come from me soon.

also any good channels you can find that preach Fascism and do it well, Marshall Ironsides, CulturedThug, etc.

we can't let corporations dictate what gets put up there. the more this happens the less capitalist (a long time ago I was very capitalist, but not anymore, not even a bit) I become.

help a brother out and help anyone else who might face deletion. Bitchute is a good place for mirroring, can anyone else recommend other places?

a07fc4  No.13195

Do you just want to mirror them all on BitChute or what? I think you can do that pretty easily if you make an account (though I've never done so myself). Also, maybe look into https://d.tube/

30d0b9  No.13196


I have an account on Bitchute, actually two, but I'm not sure if anything can be done post upload

5a9930  No.13197

>Youtube purges years of intellectual property in a mass censorship campaign.

>Fascists try to preserve free speech.

We truly are in a clown world.

a07fc4  No.13198


>but I'm not sure if anything can be done post upload

What do you mean by this? I wouldn't mind helping out but you just have so many videos

30d0b9  No.13199

because you might have to torrent them off the channel and then figure a way to get them on bitchute.


30d0b9  No.13200


I know. just do what you can and then give me the password so I can access it when you're done. I'm trying to get other people to help so any help is appreciated. I just lack the disk space to do it. and then I will link the channel to my youtube in case shit goes down


well, most fascists are anti-corporation so…

a07fc4  No.13201


I can try to upload at least the last few months worth (to the beginning of the year maybe). Give me a bit of time though. I'm the dude from your area that you've emailed back and forth a bit with so I'll email you about anything else.

That sound good? Also, am I just making an account to use for this?

Post last edited at

ce80ac  No.13202

I would recommend Gab, DTube, Bitchute, Telegram, and Minds

211524  No.13204


Scraping you, Martin Sellner, Mauritian Struggle, and American Renaissance now, it's going slowly though. I already have all of Generation Identitaire and a ton of Patriot Front. Styx, Varg and RedIce are all huge, other people have them already. I just hope I get done in time.

30d0b9  No.13219


Sure thing a lot of my old videos are outdated anyways. Sounds good to me.

30d0b9  No.13220

yes that was me. was posting from my Jeff Bezos Kindle Fire FBI tablet.

30d0b9  No.13221


would prefer if you made an account, yes.

a07fc4  No.13225



I’ll see what I can do this weekend, no promises though. Also it looks like >>13204 is already partially on the job

211524  No.13247



All four are done. Scraping the AmRen podcasts now.

fe5c61  No.13248


Doing God’s work, brother

211524  No.13249


I knew 4TB of storage would be useful.

I just wish I had gotten CulturedThug's new uploads. I have his old stuff but there were a few new ones I missed. I'm gonna reach out to him directly.

a07fc4  No.13250


I’m sure he has a lot of his old stuff stored. I think his current email is “Cultured-ThugYT@protonmail.com”. I was talking with him back a few months ago so he will answer

211524  No.13251


Thanks, I'll check it out. That video on Codreanu's Prison Notes was one of the most inspiring things.

30d0b9  No.13260


Where is my stuff located?

211524  No.13266


Mark Collett and ramzpaul are done, but like 10-12 videos are missing from both, odd. The AmRen Podcasts are still in progress after all this time, wtf? Tim Pool, Millennial Woes, and Andy Ngo are next but I may have to stop and export some of these to BlueRay disks to save on storage space.

Does anyone know where all the other archive efforts are being coordinated?

211524  No.13274


The AmRen Podcasts are finally done as is Andy Ngo.

211524  No.13298


Millennial Woes is done. I also got Joey Gibson, because what the hell. I didn't get Tim Pool because he's too big and too well known, he's fine. Next on the agenda: FTN, NPI/RADIX, AltRight.com and Tommy Robinson. Still no idea where I'm going to UPLOAD any of this, but.

a07fc4  No.13303


I’d suggest Bitchute, Archive.org and sites like that

211524  No.13310


FTN, AltRight.com and AnticomLive: done. Scraping Radix and Robinson now, and that will be it.

211524  No.13313



And that's it: Everything is done for a total of 800GB of videos. That's just about every good channel I can think of, if anyone has any more let me know.

000000  No.13383



pajeet is a billionaire. shows anyone can become one.

they helped get the content out there with more neutral algorithms and now have a problem.

they had no problem with content when they controlled the narrative. THE TRUTH.

Ha ha, #, Honk Honk!

this is what happens when you have a company made up of jews, particularly at the top, who rely on advertising companies that earn their money based on quantity of purchase, hence the pro-immigrant stance.

i wouldn't be surprised if a car bomb goes off one day at their headquarters or data centers.

muh free market

bc2a82  No.13385


Fresh in from /pol/, huh?

6b0366  No.13445

30d0b9  No.13451


His verbiage is bad but he has a point.

30d0b9  No.13452


Hey did you upload my stuff to bitchute?

30d0b9  No.13453

The thing I like about bitchute is the torrenting capabilities

637eaf  No.13490


Why would you want Ramzpaul's shit? He's the guy who threw a hissy fit at people telling him not to bring Jewish reporters to pro-white events.

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