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File: 1ef59414eb43b10⋯.jpg (138.54 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ejfi3u598u0t9joiejt9gijoig….jpg)

628571  No.6653

Ladies (if there are any) and Gentlemen the time has come to organise into groups unless we just want to LARP we need to make some effort to achieve our goals we need to find places to meet and organise a good place could be libraries or rented wherehouses hell if one of you have enough money you could rent an apartment for us to meet up. Community centres could be one too but it might be easy to infiltrate. Of course we have to be cautious that there are no spies among us so mandatory searches may be necessary and only our most trusted should learn of the most important information so of course this thread is for planning meet ups and organising i know it might be awkward meeting each-other face to face but it has to be done it is time for action it is time to take back our nations it is time to take back our legacy new BO i would appreciate it if you sticky this thank you

94dacd  No.6666

it would be nice but

a) I don't drive


b) I've never found anyone similar to me around here

e6debc  No.6674


The best way is to meet friends for yourself. Combined with good persuasive skills you can find yourself surrounded by people who think alike.

Social change requieres you to be sociable, how tragic

Something else, Let's not centralize, let everyone act on their own for now. More difficult to track and you can cover much more ground like that. Plus, if someone fucks up it does not risk the others

94dacd  No.6686


good idea. I don't really suck at socializing, I'm just surrounded by assholes.

fa15f7  No.6688


>Surrounded by assholes

That’s the mentality of someone who does not know how to socialize

Believe me, if you accept people as people with the hability to improve and not Saints you will find out that there are more good (while maybe miss-guided) people in the world than bad

e6debc  No.7001

File: 812c630e4d64187⋯.jpg (78 KB, 730x530, 73:53, auditorio_cu_nurit.JPG)

File: c6f47d7ff4eef98⋯.jpg (171.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, digitallpost_auditoriounam….jpg)

File: fce7c80e52c6a0b⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 800x535, 160:107, auditorio_che_unam.jpg)

At the Autonomous University of Mexico –UNAM–, within the faculty of Philosophy and Letters lies the remains of the Justo Sierra Auditorium. This auditorium –The biggest of its type on University City– has welcomed figures like Octavio Paz and Pablo Neruda.

Due to it's proximity to the faculty it has hosted manny left-wing movements since the 60's. Since the year 2000 the Auditorium has being occupied by a leftist « Student » association.

They claim that they have turned the auditorium into a place doe community and self-employement. But it is well known that criminal organizations use the complex as a base of operations. Manny of the identified occupants are known anarchists with a criminal record, expelled students or people who were or were never students of the UNAM.

Recording material is not allowed to enter, so are reporters of any kind are forbidden, information about what happens inside are mostly rumors and assumptions taken from the people that come in and out

I really, really reaaaaally want to storm the place. Barricade, cut their power and start clearing rooms, tie them in from of the auditorium, photograph evidence on their criminal activity and destroy their safe-space. Then leave with a huge symbolic victory.

I don't care about the auditorium, only to send the message of « I can get you »

e6debc  No.7002


of course, the most reasonable thing to do is to simply spy and collect evidence so the police can go and oppress them.

Them getting kicked in the face while spouting buzzwords would be fun too.

f69210  No.7006


Start reading groups. Political reading circles with a particular interest in fascism…


>I don't drive

What is a bike? What is carpooling?

Is there no public trans where you life?> find places to meet and organise

33d209  No.7009


Appropriate digits for a blackpill.

With that said, I have no problem meeting up with fellow fascists, my only issue is that I don't know any around where I live. If there's any in Kentucky I'll gladly meet up with them.

e5efb4  No.7083

File: c75fd959730423b⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1205x1187, 1205:1187, ClipboardImage.png)


Not certain if they're larpers or not but I know that Patriot Front has some members somewhere near Louisville. I'm in west KY, but my situation doesn't allow for IRL networking as of right now. Regardless it's good to know I'm not alone out here.

631aa3  No.7085

File: 65a5261c2d16d0d⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 195x255, 13:17, commies btfo.jpg)

Hey, i'm extremly autistic and it seems that, at least around my area, there's no one who is even interested in politics How do I find similar people. What do?

d3f726  No.7086

File: 51dcff6c284a9bc⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 712x512, 89:64, Mosley.jpg)


There was a potential way forward on this issue in a thread on halfchan in the last couple of days.

">find anons

>rent a fucking house

>get work

>pay rent

>anyone asks who you are

>we wuz good boy americans/brits/germans going to church getting them programs

>keep making money

>save money

>get more anons in

>reach out to average family and do normal shit like talk about bullshit stuff while helping clean up the community

>continue under radar until normalised

You can't even argue against this."

Here's the link-


I'm the guy in the thread telling him that this idea should probably be a general. Something like this, combined with something like NBUF's Operation citadel (cringe organisation, shit leader, surprisingly decent plan), is the best course of action for base-building i've seen so far.

Also the ideas came from Brits & it'd be sweet justice for my bruised national ego if le eternal anglo saved europe.

a30506  No.7093


I feel you mex-anon here in chile is pretty much the same situation in academia as whole.

The last time some feminist took over the university for some months. that's where my Dad used to work as a librarian and suffice to say they destroyed his life long work, all the books were either burned or stolen.

I'd say go for it but make sure that whoever is in charge of that university isn't in their side.

e6debc  No.7097


I should add that the Ciudad Universitaria of the UNAM is a UNESCO world heritage site.

>I'd say go for it but make sure that whoever is in charge of that university isn't in their side.

I don't know him, but he is probably some leftist freemason who chooses to ignore this so he does not risk yet another student uprising.

There's also the whole « Autonomous » part of the school. This school if very leftist – is a public school –, and they love to scream « ¡Represión! ». Sadly I know no one in that school aside from Alumni. My closest friend studies Law at a private school in the same city, but of course his school and the UNAM are extremely different, but from what he tells me I can be at peace knowing that our education system is not completely fucked, it is mostly the mediocre masses of « workers » which only the naïve and ignorant would try to defend.

Storming the place right now is not realistic, but one day the context will be favorable enough to justify the invasion of a school, and then the Khali Jugend will have a picnic at the former-epicenter of mediocrity in our youth.


Use those quads and learn how to drive. I just learned, I hate it, it is a very inefficient method of transportation in a city and I would much prefer use a non-shit public transport system, but guess what? I need to drive.

« Motivation » is the absence of excuses. A functioning man should be able to act on Duty alone, without any motivation.

8d2b34  No.7101


Same here, there’s a lot of tweakers, mormons, and old people where in my area. Most of the people around my age either don’t care about politics, or they have normie liberal views. Also I think it’d be harder for me since I’m not full white. Idk how other American fascist would feel about that since most are WN. Another problem is I’m not financially stable, so that’s a problem I have to work on before I get involved in meeting up with other like minded people.


I like this idea, forming our own communities and running for local positions is the best way forward. We could start by forming reading groups and work out groups. Also we could participate in community service and have food drives and stuff like that.

33d209  No.7102


Fair enough, if you ever decide to meet up just talk to me here and we'll figure something out. I always post with this flag so I shouldn't be hard to spot.

8d2b34  No.7108


I’m more than half white, so I’m good I guess. And I pretty much agree with you on mix racing.

8d2b34  No.7109


I meant race mixing.

c65b05  No.7110

File: d9ed2f5031642c0⋯.jpg (4.4 MB, 6670x4400, 667:440, vCfuLIM.jpg)


Yeah, deleted my post cause i didn't really think it was my place to tell others how to live or what to do "because i don't really live up do the ideal myself" but I'm glad you agree.

8d2b34  No.7111


Yeah, race is important, and race mixing should try to be avoided for the most part.

a30506  No.7141

File: 75784b6b5cc56ab⋯.jpg (109.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qlcv1.jpg)


>I'm not full white

are you the Next Lawrence Dennis???

8d2b34  No.7143


I wish, I don’t have any African American in me like him though.

39f509  No.7320

BO can you please pin this and the self improvement general ? I think they are helpful to our cause we need to start organising because we are running out of time please before it is too late

a30506  No.7334

File: 6cb12e763a4171c⋯.jpg (79.27 KB, 563x587, 563:587, 1471062604991.jpg)


hum, dude? do you realize were are you posting right?

39f509  No.7336


Do not reply to the bait that is what they want you to do

788292  No.7392

File: 5fbf83a0c1b8103⋯.jpg (126.28 KB, 919x960, 919:960, 1794779_1159077247450376_1….jpg)

Depending on where you live, the best meetup locations may be on private property.

Many parts of the United States are pretty clear on property rights and an intruder could at best find himself charged with criminal trespassing and at worst, find himself eating some buckshot for dinner, if the landowner can make a valid claim that he was legitimately in fear of his life..

As always, be careful when you decide to take it out into the real world. Use caution and remember that equal justice never applies to us.

38be5a  No.7961

Joan Donovan would love to talk to you about this. Google her, think Jaba the hut meets leftist scum. That being said if you are serious then you must improve your social skills, look up "moral exemplar". If you do you will learn something huge. You can bust into a place shoot in the air and say " it's revolution time bitches!" But it's hollow unless you have what it takes to make what you are talking about on your own. Start on you, work out(gym) work in(books). The day will hopefully come when it all clicks. You will have genuine relationships with good people and tons of "ordinance" stached away. Don't give up on the dream but seriously think "who are these people?" , I don't know you from a can of paint. Be patient hopefully it will pay off 88 noob bro

6bef86  No.8087

File: 5c17991e8ccd2cf⋯.png (665.55 KB, 720x465, 48:31, original_5a2a89660136ccd56….png)

I'm in. Any Colorado fascists here? I'm willing to drive to Wyoming or Kansas if need be. I have a couple of friends that pro-fascist as well just on varying degrees.

04113f  No.8205

What do you guys think of getting involved in local politics and running for local office? Also doing things like volunteering and going to republican party meetings?

04113f  No.8207


Also what do you think of*

94dacd  No.8208


not within county lines. bus doesn't travel outside the county and I'm still unemployed and grayhound fees are a shitload.

38be5a  No.8292

File: f75b3cabd5d7a1a⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 2814d95916d0cda⋯.jpeg (55.1 KB, 534x625, 534:625, image.jpeg)

File: 2d548a8f03cc037⋯.jpeg (2.07 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, image.jpeg)

I say we try to meet at a place no one would suspect like at Dairy Queen at 8pm or at starcrawler shows. If they come by me I'll be there! And then we strike. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tpe0Eudkm4A

f92042  No.8295

I have repeatedly asked the BO to pin this thread and the fitness general thread but they have ignored me they have also ignored me when i have asked when a link to /3rdpol/ will be put up which was an agreement made by them and Egor i am starting to get a little suspicious but that is probably just my paranoia


we have to remember that the people that come to this board are all over the world i am in the UK hence my BUF flag but if there are any members of this board that are in your local area then go for it

f92042  No.8296


I apologise i meant to say self improvement general not fitness general i need to pay more attention

1564c1  No.8363


It would be interesting to get one open fascist into US government… even if it's very local elections.

e045be  No.8370


It would be pretty interesting to see how people react. I’d probably openly call myself a third positionist if I ran for office though, idk about openly calling myself a


c91833  No.8376


I think that is what the NBU is trying to do members are signing up for local elections as independent candidates

1564c1  No.8380


>running as independents

And this is further evidence that so much of our movement is still LARPing. If don't run as a Republican or Democrat you're wasting your fucking time.

c91833  No.8386


I know the NBU is a joke

f4fd12  No.8404


Call into Chris Cantwell's 'Radical Agenda' open-phones radio show (5-7 p.m. EST) https://www.radicalagenda.com and mention this to him live on the air. (Or just e-mail him).

He takes every call each show.



with this idea. He would probably respond (hopefully).

fb3721  No.8410


This is fight club esque and I support it whole wholeheartedly.


Pat is that you?

c91833  No.8419


Who's pat ?

f69210  No.8422

File: 788affc6b4dc707⋯.png (3.21 MB, 1600x1044, 400:261, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77dec43aa1c111a⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1600x1092, 400:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ace469396417e5e⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone from pic related or going to pic related soon?

94dacd  No.8428


Cantwell and I don't get along. Bad idea.

94dacd  No.8429


I could run on a Democratic ticket. Whilst hiding my power level.

fb3721  No.8431

c91833  No.8433


Ah I see

01e579  No.8443


I wish, dude. (Actually, I don't know if I could take all the pressure he has on him).

I was a part of his volunteer server, and I'm still on there, but some TRS fag banned me for suggesting that Pat and Paul Nehlen hold some joint rallies in the Midwest.

Pat's been too busy to even keep track of what's going on at his own server though.


To be honest, I don't blame you.

Ideologically, while Cantwell's gotten a little better, he still has a long way to go, and I think his (((Libertarianism))) holds him back somewhat, but at the same time, he has a good grasp of the JQ, so I view him as a very useful ally at the moment.

He has also chosen the right side in the divide between the brave warriors and the subversive cucks that has been boiling over recently in the movement.

63019a  No.8459




Cantwell has talked to FEDs.

3655ab  No.8460

I live in Lebanon, and barely anyone here holds the same views as me of wanting a Christofascist state to fix this country under an absolute leader. I don't know bros.

63019a  No.8462


Go join Hezbollah, faggot. The thing about a popular movement is that you don't always lead as purely to your own design. There's a give and take.

dd0c5c  No.8477


I know that Lebanese anon, he doesn't completely like Hezbollah, and for good reason.

f69210  No.8483



Lebanon was once the pearl of the christian levant. Start a renewal movement, I don't think you'd have the local FEDs hindering you, would they?



Arn't they anti-christian kinda?

3655ab  No.8485

>Go join Hezbollah, faggot.

Hezbollah is a Shiite religious party, ie you have to be a Shiite to join. I don't know about you, but I'm not converting to a false religion. I detest Hezbollah anyways with its plans for this country. Not to mention that it's just an Iranian stooge that completely undermines Lebanon's sovereignty.


>Lebanon was once the pearl of the christian levant. Start a renewal movement, I don't think you'd have the local FEDs hindering you, would they?

Well, there was a man who tried to revive our ancient liturgical language spoken by our ancestors ever since they came here, with language being Syriac. However he has been shunned simply for attempting to revive the Syriac culture here due to the fact that Syriac is similar to Hebrew in language. We speak Syriac in church in some parts of the liturgy, but this man was aiming to fully bring it back so that it could be a fully spoken language by the Maronites here.

>Aren't they anti-christian kinda?

Well, yes, to some extent. They know that if they cross us or attempt to get rid of us to usher in the wilayet al faqih we will stand firm and hold strong, as we always have, defending our presence in this country as we have been doing so since the 5th century.

3655ab  No.8486


First part was meant for >>8462

3655ab  No.8487


I don't think I know you, anon. I don't think I've ever posted about Hezbollah before. Could you tell me what that Lebanese anon said?

dd0c5c  No.8529


Well, he said that Hezbollah is still seeking to establish an Islamic state similar to Iran, they aren't secularists, and that he only likes them for their anti-Zionism. He'd a Lebanese Falangist and i think he said his uncle or father was a member of Kataeb or the Guardians of the Cedars.

beaef1  No.8547

Hey lads. What's half black, half white, and stinks?

c0eda3  No.8556


California (^;

e97d2a  No.8572

I know Quebec has a pretty good little thing going on, for those up that way.

I'm in the deep south, and only know of some strelo/k/s in this area.

3655ab  No.8609


Oh yeah. I said that. I said it a long time ago which is why I didn't remember posting it. I would like to clarify some points now that I'm more knowledgeable about Hezbollah and its actions.

Hezbollah is seeking to extend Iranian influence into Lebanon, where Iran's ultimate goal is to establish a "crescent" if you will, stretching from Iran to Iraq through Syria to Lebanon, in order to bring about its revival of the Persian Empire, more or less. It seeks to establish a land corridor, if you will, through these areas. As a Christian. and as a nationalist, obviously I am extremely against this goal, mostly because: Iran persecutes Christians, I don't want to live under Islamic Rule, and that I don't want my country to devolve into a "puppet state" heeding to Iran's every command, the same way Hezbollah currently does.

>he only likes them for their anti-Zionism

I do, however after actually thinking about it, Hezbollah does much more harm than good to the country. Any bill that is to be passed that will improve the country economically, infra-structurally, politically, etc, is mostly rejected since it sometimes doesn't adhere to Hezbollah and its allies' goals. In addition, the mere presence of Hezbollah in the country forces investors to pull out of the country and deters any potential investors from actually investing in the country. Furthermore, Hezbollah undermines the country's sovereignty,as it has established a state within a state, and the very fact that it undermines the country's national army, instead of handing over its weapons and aiding our army in that regard. Our army is so poorly equipped, if Hezbollah hands over its weapons it would help immensely.

Yeah that's pretty much it. If you have any questions, please ask.

362dab  No.8639


What you said pretty much changed my entire feelings on Hezbollah. Not only did i begin to dislike Hezbollah, but i also stopped trusting /sg/ threads. I know in /sg/ they really hate you.

3655ab  No.8661

File: a0a96542c604954⋯.png (63.83 KB, 1319x249, 1319:249, sg.png)


They absolutely detest us and make all forms of retarded theories about us Maronites that can be easily dispelled if they pick up a book. They love attacking our president that fought against the Palestinians who wanted to establish a new Palestine in Lebanon after being kicked out from their country. They love mocking our martyrs who fought to defend the country and its sovereignty, the same these martyrs' ancestors did since the 5th century. They love calling us "Zionist shills/collaborators/cucks", when there is no evidence that makes this true. In fact, there is evidence that Iran collaborated with Israel during the Lebanese civil war, and the fact that these weeaboos support Hezbollah despite it being an Iranian tool somehow doesn't make Hezbollah a collaborator because feelings. It's ridiculous.

I capped this beauty from an /sg/ thread. Boy did I laugh at the replies.

Please anon, allow me to help clear up any notions you have of Hezbollah. Allow me to show you that they are wrong.

5f8077  No.8692

File: dbb4d8bf71ee5f0⋯.jpg (189.32 KB, 566x800, 283:400, remove kebab.jpg)



Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and all Mestizos are my enemy. Persia is gone and dead. After Darius was decapitated by Alexander The Great, Persia would be cursed to never rise again. Islam animals following the folly of The Salahadin will all be sacrificed and have their filthy fucking mongrel heads placed on pikes. You and all the Mexican animals are next you Christian filth. I can't wait to see the news stories of Genocide of Mexcriment and False Christniggers.

May you and your children be burned and disfigured with White Phosphorous, scum.

c0eda3  No.8705


Yeah most of hose who support hezbolla do it because of the /sg/ memes.

I mean, I like /sg/ than most of /pol/ but that is not saying much.

a4ae39  No.8722



I have nothing to do with Mexico but ok.

>the rest of your post

I can feel the edge.

a4ae39  No.8723


Lol yeah. Surfing cuckchan/pol/ is like trying to find diamonds in layers upon layers of excrement.

4dbf1f  No.8728


The awnser is not genocide it is giving each race their own home either through cooperation or by force genocide should only be the absolute last straw if there are ABSOLUTELY no other options and if it is essential to our survival but hopefully it never comes to that war is hell

5f8077  No.8744

File: bf086a3cd88cc2d⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1224x1741, 1224:1741, angry llama.png)


Let me put it into terms you can understand: Where I come from, the only other whites I see are easily identified as foreigners. I did not choose my enemies…I'm just one of few left here.


Sounds like CIVNAT soygoy cuckerite think to me. You have Muslims on your land who put your boys and girls into sexual slavery; The UK is a testing ground for the worst kikery I can imagine.

My people are all dead and gone…however, I still fight for the underdog and the righteous volk because I don't want to see it happen to anyone else; You wouldn't do the same?

362dab  No.8745


/sg/ really is filled with some of the most hypocritical people. I am gonna sage because i feel i have gone off track of the op's question.

3655ab  No.8764


Yes that is true this thread has been slightly derailed.


2f65de  No.8834


cantwell is a rat

c15c46  No.8842


Elections will never, ever, ever matter. They are literally controlled by jews at every level. You will never get anywhere by trying to change the system from within.

15c692  No.9002

File: 63de2bcf4d5b590⋯.png (437.93 KB, 646x404, 323:202, 646x404.png)


Iron Guard Server

Join if you're romanian or care about Romania

859d9c  No.9073


Putting the link here will propably ruin the server

02aad0  No.9081



3b917b  No.9248

Yo if there's anyone west of where Michael hit, there are plenty of us here looking for you. "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" no?

3b917b  No.9250


>deep south

Deep south Canada or deep south US?

77fa59  No.9444


>Yo if there's anyone west of where Michael hit

Who’s Michael?

2b3f67  No.9473



Oh fugg never mind you’re talking about hurricane Michael. I feel like a brainlet now.

9cacf4  No.9631

Other "fascists" hate me and call me names. So fuck off. I'm a one man army dont like it? Take it up with my buddies Mr Smith & Wesson.

f1149c  No.9712

biba espania xd

91d2e1  No.9721


A single stick does not a fasces make. Can't take the bantz? Bantz back, grow a thicker skin, or don't call yourself a Fascist

c763f1  No.9959


Nice reading comprehension, nigger. The "other facists" are the filthy moderade/larper/libertardian pretending to be fascist.

3b8bee  No.9961

Mate, it's half past time to act. The time to act was the 1980's

3b8bee  No.9963

Also, all your other gay meme flags can eat a dick…

4bb538  No.9965


I know I fear that it is too late but you have to keep a positive attitude. Remember defeatism is illegal

c47b78  No.9970

File: 13994a0a3107746⋯.jpg (138.25 KB, 824x960, 103:120, kekfrogsorcerer.jpg)

How do you "organize" weaponized chaos?

c763f1  No.9992


Fuck off normalnigger

33d209  No.10006


These faggots have fucked the board and the BO isn't doing anything to stop the cancer. This board used to be pretty unique in it's identity. Then low IQ /pol/acks took over.

02ccdb  No.10039


Ask the BO to make you a volunteer that way there are more people to keep these faggots at bay and it will take some weight off the BO's back

33d209  No.10054


I'll gladly do it. I was a mod here under the old BO and got rid of plenty of cancer but ultimately these decisions are the BO's to make. The reason I was able to do so is because at the time (before he fucked his own board) we were basically in full agreement about the direction the board should go. If the new BO doesn't want people getting rid of the cancer, he'd probably just unmod me if I banned some of these faggots anyway.

e97d2a  No.10160


late response but deep south USA

702084  No.10251

If you want to meet face to face with like minded individuals. Gather up everyone is a bad idea discretion adviced apartments meeting up this dude is not on the side of involuntary racism.

c81252  No.10298


Could we have another symbol for Sorelianism ?

c81252  No.10299


>being savage

How mexican,my dear anon.

Still, is it the only way to shit on them?

I guess no, as other anons told you, the bset thing is to spy on them.

Then use collected evidence againts if it will be required .

5e175c  No.10329

Is their anyone in the Louisiana Arkansas Texsas area?

eb94a7  No.10371

45°34'14.0"N 73°26'41.0"W

from 6 to 8PM 5 time a week im usually there.

97235b  No.10628

Is there anyone in the San Diego area? /meadhall/ is dead and has been dead for a long time.

94dacd  No.10630


if you live in Ohio I'd perfectly fine with meeting up with you. public place ofc.

94dacd  No.10631


I dunno what would fit, honestly.

94dacd  No.10632


only reason likely for me is the anti-Israeli sentiment. that's about it. and the pro-Christian sentiment. but I dunno. its all semantics to me. the quicker Israel disappears and whomever does it is fine by me.

514ec6  No.10652


>Sounds like CIVNAT soygoy cuckerite think to me

Not really, it's about giving every race, ethnicity, and nation their own realms, and they stay there unless they want to visit other lands as tourists. Diversity is kept through separation and segregation.

For example, you mention Muslims in the UK. The ideal would be to ship them back to their homelands. If they refuse, force them to leave. If they fight against this, then the people of Britain have every right to kill 'em all.

7438bc  No.10715

I vote on calling ourselves the kitten love squad, literally nobody would suspect Hyper-Nationalist, Ultra-Authoritarian, Mixed Market, holohoax denying race realists LARPing as weirdo neets at a cat convention.

503e8e  No.10717

If anyone in western Tennessee, I'm willing to meet. My schedule is kind of weird due to my work, but something could be worked out.

97c8a6  No.10876



That sounds hilarious but you might attract people who actually are neet cat-lovers.

I would recommend going with some obscure anime or show or even ttrpg no ones heard of and would sound incredibly boring when explained. Don't have any suggestions but just look up a list of TV shows from the 60' and choose one no ones heard of.

edc841  No.10986


You do know that Local Elections in the U.S. are mostly nonpartisan with independents running, or if they are Republicans and Democrats they still run as independents.

213c79  No.11003

File: 5665d3ba058c5db⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 474x592, 237:296, Andy Griffith - Our Great ….jpg)


>naming Fascist organizations after tv shows from the 60's

>taking it one step further and modeling your uniforms, demeanor, and ranks after the show too

<News comes on one night

<"Watch out for those Hyper-Nationalist, Ultra-Authoritarian, Mixed Market, holohoax denying race realists"

<"They call themselves the "Andy Griffith Army", and they've been spotted in your locality"

<"We have a here a video of them marching down the street in full uniform - they each appear to be dressed as Sheriffs from the 1950's"

<"Here we see them forming a Phalanx - right before assaulting a group of (((peaceful protestors))) at the border"

<"For some reason they're all whistling"

I would pay good money to see this.

35f875  No.11047


You in any of the WALK threads?

fe3600  No.11237



Welp they didn't let me join.

2aaa0c  No.11238

Here's the only place I'll meet. At a gymnastics or tumbling gym on the spring floor. Until you can prove to me that you know what it takes to get in shape and maintain it I do not want to trust you on anything political.

You cannot lie on the spring floor. We need a harmless hobby that we all practice so we can meet in secrecy without anyone batting an eye.

I nominate martial arts Tricking.

fe3600  No.11239

File: 6d79443fb736c49⋯.png (49.35 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 6d79443fb736c4948ea3b2102f….png)



I made this Discord for like minded Brits, come have a chat to be let in.


fe3600  No.11240

File: c0581f6b25593e8⋯.png (24.6 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, c0581f6b25593e8833f9f5e102….png)



Well that didn't work. Use this link instead.


dd2e81  No.11241

File: 253d445d2d3f28b⋯.png (96.73 KB, 1903x260, 1903:260, Hezbollah.PNG)


>Arn't they anti-christian kinda?

This is a very old post but i will make it clear that they aren't "kinda" anti-christian. They have made it pretty clear they aren't seeking some kind of secular Lebanon like, much opposed to how /sg/ keeps claiming they "protect" Christians.

I don't completely agree with the screencap though, as i probably would be against the Serbs during the Balkan conflict.

1c5c61  No.11291


I’m down if there are any more SoCal people in this board. I think it would be best to start a discord first

1c5c61  No.11292


I seriously don’t know how they don’t notice their proper speak and clean grammar makes them stand the fuck out.

97235b  No.11299


I'm that anon

Discord is shit, Riot is better

Feel free to email me in the meantime (email in email field)

8e65bc  No.11454

this thread and board are a fucking riot

i can't wait to see you fucking teenagers attempt something real and get your asses handed to you

see you in streets, kids

4843bc  No.11464


What are you gonna do? Kick a trash can to show your dominance?

b9446a  No.11482

File: 6b50aa9679c49d4⋯.png (74.62 KB, 1155x561, 35:17, NMR-kill-antifa.png)

File: 87888f08411cbc0⋯.png (153.58 KB, 1135x790, 227:158, antifa-killed-one-punch.png)


>p-punch the nazis, guys!

If we ever met in real life I would fuck you up good.

Antifa are all physical cowards and get their asses beat in every single physical confrontation with NS/Fascists. Every. Single. Time.

ee01af  No.11501

Does anyone else live in Southern Ontario?

20b43a  No.11534


Prepare the bike locks Jimmy.

They may catch one of us, but the rest will remain fighting and manage not to run over conspiratards who haven't read Marx on the Jewish question.

b82132  No.11541


>we control the youth


32a1e3  No.11734


Their posts really aged terribly.

04e3ff  No.11741

File: 3defd02949903ff⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, doomguy visits a mosque.webm)

45f5ff  No.11742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yesterday called

06344c  No.11861


In the area occasionally

e38b4d  No.12016

File: 06a4401ca4eaad6⋯.jpg (39.65 KB, 508x513, 508:513, 078a.jpg)

Do you need a final solution for your ongoing holiday woes? Come join our Family Fun Once-In-a-Lifetime experience! Enjoy the scenery and fresh air on our relaxing train-rides. Feel at home in our cozy accommodation. Unwind together with our eco-friendly underground spa treatment. Join in the communally-international campfire sing-a-longs. With our special treatment at our Camps, you'll feel so comfortable - you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

Thanks to special Govt. Subsidies, it’s all completely FREE! Just roll-up together for Registration, leave all your luggage, heavy furniture and household goods here for safe keeping, and you’ll be right to go. In fact, you can pin-on these instantly-recognizable "I Have Been Selected To Go!" special badges right now, that will make it so much easier for us to find you, if you're running late or something. Can't wait to see you all there. You'll have an absolute gas of a time together, I assure you… six million customers can’t be wrong!!!

e7fe1f  No.12143



KY anon reporting in. I'm further south than you guys but my situation also prevents long drives and extensive activism for the time being. good to know you two are around though. there is hope yet.


this but with rock climbing tbqhfam

5b1cc8  No.12269


you have a friend a few states east

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