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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 2d60bb2c5063dcb⋯.png (428.3 KB, 490x519, 490:519, blowit.png)


This the only kind of shit I can read now, stuff from people who don't just summarize or try to explain or introduce the basics of occultism, but who actually were immersed in the phenomena and activities of occultism. I try to read books in my library and can't, it's too damned boring.




http://www.iapsop.com/ssoc/1918rhodes-wallace_sleep_as_the_great_opportunity_psychoma.pdf (already finished reading this one)


http://www.iapsop.com/ssoc/1922schubel_seeing_our_mental_pictures_through.pdf (this one might be basic bitch occultism)

It's not that basic bitch occultism doesn't have its place, everyone has to learn it, but I literally can't read another book iterating the same stuff I already know from the hundreds of other books I read. I find now the experiences of advanced practicing occultists more interesting, when I can be bothered to even read a book anymore at all.



anti-spam bump



Cool thanks



So… maybe wrong thread to ask, but what's some good basic bitch stuff to start off with occultism?

t. basic bitch



bump t. basic bitch bumping another basic bitch




The stuff in https://8ch.net/fringe/faq.html

That's where you start. That won't change ever. Tom Montalk, William Walker Atkinson, Franz Bardon, Manly P. Hall, etc.

Then when you're more advanced you'll probably want to look into GRS Mead and various accounts of actual practicing occultists who made it very far.



The stuff in https://8ch.net/fringe/faq.html

That's where you start. That won't change ever. Tom Montalk, William Walker Atkinson, Franz Bardon, Manly P. Hall, etc.

Then when you're more advanced you'll probably want to look into GRS Mead and various accounts of actual practicing occultists who made it very far.



As for an introduction into the occult, I have once had a very powerful spirit which exerts a lot of influence on me tell me to start with the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" if I was really going to head down that path.


File: c63b7436348a1c0⋯.png (59.46 KB, 330x431, 330:431, 330px-Rose_Cross_Lamen.svg.png)



I get your point. The basic, standard or necessary information is there, will always be there and will probably never change (or at least not until western society collapses).

I assume you're looking for more original or authentic experiences as they get closer to the Truth.

Where would one draw the line where it would be "healthy" to follow ones instinct, withdraw from society and see within (assuming that's where everybody is heading eventually)? Is reintegration into society, let any community, even possible and "healthy"? And how would one make this a sustainable lifestyle?

Dangerous times, my man. Be well.




I was just coming here to ask about The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn by David Griffin and clicked on this thread first. Apparently you can get a year subscription for 200 usd and graded access to all their stuff.

Any idea if it's legit or worth it? I don't know what to think about this guy marketing it like that, but who knows?



What a great small post, so much truth and stuff to think about in those few sentences. Thanks venerable master Brown Pill.



The first three links seem interesting, thanks a lot. I am tired of the basic stuff too, most of the books we find here are tutorial level introductions written for the average low IQ degenerate. All the same basic stuff, I long for the real thing. (anyone who isn't a complete idiot understand the basics after a few books and needs deeper and more advanced stuff to continue learning) But at the same time I aknowledge that I will probably never find the real thing in books or from other people. Need to astral travel and make friends with spirits and higher beings. Anyway I will read the links you posted, again thanks a lot for those.



I'm tired of self-aggrandizing bullshit. No, it's not "dangerous times". Being withdrawn from society in the first place means you are a fucking autistic nerd that just so happens to do magic.

Yes, it's "healthy". Reminder that fucking Franz Bardon had children and that most fatasses here just hide behind "muh mundanes" because they are kissless virgins that suffer from social anxiety.

Don't be that guy. You are not le master wizord because you are a drug addict living on welfare, shunned by his whole family and totally clueless as to how to integrate into society in any meaningful way. You are a wizard in spite of all that shit.

There's much garbage, but there is also greatness in human society. Always has, and always will be, even in the most degenerate of times.

So stop hiding behind excuses and be a WHOLE human being.


>so much truth

>I am tired of the basic stuff too

>for the average low IQ degenerate

>I long for the real thing

>need to astral travel and make friends with spirits and higher beings

<tips magician's fedora

The only thing worse than a fucking poser is one with mystical pretenses.



Except for perhaps the one you have already read, the rest are the 19th century equivalent of the Law of Attraction and other new age soccer mom-tier regurgitated commercial bullshit shit.

You have literally turned to the 19th century best seller self-help list and think you are discovering some hidden arcane knowledge. Just how naive are you? Are you fucking twelve years old?

Get a fucking copy of the Greek Magical Papyri and stop being a fucking poser.

Or better yet. If you are as advance as you pretend to be, stop reading the same dead-end 19th century pre-positivist bullshit over and over and start meditating instead. You will eventually learn everything you need to.



Oh man, you are some angry mundane. What do you think your shaming language will accomplish? Do you really think people are so retarded here that they will fall for your fake society glorification? Why praise being caught up in the matrix and doing mundane and degenerate things?

Go suck some more demiurge cock


File: ec75b5dcf37570b⋯.jpg (31.11 KB, 307x363, 307:363, 1407170148953.jpg)


Initiate manifestation of ergregore to protect and hide this place from degenerate plugged-ins like this guy so that we may not be troubled by kinds like him any further




I thought you were leaving the board for a while to "pursue" your meme magician lifestyle (being a shut-in).

If you look past the insults and the "shaming language" (?) you will see that I was being serious. There's a difference between being plugged into the matrix and being a functional human being.

Why do you think you incarnated? To spend your whole time here complaining about muh demiurge and trying to get out? Don't pretend to lecture me on this shit. You don't even know what love is.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Why do you think you incarnated? To spend your whole time here complaining about muh demiurge and trying to get out?

I see we are not even on the same level, why even bother to argue and try to prove some point? Clearly we live in different realities.

>Don't pretend to lecture me on this shit. You don't even know what love is.

To be honest I don't really know what type of love you are talking about. Real love or plugged-in fake love? I can guess what you think love is. (vid related)

>I thought you were leaving the board for a while to "pursue" your meme magician lifestyle (being a shut-in).

Oh yeah I can't wait to leave, but let me ask you a question first: Wouldn't it make more sense for me to be here even more often and not to leave when I was to become a shut in and meme-magician? Maybe I am leaving because I want to do the opposite to being a shut-in with all the other meme magicians here?



Go ahead. Forget I even looked in your direction, oh ascended one :^|



I never meant to imply that I think of you lower than me or some other shit. Is this what we should come to, arguing with our bros on this board and insulting each other? Nay! I feel the longer I stay here and read all the threads the more aggressive and short-tempered I get. Soon enough one starts to call another faggot and so on. This only shows how much work I still have to do on myself. A break from this place truely will do me good, or else I might become an annyoance myself for my fellow meme magicians. See ya



Funny post. Why so angry though? Got a hard time from your boss again and decided to vent steam on those "useless nerds", huh?



>eing withdrawn from society in the first place means you are a fucking autistic nerd that just so happens to do magic.

>Yes, it's "healthy". Reminder that fucking Franz Bardon had children and that most fatasses here just hide behind "muh mundanes" because they are kissless virgins that suffer from social anxiety.

>Don't be that guy. You are not le master wizord because you are a drug addict living on welfare, shunned by his whole family and totally clueless as to how to integrate into society in any meaningful way. You are a wizard in spite of all that shit.

Projection much?

Take your feminist shilling back to /fit/ or /r9k/ or whereever the fuck you came from. Most /fringe/anons are likely skinny as a result of fasting, vegetarianism and self sustainable living. This "criticism" merely exposes your own thinking, it says nothing on the posters on this board. If you raise your eyes a little above dick level and read the threads here you'll notice people don't want "an active sex life" or whatever you're suggesting they engage in. It's called having "values", something you should look into - it's not required to follow mainstream society's lifestyle, you can make your own choice. Yes, this may come as a surprise to you, but this is how it actually is!


Hey you useless cunts I didn't bump this thread so you could argue with each other over how big your e-wand is (btw your behaviors show that you're all neophytes), now answer my question: Is David Griffin and his Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn any good? Any sort of legitimate? I know there's been a big flame war between his and other Golden Dawn groups but if his actually does come from Israel Regardie himself wouldn't they have an actual legit lineage? I don't care too much about that anyway 'muh lineage' but I am interested if anyone here has joined the order. I just got Griffins Manual of Ritual Magick for cheap and it seems quite good and I feel like I could join his order but I hate the marketing bs, its discusting.


File: ea4bf327e82b4f4⋯.png (51.85 KB, 275x334, 275:334, 1429075355247.png)


>Being withdrawn from society in the first place means you are a fucking autistic nerd that just so happens to do magic.

Personal story time, just for you.

Society's a steaming dump just as much as being a Diogenes syndrome-addled fuckup is a steaming dump. I've chased that dragon, I worked for and earned the recognition and admiration of people I didn't know, to the point where I was very successful and also miserable and ashamed of myself.

I've never suffered from social anxiety, if anything I was profoundly neurotypical when I was playing the game of being extroverted. I know exactly where that road leads because I've been to the end of it, and being mr. cool guy who knows how to say all the right things and make all the right jokes and have just the right attitude about just the right subjects to get people to proudly suck his dick (figuratively and quite literally), that game leads nowhere.

There is never a point at which the heavens part and down comes the angel of being cool to tell you that you've finally made it and now you're a member of the in crowd, because the in crowd is just as much a gaggle of insecure fuckups as anyone else. There is never a point at which you have 'won' that game, and the cost just to play is ridiculous. I've literally cucked people so many times that I've lost count of the number of times I've been called a user. I learned just by trial and error how to make anyone I disliked feel like utter garbage about themselves just by psychoanalysis and carefully-chosen words alone, and all it cost me was my ability to empathize or relate to other people. I learned how to get people addicted to my attention by gaming their reward/punishment systems, you can condition people so easily once you're able to mirror their patterns. It's actually been a huge boost to my magical abilities, though now I never use it on other people for anything so manipulative or sociopathic.

Essentially I learned excellent persuasive techniques to a fault, and what happened to all of the relationships of mine that I actually gave a real shit about? They started falling apart because I couldn't turn off the impulse to gaslight everyone and everything toward this ridiculous end, toward gaining the social recognition and acceptance of a bunch of random jackoffs I didn't really know, who didn't really care, who *can't* really care because they're in the exact same position.

I spent years that way, and in all that time, I only felt meaningfully happy once every so often, and that was by mistake. It was only when I deliberately cut the shit and stopped striving for the pleasure of anyone else except for my family/very very close friends/wife that I actually stopped being such a horrible turd and started discovering how to actually do things for other people, how to really empathize. I had stopped being able to perform magic (I didn't know it by that phrase at the time but before that I was a not-inconsiderable psychonaut) because I had fucked up my priorities so thoroughly chasing the utterly useless goal of being the coolest guy in the room. Now I know better.

tl;dr Obviously being a revolting shut-in doesn't do anything but being Mr. Cool doesnt do anything either.



OMG I don't know shit and I can't take it anymore so I'll pretend like I do because that will fix my problem the post


File: 7d153b2e19c4368⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 500x599, 500:599, e1317a98832019243b963a4daa….jpg)


>kissless virgins fight over dominance in a board where the next post could be in a month or so.

Have you tried a oujia board yet OP?



Lmao Ya donit



suck my dick my big fat slavic dick you retarded larper whore, magic ins't real.



Ok schizo



Talk to my wife like that again and ill cast fireball on you faggot



Nigga I can just use a healing spell, fuck you and your wife



>use a healing spell

Youre already burning to death bitch ass punk you cant use shit



Your +1 haling is nullifeid by my -2 afterburn damage




>casts restoration

>20 second effect duration

Ya I'll have enough time to heal before dying

Heh… Forgot I'm a master wizaed



I had the resurrection spell in trap mode idiot



Shit nigga if you got two hundo to throw around I'll take you under my wing and teach you in a week more than you'd learn in a year with a "subscription", whatever the fuck that is. I can't guarantee you'll absorb the information, but I sure as fuck can spell it out to you plain as day.



Now this post actually has some truth to it.

If you're a "wizard" but you've hermited yourself, it means you suck at being a wizard. Practice some basic fucking alchemy and transmute your dumb ass into something worthwhile.

Even STS is worthless if you're detached from society.


Sick of basic bitch occultism? Get off the internet, go hang out with your local homeless population. Don't just be a tourist, get involved. Do favors, owe favors. Watch gutter magic happen, learn to do it, maybe go broke or die in the process.


Magic isn't a hobby for many of these people, it's legitimately the only way they know how to live. The more obvious forms of magic don't often go hand in hand with society.


Historically, magic has been two things: the lifeblood of the desperate and the hobby of the wealthy. Guess who gets more reliable results?





This dude has wisdom to share.



I can elaborate, but those are the basic points.



I'd prefer anecdotes to elaboration tbh. I know and appreciate what you're putting forth, but examples help reinforce the information.



The best and most basic example is panhandling. Even on a non-magical level, you're going to be putting a lot of intention and hope into the experience.

As things go deeper, however, you'll find people who do more when they make their flag than just get some cardboard and a sharpie. Asking a friend who's more magically active to perform some kind of minor ritual, or do an inscription that's not clearly visible on the sign, is seen as both normal and effective.

Successfully getting someone to give you money while panhandling is a charm. It plays on the emotions of the bystander in all sorts of ways, mostly by pulling at threads of pity and social responsibility.

This isn't flashy, but it is dependable.


The flashy stuff is rare. This is largely because soft pressure spooks people less when they don't know what's happening, and has tons of plausible deniability. There's a story I can't find now where somebody walked up to a homeless man panhandling and gave him some change. They got into conversation, and the panhandler saw an opportunity. Five minutes later, the panhandler had gotten the mark to give him a ride. Then, during the ride, the mark agreed to take him to an ATM and withdraw a significant chunk of cash. Next, the mark agreed to let him use his car, and got out on the side of the road.

Ten minutes later the mark realized that he'd essentially been robbed, and called the police. After hearing his story, they explained that he'd given everything he gave voluntarily, even if he wasn't quite sure why or how, and as long as the car was returned no crime had been committed.



Now, this is a bit of an extreme story, but I mention it because I had someone literally try this on me. It was a complex situation, and I somewhat deserved it even though I outmanouvered it, but despite knowing full well what was going on I still felt the tug. It's very much an edge case, but this is far from uncommon and it tends to be too personally embarrassing to report, mostly because you can't say "somebody used persuasion magic on me and I gave them my car" to the police.


Speaking of which, depending on the city, the police are aware of this. There was a long-building escalation of weirdness and magical skirmishing at one particular gas station over the course of three months that culminated in twelve cops in full combat gear with rifles and shotguns showing up to arrest one unarmed homeless man.


Interestingly enough, I managed to get said homeless man's cellphone (with his consent) and once I got past all of the images of nude barbie dolls and into his texts I found that he was in direct and frequent communication with two members of the police department in evidence and they were working as fences for him. Three days later I woke up to find my car missing but my keys present, and it was parked down the road three blocks at a friend's house. It was in fine condition, but I was missing my CD case and the notebook I'd been keeping as a journal and had written down all of the police phone numbers in. Took that as a warning, stopped investigating.


As far as serious yellow-box tier shit goes, I saw a few tricks with cigarettes and smoke that completely defied physics. Also, once, a mind-controlled spider.


In general though, people did stuff in secret along the lines of writing an enemy's name on a bullet casing and putting it in a tree hollow along with other significant components. One confirmed case of directly triggered vivid nightmares, and a lot of skipping town or getting arrested. No obviously linked deaths, but I got out before I saw those go down and there were quite a few odd ones in the following months.

I got into it to understand the people, the stories, and to externally confirm the presence and potency of magic. Four months was enough to do that beyond a shadow of a doubt.


File: e436b72d6d38888⋯.jpg (215.2 KB, 800x1265, 160:253, FIERCE.jpg)


Any experience of intense battles? I've done some astral/mental stuff and it was pretty intense for a long time, but going at it against strangers you pissed off and have actually met sounds like a whole different level.



Yes, and I don't want to get into it. Don't want to stir it up. I still keep tabs on these people via arrest records.


A lot of it is pretending you aren't doing what you're doing while you're doing it, but once the facades drop it gets very nasty very quickly.


Also, it gets hard to explain to friends why the crazed jehova's witness is running towards your car while you're getting gas brandishing an eight foot long hollow metal pole and screaming about how he's going to end you.



This is because these things continue, and so you have to know when people are in jail in order to safely to to the places they've been. If they blame you for their incarceration, as sometimes is accurate, then it only escalates.



Those aren't my typos. Any less combat focused questions?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



So the curses aren't very deadly then? Or the psychic battle, since they don't have the strength nor endurance to really fuck you up without fucking themselves up?

The in-person suggestion stuff seems like it's all manipulating brain waves into theta or alpha and then neurologically 'programming' or rather just making suggestions to a suggestable person. You can manipulate brain waves pretty ez with your magnetic field. Any high gamma individual would be pretty immune to such tricks though. The nightmare thing seems interesting but I was hoping you had a better example. Could be more of a result of your actual interaction with the person than a magic ritual.

So, anything more conclusively magical? Electromagnetic manipulation is still cool though.



This is a really interesting question, and it's seems like you're trying to split off what you might consider to be closer to psychic phenomena from magic.

Where's the boundary for you? Would you consider any manipulation of the outside world a magnetic trick? For instance, do you see manipulating fire as a simple use of one's magnetic field and the creation of fire as magic? What about people who believe they can play with clouds?

Potentially, even an ignition could be argued to be "not magic" and just highly precise control of a bioelectric field.

All of this is at best fringe science, and even if it is about, fundamentally, vibration, that still falls within the classic purview of "basic bitch occult teachings" - just directly applied.

Also, the closest I ever came to direct instant physical harm was what felt like a hand reaching into my chest and grabbing my heart directly during one of these confrontations. It wasn't strong enough to really do damage, but I'm sure if the guy had been more practiced it'd have been more than just scary.

As for the gutter magic / ritual component, where you find a framework for something that works for you and just cobble whatever you can find together into a spell, the last time I did that with serious intent I never saw the target again. I know he's still alive, but he seems to be completely out of my life and I'm fine with that.

You're really not going to see people casting fireballs or their opponents just falling over dead. The serious stuff is slightly longer term, and tends to just push people in the way of accidents or tip the scales against them with law enforcement. You could argue that legal trouble and incarceration have a strong chance of being deadly, potentially during the arrest, and it's not like felonies go away. That's permanent, even if it's not taking 2d6 points of frost damage.

The nightmare thing was specific, and I don't want to say too much but it involved a significant amount of prep work and then surreptitiously kicking the tires of the person's car - getting an acquaintance who happened to be carrying a gun at the time to kick half, doing the other myself. Never saw the woman again, friend of hers said she'd had one of the worst nightmares of her life in which her tires exploded as she was going down the freeway, horrible accident. She seemed to know that I was involved because she'd been asking me questions about magic and then, I think in retrospect, got spooked and was massively disrespectful to try to save face in front of her friends.



Anyways, the quickest way to really fuck someone up in one of these situations is going to be a weapon. I always carried something, though I never had to use it. Definitely got tense when guns came out, and you're trying to nonviolently resolve shit with all the resources you can muster.

The best example of a full-on magical battle I can think of is Jack Parsons versus Hubbard, where Hubbard ran off with Parsons' boat and girl while they were in Florida. Parsons pulled out all the stops, and did ritual magic for something like a straight day in a hotel room then walked down to the dock where he'd last seen the boat. A freak storm system had forced Hubbard to turn around and return to port.

Then, years later, Parsons has an accident with nitroglycerine and explodes in his garage.

All of this has a logical explanation, and despite being some of the most famous figures in modern occultism, nobody was throwing fireballs. Lotta coincidences, though.



I just try to find out how it's actually done. If it's with electromagnetism mostly then it's electromagnetism. If it uses some shit I don't know, then I want to know when exactly in every situation it isn't and is used and in what way. Details.

I know that fire involves heat and polarizing an electric field, so that could "easily" (ahem) be done by someone who specializes in electromagnetics.

If someone who specializes in a single known force can do it, then that's one likely explanation for how it's done. The biological or organic shapes and movements of electromagnetic fields could explain a lot, but I don't understand it really and I'd like to unravel the whole thing.

I think objects hold electromagnetic shapes and charge, which would interact with biological EM. A person's EM field extends for a long distance, 60 feet I think? It would pick up on things for sure, but any two objects in resonance interact at a distance with limits I'm not sure of either (I haven't studied Physics and such in depth yet).

The storm I'm not sure of. I'm not sure how weather works. I know animals sense storms about a day or so before it happens, so Parson may have left the opportunity for his boat and girl to be taken open since he knew Hubbard wouldn't go far (using strategy he was timing some R&R while remaining bulletproof), though on a somewhat sub-conscious level. If a single person can cause a storm, I don't know. Easier to use strategy and perception.

All in all though… creating fire out of nothing and wrapping a cold hand around someone's heart is pretty fucking intense. The cloud thing has been done by orgone folks and piques my interest; I need to look into it.

I don't know much so I don't have much to say about it. The differentiation for me is , "Could it be done by 'hacking' known forces such as Electromagnetism? Does this actually require unknown forces?"



EM is one of the four fundamental forces holding the universe together. What would somebody accomplish by manipulating the strong nuclear force (seriously, I don't know)?



There could be more forces, I don't know. The strong nuclear force could be fate/destiny/evolution for all I know.



My working definition for magic is anything not yet properly described by science. Considering how little we truly know, and how hard we struggle with unified field theory, it's very likely that we'll figure out a good chunk of this at some point in the future. It's also possible that physical laws are only a piece of the puzzle, and at some level the universe operates on symbolic logic - a generous form of it, not the discrete form practiced in mathematics - as well as more predictable equations.

If either of you are serious about actually heading out and trying to do this, I can write up a guide about how I prepared and then went about it myself. I will say that it's probably a really bad idea and I'm very lucky to have only sustained limited damage to my life and zero physical harm or legal trouble.


Also, as I see it there's an enormous difference between influencing something within your phaneron - the mental model produced by our senses that we believe to be reality - and outside of it.



Also, for clarification, all I saw was manipulation of fire. No creation. That would have blown me away.



Go for it. I've already been practicing it, but whatever you have to share interests me.



Could you talk a little bit about what you've been practicing?



It's all about finding a balance. I have had many times where I came upon a struggle that did me in something fierce. And, thats what a lot of this is.. mental struggle. Think of it as: you have come to know the world around you to be defined by a whole bunch of laws. A lot of these laws that you have come to know have been educated into you and fly in the face of the truth in such an affront to reality that when you identify a 'logical problem' within what you have been lead to believe wrestling that problem and coming out of it both standing and with the truth of the matter in hand is a fucking serious struggle that causes many people to go insane or kill themselves.

And there are always more things to wrestle with, but there are some that are monsters compared to the rest. And, when you approach these monsters it is very much like allegories along the lines of "david and goliath" where the only way to take it down is to take a tiny rock and sling shot it perfectly. After taking down a "monster of a philosophical problem" the lesser problems become mere stepping stones.

It all comes full circle. "The first sip of the natural sciences makes you an atheist but at the bottom of the glass you find God", just as much as the first sip of the red pill does the same but leads to the esoteric and the first sip of the esoteric makes you "hate the matrix" but has you continue to drink from that chalice you begin to be able to see how everything flows and it becomes easier to handle.



>fly in the face of the truth in such an affront to reality

Yet we can both be saying this exact line but stand on opposite sides of most everything.

This shit doesn't have a universal outcome. You and me experiencing this same thing results in totally different perceptions. A few truths setting some shit in context doesn't mean all of a sudden you have the fucking truth, that you have the fucking content of reality, that you even have the full context in the fucking least.

Even the 'God' at the bottom of the glass. Our hardware is practical, we reuse shit like God for practical reasons. You talk about hating the systematic issues of the world (the matrix) but what we hate about it and where we want to take it are two different things for two different people. I'm not saying what we hate and what we do about it are different… I'm saying what you and I fucking hate about it are two different things, and what you and I want to do about it are two different things.

So no this isn't a good answer to that dude's question.

=Try again.==




ohhhh /fringe/



Of course we are going to have two different perceptions. Your perception can never be my perception. I will always be seeing things from a different angle than you or anyone else. And, given any problem there are a multitude of solutions, many of them false or unsatisfactory compared to "the one true solution". And what that "one true solution" is, is paradoxically as subjective as it is objective.

All of this is a psychic war, a battle of the brain. Everything you see, hear, and feel is this matrix in which we live. And, everything you see, hear and feel, exists in your head. The way plants grow, both biologically and in the patterns in which the plants of a forest grow in relation to one another.. The way thermodynamics works.. The way computers and the internet work.. Is all modelled in the same fashion in which your brain is both structured and functions.

And, just as those things all correlate to your brain, so too does your perception of reality. It's all abstraction of laws. Just as all those things correlate to your brain, so too will the function and structure of my brain, but there will be differences. Our brains will both be built almost identically but our wiring will not be exact. And, just as a real good lie (like the holocaust for instance) will warp people's perception of things, so too will other thoughts.. personal revelations that we've experienced.

It takes a significant level of awareness to identify such perceptions as being either truthful or deceiving. The majority of people will never have the wherewithal to question their own sense and experiences. Like how when there is a traumatic event or crime that is witnessed by a street full of people and when police interview those people they receive a whole street's worth of descriptions, most of which are highly irrational yet those witnesses believe that their misrememberance of it is truth.

A large part of the problem of discussing these things is it is very hard for people to internalize the notion that it is possible that their thoughts can affect reality but that reality also exists as well.

We live in a story book, every single one of us has a pen in hand. We could write stories of glory and greatness in unison but the majority of us dont even realize what is going on so they sit there doodling and crossing out amazing possibilities to make space for fart jokes.

In all honesty, I did not write this response for you, I wrote it for myself and others lurking, you've already put on display how 'enlightened' you are.



Which fucking anon is which here.







Oh fuck that was weird. My shit showed you replying to >>123312

Disregard my posts.



Be self-reliant. If you are strong and rely only on your own strength, you can be part of a community as an individual, with the power to leave or take lead. Always see within.

Better to be informed on many communities than blindly devoted to one. You'll find your favorites, your enemies, and maybe one day, when you have the strength of character and understanding, find the One.

To make the most out of any community, you have to take lead. Even if there is a great community, with a great leader, you must be a leader. A great leader will always want great leaders as part of his entourage.

Does this answer your question?


I've consistently posted in this thread with this flag, and my first post here was this:


My real question here:


wasn't about abstractions. I've tried to keep my commentary as focused on actual examples as I can, because it's very easy to get caught up in the wordplay that this space is infamous for. I'm not trying to waste people's time with nebulous examples and sweeping generalizations, just share the down and dirty of my own experiences.

The most important thing I've learned is explained by this chinese proverb, 山外有山 人外有人, which boils down to "there's always a bigger fish". This frequently works to your advantage, but the second you get used to being the biggest fish is the second you get eaten.



don't trust /fringe/, even the board is more than it appears to be



There ain't no magic in the breakdown, baby.

In a word, hobo magic. My teachers are more dead than alive, results are my gauge of experience. I respect tradition without binding myself to it.

The one rule I have found to be true is that you get what you give, and so I always operate under the flag of respect.

"Treat others as you want to be treated", not taken literally.

If you want a list of _accomplishments_, I can tell you, but whether you believe is up to you:



<fire manipulation

<fire generation (HARD)

<fire extinction (EASY)

<temperature manipulation (heating/cooling metal)

<transmutation (copper to lead, copper to gold)

<water manipulation

<bending spoons (the matrix LOL)




Basically the impossible has long since become possible and now I'm pushing the bounds.




I am the hatman.



Actually his post served quite accurately as a detailed summary of my practice. Your perception was technically accurate.



How much of this has been repeatable? Transmutation and fire generation are the two items on that list that are the most interesting. Everything else is relatively achievable with some focused practice.



How the fuck did you do this shit besides diligent practice.




Not that anon, but I've accomplished some interesting shit like that such as getting lights to turn on. Problem I ran into was I was only able to do some lights not all. Doubt set in and I lost "the touch". Ive been working my way back up to it starting a little more simpler this time, at night when the bugs are chirping I match their frequency with my thoughts and then concentrate on slowing it down, speeding it up, increasing/decreasing volume, and turning off and back on. So far so good, but results vary a bit, much of the time there is a delayed response. Like I will concentrate on "stop chirping" and it wont be instantaneous but rather take a couple of seconds.



Dilligent practice is the only way.. Also, you have to fully believe that it is possible. The observer effect is incredibly powerful, and showing someone else who is skeptical can cause it not to work if you're insufficiently certain that it not only can work but must work. Think of it as a reality bubble. The more people around observing the harder it is to do things that don't fit with their understanding of the world.




I would say this observer affect and 'tuning in' is about resonance. If you want to understand something better, resonating with it will give you info. Life is composite so there are composite resonances though.

So when multiple people have their attention on something, even meditating from a distance on an object in another country, a certain resonance is created and felt by both. If you were to find all the different resonances that interfere most with you and how to negate their influence or use it to your benefit, you would become quite the powerful individual.

So the insects thing is pretty interesting and trains one in 'resonance' and 'signal', thus should allow you to accomplish shit involving other resonance and signals, bending spoons even.

Agreeing with others makes you susceptible to being influenced by them. By holding a staunch opposition to others, you in fact protect yourself from manipulation. But if you both are equally oppositional, then the difference between you two resonates, and you are still manipulated somewhat. Many things are resistant to manipulation, though; the Earth's resonance isn't going to be nudged even a bit by individuals; the planets and the sun aren't either. But what determines if one can resonate with something? Do we just have to point are mega-satellite-dishes towards whatever we want to resonate to that exists light-minutes away? What if there's something in the way? I don't know. What are the differences between 'resonances' with the same object? I don't know.

More questions than answers. A better way would be to learn from practice. But I don't think "belief" is what is necessary, but a suspension of disbelief up to a certain threshold that you can practice without annoying thoughts entering your head.

What's the difficulty or hierarchy of occult skills? >>123358

Fire generation, transmutation, and levitation of a non-metallic object seems most difficult from this list.

What's the easiest besides clairvoyance and foresight?



Great post, I was starting to get used to the only responses to my posts being "no that isnt how it works you ad hom strawman my mundane bullshit is how it works".

This is all a great journey in which you either buckle under the pressure and learn nothing or are constantly learning new ways to perceive. I would say that your calling it the observer affect is a good way to term it, but not perfect… Not because of any fault in your assessment but because it is such an abstract concept that I am not sure there is a "perfect" way to put it. The very nature of all of this dictates that not everyone will come to know through the same path and not everyone will be able to see it in the same way, if they are even able to see it at all.

As far as what to call this goes "mind over matter", "will to power", "the observer affect", "quantum mind-fuckery", "magic", "nirvana", "god-head" all apply but each represents a different perception of it.

I also fully agree with your assessment that there is a level of composite abstraction to all of this where in some things can be done on an individual level but the more complex you get the more minds need to be in sync with that thought frequency for it to become realized. Because, not only does reality exist in your head, but it also exists in mine, and our two realities merge to create a "tapestry reality" where in the rules for what is and what is not are dictated by the equation of the reality (the deep rooted beliefs of natural laws which exist in our subconscious). And that it all amounts to a book, we all hold a pen in our hands and what ever we want this story to be we can make it so, but when everyone holds a pen you have idiots and malcontents crossing out good content and writing in fart jokes and baby rape.

Also, you notice how there are a lot more posts about this subject lately, not just here? It appears to me that the act of a couple of anons pouring pure autism into this specific concept has resulted in more and more people picking up on the signal, to go along the lines of "I think it therefor others will too".

As far as "mega-satellite-dishes" I dont know. I do not believe that the be all end all of this is that it merely comes down to frequency, it is possible to focus on something that is inherently low frequency (such as pure hatred) and modulate it up to the frequency of love, while retaining every ounce of intent behind that hate. Maybe from a, scientific perspective, we will find out eventually that there is provably much more to it.

>more questions than answers

Every time I come to an answer I always find 10 more questions. This is a good thing, if ever you come to an answer and find no further questions you may become deceived into thinking you've figured everything out when you have not.


I've been seeing a lot of anons flipping their shit about that lately and getting downright adversarial over it. Maybe it would be better if we referred to this by a different word. Maybe something along the lines of "constitutional validation". When I say that "belief is necessary" I mean that if one wants to will something for it to be possible they must not have some "logic circuit" within their subconscious that contradicts it as being possible and that it would be easy for one who is not intimately aware of the composition of their inner self to not realize that such a "contradicting logic circuit" exists. Does that make more sense?

>what's the most difficult

not that anon but I'd say they are all equal in difficulty if given the right approach. Like.. If you sit there trying to shoot a fire ball or levitate a rock or predict next year, you are eventually going to get frustrated, doubt yourself and then give up. But, if you instead start with trying to make something warmer (such as yourself on a cold day), or make a thin piece of tissue move, or get a feel for the flow of the next hour.. You will have a better experience having success which validates your efforts and allows you to grow.



>I've been seeing a lot of anons flipping their shit about that lately and getting downright adversarial over it. Maybe it would be better if we referred to this by a different word.

How about…


I feel like that's the word you're looking for, you can't spell belief without lie, faith on the other hand, can be spelt without lie, and it has three letters from the word truth.

it's a silly analogy, but I feel like it works.



Oh yea absolutely. Not only can you not spell belief without like but lie is at the center of the word believe. I agree, I call it faith, but anons have been sperging out over this so fucking hard over the past couple of days.

Actually, that makes sense. I still lurk 4/pol/, as 8/pol/ has gone to shit, and there have been several threads made and a bunch of posts in other threads along the lines of:

>"I'm here to tell you that we are aware that some of you think that you have found something and you need to stop looking for what you think you are looking for or you will regret it"

When the kikes are scared you know you are onto something good.



Diligent practice is how I did it.





First thing I practiced with was altering the flow of time. Meditating on the second hand of my watch and my breathing, slowing it and accelerating it. I'm not altering _time_, mind you, I'm altering my perception of it.

Basically you've already said it all and I'm reinforcing it. It's about belief. True belief. Unassailable belief. The kind of belief where your sensei says "that's not possible", you tell him "okay" and then you do it anyway because you know otherwise and know better than to argue.



Per the "observer effect", the simplest way around it is not to tell them what to expect. Just do it. Let them think you're doing whatever they think they're doing, don't correct them, don't tell them what to expect.

Just do it.



Difficulty really depends on the individual. There's no such thing as a standard case, because we all have different upbringings. Some people struggle to meditate for five minutes, I can easily meditate for hours at a time. But that's because of my upbringing, it's engrained in my pattern.

It doesn't always make rational sense, at least not that I've noticed. I can chill metal by pulling the heat into my body quite easily, within a few seconds, but to heat it requires much more effort. I can't tell you why. Levitation I did unconsciously, I was meditating and deeply under and my friend came out into the room and started freaking out and pulled me out because I was floating, I never observed it myself. Fire generation was tough, but I smoke a pipe constantly and have always liked the idea of it so I work at that regularly.

Telepathy (and before that, empathy) is the easiest in my opinion though. You just have to learn to read your own mind before you read others. Once you know the difference, you can start implanting thoughts. Don't be a dick, though. Karma isn't just about good and evil.



>I've been seeing a lot of anons flipping their shit about that lately and getting downright adversarial over it. Maybe it would be better if we referred to this by a different word.

Never. Words are sigils.

The most important hobby you can take up is etymology. The more you understand PIE, the more coherent your thoughts become, the more directed your intent becomes. Making up new words scatters your frequency.



>The most important hobby you can take up is etymology.

I agree, and chasing etymology and understanding of PIE is what opened my third eye. You have a very good point.. It just chaps my ass how many good posts get derailed because the anon spoke of belief and/or faith and the mundane retards automatically shut down as if the posts were calling for demagoguery



Consider it one of your first trials. Is your belief so weak that naysayers can rattle your conviction?



Absolutely not. My only concern in the matter is them deceiving themselves and others. I have much to learn but I have already seen far too much for me to be shaken from the knowledge of my faith. What exactly to make of it all, perhaps I know not, perhaps it is a source of confusion at times, but there isnt a word that could be uttered that would make me declare that it is not real.

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