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Free Education For Everyone!

File: 1422565161555.png (29.6 KB, 850x651, 850:651, cxapliteroj.PNG)


Language Learning Resources

General - http://www.openculture.com/freelanguagelessons - "Learn 48 Languages online for free"

https://www.duolingo.com/ - Currently has a small selection of languages but is still growing and users can contribute to developing the lessons for unsupported languages.

http://www.memrise.com/ - Fun online flashcard system.

http://ankisrs.net/ - Boring yet effective flash card system.

https://babadum.com/ - Cute easy vocabulary games for 13 different languages.

https://www.mangolanguages.com/ - Similar to Rosetta Stone, yet offered for free by participating public libraries in US and Canada. I have used it personally via my public library and would recommend it. After you get access from the library you can use it at home.


Some esperanto stuff:

>lernu! is a multilingual website that provides free courses and information on the international language Esperanto. With lernu!, you can learn Esperanto easily and free of charge.

>Kurso de Esperanto is a multimedia computer program for teaching yourself Esperanto.

THread about learning esperanto. They will probably help you for free.


Post blog entries in your target language and get them corrected by native speakers:

http://lang-8.com/ - I have the most experience with this one. I find it simple and straightforward to use. Help other people while they help you.

http://livemocha.com/ - I believe this is similar to lang-8 but have not used it much.

http://www.interpals.net/ - This is like MySpace for language learning. You can use it to practice languages seriously, or you can just chat with people for fun.


I'll add on to your suggestions with http://www.ipernity.com/ which is not directly an Esperanto learning site, but it has an Esperanto interface available and many groups for Esperanto speakers, and functions like a mix between Flickr and MySpace (or Orkut if anyone remembers that). If you post casually on there and tag your stuff as Esperanto then you will start getting comments from random friendly Esperantists. You can find some cool content there because they let you upload vids, pics, audio, and pdfs as well as make blog posts.


A community and flashcard program for Heisig's Remembering the Kanji and Remembering the Hanzi.


I just made >>>/spanishclass/ for anyone learning Spanish.


for those of us not in US, any way you can get us mangolanguages with a few library access accounts?


File: 1423323440357.jpg (82.25 KB, 680x459, 40:27, nin hao.jpg)


This is designed for children to learn the basics of Mandarin, but as a total beginner I'm sure this would be useful.


Don't be fooled into thinking all these trendy (and mostly recent) flashcard and software-based methods are decent ways to "learn" a language. Many are outright scams (Rosetta Stone), and while some can be OK for drilling vocab and other basic memory stuff, you're really better off just getting to the point, with a grammar+workbook method, that you can start reading actual prose and talking to actual speakers, and then doing that.

If you want to try learning a language in the sense that you do not know it at all and you want to start, you could start with FSI courses or their derivatives, which are free and easy to find online. FSI are old now, but they were used to give people crash courses in foreign languages so they could work (or spy) in other countries. They are no-nonsense and intensive, but difficult and somewhat outdated now. There are sometimes newer commercial courses which are based off of them

Other than that you might want to simply look for universities which list their syllabi, or at least their required readings, for language classes publically, and then look into the textbooks those classes use, and if they're good either pirate them or try to find them at a library.

TPB and similar sites usually have large collections of language textbooks and learning materials though much of it will be from older versions or just plain crappy. For example TPB has an Ancient Greek language torrent that includes Athenaze, JACT 1st ed., and two other shitty ones, when Athenaze sucks, the recent second edition of JACT is ten thousand times better, and in my opinion you probably want to use Hansen & Quinn anyway (which isn't there at all).

Should also be able to find Wheelock's Latin on there fairly easily which is perfectly fine for self-teaching. Probably avoid Cambridge Latin. I personally like Shelmerdine's Introduction to Latin because it's short. Lingua Latina is an "immersion" method and mostly a scam that will waste your time.


I don't have my account number any more, but if I sign up for mango again I will post it for people to use.


>trendy software-based methods
i agree rosetta stone is shit ( http://language101.com/reviews/rosetta-stone/ ) but there's a lot to be said for gamification as a motivator

sure you can learn by reading/working through a dry workbook but it requires hard work and perseverance. you have to be super motivated (bear in mind we're on a chan right now). the benefit of something like duolingo is that it uses modern consumer psychology techniques to make you want to keep going

i think both methods have their place though


Dropping a forum/website for learning Latin and Ancient Greek. It lists/recommends some grammars and dictionaries.




Anything like this for french?


File: 1428498092881.pdf (906.06 KB, french.pdf)

Nothing quite like that document I'm afraid, but there are plenty of sites in this thread already that might help with learning French. If English is your first language then French is a pretty easy language to learn, they share a lot of the same roots.

This document is helpful but some of their pronunciation tips are weird - for example it keeps telling you to pronounce "j"s like "zh". Don't. I have no idea why they have suggested that. It's just a soft j.


If you use Firefox installing "Perapera Chinese" wouldn't be a bad idea for learning Chinese. Basically it shows English translations for words you scroll over and sometimes gives you the meaning behind a certain saying that foreigners would be oblivious to. 10/10 app imo


Do you have something about proofreading?



Definitely seconding this. They also have one for Japanese.



File: 1462016167576-0.pdf (1.96 MB, 0521894662 grammar turkish.pdf)

File: 1462016167577-1.pdf (253.79 KB, TurkishHandbook.pdf)

File: 1462016167577-2.pdf (23.98 KB, turkish-verbs.pdf)

File: 1462016167577-3.pdf (1.06 MB, quranicarabicgrammar.pdf)

File: 1462016167577-4.pdf (516.9 KB, Kurdish.pdf)

general language stuff: YPG edition


File: 1462016346358-0.pdf (155.63 KB, AMB_Japanese_Verbs.pdf)

File: 1462016346358-1.pdf (1.91 MB, grammar_guide.pdf)

Japanese edition, a in-depth grammar guide and a conjugation cheat sheet


File: 1462016847368.pdf (93.83 KB, Kishimoto.pdf)

More indepth more Japanese - A analysis of the usage of the word 訳 (わけ), although entirely in Japanese


File: 1462016915153.pdf (4.7 MB, eling.pdf)

Grammars of the Uyghur language, one in English and one in Japanese


File: 1462016937389.pdf (3.25 MB, EngYakDwy2009_Uyg1full_10.pdf)


Trying to learn Russian in my free time. Anyone have .pdfs to help?


File: 8a5b716fd62f5f8⋯.png (266.21 KB, 640x465, 128:93, DaffyShrug.png)



How bout someone post some books for some actual languages people use like Spanish or Arabic, or mandarin


http://www.listeningpractice.org/ - Practice listening using native recordings from Tatoeba.org.

https://www.clozemaster.com/ - Learn language in context by filling in the blanks.


File: 0520e76617f6397⋯.png (565.7 KB, 765x1928, 765:1928, EsperantoFadeno.png)

File: 1257dbae724453e⋯.png (424.6 KB, 800x442, 400:221, LeftyBanner3.png)

Here's an Esperanto thing I made for /leftypol/, they didn't seem to want it there.



I've been using duolingo for esperanto. It's pretty BONA ;)…I just started learning it OK.



Seconding this; any Learn2Spanish .pdfs/.epubs that any of you would like to share?





I'm using Duolingo and a trick: to find good textbooks, search for the recommended books by teachers of your favourite university, sometimes they list them on their site.


File: a3b7af130986204⋯.pdf (1.49 MB, A Frequency Dictionary of ….pdf)


Enjoy this frequency dictionary as you build your everyday vocabulary. :3c


What language should I start with? I'm a fluent English speaker.

inb4 Esperanto (I already have that planned for some point)


File: 3e4359ee2ba71eb⋯.png (637.79 KB, 1800x2039, 1800:2039, 3e4359ee2ba71eb31076753c17….png)


Start with whatever the fuck you want to, there's no logical progression to languages. People recommend Esperanto because it's easy (and pretty cool tbh) and gives you self-confidence that even you can learn a new language and actually use it. Apparently that's something a lot of people lack. But if you don't care about it you should learn something that you actually like instead.



To learn Slovakian, you can learn it from here: https://slovake.eu/

Slovakian is like the multitool-language of slavic languages - and due to historic reasons very similar to Czech and Polish.

The website is completely free (sponsored by EU) and has courses ranging from A1 to B2 levels.


File: 25bf314ec2da277⋯.gif (15.43 KB, 146x225, 146:225, Guy_Debord.gif)


This, always do things you want to be doing. Never do things because you feel you have to do them.

For instance, I was learning French because of my ex-gf, however after we after we broke up, I jump ship to German, because I prefer the language & I'm a philosophy major, so I desire to learn German to read original texts

Pic semi-related, who I'd read if I spoke French.


If anyone's still online/watching this over here,

Any resources for Finnish? I have a pdf of From Start to Finnish, but are there any good other resources?



There's also http://deutsch.info from the same project-maker to learn German.

Also, they've created a page about European languages at http://lingvo.info

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