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File: 795ae5288db8a35⋯.jpg (173.24 KB, 971x872, 971:872, inf.jpg)

File: 60b077b83f62f2b⋯.jpg (148.6 KB, 692x946, 346:473, inf3.jpg)

File: d8470affd105fe3⋯.jpg (143.72 KB, 692x909, 692:909, inf4.jpg)

File: 0493048438f7858⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 720x443, 720:443, SIEGE.jpg)

911963  No.3966

Recently it’s been proven there are Satanists trying to subvert Fascism/National Socialism (Atomwaffen, but not limited to) toward an egoistic, sadistic end. You can read through the whole thing here:


It has everything in it, but I’ll be selecting some choice items.

Summary - The Order of the Nine Angles (O9A) are a Satanist group who infiltrates and takes over ‘extremist’ organizations. Whether they be Islamist, Fascist, Communist, it doesn’t matter. What attracts them is that these groups have violent potential. Satanists are edgy goth kids, but O9A takes it a step further than just slitting your wrists. While most ‘Satanists’ are homosexuals, weirdos and leftists, the O9A rightly identifies the POZ is the world hegemon. It isn’t edgy or contrarian to shove dildos up your butt and advocate for gay marriage. What IS edgy is terrorism, opposing the neoliberal establishment, and most of all - Hitler, Nazism, the Swastika, and white ‘racism’.

They adopt ‘perspective roles’ to infiltrate these groups and take on the persona of an ideologue. Essentially wannabe sociopathy. They’ll speak the lingo of the group they’re infiltrating, adopt the general philosophy, but of course they try to subvert it. Why? Because they want the energy of the group to become ‘sinister’. They want the idealism of Fascism/National Socialism to degrade into utter hopelessness, nihilism and pointless hatred. There is nothing wrong with Hate, but Hate comes from Love. Without love of one’s people, nation, race, etc, then hate simply becomes misanthropic and useless. E.g, O9A Satanists posing as NatSocs will wield the Lemming theory - but twist it to eventually suggest all lemmings must be killed (or most of them), because they are ‘complicit with the system’ for not rising up.

Obviously the Lemming theory doesn’t advocate for this. Lemmings are eternal, they can’t help what they are. So why do Satanist infiltrators want to push NatSocs into hatred for normal people? Because of the book ‘Iron Gates’. Iron Gates is a book that celebrates collapse, but instead of a race war to save your own kind, it advocates for anarchy/chaos and an apocalyptic scenario of sadists hunting down and torturing anyone and everyone. It has scenes of pedophilia, child-murder and other sick shit. The end goal of Satanist infiltrators for Fascist/NS groups is to wait for collapse and then go around murdering/torturing innocent people in a bloodbath. They’re sadists yes, but it also has a batshit side to it. Satanists (like in Atomwaffen who advocate for the book Iron Gates) want to become ‘Noctulians’. Noctulians are psychic vampires, and the process of becoming one is hollowing out the individual’s empathy, sympathy, whatever that makes them Human. The mass murder of ‘the frail whites’ (like in their poster) will herald their ascension into Noctulians. It’s real life 40k Chaos LARP.

Tempel ov Blood are the people behind Atomwaffen’s infiltration. Brandon Russell, the leader who wasn’t a Satanist, got replaced by ToB affiliates, who then turned the organization. ToB are an O9A nexion.

How did Fascists in Atomwaffen get fooled like this? Satanists created an atmosphere of complete irony, humor where they gently introduced degeneracy like homosexual porn, over-the-top fedposting, and such to veil real statements. Whenever Satanic stuff was posted it was all a meme srsly guys. So it filtered through. They kept forcing blackpills to break down the initial idealistic, life-affirming motivations of its members to turn them more sadistic. ‘Kill your local drug dealer’ became ‘Thank your local drug dealer, population control’. Charles Manson became the head figure, with leading Satanists saying he was better than Hitler. Satanic/O9A stuff was all over the place, but of course it was just a meme.


911963  No.3967

File: 5fde5ed51e053df⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 467x303, 467:303, inf2.jpg)


They then introduced ToB ‘’’’’literature’’’’’’ printed directly from their publishing house ‘Martinet Press’, like Iron Gates, O9A books Hostia, etc. You can see that on Siege Culture. Eventually true Fascists confronted these impostors and exposed them, hence the Kiwifarms. You can listen to a direct confrontation here where the Satanists admit they’re just subversives and not real NatSocs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEC9q362PjU&bpctr=1527279169

Chaos is what Satanists champion. Pure contrarianism. If there was a Fascist status quo, they’d be Anarchists/Communists who’d attempt to destroy it. Chaos is the enemy of Natural Order (the entire philosophical basis of Fascism). Satanists will attempt to manipulate Fascist principles like elements of Social Darwinism (despite Satanic Darwinism being derived from egoistic principles, like Ayn Rand, Max Stirner, and so on - a sociopath’s interpretation). They’ll even try to claim they believe in ‘Natural Order’. It’s all a lie to placate you. They’ll often pretend they’re just Esotericists, ala Esoteric Hitlerism, and turn people of a similar disposition to their ‘left hand path’ magick. They’ll use the natural anti-Christian feeling to get Pagans on their side to oust Christians who won’t go along with their Satanized subversion of Christianity (yes they’ve done that).

No tolerance is the virtue of Fascism, so there should be no tolerance for Satanic egoists trying to hollow out Fascist groups into degenerate sadist dens. You’ll be able to see them occasionally, they don’t hide as much since they were exposed. If you call them out they will go through a script of responses until falling back into ‘It’s just a meme’, or say ‘Satanic panic’. Don’t fall for it.

fb0671  No.3968

Then in 1942 Hitler addressing a crowd said "you must worshipp the devil,and cut suasticas in your naked gfs body using a knifes or other blades"

911963  No.3969

File: 27ddebfc7257178⋯.jpeg (933.75 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, inf5.jpeg)

File: 1f003540e99a5f0⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, drugdealer.png)

They increasingly began using horror movie tier aesthetics, for obvious reasons. Anyone who would be attracted to this stuff is obviously mentally disturbed.


fb0671  No.3970


>"The frail whites will serve as prey to the Aryan predator"

Based,I can't wait until large amounts of white people are mass murdered for the cause,only shills go against mass murder

aefda4  No.3980

File: 95eaf910713da10⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 297x499, 297:499, turtledove_1.jpg)

File: e26ec3e1c522448⋯.jpg (39.92 KB, 303x499, 303:499, turtledove_2.jpg)


Wandered in here from /leftpol/ because someone posted a link here. Not raiding and I don't have an agenda as everything you posted is 100 percent accurate and true, and these people (some of them the exact same people actually) have popped up before while trying to worm their way into the left a few years ago. Have also seen Maoist imagery start to pop up recently from their channels. Basically anything uber-militant and radical and ultra-disaffected, they will attempt to exploit it.

And you're right – the motivation is not political but religious, or perhaps just pure sick psychopathy. They try to steer groups with "sinister" potential into violence, as they seem to get off on that. If you describe this to people, you'll sound crazy, but they really exist. Now, they're pretty small.

Still creepy and dangerous though. Frankly this O9A batshit nuttiness reminds me of those pulp alt-history novels where the Nazis, Western Allies and Communists set aside their differences and team up to take on the invading space aliens. I would think of these cultists like the space aliens.

And from reading their literature, they actually seem to want to become space aliens.

>The mass murder of ‘the frail whites’ (like in their poster) will herald their ascension into Noctulians. It’s real life 40k Chaos LARP.

1d09b8  No.3983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The frail whites will serve as prey to the Aryan predator

I read that in this voice

911963  No.3994

File: daf698b30962cdb⋯.jpeg (76.52 KB, 686x1061, 686:1061, ToB gommie.jpeg)


Yes, the ToB leaders frequently have Hammer Sickle flags, use the word 'commissar', worship Pol Pot, Mao, whoever killed more people. Atomwaffen had a poster celebrating Stalin and all the cheka murders, gulags whatever.

They try to preach cooperation between Anarchists and NS groups to cross-pollinate. They talk about having turned 'communists' into 'NS' but what they really mean in, a Satanist in a communist group linked up with them and now they're both in the process of Satanizing the secular members. Wacky stuff, but it can be serious.

911963  No.3995

IIRC the ToB leaders literally came from a North Korea worshiping Marxist Lenin group (previously Aryan Nations), these people switch ideologies like clothes just to be more edgy and terroristic.

aefda4  No.4000


It's like the goddamned Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

*during a fascist meeting, one blackshirt begins violently mutating into a chaos demon while barking "Tempel ov Blood! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh! All will perish! Fuck your mother! Blargh!*"

Other fascists: "What the blazes?"

*communists burst into the room, blasting the demon with PPSh-41s*

The commissar steps forward. "Boy, you guys should really be more careful. We had a major infestation a couple of years ago. Anyways, have a good day."

*tips hat*

5198db  No.4001

Maybe they are just very edgy teens

aefda4  No.4006


Some probably but the ToB are in their 30s at this point.

bc6027  No.4007


I used to be a Luciferian so I don't give a shit if someone is a Satanist.

911963  No.4009

File: 624db1ebaa8c01d⋯.jpg (128.51 KB, 380x349, 380:349, atomwaffen boomer.jpg)


What do you think about Iron Gates? Liber 333?

6a792f  No.4012


that second image I take issue with. there's edgy and then there's just being a reprehensible arsehole. I had a cousin who died from opiates. that's rude as hell.

the issue I take with O9A is they are opportunistic faggots who will take any side (as far left as Marxists-Leninists and as far right as Pinochet fags) for their own gain. while I admire their gusto, or gall, they do not realize the same tricks can be used against them. I say this as someone who knew Rape from Atomwaffen personally a couple years ago.

6a792f  No.4013


so was I but I developed my own belief system based more on Marcion Of Sinope and Baron Ungern, after becoming Christian. I wasn't born again in the commonly known sense but a "Converotodox" because I felt Prot churches were too soft on the jews.

6a792f  No.4015


I only like Pol Pot because he killed a cross-section of society I immensely dislike: urban hipsters, you know Williamsburg, NY types. metal fans would know that as the hometown of Hunter "Cunt" Hendrix.

911963  No.4018


You don't seem to acknowledge what motivates Satanists and what their end goal is.

Fascists use violence as a means to an end, the Fascist society. A fascist can ride the tiger, enjoy the struggle, but at the same time reviles sadists. Violence is not the end. Satanists like the O9A -INFILTRATORS- for that is what they are, want a collapse so they can act out sadistic fantasy. They aren't motivated by a will to see a Fascist society, to save their people. They're motivated by egoism, hedonism and degenerate perversions. All of these things are incompatible with the Fascist worldview.

Don't you think there's a problem with a person who fantasizes about becoming a godlike vampire who tortures civilians, stabs babies and predates on peoples?

911963  No.4020



Inevitably their end goal requires the purging of idealistic, true believer Fascists at the last second. This is why the exposure of these degenerates was so uproarious and got the Satanists shook. How is any sane person going to look at this sociopathy and think 'yes, hunting normal white lemmings for sick pleasure is what a Fascist does'? Maybe a lemming himself who's been brainwashed into the Hollywood EVIL NAZI trope. But any Fascist who ISN'T disgusted by this shit is either one of them, or themself disturbed.

6a792f  No.4024


sounds pretty jewish to me.

6a792f  No.4025


obviously I do, because I used to be one aeons ago. they're degenerate nihilists. might as well just admit they're Posadas incarnate.

6a792f  No.4026


continued, you see, I have much more godly reasons for being in what I do now, an ideal of man, most (if not all O9A members) just want everyone to die. homicidal/suicidal/genocidal. they're not noble, like I said they're opportunistic faggots.

bc6027  No.4029


I don't know anything about them but as long as they're pro-white I support them, I don't care if they're Satanists or not.

bc6027  No.4030


Those are actually kind of funny in a cheesy sort of way. Reminds me of how Rob Zombie movies are considered "horror comedy".

911963  No.4033




Is bayonetting white babies for Satanic sacrifices, and then killing all white people except the Satanic 'predators' pro-white?

bc6027  No.4052

File: 9d70d6b07a520e9⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 498x269, 498:269, Carl-Jung.jpg)


I doubt they do that. I've never met an occultist who does that sort of thing. Most occult practices are simply an exploration of the mind.

911963  No.4456


No it isn't. At least not in this case. Left hand path 'magic' is explicitly sociopathic and 'evil', used to harm people. Read the OP.

bc6027  No.4460


I've dabbled in the LHP. It depends on how far you go into it. With that said, I've still never heard of many (if any) occultists) engaging in child sacrifice. You might be able to find 1 or 2 cases out of millions of occultists.

911963  No.4461


Why would you dabble in something so egoistic, degenerate and anti-collectivist as LHP shit?

c68854  No.4475

File: 385b761fdc0f229⋯.jpg (36.18 KB, 600x409, 600:409, death to america.jpg)

>American far "right"

Time and time again i told you people, america is literally great shaytan that breeds people fucked in the head, there is no helping it. No political movement outside of liberal spectrum will ever succeed and freaks like all this "satanist" stuff is just another proof of this

Americans are fucked in the head, nothing good can come out of there period.

743211  No.4476


American here, I agree

bc6027  No.4477


Mental exploration. Wanting to see truths by understanding both sides of the picture. "Evil" is necessary for good to exist because you cannot define good without evil and the same applies for good. To be afraid of your "inner demons" is to deny their existence and allow them to conquer you. Just calling something degenerate because it's your own personal opinion isn't an argument imo.

c68854  No.4479

File: e236cee2ea66c1a⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 480x672, 5:7, Plotinus.jpg)


>"Evil" is necessary for good to exist because you cannot define good without evil

Good comes from God, evil is simply lack of good and it doesnt exist in itself

t. Some old greek fart and bunch of other philospohers

seriously nigger this is philosophy 101

c68854  No.4487

Kiwifarms thread was made in January

Did the whole thing ended yet?

How AWD does this days?

bc6027  No.4488


Tell me how you can define Good without evil if you have nothing to compare it to? Spell it out for me if you have to.

c68854  No.4489

6a792f  No.4570


tbqh that's some real d&c. ofc we are. but anyone thought Atomwaffen was bad, anything I would start would be ten times worse.

7e6197  No.4573

File: e9786da09d93b3e⋯.jpg (30.34 KB, 676x350, 338:175, siegeculture_business_card….jpg)


You can't stop us.

c68854  No.4627

File: fd9af5342d68519⋯.png (208.92 KB, 532x687, 532:687, duce.png)


Im both lmaoing and astonished about this amount of LARP

Nigga stop you from what? AWD would never "hurt" the "system", it would never "start a revolution". At best what AWD could do was go for a summer camp in nearby woods and pose for some photos with guns and cheaply made flags.

This is just top tier delusion, and on top of that we got cringe satanists believing in some LHP or other occult bullshit thinking they can achieve anything or even "further their own goals"

What a fucking shitshow, AWD even failed to produce any coherent doctrine or manifest trough out all those years, instead they resorted to basically worshiping an outdated book written by some third rate larper from third rate LARPing organization that American Nazi Party was, if you were even looking properly for ideological foundations for the whole thing and proper role models you could look at Silver Legion and excellent book by William Dudley Pelley "No More Hunger" or Francis Parker Yockey. You could have even looked for european models of organization and read "The Nest Leader's Manual" by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

But i guess it wasnt edgy enough for you, it wasnt good enough to you, or maybe you were just too fucking stupid to understand any coherent political doctrine that goes above LARPing and sticking german symbolism everywhere.

f0f34a  No.4631



911963  No.5455


Nice try, guy.

882660  No.5471


America must die before it can be reborn.

The American people suffer under the Jewish-Satanist imperialists. The moment a truely radical movement begins to organize effectively, it will spread like wildfire.

c68854  No.5473


>The moment a truely radical movement begins to organize effectively, it will spread like wildfire.

First an economical collapse must happen, people wont revolt if they are comfortable, why revolt after all if there is bread and games available?

2d6256  No.5483


>Silver Legion

>Wanting to be ruled by some fat boomer pastor preaching equality and samess who controls every aspect of society

No thanks, you can keep your jewish larping to yourself.

b461f3  No.5484


I talked to one of these tools on /pol/. They are insufferable as hell.

>We do the satanic stuff to keep out pussies like you lol

>What? You don't care your girlfriends butt? Pussy lmao.

>N-no, those Satanists are just one of the squads dude

>Islam is based as fuck, ISIS is our ally

They also lie about how they have members worldwide.

f5133f  No.5682

What I want to know is besides being 2 edgy 4 u, what do they get out of trying to infiltrate both far left and far right groups? Also what's with all the Satan worship and black "magic"?

9c3b32  No.5693

File: 1105785a23053b9⋯.png (640.28 KB, 854x877, 854:877, 2shGb5e.png)


>you can keep your jewish larping to yourself.

so just like satanism then.

6a792f  No.5749


true, its probably why Rape and I had a falling out. I started sympathizing with Strasser and Yockey and he stopped talking to me. yeah we used to convo on the phone regularly.

6a792f  No.5750


holy Teddy boy IS the Zodiac Killer. knew it.

000000  No.5772


>We do the satanic stuff to keep out pussies like you lol

Lol! Satanism is very compatible with /natsoc/,only shills will deny this

>What? You don't care your girlfriends butt? Pussy lmao.

Whats so wrong about carving suasticas with a knife in your gfs Butt?That is totally not degenerate,i am sure the nat socs of the 30s and 40s would support this,has hitler would say "any SS personal must carve his initials on his Frau"

>N-no, those Satanists are just one of the squads dude

Satanists,Stalinists,Islamic terrorists,all good people tbh.The weak white men will surve prey to the aryan predator

>Islam is based as fuck, ISIS is our ally


5111ec  No.5774

Say whatever you want, this shit is intriguing. Life is truly stranger than fiction. What a bunch of massive lolcows. I wonder what a typical day is like for them? Do they write satanist screeds about mindlessly murdering 99.9999% of the population and transforming into noctulians in between shifts at Walmart?

bff27c  No.5777


>Trying this hard to bait people

You are really bad at it.

c4a75c  No.6080


"This bizarre world of goats and blood is far from being irrelevant to Magic. It is a world which has power over some minds - all the more so for being rejected as 'unreal' by Science. For that reason alone it is a 'real' world in terms of Magic, and so could be used. A Magician wanting to generate maximum psychic tension in his ritual does well to introduce these elements provided that he is able to control them: for even if they prove to be the gothick recreation of an over-materialistic Victorian age, they have got sufficient hold upon our imagination to be useful."

Ramsey Dukes, SSOTBME, page 51

Basically these "edgy" symbols and aesthetics have some magickal power, thats why magicians use them. They are useful to the practice of Chaos Magick.

6756cd  No.6093


I'm not even sure if this is actual bait that is just really shit or someone making fun of obvious bait, really it's that bad.

25a8a0  No.6695

File: bf14f0d57a3ae13⋯.png (177.97 KB, 1370x778, 685:389, hmmmmmmm.png)


It's all LARP. The only results that come out of it are the people roleplaying as wizards, vampires and such just brainwash themselves into believing it's real. So they get a better willpower from it. Or they LARP so hard they end up doing stupid shit and believe they won't get repercussions from it (which they do)

85fe39  No.6765

File: 80aa35016d0e6ee⋯.png (754.95 KB, 900x675, 4:3, she_ra_wallpaper_by_innoce….png)


>Srs thread about Satanist Subversion

Let me be frank here: I fucking hate them.

That's why I call them ==SIEGEKIKES==

They're the worst "followers" any movement can have. People with skull masks, insurrectionalists, rebels for the sake of rebellion. They got the long knife in 1934 and they'll get the Röhm-treatment in 20XX.

They are not even usefull idiots they are just idiots.

And probably assets of (((them)))

9c3b32  No.6776


What is worst, is that I think James Masón makes some valid points but now thanks to these retards nobody is going to take It seriously.

85fe39  No.6778

File: 8ab2731c2a216e2⋯.png (438.34 KB, 736x404, 184:101, mason feed.png)


>What is worst, is that I think James Masón makes some valid points but now thanks to these retards nobody is going to take It seriously.

I think Mason and his satanist, insurectionist, "kill everyone" ideology was the nail in the coffin of Rockwells party in the US:

Now you have Atomfaggots shooting up churches because of "muh christcucks" and "muh based islam"

9c3b32  No.6818


didn't james mason converted to christianity lately?

d99083  No.6824


>didn't james mason converted to christianity lately?

If that's true don't let the ==Siegekikes== hear about that

9c3b32  No.6832

6a792f  No.6837


He was born here in Ohio lots of loners and looneys out here (myself, I already realize how nuts I sound to most people, especially nowadays)

d99083  No.6871


Huh, didnt know that, thanks.

But he still is a crazy old pervert and his siegefag followers are crazy faggots as well.

360ed5  No.6872


Good is a conscious experience that is objective. When you FEEL good, it isn't a logical process. The feeling of good is simply objective. There is no reason to believe that you have to have BAD to feel GOOD.

360ed5  No.6873


Well i hope you like being hung from the neck then.

360ed5  No.6874


This, kind of. The faux-state of America needs to die, and the few germanics need to create their own state.

360ed5  No.6875


>third rate LARPing organization that American Nazi Party was

Hey Rockwell was alright.

85fe39  No.6876


>Rockwell was alright.

That's why they killed him…

85fe39  No.6894


I keked

9cf562  No.6951


Refer to the third image in the OP.

"Second the infiltration and manipulation of organizations and forms with Sinister potential. Aryanism, particularly the more religiously fanatically forms of it, such as Christian Identity are a good example."

If you look at Siege Culture they've done a Christian Satanism too, where Jesus and Satan merge as one in armageddon to herald a sadistic collapse, etc. Mason was a Satanist, it's more than likely he remains one. Never believe a word out of these people's mouths. They're avowed liars and manipulators.

9c3b32  No.6953

File: e7e9a6f9a6c3064⋯.png (85.21 KB, 1283x636, 1283:636, A lone chilean fighting ag….png)


Good advice

I still remember when does satanfags started to show up back in Ironmarch

9c3b32  No.6954



85fe39  No.7003


They shit up everything don't they?

<reeeeeeead seeeeej

< muh iron gays

9c3b32  No.8013

Some guys tried to bring back an Ironmarch type forum called fascistgrounds and it was obviously very anti-satanic

Now the site got wrecked and the last thing I've heard about it, back in /pol/ is that atomfags were/are responsible of shutting down any forum/discussion related to fascism thst isn't controlled by them.

Does anybody have any verification of this?

I mean I can totally believe that knowing the histoy that this faggots have.

36b708  No.8083

Dark Foreigner has some pretty cringy shit, I agree, but still SIEGE is a path most people must walk.

We had an operation back in 2013/2014 Pro-Christianity simply because most people back then were atheist libcucks. It had great success and for the most part most of them realized that a live with no spiritual context was meaningless, some adopted a more nationalistic approach like Libertarian Capitalism, as they like to call, so they became less but still cucked.

With SIEGE shill, the goal is to understand that the system is not here to serve your interests, in fact it's the complete opposite. Nearly every dollar you spend in taxes is used against your interests in immigration, women and nigger quotas, leninist-marxism ideology study and pseudoscience funding. That's why ISAIF is also important even though we all know Ted was under MKUltra (to discredit him would be just as easy as making this thread).

I won't deny that SIEGE may have some bad consequences but that is something that we have considered and everyone here should understand that is bound to happen and accept those consequences. While these Satanists preach their chaos, we know that chaos is useful, and there is order in chaos. My advice is: don't bother with those tiny groups like the ones mentioned in the OP, while those groups may have a considerable size they have little power to shift the events that are in place. They may use some of those useful idiots but people who didn't have a proper initiation and aren't adepts of the occult have little power, and to tell you the truth, it's no comparison to what the jews do with the unwashed masses watching netflix and sports.

313726  No.8096

If deranged autistic goons can fit in comfortably enough in an org to infiltrate it and morph it into a satanic death cult, consider it to have failed for the most basic shit test.

ac04df  No.8250


Liber 333 can be found in PDF form on the internet within a few seconds. You can download and read it, if you wish, instead of paying Amazon 29.99 for it. As far as Iron Gates, I like their philosophy of joining into other fringe groups, and bringing a darker energy / element within them, and turning them towards their movement. We need to talk them into joining the Alt-Kike and making them actually do something, other than get hit in the heads with fucking bike locks at Berkeley. Imagine a new, emboldened Alt-Right, smashing fucking Antifa heads, instead of kissing Kikes ass.

ac04df  No.8251


True, but, it is an interesting way to expand their own ranks, if you think about it from that perspective.

b636ad  No.8260

File: 2525fb474fdad81⋯.jpg (15.38 KB, 357x402, 119:134, 1500835416868.jpg)


Shit, a lot of the links on the Kiwifarms forum are dead.

e45f8c  No.8274

File: 98103792279d90d⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1400x2000, 7:10, 1507767356314.png)

reminder that if you care more about stopping le evil satanists than you care about securing the 14 words you might not a fascist

5f175f  No.8276


Reminder that a traitor is worse than the enemy, for the traitor doesn’t wear the colors of the enemy.

6a792f  No.8277


you have Iron Gates on full pdf, I'd like to read more than a sample

b636ad  No.8281


This guy >>6953

clearly explains why your ideology isn't compatible with ours, but keep trying.

39dfac  No.8283


Hi Watcher.

Just remember that whites are 妖怪 and the world makes sense.

872e22  No.8284

>Satanism is implicit white identity

Why do white people do this shit?

The Satanism is just cringe-worthy. It's just utterly autistic.

However, this is the mentality of white people as a collective.

Honestly, this demon race is beyond saving and I just want them to be used a historical example of what to avoid.

White people are too autistic for their own good.

How the fuck do white people wake up in the morning and say, "yeah this is something that I want to protect, my race of retards who worship demons, BDSM, and money - btw let's kill all the pious chinks, niggers, and mestizos".

This is what happens when you tolerate demons among you. This is what happens when you scream "dead kike on a stick". This is the end result of that evil.

e45f8c  No.8285




9c3b32  No.8310


>Hi Watcher.


>Just remember that whites are 妖怪 and the world makes sense.


is that demon or ghost?

911963  No.8369

File: d121b6b6c3bd799⋯.png (308.14 KB, 734x729, 734:729, 9638e82c5690a7bd507be6d509….png)


>how are you going to save the white race if you can't rape children's corpses?

t. satanist

Here's what Satanists really think about the Fascists/NatSocs and in general pro-white people they associate with:

>“Now that was just a taste of what’s to come if you don’t get the fuck out of our country. Race War Now! Hell, it should have happened yesterday!” The Adept said as he spit on the corpse. To the skinheads, he was known as Bill Grandson. They had no idea about his true, sinister nature. These people were nothing but useful idiots in achieving the Galactic Empire, though he had seen potential in some of them that were beyond this petty role-playing they typically took part in.


23e642  No.8373

Siegefags are funny sometimes, just like how shitposting about the attomwaffen is cool when it makes everyone on the left lose its shit.

e45f8c  No.8374

b4bf92  No.8387

File: 051e377b240f209⋯.gif (3.98 MB, 270x314, 135:157, 1534379300909.gif)

>They adopt ‘perspective roles’ to infiltrate these groups and take on the persona of an ideologue. Essentially wannabe sociopathy. They’ll speak the lingo of the group they’re infiltrating, adopt the general philosophy, but of course they try to subvert it. Why? Because they want the energy of the group to become ‘sinister’.

Could a reversal of this be applied? For instance infiltrate a church group, begin to slowly inch them away from Democracy and into Ecclesiastic Fascism, thereby slowly converting the Christian Right into the Christian Reich?

b636ad  No.8394


>No, that one is fake!

Then link us to a real source then.

6a792f  No.8426

I used to know Rape on a first name basis. He used to call my apartment and shoot the shit with me until we had a falling out and he left to found Atomwaffen.

6a792f  No.8427


I had a similar concept

f55a53  No.8629

Does anyone have a PDF of Iron Gates?

911963  No.8664


Here's a passage:

>The filthy infant lay screaming upon the moist floor of the forest as her mother, her cries almost as shrill as that of her child, stood several paces away, pinned against a tree by two uniformed, anonymous figures. The field marshal approached the child and gently prodded its clothing with the razor-sharp bayonet point attached to his AK-74 copycat model, specially made for him in the clandestine armaments factory operated directly by members of his unit. Whereas most who were fortunate enough to be equipped with firearms were relegated to utilizing older and carefully maintained weapons from existent stockpiles, certain elite ranking individuals such as himself were supplied with freshly minted firearms such as the one which he now held, for reasons of both practicality and prestige. Hot air infused with his ever-present rage blew from his nostrils, his eyes were wide-open and bloodshot and this along with a heavy black mustache arranged his face in a decidedly intimidating veneer. The cold blue point of the bayonet continued to toy with the flimsy garments of the squiggling child, slowly opening its shirt to reveal a pale white chest holding a fast-beating heart, sped up considerably due to duress, thumping heavily beneath its flesh.

>Seeing this from her location several paces off the mother’s cries of distress began to reach horrific proportions. The field marshal raised his left hand in a brief gesture, to which the guards holding her responded by grabbing a handful of her honey-blonde hair and yanking her head downward as another attached a rubber ball-gag to her mouth, stifling her screams so that now only the sound of the infant’s cries permeated the wooded landscape. As if on cue, the field marshal suddenly arced his rifle behind his head and drove it down, skewering the child on the tip of the bayonet. The bayonet set deep into the innocent flesh, directly penetrating into the child’s heart, causing a stream of arterial flow to shoot several feet into the air. The field marshal raised the rifle back up into the air above his head, the bayonet bloody with the crimson flow from its most recent child sacrifice, a veritable moloch in the form of a machined rifle, the small child’s limbs convulsing in its death throes. Deftly and with much skill, as he had assuredly done this before, the field marshal held the rifle at an angle so that the blood flowed downward without soaking the preciously oiled metal of the main part of the gun. Smiling beneath his thick black mustache, the field marshal eyed the mother: his eyes filled with an insane mania, hers filled with a shock beyond all reason. The child’s cries were now silent and he placed his mouth in line of the blood flow allowing the rivulets of blood to fill his mouth, staining his face and mustache in hideous ornamentation.

>After making his point known and as the blood began to cease its flow, the field marshal lowered the bayonet, still bearing the twitching infant on its point, and unceremoniously pushed the corpse off of the weapon’s deadly accoutrement with one heel of his combat boot. The child hit the ground with a dull thump, the last of its blood spreading around in a muddied pool upon the earth, its milky eyes frozen in the pangs of death. The field marshal looked at his guards, their faces revealing nothing but cold, cruel eyes behind the black balaclavas which were the hallmark of the internal security forces. The field marshal raised his left hand in a similar brief gesture as before. “Do as you want with the woman and with the remains of the child.” With that and a final sardonic smile, this time aimed at his men, he turned from the scene and marched several yards into the forest toward the small tent that functioned as his temporary headquarters for small unit operations in the area. Behind him, the guards paired off with the woman and the corpse of the child respectively, enjoying their peculiar tastes to the hilt.

911963  No.8665


Mandatory reading for Atomwaffen.

>b-but it's like the Turner Diaries! Cannibalism!

No, the Turner Diaries are about a racial holy war in which the antagonist racial enemy - negroes - are depicted as cannibals. In Iron Gates the 'protagonists' who the Satanists that wrote it intended to be their fantasy are the cannibals, necrophiles and pedophiles. The victims are also all raceless/white, there is nothing fascistic about this book. It's degenerate sadist goreporn.

>it's just to de-sensitize you!

Sort of; but to also demoralize you, the Satanists of atomwaffen try and play this as a meme but mean it seriously. They want you to be engulfed in this smut, hence all the gay porn, gore, and so on they post, because Satanists hate morality (despite morality guiding us as fascists to do what's necessary). At some point there's so much of this smut you don't know what's unironic paraphilia or 'memes'. That's how they hollow retards who actually join these cults out and then make them expendable acolytes.

2dc393  No.8666



Seems to me that the purpose of Iron Gates is to completely desensitize the reader to the most heinous acts imaginable. If you're willing to torture infants, you're definitely willing to kill non-whites.

67a27e  No.8668

File: ceffe74005d641a⋯.jpg (332.82 KB, 3300x3140, 165:157, 1416805600157.jpg)


Holy shit,

this reads like the edgiest fanfiction ever made.

no wonder /pol/ fell for this crap.

9cf562  No.8672


No, it's to be edgelord sadists. Nice try, faggot. Satanists like to be sadists. Any communist, Islamic or fascist ideology is simply the manipulation of 'sinister' energy.


This is what Satanists think of the NatSocs they infiltrate.

9cf562  No.8673



You literally don't need to want to rape babies' corpses to kill non-whites. Are you fucking retarded? The memes are real. Specifically the first one in the OP.

c4e65a  No.8690



No for a simple reason. Fascism is direct, it never subverts. Only kikes subvert, the Aryan always fought the enemy head-on.

6a792f  No.8704


Christianity must sever it's Zionist roots to move forward I'm sorry

c4e65a  No.8730


Destroying the Zionist roots destroys christianity. I do not advocate for a christian future, a want a pagan one.

85fe39  No.8836



6a792f  No.8933


no it doesn't. what is Positive Christianity and Templeovgelschaft? there is also New Testament only Christians in some Protestant churches. the avatar of Jesus as Aryan instead of Jewish.

e45f8c  No.9088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

13e1ec  No.9092


Isn't that the natural conclusion to Them against Us narrative? Either you join our side or we consider you an enemy and kill you.

There is a ring of truth to what they say which is what makes it appealing. Drug dealers are scum and deserve to be shot but they do act as a filter that kills off people with addictive personalities.


Almost all satanists are just larpers and trolls. They're the same people who "made up" Anonymous when it was big. A bunch og edgy kids saying edgy things to upset people. They don't take it seriously and have no agenda other than to make you angry so they can laugh at you.

There are real satanists and I don't know how successful they are in their actions but they're very rare and not trolling on the internet. If you are cutting up animals and even people you don't waste your time trying to subvert radical online groups. That's more Molyneux and Peterson's territory when they're looking for paypigs.


Screencap is flawed. What is best for your nation is best for you. You are part of the nation and so even though everyone is ultimately self driven it's in their best interest to promote a healthy nation. You help your neighbour paint his fence because a town with nice gardens is nicer to live in than one full of junk.

13e1ec  No.9094



Pagan and Christianity are both too weak to be useful to us. If we want a strong religion we must build it ourselves the same way we must build everything else.

It can build off of both Christianity and Paganism and take what works for us from both but neither on it's own is the solution. They have both failed in protecting our people and a religion that does not protect our people is a religion our people should not follow. Faith and folk go hand in hand.

67a27e  No.9107


>Screencap is flawed. What is best for your nation is best for you.

But it isn't, what he is pointing at, is that satanism is the ultimate self-serving and hedonistic ideology.

While you're right that

>You help your neighbour paint his fence because a town with nice gardens is nicer to live in than one full of junk.

That is far from different that what satanist fags preach about, like here >>8664

One thing is to help your next-door neighbor and the other is tho whip your junk in public or rape babies to death just because "LMAO FEELS GOOD".

f41376  No.9109

File: d23ece797ca8921⋯.png (1.19 MB, 802x854, 401:427, terry.png)

I already thought the gay aesthetic these siegetards went for was retarded but I didn't know we were hail satan and eat babies levels of edge here.

85fe39  No.9119

File: 89d55ab3bbda322⋯.png (237.85 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, jLeAwRPAGAN_basic.png)

File: be232f1845f05e3⋯.jpg (50.27 KB, 680x467, 680:467, 9a6.jpg)


>Only kikes subvert, the Aryan always fought the enemy head-on.

If you want bruing people to the light with the truth you don't have to be subversive thats right


That's what Luther tried. But with the schism he failed


>Destroying the Zionist roots destroys christianity.

It doesn't. That's Larpagan logic there…


>Pagan and Christianity are both too weak to be useful to us. If we want a strong religion we must build it ourselves the same way we must build everything else.

You sound so american my friend. Remember what happened to the USA? The city of light on the hill. That city now burns and so will you "new" or syncreticist religion….

13e1ec  No.9122


I'm not American.

I'm also not a religious believer. I don't buy into any religion myself but value it as a tool for a nation. It's a tool you absolutely need but it needs to be by the nation and for the nation the same way the form of fascism does.

911963  No.10436

satanists shilling /pol/ again

e58773  No.10485

File: 1ada3b5875b02ed⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 479x640, 479:640, siege rope culture iron ma….jpg)

>fighting is bad goy!


846d6d  No.10491


Ironmarch are a bunch of larping faggots


and clearly havent read any fascist literature

7728e5  No.10502


Anti-imperialism is a relatively recent revelation in neo-fascism. Possibly stemming from Hellenic and Romanian fascist influence (though not likely); definitely contributed by Nouvelle Droite along with the influence of national liberation. The motive is clear, a front against American-transatlantic hegemony. It completely makes sense in a isolationist standpoint whether you are for non-intervention or surrounded by nations that want to invade you like Gaddafi.

Ironmarch isn't associated with Siege culture by the way. They just want to drag the name in mud.

846d6d  No.10508



846d6d  No.10509


Ironmarch celebrate mass murdering degenerates like Breivik

Atomwaffen tier edgelord skinheads will never help fascism rise in the public opinion, they just make us all look bad by playing into the hollywood nazi stereotype

Siege is a book written by a satanic lunatic who worships a jew and a literal nutjob who carved a swastika into his forehead

Just fuck all of these people man, they gotta go

They're traitors to the cause (they dont even know what the cause is), and as Codreanu says, the bullet should go to the traitor before the enemy

9f867f  No.10511


Eh, I won't get into the whole Iron March thing. There's people more qualified than me to talk about the site. It's the least vital part of my previous post.

b6c9b2  No.10512

File: cf82b2feb6c6206⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 498x516, 83:86, cringe.jpg)


anyone who read the thread knows this is bullshit. kill yourself satanist faggot

in other news you can see more of what kind of degenerate shit atomwaffen supports:


fb4feb  No.10514


As we all know, fascism is a pacifist ideology. I'm sure the system will just let you takeover because you got enough votes. I'm also sure that the lemmings will vote for you, as we all know the average person readily accepts extremist ideologies with no power as long as you seem respectable, I mean ask the conservatives of the mid 20th century! They cucked for optics, and they got so far! You're nothing but cowardly, intellectual, scum. Atomwaffen may be subverted, but its original goals of getting fascist activism out there in the real world, and preparing for the revolution were great. James Mason has never been a part of the church of Satan, he only liked LaVey because of his anti Christian rhetoric. Mason is actually a Christian now "though he still hates the church, he accepts Christ" Hell his newest books go into his Christian beliefs. Also you haven't read siege.

9613ee  No.10599

d389b0  No.10609

File: 67229a1d44dec33⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20181116_015157.jpg)


I own a copy of Irongates and Bluebird, I'm entirely inspired by Ironmarch material and stuff from Combat 18, honestly I'd be more concerned if they were Christians rather than Satanists, plus not to mention none of you have ever read a single o9a work. Left Hand Path gang

51537c  No.10611


Apparently when the main focus of your writing is necrophilia and pedophilia, you don’t have much time for common sense. If there is one thing that the world is not short of, it is Kalashnikovs. For someone to put effort into manufacturing new Kalashnikovs in a time of turmoil and civil war is nonsensical. Only someone without a shred of reason would do such a thing, but Satanists are obviously too concerned with degenerate places to stick their dick, than to put effort into plot structure.

911963  No.10612


first few paragraphs of liber 333 it talks about infiltrating 'extreme' organizations and making them satanic egoist shitheaps. same with hostia, end yourself retard

f41376  No.10613


>honestly I'd be more concerned if they were Christians

You are 15 years old

aeb5a4  No.10887

What's your opinion of Fascist Forge?

I have the impression that they are subverted. At least the mods there are sympathetic to O9A.

348e0a  No.10888


Are those books any good? Iv'e been thinking of reading them but I have a bit of a backlog.

a229b7  No.10900


Nigger, Mason doesn't know/care about any of this ONA shit. He's a boomer who was relevant in the 90s and is now a naive mouthpiece of awd

fbe96f  No.10904

NSM has the same issues, but on a much less extreme scale. The Joy of Satan ministry which basically run the NSM is just a big joke. No where near this serious.

fbe96f  No.10905

Infiltration of our movement is by far the biggest threat to civilization. If we don't start organizing to counter this sort of behavior, we're all fucked. Fucking terrorists sucking satan's cock, bunch of lefty looking faggots.

fbe96f  No.10906


This is some sick shit. Natsoc propaganda is supposed to be positive and motivational. It is supposed to inspire a love for justice and the people, not this hot garbage horror movie shit.

e95682  No.10908

I'd put good money on the Jews being behind this disgusting perversion.

875a95  No.10909


>not being concerned about Jew-worshippers

99ecb0  No.10913


>muh jesus was a jew

But you can't point out how the tenants of Christianity conflict with fascist ideals can you? Because they don't. The origin of an idea doesn't undermine it's legitimacy. If that were so fascism would be an illegitimate philosophical position for anybody who isn't Italian.

1cfa76  No.10985



Jesus was literally Killed by the Pharisees cuz he spoke against the roman occupation of Judea that said Pharisees benifited from because of them acting as the Middle men between the Roman occupiers and the general public

Jesus Christ was literally an Anti-Imperialist freedom fighter

Which makes the use of Jesus's name to justify Imperialism in Iraq / Afghanistan / Libya / Syria etc even more depressing

aafc02  No.11031


Oddly enough, Fascism is sort of 'antimperialist' in the sense that it had a division between proletarian and bourgeois nations. Though, that was more about smaller European countries having colonies.

But, I guess that doesn't stop anti-imperialists from supporting Russian imperialism against American imperialism.

f350f6  No.11034

There's useful stuff in Siege, but there's a shitload of crap thrown in there and it's shilled so hard nowadays. O9A is behind AWD - and Rape was a vocal antifascist. (I mean it, too - I've talked to the guy, though I never got involved with his group. He's INTJ meme incarnate btw.) We need a proper book for ourselves, written by us, a compilation of spiritual lessons AND guides. A full manifesto that isn't subversive / subverted wheat-and-chaff style.

f350f6  No.11035


Thanks for that, nice trips.

f350f6  No.11036

I'm going to leave something here.

Your fears become your reality.

You emulate what you hate.

Molten plaster melts your skin, becomes it.

Learn propaganda and psychological manipulation, anons. Know how they think, know how to counter them. Hell, thought control is a lot better than you might think at preventing memetic infection. Treat this shit as it is - a memetic disease. Strict rules against posting anything deviant - don't even mention the word "satanist", or anything like it. Mere exposure is enough to start the process.

>t. ex isis

f350f6  No.11037



Facing evil does not require wearing its mask. Likewise, divinity comes from within. You are part God and part Devil, free will means choosing which path you take.

>Man is born innocent, and walks through temptation, to either virtue or vice.

>t. some old dead person prolly a catlick

f350f6  No.11038


These people feel GOOD doing EVIL. Tell me then, is your moral system correct, or theirs? Nature doesn't always make man perfect. Good is defined by what progresses most efficiently, remember that. Social order is currently what is good, because it is the most efficient thing for man to do.

f350f6  No.11039


why )ews* killed him

Remember where D&C starts. Even if the person leading it isn't Jewish, you know that the idea is seeded somewhere…

f350f6  No.11040


Double meaning. Dying evil, roughly.

f350f6  No.11041


"ironic", but fitting.

f350f6  No.11042


This. One based on truth, correcting the mistakes of the past.


All things are corrupted in time, that's to be expected. Don't play dumb.

2231e9  No.11250

What do you find in O9A that you think is contrary to fascist ideals?

9c9060  No.11251


Truth is, most of the people on here are still stuck on the MUH SATANISM satanic panic. I don't adhere to the O9A or the ToB but if any of you have ever read any of their works you'd realise in a few seconds that it isn't semitic satanism nor is it particularly anywhere near what you think it is, the Sinister Tradition itself is very pagan based and even draws from sources older than the Old Gods, it's goal is to create a new being worthy of being an outlaw in our current System and the creation of an Aryan Imperium (David Myatt was a National Socialist) it's really just a means to an end and all the edgy writing is part of their desensitization program, not a physical guide for anything whatsoever, and they clearly state (At least the O9A since the ToB is a seperate organization) that the Noctulian will no longer be needed once the Imperium has been achieved, in which they would pass into the acausal realm, the Fascists I know who have followed it are simply letting it manipulate them whereas they use it to not only breed a stronger being but to also help them in their Fascist struggle. tl;dr read The Sinister Tradition instead of kvetching about moralism and euphemisms about child rape when that's not even what they advocate in the slightest. https://www.o9a.org/wp-content/uploads/texts/Christiansen_83940a.pdf albeit I'm no practitioner I do find some of the Aryan Transcendency stuff to be interesting, any of you with half a brain should actually read this before uttering a word about muh satanism then come back to me, it's only 65 pages you can do it I believe in you.

9c9060  No.11252

Also less than 25% of the Atomwaffen Division are adherents to Satanism, most of them are either Odinists or followers of Christian Identity, with the former being the most widely practiced one. Even actual subverters have said AWD can't be subverted, only a small (40 max in a group with near a thousand members) group of AWD members are O9A or ToB, and even then I highly doubt they are ToB members.

5ac157  No.11285

File: abef7de0a6b5652⋯.jpg (167.73 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, iron gates.jpg)



>oy vey the mundanes know

ce3abb  No.11287


Fuck off Caine

6ef202  No.11313


I've already read the sinister tradition and it talks about how O9A is degenerate shit against any Fascist ideals.

bef6d6  No.11353

File: ae75e9129f8cac5⋯.mp4 (11.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, read siege.mp4)

Do siegefags unironically use anime to push their shit? I've seen way too many Atomwaffen shoops of anime girls to believe that they're just parodies.

364ccb  No.11391

File: bb983640ec0f522⋯.png (175.03 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, siege_toga_2_by_bastius607….png)

85fe39  No.11407

212b85  No.11458

File: 528e9a258fd9a6b⋯.jpg (733.72 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, JPEG_20190205_155035_56485….jpg)

>equating TOB with O9A

>not realising TOB American edginess is despised by O9A who are mainly Brits

>never having me an actual Niner

>not realising O9A have been involved in Ns for decades

>have actually been largely beneficial to the cause

212b85  No.11459

Most o9a stuff I've read is not even political. They just bitch about the city and how we need to live off the land my dudes


d0c740  No.11461

File: 91a426a022bb2b1⋯.jpg (228.49 KB, 700x999, 700:999, o9a larpers.jpg)



shutup flemming you pedophile faggot

bef6d6  No.11467

File: ec1525420c5234b⋯.jpg (322.65 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dvhz6i1UcAAtd8Q.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 9cd3e9e062291cc⋯.jpg (414.77 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DwfxBW8U0AAbfLN.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 79594594eb80864⋯.jpg (286.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DwfxCYDVYAA29gj.jpg orig.jpg)

How can frail whites even compete with this Aryan predator?

bef6d6  No.11468

File: 617777db46bcb8f⋯.jpg (279.4 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DwIk_qRUUAET_Ji.jpg orig.jpg)

File: f04da157b9aefaa⋯.jpg (302.9 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DxASbkRXgAENUaE.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 6dd385a22b189d7⋯.jpg (363.36 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DxAYQkzXcAEsDAt.jpg orig.jpg)


Truly the face of white supremacy.

bef6d6  No.11469

File: 0ab7dfde8ff9867⋯.jpg (275.72 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DxEBoyWV4AAnnZ-.jpg orig.jpg)

File: b0f283d61e1a6d8⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 800x800, 1:1, el goblino.jpg)


The resemblance is uncanny.

c0c4a4  No.11470


Based Mulato Tranny Krieg Division

dde49c  No.11481

File: c0a7a7c23a109e1⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 329x329, 1:1, douk.jpg)


Hell I'd still hit it

b39e7a  No.11489

File: 4070537ea6ba5b5⋯.jpg (165.37 KB, 1125x940, 225:188, varg vs shitskins.jpg)

File: a3aa18a5e677248⋯.jpg (21.1 KB, 797x165, 797:165, varg cuck.jpg)

File: d9532f86ac954a1⋯.png (334.29 KB, 1838x839, 1838:839, med nord redpill digits.png)

1f5d23  No.11491


Never feel bad about being attracted to children. There's pedophilia everywhere.

Grown women with binkies in their mouth, ordering kids meals, trying to act like stupid underage girls. Literally pedos.

Never feel bad about it.

dde49c  No.11494


dude i'm a zoomerfag.

I'd gladly fuck an older woman over someone my age.

Women who are like 16 are the fucking worst.

It was a joke.

b5dbf0  No.11517


Please explain this i am confused the consent age is 18 right?

b5dbf0  No.11518

Is this a fascist board or not? Ideas debate not underage Brazilian girls

5a2be3  No.11555

Now I'm confused as to which group to join to further my interest in sodomizing and killing non White females.

bdf12b  No.11565




Could you upload Iron Gates in PDF?

7370b4  No.11570


This defense is weak. I have read your literature, it is psychopatic, the "its just edgy writing lol" when the edgy writing is 90% of it means that you're just edgy LARPers that fabricated a nutcase belief that you will become acasual vampires after ushering the return of the dark lords in an eon of chaos. Fucking retarded shit, but anyone with a brain can see this. What baffles me is how you retards are harming yourselves in this process, unbeknownst to you that there are several universal laws in place, which you cannot circumvent, no matter if you believe in them or not, the law of cause and effect, the law of karma, for promoting this sick shit, for infiltrating organizations for the purpose of stirring chaos, for spreading "sinister" influence and doing evil, you are getting hit by the boomerang you fucking retards. That's part of why your movement turned to dust.

7370b4  No.11571


This. I have had the opportunity and honor of speaking with an elder fascist, a historical revisionist, who's had assassination attempts on his life, trials and his building was torched by mossad agents. He is of the opinion that the Church is judaised, that Christianity is judeo-Christianity and the sheep from within churches are cerebrally circumcized, he explained that real Christianity is ahead, yet to be discovered by the masses. He follows Truth and recognizes that Christ is Truth in Absolute form, but supports the older way of religion in harmony with nature and divine laws, claiming that Christianity took man away from this order (especially arguing that reincarnation, which was a doctrine of ancient civilizations all around, was also a doctrine of the Christian Church until the ecumenic sinod in the VII century, also that spirit was part of the threefold nature of man, which was later considered heresy by another ecumenic sinod) so an answer to this would be matching the old natural order with the new revelation of Christ.

6a792f  No.11572

Most Siege books are just Bataille on crack

6a792f  No.11573


>Muh kike on a stik nonsense.

Anyways he's wrong considering most Fascist movements in history were in fact, Christian.

85fe39  No.11595



Don't tell that the Larpagans and the pagan amerimutts…

When I was younger I tried to argue with those on /pol/ but they are beyond retribution and strikingly dumb.

They'll shit about their (((paganism))) constantly if you start that argument…

054425  No.11838




Kek, i know this tranny, he's a strasserist

His nudes are all over trap threads on 4ch, despite the fact that he's underage

0e7046  No.11841



Just read the entire series, it's great if you like scifi. Personally I couldn't put it down.

580ba8  No.11854


We have plenty of manuals. "Mein Kampf" "The Program of The Party of Hitler" "The Nest Leader's Guide" "The Alt-Right Hand Path" "Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered" are all pretty good ones to begin with. I realize that "Mein Kampf" is really more of an autobiography, but if you're paying attention, you could learn a lot about the nature of political organizations and revolutionary movements.

65d8e3  No.11870


thats form iron gates you nigger, his post was clearly more about o9a not tob

2b2aeb  No.11871



436f8a  No.12135

Odin leader of Atomwaffen division dox.

name: Brandon Wilson

age: 23

Address: 11918 SW 271st St Homestead, FL 33032

743211  No.12136

File: 73dec36c35703b0⋯.jpeg (132.21 KB, 960x1302, 160:217, 0F78FCDC-E2CA-4697-9A1A-F….jpeg)





>tranny Black Front Flag

>being a “radical” from the safety of your bedroom

Everyday I thank God he died before seeing this clown world of Internet “politics”

736edb  No.12172


Last one is kinda 'tarded.

4b722e  No.12198


>Ted was under MKUltra

Discredit him then. He was a victim not an asset.

e66fcd  No.12222

File: f0f35de03657f5c⋯.png (557.76 KB, 1820x1558, 910:779, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile, on a far better board…

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