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Terry A. Davis and the ONA approve of this.





It's nice to see some LHP representation.

Fringe is for the most part RHP (as is most places).


I don't know about that first page though, seems like it's just some empathy lacking mudslime encouraging symbolic mass murder.

To kill those who do not conform to your beliefs is more an right hand path thing to do in my eyes. It does not destroy "the system" as the system is often responsible for the deaths of it's own people. The elites are the true psychopaths, only a crazy person would mimic them.

The LHP would applaud the rise in so called "degeneracy" in the western public as sexual liberation spites the RHP ideas of staying "pure" and "uncorrupt".

If you let the external world anger you then you are doing LHP wrong. It is supposed to be introspective spiritualism.

I know part of the point of the left hand path as things aren't as set in stone as RHP but I personally draw inspiration from the myth of Lucifer/Prometheus. Be a bastion of compassionate free will, show others how they can live happier lives through embracing pleasure and giving up routine.



>Left vs Right

Dual Wield- Mode aka Dante- Mode where?



When I think about it too long the LHP and RHP tend to collapse in on themselves. You got humanist egalitarian types causing mass starvation and disease outbreaks and untold human suffering. Then you got people who seem evil but are actually doing a lot of good. Then you got all these other mixtures.

The only way to make shit objective is to either serve the spirit of everyone around and yourself or to be a stagnant degenerate piece of shit that doesn't help advance forward the drama. Being a background character to the world is probably as LHP as you can get I guess. I don't know. Fuck.



Weave your own narrative. Reading too much makes you a slave to the narrative of others. Adopting other systems systematically shapes you into a brain rape baby that looks more like the father than the mother (you being the rape victim in this instance makes you the mother).

Write and create more than you consume.

Be courageous enough to use your own ideas.



I would prefer if you just told me to train myself to recognize and use the best ideas around regardless of its source or originality.



True, but getting to the point of creating your own original shit requires you get your head above the waters first. That means doing everything AFTER you've recognized a good idea; creating. After you've created enough, you start to pull yourself out of the common context and gestate your own little brain babies and brain societies and brain civilizations and brain planets.

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