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Free Education For Everyone!

File: a0297d7961e727a⋯.jpg (103.02 KB, 1024x691, 1024:691, k.jpg)


Are there any good books or guides on filmmaking and film in general? Like, a list of films to watch, supplementary material, and the technical aspects of producing films?



Thanks. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for.


File: b6f7b2c484b4003⋯.pdf (523.48 KB, x86 Assembly.pdf)

File: 9a8af1e769d4758⋯.pdf (8.31 MB, reverse-engineering-for-be….pdf)

File: 2658106f1f75aeb⋯.pdf (61.66 KB, PointersAndMemory.pdf)

File: 785196c702a1be5⋯.pdf (1.75 MB, Structure and Interpretati….pdf)


Anything related to programming.

I tried to upload good stuff, rather than just language refs.



Here's a reading list about programming language theory: http://steshaw.org/plt/

Also, subjects to learn if you're interested in a more general CS education: http://matt.might.net/articles/what-cs-majors-should-know/

File: cc804a58d28e30d⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 351x500, 351:500, cntsindicatos.jpg)


Any good statistics on the efficiency of collectivised agriculture and worker self-management of industry during the Spanish civil war?


File: 6c63d40bb5cb64c⋯.pdf (1.69 MB, Ancient_Philosophy.pdf)


Dump all your pdf's related to philosophy

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File: ce5b2c56b274141⋯.pdf (1.44 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Immanuel Kant - Critique o….pdf)

File: 09150c48fc7ef37⋯.pdf (1.47 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Immanuel Kant - Critique o….pdf)

File: 5d9de631b2fff80⋯.pdf (1.35 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Immanuel Kant - Observatio….pdf)


File: 6140a59fe806144⋯.pdf (4.1 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich He….pdf)

File: 4f9915607007fbf⋯.pdf (5.36 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich He….pdf)


File: 9ae1bb43d258752⋯.pdf (10.18 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich He….pdf)


File: 5e2261d697c6013⋯.pdf (1.46 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Dialectics of the Ideal.pdf)


File: aa62449a250b187⋯.pdf (817.18 KB, 100x100, 1:1, [Robert_Stern]_Routledge_P….pdf)

File: 03537cbc6ec7260⋯.pdf (7.77 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich He….pdf)

File: 1425133830421.jpg (441.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1419139673101.jpg)


I'm an engineering student with a couple of sciencey-related questions (never requesting help with my homework).

What websites are recommended for me to get help with understanding concepts?


What kind of engineer?




File: 1425245686697.pdf (6.72 MB, Basics of Mechanical Engin….pdf)

You could try the forums at www.eng-tips.com - you have to make an account, but it is free and reasonably active.

I also have this file that might be useful to you? It might be a lot more basic than you need, but there might be some of the concepts you're looking for in there?

Which concepts in particular is it that you're struggling with anon? Someone here might be able to help.


so, uh, statics and dynamics?


There's the engie board at 420chan.


File: 1423688423458.jpg (28.29 KB, 225x350, 9:14, nodoka.jpg)


>>>/am/ here.
What's your favorite anime to watch to learn japanese for free, /freedu/?
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Try http://www.freejapaneselessons.com/ for free Japanese lessons!

While it's great to assist your learning with watching films and TV shows in the language you are learning, >>134 is right - you'll probably need to do more than watching anime to fully develop your Japanese!


People that "learn Japanese from anime" always end up talking like little girls and exaggerating everything and lisping.


I imagined this board would be free from shitposting, but you've proven me wrong.


You can't learn Japanese watching anime



Baka! That's just not true, desu!

plz notice me, senpai

File: 1422665624192.jpeg (33.72 KB, 464x357, 464:357, 1405864375257.jpeg)


Education is not a right, just like food is not a right. I support what is going on here just like any charity, but the board's banner is most mistaken about the role of education in relation (implied) with the State.

We have compulsory State-led indoctrination of K-12 that after 100 years has left the average American without knowledge or reason. In 2015 college freshmen have a 7th grade reading ability on average. State education is an abomination that always leads to Slavery to the State. We should enjoy education, preach it, champion it, help each other… but when we talk of "rights" we see in the this era not respect for the individual but entitlements. I hope that the board owner sees fit to remove the misguided banner that has education as a right, owing wholly to the existing subversion of what I hope was a well-meaning sense of brotherhood.
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I don't have time to address your final two points, and watch the video or read the analysis right now, but I do plan to come back to them.

For now I will just say that regarding the coercive nature of capitalism; I firmly believe that capitalists do cause other individuals to starve - it is not "nature". This might sound a little crazy at first, but bear with me - I don't really think there is such a thing as "nature", that is distinct from the human systems we create. There is no raw, pure, natural "state of nature" - there is only what things are. Capitalism is "nature" in that it is a naturally occurring system of human organization. And, "naturally", it can develop into something else.

Capitalism is coercive because capitalists own all the raw material, the resources, and they pay you a wage for labour, only to sell the goods you labour to produce back to you at an inflated cost. And this is, for most of us, the only way to get access to resources at all. This is coercive, I would argue.

I'll reply further later, apologies.



I was waiting for a further response before I responded to this.

My point about nature wasn't particularly that capitalism in and of itself is a natural system. It was more that people would starve without trade unless they were to begin forging, hunting, gardening, etc.; or, that they would starve unless they were to trade (requiring them to create value, work, etc. for resources to trade).

In regards to your last point, I wouldn't argue that it's exploitative. If an individual has the resources to trade for capital, and decides to do so only to employ people by their own voluntary agreement, then I view it as a victory for both the capitalist and the worker.

It may be inefficient (indeed, I can see how co-ops would be much more efficient in a number of ways), but I think it's a bit of a stretch to outright call it exploitation when the worker likely won't work for a capitalist if they seriously think their labor is worth more than what they're getting.


File: 1454943176671-0.jpg (18.11 KB, 220x279, 220:279, Robespierre.jpg)

File: 1454943176672-1.jpg (729.07 KB, 1701x2005, 1701:2005, 1428929295196-0.jpg)

The problem with the ideologies of the elite is that they often come a bit short, around a head or so.


File: dcd1405e7beb0e4⋯.png (200.43 KB, 1044x716, 261:179, 4c2dd35269c002170713dc6e3d….png)


File: a204ff749fb0260⋯.pdf (95.5 KB, Fuller, R. Buckminster - E….pdf)

File: 1431023120839-0.jpg (256.36 KB, 780x2588, 195:647, 1424748316327-1.jpg)

File: 1431023120840-1.jpg (268.99 KB, 1024x782, 512:391, 1424748721837-0.jpg)

File: 1431023120841-2.jpg (1.58 MB, 5000x2574, 2500:1287, 1424751726067-2.jpg)


Post some of your favorite info graph or educational pics

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File: 65b92a76405b5af⋯.jpg (297.67 KB, 900x713, 900:713, tumblr_ninol2ewtv1siq8rfo8….jpg)

File: e812ff5e6db5bd3⋯.jpg (271.16 KB, 900x750, 6:5, uxuuaqepvqeduom7xhyf.jpg)

File: 0b95dbbe0aa4fbf⋯.jpg (79.79 KB, 700x450, 14:9, WILDWOOD-WISDOM-BY-ELLSWOR….jpg)

File: 1146379a7ba24c8⋯.jpg (203.16 KB, 987x1280, 987:1280, tumblr_mskg6i0uQl1stob7to1….jpg)

File: c991123dbdc79b3⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1600x2200, 8:11, 40YearsofIconicMusicMasks_….jpg)


File: e4c53d790d2b2a9⋯.jpg (282.11 KB, 940x1340, 47:67, 1479.jpg)

File: 2ba0c4446bdfb11⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 1728x2592, 2:3, 42786831457fb811ab87fa8490….jpg)

File: 337b8734d73d7a7⋯.jpg (508.65 KB, 807x3018, 269:1006, 1460946132387.jpg)

File: d7060beece79e6c⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 500x334, 250:167, fark_l6oqU0k7GVHS2Tf0qEk_h….jpg)

File: 2c29777c078504f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2048x1302, 1024:651, Music_Theory_Cheat_Poster.png)


File: 72ba014b9f18d9e⋯.jpg (724.69 KB, 1200x1826, 600:913, theory-transposing.jpg)

File: b889be2d76546bc⋯.jpg (491.06 KB, 747x1869, 249:623, wTpnp.jpg)

File: c81fcfcc8bc913e⋯.jpg (177 KB, 736x1103, 736:1103, d3495d0d9949915b1f305c543c….jpg)

File: a4f5380569add1f⋯.jpg (559.01 KB, 700x3972, 175:993, aojj5PA_700b.jpg)

File: fe27781bdfbf676⋯.jpg (359.61 KB, 940x1002, 470:501, parkour.jpg)


File: b35bda5e90bd0ae⋯.jpg (8.77 MB, 4961x3508, 4961:3508, infographics-mike-patton-e….jpg)


File: df0cead140d852d⋯.png (218.99 KB, 546x351, 14:9, ufo43.png)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


do you know some web where i can lean some martial arts free?


You're better off learning from somebody because you'll get yourself hurt.


File: 8d7dc405764a34a⋯.jpg (166.01 KB, 638x833, 638:833, tao-of-jeet-kune-do-3-638.jpg)

File: 1458023451527.jpg (337.09 KB, 792x1008, 11:14, 1457895360126.jpg)


Books, writings, and essays on teh zapatistas in mexico.

I am looking to broaden my horizons on the social structures of the Zapatista people in the Chiapas.

Specifically I want to understand their sociological, economic, and political lifes and how they operate..

hook me up, please.


File: 1458069426345.png (97.15 KB, 418x455, 418:455, 1417648427826.png)

> A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency

https://a.pomf.cat/djijtw.pdf (10MB, too big for 8chan)



File: 1458215575486.jpg (29.05 KB, 139x188, 139:188, 87286100734790M.jpg)


You wouldn't happen to have a copy of "Fire and the word: A history of the Zapatistas movment" would you?

It was mentioned in the book on page 41. Seems pretty comprehensive from what I am reading about it.


File: f3987986db71f13⋯.pdf (9.23 MB, Zapatista_resources.pdf)

File: 14917b43f205c4a⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 262x193, 262:193, download.jpg)


I only speak English and I realized that its kind of ridiculous that I don't have a perfect grasp of grammar. Apparently ancient philosophers used to study this as its own field of inquiry. Thats not me at all.

I don't even fully understand the lingo of languages. Whats an adverb? Whats its purpose? I tried to read Mark Twain's "The Awful German Language" and I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about but because I don't know what an "accusative case" is. I tried to learn Latin and I struggled for the same reason. How am I supposed to learn another language when I don't understand the tools it uses, and I don't even know how my own language works?


You have already learned English without knowing what the accusative case is, why do you think you need it for other languages?

Most language books explain some of these, or you could pick up a grammar book. Here are some popular ones:




>why do you think you need it for other languages?

Well when I learned Latin they assumed I wasn't retarded and could understand the grammer.

But thanks! These seem like good recs

File: 2e103b2e0d0ca13⋯.jpg (502.12 KB, 1200x1443, 400:481, Basuc issues.jpg)


Does anyone have a pdf version of this book? I can't seem to find it anywhere

File: 1459449862108.jpg (2.71 MB, 2894x1964, 1447:982, Eugene_Guillaume_-_the_Gra….jpg)


No antiquity thread ? Let's go…

I personally search books or graph about social and economic situation during roman era (late republic and early empire if you have).

Thank you if you have something.

Here is a picture of the Gracchi, soc dem of antiquity.

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File: 1466182981239.jpg (53 KB, 721x346, 721:346, RomanSociety.jpg)



Alan Woods is such a cool guy, always great analysis.


Complete works of Plato and Aristotle PLUS VSIs of Socrates, Aristotle, Presocratic Philosophy, and Ancient Philosophy: https://mega.nz/#F!fBhwBDBI!oTQo4pF9g9lU6UandBu3TQ


File: 6790866e111f1d4⋯.pdf (4.72 MB, Science and politics in th….pdf)


Heres a Marxist book on ancient greek philosophy, I will post Woods CLASS IDEOLOGY AND ANCIENT POLITICAL THEORY soon once I finish scanning it



Thanks for the link, philosopham.

File: 1469248650534-0.jpg (593 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Nietzsche1871.jpg)

File: 1469248650534-1.pdf (3.26 MB, The Birth of Tragedy (Camb….pdf)


Dumping continental philosophers/books about continental philosophers.

Starting with this guy

10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Yeah. Capitalism sucks. Whatever…

ITT books about making (not printing, you wanks) MONEY.

No self help, please. Only true, heady stuff



1. Be born into reasonable wealth already

2. Exploit others

Welcome to capitalism lads



File: 13ae278a549128d⋯.jpg (69.89 KB, 423x640, 423:640, tumblr_ljn96ygfrk1qb9cz3o1….jpg)


It's a question of translation; Analytic became big the Anglophone world, and then in the Nordic Countries due to it being the preferred 2nd language.

Germans and French was able to keep a strong internal tradition because they never bothered to learn English, and it then spread to areas where French was a preferable 2nd language, such as South America.

So the problem is not a question of interest, but if these people even know of the existence of these strains of thought. Most of Deleuze books weren't translated until 20 or so years after being published, and a lot more are still mostly untranslated. Even in the philosophical and theological faculties in Sweden I find myself having to explain who Deleuze or Baudrillard is, while everyone knows Wittgenstein and Rawls.

Which is why that even in Philosophy of Religion I had to suffer through half-hearted attempts to bring Kuhn or Popper into questions of faith (often with the shitty conclusion that faith was "too complex" for philosophy?), my lecturers had simply never been introduced to anything else.


File: 08ea96f94e333fb⋯.pdf (6.87 MB, The Presocratics after Hei….pdf)

If anyone is interested in Heidegger here is a book I recently scanned, sorry for the bad quality as I'm new to scanning and this was the first book that I ever scanned.

File: 5fb5d385286098c⋯.png (338.64 KB, 460x454, 230:227, tmp_21431-1472150263078-21….png)


So is this a free education board or a /leftypol/ propoganda cell?

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ffcd1101aad5ec7⋯.png (30.09 KB, 300x100, 3:1, we're no commies, i swear.png)



> filename

But there was no pretense otherwise…



>So is this a free education board or a /leftypol/ propoganda cell?




>Media that is created to help or hurt a political cause.

We have not created any media here to help or hurt a political cause. There is a lot of leftist literature here because people are interested in being educated in it, but reading any type of political philosophy just isn't for people who subscribe to it but also for people who wish to criticize it. Posting political philosophy isn't propaganda, also unless the media itself is propaganda then it simply isn't.


As opposed to /pdfs/ which isn't a /pol/ propaganda board?

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