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Free Education For Everyone!

File: 1430533073632.png (16.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, winners.png)


Requesting the following information:

What you should at least know about using a gun in a pinch with no training.

The best place to strike a person in order to have the highest chance in getting away.

3 foods that will take care of all of your basic nutrional needs.

How to handle being arrested

Things NOT to do while in jail to draw attention to yourself

Basically, how not to be a beta manlet when the time calls for it.



Please don't shoot up a church


File: c33d62050b5c01b⋯.pdf (2.39 MB, Arrest Proof Yourself.pdf)

File: 687045ea8a9e20d⋯.pdf (2.23 MB, isd.pdf)

I'm pretty sure whatever you are planning is a terrible idea.


File: 1429844869655-0.pdf (2.4 MB, MyStruggle.pdf)

File: 1429844869656-1.jpg (127.02 KB, 567x800, 567:800, ErnstRohm.jpg)


Politically incorrect education thread.

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> implying the existentialists weren't left wing



>implying that was an implication

That was a reaction face, not a political point.







Even if we don't agree with their ideologies, we should at least let them voice their opinions.



agreed. also some of these are interesting reads



File: 1423289577395.jpg (63.78 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1408810635002.jpg)


What skills you want to learn or improve? What is your motivation for learning? Better skillset for your carer? Personal development? Wanting to master a certain skill?
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Also maybe this stuff is more suited to >>>/skill/


Yes thanks anon
Sorry for not mentioning my goal but it's essentially to "know history" I am literally brimming every aspect I can do


File: 1428353396445-0.pdf (2.32 MB, The History of Ancient Mes….pdf)

File: 1428353396445-1.pdf (785.49 KB, Uruk The First City.pdf)

File: 1428353396445-2.pdf (1.72 MB, City States in Ancient Mes….pdf)

I know the feeling anon, I have such a desire to learn everything there is to learn about the past.

To be honest the "Crash Course: Big History" and "Crash Course: World History" (and most of what they do, actually) are pretty damn good. https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse

Is there a specific period you want to start with? The first settled civilizations could be a natural place - see pdfs attached.

Also check out the historical cartography thread here >>>/freedu/282


for now, i'm studying Japanese, improving my English and other minimun knowleges

I want to study more languages like : French, Russian, German, and maybe another language i found interesting

Also, iw ant to study about animals, science, astrology, and maybe arts,
Idk if someday it would be helpful for me to know this things, but i just want to learn as much as posible!

My motivation i think is seeing the past and say " wow, i've learned many things! i know about stuff other people don`t, and i don't care if a don't have anybody to show what i know, i feel powerful with my knowlege!!"

sorry for this, but i've been lurking in these languages threads and i always see the "Esperanto" thing, what is it?



It's an international language, made in the 1880s. It was designed to transcend all language barriers. It didn't really take off quite as had been hoped when it was first made but a lot of people use it, it's pretty cool, worth learning.

Keep browsing the board anon, there's a bunch of material here!

File: 1428293568057.jpg (9.26 KB, 250x238, 125:119, 1428114022575.jpg)



File: 1428301694835.jpg (6.64 KB, 161x213, 161:213, thumbsup.jpg)

Awesome, thanks

File: 1427245937282.jpg (61.67 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1427208872703.jpg)


Do you have some free material about Photography? any kind of material is welcome!


File: 1427302044703.pdf (4.53 MB, photography monthly essent….pdf)

Is this any use to you anon?


File: 1427558277186.jpg (23.71 KB, 453x375, 151:125, 634x375okad2_248.jpg)

Thanks! Didn't know these kind PDF exist!

File: 1426103095264.jpg (120.13 KB, 900x900, 1:1, image.jpg)


Fellow anons i made a new board 8ch.net/freetard/ to make provide everybody with anything for free, it doesnt have to be originally for free.

It is new so if any suggestions those would be welcome, and if you have anything to contribute your welcome

So add movies, schoolbooks, software, tips and tricks on how to get free stuff, couponcodes, and if you would like to share your free money making schemes/skillz feel free

I think you would help this starting board a lot and also would bring more attention to both boards
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I started it and i thought as long as anons wil find it it wil start to grow as i thought the idea whas a good one but it doesnt realy went how i wanted.

Does anyone know how and where to search the archive for things rhat already have been posted


Do you mean the catalog? There's a link to the Catalog of each board under the banner - just have a look you'll see the link, it's in pretty small letters, and it just says "Catalog"



No i mean some kind of way to find stuff/threads that now have 404"ed

And catalog goes only back so far or isthat because im on mobile


The board owner needs to enable it in the settings, after that it should appear in the archive:



Helped thank you

File: 1426730832379.gif (1.75 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 1426468504832.gif)


Would /freedu/ like to join a board circle with /skill/ ?
What is a board circle?
Back on the oldish days of the internet, small website/forum owners would advertise each other in order to gain more traffic, and this can be done in 8chan.
What is /skill/ ?
/skill/ is a board where people teach and learn, much like this one, but our board has a unique format of doing this. Instead of doing things by subject, we are more like the /r/ of learning. It is hard to explain on my end, but I suggest you check it out.
>picture very unrelated
PS: If you need to contact me privately message my email


Looks great OP, quick link is >>>/skill/ guys, check it out and contribute.


Why the country flags?


I find them interesting, but if you like me to remove them I certainly can


Sorry, the email in the OP doesn't work, message this one in case if you need to talk about anything meta related to the board, or if you have any general questions about what you can and can't post there


File: 5c0e8f9ef305b26⋯.pdf (78.52 KB, DiversityofLifeSummerProje….pdf)

File: 1422647814154.png (513.97 KB, 680x916, 170:229, 1422110750565-0.png)


Would you mind if I added the stuff we gather here to the >>>/edu/ wiki?


Not at all, that would be great.


File: 1422650983859.jpg (21.08 KB, 410x307, 410:307, 1419813370875.jpg)

Okay, I've added some:
I will continue it tomorrow if there's no objection.
Feel free to contribute!


I have a few resources I should be able to contribute to the wiki. Are there any particular stances on torrent sites, such as libgen.in?


I have nothing against it but you should read the terms of use first.


We should see if there is anything useful here.

File: 1423321453992.jpg (12.89 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 1423159858209.jpg)


Hey /Freedu/
We are making a board to motivate each other to learn and to improve ourselves through whatever education we want to pursue. The basic idea is we report our progress in our specific area, no matter what you decide to delve into, and others come to comment, motivate and offer advice on impovement. We also meet on quakenet webchat irc #ChanTheFuture where ideas can be discussed and where we can organize
also check out our new board /ctf/ if you want and leave a thread with your progress!


Was posting a thumbnail part of you plan?


It will motivate you to find the full image?
Honestly, discipline is more important than motivation anyway. Since it doesn't depend on mood.


File: 1424436548522.jpg (247.68 KB, 500x450, 10:9, thumbs up1.jpg)

Thumbnail-related digs aside (lol), give OP a break - motivation is important and an IRC for motivating each other to keep learning sounds great to me.
Discussion of motivational techniques always relevant and useful.

File: 1423307614633.jpg (255.34 KB, 1157x1727, 1157:1727, Okupirana_Srbija_propagand….jpg)


Dear /freedu/cators,

I call upon us to create a /leftypol/ recommended reading list. I believe that this would be the right place to create such a list.

This issue was prompted in the FAQ section of /leftypol/ but, to my knowledge at least, was never addressed. The old /pol/ has addressed this issues with much success.

The list itself must contain texts that are relevant to the left. (By relevant I mean that it somehow touches upon leftist issues, not necessarily being leftist or anti-leftist.) The literature should address the whole spectrum of the left from social-democratic to anarcho-communist. According to genre the list has to be diverse as well. It should have philosophical, ideological and sociological texts. However it should also contain fiction (novels, poems, etc.) and other non-fiction (biographies, historical accounts, etc.) Likewise the list should contain works from all epochs and periods. Finally we must strive not fall to temptation to create a purely propagandist list.

The list should give the reader the opportunity to approach leftism from all of its sides and give him/her a chance to go explore further.

I have another proposal. We should also attempt to create a list or a wiki of leftist art and artists. Every ideology has its art. It plays a crucial role in the implementation. This fact should be addressed if we are to create a comprehensive resource for leftist ideas.


OP here.

I am aware that a lot of literature has been posted on the board already but I think we should have a more systematic approach to it. I encourage you, not to just post the titles or pictures of books but contribute to discussion as well.


File: 1423322640205.pdf (243.27 KB, mccainmarx.pdf)

This file is a very basic introduction to Marxist Economic theory, and should be suitable to read for anyone looking to understand more about Marxist critique of capitalism, or how Socialist or Communist economies might work. It's written by Roger McCain, professor of Economics at Drexel University, Philadelphia.

I would rank this as "Beginner" tier, and belongs in the "Economics" category. I think we should rank each piece we submit by difficulty and subject area, so that when we compile a full list in one image/file we can easily categorize each item.


File: 1423324848142.png (7.87 MB, 1364x4013, 1364:4013, marxist reading list by le….png)

Is this the kind of format you had in mind OP?

We could do a category for "Fiction" and "Art" and "Music" and stuff. Maybe make a template up?


File: 24df4bca0e92d6e⋯.pdf (31.64 KB, (3) PoliticalPChart.pdf)


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