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File: 044a4d32b1e4810⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 569x413, 569:413, Lower-Abs.jpg)

9bfd4f  No.148288

More excersises for losing lower abs fat?

5b98a8  No.148290



13f937  No.148292


i did leg raises on the flat ground for like 3-4 months and noticed a significantly smaller waist and abs definition

twice weekly, 5 sets 20 reps, progressively harder workouts by the week

465255  No.148293

spoon putdowns

fc474d  No.148298

/fit/ doesn't know anything about abs beyond "dude don't eat lmao." Which is /fit/'s answer to everything, just do stomach crunches in various positions op.

Also is that a motherfucking women's anatomy photo? You know the rules op, post those tits for us to see.

9bfd4f  No.148299


I founs that one only.

I'm a guy


Is there other things like leg raises? I do them as well but i don't seem to get another one for a routine.

f94a4e  No.148304

The only way you're going to show your abs is by being in a caloric deficit long enough to lose the fat covering them. In other words eat less. Training them directly will help them show easier but essentially it's your belly fat covering your abs. There's no exercise you can do to spot train certain areas, genetics decide were your fats stored. Other than that just do more cardio or maybe an occasional extended fast.

508798  No.148319


>The only way you're going to show your abs is by being in a caloric deficit long enough to lose the fat covering them.

Pretty sure you are wrong about that.

Just bought a 97$ e-book about how to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Oh, that stubborn belly fat. What can I say, it just has a head of its own.

5295b0  No.148340


just do cardio lazy cunt, also checked

2be951  No.148414

File: 949d067fe3f19a5⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 789ßtz34hg1üohgi1zhg3gg.jpg)


pretty sure you are right about that

but then again i dont spend 87€ for an ebook :O)


(pic related)

also, exercise more and fuck optics low body fat is unhealthy, same as high body fat.


e0a599  No.148416

none, you need to cut

d2ba52  No.148433

You can't target specific areas of fat, just run a lot and you'll lose fat everywhere. Protip: one mile three times a week is not a lot

62000c  No.148439

There's no area specific fat removal technique, except liposuction I guess.

465255  No.148446


>I want to paint my car red but all you guys know how to say is "use red paint"

go be a faggot somewhere else


no amount of leg raises or abdominals of any kind are going to cause your abs to burst past you blubber ring

a87143  No.148448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bar crunch variations, screwdrivers, roman chair variations, windshield wipers. Anything that you can hanging from a bar or at a dip station. Flutter kicks. Lots and lots of them. Torture yourself. Or just plank for a really long time. Do television plank. That's like regular plank but you rest your chin on your palms with just your elbows touching the floor and once in a while you reach out with one hand like you are changing the channel. If you are a really fat fuck just alternate between the plant position and downward dog. Try doing few sets of spiderman pushups instead of regular pushups. Mountain climbers. Ab roller. Anything that involves jumping and kicking. Kick and knee a heavy bag.

3c6aef  No.148466


06732d  No.148478

File: e11bbb3f510a282⋯.jpeg (86.72 KB, 600x569, 600:569, bz-5ce3809f26f40.jpeg)


Where do you think you are?

72406e  No.148529

You can't train to loose fat on a certain area.

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