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Free Education For Everyone!

File: 1461710203561.jpg (165.06 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, use-nmap-7-discover-vulner….jpg)



We are 404Trojans.

We are are currently searching for excessively experienced Hacker, Crackers, and or Coders to help our cause.

We are a Hacktivist group that is closely related to Anonymous, and agree with their cause.

We are an anti-cyberbullying group, and we will not stop until the internet is a safe place for everyone again, even though this may be very difficult.

We highly disagree with Lizard Squad, so do not mistake us for these pathetic adolescents.

If you are not an experienced Hacker, Cracker, or Coder, it does not matter, we will take anyone, and train them if needed. In 404Trojans, we need experienced Crackers/Coders/Hackers, but we will take just about anyone, experienced or not.

If you are interested in being recruited, email me, at 404default@protonmail.com, or contact jason1337420 on KIK.


Not sure if this is just trolling, but in line with the board, would you care to share some resources or point out a path for people interested in hacking? Some introductory books on programming and hacking and the like



Try the /tech/ thread: >>32



you do realize that people have no reason to trust you because there is no guarantee that your version of bullying is the same as someone or someone else.

you might be some scary SJW's who just raid every thread and harrass people with opinions that are not considered okay.

will you defend monsanto? will you accuse everyone who posts comments saying they hate monsanto as bullies?

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