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File: f10c096f0477cb5⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 411x631, 411:631, adolf_hitler_by_marmion.jpg)

afef81  No.6851

I will start

things that i agree with

>uniting all the German nations into one single Germanic state

>taking back old German territories

>military youth wings

Things that i disagree with

>the enslavement and extermination of the Slavs( Lebensraum)

>having the Jews put into worker camps(he should have just kicked them all out the country)

>Believing that the Germans are the master race(there is not master race we specifically evolved to our environments the whites evolved to survive the conditions of Europe the blacks evolved to survive the conditions of central Africa the Asians evolved to survive the conditions of east Asia etc it is shown that white's skin easily get sunburned and blister in hot climates and that blacks bones weaken in cold climates basically they did not evolve to live in those areas race mixing is not the solution it just causes more complications than benefits that is why we should stick to our own races i may not be a race supremacist but i am most certainly a race realist)

116e79  No.6855


Things I agree with:

>Kneecapping the German elites.

>Providing a good social safety net for the German people.

>Revitalizing the Economy.

>Rebuilding the military.

Things I agree with but I think were a bad choice for him in the end:

>Invading Poland leading to WWII

>Invading Russia causing Germany to lose WWII

Things I disagree with:

>Killing the Strasserites.

c11fae  No.6857

File: cc950cb300dee9c⋯.png (164.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1c5i50egr_Uuuuhm.png)


>uniting all the German nations into one single Germanic state

Are you thinking of Bismark lad?

e8a412  No.6858


Hitler's goal was to bring back all Germans into a greater Germany,including Austria,Switzerland,Sudetenland and the lands lost after versailles,including Danzig.

The poles refused to hand back Danzig so Hitler was forced to declare war on Poland and ww2 started,the "Lebensraum" is a ridiculous thing created to make Hitler seem even worse.

7703c2  No.6860


He shouldn't have spared the anglos at Dunkirk

e0994e  No.6865

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I kinda of admire him, respect him, thankfull because the national socialists of my country were inspired greatly by him but ultimately I disagree with him for having started the war and hate him more for losing it, there's no changing that fact and the horrors perpetrated agaisnt the german people.

My grandfathers came from germany when Hitler was losing the war

and the stories they will tell me are just beyond description specially the fate of many mother and daugthers were literally terryfing. I know it was a war and this things are bound to happen but the fact that he didn't end it when he had the chance really irks me.

4cc83a  No.6867


>not appointing feder to economic reich-minister

>not expelling all the jews after the vom rath assassination

>not purging the traitorous junkers

>appointing erich koch as ukrainian reichskommissar


>he didn't end it when he had the chance

The war?

cfcafd  No.6878

wow this thread is kike


>the enslavement and extermination of the Slavs( Lebensraum)

Only ever quotes in post-war documents (ie kike propaganda)

>Believing that the Germans are the master race

never said this, wanted all races to work towards betterment.


>Invading Poland leading to WWII

Yeah let's just let Germanic be exterminated

>Invading Russia causing Germany to lose WWII

The USSR was amassing an invasion force if they didn't attack it would have been even worse.

cfcafd  No.6879


This is the only correct response.

cfcafd  No.6880


> I disagree with him for having started the war

England and France agitated for war, read a fucking book. You're either a kike or ignorant.

3c044c  No.6893

File: 0436e1b5a22de42⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 640x381, 640:381, Jude Gelegen.jpg)


>master race

The term of Aryan ancestry

Of Aryan ancestry (=“German-blooded”) is everyone who is free from any element of alien - from the perspective of the German people - blood. Alien is defined here primarily as the blood of the Jews and Gypsies who live in European lands, blood of the Asiatic and African races and of the natives of Australia and America (Indians), while for example an Englishman or a Swede, a Frenchman or a Czech, a Pole or an Italian, as long as he himself is free from such elements of alien blood, is to be considered as related, and therefore as Aryan.

~ Ahnenpaß des Dritten Reiches

The Ahnenpaß (literally, “ancestor passport”) documented the Aryan lineage of citizens of Nazi Germany. It was one of the forms of the Aryan certificate (Ariernachweis) and issued by the “Reich Association of Marriage Registrars in Germany” (Reichsverband der Standesbeamten in Deutschland e. V.)

If Hitler got his way the jews would be in Madagascar. Now the only thing Hitler did wrong was not purging Junkers like Franz Halder, who disobeyed orders like attacking the Caucasus in 1942 instead of 1941 and instead doing a direct attack on Moscow which was absolutely retarded.

89b2ce  No.6895

Herrenrasse=/=Master race

Herrenrasse==Noble race

Nobility can be defined, in this context, as a psycho/spiritual attitude whereby the possessor is one who refuses to submit to slavery.

c9f671  No.6897


Do you even know what the word "Herr" means?

t. German

116e79  No.6903


Not the person You're responding to but I'm an American and I know it's used to address a man.

ich verstehe nur ein bisschen deutsch.

337a3d  No.6919


This. Night of the Long Knives was also a bad move. If the stuff about an impending coup is true it had to be done but I don't know what to believe on that front.


It basically means "lord". Herrenrasse does mean 'master race' but it was in the context of wanting Germans to be master of Germany. Hitler also wanted to blob but it isn't the statement of intent toward world conquest that Jews like to spin it as.

116e79  No.6926


I've always thought it meant something akin to "Mr". For example saying something like "Guten tag Herr Smith"

337a3d  No.6928


Yeah. Male honorifics usually come from that route though. "Mister" comes from "monsieur," I think, which literally means 'my lord'.

4ff025  No.6929

Agree with:

Uniting Germany

Pushing For The Aryan Ideal

Extermination Of Jews

Being Closer to Feder than Strasser even though he ended betraying both.

Disagree with:

Killing Of The Strasserites

Breaking The Pact Between The Gestapo and The NKVD

Slaughter Of Slavs and (not sure if true) being generally cruel towards Autistics when they could be beneficial to the Reich

337a3d  No.6930


Wasn't that like downies? Kind of different from spergs who can be put to work

fa288a  No.6931


> Pact Between The Gestapo and The NKVD

Just noticed there's no German Wiki enty about this topic…what a fucking coincidence


4ff025  No.6933


I have no idea. Some idiots think they're one in the same when they're not.

cfcafd  No.6973


Aspergers isn't all illness. It just means you're a descendant of the ancien regime aristocracy. That's why their mind is tailored towards analytical administration and their social habits are upright and formal. Aspies are the true leaders of civilization and every king in the last 2000 years has been one.

d2ea72  No.6977

He shouldn't have let churchill have his soldiers back at Dunkirk, but kept them as PoW's, and strongarmed England into ousting their commie loving hack of a PM and appointing someone who would want to stay out of the war while Hitler dealt with the source of international bolshevism.

4f8dc9  No.7014


To refute your point with Hitler wanting to kill off all the slavs, it is a tough nut. Of you take a look at the history of them, they were always backwards and had societal problems. This became even more apparent when they lost to communism and didn't try to resist besides the initial reds vs whites. It makes sense for Hitler to look down upon slavs as subhumans, even if they might not be.

d7b1b0  No.7043


>Killing the Strasserites

While there's plenty of doubt as to whether the Night of the Long Knives was based on the actual possibility of a coup, quite possible because of Walter Stennes' previous revolt, or simply manipulations caused by Göring and cronies, I don't exactly blame Hitler for being moved from acting first before a coup or civil war happened.

And to be quite honest, Gregor and Otto Strasser kinda deserved their fates. Gregor was betraying Hitler's cause by independently negotiating with the government, while Otto wanted to replace Hitler as leader, and would later work with the Bolsheviks and Jews. That's not to say that Strasserism doesn't have good ideas and possible good regimes.


This, and what should be noted is that Hitler actually wanted to be friendly with the Poles, because they were the only nation to successfully fight back against the Bolshevik hordes. Jozef Beck, naïvely believing the Eternal Anglo's lies of protection, ruined this potentially fruitful relationship, and forced Hitler's hand to declare war.

4ff025  No.7048


Well shit then call me De Maistre or Julius Evola

4ff025  No.7050

I'm a Jacobite after all one of the last ones

241634  No.7060


I wouldn't go that far but they do make excellent administrators. I think kings and leaders in general have to be warlike which they typically aren't.

f68941  No.7070


Aspergers doesn't exist. It's just a way to call poor social skills a mental illness. If you hang around real nerds you realise they all have the same type of personality. They reject social interactions in order to better focus on their pet interests. This is normal and a standard part of society, you've always had these kinds of people and they do amazing things in niche areas.

The issue comes with the Jewish psychology industry that is ever expanding and ever used as an excuse for every problem any one has. Instead of saying this kids a nerd who does nerd shit they call it an illness. The mothers no longer responsible it's just an illness something causes.

Consider that aspergers is more common in older mothers kids. Mothers who put career before child and are too old to properly raise a kid and interact with them. It all makes sense that they're socially stunted fuckwits when you race them in an environment so outright hostile to their social experiences.

764843  No.7084

things that i agree with

>Uniting German people in one german nation

>taking back old german territories

>persecution of Jews

>Liberation of Eastern European under Soviet tyranny in WW2

>Roman influence in Nazi Architecture

Things that i disagree with

>Invasion of Poland (in the long run)

>Jewish Concentration camps (They really should have been deported)

>Night of Long Knives

c98322  No.7119

File: d4d0b6cd8109aa8⋯.png (158.9 KB, 604x954, 302:477, hitler's white genocide.png)


He's pretty based for killing all the wh*Toids

b39abd  No.7156


this disinfo D&C might work on halfchan but not here

d2ea72  No.7159


>the best thing to do is NOTHING goy

frig off, double nigger. He saw what was happening to his Germans, he acted, and the whole world sperged out, and retards like you are probably the same ilk who think that little jimmy being beaten up by six other people at once is absolutely the guilty one and the six beaters are angels.

335222  No.7161

File: 5a108a7d7695739⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 612x819, 68:91, nette_bolschewiken_propaga….jpg)


>(They really should have been deported)

They barely had more than half a decade before war broke out though, the camps were clearly an emergency measure.




33793d  No.7163


>I blame Hitler for what the international clique did after he lost

Criticize him for things he actually did wrong, doppelneger. Like alienate Franco.

6ef6ae  No.7164


>Jewish Concentration camps

Those weren't Hitler's idea though,the original camps where only labor camps for subversive elements and political threats,including powerful jews.

The ones made in Poland (Operation Reinhardt) where the ones created specifically for jews,but there's no proof that it was ever Hitler's idea,and he never mentioned those camps once.

440b29  No.7167

Things that I agree with:




>Racial hygiene

>Technological progress

Things that I disagree with:



>Putting incompetents like Goering and Himmler in important positions

>Proscribing certain art forms (some of the stuff they proscribed was no great loss, but the Expressionists like Beckmann were unfortunate causalities)


c98322  No.7206


>the second world war is something the international clique did after he lost

c6049f  No.7896

Poland had to be invaded. The Danzig corridor was traditionally German territory. The poles might have responded better to German efforts at diplomacy if they had not been backed up by France and Britain. When Germans in Danzig expressed their desire to be part of Germany again ,they were violently repressed by the poles and so they had to be invaded. It was the right thing to do, Germans were being mistreated - treaty of Versailles be damned. As for Barbarossa , this was also the right thing to so do, Stalin and the Jew commies were bad allies and not to be trusted. The only thing is that Germany did not learn from history and failed to take into account the weather and terrain in relation to supply lines and equipment (think Napoleon). The wonder weapons should have been better/more, jets and nukes! Fuck! Hitler tried to win. My grandpa died fighting the commies. What more can we ask of them? I say only that they teach us how not to fail again!

The japs and pearl harbor - bad idea! Way to go japs! Based on this quote from the great General Patton a better way could have been :(

Patton: Well, the war shouldn't be over. We should stop pussyfooting about the goddamn Russians! We're gonna have to fight them sooner or later anyway. Why not do it now, when we got the the army here to do it with? lnstead of disarming these German troops, we oughta get them to help us fight the damn Bolsheviks!

How right he was.

d20c0d  No.7945


>t. someone who has never actually spoken to some genuinely autistic

It's always immediately obvious when you begin talking to an aspie. Their brain is legitimately different, this is researched and documented. It is a mental illness is every meaning of the word. Unless you think Chris-Chan is totally normal.

b40e54  No.8169


No, but it is something the international clique started.

e0994e  No.8170


but he's talking about spergs, not autists.

4ff025  No.8171


Oversocialization is a problem though. Women don't get diagnosed with as much as men do and unironically we live in a society that values how well you integrate into that said society. The west is built to cater to women and that just compounds the problem with a) the fact that most women are liberal by default b) the #metoo dogwhistling and c) the amount of social media platforms where women can fish for compliments and validation. This is alien to spergs because we don't care about being well liked, we care about the bottom line and honesty. Something the west hates. To see their own reflection in the mirror.

4ff025  No.8172


I'm one myself and find him to be a complete degenerate tbh.

a6237e  No.8173


There I go

Things I agree

>Purged the jews

>Revitalised the economy

>Patriotic sentiment among the germans

>Ivading Russia. Wrong time, but the idea was good.

Things I disagree

>Lost the war

>Invading poland

5b6e6c  No.8179

File: 4f784fc30166473⋯.jpg (179.13 KB, 881x905, 881:905, DESU VULT.jpg)


>Fighting degeneracy

>Telling the truth almost all the time, (almost)

>Invading Poland for killing 58.000 Germans somewhere in Danzig territories

>same 3 things as OP

>uniting all the German nations into one single Germanic state

>taking back old German territories

>military youth wings

>Fixing basically everything

>Making a virgin incel neckbeard cuckold weimar republic into a fucking Chad Third Reich Aryan Master Ultrafucker 9000


>Taking the freedom of speech

>"Master Race" meme (they weren't master race, Asians are, protip: Holy IQ Tests)

>Searching for alliance with shitskins

>Going more into "DER FUHRER IST GOTT" than into "DEUS VULT"

>"Honorary Aryan" statuses, like, where the frickfrack there was a time in war when like 17 year old could do something to show he has Aryan soul?

Also my own thing, from which i lulz@him but at the same time I kinda want to cry because of that:

<Attacking both commies and kike-controlled goys at once, like really, he had ONLY ONE JOB and he fucked it up


>We frens with commies now

>Lets attack France

>well, that was quick, now Britain


>ok big fucking faggot commie, come at me

>*attacks cccp*

>Hitler wins the war

>hehe sign here, Roosecuck :^)

and here, we have /comfyness/ in EVROPA forever

9edbc5  No.8181


>Allying with commies

No thanks! One of them would have betrayed each other eventually, even during the war in the west.

88eda1  No.8182

Things I agree with :

> Killing mentally disabled people

> Reviving economy, for I heard before he was in power the german money was so dead they used it to clean their ass.

> Trying to fight the fucking Rottchild bank system, if he really did.

Things I disagree with :

> Let a stupid cult brainwash him.

> Thinking the Germans were the superior race, while the Japaneses are.

> Let crazy people like Mengele do abominable useless things.

> Hating all jews, while he should have killed only the bad jews like the Rottchild familly and such.

> Attacking Russia, signing his death warrant…

> Failing at saving us from all this shit we have now… :(

9a90d9  No.8185

Things I agree with


>Persecution of Bolsheviks

>The abolition of democracy

>Bringing back traditional culture

>Emphasising community while not forgetting the individual

>HitlerJugend & League of German Girls, teaching important virtues

>Anti degeneracy

Things I disagree with

>Invading Poland, persecution of Poles. I understand why he did it, and that the Polish government was basically used as a puppet by the British to start a conflict, but as a Pole I wish peaceful negotiations could have resulted in something much better. After all, Poland had just defeated the USSR, they were a potent force.

>The emphasis on the German volk. Sure, I agree that Hitler should have wanted Germany to remain German, but in terms of the idea of a wider German reich, I feel Hitler should have tried to unite the white races and built a Reich of European Alliances rather than a German Reich.

>His anti-Catholicism/tolerance for Islam. Christianity had been the foundation of European nations and so Hitler allying with Muslims really pisses me off. He had allies with enemies of the past who still hated Europe.

That's all I can think off the top of my head, I'm getting quite tired tbh.

5b6e6c  No.8210


>Fascism banned, communism gitgud


also, is there a single country in EVROPA in which Fascist parties are gitgud? I thought for some time that Russia has something but no, ehh

69e08b  No.8213


>military build up





>anti Christian

>treatment of Jews (just deport them like Italy planned)





>alliance with japan

4ff025  No.8218


Yeah that Beckmann thing, I wouldn't survive. I have a knack for abstract art, which is odd because Mussolini loved it and promoted futurism.

I also don't like the Lebensborn because of the treatment of spergs (although I'm not sure what actually happened)

b41612  No.8225


Hitler did NOTHING wrong

4a7144  No.8533

File: 20cb453a19c323b⋯.jpg (110.6 KB, 736x691, 736:691, a131d25ccc15ac63436be294a0….jpg)


Things i agree with:



Greater German Reich plan

Alliance with Romania

Taking back stolen german land from France & Poland

Foreign SS Corps

Biopolitical world view

Perfect balance between nature preservation and technological advancement

This that i disagree with:

Not killing the jews or at least deporting them

Alliance with Japan

Babysitting Italy for the entire world war two

Not doing anything to prevent the war between Romania & Hungary

Outlawing the Thule Society

Calling Himmler a traitor

Allowing Turkish shitskins into his Foreign Corps

00d559  No.8546

I find it difficult to find fault in the man who extended the existence of our people by a generation.

Could things have been done differently? better? Probably, but until one of you NEETs gets off your ass and gets some results, you have no place to criticize this hero of the white race.

f7fd7b  No.8586

The only thing I truly disagree with is he didn't kill the Jews. Also Germany should've spent more time supporting nationalist movements worldwide. Yes, what was happening in Poland was terrible but they were trying to bait him into starting the war earlier, and he took the cheese.

0a26a1  No.8625


When did Hitler outlaw the Thule Society?

7a11b1  No.8628


Aside from lose.

But your post is mostly correct.

121950  No.9067


Hitler fucked up fascism forever. Even before the war, and during it, he coopted other fascist groups and forced them to conform to Nazi demands. Nazism was always the worst fascist group of them all so naturally this was a disaster

c9f671  No.9074


Go away rabbi!

Coopting/conquering all of Europe and all the other ideologies was necessary to prepare for the impending russian invasion of 41/42 and the preemptive strike that was Barbarossa.

Pacifiying the Western front was necessary and it wass also necessary to recruit from other nations and so on and so on.

Hitler knew fighting Russia would be a game of chance and saddly we (all) lost…

a67b4a  No.9093


Aren't the Dutch and therefore Flanders of Belgium also Deutschem Volkes? (I'm Brazilian, not German, sorry for any grammar mistake)

a67b4a  No.9095


You don't know about Radio Gleiwitz Incident? The Poles started it, this "germans looked and spoke like polish soldiers perfectly" bullshit is not only absolutely retarded but the time at which the broadcast made by the polish and the time which Hitler announce the defense of Germany match up to the Polish Soldiers on the border killing German soldiers, people and also in Danzig and even fucking Warsaw.

a67b4a  No.9096


>mfw OP sucks so much cock he believes in the jewish "fuhrerrasse" bullshit instead of Herrenvolk and DeGrelle

a67b4a  No.9097


I only have one question pertaining to this "Slavs were considered ok", specifically the polish. Wasn't there a special "law" made to kill polish-german children? (Ie: Germans sent to Poland raped (not like the barbaric mongrels of the Red Army did in millions and gang rapes) or just had romantic relationship with Polish women and then, since abortion was prohibited, their newborn was taken by the "leader" of that area and put into a "kindergarten" (for babies, dunno the name) where they were left to die by starvation since nobody did care to them and the parents nor couldn't do anything nor knew where it was)

c9411e  No.9098

File: 0d6c0362f3c8760⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 564x847, 564:847, a4862ba503ab6dce2c9aead166….jpg)



No. They did try to integrate them fully into German society by way of forced adoption. Then, after the war, Poland did the reverse—they tore children from their adopted parents, families they had known from their earliest memories on, and tried to integrate them back into Polish society. It was a clusterfuck that didn't have to be, but then again the same could be said for the entire war.

a67b4a  No.9099


>your nation is heavily dependent on Oil

>don't even have technology to make Oil like stuff like Germany did have

>"reee don't attack the resource rich places!"

That's like saying Hitler shouldn't have tried to reach the Caucasus before reaching the Urals through the North.

a67b4a  No.9100


Do you have any sources on what you said or is it based on conclusion arrived from a source regarding something else (Ahnenpass)?

I really want to see that this is wrong ("documentation", to fact check and redpill others on this). I once saw in Kikepedia the place where there was a monument in one of the places where the babies were left alone to die (a bunch were told to have died there as consequence of German nurses precisely not taking care of them) but don't remember the name and shit, it even had a picture (it was written in german).

a67b4a  No.9102


You're still bluepilled mate, Japanese aren't master race, but surely the Germans weren't the master race of Whites.

Master race based on IQ alone would be the people in Hong Kong (still to this day).

However, the master race stuff isn't what you are thinking, not that there aren't shitskins, but it's not like evolution stopped in humans, they might evolve too (Germans were barbarians and evolved nicely because of Romans).

Mengele was a normal doctor, he didn't fucking do those retarded ideas the crazy jews think of him, think about it retard, do you really believe every single survivor was raped by him? Fuck off mate. Himmler was the real retard, along with Rosenberg but anyway, I'm not going to force people to believe in Jesus, salvation is individual "kiddo". He didn't hate all the jews as well, he only said there was a racial problem whereas the jews were (at least at the time) mortal enemies of the germans. By the way, to disprove your idea of this, he fucking allied with Zionists to get jews back to either Israel or Madagascar (Jude/ah Raus Nach Palastina or something) and to stop the whole jewish Judea declares war against germany boycott thing. He didn't kill any jew, in fact if he hated jews so much (or the mixed) he would have ordered all Mischlings, including his friend since childhood, Emil Maurice, and also the "perfect German man" Werner Goldberg, to death by firing squad like the Einsatz did to the partisans (jews, commies and retarded civs alike).

Attacking "Russia" (Soviet Union, Russia died with Tsar Nicholas, fucking faggot) was absolutely correct and he did at the best time possible for him (at least close to), since after the Great Purge the Bolsheviks were in a bad position due to the Leadership being none, not only that but later Soviets would gain more power and invade Germany (read Suvorov), the only argument against this is that "Stalin wanted Socialism in one country", funny enough that this is refuted through what Stalin did in Weimar, PRC (Commie China) and even fucking France, who do you think supplied the Gramscian commies in Italy? Absolute dumb dumb chap.

>failing to save us

Oh, did he? Do you see faggotry, international capitalism, marxism and other degeneracy today, including bullshit homopedo stuff? That was happening in his time you cuck, even racemixing, adulterous movies and theater plays, drug using being told as ok, degenerate music and retarded "art" (dadaism). Fuck off and go learn what kind of books were burned in Germany. If it wasn't for his sacrifice we would be way worse now.

a67b4a  No.9103


You forget that Croatia had the biggest "Catholic" people of all the Fascist places, probably even more fervent than the Slovaks or Spanish, even while at that, they decided to unite with Islamic Serb-Croatians and kill off the Orthodox Serbs (including Serbian Fascists). You also forget Italy and Il Duce, Mussolini was considered the Patron of Islam due to his Protection of Albania from Greek Agression, Yemen and Oman as well as Saudi Arabia. Hitler wasn't more anti-Catholic than a normal Protestant, which I believe he became due to reading Luther (and might have been a bit influenced by degenerate but enlightened on many topics, Nietzche).

a67b4a  No.9104


NOP in Poland, Golden Dawn in Greece, Casapund in Italy, old LePen Party (Father one), those are the ones I remember top of my head, also the Nordic ones. Here in Brazil we got an underground movement that isn't much popular, LNT, it is Fascist like, although if you see anything "anti-fascist" in the partie's stuff (like even Golden Dawn has) just understand RealPolitiks.

a67b4a  No.9105


>ally Romania

>ally an Orhtodox Country which had the best of all Fascist Movements, the Iron Guard, Legion of Archangel Micahel

What kind of stupid is this?

a67b4a  No.9106


When he banned the other Masonic societies and Masonic Lodges.

a67b4a  No.9108


Lmao, what a gay argument.


Yeah, I remember when German Embassadors stepped in front of all the other Fascist parties and movements in the Fascist International and telled everyone "we're da best". Oh wait, THE GERMANS DIDN'T EVEN SEND ANYONE.

652758  No.9113


>Oh, did he? Do you see faggotry, international capitalism, marxism and other degeneracy today, including bullshit homopedo stuff? That was happening in his time you cuck,

So literally no difference with now and then.

>and retarded "art" (dadaism)

Dadaism was very influenced by Futurism and was supposed to be "anti-art" it was when people started to take it seriously is when it died.There's a reason why Evola left the movement when he realized that his "anti-art" was starting to be taken as serious art.

>If it wasn't for his sacrifice we would be way worse now.

But we are way worse now, after his defeat the very things we hate went into overdrive mode to be normalized. While I don't want to diminish his sacrifice to pretend that his defeat left any kind of legacy (that wasn't demonized) or helped anyone in any way is to be delusional.

121950  No.9227


I don't buy Suvurov tbh

The fact remains that even if he were right, Hitler should've focused on allying with the West against the Soviets instead of pissing off the West to the extent that war was declared, before launching Barborossa (which was always going to fail unless they could find a way to get all their food from somewhere that isn't Ukraine)


Are you retarded? The involvement of the SS in certain European parties is well documented and in other cases such pressure was more subtle (i.e. Germans would only give funding if parties were more aggressively anti-Semitic and racist). Note the change in fascist groups towards the end of the 1930s.

ba6d76  No.9273

Okey, let us Just set a few things straight here. Hitler definetely believed the germannic nordic race was the master race. This doesn't mean it's the race with the highest IQ, but the creator-race responsible for 99% of the inventions and technologies that make up the modern world. The nordic race is innovative and creative, because it has to be due to its natural habitat in subarctic and arctic europe. It is strong and of tall stature because it has been neccesary to fight to survive. It is a race of Explorers, because the need for New lands for New generations is what has always driven the germannic nordic race. It is PURE, because of the odal tradition, in which the farmers smartest and strongest son would always inherit the farm, and the other sons would become warriors, vikings, raiders, or part of an organized great migrations to southern lands. This always prevented weak genes from staying, and promote the accumulation of noble traits over thousands of years.

The nordic race was, according to Hitler (Stalag Mein Kampf), the creator race behind japanese, Egyptian, chinese, Indian, and Mesopotamian civilization, and the miscegenation in these civilizations eventually either hated all progress (like in east Asia) or caused the fall of the civilization (like Egypt). Hitler was very clear that world history has always been, and always will lead up towards the eventual battle for complete Ownership of the entire world by one race, and the nordic race, with light eyes, Long heads, narrow faces, and blonde hair, is the strongest and best to Carry humanity onwards. Thus, his conclusion was that extermination of all non-germannic peoples must be the end-game, always. In exterminating the slavs and poles, who had prove themselves as not very creative, innovative, strong or organized in other ways, Hitler saw a New frontier to expand the nordic habitat in. Since the Odal-system was responsible for making the nordic race so pure and noble in the first place, the ostgebiet would serve as the perfect place for the breeding and creation of the new germannic nordic elite that the new Reich would be populated by eventually. The poles would have to go. Being White is of little importance when they have already proven themselves as inferior to the germannic master race. Master in the sense that they are destined to be the last. Destined to rule the world in solitude from pole to pole.

ba6d76  No.9274


Being White means nothing. Being nordic germannic, and part of the creator race responsible for almost every single element of modern technology and human physical superiority is what matters. Bioscientific worldview based on eugenics and ethnic racial hygiene is neccesary. Creating a Reich of europeans Just for being White-ish is a bad idea when you can instead issue an age of aufnordung and create a greater habitat for the strongest and most promising racial group on the planet.


This. This. This. Absolutely outstanding. Also


>Removing poles and all populations to the east in order to create enough room for the nordic resetlement of eastern europe.

>Lebensborn program

>SS sippen-order

>Focus on germannic pre-history and culture


>Egyptians and Iranians as honorary aryans and exceptions from Nürnberg laws

>decision to burn northern Norway, killing so many of the purest Nordics in the world

>not exterminating southern frenchman, or at least trying to increase the nordic/germannic prescense in france and belgium.

>Not demanding süd-tirol from Italy in exchange for helping Mussolini annex Greece.

652758  No.9282

File: 1ddb1515f4d2d55⋯.png (418.75 KB, 509x432, 509:432, 9u2OYRJ.png)


>Creating a Reich of europeans Just for being White-ish is a bad idea when you can instead issue an age of aufnordung and create a greater habitat for the strongest and most promising racial group on the planet.

>Removing poles and all populations to the east in order to create enough room for the nordic resetlement of eastern europe.

>Egyptians and Iranians as honorary aryans and exceptions from Nürnberg laws

>not exterminating southern frenchman, or at least trying to increase the nordic/germannic prescense in france and belgium.

>Not demanding süd-tirol from Italy in exchange for helping Mussolini annex Greece.

And this is how we know that Hitlerists/natsocs are not real facists. They don’t have interest in the fascist revolution they are nothing but a bunch of nordicist ethno-imperialists who co-opted the national SOCIALIST label for their own agenda. The fact that they can’t offer an alternative to capitalism is proof of this. I’m glad that Franco decided not to help Hitler or else the falangist principle of a united Spain would have been under threat by nordicist separatists. Hitlerist are no better than marxists.Both are globalists, a threat to nations.

c7a9d0  No.9291

File: 27efb50c8edf605⋯.jpg (290.56 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, to hell with degenerates..jpg)


>are not real fascists

They are a variation.

>they wanted globalism

They didn't nor have they claim to want globalism.

>glad they 't help

And look where we are at now.

71dec3  No.9325

File: 7ad9f967b477ae0⋯.png (5.33 MB, 1644x3912, 137:326, nords btfo romans master r….png)

Things I disagreed

>not killing all kikes

>not killing all anglos

>being germ man


112f07  No.9327


I am going to ignore your shitpost but one thing that i can say is that the amazing atheist in pic related shows what happens when atheism and nihilism takes over your life he should be a warning to never take that path. What a sad pathetic man he is

e0f2cb  No.9370

File: 33f638eb8eadbc9⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 600x300, 2:1, slovenes awake.jpg)


What i agree with/like

>Betraying the Soviets (Fuck them)

>Persecution of jews

>Killing Strasserists (Sorry, but the leader wanted an alliance with the Soviets)

>Alliance with Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, and Italy

>The importance of Race

>Establishing anti-communist militias in the occupied territories

>Anti communism

Now things i don't like

>Persecution of Poles, Russians ( He seemed to have a huge hate boner for those 2 specific groups, he obviously didn't hate slavs as a whole.

>Ideas of the Reich

>Racial Superiority

>Not taking advantage of the fact that Belorussians and some Russians saw the Germans as liberators.

>Being a dick to Poland

>Not allowing more freedom to the Vichy Regime (Petain seemed happy to work with him anyway.)

71dec3  No.9382


>everything that btfo me is shitpost.

I sure hope you are not pissy about the killing part.

df3961  No.10931

Things I agree with:

>The removal of Jews from Germany

>Advocacy (and subsequent success) for heavy youth involvement

>His (and the Nazis in general) love for animals

>His fervent opposition to degeneracy and commitment to the improvement of Germanic peoples

>His willingness to eventually expand national-socialism into other European countries and in the meantime liberating foreign Europeans under oppression

>His honesty

Things I disagree with:

>The ignoring and subsequent killing of the Strasserists (while he may not be solely responsible, he obviously didn't object)

>This is a controversial one: anti-homosexuality laws

>His initial views on Slavs (it's hard to say what he thought of them later in his life though)

Despite his flaws, he was still a commendable man

3916a7  No.11714

>>6851 (OP)

>Things I agree with:

Making the nation stronger.

Against communism.

Hatred towards the Jews.

>Things I disagree with:

Uh, nothing.

b56e6f  No.11715


JK, WWII was only a small battle in the bigger war


>Perfect balance between nature preservation and technological advancement

People tent to go to either extreme, I would like to further talk about that

4472a4  No.11751

To everyone asking about deporting jews, you cant exactly deport jews when all of the candidates to deport them to are controlled by France and/or Britain and you're in a very desperate war and can't spend the resources to deport them via ship, air, or land.

94c9c6  No.11759

Point of divergence to me was the occupation of Czechia. I understand it was an autonomous state and the occupation was likely for its protection, but it was a dick move after the Sudetenland was returned and only hurt Hitler's image.

b6a802  No.12288

So many people ITT are borderline optics-cucking on Hitler's actions. From the German point of view it is all completely understandable.


Germany was completely dependent on imports, had a shortage of agricultural land and was densely populated. To remedy this and repair the population : land ratio Eastward expansion was warranted and completely necessary in their pursuit of a long-term goal of self-sufficiency, not to mention the many Germans scattered throughout the East. Hitler specifically maintains in Mein Kampf that simply restoring the borders of 1914 would lead to the same constellation of powers against Germany as they had faced in WWI.

>Aryan master-race

I think this is borderline undeniable. Aryans spread through Europe a millennia ago and wherever they settled there was a cultural flourishing. From Northern India to Britain the Aryans are the originators of most cultural and advanced inventions of value, not to mention that artistic and intellectual achievements are almost solely the product of the Aryan mind. Of course in the course of time some populations of Aryans mixed with the locals or invaders, creating variation among the group, but it remains true that Nordic stock is among the highest of the races on this planet while other groups, while speaking Indo-European languages, have been more or less diluted, including the Aryans of India and the Slavs (who are more Turkish, Finnic and Mongoloid than Aryan at this point). I don't see how you can be a race realist and not draw "supremacist" conclusions from this.

>slave labor

It's the middle of a war and you've just conquered a territory. What are you going to do with the surplus population in the meantime? Set them to work for your benefit of course. It's better than just letting them sit about and plot uprisings against German rule. I'd enslave them too.

2eb111  No.12300


Hasn't been too long but my views have changed a bit, so there are new things i have to say

What i agree with

>Keeping an eye on jews

>Allying with countries on the Soviets border, and Japan

>At least mentioning the importance of race

>Betraying the Soviets

What i disagree with

>German superstate, killing Dolfuss

>Aryan supremacy

>Outright persecution of jews

>Technically starting WW2

>Killing Dolfuss (Seriously this pisses me off)

>Pretty much ignored Quisling, who wanted an independent Norway.

>Never gave any real power to collaborators except for France and Slovakia. The state of Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark, were pretty much just going to become part of Germany, and didn't care for the royal families or fascist groups inside those countries.

b6a802  No.12303


>Technically starting WW2

Persecution of Volksdeutsche in Poland aside, expansion into the East was inevitable since day one, just as Hitler laid out in both of his books. The main problem is that he never got his alliance with Britain

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