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File: 9cea3cd5679578e⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 362x204, 181:102, traditionalist workers par….jpg)

ebaebe  No.2012

Do any of you think this party is ever coming back? I heard Heimbach is out of politics for good. I actually liked this party a lot and it almost perfectly aligned with my views.

df9c8b  No.2015


Non-american here, can someone give me quick rundown on them?

ebaebe  No.2019


Third positionist party against Marxism and capitalism, the head of the [now disbanded] party is a guy named Matthew Heimbach who is a Strasserite so it had a lot of pro-worker views (if that wasn't obvious by the name "traditionalist workers party"). They were white nationalist and got into a lot of scuffles with antifa, they were sometimes called the "foot soldiers" of the alt-right. Sometimes people criticized them for their lack of optics but I personally don't take optics cucks that seriously. As far as I see it, if there are anarcho-communists trying to take over your streets, it's your duty to fight them.

0f2046  No.2020


Heimbach was a LARPer

ebaebe  No.2021


Say what you want about him but I admire anyone who puts their face out there. It's easy to criticize when most of us are keyboard warriors.

86de67  No.2032


>Heimbach was a LARPer

Where is the line drawn between being a LARPer and actually trying to do something? Believe me, I think Heimbach is a retard, but if you're literally running a political party, regardless of how ridiculous you may make yourself in the process, you're not LARPing. Also, what >>2021 said. I would do things very differently from Heimbach, but I can respect those who go out into real life, it's a lot more than most of us can say

032c3c  No.2093



Read his name he's shitposting.


Him being arrested was a blatant con job, for christs sake the police were directly working with the SPLC. Its no big surprise to me that (((certain members))) of the alt right stabbed him in the back with muh pr excuse and are dragging the movement leftward. These same faggots then proceeded to go out of their way to sabotage Pat Little's campaign.

c90201  No.2106

File: 4285c5907095670⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 616x411, 616:411, Matthew-Al-Heimbach.jpg)


Heimbach's entire history has been a series of publicity stunts, taking photos of himself in uniform & helmet, waving various types of flags, carrying a giant cross… He's a LARPer.

Look at this picture. Russian Imperial flag… hezbollah t-shirt… pseudo-religious icon… cross on his necklace… It's all a self-constructed pseudo-identity and a LARP.

c90201  No.2107


that said, I think his advocacy of left-wing nationalism was commendable.

everything else he did was cringey and bad.

ebaebe  No.2108



Honestly, what you're saying sounds like optics cuckery to me. "Publicity stunts" get your group free attention and people who are truly interested in white nationalism or fascism will come join you. As for the rest of it, maybe he supports imperial Russia? I don't believe the Czar was a great guy, as a matter fact he did such a bad job that Jews were allowed to co opt legitimate Russian grievances which lead to the Bolshevik revolution, however, one could still argue that his reign wasn't as bad as the Bolsheviks who were funded by international bankers. Those bankers were only kicked out after Stalin started to wake up to the JQ and (((Trotskyite))) problem. As for the Hezbollah shirt, I don't see anything wrong with that. Any group that is opposed to Zionism I consider an ally for the most part. I mean, we can call the guy a LARPer but as I said, he's probably done more than any of us shitposting on this image board.

c90201  No.2110

File: 8e6f00171ef6ffb⋯.jpg (27.1 KB, 522x418, 261:209, heimbach001.jpg)

File: f421a114caaf3a5⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 448x479, 448:479, heimbach002.jpg)

File: 3f9e3225f72ec57⋯.jpg (233.9 KB, 720x540, 4:3, heimbach003.jpg)


>Honestly, what you're saying sounds like optics cuckery to me.

I think if a group chooses to use a symbol it should either serve a purpose or have meaning.

If Heimbach were a member of Hezbollah… ok, he should wear their symbol.

If Heimbach were a Russian reactionary or nationalist… ok, he should wave the old flag.

If Heimbach were a neo-Confederate, ok, he should wave the stars & bars.

But he's ultimately none of those things. He's just a guy who likes attention, no matter if it's good or bad. This is the problem. It's all show no substance.

Pics related. You can see how his entire life he's just been waving random flags and symbols.

1st pic - carrying a Prussian flag with his Jewish girlfriend.

2nd pic - Carrying a big wooden cross in public.

3rd pic - Dressing up like a Confederate soldier…ffs.

> As for the rest of it, maybe he supports imperial Russia?

It would like the Nazis waving the flag of the French monarchy or something. Doesn't even make sense.

>I mean, we can call the guy a LARPer but as I said, he's probably done more than any of us shitposting on this image board.

The point isn't to do just anything it's to do something positive that moves us closer to a goal. I think that a person who translates old nationalist books objectively does more for some cause than a LARPer, even if the former works privately and the other goes public.

db380e  No.2140

File: d386f8d1913284f⋯.png (62.63 KB, 301x243, 301:243, 1530203888846.png)


It was led by a fat LARPer that looked better off dressing as a Rabbi than as a "stormtrooper" (he seriously has the beard and glasses of a rabbi, all he needs are the curly braids)

They disbanded because there was a degenerate love triangle affecting the leadership.

> durr optics cucks

That's why stupid fuckers who fall for the "OPTICS CUCK" meme will never amount to anything - you justify your lack of awareness and imagine that people see a leader in an uncharismatic knuckledragger

dbae8a  No.3203


he kind of sold out to Long Knife Hitlerism doing things with the Klan and shit so I disavowed him.

dbae8a  No.3207


the truth of the matter, and idc what anyone has to say about this, but the former mrs. Parrott needs to be responsible for doing what she did. I'm surprised nobody shot her yet. women are still a liability because they think with their twat instead of their brains and 3rd wave feminism is still ingrained in the western world. now I don't advocate White Sharia but women being involved in politics or with political leaders at this point is bad optics until this mess gets sorted out. either orgs from now on must enslave their female initiates (I heard AW does this but don't quote me on it) or remain celibate until the revolution is complete. there is a reason why so many men (and sometimes women) did go along with the "repeal the 19th" meme. because even women are unsure whether they're equipped to handle national responsibility. and if Mrs. Parrot can't keep her legs closed then what hope is there unless we go full Boko Haram?

86de67  No.3209


>Long Knife Hitlerism


545d26  No.3384


All the "Durr optics cuck" are just fat larping retards themselves

522f9f  No.3391


Might as well drop the fashy imagery, cuck.

ebaebe  No.3399


I don't like what happened in 1934 but purity spiriling won't get us anywhere. I'm of the belief that both strasserite and hitlerite natsocs need to forget the past and stand together against the greater global-Jewish enemy.

60a836  No.3400



I like his beard

db380e  No.3474

File: 18568de830f44a1⋯.jpg (95.5 KB, 736x850, 368:425, 1526350803227.jpg)


> today i learned that being a fat slob that associates with neo-nazi trailer trash is "fashy imagery"

simply epic

dbae8a  No.4610


no doubt. last I heard Tony Horvater is taking the party over. I observe from the outside. I have no issue with him but he kind of does with me because I was a Strasserite for awhile. I'm reaching my hand out and he's slapping it. that's immature.

dbae8a  No.4611

with all due respect, the party fell apart because Jessica Parrot couldn't keep her legs closed. personally women are more of a liability to fascist movements than allies. they can observe but not take part.

eaa3a1  No.4612

Please no shitpost.

Be serious and kept clean the board.

610e1e  No.4620


>I heard AW does this but don't quote me on it

It's more of a BDSM thing but it has actually helped people tell if someone is a Fed or the real deal. Someone made a post about it on the kiwifarms with two Feds pretending to be AWD and the woman got having been "taught" showed it was a Fed.

d7ee58  No.4640

Eh, I dunno. I am a working class white man myself, grew up without a pot to piss in. And even I found their whole unapologetic methnostate aesthetic very unappealing. Heimbach looking like three hundred pounds of chewed bubble gum didn't help either.

f87b20  No.4641


There's always hope in a splinter group. Speaking of which, what does everyone here think of the National Vanguard?

a49a7c  No.5280


Too bad matt was such a piece of shit. Didn't their west virginia branch reform under a new name?

2bdad8  No.11254


I know a lot of them in the pacific northwest ended up joining the Northwest Front.

dbae8a  No.11264


I put mine out there. in fact I got Bat'ko angry over a youtube comment.

448726  No.11268


What was the comment

a7d6fd  No.11288


Funny enough; it takes two to have an affair. Yeah, she was a slut. So was Matt.

The whole thing played out like an episode of Jerry Springer. I'm sorry, but when the tree rots, it must be cut down.

4f6b7c  No.11290


Honestly your partner shouldn’t be involved in the party’s serious actions(maybe besides support at rallies). She should only acknowledge and support you with your politics that’s it. Also there shouldn’t be a dating culture within the party just like you see with cuckservatives, either date someone not involved immediately or don’t date at all

80ca9d  No.11296


The guys responsible for the Charlottesville Auto Show? No. Even if they were a good group, they're so known by now that getting involved would be suicide.

4f6b7c  No.11297


I think it’s safe to say that pretty much any American party is filled with a bunch of LARPers. Only legitimate action I’ve seen is in Europe. I think the best course of action is to let the American empire fall and see what is possible afterwards

aed1de  No.11350


>I heard Heimbach is out of politics for good

Good. We need fewer degenerates in public with anime body pillows

04bf14  No.11797


What a nigger…

67ce29  No.11873

File: 9db317fcb11fb3d⋯.png (452.78 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 9DA004B6-35AD-4601-A362-0F….png)

Here’s your answer, this was posted by Hemibach btw.

c13167  No.11913


Oh give me a break, this is just pathetic.

c13167  No.11914


That whole photo is basically the home of an /sg/ user.

dbae8a  No.11944


it is pathetic but he's more authentic nazbol than straight fascist. the NSM is only relevant because its 90% feds.

67ce29  No.11946



I believe he’s a Strasserite and he got kicked out of the NSM, but anyways. This is pretty pathetic, I can’t take it seriously because of the name and because of Heimbach. I don’t think he’s going to be at the head of the party, but associating him at all is pretty bad. I’m not an optics cuck at all, but there’s people that just need to be cut out from the movement. There were some things the TWP did good, but it just had shitty leadership.

dbae8a  No.11952


/intl/ tier shitpost.

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