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I do not want to be a slave to utility bills, rent, or debt. It is insane to think that most people are wasting their lives slaving away to pay bullshit like that all because conventional homes in Canada are all built in an inferior and wasteful way that completely ignores the requirements of building in harmony with this environment. Who the hell wants to work every day of their life just to pay never ending expenses like that? How do we advance forward to better things if we intentionally build millions of homes and sell them for a half million dollars each at the minimum and enslave the people to debt and all those homes are fucking shit and falling apart in just 30 years and the people still haven't even paid the mortgage off yet and they need to repair their energy-inefficient nonsense homes?

I am buying some land that happens to be surrounded by national park. I have about 10 acres that is my land and then on all sides it's surrounded by endless trees; so I basically have 10 acres to build on but then the benefit of being surrounded by thousands of acres of trees. The water is so pure here that you can see very deep into the water also I drank it without boiling or filter and at first I got a little sick (still could work and stuff, just felt a little odd in my stomach) but I kept drinking it and after a period of adjustment my body adapted and now I can just drink the water and be perfectly fine. Doesn't even matter if there's some mud or what have you in it. That said I'm planning to make a well and have a proper water filter and all that. I just wanted to take my chances and see if I'd die drinking the water or not and I lived; I saw a dog drinking it multiple times and thought to myself if a dog can drink it then I'm a sorry excuse for a mammal if I can't do the same.

I have for a long time been wanting to live off-grid and researching different building styles. I will have about 30k, maybe more like 20k, to build a house here. There already is a "house" of the exact style as in the youtube video I have posted for this thread. It however uses glass bottles for letting light instead of big windows and it has a shingle roof. So more expensive roof, less expensive windows. Inside of it is 2 bunks and some rusted cookware. The place has apparently been abandoned for 10 years with nobody living in the area. It seems that whoever owned the place before became too old and has decided to let it go so they're selling it to me. I'm a young man of 24 years old so I'll be able to do much more there.

For me right now I don't know too much about how to install things like pipes, water-tank, and electrical. I have built shacks before on my own for fun. I'm watching this guy's videos for clues on how to do that stuff that I don't currently know. My land is in a very harsh climate where settlers came only in the 1800s and then their farms failed and they went into debt and left or died. Of course back then they didn't have electricity, solar panels, led lights, and other technology we have today; also I don't really care about farming, I have quite the garden I should show you guys and will probably garden out there too, but I mostly just plan to buy and stock up food to live on with garden, forage, and hunting only to supplement my diet.

My main objective is to be completely independent of the grid, able to stay warm and have water and food and all the essentials, but with no bills and stresses. The taxes on my land right now are literally only $300 a year. There is no proper road to my land, only a "road allowance". It is impossible to connect to the grid. I am a Fringe Wizard and practice and study Hermetics, Chaos Magick, and various other paradigms on this site. That takes a lot of time of course and I don't want mundanes with their toxic black energies and all the troubles they bring constantly interrupting me, disturbing my sleep, creating problems for me, etc. that stunt my development. By becoming independent I will not have to worry about any of this shit. A great big happening could take place and I would be fine. Months and months I will be able to study and practice magick without interruption.

If anyone here is curious also to live with me out here you should come (just talk to me and I will see if I want you here). When I am done building we will have every convenience we need; food, warmth, water, comfort, and even internet… but also pure air and dark nights. A truly healthy way of life. The only thing I'll have to give up living here is online gaming, as I will not be able to get WiFi here and will have to rely on data which would be laggy as fuck, but I already gave up gaming long ago and pretty much never play games or take much of an interest in them anyways, plus I also have linux on all my computers. So fuck gaming. Chances are that in the coming years some method of getting high-speed Internet out here might become a reality anyways who knows.

In this thread I will be posting whatever I am researching at the moment and I would like for you all to share building techniques, tips, etc. for off-grid living in the far-north.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Really? 30K and this is what you're spending it on? You could travel the entire world on 30K. You could live a moderate life in a third world country for decades on 30K.



I hate traveling and I hate any climate that isn't cold and dry and I hate having other people and especially non-whites around.

30 is for the land, then after that I should have 30k to buy solar panels and other stuff for my off-grid home

You'll get raped to death when some shit goes down in some third world shithole you strand yourself in while I'll be so far removed from civilization that nobody will come bother me


Hell yeah, /fringe/. That is pretty impressive.

I would be a but worried it would turn into some Charles Manson shite, but if not, that sounds really cool.



But there will be no internet if civilization collapses. I thought you said youd kys if no more internet.



That's what I'd do if stuck in the city living the shit life I've been living when collapse happens.

I'll have a backup of all the knowledge and internet shit I want with me, a community of like-minded individuals, and freedom. Why kill myself if I succeed in my goals?


Good job brother. Keep the dream, do it…..


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Expect mice. Lots of mice.

Get a trapping permit for the national park land, and trap during the season.

If you don't have running water you don't need to worry about plumbing. Let your sink drain into a 5 gallon bucket.

Consider having 2 working wood stoves. You can load them at different times and not have to wake up in the middle of the night with your stove almost out. one big for heat, one small for cooking.

If any kind of fruit tree grows in your zone, invest in a couple of them. Saves a lot of time come hunting season.

And make sure you check out David Paulides "Missing 411" series.



Can't I keep my house warm by building it so it's very insulated and then I don't really require 2 wood stoves and can just have an electric heater + stove?



I've been thinking about similar things but I also like farming, vertical farming needs a lot less land space.

Earthbags is my ideal construction method.

I've made my own clothes to wear.

Electricity can be gathered from the atmosphere and I've made some simple devices that could do that.

I know first aid and watched a lot of diy videos online, like about how to make soap and clay.

My dream is to make a reliable good cheap flying vehicle. I see flight as one of the purest forms of freedom. I like the idea of being able to fly away from those who try to rule over others or things like natural disasters.



An old way of creating a natural insulation is to build in a slope so that 3 walls are dug into the ground. Or if the ground is level you just dig the whole thing out making it a house that's basically just a basement with a roof.



Isn't this supposed to be an off grid house?

If your going to be hooked up to the grid just buy a used trailer home and have it moved to your land. Instant house, fully wired and plumbed.

Even if your off grid it works too.

There's people down in slab city live in trailer homes without water and electricity.

Don't expect much from solar panels and wind generators. You'll end up spending a lot of money with little return, and still need a generator to keep your batteries topped off.

Most of the alternative stuff is just novelty.



The bylaws here do not allow trailers or tents.

Why are you even asking me "isn't this supposed to be an off-grid house", what did I say that suggested it would be on-grid at all? If you're wondering about what I said about electric heater, I will have solar panels…

>There's people down in slab city live in trailer homes without water and electricity.

Yeah and that's California and a desert. No water to fuck shit up, no extreme cold weather.

>Don't expect much from solar panels and wind generators. You'll end up spending a lot of money with little return, and still need a generator to keep your batteries topped off.

Why do you say that?



>I do not want to be a slave to utility bills, rent, or debt.

Implies off grid or being homeless.

You should be fine running an electric heater off of a solar panel in the middle of winter. People do it all the time. I must have missed that part.

Good luck.



Yes but to do this he'll need a reliable mode of transportation to get replacements for equipment which WILL fail every few months.


>talks about moving into wizard enclave to survive alone, disregards purpose, despite having made yourself a witness to the laws, making you accountable, to eat meat

>haven't even converted washingmachine to free energy device using magnets yet




>washing machine

>not cleaning by hand



>tfw was gonna say >washing by hand >being poor or muslim

>tfw i realize guy misstakes washing machine for dish washer

its ok, i forgive you as you have probably never seen neither :^)


can't go around making free energy devices with dishwashers. not the right parts.


File: dce2301a0a747ee⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_1143.JPG)


No that wasn't a mistake.

All of my clothes are handwash or dry-clean only because I'm not a poornigger like you.




People will criticize others for any given circumstance.

Go all out OP. Free up your mind so you can figure this all out with whatever techniques you know about, or search for that info; get the creative and technical faculties into full gear so you can tear through it. That's the worst part of these things, grinding through it at a snails pace, mind too dull to grasp the entire picture.

My blessings to you and your endeavor.


Shills be trying to slide this…



I love the idea of living in a secluded cabin and being able to devote myself to studying the esoteric. The only thing better would be to go full Himmler and get a bunch of other /fringe/fags and have them join me in a castle.

Good luck OP. Please, if you can, try to start gardening and growing your own food. I think homesteading could improve a lot of people's lives.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey guys OP here they told me I can't build anything at all on the land. Doesn't make sense at all as there's already a small structure there. However I understand why now nobody buys the land.

I have to think up something else now.




small camper?




All not allowed in that municipality.


I'm just going to find some place to build a shed/cellar and then go live in it. It'll be a shitload smaller than this and heavily disguised with likely no windows but I'll put a single solar panel over top of it, a battery inside that can be charged, a light, and maybe a dehumidifier and I'll have a place to sleep with no distractions and noise at least. Maybe. I don't know. This is all very disheartening.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're not alone, I've been thinking about this for years

I go back between "Should I live completely outside the settlements somewhere secret or should I get small land?"

The earthship pioneer also faced the same issue, for a time lived free in an earthship but later had to fight with the system for years to be able to built "alternative experimental structures" and as he said in the movie the third world welcomes it but in the "developed" countries you'd first need a disaster to shake them up before you could do something like that without wasting years going through the "developed" systems






There are in fact regions of the US with no building codes and cheap land, such as south brewster county in texas. you can build whatever you want out there no one gives a shit and you can get land for thousands or sometimes even hundreds per acre. But you got to have balls of steel, being a pioneer and homesteading is not for the faint of heart.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anyone here know all the tools that Roundhouse bro uses to cut and shape wood to his needs? I got a new axe today (Coldsteel Trail Boss) as all my other axes have broken (I've gone through like 3 or 5 wood axes now because I do so much cutting and they eventually break). All previous axes I have owned were just regular axes from the stores, pretty good, but this new one I have is much more expensive and high quality so we'll see how that works out. I want to know that Roundhouse bro uses to strip the bark though and chisel and do a lot of his other work to shape logs into usable boards n' shit.




A lot of building codes are sensible and have good reasons behind them but fuck them when they don't want people living off-grid and put a ton of blocks in your way for doing that. There's some really fucking retarded ways to build homes that tend to happen when it's some company building homes for other people and they cut corners. They should not fuck with people though so much who are trying to build a home for themselves. Even roundhouse bro from the vids apparently has had issues with building his house and basically has to call it a shed and pray they ignore him as he continues his work.



Roundhouse bro powers everything in his place on like 250 watts of electricity. I can easily afford the most expensive kit here and get 850 watts of electricity. Hell I could buy 10 of them if I wanted to. I'd have shitloads of electricity.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I need to find houses built in swamps or under water to figure out some designs that will last forever that aren't undermined by wetness.



Sweet Fedora.



The romans used volcanic ashes and mixed the concrete with seawater to get very durable sea tolerant concrete;



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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