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Tell me why do you think you can fix what is broken? You dont get to fuck with my head then act like we're friends or that your trying to help.


By reason of these fundamental facts concerning the Subconscious, it is easily seen how and why the “seed ideas” implanted in the soil of the Subconscious eventually sprout, bear leaves, blossoms and the fruit of Health or Disease as the case may be. By means of the planting of the seed‐ideas of Fearthought, panicky feelings, mental pictures and thoughts of diseased conditions, depressing and discouraging emotional states—coupled with the mental attitude of the “expectant attention” or “confident expectation” of the coming (or the continuance) of the physical disorder—the conscious mentality impairs and interferes with the normal action of the subconscious mental activities, quite frequently giving to them an entirely wrong direction or course of procedure. This wrong direction or course of procedure in time often becomes chronic and permanent, unless removed or else neutralized by a reversal of the method which originally brought it about.

On the other hand, by energizing, animating and strengthening the subconscious mental processes by cheerful, happy, and hopeful states of mind concerning the physical condition, by inspiring emotional states and feelings, by mental pictures of healthy, normal physical conditions, rather than of the abnormal, there is aroused a strong natural power of resistance to diseased conditions, to impaired physical functioning, and to ill‐health in general—a strong recuperative energy, tending to prevent disease in the first place, and in the second place to restore health when it has become impaired.

Avoid, as you would a pestilence, all depressing emotions and all negative mental states such as Anger, Fear, Worry, Jealousy, Envy, Hatred. Also avoid with equal care all expectations or beliefs that you will contract disease, even when it is raging around and about you. Refuse to allow your imagination to be filled with the negative; evil pictures of diseases or diseased conditions. Avoid, or learn to resist and throw off, the evil Suggestions of others that you will contract disease or manifest diseased conditions. Shed these Suggestions like the proverbial water from the duck’s back, when you cannot escape from the company of persons given to the planting of such pestilential seed‐thoughts.

Cultivate the positive emotional states of Fearlessness, Calmness, Poise, Cheerfulness, Hope, Faith, Confidence in the Powers‐that‐be in Nature, or above and over Nature. Form the habit of expecting and looking forward to the normal, natural conditions of Health, not to the state of Disease. Trust the Life Forces and Nature to “pull you through,” even when you may happen to “slip.” Fill your mind with the ideas and mental pictures of Health, and not of Disease. Frequent the company of those who “look forward, not backward; upward, not downward,” and whose vision seeks the good rather than the evil aspects of life. Read books having this “forward and upward” outlook upon life.

Above all, keep your mind filled with the bright, cheerful and happy mental pictures of Health and Normal Physical Conditions. Be careful to admit only the right kind of pictures to your Mental Picture Gallery. Always see yourself as you wish to be; not as you fear that you may be! Keep ever before you the visualized ideal of HEALTH—this, no matter how much the existing conditions may strive or tend to influence you in the opposite direction. This last is important, for these Ideal Mental Pictures are the patterns which the Subconscious (which is really that which you have been thinking of as “Life” or “Nature”) employs in building your physical body, and in weaving the fabric of your physical functioning and conditions.


Should this question thread be cyclical btw? The reason question threads are never cyclical is so they can be archived. However, if I leave this 30th question thread cyclical, then no new threads have to be created all the time, but people will have to periodically archive this thread if they want to ensure to capture in the archive all the stuff posted here in it.


Love loves you. (x7)

Love loves love. (x7)

I am filled with love. (x1)


I will entertain no evil thoughts.

I enterain good thoughts.

I love the good.

I am loved.

I am blessed.

I am.



Who is this directed at?


Hi guys, to manipulate probability do you visualize desired event and feel the emotions as if it happened? It's more so for small things like drawing a specific card from a shuffled deck or rolling a number on a dice. Thanks in advance.




We bend timelines to our will by broadcasting the conscious intention that our preferred outcome has already taken place. By doing this, you align your soul to the exact set of intrinsic proprieties that attract the conditions for your desired timeline to manifest, on a vibrational level. Like a droplet falling into a pond, your state of being affects everything around you. However missing from this equation is the strength of your "broadcast" - the message you send, the strength of your ripples. In order to achieve your desired aims reliably, your broadcast needs to be formidable. The factor of efficiency of limited by how much bio-electricity you solidify your intention with.

See it as playing a song on a set of speakers. The reach of the sound; the amount of people hearing the song, is limited by the levels of decibel used to produce the sound. The bigger the sphere of influence, the better. However in our example, it's not people hearing our song, but the atoms and subtler parts of reality dancing to our song - the vibrations we cast out.


I'm leaving out a lot of details, but it would take months to explain everything, so lets get practical. I highly advise you to incorporate specific mantras to raise an adequate amount of bio-electricity for the job. SA TA NA MA meditation will work for general purposes. Your working should look something like this:

1. 2 minutes of void meditation

2. 9x SA TA NA MA

3. 9x "The coins I flip always result in heads, without any deviation".

4. briefly visualize the heads side of the coin, approximately for a minute.

4. ????

5. Profit.

The efficiency of your working will depend on your pre-established spiritual development. If you have never done power meditations before, don't be surprised if this doesn't work on the first go. Good luck, neophyte.


File: 826e31daa454b7f⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 699x610, 699:610, 1431293700161.jpg)


Nothing wrong with what's in this post but there's a step there that you can skip and it will still work. Can you neophytes guess which one?


File: 4b42fbc41eee1ad⋯.gif (513.75 KB, 360x264, 15:11, cory.gif)


Sure thing, number 4.



>Nothing wrong with what's in this post but there's a step there that you can skip and it will still work. Can you neophytes guess which one?

Presuming you mean the part of vibrating a mantra? I went into some detail as to why vibrating a mantra is preferred. It's like you just skimmed over my post, got triggered upon seeing SATANAMA, and felt the urge to reply. This is especially clear as you don't seem to even argue as to why. Different mantras have evoke different properties and qualities when vibrated. The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra originates from the ancient Proto-European Aryan peoples, and it translates in Sanskrit as; Sa means "birth", Ta means "life", Na means "death", Ma means "rebirth.". There have been a myriad of studies done on the immense healing properties chanting this mantra has[1]. Sanskrit is not a language comparable to say, English, as each of the sounds in the Sanskrit language resonate and express a certain quality or concept. Open up any Sanskrit dictionary, and you will see that Satya/Sanat/Satan/Satnam all resonate and express "Absolute, eternal truth" and very similar meanings. However, in typical Jewish fashion, it translates as "adversary" in Hebrew. Trying to corrupt the concept and outright symbolically stating that the Jew opposes objective truth and sees it as the adversary.

Moreover, it is crucial for neophytes especially to strengthen their soul and amass bio-electricity. It'll improve the results of any metaphysical venture they'll invest into. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to empower the soul to even get anywhere, spiritually speaking. Just as our physical (dense) body need energy to operate, so does our subtle body; the soul. If you feel too wary about using SATANAMA, you can use any other powerful mantra. AUM SURYAE is one another I'd recommend in that case.

Next time, at the very contest my arguments and proposed approach with objective reasoning - instead of subjective reasoning as you clearly do now.

[1]Here's one of many scientific studies conducted to the benefit of the SA-TA-NA-MA mantra and its regenerative capabilities.



The meditation group showed significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms and greater improvement in mental health and cognitive functioning compared with the relaxation group. In the meditation group, 65.2% showed 50% improvement on the Hamilton Depression Rating scale and 52% of the participants showed 50% improvement on the Mental Health Composite Summary score of the Short Form-36 scale compared with 31.2% and 19%, respectively, in the relaxation group (p < 0.05). The meditation group showed 43% improvement in telomerase activity compared with 3.7% in the relaxation group (p = 0.05)


File: 53065a40dd7dcfd⋯.gif (443.48 KB, 400x296, 50:37, 1430617556616.gif)


If I wasn't a cunt I wouldn't get such an informative post from you Alpam-sama. Let me try something else, Germanic/Nordic runes are worthless.




Could you not?



Yes, the stronger the emotions and visualizations the better. Ritual stuff like chants and runes are training wheels to help you get it right and they work exceedingly well, but they aren't necessary.


All these theories like "everything is in waves" "an action of a certain size will get a reaction of the same size" "treat others like you want to be treated yourself" etc… They all seem to support neutrality, which would be a weak way to live, I am definetly missing something, can anyone elaborate?



Read the Tao Te Ching. My current understanding in life is that it is best to pursue neutrality by a balance of extremes rather than an absence of extremes. Some people are neutral because they do nothing, I am to be neutral because I do everything.



>Some people are neutral because they do nothing, I am to be neutral because I do everything.

It's one and the same at the end of the day isn't it?



I don't think so. You could be sexually neutral by locking yourself in your room and abstaining, or you could be sexually neutral by having sex with beautiful men and women, and at the end of the day a celibate and a whore are quite different. But let me think of a better example that isn't as silly: somebody who studies all religions with a closed mind becomes an atheist and never grows spiritually, and somebody who studies all religions with an open mind settles for whichever feels right and grows some, but somebody who studies all religions with a neutral mind can better discern the truths and falsehoods in each and will grow drastically in spirit and understanding of the universe.


File: ee5156030edaaf0⋯.jpg (64.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AiuojwS.jpg)


>Yes, the stronger the emotions and visualizations the better. Ritual stuff like chants and runes are training wheels to help you get it right and they work exceedingly well, but they aren't necessary.

Care to explain why you think this is the case? From an occult perspective, emotions are like a sculpting tool, not a fuel-like resource in itself. They can help shape your ideal outcome, but should never be the-end all key to metaphysics. Take the example of two humans who are angry at one another. One does nothing, just standing idle in anger as he stares at his foe. The other however, uses his anger as motivational tool take direct action by either yelling at the other, or even physically assaulting him. Case in point. Using emotions as a guiding factor to let energy (be it physical or what have you) fuel your desired intent. This of course, is an example in the physical, but the same notion holds true in the subtle energetic realm: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. And thus, using anger, happiness, love - whatever, as a tool to evoke more raw bio-electric energy and/or affirming intent is perfectly viable, as long as you recognize what truly is doing the work. To refer back to my prior example; a really angry little man who has no physical energy will _easily_ get bested by a big guy who barely needs to express anger. Remember, as above so below. Many laws from the physical layer work the same in the subtle, due to the fractal nature of the universe.

Really, just try to apply your crooked logic in reality.

If what you said about "emotions" being so powerful and the only thing important, then SJW's, manchildren, edgy kids and literal retards would be at the top of society. Instead, they are shunned and thrown right out by any non-Jew. Talking about Jews.. Jews are the most unsympathetic race out there, having little to no emotions and most being inherent sociopaths. Yet they are the top of all positions in society? Why is that? Because of raw bio-electricity, extracted and harvested from the billions of gentile souls they domineer through their religious programs. (YHWH is and always has referred to the Jews and their non-terrestrial allies)

Depending on the working in question, you might not want to invoke any emotions at all. They might be too distracting, or dilute your intention with unecessary clutter. It's highly contextual and isn't meant to be used as a raw force of power 'by design'.

>Ritual stuff like chants and runes are training wheels to help you get it right and they work exceedingly well, but they aren't necessary.

Again, baseless conjecture. Read my paragraph above stating how raw energy is the true deciding factor in any level of reality, be it physical or subtle. By chanting mantras or runes you literally conjure up both physical and dense vibrations. You're inducing vibration in your soul at the metaphysical level, comparable to eating foods on a physical level. The type of vibration and the effects it has depends on the different runes/mantras used, as they all resonate with different qualities. Most ancient ones resonate with primordial/divine qualities and not thought forms (like most of modern chaos magick), as they stem from a period of time when men lived still alongisde with their proginators; the Nordic Creator Gods of humanity.

>All these theories like "everything is in waves" "an action of a certain size will get a reaction of the same size" "treat others like you want to be treated yourself" etc… They all seem to support neutrality, which would be a weak way to live, I am definetly missing something, can anyone elaborate?

Yes everything is vibration, but that doesn't mean everything is equal or you will always the receive the exact same thing back. This is a corruption of the concept of karma. Karma literally means "action/reaction". Everything you do has a reaction, period, that's it. In no piece of ancient literature originally documenting this phenomenon was karma seen as the equivalent of the astral police coming to slap your butt if you hurt others, or anything of that nature. The Universe is unthinking and unfeeling, it has no moral compass. Humans do, but humans aren't the universe and do not define law of nature. End of story. Empower your soul and your lineage, save your race and liberate humanity. It's the only thing that matters ultimately.


>Germanic/Nordic runes are worthless.

This post is getting too long, so I'll keep it short. Vibrate the runes, that's how they are meant to be used. Try, and thou shall experience.


-blushes, rolls eyes-



because i was in more pieces than you and i'm a'ok friend. its going to take effort but you'll make it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am ruler of my kingdom, my kingdom is Earth.

I am passionate in all I do and speak.

I am confident in every move I make.

I am the bridge, I am the unity, I am the singular, I am the exception I am the result of Heaven and Earth, I am a child of the cosmic dance, I am the beginning and the end, I am the now, I am the love I was given.

I express effortlessly, I express with stability, passion, confidence and love.

I see, I learn, I know.

I am a piece of the whole, I am a part of God and God a part of me, through this body I assert my divine will upon my kingdom, as is in Heaven so shall it be on Earth.



hard to say, at this point somebody knows too much about me but TECHNICALLY you started it.


To build a new foundation you must tear away the old one.

Let everything go, just be, find your true will and desires and then rebuild the ego in equilibrium with your will.



>Care to explain why you think this is the case?

Because I can get results by only using intent, will, and directed emotions. And I can get results by using pagan rituals. And I can get results by making up my own rituals. The ritual just serves to guide and strengthen emotions and intentions.

>from an occult perspective

From *your* occult perspective. Stop assuming that your way is the only way. You may not use the same principles and methods as I do, but what I do works and I personally don't need to dress up and chant in a circle to do it. Your belief in your rituals is significant, so if you need elaborate and specific instructions to alter reality then you do you.

>SJW's would be at the top

You read my small post and extrapolated based on what you thought I meant, presumably because you've encountered it before. But you misunderstand me. They wouldn't be at the top because they have no control over their emotions. Psychopaths don't experience a total lack of emotions, in many cases their strong desire for material gain (an emotion) is directed well by their total self-control and uninhibited by their lack of morality.

>too distracting

If your emotions are distracting you from your work, you have mental imperfections. It's as simple as that. The more balance I find in my life, the more I shift from experiencing a few unrestrained emotions powerfully to experiencing a wide range of emotions exactly how I want and how I know will best lead me to success in the occult and other areas of life.

Don't get so triggered the next time somebody finds a simpler way to do something you like.



>From *your* occult perspective. Stop assuming that your way is the only way.

Skipped elementary school? You know the difference between "an" occult perspective, and "the" occult perspective, I hope? One would imply one of many, the other implies a defacto view. I referenced a singular occult perspective (an occult view), not the totality or defacto perspective (the occult view). I'd appreciate if you therefor stopped skewing grammar definitions and pinpointing an accusations at me that are objectively false.

>but what I do works and I personally don't need to dress up and chant in a circle to do it.

Did you even read the message you replied to? There's not one instance of me mentioning dressing up or doing anything in a circle. The only thing I did mention is chanting, and I gave reasoning as to why this is effective. It has everything to do with one core fundamental aspect of reality, which is the principle/law of vibration. Chanting is a way to induce straight-up vibration into the organs of the subtle body, which in turns generates bio-electricity and resonance with certain qualities (depending on the mantra/rune chanted). Chanting in the way I clearly described it has nothing to do with make-belief or impressing your subconsciousness, it's not ritualistic in the ceremonial sense.

>Your belief in your rituals is significant

My belief in rituals? Can you stop the strawman act? Nowhere did I mention this in my replies, nor is it implied by what I said. Traditionally, a ritual is a series of actions. Chanting anything is not a ritual anymore then talking, walking, drinking, or thinking is a ritual. It's one action (i.e. the chant), not a series of actions, which would per definition turn it into a ritual.

>But you misunderstand me. They [SJW's and others] wouldn't be at the top because they have no control over their emotions.

By saying this, you essentially prove my entire point. The force that results from control of emotions is what matters, and not the emotions themselves. They just serve to guide the lower-level raw energetic force, which cannot be the emotions themselves as they have to be controlled, by your own admission. Even in this example, with your applied logic, it would mean that as long as you get really really mad at someone in a controlled fashion (i.e. for a considerable amount of time on one focused subject) and wished them to die of cancer, they will. Meaning any edgy teenager, SJW, or whomever wishes to change the world by impressing their flawed beliefs using tons of emotion would have gotten there and is by definition dabbling in the arcane arts. This is not the case, as we can clearly see. It takes much more then just emotions and intent to achieve something considerable.



File: 411cd466275f0f6⋯.png (196.87 KB, 998x1134, 499:567, what the talmud says.png)


> Psychopaths don't experience a total lack of emotions

First of all, I made no mention of psychopaths. I mentioned sociopaths, which are inherently incapable of feeling emotions. Not because they are in control, but literally because they are physically incapable to. Have you ever researched corresponding medical literature about sociopaths? In particular, have you seen MRI scans and the corresponding studies? The brain parts responsible for empathy, emotions and feelings are stunted and in some cases completely stagnant. They are physically incapable of feeling emotions, which completely shuts down your argument as to why emotionless people are at the top. Jews are known sociopaths, and really don't express emotions either in their literature be it spiritual in the form of the Torah and Talmud, or in their devised political systems such as Communism. Communism is the most apathetic system to date, as you're no more but a number in a slave society and exist for no other purpose but to produce labor for those at the top.

>in many cases their strong desire for material gain (an emotion) is directed well by their total self-control and uninhibited by their lack of morality.

A desire is not an emotion. I see you have a knack for reinventing terms and refitting them to your own belief system, which is fine, but refrain from doing so in public debate unless you wish to clarify. I am slowly starting to get the idea you will simply name something a feeling as long as it fits your belief system, essentially turning anything in an emotion. A desire is not inherently dependent on emotion. An example of this would be animals. Not all animals have capabilities of empathy, sympathy or emotion. Case in point; reptilians. It's no coincidence that our "reptilian brain", the oldest part of our brain, is named that way. The reptilian part of the brain governs solely instinct. It doesn't feel emotion, it merely produces the call to action - the primal desire - to eat, fight and reproduce. It's called this way because terrestrial reptilian species haven't progressed beyond this stage of development, and neither would they need to. This is their evolutionary path. Again, case in point, emotions are not desire. Unless you want to refit the definition of emotion completely, but then there's no point in talking with you.

pic related; the work of apathetic emotionless sociopaths, the (((chosen ones))) that rule contemporary society - every aspect of it.


So why excactly do we all hate the Demiurge?

As far as I understand without Demiurge we and our world would not exist. Yes I know this world is rather shitty and imperfect but still I enjoy being created and alive, and experiencing all that this world has to offer.

Isn't he in a sense still our god, who created this world? Wouldn't you be thankful and more respectful to him?



demiurge=matter/physical world




>blah blah I'm so smart because of semantic disagreements and pseudoscience

When somebody's understanding of a language becomes so specific and all definitions are limited to their precise versions of them, it is impossible to have a coherent conversation. You need to talk to more groups of people than just those edgy kids you diddle.


Some time ago, I stumbled upon a thread about (as far as I understood it) having conscious control over one's body. Is this possible? If so, how (obviously), and what are the limits to this? Would it be possible, for example, to induce physical bodily alterations?



whats up for change and how?



err, that's kind of my question. Is it possible to will yourself to say, prduce more dopamine; increase metabolism; produce general physical effects from a mental? stimulus alone?



yes, do you have a specific question on what you want to change and i'll tell you to what degree its feasible

but yes. i don't have normal body temperatures, i eat less and process food quickly without any drawbacks such as fatigue or malnourishment.



interesting. Ready for too much info?

Well, chemical secretions should help with a host of issues as far as I'm aware; increasing androgens, limiting aromatization, dopamine increase etc. Perhaps a way to selectively remove fat? I'm kind of bearmode atm. The mass is great for getting shit done, but it's exacerbated these ridiculous puffy nips I've had since my teens. Ruins the look. Also, energy. Just not being tired all the time. Constantly.

Thanks for taking the time, anon



all doable, have done most of that.

i'm not sure how into this stuff you are but to dl:tr, find out what body parts secret what and which chakra these are tied to (google), lie down, let your mind drift away from the body so that it falls asleep, so that you can feel the energy of the body and the chakras, will the chakra to do as you want while breathing in a natural rhythm that comes on by itself once you explore the different body parts with the mind.

disclaimer, you can fuck up bad and i'm not responsible, in fact you shouldn't do this, you're messing with normal cycles and hormones and stuff, you seem smart so you know what could happen.

if this is something you still want to pursue i STRONGLY recommend getting good enough to reverse whatever you attempt.



> i STRONGLY recommend getting good enough to reverse whatever you attempt

fair enough. I can't say that I'm well versed in any /fringe/ topics, but is there a reasonable 'gateway' practice?

>you're messing with normal cycles and hormones and stuff

would starting with something more concrete rather than cyclical make sense? Like the stubborn, specific fat issue

>let your mind drift away from the body so that it falls asleep

is this akin to trying to lucid dream, or am I totally off?


i'll get back to you.



no worries man. I should probs sleep anyway. Should help the fatigue lel



>is it lucid dreaming?

no. you're still awake and present but the body has not recieved input to move for so long it goes into sleep mode, once this is done you tap into another way of sensing the body.

you're new, so start with this, while breathing, heavy or light doesn't matter, find a pace that is effortless and with each breath draw energy from the air to the lungs and push it down your legs. you'll know you've succeeded if you become really spazzy, you'll want to move and your legs are really warm, these are basics.

next you want to do the same thing but instead of moving it to the legs you gather the energy at one chakra at a time, starting with the lower moving upwards, you feel them out and the body parts connected to the blob of energy and you breathe a lot of energy into it while imagining it spinning to the left or right with a vertical axis.

do all seven chakras and then attempt to raise kundalini, which is, not drawing energy from the air, or using that you've stored in your legs but unlocking and tapping into the energy of the root, which you then push to the top.

by then/now you should no longer be a bullshit occultist and your third eye should be powerful enough for you to intuitively do the workings for what you want to achieve.

those are the basics if you don't want to do something you might not be able to fix.



doing this, all your problems will be solved. all the ones you mentioned and more.

by perfecting either heaven or earth and forcing it into a state of non degradation it will impose upon its counterpart and align it accordingly.



>because i was in more pieces than you

so that justifies you warping the internet then going hurr durr it's free will because you saw it.

>its going to take effort but you'll make it.

>sit there, meditate and let go until something happens

I like how you brought alpam back for no reason


File: 52037f7ec14f63e⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 792x589, 792:589, 1461971019969.jpg)


I'm new here and I skimmed through all that word diarrhea but I'm pretty sure the lesson from all that is that I should study the most effective methods of magic in order to bring magical death to the jews and their puppets in the name of justice. Coincidentally, apart from visualizing the target with a grey/black aura, dead and evoking strong emotions of hate, what other methods are out there that don't require one to go to the cemetery in order to perform a bunch of ceremonial magic?




hey thanks, anon, I'll give it a go.

>you're new

yes, very. I've got a couple of noob questions

>draw energy from the air

now, am I visualizing the energy entering my lungs, or should I actually seek to feel something from this?

>you gather the energy at one chakra at a time

>imagining it spinning to the left or right with a vertical axis

I'm assuming this can't be put into words but jic it can, how will I be able to recognise when I've come upon a particular chakra?

>all your problems will be solved

as in I'll possess direct control over physical/subconscious anomalies such as permanent anxiety or stress-responses?


>bullshit occultist

I dunno if this is a divisive issue here, but your opinion on 'sex magick'?

many thanks again, dude



Treat reality like a lucid dream. When you want to do something fun in a lucid dream you just have to will it to happen, and it's easier when you're asleep because it's your own dream and your mind is fairly unrestrained when you're asleep. In waking life, it's God's dream instead of your dream, so it takes more to do things. Honestly, from a minimalist perspective you could just read the Kybalion and figure everything else out for yourself from there if you have decent intuition. If you're looking to engage in spiritual warfare, I'd hold off until you know you can handle it. Meaning, you should lift weights for a year and get physically strong, do Step I of Initiation Into Hermetics for months, read many occult books and learn as much as possible, balance your mind and your life to the point at which you don't react emotionally to the things you hear unless you allow it (otherwise your environment has control over you), and learn how to defend yourself spiritually. All this can be done by reading books, taking long and thoughtful walks, and meditating on what you've learned.



feeling it will come after visualizing it because without visualizing the movement you're not moving anything, thought is of a higher order of energy than what you're moving around, you will feel it eventually.

breathing into your legs is a practice that will make you feel energy.


can be put into words but i wont say more than i need to.

google the chakras, you'll see where they're supposed to sit, when you focus on a chakra you will feel two things, the body parts with the bodily senses and the energy cluster with your minds eye, they're two different things but are the same.

if you feel out of place after a working where you spin the energyclusters (chakras), say you get random panic attacks, figure out which chakra is responsible and make it spin at a calmer pace.

you'll find the chakras easily if you place your awareness into your body. which is what this does, relaxing the body.

>control over body

yes, all that and more, much more.

sex magic is powerful but harms everyone included and in most cases, trying to power something with fapping makes to many of your fetisches slip through and your working will be corrupted.

say you want to signalboost "luck" for someone, so you decide to spill some loosh over it, lets also pretend you're into very weird sex, say rape, if you can't hold focus while fapping your background noise will affect the "luck" you're trying to empower and suddenly the person you're blessing with luck will have good luck in getting raped. apes paw.



>warping the internet


>brought alpam back

literally who?



Right, I reckon I'm with you for the most part

>when you focus on a chakra

'focus' in this sense would be applying the energy-into-the-legs practice to the appropriate chakra?

>trying to power something with fapping

what of actual intercourse, or is that worse somehow?

>signalboost "luck"

I take it one can do this for oneself, then? And not just with luck

>apes paw

ok yes, mildly terrifying




one doesn't -get- to fuck with anything, one takes that right by virtue of power.

i'm kinda confused but you wouldn't be so timid if you didn't know that what was said about you was right. maybe it hurt? maybe it made you reflect? win win for everyone, except your wounded ego.


File: 182254290760246⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 450x385, 90:77, stock-photo-ancient-egypti….jpg)


semantics semantics, focus as in, with closed eyes being able to see/feel. great focus in energywork involves moving your whole awareness, mind, spirit, essence, to the part you want to influence and using it to create energetic pathways, tugging at the energy that is present to make it move according to your wishes.

focus is focus, moving energy is energywork/auramancy/internal alchemy, once you get good at energywork you wont need focus, the pathways you've set up will do what you want automatically, tiggered by something as simple as "lets raise kundalini", bam, done.

real sex is great if there is emotion and passion between the two involved, good sex with two confident partners exchanges energy between the two and because they resonate equally the two become one and raise the frequency/power, real sex is only good for you, boosts confidence and makes you align with your combined emotions.

yes you can do that. anything you can think of is possible, within the framework of the universal laws mentioned in the kybalion.

the better you get the more complex your workings become.

when i was a beginner i would, for example, focus on the word luck and have it course through me, the meaning of the word, the intent, the desire for x event to unfold.

now i would first ask different planets for energy, say, for luck, i would first ask the sun to cleanse me of back luck, move the suns energy around my body to remove anything i perceive as dark/negative or stale energy, then process the thoughts that pop up, discard or boost a branch of thoughts (envisioned as branches rooted from the heart spreading in all directions within my space), then i would ask for jupiter to help me, while giving praise and gratitude to the archetype that jupiter represents, then tie the energythread i recieved to the solar plexus and heart, for luck in general social interaction, relationships and love, if i want to focus on love i would also ask venus and have the energies meld together.

the better you get the more layers of complexity you add to a working. the more you do a working the easier it gets, the easier it gets the more circuits you can move around at the same time, which is essential to conjuring energy from the root and crown at the same time, melding it at the heart, granting you wings.

see pic related, a female with a solid grounded stance and a sun over her crown, the woman and her stance represents the earth, female energy, she stands tall, rising, energy rising to the focal point, the crown, once you've raised the female energy you have access to the male energy and once you have you can move that energy to different parts of the body.

the different energies are different. it might feel like the same energies (not even that really) but they affect the body in different ways.


File: 1e18071104b4ea6⋯.jpg (106.75 KB, 960x960, 1:1, snakesinthahead.jpg)

File: f355a006f7dd6bb⋯.jpg (512.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, nothininthahead.jpg)

File: db81c17145c1fd9⋯.jpg (215.71 KB, 653x900, 653:900, abuninthahead.jpg)

What's the importance of hair? how do you wear it? The yogis are right or the buddhists?

I have long hair and beard at the moment (two years since I shave completely)

I do not really remember if I'm more sensitive than when I was shaved, but long hair can be really annoying

I recently had thoughts of cutting it with a knife and casually I discovered (a moment ago) that Buddha did that

Although that I thought it to be prepared for war



You're tipp right? Not the guy you're responding to but just want to extend personal gratitude to the high quality off-the-cuff posts you always seem to make. Lurked here for years and they are always my favourite to read.



Admittedly, a good portion of that is beyond me. More reading is required. Still, got to start somewhere!

Gratitude, dude



>one doesn't -get- to fuck with anything, one takes that right by virtue of power.

yet it only happens when I have no power and then you play it off like it made me a better person.

>but you wouldn't be so timid

If i was timid then I still wouldn't be here.

>except your wounded ego.

fuck off you dont get to play that card.


Masonry has its decalogue, which is a law to its Initiates. These are its Ten Commandments:

I. ⊕∴ God is the Eternal, Omnipotent, Immutable WISDOM and Supreme INTELLIGENCE and Exhaustless LOVE.
Thou shalt adore, revere, and love Him!
Thou shalt honor Him by practising the virtues!

II. ○∴ Thy religion shall be, to do good because it is a pleasure to thee, and not merely because it is a duty.
That thou mayest become the friend of the wise man, thou shalt obey his precepts!
Thy soul is immortal! Thou shalt do nothing to degrade it!

III. ⊕∴ Thou shalt unceasingly war against vice!
Thou shalt not do unto others that which thou wouldst not wish them to do unto thee!
Thou shalt be submissive to thy fortunes, and keep burning the light of wisdom!

IV. ○∴ Thou shalt honor thy parents!
Thou shalt pay respect and homage to the aged!
Thou shalt instruct the young!
Thou shalt protect and defend infancy and innocence!

V. ⊕∴ Thou shalt cherish thy wife and thy children!
Thou shalt love thy country, and obey its laws! p. 18

VI. ○∴ Thy friend shall be to thee a second self!
Misfortune shall not estrange thee from him!
Thou shalt do for his memory whatever thou wouldst do for him, if he were living!

VII. ⊕∴ Thou shalt avoid and flee from insincere friendships!
Thou shalt in everything refrain from excess.
Thou shalt fear to be the cause of a stain on thy memory!

VIII. ○∴ Thou shalt allow no passions to become thy master!
Thou shalt make the passions of others profitable lessons to thyself!
Thou shalt be indulgent to error!

IX. ⊕∴ Thou shalt hear much: Thou shalt speak little: Thou shalt act well!
Thou shalt forget injuries!
Thou shalt render good for evil!
Thou shalt not misuse either thy strength or thy superiority!

X. ○∴ Thou shalt study to know men; that thereby thou mayest learn to know thyself!
Thou shalt ever seek after virtue!
Thou shalt be just!
Thou shalt avoid idleness!



Yes that's it. Go check out the master formula of attainment in Personal Power (also in the FAQ) though. You need that confident expectation and so on too.


Are there any books out there that deal specifically in how to interface with one's higher self?



>yet it only happens when I have no power

what do you mean?

i get to play all the cards, most of which are trap cards, hell i even have some pokemon in there, you get to use whatever cards you like, but you wont cause you can't find any to pull you out of this situation without dragging the discussion down to a much more base level, but you're smart enough to realize that would have you lose and right now you're on the edge, thinking, "maybe i'm wrong", but you don't want to go there. if this isn't the case, toss a card. instead of saying i can't do this and can't do that, talk back or take it to heart and suck it up.

is this still about the discussion about sex and how i said your dominating and demeaning women is an obvious character flaw and reflects your inabilities? cause they are and they do, its clear as day.

i'm hurting you to poke holes in your dumb ego because its the best way to make you reflect, something you obviously shy from.

>you just don't get it, you dumb fucking normie, reee, to be wizard is to abstain from women which equates to

>>hating women

your ego loves this reasoning because women frighten you on different levels and make you insecure so you lash out in aggression. been there, done that, grow up.

if this is not about that discussion, i dont have a fucking clue what you're on about.


File: 482183007faada7⋯.png (104.92 KB, 1522x388, 761:194, 21a092b4026ba0b0496db0714d….png)

if anything they're trying to turn us into sociopaths that doesn't question the system and who furthers it. please do tell, how is acceptance and love "boyish"?

acceptance and love are emotions or states of mind related to other positive emotions/states of mind which if channeled lead to a superior mentality and lifestyle, acceptance leads to letting go of worries, no worries, no stress, no stress no mental fog, acceptance means accepting the world as it is in its beauty and ugly, having no predisposition as to how things are "meant" to be, life is ~easygoing~ and full of surprises that make you happy, instead of dancing on a tangent of pessimism that barely swings the pendulum when something good happens, being shocked and mildly content that something went your way is not the same as being happy over little things because you expected nothing to begin with.

acceptance is not synonymous with cowardice and its not that feeling of emptiness and void after a longer period of depression nor is it at all related to turning the other cheek or being a cuck.

acceptance is accepting things the way they are which leads to not feeling bad about it, a good example would be ones body. you're not even your body, your body is your tool which you inhabit, accept that this is your fate and go on with your day thinking about sunshine.


>>accept that this is your fate

again, not related to giving up.

you can accept your body and still have a desire to improve it.




cool, youre welcome.



but to accept you first need to understand, who would want to admitt to themselves that theyre out of shape, and because theyre eating snacks, which they love and would have to quit if the thoughtproccesses connected.

defense mechanisms everywhere, fuck the ego, kill it and rebuild it according to your true desires.



>i get to play all the cards, most of which are trap cards, hell i even have some pokemon in there, you get to use whatever cards you like

literally not even playing the same game.

>you just don't get it, you dumb fucking normie, reee, to be wizard is to abstain from women which equates to

>>hating women

not even close guy your thinking of someone else or just guessing at what the problem is

>I dont have a fucking clue what you're on about.

mind your own business then


hey I'm still waiting for you to tell me about your kundalini experience



>be a positive and apathetic

once you realize the universe doesn't give a flying fuck what you want then come back.


>bruh bruh it's your ego that's the problem

>literally only posts because it inflates his ego.


Someone can give me a quick rundown on this new B.O. who replaced smiley?

why names disabled?

what with the new retarded rules?


File: 266db38a99a6939⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 233BCF018E1248540876368945….jpg)


>The yogis are right or the buddhists?

That depends on whatever sect you take part in really.

Buddhists believe that the self is an inhibitor to realizing higher vibrations that lead to enlightenment and Buddhafield. Therefore, they constantly shave everything to remove the cosmetic aspect about themselves. The same principles apply when achieving said higher vibrations. The goal is not to achieve the vibrations per se, but to achieve the vibrations in order to help everyone else achieve enlightenment and escape samsara (cycles of death/rebirth). Its self-less (word play intended) and about compassion for others. However, this mainly applies to the higher ranking Buddhists. Laypeople do not need to be concerned about it.

Hindus on the other hand are concerned with attaining those higher vibrations as their primary purpose. Powers for the powers themselves, which is why the idea of dematerializing the self is less important in Hinduism, so hair is pretty much allowed.

It just depends with what you go with. Your body is temporary, your soul is forever. Cosmetic concerns are arbitrary. Some philosophies prioritize this over others. In the end it doesn't matter.



Sure, I do this equally much out of fun as it is because I want to affirm my beliefs, getting it out of my head down to letters, and just as much because GET GOOD AND GET THE FUCK OUT THERE AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, FOR EVERYONE


File: c3fa85b5430031e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 503.43 KB, 1000x703, 1000:703, 00eda30fbdcae85cac3aa42bfd….png)

Hey guys I have a question;

So I know summoning succubus is a big thing and there are a lot of reliable guides on how to do it, but my question is regarding incubus. I just want something or anyone to cuddle and caress, I feel like I can trust incubus more then men because at least I can do a banishment spell if shit goes wrong.

Anyway, i'm unsure about which guide is the most reliable and the main one I found is behind a paywall, what is the best way to summon an incubus?

Also I know incubus mainly go after female summoners, but I am male, is this a problem or would the incubus not care?


How do I summon an incubus in a reliable way and is my gender a problem?

Pic related



But the issue is that it is not only cosmetic, it has a purpose.

So, what is that purpose according to you and what has been your choice?

Do you use it to channel solar energy, or is it not necessary?

If we were created following a design, why infinite growth?

And if that design is marked in our genetic code, what is baldness? Degeneration or evolution?


File: bc61590e334852d⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 229x315, 229:315, 1409654006811.jpg)


He doesn't make "I'm going to kill myself for real this time" threads every other month so I think whoever it is, they're alright.



>So, what is that purpose according to you and what has been your choice?

The purpose is whatever you chose it to be. If you believe you can attain greater power by having long hair, you will. If you believe the opposite and follow through, same effect. There is no singular "right" path to spiritual enlightenment, sometimes this is even the case in a single religion.

>If we were created following a design, why infinite growth?

Depends what you believe, have you considered that white humans are just a mix of Pleiadians who had a thing for furry monkeys, the proto-furries? It could also be a side effect of the base, physically animalistic nature of our bodies and the eternal spirit that inhabits it mixing together.

>And if that design is marked in our genetic code, what is baldness?

There's been plenty of spiritually advanced people who had hair and those who didn't, although while there are magical tutorials out there to cure baldness, I'm yet to see one to induce it. The way it's been explained to me is that a person is genetically closer to Pleiadian if they have less body hair but that could also be due to a million reasons like lack of testosterone due to poor food or polluted air etc. You're the one who has to decide what you should believe in but my two cents, you can do a whole lot of magic that doesn't require you to shave your head.


So, I'm a sceptic who's trying this whole thing out because right now, I need support. I have been hearing a lot about guardian angels, and I'd love to know how to contact mine. Where can I start? Can you guys point me in the right direction?


File: 4afbd7b71e9d50a⋯.jpg (120.89 KB, 480x477, 160:159, IMG_20170706_160757.JPG)


Good question, heres a good beginners guide to contact your guardian angel, the first step is to cleanse yourself by doing the kabbalahistic cross ritual.

(Here's a link with instructions: http://www.telesterion.com/qabalist.html)

After that follow pic related. Also it's great to see sceptics who actually try doing occult magic before, shitting on it.




do it with out your drugs or better yet with out your "friends" help



The Kybalion and Magical Use of Thoughtforms are pretty good books, they're in the library (The Occult Seed).


Thanks for the help, guys.


The link is broken, but I assume this is it: http://anubis4_2000.tripod.com/Symbolicon/Rituals/QabalisticCross1.htm

Also, are there any good articles or anything else I can read about such guardian angels and what they can do for me?


Are they somewhat beginner friendly?


Hey what's up, I have a few questions for the question thread and I hope someone can help me.

Currently I am reading "How to awaken your third eye" and one important aspect of the exercises is to do a breath with "throat friction". I do not really understand how to create throat friction or how it is supposed to feel or to sound. Obviously without this knowledge I cannot do all the work that I need to do to open my third eye.

I am also reading the book on astral projection by Ophiel and he says that it is important to do the cabbalistic cross ritual with the pentagrams and invoking the angels before creating the light body for astral traveling. Is this really necessary? To me it seems pretty unnecessary and more of a disctraction? And what is the use of this ritual? Can't I just imagine the body of light right away and then move my consciousness into it?

Thanks in advance for your time and hopefully someone can help me out on these two questions. Your fellow student of the occult.



We need an archive. Its essential to the search and read nature of magic



>the work of apathetic emotionless sociopaths

this entire board is the same work. You dont get to act like your fighting the good fight when you rely on the same tactics.



>Currently I am reading "How to awaken your third eye" and one important aspect of the exercises is to do a breath with "throat friction". I do not really understand how to create throat friction or how it is supposed to feel or to sound.

The third eye is never, "awake or asleep", but rather, " how asleep", or how "awake"Once you get the hang of it, energy work is quite simple. You only really need to just "breathe" energy into the chakras until it gets all tensed up. As for the throat vibeing stuff, its not an absolute necessity, but it helps. Personally, I find it better if you just vividly imagine a loud and grand (like a symphony) AUUUUM in the center of your skull. Its abiut vibrating to the frequency of the desired chakra

>I am also reading the book on astral projection by Ophiel and he says that it is important to do the cabbalistic cross ritual with the pentagrams and invoking the angels before creating the light body for astral traveling. Is this really necessary?

Creating the lightbody, wat? From what I know the lightbody doesn't have to be created, just as your arm doesn't. Idk know man, AP isn't exactly my strong-suit, but I'm pretty sure the lightbody is just part of your electric body



Thanks a lot for the answers. As for the light body, it is not your etherial or astral body, but you actually create a new body into which you transfer your consciousness into if I got this right. It's supposed to be created out of the matter of the inner/astral planes. And before you actually create and imagine this body you have to perfom the kabbalistic cross and draw 4 pentagrams with an imaginairy knife and invoke 4 angels. I am not sure if this actually a usefull part or mere theatre. Thus my question, if one can just go about and imagine the light body straight away.




Nice mantras nigga, I'll try them out


File: fdf555c2d75f5e3⋯.pdf (715.94 KB, Fringe flags.pdf)

In case nobody saw it last thread, here's descriptions of all the flags



I think he ran Fringechan with Mossa, that alchemist guy



>Why do we all hate The Demiurge

I don't, without physical limitations I would've never became a swole wizard. I think Smiley hates the Demiurge because his life sucks, he said himself he thinks he's cursed to be alone on all planes forever. I think he made those anti-Demiurge pics from the MEGA sometime around when he was with that old forum that has long since been dead



File: ab5c819d2949ae8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.79 KB, 450x450, 1:1, Symptoms-of-eczema.jpg)


Warning: fuarkin gnarly pic

Put your awareness in their liver and invoke all the "fire" in the fucking universe. Take it from me, severe eczema is worse than cancer; You'll never truly know an enemy's suffering until you remote view and watch them stirring around in bed as the bedsheets sting their heavily scraped up back like a frying pan, though to curse 'em with this it helps to intimately know thay pain, just a suggestion


Hey how come we don't have threads on aliens being assholes anymore?



The incubus is a mental being, or, in the material scientific sense, it is an electro-magnetic based lifeform. Basically, its a self-suataining idea that manifests baded on its nature. Its a sexual thoughtform, so it'll manifest as whatever cooks ur goose, if for you that aryan thicc qt is actually a big strong man, whatever, but it'll manifest as whatever best tends the meat



They are extremely beginner-friendly.


File: d42d6c533f94865⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 371.58 KB, 900x600, 3:2, reptilian.gif)


One time Smiley got visited by a reptilian in brown robes, and with all that fixation on space argonians I'd rather not be next



>lol some dude gets wasted and reports being attacked by argonian monks, yet he is unharmed

>all other dudes in the board get scared as shit

fuckn puccis


File: bdbfc538c2ce118⋯.png (314.68 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-07-06-16-4….png)

Speaking of reptilians, I feel the drawings really don't do them justice and I wanna actually see a reptilian. Problem is, I don't wanna attract any, "salmonella", if you will, (getting in a fight with an 8ft bodybuilder with claws). Do you think I could contact something like my guardian angel and ask it to project an image of one? Would that to even work or is it too subjective?


So how do I create light effects? I'd like to be able to produce light, glow, make other shit glow, produce orbs of light, etc.



Well I mean he never said he got attacked, just visited. I believe him cause I've read alot of accounts of reptilians just stalking peole, maybe they're not allowed to mess with us? Idk



Light is based in yang, electricity, "fire". I guess you could start there



I've read contradictory information:

Is Metal Senior Yang or Slight Yin?

Is Wood Junior Yin or Slight Yang?

Is Fire Junior Yang or Most Yang?

Is Earth Tao Balance or Yin?


Reposting >>101535

Are there any books out there that deal specifically in how to interface with one's higher self?



I think it's less one or the other. Yin and yang as concepts are very black and white (forgive the pun), but objects have some of both. The question of association still stands, but it's whether an object is predominant in yang or yin, rather than being 100% one or the other. And on this topic, I think the Hermetic Principle of Gender is worth great consideration.


File: 63ef212391cab10⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 436x383, 436:383, _20170706_210252.JPG)


In the Hermetic elements:

Fire - Mostly yang, some yin

Water - Mostly yin, some yang

Air - Even split

Earth - A retrocombination of Fire, Water, and Air

Akasha - The Prima Materia, before being split into yin and yang

Hint, Metal and wood are both aspects of Earth



You didn't answer jack shit. That reply was so fucking empty I'm getting sucked into it. There was so much superficial flaunt and poise without any substance that I accidentally inhaled it and smoke came out my ears.

>The question still stands

because you never fucking answered it or even aided its being answered you asinine cunt. You just referred to another Yin/Yang fucking concept in the midst of all your pomp and patted yourself on the back you irradiated mutant freak.

You're cancer.




*an interaction*


File: 37aebb98d3fb436⋯.jpg (63.42 KB, 523x526, 523:526, _20170622_032610.JPG)



My intention wasn't to "answer" anything. If that bothers you so much, go change your tampon or whatever it is blood wizards do.


File: 8ad8b8ecba618da⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 210x240, 7:8, shrek-shrek-the-halls-59.3.jpg)


>go change your tampon or whatever it is blood wizards do.


Why do all these Shrek smolders make me feel so fuzzy and warm?




Well, I tried 'em. They worked in the way I used 'em. Even after a pretty stressful night I feel calm, relaxed, I am love


File: 41e63b270e22e14⋯.jpg (25.25 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Shrek (1).jpg)


>Why do all these Shrek smolders make me feel so fuzzy and warm?

Don't you see? Shrek is love, Shrek is life


If /fringe/ wrote a cookbook what would it be like?


File: 40280b3b2120228⋯.jpg (835.26 KB, 986x1000, 493:500, 1405756020100.jpg)


Much obliged for the suggestion. Since the socialists in my area have kindly used facebook to make a list of who goes to their marches for me, visualizing them is very easy.



Assuming we could all contribute, I would most definitely put my mom's sautéed kale on there. It's so good with the liquid aminos and the garlic, I could eat it all day.


File: 6f59a97006be8fe⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 655x700, 131:140, photo-savitri10.jpg)

What do I need to read, besides the obvious Vedas, to convert to Hinduism like Savitri Devi?


File: cb0d0b8d20e48e1⋯.jpg (306.12 KB, 992x713, 32:23, 100281626_o.jpg)

IS it possible to master lucid dreaming to the point where you can eat Lobster and drink Wine there and it feels 100% like the real world?

of course maybe you don't know what lobster tastes like, but also don't know that(you dont know;you're convinced you DO know)

Honestly I want to manifest, in my dreams, being farted on and burped at by a group of girls,for example. Life is of simple pleasures, i want to train and dream in peace.



it tastes better and with flavors like colors and wilder than you can find in real life.


File: 4efde8c1ea3f197⋯.jpg (906.61 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170707_182243626.jpg)

File: 2abfcc3123f759e⋯.jpg (668.93 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170707_182308459.jpg)

File: f5eaebc202a8293⋯.jpg (777.76 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170707_182256048.jpg)

File: 3ca3de48eb0ac46⋯.jpg (801.81 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170707_182223767.jpg)


Alright nigga, I'ma teach you how to make my not so special or unique, Super Beef Ramen

>Take one bag of beef ramen

>break up into bowl

>pour water till it covers ramen

>microwave for 6 minutes

>take out and stir

>mix seasoning packet in

>sprinkle in garlic across surface, then mix

>sprinkle in creole across surface, then mix

>Crush up 1 instant bullion beef cube

>sprinkle over, mix in

>bless with whatever magic you use

>or curse, but know that it damn better be energized to objectivity





ill try counting sheep, counting myslef into lucid dreams then.

seems easy nough;do Binaurals help??


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yes but so do (good) trance music or the very basic shamanic drums, but drums don't work over videos very well because you're supposed to be drumming to the pace of your breath and breathe in a way that channels a rhythm that sweeps the area away (a good example would be many indian hymn displays of drums) so its better to go with trance music that sweeps you away into the world of the music, rather than shamanic drums which have you conform to a 1 breath a beat for 45 minutes which doesn't create any energyswivels at all.

good trance music + binaural beats and, or background noise such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1Ng7FgDsNQ also work very well.




im using binaurals and in general they are very good.

some cant be use late ,because they produce wet dreams,like Androstenol-boosting one.


It's full moon tomorrow and I figured I could something else with my night that isnt lurking and masturbating. Any suggestions/sources?



do NOFAP forever.

thats a very good thing



Here's some vaporwave I made, its good wizard music



nice tunes



nevermind, can't post mp3



You could:

>grind energywork

>grind no-mind

>practice Initiation Into Hermetics

>read Magical Use of Thoughtforms

>read any occult book by Ophiel

>read Casswiki

>moongaze for super yin-farming

>go for a walk

>loosh-farm on TalkWithStrangers.com

Creativity truly is a power to behold


What if the Monad encompasses everything on Earth instead of just humans?; What if the Monad covers all of humanity's past incarnations as well as human incarnations?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe this can give you some idears


Has anyone done intermittent fasting? Is it truly beneficial to ones body and soul? I would like to become fit, not get a sculpted body but in shape and am wondering if I'll become a skellington doing this.



This might sound a bit odd. but I have a general idea of their appearance.

imagine a skinny humanoid body with the head of geko, less tapered.

large, almost rectangular almond eyes. the eyes are entirely featureless (no pupils, cant tell where there looking) with a light grey colour.

the skin is darkgreen, black spots around there backs. light green or yellow spots on there abdomen.

Thats all I remember



What are you doing. Sculpted body or kill yourself, man up goat fucker.

Don't eat breakfast or within 2 hours of sleeping. Don't eat two days a week. Your energy levels will go up and you'll be more motivated to work out and build your body up. You'll also be "cleaner", more cleansed.

Start out with an 8 hour window to eat. 12 - 8 for instance.

What training equipment do you have access to?



What are you doing. Sculpted body or kill yourself, man up goat fucker.

Don't eat breakfast or food within 2 hours of sleeping. Don't eat two days a week. Your energy levels will go up and you'll be more motivated to work out and build your body up. You'll also be "cleaner", more cleansed.

Start out with an 8 hour window to eat. 12 - 8 for instance. It's sort of a myth that everyone needs to eat the same amount of food to grow bigger. There's at least a 500 calorie gap there, depending on your energy efficiency and sourcing.

What training equipment do you have access to?



Cool, thanks



What are you doing. Sculpted body or kill yourself, man up goat fucker.

Don't eat breakfast or food within 2 hours of sleeping. Don't eat two days a week. Your energy levels will go up and you'll be more motivated to work out and build your body up. You'll also be "cleaner", more cleansed.

Start out with an 8 hour window to eat. 12 - 8 for instance. It's sort of a myth that everyone needs to eat the same amount of food to grow bigger. There's at least a 500 calorie gap there, depending on your energy efficiency and sourcing.

What training equipment do you have access to?


Are Jews born as Kikes or is that a phase of evolution?


What can I do to feel less tired in the morning? I'd like to be able to get out of bed straight away but I always feel too weak to do it



Go to sleep before midnight, stop using any devices with screens after dark, finish all eating and exercise 3+ hours before bed, get more exercise during the day, reduce your caffeine and added sugar intake to a minimum, and keep your curtains open if possible so it is dark at night and slowly gets brighter in the morning. The goal is to wake up naturally at the appropriate time without any use of an alarm clock. That's when you'll know your circadian rhythm is in a good place. Full moons can impact how rested you feel after waking, it definitely affects me.


File: d8f1bcd0cff8a8b⋯.jpg (108 KB, 552x364, 138:91, 1441634944859-0.jpg)


>Honestly I want to manifest, in my dreams, being farted on and burped at by a group of girls,for example.

You know it really bothers me that after the 2012 consciousness shift occurred and people started getting drawn to the occult, this is the sort of shit they want to use their latent powers for.

There's no hope for humanity.



And the other one is to do things magically that they're too lazy to do the regular way. Why do mundanes think that getting fit with spells is going to be anywhere near as easy as getting fit with weights?


File: 6e08ce43d2f41e3⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 490x396, 245:198, 1440439832814.jpg)


It's truly baffling. People are given an opportunity to master abilities that could be considered supernatural by the vast majority of humanity, peer into the secrets of the universe, explore mental realms where only a handful of men walked, and instead of asking for help with such matters we get a dozen "how do I get a gf using magic?" and "how do I get rich using magic?" questions every month.

If this whole shift was to awaken humanity to their higher nature and cause a spiritual revolution, it has been a pretty spectacular failure so far with the exception of a few people scattered around the world who feel tormented by the feeling that they've been born a few centuries or millennia too early.



>2012 consciousness shift

Greenpill me on this?


File: 3a2d1f726a4a414⋯.gif (93.28 KB, 269x350, 269:350, 1442806906486.gif)


Long story short, magic became much easier to perform, mundanes started feeling a sudden interest in the occult, occult stores got a boost in cat ladies wanting readings etc. The effect has been growing ever since and is why the chans have become capable of "meme magic" synchronicities like the Le Bains plane crash and others. Coincidentally I have found old freedomboard shortly after if memory serves me correctly and many anons at the time have discussed the changes they've felt and the synchronicities that led them to the path of spiritual advancement.



What would you say is the cause of this shift and what is its endgame? Also, what do you think about the coming eclipse in August?


File: 3d70f32a9dac406⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 518x700, 37:50, 1412666995838.jpg)


The intended endgame is that humanity reaches its next step of evolution but I don't really know the details. Some believe that as the Kali Yuga ends around about 2025 the Hindu deity whose name I forgot, Kalki or something, will come in and collect those worthy of existing in the Golden Age Yuga that is to follow, purging cunts who are unworthy. I'm not sure about the eclipse either but I believe that such shifts that will shake up the consensus reality will happen again to speed up the process so yes, could be another major event.



Basically another heaven or hell scenario. The worthy shall be collected, the unworthy will be purged.

lol, I do feel the world doesn't work that way. Sounds like another religious delusion



If I had to bet on it, I'd say there's some symbolic/allegorical meaning to the Kali Yuga thing, rather than a literal interpretation. That seems to be the trend with such things.



The common jew is born with an alien jewish soul. This is a sociopathic, kininving creature with a natural hatred for earthbound creatures


>millenia early

Jesus I hope so, if normalfags ruin occultism too my existence will be an absolute nightmare



please tell me the normalfags won't invade occultism, it is the only thing good in this world



>peer into the secrets of the universe, explore mental realms where only a handful of men walked

and how would you go about doing that?

>awaken humanity to their higher nature and cause a spiritual revolution

>replace god with universe and throw in some science

not seeing it


File: 831589a8b67649d⋯.jpg (16.08 KB, 232x237, 232:237, _20170622_033642.JPG)


Surely the pleiadeans aren't this stupid, if they give away the only good thing to come out of human civilization, there will be literally nothing to redeem humanity from eternal slavery. Honestly, this must be some Orion Group conspiracy or some shit, they're gonna ruin the occult so all the smart people who'd actually make progress with it will avoid it like fire because of the normalfags



Its been just five years give it time. People will grow/learn or they will drop it.



I hope they do either, but god please, no normalfags…



It has already happened, it just hasn't happened everywhere. If you take a look at /r/Occult and /r/Witchcraft, there are thousands of fairly normal people involved in esoteric practices, and it's been that way for some time. For te most part, they're interested in a very different style of occultism, and have little interest in overlapping with the kinds of topics common to /fringe/. There are outliers among them who are well-informed of Montalk, Atkinson, Bardon, and the like, but they're all very chill and don't tell people about this place. I wouldn't worry about the normalfags coming here, it looks like they're already settling amongst themselves. And I'm glad that more people are interested in the occult. Much of it provides a far greater way of approaching life than any mundane or fundamentalist doctrines.


I have a question, is having a schizoid personality an imbalance? If so, what kind of imbalance?


How do I make a wizard staff or walking stick? Is this guide any helpful?


Also where do I get a brown robe? Anyone good suggestions?


File: f6bbe99f6a69e71⋯.png (238.71 KB, 432x785, 432:785, csafca.png)


forgot pic


Tipp, How does a risen Kundalini affect your daily life and magic?



The inability to stay still.


File: 335e8c7b1eb48d6⋯.jpg (854.64 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170708_155717277_HDR.jpg)


>let cool stick find you

>magnetize it ti your aura

>sand it / polish it

>put magnetized gemstone in center, your choice of frequency

>create a servitor to keep it charged

>make yourself subconsciously see it as alive, and an extension of your will



They're pretty cool, but outside of ritual work they're basically fuckin' useless, cause its only as powerful as you, and you can do all that shit without a staff anyway


Guys what did you do to deal with a greater quantity/quality of mana. Everything that I was before was based on the limitations of my existence, and now I have to re-evaluate all of them. Before I would think, "How could I methodically and systematically overcome every single step of this?" and now when I ask the same question I can't even see far ahead, I just see a fucking storm of light and sound and sensory stimulations without any sense of what is what and what isn't when how where though if else why not?

It's like all the micro shit is now macro and all the macro shit is now ultra macro and some new shit has taken the place of micro and it's ultra micro and it's terrifying because that's where I would usually go for discernment. Stuck in the micro.

Before I would say it's "biomagnetoelectric metacognizant superimposed fields" that is magic, now I say mana.

How did you guys figure out the nature of the universe? How do you verify what you read with a great degree of scrutiny?


File: 9039d54ac835152⋯.jpg (426.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, PhotoGrid_1497692304277.jpg)


As for the brown robes, here's some good ones: http://www.museumreplicas.com/p-403-monks-robe-and-hood.aspx

You don't really need brown robes to be brownpilled though, take it from me, I'm fuckn' brownpill incarnate and I don't wear robes, just honor the isolated, ascetic lifestyle of brownpill.

Be like a heavy stone among water



You have two choices:

>Use all your energy constantly, make things, practice magic, will shit, do shit


>Ground yourself, and tough it out. Your energybody is a hypertrophic electric circuit. Let slightly too much energy course through it, heating the coils red hot, and it will eventually adapt, with "thicker circuitry wires"

Jesus walked around with a raised kundalini like its decaf, adapt to higher power, master it, and it is yours



Holy shit, just today I found a stick in the forest on the ground. Or maybe it found me. I walked with it and it was pretty awesome, however it was weak and full of holes and a little short. I left it in the forest because I thought it was not good enough. Maybe a mistake…Anyway thank you for your answer. I will keep your words in mind.


Already found this one but it's fucking expensive. However I guess sometimes you have to spend a little bit more for the good stuff. I have basically been like you, at least it seems from what you write, maybe a little different. Always isolated, anti social and ascetic minimalist. I'd always see myself as a Jedi Monk. Always naturally drawn to find the truth and to the occult, higher knowledge. And also I always longed for a robe and a walking stick, but never bought one. I don't even know why I want these things…but when I saw the brown pill pic I was stunned. It's almost comical, but I instantly thought brown pill is me, or me in the making at last. And tho I understand that brown pill is the attitude and lifestyle, the robe and stick still call for me, now even more than before



Nigger you better be right because I've been in the hyperbolic chamber for years now and I think I'm getting highly accurate third eye visions now and I look like a fucking welding torch in a field of candle light fuckers. And that's trying to tone it down all the time.

I'll attempt to "wind the spring" and be a nuclear bomb waiting to happen, let's see how I do.



What do you mean by third eye visions? I am highly interested


File: 8cb503fc742c36f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170708_165248820_HDR.jpg)


>Holy shit, just today I found a stick in the forest on the ground. Or maybe it found me. I walked with it and it was pretty awesome, however it was weak and full of holes and a little short. I left it in the forest because I thought it was not good enough. Maybe a mistake…Anyway thank you for your answer. I will keep your words in mind.

Let me tell you a story, around a year ago, my brother and his friend were going on a hike, and for some reason, I felt that I should come along, which is odd because I'm a huge schizoid-autist, so I'm not exactly kin to kinship. But anyway, about an hour in, these guys, who know nothing about my occult work felt they should show me something specifically, it was this staff, fully barked. I shit you not this thing was stuck between twin trees, and these guys who know nothing about me, say I should take it as my "wizard staff", and so I did. I pulled it out from the trees, and immediately it started hailing, in Tennessee, a perpetual hot-ass swamp. I remember my brother's friend excitedly said, "Holy shit dude, your a saint" to which I obviously declined, being only a low initiate back then. It was rotten, and damp, but I felt I should take it home anyway, and so I did. If my story is already unbelievable, listen to this. The stick fuckn' un-rotted itself, I have no idea. So long story short I fancied it up, and imbued it with a servitor, cause I'm lazy and I don't wanna charge it myself. Its pretty cool, I see it as a gift from Gaia herself and an encouragement to keel going, but like I said, it doesn't give you any extra power you wouldn't have without it, its more a symbol of "magical authority" as Franz Bardon would say, or as I always put it, "Git gud points".

But yeah you shoulda probably kept the stick



>although while there are magical tutorials out there to cure baldness

do you have a link for any of these? i want to grow a magical thick mane of hair



I thought, "What does my energy look like in comparison to others?" in the context of how "fiery" it is, and I got a third person panoramic view where the air was dark blue and rich, and everyone was producing a sort of mist of energy of purples and reds and blues with twinkling gold sparks. I was walking by a park on the 4th of July.

I on the other hand was burning like a torch straight up, bright white with some layers of color thinly wrapped round this torch, and had a denser energy. I looked up at the empty cold space in the air, some meters above, and felt despair that people were so low energy, being like primordial slime on an ocean rock, their rate of growth measured in millimeters. I thought that they should be blazing into space, but it was a lazy mist.

Honestly I think my connections are holding me back. It's like living with ants when you're a buffalo. Poor company.



Oh, more to the point… I ask myself a question and I get a vision. I've been working on accuracy and discernment as well, seeing how it's just an image in my mind's eye. For the mist/torch thing, I understand it to be mental energy, mana.

I have to understand what I mean/intend when I ask the question to understand the vision.



The exact opposite is true you fucking foaming at the mouth retard. If I ask you, "Are you having a nice day?" and you say, "Yes I am," but my question was actually code for, "Do you want me to rape you?" and I understand your response to actually be code for, "No, rape my children instead, then kill me slowly." as is common practice in the MRKS (Mutual Rape and Kill Society), then we have a severe communications breakdown.

You can only have a conversation with mutually agreed upon definitions.

More relevant: Desire = Desire, not Sexual Desire. Emotion = Emotion, not Feeling.



That's amazing, personally I find the prospect of normalfags having no hope in the occult very relieving, could you imagine going on youtube and seeing, "HOW TO MAKE A GF TULPA IN 5 MINUTES *ACTUALLY WORKS*", that would fuckin' break my heart.

Any tips on how to get that level of objective vision, that's adept level shit and I'll be the first to admit I'm rather envious



bumping for this, dont want to be bald lmao



You're not tightly coiled enough, like a car spring under two tons with all the power from a nuclear facility running through it.

As well, you should avoid eating breakfast and within 2 hours of going to sleep, wake up at sunrise every morning and sleep within 2 hours after dusk.

Fast at least one day a week, and exercise intermittently throughout the day in a well structured routine with built in progressions.

Put your instincts under pressure. That means, when you get up, you should do so as if you're being mortared by advancing forces and you're sleeping in bed with your dick in your hand.

Get a more martial command of your energies boiyo.



You don't need the occult you need spirituality... a gf tulpa are you fucking kidding me?

Find a higher purpose and meaning to life or man the fuck up and get a real girlfriend so you can stop wasting your time with the occult, which you obviously don't take seriously in the least.

Do this


and this






You can't help others until you've helped yourself. When you're a living embodiment of something you can be a role model for other's growth, but when you haven't achieved anything great or glorious then you'll never have the attention of others long enough to raise them up.

Potential is relative to the resources available. A leaf can become a star but neither I nor anyone I could possibly find knows how such a process would work.

Regular folk aren't interested in risking their sanity and communal harmony for the sake of esoteric power and knowledge. That is the bottom line.

Stop being a degenerate and give up your half ass lukewarm swim in the occult for something real. Your will is weak, you might as well be normal and slowly develop yourself in a normal sense. Consider the occult again after 10 years when you've grown some.


File: 40b80df303e7184⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 300x334, 150:167, BLIT0880.JPG)


Oh my, did you read my post and then come to the conclusion that I was begging for, "le dulpa qt3.14"? Holy shit dude, you need some reading comprehension


>You can't help others until you've helped yourself. When you're a living embodiment of something you can be a role model for other's growth, but when you haven't achieved anything great or glorious then you'll never have the attention of others long enough to raise them up.

This has nothing to do with what I asked, you're projecting

>Potential is relative to the resources available. A leaf can become a star but neither I nor anyone I could possibly find knows how such a process would work.

Uh, actually, considering its a natural thing for him, he might be plenty able to explain how he does it, even if just a little

>Regular folk aren't interested in risking their sanity and communal harmony for the sake of esoteric power and knowledge. That is the bottom line.

Ok great, but I'm just saying that, as a schizoid-autist, I find the scarecity of genuine occultist quite comfy

>Stop being a degenerate and give up your half ass lukewarm swim in the occult for something real. Your will is weak, you might as well be normal and slowly develop yourself in a normal sense. Consider the occult again after 10 years when you've grown some.

<I don't see you do all the cool occult shit you do so therefore you never did it

If you're trying to troll ol' brownpill anon, its impossible, Tipp already tried. Otherwise, you're laughably off with your assumptions, I almosy feel sorry for you



Yes my reading comprehension is low, I have a headache and am retarded.



All that third eye magic droppin' my IQ :,^)


All that third eye magic droppin' my IQ :,^)



>missing the point this hard

If the height of your social interaction is the same five autists, you will all use the same agreed upon definitions. By your nature, being socially retarded, these definitions are going to be far more strictly dictionary-based than what would be considered regular conversation for the rest of the world. The true meaning of words lies not in a textbook standard, as much as that would make things easier for you mouth breathers, but in their common use in society. Social butterfly that I am, I use words with their collectively understood meanings within the greater English-speaking society. If you are willing to commit conversational suicide by limiting yourself to strict definitions and their spectrum-filtered interpretations that you and your small group of internet friends adhere to, don't get so frustrated when us humans can't understand exactly what you mean.




Mother fucker where do you think you are? We're talking about magic here why wouldn't we try to clarify this shit? This isn't a social fucking clique this is esoteric wizardry who the fuck dropped you on your head?

Remember video games? Remember the joke, where some /v/tard becomes king or leader of the free world or whatnot and is asked to say a few words and he says, "I just wanted to play vidya gaems." ???

The joke is that through attempting to keep ritual purity of their passion hobby, to keep it enjoyable and to see to its proper development, they've wound up as elite in their field of endeavor. Because that's how it winds up, every time.

You're basically standing with a bunch of wizard scientists who are trying to clarify what the fuck they're doing and why demons are possessing their sex toys and attempting to rape them after performing a simple "tulpa gf" ritual and you're telling them to dumb it down, just use the sex toys and they'll get grossed out and leave.

Instead, you degenerate cuck, everyone else realizes you're a fucking retard and kick you out and let you put demon cocks inside yourself somewhere else, so your mother can deal with her demon possessed son in her basement instead of them.


I'm planning to start cleaning my emotional body soon, based on Khan's guide here http://archive.is/ltANt. I'm a little confused about the love part. I understand how to induce the emotion, and that you're meant to put your awareness into your heart center, since it explains both of those things, but does love just kind of come out of having your awareness in your heart center, or is the heart center the medium through which that kind of healing takes place and you have to induce the emotion yourself regardless of where your awareness is? It says earlier in the guide that activating the heart center brings up unconditional love, but I'm wondering if you're meant to just put your awareness in your heart center while focusing on the emotional trauma or if you're meant to do both of those things while consciously inducing the emotion of love (like with manifestation when you intentionally induce emotion). I am aware that there's stuff about this in step 2 of IIH, too, before anyone points me in that direction.



>it's real science guise we are all 2reel4u scientists!!

In the field of science, there is a difference between semantics and agreed-upon definitions. You and Alpam (assuming you aren't the same person) fancy yourselves scientists with your semantics, but again you miss the point entirely (this seems to be a habit of yours). It's kind of like when a grown man is doing chemistry and his son mixes orange juice in with the milk and says, "Look daddy I'm scientist like you!" Science involves experimentation, but most experimentation that goes on in the world does not involve science. I do not say that to discount the material you study. But unless you've been through grad school or are a genius (neither of which seem apparent at this point in time), you are not a scientist and you do not do science.



>understand how to induce the emotion, and that you're meant to put your awareness into your heart center, since it explains both of those things, but does love just kind of come out of having your awareness in your heart center, or is the heart center the medium through which that kind of healing takes place and you have to induce the emotion yourself regardless of where your awareness is?

From my experience, a stronger heart chakra grants the capacity to feel higher love, but going in with a loving frequency will help, especially in emotional cleansing

>I'm wondering if you're meant to just put your awareness in your heart center while focusing on the emotional trauma or if you're meant to do both of those things while consciously inducing the emotion of love (like with manifestation when you intentionally induce emotion).

As far as I know, emotional cleansing is basically where you remember traumatic moments in your life, but radiating a desired emotion to eventually replace it, its an advanced form of autosuggestion



Fucker my POINT wasn't that we're scientists per say, but that we're clarifying a murky foggy mess of a cluster fuck of unknowns and that this process of clarification is part and parcel of it's development, with semantic definition being the beginning of objectifying subjective woo woo into meaningful understanding of WHAT THIS SHIT IS YOU FUCKER.

I use flying sex toys and a tulpa gf ritual gone bad as example and you somehow get, "lol ur not scientists" like it was my fucking point to begin with.

You are retarded.

You just have such a weak grasp of your own subjective insight of social discourse that any objectification of it would "fuck up the dynamic" and leave you totally inept. You have the gesture of social grace yet the context reveals you're just a weak powerless cock sucker who can hardly maintain perspective in social interactions.

Stop being a weak fuck and realize that WE are the ones taking responsibility for esoteric knowledge, however humble beginnings are, while You are desperately trying to keep your head above the water while dragging everyone else down .


I am certain I know the answer for this but I am looking for confirmation. Can I spar and practice Martial arts with a cooperative Tulpa that has been near-perfectly imposed to with physical touch?


Is there any /fringe/ way to get abundance with money?


File: 80160731fc21673⋯.png (273.44 KB, 1783x959, 1783:959, Concise Reality Manifestat….PNG)


Bumping this question with a helpful picture but I'm ignorant on the topic. and I am still curious on my Tulpa question above.



Nice projection, phaggot. Want to know how I know you're still just as unenlightened as a mundane? You take my bait every single time. Keep doing it though, I am getting some great laughs out of this. I've got a pretty stellar imagination (FYI this is part of the reason why I'm so good at magic, you should play less video games and watch less anime if you want yours to improve), but even I can't imagine just how inadequate you must be if you need to furiously justify yourself and your lifestyle to every single guy that questions it, here on our Korean rock-painting board. Here's a protip for overcoming something that's clearly blocking your progress: meditate and overcome your self-esteem issues. I don't know why people don't do this earlier around here. To meditate, all you have to do is sit in a quiet, dark, and empty room basically. You can hum to yourself if you watched too many new age movies or want your mom upstairs to know you're a hippie. You pretty much just sit there and think of nothing, and don't forget to breathe. If it's your first time, your back may hurt or you may want to get up to go stuff your face with cheetos, but you just gotta resist it. Eventually you'll hit a state called gnosis where you basically just relaxed so much your body fell asleep, which means your mind can be double awake. From this point, I recommend making a magic mirror, which is a special mental image of a mirror that will let you look at yourself without having to take a Snapchat selfie. But when you're double awake, you can see all the larvae wriggling around. Will yourself to sneeze them away and then come back here. If you can't even do that, don't brag about how special your secret powers are.


Who can recommend the absolute best and most useful books for a magician to have? I mean physical books of most importance. I already have tons of PDF books and I have not read them all, by far not all. But I am tired of staring at a computer screen or smartphone screen to read books, and I want the must-have books in physical form. Also my bookshelf got like 10 more places for books left, and I want to fill it.

I have already an idea for one such important book, and it is "Initiation into Hermetics". It is most practical and you surely will have to read it very often. What else can you suggest me?

Please do not suggest simple books that you can only read once and then forget them because they are so simple like the kabalyon or montalks "Fringe Knowledge". While those books are great for the beginner to read once for better understanding and introduction, for the magic scholar they are of no value anymore. These are the kinds of books that are enough in PDF format.



File: 8d5bfcd918b5835⋯.png (159.02 KB, 764x744, 191:186, MONTALKISGOOD.png)


>good books?

>no atkinshit

Initiation Into Hermetics, if you actually practice it, actually reach Franz Bardon's criteria like, "Room must be so cold (blah blah) goosebumps on back", it'll literally pave the way to adepthood

New Energy Ways V2, best for energywork, yes it's that simple

Noy necessary, but recommended:

Psychic Self Defense, aka, most psychic attack is autosuggestion and astral vampirism

Magical Use of Thoughtforms, aka, this is what practical occultism looks like

Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, when she thicc, you know you wanna dicc, and keeo your jing too

The Universal Masterkey, aka, balance is key, get it?

A Bardon Companion, aka, no you dont have to literally inhale fire



How long is your hair?



Seconding this



Holy shit your story is fucking awesome. The story with my stick wasn't awesome at all…but I still take it and look if it unrots itself lol


File: 7798bf78b032246⋯.png (133.23 KB, 579x767, 579:767, IMG_9293.PNG)



What if baldness is grey genes, part of the hybridization project?

Can we re-code our genetics?



ayy lmao




much gratitude


I tried really hard looking for the source, its in the vedas, and probably on youtube, somewhere; Three years it takes for the ends of your hairs to become "active" again after you cut them. Every person has a length at which it will naturally stop growing. Your hair is an extension of the nerves at your scalp, therefore they're useful for something(?) or many things(?). Slaves hair were often cut to take away their persona, to rob them of the self but also as a very fitting statement of power.


but in todays society its pretty bummy not having a decent haircut.



I already read that, that is actually the beginning of my questions.

If that information is truth, why buddhist shave their heads?

Which one have the more efficient way?

I don't expect the ultimate truth, i just want to hear your opinions.


File: b3fda834b59a824⋯.jpeg (89.52 KB, 680x907, 680:907, deb.jpeg)


>If that information is truth, why do buddhist shave their heads?

Removes the self, which enables higher vibrations through compassion.


is it OK to have lewd lucid dreams for a while then stop having them so you know the full extent of WHAT you are giving up when you go full Brahmacharya?



Why not just do semen retention and fuck all night?



Women of flesh and blood are for plebians,us wizards-in-training prefer nyphms of the dream realms



Yeah, I thought it was just assumed we were both talking about 4D


File: fc0c654478d2914⋯.png (1.45 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Totem_of_Undying-128x128.png)

Hey, can you upload this image so that I can have a totem of undying flag? I think I made it to the correct proportions

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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Does anybody have any experience with water spheres? I've just started practice with them, and all of them seem pretty vivid, except for water, Any tips would be appreciated


I got depressed today when I realized that I knew and understood too much for some otherwise well educated persons that I was having discussions with that they would never be on my level to discuss nuances and realities far above their level of comprehension, understanding, and development. I'm just going to have to train someone or go to some special lengths to find actual peers. I regularly have discourses with myself for hours because most people are all at a level where I have to teach them basics. :/



You're quack full of yourself. I can't tell if you're trying to get me to be a better wizard or if you're just stroking' your magic staff.

If you're one of those paradoxical personality types, I'll share what I'm actually doing. I'm currently experimenting with mental/personality alchemy, and other ways of being intelligent via direct perception i.e. the third eye/psychic perceptions. Trying to develop some true grit, transforming other elements into metal, which feels like a process of calcification and hardening to the extreme.


It's shoulder length, dark brown, usually thick, and tends to be curly or wavy, depending on how it dries.



Didn't finish my post…

As well I'm exerting control over my mind and heart and personality as much as possible by moving very slowly and purposefully through their processes. It is incredibly exhausting attempting to use your mind and heart and gut(?) in this way. People often experience this firstly as trying to see reality and others and themselves for what it truly is and getting a wall. I've gotten to a better point than that, I've gained some strength in a mystical muscle of sorts. I'm starting to feel like I can see or feel all around me at all times into multiple overlapping realities.

Chastity honestly doesn't help. I have enough control that I can enter a state of upmost chastity and unarousal the day after masturbating (which should be heightened and ready to go then) and be unaffected by affections/lusty women, and go on like this for months or however long. Now it's about unleashing the sexual energy and letting it flow outward. Chastity isn't an ideal it's a tool.

If I were to sum up the point I've reached it would be with this image. Now rather than making a million with a dollar, I need more dollars. More absolute power rather than relative power. Like training someone in the desert then giving them a rich rainforest.


Know this /fringe/, that occult development is an all around accelerator, because it amplifies imbalances and brings you to extremes, so if you wonder why so many shattered souls wander this path, it was because they turned the heat up too fast. It is said about the philosopher's stone that its energy will heal and make immortal the man; but it is also known that it kills anyone who has not prepared themselves by removing all inclinations towards vice beforehand.

So make sure to spread greenpills to everyone – because it's damned funny to see people fuck up; and it's always better to fuck up drastically and quickly than it is to experience the slow grind that reaches the same conclusion anyways. Meet your fate sooner than later.

Also; know yourself as the I am - and whenever some problem comes up where identity factors in, you will be susceptible to very little delusion.


Know the self also and you know true morality. How else can STO and STS make sense if you don't know the actual self?


How do I avoid getting abducted by ayy lmaos? I'm starting AP work and I'm afraid if I get spotted I'm fucked for life? Is that the case? Are aliens really as powerful as some make them out to be?



Don't worry we already have an eye on you. See you soon.



If it really bothers you that people aren't "on your level" then why don't you help them?


File: 0a35c8eb075dba5⋯.jpg (84.57 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 1430691230515.jpg)


>not seeking out ayy lmaos to fuck them up with your superior powers


I sometimes have, while sleeping, what I can only describe as intense rushes of restlesness that sweep my body vigorously. Similar to how an orgasm propagates, but not pleasurable per se, just intense as fuck, and it subsides if I regain wakefulness completely.

I just had one while napping and checked my pulse, but it was normal. Afterwards my forehead tingled slightly. I'm thinking kundalini, but I have no previous experience with this.

I am familiar with pre-astral projection / meditation vibration of the body, but this is only similar in that it seems to not be an entirely physical sensation, but to involve a "subtler" body. I'm also familiar with the sensation of having an entity fucking around (if you fail to banish properly or at all before going to sleep). This is not it either, although it retains that flavor of the sensation being beyond physical.

Can somebody comment on this?



Are you sure? What if they're higher dimensional beings because they're more adept than Franz Bardon?



Take it from me, this is impossible



Ah man I was just trying to mess with you. I'm going to stop because you aren't getting mad anymore, so good luck with your work.



Kek says it's kundalini then?


File: 68f569a04f035db⋯.jpeg (164.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, q.jpeg)

Any students/critics/opinioners of Quareia here?

I'm considering studying it since it seems like a good self-initiatory course, but wanted to hear some thoughts before investing too heavily in it.

For a course claiming not to represent any specific school or style, it certainly feels stylized to me – but as a newcomer I'm probably not qualified to make that judgement, so I'm turning to the folks here. Any thoughts?



Yeah, it's shit. Don't even bother. Worst thing ever. Only thing worse is advertising your shit philosophies on 8chan.



>there is now a closed and secret (for privacy) Facebook group for apprentice discussions and making friends



Jesus fucking christ. This is some reddit tier wiccan crap.




Yeah, the facebook thing was a red flag for me as well. What would be some recommended resources for entry level ceremonial magic?



I was just venting. It actually looks like something I might be interested in.

Kabbalah and the great work of self transformation. Or better, watch all of mindandmagick videos on youtube before that.


How do I do things?

Like play the piano or practice drawing. Things I want to do and should do. But I never do. I just sit on the PC bored and unmotivated all day. Nothing is interesting 99% of the time and I feel helpless.



Here you go:



Stop going to /pol/. After a couple of months you will start feeling better.



I don't go to /pol/ at all.

I just chose this flag at random.



>What would be some recommended resources for entry level ceremonial magic?

There's Bardon's Intro to Hermetics



Then start going to /pol/? I don't know man.

Force yourself to do the things you want to do.



Read this short article, and also try to get your hands on a book called Maximum Achievement.


I also strongly recommend lifting weights, it does wonders for your health (mental and physical), motivation, will, and confidence. And it gives you more resilience against psychic baddies.



Robert something in "Journeys Out of the Body" or whatever the fuck experienced the exact same thing randomly before being pulled out of the body.

He had a third party do this to him, you might be doing it with your own energy, who knows.

Robert something saw a beam of light angled about 30 degrees above the horizon, behind and above him, flash over him and I think a ring of sorts started moving up and down his body in a way that reminds me of a generator. It took about three experiences of such to have an OOBE.

Something generated a shit ton of energy in his body until he had enough and then he had an OOBE and the rest of the book commences.

Probably a higher dimensional force besides aliens though because they were trying to teach him something and it reminded me of the christian mythos, just an intuition.


By the way, somebody was talking about visual snow a few months back, I have it, its basically like hypnogogia but with your eyes open



Please respond. I thought this board had a significant Hindu contingent.



Ape on 4chan/x/ could probably answer that. Find him in the occult and magick general.


Holy shit I told somebody two days ago I was thinking of reading Robert Monroe's book to contrast the Law of One material (which at the moment I don't trust). I think someone or something wants me to go in that direction…


How do you seduce someone?

i dont want to control anyone's mind but just make them open up to mutual sexual relations.



If you can control someone's mind, you have the right to do so. Once you understand how, you'll realize that you can't help but control the minds of others, if you interact with them at all.


Can anyone share a good guide on crystals? Been contemplating about getting myself some crystals and something like prayer chains or wristbands with crystal pearls, but before getting something I want to educate myself very good. Hope someone can share information that they personally trust or know to be true. I already searched the internet but the information was little bit of contradicting. One source said amethyst is for third eye chakra, another said it is for crown chakra. One source said lavastone is for root chakra, another said it is for third eye chakra.

Also I could not find general information on how many different stones you can wear on the body, and which stone to wear on which arm(wonder how the magnetic and electric fields of the body are affecting the crystals?), and so on.

Please if someone got anything I would be very grateful for quality knowledge or guides.


File: 1e52b402b9885ba⋯.png (351.58 KB, 494x371, 494:371, 1465235591616.png)

What would happen if I killed myself? Do I get to live forever in the ether with my waifu?



One of two three things:

A) you disappear forever in a materialistic, spiritless universe

B) you reincarnate with your memories wiped out

C) You spend some quality time in the astral living out whatever afterlife fantasy you subconsciously think you should live (purgatory) and then go to B.

Or who knows, maybe you reunite with the All.


File: f5716efd92af85f⋯.jpg (178.35 KB, 728x1164, 182:291, cheating.jpg)

if you do semen retention for 200 days girls will obey you, but can I order them to dominate me?

I want some blonde snob to treat me like a dog and beat up,for without paying no one



There are plenty of girls who would do that to you regardless of how long you can go without masturbating. Stop asking these kinds of questions on here, that has nothing to do with /fringe/.



DOES nofap produce mind control abilities yes or no?



Not inherently. I'm sure it makes the process easier if you're already trying to develop those abilities, but on its own it won't. Read Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, it details several experiments and practices as well as a lot of theory. In my experience, you really just need a strong will and desire, strong and controlled emotions, and good visualization abilities. Nofap would help to develop a strong will.



im not gay but i want to suck dick and eat cum. sometimes.

how do i make the gayness go away.



If you're really not gay, then stop looking at porn for a few months and it will go away.



>How do I control someone's mind

Every thought you have reflects in everyone else's mind who is within sufficient mental distance.

I found when I was a 13 I'd fap to my thicc reading teacher, and I was always very mentally strong, so my faps were life-like to the point of doing the whole process mentally. Anyway, I noticed that every day I came in after fapping, (vividly imagining this bitch being super into me and submissive), she would start flirting with me.


>a 13 yr old fedora with a mullet


>thicc 26 yr old qt

>flirting with a kid

Basically, you just gotta put enough bio-electricity into your thought, believe me, they'll recieve it (especially women, who are naturally good recievers), you just have to make your thought stand out amongst the noise

This also works with attracting roasties too, when you talk to them, just rev up some energy, and act like you've already fucked 'em



Masturbation fantasies have done wonders for my visualization skills. I even think it got me a girl in high school the way you describe.



Pretty much every guide Ive read on, "le grystals :DD" was Nu Age shit. I do have some experience with them though so I'll offer what I know.

Crystals are much like binaural beats in the sense that they have strong subtle vibes to them that you can tune in with and all kinds of other stuff. Most crystals are the way they are due to how their natural structure is very pure, leaning to one specific thing, whatever that may be. Quartz for example, is very pure and white, and tends to resonate towards pure energy, whereas ferrous metals like iron or hematite, tend to resonate towards yang-like energies.

You can use crystals for:

>energy attunement

>storing energy

>filtering energy

>enchanting items

Sometimed you just have to figure it out yourself, meditate on it, see where it takes you. If you have any specific questions like, "How do I enchant stuff with crystals?" let me know, I'm here all day and night



You'd basically astral project until you run out of energy, then you'd astrally die and be just spirit, and your spirit would want to incarnate on "The awesome plane where thoughts are actual things!" and then you'd wind up here again



>if you do semen retention for 200 days girls will obey you, but can I order them to dominate me?

I want some blonde snob to treat me like a dog and beat up,for without paying no one

Nofap makes it easier, it was always within you


>Does Nofap give you mind control abilities yes or no

It helps the abilities you already had to begin with



You've watched too much porn. You focus on the roastie's pleasure as you too experience pleasure, this makes your subconscious mind think you're a roastie, which makes you wanna succ dicc. Of course it isn't gay, for a "woman"

Stop watching porn



Dis nigga gets it



This for me too. I used to meditate for 45 minutes just to get in a state of powerful visualization so I could imagine sexy things with a tulpa. We eventually attracted some kind of demon that stuck around for a few years and could tell me the future, and so (at the cost of probably tons of loosh) I developed some pretty sweet mental eye skills. It improved my memory a ton, and all of my dreams are super vivid and semi-lucid now. Good stuff.



Much gratitude. Been sceptic about crystals basically all my life until recently when I started to dive deep into hermetics and spirituality with all it's aspects. I try to keep an open mind about it all and try this stuff out for myself.

What I planned was putting a crystal at my desk to be influenced at all times when I am sitting at my computer. Also I planned to hang 3 different crystals on my body, for a period of time, to boost some of my chakras and meditations. I do not plan to enchant anything with crystals yet. I think at this point I'll just post the questions that are most important for me to solve:

1.Is it ok to wear 3 different kind of crystals at the same time? Will they interfere with each other or fuck me up? Or should I only wear the same type of crystals on all the body?

2.My left arm/hand is negative/magnetic, my right arm is positive/electric. The neck is magnetic and the chest is both as far as I know. Is it important to chose the crystals to wear on those bodyparts based on the eletric fluid of the body? Or doesn't it matter for crystals if I wear them on magnetic hand or electric hand?

3.How the fuck do I know where to buy crystals and if they are real or not? What price do reasonable crystals have? I have seen crystals on amazon for 5 bucks only, but also for 50 bucks. How do I avoid bying cheap crap?

4.Do I need to clear the crystals from stored negative energies after I buy them? Do I need to charge them first before I use them? Do they ever need to be recharged?

For some reason no guide on the internet explains this shit, all are about the effects of the crystals only.



>1.Is it ok to wear 3 different kind of crystals at the same time? Will they interfere with each other or fuck me up? Or should I only wear the same type of crystals on all the body?

Yeah, they only absorb a certain range of frequencies and itd be unlikely for them to intermingle. The more crystal, the more concentration though,

>2.My left arm/hand is negative/magnetic, my right arm is positive/electric. The neck is magnetic and the chest is both as far as I know. Is it important to chose the crystals to wear on those bodyparts based on the eletric fluid of the body? Or doesn't it matter for crystals if I wear them on magnetic hand or electric hand?

I've never heard of crystals being adjacent to only one polarity, I'm pretty sure they're more like the vital energy in that it can be both, but Iron would definitely be electric, and sapphire would definitely be magnetic

>3.How the fuck do I know where to buy crystals and if they are real or not? What price do reasonable crystals have? I have seen crystals on amazon for 5 bucks only, but also for 50 bucks. How do I avoid bying cheap crap?

How to tell if they're authentic? Feel how natural it is, how resonant it is. How expensive are good ones? That's a role of the dice, 2$ pure crystals could be sold by a generous old adept, or 50$ glass crystals could be sold by jews, and vice-versa. It depends on the crystal. Where to buy them? I don't know man, let 'em find you is my motto

>4.Do I need to clear the crystals from stored negative energies after I buy them? Do I need to charge them first before I use them? Do they ever need to be recharged?

You only need to clean them if they're prone to absorbing negative energy, like for instance, Iron, can be prone to absorbing anger, but lapiz would absorb depression, and obsidian would deflect all bad energy. As for recharging them, most crystals absorb their own energy, it really depends on the crystal

>For some reason no guide on the internet explains this shit, all are about the effects of the crystals only.

Nu Ager's are like children, they don't discuss how the e>>101944

>1.Is it ok to wear 3 different kind of crystals at the same time? Will they interfere with each other or fuck me up? Or should I only wear the same type of crystals on all the body?

Yeah, they only absorb a certain range of frequencies and itd be unlikely for them to intermingle. The more crystal, the more concentration though,

>2.My left arm/hand is negative/magnetic, my right arm is positive/electric. The neck is magnetic and the chest is both as far as I know. Is it important to chose the crystals to wear on those bodyparts based on the eletric fluid of the body? Or doesn't it matter for crystals if I wear them on magnetic hand or electric hand?

I've never heard of crystals being adjacent to only one polarity, I'm pretty sure they're more like the vital energy in that it can be both, but Iron would definitely be electric, and sapphire would definitely be magnetic

>3.How the fuck do I know where to buy crystals and if they are real or not? What price do reasonable crystals have? I have seen crystals on amazon for 5 bucks only, but also for 50 bucks. How do I avoid bying cheap crap?

How to tell if they're authentic? Feel how natural it is, how resonant it is. How expensive are good ones? That's a role of the dice, 2$ pure crystals could be sold by a generous old adept, or 50$ glass crystals could be sold by jews, and vice-versa. It depends on the crystal. Where to buy them? I don't know man, let 'em find you is my motto

>4.Do I need to clear the crystals from stored negative energies after I buy them? Do I need to charge them first before I use them? Do they ever need to be recharged?

You only need to clean them if they're prone to absorbing negative energy, like for instance, Iron, can be prone to absorbing anger, but lapiz would absorb depression, and obsidian would deflect all bad energy. As for recharging them, most crystals absorb their own energy, it really depends on the crystal

>For some reason no guide on the internet explains this shit, all are about the effects of the crystals only.

Nu Ager's are like children, they don't discuss how the traditional eastern upbringing of Quasimoto effected the outcome of the entire Imperial-samurai war in The last samurai, they just like "TAWM CROOZ :DDD"


i am honestly considering making a IRL group for rapists in jails to be taught astral sex, so they have their mackal pussy and stop harming real life humans,which are inferior to 4D

Could it work/get authorized?



No, that would cut into the jews' prison tycoon


Does the goverment have giant secret subliminal binaural music that tranforms men into women?

In yoitube there are such videos;have they been militarized?



No, they wish, all the tranny shit going on these days is a product of feminine upbringings, porn autosuggestions, and the media angelicizing men who cut their dicks.

Speaking of which, isn't (The former BO)'s gf a tranny?


Why are you all faggots? Literally, I mean. Or just degenerate. It's disgusting, and I'm sick of having to deal with your psychic pollution.

You're like psychic whores. Become spiritual warriors and you'll defend yourself from mind rapists. Your evil intentions and philosophies only serve to sink you deeper in your chasms of despair and loneliness. Overcome your own spiritual weakness, and stop yielding to those who wish to taint you.

Focus on your sense of smell to know if something is rotten or not. Psychic scents reveal much nastiness. Often flowery or pleasant smells merely mask the rotten undertones.



Has anyone here heard of or has personally used magic to find a job that suited them well or just made lot of money with?

Trying to figure out what career path i should take but i have no immediate interest in any careers and also lack passion outside of anything besides video games and spending time with my friends.



I have. I think you should cast for a profitable job that you enjoy and let your higher self sort out the details.



thanks for the reply, could you go into a little more detail about what you did?



Thanks for the great reply master Brown Pill, it helped me a lot.

>Nu Ager's are like children, they don't discuss how the traditional eastern upbringing of Quasimoto effected the outcome of the entire Imperial-samurai war in The last samurai, they just like "TAWM CROOZ :DDD"

lol, how accurate.



>Why are you all faggots

Most of us aren't, this is a problem solving forum, not a brag about your magical adventures forum. People come here to talk about curing their ball-stomping fetishes, not to talk about how they done cool shit


File: 83e0f7b28f09f3f⋯.jpg (675.64 KB, 656x1024, 41:64, 1467719227220.jpg)

I just want to make a quick report in case it helps someone but there's not enough substance to make a new thread.

I've been fucking around with the earth element a whole lot recently and during a walk by the beach a few days ago I practiced rapidly condensing it in peoples' bodies to stop them from moving. For one, this shit is way harder than it sounds, I've been trying to reach greater mastery with the element for months and only recently I've been able to rapidly shove enough condensed earth element into a person to make them stop. From my experiments with it, the effectiveness of what is effectively induced paralysis depends on two things, the earth element mastery of the caster and the life force of the target, essentially meaning how energetic/light on their feet they are. For example I'm able to consistently stop old people in their tracks, which makes me feel it's a little redundant to use such magic on them, but young and vigorous dogs are more difficult so it's not the size of the target. In all honesty, I think able bodied young men and women might be easier to paralyze than physically strong animals like bears but at the moment both are too much for me to handle.

I'm generally more predisposed to the fire element so this is all pretty rough for me but no matter your predisposition, this sort of stuff is possible for anyone on here with enough practice.



How do you know your doing it in something else successfully? How skilled are you in the elements? How much harder is it to externalize than to internalize? I'm highly interested



A few more questions if I may,

>How long have you been practicing?

>What's the best way to grind each element?

>How do you control how much you inhale at once?

>Can you condense paper into flames yet?

>How strong is your energy body?




>What's the best way to grind each element.

I've started reading IIH and would like to know this too.




Infact, how far are you into IIH?



not sure about the guy asking 5 questions but myself I literally only started reading the Theory chapter a few days ago and have been re-reading the elements to get a good understanding of them. Exactly Page 13 on the PDF.



I was more asking the paralysis guy, but good luck man, the more you do the easier it gets


Speaking of IIH, I got to step V in under 6 months am I the chosen one?


Are discord spammers even human? From what I can see they appear to be scripts.


Is the veil between the astral and the physical plane really thinning on Halloween/Samhain? What kinds of magick or meditation do you do on Halloween? Are there any rituals to do specific on this time of the year?

I always loved Halloween. I absolutely adore it. When it's sunny and yet crisp outside, the trees are orange and leaves are flying around everywhere and Halloween draws near there is this weird, absolutely magnificent otherworldly energy that I cannot describe with words.


I have gone through all 34 reported posts now and cleared the que of all reports after taking appropriate actions for each reported post that breaks a rule.


Two questions. One is about some symbolism in a dream I had and another is about willpower.

Last night I had a dream where my eyes kept falling out of their sockets. The werent connected to anything and would just sit in my hand. I kept trying to put them back in, but I couldnt get it quite right and kept needing to ask people if it was going in correctly, but most people were too busy to pay attention. Does anyone know what having eyes fall out symbolizes in a dream? I searched a bit on google but couldnt find anything satisfactory.

I was reading somewhere on here about willpower, and someone linked an article which stated the only real way to develop willpower is through doing mundane things, and using the occult to try and get it will not work because it is like attempting to use a shortcut. How do you feel about that? I've been trying to cultivate a stronger willpower but it has been failing pretty badly. Do you think it is worthwhile to create a sigil or two to strengthen my willpower? I have been trying to strengthen it through physical means, but it feels like I'm trying to break through a wall. My idea was to try and get some initial strength through occult means so that in the future I can use physical means as recommended.

Here's the article if anyone is curious.





The veil depends on your level of level of emotion. Flat-effect / emotional deadness makes the veil absolute. Strong emotionality lets you see through it easily. Halloween stirs up your feelings? Then the veil will weaken.

"The soul does not go to the Himalayas, nor London, nor some other planet. It is here but released from limitation of the mental and physical machinery and awake on its own subconscious plane where feeling is sight, will is understanding, and perception is hearing."Sleep as the Great Opportunity or Psychoma by Helen Rhodes-Wallace.



In my experience with dreams, symbolic meanings tend to vary from person to person rather than holding objective meaning. Your brain and your subconscious are on your side though, so if your inner mind wants you to know something it will help you. Try thinking and talking about it with various people who know you well over the next several days, that always helps me to have the necessary epiphany regarding my dreams.


Is it possible that my tulpa might have somehow reached knowledge left behind by my past lives? She told me that I need to "break the cycle of reincarnation" a few days ago.

Keep in mind that I know very little about the paranormal. I just have a tulpa because I'm a lonely weeb and because she gives me a reason to live.



I thought incarnation is voluntary?

Ask her what that means and what she knows. Maybe she can tell you how many life you already led before and what you did. Share with us then.



I think it means you can't control your vision, as in, when you want to focus on how you look socially/to other people (mundane) you instead see worms crawl out of their mouths and speak in tongues to ensnare your soul.



Probably just auto-suggestion (kek)



You know it's not even that difficult to use thoughtforms and tulpas to access All-Knowledge? Like literally anything you could ever want to know.

As for the cycle of reincarnation, that's caused by desire.

Read: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1908reincarnation.pdf



I don't want to go into a lot of detail. I did basic candle/sigil/planetary magic and my statement of intent was something along the lines of "increased business opportunities". That plus a "yes man" attitude can do wonders for you.


This sounds like some cool shit. Are you using any reading materials you might want to share to get started on that path?


In need of reading material for introduction/initiation into Chaos magic, por favor.

I see many texts in the library, but need a starting point. Any tips?



I started with Liber Null and Psychonaut. Then Try Liber KKK and Liber Kaos



Makes sense. I have read a ton of information and have concluded that emotions are very, very important in the life and work of a magician.

>how the fuck do I summon emotions out of nowhere?

I am stoic and cold as fuck most of the time, and whenever I need emotions I cannot get them. Looshfarming from other people doesn't help btw. No matter how much loosh one farms, one still cannot get over ones coldness and emotionlesness.


So I can invoke anything as an element? Like, just think about computers and I start learning how to be a technomancer? Or, think God-Emperor of Mankind and become emps?

Meta-magic is fun.



I'm starting to push more blood and energy upwards rather than sinking down like roots, and am feeling more emotionally whole as a result.

I think it's a matter of closed directions, as in, you need to be able to move your energy like most people can.

I'm guessing you're missing flexibility in this regard, like a power lifter. Natty limit or roiding faggot? I wonder.

Do the power yoga/gymnastics equivalent of energy… art. Body movement art + Energy movement art + Mind movement art.

Do a headstand against a wall and try to have your energy sink to your brain. Then try to have it rise to the brain when standing. Keep cycling like this until you get the strength to move your energy this way instinctually.

Do the same then but a handstand. Or skip the first step and do this, since it will be a similar but more advanced result.

Liver/Gallbladder and Anger/Kindness move energy up to the top of the head and hands. It's also considered the most Human aspect (Wood) of the 5 elements and organ networks.



I realize distilling "God-Emperor of Mankind" down to an element is a process and a journey like when I was learning the basics of the Chinese 5 element system.


Anybody got any tips on levitating the finger with vital energy in step 5 of IIH? Would be greatly appreciated



>gather enough energy into the finger to tense the related muscles making the finger rise



How do I purge my body of other's energy? I have a dude who's obsessed with me sexually and shit. I'd like to purge most energy though…



Just blow out his negative energy with your breathe




not the ones I'm talking about



I've been gone for the past week, I should have posted when I got back. I have no equipment, thought pushups pullups and no weights would suffice. Do I choose any 2 days of the week to not eat. Do you mean a 48 hour period of no eating?



Type ss.fitness into your address bar and press enter.



either visualize breathing it out or simply visualize it leaving you/your body.

you gotta have a vivid and detailed imagination and visualization for all of magick stuff. put the intention behind it too, and the intent has to be strong. like you mean it and it literally happens for real



up for a ritual suicide fellow shaman?





add breathing rhythmically to coax it out in a stream, gather it in a thoughtspace (a dimension of thought, an area in which you are master, a lucid dream "plane"?) and trap it in geometrics to make sure it doesnt break free and cling to other parts of the body, burn it.

or without the thoughtspace imprisonment imagine it incinerated as it leaves your body and even the ashes fading into nothing.

if you show no mercy stuff wont try to bother you, and on the whole scale of things you are powerful.


forgot, set up a shield, blue shield, expanding and contracting in pace with your breath, connected to the heart, on or close to the body at first, the more you have enforced it the further away it can shine from the body, enforce it every time you are having trouble.

because it is connected to the heart, if you breathe the way you do when you do a specific movement you can use your breath and thought to coordinate your shield and subtle body to greater degrees.



Hey, friend! I'm the anon who was banging on about chakras a while ago. Been doing simple stuff and (to my surprise, honestly) seen some positive changes. Recently though, I've been having… odd dreams. I rarely have/remember having dreams. Also, I have this subconscious notion of extreme conflict, as if the more 'positive' ways I'm trying to affect myself/being/life whichever, the more 'something' is attempting to make things much more challenging. Which leads to my question(s): Is it possible that I'm 'cursed' or something to that effect? Is there any way I could know for sure? I've never believed in curses, but something in the back of my mind's telling me otherwise. Paranoia, lel?



tell of progress, that wasnt so long ago, you actually practice?



emotional dissonance, let go of old notions that are opposites and stirred by introduced new other side of the scale.

expect a fever period soon but keep it up and let go of old useless baggage.




well, at first, I just tried the breathing and visualising in bed. Not much came about, I think because I couldn't quieten my thoughts. Anyway, a couple of nights later, I had ridiculous leg-spasms, which kinda roused me from the practice simply bc I was surprised lel. I then tried the techniques during periods of activity. I noticed the most difference during weightlifting sessions - more force, heightened endurance, pushed my overhead carries to 75kg etc. Dunno if this was a placebo, more testing is required, but I believe there was a difference. Still having trouble with focusing on chakras when under extreme stress, but I'm working on it.

>you actually practice?

… erm, yes, I'm confused


>fever period

I'm having an absolutely woeful time with my stomach atm. Cold sweats, nausea, feels like poisoning. I've started detoxing, but I didn't think it was related to this.

>let go of old notions that are opposites and stirred by introduced new other side of the scale

don't think I follow

>let go of old useless baggage

this may be an severe issue, m8. Workaround?



if you feel strongly negatively about a subject which causes you to align with one of the principal negative emotions and then try to forcefully align an emotion not just from the opposite side of the scale, positive, but on the furthest edge of positivity and all great emotions related to that peak you will experience internal emotional dissonance.

you can either introspect and find what causes the dissonance and accept it and let it go or not make the effort and risk enforcing the negativity so that it will be even harder to replace with positive emotions.

no workarounds, deal with this asap or your energybody will take damage and a lot of progress will be discarded and you wont get rid of the physical symptoms as they are a result of the negative energy /screeching/ as something is trying to push it away.



So let's say that emotional dissonance has been a default setting for a little over a decade, and that the general emotions I swing between are anger and - when I don't have the energy for that - misery. What kind of damage are we talking about here? Is this something I can't 'override' by getting better at the whole chakra-spinning business?


never heard of this /b/'s autistic screeching omitted, ofc



i wouldnt worry, just figure out why and then proceed accordingly



You're risking a cancer there long term man, sort that shit out.



Devil! Tool of the elite! Have you not learned that cancer is mostly mind made? Have you not learned that by inducing ideas and fears into ones mind makes them realize just those very ideas?

Then why do you make things even worse for the humble blue pill? Has his anger and his misery not plagued him enough in this life? Must he also develop cancer with your help? Nay! Be gone Draconian!


My friend you need not fear of cancer, better forget it completely. It is very well possible to heal yourself and to free yourself completely from compulsive negative emotions by aligning your chakras and meditating and working on yourself and your willpower. It won't be easy but it is well possible, and you should do it. You may yet be healed, child. Have no worries and no fear. Just do the work. I have been like you, in the same state for 20 years, but I could break out, and so can you.



I'm just saying repressed anger and/or stress, long term (I'm talking decades) can fuck you up. I have seen it happen. Every relative and acquaintance I know to have died of cancer had a history of repressed anger and exploding into hissy fits, road rage or violent episodes.

I'm working on addressing this myself. It's no joke, but the simple awareness of it should already help.


As others have said, polarize yourself towards positive feels as often as possible, and if you can sort your shit out at the root.

Read the Kybalion again.



Could someone address this please?


Thank you.


Is the skype group dead?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I noticed the most difference during weightlifting sessions - more force, heightened endurance, pushed my overhead carries to 75kg etc. Dunno if this was a placebo

nope just the effect of chakras



is right find out whats causing emotional dissonance chances are it's some past trauma and being dissonant is a defense mechanism so you can cope.

My problem is that there always some one watching and manipulating me.

Gandalf, merkabah, kill yourself that was cute


So Tipp, do you think that with your knowledge you could attain the prental nature of man?


damn, thanks lads



I believe I know all the root causes of my madnesses; had a lot of time for introspection during chronic insomnia sessions. Since they're mainly in the past/incorrectable, how would one just 'let go' as it were?



you've reminded me of Bill Burr lel

>exploding into hissy fits, road rage or violent episodes

been there, m8. I'm a big guy so that shit needs to be avoided


cheers, buddy! Glad to hear you're in a good place man. I'm very interested in this:

>Have you not learned that by inducing ideas and fears into ones mind makes them realize just those very ideas?

I need to learn how to do this to myself with 'positive' notions


>just the effect of chakras

excellent. As I mentioned above, I've been having trouble replicating these effects while under acute stress (physical/mental). Is there any way I can 'slip' into certain states of mind? Say if I was panicking for no apparent reason, would it be possible to simply decide to be calm and confident?

Thanks again, friends. I wish I could offer advice of some kind


Are inedians immortal?


File: 633d26db51ea018⋯.jpg (585.48 KB, 654x1024, 327:512, 1409568248476.jpg)


The effectiveness tends to vary, sometimes what I get is an old timer suddenly stopping his brisk walk and looking around with a confused look, other times they just stop and stare at nothing like a stupid cat. I'm not very skilled tbh, I'm more of a fire type of person and have managed to raise and hold room temperature by something like 5 degrees in the past and do similar things with water to a lesser degree. I've attempted to light a cotton swab doused in petrol using fire/air but I couldn't do it. I've never attempted to get anything out of air and earth before so I decided to give it a go. As far as externalizing, I'm not condensing it in people with multiple breaths, it's more of a singular burst of the earth element with the singular goal of weighing people down instead of its other properties like healing etc. I don't know if my method is most efficient but I want to get it as useful as my fire element for days when the power goes out and I have to heat up my room, in a fighting scenario you probably won't have the time to do 17 breaths of condensing the earth element in someone to put a stop to their movements.


>How long have you been practicing?

I think over 4 years now, I started on /x/ and was a regular on the old freedomboard.

>What's the best way to grind each element?

Apart from doing what Bardon tells you and just condensing it to a great degree, I've found that in the part after he talks about AP and tells you to visit the realms of the elemental entities like gnomes, sylphs etc. has been a huge help. The technique I'm using now is something the gnomes helped me with. In all honesty, after you master AP the opportunities really open up if you're willing to look.

>How do you control how much you inhale at once?

I've found that instead of inhaling to condense the element in external objects it's better to exhale. I've tried a couple of different methods but you know the elemental mental planes you effectively mentally travel to in the early stages of the IIH? Visualize a portal opening and use your breath to spur the already highly condensed element from that plane into your target of choice. In the case of raising room temperature by multiple degrees, I've visualized evenly spaced pylons spraying heat everywhere for example.

>Can you condense paper into flames yet?

As above, can't do it yet but last time I tried was over a year ago, I might have a crack at it again in a few days.

>How strong is your energy body?

Energy breathing all day every day, not literally but you get what I mean. It's alright, I was lucky enough to read one of the books that outlined the importance of training the energy body early on. I can't remember which one though but it was probably Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce.


>Are you using any reading materials you might want to share to get started on that path?

IIH and The Book of Knowledge is great reading material for practical things. The screencap of the reading guide post that gets posted here a lot is pretty much on point, practice is 99% of this journey and once you know how to do one thing, you can do everything.



There are several things called "Book of knowledge" but I'm not familiar with the one you speak of..



>had a lot of time for introspection during chronic insomnia sessions.

thinking too much

>how would one just 'let go' as it were?

find a song you love

> would it be possible to simply decide to be calm and confident?

if you have no prior experiences no not really. You would have to pick something simple and do it everyday. even then the measure of success is dependent on your definition of success. always gonna be a bigger fish, always gonna be someone better than you.

Also we're not friends


File: 8dc727b321e4e34⋯.jpg (19.7 KB, 500x307, 500:307, 8bb.jpg)


Real talk, PSA:

Don't fuck with ritual suicide pacts to form one being.

After meditating and looking into past lives, I realized that I was/am the result of a suicide pact of several occultists/brownpills.

Before my journey into Buddhism, about 6 months ago, I had a dream where 3-4 beings shrouded in darkness tried to communicate and control me/explain that they are me. I drew a picture but couldn't find it, sadly.

Fast forward to recently, and upon a meditation session, I found that 4 other occultists/brownpills explained to me that I am the result of a suicide pact. I didn't link the aforementioned dream and the occultists who tried to communicate with me until recently.

That being said, karma is very fucking real. Though I have been able to traverse into the occult/Buddhism quite well on my own, which is surely a result of the spiritual potential/adeptness of the prior occultists, I've gone a completely different route and fucked over whatever plans they might have had. Their selfish and pretentious intentions led to myself, which I impeccably doubt is what they intended me to be. They are me yet they have almost no control over me whatsoever. This is a direct result of their previous lives living in lust for power/knowledge/pride. One of the occultists, however, lived for friendliness. He was the most powerful and has the most presence within me, and I still think traces of his karmic patterns still impact me now.

So unless you're a Magus with some serious skill, don't do a ritual suicide pact. Even if you're of that skillcap, your karma is sure to fuck you over. Your intentions are most likely selfish, and you will live in the next life equally as shameful as your intentions.



I doubt he was being serious




oh? https://systemspace.link/

gotta admit it was a fun ride but something about it brings a vague memory about something.



you're pretty quick on the uptake.

having reached this stage its all about internal alchemy, 'setting' your ego.

this part is all introspection, disassembling and reassembling the ego.

since because of the energywork you've touched on some emotions that were very repressed or "locked" or bogged down with so much of its counterpart energy that the cord couldn't be struck, then during these energyworks you make those positive chords vibrate, which cause all the neagtive cords tangled around it to vibrate and fully, more powerfully than before, all at once make enough noise to impact the physical body.

if you carry two conflicing emotions your energy body is literally tearing itself apart in x part of the energy body which manifests in correspondent place in the body as cancers.

you need to lie down and go over your life. did you like cake? do you still like cake? cake makes you feel great and makes you look back to the childhood but its full of sugar and stuff so it makes it less easy for me to run ten miles.

while you reason everything to get to the bottom of every "i like/i dislike" you could use several tools to speed up this internal alchemy, because its going to get intense.

the faster you deal with this the faster you can get out into life again, but for now, be chill, because of the internal emotional struggles you might flare up if pushed, or sometimes over nothing, and it doesn't have to be anger, you might get in your mind to drive halfway across the country to apologize to someone because you can't stop crying about it.

you need to figure out what to feel now, about the past and decide how to react in the future.

there are many tools, talking to friends, internalizing it, talking to 'yourself', reasoning, entertaining ideas and scenarios, setting up a discussion between the higher self and the ego and having the higher self reflect on the egos computing.

certain genres of music work, certain songs could resonate really well with the emotions you're trying to unknot, youtube has a whole section of mantras and tibetan singing bowls and binaural beats and what not which are useful.


go in peace and wait to make up your mind until the day you know enough to have an opinion



Jesus Christ your useless


imagine the light of the chakra outvibrating and rekking, dispersing and burning away the dark string around it.


Does anyone have an book chart on esoteric hitlerism, at least a recommend book for introduction to the subject.

It's not for spiritual matters really, I'm simply curious about the ideology.



Physically? I'm guessing no because they have their own elaborate funeral practices.


Redpill me on SSRI medication.



Is this shit real? I have read similar things on this board before. What cruel game are we playing here, that we can't even escape this shithole by suicide?

Isn't Karma the cruelest thing ever created? You are born unknowing and unconscious, and for every of your actions you get fucking karma points like in kindergarden and naturally because life is shit and because you don't know what you are doing you get negative karma and have to suffer for it in next lifetime, there again not knowing or remembering all the things? And then you can't even suicide because then you get punished extra hard.

Is this actually for real? Why are we in a fucking kindergarden videogame? WHO brought us fucking here, and who keeps us here? I want my fucking freedom and I want to break the fuck outta here. Karma is sadistic as hell, and so is being reborn and being punished for suicide.

Please someone tell me all this shit like karma and punishment is not real, otherwise I can't help but to think existence is eternal hell


File: b7260f2ca62f3a1⋯.jpg (399.55 KB, 981x720, 109:80, PhotoGrid_1498119763051.jpg)


That's very inspiring, have you finished IIH step 10 yet? I'm just wondering if I should call you high-initiate anon or adept anon



I think he means the one written by that very paranoid anonymous author



That fucking site is so sexy god damn. As a web developer my dick gets hard thinking about all the neat programming that has gone into it.

What is their endgame though? Their real endgame? Publicity? Advertising? Just for fun?


It works, but you need to put a lot of work on your part. It's just a crutch you cannot depend on long-term.

It's what took me out of my life-long depression and helped me find magic.

It helps you see life in a non-shitty manner so that you can actually make it non-shit, so that it will be non-shit when you get off the meds.


>The Masters and Madame Blavatsky taught that the suicide victim who does this will often lose their soul forever as a result, when their natural life term finally reaches its end.


Theosophy is bullshit. Too bad half of the ruling elite seem to believe in it.



wtf is Karma anyway? I mean literally what is it? Sounds like some made up buddhistic bullshit to me just to keep people in place. Just like Christians hell. Never made much sense to me and never will.



The original defenition of karma was "cause and effect", I don't think when they said that they meant a giant cosmic Batman fucking everybody's shit up for trivial bullshit


File: eeee82189c3ae00⋯.png (276.97 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Yeah waifus are a that s w….png)


Oh yeah I doubt so too, but I was just referring to those who were considering it.


Your soul/spirit/consciousness lives forever. This is something practically every esoteric religion/occult believes in.

Therefore, it is logical to assume that because your soul lives forever, something goes along with it, being traits it picked up, or patterns that apply to it.

I've made this allegory before, but your soul is like soil. When it is tilled and nurtured, it bears good fruit. When it is strained and not allowed to rest, it does not bear good fruit.

So, when your spirit is reborn, it carries the mentality of negativity or positivity. Similar to how the All created the universe because the universe is a mental reflection of the All, when your soul reinhabits a collection of cells with negative mental imagery, the next life it lives in is a reflection of itself; in this case, negativity. If you bear negativity with yourself when your spirit moves on, the next life will be filled with said negativity since life is a spiritual projection of itself.

That is the basis of karma. Its not made up, its not bullshit, its just you and your soul fucking yourself over. But, the bright side is, you have every chance to make it up.



I am a noob in those matters still but this expalanation seems reasonable to me. Would you take a little more time and explain your views on suicide then? What do you think happens? Will you be forced to reborn with deformities and a shit life, or will be kept in the ethereal as a prisoner to suffer for some time before you can reincarnate? Or can you chose after suicide to just stay in the astral forever and nothing really happens? (because I would rather chose not to incarnate anymore…and no I am not planning suicide)



No Judge, no rules, just natural outcomes. It's "you reap what you sow," not "you sow this specific crop or the farmer will beat you over the head."



I'm not who you're asking and he's far more knowledgeable than me in these matters, but I'm pretty sure anyone willing to destroy themselves is bound to have quite a bit of negativity in their life, making problems inevitable in the next.


File: 3d1f0a62dfd0206⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 334x499, 334:499, 51c2dgsZCyL._SX332_BO1,204….jpg)

Requesting someone purchase the Kindle edition of this book on Manly Palmer Hall



File: c37fdb674c074a5⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1649x2148, 1649:2148, IMG_4796_original.JPG)


>Would you take a little more time and explain your views on suicide then?

Sure thing.

>What do you think happens?

This applies more to esoteric Buddhism, but the bardo. The bardo is when you die, hundreds of deities begin laughing in your face. It's terrifying. If you cannot overcome the bardo, you will be reborn. Most people take this as the "stage between life and death", and since they are not aware of what it is, they scurry back and become reborn. This repetitive cycle of death and rebirth is called samsara. When you defeat the bardo, you will escape samsara and enter nirvana. Pic related, Tibetan Buddhism is chock fucking full of symbolism. Literally everything has a meaning to it.

>Will you be forced to reborn with deformities and a shit life, or will be kept in the ethereal as a prisoner to suffer for some time before you can reincarnate?

The bardo will challenge you. You will lose. Its not a question, its a fact. I'm not ready for bardo. My root guru himself is just barely ready for bardo and even then he still thinks there is a chance he will not defeat it. You will be reborn. As for what will happen to you when you enter the next life, really it depends what your karmic patterns are in this life. From my understanding, you do not appreciate the worth of what life is, because it may suck in this life, but there is much, much more to be done in others and beyond. Therefore, you want to end it. Free from troubles, free from stress, free from struggle. This will never happen if you continue this path. I cannot confirm what you would be reborn as, but the patterns usually follow through and bite you in the ass. I can only predict that you'll be reborn into one of the lower three realms (most likely an animal, the highest of the low 3) where you are free from the struggles of human life, but only because you do not have the capacity to understand it. "Food. Eat food. Reproduce. Sleep. Escape predator." Repeat. These are low base vibration instincts. You can escape the lower animal realm just by acting altruistically, but its difficult being an animal and all. Once in that realm you can only hope for an opportunity to rise up.

>Or can you chose after suicide to just stay in the astral forever and nothing really happens?

Nope. That would be escaping samsara, and the only path to that is enlightenment, and achieving nirvana. You will never escape samsara until then.

If escaping samsara sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to look into Buddhism. I'd be glad to share with you everything I know.



Wouldn't he have to think similar to an animal to reincarnate as an animal?



Does this mean that if I live out my life's dream of leading a harem I will respawn as a Muslim?


File: eac97438a8b889e⋯.jpg (66.34 KB, 1024x539, 1024:539, eac97438a8b889e624213daa24….jpg)


>Wouldn't he have to think similar to an animal to reincarnate as an animal?

No. There are 6 realms of rebirth, both split into two groups of 3. The lower three from highest to lowest are animals, ghosts/evil spirits, and hellish realms. The more heavy negative karmic implications on your soul, the lower your realm. Which reminds me, after seeing this mantra, pic related, in 15 days, all heavy negative karma from your past lives will be purified.


No. Sex isn't bad, hell even having a harem isn't bad. Its kind of natural. Causing the suffering of others is generally what you want to avoid, though.

However, I came across a thought a while ago that there is a very good chance that a Muslim suicide bomber rebirths as a goat and is fucked by another muslim. Its kind of how karma works lmao


>There's been plenty of spiritually advanced people who had hair and those who didn't, although while there are magical tutorials out there to cure baldness, I'm yet to see one to induce it.

Male-pattern baldness in particular cones from insufficient energy in the kidneys. As the male body hits 40 it starts to decline, and the kidneys are the first to go

If you wanna induce baldness, fucc up the kidneys, (assuming it isn't you)



>lowest realm


Now is this a "lowest realm" by consciousness standards or raw karma, cause a *ghost", (a spirit powerful enough to manipulate the physical) has to be pretty fuckin' powerful to my knowledge to do that kinda shit, it wouldn't make since if its a "lowest consciousness" sirt of thing

nice pic btw, will try it


At least in New Thought terms, no. Whatever you think like, had the strongest magnetic pull on your soul


I made a thread you guys will be interested in. "Fundamental Techniques for Magical Living".


"People hardly say what they mean, but they do (Body Language)."

Integrate all magical living into body movement art and you will have the most effective and comprehensive results… in anything. Even programming skill is superior when integrated into body movement arts. Even wood carving is superior when integrated into body movement arts. All else is inferior (as far as I'm aware).



>it wouldn't make since if its a "lowest consciousness" sort of thing

Same consciousness, different realm. Most people stay within the balance of the human realm (Lowest of the upper three realms) and the animal realm. Its possible for someone in the bottom two to escape obviously, but its very, very difficult. These realms are almost reserved for those who cause massive amounts of immense suffering, so serial killers, torturers, etc.

What you're thinking of is a poltergeist, and to be frank, I'm not so sure about those, haven't done any research.

Anyway, a "ghost" is not so much in the literal sense. They appear human, but they dwell eternally with hunger and immense suffering, suffering similar to that which they caused in previous lives. Its not a life you want to live, really. If you stole a lot in your past life, whenever you found food as a hungry ghost, someone would steal it. The karmic patterns follow over and bite you in the ass, again.

Also, the pic doesn't need "trying". Just look at it and you'll be good in 15 days.



Not sure how much more introspection I can take, mate, but at this point, can't hurt cancer's not too bad, right? Will give it a go, thanks man



>You would have to pick something simple and do it everyday

could you give an example? With respect to anxiety/panic, let's say. Also, why so salty, anon? lel


I recently had a sigil fail. I wanted to attract an ounce of marijuana, and today got sold an ounce of fake hash. My question is did it fail because I did not properly state what I wanted, or because maybe the energy wasnt "pure" and the intent was tainted?

Also, can anyone give me a good link to a book or article about pyschic/magical attacks? I've been meaning to learn this but have never before had someone to practice on.



This will help you:



Hey Admin, why aren't my files being uploaded. I used an embed once and now I can't upload pictures or files. The embed field is empty.



Try erasing your cookies and restarting your browser.


What is schizophrenia to the spiritual community?

How can I direct this 'tuning fork' in my head?

Does schizo interfere with the ability to project or lucid dream? I have complications doing such.


Does anybody remember when someone summoned an imp to kill Tipp? That was some funny shit



It means you can't differentiate objective thought, vs subjective thought, but because whatever you think you just, "believe", it can probably be pretty useful in magic as belief is one of the main factors


What do Freemasons say about the shape of the earth?



But this is only from the buddhist view, right? Not everyone agrees with this. What about all the NDE reports which state something completely different, what about the tunnel, the light being greeting you, the life review and then your healing and your choice to either stay in astral or plan out your next life? Those are all reported things and a lot of new age teachers claim this, not only people who had had near death experiences or mediums. Buddhism is fine and nice, but to me it's just another religion with their own myths and fables that don't have to be true at all.

>also implying after learning about this, you will not simply laugh back at the 100 deities and even slap them in the face lol



Since they're a global organization, I imagine they're aware of its spherical nature.


File: ee4188b463ae828⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 547x692, 547:692, c65.jpg)


>But this is only from the buddhist view, right?

Yes, which is why I said it applies more to esoteric Buddhism and escaping samsara. Imagine them as gatekeepers to escaping samsara. What I mean by people scurrying back is people who try to achieve nirvana but aren't aware of what bardo is. Tibetan Buddhism makes a point out of it.

As for choosing to stay or go in the astral realm, that isn't your choice. Your soul will eventually be reborn into the next collection of cells and you'll have almost no memory of it. You can't necessarily "plan" out your next life in the astral, because your karmic patterns decide that. However, many Buddhists predict where their next life will be through visions or leave instructions on where to find their soul in the next life.

>also implying after learning about this, you will not simply laugh back at the 100 deities and even slap them in the face lol

Oh man, its much, much more than that. Forces you've never felt before will be felt. Its crazy shit. Whatever pops and clouds of magick you're capable of are nothing compared to the shit that some Rinpoche's can do, let alone deities. I've felt some of the powers when I made a connection with a certain Rinpoche, and its almost indescribable.


How do I completely transform myself? I hate myself and want to be an entirely different person.



not by using magic




Yes, by using "magic". Look up the soul mirrors from Initiation Into Hermetics




>extremely powerful

Be that as it may, Franz Bardon says that humans are unique in how they are tetrapolar, (are based in all 5 elements), and because of this, they can reach the power of gods if not ascend to godhood beforehand. I'm sure a rinpoche would kick my ass, but not a human magus



To date, Ra's Law of One rings the more authentic. However, I suspect that channeling was just a thoughtform conforming to the collective beliefs of that group. Thus fitting commonly held consmological views in this scene.

I think in the end the true redpill is that truth is a human construct, and whatever one believes is true. Reality is a paradox.

As the kybalion states, all truths are but half truths, and all paradoxes can be reconciled. This site's DOM kills mobile Chrome.



>This site's DOM kills chrome

Lolwut? Could you please explain that in caveman speak, I'm not good at webtech



I have a hard time recalling my past, what can I do about that?



Workout your memory I guess? I don't know, I've never had problems with memory, good luck though



alternatively if you focused on healing the kidneys would that reverse MPB?



In very long threads, typing a response in the mobile version of Google Chrome is unbearably slow. Every keystroke lags for a second. Mine is a fairly alright phone, so this shouldn't happen (https://www.bq.com/en/aquaris-x).


Anybody here has experience with the Wim Hof method (tummo + cold showers)? Can you elaborate on the etheric or otherwise esoteric benefits of it? I'm going to start doing because of its physical benefits.

I realize something like this is part of IIH, but what I'm asking for is kind of a first hand experience report.






Pay more attention to the details you observe in all of your senses, and meditate in recollection of these details. Spend an hour in the dark trying to recall a certain object as perfectly as possible, not only visually but the sound it makes when it collides with other objects, the taste and smell of it, its texture when dry and when wet, the places you find it in, the people you are with when you see it, and the individual times you've come across it. Be imaginative and creative as necessary, and build this recollection until it is very firm. Do this with many objects until your visualization and memory both improve greatly.


File: fd497c000b3dfe8⋯.jpg (26.83 KB, 394x259, 394:259, _20170622_031138.JPG)

Can someone please help me with the finger exercises in step 5 of Initiation Into Hermetics? I've scowered the internet for weeks trying to figure out if I'm supposed to physically or astrally lift my finger, and how I even do that. Am I literally just supposed to grind psychokinesis and "Air" until I can manipulate the physical? How do I make my finger move, with just vital energy, I charge that motherfucker till it feels like its gonna explode, nuthin! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I feel like a damn mundane because I have know clue about this



Tell your body to do something then don't accept any bio feedback from the body. This means you're numb to the taxations you place on the body, being all brain. You don't feel fatigue or exertion, the body is like a subordinate or servant. Be aware that there exists body around the brain as well, the head and such, and to not confuse your body with the brain. Generally, emotion is created by the body's influence on the brain, being a nerve center and all, not the other way around. So an emotionless, numb state is the feeling of the brain taking over. At this point you can think, "Go to the other room and do 6 push ups" and it will do it.

Oh, and there are nerves all around the body, so this dull emotionless state that you can enter can just be localized to the brain or some parts where your mind tends to perceive from, so make sure to be thorough in making your nerves less responsible/sensitive to the impulses and compulsions of the body.

Being able to stop or resist an action/reaction is the first step to leverage in a wedge or gate between two transceivers, creating a mediating 'consciousness', thus, Earth and Air, no, Air in Earth.

Begin by deadening all sensors, becoming heavy and dull. Then, attempt to perform actions with the least interaction by the mind. Become mindless and robotic, in other words. Then try exercising without feeling any of the exertion and without any input. Turn your brain to 1%, just tell the body once then keep your mind mouth shut.

After this you should feel that you could live your life this way, and that it would be quite pleasant to ignore all the random stimulus that exists and leave the mind to other things.

You should be good to go by that point.



Thanks for the advice but, are you sure this is what Bardon wants? How does this help me in contacting spirits?



Nevermind, it's probably not good advice.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I want to start drinking distilled water-only for one month as an experiment to see if I get healthier/better from doing so. I am convinced it is probably actually good even without remineralization. I need to know where I can buy a water distiller though in Canada.



File: 0f3049e13ad13b0⋯.png (243.7 KB, 428x619, 428:619, bec362194a0d62034d66c5793e….png)


Yeah, it's the paranoid one that abbreviated quiet mind meditation as QMM.


Considering that Step 10 is shit like levitation and ability to instantly kill people, I think it'll still be years before I reach that level of mastery. I'm an initiate at best.


It's not so much about filling your finger to the brim with energy, you don't actually need that much to make it move with your will. What you need to do is visualize your mental energy body, imagine that it basically superimposes your real one. Then you need to feel the finger of your mental energy body lift up in whatever position different to your finger. What's meant to happen is that as you feel that mental finger a few centimeters away from its physical counterpart, you will feel an almost magnetic pull on your physical to reach the same state of your energy body finger. If you cast your mind back to highschool physics about potential energy, it's basically when you lift any object up, it has potential energy as it wants to fall down whatever distance it needs due to the force of gravity. It's not really the same here but the analogy makes sense in my autistic mind. When I do this exercise my finger doesn't move towards the energy finger in a smooth motion, it's more like smaller jerks until they become one again.



Just do regular dry fasting, That is actually good for you.




>distilled water will kill you goy

>stop drinking it goy

Bullshit article, only thing you need to worry about distilled water are the plastic gallons it's contained in.



Unless you supplement from other sources, there's a lot of stuff in water that your body is going to miss, goy.

But you do whatever you want. Experience is the best teacher and you sound like you could use a lesson or two.



Just to clarify, we're talking about 100% pure H2O, not bottled treated water.


FYI: Distilled water becomes undistilled if it sits in the open for an hour.


I'm starting to consider all magic is psychosomatic in general.

>I can alter something by altering my perspective of said object.

>By altering the object in such a manner I can alter it's power over me.

>By attempting to show others my perspective, a group may have altered power over an object.

>If I take a sugar pill or drink a faux syrup I can tell my self it will help me accomplish a goal.

>The act of doing so alter my perspective and eases work towards this goal.

>The mechanical aspect helps convince my flesh-bound mind that what I'm doing is real.

>By doing such, I alter my perspective to the point it is real.

>Because it is now real for me, it will work towards the goal.

So why go through the need to add lengthy rituals? Why not use simple, direct methods that focus entirely on the verbal and mechanical means of (in some cases) tricking your own psyche to alter perspective?



What you are discovering is what essentially every chaos magician has been saying forever.

But the underlying basic principle is present in a lot of if not all mystic traditions throughout history: the separation between your mind and the outside world is illusory.

>why go through the need to add lengthy rituals

>why not simply tricking your own psyche to alter perspective?

What do you think the rituals are for? The part of you that makes magic happen is not the same that is right now reading these lines. You generally don't have a direct line of communication to it, thus the need of ritual to communicate your intention.

The title is a bit misleading, but the book The Origins of Psychic Phenomena: Poltergeists, Incubi, Succubi, and the Unconscious Mind goes into this in detail. It's written all over a multitude of cases in the paranormal literature: there's a part of the human psyche that has superuser access to reality and it often looks like an external entity: spirits, the dead, aliens… All thoughtforms and part of somebody's psyche.


>I think in the end the true redpill is that truth is a human construct, and whatever one believes is true. Reality is a paradox.

>As the kybalion states, all truths are but half truths, and all paradoxes can be reconciled.

This week this has been haunting me synchronicity after synchronicity, down to what I was doing when I decided to come check this thread: watching The X-Files S01E06 "Shadows".


File: 647801afbb35042⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 800x765, 160:153, _20170622_034906.JPG)


Thank you so much man, so much. Have a rare Shrek



There is something else to >>102235

And it ties to what I was saying here:


For all intents and purposes, when you evoke something like a Goetic demon, you better treat it like an external entity. Even if the phenomenon is rooted, ontologically, to your "mind", that "part of you" will not hesitate to fuck your shit up or kill you. So you need the ritual because functionally, the entity is external, and magic follows certain rules. That's what established models for working magic are for. You can sometimes shortcut them, knowing that in reality you and whatever demon are the same thing underneath, consciousness, but your egos and individuality are very much different things. You are, if you will, different manifestations of spirit or consciousness.

Same with other people. You and I are the same spirit at a certain level, but from that level "downwards" we differentiate like branches in a tree. That means I can make you move by shaking a part of me, but I have to reach deep in order to grab that part of me.

Analogously, you and the psi wheel you are trying to move might share the same all-pervading consciousness, but you are two very different physical manifestations. You need to follow certain rules because of this.

I'm not sure I'm making sense. I've been writing for work all day and I'm feeling a bit mentally tired and lazy.




>not centuries

I don't wanna sound like a succ-up, but you are such an inspiration man. Godspeed high-initiate bro


hay guis how do i make a servicer


I'm getting closer and closer to my first astral projection. I hear a lot of talk about how dangerous the plane can be. What exactly is the worst that can happen to you?



>What's the worsst that could happen?

Franz Bardon said that as you put most of your lifeforce in your astral body, your physical body is left weak, weak enough so that if someone so much as touches your physical body while you're AFK their energy is enough to electrocute you.

Nothing can kill you in the astral though, just steal your energy, which'll give you achey joints for a day or two



Speaking of the steps in IIH, do you think I should wait until I get to step 8 to AP, or should I just learn it now?


Does anybody feel IIH is a bit overrated? The way it talks about Tummo and what essentially boils down to the Wim Hof method (which can be mastered in a few days) makes me wonder about the rest of the grandiloquence in the book.

I've done up to step 4 in a couple of years on my own by using knowledge from chaos magick books written by virtue signaling hipster liberals and stuff found in forums.

The way Bardon writes one would think I'm some great power wielding adept when in reality I know I have barely scratched the surface of what magick is.

I mean, am I better of re-reading The Octavo or Hands-On Chaos Magick? Because both seem to be quite more exhaustive in theory and practice respectively without half the pomp and circumstance.

Did I overhype this book or what?



I AP'd all the time when I was a kid and really didn't know what was happening. I've only had scary shit happen after I started doing magic.

Mindset is very important.



nope rarely have anxiety/panic attacks so I wouldn't know

>Also, why so salty, anon?

because when I first came here I was getting over my depression learning to appreciate my life and those around me and to improve little by little each day. I stayed on fringe thinking magic was different. throw in paranormal stuff with lucid dreaming and ap and you get more or less the same thing. control your thoughts,visualize ,meditate, and have faith that it will work. now I'm mostly back at square one I believe in paranormal things but dont see much point in "magic". What is it that I want? power? truth? love? adventure? I dont know, what I do know is that I feel empty. I'm hanging on by one stupid shitpost that I barely remember.


File: 798c5505901a4ac⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 625x352, 625:352, ff9vivi-625x352.jpg)

Does anybody know any rituals or money magick spells?

I am reading through the Chaos Magick discipline in general. It says to worship money because of its power and money will solve and help the world that I create. The value we have placed on this is god like.

How do I study money magick?

I already downloaded a bunch of stock books and "real" magick books and using stuff to help my career way.



I totally agree, I'll keep that in mind



>Does anybody feel IIH is a bit overrated?

Certainly not, Franz Bardon is a literal equal to Jesus, a more naive me would say he's a magus.

>The way Bardon writes one would think I'm some great power wielding adept when in reality I know I have barely scratched the surface of what magick is.

If you're at step 4, I mean, personally I'm stuck on step 5, and I feel like I'm still just a mundane, but JoyofSatan says meditation like in step 4 are "highly advanced magic" so you know, maybe I'm just too critical. There's no way you're an adept already though, the difference between an adept and a high-initiate is that the adept has the power to physically manifest the elements, and have merged with The All, effectively giving them direct access to the Akashic records. "He is pretty much done with getting his knowledge from third density books and any further reading of such books is likely redundant and he does it just as a review as he already knows all the concepts and has applied all the knowledge.", they know all thr theory, all of it, they know this for sure because they have All-knowledge. The bridge between adeot, and magus is actually putting every single bit a theory into practice, mastering every, single, thing, and grinding energywork to the point of instant manifestation of thought.

Good luck on the path though, I wish I could be proud of my achievements like that



Btw, there is a huge difficulty spike starting at step 5, from physical tummo, to physically lifting your finger with only your will, and vital energy. Not only that, but there is no information for this online, the normalfags couldn't do it, looks like we're the only ones. High-Initiate anon (Element (Earth) guy) says it has something to do with the astral bodily magnetism, and I believe him, given his power-level. If I get past it before you do I'll be sure to answer any questions you got, scowering the fucking internet for this shit has been gay



How is that in any way related?



This only reinforces my convictions that every wizard must be a muscle wizard.




>weak enough so that if someone so much as touches your physical body while you're AFK their energy is enough to electrocute you

Horseshit in the umpteenth degree.


Do yourself a favor and read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (pdfs of the old edition abound).


how do i get my gf to be with me forever using magick would sigil magick work i cant really magick pls halp



Because all you need to do to realize the Earth isn't flat is go around it.





You can also go around a circle.



Have you ever been touched while AP'd?



Yes, as have countless other practitioners.

Being disturbed from projection by a family member is absurdly common.

Conversely, do you have any accounts of death induced by physical contact during AP?

All of the BS involving supposed dangers of astral projection are simply gatekeeping and woo.



Well that's wonderful news, I need to start practicing AP then! Scary thought, that even based Frabatto would lie to me in the end



Well some can go deeper than others. It's probably true if you're him. Most are like babies that can't open the front door to get out. Others are climbing a cliff face without any equipment, and a random eagle's nest could mean certain death by bird.



So should I make this thread not by cyclical then? It's at about 410 posts right now. Once it gets to 750 it'll start deleting the first posts in the thread automatically unless I uncyclical it we go back to the original method of just creating a new thread after archiving when the older one fills up.



> It's probably true if you're him.

Just one attested case, please – ready, go!



No, please don't misunderstand. I'm not proud. I meant that I don't feel like I have accomplished much yet despite the impression the book gave me.


But if there's a big difference between steps 4 and 5 I'm going to keep at it and see.



Is it a good idea to just delete the posts? Do they get archived?

I just realized there are lots of sevens today.


File: 2c958315470d6b3⋯.jpg (195.7 KB, 710x900, 71:90, yellow-purple-inspirationa….jpg)

When I see energy, it tends to always be either purple, yellow, or green, what's up with that?



If making it cyclical means deleting valuable posts like yours on manifestation, or something from Kahn, we should definitely keeo it like the old ways, so as to have it archived



If you're mucking in chaos magic couldn't you just whip up a sigil that represents you getting money?



sounds cool

howd i do that then?



And when you can go around a circle in every single direction, that makes a sphere. Stop being ignorant.



I would prefer if it were not cyclical. Partly because I like reading the archives and partly because it's annoying to scroll to the bottom of 750 posts as a mobile user.


When I'm laying on my back in deep meditation and my body begins to fall asleep I feel a surge of energy (I think?) and it feels nice but I have no idea why it happens. any idea whats going on?



You know how a cyclical thread works right? Once it hits the reply limit, it bumps off the first posts in the thread each time a new post is made.



Ok in that case I'll remove the cyclical.



Who is this?



Energy being redistributed as you relax the "valve" that's holding some energy in one place of the body. Or you were touched by a spirit and it caused you to get shocked being electrically charged differently and not having the mechanisms active that prevent electric discharge, being in a meditative sleeping state. Those in the state just before sleep often communicate with the near spirit realm sub-consciously, loudly on that side of the realm, seeming fully conscious to them though unaware of what you're doing. You likely attracted the attention of some spirit and they touched you while you were charged and conductive enough in that spectra of reality to have the energy discharge.

Or just energy redistribution.



That person which cannot be named as of rule five, but is a former board owner who's name starts with Smil-




Nobody in particular.


File: 0530d24b4cc111d⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images(1).jpg)



how do i use magick to gain muscle quickly im tired of being a skinny bitch and gaining muscle is taking forever





I don't have high hopes for this board anymore but posting my question here as well just in case someone with actual experience sees it:

Any occult anons had any measured success learning to AP during the day (ie when not in a REM cycle)? I have been 'trying' for quite some time with only moderate progress. To be fair I need to journal more and just attempt on a more regular schedule, but I kinda feel like I might be missing something obvious. I have read RB:MAP and RB:AD and can sometimes get to a point where I feel 'vibrations' but whenever I attempt exit proper it feels like no matter how much or little mental pressure I put on the technique I always end up tensing up physically and breaking the trance state. Despite this I have had one or two sessions where it felt as though I had no other direction to go but up and out of the body and could feel a slight levitation, but never have I gotten to the point where I could see anything/move around. Has anyone else had these problems, and if so how did you overcome them?



You're talking about drastically altering the physical with magic, faster than a few months. Nigga, that's magus tier magic

You're shit outta luck


File: fb4b4342bcc57ba⋯.gif (1001.5 KB, 440x300, 22:15, the ritual succeeds.gif)




File: fd862c67822ad94⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 220x251, 220:251, Robert Bruce.jpg)


Sounds like you might have:

low spiritual energy

under-developed chakras

low mental silence

excitement for finally AP'ing

To remedy this, you could:

energy work

grind no-mind

energy work

don't let AP be your occult oneitis


Just keep practicing, and be sure to read Rober Bruce's selection on AP

Astral Dynamics

Mastering Astral Projection in 90 Days

Treatise on Astral Projection



Gaining muscle is so much easier the mundane way. Just lift weights at least 3 days per week and eat 400 more daily calories than you usually do. I'm 5'11" and was 135lbs in February, now I'm 150lbs and nearly all of the new weight is muscle. Hoping to get to around 200lbs within the next two years. 80% of the work is just your diet.


I'm in the exact same boat as you. I think my biggest setback is that my vessel for astral projection isn't solid/powerful enough.


If this >>101803 has any validity to it, then is there any interest here in group meditation?



>Contract every muscle in the body as hard as possible once a day. Maximal contraction maximal muscle activation, twice a day. Every limb angle and pose possible.

>Cardio kills gains is a meme

>Fully body calisthenics upto 1000 reps or 30 minutes of vigorous exercise teaches more intelligent and economical use of the muscles, and thus I mean muscle activation and coordination. Gymnastic/Power yoga type moves are best, dynamic body control and coordination.

>Flex in the mirror like a body builder every day, posing and everything. This builds muscle quite a bit actually, and helps in muscle activation.

>20-100 rep sets for weight lifting is better for hypertrophy, which if mixed in with the 4 - 6 rep range for strength, and 15 - 50 speed reps for explosiveness and effective muscle activation, on different weeks, you should do great.

>That is, 1 wk speed, 1 wk strength, 1 wk hypertrophy, 1 wk stamina and dynamic strength aka gymnastics and intense calisthenics, then repeat.

>Every 7th week is a rest week. All relaxed yoga, stretching, etc suggested.

>Eat more food and drink more milk and protein powder than is humanly possible.

Generate Wind on Speed week. Fire on Strength week. Earth on Hypertrophy week. Water on Stamina week. Aether on Rest week.

Imagine yourself as a spirit of the element as you work out, surrounded by your enemy element (Earth for Air, Fire for Water, Water for Earth, Air for Aether, Aether for Fire). So you're the wind surrounded by heavy statues on speed week, surrounded by hyper wizardly aether reality bending shit when Fire, etc etc

Generate the friend element after the workout and before the workout. Water for Air, Air for Fire, Fire for Earth, Earth for Aether, Aether for Water.

Aether shits on Wind but makes it stronger in the end. Water shits on Fire but makes it stronger in the end. Wind shits on Earth but makes it stronger in the end. Fire shits on Aether but makes it stronger in the end. Earth shits on Water but makes it stronger in the end.

Generate the oppressing element on recovery day, and your friend element before you go to sleep.

Generate the week long element passively throughout the day. Generate the time/day specific elements in specific rituals (prayer and meditation and visualization; tactile sensation is stronger however, though is associated with Earth; visualization is associated with Wind; auditory stimulation with Water; taste with Fire; smell with Aether; try to include more of such sensory stimulation in your ritual)

Go on a "Journey" like a Shaman's Journey and find a teacher, a body building martial arts warrior whatever, whatever you're looking for. Could be a giant demon man, a famed warrior, a mythical body buildin gguru, whatever you find. If you trust this person, his teachings overrule mine. I mean a mental or astral journey.



i started in february and put on around the same amount of muscle as you but i was 130lbs and 6'3 to begin with so im still skinny as fuck but just with a little bit of muscle now i eat the amount of protein carbs and fat im supposed but still im too skinny and not huge do i just have to wait a couple of years? or steroids or something?



The magical stuff is theory though…. so again finding a teacher via visualization would be superior.

Holy shit guys I posted that "Magic Recoil" image in the "Fundamental Techniques for Magical Living" thread, and testing it out, every time I try to invoke wind in a direction I get breeze comin' my way. I thought I was doing magic wrong but just made the connection haha. YESSS. Since Ba Zi states that Wind (wood) is my strongest element it makes sense that it would be innate, haven't practiced elements really except day dreaming, while exercising or when stressed because "psychology", and other shit growing up like while reading books with elements in them. Wind is dope.


"More… more, calories.. *cough cough*; more… more water *cough*" GOMAD with 5 scoops of protein a day. Mix in tea between glasses for better digestion, turmeric and pepper for gut stimulation to make the guts not die from lactose and milk shit, and the mundane advice I suggested in the other post.



alright dards ill just consume even more macronutruients than im supposed and hope that works



Why do you ask? Don't posts get lost that way? Also kilometric threads suck.


If you read AD again you will understand your physical mind being awake makes the split very complicated. It's at the beginning of the book, before the practical part. Read the theory.


Is there anything I should be aware of before starting to do energy work? I don't want to cause myself any permanent damage


Is any Vedic religion compatible with Gnosticism?


File: 9c8b593c87af2ad⋯.jpg (25.82 KB, 960x540, 16:9, nb456u5m7oytrbwvxerwdfernt….jpg)


Do you need for it to be a full on OBE AP? Because unless your body is turned off, you are going to at least be bi-located. I don't believe there is a way to AP while your body is active. You don't need to be in REM (that is a myth), but you certainly need to be 100% relaxed and your body "offline". Otherwise you are going to perceive both bodies (physical and astral) simultaneously.

I don't know what you mean with "moderate progress", but try the following (from Astral Dynamics part 2, NEW):

>As a sample exercise: get up and go to the kitchen, get a drink of water, and return. As you do this, carefully take note of everything you do and see and feel along the way. Then sit down, close your eyes, and relax. Remember what you just did, from the beginning, and re-create this sequence of actions in your mind — in your mind's eye. It is important to feel everything as if you were actually doing it. This is exactly like creating a fantasy based on real-life events.

If you do this enough there will be a time where two very interesting things will happen. First, that the closer you are in imagination to your physical body, you will have more trouble preventing your awareness from "snapping" into it. Second, as you stand in your imagination a few feet from your physical body, "imagining" it and the room around you from that perspective, from your physical perspective you will start feeling a presence in the room very much like the one you feel when you evoke an entity.

I haven't taken this to the point where the astral feedback Robert Bruce talks about in Astral Dynamics, because I haven't got to the point where I perceive both points of view at the same time, rather I "jump" from one body to the other.

Have you tried this method or something similar?


The guy who wrote that article once explained to me in detail his relaxation method, and I must say implementing it made a huge difference for me in terms of trance work.

>lie down

>relax fully, if necessary "scanning" your whole body

>make sure all your body is dead weight

>focus on the inside of your head, relax and start to feel as if your brain "muscles" were so relaxed that they ended up melting and coming out your ears

>feel as that "melting" sensation transfers to your facial muscles, your jaw may drop even, or your eyelids open slightly

If you do this thoroughly and in a sustained manner, vibrations or other projection signs are sure to appear. A further challenge is keeping your cool once they do, but practice makes perfect. It's normal to tense up and ruin it at first. Just make sure to reaffirm yourself that you're going to commit to being fully relaxed and "dead weight". With time and repetition you will get it right.

You can use this method when trying to do the imagination/visualization exercise quoted above. If you do it while seated (or I guess even standing), you can quickly achieve bi-location, but unless you fall asleep and your body goes into paralysis I don't believe you can get rid of the awareness of your physical point of view. Not completely.



It's really decent progress, most people take a couple years to get as big as they want. If you're feeling impatient, eat more. Just know that as long as you don't stop making progress, you'll get there eventually.


Why does ApeofThoth hate Bardon and IIH so much?



A better question, why does Ape lurk 4chad all day?



and what would the valve be if it was being redistributed?

or if it was a spirit what would the best course of action be I didn't really feel drained.



Start with Robert Bruce, have a strong active body to deal with rogue energy and handle recoil, and working with the elements is basically safe if begin with a book or an element you're in affinity with.



There's energy "reservoirs" centered around places that need it always pretty much. For one there are natural built asymmetries, such as the low navel and the chest/head, where the low navel holds more energy naturally than any where else. System use results in charges here and there. It's a natural thing, like breathing or your heart beating. Don't worry about it it's a red herring in the knowledge world (unless you want to learn about energy anatomy and anatomy in general, in which case you're on your own in picking up a library of thick dry books to study).

Spirits are a natural phenomena like air as well. Nothing special about it.



You know you can mentally project by relaxing your body consciousness and entering a gnostic state? (trance/meditative/one point awareness). You can go on a vision quest this way even. Mental journies will prime you for astral journies.

Shut off the body like everyone's saying. If you put more energy into the etheric/astral body, via energy work and mental journies/day dreaming and psychic practice, prayer and meditation, you'll have a better chance of astral projecting.

Fasting will also help unground your energy.


File: 9f7427da13d4992⋯.png (12.88 KB, 647x324, 647:324, willpower.png)

How do i develop the will power to better myself?

I only do the bare minimum in life and nothing more. I want to improve my self in so many ways but i just cant stop being so damn lazy.



Stop being so short-sighted, devote yourself to the future you want



People with low will power often have high will power but they focus entirely on power rather than economy, conservation of energy, efficiency, of will power.

Remove all delusions of the infinite and ground yourself in the limitations of your personality, and focus on a 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, 5 year time scale.

Wizards have to know their limits. Power reveals our limitations.

Stop thinking about even 10 things and focus on 1 thing you want to achieve for each year in your life from now on. If you do just that you will have achieved at least 50 things before you die.

For the first year, focus on getting a good/better job for instance. Nothing else, everything else can be sacrificed.

Second year, get ultra-fit or something.

Third year, focus on ultra-wizardry.

Fourth and fifth year, find other real life wizards, warriors, what ever it is.

Sixth and seventh year, grind crafting or something.

Continue on and on. Once you've spent months focus on trying to achieve one thing, setting aside all else, it comes back like muscle memory later down the road so SKILL LEARNED. Locked in. Much easier than being pulled apart in every direction by ropes tied to horses (every heard the term, "Work Horse"?).

You don't have to have as much will power as 4 men combined, just use it more wisely. And self-control or control in general is extremely exhausting mentally, vs just brute strength, so ease up on that as well. That's why I suggest a single broad "control" or goal rather than many.



Oh and negative self talk is the shit lifters tell themselves on the last two reps of a set, not at the beginning or middle. Save that for the last contraction needed to break through a wall or reach the top of the hill, conserve your strength and energy.

In the elemental interpretation of reality, specifically the chinese version, Metal or Aether is the element of conservation of energy, and its body type is that of a built weight lifter. I'd upload the qi gong medical text book with that in it but I'd need to open MEGA and I'm only doing that if there's more interest in it.



The greatest willpower-advice I've ever heard is that it's limited and can be strengthened like a muscle. In a given day, there's only so much you can do with it, so you better do the big things first (and completing them will give you more motivation for the smaller things). I've been told by a psychologist that when you think hard about doing something, your brain doesn't always know the difference and it's as if you actually are doing it. So don't think about doing things without doing them, just go ahead and do them before you get the chance to dwell. In time, you will be able to accomplish more and more in a timely manner. One great way to strengthen your will faster is lifting weights several days per week and controlling your diet (whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat). This gives you a specific activity to build willpower with, and visible results for your body will do wonders for your motivation. The most successful people have many things in common, and one worth focusing on is their impenetrable belief in themselves. They know their goals are possible because they are the single authority on whether they can achieve it or not. People telling them they can't just motivates them even more. Donald Trump and LeBron James both do this.



This is why everyone should have astral/mental teachers. Same as the real thing.




Now that I've thought about it, putting it into perspective, I believe that focusing on an element in motion is the best thing to do. They say if you want something done, you get someone busy to do it. Well, then Air would be the best bet. Trying to generate Air I find I have more strength, energy, intelligence, endurance, creativity, and everything else that gets me into gear to do stuff.

Air may correlate to the newborn, which as certain researchers say produce a "neurological storm" in order to learn new things. Off the charts. If you can produce a "neurological storm" and be fine and dandy, I'd say that if your Air element is strong and you're a genius in learning, understanding and application.

Wind is legit.


What is a good non-New Agey book that delves into planetary influences on behavior, planetary rulings and optionally, planetary magick? Thanks.



It's not a book per se, rather an illustrated audiobook (in video format): The Seven Planetary Powers: A Guide in Planetary Magick by Frater Xavier. It's exactly what you described. It goes over every planet and explains correspondences and stuff.

All of the guy's programs are worth the money in my opinion, except perhaps the one on Love and Loss. It's basic stuff though, nothing you can't find elsewhere.

And if you want to go into correspondences and rulings of days and hours, among other things:




> Trying to generate Air I find I have more strength, energy, intelligence, endurance, creativity, and everything else that gets me into gear to do stuff.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by generating air? This is all still rather new to me


File: 89abee00df0565f⋯.jpg (87.28 KB, 456x600, 19:25, alchmysumbols.jpg)

Ive been lurking around fringe for a few months and i think im finally ready to take the plunge into the occult. I really want to improve my self with magic but i have some questions that i hope you guys dont mind answering.

1. How has practicing magic changed your life? are you smarter, stronger, richer, or in someway just better off since starting?

2. Ive read the kyballion so i kind of have the very basic beginner understanding of magick, should i read the other books in the sticky or there a more efficient recommended reading list?

3. and last but not least, how long did it take you to see any results/benefits of your practices?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.






Together with lifting weights, I've taken great leaps over my mental illness (avoided hurting myself and many others, overcoming anxiety, experiencing less psychosis), my worldview is greatly improved (mainly because I don't assume I'm right about things anymore), I'm more relaxed and my willpower is a dozen times stronger (I feel like I can do anything I want), my mind is clearer, and many other benefits.


Read as many different books as you can. Bardon, Atkinson, and Bruce are great authors. You should be able to intuit what is universal truth from what is dogmatic garbage. The distinction isn't always black-and-white.


Within a few hours of finishing the Kybalion. I'm more of a doer than a considerer.



Thanks for your input, what did you start reading next after finishing the kybalion?



I read Montalk's articles and Fringe Knowledge for Beginners. I'm going down the list in the Occult Seed folder, so I guess whatever was next. Energy Work, Magical Use of Thoughtforms, and The Secret Teachings of All Ages have been the most useful to me. IIH is of course important, and I also read the Principia Discordia and a book on hexes/curses for funsies.



awesome ill check those out, thanks again.



No problem bro 👍


Reading speed techniques?

books that work on the subject?



>1. How has practicing magic changed your life? are you smarter, stronger, richer, or in someway just better off since starting?

I'm not smarter, but I've gotten rid of a lot of emotional shit that ends up affecting your intelligence negatively. So in a way, yes. I'm definitely stronger because I've gotten fit, but that is part of the attitude that made me get into magic, not a result of magic itself.

I've tripled my salary so far using magic-created opportunities.

By far the most important aspect of my self-transformation has been the emotional one. I am happy. Five years ago I didn't even know what being happy felt like.

>2. Ive read the kyballion so i kind of have the very basic beginner understanding of magick, should i read the other books in the sticky or there a more efficient recommended reading list?

Let your higher self (or whatever you want to call it) guide you. The master appears when the pupil is ready. You can start with the sticky and will eventually find your path. Whenever synchronicity or unusual stuff happens, follow that. Follow your instinct.

>3. and last but not least, how long did it take you to see any results/benefits of your practices?

Less than a year once I got into my path, but nobody can tell you how long it will take you to get to that point. See above. Even if you ultimately want to focus on material and practical gains, the personal development aspect is key to progress.

You can also start watching this from start to finish. Reserve judgment until the end:


Good luck and welcome to this world.



I've done it a few times (mostly on accident) and from my experience some basic protection, clearing/banishing, and common sense is necessary, but as long as you aren't too stupid you'll be fine. If some place looks scary and dangerous don't go there lol.



Thank you for your reply and the suggestions, might i ask what books you started with? (if it wasent just the sticky's recommended reading)


File: 891bf2b74b38954⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 260x194, 130:97, descarga.jpg)

Since horns are associated with virility;does that mean that if you retain semen inside your body for a very long time, like 9 months, you wil grow horns?

this is an ORIGINAL,personal belief. all ideas have an start.

I start and propose the idea that being very virile and having sperm energy lets you grow horns.



Adepts who do it for over 60 years with a raised kundalini tend to get loosened skull sutures from all the built up energy, beside that, nothing happens


Can anybody give me a quick rundown on mental travel? When I look it up all I get is some female bullshit about mentally "changing the past", ie. not sucking a million dicks in highschool


File: 0ccf697b0fa650b⋯.jpg (382.54 KB, 1600x1046, 800:523, Buddha Boy has returned 20….jpg)



i am angry because females treat me good now that I do semen retention but they didn't treat me properly before.



you mean Chronestheseia?



Welcome to the fucking club, in about 5 minutes nice guy Tipp's gonna come in here and say, "Womyns r hyoomin 2 jus b urself"





you gave yourself to everyone before and it was obvious, now you have some sort of self worth or value, one can flirt with you because its tug and pull and fun and you just dont go instantaneously ok i like you lets fuck on this parch bench, no, she gets the feeling she has to make an effort and thats because of how you act and thats sexy



You do not know who this person is



i like to project about general stuff.



>i like to project about general stuff.

Oh wow, I was projecting that you were projecting, kek my bad


File: 0d0884d3325e791⋯.jpg (736.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1467366508429.jpg)

Is there a reliable way to empirically prove the existence of occult phenomena? I want to experiment and find out for myself, but I'm concerned that my doubt and staunch materialism would get in the way and skew the results.


File: 2337f57f4b88d05⋯.png (5.81 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 1411982273639.png)

Is it possible to achieve eternal death?

Not just physical death, but a complete death of the soul. No reincarnation, no progress along the path, complete annihilation with no awareness. The act of the created becoming the uncreated. Whenever I have read about the immortality of soul, there is little said about the soul itself being capable of dying. Could you ask God to destroy your consciousness? I don't want to play the game and I'm curious if there's a way out.



Just trying to create wind/air with my will. I've decided that I need to focus on one element only, in order to actually get good at this, so I'm going with one of my weak elements, Earth. Best in the long term I suppose. 3 months of this should be good. I'll do whatever is in the IIH book once I get to it however.

Just use visualization and one pointedness in mind, tactile sensation, and explosive creation. Watch some Avatar or whatever to get a feel for the strength that you should incorporate



It started with learning to remote view and then the idea came to me to experiment with not just observing but affecting things. There is no magic book or tutorial that will hold your hand. Learn to figure things out by yourself. Books are good for specifics, but when you are starting they will do you no good because until you experience some of it yourself you won't get it, no matter how many books you read.

Read Cosmic Trigger and then Prometheus Rising. Then I'd recommend you try to discover how to do magic on your own before going looking for more books or gurus.


It won't matter. It didn't for me.



You could try to repeat the scientific experiments that were done in the 1800s and early 1900s on "psi"

Some of them showed a lot of potential before the whole field was deemed "pseduoscience" and completely forgotten by everyone but the intelligence agencies



I knew 8ch was an intelligence agency


File: fdbdad60a0d8282⋯.jpg (206.92 KB, 456x960, 19:40, _20170720_093128.JPG)

Excerpt from A Bardon Companion epanded edition

I found it fuckers, an explanation to the step 5 physical work


can someone who just turned 19 increase his bone frame ? not talking shoulder wise i've already got wide shoulders (even tho if theres a way to increase it i wouldnt mind) but wrist and ankle, i have very thin ones, like really thin for a 6'0 with wide shoulders

also, same question for >height



this is my original belief tho

its never been documented before



>can someone who just turned 19 increase his bone frame ?

Not if you have to ask, you're either looking at years of daily work as a high-initiate, or a few months of astral shapeshifting as an adept. Besides, narrow joints are good, makes your calves and forearms look bigger + usually with narrow joints comes narrow hips, the most fuarkin aesthetic feature of all!



I'm very very skeptical of this kind of psychokinesis.



Dion Fortune spent many years in a lodge ran by an adept who had lived in the prenatal state, he didn't have horns


File: 8c3fffd86d86b7f⋯.jpg (131.17 KB, 1024x706, 512:353, 6a00d8341c4fe353ef01910386….jpg)


That's not my problem pleb,


File: e7639bc82b8848b⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 551x549, 551:549, 3oxdm0.jpg)


File: 059fc734090d103⋯.jpg (603.96 KB, 2400x1200, 2:1, UtopiaCity5.jpg)

we used to have nice things


File: b1f5af228d650d0⋯.jpg (94.95 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, _76676196_utopia-sign.jpg)

how 2 get here?



oh yeah, there are people who love to sh*t up everything



No, it seems your problem is your attitude.

I don't want to be skeptical about it, but there is something I'm not getting. I have no problem or difficulty performing magic (ritual or just plain sigils) or ESP (I have quite a skill with remote viewing), but real-time manipulation (PSI) is something I can't wrap my head around.

I think it has something to do with my water being more developed (receptive). Help me find my way around this, Shrek.



way too thin brah, talking like 5.7~ inches wrists



Your innate denial and psychological defense mechanisms are not on point. Instead you should try to be more objective in your analysis and cleanse yourself of things which you can sufficiently deem to be impure (like negative emotions or states of being… vindictiveness, sloth, egotism, contempt, false ideology, etc…)



I will try harder in that department. However, there has been a lot of that in my life and I can't help but feel I'm missing the point regarding psi somehow. Something needs to click like it did with magic.



Nah real talk I don't even know you….how would I know?

Was just saying whatever was on the top of my head




It varies between people. Some stop growing for years, and then when they begin lifting and eating enough they shoot up a few inches. Others are done when they're done. Using magic, it is certainly possible, but you'd probably be an old man by the time you figured it out, and by then, having discovered many secrets of the universe, you might not care so much about aesthetic minutia. Ultimately, anyone properly healthy and intelligent can make their default into something that works for them. If I were you I just wouldn't worry about that kind of thing, because insecurity will always be more unattractive than physical features (excepting the major ones like inbreeding and birth defects). You should just make a time capsule for yourself in your next incarnation that tells you to drink more milk during your childhood.



Lemme give ya a quick rundown

>magic affects all plains in descending order based on density

>;more bioelectricity - lower plane

>magic as you know it, is astrally moving your finger

>more energy = lower plane

>magus-tier thought effects physical

>psi is physical magic, translation: A shitload of energy magic

You don't believe in this because you've never seen it. Naturally, humans have less bioelectricity than wool, see what I'm getting at?



you may be a blessing in disguise


File: d2470770943b00b⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 412x564, 103:141, Franz Bardon.jpg)



You were born into this world because this is what you astrally resonated to the most, if you go the /pol/ route, fixing the world's problems without fixing your own, the new world utopia you established will just incarnate people who already fixed their internal problems, i.e: not you

(You'll just respawn on another shit world until YOU aren't shit)


If you go the greenpilled route, and fix your own problems, you'll reincarnate on a world mentally resonate to the new and improved you.

(If YOU are worthy of a utopia, you will incarnate on one, but because you incarnated here, obviously you got some work to do)

I can't help you with route 1, but if you want route 2, do this:

Read The Kybalion, then read and practice Initiation Into Hermetics, namely step 2,or making you a better person.


File: f11ef7560fbb461⋯.png (469.96 KB, 690x870, 23:29, fied manual.png)

Has anyone read pic related?

been thinking about giving it a try but im not sure if its legit or some sort of tumblr bullshit



I don't exactly know if you could achieve that. It certainly is possible to have your energy be totally obliterated and spread across creation, but you would still exist as an idea. Each part of your energy would retain information from being a part of you, though I doubt that information would be anything too significant. Similar to how we as humans have all sorts of junk DNA that is completely unnecessary to our growing and existing. Just as well as all systems that you are a part of will remember you. From your perspective though it would seem to be complete death though.

You could also have your energy completely destroyed and be consumed by another spirit, however that entails a sort of merging of entities and does not sound too similar to what you are looking for, though could be an option if you are looking for a radical change in existence.

I don't think the soul itself can die. From my understanding the soul is your energy that is shared between all lifetimes and all existences. You can not destroy this energy, and so long as it exists you do in some form. Getting your energy scattered across all of creation would effectively kill you because you would be powerless, but I do not think it would lead to actual non-existence because you are all still there, albeit spread very thin. Different entities would take some of your energy for themselves, and you would also then become a small part of them.

All these things would destroy your consciousness, and most likely this human life you live, though I must suggest against any of them.



>time capsule

Sounds interesting, could you explain further?


>incarnating on other worlds

Is this really possible? It doesn't seem likely to me. What would be the point of incarnating in a utopia? If the point of life is to be challenging in some way how would a perfect world challenge someone?



Please don't, it is heavily Tumblr bullshitted



>Is this really possible

You're here now right? Nature happens in cycles; After Winter does Summer cease to exist?

>What would be the point of incarnating in a utopia? If the point of life is to be challenging in some way how would a perfect world challenge someone?

If you're already a master at math you don't need to study math, you study something else. If you incarnate in a utopia, then likely you've already learned how to defend yourself from niggers, you probably need to study magic and spiritual development, the challenge here, lies in your curiosity, the question of, "Who am I"



How do I avoid this



Yes. Thank you.

What does the wool have to do with anything though?

What's the key for manipulating lower planes? What determines the amount of energy magic you can put out? Emotion?

I have a family member who once supposedly moved an object as a kid with her mind while having an argument and repressing a lot of anger towards her brother. Both him and his mother were present and say it did happen.

Is young age a factor? Is a strong etheric body a factor?



It's distorted with "tumblr bullshit" to such a degree that the few solid principles it has are unrecognizable by anyone who hasn't already got experience with them. Very little value.


Perhaps you could read http://lawofone.info or http://montalk.net/metaphys (all articles in that section). I think it would elucidate the mechanisms involved, although it does boil down to >>102485



How do you avoid getting your energy completely dispersed? Well the only way I think the only two ways for it to happen is for you to figure out how to do it for yourself, or find another very powerful entity and piss them off enough/plead your case well enough and get them to do it for you. However since you are looking to not have that happen simply don't do it to yourself and don't go attacking entities much, much stronger than you. From my understanding this is not a common thing to have happen, so you are most likely fine.


File: 22985442e6cc3b2⋯.png (235 KB, 426x399, 142:133, 22985442e6cc3b2c1c064ec94f….png)


>a woman

>able to retain Semen

horns are for males. that's the symbolysm, the male goat, the breeding bull,the stallion horse.



No nigger, he, he! The adept was a male! Trust me, I'm probably the most redpilled regarding women on this entire board



How do you know that the adept didnt grow horns?

any photos of the mysterious adept?



>explain further

Write a letter that says: "Show to the boy who looks like the Home Alone kid: Drink lots of milk." Bury it in a box that will be uncovered by archaeologists in a couple centuries. Then tell your higher self that you want to reincarnate as somebody who looks exactly like Macaulay Culken.



Surely, if he grew horns, that would be one of the first things said about him in any reliable information about his life. But there is nothing. I know absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, but come on. We don't even have any reason so far to believe that semen retention creates horns. This isn't how a theory/hypothesis is meant to be born.



That would be cool as shit though, a badass wizard with horns



Thanks for the suggestions, the Xavier videos are pretty good!


What do y'all think happens when a planet like this when gross levels of overpopulation choke out literally everything else?

Besides the scientific decay of things that is.

Do y'all think some folk out there share soul fragments of some kind? Seriously how much soul can be packed into 7.5bn?




and thats not how soulmates work.



If there are not enough intelligent souls to fill the population, there'll be plenty of nigger and women souls to fill the excess



Isn't this where 'spiritless' humans come into play?



Cultivate the Earth element in an explosive way, as in, BOOM Earth element. Dude on here was talking about making people stop and look around confused when he exerted a sudden creation of earth energy in them. Get to that level, but create it within yourself. Soft earth and hard stone. Earth is known for its recovery abilities and being large and solid.

Next you have to expand your morphogenetic field, the ether field or qi field. For that, start with qi gong to learn how to move and use and feel qi, then expand and fit qi into your wrists. One of the BEGINNER exercises for some qi gong thing I read a while back was to make one hand bigger than the other by imagining flesh and muscle and bone moving through the body from one hand into the other. In fact, you can probably just start imagining flesh, muscle, bone, nerves, fats, brain, blood, skin, just accumulating and accumulating in the body and getting "full" from all the flesh you hvae. Either case, invest all your life force, astral energy and mind into growing dense functional material tissues and structures.

For the more Earth side of things, eat/drink at least 3000 calories with lots of fats and protein. GOMAD if you have to, get some avocado or coconut oil or any healthy fats, take protein powder or eat lots of decent quality meat.

Exercise for time under tension first of all. That means wrist/forearm exercises for time not weight; 30 minutes of wrist curls, extensions, farmer's walks, twists, grip crushers, and anything else. After that 10 minutes of low impact and mid impact punching, and then low and mid impact punching your wrists/forearms for another 10 minutes. Every day if you're sleeping well, eating well, and low stress.

Take ayurvedic foods and spices to help recovery, hot/cold treatment (hot as possible on the wrists, cold as possible on the wrists, 1 min each, 10x, use faucet water or get 2 bowls of water), and you should be great.

Not just ayurvedic, I mean every spice and healthy food you can imagine. Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, tea, garlic, onion, coconut oil, avocado, red pepper, fruit, vegetable, root, spice, try to group all the same type of stuff together and take it as a hot tea. Putting it in the bowl of stuff you use for heat treatment is good too, like ginger, cinnamon, garlic, onion and red pepper all in hot water you soak your hands in.

Look up "Earth type personalities" which are practical, logical, material, physical types and emulate that kind of personality.

Do all that in tandem with tactile qi gong, feeling flesh and bone and shit grow in your body making you heavy and dense and more here and now, with images of all that shit piling in like a family of mexicans in a clown car, and you should grow just fine.


Is it normal for semen to coagulate?


File: 5dd13736053248f⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 50d0314f4eadcfc8151b9c54ec….jpg)

File: 713241f057f66e8⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 636x900, 53:75, horns-of-Moses.jpg)



since "caveman" times horn have been associated with male mastery.

see also the Satyr and related cults.

Michalangelo thought horns depicted religious illumination.



" Most claim that the horns of Moses go back to Saint Jerome’s “translation error” in the Latin Vulgate. I’d like to challenge that assumption. Not only did Saint Jerome have reason to translate the horns of Moses, Michelangelo had reason to carve them."

Whether we are dealing with little animal horns or horns of light, allow me to suggest that the phenomenon reveals Moses as an altar. Moses spoke “face to face” with God. The sacramental presence of God has a residual presence on his face. This happens to none of the other prophets. Only Moses. You may recall that the altar of the Old Testament had “horns” and we find the same description in the apocalyptic visions of Revelation:

And the sixth angel sounded the trumpet: and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before the eyes of God.” (Rev 9:13)

We see here a “horned altar” before the “eyes of God.” So when Moses speaks with God, he face becomes horned somehow. After Moses acquired this facial feature, the Israelites were fearful and so “he put a veil upon his face.” (Exodus 34:33, D-R). The veiling of his face demonstrates that his face was an altar or sanctuary of God.



Based as fucc advice, going the holistic way


Look at how the magic part of that is just imagining something until it happens. remember:

ALL IS MIND (plus energy)



Energy is mind.

There is no energy separate of mind.

Energy is desire; mental.


File: e27dd877fdf49bd⋯.jpg (42.62 KB, 489x244, 489:244, energy work.JPG)


Not exactly, the difference between a normalfag thinking of shooting fireballs, and a magus shooting fireballs, is thought, but what's the magus' special ingredient? Bioelectricity, the magus has a infinite prenatal All-consciousness kundalini… and fancy robes. The point is, energy



Complete dispersion across all of creation sounds about right. I wonder if there are entities that will oblige this unusual request? I don't mind if my energy persists throughout reality, as long as there is no conscious 'me' to experience it. Perhaps my 'death' could even be used for the good of others. I will do more studying and introspection before continuing towards my goal.

That was a really good answer to my question. Thanks anon.



Ooh, ooh, do Mars! Post results!



Contemporary incarnations.


I've been inhaling vital force for 12 hours. I've noticed I've been beeing a jerk to everyone around me. Sarcastic, but without underlying bitterness. I'm in a good mood but I can't help being a condescending jerk to everyone around me that is somehow at fault or inferior to me in any respect. I can tell I've hurt a couple of people today. It's like an ovedose of honesty.

However with people that are honest, relaxed, intelligent and emotionally balanced, we're candid with each other and it feels fucking great.

I had a similar experience years ago when I was on Prozac. What is going on? I've stopped now.



You have more energy, ur chad. Really though, Franz Bardon talks about this, he says not to keep any inhalations of the vital energy cause you might be a pretentious fuck, but personally, fuck it, your body will adapt to the energy faster if you keep it 24/7, but whatever, your choice


who are the Lords of Karma?



Yeah, well, good to know I wasn't going insane. At some point I almost panicked thinking I was losing control of myself.

When I left the office this morning someone said to me "have a good one", and I thought "you too", but the words that came out of my mouth where "yeah, I will".

I've never been a chad. It felt really uncomfortable.

>your body will adapt to the energy faster if you keep it 24/7, but whatever, your choice

I started the inhalations last night. Besides the personality changes, I have barely slept. I kept having vivid dreams and sweating (it's quite hot), feeling presences, etc. I didn't like the experience overall, but now I'm hyped for trying the elements and seeing what kind of effect they have on me.

There's something else. I experimented focusing vital energy on different parts of my body when a fly seemed to take interest in me. I thought I would try to attract it to different spots by focusing there, but the opposite happened. Whenever I inhaled white/golden fluid from the environment to charge up, the fly started avoiding touching my skin. It's ridiculous. At first the fucker wouldn't leave me alone, and then it started avoiding me, flying and crawling around my hands on the table while I sat absolutely still.

Is there something to this or am I imagining it? Have you guys experimented with animals in this regard?


File: 6ae2e9c1e2b7415⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 236x236, 1:1, cbb435ea058a7c5f4a4a7318e1….jpg)


>yeah, I will


Now that I think about it though, vital fluid is predominantly yang, so you might not wanna inhale too much, might give you an imbalance.

>I have barely slept. I kept having vivid dreams and sweating (it's quite hot), feeling presences, etc.

Well I don't know about the presences, but sleep is your body going on autopilot to reaccumulate energy, so yeah after git'n gud at cultivating vital fluid you might not have to sleep at all, hell, there's a guy who used to post here who was inedian, and Tipp once fasted for a week and felt nothing, keep in mind he's got a raised kundalini though

>Have you guys experimented with animals in this regard?

One time I transferred love energy to a stray puppy, it was just laying down, helpless and depressed, and as soon as I projected the energy it looked up at me like I was the only caring person in the world



>Who are the lords of karma?

Cause and Effect, free-will, retrospection, and You

(Karma is not justice, it is reaction)



I tought the Lords of Karma were the Archons or something like that



>>Who are the lords of karma?

>Cause and Effect, free-will, retrospection, and You

>(Karma is not justice, it is reaction)

Karma is not justice (or injustice), it's reaction. It's a natural mechanism, not anyone fucking with you. Own your actions you fucker.

>the Archons

God fucking damnit do you even Montalk?

Go and read all of Montalk's texts. Then you'll understand.


This >>102543

was intended for >>102540


File: b7083a829ec0668⋯.jpg (838.38 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20170718_233850616_HDR.jpg)

Alright Epyc Wynn, I found you, the gig is up



some anons were saying that Montalk wasn't that good and that some of his ideas were half-baked. I was thinking to read Manly P. Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages and after that some Gurdjieff



Even if his ideas are half-backed (who's ideas are full-backed anyway?) you sounded like you could still learn a lot from them.




Any energy exercise for negating the effects of alcohol?


Is the alter ego more akin to an inner self or true self?

If so, is one of the many goals here just to help define and construct our alter ego as a form of vessel for when we leave mortal existence, or for when we leave The Roots?


File: 5dd13736053248f⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 50d0314f4eadcfc8151b9c54ec….jpg)

Give me advice and encouragement to complete 9 months of Semen Retention. So far I never fap but have wet dreams. Wet dreams CAN be avoided by sleeping on the floor/cross legged and sititng, and waking up in middle of the night.

However ight now,its winter, the cold fucking makes me tremble and sleeping on the floor like this a challenge.

tl;dr give me a strong wake up call

im even willing to live without a roof in my backyard,eating grass for weeks to retain my Precious Seed.



I was walking around in an abandoned factory at night, when I saw this grafitti, upon seeing it I immediately thought back to Epyc Wynn and his shitposting



Human spermatozoa are created 1 to 2000 every second to a grand total of 45 to 207 million every day.

What makes you so concerned about retention of cells destined to die in the race to become life? Are you as concerned about retaining lost hair and nails? If you are concerned about certain vitamin levels just up foods with zinc or other testosterone producing foods such as red meat and oyster.

I know there's this magic semen retention meme going around that uses the whole "oz of semen = energetic equivalent to a pint of blood" but please remember that a blood cell lives for four months and a sperm cell lives for no more than a few days before it is replaced.

Just get your dopamine in check to fix an addiction then all will be well.



I used to sleep-jizz too, edging helped, and nowadays I don't sleep-jizz regardless. Infact I just had a dream last night where this thicc qt from high school wasn't a degenerate roastie, what a crazy dream right! Ain't gonna see that anytime soon! But I didn't sleep-jizz, so I guess you just gotta condition your body, that or I'm unknowingly doing some sort of preventive method, but whatever you get the point


File: f35f9851323d5ea⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 368x367, 368:367, _20170622_033836.JPG)


>wake-up call

I'll give you a wake-up call alright, did you know that:

>magic is easier with moar semen

>your energy body is stronger with semen

>you are more attractive with semen

>you have more testosterone with semen

>you live longer with semen

>semen is mandatory for prenatal immortality

>the average masturbating normalfag has less energy than wool

>you are tougher with semen

>you recover faster with semen

>you are smarter with semen

>a growing boy will grow slightly taller from the extra nutrients in semen

>you can orgasm without ejaculating, effectively making semen loss obsolete

>after a long time od sublimating the seminal jing, the pressure in your head will loosen the sutures in your skull, allowing your brain to grow bigger (learn 4x as fast)

And last but not least, (Don't cum, 'please')



Montalk is a mundane normfag, all he's gonna teach you is how to be a neurotic mess worrying about thoughtforms. Reading Manly P. Hall, and Gurdjieff is a great idea, Gurdjieff in particular, if you wanna know what comes after death


File: 5917c9bdac41725⋯.jpg (101.37 KB, 1015x587, 1015:587, Best-5-Nootropics_2016.jpg)


thanks, I feel inspired to stop sleepingjizzing now



>>after a long time od sublimating the seminal jing, the pressure in your head will loosen the sutures in your skull, allowing your brain to grow bigger (learn 4x as fast)

tell me more please.




I think it was in Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia. It had a few paragraphs talking about semen retention, and how a long term affect of sublimating jing is a certain pressure at the top of the head, which eventually loosens the cranial sutures, (like an infant), and helps you learn faster, (like an infant). This seems like part of the prenatal nature, of which there are many perks like this, including immortality


thanks niss'


Hey Tipp, how would you go about reading someone's mind?



With my eyes.



How powerful does your 3rd eye need to be?



Strengthen your energy body, emotional body, and physical body.

Focus on energy exercise experience, practice. You'll have to meditate on the effects of the alcohol and real-time figure out the solution for your specific body.



Thank you



There's a bar that serves a mineral water between every drink. No hangover whatsoever.


Hi. I'm looking for good resources on visualization techniques. Rawn Clark says you should develop it until it's 100% indistinguishable from reality, and I figured there must be techniques to focus on instead of stumbling in the dark.

I'm very kinesthetic. I have no trouble make things "feel" like they are in front of me. Sort of a blind visualization. But creating visual appearance is very difficult. Not so much with my eyes closed. I can also easily evoke smells and to a lesser degree, sounds.

How do I cultivate the visual aspect efficiently?


File: cc9d79e778a6411⋯.png (201.83 KB, 767x484, 767:484, sdcsd.png)



just wanted toread about different rituals to enforce it



Start with body awareness, see the shadow of your body with eyes closed as you move around. Look at where your arm and legs are with eyes closed, in you rmind, including with head turned away, and then the environment. You should be able to walk through your house and make dinner blind folded at some point. Energy Work by Robert Bruce has tactile energy work, you would do well by reading it.

Visualize an object that is in front of you after closing your eyes, back and front. Expand from there once you're good at it for everything on your desk or in front of you. Expand from there for the entire room. Challenge mode: go to places you're unfamiliar and do the same thing with objects like sticks and stones that tend to look the same or have a lot of detail like a mural. Challenge Challenge mode: Remember an entire neighborhood and notice the smallest changes.

Tactile visualization is actually very powerful, consider yourself somewhat apt for this whole occult gig.

Visualize geometric shapes in your mind. 2D still, then moving, then 3D still, then moving, then real objects like they're in your hand, holding and looking at them, and then when you want to be clairvoyant, imagine books that yo open and read a page from. Books you own. Read something then the page number and see if it's what's in there.

Approach it explosively. Like BOOM there's the motion picture. Set a level of quality you want (a weight) and then up the reps. Stabilize the visualization. A sudden flash of an image (1 rep) vs a motion picture you lucidly interact with. It's just a muscle. You're on /fit/ for visualization.

Attempt to exert the same muscles you use for visualization (or try to) all day. Feel yourself trying to "see", and then do that all the time. Volume training.

Go read some cerebral books or program or something that requires the brain to boost the brain strength in general. Compound movements for the brain.


File: e43206f3b65600d⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 377x369, 377:369, raregoats.jpg)


Thank you very much. Will do.



Try this >>102475


How do I find a good religion? All modern religions suck for one reason or another. I wish the cool religions like Manichaeism and Mithraism still existed, I'd convert in a heartbeat.



Don't settle down with one religion, just intuit the truths from every religion you study and then move on to the next one.



>how do I find a good distr? All modern distros suck for one reason or another. I wish the cool distros like Debian and Arch still had a systemd-less option. I'd install the in a heartbeat

Stop distro hopping anon


What is your take on Christians claiming they can stop abductions and such by "calling" on Jesus Christ? Personally I had a few close encounters and I never once had any effect with that, other things did work.




They bring you into the astral, try astral combat. Remember, they're bi-polar, whereas we are tetra-polar, surely you can do something



What is the nature of their bipolarity?


File: 790349ef094bda0⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 1319x1600, 1319:1600, divine.jpg)

have any of you guys received divine or astral guidance when you were lost or confused?

I am unsure of the path i am on and what to know if its possible to contact an angel or something to give me advice or let me know if i'm going in the right direction in life.



Reptilians are very one-sided, fire-type creatures


I'm reading "An Introduction to Metaphysics" by Martin Heidegger and he talks about the reciprocal bond between apprehension and being, and I made the connection between this and Reality Manipulation/Kybalion from the Occult Seed; "Awareness/Anticipation repels; Intent/emotional resonance attracts" - Reality Manipulation; the Greeks naturally sought to order things into polarities and bind them to eachother, Apprehension = Anticipation/Awareness, Being = Intention/emotional resonance. This explains their power.

This shit is way more relevant than I thought it would be.



Seconding this



I see. Greys (as described by Montalk at least) would be very airy (cerebral), and as described traditionally, watery as well?


Pray to your higher self/god to send guidance your way in the form of synchronicities. Directly and consciously speaking with it is probably beyond your reach right now. Devise a small prayer ritual with incense, sit, close your eyes, ask out loud and meditate.




I love how diametrically opposed these pieces of advice are.



Called to bro jesus a few times like that. It does help.

I dont want to disrespect an entity who several times helped me feel comfort and safety when under "inspection" or when having dark thoughts.

Except ardous energywork to /get courage/, praying to the thoughtform Jesus Christ completely relieves any stress or fear related to sleep and aliens.

Not sure why. I think that Jesus Christ is a powerful egregore in his own right with amazing qualities and is not under the control of organized religion, he is far to strong for that.

But who knows what rituals the black pope did or does.

Anyway, alien issues, ask Jesus and or the sun for help.



You need no sketchy spiritual guides.

Meditate upon God, come to know it, all it encompasses, see your role, your trails in the big beautiful whole.

Or meditate on God and listen, he will speak.



What exactly is a synchronicity?


File: 44df0adc05dbd34⋯.jpg (405.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, PhotoGrid_1497508587612.jpg)


As Maxine Dietrich said, "Condense the Fire element in a black magician who's never been accustomed to Fire, and he'll burn right up!" Greys not only are not used to Fire, they literally have no concept, but they're really weak, so you may just wanna kick theyre ass, caution however, some of them know martial arts Same with reptilians in reverse, but be careful with them, they have really strong 3rd eyes, are usually 6-7 ft and buff, and they're really smart, like walk through a messy room and instantly memorize its contents smart, but that doesn't mean they're invincible, its just one weapon vs another. If you've got the elemrnts down like that earth guy, you'll mop the floor with 'em



A magical coincidence that usually points you towards or away from something significant. From Montalk's glossary:

>A meaningful coincidence that suggests something is working through your environment on your behalf. There are different types of synchronicities. Positive synchronicities are unusually serendipitous experiences. Negative synchronicities are manipulated experiences that bring suffering, distraction, and setbacks. Artificial synchronicities are garish coincidences that, through their highly uncanny nature, are meant to persuade you against your better judgment.



I disagree with this definition. It's not in its nature to point you anywhere, necessarily, I think.


A synchronicity is a coincidence that is meaningful to you in some way. In my opinion, it's the metaphysical (in the Platonic/Socratic sense) equivalent to a sequence of events following the law of cause and effect. In the metaphysical, the sequence is of meaning. A synchronicity happens not because of a physical cause, but because of a metaphysical one (not a causal precursor, but one of meaning). The metaphysical cause of meaning manifests physically in a sequence of cause and effect apparently unrelated:

In the metaphysical:

>witch curses you

>you die

In the physical:

>witch curses you (an event that happens both in the physical and metaphysical planes)

>you decide to cross the street

>two hours earlier a guy was drinking and decides to go home

>he runs you over with his car

>you die (again, physical and metaphysical reconnect)

You dying is a logical, causal consequence of the physical sequence of events,

You dying after the witch cursed you is a synchronicity (there is a connection of meaning between both events, but in causal terms, it's a coincidence).

These two are not contradictory. This is how magic usually manifests.

More info:

>Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. During his career, Jung furnished several slightly different definitions of it. Jung variously defined synchronicity as an "acausal connecting (togetherness) principle," "meaningful coincidence", and "acausal parallelism." He introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but gave a full statement of it only in 1951 in an Eranos lecture.




Thank you. Really interesting stuff.



wow you seem to know your shit anon, thanks! wasn't expecting an answer that good

one more question please, i'm the same 19 year old guy, i think some of my "undevelopped" body traits was some sort of punishment god put upon me for wasting my sexual energy as a teenager, i used to masturbate HEAVILY, sometimes 10 times per day sometimes even more, due to staying at home alone most of the time, oozing with puberty hormones so that's that.

But then i realized that this has to change so i gave up masturbation completely since about 10 months and since the addiction is gone i started to notice that my shit is fucked up, so with lifting i came to the realization that my joints are pretty weak.

not only that but on mental and emotional levels, i was below average in school , suprising since before i developped these ungodly habits i used to be very smart and and capable when it comes to physical activities and such

Now my theory says that to reverse this i need to raise sexual energy, to compensate for all the semen i wasted, what do you think about this? elaborate as much as possible please



>I'm probably the most redpilled regarding women

>haven't had sex


The more and more I better myself through physical activity and the more my body improves the more I'm drawn to War Deities.

Arawn in particular due to my heritage.

Has anyone else felt similar? Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable in a society of this much peace? It almost feels insulting to nature. Evolution and change are a course driven by conflict. Why do we think we're above this? This feels more of a stagnation of the natural way, a build up of pus in an abscess that will only burst harder the longer it is put off.



no, your question was how i would go about reading someones mind and i would do so using my eyes, what posture is he or she sitting in, facial expression, occupation, inclinations and tendencies.

i don't know where i got this from, maybe i'm just good at it like engineer type people are good at math, it takes me no more than seconds to know a great deal about a person i'm looking at and this skill can be learned and refined by learning your own mind and applying your understanding of yourself onto the world around you.



how does one meditate on god?



It's the increased testosterone, fam.



by observing his manifestations.



I feel the same but gods are for peasants. Be your own god, Set knows what's up.



File: 7849f51322b25c4⋯.png (258.92 KB, 546x540, 91:90, Vlad the impaler discovers….png)

What is "Loosh"?

Baby Don't hurt me



Go read the Montalk glossary of terms



“Loosh” is Robert Monroe’s term for a quantifiable spiritual/emotional energy produced by physical beings such as humans, a highly-valued commodity in the eyes of nonphysical beings who feed upon this energy.

Read this article for an in-depth analysis.




ty pallo






If you were even close to my level of redpill regarding women, I guarantee you wouldn't have sex either


File: a20675f665fea29⋯.png (78.55 KB, 751x707, 751:707, symbol.png)


Wow, reading through that let me learn a lot. Love the method of finding negative thoughtforms, discharging w/conscious recognition of false perceptions and emotions linked to it, and finally realizing that said perceptions and emotions were false and replacing them with a new realization closer to the truth.

Tried it a couple of times and was rewarded with freedom from the majority of the negativity the thoughtforms produced. I learned three lessons in the space of an hour and a half. Important ones.

That was very rewarding, thanks.

However, I'd still like to learn more about what Loosh is.

I get that it's flowing from the central 0-order being into 1st order beings, and 2nd order beings are attempting to harvest it through the use or synchronous triggers, but what can I use it for?

And more importantly, in feeding the "tulpa" I've been working on positive emotions, am I creating problems for itself? It's feeding of of positive loosh, right? How does that fit in? I'm eager to learn. This is all very exciting.



>am I creating problems for itself?

sorry, meant to say am I creating problems for myself?



>And more importantly, in feeding the "tulpa" I've been working on positive emotions, am I creating problems for itself? It's feeding of of positive loosh, right? How does that fit in? I'm eager to learn. This is all very exciting.

I guess you are what you eat, surely it can't go too wrong with positive energy, if that's what it eats, it might make sure you're always happy for more loosh


File: c50a0fec8969785⋯.png (497.67 KB, 472x625, 472:625, kekmegistus.png)


Enough of this ultra-cucked God shit.

You wasted away stagnating in your cum den and you have to start working out and reading. Sexual energy will just ultra fuck you. Learning how to handle that energy is one thing, cultivating it is another. Sublimate the erotic and sexual nature of things (desire) to your will.

Your nervous system and energy body (whatever the fuck an energy body actually means who knows) are rusty and deteriorated and you have to get active.

Strength and Endurance training starting TODAY.

Reading and studying TODAY.

5 days a week at least.

Go through the occult seed and practice every single 'practice' there until you're very fucking good at each of them. You'll be more advanced than anyone else here if you try to turn every single book into a training manual.

For instance, take the seven principles of the Kybalion. Spend a total of 7 hours contemplating that book. An hour each day after reading it, just sitting down and thinking and analyzing and comparing and contrasting. If you spend 1 hour a day of intensive thinking like this, you'll have a better chance of recalling it weeks, years down the road when it would be a very good idea to remember those 7 principles. It'll trickle into your experiences like liquid gold.

For practice intensive books like "Energy Work by Robert Bruce", MAKE SURE you're SOLID in each and every single skill. Earth, right? Get it down like you're building something, not like you're playing D&D. You could be helping people, healing diseases, inspiring others, discovering conspiracies, unlocking mysteries, even if it's just for yourself you have to invest into it to get returns.

1 hour of thinking/contemplation a day.

1 hour of meditating a day.

1 hour of reading a day.

1 hour of exercise and stretching/mobility a day (total).

1 hour of occult/energy practice a day.

Get up to that within the next month, with consistency. Start with 10 minutes daily each. Consistency is the emphasis. An ~hour a day can turn into 5+.

You have about 2 more time slots during the weekdays if you want to add more, and total freedom on the weekends.

If you don't have a job either, get one. You'll feel good about your job and routine both, once consistency is a regular part of your life. This goes well with the Earth element stuff I've been telling you as well. You'll need money anyway, for food, projects, occult equipment, maybe a construction project down the road, materials, travel expenses, etcetera. Point is you'll need money and the consistency will get your shit straight. Will definitely boost your Earth element.

If you have a job, get an investment portfolio, dividends, reinvest 100% what you get back. Go to a big name broker. Invest about 2 weeks wages to start out (1 grand?). Save up for it.

Invest in some land down the road, undeveloped, in nature, probably 5 grand for a quarter acre or something, not sure where you are. You can build whatever you want there; use it for occult practices or shaman practices or meditation or drugs or bring friends out there, practice construction and wilderness survival, whatever. Just good to have a lot of land, financially and otherwise. Can have an occult themed thing going, a summoning building, elemental buildings, zen garden, whatever the fuck. Feeling of independence and self-reliance… priceless.

I was on /fit/ and a dude was talking about a woodcarver having the strongest grip he's ever experienced, so you might want to get into that. Something that uses your hands, that's what you need. Dynamic, many angled, hours using the hands: huge fucking forearms.

No more "someone/god did this to me" it's just really simple mundane shit that led you to this point.




That was me. I do a dozen fingertip pull-ups daily and carry heavy dumbbells with fat grips every week, but I wish I could find my woodcarving knife. My old scoutmaster is a great artist in his medium, and his forearms are gargantuan. He had us start out practicing on soap and potatoes, and when we were older we moved on to wood.



I do feel happy when I visualize it, and I think it's pushing me to think of my long term goals rather than short term jacking off/chocolate/youtube binges.

Thanks for the reply.



Dude your tulpa is gold



I got one and a cut proof glove. Could start today. I don't know I'm thinking about it, get that artistic side out there. I got a guitar and keyboard to learn as well but I only put 30 minutes into it a week on average.

You do body weight? I'm trying to put more effort into cultivating all things Earth, putting more effort into workouts and reading adn thinking, occult and meditation, consistency and all. To emphasize that, I'm doing legs and some cardio only, every day for time. Getting up to a solid 30 minutes rather than a few 10 minute rounds.

How do you do your reps? How's that work for ya? I'm not sure if I should go for the fiery explosiveness and power through every movement or slow stable grinding through the reps, but I'm leaning on the latter for the Earth benefits, and it's easier heh.

I felt like I might get mentally ill doing it the previous way, was destabilizing my mind but I was getting adapted to it quickly physically speaking (my willpower gains are up there man). Not worth the mental/personality blow back until I build up my subtler aspects to handle the strain. That's why I'm doing the other things I mentioned; it's an Earth perspective: Combining elements to create stability.


Is it strange that I want to be completely alone from everything and everyone else?



kinda, I'm the same way, if you can't stand the ignorance of mundanes, it might not be that you're completely solitary, it might just be that the world is shit


Do you guys have any favourite relaxation music? Mantras, Tibetan singing bowls, throat singing, horseshoe clanking, flutes?


File: 8bdca6511751cb1⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_9219.JPG)


That's interesting. I've been doing a body split routine for about 45 minutes a day, with one off day. It's mostly some form of weight lifting, the main lifts are heavy and powerful 5x5 and the auxiliary ones are 3x10 with lighter weight, slow and controlled. I was pretty underweight so I'm eating a lot and have made some gains, I heard that the best psychics are of stockier build like Robert Bruce, Aleister Crowley, and Franz Bardon. I've been tall and weak and my occult practices were taking a toll on me, so I've switched to basic meditation, visualization, lucid dreaming, and personality/willpower improvement until I get fit enough to go back to more serious magic. So far I've been able to climb out of a pretty dark hole, and the rush of positive emotion I get when I look in the mirror now does wonders for my psyche and motivation. I think this kind of foundation will ultimately be necessary if I am to go further (I'm a neophyte but I've had some minor successes with thoughtforms, speaking to small animals, clairvoyance, and influencing rain).

Aside from weights, I have a pull-up progression chart the military uses that I do in my doorway, pic related. I do two fingertip pull-ups whenever I pass a ledge I can use, and I also do a lot of farmer carries for grip and shoulders, dips for chest and triceps, and rowing (on a machine) for some full-body cardio. And I'm working on a frogstand-to-planche progression created by the US Olympic gymnastics coach, but currently I can only hold the first position for 15 seconds or so. So I'm essentially doing a bodybuilding routine with augments for proper mobility of my body in various environments.

Here is the planche progression:




Work towards dropping any of those. Relax by your own will.

If you need noise to relax that probably means you have mental chatter you don't like or that impedes your relaxation. Work on that.

Once your mind is clear there is nothing as relaxing as silence.


Book on teaching Tummo?


Does life ever get any better? It seems like it just gets worse every day



>Book on teaching Tummo?

I want to know this as well. I guess IIH, but I'd rather read something more dedicated. Everything online is too vague or straight up bullshit.


Nice The Hermit dubs. Meditate on that card.


Whenever I experience a sharp pain in my leg it seems to move up to the top of my head. what is it?



I agree, I've also found visualization is key to getting yourself into that state as well.


How can I end years of depression on my own? I can't trust anyone to help me



kind of, people are social creatures, You should find one person to talk too at least just to make sure your aren't bonkers


If your not doing anything then no.


Then why post?


When I am making sigils, should I include a time or date for them to occur? Right now I have just been firing them off without any regards to the time of their manifestation. Is this a problem?

Also can someone please explain retroactive enchantment? I're read Liber Null & Kaos and understand the concept of the past being uncertain but I fail to understand how to apply that to spellcasting.



You just have to trust people and get help. It's not like you're obligated to take 100% of anybody's advice, but if you're not willing to let anybody help you then as far as I'm aware you don't actually want to overcome your issues. When somebody wants something enough to deserve it, they will do whatever it takes to get it.



It can. But unless you're involved in the world, it rarely comes knocking at your door.

Figure out something that drives you, or drove you, and how to cultivate it somehow.


I got over mine with copious amounts of weed and realising that if I don't like the world it's my obligation as a 'smarter' person to make it better.

Why do you need to trust them?

People and relationships are ephemeral; you can realise that something is temporary and enjoy it for what it is without having to be disappointed when it ends.

If I were depressed and needed out, I'd go to Vipassana and/or work on a farm (WWOOFing) or something.

Spend time with the earth, away from tech, hopefully finding some people like-minded.



>not using tools

its like you don't even own crystals


this is a good channel


i like their tibetan bowl videos, very strong.


then theres this alternative, not as good though.


back to meditative mind, they do great mantra videos and post translations in descriptions which is very appreciated.

>Ajai Alai | Mantra for Being In Your Power & to Develop Radiant Body


These are mostly sung in Sanskrit which is the language of the gods (aliens) who planted civilizations and taught language etc, Sanskrit is designed around creating a perfectly resonating sound that is, inherently, the vibration of described object.

>>is it a or the true language? is it the best language among the factions of creators?

would be fun to know more, to bad none of yous' a linguist sitting on the dark side of the moon.

complex codes can be found in all languages, a good example would be Aramaic, example, https://www.biblecodedigest.com/page.php?PageID=418

but i dont think any other language puts such emphasis on perfectly correct vocalization.

ancient alien languages are odd, very simplistic yet so perfect.

i read some trivia somewhere that little childrens baby gurgles before they

'learn to speak' is Akkadian,


did i post this yet?



File: 933d9d8c8c4422a⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 211x238, 211:238, 1454553639985.jpg)

I know this is whiny, but holy shit /fringe/ I'm fucking pissed at the universe or myself or I don't know what.

I've tried really hard to change myself for the last 6 months or so (could even go back 2 years ago, but I've been into esoteric stuff for a shorter period), in order to meet a good girl I can make happy and that loves me back. I've been trying to love myself a lot, I try to help others, I try to be a positive energy, I meditate, I visualize every night about a higher me and the kind of person I would like to meet, hell I even lift as often as I can right now (can't deny this helps a lot). I just think I got obsessed about it, not in a wrong or pathologic way, since I'm not stalking or creeping on girls, I don't even try to blame them if I don't fit their standards or likes I wish the best for them, It's not about sex either, it's about connecting deeply with someone else and having intimacy for once in my life. But imagine trying to get something and putting your mind into it, but things just don't work.

My view of things might be wrong, but it seems things just never work out for me in love, I just don't know right now. Every disappointment makes me feel like complete shit, but even then I try to pull out of the sadness and make myself anew, only to fall again. I try to put work into being a "good" lover and sincere to women, I don't try to be the nice-guy or the beta/friendzoned guy, but every time I just fall short, as if they have boyfriends, there are problems between us or aren't interested. Some person told me once that it might be the Universe way to tell me that I'm not ready or that it isn't my thing, but I just wonder what to do to be ready.

I know some of you gave up on women long ago, I would have too honestly, but I can't deny I want to find love and make a happy family. I want to be a good husband/lover and parent, that's what I set my mind to, and if magic helps, then I welcome it. I think about how immensely happy I would be to be part of the happiness of someone else, but I don't know where to go or what to do. Maybe patience is needed in my case and at some point things will work, but I don't want to fall into a vicious circle. I know it's wrong to look for someone to blame, but I keep doing it and putting pressure on myself too.

Anyways, sorry for the big rant. If anyone has experience or can help me I would appreciate it. I really think pages like this have helped me to grow so much, and I thank everyone for that.


File: bbc63d8c5eaa046⋯.jpg (204.94 KB, 1024x744, 128:93, izzet_guildgate_by_noahbra….jpg)

going to try making a sigil and i have a few quick questions if anyone can help

1. what is the proper or best format for writing out your intention before crossing out the extra letters and making it?

for example lets say im trying to do a love sigil, would i write ' X will fall in love with me' or something more like ' it is my will that X will love with me'

2.is there a ideal way to activate a sigil? Or should i just masturbate and when i reach climax just visualize my sigil working

sorry if these are really beginner questions im pretty new still



>How can I end years of depression on my own

cant help you need more details. Why are you depressed? The best I can tell you is too stop the negative thoughts and you'll be on your way to stopping the negative feelings. Do some positive reinforcement ""I am getting better every day"" and do something work out, talk to a stranger, meditate and focus on your thoughts. chances are the thoughts that wont go away are the reason why your depressed.



State it as though it is a fact. So instead of "X will fall in love with me" it's "X is in love with me".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think you're all goofballs, but there's such dedication that I have to wonder if there's something there. I also see evidence that the elite believes in similar things to you. Do you guys really see evidence of your shit, or is it just LARPing combined with a placebo effect?



Socializing is a muscle, and one you can't work out on omegle. It has to be in person.

I'm not saying to walk up to strange people on the street and try to strike up a convesation. That shit's retarded. Just try to pick up a hobby or a sport. Maybe painting or soccer. You'll be forced to talk to some people, like the teachers and fellow students, and it'll help you realize it's not that hard. Sorry if this is basic bitch advice, but it helped me.



Personally I automatically assume it's LARPing or just plain lying. Anyone can post shit on the internet. Maybe I'd believe it if I were to see it in real life



I recommend you watch the mindandmagick YouTube channel for your question about phrasing your statement of intent (you should watch the whole channel because it's a very good introductory course to most of the concepts you are going to encounter in magic).

As for the retroactive thing, I wouldn't bother with that. It's theory that at this point in your development does nothing for you. As you practice though, you will realize sometimes you change the past, or rather, the manifestation for your spell was in motion before you even casted or thought about it. There are many ways to interpret this (Montalk considers there's actual reality-jumping going on IIRC). But as I said, this is theoretical stuff that is irrelevant at this point in your development. You will find your own explanations in time.


I'd advise you learn how to reach the trance state E.A Koetting calls "theta-gamma sync".

Here is the psychological model perspective:


And here from the perspective of a hot hypnotherapist:


Again, if you watch all of the mindandmagick videos in order you will learn a lot. There are videos specifically on these issues, but I don't know which ones they are (and I'd advise getting the foundation down first by watching all of them anyway).



Why don't you go back to your boards, guys? There's nothing to see here. We're all obviously LARPing.



I take all the information I find here as potentially useful, but only begin to consider it true when I have done it myself in such a way that leaves no other explanation. In my practice, I have found telepathy and clairvoyance to exist and the Hermetic axioms to be true. But I don't care to be some kind of evangelist, so believe what you want and try it out or don't.



Keep at it, work more with the mind, dont stop working the body.

You want to create a stable nonpolar personality that knows what it wants like it knows the scars on its hands. Itll be easier to attract your soulmate, cause thats what youre working towards, if you have a solid idea if how the relationship migvt look like, analyze it and the emotions you would feel if you were to hug, hold that emotion, amplify and project it outwards, pull it all back to the heart.

If youve set your state of mind and a girl that is compatible with that is around youll get synchronicities.

If you nofap, yoga, brush your teeth, keep working out and act around people like they have nothing to offer you but youre there for the laughs and to be a friend.

Keep going, challenge yourself emotionally, and mentally, you might need it to resonate properly.


File: 3159ebaee888b4f⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 882x419, 882:419, Ideal_7e603f_6287583.jpg)



I'm not trying to be a dick here, don't get me wrong, but do you really believe in a soulmate? When you say soulmate do you mean a life-partner who can be considered an equal in different ways, who you can trust through it all? A woman, you get cancer and lose all your money, and a 7'5 chad with an 8 figure salary asks her out in his flaming lamborghini made from gold mined from Mars, and you think any girl on this plane would turn that down? What is a soulmate to you, it can't be what I think of as one surely



the other two guys have it right.

The first time I really tried to improve myself was around the time I met someone that really resonated with my soul.

I'd been meditating on and off for a couple years by that point. Not much came of it because I lost hope. She was taken, but there was a deep resonance that I later screwed up 'cause I used soul meditation connection improperly (I hadn't seen her for awhile at that time, but I felt the psychic backlash). She might have been the prettiest girl I ever knew.

2-3 years later (2 years ago now) I went to a yoga retreat center and worked there for 3 months. Best time of my life maybe. Toughest too in some ways. Did the most self-development ever. Burned myself out a lot. Met a girl, fucked it up (lol) with the soul thing again, but this time she called me out on it and my psychic development began for reals.

After the 3 months was up, this girl and I had a deep and more genuine connection, 'cause I kept at it and she needed it more than she hated me.

1 year after that (1 year ago now) I met another girl who I had an 8 month fling with, first girl I was really with. It was great, it was temporary.

The takeaway here is that if you're a regular person and work on yourself, it can still take 6-24 months to really get somewhere when you wanna go deep.

It took me 3 months to get good work done/open my heart to begin with, another 3-6 to learn how not to be a bitch, another 3-6 to get centered/grounded enough that I don't fuck things up energetically. Another 1-8 in a sorta-relationship that gratified me in ways I'd doubted myself.

I'm probably ready for another one now, but I still have to meet someone by doing stuff and emitting that energy, same as anyone.

Gotta go to the library and travel and do yoga and my other soul stuff.


A soulmate has different definitions.

One is simply a person who you grow with spiritually.

One is that life-partner thing. I think some people would turn down the flaming lambo, maybe not many. Girls have to make life, their needs are different. Guys spend their life making stuff and themselves, girls spend their life making life and love.





>ideal in filename

I think I'd rather have a confident but submissive woman. They're probably better in bed/have a more developed soul. Amazing connection once baggage is gone




my definition is a person with whom one or more chakras are resonating (chakras being soul energy, "soulmates") causing the chakras to become more active when near that person, this is personal chemistry.



that image and that post..

you chose to attract negative qualities because you do not think yourself strong enough to attract and handle positive qualities?

for shame.

you are what you attract and vice versa because you must align yourself to attract it.

insecure gf is worst gf.



>my definition is a person with whom one or more chakras are resonating (chakras being soul energy, "soulmates") causing the chakras to become more active when near that person, this is personal chemistry.

I like that definition, but I wouldn't necessarily think chakras are soul energy, 'cause I don't think a lot of people are aligned with their soul, but I think they'd still have chakra energy.

So like a mundane might resonate to some degree but if they were developed with their soul it'd change from "i feel good around this person" to "holy shit my s