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File: fcb66bf5c796433⋯.png (181.5 KB, 1679x931, 1679:931, Screenshot from 2017-09-12….png)


UPDATE: I have given the board over to one of the mods from /pol/ and he is adding several other /pol/ mods, this will ensure that the board is in good aryan hands, I have told them though to ban rule 7 breakers for 2 weeks, and everyone else for 15 minutes per offense, hopefully they moderate fairly…

My youtube account and my gmail account have both been shutdown. I was using them both for many years and they have very suddenly today been locked down faster than I could react to salvage anything. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S which runs Android (Google shit) has stopped working and been locked down, I think it's about good for nothing now, or I have to put a new operating system on it that isn't android maybe to be able to use it again for anything. My board is being raided over and over incessantly by people skilled in social engineering who are trying to overthrow me, besmirch me, etc. and put an end to my mission to provide an uncensored outlet for occult information and discussions with their endless onslaught of spam. I am unable to post in the Order of Fringe Wizard's chat on Skype and some unusual fuckery is going on with that and I have a lot of problems with Skype in general, including leaks of private conversations and indications that my Skype account has been compromised. I have had my steam account hacked by IPs coming out of Russia and also because I just lost my gmail account I now have no way to recover my steam account, it is fucking toast. The games I paid for I will never be able to play because (((they))) can just disable my account and since everything is tied to the account and there's no way to keep a CD or something like back in the day the situation is fucked.

Although I have decided not to talk about it at all until now; I keep getting approached in real life by people from the military and undercover police and uniformed police, all of who regularly talk to me and "check up on me" and make me nervous sometimes how they seem to drop hints to me that could be concealed threats. Besides that I also keep encountering psychics everywhere with unusual powers that always recognize me right away, maybe by my aura or some other way, that there is something about me that is unusual and merits their attention and their open use of powers around me and making prophecies about me or comments of an insightful and revealing nature. People do weird and overt magickal shit near me very regularly.

I am becoming increasingly isolated and boxed in. There are fewer and fewer outlets for me to connect with others. I have pretty almost no opportunities to make money as well, as any jobs that aren't the kind illegals do (aka off the tables, paid in cash), I can be fired from right away because my stalkers somehow find out where I'm working fast no matter what and report me and get me fired very easily or prevent me from getting hired. Furthermore, if the money goes to the bank account directly, it can be seized by government and currently it's all just taken from me by my parents (I worked a job for about a month awhile ago and made about a thousand to maybe 2 thousand dollars but never got to see any of it). My parents of course do not support my values at all, are bluepills, support white genocide, support censorship, scream at me if I talk about the importance of freedom of speech and say shit to me like "words have consequences, stop using the Internet, stop talking to people" which makes me go fucking mad as I can not form intimate or personal connections with other people or have a meaningful life at all when I am not allowed contact with other human beings through the Internet or in person.

Furthermore there is an ongoing campaign to turn people against me and create many false accusations. It may be only a matter of time before I get vanned for some bullshit that is not true, maybe I'll get the same treatment as Trump with various random women I have never known coming forward with false rape accusations, or I'll have CP planted on my computer and be charged as a pedophile, or I'll be nabbed on terrorism charges, or I'll be "suicided" aka murdered by someone and the whole thing is claimed as a suicide. Maybe I'll just be quietly disappeared. I don't know why I am still a free man, still not in jail and not back in the ward, but apparently constantly attracting a shitload of attention from some very obsessed people.

All this shit because I dared to engage in critical thought, to explore radically different worldviews and ideologies, to challenge all my assumptions about reality, and to try and perfect my soul. On all levels and all sides I am attacked. I have not the support of my family, I have no friends I can turn to, I have nobody. I am alienated from society and being ostracized by everyone. There is nothing that (((they))) can't touch. Imagine that at any moment you could have all your money just legally stolen from you with no recourse for getting it back, that your family can be turned against you, that you can be put in a ward because someone says you're "crazy" or put in jail on false accusations, and that you can be excluded from any service on the internet and your files and computers seized. This is the world we live in.

I do not know how much longer I have. This BO account is shared with someone else but that certain someone else is just like me; a long time imageboard/chan user, was very interested in same subjects, got too close to CIA secrets, parents disowned him, etc. and he's wandering around homeless right now and has been for awhile now. For a bit he was staying over at another /fringe/ anon's house but that didn't last long and he's homeless again now. This makes it difficult for him to check up on the board and safekeep it for me. I've tried hiring new mods and made a couple accounts for various people I talked to on Skype (can't talk to them now though due to this crackdown) but they barely do anything and are too busy with shit in their life. I can't trust very many people and there's a good chance if I hire someone whose views and posting history can't be verified it'll end up being some fake persona of someone who will then go and nuke the board and wipe out my life's work and legacy. I don't want to have to deal with this responsibility as it's attracting way too much heat from interested groups that absolutely want to suppress and destroy me.

At this point also it is very hard to even verify that I am the original Fringe Wizard. Everything listed on https://8ch.net/fringe/guide.html is now defunct except that protonmail account and I'm not sure just how secure that is. I could be killed off and the impostors who are always running around pretending to be me could probably fool people into thinking I'm still around. I want to say it here and now – I am not suicidal and haven't been suicidal for maybe 2-3 months straight. I have made too much progress with psychic powers and my overall understanding of reality and so on to quit on life now. Pretty much all of the original problems that were behind my depression are either gone now or soon going to be solved, so with no reasons to be depressed, why be sad? As for all this censorship and constant attacks on me and my parents making my life hell, I just want to fight it, not give in and commit suicide.

Post last edited at



>playing video games

>mid 20's

Really man, fucking really?


I have just got mail that has alerted to me something so fucking serious I don't want to say what.


Go look at how many hours I have on my old steam account. I barely play games at all. I haven't played anything in months and don't really care about muh games. Thing is I had one game on Steam I did pay for and now I don't have it. Right now a bunch of games aren't my biggest concern. The way things are going I'll probably be joining the other /fringe/ Board Owner as a homeless wandering anon very soon. Everything is happening so fast I barely have time to react.



Well lad you are well and truly fucked. If I were you I'd put all my money in cash and fuck off to any country outside of ZOG influence.


I am going to leave this here. I was given a key in the astral long ago ( a random sequence of numbers and letters and characters) and when I search my key only one result comes up and it is this: http://www.ceolas.org/cgi-bin/ht2/ht2-fc2/file=/tunes/fc2/fc.html&style=&refer=&abstract=&ftpstyle=&grab=&linemode=&max=250&isindex=On%20the%20Fiddle&submit=Search

It's maybe nothing important but I don't want to take the time to decipher that shit, I've always just ignored it, rather than go through this riddle. I have not mentioned this or dumped this earlier because reasons – I really don't want to say – but now is a good time for me to share this as my life is absolutely fucked right now.

I seriously need to give away /fringe/ and leave my home. I planned to do it this September anyways. Who will take the board from me, protect it, and continue its holy mission? I would highly recommend that whoever claims my board that you have extremely good OpSec and be very careful to not reveal anything at all about yourself to the userbase and to just treat the position in a professional and impersonal manner, answering inquiries and so on in a methodical and systematic way, without engaging on personal level with anyone on the board. IDK but good luck to whoever steps up to take this burden from me.



Just let /fringe/ go tbh.

(No. It is obviously important and worth fighting for if you bunch are this determined to destroy and demoralize it.)



From my experience clues like that are often contextual i.e they make sense only from one narrow perspective. Look at this and see if it tells you anything:


Demons & Wizards, an album created by the singer from Blind Guardian and the guitarist from Iced Earth (hence the name). It seems relevant superficially by the names at least.



If you or your friend needs a place to stay, you can post in this group.


>inb4 "using goybook"

They will understand and they will help you, it shouldn't matter to you if you really need it. We've been using this group for years with no problem. Just be aware that it's sometimes really fast so your post may be gone from the feed in minutes. Just ask again with a comment.


I had a dream that the same exact thing happened to me last night…


File: ed7d144b0743c63⋯.png (43.87 KB, 256x256, 1:1, aint_clicking_that.png)





Dude, goybook is insecure as shit, and Omcoon is probably taking it down right as we speak.

Also I have never ever used facebook before and it's a honeypot and data mining operation and contrary entirely to what is required to have a free and open board for discussion for the occult.


File: e00adf9c98eb0fe⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 564x550, 282:275, 1666.jpg)


head of the cia here stop resisting fuccboe



Pill me on Cobra.


checken ihre protonmail



Alright I'll make you a vol as well, tfw 4 new vols today maybe 5



Its a part of the computer systems used for bluebeam. Or it is just a very comprehensive (((program)) that can interact with every modern computer system you can think of making it accessable on the internet because of (((logging purposes))). The officially stated reason atleast when their documents were still up is to provide logging for every system in exsistence for a radio telescope. That is a bunch of bullshit though.


I didn't know a female trap was the head of the cianiggers. I couldn't find anything about their directors online either. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough.


Also inb4 fringe goes down.





Cobra is the author of the portal 2012 blog. This is a group for the community. It's unrelated to the blog and there are number of these groups and websites. I don't keep track of them.


we army of mods now


This was a colossal mistake, I assure you.


>/pol/ mods

Now I KNOW the real kenneth is dead


File: cdc1f249a7f1007⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 550x580, 55:58, ^1D4797CD34E5CC602740BF4D3….jpg)


get fukt



>your ID




Btw pls make based godmod imkampfy BO


All this larping is really fucking stupid. Fuck off. Stop spamming for attention.


based imkike will run this board into the ground.


Hey FW here, if anyone gets unfairly banned, remember that you may appeal on >>>/fringemeta/

Nobody else wanted to mod the board so it's in /pol/'s hands now as I don't have time to wait day after day searching for someone else. You'll miss me probably and anyone who thought I was an unfair mod might think differently in the coming months… but we'll see. Hopefully this will all work out.



i thought you hated /pol/ mods what gives? are you just LARPing again faggot




I might be back one day to reclaim my board but for now you're just going to have to live with /pol/ moderating here since nobody else is willing to volunteer.



>i thought you hated /pol/ mods what gives?

address this or I will never speak with you again and highly encourage others to do the same.



>address this or I will never speak with you again and highly encourage others to do the same.

Do you remember the Looshfront Manifesto?

I'm counting on them to at least not nuke the board like any random faggots might do.

If they go all heavyhanded on you guys (except the guy who is actually attacking board with cuckold porn and spam, fuck him) I'll repeal your bans.

I don't want anyone to be banned for having an ideology or opinion that conflicts with a mod. Only for clearly defined rule-breaking behaviour, aka…

1. No duplicate threads of topics that already exist unless the previous thread has hit the bump limit

2. No making threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread

3. No creating new threads purely to no-effort shitpost (you will be forgiven if it's a major GET)

4. Post threads that fall under the subject matter of /fringe/ (creepypasta is not allowed here, take that to /x/)

5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.

6. Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time

7. Do not raid/attack the board

8. Meta board discussion goes in >>>/fringemeta/



What if they just kick you off the board and do what they want?



>Do you remember the Looshfront Manifesto?

Yes, this is why I'm skeptical of your choices or think you're lying entirely. /pol/ mods are personas, not real people who have real thoughts, actions, and intentions.

what makes you think they will play by your rules when they've spent the past year telling you to leave their board alone and kill yourself?

They are an IRC clique of antifa larping as charicatures of imageboard browsing WNs, the aryanne ponefaggotry should be enough to tell you that much. jesus you're dumb




Permaban this kike based /pol/ mod gods



>What if they just kick you off the board and do what they want?

I asked CodeMonkey to back the board up beforehand and he'll just hand me back the board and restore it to how it was (hopefully). Obviously kicking me off the board would be immediate grounds for forcing them to transfer ownership back.



>caduceus flag

>is a kike

checks out.



How many dic pics did you send codemonkey to cum to this arrangement?



Stop hating fun asshole.


I hate to say it but that's what you get for using botnets and proprietary software.

You should really up your opsec.


File: d57206b87bd9470⋯.jpg (37.64 KB, 359x450, 359:450, Terminator-2-judgement-day.jpg)

Hey everyone I am one of the new volunteers for this board. I will be regulating this board to keep raiders and dark brotherhood assassins at bay.

Post last edited at


File: 4d79b646a5d5051⋯.jpg (420.42 KB, 975x1224, 325:408, hp.jpg)


If this is true then the board is officially dead. The mods of /pol/ are some of the most corrupt bastards on the entire site, many of us were banned from there simply for stating a different point of view from the deranged ideological status quo they try to push there so much, they are the kind of mods that will ban you simply because they don't like what you post and label it as shilling to furtherly manipulate the rest of the users. I remember especially at the start of the year many of us performed in the raid at /pol/ to try and demonstrate how retarded and stupid this manufactured left/right dichotomy had become and take many users to higher paths. Many of us where originally /pol/ users but than had an epiphany which made us realise that this hate and anger driven ideology was just as bad as what the other side where doing, it was taking mundane politics and throwing away what was meaningful to us, so we could be come absorbed in a collective that preaches genocide and violence - fuck that.

The past week or so the board has been spammed by idiots and attracted the kind of young morons /pol/ thrives upon. The kind of /fringe/ they are into is immature idolatry over kek and praising ebolachan trying to kill people, use black magic, etc. They are childish shitposters not concerned with anything other than their own self-indulgence. If /fringe/ is to become some right-wing endorsed and moderated shitposting bastion then so much of what most of us come here for is dead. This will not work. The board has been contaminated by people with nefarious purposes, do you really expect us to believe that /pol/ mods, the very same ones that banned 100s of users for expressing a viewpoint opposed to genocide, or simply not following Trump 100%, will keep /fringe/ a balanced board where all viewpoints can be explored and everyone has a voice? No. Rather they will try to turn the board into another propaganda piece and ways of manipulating people to their own political agenda. That is why many of us have agreed to stop using /fringe/ entirely and keep communications in channels which are less pozzed to the illuminatti agenda - one that seeks to breeed disonance and division rather than cultivate enlightenment and propserity on a spiritual level. Someone is in the process of making another /fringechan/ and when that happens this board will be entirely obsolete. It didn't have to be, but the way this board has been going, and then on top of the stupid decisions and positions of the BO, there is no point in staying here. Look at it, this spike has been nearly as bad as 4chan /x/ or something and it is sad to see such a clear objective taking place to take this place down and stop us all from doing what we where. You won't stop us, now we are all connected on ways you retarded /pol/ mods don't even understand and we will keep finding a place where we can walk our paths without your negative bullshit.

Also Smiley, Fringe Wizard, whatever the fuck; you are one of the worst board owners I have ever encountered and a complete faggot, you contribute nothing except your own self-pity and implementing stupid rules that nobody benefits from. /fringe/ has been and will be a lot better without you asshole contaminating everything.



Would you please do me a favor and link to the new fringechan if and when it is complete? I'm highly interested in checking it out and really don't want to be left alone here in the dark.


File: d7f40d404098019⋯.gif (323.89 KB, 500x208, 125:52, Chemical burn.gif)


You need to step up your magic and have some faith in the Universe.

Some of us have lived through this sort of stuff longer than you've been having birthdays.

If you feel alienated, that's normal.

Your resentful of not being part of the lobotomized herd going along with their programming.

>All this shit because I dared to engage in critical thought, to explore radically different worldviews and ideologies, to challenge all my assumptions about reality, and to try and perfect my soul.

Yep. That's how it works.

A lot of bait and switch can be expected. Connect with people and have them suddenly turn on you, or just flat out, go for the throat, reject you.

Because your lifting your head up. Most of their power is bullshit. Getting you to believe their bullshit.




Join in here, as we all exchange productive information and ideas, I don't know the owner for the new /fringechan/ and its probably for the best they preserve their anonyminity for the time being but it is being made and when it comes many on this server will be migrating to it.

We don't need /fringe/ we ARE fringe.


>good aryan hands

>implying /pol/'s mods are white

I'm the BO of a couple of boards and I would have considered taking over, but I guess they'll be able to put more time into it than I will. The other people ITT are right; you know as well as we all do that your negative outlook on everything is only making the world around you worse. If it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't believe in all of this stuff, and I think you've done a very important service, but if you want to get your life together, at least in my opinion, you've really got to take a break from /fringe/ and go innawoods or something.





Hey Smileberg, God bless you, really. You should go and do some mundane things for a while, just disconnect and do something different for a bit. It will do you good. And let your parents be, the pent up hate on them is uncalled for. The fact that you mentioned their political views (bluepilled as they are) shows resent and disdain that just should not be there because the world is simply as it is. Really, God bless Smiley and all the best. You will pull out better in the end.


We did it reddit!



>Also Smiley, Fringe Wizard, whatever the fuck; you are one of the worst board owners I have ever encountered and a complete faggot, you contribute nothing except your own self-pity and implementing stupid rules that nobody benefits from. /fringe/ has been and will be a lot better without you asshole contaminating everything.

Has been? I created /fringe/ newfig. The CSS is mine. I chose the board mascot. I nurtured it for 5 years, through many disasters and raids, through transfers from one board to another, and each time it has been nearly killed it has grown stronger.

The start of your post I can sympathize with what you're saying and was thinking I should give you mod status. By the end of it though I was thinking if I did that you'd nuke the board and you're probably one of the cuck porn spammers.

I'm thinking about a revision of the rules.



>Join in here, as we all exchange productive information and ideas, I don't know the owner for the new /fringechan/ and its probably for the best they preserve their anonyminity for the time being but it is being made and when it comes many on this server will be migrating to it.

The new owner is… >>>/fringemeta/145


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Oh what the fucking fuck.


File: af9a4ef1e6051c2⋯.gif (151.32 KB, 700x1013, 700:1013, b8f38892143d151a64358946bb….gif)



You can come to https://meguca.org/pol/ if you want, the board is ok with /fringe/ topics.

megu/pol/ is explicitly natsoc, if you're not ok with that, you can create a new board

Liveposting is great.


Good riddance, not like /pol/ could make this board any worse. I for one welcome our new Overlords!



your eggs just turned


File: cb10ae1fafba41a⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 62137621-banner.jpg)

new banner fuckers

also checken ihre protonmail





I have added one more mod. Check the mod log.


File: 3ccb5e1cbc1a2fe⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 1a90b78a578a413f3f074a8c5b….jpg)


FYI your board was worse than any other board ever was.

(8. Meta board discussion goes in >>>/fringemeta/)



*slap slap*




Yeah has been, as in when you fuck off and leave the board it actually sorts itself out fine. You think I am some cuck porn spammer because I criticise you? Thats bullshit. You read that out and agree with it then brush it all off by saying "you must be some cuck porn spammer" like wtf? I don't want mod status, the board is dead, you've helped kill it by giving mod status to the same people who are raiding the board, the exact same childish three word shitposting that clogs up /pol/ so much. The only thing you ever contribute is whining about your own life and personal drama, and now that you've killed the board by giving out permissions to /pol/ mods, why would I even want to browse here? The board has already decreased in activity significantly because people can't even use it properly and all meaningful discussion has been derailed by the same assholes you have just made mods.


File: e5f605821ef4607⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 620x413, 620:413, e5f605821ef4607a53476623bb….jpg)


>entire thread is a nest of meta discussion, but let's ban the guy that told us to get fucked for meta discussion



ban this KIKE

1488 hale hitler


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>mods from /pol/

>ensure that the board is in good aryan hands

>hopefully they moderate fairly

well it was fun while it lasted :|


File: 542024a804a6671⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 490x588, 5:6, 1470871535532.jpg)


>/pol/ mods


boy, all the interracial porn they let be posted will really shine as they deleted all discussion on esoteric books.

Post books now before its banned al together!

Oh and will they accounable on this board or fuck around like on /pol/?




just like /polmeta/, ok r/donald faggots.

I'm sure you will ignore it just as affectively.




excuse me


File: 7fae0ec3b954458⋯.jpg (48.9 KB, 567x800, 567:800, scornful german.jpg)


>/pol/ mods


Well, this board is fucked. It's been nice knowing you

>inb4 muh books

>inb4 smug animu girls

>inb4 hotpocket torture chamber

Welp, looks like another great board is getting flushed. It was bound to happen, and had been getting worse for some time. I remember when they murdered /edgy/ which used to be my favorite board. /b/ has basically turned into 4cuck… Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are still some good mods on /pol/ .. but I've given up on that board long ago; it's impossible to have an intelligent conversation there about anything, it's too overrun with goons and shills.


File: 6e8b82456d98280⋯.jpg (234.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1479056084854.jpg)


remember neets /pol/ is life, /pol/ is love

nothing is beyond our reach, praise kek


File: 6281c54fd3a9338⋯.jpg (26.78 KB, 283x432, 283:432, 9669b596a1ce2e159fa400b1aa….jpg)

I emailed smileberg and he hasn't responded. https://8ch.net/4chon/res/204407.html That's gay. I just wanted the password.



Kill Assad, Nuke North Korea, Praise Trump.





You autistic faggot manchildren don't know what's coming to you.



You will die on dotr kike. Hail Trump.



Fucking 4Dchessfags, Trump will not solve your problems for you and he will not be your savior. Unless he gets America un-kiked and ushers in a Golden Age of prosperity by removing Israel, that is. Also this is shitty bait.


File: 5e706a764784fd8⋯.jpg (214.94 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1502547954269.jpg)


Whatever you say bud :^)



Based and fashy


hey everybody! get FRINGE WIZARD!


he is way too overpowered




>shitposts forgiven for major gets




Hey I'm in that group as well. Let me guess, you are Kabamur?


Cobra is based as all hell and top alien insider at the moment. Reading all of his blog posts and interviews really fills in a lot of pieces to the big picture.


File: 201c1c9131bce7c⋯.jpg (210.12 KB, 1305x955, 261:191, 1.jpg)


File: 2b58bb22e4e6162⋯.jpg (39.5 KB, 510x338, 255:169, 11.jpg)


File: cec73db74d65619⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 600x432, 25:18, 67f.jpg)



fixed css niggerfaggot

body {
background: url('https://i.imgur.com/9hPSoak.jpg');
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: center;
background-size: cover;

div.thread {background: rgba(30, 33, 51, 0.7);}

div.blotter {background-blend-mode: hue;}

/* keep visited links orange */
p.intro a:visited, div.pages a:visited, div.boardlist.bottom a:visited, .body-line.ltr a:visited, div.blotter a:visited, .post-table a:visited, div.subtitle a:visited, #thread-links a:visited {color: orange !important;}
p.intro a:hover, div.pages a:hover, div.boardlist.bottom a:hover, .body-line.ltr a:hover, div.blotter a:hover, .post-table a:hover, div.subtitle a:hover, #thread-links a:hover {color: #f00 !important;}

/* posts/replies omitted color consistency */
span.omitted, span.toolong {color: lightgrey;}

/* lighten ==text== for readability */
span.heading {color: #ff4646;}

/* un-redden text at bottom boardlist */
#thread-links, div.boardlist.bottom {color: #73ad74;}


File: fb961a72428178e⋯.gif (857.62 KB, 200x267, 200:267, 1504981619947.gif)

O the drama.

If /fringe/ goes down, Someone will just step up and make a new one. Don't pretend a board on a website which LITERALLY LETS ANYONE MAKE INFINITE BOARDS is something so fucking unique and holy.

Because some little hooknose with a god complex can play with CSS this place is automatically hallowed ground? Fucking…I can't stop laughing.

If you build it, they will come. If this place is lost, another will take it's place. Smiley, to you it might be everything but to everything it's just part of the cycle.



I have also experienced harassment over stuff I posted on the internet. I called out some shills on another forum, and they went as far resetting my cable modem. (((They))) have a way to do this somehow.

Luckily, all,I had to do was to stop posting on that particular forum and they left me alone. But from the experience, I can know that there are people out there who really care about silencing others.



Shut up. I warn you.



Discussing things here is like going out nude in the street with a nazi flag and antisemitic slogans on your dick and getting surprised when someone kicks you in the privilege.

/fringe/ is an energetic mess, with so many entities against it, why does it still exist? That's what you should ask yourself.

and why any attempt at a bunker fails hard


Funny. How do you do that? That "big brother" tone of voice in text only. did you also warn us not to investigate knight templars? fufufufu



It's not just CSS that people are here. Anyone that's been here from the start understands. You all hate on the BO but any other BO would be worse.



>If this place is lost, another will take it's place

Yeah, as fringechan did? It doesn't work that way, certain powers can accept this cucked place run by a homeless bullshitter because it allows them to monitor people and stay in control. Try spreading out and multiplying and they will stop you.

But by all means, go on, make a new website and see for yourself.

Oh and I'm only here for the drama anyway, I've not ever found any useful info posted here, it's all liberal armchair occultists pretending theoretical knowledge of someone else's studies is enough to call yourself a "wizard".

>Don't like GMOs? Why don't you just live off prana, I'd do that if I cared, but I don't so I won't try.

>Breaking free of reincarnation? Anyone can do that, but why would you, there is so much to learn here, I don't want to.

>Quit smoking, lel, just meditate and change your mind. I could do it but I don't want to. Btw do you know smoking is a part of many ancient practices?

>Making a new and improved /fringe/? I could totally do it, but I don't want to.


File: 35b9459843f3e23⋯.jpeg (79.52 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


>Making a new and improved /fringe/? I could totally do it, but I don't want to.


I could actually do it in less than a month.


File: 740a2071151b4e3⋯.jpg (405.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 249131.jpg)

yo plz switch the background to this. upload to https://imgur.com first

here's some code to help with the scaling

body {
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: center;
background-size: cover;



Made a bunch of changes… but thinking this bloated UI really has to be redesigned from scratch again while staying true to the general color scheme of montalk/fringe original theme.



at least change the background though. ever since you changed to this rainy background there has been a huge increase in suicide and depression threads lately. this forest bg looks more wizardry-friendly anyway, this current one takes place in urban civilization



Already did but uhhh tell me which of these two you like best:





2nd one but turn off the animation/sliding effect it's annoying


also reduce the hr (thread separator) height from 28px to 12px


and get rid of the .thread:hover thing it's also annoying








>Let me guess, you are Kabamur?

I'm one of the original members but you won't know because I don't post anymore.

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