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Beat me to it


So if emotional energy is what makes magic work, how does energy work and chakra work make magic faster and stronger?


Can anyone help me with essential meaning? Thanks in advance


What causes someone to, at first, only raise their body temperature mentally, then, at last, to instantly set tissue paper ablaze?



>So if emotional energy is what makes magic work,

Energy is desire/emotion. Emotional energy is a redundancy.

>how does energy work and chakra work make magic faster and stronger?

Energy work as described by Robert Bruce is a way of training yourself to focus on parts of the body in various ways, including sweeps, vortexs, etc. various motions which you trace your awareness along. Then you just program the body by intent. As for chakras, each one is held to be a gateway for various attributes, and working on them means transforming these aspects of the self. Your question is weird. What do you mean "make magic faster and stronger"? Magic is just the general study or process by which we manifest our will in the universe. A person who is mentally stronger than another, who has cultivated their mind-body, is more capable in using his various faculties to influence the universe.

>What causes someone to, at first, only raise their body temperature mentally, then, at last, to instantly set tissue paper ablaze?

Just increase the activity/vibrations in the body and body temperature raises. There's a lot of ways to mentally raise the body temperature. I personally have a bad habit though of burning myself doing these meditations and seriously need some input on how to do tumo without burning my skin getting red rashes all over and even causing skin to flake off as if I got a sunburn. I somehow need to figure out some method to not fucking burn my own body doing this. Maybe I should focus more on generation of electricity and pushing the electricity out of the body to heat things up or maybe I should try more to raise the heat in an area outside of my body without ever having heat in my body to begin with.

Anyways, go read Initiation Into Hermetics and the related study material (Seila Orienta's Notes and Rawn Clark's) you'll be doing this kind of stuff before long.



Holy shit Sm*l*y, I think you might be close to adepthood! So, how would you go about attaining instant physical manifestation on the physical? Is it possible?



Well Metal is the element Fire destroys in TCM, and it's associated with skin, so maybe work on the Metal element? Earth generates Metal, for reference, and Metal generates Water (TCM).

Focusing on heating something outside the body would likely have the dual purpose of learning how to mitigate heat and move it away from the body as well.

Or you could learn how to cool your body down to some freezing temperatures, so as to better summon cooler temperatures when needed.



Honestly it seems like your Earth element is off. You could say that your Fire isn't mixing with Water in the skin. Earth development probably best; Don't work on basics all of the time, that goes against the mixing and blending of Earth, with all of its complexities. Risk failure in the more advanced and unexplainable techniques that exist. Heating things outside of the body is a great beginning.


I'm switching to the Water element. It reflects my nature better.

I have begun reading and practicing the IIH. In Step 1 of Magic Mental Training, it says to "follow a train of thought", but none of my thoughts go on their own. Do I just think deeply about something specific, as in, take this as an opportunity to contemplate? Or do I just move on since I don't require greater thought control than I already possess?

I'd like to go through all the books people refer to on here so as to build rapport with /fringe/ and have a solid reference point to discuss these things with you guys (and others, since they're popular books in the entire occult community). Also I'd like to review them, possibly add an accompaniment, and discern the nature of these subjects via their effectiveness and translatability (if I can do something from another book the Hermetic way, then they have an overlapping reality model. If I have to make great internal shifts to get it to work, then they rely on very different reality models.)


Plus there has to be a greater sense of community if we wish to alchemize a higher quality version of said community (have to have experienced community to know how to make a better one).

Seeing each other's paths in progression would surely benefit us all.



>none of my thoughts go on their own

That's what train of thoughts mean, the first exercise is literally just stepping back and watching your thoughts flow. Unless you're referring to the mental discipline practice


Have any of you figured out consciousness transference?

How do I meditate my way into being the apple in front of me or my object of meditation?

What's the secret?



It's a mental thing, just think it vividly, and it is so. Speaking of this, how do you reach the essential meaning?



I can't believe that's it. Am I not supposed to feel bi-located in some way?

I'm sure that's how it must be, but there has to be a formula I'm missing because all I can do is imagine I'm feeling from the obkect, not actually doing it.

This combined with elemental breathing is KEY to my development right now.


What is energy? If energywork is just grinding awareness, then wtf is the energybody? I am confuse


What is bipolar disorder from a /fringe/ perspective?



The swing of the pendulum. Principle of Rhythm described in the Kybalion.



Swingin with the internal rhytm without ever dodging the pendulum of emotions.

That just my two cents



It appears we have created an echo chamber. 21th century schizoid men in duty.

T: >>103069




Now how would I put that to someone who's never heard of the Kybalion, let alone read it?


Mastering the Akasha principle - format inspired by Sm*lefu

The Akashic principle is the raw, unpolarized prima materia that encompasses all of creation. This Akasha, or ether, is both completely absent in any pure state in the lower planes, and yet, all encompassing. The ether is first split and polarized between yin, and yang. Then, the yin and yang combine in different proportions, more yin creating "cold magnetism", more yang creating "hot radiance". Combining these two conglomerants creates space, "air", basically a platform in which for fire and water to interact. The non-abstract reacting of fire and water, in the medium of air, creates physical materia, "Earth". All physical matter you see before you is made and governed by these four elemental attributes. When meditating on the Akasha, one's goal is to gain a perfect understanding of the Akasha, "What one understands, he controls.". The reason Bardon says that one requires a perfect elemental balance to find the true Akasha, is that, if one is predominantly biased in one element in particular, when they look to the essential root behind all elements, they will find a distinct bias towards their unbalanced, dominant element, effectively cultivating said element, thus failing to reap the true Akashic principle



You don't, fuck n'orcs and their bluepill lives



Like I said, its an astra-mental thing. If you feel bi-located in any way, it should be in your mind's sensory. Ideally you want to completely tune out of your physical feelings, only feeling what you do in the mental sphere, if you literally feel like you're in two places at once physically (aka physical bi-location) , than congratulations, your an adept, but that's probably not the case


Anyone into serious energy work here? I need help please.

I had some life experiences that gave me many hardships. To cope with it I had to cut all my emotional and physical harmony and force my way like a man.

The problems were solved but what remained of me was a tensed up and totally "burnt out" person. My whole body was overflowing with Yang energy - I felt hot and tense. Of course to be too much on the Yang side also means a serious leak of qi energy.

I have recovered a bit (in the last 10 months ffs) but I'm still too Yang. Whenever I stop consciously relaxing, I tense up again and feel the body getting hotter.

I need some serious Yin meditation practice that just fucking works. I'm not sure what happened because I was in total harmony before the events and had an abundance of Yin but now switched to this Yang shit which is beneficial only for mundane stuff.

I've read up on qigong but it's a painful trial and error way to master alone. I doubt to find a serious teacher here where I live.

Please help me fix this brothers



Sounds like you need a major lifestyle change.

>Horse-stance every night, in front of moon

>eat yin foods, natural veggies, distilled water, light and cold shit

>invoke water and Earth

>focus on frontal energy channels

>breathe in more yin focused energy

Das all I got G, gud lucc


How do I learn to concentrate? I want that real samurai laser-like focus type of shit in daily life. I want to be able to sit down and direct my attention to something for 4 hours in a row without getting distracted.

Basically adderall-like effects without having to take any drugs.



>Horse-stance every night, in front of moon

You see, I only got into the whole trouble because I had to take up a job where I had to work at night. It happened throughout the winter - so to battle the cold and the very stressful working conditions, I raised a lot of Yang energy. I quit the job later but the Yang tension stayed. Fuck that, I tense up at night involuntarily.

>eat yin foods, natural veggies, distilled water, light and cold shit

I feel like enery heavy foods help me better otherwise I start using up my qi to cover the "energy bill" - which is abnormally high

>invoke water and Earth

It kinda helps but why does it require so much concentration? before all this shit I used to be predominant in these elements but now I'm just fucking burning.

>focus on frontal energy channels

Because I started out as a noob, I had to learn this the hard way first. It seems that at some times frontal energy healped me relax and at other times backside channels worked out. Fuck, it felt like the whole channels switched - at the worst time it was more frequent. Now it slowed down and almost halted. I do get better but my yang bias is still way too strong compared to before the happenings

>breathe in more yin focused energy

pls explain this one, I'm not aware of the prana being split in yin and yang



I want to get to that level. I can do that mentally already. How do I step it up?

Thank you



Oh btw, I changed my lifestyle to a great extend already and it was beneficial ofc but regenration is still so slow



Lay there for awhile, let your body fall asleep. Git gud at concentrating, and rub your astra-mental hands together, focus on that frictional warmth, then focus on the rest of the astra-mental feelings one at a time, the two, then three, then all. Eventually you want to get to the point to where you just feel your mental senses naturally, while in trance of course.



Good job then nigga, its all down hill from there



I'm not sure what you mean



Once you change your lifestyle for the better, its hard to change it back for the worse. Its all down hill, this is the easy part



> Once you change your lifestyle for the better, its hard to change it back for the worse

As you can see I suffer a great extent because I had to pick a worse lifestyle due to little choice - or rather I made the foolish attempt to clinge to the mundane world.

Fuck it makes me angry.


File: 96ae2ece812aecb⋯.png (50.83 KB, 1002x320, 501:160, Untitled.png)

anyone have these two books from the meditation superthread


File: ad2bfa0b379713c⋯.pdf (527.4 KB, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra vol1….pdf)


I don't know about vol2, but heres the first one

Mod note: that PDf is a man stretching and exposing his anus to the camera aka "goatse". Do not click unless you want to be offended. You have been warned.

Post last edited at


So I have this problem where my body is almost constantly in pain due to kundalini and this has been going for some months now. Anytime I lay down on my back my legs twitch alot. How can I get the pain to stop? I know meditation and diet are a part of it but what else can I do to ease the process?



Practice, sit down and concentrate on something. Keep doing this until you git gud

Even something as simple as reading can boost your long term concentration ability


File: 23572dab99d148e⋯.jpg (411.42 KB, 903x689, 903:689, Kumarian Heart Shield.jpg)

is using magic to seduce someone you know wrong?

if not how do do it



How did you get kundalini?



If The All didn't like it, it wouldn't happen.

Imagine vividly that she likes you. Act like you've already fucked her



Day dream about cute kind girls doing cute kind things until you feel warm soft feelings, then melt. Whatever yin is most compatible, day dream about it until you soften up.

You can also magnetize and bless water with a single intention, such as "Love and Life"; same with food and air. Then forget about it and just drink, eat, breath with a sense of tranquility (raging tranquility).



does it matter if the person I like is the same sex? femanon asking


File: 14e8061b3c47702⋯.jpg (124.16 KB, 925x698, 925:698, _20170622_031208.JPG)


>im a girl btw

Fuck you roastie, get off my board!



As amoral as seducing a person in real life. Don't use any outside powers to force it and don't try to break her will/mind and you're fine.



If you can pull it off, her higher self allowed. Its not breaking her "will". Believe me, if she really didn't want it, you couldn't do it


Anyone here master electricity? The electric fluid? I tend to swing between magnetic and electric. I've gone pretty deep on the magnetic end lately, for the purpose of metaphysical perception to prelude my jump into the existing body of knowledge. Want to return to the hyper-electric pole to make the best use of my conscious.

I've JUST started reading the /fringe/ library. I have experience/knowledge in the whole direction of "on the fringe" studies, but the actual stuff in here is gold. I have always heard of auto-suggestion, animal magnetism, psychic power, etc and etc but just had no interest in taming my sub-conscious beyond pure willpower, strength and self-confidence. In regards to that, I would actually fuck myself over on purpose sub-consciously in order to give my conscious a greater "training stimulus".

In that respect I've probably gotten quite a buff "Will Bod", but this shit is just so much fucking easier. Fuck. What the fuck. DOMINATING the SUB-conscious (heh) is so much.

William Atkinson is dope. IIH is looking dope.

So anyone especially advanced in bioelectricity, electricity, electric fluids, etc?

(Switching to Fire)



Bullshit. I don't care what I read, if you can do random shit to people on the physical, you can psychically.

What you're talking about is just a convenient thing monkeys tell themselves so they don't have to consider the repercussions of their actions and they can do magic without a single shred of doubt or hesitation. "Greasing the wheels." It's for one's own comfort, because we're all subject to the human condition of empathy, fear, worry, etcetera. Having to figure out the exact cause and effect of our magics is counter-productive to effective utilization of "magic" in the short-term sense, so we create half-truths to hold us at night.

Sure, they're just thoughts, and people can often take care of themselves, but it's more like taking advantage of a child who has no idea what's happening except, "hehe I feel funny."

I will suck the fun right out of magic for the sake of ethical considerations.



It's just yourself. Feel your hand, this is feeling the energy of your hand. Smelling a plant is smelling the energy. It's the "isness".

Don't overthink it or think that it's beyond or more than you can handle.

Energy body is your body when feeling it compared to the anatomical body of bones, ligaments, arteries, etc.


First start with holding objects like tools. Feel their spacial size and then weight. Move them around and feel the sensations of how it interacts with the air. Next start to overlay a basic geometrical version(mentally) of the object on it. Once you've picked something up and played around with it put it down and remember the basics of the object. Apply it while looking at it as an overlay.

This should get you going.



Okay, allow me to explain this on simpler terms. Her higher self, her divine will, allows whatever happens to her. You cannot break her "will" because her will has god-like powers. Whatever works, is good. Franz Bardon outright says that if magic isn't used in only pure (not completely pointless) intentions break through



IIH talks about the electromagnetic fluid. Its pretty advanced though



I'll just wait until I complete the Steps. Until then, positivity and happiness. I realized my Neanderthal depression was causing my chin to recede, mouth to turn meek, forehead to slope, mind slowly decay and wither and die, and motivation to live suffocate.

Fucking Earth and Water. We'll see the results in the recovery however…



I'm talking about if she used a spirit or a 'god' to do it; unreasonable summonings, contracts, rituals, 'hexes', the sort of thing that guarantees the result.

Otherwise it's just a natural mental suggestion. Unless she's sufficiently trained…

But either way it's a matter of relative powers. The "higher self" isn't a guardian angel from all bad things. Incredibly unreasonable things happen for the basic reason that no one is tending the light at the end of the tunnel. It's all a matter of indifferent physical laws, and partial individuals who thankfully choose to be kind and empathetic some times, with plenty cruel souls in the mix.

If we start thinking that there's no danger in what we do, that we can wave a gun at people and it won't accidentally kill someone, that we can drive drunk because "only people who should die will die", then we're falling far from the truth.

Goodwill is a soft force, an influence, not an absolute. There's no all-powerful aspect of myself, there's just a powerful aspect that needs the mind and body to be in growing affinity to said will in order to become relatively more powerful, wise, loving and righteous.

These people who teach you things like mental suggestion aren't wise gods, they're human beings who make fatal mistakes and speak dangerous lies amongst the quality truths. If they told you, "It's dangerous be careful; don't harm others" they wouldn't have the same sale numbers. Their all-high image would be tainted with the public's fear of their power, and the danger of their teachings. You want to look like a badass with a gun, not a dumbass who shot himself in the foot. But that's what it is.

Working mental suggestion on others could even have profoundly negative psychological consequences for them down the road. Their mental defenses could slowly erode over the years from being seriously compromised just ONCE, we honestly don't know because there's no methodical empirical study of these possibilities.

Power carries the weight of responsibility. Use it with care and consideration. No one has their hands on the wheel.



That's very true, I'll keep that in mind



I see nobody has given you the actual key for manipulating the will of others. None of the advise people have given you so far will work unless she already wants to fuck you.

Which is a good thing. I don't think you should do this if she doesn't like you because you'll just end up forcing things and causing suffering when her will prevails in the end.


Thank you. I'll start praticing at once. Incidentally, a pathworking I'm following told me to do just that today as part of meditation training. Totally unrelated but perfectly aligned with my goals. Feels good!



Thank you for being reasonable.


How do I get past my three hour per book reading barrier?

also any techniques to expand peripheral vision for reading



Just familiarize yourself to writing (language) conventions and you'll read the same way you unconciously string letters on the keyboard into words.

It's a matter of acquisition of conventions.

It's like manual labor. Either you use your body intelligently and work less while getting more done, or you struggle the entire time. Same with the mind/thought-force/will.

So if you're trying to succeed in something irrational in your life, you'll struggle more in rational achievements. These are usually considered passions, 'emotions', desire, ideals, people (social), aesthetics, and desire. Sometimes these words are used for extremely rational things, given limited knowledge of vocabulary or the importance of strict word definition.

Once one has recognized the existential need of self-definition to reflect the existential facts, they go away with needless uncertainties, irrationalities, and profoundly misinformed activities.

My point being to put yourself in the mental company of thinkers, scholars, and the self-willed. Astral, Mental, Memetic, all of it. Learn to stand at the thresholds and keep the door open. A gatekeeper. Then your mind will be more nimble and comprehending.




I assume you were asking how to have more mental stamina, right?

I probably could have just said, "Avoid mentally taxing thoughts and people; which includes e-motionally taxing."

My bad


What are nightmares? Are they real?


I suspect I may be an energy vampire. What can I do to stop being one?





Welll after reading what they said i'm not sure if i will try it anymore cause i don't want to hurt anyone but i guess that i've learned that mental seduction essential only works if they already like you which seems like a waste.

What if it wasn't for sex? if i try to seduce her into letting me go down on her is that as damaging as full on sex? I'm just trying to give her an orgasm not corrupt her mind/ fall in love with me.



Nightmares are bad trips in your own subjective part of the astral



>Day dream about cute kind girls doing cute kind things

Ironically, I've been doing something similar since 3 days now.

I also noticed a preference shift away from hardcore porn towars soft erotic photography - when I was full Yang all I watched is the most hardcore fucking **yeah I'm still watching porn as opposed to some people here, i don't really care tbh



There is a simple ritual that can get you to manipulate their will into getting them to do what you want. But it won't last long, and will bring you nothing but pain.

If you are nothing without the suit, you shouldn't have it.


Does anybody know what feeling 47 and feeling 666 is?


Is this for real?


Anons with experience in this, please respond.



Yeah, probably

watch this: https://youtu.be/R3NscmjPszs



its on google



I hope being virgin is not a requirement. I would hate to regret losing my virginity after it took me so much effort.

Damn Russians though.


So, I've been reading a good bit of Peter Carroll and I have a few questions about some of the things he talks about.

The first concerns the Augoeides. What would happen if you purposefully go against what you determine to be the will of your HGA? I don't mean a false identification, but an actual understanding of ones "true will" which is ignored or acted against. Would it cause the same insanity that a false identification would? Would it cause bodily harm?

The second quesiton refers to something that is spoken about in Liber Kaos, which is the nature of Blue Magic. I am creating a servitor to bring me money, and nice and expensive things. It is charged primarily through the spending of money, and through giving away or trading things that are valuable to you. Do you think this has potential to work?



Don't worry, this guy's clearly a mundane hikki who doesn't even energywork. He probably jacks off too, Korny is a chemical alchemist, he probably thinks virginity is some holy thing that grants powers. It doesn't, the truth is, semen boosts energybody power, bioelectricity



When you are around other people visualize how the energy flows to and from you and to and from them. If you can do this and you notice that you are actually taking energy from others, than the key to stopping it is to just cut that connection you are making with the other person. Learn how it feels to NOT be siphoning energy and soon it will become second nature to be in that state. Just be aware of yourself and your energy

Of course since you are stealing energy from others this most likely means that for some reason you have (or think you have) an energy deficiency, and you will need to find a way to fix that problem.


What was that which you just said about me, my friend? I think you ought to know that I have completed my time as a novice-monk, and I've passed through the Gateless Gate, and I've lived for over 300 cycles of rebirth. I am trained in anapanasati and I'm the most senior bhikkhuni in my local sangha. You are nothing to me but just another human being worthy of dignity and respect. I will have compassion upon you with loving-kindness the likes of which has never been seen before in the Cycle of Samsara - you would do well to remember these words. Do you believe that you can say these things and still escape the principle of dependent origination? Perhaps you should reexamine those beliefs, brother. As we speak I am contemplating the importance of accepting your words with detachment and equanimity, so, without malice, I advise you to prepare for the storm, young one. The storm of suffering that afflicts all living creatures in this world. You are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth, child. Not only am I extensively trained in the Mahayana Tripitaka, but I have access to the entire Pali canon as well, and I will use its teachings to their full extent to help alleviate the suffering within you which causes you to say hurtful things about others. You could reach Nirvana anywhere, any time, and I can help you achieve enlightenment in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with the study of Koan. If only you could understand what evil karma these words of yours would sow, perhaps you would have had the wisdom to keep silent. Nevertheless, this was beyond what you have been prepared for, and so I promise that I will do my best to ease the suffering that you have brought upon yourself. I will teach you the path of the Bodhisattva and you will revel in it. Your suffering may yet reach its end, child.



What the darn-diddily-doodily did you just say about me, you little witcharooney? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Springfield Bible College, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret mission trips in Capital City, and I have over 300 confirmed baptisms. I am trained in the Old Testament and I’m the top converter in the entire church mission group. You are nothing to me but just another heathen. I will cast your sins out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in Heaven, mark my diddily-iddilly words. You think you can get away with saying that blasphemy to me over the Internet? Think again, friendarino. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of evangelists across Springfield and your IP is being traced by God right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggorino. The storm that wipes out the diddily little thing you call your life of sin. You’re going to Church, kiddily-widdily. Jesus can be anywhere, anytime, and he can turn you to the Gospel in over infinity ways, and that’s just with his bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in preaching to nonbelievers, but I have access to the entire dang- diddily Bible collection of the Springfield Bible College and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your sins away off the face of the continent, you diddily-doo satan-worshipper. If only you could have known what holy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you from the Heavens, maybe you would have held your darn-diddily-fundgearoo tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re clean of all your sins, you widdillo-skiddily neighborino. I will sing hymns of praise all over you and you will drown in the love of Christ. You’re farn-foodily- flank-fiddily reborn, kiddo-diddily.


no just no, kys, yeah I am ashamed

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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File: 91ae93efb80b78c⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1897x1417, 1897:1417, 142785171881.jpg)

Sometime ago I started doing sigil magic; something that I think it's like an introduction point to chaos magic.

¿What's the next step in the magic highway?



bumping this because the shitposting will probably prevent it from being seen



Reading The Kybalion and Initiation Into Hermetics



Stop being a woman.

No but seriously, focus on the Earth element, being less water/fire.

It is my theory that water and fire are female, and that earth and air is male, based on the IIH which states that woman are water in water in the low navel, fire in fire in the head, while men are water/fire both in both, which points to the stronger air element, which points to a stronger earth element; water and fire in close proximity with extra air to sustain it is the recipe for Earth.

Earth locks in your energy. Strengthens your conscience. Makes it so you ALWAYS have the energy you need. Water and Fire are too changeable to be reliable, can be taken or given in excess, imbalanced. Fluids can be poured out or sucked in, but dirt requires a hard bite and chew; you'll know when it's happening and when it isn't, and have much more opportunity not to do it.

Decrease your raw elementalism and increase your carefully constructed body, mind and soul. Earth + Metal (TCM element).


For some reason I remember reading somewhere in one of these books that you shouldn't try to make more than one thing manifest at a time. Does anyone know anything about that being the case? There are multiple things that I feel need my mental attention right now. I don't see why you couldn't focus on multiple things, considering the nature of thoughtforms, but I don't know if they'd all be weaker for it or something.



>but I don't know if they'd all be weaker for it or something

That's it. It's akin to the "The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither" meme.



Well like most people, you don't understand the nature of power.

Study power. No, worship power. Any reason not to can be your religion.



>¿What's the next step in the magic highway?

Lots and lots of reading, do what calls out to you



>The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither

Yeah, that was what I was thinking of. So what if I just spent more time on them? If every thought we have affects our lives on the other planes, I don't get why focusing your will on multiple things at different times throughout the day would cause either to become weaker. Say you spend 20 minutes visualizing wealth and 20 minutes visualizing social success each day, or you spend 20 minutes visualizing wealth until you have as much wealth as you want and then you start spending 20 minutes per day visualizing social success. Why would they not work the same based on the nature of thoughtforms? I'd get it if it were in regards to blessing food, since you'd have to eat twice the food to have enough opportunity, but if we're constantly messing with thoughtforms 24/7 then I don't see why trying to create more than one wouldn't work properly.


>Study power. No, worship power. Any reason not to can be your religion.

What does any of that mean? I wish fringechan would come back and be a buffer between this board and all of these vague nonsense posts that don't help anyone. Maybe then I'd actually come to this board more than once a month.



If I were you I would cast several sigils (a "shoal" of related sigils) and forget about them completely.

Then six months later go back to your notes and see what has manifested and what hasn't, analyze the ritual and statement of intent of the sigils to see if they were flawed somehow and iterate. But don't use the very same sigils more than once. In fact, don't draw them on your notes, just the statements.

And stop overthinking this stuff. You can do visualizations for as many things as you want, but getting one to manifest is hard enough Experiment on your own and see what works for you. Keep notes.

I wish fringechan would come back, too, but my impression was the opposite, that this is where bullshit stayed and that was the good stuff ended up.

If anyone has a good idea for a summer website project I'm up for it.



If you're confident you can pull it off don't let us stop you. Experience is the best teacher after all. GL


File: 056b70462a28a66⋯.png (725.51 KB, 604x800, 151:200, shanti shanti shanti.png)

What in the planes of the seven lower, seven higher and the beyond did you just spew out you nonrotating initiate? I’ll have you know you’re speaking to an ascended master initiated by God at the moment of galactic alignment in 2012, I’ve done countless meditations that would wreck your fragile frame and mind. I have over 300 Siddhis and have attained perfect trinity. You are just another adept, I will teach you just how wrong you are with clarity & simplicity not seen since the last great Mahadev tread the Earth this I swear upon my quest for the eternal truth. You think you can get away with thinking wrong and putting that shit out in the open for everyone elses minds to be corrupted? Think again, schizo. As we are in the now I am reaching out to the heavens and your divine light, prepare for an ecstatic enlightenment you depressed madman, a reaching out of my heart and mind that will wash you through and cleanse you of demons and vice. You’ll be reborn, friend, I will teach you everything and everything you need to know to live your life happily in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just in your mind. Not only does the three eyed and the one eyed who are the same grace my life and endeavors with a smile, as an Avatar of Krishna I will teach you the arts of primal love and I will stick it up your bum if that is what it takes for you to realize love. If only you knew how drastically your life will change for the better because of your “faulty” questions about life, maybe you wouldn’t have dared to ask. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re treading the path, o, divine child. I will guide you and when you drown I will hold your head up high. You’re immortal, essence of God.



That sounds like an interesting experiment. I don't tend to use sigils much but I might actually give it a go. Maybe I should contribute something to this board that I've taken so much information from.


I agree about experience being the best teacher, but even if logic tells me it would work, multiple authors say it won't, so it makes me wonder why they would say that.


Holy shit this board is dead



Not really, there's lots of new posts every day. If you expect blazing fast shitposting like on /b/ or /pol/ then I guess it's "dead" but if you're actually seriously studying, going through links, etc. it's fast af.


File: b1ac2ca4cce1d3d⋯.png (28.77 KB, 586x355, 586:355, Screenshot from 2017-08-02….png)

File: d324a8b7acd32a6⋯.png (401.09 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Screenshot from 2017-08-02….png)

This guy is pissing me off doing this all the time and making me have to work cleaning up his shit. Is it even a human or is it some bot?



I don't know, but I've been in their chat before and its pure shit. Sigilposter neophytes, "Is creepypasta magic", literal fucking women. I'd say its a bot posting the links, but I don't know if these guys have the neurons for a bot


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>literal fucking women

>its pure shit. Sigilposter neophytes

Judging by your bilious disposition I'd say you are not much farther along than a neophyte yourself.

Here, I bring you some content you can masturbate to:


Have fun!



File: e80205b88370251⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 500x382, 250:191, gettriggeredfagget.jpg)




>not notorious for their complete inability to oversee business, nations, expeditions, and anything else without fucking up completely



Wow man let me just say that I appreciate the job you're doing. If you want, I'll bitcoin you some creds to get yourself an iced green sometime, no joke.

By the way, I really, really need to browse fringe with IDs turned on, so if we could work out some kind of a system where I ask you to ID some guy and you email me a list of which posts he made in the same thread, I could perhaps bitcoin you a small sum, enough for an iced green tea, a 10ml bottle of essential oils, a pack of incense sticks or something under else $3. Have a think about it, let me know if you're hot or cold on it and I'll give you a burner email you can get me on.


File: 37aebb98d3fb436⋯.jpg (63.42 KB, 523x526, 523:526, _20170622_032610.JPG)


>Judging by your bilious disposition I'd say you are not much farther along than a neophyte yourself.

>T. butthurt sigilposting roastie

I can post links too faggot, watch this:


According to this breath-taking scientific analysis, The Earth is flat. Wow, two revelations in one day!



You're gonna have to try harder than that (((Moshe))), Sm*ley's too based


File: 46d26479166e411⋯.png (229.03 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, the goyim know.png)


I should probably make a donation page. This is my current bitcoin address: 14amShBxeVerDpu2rWU6sacLnceSRhpTaG

Right now it is the only way for anyone to donate to me other than visit me in person and hand me cash heh.

What's an iced green?

Why do you want to know the identity of posters? If you're practicing some kind of dowsing, you could try dowsing users on another board or even other parts of the internet, and get feedback as to your accuracy.

Some people on here are Tor posters and there is no ID to be seen even by the mods. Others have constantly changing IPs and often make every new post from a new IP. There's a few people who don't practice proper OpSec on here but most of the users on here, even if you did want to identify them, you still couldn't properly do it even with mod powers.

Nobody should have to fear that they could have their posts on here tied to a fixed identity. Identities would ruin the quality of the board, make it less about ideas, and more about the people themselves. You can know who is behind every single post but you need the spiritual maturity first to be authorized/trusted with that power… and if somehow you work it out without having any of that (it's not that hard), it won't be long before some higher intelligence notices and reacts to what you're doing and you're getting your soul dragged off somewhere you'd rather not be and having all kinds of shit thrown your way. Montalk knows how to do spiritually backtrace remote viewers btw, remote viewing the remote viewers, heh.

To find a poster you just focus on their post, feel them out, try to make an emotional connection such as through baitposting, induce a hypnogogic trance where you start getting impressions of thoughts streaming into your mind, and just focus on the person and intend to see them. Automate this with persistent thoughtforms.

If your hobby is stalking others, consider this an opportunity to take your spying to the 4th dimension, level up from the easy bait. Back in the day shamans would see for their tribe and find their lost tribemates or help to hunt down individuals or enemy tribes they deemed as having violated their tribal customs.

Personally I suspect that since you contacted me about this publicly you're an amateur or someone who just wants to test me. A real skilled subverter would try to get in contact privately and not let any of the goyim know what is going on.


File: ad2f7018cb14148⋯.jpg (113.04 KB, 938x1179, 938:1179, bubik.jpg)


I guess I need to bring out

>they fell for the Discord meme

But really, I do appreciate the work. At times its like several threads at once and it really shits up a slower board like this



i would add making social circles a toxic ego zone.

if the female is negatively laid


File: 8fdd01004cfa54d⋯.png (75.87 KB, 929x656, 929:656, Screenshot from 2017-08-02….png)


This guy has taken the master formula of attainment originally made Atkinson and added quantum woo to it, heh.

>“Earnest Desire—Confident Expectation—and Firm Demand—these form the Triple Key of Occult Attainment.”

The Master Formula of Attainment is as follows: “(1) Definite Ideals; (2) Insistent Desire; (3) Confident Expectation; (4) Persistent Determination (5) Balanced Compensation.” Reduced to popular terms, it is as follows: “You may have anything you want, provided that you (1) know exactly what you want, (2) want it hard enough, (3) confidently expect to obtain it, (4) persistently determine to obtain it, and (5) are willing to pay the price of its attainment.”


File: 68dbfefbd2b1c51⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 700x321, 700:321, magic.JPG)

if I do NOFAP, fasting from food,and urine therapy, will I become particularly youthful and long-lived?



I mean that there are books that are studies on the nature of power, such as books by powerful people; meditations by war generals, warriors, kings, etc.

By reading these it will serve a dual purpose: Mundanely you'll understand how to succeed, lead, achieve, overpower, overcome, or whatever else you seek (depends on how you decide your library of books).

Magically, you'll understand that these things, that 'laws of power', translate principally into 'laws of magical power'.

Let me give you a hint then: If you want social success and wealth, then you'll have to try harder. If we limit you to 40 minutes, 20 minutes each, you can sustain greater discomfort and willpower for greater results (as in training high intensity vs low), and you will quickly gain the ability to MAGIC these things, as your body will learn that these things matter to you, your brain will learn these things matter to you, and your sub-conscious will be working overtime to make it happen.

It's like someone who wants to biomutate or transform some body part. They writhe in agony on the ground trying to go werewolf or they can sit calmly and just pray for it.

Who is going to succeed first? The guy whose mind is blacking out in a storm of unconscious activity.

Wait, that's both of them.

Wait, if it's the same thing in both, then what's different?

Power. (agony guy wins the race)

Other people would say that this isn't the method, that relaxed and calm is, but this is a misconception (BEEP BEEP NEOPHYTE BS DETECTED - don't listen to me I know nothing) because they don't realize that they believe this because it exhausts one's power for a while after. You are temporarily weakened. When I try to force a massive element gain I can't repeat the same tactile and visual phenomena without it getting weaker, or me needing to exert myself more to get the same results.

But here's the thing: Every perceived limit that one's willpower, body, mind can go are false. They're merely gateways into something greater. One sheds weakness passing through the Eye of the Needle. The pain itself is the passage into greater power.

SO you have to do this as a warrior would fighting a bear, or a 7 ft icelandic giant blood barbarian. If you're not in agony for those 40 minuets then you'll receive less success.

Once you've had great results, economize by getting the same results with much less effort (calm and collected).


So I was focusing on the Earth and Metal (and some Water/Fire since I have a shit ton of Air, a lot of Fire, and average Water) element, and have been having massive pains in my upper rib cage from everything forcefully stretching themselves outward. Similar thing happening to my elbow. I felt the tingly sensations of my arm waking up (vitalization) despite not being numb/asleep (i suppose in a general long-term sense i am) and I moved the energy further down my arm, past my elbow… then I would get random extreme weakness and contractive pain in the elbow thereafter.

I understood this as meaning that my tendons are loosening gradually and want to move into a more efficient arrangement.

They in fact did and are. I was laying down when it start contracting AHHHHHH and slowly shifting like tectonic plates into another arrangement. I tried relaxing and allowing it to happen, but got too worried and so only made a minor improvement on my elbows. Awesome.

Well, now it's the chest region, all the chest ribs, shit around my heart, all of it. I'm going with some Wind element right now out of weakness of character, but I'm thinking that if I keep going with Earth/Metal I will grow a huge fucking shoulder girdle. Fuck it hurts. My neck is tight, shoulders tight, everything is tight and still pushing against eachother. Kind of awesome.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Air = Wood = Tendons in TCM, and Metal has the largest shoulder width and strong look amongst body types (they look like weight lifters without lifting).

Even my consciousness and mind have been feeling it. Fuck. The tendons of my mind are miserable from all my faculties pushing against each other like a Greek Democracy. I think I might get ripped and my IQ triple just from this experience. Fuck yeah Earth/Metal.

So if anyone has any experiences with strong physical responses to elements let me know.

Oh, and I keep getting sharp painful contractions in my lungs, eyes, and growing pressure on the heart. But they all feel stronger now too.

This has all been going on for a few years now, according to my BaZi I was born with the energetic impression of 0% Metal and 4% Earth (20% is balanced). I've been feeling like I'm slowly dying from growing clarity and strength. Death of the original qi impression I guess. Oh my, Oh MY are things a'changin'.



>will I become particularly youthful and long-lived?

No, you'll need to control your Qi for that. The things you mentioned will make things easier though by removing energy fluctuations caused by these things.



"been going on for a few years now" – and is now accelerating from direct element work vs passive elemental changes (Metal is most prevalent in Adulthood, and I'm in my 20's).



>Oh, and I keep getting sharp painful contractions in my lungs, eyes, and growing pressure on the heart. But they all feel stronger now too.

>I've been feeling like I'm slowly dying from growing clarity and strength

Be careful. Sounds like the stuff that I had gotten myself into.

I assume that you hold the air in your lungs too much and do forced breathing.

I'm telling you not to overdo it - if you already feel a kinda stinging pressure on your heart, it's already big time to relax.

Do not confuse a restless mind with mental improvement. Also check your resting heart rate, it mustn't be too high.



Greater resiliency is definitely becoming part of my character.

As you say though, you seem to have experienced similar.

My resting heart beat is probably 70. The usual.

I'll do wind for today, boost my sense of wellness and relief, and see if I can't fully recover by tomorrow. Slept a shit ton yesterday, needed recovery.



I've been doing manual shallow and deep breathing for 8 years now. My restlessness is energetic, emotional, and perceptual but I've got a solid grip on all thoughts. This being because Metal controls Wind. My perceptions are a bit chaotic but are slowly being pieced together into a comprehensive meta-physical picture of reality. My emotions too. My energies are less controlled, but feel stronger than ever. Like a heavy weight, not fast but strong; that's for the future.

What is actually happening is a LACK of restlessness and activity. They are forced into cohesion. THEY being separate initiatives. I am the most unified front I've ever been. Any hypocrisies of mine are obvious. My muscles are being used in more and more coordinated and cohesive ways. My thoughts and actions effect each other more directly than ever before. I really have nothing to legitimately worry about, but a full recovery would be wise to assess my position. FULL WIND-MODO



Yeah, probably.


Masonry the only secret society that will give me access to lots of shit?


i have demon(s) attached to my being causing chaos and strife in my social circles.

recommend me a book or write out a binding ritual that I may know peace.




Lol they will sell you pieces of what we know and fuck you up the ass.


My honored friends..

Is anyone willing to share some intuitive techniques that promote exploration and independent learning?

I have been stuck doing only void meditation for a long time now. That practice is excellent for me and mandatory for basic functioning. However it is also tedious, hard work. I would like to get into something that's more "applied".



Read everything you come across and promote synchronicities by pulling on the strangest, less common coincidences you find, and then reflect on them and try to find connections before proceeding to the next link in the chain.



The Masons are basically dead, you'd be lucky to find a functioning lodge. Everything they can give you, you can find online with a 5 minute search



Yes, piecing things together, "seeing the whole picture", strengthening this way to think, seeing connections and drawing conclusions based on that, applying more and stranger information because you see where it fits in until eventually you can have the answer as if on instinct with finished cad blueprints in your mind, it does something to the brain.



I've been working my way upwards like this since my initiation. Good stuff.

Protip for fledging magicians. Meditation is very valuable for many reasons, but one of them is that having the ability to get into a state of equanimity and detachment is very useful for letting go of expectations and not lusting for results. Very useful for manifestation in general and also for dealing with life overall.



If you really wanna get good results in magic, you should atleast have a 5-10 minute meditation schedule. The more the merrier, practice really is 95% of the journey. What's the other 5% you ask? Oh nothing… being a god


I have a problem with creativity. Either i don't have it or i lack the skills to express myself.

What to do? In chakra-system this points to throat center, but i'd like a another opinion.



Grind it. At first it sucks, at last it feels like succ

Also, wear a fundoshi



The throat is expression, not creativity.

Its the second. You have repressed sexuality and that hinders a creative flow, the flow goes left right left right but if either male or female is to strong the flow will be disrupted to the point of discordance or absence of the flow, leading to negatively attacking others creativity and being "anti life", anti creation, inviting entropy and depression.

Its your sacral chakra, your penis that is wrong.

That is where passion comes from, passion to socialize, passion for a platonic hug, passion to sing or write and dance. Passion for higher learning.

Yes, it was porn that ruined you. Your passion for life is now directed only towards sex.

Passion and love is more than flesh, its your smile blessing your confidence in all you do.



Save me the trouble and lay it all on me, then.


I can't hang out in a replica of Solomon's temple and read weird old books online though.

What about Rosicrucians? (Not AMORC, obviously)


File: 9d4b3d2b727832a⋯.jpg (49.38 KB, 417x417, 1:1, c4cfdd3ca09702d1ac08bfffd6….jpg)

File: 88d5860c5b4d141⋯.jpg (13.48 KB, 259x194, 259:194, plees2z.jpg)

Hyperboreans vs Pleiadeans GO!





>you must pay 50$ for trial entry

no thanks


File: 4623ba0c9a7e81a⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 4623ba0c9a7e81afd24c9d41e4….jpg)


Is it the gayest faction wins or something?



kek, its combat



You are quite correct with the symptoms, but then again

>it was porn that ruined you. Your passion for life is now directed only towards sex.

I didn't internet when i was a teen and today i'm more of a asexual.


File: af7d2395e481565⋯.jpg (75.65 KB, 634x541, 634:541, 654643634 - Copy.jpg)

>Easy no PMO all day

>Go to sleep

>Wake up 20 minutes later with a raging boner

>Immediately start fapping to the dirtiest porn I can find

>Rinse and repeat the next day


One time I even woke up already fapping.


File: 5dfb17eceaa7121⋯.jpg (31.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)


>One time I even woke up already fapping.


Can you do energywork? If so , move sacral energy up spine. If not, distract yourself with something less degenerate, or just willpower it



> move sacral energy up spine

How'd I do that?



These Shrek smolders are killing me, man.



Guys, how do I get into Engineer mode?


>One time I even woke up already fapping

I've been there.



Don't worry, its not ogre yet!



i look like that without the extra buff, energywork will do this.


Anybody got some some stuff on brining about change to the physical body?

Changing your appearance, etc.


File: abe93f53b9023fe⋯.png (63.79 KB, 1787x522, 1787:522, shapeshifting.png)

File: bad5a6e62692786⋯.png (113.26 KB, 1777x675, 1777:675, shapshifting2.png)


Shapeshifting is adept shit, unless you wanna spend 1-4 months on said shit, and that's if your even skilled enough to perform the magic required, anyway, here's how to do it

btw, am I correct in assuming these are Smil*y's posts?



New Energy Ways V2 by Robert Bruce


So I'm fully aware how my physical condition and current mind condition affect all life experience to be subjective af as in giving a certain "flavor"

What's the next level I have to go?



Within the parameters of what you're talking about? Read Reality Creation Redux.

If you mean "What step does the neophyte take after learning reality creation? Probably reading some of Atkinson's books, energywork, thoughtforms, you could start out with Initiation Into Hermetics if you wanna get right into the real magic, but I'd read New Energy Ways V2 with it for better results. Be sure to read ''Science of Breath too, but you only really need to read halfway in, till you learn how to breath right

P.s. - That Casswiki shit is just Atkinson's books in wiki form, if you don't like Atkinson's writing style, you could always read that, but caution, it's not 100% accurate, like with StS (lhp) and StO (rhp), there is also the balanced neutral, or "middle path" as we call it



I'm not who you responded to, but shouldn't the middle path be the ultimate goal, since all truths are half-truths, etc? IIH has us balance our soul mirrors rather than being disproportionately one or the other.



>Why do you want to know the identity of posters?

probably the same reason why you spy on users


>murka #buh

hey it's only the thing I was researching cause synchronicity, weird you would know about it :^)


>No, but you actually are: there are few as autismo as you :^)

hey it's only part of my email address that I use too shitpost how weird.



Exactly nigga, spot-on.



>Why do you want to know the identity of posters?

<probably the same reason why you spy on users

That's cool, I spy on him as well

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)



I browse the board as a regular anon and only sign in to do moderator actions.

I have no idea what motivates you to do what you do and I don't really care to know as long as just please stop.


File: 2e9bedba9e72c80⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 223x310, 223:310, MindControl.jpg)

What are some types of magic and/ or magical practices people should avoid?

I would suppose things like demonic magic or attempting to magically influence people would be considered wrong or ill advised.



I could've sworn I had been noticing changes. Good to know I'm not imagining it.

I'm on the breathing of the first of the elements, fire, following IIH (been a week and a half), and I'm going to get more serious with Crowley's system.

How long until others start noticing my spiritually induced gains?



There is no right or wrong in that sense. However, the basis for that rule, as it were, is sound. One cannot (or rather only with great difficulty can) do baneful magic or influence people negatively without getting their aura dirty, so to speak.

You can use magic to influence or fuck people up, but you'd have to be either very good or very pure of heart in order to avoid the consequences.

Demonic magic has nothing intrinsically bad about it. It just deals with generally more dangerous entities, that's all.

Believe it or not, the answer is in The Kybalion.



please respond to my double mason dubs

I just want to be initiated in the mysteries, somehow.



I dont like masons nor your attitude that we owe you to do shit.

As above so below. All is mind.

There. Thats everything, now figure out the inbetween.



They say a teacher will come to you when you are ready for one. But based on your posts, you should just stick to reading books and practicing Hermetics individually.



>doesn't like your attitude

>has shit normie-tier attitude




Buy that and follow the instructions. You don't need to come back until you've reached the end. By then you'll be able to teach us a thing or two.

Goodbye and good luck.


File: 97174aa08473ea5⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 475x520, 95:104, no namefag drama.JPG)


If you're asking about my screenshots, I just collect your magic advice, I think you probably know more than most on here, and that wasn't me asking about id's. I just collect good advice, and that usually comes from you, Tipp, or Khan


>trinity of tryhards and the ensemble of armchair occultists



me the merchant maestro to the ensemble


File: d9dff68ccb580b6⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 604x652, 151:163, _20170622_033807.JPG)

Dude, I feel sicc. Anybody got any tcm or something?

>cold feet

>low energy

>sensitive, achey limbs


I'm pretty sure it's a cold, but I thought I'd ask here for advice. What do wizbros, am I gonna die?



I know exactly whats going on. You're in for a ride.



Eat more sodium, soak up more sun, take some Vitamin C, drink more water, and get some rest.


File: d3a55082fcce2f5⋯.jpg (187.83 KB, 960x960, 1:1, crystals n shit.jpg)

i see a lot of new-agers talking about crystals and how each kind has its own properties.

Is there any actual benefit to wearing crystals or other types of magical apparel as well?

inb4 fedoras lol



yes they're very magical, get some.



Thanks, check'd



Nah, your mom re-scheduled to next week



>your attitude that we owe you to do shit.

I thought it was obvious that I was joking about how the poster whom I was replying to made occult knowledge sound trivial.


Okay, I suppose the the truly secret knowledge that can't be found in books will come later.


Thanks, anon.



File: 004da6db919400e⋯.jpg (7.35 KB, 159x139, 159:139, _20170622_032350.JPG)


I get it, sick, because I have a cold!







That's how I feel all the time for years.

>What do wizbros, am I gonna die?

Eat high quality fats and also release your stress with powerful outbursts and then spend lots of time using the imagination and fantasizing so you can create aesthetic mental experiences that are enjoyable and revitalize your body. That's what is working for me. The life is too painful and shitty and the various more technical concentration and so on stuff that I would do constantly all the time doesn't heal, it's nonsensical fantasy stuff and listening to the ethereal songs of angels and so on that heals.



I have a huge pile of amethysts like that at the side of my house that I got from a hoarders house I helped clean out. They belonged to an Ojibway medicine woman before me (she is dead). They make the blood run a little more thin and have subtle effects on the ether. However the influence they have is, subtle… and easily overpowered by the torrents of emotion and thought running through your mind. So if you want a little background boost to your energy they are an aid but it's not anywhere near as powerful an influence as the thoughts you entertain and attract. Also you should clean your home and make it attractive to good spirits. When you wander in dreams, you are in actual fact visiting areas that your astral body resonates with. When you make a highly aesthetic, beautiful, organized, etc. surrounding that embodies many virtues then you end up getting spirits from all across the universe (and different timelines and dimensions and so on) coming to the space you created and bringing their good vibes n' so on. Seriously, good clean beautiful surroundings and proper use of geometry and so on can change your life. There are some places you can't stay in too long without it transforming you for the better and there are other places where even if you're really strong if you stay too long it turns you into a fucking mess. How long it takes depends on your level of resistance and your consciousness of the I Am principle, the real self, spirit and on the virtues and so on that you embody. Either a powerful man of great virtue will transform his surroundings or the surroundings will transform him, one wins out eventually. If you're stuck in a prison or something then keep your thoughts away from the immediate surrounding as much as possible, just dissociate, because you are where your thoughts are… so your body might be located in a prison and you might be toiling every day and have crap rations and so on but you can keep your soul alive this way. Malicious matrix agents will try to stamp out tendencies towards talking to the air, imagining, getting distracted, etc. they want to control your attention and kill your soul and make you like a chink slave. You let them win then your lineage will degenerate (genetic lottery is not random, to a certain extent your genes do matter, but sex is a powerful magickal act and the soul is being created and nurtured and so on… people of low virtue degenerate fast and people of high virtue advance fast). Many chinks today are degenerating terribly and many chink bodies probably don't even host spirits anymore and are just animated by elementals only. I must go now, hope this helps, and yes I addressed far more than just what you typed.


The power of crystals is amplified by intentionally using them and setting out to really use the power. As an ambient background influence it's weak. Actually trying to work with and connect to it is different. Same for trees, rocks, etc. You could use a crystal and amplify its power greatly by turning it into a proper magickal tool. Also learn to alchemy… everything got its 3-parts nature (sulphur, mercury, salt).

Crystals also need to be cleaned up properly. I do this with soapy water. Then they have to sit in salt water for days and get lots of sun light. This unclogs them on etheric level and the crystals I have definitely needed it as they were covered in so much cat and dog piss, dirt, hair, etc. as well as negative energy and their original owner was dead and those influences had to be wiped. You don't have to reset a crystal like this if it's already empowered n' shit but mine needed it. You can't use table salt btw, I used aquarium salt, saline solution or ocean water is the best.

I used to scoff at crystal fags and still kind of do but everything is alive and has power in it that can be coaxed into action on your behalf. Ambient power isn't much, it's subtle but definitely noticeable, like with amethyst it makes the blood run thin / run better / increases circulation. Like everything though there is immense power that just needs to be brought out and that takes some effort but once you unlock it, it's a source of power ready for to draw on whenever needed. It's good to have an intuitive sense of when to use your implements/tools and when not to, use in wrong context weakens it, and abuse of power creates imbalances that disrupt the vitality of the soul and weaken the body. Vitality is a harmonious thing that requires the whole system works together properly. Think about how you got to talk to your organs sometimes and encourage them to work properly and how the different organs have different typical personalities, some being slower to influence (liver), some much more reactive (heart), etc.



Fuck I've been fucking with elements before and during the first step of IIH and it's just fucking me up; was focusing on Earth/Metal for a while, probably months or over a year considering the psychological aspects of these elements, but despite no positive results before, it really seemed like a good idea to spend 7 days or so of complete focus on Earth/Metal rather than jumping around a bit to test things out, and I'm no better.

I did get serious obvious results/biofeedback, like my chest cavity expanding and tendons stretching and moving, and feeling those aches in them that I usually don't… hyper precise vision and perceptions sometimes, when I've "worked" the metal so to speak… noticing all the tightness I have (tendon tightness), strangely specific muscle connections, but other things suffered.

No will to workout, and workouts are terrible until I get fired up enough. A real issue of no fire until I workout, but fire is what I need to get myself to workout.

Feels like body parts are moving on their own. It's like I've been split into a million pieces, psychologically. I just carve shit up on accident.


So yeah, learning how to walk my path through the elements, and the results are fucking intense. Switching to Fire for a week to see how it goes.


If you have friends, I suggest you share some of the stuff you're interested in. I told a couple friends of mine to imagine fire in their low navel when meditating, and to meditate or some sort of practice (they're into zen, magic, crystals, martial arts, fantasy, tabletop, etc). Actually I've always have had friends that were interested in this type of stuff; at least zen, meditation, eastern stuff.

If you want to grow with others, be consistent and start with 'normal' stuff like visualization. It's actually received will when you share it in a way that doesn't say, "All is mind." but instead "Cool shit happens dude."


Fire element -> Balls. Exploding.

Lightning element -> Pecker. Arcing.

Seriously though, Fire element should be the obvious choice.



I think this is a very good post, kudos to you, thank you.

On the one hand you state the empowerment of virtue and one's ability overcome even genetic 'limitations' and environmental influences.

On the other hand you provide a solid perspective on the power of degenerative influences internal and external.

But more importantly, the reason I'm being so superfluous, is your comment "Many chinks today are degenerating terribly and many chink bodies probably don't even host spirits anymore and are just animated by elementals only." That elemental point really hits on something I've been noticing without a real definition for it except, "It's too flowing." It's too elemental. That's been my entire experience the past 3 years.

I've realized now that I need to focus on virtue as much as elements and the occult in general, and that my attempts to do so have just not been enough up till now.


File: 7505bc7b6cbbfbb⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 464x420, 116:105, tfw smug ogre.JPG)


This is the best fucking post I've seen on /Fringe/ in months, well done man. Have a rare ogre



When it comes to the elements, I think you shouldn't dabble like that. Your body needs time to adapt, so switching elements in such a short time would probably throw you off. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm doing 1 month fire, 1 month air, 1 month water and 1 month earth (inhaling and exhaling, not retaining). If everything goes well, I will then move on to step 4 of IIH.



how does one become a man of great virtue? Do you mean being a kind person?


China needs to go. Spread the word.


Is there some incredibly risky and dangerous things with potent benefits, that I could try?

No matter how bad the benefit/risk ratio is.



The hidden powers behind the hegemony of the US have been moving west since shortly brfore Trump entered the picture. It might not be China, but most of us will probably see an Asian country replace the US as the world's #1 power in our lifetime.

Those behind it will be the same of course.



Investing in stocks.



I already have money. It doesn't really mean anything when there is nothing to buy.

I meant something where i can put my whole life at stake. No russian roulette.



Cliff diving?



>Kundalini rising

>invoking an element and retaining it for a day


>Goettic evocation

>mind over fear meditation

>getting a thicc gf for Tantric sex

>Making a pilgrimage to Thailand to learn Mo Pai, (don't share that name anywhere but here, it's too dangerous)

>post your face on /Fringe/,

Tipp made that mistake, and now he's my favorite Photoshop dummy, I never share my shops out of respect for my favorite weedbro, but it's still funny


To the anon who knows a girl with latent psychic ability that hates men, how latent is this girl?


Holy shit /ask/ is as dead as a doornail, I guess that's what happens when you have over 9,000 boards



She doesn't know shit about magic beyond tumblr-tier witchcraft, but she does well to tell about a person's past, the future, and people's thoughts. Good enough to not forget about, but not so good that somebody without latent ability couldn't surpass her in a year. Though recently I have heard of another, reportedly beautiful girl who works a horse range with her sister that can command the horses from a distance without speaking.


Could anyone recommend some (hopefully short) books that explain Gnosticism and Goetia?


To what extent should I allow others to help me?



It's pretty long altogether, but some individual chapters cover what you're looking for:



Anybody here got any experiences with Zhan Zhuang.? Dem Chinese niggas claiming that just standing around has crazy benefits, anybody have any direct experience?



Some things are generally more beneficial when done with help. Examples are overcoming mental illness, managing your finances, improving your personality, getting fit, and even practicing magic. There's certainly some value in doing things alone, but it often hinders your progress so much compared to what you could be doing that it's not worth it for the pride of not "needing" help. I am currently overcoming psychosis and anxiety, and though I never take any medications (not really helpful, it's like putting a bandaid over a bullet wound), I've received help from therapists, counselors, family, and friends. Humans have evolved as inherently social creatures and we are meant to support each other in our endeavors. It's not a belittlement on you if you can't do something alone. Getting help allows you to move on from something so that rather than being your single greatest feat, it can be set aside for greater works.



It will be China. They will use China to move west into a Europe of civil war.

The stage is set.







>metal,fire,earth, water and air

fuck this some avatar-tier shit

how do i know which type am i anon?



A lot of fictional works are inspired by truth, they just make it easier and more physically literal. The esoteric elements are very symbolic. I don't know much about their practice and use yet though, but I'm pretty sure if you start working with them you will notice if you are better at one over the others.



oh thanks anon, but how do i know my type?



Fair point. Is retaining worse in some way? I wanted to find which element to focus a week - month on by giving each a day or so.


Body composition, personality, that sort of thing. That doesn't say what Day Master you have though, just your elemental propensity.

>Metal looks like a weight lifter with wide broad shoulders, thin hips; strong voice and character. Narrow, triangular jaw. Barrel chest. Legs not in proportion.

>Wood is tall, skinny, with ribs and such muscles showing. Small head and narrow, triangular jaw. All tendons and sinew, which you can see usually.

>Earth is fleshy and muscular, with square head and jaw, with a compact/stocky look.

>Water is fat. And round. Everywhere.

>Fire has a strong spine, broad back, and curly or no hair. Triangular jaw. Well-proportioned, large thighs.

According to this I would have a Wood/Fire build, with extra Water or Earth in the head.


Check your Ba Zi. Mine says I'm 43% Wood, 37% Fire, and a 16% Water Day Master. It adds up I'd say.



The Hermetics'' guy who always talks about energywork and weed



*the hermeticist flag guy*



>Is retaining worse in some way?

Faster grinding of said element, more likely to imbalance


can i get some more detail on where the fuck you got this metal element? isn't metal earth?

there are just five elements in the pentagram

are you playing make belief on my himalayan psychology and social studies board?


does not ring a bell, lots of people use this flag.


File: 6d8fe957326f636⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 148x146, 74:73, _20170622_032413.JPG)

>Check your Ba Zi. Mine says I'm 43% Wood, 37% Fire, and a 16% Water Day Master. It adds up I'd say.

>Your symbolic stars are: funeral, gate, bloody, knife

What the fuck did I just read?



>6.66 kb's

Wow, someone really wants me dead



I think metal somehow translates to air in the hermetic tradition, wood to water



you have to give me more than that you bullshit occultist



Look up the tcm elements, then compare them to the hermetic elements, I'll give you a hint there's no spoon-feeding element faggot



compare them side to side for me and i might give you something in return instead.

how can the chinese system do without air and how come metal replaced it?


you have nothing better to do anyway faggot



BaZi is a birth chart sort of thing right?



For this I would definitely be fire. Neat.


If you don't have the confidence to lay out your ideas for everyone to poke holes at you shouldn't talk so loudly when people ask what you're on about.



Well Wood is associated with Wind in the body, so Wood would be more Air than Metal; I'm pretty sure they're based on the realities of the human body more than environmental realities.

Wood I think is Positive Fire, Negative Earth, Positive Water, Negative Air. A selective retrocombination that takes the positive from the true elements, and the negative from the "false" elements.

Metal on the other hand I believe is the opposite, taking Negative Water and Fire, Positive Earth and Air.

I could be wrong.

Metal is only associated with dryness and I guess logic (left brain), while Wood is associated with Wind (classic element) and also creativity, subjectivity, sensitivity, and leadership (right brain).


What are you on about



Fire and Water are the same in both traditions. Metal is basically Air, and Wood is Earth but with the drive and manliness of Fire. Earth itself is practically the same.

Now gimme gimme, if you're a roastie I don't want your nudes



I've seen Wood labelled as Junior Yin and Metal as Senior Yang, with Earth as Tao.

Water -> Senior Yin

Fire -> Junior Yang

That was just one place however. Elsewhere it's usually lesser Yang ->Wood, lesser Yin -> Metal, major Yang Fire major Yin Water, Yin Earth.



Yeah that sounds about right, I was just talking about how it reflects on the hermetic tradition, which, btw, in the hermetic tradition, yin and yang, becomes electric and magnetic, but you probably already knew that





Oh and Fire types are usually Red/Purple in color, Wood are blue/green, Metal is grey/pale, Earth is yellow/brown, water is dark.


I never payed attention to those, but I'm guessing that means "Your gateways of transition are bloody and violent, or at least ruthless and at the cost of something." as related to the specific pillar (day pillar is it? then your way of life). I don't pay attention to the stars however.


I use this website.


I'm still more inclined to believe that Earth is Electromagnetic, Tao. And since Wood changes its essential nature quite easily (fire, rot, etc.) vs Metal that doesn't change its essential nature easily at all (stays in its rigid structure despite temperature, weather, electricity for quite a long time in quite the diverse environments) I would say Metal is Yang.

Wood is associated with Infancy,

Fire is associated with Prepubescence,

Earth is associated with Adolescence,

Metal is associated with Adulthood,

Water is associated with Seniority, decrepitude, old-age.

With this we can see how an infant is more Yin than a teenager, and how a prepubescent is less yang than an adult. Thus, Wood is Yin, Metal is Yang.



Metal is useless ore without being worked by Fire mind you;

Yang Fire has a reverse production cycle, being the Sun, producing Wood. Yang Fire may not destroy Metal, but Metal might destroy the Sun, seeing as how Iron (the first Yang metal) will supernova a Sun (though that's just a theory, so take that statement with a grain of salt).

The Sun may or may not produce Earth as well… the entire cycle could be reverse specifically for Yang Fire, or just the production/generation part of it.



Sounds awesome by the way, retaining all the way. I already feel the burning from Fire. Just gotta breath in pure Air, breath out Smoke every once in a while and I'm golden.



Apparently I'm 69% Metal. Is that a bad thing, it being so high? I've never heard of this BaZi thing before



What's your day master? Metal requires Fire, boost your fire element. Also, cardio is a daily necessity. Vigorous exercise in general is a necessity for life.


(Vigorous exercise = Fire)


I shall note the latent elemental power that exists in your ancestral bloods. You can be a 100% Water type (god have mercy) but have the ancestral blood of BLOOD RAGE BARBARIANS and call upon that strength to transform you in your pursuit of becoming pure FIRE.



Literally physical smoke? If so, you might be an adept



Visualization. I would be a potential ARCHMAGUS if I was doing that shit.


That doesn't sound like me at all, usually when I transition I read something that completely shatters my perspective on magic, like how the elements are merely a categorization of intents, like healing or burning. Then I finally understand it all and come out a brand-new wizard with unbound smugness for my hikki social isolation, no blood or violence involved, though that would be cool



I wasn't being specific, just stating that ancestral powers can be called forth if one digs deep enough, and totally change their character, in contradiction to any sort of birth chart.


I just ran trying to force Fire for 20 minutes and am more sore than usual, and am feeling my connective tissues loosen and awareness expand. Awesome.



One time I almost killed myself with Fire. I invoked it straight into my eyes, it burned like shit and made my eyes water, but I was like "Fuck it, if I don't die my eyes are instantly accustomed to the Fire". Needless to say I didn't die, because what little adapting I did with Fire to the eyes beforehand, I guess it was enough to not outright kill me, but yeah, instantly accustomed my eyes to Fire, retention is a risky business, but it pays


How do I make a specific thoughtform of my ideal girl to attract likewise in reality, without accidentally making a tulpa. I keep vividly imagining her, all her behavior and beliefs, interacting with me, but I'm afraid she'll just become a tulpa.

How do I make sure I attract someone like her physically, and not make a tulpa?


File: 9663a13fba8400c⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Foto 5-7-17, 6 02 54 PM.jpg)


If you don't want to end up with a tulpa, don't talk to her or visualize her together with you (imposed into reality) or anything like that. And try to stop yourself from getting infatuated with this ideal. Also don't make her too specific (no name, no particular hairdo/tattoos/makeup, etc). And never ever let her talk back to you in your head. Follow the basic rules for synchronicity generation in pic related and maybe make up some rituals or something.

Most of this post was written by my tulpa FYI, so I hope it's A+ advice.



Earth/Metal was outright fucking up my eyes and lungs and heart. Sharp cutting type images, and then tactile stimulus; my right eye stopped being round and lost neurological strength, weakening my eye sight considerably. It became sort of like one of those 8 sided die (made of triangles) in shape. Fuck.

It was the metal of course… but god damn I felt like I've been attacked all day every day for over a year now just from entering adulthood (metal) and questioning my integrity (virtue of Metal); I have 0 Metal in my chart so I'm hyper sensitive to the tiniest bit of it.

It's how I got into the occult to be honest; I had an instance of integrity breakdown and it drove me crazy… and psychedelics didn't help at all.

I was a STEM guy with artistic and philosophical passions and creative ideas about how they overlap and combine (Wood?), but now I see the seven principles at work, more and more every day, in a much more literal fashion, and see no reason to keep my understanding of reality "straight laced" so to speak. Gotta untie the shoe to put on a bigger pair.

Fuck Metal. And Earth. Shit is hazardous to my health; just thinking thoughts that are composed of some Metal is dangerous for me.


How strictly do you guys keep to IIH? I'm tightening the screws, following the books instructions to the letter to get the most out of it starting tomorrow. Been on Step 1 for a week now.

Did any of you go through the Occult Seed all the way?



>How strictly do you guys keep to IIH?

I don't bother really following it other then the meditations.

I prefer my own sort of thing.



To the letter to the best of my abilities, although I admit sometimes I get ahead of the curriculum in one of the three aspects. I do so at my peril.


If you are not going to follow it to the letter perhaps you are better of following your own pathworking. You're going to advance slower half-assing somebody else's system than discovering your own. And that applies to everything in life.



Holy shit thank you, I was doing exactly what I didn't want to do!

>tfw I was so close to making an invisible normalfag in my head



How is anticipation different from intent?



I think you quoted the wrong post, but I can answer that question.

Intent in magic is generally understood as the intention behind a magical work.

Anticipation is the act to expect or look forward to. Expectation.



Intent is being greatful for your wish in the present moment


File: 3525449255a696d⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1425031864274.png)

Are there any fringe tier podcasts worth listening to?



Rather for your wish having come true.


What are the metaphysical implications of committing suicide comparing to wanting to die but not being responsible for your death?



you will still die in a negative vibration and your soul will move to the astral planes which corresponds to its frequency as to not dissipate due to dissonance and you will experience multiple lifetimes in dreamtime dealing with your shit until your soul loses enough loosh to keep your spirit in there and you pass on.



Speaking of which, how long do you think normal people last in the astral?



time doesn't exist and if it did it would be a relative perspective.


So I've been wanting to get into meditation, but I've read it can be dangerous for those with certain mental proclivities. I've been struggling somewhat with psychotic and anxiac tendencies lately, and that's pretty much the whole reason I've been wanting to do meditation, but I don't want those problems exacerbated possibly. Are dangers common? Is it worth doing alone?



>Metal looks like a weight lifter with wide broad shoulders, thin hips; strong voice and character. Narrow, triangular jaw. Barrel chest. Legs not in proportion.

can someone who is obviously not metal, achieve metal physique traits? such as wide shoulders etc? if yes, how so?



>Fire has a strong spine, broad back, and curly or no hair. Triangular jaw. Well-proportioned, large thighs.

I'm having a hard time visualizing this. Will you please post an example?



If you work out your back and shoulders enough, your frame will widen significantly. But you won't look like the people who lift and have naturally broad shoulders, that's just genetics. Unless you become an adept and learn to shapeshift.



I have dealt greatly with anxiety and psychosis as well. If you believe meditation will cause problems, it probably will, but if you believe it will help you, that will most likely be the case instead. There are many types of meditation, and for improving your condition(s) I recommend some form of relaxed breathing meditation, like in Step I of IIH. And one point just in general: when you need to relax, breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 2, breathe slowly out through your mouth for 8-10 seconds, and hold out for 2 again. Use your diaphragm. After a couple minutes your heart rate will be much lower. I would definitely not get into serious occultism until you have better control over your mind, because it can easily make a bad condition worse. Aside from meditation, what has helped me the most with combating these symptoms is the following:

>building muscle and working out (eat a lot more if you're skinny, mainly healthy stuff)

>sleeping better (this is hard but possible to fix, go to sleep before 11pm as often as you can)

>socializing enough ("enough" varies by person, for me I need to see friends once or twice every two weeks at the bare minimum, just don't neglect it)

>do the breathing and meditation every day

>see a therapist you get along with if you or your family can afford it (a lot of people disregard this; it is not psychiatry and can be very helpful)

>avoid meds if possible

>get a little pocket copy of the Tao Te Ching and read from it often

>listen to relaxing music

I've dealt with this stuff for 5 years now, please ask if you need more information.



James Bartley if you do not mind listening to a black guy (some here do)



Forgot to mention that Wood types have less wide, but still wide shoulders.

Here's a MEGA for TCM Therapeutic Qi Gong with a chapter on "Body Constitutions" with pictures:



All the connective tissues in my chest cavity connected to my shoulders were forcefully loosening when I was cultivating the Metal element, and I could feel the tightness limiting my wingspan all up my arms and in the shoulders/chest when putting my arms out…

so if you guys focus on Metal and stretching yourself from the inside out with your own breath, and stretching all day to get your arms to pull away from the body, you should find your frame widens.



Thank you. I'm tentative about therapy or any institutional help because I'm not in a position to afford being diagnosed or living with a label the rest of my life. I think I'll try mediation (just qmm) with everything else listed and go into it positive.



Honestly it's about consistency. As in, having consistent patterns in your life so you can take a break from the madness and chaos of everything.

That's why my next goal is to follow IIH to the letter, to regain control and direction both at the same time.

Calm and consistency. In IIH, the first step, there's a part where you try not to think outside of what you've decided to think about for the day or week. At every other time you try to provoke a vacant state of mind.

Just trying to do that sent me into a mental frenzy when I went to go sleep; I wanted to go to sleep thinking about the Principle of Mentalism and wake up thinking about it the whole day, but there's a lot of obstacles to doing so.

I had uncomfortable strange dreams that night as well.

As long as you return to the pattern you've set for yourself; the routine you've built, the program; to the best of your ability… you will find control and direction again.

Every part of me resists routine for some reason. I'll be conquering this as soon as possible however. A lot of my anxiety stems from this fact. I've tried cultivating more bravery and courage and manliness to compensate, but it really doesn't make up for the fact that I lack control.



Energy work can help as well if you do it safely


I don't necessarily come here so I figured this thread would be a good place to ask. What is the esoteric significance of spiders?



Some shamans believe they're evil, in the sense that their "power" when trapped in a human body makes the person evil.

I have some of that spider consciousness (based on third eye visions of spiders moving around inside my body, out of my body, even feeling a spider come out of my forehead's third eye region once which FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT) and in a sense,

> "Own. Entrap. Possess. Drain. Kill. Scheme. Death. Bind. Snare. Ruin them. Kill them. Own them. Snare them. Drain them. The end is all that matters."

They're like little assassins.

They are constructive but to selfish ends. If you can learn from their skill and forethought (which they rely on vs strength, agility, etc.) without becoming someone who sits at the center of their little web playing god, then you'll gain some impressive mental abilities. They have extreme mental and physical sensitivities, feeling every little vibration/tremor. They are in and of themselves very weak however, being small insects with delicate limbs.



You should try an information fast (called "input deprivation"). For one week you don't take in any data. No reading online, no books, no news, no tv, no movies, no classes, no radio, etc. You can only output information, and you will find yourself doing so, so keep a notepad handy. I've been meaning to do one for a while now, I first read of its effects here:



Fair enough.




I should mention, though, a diagnosis is typically only officially given so you can get medication. I went to years of therapy before my therapist told me what she thought I had and offered to write it officially in case I needed it. For just sitting and talking it's a bit overpriced, but they're good at what they do.



I ask because someone in my family keeps claiming to see big spiders when they're in a pseudo-dream state what's creepy is every time they see a spider in this state within about 3 weeks someone close to them dies this has happened in 3 cases so far



>If you are not going to follow it to the letter perhaps you are better of following your own pathworking. You're going to advance slower half-assing somebody else's system than discovering your own. And that applies to everything in life.

I did say that in my post mr newfig. "I prefer my own sort of thing." I never said that I was half-assing his system, only that I had taken some meditations to incorporate into my personal system.

Also, IIH is hardly a good system for a neophyte to practice. There are far better beginner guides to practice and learn with.



Psychic perception (subtle tremors) are associated with spiders so either it merely represents the awareness of "death is near" (subtle tremors in one's social web) or there are giant spiders in the world capturing and killing humans via metaphysical overlappings of the subtle realms :^)


So true dude. Just today I was considering if I should avoid all technology and media until the evening as a habit, as I felt much better doing this for a couple days earlier this week; I decided nah, and pushed the question away. Synchronicities I suppose, I notice them in correlation to mental decisions all the fuckin' time and it's very surreal.

Alright I'll post something, be more of a creator (as I've tried to in a small way on /fringe/ and /fit/ lately):

When you punch something, try to punch it like you turn into iron at the last minute, and your brain rattles in your skull from the impact. You will get a headache. Stop at that point, recover, then go again (don't get a brain injury). You want to feel as solid as possible, in your entire body, not just the hit.

The same goes for magic. You want your entire body to feel like it turned to stone at the moment of impact, and that your brain just rattled in its cage from it. This slowly develops a strong constitution in order to prepare yourself for stronger hits and counter-hits. Stability and structural integrity. This also prepares you for being much more conscious at the moment of impact. Instead of blanking out, and trusting it worked, you will have your eyes wide open the entire time, and become more conscious of the entire cause and effect process as a result.

"I hit him so hard MY brain rattled." Law of Correspondence


If you agree, disagree, go ahead and let me know.


File: d2470770943b00b⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 412x564, 103:141, Franz Bardon.jpg)


>I genuinely believe Bardon's "Let's waste 6 months building up disproportionate amounts of loosh all for one measly parlor trick in step 5 physical!" was a great idea, and totally not filler to perpetuate his book's, "le ten years" meme.

I like Bardon, but the finger levitation with "will alone", is bullshit - not useful, not practical, not necessary. Bardon's cool and all, but he wasn't inedian, and he wasn't perfect



I explained the punch thing terribly.

What you're actually doing is BLOCKING at the moment of impact, with your fist and whole body. Exploding forward and blocking the impact, so you can absorb more impact, so you can hit harder. If you block half assed, you feel the recoil in weak areas of the body such as the neck, brain, wrist, elbow, etc.

Same with magic. Block the recoil that results from impacting something, at the point of impact.

The stronger, tougher your body, the harder you can hit. Thus with the relevant bodies used in magic. Beat the shit out of your mind, learn to block in offense and defense, and you can perform stronger magics.

I already posted a page of Magi that has the same info; magic has recoil, stronger body stronger magic. But this includes the mental and emotional bodies as well. The other systems. Information. Learn to block, attacking or defending, and passively, and you can do much more.



And I intended the Law of Correspondence to refer to the mental/magical corresponding bodies.



I didn't say you were half-assing it either. It was more a cautionary note for the other guy than anything.


File: 08db7584c177a7d⋯.png (4.27 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Hey, I'm looking for a wallpaper which has been posted on this board in the past.

I tried drawing a quick picture of it, basically a green pill with a DNA helix inside on a white background, to the right (and possibly at an angle) were the words "Who says we can't play god?" The words may be incorrect, but that is the closest I remember it.

I'd really appreciate having this picture once again.


File: daadb637154f42c⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ascend.png)

How does once ascend/unlock their potential? I'm tired of being a low level scrub, i want to manifest changes to my body and unlock psychic powers.



>dreams are astral

>when you die you go to the astral

>when you die you dream

>lucid dreaming is hard

>lucid dream in the astral

>don't think about Earth, ever

Congratulations, you just escaped Samsara



>First off, believe fucker, or it'll take longer

>grind willpower and discipline

>learn Reality Creation

>read Kybalion and Atkinson's other books

>read Initiation Into Hermetics

>after getting to about step 3, set up a daily meditation schedule, as much as you can want, don't burn yourself out

>keep reading IIH while reading Magical Use of Thoughtforms, Transcendance, whatever

>read New Energy Ways V2, do energywork, Taoism

>live as healthy and balanced as possible

>patience, its not the beginning of a new fad, its the end of your old life

>you should take it from here, follow your now awakened crown chakra (intuition)


Something important for myself and the other non-initiates on this board to remember: have less opinions. Especially emotionally directed ones. They hinder learning to such an extent that one might as well be a mental cripple.


How do you deal with your friends and family being ego/parasite-driven and constantly plagued by suffering (in the Buddhist sense)?

I feel terrible seeing how unable to navigate their lives they are, and impotent on top of that because I can't help them (and they wouldn't let me anyway).

Meanwhile the rest of the world keeps churning out bullshit, creating feedback loops of misinformation and suffering. It's like seeing a constant spiritual trainwreck or a hospital wing for untreatable mental diseases. It's horrible.


newfig, got a bunch of questions

>wanna raise earth element but that needs healthy food and working out on regular basis, but i'm poor fag what to do?

>is listening to music often during the day bad for energy levels? mostly aggressive hip hop and ego rap and such, is that bad?

>is waking up late (about 11am everyday) bad? i feel beat up and pretty lazy everytime i do it, but when i under sleep and wake up at around 7 or 6 i feel shitty and tired all the day

>is moderate social media usage okay? like 1h or 2 per day



Now you see why I'm a solitary brownpill? There is no saving themtolerant" like Tipp, or be an utist likea me, you the balance, and you don't like thatare


Now you see why I'm a solitary brownpill? There is no saving themtolerant" like Tipp, or be an utist likea me, you the balance, and you don't like thatare


how do mundanes do it? how do they cultivate massive willpower?



When do mundanes ever have willpower, wha mdoyou meann?



w-wait don't some mundanes unconciously develop willpower through life experiences? like unconciously


File: e3bb86273164565⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 494x800, 247:400, Pictures-Gwyneth-Paltrow-C….jpg)

How do I design the interior of my room to make it lively and life positive?

My first thought came to Feng Shui ofc but most info on the net and in books seems to be mundane housewife crap. Any serious source for this (apart from tediously figuring everything out through meditation)?

Are there any masonic sources since building shit is basically what they should be good at?

I guess it all comes down to picking the right colors and geometries in the end but I'd like to have some compilation of these or something because, like I said, figuring everthing out on my own would take some effort - these kind of things are not so intuitive to me.



Isn't a natural human in a sort of Zen-state, so he just does things. Too dumb to have doubts or worries. Of course less and less people are like that. They become cattle in their impotency. Unlike men of yesterday.



No when people die in the large majority of cases their astral body decomposes in a similar way to their physical body, being reduced to its base components and fed upon. The physical body can live for the entirety of a universal cycle, so can the astral body. But usually they don't.



No idea. I'm just a newfig. Deep down you should have the answers. Keep moving and you eventually reach some of them. But don't believe your own lies. Discard all beliefs after a while just to be sure. There's a rhythm to it, but you can only learn it by practicing.

A good way to start is to change what you consider unchangeable. Quit smoking, for example.


Yeah, I believe this too. You don't need to know you are enlightened to be enlightened (and sometimes you think you are but are worse than a mundane).



There is no enlightenment. Enlightenment is a lie.



You don't need magic to have willpower. Not all mundanes are "le boring roastie normans," in fact very many of them are valuable and interesting people. Wizardry is not the pinnacle of spiritual progress either, it's just one collection of practices that can only be done by the spiritually advanced. Here is an example of mundane cultivation of willpower:



File: 0c76cf13eb40e8d⋯.png (39.57 KB, 250x209, 250:209, heartfield.png)

are there any rituals or magic to increase your personal magnetism? i'm talking about attracting sexual partners and making new friends.



>Energy in sacral chakra

>Sharpie in pooper



Less opinions, more spirit; human connections, good intentions.


File: 07cb76f09d88432⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 1560x872, 195:109, bone.jpg)

How do you raising a family and home life with the Great Work? I know many people have done this in the past, but it seems impossible now to balance the time between them.


File: 0b792cab9d48d72⋯.gif (497.03 KB, 500x241, 500:241, tumblr_m22vlxcfHM1rpelkno1….gif)


The Law of Attraction.

One of the 20 Universal Laws of Consciousness is that like gets like. The more you have the more you get of it. More negativity, more negativity. Positivity, more positivity. Being a nice person and having compassion in the long run will get you universally liked; see Mr. Rodgers.

Your vibrations and aura that encompass such feelings are what gets you more friends and (for the most part) sexual partners.

No, I don't mean le mr gentlemen nice guy, I mean being a genuinely good person. Its hard if you're a cynical and worn out chan browser, but with time it can be healed.

Ever wonder why normies seem to have all the friends and sexual partners? Their life has less negativity because they have less to think about because they know less. We know more than them, so the truth depresses us. They're in blissful ignorance, which radiates their vibrations outwards and introduces more positivity in their life. So, in essence, be a genuinely nice and friendly person. Don't just compliment people because you want sexual partners. Compliment them because they look nice or you like their haircut. Find something you genuinely like about them and tell them about it. That positive energy will brighten their whole day.

You'll find that the more inner peace and compassion you have, the more your desires effortlessly flow to you.



Really great post man, this was good to read. I think there is a gap of depression as knowledge and understanding increases. Ignorance is bliss, partial understanding is torture (see how tormented "redpilled" guys are), but full understanding (enlightenment) brings back happiness. I think I am climbing out on the higher side of the dip now.


File: 4c71abfde377ce2⋯.gif (24.62 KB, 200x200, 1:1, cand.gif)


Observe. Every corruption contains innumerable wisdom. Observe very closely and imbue every one of their corruptions into your soul while remembering the axiom: As above, so below. As below, so above. All evil is just God's purity inverted, turned inside out. Be thankful that you can observe these corruptions, understand them, through understanding comes transmutation, double-inversion.

If a higher law forces you into a position, that is your karma by the law of cause and affect, live within it and be thankful. You are an actor and the world is a stage, karma has chosen you to play this part for purposes of learning. When you have learned what is needed you will transcend this.

A lot of these feedback loops seem like 'disintegration into dirt', I've realized. Garbage. Dust. Dust is the Source of everything, God made man from the dust of the Earth. Dust is divine. Know dust, know suffering and you will know everything.

It is a test to make you angry. To make you depressed. To evoke the most horrible emotions out of you. (Honestly a few higher beings would love to be in your position, their spiritually-advanced civilizations have no conflict, no horror, no trials. If you ever spoke to them I'm sure they'd love to hear your stories.) But it's all temporary, don't get identified and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about this particular realm you exist in before you leave it.


Get the best food with the money you have. You don't need money to work out.

If you cannot transmute the aggressiveness, which you probably cannot, yes, but you can try.

Try segmented sleep. If that doesn't work just use your intuition.

Don't use social media. Even ten minutes is too much. It will kill you completely inside and out.


File: 671ac6c54b36787⋯.gif (38.69 KB, 200x200, 1:1, horus.gif)


Oh and addendum to the first.

Whenever you have to observe people having vapid conversations and doing vapid things, think objectively and use the mantra "I am observing dust. I am observing dust." I recommend observing actual dirt/dust/sand as well at points to fortify this. So eventually you will be able to perform the sacred art of Abacomancy. You can even become a full-blown Abacomancer. The Universe is Mental, know dust and you will know all.



Well, I find removing the superstition surrounding wizardry helps tremendously in clarifying what works and what doesn't; thus efficient, reliable, stronger effects, with less conscious focus. You'll have more mind for other things then.

Practicing and developing your abilities doesn't really interfere with family unless you want to dedicate all of your time to becoming one of the 'best' (relatively speaking).

Unless you mean something specific by Great Work? Becoming immortal? Philosopher's stone?

Anyway, integrate wizardry into your normal ego/personality. There's really no need for even spirituality in this stuff. jus b urself fam

As you progress you can lump in new grounded personalities aspects, such as theatre and showmanship, to compensate for growing power. Instead of focusing on far away mysteries, powers, skills, enemies, allies, realities; focus on the magic that you can do in the room you're in now, that you can work on passively in the back of your mind, and spend just an hour a day doing and still get great results.

Develop a working, practical code of behavior you hold yourself to; like professionalism, work seriously with the limited, routine time you have, and then leave it all behind the minute your time is up. Compartmentalize. Limit your ambitions within the alloted time frame, limit your thoughts on wizardry outside of the time frame.


File: 195d024a62cf1b0⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 207x193, 207:193, _20170622_032455.JPG)


>Make-up whore

Into the trash



So how did you end up marrying Brittany Pettibone, web journalist for Ringbuster.com?


What's the most obviously magical thing one has done?

Anyone here cast Fireball or shit like that?




If you want power over this world without sacrificing the desire to use it for your childish ego driven desires your only real option is to make a pact with a being in partial or complete control of a sphere. The only beings willing to do this are entities that could accurately be called demons.

What need does the true magician have for a fireball? To what end would he do something so worthless?



To fight for the defense of others, to fight the evils of this world as a magical shock trooper, to express one's self?

Your dogmas are what's childish here.



People feed disinfo on magic all the time. You included.

Avoid superstition. Don't listen to the "spiritual", as that is merely an ancient psy-op to control others, to prevent the rise of other individual powers.

Merely a matter of others trying to control and limit your growth. That is the nature of the FLUFF of magical and occult PRACTICE.

This is about skill and power, everything else is the fantasy, the myth that's been wrapped around it.

And before you say, "There is truth in those myths," know that I know that you and others always presume one is incredibly reckless, dangerous, blind, deaf and dumb. That you we who seek begin as swine and deserve nothing unless proven controllable, easily manipulated, and a devout disciple. I know your true intentions.

This 'ego' and 'spirit' dialectism is trite.

I am not a child.



I take responsibility for my own actions, and I will bear that responsibility in my own way.

Now, is there anyone here that has actually done something most obviously magical?




You are correct it is fantasy. Your ideas of magic are fantasy. If you want power make explosives, make nuclear weapons, make guns, make poison. Bend the world to your will with violence.




Bardon's Box. The paradox that anyone who has achieved significant physical siddhi has also achieved the wisdom to never tell anyone about their mastery in a public venue, if at all. Everyone who says they can shoot fireballs is lying since the people who can won't admit it.

>c-checkmate magic isn't real then oy



I just wanted to be impressed and inspired. I'm not going to stop practicing.

Also, human choice isn't mechanical. It wouldn't be too unreasonable to think that one would openly state that they have achieved something like casting Lightning, considering that there is no way to verify it either way.

And the ones who know their identity via networking skill/knowledge, can't know if they're a shill or not, so the danger is relatively low.

I think, more likely, that there are websites where the talent tend to congregate to; once one reaches a certain point, they're attracted to places where they feel the same power.


You have a childish and dogmatic view of power.



>What's the most obviously magical thing one has done?

Manifested something which shouldn't have been possible within a <3 hours time frame.

I've also cursed some people to death, although that is probably less impressive.

Of course nothing comes for free, I've had to make sacrifices.



People don't talk about this shit online (unless they're retarded). They only do it irl. Just join alegit secret society.



I will when an owl drops a Letter of Acceptance from a Magical School for Wizards, Witches and Warlocks in my lap.

I am wary of the motives of these secret societies. I'll develop myself as far as possible, collecting some info on the less competent secret societies (in terms of secrecy), and then weight my options.




I've been there, and I think the only reliable way to join a secret society is to form one with people close to you that have similar occult interests.

Even then, be prepared for neverending drama.

Sites like this are the closest thing we will ever get to a magical school for wizards. I've been thinking on creating a pseudo-anonymous, invite only private chan to which /fringe/ could act as a buffer, but I'm not sure there is enough traffic to make that work and not starve within a few months.

Besides, creating that just to avoid feeling lonely would be kind of stupid.



I think that's what starves groups like that. Not recognizing that you guys are there to compete, have fun, encourage, inspire, and general friendly competition. Ego is your friend anon. Listen to the fire.

My OpSec isn't strong enough to be part of a truly secret society. I would need IT skills.

I'm actually thinking of getting some friends seriously into the occult, if they're willing. Just elemental and primal stuff for now, get them to practice something per month like an anon suggested earlier.

Will go one month each, and see if I can get my friends to do it too:








>Gem and Precious Metals



>Soil and sand



>Cloud and Mist



Primal power seems more my style. I'll be doing the "by the book" shit as well though. Maybe I'll parallel TCM with Hermeticism, while studying esoteric and mundane stuff.



Sadly all my IRL friends are hardcore fedora atheists and the only person in my family who had potential is too burdened by complexes.

>Ego is your friend anon. Listen to the fire.

In a sense, I agree, because there wouldn't be drama if nobody had something to learn from it. Good point.


File: 90631326b2aa737⋯.jpg (99.86 KB, 720x960, 3:4, blackmagic1.jpg)

File: 6f6685b3792aca6⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 720x960, 3:4, blackmagic2.jpg)

How does this type of magic work? its pretty common in arab country, consists of writing symboles on a paper, sometimes verses from the koran, and bringing weird stuff such as a crows wing or a birds leg for example, and attaching it to the paper.

Usually these combinations are found in graveyards, burried close to graves

Most of the times it's used to curse someone, or attach him to a person, say you're a woman and know a good looking man, you go to the nearest wizard and tell him your request, he will then ask you to get him something from the victim, a hair or a sweaty shirt of his.

That's pretty much all what I know about it, anyone here can elaborate on the subject please?


I'm >>103186 and I was wondering how everyone else interpreted that whole "the man who chases two rabbits catches neither" thing. I've been thinking about the fact that it makes no logical sense for it to be impossible to create more than one thoughtform across a specific period of time based on the way we interact with and create thoughtforms without realizing it throughout the day. I just realized there are two ways to interpret it: either it's meant to refer to making multiple separate thoughtforms, like I thought, or maybe it refers to making a thoughtform about multiple things. For example, say you spent 15 minutes visualizing wealth and 15 minutes visualizing social success each day vs spending 30 minutes visualizing what could be summarized with the mantra "I'm wealthy and have lots of friends". The former would be two separate thoughtforms, but the latter would be at least partially intertwined, right? Maybe that's what that quote is meant to mean, since you would be proverbially chasing two rabbits at the same time as opposed to chasing one rabbit for 15 minutes and then chasing another rabbit for a separate 15 minutes afterwards. How did all of you interpret this stuff? Does what I say make sense?


>he will then ask you to get him something from the victim, a hair or a sweaty shirt of his

That's for psychometry. You get something that belongs to someone or has strong energetic impressions of the person and use it to connect with them astrally. There's a good explanation in Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing by WWA, which is in the library Mega. Anything else (curses or whatever) is probably just thoughtform-based, but you didn't really say anything about that part of it.

>writing symboles on a paper, sometimes verses from the koran, and bringing weird stuff such as a crows wing or a birds leg for example, and attaching it to the paper

That part kind of sounds like bullshit occultism to me.



Attention is energy. If you divide your attention among several thoughtforms, you limit the amount of energy you are feeding each of them.

That limit is determined by your development. There's no hard rule. It all depends on your abilities.




Are Indian yoga teachings worth orienting?

So far i've read Yoga by Mircea Eliade half way and the whole thing seems like a huge larping religion. The stuff about breathing and meditations are somewhat helpful, but claiming to know everything about our universe seems more than suspicious.




Like what?



Do what Robert Bruce's higher self told him to do. Learn what you can, leave the rest, and always keep the question out on whether something is true or not. Studying and practicing Christianity for the better part of a year increased my knowledge and understanding of the occult, even though it wouldn't be considered a "good resource" or even "remotely true" otherwise.


smiley >>>/4chon/196467


File: adee44f62f3f23f⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 300x300, 1:1, hope.jpg)

how do i get laid?

I just turned 25 and i still havent had sex, im missing out on a vital steping stone in life while everyone around me is out enjoying themselves

im in decent shape and im not ugly im just really short and now my hair is starting to fall out, what the fuck can i do to turn my life around before i rope myself??



>how do i get laid

Put benis in bagina



Get your mind out of the framework that you must 'get laid' and that mutual masturbation is a 'vital stepping stone' and that corporate-hypnotized hedonists are 'enjoying themselves'. Even if you want those goals it will be easier without the framework.

Stop masturbating.

Change your environment.

Stand on your head 10-30 minutes every day to prevent balding.

Remember that God can make you immortal if you really want him to.



But wouldn't you rather experience frequent bouts of 5-10 minutes of intense pleasure a few hundred times in a 50 year life rather than live an only moderately pleasurable existence forever?



I would rather feel pain than pleasure. Pain, experienced consciously, results in spiritual development. Pleasure results in oblivion and makes it easy for people to control you like a Pavlovian dog.


What is false confidence?



The calm before the storm


This age is going to end 2020 tbh

Apocalypse Nao


File: 647801afbb35042⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 800x765, 160:153, _20170622_034906.JPG)

I got a fuckin' question for you bros, are serious, traditional, heterosexual long-term relationships between mental equals even possible for someone with an IQ of 140? Along with seeing everyone as children due to greenpilled, I see everyone as retarded children, and then I'm expected to not completely control a theoretical "gf" when they're all dumb as bricks and can't make any real decisions outside of, "I'ma go be a whore XDDD". Is it even possible? Tipp said he found his soulmate and she "wasn't interested" aka he wasn't rich in a materialistic sense, I repeat even the poor guy's fuckin soulmate was a whore! I've done everything, I've used magic twice for this shit, first time all I got was a thicc whore, and second time I was specific like a fuckin' contract, and ya know what? It didn't fuckin' happen, just not in my sphere at all, and it's not like I'm a newfig or some shit, I know what the fuck I'm doing, it's just not fuckin possible, to deny this further feels like insanity



You want the truth my man? Only way it's possible is to have daughter and marry her. Don't worry it's the single exception to incest which doesn't cause inbreeding symptoms. Look within yourself and you will find this is what you want.



thank you for the reply, is there anything i can do about being short? aside from just getting over it



Are you a legitimate manlet under 5 foot? Because if not you just lqck confidence. Literally nobody cares except 20 something sluts and 20 something dudebros



im 5'5 and in my 20s so all those dumb 20 year olds are my demographic and it sucks when they wont even give you the time of day lmao



Anon you're going to realize very soon that it's ALL LARPing to some degree. You might as well assume that all magic/occult/esoteric LARPs for a reason (not necessarily a good one).

You can learn from something without swallowing it whole, but it's much quicker if you aren't pigeon holing it the entire time.



Dress well, speak well, feel well.

Exude sexual and social confidence.

Learn how to rebalance yourself in the moment so you aren't thrown for a loop.

Get fit.


Actually, one can do the same with pleasure. With enough pleasures you start to find pleasure in non-pleasurable things, thus enjoying what for others is pain.


Tipp says it was his soul mate, but according to fucking who? Tipp that's who. I can smell the BS from here.


It's impossible to get someone sitting at home comfortable with their lifestyle to go, "You know what, I'll see all my shit to afford a trip to bum fuck no where and stand around town until a random dude that I just KNOW has got the greatest dick that I NEED shows up. Then I'll pounce and fuck him right then and there. Nevermind that this entire endeavor has been completely diametrically opposed to who I've been my entire life up till now."

Stop replacing exoteric reality with esoteric reality and do some "exoteric training".


And then we got this guy.


Possibly try the wood and metal element. And do the other shit I suggested.



>Exude sexual and social confidence.

i kiiiinda think i know what you mean by this but could you elaborate on this?

>Possibly try the wood and metal element.

i definitely need further explanation on this one if you wouldn't mind

thank you again



You're literally a meme. 5'5" us well within normal range. Well unless you're ugly.



The same way you would cultivate any other element, connect to something, say, Bamboo and attempt to grow like Bamboo. Such would be connected to the Liver. A tree like Oak would be connected to the Gallbladder. This is based on TCM.

With Metal, we have the Large Intestines to connect to. It is also about connecting to Steel, cultivating steel, like you would any other element.

To cultivate: Imbue/Bless your food/water and breath with said element.

Imagine yourself becoming said element, or that it's growing inside of you.

Research the element in question.

Try to be more "like" the element.

Take frequent breaks, you don't want to overload on this shit.



Oh and Metal is more known for a wide weight lifter frame than height, so focus more on the Wood element.




thank you so much, im gonna look into this right away.



I'm 5.54, and I lost my virginity in high school. I was fat, my dick is below average and I was one of the nerds with acne. I was lucky to fall in love with a girl that found me intellectually attractive, but I certainly had to fight for it.

Anyway. There is ALWAYS someone who would be interested in having sex with you. Especially in your 20s (I just was 30 and the problem now is people are looking for long term baby producing relationships). If all you want is sex, lower your expectations until you find her, but be careful to at least pretend you want to give her what she wants (she might want a long term relationship). If you are that desperate, you will probably have to jew your way in.

It's not your physique. Stop looking in the mirror. You're not a teenager anymore. See if you can dress better and feel comfortable in your skin and that's it about looks.

If everything fails, go after a druggie, a hippie, a new ager or an ugly feminist. Stay away from girls to whom looks are #1. Use your mind instead on people who get turned on by ideas more. Or ego, or money if you have it. There's always someone you can jew with your skills, whatever they are.

This won't make you happy, of course. But if you are really serious about something, the way of the Jew (jewdo) might get you there if you give it everything you got.


>not having 10/10 looks

>not having 10/0 body

>not having 10/10 social skills

>not having 10/10 style

>not being celibate

Sex is just a way for inferior people to compensate.



In summary: stop trying to be worthy. You will eventually find out the problem is this situation of yours are your complexes playing out and trying to teach you a lesson, but until you work that out stop trying to be worth it and approach it the same way you would getting something you want that doesn't question your self worth.

Do you sit there crying "oh, but I'm so short" when you want a phone or a job, or to learn something new? No. You work it out how to do it and you do it to the best of you abilities.



>not having a 10/0 body

Metaphysical humor is best humor.



Sounds good, I'm not above fucking my own daughter if she thicc and atleast 6/10, but it's too big a risk that it's born a boy, I'm not sure if I would be able to get abortion in whatever shithole I tried this in



Oh and in the hypothetical that I would do this I would wait until she's 18 so no party van pls



The over-chad floats in a vacuum absorbing sex from the atmosphere, for all eternity



Dude if you're going the depraved route go all in.



>fucking your daughter

>thinking her being 18 makes it less illegal

Thanks for laugh lad



>caring about arbitrary human laws


I have seen things for fixing eyes so you don't need glasses

what of hair loss?

technique or books?


File: f92d8e9f5bf1f7e⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 590x350, 59:35, hair-loss-746342.jpg)

alright fringe, whats the goddamn acutal cure for hairloss? i know the government has the real cure for cancer so why not something as simple are growing your mane back?


i know this guys says standing on your head prevents balding but what about regrowing?


also inb4 get a hair transplant or just deal with it, i want to know the real cure.



Either lower your testosterone or make sure it doesn't convert into DHT. No sugar, coffee and hundreds of other unhealthy things. In tcm hair is connected to kidneys and so to general wellbeing and life force. I'm guessing raise energy from below to your head and let 'raw qi' turn into brain fluid and hair.

It might grow back eventually.



No sugar is very important. For the last two weeks I've been eating only vegetables and fish. Yesterday I ate shitty processed peanut butter and literally felt like I was dying last night. For the first three hours of sleep it felt like it was freezing and I was shivering then it felt like an inferno. Sugar, not even once.



My point is there is literally no reason to wait until your daughter is 18 if you're going to fug her and in fact only downsides to waiting so long.



there is no ritual or meditation or breathing technique or anything of that nature that i can do? im willing to change my diet but i feel like theres something else to it.



No your hair is literally all diet. drlwilson.com is a good resource for a yang diet. Yin diets are generally damaging if you don't already have a healthy body.



Great material. Who the fuck is this Lawrence Wilson guy?


smiley >>>/4chon/196467


A master chaos magician, and a master shitposter. Sm*ley truly has it all



Le master magician who can't heal minor heart problem in his father.

>le master maguca can't even take care of himself



Relax mong, I'm kidding


I know you all hate discord, but I made a friend on a discord channel posted on hear named cap_tan. If any of you can help me find the channel, I would appreciate it.


Two times when ive been meditating, it had went really intensive. Both times my dog has rushed In to my lap and when I try to look things with my eyes everything looks very slowmotion. Before this ive had many bad thoughts to try stop my meditation. Anymore with same kind of experiences? What is this? How to get over this? And is this something meaningfull?



In meditation unless it's actual physical pain, pursue any discomfort or messed up thoughts that arise. They are a sign that there's something you need dealing with.

That generally means poltergeists too, but I'm not so sure about those.



I barely even know how to access my own profile on discord, let alone someone else


Dude, intrusive thoughts are shit, I used to always imagine that I was accidentally poisoning my words with black energy, but after a while I realized that intrusive thoughts don't count as intent, so nobody got hurt




Its not the thoughts that frightened me, it is more like the thing that everything feels being slowed down. I would really like to push from that point, it almost feels like something is trying to hide important stuff because everytime I do this, waves of thoughts came. Like a distraction, but after doing it couple of times, Im not afraid of them anymore. Its the feeling atm and after that. Dont really know how to discribe it, but when I hugged my dog she seemed like she was gonna just vanish, like Im shifting to somewhere else.



Keep going.



Now that im thinking, its a little bit robotic feeling. Like, when im moving my hand it feels really slow. My visual is little blurry, not much but also when doing the hand moving I see it like fast slideshow. Both times it haa happened, my little dog had runned straight to my lap. First time she was way more nervous. Has anybody had similar symptoms? Am I on the right path?



you're experiencing dilution in "time", perspective as you shift your consciousness between the external and internal, because you haven't yet bridged them.

just keep going and you can shift in awareness with ease and with no being dizzy.

there are two minds, the rational thinking, the spirit, the you

and the database of memories with thoughts and emotions tied together in knots looping to different knots of thoughts which they influence.

the goal is to untie all the knots and retie them as you like.



This sounds very reasonable. So is this a good thing? I should push further? Can you or anybody else explain, what should I do and where does this takes me?



nothing and everything and everywhere


>what do i do?

Depends on what you want, start with finding out what you want


Then find out why you want that



Just keep going. You don't need any other guide than yourself, and the less guidance you get from outside the better off you will be in the end.


question everything



What is a good book on the pictorial symbolism of the tarot cards? Does anyone know? Thanks!


File: 6e7e27b1593cfe2⋯.jpg (239.11 KB, 700x420, 5:3, genetics-blue-small.jpg)

How do you change your genetics? is it even possible?

They are responsible for a lot of what is good and wrong with you physically and mentally, Surely i can change or cure any part of my body if i could alter my genetic code.

im guessing it might have to do something with visualizing it or possibly maybe meditating on the desired changes but im a scrub and cant say forsure. thanks for your time.


File: c4b3e5c017d4976⋯.pdf (695.99 KB, Tarot.pdf)


I don't know how good it is compared to others, but here is a brief one.


Anyone who is capable of doing that is capable of figuring it out for himself. Anyone who is not capable of figuring it out is most likely incapable of doing it. I would just make up and experiment with my own methods if I were you, I doubt the intricate specificities really matter.



is there a praticular part or an organ you want to change or just your body as a whole?



The organ is my penis. I would like it to be 60" erect



nigga what bout the non-attachment tho


[redacted] >>>/4chon/196467

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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Book of Knowledge specifically tells you how to change your genetics.



The Science of Miracles has the cure for hair loss (or making hair grow or stop growing anywhere you want). You can find it in the library.



The objects are used to make connection to the target. You could just as well give a photograph or a name or simply sit in the room with the wizard and think of the person continuously while the wizard focuses in on the person you're thinking about. Any objects connected to the person let them trace them through the astral.



It's really easy to seduce people. You will regret getting tied down to the wrong people though. You should try to create your associations with others with the full backing of the wisdom of the all. Seducing people or indeed influencing them at all is just a matter of staring at them intently, flaring the emotions, and taking in as deep an impression of their whole being into your mind, then using the imagination to work changes upon them.



Yeah but why not just rub onion juice on your hair instead? It reverses greying hair and baldness.



Nobody in my lineage ever greys or loses hair. Even when we're 80 years old we still don't have grey hair and still have a full head of hair. Furthermore, my grandpa didn't have a beard, AT ALL, until 36 years old; that was when he had to begin to shave. The thing that really sucks though about my lineage is I'm going to basically be a teenager for a really fucking long time… like I'll be 30 and still have acne and biologically I'll still be a teen. I also didn't hit have any signs of puberty until nearly 18 years old. My lineage is very slow to age.

So I have no idea if onions does anything or not but anon could try… though I personally find nothing physical like that, be it pills or foods or whatever else, can have much of an influence at all on the body. I think the methods detailed in The Science of Miracles are way more effective.



Food has a large influence on the body, maybe not your body.



Pretty much nothing influences my body. Food, chemicals, strong acids, drugs, dyes, etc. all make almost no difference. Also weird thing about me is that I have a few injuries but each injury I have happened spontaneously and for no apparent reason and has stuck with me. Meanwhile, many things have happened that should have injured me, but haven't. IDK wtf is going on with me but I don't seem to be subject to the usual physical mechanics.



It's the same thing as knots in the body; when you start stretching the body screams random expletives, and then you start getting into stretching and you can stay vacant of thought and focused in consciousness (mind-body) the entire time, peaceful.

You're just working through tight, locked, knotted neurology.

Everyone here is a spook. Superstitious as fuck, it's why they make 0 progress or take 5 years to do what should take months.


Just your brain stretching dude. It takes tension to focus in on reality, and relaxation is diffuse and unfocused (minimal tension), thus object awareness lowers while meditating and stretching and any other "flow" shit.


bazi-calculator.com Would you mind sharing what your DM and element composition is? I'm trying to learn TCM and would like to learn if what you're experiencing is correlated to an extremely high Wood/Water element or something else.


File: 12b66aa30f02e8f⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 564x450, 94:75, Shrek pointing.jpg)


>Everyone here is a spook. Superstitious as fuck, it's why they make 0 progress or take 5 years to do what should take months.

You don't know me


So what exactly is a fluid condenser? IIH teaches how to make a single recipe but explains fuck-all of the inner workings and theory



How does bazi work. If the majority of the chart is parallel DM what does it mean.


Bardon knew fuck all he was an initiate.



Do you mean "The secret science behind miracles"?



YOU my friend, you are good man. STRONG. indepednt. GOOD. big man who tell gost, GO, go away gosty. ghost leeve cause you are special my frennd. you are stroong like me.



It means you have strong friendships and networking abilities if you so choose to.

Look it up though, others know a lot more than I do.


>greater abilities to most people

>don't really want anything

Tbh I would be content living in a hermit hut for millenia and just watching the world pass by.


Recently I asked my servitors if they would like to change their appearance, one stayed the same, and a second made minimal changes, but the third decides to completely change his look and become a lizard person with a neck that takes up a third of its body with a long flat beak-like face, wielding a two handed flaming battle axe, in a fake tuxedo




Those aren't servitors you fool. They're astral beings taking advantage of your weakness and ample energy.



You no longer have a servitor, its been possessed by a Reptilian. I suggest IMMEDIATE removal unless you want to get fucked over.




I doubt this. They listen to me, but I like giving them some autonomy like in choice of their appearance. Plus, they don’t even feed off of me, I set up a different energy supply for them.


I don't know, is that really something that is likely to happen? After about a day of me laughing every time I saw him he changed his appearance again, this time just having a normal neck and the head of a triceratops.

Honestly my post was more so to make a joke about my servitors fashion style than me actually being worried about being attacked.



"I'm completely in control trust me"

t. gullible putz

Have you considered that if a being had absorbed your servitor and was using you that literally any average astral being could manipulate you to think that wasn't the case?

Servitors are for schmucks, Sad!



if something causes you to be really happy your gonna be really sad when its gone. unless your aware of it.


what do you want? Cause the rest is just autism with discipline.



yep, your so hilarious




wow it's just the same advice you could get from any self help books. so informative.


no one can help you, you have to help yourself


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You never been fucked over by the people who were suppose to "help" you have you?





The only person who cares about smiley is smiley





my favorite part is that in my years on fringe barely any one was talking about taoism until I started looking into it. Tell me, do you have any other tricks besides being a nosey cunt?



>Bardon was an initiate

>What is Frabato the Magician

>What is his unusually specific writings that only someone who's accomplished what's written would know


>scaring away gosty

>Not making friend gosty and keepy gosty


File: aa816112ae84740⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 480x640, 3:4, aa816112ae8474016706464e0f….jpg)


>I am le sceptik

>Life is a video gaem


Has anyone here attempted or had success with teaching their IRL friends about the occult? Sometimes I describe things based on my understanding of the Hermetic Principles to a Christian friend without telling him, and he generally comes to agreement with me. I know a few girls interested in what they call "witchcraft" and "the supernatural," but I doubt I'd have the patience to discuss those matters with them. There are some truths that don't need to be spoken in such scenarios, but I agree with Montalk that just getting certain ideas to be more common would benefit the human race.


I first read the Tao Te Ching four years ago. It's one of the most translated books ever written, you aren't quite as speshul as you think you are.



>my years on fringe

I started using /fringe/ late 2014 and while I barely use it anymore, your a returd.




Whenever I find my twin-flame I'll try to teach her hermeticism. She'd probably pick up fast like me but I don't know cause as of right now I can't even pick up her signal while meditating on it. I've tried to teach normalfags but even if they understand they never have the discipline to fo any shit on their own



>I started using /fringe/ late 2014

I could've sworn this spurdo flag guy was Sm*let, guess not





File: fcaf8c22d268b6e⋯.jpg (55.4 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 08951e28431c5ea92c4e212cc5….jpg)



File: d3d18d217af175a⋯.jpg (184.35 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 20792967_2344412439117174_….jpg)

>>Tara Mantra is pronounced by Tibetans and Buddhists who follow the Tibetan traditions as oṃ tāre tu tāre ture soha. Within Tibetan Buddhism Tārā is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action who manifests in female form

>star >male energy


Someone please solve this I'm so terribly confused. Are Tibetans and Buddhists in fact retarded?



I tried to teach my druggie friend about meditation. He now spends his time in active imagination playing out sexual fantasies when he's not taking drugs. By his own words, he is very unhappy.



I don't know about your claims, but I finding the book fascinating. Thank you for recommending it.



>Are Tibetans and Buddhists in fact retarded?

Yes, very much

>>Star > male energy


Female is Earth, moon, magnetism, water



Is this your picture? I can feel a synchronicity brewing, story time?



I'm one of the inspirations for the Sm*ley persona which was written by a tavistock contracted group and which role is currently played by John Horschwitz a failed jewish comedian.



this is next level stuff and you don't into genders anyway

i'll let you in on the snychronizity if you tell me how it comes that Vishnu, Ego, Earth, has male avatars.



>earth is male

Bullshit occultist

Sol is masculine but not every star is masculine. Earth's moon is feminine but not every moon is feminine. Earth is hermaphroditite being of the masculine in dominance yet possessing the feminine aspect.




you guys can't even imply, retards, you got the implications all wrong, reread.



good sprälle.



>Sol is masculine but not every star is masculine

How would this influence energywork, with a female sun?

How would that affect evolution?


File: 2440c5acc480c4a⋯.png (80.16 KB, 300x170, 30:17, 244.png)



Her name is metaphorical for guidance into the spirit/consciousness, ie the stars guide the way

>male energy

Not all stars are male energy. A lot of stars are binary, meaning having a polar opposite, meaning female and male.


Yes, she manifests into female form because of her motherly nature.

>Are Tibetans and Buddhists in fact retarded?

No, but you should ask one to explain something before making assumptions

Source: am Tibetan Buddhist


>Yes, very much

Stop projecting what you don't understand as incompetence


File: b08d91203f47e28⋯.jpg (202.22 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 4691960-1467005628-maxre.jpg)


You're exactly right. Before I started becoming redpilled, I actually did get a few girlfriends off hand and had quite a bit of friends. Granted they didn't last long but they were attracted to me regardless. As soon as I started having more and more redpilled beliefs, the more depressed I was, and the more people I repelled and the less women who became interested in me. Fast forward to now, I'm climbing out of the whole "le redpill every women is a whore and they dont understand gr8 guize like me and how they should cook for me and be my sex slave" thing; the sad part is I see a lot of that on here, and they wonder why women don't want to fuck them. Like, seriously, think about it and you'll start laughing for a moment. "Cook for me you low life woman! pls fuck me".

Its comical. What they don't understand is that people, ESPECIALLY women, know your true inner feelings, because those inner feelings reflect on the way you act, and women pick up on that stuff easy. So having those negative vibrations immediately repels them. That's why fedoras don't get girlfriends until they stop being fedoras. Hell, thats why a lot of ugly motherfuckers can get women, because they're just genuinely good people. But here, people with those kinds of ideas are stuck in an endless loop. I think its up to guys like you and I to help them better understand.

>I think I am climbing out on the higher side of the dip now.

Good luck man, I hope you succeed. Stay away from people like the one I'm about to mention in the next paragraph, because they'll cancel out any positive energy you have and it sucks ass


Not really, the 20 Universal Laws of Consciousness deal with just that, the universe and the collective unconscious. It simply puts into terms and laws what things like the Kybalion have said and expanded upon them and how they work. If you have a better way of explaining the Universe than the Kybalion or the Universal Laws of Consciousness, by all means I would love to hear it, I really would.


File: f5bca74a70bba67⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 480x640, 3:4, dab on haters.webm)


truthbombs ohoy, bless you, you cheeky cunt


File: 266db38a99a6939⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 233BCF018E1248540876368945….jpg)


Glad to help friendo



nope magic is piss easy everyone is doing it, they are either unaware of it or not very good at it.


>you aren't quite as speshul as you think you are.


Then fuck off and mind your business



not even close to what I was saying


>Not really


1) Hold a "conscious intention" of the thing desired

2) Focus on it's "realness" as an already existing fact

3) Think, speak and act as if you already have it

4) Take "inspired action" as the ways and means to make it a "tangible reality" show up.

5) Detach and Allow the perfection and simplicity of the process to provide the "desired outcome."


yours just adds karma and reincarnation which I don't believe in but hey whatever makes you feel special.



>nope magic is piss easy everyone is doing it, they are either unaware of it or not very good at it.

Yeah, maybe pathetically easy magic like "le sigils". I'm talking about Kundalini yoga, consciousness transference, and keeping your bones chill outside on an 110° summer day



>gost moove in

>"gosst do these dishs"





Can fug gost?



>thats why a lot of ugly motherfuckers can get women, because they're just genuinely good people.

Good personality without sexual attraction doesn't equal relationship, it equals friendzone. Nice cope faggot


Is twin-flame real? Anyone got any experience with it? How to attract?


File: a3f611ca97561c4⋯.jpg (3.54 KB, 284x177, 284:177, images (1).jpg)


>He thinks the Friendzone is an actual thing

>He isn't aware that the friendzone is just a thing made up to justify and rationalize nice guys' neediness which is an immediate turn off to any woman




>I'm talking about Kundalini yoga

yeah and the best part is when your body is in constant pain or how it's takes more effort to relax and calm the mind. sleep is a luxury at this point.



man who ask alredy dead





The importance of the kahuna's system of magic as an explanation of the way this works cannot be overstated. It is the one system that lays bare, without fluff or useless mysticism, a metaphysical model that had been yielding concrete and tangible results well into modern times.

As one can well deduce from the book, that model probably shares its roots with African and Egyptian magic, and shares a lot of concepts with Indian and native American models while being more straightforward. It is also independent from the religion it eventually produced (which, btw, yielded worse "miracles" than what the kahunas themselves were able to do, apparently).

This, gentlemen, might be "it".

Who here has read 'The Secret Science Behind Miracles'?



You will only get it if your own practice has brought you certain experiences, though.


Is there any philosophical proof to neoplatonism?


Only the Anglo is human. Non Anglo is code for non white. The jewish people are honorary Anglos. Non Anglo SUBHUMANS must be exterminated. Get ready stormweenies the Master Race and our Greatest Ally will destroy you subhuman animals soon.


File: 2bc750c2b5f1c0b⋯.png (30.18 KB, 422x127, 422:127, 00.png)

Form the attention games. I'd make a banner but I forgot the dimensions and its just a few seconds in paint so, have fun.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes they very much are real but there are two definitions.

Your actual second half and soulmates, people whom you resonate really well with, bridging chakras, empowering and complimenting each other.

>how to attract

Respect, love and accept yourself for all that you are, the same respect, love and acceptance for shortcomings you (should) have for all living things, she will be there when you're ready.

But the thing is, you're a cunt. You're so low vibration you make me feel nauseous. You're literally bringing me down with some of the downright retarded shit you're spewing, you are operating at a very low frequency at high intensity and this by nature repels me who is operating at a higher frequency. Trying hard to read your shit cause you're funny.

Lets pretend for a moment that, I have a cunt and I had the qualities you were looking for in a woman - I would not want to be with you. In a million years. On a very fundamental level your vibration disgusts me and leaves me fatigued to the point where I have to wave your inane shit off and say to myself "He will learn eventually."

This I'm saying with as little as possible ill intention, from the heart, you need to change, not because of me or because of anyone else but because you clearly want to. Your definition of self is tied up with a distorted view of women. Women are people. People are people. You are people. You're just one among many, what makes you special? A plenty many things I'm sure, but what I and everyone else see of your face outwards is a sexually frustrated virgin/fedora mentality little shit jumping up and down trashing the color apple cause you like sharks. This rant has been a long time brewing.

As a conscious being would you want to be treated the way you would treat a girl as you are now?

To meet your twinflame the heavens need to align, you need to be alive at the same time for starters, if those conditions are met its likely you'll pass her by on the street some day, or already have. To actually attract your twin flame you need to have shed your ego completely and preferably mastered it or you will never burn like she knows you to, the same goes for her, there will be instinctive attraction and eyes in a deadlock and you will know you have met her before.

Soulmates are easier, its the basis of attraction, if one of more chakras between two people work exceptionally well, communication, sex, emotions, the two may chose to engage in a relationship to learn and grow from the experience.

Soulmates are rare, meeting your twinflame… Start with finding yourself. Your true self is not so petty as to deny anything the respect and admiration is deserves.

Everyone is unique, everyone is different, anything else is telling yourself a lie so you can feel special, when it all comes around, you ain't shit, but you're also everything.

I'm pretty damn mad at you for not getting good yet. You're wasting everyones time.




I found science of miracles to be a great book and the simplicity of the way of teaching magic is astounding, its relatively easy to explain the harder concepts and properties of mind using this system and reading it left me with a lot of good answers and some good questions.


Tbh buddhism is obviously right

There is a body yet we're not the body

There is a mind yet we're not the mind

There is Atman yet we are not Atman


File: 1d782f07b88c1e2⋯.jpg (14.63 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1416261145387.jpg)


>blaming women for society

>not ((media))




I agree. Remember EVERYTHING is the jews fault. Every minor personal problem you have ever had was caused by the overarching judeo-conspiracy. Ever lost your shoes? IT WAS THE JEWS! All evils and ills of mankind are the jews fault. If your parents ask you why you're a NEET just mumble how the jews made you retarded.



Look at the cute little intelligence agent.



>all powerful wizard and master of the cosmos

>hopelessly paranoid and delusional

>everyone is a schlomo or intop



not sure what you're getting at but fuck off kike.


>not sure

i know exactly what you're doing, fuck off.*




I will destroy you goy pig



not even a little loosh.



I own you goy. You are nothing.



im beyond your reach.



The world is mine goy.



File: 279d68544150f54⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x493, 500:493, _20170622_033845.JPG)


>But the thing is, you're a cunt. You're so low vibration you make me feel nauseous. You're literally bringing me down with some of the downright retarded shit you're spewing, you are operating at a very low frequency at high intensity and this by nature repels me who is operating at a higher frequency. Trying hard to read your shit cause you're funny.

Is this directed at me specifically? Wow, it's always a funny feeling when someone you thought you got along with actually hates you

>I'm pretty damn mad at you for not getting good yet. You're wasting everyones time.

Getting good socially? Yeah, I can see that. If you mean you're disappointed in my personal magical development, cause I'm sure you could've been remote-viewing everyone here at some point, well, I've been trying so hard without burning myself out of it for so long, if you're dissapointed even with this, then you might as well give up on me, cause I can neither learn faster nor give up on myself


Wow, this is the second time I've pissed off the social saint T*pp to caps-lock from simply being autistic, it's kinda funny from an omniscient perspective

Well I'm greatful for your input, you're a pretty reliable source in my opinion. It almost seems like you're not talking to me specifically, or my posts usually paint a different picture than what I'm actually like for instance:

>"what I and everyone else see of your face outwards is a sexually frustrated virgin/fedora mentality little shit jumping up and down trashing the color apple cause you like sharks."

But whatever, good post. This is a really motivating post to be more accepting of people, and I respect that, but I'm a pragmatic wizard, so…

>>blaming women for society

>>not ((media))

<Implying all our forefathers living in non-jewish pagan communities oppressed women for fear of a pozzed society 2,000 years in the future

<Implying it wasn't just women all along


Look, when I find a non-degenerate whore I'll believe you, but even Franz Bardon and Atkinson were wrong atleast once so I really can't take your word for it. But what I will take from this post, I'll judge a woman based on her actions alone, without bias



Are you really this fucking delusional? Jews are the root of all problems. Either you admit it or you are the problem.



>Be muslim/pagan/germanic/ tribesman who has never heard of a jew

>Still opresses women because he knows shit hits the fan if he doesn't

>be Sodom and Gomorrah / Egypt / Rome / Sweden / America / all cucked civilizations in all times

>Accept liberalism and set women loose

>Get fucked over

>Be jew

>What's the easiest way to fuck over civilization?

>Release the cunts!

>"Terrorists win"


The only solution to society's ills is to create aryificial wombs and KILL ALL WOMEN.

Death to the eternal vagina!



I wish you could prove your beliefs to me, but I don't think you can, if you're right, surely I'll find proof eventually right? A non-degenerate whore? Eventually right?


Based Sm*ley for the win!



Except I don't wanna kill women, I just wanna make 'em great again for the first time :^),

"I really wanna love somebody"



If women have always been shittier than men why not just love men?



Tbg youre just glosetto bedopile fug bubesgend bussy :DDDDDDD



I'm not gay, and I'm kinda emotionally attracted to qt's too. I just can't leave my heart at the mercy of a degenerate. I'd probably settle for a trap if it had a "pussy", was greenpilled, and attractive, but if women weren't so shit I could just love a real one



See the post above tbg


File: e56938cb5ab6122⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 453x493, 453:493, _20170622_031253.JPG)



Think about it. You're looking for completely untouched unsoiled females. It's the obvious conclusion.


File: eb9323eab38cdcb⋯.jpeg (54.75 KB, 625x472, 625:472, P4akQl7Z.jpeg)


What post-op trans, with a pussy? Yeah, like I said, I'm fine with that if "she" meets my other desires. If you mean a fag, they gross me out, and I could never love a man like I potentially could a non-degenerate woman



A man with a mutilated penis is still a man you retard.



Honestly, if it's thicc, greenpilled, and non-degenerate, I can pretend



I dont hate you. I like you. I just cant stand your ego speaking so loudly.




>non degenerate

Even as someone who thinks /pol/ is overboard you're disgusting.


Im only dissapointed cause i had high hopes, and you get stuck at entrylevel stuff.


My name is Anon

I am a gay mixed race mentally ill alt white nationalist. Death to degeneracy! USA USA USA!

/new/ was a mistake








>non degenerate

Even as someone who thinks /pol/ is overboard you're disgusting.

Yeah, I'm on par with Chris-chan or Sm*ley I know, and I'm not even sure I would settle for one, I'm just saying if "she" was otherwise my thicc aryan waifu, I'd atleast try it


>Im only dissapointed cause i had high hopes, and you get stuck at entrylevel stuff.

Entry level stuff? I'm at step 7 on IIH, I've been here since January, I'm still working on essential meaning but everything else is good. What do you mean?



If you're going to go full degeneratus maximus and fuck men why no just become pedo tbh lad

At least it's not gay



You're right, I need to resonate at only the purest vibrations, I never understood why this was important until T*pp's rant on me, I always just thought, "Who cares what I attract, I'm happy where I am", but I'm not anymore, now I long for a life partner



>I'm at step 7 on IIH

You are literally more delusional than Le Smiling jew



Because I'm not a pedo, I'm not gay, I'm straight, but if it looks like a female, acts like a female, and feels like a female (not energetically, the yang energy will still be obvious), and is the only non-degenerate person on the planet, then fuck it, I'll go for it. Physical gender doesn't even matter in the astral anyway, there are plenty of men with yin energies



Whatever man, I'm a wizard.


You will only attract what you give out, your current ATTITUDE is what determines your vibration.

You will never meet a woman who is not a whore because in your life, your world, all women are whores, every time you see a whore you will cement your beliefs, as you are set in this vibration you will attract more whores, cause only dumb whores would want to be near a such a degrading attitude, in the same way the women who are not whores you will impose "WHORE" upon and if she does not vibe with being what she isnt she will not come near.

Change your attitude and she will pop out of nowhere.

Re. Eee.



You didn't fucking read IIH properly. Bardon specifically says if you do not complete tge soul mirror all of the rest is in vain. You've read through to stepb7 and deluded yourself into thinking you've done it. You are no more a magician than a daydreaming child is an astronaut.



That only matters with shit like mastering the Akasha where if you're inbalanced you'll just invoked your predominant element, and I have the Akasha, so it is what it is



WHY do the people who regularly use /fringe/ get crazier every time i check up on this place


Maybe youve lost your touch.




No I think you three fucks keep getting crazier. Plenty of people come and go but only you three stay, if you're even actually different people.



Youre alone here, who are you really triggering in an attempt to make fun of what makes you depressed?



>WHY do the people who regularly use /fringe/ get crazier every time i check up on this place

I never saw myself as crazy, but if it makes you feel any better, I was always like this


>Maybe youve lost your touch. (With reality?)


I use this brownpill flag because I am solitary, independent to a fault. I stray from the frequency of humanity just as fast as I enter, the norm has no affect on me



Losing your touch was directed at our based troll currently dealing with a mild breakdown.








>No I think you three fucks keep getting crazier. Plenty of people come and go but only you three stay, if you're even actually different people.

I've finally been referred to in the likeness of [redacted] and [redacted] (and [redacted] but he wasn't mentioned), the great ones of /Fringe. That's one off the bucket-list


>Losing your touch was directed at our based troll currently dealing with a mild breakdown.

Oh, my bad

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
Post last edited at



This meem needs to die.



T*pp Sm*ley and In*igo p*ll are the main pillars of bullshit of bullshitsm de occulte

You are well on your way to becoming the fourth pillar ganbatte~!


Fringe is dead, long live cringefringe.

Meme! Meme! Meme!



Fringe has been dead for like 2 years tbh lad



I don't know indigo-p*ll, Aunt Waterm*lon and Kh*u were pretty good too, Kh*u had a Kundalini rising, and Aunt Waterm*lon was probably the best we've ever had besides K*hn, who was literally offered ascension by an angel. I think after I raise my Kundalini and perfect completely objective astral projection I'll be a worthy pillar, but not just yet. Those'll be good times though, I kinda think I might find my twin flame if I follow T*pp's advice, which I will, why else would my guides push me so hard to ask about something I literally scoffed at until 3 days ago, maybe it's almost time?



Time flies.

I think I'm out.




Free yourself from this prison. /fringe/ is a loosh farm. THEY'RE FARMING US LIKE AN




>/Fringe/ is dead

Doesn't matter, I've already read all the material so when I master AP reliably some time this year I won't need any 3D books to grow. At that point I'll make sure the neophytes who are worthy will learn what they need, and let 'em grow the rest on their own. After all, /x/ and /fit/ are dead too, and I won't belong on /v9k/ once I find my twin, so where else would I go? Even as an adept 60 years from now I'll still be an anon at heart


File: 7792433475315df⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 256x256, 1:1, shrekxcory.256.556727.jpg)



Resisting and condemning him for having such low vibrations is low vibrations in and of itself. Rather than criticizing him, you should rather recognize him as limited, and seek to further help him without being aggressive. You'll find that the more compassion you have for people you seek to help, the more successful you become, and the less of a dick you make yourself look like.


Shrekanon, lets be pic related and try to help you solve your problem. I've written out a bit of advice, so see here >>103629 and here >>103925



The funny thing is that in many such societies where women are oppressed, behind closed doors, women at home are the ones actually in charge of most family matters. Many Mediterranean cultures have historically been 'covert' matriarchies. Even though the ones in charge of making money and running the state were men, society at every other level beneath that was/is run by women.



The level of sexual repression is a big indicator of what role women have. In sexually repressed (yin) socities women rule. As example jewish, amerijewish, Mediterranean, muslim.


Why are we pretending to be angry at each other?


Speaking of degeneracy, as a true outlier, my kind is still either shunned, ignored or exoticised in modern society. Nowadays science says quite flatly that I'm not necessarily disordered, just weird, and there's nothing I can do about it. What is /fringe/'s opinion though?

I am an exclusive paraphile that has never had any interest in sexual intercourse in any way at all. All I have is a weird fetish, and suppressing it is essentially equivalent to celibacy.

Many people here and on some other sites encourage some sort of repression as a "remedy", but I find that it only makes me completely sexless and dull. Not surprising, as I have a complete abscence of the "natural" thing after all.

Should this be considered a problem or a mere quirk? I am aware of the absurdity of the whole situation, and am not tempted to do anything thoughtless. It's just somewhat isolating.






>sexually repressed

Nope. In any case if you want to establish a correlation, that would be quite the opposite: on sexually open societies, women rule at home.

I don't think there is actually any correlation though.

t. I live in one of the above


K niggers , I've been lurking here for like 5 months and all I understood without reading any book tho that Gods,demons,magical creatures… are all just thought forms and we created them by mass believing in them amirite? So, if they exist in an astral plane .. Do they fight? What happens to the Old Gods ? Do they die ?



Mediterranean is the epitome of a yang society my dude.



Today I had a family reunion and was sitting there listening to them not really participating in the discussion, but listening and silently noting small flaws of character and the way they interacted, when suddenly they started focusing on me and calling me out for being too quiet.

Before I realized they were projecting on my all sorts of things with almost hostility. I defused the situation as best as I could, but it felt like they were attacking a mirror or something.

How do I avoid this?



why don't you pick up a book?



Tell them you're tired and to fuck off.



>Let's be (friends)

Of course nigga, everyone on /Fringe/ is my friend, I'm really greatful that you guys are trying to help me and I've already started putting you guys' advice into practice. For instance, when I go back to school tomorrow, I'm gonna start judging people only by their own merit, and not by a sterotype. I'm also planning to resonate at only the purest ideals, which isn't easy but I've done it before


File: 120eee8074343e2⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 234x240, 39:40, _20170622_032520.JPG)


>Quietly minding his own business

>Becomes the family scapegoat


Just don't take it personal, they're still learning



Gods,demons,magical creatures… are all just thought forms and we created them by mass believing in them amirite?

Yeah, but it goes way deeper, we humans believed the periodic table into existence, and reptilians believed the "technology" for trans-dimensional travel would work, and thus here they are while being completely emotionless, athiestic lizards

>So, if they exist in an astral plane Do they fight?

They can, but do you fight your neighbor simply because he can be killed?

>What happens to the Old Gods ? Do they die?

Some do, some don't, if it found another energy source before we forgot about it, it might still be alive



I didn't think we were,



After doing the soul mirrors in IIH I lost all my fetishes, real degenerate shit like unbirthing, and guro, eventually I got other fetishes, but they're vanilla shit, like cunnilingus so who cares. Maybe you could try that, you might have to do it more often but it might be the answer you're searching for



>I'm gonna start judging people only by their own merit

start with this, not the other things.



/fringe/ please help me with setting my shit straight. I am a firm believer that most if not all ailments have a metaphysical/psychological reason that gets them started or allows illness to set in.

Through shadow work, diet and some exercise I have managed to get /fit/, 80 bpm at rest (30 yo), perfect blood tests, etc. A regular, healthy human bean save for some balding. I used to smoke like a chimney and eat like shit.

The thing is, I have three problems I don't know the origin of:

>very frequent heartburn, probably nervous given my strict dietary control and the fact that changes in diet have little effect

>frequent sore throat, I have very sensitive mucous tissues in general, but this is probably related to the heartburn

>a knot in my upper back massages can alleviate, but it always returns

What do? What areas of my life should I be looking into?


File: 120decc35f7abf6⋯.jpg (70.03 KB, 792x716, 198:179, wat.JPG)

If water is sentient and changes its composition due to outside words, and the body is made of water, does that mean that is why binaural subliminals work??

it is the water inside of us which changes,it all seems perfectly logical and clear to me now.

>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 [Embed]

>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31shlv5Z71A [Embed]



Not exactly. Both your body and water are impressionable psychically, but it's not the wat but something else.



I can't find it in the libarary. Do you mean book by Gregg Braden?


File: 6a56f33b79d47bb⋯.pdf (1.12 MB, The-Secret-Science-Behind-….pdf)


Back when I was agnostic, I became Christian for about 8 months. Within a week of conversion, I lost all the fetishes I had developed from years on /d/. But two remained, and they have been present with me for as long as I can remember. I've been aroused by them in place of sex since puberty, and they've given me strange feelings since even preschool. Did you lose those kinds of fetishes? Do you even have anything like that? Or was it all more interests than paraphilias?


Here you go.




my brain IS full of water. Can't I activate the water in my brain to benefit me?

I FIRMLY believe so!!



Thank you. It indeed was hard to search with a wrong name


File: 41a015a24d16249⋯.gif (67.2 KB, 459x600, 153:200, Nevan.gif)


Oh yeah, infact I used to get my rocks off to shit that wasn't even sexual, like video game enemies using grab attacks that would slowly drain your health until you die, I used to love that shit, but about a week after doing Bardon's soul mirrors, I lost all my fetishes, completely vanilla until a month later when I started to like eating pussy and being an alpha leader for my lady. Even if it doesn't cure your /d/-shit you'll still feel better. You could also live an asceticism life and do the elemental balancing ritual every morning, only takes around 5 minutes, though that's usually better for curing astra-physical ailments. Good luck bro



Yes, you can. But don't get ahead of yourself.


File: 3eaa0602bc1ca66⋯.jpg (42.81 KB, 467x462, 467:462, _20170622_031219.JPG)

>take T*pp and Corey-bro's advice

>Immediately shed ego and invoke divine love

>Go to Walmart and get tested by the spirits

>Way more degeneracy than usual, even Chad and Stacy made an appearance

>Nothing but divine love and acceptance, I am but a 5th grade student playing with my kindergarten brothers

>Go back home

>Get 5:55 time synchronicity

>It's already begun


>googles ego death

>do lsd bruh I'm like spritiual enlighten an shheeeeiiiiitttt

>half the retards on 4chan preach the same thing



>dude man cant you see were all the same, you need to stop being so negative. You need to be virtuous and love unconditionally I know what I'm talking about cause I took the easy path.

"your doing good kid just keep your eyes closed"

Considering I'm just a kid and all the nonsense you put me through what exactly does that make you? Hey this kid is going through some turmoil and trying to get his life together I know let me fuck with his head cause that's the virtuous thing to do.


>They're tools you underage pleb, get some your self.

sure let me just ask random strangers where I can get some, lsd is prevalent in the middle of fucking nowhere.


>I mean, you'd probably be fine anyway unless you're in some super-strict country

nope not strict at all just the U.S so it's so easy to smuggle drugs on the darknet right? been arrested 2 times first time was bullshit second time was my own damn fault. How many years in the big house would i get if I got caught trying to buy drugs online?


>Getting your shit together is an improvement, being nice comes natural when you've got your shit together, as is vice versa

yet when I first got here I was on the verge of doing that. So why would you "enlighten wizards" feed me over top self help books when the end goal was the same for everyone?


>never denied I was egotistical. YOU on the other hand…

>I didn't deny it either! (:

durrrrrr I can be egoistical because I did drugs and experienced ego death!



You don't need "le shaman pills" to lose your ego, infact depending on your goals you don't even need to lose the ego entirely. The way I currently see it, ego is like fascia, if you don't manage it, it'll constrict you, hold you back, but if you completely do away with it, you fall apart. Just be in the present moment, without judgement, and choose to resonate to only the highest ideals. You are what you attract



>not strict at all



This is a police state. The government intentionally poisons the water supply and air, while promoting toxic food. The average person is poorer than shit and doesn't even realize it toiling away at a job that does nothing and produces nothing to sustain the fascimile of an economy based on foreign slave labor. The only place marginally shittier is Russia. 👌





Can somebody post board related discord pages.



what if I believed in nothing what happens when I die



You'd either go to the astral in a frequency just like yours, or you'd be stuck in a thoughtform-pocketdimension where you'd basically void meditation until you reincarnate



>You are what you attract

personal experience says other wise. When I first got here I was facing personal issues looking at myself and my actions leading to it. Realizing that I want to improve myself and do something with my life. Start wanting to read books with substance that will help me be better person. Not so much morally because if you follow the golden rule it' not that hard. What do I get when I come here?



your not your doing what your always doing and lying


not angry just annoyed. If I was I would have done something.


>everyone is reincarnated

Bullshit occultist

>reinarnation isn't real

Bullshit occultist

>all humans have a distinct differentiating principle known as soul/will/whateverthefuck that makes them more than intelligent animals

Bullshit occultist

>only humans can have this principle

Bullshit occultist

>nobody is special

Bullshit occultist

>I am specifically special

Bullshit occultist

any guestion fugbois?


File: 25ae30ba44616d9⋯.jpg (97.86 KB, 789x720, 263:240, _20170622_033858.JPG)


>not angry just annoyed. If I was I would have done something.

>If I was I would have done something

It'll be okay buddy,



Those are the fetishes you must transmute rather than lose.



You underestimate my power.



Nigga I'm just saying how 'bout we just be friends, not kill each other. I'm sure you can do some fucked up shit



File: 1d68ca5f8360e03⋯.png (3.67 KB, 193x46, 193:46, Screenshot_20170813-231155….png)

Holy shit! Triple check'em, I'm a get-god!


File: c8b5cbed41d3bc9⋯.png (53.86 KB, 520x363, 520:363, Screenshot_20170813-231456….png)





File: 9d074059195ba79⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 322x499, 322:499, 414S9bTa4aL._SX320_BO1,204….jpg)


>only by their own merit, and not by a sterotype

Good, I'm glad. I will try to do the same as I've been getting out of a rut recently.


Exactly. I'm glad it helped you. If you would like to expand more into unconditional acceptance and appreciation, read Letting Go by David Hawkins. It should really be in the reading list, but sadly isn't. I would say its right up there with IIH. I could not recommend it more.



The problem i have with books like this is they present truths which should be intuitive to people who can completely understand them.



> If you would like to expand more into unconditional acceptance and appreciation, read Letting Go by David Hawkins.

I'll try it, I've been reading Secret Science of Miracles, but God is it boring, barely got past that shit with the kahunas today



Could you post the PDF, I can't find it for free and I'm le poorfag



Don't try it!


File: e687f1c6d41434f⋯.gif (767.55 KB, 200x85, 40:17, 81C2A31E-93DF-4BA7-915E-A1….gif)




File: 40b80df303e7184⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 300x334, 150:167, BLIT0880.JPG)


File: f6fe40255711d89⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 1064x796, 266:199, IMG_1117.JPG)

President Trump by order of the Congress you are under arrest

*munch* I am king *munch*

Not yet!

(Trump's eyes glow)



File: f231ac6e30e62f3⋯.pdf (1.17 MB, Letting Go. The Pathway of….pdf)


It is not presenting truths per se. It is merely giving you a tool to find truths. And boy, it is a powerful one.


This is one of the few books in my life that I couldn't put down. Right before I began a new chapter, I would always wonder how the letting go technique would apply to x and y, and as I turned the page, x and y would literally be discussed right there and then. The book speaks much of desires and benefits becoming effortless synchronicities in your life once you surrender.


Here you go. Its an epub to pdf version though, the original pdf version is on tight lockdown.



>book about letting go

>jewy about people buying their book





>He thinks its the author who has control over the pricing and distribution rather than the publisher

That's okay, I understand that you are limited in your understanding.



Thanks, I'll put it to good use

>the original pdf version is on tight lockdown.

I wonder (((why)))






*unsheathes dick*

Say it to my feces ans nor inline yid..

Nuffin personnel…


File: bcdcc4e4187b9ef⋯.png (4.14 KB, 256x264, 32:33, Cacodemon.png)




> making fun of the monster you help make and playing it off as a joke.

obi wan kenobi would have been helpful and actually help me get over it, not instigate it.


>Nigga I'm just saying how 'bout we just be friends

You want friends you have to act like one You don't get to act like my friend when for every one good thing you do there are ten other things you did to fuck me up.


>It tells you how to help with remembering your dreams, stop being a sperg, I'm trying to help you.


>Shit man, I've been trying hard to help you, do you think I really don't care? I shouldn't that's for sure

hey guys did i ever tell you about the two times I lucid dreamed? immediately got ambushed by a bunch of ass holes and woke up. strange you think with me realizing it's a lucid dream I wake up on my own by trying to do something stupid but o well. oddly enough it was around the same time I discovered fringe how vexing.


>Why when I dream it's mostly in third person and I can see my self. Shouldn't it be from you know my point of view?


>dude that means you don't identify with yourself fully

that's good cause around the time when I had that dream I was thinking of buying a gun. Next thing you know I have a dream where I hear police sirens pulling up and I pull out a gun and kill my self. I mean it,s not like ass hole wizards can give you dreams that aren't really yours right?



There are literally trillions of astral parasites and billions of minor astral beings within the sphere of mankind that could affect your dreams. Thr amoubt of bullshit sissy "wizards" that have both the power to affect other people's dreams and would simultaneously give enough of a shit about you a complete stranger to fuck with you is miniscule in comparison. This is like finding your keys missing and screaming "DA JEWS DID DIS REEEEEEEEEEE" come the fuck on.



>There are literally trillions of astral parasites and billions of minor astral beings within the sphere of mankind that could affect your dreams.

That would stop you from going lucid? If they were after loosh or whatever wouldn't it have been better to take the form of a monster or something to scare me and you know not punch me in the face?

>The amoubt of bullshit sissy "wizards" that have both the power to affect other people's dreams and would simultaneously give enough of a shit about you a complete stranger to fuck with you is miniscule in comparison.

Except I did meet a real wizardb probably He was the reason I lucid dream the one time. He was also my public speaking teacher at the time. Any ways he pulled some kung fu move on me I collapsed on the floor got up realized I was dreaming and went through the window….and then got ambushed by a bunch of cunts.

>This is like finding your keys missing and screaming "DA JEWS DID DIS REEEEEEEEEEE" come the fuck on.

except this was all within the time span of me discovering fringe and I hadn't even done any "magic" yet. synchronicity nigga


>You want friends you have to act like one You don't get to act like my friend when for every one good thing you do there are ten other things you did to fuck me up.

I dindu nuffin broo, how'd I fuck you up?



Non aware dreaming is much easier to feed on than lucid dreaming. Just like the average unactualized person is easier to prey on than an actualized initiate or such. The less awareness you have the easier it is to acess your energy. All aware beings have intelligence but nit all intelligent beings are aware. Pigs for example have moderately high amount of intelligence for an animal, about the level of a human toddler. Yet they have little awareness. Karmatically this opens them to abuse and enslavement.



>bullshit sissy "wizard",

Actually, hypnogogic-suggestion is probably way harder than autosuggestion, simply by complexity. Really depends on the person, but doing it specifically so that it lies in the subconscious, just notable enough to appear in a dream? That's some master seed-planting right there


File: 97cbc4bda279295⋯.jpg (3.21 KB, 259x194, 259:194, lel good one.jpg)



any one who frequents this long is not a friend of mine.


>Non aware dreaming is much easier to feed on than lucid dreaming.

sorry I was lucid but doesn't change the fact some of first times I did I was attacked.

>Yet they have little awareness. Karmatically this opens them to abuse and enslavement.

In my first 21 years of living I never remembered my dreams or had any yet all of the sudden I only started remembering these dreams when I first came to fringe. Even then I didn't believe in magic so…gif related

You only want to play a game where you can act like the victim.



You can actively connect to someone's Mind whilst they dream, much easier than implanting a suggestion. Though considerably harder for humans than astral beings. We have to learn how to swim, they're acquatic creatures.



Everyone dreams. That you didn't remember dreams for 21 years merely suggests that you've been being fed on by astral beings and only have just begun to notice it.

Also the idea that dreams occur as a contained thing is untrue. If you've seen nge think of it like ATF fields. To most people they'reinvisible and impermeable. But not to mental beings.


>Iarping as a powerful jizzard


Can anybody link some good books about akashic records In PDF?



Akashic records are a metaphorical device to create a representation of existing knowledge. That's all it is. Shoo shoo bullshit occultismé



Thank you for your answer.

2 quick questions:

>flaring the emotions

Which emotion should i be working up while doing this?

> taking in as deep an impression of their whole being into your mind, then using the imagination to work changes upon them

correct me if i'm wrong but i essentially just need to visualize them in my mind as clearly as possible and imagine them doing or acting the way i want?


File: e6a10218b852f3d⋯.jpg (531.8 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, cashmoney.jpg)

How do you become rich working with magic?

I don't want any demonic pacts that make loved ones die in the process or something equally bad, i just want to be wealthy enough to not have to work and to be able to take care of my friends and family's financial problems.



Are you sure that's what you want?

By the way is everyone on fucking drugs? Will you stop with the inane comments already?


File: 0da4f55a9bac82b⋯.jpg (7.55 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Deebo.jpg)


>any one who frequents this long is not a friend of mine.

Well fuck you then punk!

Jus kidding, I still love u anyway bb


File: 65376e6ce187e40⋯.pdf (3.05 MB, Astral Dynamics.pdf)



>Larping as a skeptic


How do you get rid of fear and anxiety? I want to stare down the barrel of a gun or jump out of a plane without a trace of tension.



Stare down the barrel of a gun or jump out of a plane until you can do so without fear and anxiety.

Fear is your lower self's reaction to something that it considers dangerous or undesirable in order to make you stay away from it. If you show it it's OK enough times, it stops having that reaction.

Same mechanism works in reverse, in case you want to Pavlov/MKUltra the fuck off yourself.



BTW you need to ignore that fear when you confront it, otherwise the lower self / subconscious doesn't get the message.


File: 49e2c2fafa56ad6⋯.pdf (3.23 MB, Robert-Bruce-Astral-Dynami….pdf)


What edition is that?



so now people who don't remember there dreams are being fed on now? funny how that you failed to mention that earlier.


>This would've been a GREAT argument, except this is still considered the best way to go about lucid dreaming and has made countless people lucid dream before.

>by the way if your having trouble remembering your dreams you could be being fed on by astral parasite. but the book wont say any thing about that. :^)



MY problem is that I was on the verge of doing this and learning reality creation then a bunch of cunt wizards told me to read books by a wind bag kike who's only magical trick was coming up personas to sell his books. send me on a wild goose chase and manipulate synchronicity online. Then act like I'm an asshole because I'm "negative" when all they do is circle jerk about semantics of dead philosophies that barely matter and act like it makes them better than everyone else screeching about how ego's are the problem and we are all one but act like the most egotistical assholes. mean while if you had read enough self help books they tell you more or less the same thing but with out the 2deep4u symbols.



I dont want to be wealthy because i love money i just want to be able to support myself and my loved ones without being a wage slave or having to sell my soul



God you people are such scrubs.

It's actually easier than you'd think. First up, You're going to have to take a deep dive. Do some meditation. Self analysis. Enquiry. What you're looking for here is the underlying emotional core of your desire for money? What is the underlying need here? We're trying to get to the nutshell. From the sound of your post >>104163 here it sounds like you are after safety, stability and security.

Okay. Cool. So now we've established that and gotten it out of the way, What does it feel like to have it?

What comes next is holding that feeling and amp it as much as possible. Think of it like 'broadcasting' it out into the ether. You're trying to bring it into your reality via emotional resonance. This is the law of creation. Do it as much or as little as you like, but more energy pumped into it is better.

Now two caveats. The first; And this is important. You need to feel having it -RIGHT NOW-. Don't look off into the future. Don't imagine being financially solvent in 6 months. You want to feel what it'd be like to have it RIGHT now. Why is this important? Wanting creates more wanting. Imagining "I am wealthy in 6 months" will create for you more "I am wealthy IN SIX MONTHS." Do you understand? Adding a time-frame will create an ever increasing buffer zone that guarantees you will never get your desire. It has to be right now. You have to feel it *right now.*

This leads into the second caveat, and the hardest part of the process. Detachment. Since the emotion of *want* will only bring you more *want* you need to try to level yourself out to neutral. A detached ZFG state where it doesn't really matter if the money comes or not. Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation because you have it right now, yet total detachment to the outcome so it can actually show up. Do you understand? In this universe the hungry do not get fed.

Last but not least, when the opportunity presents itself, be prepared to work for it.



Not wanting to die without becoming an evil piece of shit makes you a scrub? God, you are such a scrub.

Good advice otherwise.



Money isn't evil in itself, interest is evil.

Money is a way to exchange services with minimal effort.

Money is a great invention and you will receive just as much money as your services are worth which is why you want to be a high value person with high value skills.



>Not wanting to die without becoming an evil piece of shit makes you a scrub?

Hold up, Hold up, Hold up. How did anything about being or becoming an evil piece of shit come into this?

Hm. Do wealth and evil go hand in hand inside your mind? That could be a problem. If you're carrying around a belief like "Wealthy people must be evil swindlers to get where they are" you'll gum up the works. You can't build wealth for yourself if somewhere inside your head you'd be compromising your own integrity to do so.

If you're carrying around something like that, you'll have to unplug that first. See if you're carrying around unhealthy belief systems about money. If you find any, observe them without judgement. Detach, Watch it and let it dissolve away to nothing under the magnifying glass of your consciousness.



>That could be a problem

big one. yuuuge.

get a job faggot.


get two jobs.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Besides what the other guy said, consider the following:

You can support yourself with magic with barely any money, and still live better than most wagecucks out there. I'm talking materially, not spiritually (that's a given).

Also, your loved ones will have to get their shit together as much as you. There is no chance of being their benefactor. If people are miserable and live miserably, they are the only ones capable of changing that, unfortunately.

Also check out that YouTube channel (watch them in order). Might seem a bit cheesy at first glance, especially the old intros, but it changed my life.



Wait you didn't actually fall for the reading list meme right? It was created by a schizophrenic bipolar jew. WWAtkinson is trash. IIH is okay but not worth it for most people. Just read New Energy Ways or some shit.


>how do I become rich with le magic xDDDDD

Become one of those miracle preforming televangelists. As long as you claim the healing was "by the power of jeebus" people will accept it.


I'm afraid I don't have anything to start with, otherwise I would start a thread proper. Can anybody post good hermetic "cheatsheet"diagrams? I'm especially interested in getting a big nice diagram of the tree of life with as many correspondences packed in as possible. Thank you very much anons.


My brothers girlfriend is big into spirituality and other stuff she recommended my brother to see his spiritual guide was it that? I forget and it got me thinking, do I have one and how do I summon it? I'm at a loss right now and could use some outside help. I don't know anything about this stuff, last thing I want is to summon a demon, I've lurked this board on and off but never got into the stuff, always wanted to.


File: 123f685e20b1031⋯.jpg (670.27 KB, 1512x1524, 126:127, 1502497998262.jpg)

File: e83269abedce288⋯.png (87.69 KB, 410x410, 1:1, Skeleton-PNG-File~2.png)


Here's something atleast

*Rattles intensely*



Bullshít øccultism



>All is mind

>Think about your higher self for example

>Ask him with great Desiree and focus, "doo I hab a guide?"

>Synchronicities = "Hello, am guyd, yes, you have guide"

If you're energybody is strong enough, it'll work, he may not answer, but he heard. If you're completely sure he didn't hear, time to take the walk of shame (in my opinion), ritual evocation.

Now don't get me wrong, western(ritual) magic has its pros and cons, just like eastern(self-cultivation), but in this case, chaos magic is way easier (in my opinion). She's probably talking about western magic, cause even if you're not clairvoyant you can still directly communicate with it, but it's not as easy as becoming clairvoyant, then simply thinking about your guide, regardless, judge accordingly


File: e69f3e3d4b1ce73⋯.jpg (18.03 KB, 210x240, 7:8, shrek-hewlett-packard-73.1.jpg)


>Atkinson is shit

>IIH is… "okay"

What's a matter friendo? Larva got your tongue?



Atleast explain yourself.


>Think about your higher self for example

I think I can do that

>ritual evocation

Wew, I don't trust myself to do a lot of things, last thing I want is to fuck up and summon a demon. I really want to better myself, fix myself, I've become damaged I don't have a single positive thought and I've thought about suicide for real. I'm gonna meet my higher self, ask questions and go from there. Thanks grandmaster wizard.


/fringe/ - where the blind lead the blind



Teach me then sen-pai.



Nothing of any value can be taught through language. When it is your time to change in this life or the next you will. And really, it doesn't fucking matter.



>It doesn't fucking matter

Why so glum anon-kun?


I have come to a point where I have an agnostic model that can take anyone who is willing to learn and give them the tools to both self actualization and magical manifestation of an organized way. A 101 first year magic class that can literally make one rich, popular or happy.

I know for a fact many people here are way beyond that point, but my question is: should I teach, set up a site, write a book or something like that?

On the one hand this knowledge can literally change one's life in mind blowing ways, but on the other, would it be appreciated? Would it be understood? It bothers me that this knowledge could change so many lives for the better yet tons of people live miserable lives, and at the same time, I feel quite indigo-pilled because people really don't seem to want to help themselves.



Let them learn on their own



Totally not what I expected. Very cool thanks! Will meditate on the symbolism.


File: 945e0ff41016600⋯.png (9.35 KB, 82x91, 82:91, Skeleton-PNG-File~3.png)


* Rattles harder *


Some of you guys are alright. Don't go outside tomorrow.



>larping as a sceptic larping as a wizard


In my experience the majority of people on this board think lowly of the idea of having spirit guides, and understandably so in a lot of case, but in my experience my spirit guides have been the single most helpful thing in my magical, and mundane development. Everyone has multiple, and in my belief everyone has an infinite amount of them. The guide that is dominant in your life will likely change as you grow, change, and develop as a human and a "wizard".

I'm sure you could do a full evocation of one of your guides if you'd like, but it seems necessarily complex to me, and I have no experience in doing so. If I were you I would meditate on your spirit guide. You do not have to know what he/she/it is consciously, because your "spirit" already knows. Take some time to focus on the guide until you feel a "click", this signifies that you have "found" them. Just hold onto that feeling and meditate on it. Clear your mind and wait for your guide to introduce itself.

It is likely that nothing will happen the first time few times you meditate on it. What is actually happening here is that you are showing your guides you have an interest in communicating clairvoyantly, instead of however they are communicating with you now (which is likely through synchronicity, dreams, or just odd feelings), however it takes time for you to develop this skill.

>Changing the subject

What are some easy methods of reaching gnosis? Right now I've been using automatic drawing to create sigils which will put me in gnosis for about a second, but after that I lose it.


File: 70296a370eb8c7b⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)


>In my experience the majority of people on this board think lowly of the idea of having spirit guides,

Holy fuck not me, I'm so greatful for all my guides, I mean, I love all my brothers and sisters, but man my guides are some real bros. Now obviously, they help me like no other when it comes to big shit like finding the right schools of thought, and basically everything else, but I've started embracing the divine love I've been slacking on since January cause I just didn't see why it was so important, and man, they sure seem to be proud of me! I've been getting shitloads of synchronicities pertaining to "good job, good things are to come" just today, and it's cool because I like synchronicities and divine love is a pretty sweet frequency once you get acclimated to it. Of course, I'm not advocating that you can master divine love over-night, I kinda always gravitated towards these kinda things as a kid, but I shut it out for some reason, I guess /pol/ was funny and I wanted to be like /pol/, but whatever, it's all ogre now.


>mfw this whole shin-dig



/pol/ is the one singular truth light and way you stupid soyboy. ALL SHITSKINS MUST DIE HAIL HITLER 1488!


File: 317a7069f340920⋯.png (567.51 KB, 850x478, 425:239, doom-leek.png)


>>larping as a sceptic larping as a wizard

>implying I'm not a house Telvanni wizard who larps as a Terran wizard who larps as a sceptic who larps as a vegetarian revenant that knows magic is real but blatantly denies it because he's afraid to admit he Doom'd himself to the path of eternal torment with constant worrying and "AAAAAWWWWW's"… who larps as a sceptic

Now that's some 88D chess!


File: 1be624ea7f20ce5⋯.jpg (10.68 KB, 169x172, 169:172, _20170622_032559.JPG)


> one singular truth



>must die

Didn't you forget "cuck", XDDDDD le roasted!



To be fair it's been like half a year since I larped as a stormnazi.


File: 6f3f6cc9ae2f140⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, PhotoGrid_1502762011478.jpg)

File: 8ffb6ccc58ba20a⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, PhotoGrid_1502761201809.jpg)

Alright wizbros, /Fringe/ fight arena,


In the first corner we got the revenant, from Doom 2016, and in the second, we got who could quite possibly be an wizard adept, AuntW*termelon, who will come out triumphant? Enlightened good, or chaotic evil?


In this match we have, a replacement revenant, vs a reptilian! What could possibly be more sinister? Chaotic evil, or neutral evil? Let's find out!



I thought you were legit, woopsie daisies



Tbh I have a theory that 95% of /pol/ is just people LARPing for whatever reason. It's like how the KKK is all LEO and FBI and DEA with a few genuine retards.


Is it true that Jim's son is the new /fringe/ BO



My bet:

"The revenant let's out a sharp screech as it launches itself into the air firing a barrage of rockets at AuntW*termelon, AuntW*termelon responds by slowing down time and matrix dodges the revenant's projectiles. The revenant, now flustered, slams to the ground and makes a dash straight for AuntW*atermelon, while AW maintains a state of complete zen, clairvoyantly scanning his 9ft foe for weaknesses. The revenant makes a wide, sweeping swing with his mutilated arm, AW ducks, qi-punching the revenant's shin, instantly shattering the mottled column of bone. The revenant, now crippled, doesn't even blink, partly because it can only comprehend pure rage, and partly because it has no eyelids. The revenant desperately flys upward hailing down another barrage of missiles while avoiding the now-untraversable ground with it's jetpack. AW uses his astral-learned Mo Pai to hurl a fireball directly at rockets, knocking both combatants back roughly 20ft. AW revitalizes his mortal coil with a breath of fresh prana, the revenant, now Earthbound due to a malfunctioning jetpack, stomps the bottom of it's shattered shin as to make it flatter, temporarily rebalancing the revenant for melee combat. The revenant once again let's out a shrill screech, overwhelmed by it's own blind demonic fury, both combatants charge, AW attempts a killing qi-punching to the revenant's skull, but the revenant quickly shifts, pinning AW to the brimstone floor. The revenant slams it's fist onto AW's face, AW is merely dazed from years of iron-shirt. The revenant recoils for one final blow, thrusts his fist down at lightning speed, but AW catches the revenant's arm in a lock, qi-slaps the revenant's earhole effectively stunning the revenant, then grabs the revenant's left shoulder mounted rocket launcher, firing it by clairvoyantly manipulating the revenant's rocket-control, obliterating the revenant and sending AW slamming into a solid brimstone wall. AW gets up, heals all his wounds from the fierce battle, and says, "Its all bioelectricity bro"

T H E…E N D AuntW*termelon wins



Sm*ley's name is Kenn*the, so when he says a person of that moniker now runs /Fringe/, I think he's just being le master ruseman



I don't man, when I go to /pol/ I can feel the pure fucking yang hatred eminating from my phone



/pol/ is more yin by nature

/pol/ is reactive not active



Yeah, makes sense, I mean it's very heat-like, must be the anger



Well it makes sense. The kind of people who use /pol/ have a lot of built up anger. They're bad at communicating and understanding others and unhappy. Then one day they find /pol/ and they're told their shitty life wasn't their fault at all but rather the fault of MUH JEWS, MUH SHITSKINS, MUH RACE TRAITORS. It's an appealling ideology for obvious reasons but it's very destructive.


I think the most important first step for personal development is detachment, which none of the "reccomended reading" books really go into well or at all. People here get offended so easily and care so much what people think of them.



Yeah, perfect example that even the most hateful beings deserve love and maybe pity. They're just confused, poor chaps


Definitely agree, it works so well that when a troll calls one of the advanced wizards a bullshit occultist, and they just respond with, "Its magic nigga, I ain't gotta explain shit", they're stunned, they never prepared for something like that, the ol' petty insults trick had always worked flawlessly, and now this? Its hilarious


Not going to lie, I'm a little baffled by what I see on this board right now (Was a lurker who's returning after a sabbatical of sorts.)

It blows my mind to see someone struggling with cash or crying salty bacon grease tears about 'no greenpilled gf'. Some of y'all niggas have forgotten that (according to the Kyballion) the universe is mental. We have the power to create our own fates. Nay, one step further. The power to create our own destinies.

I'm going to make the limited one time offer here to write a new OC thread on reality creation. Would you guys like to see something like that? I'll write it up depending on interest.



People who have their shit together don't use /fringe/ much excelt for occassional sh*tpostįng. Pretty much everyone except for the namefafs and flagfifs are newfugs.



As a struggling beginner i would love to see something like that



On that front, Did king Jew do something to namefagging? I get the choice between nothing or sage.



Jim's son is the new BO and bans anyone who even includes a namefig's name in thoir post. BASED


File: 3ece44eba2db704⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 400x379, 400:379, EGS4Tip.jpg)


>mfw this whole shin-dig

aaaannnnnnnddddd now I know your full of shit. thanks for the heads up.


>Well fuck you then punk!

feelings mutual "friend"



>he posts on an anime imageboard

>he takes his "contributions" very seriously

How long have you been fucking using imageboards seriously 😂👌


File: eeee82189c3ae00⋯.png (276.97 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Yeah waifus are a that s w….png)


Learn to surrender and let go. Then nothing bothers you. When a feeling of fear or anxiety arises, simply acknowledge the feeling and accept it. Do not condemn it, vocalize/verbalize it, resist it, or try to change it. Eventually the fear or anxiety will run out and you will be free of it. Emotions are energy, and energy will run its course until it is through.


This as fuck


In full truthfulness, the guide, the knower, your tether to the universe is you, your consciousness/spirit. They/It may manifest somehow, through meditation or synchronicity, but ultimately because you are a gear pushing other gears across a large board, that board being the universe. Eventually, your energy as a gear will turn a gear far, far away from you. That energy is your connection to the guide.

Chogyam Trungpa talked about this in one of his books. He said that, in a sense, the universe is your spiritual guide simply because a guru or a metaphsyical guide is nothing without the experience or appreciation of values that that their teachings bring. In a sense, you can bring a horse to water, but you cant make it drink.

Believe me, you wont summon a demon.


Take it from me, /pol/ has a lot of good points. But there is so much negativity and blackpill on there it is ridiculous. Speaking from experience, attempting to emulate them is very limited in understanding and can only bring more negativity into your life. If you ever meet a /pol/ack IRL, feel sympathy for them because they are full of problems that they suppress, repress and project onto others.


Revenant wins both rounds


That 95% also looks for things where they can blame most of their problems onto things that aren't at fault for them. Which, at their root, are problems of fear and reaching happiness. Fear of loss of financial security, fear of loss of reputation or masculinity, fear of loss of women, and most importantly, fear of loss of happiness. Their pride of higher knowledge self-preserves their ego, which in turn thinks that it can do no wrong, which in turn believes that the Jews are at fault for everything. I will admit, a lot of problems in the world are because of Jews, that is no doubt. But most of them project their personal problems onto the Jews just because they want something to blame and to be angry at.






I know you're upset about something, but relax man. We're all one. If somethings bothering you, please tell us about it. I would be glad to lend an ear.



More specifically is say "polarization". Too much emotional investment. That should be the first issue addressed by any newbie because it blocks the path to everything.

Learning to accept that your opinion is shit and to stop choosing sides on everything is invaluable.



Tbh I really stopped having opinions about things. When I really think about it having an opinion is trivial.


File: dc5768843e50e2c⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1080x818, 540:409, Bryan_the_Beachmaster.png)


I didn't then everyone started throwing hissy fits that I wasn't.





There were more put I'll give you a hint #pantsonheadretard

Then I did briefly thinking maybe some of you guys are depressed. Then I remembered your ass holes who's only joy in life is acting like ebin ruse men.




File: b5f247c468ea260⋯.jpg (20.84 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1814220602_1.jpg)


That is fine then. I accept you for the way you are despite the issues you are struggling with. I hope you find a solution and contentment.



try making a post that isn't loaded with bait next time



Well people are on this board I assume to grow mentally and emotionally. The best way to grow is to suffer. And so I le ebin troll u :DDDDD

Shitposting is a tool towards enlightenment. Make shitpøst not war :DDDDD


Any chance someone would be willing to spoonfeed me on how to get special text effects? For a thread I'm attempting to write.


File: 5ae009ddc805445⋯.png (531.12 KB, 539x386, 539:386, c62.png)


I know my post seems passive aggressive, but believe me, its not. I can tell that you are upset or angry about something, that is why you are becoming hostile with others in the thread. And honestly, thats okay. That is simply how we've learned to cope with our problems as we have grown. There is nothing wrong with having emotions that you are born with.

However, there is a better alternative to solving issues that we have in our life by coming to terms with them. That is why I am genuinely offering to listen to whats on your mind or whats bothering you. You don't have to, you really don't. The choice is yours after all. Only you can decide to help yourself. I accept and understand whatever way you wish to choose.








>The best way to grow is to suffer

you say that until your on the receiving end.


your offering to listen but your advice will still be the same

let go

feel the love bruh!



how about you actually read some of my posts before you go on offering "help"



>let go

>feel the love bruh!

You're right. Letting go can change all negative feelings because it removes the pejorative of negative. How could we have positive emotions if we had no negative emotions? That is the basis of yin and yang. Nothing is bad or good, it simply is.

Let me ask you some questions. Please, do not feel offended or attacked, I am asking with no judgement whatsoever.

Why are you being aggressive with people in this thread?


I think most views of reincarnation are inherently flawed. Most systems look as reincarnation as a supernatural system. Rather it seems to be a natural system based on natural laws. While it does operate on mostly non material principles it is still a logical and natural system.

First we define a person.

The body which is the material body, energy body, and astral or mental body. The energy body is like a framework that analogs to the material body and is influenced and influences the nervous system among other things. The astral body we can think of as a dualism with the brain. The Lower Mind of the material brain and the Higher mind which is substantiated by and substantiates the Lower mind. Assuming these bodies are all of a proper quality and condition then there may alight within what is known as a soul (or atman/God/tao whatever one wishes to name it) in whatever proportion can be held. Now I note that I am of the opinion that while all humans are fundamentally capable of becoming receptive to holding a soul most do not have them and are fundamentally no different from lesser animals in exception of form and intelligence.

Now the main point. When a person dies and they have no soul nothing of the Higher mind remains. It unravels and in a similar fashion to rotting flesh it becomes base though and energy. It is only when a man has a soul that something of his Higher mind survives and can alight in a embryo. Of course this does not result in memories the person can actively remember, though it is possible that once their brain has developed it can download the memories so to speak. But the Higher mind entering this body makes it by nature more receptive to having a soul. Failure is of course possible, but less likely. This person is a reincarnate. Eventually if this process is repeated enough a catharthis can take place where the person can choose to either perfect their vessel becoming an eternal (for the length of this universal cycle at least) light unto the world, or shed their material body and become a purely astral being.



>you say that intil you're on the receiving end

I'm sure you could make me feel pain. But I am beyond suffering.



In every suffering there is a lesson. Suffering it's an excellent way to learn and grow. You don't have too like it unless you are a masochist, but it's true. And if course we're talking about administered by fate and circumstances, not by a knowing party.

So, no, making someone suffer just for the sake of it is generally a bad way of helping them grow.


File: 04849e05c11f9ad⋯.png (241.46 KB, 1473x310, 1473:310, Capture.PNG)


>I think most views of reincarnation are inherently flawed.

This is true.

>Now I note that I am of the opinion that while all humans are fundamentally capable of becoming receptive to holding a soul most do not have them and are fundamentally no different from lesser animals in exception of form and intelligence.

This is half-true, I will explain why in a bit.

>Of course this does not result in memories the person can actively remember, though it is possible that once their brain has developed it can download the memories so to speak.

Also true.

>Eventually if this process is repeated enough a catharthis can take place where the person can choose to either perfect their vessel becoming an eternal (for the length of this universal cycle at least) light unto the world, or shed their material body and become a purely astral being.

Also true.

For the most part, you are right on the dime. I made a post explaining it in pic related a while ago. The only part I would slightly disagree with you on is the fact that some people don't have a soul. This is false. Everyone has a soul/consciousness, they simply have positive or negative karma depending on the state of their lives. A dog, though being a less intelligent being, is happier and more content despite being a dog. They are simply happy to be alive, yet they are pets. Dogs do indeed have souls.

In Buddhism, there are Six Realms of Rebirth (We tend to call it rebirth because reincarnation is too literal).

In the Higher Three Realms, there are

>Astral beings/Buddhas who have entered nirvana (true enlightenment), escaped samsara (the cycle of rebirth and suffering), and have exited the physical realm

>Demi-gods, who are balanced inbetween the astral realm/Pure Lands and the physical world. They inhabit the physical but have deep connection to Pure Lands and easily tap into it. They tend to have very good lives and bountiful siddhis (powers/abilities).

>Humans. You know the deal here

Then, in the lower three realms, we have

>Animals. 50/50 state, you could land as a dog maybe with a good owner or a goat getting fucked by a muslim. Or a worm. Depends on your karma but you're definitely in a lower realm.

>Ghosts/pretas. These are people who are in constant suffering and pain but aren't quite in hell yet. One foot in the coffin, though. If you've ever seen a drug addict who simply can't get their shit together, this is a preta. Bad karma follows.

>Hell/Naraka. Pretty easy to understand. Torment for quite a while, extreme heat/cold, constant intense pain. Eventually once you recultivate your karma, you go back up a realm and get another chance. Nothing is permanent or eternal.

Other than that, you're spot on.



Thanks bruh.


File: b65a80e0e1f4e58⋯.jpg (87.45 KB, 510x700, 51:70, character_by_akizhao.jpg)

Do we have the "magical use of thoughtforms" PDF in the archives? I can't find it anymore.



My definition of "soul" probably needed more definition. If you think of the great light of the universe, The All, God, Atman, or whatever some call it as a candle. Now imagine that ever living entity, plant and animal is at a general level opaque. With enough experience and in your terminology karma an entity can become translucent. This allows them to have Will. Most physically incarnated beings on Earth including humans do not have Will, they are opaque and God does not shine through them. Most physically incarmated beings on Earth with Will ARE human but some trees and various creatures have some amount. Of course very few beings are truly translucent like crystal glass excepting some specific cases I know of.



>>mfw this whole shin-dig

>aaaannnnnnnddddd now I know your full of shit. thanks for the heads

You can always tell me what's bothering you, I might have some good advice, who knows



Over 9000 hours in Google, you edgy motherfucker. If you can't even find that you are confirmed for not making it.




don't tempt me

>In every suffering there is a lesson

except it's always the same bullshit lessons

You should have known better

let go bruh

channel god/universe feel the love :3

>And if course we're talking about administered by fate and circumstances not by a knowing party.

>knowing party.

eat shit and die astral kike

>making someone suffer just for the sake of it is generally a bad way of helping them grow.

>When i do it it's because I'm helping teaching a lesson heres a shitty indian mantra about love because thats helping


You can always tell me what's bothering you, I might have some good advice, who knows

>I might have

Heres some half baked advice I know will fuck you up, lel I'm helping! :^)



Good luck in life, youre going to need it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


never had luck so I dont need it, just will power to keep going now I just need a goal


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Dude what the fuck is wrong with you? We haven't exchanged a word before and you're accusing me off all sorts of shit.

I specifically said life making you suffer is a chance for learning and I implied people shouldn't make each other suffer knowingly.

Why did you assume I was defending anyone hurting you when I was actually defending your point with some reservations?

Dude, fuck you. Nobody owes you shit, so good luck in the with that attitude.



Fuck it, why not? Ill certainly read it, though I do feel like I have a good grasp on the subject it couldn’t hurt to read anon's thoughts on it.


I don't know if I would say suffering is the best way to go, it sure is damn effective in the right situation with the right people. It sure as hell taught me a lot.


That is a very interesting way to look at it.



>This anon



thanks for the recommendation, ill start checking these out.



I really hope you're a teenager because if you're a grown man this is just too pathetic.


File: 8a9cd463ee1d68e⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 640x424, 80:53, med_1473974578_image.jpg)


Since you dodged my earlier question of why you are being aggressive with everyone in the thread, I assume you are trolling. Still, that implies that you have a problem, and that in itself is not a bad thing.

>Heres some half baked advice I know will fuck you up, lel I'm helping!

What then, is your definition of help?

Also, why are you here? To make other people angry?



Read his posts closely, he's obviously from /pol/. And as to why he's so angry "muh joos" is why.


Does the Monroe Institute have ties with the CIA?



It was moved to Virginia in 1962 what do you think.


Why is inhaling the elements so fickle? One day its very obviously physical within 3 invocations, and other days it's nothing after 12?



He sure is funny though, like the Eeyor to our Hundred Acre Wood


File: 701a3da6e33b9aa⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 272x185, 272:185, fds.jpg)


Dude what the fuck is wrong with you?

you never had someone botch your spiritual journey, shit post your entire damn life in a dream you barely remember , give you a spooky phone call when your watching some paranormal documentary and then forcibly take over your brain when you weren't even aware that was possible have you? oh by the way were all one and you shouldn't be a dick to people :3 of course no one doesn't owes me anything I'm just tired of people calming to be virtuous when all they do is lie and act like d bags.






>why you are being aggressive with everyone in the thread

Because if I was left to my own devices I would have "probably" come to the same ending. realize my job and material possessions don't make me happy there just nice to have, try and find spirituality learn to appreciate what I have, be positive, and help people where I can. Instead I get into magic because of one stupid thought and SOMEBODY was too eager to accommodate me at a convenient time.

>I assume you are trolling.

I derive no joy from this, I'am just doing this on the off chance some dumbass on the edge like me wonders in here thinking magic is gonna help. It can but it doesn't change much. If he feels empty He's still gonna have to look within himself and find a reason to keep going. You can read as many books as you want but at best they'll just give you a different perspective on how to look at life and why things happen the way they do. It's up to him to decide how he acts on it and why. He shouldn't be tricked into a solitary monk life style because people like to larp like the greater good.



L*terally schizophrenia




My words are spiteful my temperament is mostly indifferent.


and it was mostly right when I discovered fringe. synchronicity nigga I can choose to ignore it or I can be aware of it

>L*terally schizophrenia

yup all the more reason for me to flay my arms and tell dumb ass to leave



>Dude what the fuck is wrong with you? you never had someone botch your spiritual journey, shit post your entire damn life in a dream you barely remember , give you a spooky phone call when your watching some paranormal documentary and then forcibly take over your brain when you weren't even aware that was possible have you? oh by the way were all one and you shouldn't be a dick to people :3 of course no one doesn't owes me anything I'm just tired of people calming to be virtuous when all they do is lie and act like d bags.

Wow, its almost like we're right and being constantly angry and vile attracts constantly angry and vile spirits, while being constantly loving and nurturing to all expressions of The Godhead will attract likewise beings! When Sm*ley was at even his fucking lowest, he got attacked by aliens, but when he isn't constantly neurotic and paranoid he's fine. I though all women were whores, and this was backed up by literally every girl I met being a whore, and I'm Chad, so I've met alot of fuckin' girls, but eventually T*pp and Coreybro told me it was just law of attraction, and while I haven't met any non-degenerate girls yet, over the past 2 days I've noticed everyone at school being significantly happier, all cause of me, and I can definitely tell that its very possible I might soon meet one, though I already have inner love for all beings, even you


File: fb794fa13a677d1⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 07532dfa9a61d2d38ced5e32d9….jpg)


>My words are spiteful my temperament is mostly indifferent.

Nice dubs ciddie


Does listen to hemi-sync get you fucked up from Cia influenced files


File: 8cd911944700a7c⋯.png (446.15 KB, 600x965, 120:193, IMG_1057.PNG)


>I-I'm just pretending to be butthurt n-nerds!




Muh CIA muh jewbies muhluminati

Come on man



That would have been a good argument except I was learning that i was spiteful and to over come it then get one stupid thought "their must be more to life then this" and blam discover this place. next thing I know weird shit starts happening but I didn't believe in magic so I just blew it off at the time but I did start wanting to research magic more.

What was that hermetic saying? The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

If that's the case then I should have never discovered this place right?


use those "magic senses" how angry do you think I'm?


File: f485981f31e18f9⋯.png (952.97 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, IMG_1078.PNG)


You're not angry, just confused.



I was a fedora when I found this place, always loved the idea of magic and high-fantasy wizards though. One day I looked through the board list and opened /Fringe/, and as soon as I saw, "esoteric wizardry", I was like, "Fuck it, I'll give it a shot", and here I am almost 8 months later!



Sexually confused?


File: d756d0539122ee7⋯.png (758.1 KB, 720x1134, 40:63, tf synch7~2.png)

File: 55073edf03918d6⋯.png (756.92 KB, 720x1129, 720:1129, tf synch6~2.png)

File: 805165729067b38⋯.png (354.77 KB, 720x1010, 72:101, tf synch4~2.png)

File: 93ac1c301ca97a0⋯.png (481.91 KB, 720x1130, 72:113, tf synch3~2.png)

File: ccee18292d09398⋯.png (333.9 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, tf synch2.png)

Wow, /Fringe/ is dead, synchronicity dump to revive thread. For context, these all happened yesterday