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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 430447edbeb8827⋯.jpg (119.47 KB, 746x746, 1:1, Apu Apastaja Cowboy and Ho….jpg)


What was your biggest mistake /fringe/?

Mine was being a loosh farmer for years and years who absorbed the immense negative energy of others and brought tremendous suffering upon myself, feeding off of their tainted energies in order to do stuff that at the time was amazing for me, but is not trivial.

I could not wrap my mind about the idea of the infinite providence of God. I could not accept that I could just tap into a bottomless pool of infinite energy, that God could give of his loving nature to me, without ever being depleted. I was under the delusion that I had to take from others. I was cut off from God; in understanding, in appreciation, and in faith.

Now I know better.

Being a loosh farmer caused me immense and prolonged suffering and a shitload of weird karma that I lived out over the last however many years. It created quite a lot of drama, a lot of disorder, a lot of strangeness. It was necessary for my development; but only because I was too dense, too sick, too ignorant and weak and low that I had to learn so much in such a brutal fashion.

Everything and its opposite exists. It's simply the law of polarity. The finite is with the infinite, the hot with the cold, the objective with the subjective, and so on. God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.


Probably spending so much time watching porn while I was growing up instead of going outside and socializing like a normal youngster.

I wasted my early years sitting home alone playing ragnarok online and jerking off to internet titties. Now my sexual energy is quite strong which is not a bad thing but I wish I had developed it in a better way. I have to smoke weed in order to balance with the yang energy and feel really happy, hopefully I will find a way to do without the drugs soon.

If you're younger than 20 years old do yourself a favor and get out of your house go talk to people make friends enjoy life and develop your social personality so you don't end up having a hyper sexualized personality and ruin your chances to be with a real woman



L-lad I'm a loosh farmer (??)

what's a loosh farmer and how to not be one



Someone who takes in the emotional lashings of others and in so doing also picks up their thoughts, habits, influence, etc. so he find himself thinking, doing, or getting visions n' shit of stuff pertaining to the other posters whose energy he relies on instead of the energy from God.

Some amount of energy exchange with everyone you interact with is inevitable but I went well out of my way to power myself off of the loosh from other posters for a long time with considerable consequences for my body and soul.


Not eating enough during my childhood/adolescence. The best psychics are short and stocky (see Franz Bardon, Robert Bruce, Aleister Crowley, etc.) and the ones who end up going crazy are tall and skinny (see Smiley, me, probably a lot of people on this board, etc.). But I'm overcoming that mistake by eating 3,000-4,000 calories a day and working out 6 days a week. I'm taking a hiatus from magical practice until I'm physically and mentally stronger, because it was making my preexisting mental conditions much worse. I strongly urge everyone else to get strong before going too far into the occult.



That's a good boy


From POWER, all Power comes—including Personal Power. T here is no other source or origin for Personal Power—YOUR Personal Power—than that of POWER, the Ultimate Principle of Power. All Power flows, directly or indirectly, from POWER, the Universal Source of Power, the Fount of Power, the Storehouse of Cosmic Power. All Power is in POWER—and he who would attain Personal Power must seek and obtain it from and through POWER. Let there be no mistake about this. There is no other source of Personal Power than POWER—there is nothing else competent to serve as the source of Personal Power. T he heedless and ignorant are satisfied with Personal Power indirectly supplied them, after flowing through many winding channels. The wise seek to make a direct channel leading to POWER itself. There are “short cuts” to Personal Power, made by securing direct connection with POWER.


All of the above plus developing a codependent relationship with my parents and everyone around me thereafter for years and not realizing. But I wouldn't call that a mistake, just development.


Being born.



>STEM student with interests that are distributed between magic, lifting, guns, vidya and chinese cartoons

>the uni work requires me to stay inside and study for most of my day to day life

>nobody gives a flying fuck about me since the people I work with have completely different interests

I am 20 and have completely embraced the hermit lifestyle. Not even remotely upset.


>having regrets

the only true mistake one has no choice over is being ignorant

otherwise, all other mistakes and regrets are just the universe's way of reaching you some lessons.

And if you have learned, then there is no regret

my greatest mistake was trusting my parents


Either I'm in the middle of my greatest mistake right now, or the worst is yet to come lol. However, I'm near loosing my mind so idk how I could do something stupid than what I'm doing rn and still survive lol. I'm fighting the natural flow of my life and trying to force things to happen too quickly. I'm trying to build a tower without a foundation lol


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What was your biggest mistake /fringe/?

Having nice thoughts about people who later turned out to be assholes.

Not tapping into my rage and using it productively instead of trying to repress it.

Not being thankful for little shit and thanking God/The Universe for looking out for me.

Not picking up a baseball bat and going to town on my alcoholic dad and asshole brother when I was ten years old.



>without a foundation

SS+GOMAD should fix you right up.



Yes but you are assuming I know what that acronym stands for lol




Do Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength routine and drink a shit ton of whole milk.



The karma hangs over me constantly. I know it'll never be gone. Regret is not something I will let myself feel, but perhaps it was a mistake.

The world has to be cleaned, both of human and spiritual trash. If a mortal has to bear the karma for doing what must be done, so be it.


I ended up going on a long and idiotic personal journey. Suffice it to say, the thing I learned was that if something is true, it should not require the suspension of one's reason or common sense and should amplify what truths are already known.


File: ff7c10093ddd568⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 600x315, 40:21, IMG_20170620_022157.jpg)


my biggest mistake was ever associating with your psychic vampire ass in the first place, smelly



I can't do the milk lol. I'm lactose intolerant or something, not quite sure what the issue is but milk makes me pretty sick to my stomach. I'll look into the strength stuff though, thanks.



You drink from the same well as me when I look at your post history and seriously have to make sure it's not just me posting from another IP again. How's it feel when your thoughts and posts are the same shit I say and think?


not meditating



we did a dragon ball z fusion dance


All of you made a mistake by following spawn of satan Kenneth - in the first place.



No one was following ken. He let people choose to study or follow their own beliefs, he believes in free speech and freedom of expression. He isn't some sort of guy trying to run a cult.



This. How did you remove yourself of your codependency?


File: ea1fbf39b64d57f⋯.jpg (193.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 28-greenland-sharks-bluewo….jpg)


You're going to reincarnate into a Greenland shark. 150 year long life span, blind and swimming at a crawl with your mouth open praying food falls in at some point



> ragnarok online

RO was p cool. I played SinX mostly. There was one server that had Jedi and Sith custom classes, that was pretty cool.

I totally wasted my life til I was like 26. I'm still sort of there. One foot in, one foot out, but climbing/changing now.

I think at any age you can start becoming a normal person/human again. I had a hard time of it at 26, but I worked/lived at a yoga retreat center and it worked out great.


I think hermit mode is fine for development. It sounds like you don't have a lot of time to go out and find people, but it also sounds like you'd be able to do alright if you did, given that you seem to be doing inner work, which tends to attract nicer people in my experience.



yeah dude. Root chakra. I went a little crazy from too much energy/wizard shit too, then just stopped doing that stuff. Also tall/skinny here. I should workout.


for me my codependent tendencies have been lessened with:

some isolation to cut off the energy ties,

some inner healing from meditation, bhakti (I would sing/lament my perceived disconnection from god, focusing on each chakra and experiences associated with each that were blocking the energies).


You know.


>Not tapping into my rage and using it productively instead of trying to repress it.

Yes, anger is liver/wood energy is the energy of spring/rebirth/renewal.

>Not picking up a baseball bat and going to town on my alcoholic dad and asshole brother when I was ten years old.

): condolences.




fuck, Imma go meditate after hitting reply. Thank you.



"I am in psychosis and need help to not literally destroy anything I touch but it's because I'm a wizard! Being a loser was fuking kewl! If I say this enough I might catch up to the other people my age who stopped acting like retards as soon as they hit puberty! I am going to be the manipulitive cunt I just claimed I wasn't going to be anymore and announce what I wish I was going to do from now on in the schizophrenic hope that somebody else repairs my life for me! I could have just been honest or continued to pay the price for my actions but instead I'm gonna use a pathetic copout technique since I'm a fucking slimeball who needs thrown in a fucking oven before I can jew somebody else!" - Mentallus Illyalus.



I missed you tbh



Also just fwi fringe wizard moved to mewch.net/fringe


Deciding to spend 100's of hours on a game called league of legends.



That sounds too good to be true



iktf all too well, its more like in the thousands tbh


I never really try


>have no car

>cast sigil meant to evoke Hecate, goddess of roads and magic to acquire transportation

>a month later my godfather dies in a scuba accident

>get his car

And I haven't really touched it since in any serious fashion.


I'd say existing but I suppose I'd have to thank my "higher" self for that. I guess I'll have to settle for continuing to exist



That's why you always put into the intention of your sigils, "Without causing harm."


OP's new mistake and new self limitation.

>Everything and its opposite exists. It's simply the law of polarity. The finite is with the infinite, the hot with the cold, the objective with the subjective, and so on. God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.

you made alot of progress but this is what the globalist cult of cucks teach you to trap you on the next step up the stairs of wisdom.

take what you said and just use this piece

>God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.

there, just use that.



>invoke false idol "gods" like zeus or jesus and piss off the real one and only God.

>"hue hue I don't know what happen I scare…"



you didn't miss out on going outside and socializing because you were at home doing things alone, you were at home doing things alone because you were missing out on socializing outside because society is a fucking mess that has got alot worse in the past many years. there's a reason that you stayed inside. everyone is shit.



Your first mistake was trying to evoke Hecate, for something as basic as a car, without building a relationship with her first. She'll fuck your shit up nicely if you aren't thinking ahead properly. I only know because I performed an incantation to Hecate during the recent full solar Eclipse. Within a minute I passed out. Within a minute of coming to I passed out again.

She is not to be underestimated or used for normie bs. You could literally go out, earn some money, and buy a car. Why ask a God/dess for basically money?



Thank you for this advice. I had something similar happen. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.


Every time on psilocybin that didn't work because I was too greedy and asked too much too often. They knew it and didn't give me anything, which was the nicest thing they could have possibly done to me at the time, and though my relationship with them mended–their powers for forgiveness and understanding being astonishing–I regret that my early zeal was streaked by tanha. It cannot be helped now, but if I were wiser, I would not be so greedy for their presence and attention, and would cleave to the messages I receive. Every time I do so, I get a sense of their presence, but to cling to the pleasure of that presence is to fall back into the same trap, hence my years without touching anything. Now their gradual return has confirmed the possibility of attainment by linguistic creation magic alone, and my horizons are broader than they have been in some time, but I would do well to recall that ego attainment and sense-pleasure are faustian bargains.


Assuming timelines are not concrete, that I am not on a journey from start to finish.

Assuming nature of a being is malleable, that we are not here to fulfill a role.

Assuming raw talent alone would suffice.



Not that guy but id love to live a life of an octopus or shark. Would feel close to home.



and that Supreme Fountain is the Infinite Source Itself.

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