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Free Education For Everyone!

File: 1459151609616.jpg (11.47 KB, 228x228, 1:1, terrori and Homeland secur….jpg)


Hello, glad i found this place, even if no one can help, it's still pretty cool.

I am in my last year of school and finding resources is getting harder as i have reached the 300 and 400 level classes. i currently am looking for the test bank or solution manual for the book "Terrorism and Homeland Security 7th edition"

I am pretty sure it must exist as i found it for the first two chapters and it was a HUGE help.

Can anyone here help me, or point me in the right direction to find it?

I am willing to pay for it, but the site posted above errors out whenever I try to checkout. (Hopefully I did not give my credit card info to a scammer by trying to purchase the test bank.)


Sorry mate, I had a look but I can only find the first two chapters myself. Often only a chapter or two gets published online, and then those get widely distributed so it looks like it might be easy to find the rest, but I can't get anything. Hopefully someone else can.



I guess i shouldn't be to concerned with it. I have a problem with not giving up once I start looking for something. It's a personal issue. But after spending twice as long as it would take to have read the entire textbook on looking for those damn test banks I am going to give up. Even all the blog-spot/testbank people I sent emails to say they can't find them even after advertising they could. I'm g;ad they didn't just scam me as I was pretty set on finding them and probable would have paid just about anyone who had even the smallest amount of proof they had them. But I'm over it, I can read, study, and test just fine without them.

But I did just take a few more chapter quizzes and even without all the answers i got 100%.

File: 1458946245382.jpg (25.67 KB, 279x474, 93:158, 41PZ3EV8NHL._SX277_BO1,204….jpg)


Does anyone have a PDF of this book? It's expensive as fuck to get a hold of; it's like $120 from some sellers.


I hunted for you, couldn't find anything at all, I'm really sorry. Hope someone else can help.

File: 1427394368866-0.pdf (289.8 KB, Cambridge Handbook of Phys….pdf)

File: 1427394368866-1.pdf (1.53 MB, Chemistry - Physics - Quan….pdf)

File: 1427394368866-2.pdf (1.5 MB, Fitts D.D. Principles of q….pdf)


>>>/science/ here.

Going to drop some physics shit I had buried in some folders.
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File: 1427406735168.pdf (6.23 MB, The Periodic Table Chapter….pdf)

A pretty interesting introduction to the periodic table of the elements and some history about it.


File: 1433877197390-0.pdf (1.44 MB, stephen_hawking_a_brief_hi….pdf)

File: 1433877197391-1.pdf (1.76 MB, The First Three Minutes - ….pdf)

couple of nice ones for people who don't know much about physics already


File: 1433877225806.pdf (1.9 MB, 9780465025268_six_not_so_e….pdf)

and one a bit more in-depth


File: 1458587831131-0.pdf (347.69 KB, Classical Mechanics(lecure….pdf)

File: 1458587831133-1.pdf (1.54 MB, Advance Mechanics.pdf)

File: 1458587831134-2.pdf (347.69 KB, Classical Mechanics Lectur….pdf)

Enjoy some mechanics


File: 1458588092744-0.pdf (1.37 MB, Introduction to String fie….pdf)

File: 1458588092744-1.pdf (1.28 MB, String Theory.pdf)

String theory

File: 1458573333729.jpg (119.96 KB, 612x433, 612:433, bayeaux.jpg)


Hello /freedu/cators, this thread is about the Norman invasion of England in 1066, and the Norman period thereafter.

The historic effects of the conquest included changes to the court and government, the introduction of Norman French as the language of the elites, and changes in the composition of the upper classes. More gradual changes affected the agricultural classes and village life: the main change appears to have been the formal elimination of slavery, which may or may not have been linked to the invasion. There was little alteration in the structure of government, as the new Norman administrators took over many of the forms of Anglo-Saxon government.


File: 1458573437771-0.pdf (2.03 MB, Norman-Conquest (Preker, S….pdf)

File: 1458573437771-1.pdf (4.21 MB, The Norman Conquest.pdf)

Some quick slides summarizing the events of 1066, and secondly a pdf of a simple introduction to the subject.


File: 1458573462605.pdf (217.83 KB, Nott Medieval Studies 36 B….pdf)

A study of family, fiefs, and monarchy in the Norman period.

File: 1457575344254.jpg (664.87 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, default.jpg)


what's the people controlling the industry all about? does it mean people make their own rules for the workplace or am I just extremely mentally challenged?


> does it mean people make their own rules for the workplace

Yeah pretty much. It means democratic ownership of the economy by everyone, collectively. No private ownership of the means of production, of capital, of institutions that we use (like education, healthcare, etc). Everything is collectively owned, managed, and run by the people, for the people.

File: 1448100226249.jpg (45.59 KB, 599x420, 599:420, CLk_KASUEAE3KXh.jpg)


Note from original author: "Brackets incl. original publication date and edition or reprint I have [pd/e]." Also note that "PDF" in date tags are of an undated reformatting online.

[1883/1907] Paul Lafargue - The Right to Be Lazy and Other Studies

[1891/1905 "Fourth Edition"] Paul Lafargue - The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization

[1892] Edward Aveling - The Sudents' Marx An Introduction to the Study of Karl Marx's Capital

[1898/1940] Giorgi Plekhanov - The Role of the Individual in History

[1897/1925 "Revised Edition"] Alexander Bogdanov - A Short Course of Economic Science

[1906/1918 "Fourth edition: revised" Translated] Karl Kautsky - Ethics and the Materialist Conception of History

[1906/1918] Paul Lafargue - Social and Philosophical Studies

[1907] Louis Boudin - The Theoretical System of Karl Marx in the Light of Recent Criticism

[1907/1911] Ernest Untermann - Marxian Economics: A Popular Introduction to the Three Volumes of Marx's Capital

[1910/1981] Rudolf Hilferding - Finance Capital: A study of the latest phase of capitalist development

[1913/2003] Rosa Luxemburg - The Accumulation of Capital

[1915/1917] Nikolai Bukharin - Imperialism and World Economy

[1917/1948 "Third revised edition"] Maurice Dobb - Wages

[1917/1999] Vladimir Lenin - Imperialism The Highest Stage of Capitalism

[1920] R. W. Postgate - The Bolshevik Theory

[1923] W. H. Emmett - The Marxian Economic Handbook and Glossary with Numerous Corrections, Explanations, and Emendations of the English Version of Vol. I of 'Capital': For the Use of Advanced Students and Beginners

[1923-1930/2008] Karl Korsch - Marxism and Philosophy

[1924/2003] Evgeny Pashukanis - The General Theory of Law and Marxism

[1925/1928] Nikolai Bukharin - Historical Materialism

[1927/9/1988] Karl Kautsky - The Materialist Conception of History

[Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Starting to run dry on literature, >>951 might be the last major batch for a while.

A non-English lit section is being considered.



> A non-English lit section is being considered.

Always a good idea.


File: 1457606863085.jpg (1.15 MB, 2462x2047, 2462:2047, P4540.jpg)

Not OP, but I figured I'd help.

[1898 & 1906/2007] Rosa Luxemburg, Helen Scott - The Essential Rosa Luxemburg: Reform or Revolution and the Mass Strike

[1923/2015] Alexander Bogdanov- The Philosophy of Living Experience: Popular Outlines

[1937] Victor Serge - From Lenin to Stalin

[1939/1962] Franz Borkenau - World Communism: A History of The Communist International

[1940/1966] Alfred Levin - The Second Duma: A Study of the Social-Democratic Party and the Russian Constitutional Experiment

[1947/1991] Henri Lefebvre - Critique of Everyday Life, Vol. 1: Introduction

[1950] E. H. Carr - The Bolshevik Revolution, Volume 1

[1951/2012] Victor Serge - Memoirs of a Revolutionary

[1953] E. H. Carr - The Bolshevik Revolution, Volume 3

[1955/1993] Carl E. Schorske - German Social Democracy 1905-1917 The Development of the Great Schism

[1958/1974] Ann Bone - Bolsheviks and the October Revolution: Central Committee Minutes of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party

[1958/1974] Oskar Anweiler - The Russian Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers Councils, 1905-1921

[1961] H. Shukman - The Relations Between the Jewish Bund and the RSDRP, 1897-1903

[1961/2002] Henri Lefebvre - Critique of Everyday Life, Vol. 2: Foundations for a Sociology of the Everyday

[1969/1974] Lucio Colletti - From Rousseau to Lenin Studies in Ideology and Society

[1969/1975] David S. Lane - The Roots of Russian Communism: A Social and Historical Study of Russian Social-Democracy, 1898-1907

[1973/1975] Marc Linder - Reification and the Consciousness of the Critics of Political Economy

[1974] Ralph Carter Elwood - Russian Social Democracy in the Underground A study of the RSDRP in the Ukraine, 1907-1914

[1975] Robert Barltrop - The Monument. The Story of the Socialist Party of Great Britain

[1980] Tadeusz Adam Kawacki - Canadian Socialism and the Origin of the Communist PartyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


[2014] Terrell Carver, Daniel Blank - A Political History of the Editions of Marx and Engels's "German ideology" Manuscripts

[2015] Frederick C. Corney - Trotsky’s Challenge: The ‘Literary Discussion’ of 1924 and the Fight for the Bolshevik Revolution

[2015] Terrell Carver, James Farr - The Cambridge Companion to The Communist Manifesto

[2015] Guido Starosta - Marx’s Capital, Method and Revolutionary Subjectivity

[2015] The Invisible Committee - To Our Friends

[2015] Nick Dyer-Witheford - Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex


File: 1456650955610.jpg (4.38 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download (1).jpg)


Hey there Free Education.

Because i'm technologically challenged read:autistic i'm not sure how to convert pdf's for my kindle. They always come out awful.

Can anyone upload/recommend a good site where I can get political and historical EPUBS. I will take literally you have

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Thank you! I'm glad I can read some philosophy more conveniently



Try this site:


You can convert pdf documents (files up to 50 mb) to epubs pretty easily.


>i'm not sure how to convert pdf's for my kindle

I just use LibreOffice






Thanks guy! I'll try them out and see how they look




File: 1456486617383-0.png (138 KB, 600x2660, 30:133, esperantobasic.png)

File: 1456486617384-1.pdf (68.1 KB, Esperanto16.pdf)

File: 1456486617384-2.pdf (1.44 MB, Kellerman Kolor.pdf)

File: 1456486617384-3.pdf (363.48 KB, kurso angle.pdf)


Don't got much of anything leftist but I would like to contribute

Another language in your belt is another world of people to share the word of revolution with

Starting with a meme language


This is great content but there are already several language threads up and running, one especially dedicated to Esperanto. Check the Catalog next time :)



fugg, didn't see it, sorry



Nice post number. Please repost these in the Esperanto thread!

File: 1452330483893.png (220.98 KB, 362x346, 181:173, 1450753059843.png)


>come to board hoping for free educational materials

>it's mostly just a /leftypol/ version of /pdfs/

Come on, guys. You disgusting communists are welcome to your opinions and whatnot, but it's quite misleading to take over a board like this with them. It's not like /pdfs/ bans leftist/communist content. Take your soapbox there or to some commiebunker .pdf board.

Boards like what this board is advertised as should be more about neutral subjects like maths, fixing cars, languages, agriculture or even weapons. It wouldn't even need political or philosophical threads because you guys and /pol/ are more than happy to share their ideals on other boards. This board has neutral stuff too, but it is quite lacking and outnumbered by the /leftypol/ stuff.

I suppose this is board is a pretty accurate critique on the modern education system, eh?

Before you call me Porkie and throw faeces at me, could you perhaps redirect me to a board more to my tastes?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1454942828473.png (102.33 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1452705607278.png)


>comes to a freedu board to bitch it was made by lefties

>even when it has tons of non-lefty material

>then can't even be bothered to to search the board list


This board was made by a communist, you fag.

And look at the catalog, we got non-political stuff, too.


What does "neutral" mean to you? Being politically illiterate or "apolitical" or a "centrist"?

When the bullets start flying you're going to have to pick a side, unless you've already made that choice, in which case good job complaining to your class enemies about getting the privilege to access the free content they provide you, bucko.



While OP is a fag beyond doubt, I'd consider it more of a human value.

There's no law on the right that's against charity and helping other people.

That's the kind of stuff American liberals say about American conservatives in reference to social policy and views, but most charities ran in America are actually by conservative religious groups.

No matter what your political ideology is, most people just want the world to be a better place.


File: b75165f5fb8a260⋯.png (535.92 KB, 600x536, 75:67, laughingwhores.png)


>/pdfs/ doesn't exist

>unlike /freedu/, which is relevant

Commies, people!


Why does everything have to be "bullets flying" with you cunts? It's always about fighting for ideology, and never about the things your ideology is supposed to serve. Take the stick out of your arse and have fun for once. Even fucking nazis know how to have fun.

File: 1455770083193.jpg (1.08 MB, 1250x1728, 625:864, freudcolor.jpg)


Post documents and infographs on the study of sex and sexuality, including both general works and more specific studies on the biology, psychology, philosophy, and sociology of sex.

Sexual education, consumer guides, porn, and written erotica are discouraged because they tend to come from non-academic sources or are fictional works, but docs that concern theories of sexual pedagogy or the effects of sexual consumerism and porn/erotica on sex and society are fine. Exceptions to this guideline include:

a) historically important works (e.g. the Kama Sutra, the works of Sade)

b) comprehensive, well-sourced works on sex education written for mature adults (NOT Tumblr posts, Oh Joy Sex Toy, introductory texts meant for schools, or instructional porn videos)


anything on trannies or fetishes in general?


File: 1456165524695.pdf (163.14 KB, J Richters 2001 Chapter 1 ….pdf)

J Richters, 2001, Chapter 1 of "The Social Construction of Sexual Practice: Setting Sexual Culture and the Body in Casual Sex Between Men", The Sociology of Sex


File: 1456165625726.pdf (151.29 KB, TheSociologyofHumanSexuali….pdf)

"The Sociology of Human Sexuality: A Darwinian Alternative to Social Constructionism and Postmodernism", Stephen K. Sanderson, 2003

File: 1436481875442.jpg (49.3 KB, 459x600, 153:200, the-thinker.jpg)


Post philosophy and theory

15 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1455242367819.pdf (3.57 MB, Hegel, G.W.F. - Phenomenol….pdf)


File: 1456097394972.pdf (1.27 MB, Michel Foucault - Madness ….pdf)

Foucalt's Madness and Civilization


File: 1456097523535.pdf (1.3 MB, The Protestant Ethic and t….pdf)

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber


File: 1456097628403.pdf (924.88 KB, to myself.pdf)

Meditations (To Myself) by Marcus Aurelius


File: 1456099308679.pdf (624.47 KB, spinoza ethics.pdf)

Spinoza's Ethics

File: 1454973262725.jpg (71.5 KB, 720x594, 40:33, Lenin factory.jpg)


All sorts of (mostly Soviet) texts in English from the (mostly) 1960s-80s:

* https://archive.org/search.php?query=uploader%3A%22kocotosi%40gmail.com%22&sort=-publicdate

All sorts of (mostly) 1920s-40s (mostly) Soviet texts:

* https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1ZP6ZurgOg-REtjWmJoeVRJUlE


Soviet books on scientific subjects (like physics and math and such in English: http://mirtitles.org/

File: 1433820873671.jpeg (44.23 KB, 649x854, 649:854, lenin.jpeg)


Let's learn all about the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the political and historical situation leading up to it.

4 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1433821324220-0.pdf (1.54 MB, Nafziger_Lindert_RussianIn….pdf)

File: 1433821324220-1.pdf (456.21 KB, KhaustovaPreRevolutionLivi….pdf)

Some interesting work on pre-Revolution living standards and the economic and political situation in Russia leading up to 1917.


File: 1433821463897-0.pdf (2.31 MB, Wittfogel Marxist view of ….pdf)

File: 1433821463898-1.pdf (435.34 KB, Imperial Russia 1700 - 191….pdf)

Some more material on pre-1917 Russia


File: 1433821977779-0.pdf (89.2 KB, NLR12103 Bolshevism and th….pdf)

File: 1433821977780-1.pdf (83.76 KB, 1024-WorkerSupportfortheBo….pdf)

File: 1433821977780-2.pdf (459 KB, Bolsheviks and Workers Con….pdf)

Some material on worker support, worker control, and the immediate aftermath of the events of 1917


Anyone know any good documentaries on youtube about this?



Most likely not. Anything related that's already there gets "da joos" spam.

File: 1448168693421.jpg (382.4 KB, 1408x989, 1408:989, 4f7256_4837024.jpg)


Ello /freedu/.

I was wondering if you could help me learn about gunsmithing.


There's a /k/ thread already - >>153

File: 1441243982804.jpg (42.64 KB, 348x497, 348:497, qtnazbols.jpg)


I'm curious about who here is into language learning, whose good at it, and what are some excellent resources and tricks for becoming knowledgable, literate and fluent in a second language.

Languages and language resources can be related to national languages of socialist countries but do not have to be.


File: 1441276159579.webm (1.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, dk-nazi punks.webm)

Use the catalog please:






I love language learning, and am currently trying to master Japanese. Anki is an app used for memorizing, memrise is a site and App used for vocabulary, and some people use textbooks. Depends on the language you want to learn, OP.

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