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File: 133b746de9cabf2⋯.png (94.76 KB, 329x361, 329:361, 1530245921147.png)

87e659  No.1784

Would you accept jews in your movement?

If so would you have restrictions placed upon them like keeping them from attaining political offices e.t.c?

feb3bb  No.1787

I’ve always seen the elite Jews (i.e. capitalists, politicians, media Jews) as being a bigger problem than the average worker Jew. It is them who really need to be targeted and eliminated if a fascism ever took root. I think a lot can be accomplished simply by attacking the Jews indirectly where they choose to gather (e.g. attacking the press, their corporations, etc), but never would I argue to totally refrain from calling out the Jew when they are legitimately the ones pulling the strings. Calling someone a Jew has become too common as an insult in our circles. Personally, I hold back on blaming the Jew unless it truly is the Jew. Calling out the Jew is no small deed and it shouldn’t be treated as such

>If so would you have restrictions placed upon them like keeping them from attaining political offices e.t.c

A rigorous fascistic meritocracy and equality of opportunity will solve most of the problems. Not to mention I’d levy an 100% inheritance tax and ban circumcision rightfully as a form of mutilation.

>b-but Jews gonna Jew

With my proposals the elite Jews (and other capitalists, scum) will decimated and most will probably flee the country. Once they flee we’ll expropriate all of their shit. Jews will be further harmed by the circumcision ban, etc. If a Jew just works a normal 9-5 job and feeds a family there’s no reason to persecute him, imo, as long as he is not doing anything to undermine the system.

2675f1  No.1789

>every fascist movement is antisemitic

Fuck off you retard /pol/ refugee. Nazism is the retarded child of the fascist family. Go be an embarrassment somewhere else.

761ae3  No.1790

File: 09522ede21fbd56⋯.png (363.4 KB, 711x535, 711:535, foam cowboy hat and airhor….png)

It depends on how motivated they are towards the movement.

f5a009  No.1792

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Would you accept jews in your movement?

Nope, at this point many should be aware how important is race to any national movement and jews can't belong to any of them, since we are very different from each other (they can be all the fascist they want in their country)

>If so would you have restrictions placed upon them like keeping them from attaining political offices e.t.c?

The thing is that jews are our first evidence that multiracial/cultural

are pretty much shit even when christianity was at it's most extreme(inquisition) they never assimilated.

(I should really make a separate thread about this I have tons of pdfs on this matter.)

Chek embed related.


JEJ, you don't have to be a /pol/ack to be aware of this stuff HECK even the Integralists had a lot of internal discussions about, if they should let jews in the movement or not.

2675f1  No.1794


Mussolini allying with you faggots was a mistake.

87e659  No.1797


Oy vey

7e8a7e  No.1810


cant tell if bait or not

bcf108  No.1812

File: 74eeaeaed6e42d2⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 850x400, 17:8, fascist about nords and na….jpg)

Final Solution is only solution, fuck off back to /pol/ OP



A kike and an untermensch, I don't know which is worse...

b6e17e  No.1816

File: 3a5d76b328552f0⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 975x1021, 975:1021, SirOswaldMosleyQuoteOnJews….jpg)

File: 7d80111a16d06f3⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Codreanu on Jews.jpg)

File: 0cd63b2781423f7⋯.png (349.29 KB, 672x670, 336:335, Rockwell on the champion l….png)

File: 0c250ef58bf7634⋯.jpg (153.75 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Hitler on the Internationa….jpg)


There should be zero tolerance for Jews in the movement. The only reason a Jew would join us anyway is to subvert the movement for his own personnel benefit, or to his race's benefit. As Rockwell said they are the worlds champion liberal. I really don't think a jew can understand the higher Aryan virtues that we purpose on anything but a intellectual level anyway.


There is no separation between "the elite and rich" Jews and "muh poor proletarian" Jews. They function like that of the organic state, different organs all functioning to keep the body alive. The Jewish elite always works for the best interests of the average Jew, often at the expense of us. It is street activists, relatively poor Jews who prop up the ADL with donation money, who form antifa mobs to "bash the fash" who benefit and solidify Jewish nepotism, and who overwhelming support and teach marxist indoctrination in our universities, You can not trust them. "And no I'm not blaming Jews for every single problem in the world either, as Codreanu said a country has the Jews it deserves. It is mainly our fault that we have fallen to the point to where they can start influencing us. And most of what we face is still the work of race traitors and other degenerates." Jews have ALWAYS been subversive to society. From ancient Rome and onward they have always been merchants, bankers, peddlers of degeneracy, and leftist thought. They always work together to pursue their ethnic interests at our expense. Even when they change their names, convert to the local faith, and intermarry with the goyim it seems that they almost always get back to resuming this same behavior. There is a reason they have been deported from so many place throughout history, and the simplistic leftist excuse of "they are good boys that dindu nothing, they are just different and rich so evil white men blame them for everything wrong in the world" doesn't cut it. They ALL need to go back to Israel, there should be zero tolerance for these little weasels remaining in our society. And never, ever, under any circumstances trust one.


>Questioning your kike overlords makes you retarded

Mosley, Codreanu, Mussolini, and many others are apparently now the retarded children of the fascist family. REAL Fascism is only practiced by Brazilians.


Its either bait or a retard, either way ignore it.


He obviously should have joined up with based Uncle Joe.


Sure he snubs his nose at the Germans when they first enter the scene. 10 years later after being betrayed and imprisoned by his king, the Duce is crying tears of joy when he is promptly saved by German paratroopers "I knew my friend Hitler wouldn't leave me!" that's a paraphrase. Good thing Hitler wasn't one to indulge in petty revenge…

87e659  No.1817


If Jews are accepted they will end up subverting the movement from the inside,I still think differently of half Jews tho tbqh

761ae3  No.1818


Eh, mischlings are arguably worse than the full blooded ones

b6e17e  No.1819


You should still be wary of half Jews, you never know which side of the family they take after. "though its probably the Jewish side considering the ethnic solidarity that Jews tend to share, while whites tend to be non racial" and even if they seem to take after their European side, they might project that on purpose to earn our trust. Its not worth the potential security risk, never trust a Jew.

9365ea  No.1822


this pretty much. I don't see an issue with any of this. probably would be my policy

9365ea  No.1823



2675f1  No.1838


>Final Solution

Organized by a literal mischling, Heydrich. Just stop.


Yes, the Brazilians understood fascism.


>half Jews are a danger

Heydrich proved his loyalty well.

78550b  No.1845


mischlings are likely to betray our side for that of the zionists/marxists, and codreanu's quote on traitors being worse than enemies, you get the idea

6cacab  No.1862


Honestly? jews have proven themselves incapable of staying loyal to their host nation time and time again. I wouldn't want them in any movement for fear that they would betray it for the tribe's interest. If there was a group of rare loyal jews in the movement I would want them separated from the rest, kinda like how the BUF treated women fascists. In the movement but a separate part of it.

0bbe4d  No.1866


I'd be really fucking reluctant to allow any Jews within my movement. Out of all the Jews I've met in my life I've only met like one who was a patriot and wasn't a backstabber and that's probably because he was half goy.

2675f1  No.1874


>there are no good Jews

Not even Heydrich counts?

cefc76  No.1877


Look at Bill Maher

7af3a8  No.1886


No. Jews are against everything we stand for, and should never be associated with the movement. For half-breeds, etc., it'd be better to use and consult the Nuremberg rules.


>it's everyone else's fault that people hate us Jews!

It's funny how the 'retarded child' of the Fascist family was the most successful and almost won WWII.


>Heydrich was Jewish

And Hitler was a one-balled, Jewish Catholic pagan monster, right? :^)

e19151  No.1888

File: 0d20a531c768c81⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 874x650, 437:325, 1512790993364.jpg)


Jewish people already have a homeland called Israel, which isn't even run by real jews and is not in accordance to the teachings of the Bible, but still it would be in the best interest of any fascist regime to deport them all, given their heavy ingroup preference and liberal tendencies. Genociding them would put the international comunity against your nation, so it's better to be smart about it.

78550b  No.1895


Israel is a cancer on various countries' foreign policy though, it would probably be smarter to allow Jews to exist in a country, but in small numbers and segregated

0bbe4d  No.1899


>he fucking admitted it

I guess they can't hide it from the goys forever.

Also checked.

000000  No.1923


in my opinion their jewish ways tends to decrease with the less semitic blood they have in them,has in 1/4 jews are a lot less jewy than a full blooded jew or a 2/4 jew. And less than 1/4 barely even makes a difference tbh

000000  No.1924


>Heydrich a jew

wheres the proof for this?

bc293c  No.2114

File: 5d5de6293ed7f97⋯.gif (10.74 KB, 304x161, 304:161, butthurtmeter.gif)



2675f1  No.2192


Felix Kersten's memoirs you fucking retard

feb3bb  No.2218


>It's funny how the 'retarded child' of the Fascist family was the most successful and almost won WWII.

It's not the original National Socialists who are autistic retards, it's 99% of the modern ones

000000  No.2220



d58279  No.2221

I'd prohibit the practise of usury. No interest rates=no jews

9c18da  No.2224


You're not wrong, sadly.

6a2dcb  No.10890


You mean in our goyim movements? Lol no. Or do you mean in their own context? Well that’s kind of impossible since they don’t have any set nation they belong to. Israel is just an hq nothing more. They’re very nature is parasitic and imperialist so even if they somehow managed to be fascists that would be constantly trying to dominate like they always do. They are inherently cosmopolitan as well.

962e5b  No.10895


>ould you accept jews in your movement?

Yes, as fertilizer.

>If so would you have restrictions placed upon them like keeping them from attaining political offices e.t.c?


962e5b  No.10896


>genociding kikes is bad

>Brazilians understood fascism

Found the (((integralist))) mutt.

25add3  No.10903

File: d9c14abece5288f⋯.pdf (1.9 MB, Kevin_Macdonald_-_Culture_….pdf)


35dac7  No.10968

Israel is an Apartheid state

Most fascists cream their pants at shit like pre-1991 South Africa and Rhodesia

I don't see how Israel can't be accepted by fascists considering both its ideology (Zionism) and its state (Apartheid) is basically what most western fascists want anyway

6a2dcb  No.10974


Except they’re modern day imperialists. Liking Rhodesia isn’t the same as liking British occupied India for example

35dac7  No.10975


>Liking Rhodesia isn’t the same as liking British occupied India for example

How so?

>Except they’re modern day imperialists.

So was RSA and Rhodesia?

2bb4f6  No.10983


Double standards really. The majority of a movement will be inconsistent, partly thinking plebs. That's why a vanguard is principle to a revolution.

70fe47  No.10984


It's because Israel is not the homeland for the Jews, not anymore, but rather merely the headquarters of all their activities. The Jews have given up permanent residence of Israel to gain the whole world.

6a2dcb  No.10988


>Rhodesia was imperialist

No they weren’t. If they were they’d be trying to expand out into Africa under the name of Britain. Instead they wanted to detach themselves and become their own country

>how so?

Because Rhodesians sought collaboration to an extent with natives. Britain had full occupancy over India. I don’t support apartheid but there is a difference between the two nations

50aefe  No.11015


Reinhard wasnt jewish,Shut the fuck up you half-man neckbeard larper.

5ea50a  No.11713

>>1784 (OP)

First I'd test them, if I think they're good enough I suppose I can allow them in, but keep an eye on them at all times.

68e211  No.11737

The final solution is to brainwash the noses out of their hivemind and brainwash them some more to join groups their genetic makeup is most closely connected to, effectively wiping the jewish religion out.

Of course one should be careful that the brainwashing actually works, so that they don’t infiltrate. Remember they are allowed to lie to the goyim.

841fe4  No.11756


>Would you accept jews in your movement?

Ehhh….. Depends on the Jew. The Jewish community's greatest enemy is the Rabbi; as manny have explained, the Rabbi keeps the jews away from the Logos. I cannot be against someone who wants to redeem their people, if he truly repents and his goal is to create a legitimate jewish homeland under new non-egoistic and non-parasitic values then maybe, but if he is an Israeli-supporter who uses the Hall-of-Cost to manipulate people then I will kindly ask him to go to the nearest oven. Still, they may never be an integrated part of the movement, simply a jewish wing that is meant to break off in the future.

I believe they should be given one opportunity to redeem themselves, if they fail under our supervision then there is truly nothing worth saving in them. I am probably naïve since this must have already happened, but I will not believe it until I see it with my own eyes

b7787d  No.11761


Well, Hitler had some jewish associates (or half/quarter jewish, don't remember exactly) but they lost so I'm not sure what the right call is. Offhand I would say no and none allowed, because they have no blood ties to your people or your cadres, and, consequently, are more likely to revolt and return to racial sentiments than a soldier of your own blood if both were placed in identical circumstances.

4be7a9  No.11818


>levy an 100% inheritance tax

literally why? that is honestly pretty rediculous

449d31  No.11826

File: dcbd0b13da2abd4⋯.jpg (882.25 KB, 1200x1712, 75:107, sterngang.jpg)


Just be a NazBol. We'll accept you.

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