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File: 12de342bad6b972⋯.jpg (5.02 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20190418_213854.jpg)


Im a 24yr/f Hispanic with no kids. Weigh about 110 about 5'1with naturally long black hair .may not b the sexiest but i don't seem to understand why my boyfriend of 3yrs likes to watch bbw blondes or bbw milf on porn… Fucks with my mind


Are you guys doing good overall? I think almost all guys like big girls. It used to be a problem when my ex did that too


Sometimes were good other not so great. Theres alot we have to work on as a relationship but him watchinf that fucks with me cuz im a tiny hispanic young n he lookinh for 300lb blonde white girls or even older ladies around their 40.. It jusst makes me insecure cuz it gor me wondering why he with me if thats what he likes


I experienced the same problems in my previous relationship.whatever he's watching online might make you feel insecure but you have to understand if he's good to you, nothing else matters. He probably doesn't even realize how you feel about all this but I'm sure it would surprise him when you talk to him about it which you should btw no matter how embarrassing that sounds


Yea thats wat messes with me cuz he doesnt cheat on me n he is good to me but i habe talked to him bout it.. My first time i told him how i felt was over a yr ago n it fucks with me cuz he keeps doing it like i said it makes me feel lile hes not that into me cuz of wat he loooks for :/ idk how to get it out of my head cuz we go anywhere n i see a big blonde girl n i get to thinking ahit n it fucks wit me


I tried gettin passt it in the beginning but damn after ayr n half it gets to me cuz i told him how it made me feel that he was watching n he agreed to stop n he didnt. Every month we go thru this n ive gotten to a weird spot in my feeling where idk how to feel cuz how can u claim to love someone but u cant stop doing what that person tells u makes them feel shitty n insecure?? Ig that's what mainly gets to me.. Like i understand if i never made it clear how i feel bout it but i have n he cant seem to stop even knowing its gunna hurt me

File: 3d43810a120ed3c⋯.png (541.64 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-14-23-3….png)


I dont know where to begin. I made this because i dont feel comfortable talking to ppl about how i feel. I need a place where i can talk and ask for advice without judgement and non bias ofcourse


File: 6028b96dec20e60⋯.png (200.9 KB, 487x491, 487:491, pepe_high.png)

your bf seems to be a fucking chad tbh, but you're getting to high to even know what you're talking about here


Idk what u mean by a chad but yea i get high to cope with shit.


File: dff473bd5983122⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 680x410, 68:41, chads_virgins.jpg)

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