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File: 2f200825e26cfc2⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, otto strasser.jpg)

f9fef4  No.185

I've recently ordered several books of Otto Strasser's from Germany since many of his works unfortunately remain in their original language of publishing. While I'm by no means fluent in German, I have received several years of instruction, undertaken a fair amount of self-study on the side and have been to Germany and Austria briefly. All translations posted in this thread are those which I can confidently translate. If any native German-speakers spot any errors in my translations, I'd really appreciate if they could correct them for me!

I'm not claiming a monopoly on this thread, so feel free to use if for whatever related discussion or questions that you may have about Strasserism.

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f9fef4  No.186

File: bf22943e22bcb89⋯.png (171.88 KB, 1242x1214, 621:607, gewidmet.png)

File: 623312b0e4ea7b2⋯.png (284.11 KB, 1242x1636, 621:818, cover.png)

File: b30fedad6a5a0d6⋯.png (102.47 KB, 1237x407, 1237:407, deutschlands erneuerung.png)


>Dedicated to the memory of my dear brother Gregor Strasser, who was murdered by Hitler for these ideas.

First paragraph of first chapter:

>Germany's Renewal.

>1. Hitler is dead – Germany lives.

>Hitler's crime and megalomania have led the German people into a state of deepest present misery (Gegenwartsnot) and (a) threatened future.

f9fef4  No.187

File: 56ee91ed866aea0⋯.png (278.19 KB, 1242x1097, 1242:1097, Solidarismus.png)

>II. Solidarism

>1. What is Solidarism?

>a) New economic thought!

>Solidarism is the people's economy – in place of the class-economy!

>Solidarism is the common economy of all – in place of the egoistic economy of a group!

>Solidarism is the solidary collaboration of all classes and status groups for the common best (zum gemeinsamen Besten – sounds weird to my ears) – in place of the reciprocal struggle for the advantage of this or that group!

>Solidarism is that economic system which provides to the individual economic security and justice as well as the possibility for advancement (Vorwärtskommen) – and at the same time ensures the prosperity and stability of the totality of the people!

>Solidarism is thus the economic foundation for Germany's renewal!

f9fef4  No.188

File: 93d8ffbbdda6d26⋯.png (229.14 KB, 1240x767, 1240:767, zusammengefasst.png)

>Summarized: Capitalism is the system of economic insecurity – although personal freedom is maintained to a certain extent;

>Communism is the system of personal unfreedom (Unfreiheit) – although economic security is maintained to a certain extent;

>Solidarism is the system of economic security and personal freedom!

I'm not sure whether I'll try to do lengthier sections or not yet. As I said over on /zenpol/, I may try to take information from the book and put it into an informational video. Not sure if I want to get into Jewtube faggotry or not though or whether I have the voice for it. We'll see. More to come, surely

8c968f  No.193

File: 121a3832e8e52bc⋯.jpg (411 KB, 1242x1448, 621:724, IMG_1577.JPG)

>Every national comrade (Volksgenosse) has a right to life and thus a right to work! – that means for every individual (a) minimum existence must be ensured – independent from the personal improvements that they acquire for themselves through increased efficiency.

>The right to a minimum income thereby corresponds to the obligation to a minimum performance! Both will be determined by the community. – That occurs not only through the determination of a minimum wage for unskilled labor and the determination of minimal work for each employable national comrade, but rather also through the guarantee of a minimum existence for every national comrade unfit for work of either sex – indifferent of by which reason causes this unemployability.

>Today we indeed have health insurance, life insurance, old-age insurance, accident insurance, etc and also unemployment assistance for a certain amount of time – but all of these institutions protect either only a specific category of people or only for a certain amount of time.

>(A) real people's community (Volksgemeinschaft) however demands that no national comrade, male or female, young or old, healthy or sick, is allowed to be even for a single day without the means for the preservation of his/her life – provided that they on their part have at least fulfilled their minimal obligation towards the people's community.

8c968f  No.198

File: 6eed08a60649387⋯.png (180.1 KB, 1242x404, 621:202, IMG_1587.PNG)

Mainly posting this because I liked the reference to Moloch:

>Capitalism and communism revere materialism in their economic thought! – both consider people only as a means to an end, as servants of the economy which – like the old idol Moloch – devour the health and life of the people.

>In contrast Solidarism has a completely different, a truly new (form of) economic thought: for it (Solidarism), the economy only is a means to an end!

8c968f  No.199

File: f4934ea12337ef0⋯.png (221.96 KB, 1242x622, 621:311, IMG_1588.PNG)

>Europe wants neither Moscow nor Wall Street! – Europe wants neither neither communism nor capitalism! – Europe wants neither the dictatorship of the proleteriat nor the dictatorship of money!

>– And Europe wants least of all to become a colony, neither a colony of the Russians nor a colony of the Anglo-Saxons!

>Europe is in search of a new order, an order however which originates in the deepest roots of its own past, in the deepest layers of its Christian nature!

I had a much more interesting section ready to post but got tripped up in one section and ran across some words not even in my dictionaries or on Duden.de, so I scrapped them. It was about religious revival, how he saw Christianity as having become an integral part of European culture and its character. He mentions Jewry, Islam and even paganism all as possible paths, but not the path for the people of Europe. Not a Christian but still interesting

408026  No.230


when was this written?

510663  No.231


1946 or 1947 if I recall correctly (my ID probably changed but I'm OP)

d4425b  No.239


oh, so Hitler was literally dead.

I take it that strasserism isn't banned in Germany, unlike nazism?

8c968f  No.241

File: de247763827bc55⋯.png (51.05 KB, 703x469, 703:469, black front.png)


In this particular book, yes Hitler was dead and Germany was obviously occupied. Another good book by Strasser is Germany Tomorrow (which can be found in the book thread). The books are pretty similar content-wise though, despite Germany Tomorrow being written in 1941 iirc. Otto Strasser founded the Black Front (his anti-Hitler group which promoted "German Socialism" (i.e. Strasserism / Solidarism)) after his break with Hitler in 1930. I think it was on what was meant by Socialism that Otto Strasser and Hitler broke up over. Obviously Hitler was less anti-capitalist and Hitler thought Otto was too extreme, calling him afterwards stuff like a Marxist (funny because Otto is a class collaborationist and nationalist) and a Jew* Tbh it seems like Otto thought he was more influential than he was and the Black Front never got more than a few thousand members. Otto left Germany shortly after the Machtergreifung in March 1933 for Austria and jumped around from Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and finally to France. Now what did the Black Front actually do or accomplish? It was designed to be a secret organization (hence the use of the word "black") and he advocated for an internal revolution (Strasser thought there was enough discontent within Germany for such a revolution to occur, especially among the SA and army officers). He also advocated for workers to work sloppily to hinder the war-effort, aviators to drop bombs off target, etc but not to go all out and lay down tools so as not to get court-martialed or punished Despite all political parties besides the NSDAP being banned in July 1933 apparently they still managed to distribute leaflets among the Sturmabteilung and the Party somehow between 1933 and 1938 which basically called Hitler a traitor towards the German people and talked about Gregor Strasser.

TL;DR Black Front was made illegal along with all other parties and didn't get much accomplished sadly. An interesting man nevertheless

*source for that is pg 228 the Hitler biography by Volker Ullrich

Post last edited at

55057f  No.266


Are you the same anon who was posting translations over at zenpol?

8c968f  No.267


Yes, that was me. After I made them I decided to dump them here so as not to lose them. I may try to translate some more in the future, if not only to keep up my (admittedly rudimentary) German skills

55057f  No.268


Thanks for posting these translations. I might screenshot them later to keep for my own records.

8c968f  No.269


No problem, man. I'm glad others are benefiting from them and are finding them as interesting as I do. It's a shame that so little of Otto Strasser's work is in English

Post last edited at

8c968f  No.479

File: 6227553c5da5c07⋯.jpg (64.76 KB, 800x602, 400:301, Umsiedlungsaktion.jpg)

This is an interesting quote from an article by the Otto Strasser Group titled "The Socialists are leaving the NSDAP". I find it interesting mainly because of their rejection of imperialism, which is even more interesting given Hitler's imperialistic moves for Lebensraum, the Germanization of Poland and the mass deportation of Poles to the Generalgouvernment after the beginning of WWII. I planned on translating a larger part of the article, but I feel like my German translation is shit today. It's been a year since I've been in Europe and approaching six months plus of no classes, so I will hold off on more in fear of committing errors.

>We regarded and [still] regard National Socialism as a consciously anti-imperialist movement whose nationalism confines itself to the preservation and securing of the life and growth of the German nation without any tendencies towards domination (Herrschaftstendenzen) over other peoples and countries.


366bc0  No.481


somewhat off-topic question,but should we make a translation general? it seems that a lot of "fascistic works" have remained untranslated and we could make general to solve that, I personally i can help with the spanish ones since i'm a native speaker.

8c968f  No.487


That's a good idea! I'll make a thread here in a little bit to start it off

8c968f  No.556

File: b2ede461f499844⋯.png (782.38 KB, 592x952, 74:119, MANIFEST ONE.PNG)

File: c6d332dc9450dfd⋯.png (17.63 KB, 332x49, 332:49, ClipboardImage.png)

More translations from the appendixes of Deutschlands Erneuerung. Trying a new format without the greentext. The translation of the Manifesto will be posted in several parts.

The Manifesto of Solidarism


The egoism of classes and nations has plunged the peoples of Europe into the greatest hardship in their history –

Solidarism, the solidarity of the classes and nations of Europe alone is their salvation!


Capitalism, "class-rule from above" does allow people a high amount of personal freedom – denying them, however, economic security, without which personal freedom has no foundation;

Communism, the "class-rule from below" does allow people a high amount of economic security – denying them, however, personal freedom, without which economic freedom has no purpose in life –

Solidarism alone allows people personal freedom and economic security, the two most essential requirements for inner order and outer peace.


Only through the overcoming of the class-economy of capitalism and the class-economy of communism by the people's economy [Volks-Wirtschaft] of Solidarism is the general welfare secured – not by the dictatorship of money, not by the dictatorship of the proletariat, but rather through the solidary action of all individuals and status groups.

Post last edited at

40aa33  No.580

he was too generous to the jews, I'd say

8c968f  No.592

File: 63711574590402c⋯.png (212.54 KB, 374x479, 374:479, ClipboardImage.png)

Manifesto part 2


Solidarism liberates the farmer, this foundation of every healthy nationality, from the interest-slavery of capitalism – without, on the other hand, leading him into the state-slavery of communism.

Solidarism makes the farmer into the hereditary owner in fief of the nation, with exemption from any mortgage-burden and interest-payment, compared with an annual lease-performance to the nation which gives him his property in faithful hands and secures (it)


Solidarism liberates the worker from the wage-slavery of capitalism – without, on the other hand, leading him into the state-slavery of communism.

Solidarism makes the worker into the equal joint owner of his factory with the same rights to administration and profit.

This deproletarianization of the workforce corresponds in its importance and impact to the former abolition of serfdom – both proceeding from the realization "possession makes free!"


Solidarism ensures the middle class the free and independent existence which capitalism threatens more and more and communism entirely destroys.

Wew lad this translation pissed me off, I was confused for a good five minutes why it was "der Solidarismus befreit den Bauern… I was thinking it was a dative plural, which confused the fuck out of me, forgetting that there's a small class of masculine nouns such as der Junge, der Bär and der Mensch that take an -(e)n ending in the accusative singular


I'd tend to agree, but I think there's a limit of how far one truly has to go

Post last edited at

8c968f  No.601

File: 47adb3e435b2ce3⋯.png (76.99 KB, 391x108, 391:108, ClipboardImage.png)

IV. (continued from part 2)

Solidarism has the largest possible number of independent livelihoods as (its) goal and it achieves this goal in the middle class through a guild-system which combines the guarantee of a sufficient customer base with a constantly high commercial performance.

Post last edited at

8c968f  No.711

File: 42c016156175c04⋯.png (412.05 KB, 465x532, 465:532, ClipboardImage.png)

Manifesto part 3


Solidarism liberates the businessman from the pressure of finance-capital – without affecting him in his position as an economic leader.

Equally alongside the staff and state, the businessman is recognized by Solidarism as a vital factor in the national economy and his initiative and pursuit of profit are as necessary of driving forces of the economy as the performance of the staff and the planning of the state are.


Solidarism rejects the weakness of the liberal party-state as much as the terror of the totalitarian dictatorship – be it of a person, class or a party.

In contrast, Solidarism proclaims the modern democracy of corporative self-administration, which – combined with the federal constitution and decentralized administration – is the best guarantee for the construction of a real people's state.


Solidarism rejects every claim to power of one people [Volk] over another and proclaims national freedom and equality for all peoples, no matter what size and strength.

I just purchased a few more works by Otto Strasser which should arrive by mid July. The books are Aufbau des deutschen Sozialismus and die deutsche Bartholomäusnacht. Parts of the first one are mainly available in English in his book Germany Tomorrow iirc (check the literature thread for a copy), but the second doesn't have an English translation as far as I know. I know that parts of the book are about the Night of the Long Knives, where people like Röhm and Gregor Strasser were killed. Should be interesting. Who knew I'd be sustaining my German skills by reading Otto Strasser kek.

8c968f  No.719

File: b9ffd7b45821879⋯.png (236.56 KB, 392x465, 392:465, ClipboardImage.png)

IX. (continued from part 3)

Solidarism especially strives for the peoples of Europe that solidary collaboration in a European federation which alone can ensure the existence and future of Europe in its national diversity and cultural greatness.


Solidarism is pervaded (with the idea) that all economic and political reforms must remain sterile if they are not animated by a new spirit.

Solidarism, therefore, combines the rejection of the un-spirit [Un-Geist] of materialism with the declared belief in the spirit of Christianity which must be made effective and lived.

National character [Volkstum] – in all of its national manifestations – and Christianity in its comprehensive unity – those are the sources from which Solidarism develops:

The salvation and rebirth of the West

That's it for the Manifesto of Solidarism. I have a lot more material from this book. I'll see what there is to translate.

8c968f  No.723

Since I'm done translating Strasser's Manifesto of Solidarism, here's a pdf version of it for easy reading and saving. I tinkered with my old translations a bit, but otherwise it's pretty much the same. Enjoy

Post last edited at

8c968f  No.726

File: 65f981b3f502d94⋯.pdf (196.36 KB, strasser manifesto.pdf)


Reposting a corrected version. Had a big typo on one of the headers. Embarrassing tbh

961fbb  No.791



8c968f  No.793


Ideally I'll try to make some more translations of longer sections, but that's dependent on how well I can translate entire chapters / sections. The book's near 200 pages so I have no lack of content.

8c968f  No.1266

Bump. More translations soon

55057f  No.1282


TY, Saved.

1e1372  No.2653

Found this link today:


Hitler: “What you call socialism is a purely Marxist vision. The system that you erect is academic work, it doesn’t correspond to the reality of life. In this sense there is no capitalist system. The head of the enterprise is dependent on his workforce, the willingness of his workers to participate in a common effort. If they strike, his property is worthless. On the other hand, by what right could they claim a part of this property, even to participate in decisions? Mister Amann, would you accept it if your stenographers suddenly wanted to take part in your decisions? The employer is responsible for production, and assures the workers their subsistence. Our great heads of industry are not concerned with the accumulation of wealth and the good life, rather they are concerned with responsibility and power. They have acquired this right by natural selection: they are members of the higher race. But you would surround them with a council of incompetents, who have no notion of anything. No economic leader can accept that.”

I replied that a simple look over the rulers of the capitalist system demonstrates that is exactly the opposite of natural selection in our sense. And is it natural, when selection is done by money! The acquisition of wealth is the worst criterion for a man aspiring to heroism. In contrast, the socialist system favors responsibility, service to the community, and respect for the citizens, creating an entirely different natural selection.

8c968f  No.2835

Going to be delaying doing translations for a while. I need to get better at actually producing my own original sentences and learning more vocabulary. If I stop doing German I'll lose the ability, something I don't want to happen, especially since I'll be unable to take classes until early next year. Let this remain as a general Strasserism thread and who knows, I may post a translation occasionally for sake of fun.

e061bc  No.3339

File: bb40cee944b81d7⋯.png (33.07 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Black front flag.png)

Tbh I prefer Gregor Strasser's National Socialism over Solidarism as it just isn't purging the capies hard enough. I think Otto went sort of SocDem after the war economically. Who is with me?

8c968f  No.3360


It sounds like I’d really like Gregor then. The real question we have to ask ourselves is whether it is really possible for the state to be above the classes (i.e. without an inherent class character). The more I think about it, the less I think that the state can serve as a sort of arbiter or conciliator between labor and capital. Ultimately the state is intimately tied up with the big capitalists socially, economically, etc and will defend their interests and property. All of this is part of the reason why I’m skeptical of those who repudiate class struggle entirely (like Otto did in the sections of the book I’ve been translating ITT). Does he think the state can defend the “general interest” (an interest obviously biased in favor of one class)? No matter what the solution or how far class struggle needs to be taken, I still think it should be conducted nationally and more or less racially depending on the country.

I was planning on reading Feder soon, I’ve heard he’s good

bed11a  No.3557


Where should I start if I want to get into Strasser? Germany tomorrow maybe?

55057f  No.3559



2ec9f3  No.3576


Yeah I agree with you mostly. Wish there were pdfs or affordable prints of Gregor's books.

Also yeah… Reading Feder will help definitely. He and Gregor wrote a series of books together.

8c968f  No.3630


Definitely Germany Tomorrow, that’s the one complete work of his that I know is in English. If you speak German you’ll have a lot broader options, though (such as Deutschlands Erneuerung, Aufbau des deutschen Sozialismus, Die deutsche Bartholomäusnacht – the only ones I’ve read most of so far is Deutschlands Erneuerung though, as featured ITT).

8c968f  No.3632


Like I think I talked to you about in another thread, the only think available is originals worth a few hundred Euros. Too bad I just exhausted all of the money I’m willing to spend on books for a while, but eventually I may have to take one for the team and get my hands on some originals and scan for purposes of preserving the content. Those books are approaching one hundred years old and sooner or later they’ll fall apart and be thrown out and we’ll be left with no record of their contents.

On the topic of Feder, where is the best place to start for a Feder newfag? the Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery? Another work of his I know beside the party program is The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation, which also sounds interesting

8c968f  No.4387

File: e40df1973b2ecbf⋯.jpeg (543.71 KB, 1589x1167, 1589:1167, EE8EC821-9029-453F-A009-D….jpeg)

Here at last

a98032  No.5665

Strasser was a bitch who got btfo

0a2f08  No.7028


He is kinda like Hitler then.

c33844  No.7029


With Social Market Economy, strasserism/solidarism became obsolete, that*'s why you haven't heard of any important parties havin those as ideology…

c33844  No.7030

File: 19f704366ef75fe⋯.png (279.95 KB, 450x548, 225:274, ClipboardImage.png)


>should we make a translation general?


I have to read Evolas "Cavalcare la tigre " in English because there's apparently no German translation.

Tranlation is important. I'd like to read some SA literature as well but I neither speak Spanish nor Portugese. English would be okay.

366bc0  No.7033

ac9dba  No.7077

File: fbb585ac2fab3cd⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 459x646, 27:38, 674564356.jpg)

It's honestly very hard for me to take Strasserism seriously. Similarly to neo-pagans I'm sure there are good, legitimate folk out there with arguments for Strasserism that come from a good, rational place but with how Anti-Hitler and Marxist it is and all the "omg Hitler was the worst he absolutely ruined Germany these marxist anti-private property socialists would have done it better!" I just can't look at it as more than a contrarian "like National Socialism, but different!" ideology for people who don't think "Nazis" are edgy enough.

Hitler and the NSDAP's accomplishments are legendary it just truly seems insane to me to claim overwise even more so say he was a megalomaniacal maniac and was responsible for the destruction of Germany when it was him who kept it from being destroyed by jews in the first place and the jews in control of the governments who declared war on Hitler (and not the Soviet Union who also invaded Poland) are responsible for it's loss. Otto frequently comes across as a bit asspained that Hitler was more successful than him especially with his petty attempts to get the German people to turn against him for no reason and actively sabotage the war effort .

4fce17  No.7082


>otto seemeds asspained

perhaps that's because hitler killed gregor?

55057f  No.7098

File: befb942ccc90688⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 300x300, 1:1, der dritte weg.jpg)


>that*'s why you haven't heard of any important parties havin those as ideology…

>what is der dritte weg


2c216c  No.7099


What is an important party?

55057f  No.7100


I think they're pretty important within fascist circles. With that said, there really isn't any "important" fascist party anywhere on earth since very few if any of them have power except for maybe the baathists in Syria.

295f04  No.7112


Most serious contemporary National Socialists are Strasserites from my experience. It bears very little resemblance to Marxism. Gregor Strasser called Marxism a "false socialism" ("Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future") and constantly attacked the Jewish spirit of materialism and complained of the German workers' movement being led astray to Marxism by the Jews. Strasserism isn't soft on Jews as some incorrectly think, both Strasser brothers wanted to disenfranchise and exclude Jewry from Germany and they understood the importance of the racial question. Gregor was the moderate of the two, he never intended to start a conflict with Hitler or launch a coup within the party, Gregor and Goebbels both wanted unity.

Amazingly, paleocon Paul Gottfried of all people wrote a defence of Otto Strasser in 1969.

55057f  No.7115

File: fbabfbc7f0ea29a⋯.png (15.25 KB, 463x307, 463:307, strasser on marxism.png)


He also said this about Marxism and it's Jewish nature.

18b989  No.9160

Any updates?

abe579  No.9342


This thread was the old BO’s pet-project. After the original board got fucked he tried to start it up again elsewhere but some people didn’t like the split he made and so he deleted his new board and went quiet to let the situation smoothe itself out

ad91fe  No.9345


>he deleted his new board and went quiet to let the situation smoothe itself out

That was a big mistake tbh

abe579  No.9347


>That was a big mistake tbh

Yeah the board seems to have slowed down a lot unfortunately but in the moment there was some heat from some autists and crying about “muh split” (not wholly unjustified).

ad91fe  No.9349


>Yeah the board seems to have slowed down.

Eh i don't care about that, I like the when boards are slow, but I've noticed that the post quality has been lowering and lots of no-fun allowed fags aswell..

abe579  No.9350


True. Quality over quantity. I actually haven’t been here in a few months. Who is leading the board? How are they doing?

ad91fe  No.9367


>Who is leading the board? How are they doing?

No idea, I just recently got notified that the board was up again after the hacking. While i'm kinda glad that is back I also noticed that there's a lot of infighting and anger, the board used to be more unified and more happy tbh.

8c968f  No.9372


8c968f  No.9373


If you ever want more translations, I can try. Like the OP says I’m by no means fluent in German. In fact I haven’t even taken a language class in nearly a year now apart from a semester of Latin I’m doing now. I haven’t checked in a while, I wanted to lay low after making some people mad. I hope this place is being well-moderated. I see a lot of my rules are still in place as well

ad91fe  No.9396

File: df5f6ead3b4d50b⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 800x600, 4:3, negro de depredador.webm)

File: 0b6acefba8cf250⋯.png (506.07 KB, 846x476, 423:238, 0b6acefba8cf25064d7681624d….png)


>If you ever want more translations, I can try. Like the OP says I’m by no means fluent in German

Hey no problem man, I can't really complain I haven't mastered english either.

>I wanted to lay low after making some people mad.

what happened?

>I see a lot of my rules are still in place as well

wait………….., I might be a bit slow but are you implying that you are the Old BO or one fo the old mods??????????????????????????'

55057f  No.9437


I forgive you BO.

Even if you did destroy the board, this place was better when you were running it tbh

305e23  No.9448


Are you the old BO, because i need to ask

Why did you do this?

420439  No.9580

File: 473c9824aa93a83⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 500x514, 250:257, cat.jpg)


Hey dude, don't leave me hanging

This anons also want to know



558359  No.9787


<advocated for workers to work sloppily to hinder the war-effort, aviators to drop bombs off target, etc but not to go all out and lay down tools so as not to get court-martialed or punished

The athiestic, spiritually void conception of the German Volk is a horizontal trajectory. This labour strike seditious incitement material isn't especially good, either. The turn from Rasse in speeches prior to '33, in favour of Volk may owe itself to the counterpose of Strasserist/SA intra-European internationalism; a more rightist NazBol before NazBol. Something akin to it may have arisen if diplomatic blocks to Russo-German rapprochement were overcome (Anglo-French alliance would be impotent against the mass of the World Island stiched up between these two.)


<serious contemporary National Socialists

Anglo-German mixing in the USA lends itself to a materialist 'racial' grounding, as might be being attempted to induce with the migrant crisis in Europe (Kalergi Plan could be used as a re-awakening/deprogramming methodology, if one were confident in the inevitability of its failure as against its original ZioMasonic/Demonic conception.)

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