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File: 54f0b75dfd986d4⋯.jpg (36.42 KB, 482x427, 482:427, 54f0b75dfd986d421ce581df29….jpg)


It sucks living at home.

>irrational, won't listen to reason fucking women

>constantly nagged/henpecked on a daily basis

>no father to put her in her place, "not the son's place to tell his mother what to do"

>still in school, not yet at a level in my career to make a living

>can't move out, don't want to throw money away on rent, living with relatives would be worse

>it's gotten to the point where I'll skip meals just to avoid being around her

>picked up alcohol just to have a little peace of mind

I swear to God, this is how betas/psychopaths are made. Constant nagging by someone dumber than you day by day until you snap. How do I escape the trap?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How do I escape the trap?

Learn to drift and drift yourself out of this situation




File: bfa6e49d01e7fd6⋯.png (807.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, good boy.png)

The only thing that sucks about living with your mother is that it's impossible to count calories when she makes dinner. Every season big boy season.



Its hard, but you can learn to ignore any thing she says. My mother is a bipolar bitch that hates me ever since i can remember being alive.

Nowadays im basically deaf to her voice.



By not putting yourself in a position where other people have power over you.

That includes your mom. Leave the house fam. If you're over 22, there's no excuse besides your fear of being poor, which isn't so bad.


File: c9008af1812e45e⋯.gif (59.27 KB, 500x693, 500:693, c9008af1812e45eff3bfe79f70….gif)


I don't mind being poor, but where do I go? Rent is a scam, I don't mind being poor when I'm young but I don't want to be a poorfag forever, I'd like to be able to save for a house without throwing money away on rent.


File: 873e26df2a4f89b⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 520x390, 4:3, devils surround me.jpg)


>Used to live in a two-person household

>Would do all the cooking and grocery shopping

>Knew exactly what food was in the house at any given time

>Became a healthy weight for the first time in my life

>Forced to move to a six-person household

>Rice, pasta, potatoes all the time since they're cheap in bulk

>Cupboard is constantly stocked with my kryptonite, fresh bread

I love my grandmother, and she's an excellent cook, but this is torture.



My parents were so american that to them fruits were treats.

You know how no matter how much you begged when you were a kid your parents wouldn't buy you more candy, and they wouldn't let you eat too much in a day? My parents did that, with fucking fruits.

When I was 16 at some point they decided to start buying vegetables and they would get really fucking pissed if I didn't eat them, the only issue was that by "vegetables" I mean cabbage and with the amount of cabbage they bought I'd have to eat mostly canadians for every meal like a cow or some shit. After about a month my shit was green and I couldn't stand the taste of cabbage anymore so I stopped eating the cabbage and my parents stopped buying it, and we went back to the usual diet of bread, butter, bacon and soda.


Same boat, anon. Single bedroom apartments are the same amount I'd make in a month, and two/three bedrooms are as expensive as renting a house. It sucks, but you just have to push through. Only thing you can do is move out or make your schedule so compact/busy that you're never home.



Oh and consider edibles instead of alcohol. Much longer lasting feeling than alcohol, and you can microdose (5-10mg) to feel "good" throughout the day without really getting high. You don't really get a hangover either unless you're super dehydrated and don't drink any water your entire high.


Just swallow your pride OP. I don't know how it's in your country, but even at 20, 25, 30 here, I would still think it's a good move to live in your parent's house if they somehow allow you. I only pay my rent and they give me free food. I know how fucking annoying it is to live under their rules and nagging, or under other peoples' pressure to move out at a late age, but the alternative is just working 2x more to live in poverty or in the same conditions, unless you are specialized in something or have some degree.

I just don't wanna kill myself working for someone now to still save no money when I can just work a part time job to pay the bills and have free time to have some fun and improve myself and study what I want, try to build my own thing.


File: 426d4698c930ff7⋯.png (67.95 KB, 1437x908, 1437:908, neet.png)


The way I see it is if they're going to fuck you up for life they might aswell work more to give you the neet life.


File: 62eef032febd05f⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1488x1488, 1:1, acid pepe.png)


Any recipes, anon? I do like smoking a little dudeweed instead of drinking, but can I save money if I bake it instead? Also, microdosing is the shit. If I had a week and some space to myself, I would dial in a microdose of mushrooms in gel caps - get the dosage just right to get those gears moving but not enough to trip balls. It would be like Limitless.



<rent is a scam

Oy vey. Couchsurfing or the like.


Rent a room not an apartment


I really don't get people < 30 who are renting entire apartments




housing situations in every country/culture really varies a whole fucking lot

for example in my country it basically has become the norm to live with parents until 30s,

result of a fucking huge real estate bubble from the last 10+ years, basically is what fucked up the economy as a whole

shitty real estate went from less the 100k to being 300k or more on average, average apartments went to 500k and more depending on location, houses on good places sky rocketed over 1M( because of plots)

so even if the economy is fucked up, the price of estate won't drop as the real estate owners where the ones who did most profit from crash in the place, and with all this rent prices also sky rocketed

this is all good and dandy if you are a state owner to begin with, but for people growing up (1980 and forward)(fucking millenials) it means you're fucked up being poor on a overpriced world

so either you have a good life standard living with parents, or try your luck by yourself getting affordable rent, that usually means living shit place like periphery, favelas, or smaller cities, where your chance to find quality jobs will likely drop

don't know what will be the soon outcome of all of this, but likely to be a world tendency, probably the result of peaceful capitalism running for too long a time,

basically its been too long since the last big world crisis,



oh boy just noticed I went a bit overboard with autism there, I hope it makes sense though



It's ok hueinho, you're among friends here

checked btw



>>still in school

Hahahah. You think it's bad while in school ? It only gets worse. One of my friends still hasn't moved out but is building an apartment while saving every single coin he can.

And he does this while living with his grillfriend in a tiny room while the typhoon of a mother nags them both into oblivion. They argue every single day. It has been this way for him for the past 8 years. He is going through hell.

Meanwhile for those who move out it becomes near unbearable to be at home for more than 3 days. That is the time it takes for mothers to go berserk.



No need to apologize, Sweden is similar because of some old WW2 laws that prevent raising rents in older apartments. The result is some old people pay nothing to live in the inner city while no one is building new houses because it doesn't pay. The waiting line for an apartment in the capital is 14 years and other cities you may have to collect "points" by being registered with the company for 3-4 years if you want any chance to rent an apartment. Students have to sleep in school gyms or tents for months and some give up when the snow starts falling and drop out.

It's like society itself is tuned to make NEETs out of as many as possible.


File: 7c2cc4d895433c4⋯.jpg (20.29 KB, 704x400, 44:25, 230004517755.jpg)


(((NHK))) confirmed.




I am 29

When I got into college went to live in other city…

Rent was ludicrous, student loans was ludicrous and so on… But "adults" kept swearing I would get a job.

So, 2009 crash happens, no jobs, in fact I still don't have a job, I had only freelance work ever since.

One guy propose to me to start a company, but I MUST move to the city where the company is located, also he was going to pay me a reasonable wage.

Although the money was enough to pay my student debts, rent kept increasing, and increasing, and increasing… AND… increasing!

Eventually I was late several months, had to move back to my parents house.

It really, really suck, my mom keeps nagging me, and like OP I started to even avoiding eating near her.

Yet it is clear it was necessary…

I am 29 now, negative assets (I don't own anything, but still have some debts, thankfully very little now), and no job, and currently no freelance clients either.

Of course, also no girlfriend. I mean, what woman would want to date a poor NEET that lives with his mom? As soon I started to fall behind in rent payments my last GF dumped me. (my first GF also dumped me when I was fired from my "job" at the time)


File: b1d4368fc439e8e⋯.png (90.29 KB, 280x280, 1:1, as fasdj dsad fjisdgjiasdg….png)


Look at this guy and laugh, his parents actually raised him instead of paying the bills and calling it a day.



I thought it said "Lifting With Your Mother", kek


>>picked up alcohol just to have a little peace of mind

Put it back down cunt.



I microdosed every day one semester two years ago. It's not like limitless, there is zero cognitive benefit. What I would say about it is that it makes a boring day fascinating and fun, it restores a childlike magic and wonder to the world. If you have an easy job where creativity is an asset, or an easy semester at school I would recommend it highly. Neutral for lifting, 10/10 for cardio; throw on a trance mix and pop a microdose and I can run forever, biking is even better. I would not recommend it if you're going through taxing busy/difficult times such as a course overload or working 3 jobs or anything of that nature where you need stability and clarity more than anything.

I found the ideal micrododse to be 0.05 grams of dried mushrooms. More than that and you start to be too silly and it's too emotionally draining.



What was your major?



The real estate bubble phenomenon you describe is very common all over the world. It is caused by misallocation of capital due to central banks manipulating the money supply to keep their buddies (establishment cronies) in power.

It is a sick game in which the only winning move is to not play (i.e., live with your parents). That or, if you already have assets, take them out of the legacy economy and put them into crypto.



i also live in a similar situation anon.

just seethe is what i say

yeah its a situation but you can't become self destructive over it. just seethe man, keep lifting, improving and let the good times roll



I know that feel

Currently have about a year left before I finish my degree

I'm so tired of her taking my school loans and work money and blowing it on stupid shit, I have to hide money to make sure bills get paid, no wonder we've been poor my whole life and she just lives off disability.

I'm so tired of waking up getting screamed at for stupid shit This morning she couldn't find a piece of paper and blamed me somehow because I came home late. I came home late because I can't stand to be around her.


After this thread, I feel really fucking lucky about my parents, you don't even know. I do have to watch dinner time though…


By which black magic does she get your money anon? Unless you are a minor you should have a paperless bank account that she knows nothing about.


Speaking of housing isn't there some nordic country where house prices rise pretty much by law? (Maybe >>125968 )

I read about it really fucking over everyone who isn't 60+.


File: 93938002dbdad58⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1425761569215.jpg)

Similar situation, age 27. I have an okay union trade job, but am not sure where i would go. I have 2 pets that would be abandoned if i left them with my dad.

Money is of course, the big issue. I have 10k in savings, but am not at full scale yet and only have ~40k/yr after taxes. A decent home around here will cost ~200k.

Right now things are good but people in the union hall tell me that a fucking third of the union is about to hit retirement age and that cyclical market forces are about to hit us with lean times. In 2-3 years I might be working 3 months of the year.

What happens then? I miss mortgage payments until my credit score is dust and I'm homeless? Is it hard to sell a house before it is paid off? Sure, this sucks but I wouldn't know how to live stable with low money like that…


File: d541b4c7c9b7586⋯.gif (1010.22 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1458001908650.gif)



Lol, I mean, yeah. This does actually work.

My mom came home half dead on the verge of alcohol poisoning late one night a couple of years ago in another guy's car with his friend while I was chillin', smokin, eatin'' a homemade /fit/ meal, and playing Runescape. The guy who owned the car drove me back to the bar they were just at (small town) so that I could retrieve her fucking car that she wasn't allowed to drive because of her second DUI offense. Me and the dude chatted, he was pretty chill and cool, we went to the same college and he was getting his life in order.

We left the drunk, couch-surfing, loser with my mom in the trailer that her relatively new friend was convincing her boyfriend (who was employed by the girlfriend, my moms friend) to lend her. It lied right on the fucking railroad tracks literally as close and similar to Kenny's house from South Park. The guy surely had his way with her. I didn't, and still don't, give a flying shit, anymore than I do that she was dating men prior to that year that were hitting her and getting her into heavy drinking while abusing her depression medication that she became dependent on, all the while fooling around with heavier narcotics until kicking me out to live with my dad who was almost as bad.

After she was raped, she knew she was raped, she knew I was the only man who would still stick by her side, gave a shit, and actually fucking listened to her shit and tried to convince her of the truth in our pasts and shine light on where my life was heading and what was about to all happen, and she realized how much we actually connected and just that not every man in this world is a piece of shit and it's not all her fault that she might die single and poor - she decided to find Jesus, cut down on her dependence on her medication, is still drinking whatever who cares everything in moderation, even moderation, right?, and is supporting me to the fullest while I'm in college going for a bachelors in Computer Science at the moment while living on campus with a job. She's doing much better, and I'm doing much better. Until her dying days will she never be able to truthfully admit that I wasn't the problem all this time.



Feijão preto, farofa/arroz e picanha? Nada?

Bóbó de camarão?

>bread, butter, bacon and soda.

Fiambre e queijo, não? Nem uma sopa?

Foda essa porra vei. Ao menos eu gosto de couve.


>Right now things are good but people in the union hall tell me that a fucking third of the union is about to hit retirement age

>cyclical market forces are about to hit us with lean times

One thing mitigates the other. Because the lack of work will be accompanied by a higher lack of labor. You'll still have work.



You must be me from the past.

Work hard, try to keep drinking on the level, and be a ladder climbing opportunist. Take every step up to climb out of Hell. The military both helped and hurt this process.

There is no magic utopia at the end, and it takes a long time, but as long as you stay pissed off enough to keep driving forward, you'll find a gap to slip through.



Show her your cock to establish dominance in the relationship. Also, shove her nose in her shit.


File: 7c012bd05c58fba⋯.jpg (101.61 KB, 698x777, 698:777, sad_skull_by_genisc.jpg)

>is a new age hippy

>fills up the pantry with meme foods and supplements

>she can't stand the smell of beef and gets pissy when I cook it

>says meat gives you constipation

>says all I need to do is cardio and I'll look good

>says I need to lose weight when I bulk

>is always in the kitchen to nag at me whenever I go to get food

>haven't had job to feed myself in almost a year, have to rely on her for sustenance

>she has breakfast at 3 PM most days and says I eat too much

>my mother is a gains goblin

>too much of a poorfag loser to just move out

Life is suffering.



so your mom is a passive aggressive bitch that can make you feel suicidal just by showing up and talking?

know that feel tbh



That fuckin' sucks, anon. Good to hear that she hasn't broken you yet though. Keep going at it, keep doing what you do, become more than she ever was. More often than not it's crabs-in-a-bucket, so keep that in mind. "I'm doing all this stupid hippie shit, and I'm not even half as healthy as he is, so I'll be fucking damned if I don't try to undercut his efforts." Don't let her break you, and get out of there as soon as she starts breaking you.

People react to success one of three ways. They either get jealous and try to keep you from progressing, they see it and stay stagnant, or they draw inspiration from it. Find the people who draw inspiration. Draw inspiration from them. Keep getting better. By doing this, you'll find true happiness. Keep it up anon.



Don't listen to the gay leaf, just take some heroin and zone out

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