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Free Education For Everyone!

File: 1459216934345.jpg (22.39 KB, 208x320, 13:20, Pannekoek2.jpg)


ITT: you can find some left communist literature.

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Here's a new version of the missing Bernard Lyon text "We are not 'anti'" https://thecharnelhouse.org/2016/06/05/we-are-not-anti/




Site's dead and the Internet Archive doesn't have a copy.


File: c8a72e37bf9f011⋯.jpg (98.69 KB, 940x768, 235:192, tumblr_m7ks9rTifo1rubozqo1….jpg)

So Libcom's search function is completely fucked, anyone have Théorie Communiste's "An Introduction to some Young Lyonese", at least I think that's the name, only have it in Swedish: https://www.riff-raff.se/8/tc_lyonesare.php

On that note, for all Swedes, check out http://www.krigsmaskinen.se/index.php/Huvudsida, it's basically a wiki for leftcoms.

Should actually get around to make a list of leftcom sites.



File: c53dc333749c277⋯.jpg (14.65 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 32327831.jpg)

Here are a few texts: https://redtexts.org (or my mirror with extra download formats, for those who prefer ebooks: https://sub.god.jp/~xat/rt/)


Has been talen down, here's a new one: https://sub.god.jp/~xat/rl.html

File: e8e737593188e34⋯.pdf (1.02 MB, Slavoj_Žižek-Lenin_2017__R….pdf)

File: 5a4cb983a40c709⋯.pdf (2.8 MB, zizek-violence.pdf)

File: f6ce7a9c72ddf8e⋯.pdf (1.01 MB, zizeks communist strategy.pdf)

File: abf6b3326bec655⋯.pdf (1.09 MB, -Agon_Hamza,_Frank_Ruda-_S….pdf)

File: ca0d3b90f86d9fd⋯.pdf (2.45 MB, ontological-catastrophe-zi….pdf)



File: 1456668000544.jpg (2.45 MB, 3697x2414, 3697:2414, Raphael_School_of_Athens.jpg)


I understand that this is a very specific request, but I wanted to check if there was any copies floating around that I could acquire so that I don't have to purchase it to read it.

The book I'm looking for is:

"Philosophy Before Socrates (Second Edition): An Introduction with Texts and Commentary" by Richard D. McKirahan (2011)


Does anyone have this perchance? If not, I suppose I could purchase it, but I would rather not.


I don't have it but its on kickasstorrents


File: 1456668778927.pdf (2.46 MB, Philosophy Before Socrates….pdf)


I found it there, too, but it wasn't downloading completely. It was stuck at 80% and it seemed like there wasn't any other seeder to finish the job.

After a while, it finally finished. Here's the PDF, in case anyone is interested.



Thank you very much!

File: b776adeb0fba788⋯.jpg (11.13 KB, 353x143, 353:143, h.jpg)


Does anybody have copies of good translations/editions/interpretations of great works of literature like the Iliad, Odyssey, cantebury tales, etc??

i would appreciate it.


Check the genesis library. Usually they have multiple different versions of the famous books.


Just wanted to say that is my all time favourite red figure vase. It's amazing in real life, quite a large volute krater with just that poignant miniature on the neck. Apollo's arrow at the same angle as Hektor's spear (fnarr) was a lovely flourish. Good taste, OP.


As for your question, what >>1714 said.

File: 1423417925060.jpg (1.38 MB, 1835x1087, 1835:1087, mathematics-chalkboards_00….jpg)


Some mathematics textbooks for you.
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File: 8575aa7c7921665⋯.pdf (5.1 MB, Paul R. Halmos-Naive Set T….pdf)


Something like this or more advanced?


Luenberger - Optimization by Vector Space Methods


Something of a modern classic. If you've ever thought to yourself "wow, I know all this linear algebra, but I don't know how to use it to solve every single problem facing mankind," this book is for you.

Required reading if you want to be an economic planner after the revolution.

Rudin - Principles of Mathematical Analysis


"Re-do" calculus """""correctly.""""" It's extremely terse. Kind of a meme unless you're prepared for it.


You might want Munkres. It has a gentle and fairly comprehensive chapter on introductory material. Well suited to a first exposure to "real" math, but if you haven't already learned analysis, a part of the motivation for topology is just missing.



Anyone got stuff on Markov/Bernoulli Chains?



post here plz


greatest thanks anon


Guys you know you can find basically any natural science book ever written on library genesis, right? Not that it's not cool that you're uploading all this stuff here, just so you know it's pretty much all already available.

File: cc0f68335109bdb⋯.gif (436.62 KB, 500x394, 250:197, doom.gif)


IMO one of the main things we should focus on currently is following the slogan educate, agitate, organise. Does anybody have any good book recommendations on this topic, especially from a far-leftist point of view?

File: 60524904ac9fc77⋯.jpg (32.26 KB, 320x499, 320:499, 418hbBGDNFL._SX318_BO1,204….jpg)


Read for Your Life: 11 Ways to Better Yourself Through Books Paperback – June 1, 2007


File: 0192c88e05cc95a⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 412x600, 103:150, AbvWUuI0mCI.jpg)


National Geographic USA September 2017



i never say how much i love the people on this board, but i do. thank you.

File: 1460860241866.jpg (291.72 KB, 2400x1585, 480:317, lacan-pixeles[1].jpg)


Requesting books on lacanian psychoanalysis, either in English or in Spanish.

I am currently reading A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis by Bruce Fink, and I would like to have more like this book after I finish it.

Freudfag, if you see this thread, can you repost that link to a mega archive you gave some weeks ago? Thanks

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There are many factors here at play, including the analyst's countertransference, his resistance to analysis, and more.

You can not "prove" that something happens for X fixed reason in a person, as if it were data you could see clearly (you can not touch reality without fantasy anyway), because if we assume the analysand is neurotic, the reason is unconscious.

I frankly don't care, about the whole muh science meme, because psychoanalysis deals with individuals who don't manifest the same problems for the same reason.

Fred might want to kill his father because of a repressed memory of watching him threaten another sibling, while John might do the same due to having seen him have sex with his wife, John's mother.

The human psyche is not something that works in precise ways for everyone, and even if you developed a framework in which to put things to work, one will never be the same as another.


File: 1465801857074.jpg (83.87 KB, 960x611, 960:611, 51932619.jpg)


>mega archive


1997 -> 2007 -> 1995

(for beginners)


Jodi Dean, Badiou, Mladen Dolar, Bosteels…


>Let me ask you this, assuming that one individual is looked at by multiple psychoanalysts in order to try and figure out something about why they want to fuck a carrot or something.

Psychoanalysts aren't doctors looking to cure diseases, in fact, most Lacanians deny the existence of mental disease as such since they trace back pathology to us being beings in language and not to pseudo-scientific theories of genetical determinism and unbalanced brain chemistry. :P


File: 1466302337483.gif (11.21 KB, 182x200, 91:100, 4840528 _d47bbf1e0e932b04b….gif)


>muh science meme

Well fuck, you've got me. Honestly, i have no idea how to respond to this other than utter amazement at the lack of critical analysis of a subject with some kind of religious like reverence. I just cant understand how a rational human being, and im only assuming this is the case by you seeking knowledge to what i assume is to better yourself, can look at the entirety of the scientific method which can, as far as we know, tell us accurately anything we wish to know through hard study and meticulous process everything from the basic building blocks of the universe to how the basic units of life function to how ecosystems work and can be set aside as a meme because it is inconvenient for you to use it in this context because it contradicts you're already preconceived notions on the subject. Its both sad and somewhat frightening.

At the end of the day, its all un-provable speculation that you and many others demand be treated as seriously as science without the accountability of the scientific method.






File: 1445818802282.pdf (2.5 MB, First Aid.pdf)


First Aid Posting Starts…. Now!


This is great, thanks. Anyone got any more?


File: 6b18168b474feb1⋯.jpg (291.94 KB, 700x950, 14:19, L.A.W..jpg)

Hope this counts.


File: 6234769148bf030⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 1168x3437, 1168:3437, 6234769148bf03024c7ff569ef….jpg)

File: 1ef1a2a485bfa1b⋯.png (468.82 KB, 1284x2076, 107:173, 1ef1a2a485bfa1b550f96dd990….png)

File: 4b25b6049954ed2⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1919x2132, 1919:2132, 4b25b6049954ed242ba548ae26….jpg)

File: 4bcb0ed5450a7ec⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1715x1754, 1715:1754, 4bcb0ed5450a7ec42c776f7986….jpg)

File: 6c4e38431cf3175⋯.png (722.51 KB, 1420x2699, 1420:2699, 6c4e38431cf3175d9656e604f7….png)

File: 8560011a7dcc937⋯.jpg (56.71 KB, 377x499, 377:499, 51tZP-pJEBL._SX375_BO1,204….jpg)


can any please give me PDF or EPUB link for this book :

College Board International Student Handbook


File: fc26257208e1a46⋯.jpg (109.93 KB, 872x1080, 109:135, images1.jpg)


The Men's Fitness Exercise Bible: 101 Best Workouts to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Sculpt Your Best Body Ever!


File: 848bdc0858f4bd5⋯.jpg (255.34 KB, 1157x1727, 1157:1727, dee.jpg)


Dear /freedu/cators,

I call upon us to create a /leftypol/ recommended reading list. I believe that this would be the right place to create such a list.

This issue was prompted in the FAQ section of /leftypol/ but, to my knowledge at least, was never addressed. The old /pol/ has addressed this issues with much success.

The list itself must contain texts that are relevant to the left. (By relevant I mean that it somehow touches upon leftist issues, not necessarily being leftist or anti-leftist.) The literature should address the whole spectrum of the left from social-democratic to anarcho-communist. According to genre the list has to be diverse as well. It should have philosophical, ideological and sociological texts. However it should also contain fiction (novels, poems, etc.) and other non-fiction (biographies, historical accounts, etc.) Likewise the list should contain works from all epochs and periods. Finally we must strive not fall to temptation to create a purely propagandist list.

The list should give the reader the opportunity to approach leftism from all of its sides and give him/her a chance to go explore further.

I have another proposal. We should also attempt to create a list or a wiki of leftist art and artists. Every ideology has its art. It plays a crucial role in the implementation. This fact should be addressed if we are to create a comprehensive resource for leftist ideas.



File: 65fef83f200ffb6⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 443x600, 443:600, AnmkiA4wbsY.jpg)


Us Weekly Issue 34 August 2017


File: 65aa4140b1e0ce9⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 456x600, 19:25, lJCiK4NK5jU.jpg)


New Scientist August 2017


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