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File: 32d06ce094e6736⋯.jpg (142.65 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, girl-1442438_1280.jpg)


You can get the magic from the occult tradition that gave birth to the vampire myth right here, in this thread. All you need to do is contact me telepathically, or express clear intent in your mind, and the automated function I set up for this purpose will cast the spell on you. It includes a few different adapted versions of the the original magic as well as a back up spell for enlightenment along the path I walked myself before making this discovery.

Historical background

A number of years ago I was contacted by a spiritual being, or so I thought. I interpreted him has the being behind the vampire myth. At the time I thought there was only this one being, and that there were no physical vampires. I got a demonstration of his strength when he helped me defeat four strong demonic beings. After this I didn't see him again.

Jumping ahead a bit I started realizing my first understanding was wrong. I noticed I was being stalked by someone and through a series of events found the real existing community of physical vampires. They are all very old and experts in their own field of occultism. By "very", I'm not talking along the lines of what is described in pop culture. After connecting with their minds through telepathy and being allowed to look into their pasts, I found them to be 1000s of years old. By their tradition anyone younger than 1000 years is considered a "hangaround" and not yet a full member. This is the result of a number of failed versions of the original magic being passed around, all resulting in the person dying at around 1000 years of age. To distinguise between the real deal and the fakes, they made this rule.

The creator of the tradition is the spiritual being I first met. He left the physical plane around 180000 years ago and lives in a library he created in the 9th physical dimension. He passed the magic onto one follower who also left the physical plane but who didn't get beyond the 3rd dimension. The current matriarch of the community is around 130000 years old and can move freely between dimensions but hasn't yet found a permanent residence in a plane beyond the human world. The same goes for all newer recruits.

The original spell used came from a line of warlocks all working to achieve this same goal of immortality. At the time the world was different from now, so the spell used at the time was adapted to that state. This lead to a restriction which wasn't visible at the time but is quite problematic today. It only works with the bloodtype dominant at the time of its creation. Because the original tradition hadn't been passed on to new followers and was forgotten in the long years passing since the original spell was cast, they relied on using the blood of the community leaders. For a long time, science was primitive in this area and blood types were unknown, so the magic failed most of the time. After identifying this problem a number of warlocks made attempts at creating a spell for all blood types, but this resulted in a diluted version which failed to lead the target person to immortality. Instead they died at a certain age, but no one lived much beyond 1000 years.

This is the issue that has now been solved. The original spell has been adapted to remove the blood type limitation and it has been created in a few different versions suited for different personality types. The bloodlust has also been removed, which is a side effect of reusing the original spell with no blood as the physical medium. Rather the activation of the spell relies on the mental capabilities of the occultist casting it.


File: 4b9167ef266a474⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 524x737, 524:737, IMG_-uhb6jg.jpg)

The vampire myth was started by kikes to cover for their bloodletting ritual murders.



Maybe taken advantage of by them but not started by them. They didn't exist at the time, this goes back as far as cro magnon times.



Ok I’ll bite.

I am expressing clear intent in my head by saying “yes I do want to live forever”, what happens now?

I might be sounding snarking but I’m not.



Since I'm still here I'll cast it manually as well in case the autocasting function misfires (it may not be very powerful at first, will get better as it's activated more).



I mean what effects are suppose to happen?



You may feel energized at first, but it's also possible you get symptoms of a cold as the body will get purified briefly. Depending on what part activates for you (if any) it may take anywhere from days to a few months before the "transformation" is complete. You're going to know when that happens, as your mind will get very clear afterwards.

After activation you will have increased senses of non physical beings and will be able to pick up telepathy easier.



I certainly do feel my etheric body more pronounced for some reason, if that’s what you mean by energized.

Will I meet any of the vampires after this eventually?



That will happen, guaranteed. If the magic sticks to you they will want you to join their cabal later on. I don't know the specifics because I mostly talk to them telepathically but it's a lot of the "you're supposed to understand this" - attitude. Which is fine for me as I have a talent for this area.

Consider it a social network for occultists, communicating with completely invisible means. It definitely is a community, I'm constantly aware of them.



Sticks to me?



Yeah, like it's not that this is some "magic solution" (lol) it has a guiding role. It needs to transform some part of you and it happens by your enlightenment, that's what immortality is based on. So the spell will cast this energetic "liquid" over you and it will try to find a spot where you can understand its message. If you can understand it, the magic will "stick" or "bite" to this area and you'll be able to transform from there to the rest of your being. If not it will just run off of you like water and have no further effect.



Interesting, I feel it probing around so let’s see.

If it works that’s great, if not then it’s not the end of the world for me.


I do feel oddly confident, hope that’s not just arrogance.




I'm interested in it if you don't mind going through the troubles for another person.

Would I be able to carry direct conversations with them, would this feel more like a "gut feeling" sort of thing or what? I'd like to hear you describe more about the group, the spell itself and how a person should develop as they go through this.



If you already know how to communicate telepathically you'll have direct clear communication, otherwise you'll have to learn it. It's mostly a matter of seperating your own thoughts from external messages. At first you'll get an echo effect where your own thoughts are repeating the external message. This is a mental block people develop to rationalize external messages as their own, because a person hearing voices is insane, or so they think. Blame mundane society for creating this habit.

The group isn't so much a group as it's a "community" because they don't meet in the physical very often. Though from my understanding they have a HQ somewhere. From the images it seems like some old european castle.

What the original spell was like can only be guessed, most likely it used blood to draw a sigil in combination with the mental focus of the performer. I know how to internalize sigils so I don't need to physically draw one to do this, and the sigil itself is not really needed, even if it could be drawn out. You probably wouldn't be able to use it anyway because you need a deeper understanding of the magic itself to apply it. It was passed to me directly from the current matriarch through telepathy. You'd need a lot of words to describe it while in direct communication it's just one image.




Anyway, while the probing of my head seems to subsided I can still feel and energized energy below my shoulder on my arms and legs.

Also seems to have affected the ringing I always hear in a way I can’t really describe besides maybe empty/more.

Kinda link a dark large empty area as it was a lighter more yellowing full feeling before.



Post updates if there are any further changes. It's interesting to know what experiences different people have.

When the magic had been passed to me and I managed to change the "power source" away from using the specific blood type it was deviced for, the instant result was that the weakness in my lower back was gone. I still had to exercise to strengthen but the difference was a feeling of warmth and that I actually could perform the movements without the feeling I may get a stinging pain at any moment. The migraines I used to have also wore off during a period of 2 years to a point where it's no longer a crippling experience. It's been said really tough illnesses take 7 years to wear off tho, but that should be the maximum time (meaning terminal illnesses, that kind of stuff).



What kind of blood type is this mean for anyway? I might have it.



They said O negative, but it only matters if you use blood of a member and meet personally, which is how it's done traditionally.



So is the spell you used just a means to begin the process then?



A successful transfer of material will cause the receiver to develop their own understanding of the magic itself and it will by then be a part of the person. How it was transferred to the mind of the new recruit isn't important. But out of tradition and a lack of understanding of the core of the process they have for a long time relied on physical transmission by blood. The energetic equivalent of blood is the same in fact but it's somewhat harder for to make it work. Blood itself can change the person on a physical level even without enlightenment of any kind because it changes the DNA of the body. This leaves room for a lot of confusion when a person can live much longer than a normal human through this external mean and still not have any higher understanding or insight. It's the extreme "buff" a person could put on while having no morality, so for mundanes this would sound very interesting. Which is also why it had to be kept hidden.

Since this version doesn't work without the person developing his own magic, it has a moral and insight requirement so it doesn't harm the natural order to spread it.

Just imagine a rich bastard getting his hands on the blood and using it to live for 100s of years, he could do a lot of damage that way even if he doesn't reach immortality. Immortality requires disattachment of some kind, meaning to not interfere too much with mundes. A mundane who gets to live longer doesn't have that concern, and would just abuse it.



That could of work too, I am O- master race.



So we must let go then…I can do that.

How unfortunate but if to advance oneself beyond that of the temporary and ultimately of cyclical material existance then it is fine.

One who seeks to be immortal can’t allow himself to be brought down and absorbed into the fabricated reality of mere material intelligence/perspective.

On a side note I do remember that in my dream I was being taught something, unfortunately I can’t remember what it was.

Hope that’s a good sign.


Now I do remember part of my dream, I was in a car driving down the road when I came upon a huge wolf standing before a crashed cop car, I was trying to drive away but my car wouldn’t move too fast, so I went for the door only to find it wouldn’t lock and would open both ways. In worry I stepped on the gas only to find the car would move though sickly because I had only been light pressing on the peddles.

Maybe this was what I was being taught.



What a coincidence that you should be the first to reply.


Dream symbolism is often personal. I'd think the wolf is a common symbol tho. Some would picture it as a tiger, or as the cerberus in greek mythology. It's the basic strength found at the bottom of existence, or bottom of hell. It also symbolizes death, or overcoming it, in my understanding.



Not to pry but how was your own experience through this process? How early would you say now in hindsight that you started to feel changes?



I starting to remember another part of my dream, my room was bigger and my bed was being changed into bigger fancier one. Could just be myself reflecting on moving though, the tarot I read was a good sign however.

Journey, new instruction/relations,inheritance/legacy


I second this if it’s alright telling us.




Apart from the instant signs, I didn't experience a lot at first. But this may have to do with gradually adapting the magic myself through a process so whatever changes made was active from my side and not coming from outside to the same degree.

The aspect that made most of the difference was related to the process of joining the community. It's not just a membership agreement, it means linking your life force to all other members. It can only be done at a certain stage, which may take very long (from what I understand it was extremely slow getting there in the past).

I had dreams relating to "dark objects" in lack of a better word. They use this terminology in the vampire diaries tv series but it's pretty accurate. Occult artifacts made with specific purposes. There was also a dream in which I saw a line of people dressed in black robes and white masks with a long nose walking slowly through the mist on a narrow path. It was all very silent. I think this was an image of how they proceed through history. The mask represents something but I'm not sure what, it's an entity of some kind. I think it may be a god responsible for a certain phenomena in the human world, similar to the gods in shintoism or chinese folklore.

Other experiences include a changed perception, such as at night I sometimes feel like there are people around even when alone in the house. As if there was a party going on in the next room and I hear faint noises, or an awareness like there are people smoking and talking outside my window. It's not a negative feeling, rather it feels very friendly and comfortable. This is how the community may manifest, a constant awareness of it despite physical distance.

As for the telepathy it also means you could theoretically talk to someone instantly whenever you want, though you may not want to disturb them out of respect. Your personal feel and motivation matters here.

I think I have some kind of fetish for the idea of young looking women of a high age, which works as a natural icebreaker for me so I have no fear of them at all. Talking to the men is somewhat more difficult for this reason. Maybe it doesn't make much sense, as you'd think one normally finds it easer talking to the same sex. It's to some degree transferred from how I am in physical life as well, but it's more defined when the physical borders are removed. I may be extremely homophobic, not in terms of values but actual phobia.



Certainly is interesting, hope this all works out but I like the signs already.



Sounds similar to an experience I had on my workplace, though it actually felt like being watched more intently, now I work third shift (overnight) so I'm used to that sort of creepy feeling but it really felt stronger than usual this past week.



I know what you mean, at my work I always feel like I’m being watched when I’m in the back.

Since I placed the norse sign for protection on the doors they don’t feel dark though.



Say seeing as these entity’s are so old do you think they could have a hand in choosing some of us for this already?


This night, i was very, very cold, i was shaking.

Which is very strange, because I was using about 5 layers of blankets.

In my dreams, I can remember looking for fruits to plant their seeds, some were normal and rotten on the ground, but I came to a kind of fruit shop, and the fruits were HUGE, there was a watermelon with the size of a pig and peaches like football balls.



One thing I've learned is that normal logic and chronological time doesn't work when trying to understand them. It's something you just hear about and think about intellectually from fiction but when you experience it, it twists your mind in ways you can't imagine.

Like, I first posted this same thing on another website 2 days before here, but this anon >>112824 felt it already in the past week, seemingly BEFORE the autocast function was even set up.

There's been similar things about some people, such as I rembember hearing someone say

>that woman used to hang around a bunch of 18 year old guys when she was well over 30

and this is something I was told when I was in high school. I don't even know why I was told this, as I never knew who the woman was.

Then I met her last year and didn't know who she was. Later I get told again,

>that's the woman who hangs out with guys way younger than herself, she has to be 40 by now

But a quick calculation shows if she was 30+ back then she'd be 50+ now. More things like this happens and people tell me about this and that person out of nowhere, and the logic of who they are and their age doesn't add up.

There's also been people going by the same bus as me, and they sort of look like the stereotypical vampire, clothes, hair and all, and they have a weird energy. I ignore them and nothing happens. But a few days later the same person shows up again. And we're talking a small country side bus at the end station, random people don't travel here. The thing goes on repeating every other day and they eventually try starting conversations with me, until I get it…

There's nothing said with words, at all, it can all be denied as nothing, unless you look at the context of it. Some wanted help with a spell or wanted me to connect telepathically but had to seek me out first so I'd know they exist.

All the while, all of this can just be discarded as paranoia, even said right out here it sounds like nothing, because "that feeling" of a different kind of intelligence, can't be expressed in text alone.



I get it, plausible deniability.

Just to a t.

Now about the telepathy, you said if these all goes well we would develop it as well?



You would have the potential for easily developing it, but you still have to learn it, just like a child has to learn to speak. I can't say exactly how you'll do it, but it's said even those who had the fake version of the magic could develop short range telepathy so it's definitely possible. This version has no range limit as far as I know because you won't be disturbed by different things in the environment. It has something to do with using basic particles so it's not even on the level of radio waves, it's smaller.


File: c2c3421e1c09a63⋯.webm (478.01 KB, 638x360, 319:180, Vampire's Kiss - _I'm a V….webm)



That’s interesting, do they teach those they meet?



I'd have to assume they did this back when they last recruited actively. This is different so it'll probably be like, if you get to the point of being able to sense them and contact them, and have specific questions about relevant matters, they'll show you something as a hint.

At first I wanted confirmation so I made a small spell for indentifying vampires in my surroundings and it pointed out exactly the people I'd suspect. I don't remember exactly what I used other than I just made a sigil the instant I had the idea and activated it, it's probably worn off by now. It gave me a V whenever one was close. Like I accidentally tore a sticker from a can I was holding and it left a clear V shape, then I look up and see a person I don't know. Another time there were two sticks on the ground forming a V, and so on.

Try different things, there are really no rules on how you go about it.

They've shown me different stages of development by letting members at different stages pass by me during a period of time until I had seen all relevant parts. I'm talking about their energetic signature. There was of course a reason for this, as they probably knew I would be able to find some solutions to problems, it's not just for me. I'd share back whatever I found, naturally. It feels a bit like interacting with the mafia or something. You get something, but you feel you'd better give them something better back. There's nothing explicit, you'll just be aware of it, it's a meritocracy of some sort.


So I already have a grasp of telepathy (my family talks to me too much) I asked them something OP would know but I didn't know and it's something I'm allowed to talk about of course.

Vamps stop aging around the time when they are initiated (I'm 31) depending on how fast it kicks in. I this true OP?



It will seem so, but it's not definite. I think over the first period, unless you were really old, you'll gradually get a bit younger. So if you're 30 you may end up looking 25. But over a longer time period you'd still age, with the original form of the magic passed to you.

So to put it roughly:

>at 2k years old you'd look 30

>at 5k years old you'd look 35-40

>at 50k years old you'd look 40-45

>at 100k years old you'd look 50-60

so the aging is very slow but it exists.



The sensation seem to be subsiding mostly though seems to be reappearing in my head area. Fascinating though when it first appeared as it went over my brain in a almost ache sensation though not unpleasant.

Though my physical sense may be getting more attention do to use so that may be why it’s not as prominent.


I want to live a long time but I don't want to leech off of other people. Is this a possibility?



First I meditated on this and then tried to contact you telepathically. This was yesterday. Last night I had a dream about doing random shit in the physical world with some close people and some other random ones until a demon appeared, he said his name (Beelzebub) and that he hates me from the bottom of his soul and deepest hells and that he wants to kill me. He was raging and destroying everything, creating chaos (I can't remember if in another dimension that I could see/sense or in ours, but I don't think that matters. He just couldnt hurt me/touch me). I dont give a shit about demons, religions or any other things like that, never did. But this is the dream I had right after I tried to contact you. No clue what it means but I wanted to share it right when I woke up so I don't forget it.



Humans are the worst leeches in the universe so you shouldn't worry about it. It's a matter of doing it right on the larger scale. Say if you live a long time and supprt a stable human culture, then it doesn't matter if you leech some off it because you're making up for it.


3 people actively contacted me last night, out of whom one was probably >>112838

because he used actual words and sentences while the other 2 only made a "hail" so one of them is likely to have been you then.

Your dream, just as this one


revolves around facing a dangerous creature. I didn't consider this, but of course, a lot of people are actually destined for hell, having this magic effectively change them would change that fate. It would piss off a lot of demons I'm sure.



What about snakes, are they significant, cause I did have a pretty interesting dream about snake people and one becoming some kind of beast.

And how my mother keeps telling me to stop considering my brother my brother.



There was some kind of important figure I was visiting and the figure at the point was three snakes of different hues and color connected and wearing a red robe, he said something like “thank you for being here in my last moments of me being sentient” something like that.

I know I had to have the giant snake monster because no matter what I did I couldnt escape the island. I tried a redo to before it transformed but both after and before the rocket ship took off and smashed back into earth.

When I tried to drive around my mother said to not bother finding my brother and eventually I drove into a secluded part of the woods where I faced the massive snake covering the woods”


Oh and it might not be it but when I try to go to sleep but I have not yet entered sleep I’ve been hearing a lot of my mother’s voice despite knowing she isn’t saying anything in the next room.

Could that be a sign?


I have been seeing creatures in my room with my third eye… very large minotaurs… ancient men cloaked in ragged old robes holding a cane standing in my hallway… they both said they are part of the cabal so I didn't banish them despite their…strange… appearance… I've been meeting people though I don't talk to them… on a bridge… in the forest… at 4 in the morning… a silent awqard exchange of frightened shuffling… then she was gone


Humans can't go on forever without social contact. It would be a shame for their mouths to atrophy.



Have you had any dreams about a queen? Maybe her butler with such strange but beautiful blue eyes?



I was one of the guys that sent out a simple hail yesterday. I haven't done anything related to telepathy before, so I simply focused on the word "contact" and the opening post.

I'll post what I experienced.

My mind felt clearer and faster shortly after sending it out. I was a tad bit tried at the time I tried, which went away near instantly and left me wide awake. I practiced a while on separating external thoughts from my 'true' thoughts since you had mentioned that here.

I went to bed, despite me not feeling sleepy in the slightest, and woke up at 12:41 AM. Considering the time I went to sleep, that's perfectly normal. I got up much easier than usual and I was still energized and focused. I went out for a walk and didn't see anything strange while doing it.

The rest of the night, starting at the walk I took, was nonstop thinking about magic. No demons rising out of hell for the sole purpose of insulting me or funky dreams.

My mind is definitely feeling the best it has felt in months. Thank you for that.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I rarely have dreams but I did mentally meet the queen while awake. She helped calm my nerves about this whole vampire business. She feels nice. I like her.

They said they can change their forms to make themselves look more pleasing so naturally a fox showed up to be my friend. If joining this cabal means I get an imaginary fox friend then I suppose I will keep the spell.

I personally think this whole psychic vampirism thing is silly. Why steal energy when The Sun has so much for this entire planet. I've had a difficult time for years trying to harness its raw power but my body can't handle too much. Perhaps a cabal like this is something I need to spread it out.



Oh ya?

My dream was of a young women in a fur coat and early 20th century hair.

I tried to ask he butler something but he was off out when I told him he had pretty eyes and I messed up my second question. He just locked his little window and that was it.



I tried invoking Saturn but no one wanted her gaze :<

They don't want me to invoke the Angels of the Celestial Spheres either.



For what purpose do you do that?



It's part of my daily cleansing and protection ritual I learned from BearHeart… I have to take out the angels guardians part because they don't want them around anymore.



What do you mean?

Who is bearheart and who doesn’t want the guardians around?



BearHeart is a powerful guy who has a youtube channel guide with various practices. He doesn't like vampires so I'd rather not be so off topic. Lets just say I have to choose sides eventually. The vampires don't want to talk to me for a while if I invoked the angels.




Interesting that you both seems to have met the same people. It may be different what part you connect best with. I've seen someone being referred to as Lady -something and "the bavarian" always following her, but I've only ever seen her once, while the guy seems to show up more often irl.

Those I've had most contact with are "the princess", the matriarch and a woman I have no name for. There's also a group of women in traditional dresses and some guys who seem like magic researchers at a temple site. Interactions with them are always of a technical nature like you'd talk to a computer nerd about programming or something.




I perceived him as an oriental, but his eyes were so blue I was kinda put off.

I got a real English vibe from the whole thing so I assumed he was just a servant from a colony state on dream.



It may be a different lady, you did use the word queen.



I just perceived her a queen, there was no talk.

It just kinda Was the vibe I got.



There are gradual differences between princess, queen and lady so the word you came to think of may indicate something about her personality and rank, which is why I think it was someone I don't know.



I see and with these dreams is it safe to assume the spell was a success?



it does seem succesful, at least for you and the other anon who had quite clear experiences. There is some strong symbolism in the dreams. There also wouldn't be a question brought up of joining the cabal if it hand'nt worked all the way.

This is all as far as I understand, I should add.



I hope it becomes successful for the others.



I hope so too. Perhaps the vampires in this thread will all get together for /fringe/ vamp meet once we realize this magic stuff is for real.



if it is real then I think those who achieve it will probably have 100-10000s of years to meet.

we could do a discord or a irc I suppose, up to op I think.




real jews believe in and worship God.

fake jews that worship money and ideal shapes belong to the synagoge of satan (fake character, false idol, false religion)

the bible mentions this at least twice so look it up.


guys this is a trap. immortality is not true immortality especially if you're doing it here on earth, regardless of the dimension of this reality

don't buy into cool powers because all it will do is get you trapped here like a cuck forever and you WILL get bored and want to leave one day but be unable too.

remember the bible verse? "men will want death but it will escape them"


File: 08fd09259e878e3⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1026x727, 1026:727, hello.png)

Seems like nothing to loose. I want in. What next?



You will be able to leave, but it will take time. Following mainstream religion won't lead anywhere for most people, they just reincarnate or worse, so they have no advantage at all. This way you'll keep your memories and skills until you can definitely finish here.


Do it if you like. I prefer staying anon.



Post any updates on changes, if you feel any, for sharing and research.


Interesting, seems I’m consistently having 3 dreams a night that Are getting easier to remember. Before this I rarely dreamed and could barely remember them.

The first was Jesus, simply saying there is no one before him.

The second was where I was an anime character delivering an ax to another one but I had to squeeze myself through some tunnels to do it. The character I delivered them to was wheelchair bound for some reason. Some sort of tension there but I felt like I was to be a knight, some sort of protector.

Perhaps my own subconscious is struggling between deeply rooted ideas and what it is coming to.

Anyone else having strange dreams?

What is everyone else’s experiences so far?


I'm walking correctly now and it's changing the way my back operates. My youthful ninja vigor is starting to come back and I have been getting suggestions from vampires to change my fursonna to a cat instead….

I realize now that my wardrobe is terrible and I can't stand to wear these clothes anymore. I need to be… impressionable……… AHAHAHAA oh man I really am turning into one am I.



And here I though a blood bat would be the obvious fursona for a vampire :^)


Stop this LARP please. If you want to be a "vampire" then drink human blood. Can't be your own. It is more potent if the victim is feeling a strong emotion when the blood is extracted (extreme fear, orgasm, grief, fury). The hormones and other molecules that are intertwined with these emotions will affect the high. The cleanliness of the victim is important too. Diseases obviously thrive in human blood, and tainting agents like drugs and shitty food can lower blood quality ( alcohol is considered acceptable in adult victims for some reason maybe thinned blood or taste or something ). Age is a huge factor: the younger the victim, the less debris and pollution. Race is big: the nobler the race the more potent the blood.

When you drink blood you get a really intense high. It's very addictive, even after one experience. Not sure the duration of the high nor its characteristics.. all I was told is that it can deeply affect your life and that it is very intense. Not sure how much of it is a placebo effect from the violent precursor to the act not to mention the millennia of mythology and its taboo nature. I could entertain the idea of it being a survival instinct: when a human is drinking blood, that means it's either very desperate for nourishment or it has achieved complete dominion over another human. The brain might be hardwired to go into a more focused or perceptive state after such an act. There are obviously large amounts of psychoactive molecules in blood, but I don't know how many of them would survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Also the injection of blood apparently does not produce the effect as intensely. Seemingly it is the act that triggers the brain's response, similar to sex, fistfights, etc.

Evolutionarily, I would imagine it is similar to brain eating. Early humanoids waged vicious wars and genocides on each other. These wars were quite literally fought with tooth and nail, and rituals started to develop: music, dance, art but also cannibalism, sorcery and sacrifice. Vampirism being among these takes no stretch of fact or imagination. It is everywhere in the animal world; it is a depraved act of blatant arachnid dominion. Evolutionary reward for such behavior probably goes back to pre-eukaryotic ages. Human-specific reward for vampirism is probably at least 100,000 years old.

The revulsion for vampirism is beneficial for humanity and easily justified. People getting high on the blood of young girls just before or just after killing them is nauseating; the centuries of legend all around the world probably revolves around the fact that vampires tend to be depraved, cold, intelligent murderers. Civilization cannot be sustained in an environment that accepts vampirism.

Tl;Dr vampirism doesn't require particularly complicated sorcery; merely absolute predation.

I should add that there are heavy curses that are levies against vampires by ancient and modern sorcerous institutions. Most intimidating of these is the Vatican. If they find you, they will chase you and and abduct you and burn you alive.


Does this works for beginners?



That's fine. You can hunt down the one's running on the failed version of the spell. They'll die sooner or later anyway and they're not upholding the universal balance. I've seen claims some of the bombing campaigns during WW2 was targeted at such vampire populations. They're still pretty nasty and skilled in occult practices so don't act rashly.

The real line spread in this thread you can't do anything about. You can't attack a being who can alter time and space and control your mind.



It works for anyone with even the smallest enlightenment potential.


I don't understand some things, what's the difference between the "true" vampires and the "ones"?

If I decide to use the spell, do I need to drink blood or leech someone's energy?



>fake ones





The OP states clearly that the bloodlust has been removed in this version. It also explains the difference between the original spell and the failed versions created in later times, just read it again.


I express clear intent to receive your spell. If you will not see this post in this thread and reply to it, I will try my best to contact you telepathically and express the intent only in my mind, even though I have never really tried such things before and I am not sure if it will work. I will also post updates if I feel anything happening. Thanks for your service OP.


After doing what OP said, I felt a little hot



Well for me it's my forehead that is kinda tingling, like something is happening with my third eye. But might as well be placebo or just as well be just an effect from too much caffeine. Not really sure. I think I go to sleep soon and see if I feel sth then or if I dream sth weird.


File: 9cd7a9ce733cc4a⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Metallica - Fade to Black.webm)

Lots of syncronicities today. I cried to my brother about losing access to the angels. I had to go print out something today but the printer was out of color ink and wouldn't use the black ink that was full. Soooo I went to the library to print out these documents. The phone sent me to the civic center instead… I got out and looked around for the damn library but the phone was pointing directly at the civic center. Perplexed, I went in looking for a library. Obviously there was none but I had to piss. In the bathroom there was a guy crying over some stupid civil thing in this building. Even though I felt shitty I felt worse for this guy so I cheered him up with telepathy. When he stopped crying and went to leave the stall I left before he could see me because I really don't want to talk to anyone right now. Out in the parking lot there were a bunch of civil employees being all happy and waving. A traffic cop was looking at cars taking notes… not my car at least. The guy in the bathroom was probably going to kill himself or something. Whatever man, if I'm going to lose my humanity I'm at least going to save one before I fade to black. I gotta get out of here and smoke. When I got to the library I couldn't log in to my FUCKING email because it needed verification for a phone I didn't bring with me. The help desk lady had a coffee cup with a really neat pic on it. At least I found an Idea for a pic to use out tagging. A black cat with antlers.


I just tried it. Definitely feels like I have more energy, and I seem to feel different in some way.

Could just be placebo though, I don't know.


File: ee5c5f189b65906⋯.jpg (920.79 KB, 3200x2000, 8:5, saturn.jpg)


Like this guy >>112797 I am also interested. Just from reading your thread I feel something, but idk. I was in (American) jail for 70 days less than a year ago, and they put psychic dampeners in the water and the food, so ever since then my abilities have been blocked; they are just now starting to return. I'm hoping you can help me.


File: ea412e61f88e50a⋯.png (553.74 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-20-23-1….png)


You are a fucking whiney faggot and the dude in this picture is my bae!!!!!!!!!!!!!



evil shit that happens in hollywood



So let me get this straight…the angels abandoned you because you are turning into a vampire? That's crazy….and also why exactly would they? It's not like you are turning evil or something.

btw maybe being a vampire will help you stop smoking lol




The autocast function should be doing its job now. I'll give it a push manually as well tho to make sure.


Idk how they'd block real abilities since they come directly from your soul. It would only have effect on inborn abilities in your body, so anything from here wouldn't be effected by that.


Nope. That's up to your willpower. I've seen one of the 1000+ year olds smoke cigarettes.



Much gratitude. If anything noteworthy happens with me, I shall report back here. Let's see I guess.



>>112944 here

After that, I felt nothing, I slept and didn't dream of anything



Do you think besides the ones that pointed it out that they might be watching any of us?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Two gunshots rang outside my window as my brother had to watch me die. I clutched my chest feeling a tingling sensation coupled slight jabs of pain. My brother and I were relived when I stopped clutching my chest until that same feeling emerged in my brain. I knew this was the end and said goodby as I felt it wash through my grey matter and down my spine. Next was my digestive tract and stomach. I got up to dry heave but I didn't eat anything all day so there was no mess. I threw up my middle finger at my brother as it took my balls. My teeth chattered when it got my other organs like liver and kidneys. Last was my legs. When the stabbing, tingling sensation subsided I stood up feeling empty like a lvl1 pokemon. All I could think about was my brother's aura and how it drew me to him. I pleaded for him to be my first feed but being the crazy conspiracy nut he is, he just said no and left. There's sustenance from my dog, Tera, and Saturn considering how I'm now barred from the Soul Star… though I see now why vamps want human energy so much.



Explains the video you attached. One must truely be cut off from the soul star to be able to listen to this shit.


>first thing as a vampire is to feed of ones own brother

…lmao. Don't kill your doggo tho



Is that a dream?



Most likely roleplaying for fun and trolling



Whatever. how was your dreams, were they good?



To be honest I feel no effect still. I posted my dream already in the nofap thread but here is all I can remember: I was hanging around with some dude, or being and I kept complaining about how much nofap sucks and how horny I am and that I hate being celibate, I wished I just could masturbate to all those hotties on the internet (porn and hentai). Yeah it was a weird dream but I guess not related to this vampirism thing. I still hope something will happen, it would be a shame if the spell proves useless on me.



Hope it works for ya.

Did you feel any effects on your energy body?



I am but a mere mundane, how do I even feel/see my energy body? I was tired and almost fell asleep earlier, but now I feel energized and alive. Also my forehead/third eye was tingling all the time. Nothing special, it may all be placebo.

What about you? Did you receive the spell, and if yes did it have any effect on you?



Same thing here

I had a dream about when I was in the highschool but i think doesn't have much to with the spell.

I don't know if I was doing right or not



>I don't know if I was doing right or not

same, but op said you don't have much to do anyways, the spell will do all the work necessary itself and it may take some time.




I'm probably insane so I try to include people in these experiences to make sure. My brother heard the gunshots and so did I.



So if you are legitimately turning into a vampire, care to explain more? How long did it take for you to feel the first effects? What is different for you now? Did you appearance change? Have vampire hunters tried to kill you?



Energy body is just your energy which is consciousness which is your senses.


But essentially it is just being conscious of your body perception. Like if you scratch your hand you’ll focus on the sensation, sorta like that.

Anyway ya, I felt the same effect on myself though it lasted until about midday the next day.

We are just days in so let’s see how it goes, don’t lust for results it will just lead to irritation and doubt.



Well I doubt you got shot so relax,



IDK what the fuck is going on. I just can feel something is definitely not the same since I made that agreement. Entities whom I've never met before are appearing and tech is malfunctioning randomly. I can't fucking stand religious symbols now so I have to leave the church I was going to. I'm losing lots of weight because I simply disgust food now.

Members of The Hunter's Lodge like BearHeart haven't killed me outright and I'm staying the fuck away from black magic rituals for that reason. Sure, demons have no effect on me now but I know how summoning them can catch the eye of the Hunters.

12/18/2017 I started the agreement. Time of death: 10:01pm 12/20/2017



That's awesome my undead friend. So it seems it took you 2 days to die? Well I guess I have one more day then to live. Any advice you can give what I should do (while I can?) or how I can prepare? Ya know my forehead is still tingling and I was sick in the stomach a little while ago. My ears kinda hurt like it's a big pressure there and now I think I am starting to feel weak.

If I ever end up like you and this shit actually works we should def meet up. And I just heard a loud noise outside too like firework going off…or a gunshot. Crazy. Synchronicity coincidence?



I can't feel my heart chakra so I can't do all sorts of meditations damnit. I have to do solar plexus meditations now :/


As long as your physical heart is still beating and your body is alive and warm..you are living. Don't worry. You can do third eye or crown chakra meditation then, those are very important chakras too and you'll need them for your psychic abilities.



Welcome to The Vampire Cabal I guess. Like I said I'm not sure where to go from here. It would be nice if OP gave some advice or something.



Not so fast my friend, I am still living. If I actually join the vampires I will know and I'll post it here, until then I'm just observing and chatting here with you guys, trying to learn more. Maybe I am delusional and nothing will happen. We'll see. Of course you can keep us updated as well.



My heart chakra seems to be frozen in place and my soul star is barred with some sort of gateway thing.



Well I guess that's what happens when you turn into an actual Vampire. Honestly I didn't expect it to be completely free from drawbacks.

But what about food now? OP said the bloodlust is gone, so you shouldn't feel the hunger for blood right? You hunger for energy? Do you still eat at all? Curious about this.



Yes I hunger for energy but not blood. I caaaaan eat but it's just to keep myself fromm looking like a skellington too.



Will you think of a nickname for yourself like "spike" or "alucard" or "blade"? Also don't forget to grow long-ass hair and if it doesn't get white at least dye it white.

Now on the serious side, what about lust? And sexual desires? Have they changed so far? I am not really sure what this spell does exactly and how the real vampires are but you know the myths always protray vampires as very lusty beings.



you aren't gonna die for no reason, ok.

I was the first to agree and I ain't dead mate. I know, I have a pulse. don't get too worked up until you realize what is happening on your own terms.



This actual original magic makes you immune to whatever these hunters could do after activation. Since this is /fringe/ after all you're likely to experience this stronger, a mundane may not even know they went through any specific change. Even at the very beginning other people will not be able to target you with ill intent directly on. Vampirism in principle places you on the very top of the food chain, so you can't be hunted, if you get what I'm saying.


They're likely to give you hints. But remember they're all insanely old. They probably don't even feel a decade passing so if you hear nothing at first, keep this in mind, their perception of what is a long waiting time is likely different to someone with a human viewpoint.


The original spell used blood, so people developed bloodlust. At the start this didn't matter because in primitive times cannibalism was common and no one thought twice about it. It only became controversial in the last few 1000 years. Most cultures before had blood sacrifices in their religions so it wasn't a big deal. A vampire is also technically not human so human morals don't apply, it's not cannibalism if you're not the same species, you see?

The spell used here includes an updated original spell that uses your own blood flow so you don't need to consume it. One version developed by me is based on the circular process of the female procreative system, because it was the most reliable thing I could come up with. The researchers at the temple made another version based on the interaction of male and female sexuality because they didn't personally like my way of solving it though they respected the ability to solve it.

None of these require physical material for their function, rather it's drawing on these processes in your own body.


I was aiming to be a buddhist monk before discovering this so I was already celibate. So I can't tell what differences there would be, though I have had hints that the real vampires (not sure if this term should be used anymore after the bloodlust is gone) are simply unable to have sexual interactions apart from blowjobs in the physical. This restriction doesn't go for dimensions beyond so once they get the ability to go there they can do whatever. What causes the issue is unknown to me, I haven't either tried it out for reason stated above. Or maybe this is a disinterest manifesting.


File: 8a566de300e9280⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 355x225, 71:45, 8a566de300e9280c16b087c75f….gif)


days,months,years… whats a little time.

Just hope I'm not grey and old when they do.



Lmao you won't be if the spell worked because you will age much, much slower. And if the spell doesn't work, so who cares? Just as you said yourself, don't get too worked up on this.


thanks for the post vampire op



It may just be my nerves but I don't feel any lust at all. It's a quite liberating feeling really. Doesn't stop me from being a power bottom :p


Okay okay you're right. I should just chill out and let the spell solidify.



your question did raise the question, are our hearts gonna stop?



Thank you for the tips OP. To be honest I have an inferiority complex so being top of the food chain will take a lot of getting used to.


I still have a pulse and I'm warm apparently.



All autonomous bodily functions will keep going, but not in the way you think, because some things are falsely seen as autonomous but in reality functions by learned patters created by social conditioning. Your ways of reacting to some situations used to be one way but now the body won't have that reaction unless you tell it to. You may still feel something but it isn't hardwired into an actual act.



I am actually on my way to become a permanent celibate too, no sex no masturbation no orgasm. Lust was always a hindrance for me, a chain to the mundane. What a relief it would be to get rid of it for good and be free. Not that I didn't enjoy orgasms, it's that i realize being celibate is the true way to obtaining the elexier of life.



do we ever get considered "family" at some point maybe 2-3 thousand years?



I consider you guys my family ^.^





I raise my tinfoil hat to you guys and wish you a good night, or day. Whereever you live. I'll check back here from time to time in case anyone has some interesting updates or if I want to post my own updates. Cheers



see ya, I'll probably go back to doki doki literature club myself, keep /fringe/ open though.



Don't let it fuck you up. SPOILER: If you fail you have to reinstall and start from scratch. The only way to win is to make all girls happy before anyone dies.


I don't feel different at all.

Dreams, headaches, burts of energy, nothing.



thats ok, I've already chosen the one I want. what do the other ones matter as long as I get what I want.



Having seen an anon play this game over a few days while discussing random stuff and posting constant screencaps, I'll just say: yyu!eufuegygdyeg

Remember what I told you here >>113037



My astral abilities definitely have been enhanced. Sure I can't get a boner or fall in love but now I can instantly astral travel and keep the experience going so long as Saturn keeps my power going.

Thank you OP! I needed this so much. Thank you God for blessing me with this.



Awesome mate, so happy for you. I dreamed about my cat who went next to my bed and dropped off a spider from it's fur. Then the spider ran towards me and got huge as fuck and I could not move so I got scared. The spider looked like it was artificial but also real at the same time, it's body was thick with ornaments and it was brownish/golden like. The spider was also constantly making a clicking sound and was vibrating like a motor. First the spider ran up to my stomach but then it suddenly ran up and clinged to my head. When I finally could move a hand I tried to whipe it off of me but it didn't work, I only damaged the spider a little at best. It was soft and glibbery. (then I woke up) Earlier the same night I dreamed that the earth was spinnign way faster and nobody noticed except me, and I saw a galaxy in the sky but it was made of clouds and I thought this galaxy is sucking our earth in like a black hole, that's why it is spinning so fast. First I was afraid to die, but then I didn't give a fuck anymore. Also I dreamed that I went out into town and had no pants on and couldn't find my way back home. Yep…crazy stuff.

Just dropping this here in case anyone is curious. Still not sure about the vampire spell tho.



Also I got another question. If you become a vampire, even tho you don't age you still can die and get killed, right? And kill yourself? I hope it's still possible.



Earlier in this thread there was mention of a probe entity crawling around his body. I also felt the probe for a while. Maybe the spider is the probe?

I noticed I was having an easier time seeing in the dark when the light went out in my bedroom so I decided to do a bit of nighttime forest adventuring just to see how it is out there. I drew energy from Saturn until I was satiated…maybe just a bit more until I get a little crazy heh… until sure enough I could see just fine even though the forest was much darker before if I remember correctly.



I invite you to pick up on my vibrations or connect telepathically through this thread to me and come visit me and my house through astral-traveling if it's possible. I always wanted to know if that's possible and I am curious what you will see if you manage to do it. I will try to pick up on you too. If you manage to do it, report back in this thread.

Of course only if you like. I will continue my practice for astral traveling too and hopefully will be able to do so soon.



I could try doing that idk if it would work. I was never skilled enough to make accurate accounts of real life buildings but I can probably make my presence known?



So I kept running out of energy and having to go back to get more but I did manage to see a house with someone sitting at the computer. You had a blue jacket with brown hair and a white monitor with a pile of papers next to it. You eventually got up to go into the kitchen.



Well I guess the results could be worse lol. I have a book next to my monitor and my jacket has other colors, but yeah I have been to the kitchen actually to grab another coffee. How was the house like, what have you seen about the rooms and the stairs? Or anything else?

Btw I think i will go out soon to take a walk in nature so if you try again you may not find me here for some hours.



Pretty nice brown wooden paneling. You did go from the kitchen upstairs into a room but the room looked like the one in my old hose so I guess I lost you. I was expending a lot of energy trying to make my presence known and was wondering if anything happened on your end.



I am sorry to say I didn't feel anything. But that's because I have very little awareness or psychic powers yet, so it's entirely my own fault. I need to practice and meditate way more.

Or maybe you were with the wrong person/in the wrong house. Not sure actually, but thanks for the try. See ya later



Oh well guess I have a lot of growing to do. Laters bra



OP, are you still here?



How do you astral travel anyway? Care to share your technique and help me out?

Been trying forever, but I can never attain sleep paralysis and never leave my body. All I can do is imagine that I am somewhere else at best.



You got this backwards. You'll still age, albeit very slowly. But you won't die (not in the traditional sense of the word), because the reincarnation process humans normally go through will take place within the cells of your body instead, i.e. you come back in the same body with memories intact and keep going directly with no growing up and relearning stuff as a kid. This saves a lot of time for anyone reaching for final enlightenment. From another perspective even getting into this state requires dying, it's just that you won't switch bodies. Dying is overrated, it doesn't give you any advantage. By the time you notice aging you'll already know how to move between dimensions and basically instant travel between locations in the physical. You're just not seeing it right now, the full view is different from what you imagine.



Well I guess I can stop contemplating suicide then lmao. What do you think about my dreams that I posted? They seem very weird and unlike what i dream most of the time. Do you see any connection to the spell?



It makes sense that you'd perceive the initial stage of the spell as a spider with ornaments. It's not that it has anything to do with a spider but in your conceptual understanding that's what you see, because you don't know what you're seeing yet. That's how I'm interpreting it. It IS deviced to look all over the person for a part that's closer to its message. It's not an intelligent entity so it just goes methodically over the body until success or until all possibilities are discarded.

Some people need several attempts for some reason, it seems there could be layers of something covering them and blocking the spell.



May it be possible to have a guardian angel who blocks this shit out? Someone once said I have a big/powerful guardian angel. But would the guardian angel act against my own free will and without my knowing? And against my benefit for that matter.

Well I will state my clear intent for the spell over and over again every day just to make sure it works.



There was one person I wanted included or at least to have a longer life for reason relating to the development of the world, so I just cast the spell on them. First time took a few months and still failed. Then I tried again 6 months later and it worked.

I may talk more about this later, it could be controversial right now. Let's just say it has to do with some projects /pol/ are into that I wanted to support.



I don't really know about angels, from what I've heard there's nothing inherently "good" about them. They're just zealots of their own religion who's staying in a plane slightly higher than humans. It's temporary and they'll come back down here as humans later. What they know is limited, so they could try to stop someone doing the right thing based on their current logic.


So, you say that i can get this with a strong focus or contacting you by telepathy.

For the second approach, and by not knowing you, should concentrate into delivering my message to the OP enough?



IDK I just close my eyes and activate my third eye.

So I wanted to see if I could channel while out in the sun because I read that magical vampires lose their powers in the sun. I cant draw power from Saturn obviously so I just drew power from Tera instead. I definitely filled me up with plenty of power so I no longer needed my jackets out in this winter weather. I kept drawing more and more until my body started glowing green. Normally, this much energy would have been extremely painful but I seemed to be fine. Fuck it, let's invoke Ra and see what happens. The sun struck me with its bolt of power while I was already topped off with Tera. THAT should have floored me with a grand seizure. It didn't I was fine. Hell I was more than fine. I feel fucking amazing!



If the spell can fail then at what point do we know it didn’t?



Can I get a big titty Angel gf though, that’s the real question concerning angels



Pretty mundane question, what do you need a angel gf with big tits for? Lowly animal desires? But your question above is pretty solid.


Oh man you seem way more advanced than me. You are like a wizard grand master compared to me.



The big titty gf thing is a joke but I like to think I’m a social person, so I do wonder if communication at all would be forbidden.



I'm still here, I can perform it manually for you. Just confirm if this is what you want.


You'll realize it when you reach 130 years of age and still don't seem to die or age.

Jokes aside, I would be able to confirm it from looking at your energy, you can do it yourself but you need sufficient understanding of what you're looking for. The area doesn't seem to be properly researched in the current body of occult knowledge known to mankind in this society. The only thing I can say is you need a zero particle, whereas humans live in 3D, there's also hell/underworld, at 2D, light and radiation at 1D. You need to ground yourself in 0D. Then it's succesful.


Why angels, if they don't like you? I don't think I've ever seen one.

On another note, one poster above brought up not being able to stand religious symbols and having to leave the church building. I've never had this problem, in fact I have 2 buddha statues, 3 icons with jesus and mary and pics of the pope and francis of assissi with a tau cross in my room and I've never felt anything bad from them. The idea of the catholic church being so strongly opposed to vampirism seem like an exaggeration with this in mind. I also have a few bibles, psalm books and tao te ching on my shelf.

It may have to do with your personal background and what relation you had to these religions before if you start feeling bad about them. Maybe you relied on them in a way you shouldn't have and now you realize that. I cancelled my church membership because I found them to be hypocrites and I didn't want to support that. It had nothing to do with opposing their message in itself.



Can you look at the energy right now through this thread? You would be able to see which of us poor bastards actually has the spell worked on them



Could you look at my energy body?

For the angels, well, it’s not about them really, “I am” is the vehicle of Identity in this chosen reality that many call fact and many call illusion.

So for me it isn’t a question of why angels, it is a question of boundary, this one wishes for his “I am” to have no limitation to his path/choices. “I am” is after all the central foundation of an identities whole universe so why should it not have its pick in the candy shop?



May I inform myself more by reading all these posts? This is because I am starting the O9A alchemical process, and I need to be fully aware of the consequences.

2 hours and I'll give you my confirmation, ok?



Are you looking inside me now or what? ahahaha feeling a strange warmth inside me



I could, but there's an issue about expectations it would create if I told you exactly what I see.

It could block your development. If I told someone they're not through, the spell may fail and new people may be discouraged to try. This is pretty intricate and I'm trying to not mess this up by saying the wrong things. If you just have a little patience it will be confirmed to you without doubt by your own experiences.


I'm not sure what you're implying. If you want a spiritual gf, get a succubus type entity, they can also help you with magic.



Your thought/intent could have triggered the autocast spell. It may be analysing your possibilities ahead of time.



That gf thing is a joke.

It is suppose to play on some meme I kept hearing about.

Anyway gf isn’t what I mean in reference to what I said about choice.


i'd say to stop it, as i was just curious. i didn't give confirmation Lol


I need to know every implication before



It's your own choice to accept it anyway, nothing is forced on you. It may simply be that you connected with the egregore of the line of vampires by reading the thread and some of it naturally effected you.



My energy body is pretty fucked, tbh, as I'm currently going trough some emotional/ethical conondrum. Posting here to keep track of whats happening.



Hope it gets better for you



As I said, i am interested and curious. So maybe yes, that could be just me resonating with what is behind this spell. I need to be fully aware of EVERY change and implication that would come after my confirmation, because right now i'm puzzled, as it looks like a jump in the void. I'm attracted to that, it's everything my inner self is seeking since a lot of time, but because of my character, I need to be aware of what will happen.

May i find all the information I need in this wall of text? Or may I ask you to describe what would happen to me, my mood, my character with some examples? After that i can give confirmation.

Thanks a lot, this 3d came in the right moment of my life btw



As shown by the previous posters the direct experiences may vary. This may be an extreme case in terms of clear reactions, but still a good description of how violent the change can be




Generally speaking you'll have a mental calm because the main issue in human life - death - has been removed. Changes to your perception of the sexual function may exist, but it doesn't mean actual impotence. Any such feeling would be temporary, I can testify myself there is no physical malfunction. If you experience it, it's caused by pre-existing mental issues, just like some people fail to finish during intercourse despite normal sexual functions.

It can probably be said a lot of what you see as physical issues will appear to actually be caused by your mentality, you just weren't aware of it and treated it as physical. With the idea of modern medical science this makes people feel like they can easily go to the doctor and get treatment. Upon discovering you actually need to change your mental conditioning to fix it, you may feel overwhelmed, but this will solve things like that fundamentally. We are on /fringe/ here so it should be clear to everyone that this is preferable.

That's as far as I can think of relevent "disadvantages" if you want to call them that. But I still recommend skimming the thread to see what other people shared after receiving the spell.



I understand everything written here. I am ready and give my personal consent for the spell. My heart Chakra is burning willing to go through this. Please tell me how can I help you, OP, to facilitate the process of your manual spellcasting. I am ready and agree



So if the spell works, would it be possible for one to live on completely without food? Well since you can't die…I imagine it would be possible just to survive from energies. Would it be possible to live in a cave in deep wilderness in solitude for ages without having to care for food?





Once you manage that you will be able to move to other dimensions permanently. It's a main issue everyone is working on. The original warlock and his apprentice having done this proves there is a way forward. Most are probably staying around here for a multitude of reasons. Some may even have an interest in trying all sorts of food all over the world which is keeping them here, even if they don't need to eat to survive.

It's my understanding you will have a phase after you get past thinking of survival issues, where you'll want to catch up on all the things you didn't do as a normal human and this may take a long time finish when you finally see the possibilities.

Like, myself I wouldn't mind moving to venice to paint for a while but there are so many other things I need to do first. After I'm done with obligations I can imagine so many other things could come up.



So you confirm this happening? What do I have to do now?



Wait and see.

The rest will be obvious once it starts happening.



Could you do it for me too pretty please



I'm asking because maybe I can facilitate the process. Can you feel me? Seeing the process starting? I will update you, right now I feel my heart Chakra on fire and tension on my jaw





The spell is deviced to be automatic, it will guide you. The message is too complex to write out in words.



Thanks very much!



I hope to meet you eventually, since you recruited us it would be fun, I think.

Btw is the current matriarch worshiped as a “vampire goddess”? Perhaps associated with the moon?



Reading this I must say that I hope we don't have to actually worship anybody. Even tho it's nice that they are cool with you turning random people on the internet into vampires like them and I am very grateful, I am really not the worship kind of guy.



At least we'd be able to meet in the closest dimension when we get there.

I actually don't know how the matriarch is referred to. This may be surprising but I think not everyone knows her significance, I connected with her directly to look into her mind, but this may not be something others have been allowed to do. I mean I came in with another angle on it. To me she's an old elegant woman with a really good figure for her seeming age.



Adding new people will increase the overall power of the entire line, to my understanding. I don't think anyone has anything to object to that.






I still feel my heart Chakra burning like it never did in my whole life. I hope to be able to contact you all someday, also you, OP, even if I tried to contact you by telepathy.

We have to make this work now, and let it do start the process from what I understood, like listening to what is changing and embrace our new life



Not sure what's up with all you peoples heart chakras. Why did I only feel my third eye? How can I feel up my heart chakra? I have fear that it didn't work for me because I felt nothing in the heart. Maybe my heart chakra was dead from the beginning? lol


Didn't read all of the thread since it seems to just be a long conversation mostly between OP and another guy. But I'll bite anyway, even though this kinda smells like LARPing.

What can your vampirism be used for except for immortality? Because I am not too interested in that. I'd simply like to see/experience vampirism in action in order to research it. Too much info out there is distractions / LARPing / simply bullshit. Of course I must also ask if you, OP, can provide proof that what you're doing isn't simply LARPing. I'm mostly interested in magical energy becoming physical (and immortality is a bit slow as a demonstration for that) but anything that really proves legitimity beyond a doubt works. Of course I know the placebo effect likes to make this complicated, but I'm sure there are ways to proof that your magic is legit beyond "making people feel stuff".



Immortality and enlightenment go hand in hand. Can't have one without the other. This means the proof will not be of a scientific nature, but rather within yourself. After I've made you believe it, you would face the same issue in other people not believing in you. You see? It can't be used for scientific progress, mundane humans are not meant to have this.

To put it bluntly, if you're not interested in immortality for your own sake, this isn't useful for you. Every other thing is a side effect of the core of the matter.



The thing is: This isn't my first rodeo with the occult and with groups like this. The reason I ask for proof and for "scientific" evidence is not because I want to give it to the goddamn normies, but because of my experience with such groups. The placebo effect is extremely powerful. And immortality cannot be proven until many, many years in. The connection to the other vampires is "telepathic" and sometimes online. If you look at this objectively it feels like this was DESIGNED to be LARP-able.

There is a difference between scientific progress and testing if something can withstand basic criticism. The experienced mage knows to never simply accept someone elses path, especially if it's a stranger, out of it "feeling nice" and because it's convenient. If something works, proof can be displayed. This, of course, should never be proof which just hands out power for free. One example of proof for a different field I have experienced in the past, for example, had two people, unaware of each other, see the same object through bilocation at the same spot. Stuff like that.

"Proof within yourself", by nature, is not proof, as it can always be the placebo effect. Though of course this effect might as well be called magic if used well enough, since it has the power to kill and the power to heal. But it's not reliable. True faith has to be built upon an unquestionable, objective truth anyone can observe. All the great religions were founded on such proof, if you think about it. It's usually called "miracles" but I wouldn't ask for water being turned into wine or anything like that.

It's nothing personal but with you raising all the LARP-flags and this being /fringe/ I'd be a fool to just join your faith without seeing results first. Too often did a far younger me fall for people who just LARP'd.


File: 1d7c5b3aad71304⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-22-19-0….png)

File: 5426cbadf823c94⋯.jpg (190.03 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, cover.jpg)

This is what vampires do. They make you think you are going to grab an ass if you buy their productsteinberg, then after that you want to jerk off to pornkleinberg, so you masturbatecohen instead of finding someone to love, then you are content watching a bunch of stinky retarded niggers playing shooty baskets and fucking everyone, then you get angry and post about how much you hate coons kikes and cunts, then David Stern pays 6 trillion people who look like John Oliver to mock you for not having sex and get you blacklisted from life, all so Jakobmoshe Goldbergsteinkleindiamomdstockpennywitz gets 20 shekels off his next bagel



Interesting. Hear me out a bit. I've had a strong tug to esotericism since I was a kid. Have devoted my youth to studying various related subjects, although sadly I've never managed to have a mystical experience save for a handful of half-assed lucid dreams and a couple of auspiciously successful meditations. Currently working on Kundalini.

Judjing by the last paragraph of >>113023 I can somewhat relate to you - also aimed at becoming a Buddhist monk and in fact still consider this possibility, which means I'm celibate, vegetarian and tackled substance addictions. If it means anything for you, the theme of slowed aging is close to me too (people always commented on how I look ~8-10 years younger than is usually expected of my age; I'm currently 28).

So, that initiation you propose does indeed interest me especially if it is going to indeed allow me to attain real experience of which I have always felt as if "barred" in someway and for some reason. I have only one question though: you see, the goal of everything I do is to be able to escape this concentration reality and never reincarnate (not unconsciously anyway), so will that be a problem/does such a mindset contradict the agenda of the entities/tradition you represent here?



Well… I hope you understand the issue here: if I cast the spell on you or if you were to try this out yourself by using the autocast, you'd need the intent to actually accept immortality first. That's the whole point of this thread. It doesn't work with less.

Even if there are some minor stuff I've learned from other members like how to treat a headache, those are all things which can definitely be explained away as placebo, and it's basic stuff anyone could learn. What would that prove? It's pointless.

Lets start with this instead: What is your real goal here? Why research this if you're not looking to solve the problems of life, death and reincarnation? You already said you don't want it to share it with other people. I fail to see why someone would want something and not use it for anything.



There is no contradiction. But be aware that it will take time. If you've read the thread you've seen the numbers mentioned. But it's also likely if you can do this, that buddhism wouldn't have worked for you. The paths are very different in essence even if there are surface similarities. Humans have the same bodies and experience similar things, so it looks the same at first.

In contrast it's said some people who started their individual quest for enlightenment have stayed in caves in china for several 1000 years and they're still not done, so with that in mind it may not be so bad.



The whole definition of vampirism is to drain energy from something else. Energy-management is something very fundamental and it has more uses than just to live forever.

If I were to practice vampirism it by far wouldn't be the only thing I work with. I've been here a while, I've seen some shit, I got my own irons in the fire. So if I were to include a new system what would be most interesting is the synergy it has with my existing systems. Immortality doesn't have a synergy with astral projection, for example. Being able to more effectively drain energy, however, would be useful out there. Just an example though. Just because I want to research something doesn't mean I don't want to use it. Still, I'm more interested in the experience than the power, but of course the power is part of it depending on the field.

And of course there is also the part of me that wants to prevent newlads to fall into peoples traps or to end up with some LARPing which hinders their actual progress.

If you don't have proof that's fine. All I can do is recommend to new people not to roll with such things. I was simply curious if you'd be all like "yeah sure, since telepathy is involved we can easily proof stuff by one guy sending messages while the other recieves them correctly". Since this seems not to be the case I guess all I can say is: Have fun with your LARPing? I mean, I've been there, and sometimes good things come from it (mostly because the placebo effect is "OP as fuck"), it's just that I don't think that it should be the foundation people build their spirituality upon.



>buddhism wouldn't have worked for you. The paths are very different in essence

Can you elaborate on that please?



I am using the word "vampirism" in the very literal traditional sense, it has nothing to do with so called "energy vampirism" - that's just a fancy word for stealing low level stuff.

With the changes made the actual blood has been removed as a medium, instead your own body is used as the energy source. The main difference is the convenience for the vampire him or herself who no longer needs to do something socially unacceptable and messy.

I see a few problems with your approach. Even if some of the posters here experienced better results with astral projection, I personally see it as a useless skill. Your body is still stuck here, it's only useful if you can take the body with you. I treat this practice as a mere solution to a problem, not as something amusing to play with. There is also the attachment to different systems. Some of them may rely on your body actually being human and an integrated part of the massive reincarnation wheel, meaning you would lose anything you built up in that system when entering here.

Like this anon experienced


I haven't done anything yoga related myself so I don't know the terminology there and didn't experience any loss.


Buddhism has a deity and your goal is going to his paradise or to build your own along a set path.

What you do here gives you a foundation close to the human world and then you can do what you want after going beyond that. Your own true personality decides rather than external or objective principles. It's complicated but gives you freedom of choice to customize your own future, you don't just become a boddhisatva or buddha and follow their rules.


File: 5d24373365cdeb1⋯.jpg (144.87 KB, 626x638, 313:319, 1338931875416.jpg)


Alright, cast the spell please. I send you my clear intent. My blood type is A btw.

I promise to post updates here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you eventually want to actually die, using this would probably do this trick.


I accept immortality, make me a vampire.


Please stop bothering me I don't want to kill any more of you.



Why are you gonna kill us?



I'm not going to kill you.



Excellent, who are you killing though?



I find it far more important to preserve mind and soul instead of the body, as you will just recieve a new one in your next life. Being stuck in this world forever doesn't sound very appealing either. And the systems I work with have nothing to do with being human, either. And what's wrong with doing something for the sake of fascination? Why live (especially forever) if it's not fun, other than maybe for the sake of fighting for an ideal?

As for astral projection being useless: Through it you can enter and possess other peoples bodies temporarily (especially helpful for making people see the world through your eyes and you seeing theirs), meet spirits, more effectively fight spirits (in case you know anyone with a ghost-problem), gather info, fly (which is kind of the best part) and much more. But I guess this is kinda off-topic here.

Whatever, at this point, this is a complete LARP-thread anyway.


Aside from larpers, how are you going?

I personally hope my reactions are not only placebo effect, but this heart feeling is still there and it's the first time I feel like that. So if you like to larp, larp then. I'll just update you with what happened in the last hours.

Feeling sleepless tonight(I'm in Europe) and still feeling electricity through my arms and legs this morning.



Keep waiting and observing, from what I understood it may take weeks or even months to come to full effect. For me, nothing noteworthy so far, will keep waiting. I'll post less itt now so that I don't spam, larp and derail the thread here for the sake of OP and all who participate. If anything interesting happens I'll let you guys know, until then, cheers and happy holidays.



If it is just a placebo effect then eventually it will be realized but even so it’s not like it prevents people from working on their own stuff until they figure it out.

Anyway, when I mentioned this to some lhp people I knew they apparently were aware of some sort of cabal so maybe this thread has other purposes even if not the one described?

I’d relax and just go with the flow.



A feeling at the heart is THE placebo effect if there ever was one. First of all, emotions - especially excitement - have a huge influence on that area. Not to mention that it is the place where your brain would expect a "spiritually induced feeling". Almost always, in my experience, whenever someone tries to "send energy" to someone else or stuff like that it's the heart chakra where people feel it. If you want to put this magic to a more representive test, for example: Go do some sports and see if your stamina suddenly has significantly increased. After all, supposedly, you just recieved a huge boost in lifeforce. Though I am sure OP will quickly argue that, for whatever reason, "that's not how it works".



Too many people have wasted their energy and potential on LARPing when they could have used it to aquire abilities that can actually help them. Not to mention that threads like this one further make /fringe/ look like a general LARPing board, potentially scaring away people who would have been great contributers.


This seems way too good to be true and LARP-y. Just post on an Croatian Agricultural Forum and become immortal! No requirements, no repercussions!

Anyway, I'll indulge the LARP. Do you get any other abilities other than immortality and telepathy? Superhuman physicality or anything like that?



Maybe, why don’t you do it and see if it is a larp.

I only found out he cast it on me after I started feeling the effects so I don’t see why I can’t wait a little while doing other stuff.



>I find it far more important to preserve mind and soul instead of the body, as you will just recieve a new one in your next life.

The argument isn't wrong in itself but you're missing the point; when reborn you lose your memories and may become a mindless mundane, in the process ruining whatever you created in this lifetime.

There is nothing wrong with fun and fascination, but if you're doing it as a part of human life alone, it's not sustainable. Those emotions are attachments and the cause of your suffering.


It does work that way. I already told my story


>the instant result was that the weakness in my lower back was gone. I still had to exercise to strengthen but the difference was a feeling of warmth and that I actually could perform the movements without the feeling I may get a stinging pain at any moment.

This anon had similar experiences


>I'm walking correctly now and it's changing the way my back operates. My youthful ninja vigor is starting to come back


Since you won't die you'll be able to perform magic that would have otherwise killed you, you can take risks you wouldn't dare before. It's also an advantage if butthurt occultists curse you, you'll be aware of their attacks and it can't hit you since they wrongly targeted a human body that isn't there. It's not like you get some super power, you get a better frame to work with.



You know what, sign me up my dude. I'll give it a go. I have 'mentally' expressed my intention and I herby do it in written form.



Please share any changes you experience for research purposes.



Will do.



There are ways to preserve those memories just as you claim there to be ways to become immortal. I for my part have enough memories I wouldn't mind forgetting at some point, while I do remember some things from my past lifes.

I find it interesting how many people on /fringe/ claim that others are "suffering" out of nowhere. When in doubt, play the "this can heal your suffering!"-card, I guess.

(Which, btw., you really shouldn't do. Typical handwriting of bullshitters. Look around in other spiritual forums and you'll get what I mean.)



Why don’t you just try it and see, otherwise you can’t really know if it’s true.


You said, OP, that you won't tell us if the spell is working. But would you tell us if it didn't find anywhere to stick, and so have failed?

As somebody else said, I will just lurk posting If there will be any change. Who's in for a discord?



Because immortality is kind of a permanent thing IF it works. And testing this immortality ain't exactly healthy. Plus I don't think OP's exactly trustworthy, even if his spell does something. If half of /fringe/ suddenly reports back with "HOLY SHIT I'M IMMORTAL NOW GUYS" etc. and they don't report anything suspicious then I might change my mind.

The burden of proof lies with whoever makes the claim, btw.



Some stupid bitch drew a sigil trap right outside my front door and it pissed me off more than it should have…



I suppose you're unfamiliar with the buddhist

>human life is suffering

the way to end suffering is to develop beyond humanity.


All I can see is that there were positive changes to your energy signature so far. It may take as long as 3-6 months for it to fully activate, the 2 days reported in this thread is extraordinarily fast. I normally expect 3 months on average.

But this is a learning process, which is part of why I started the thread. If this works for anyone they were predetermined to reach this state sooner or later imo, so I'm just acting as a tool of the universe in delivering this in a way that works right now.


One thing I learned is there are surprisingly many witch covens and others who actually can do things, they're not fakes. Not that they know what they're doing but they have capabilities. I summoned a succubus type demon once for a specific task and some coven tried to block me by turning the demon "back at me" thinking it would be harmful to me, just because it was to them. The demon appeared before me and said

>they pushed me here

and then we both laughed at it and resumed what we were doing.



Just because I don't agree with it doesn't mean I am unfamiliar with it.

… wait, let me get this straight: Because human life is suffering, the way out of this human suffering is supposedly to stay human forever, by becoming immortal? Yeah, I don't know. Humanity isn't defined by its mortality for every being is mortal. So I respectfully disagree with that idea, too…



Then perhaps you know that the purpose of yoga is to prolong the human life so that you can finish your practice in one lifetime. I know this much even if I haven't practiced it, the same goes for qi gong and taoism, they all focus on longevity. They need to spend so much time on this that they have to live off donations and there seems to be little time left for actual practice. It's just really ineffective and except for taoists the outspoken goal isn't even physical immortality but merely prolonging the life a bit. Achieving this is a means to an end, not a purpose in itself.

What path you choose later is up to yourself, a never ending lifetime isn't bound to a certain philosophy or ideology.

>Humanity isn't defined by its mortality

Yeah it is. Immortals are not humans.


I was going to start a terrible war that would shatter the very foundations of this universe with all this acquired negative Karma… but someone traded me a gold coin in exchange for all of it. They disposed of such blasphemy.



If you say humanity is defined by morality, you're saying anything thats mortal is human. Meanwhile what elevates us from being animals is our intelligence and wisdom, not our excellent dieing-ability.

What do I care if the point of yoga is a longer life? Where did I ever mention yoga? I'm not talking about yoga here. Same goes for qi gong and taoism.

Well whatever, I'm out. All I can do is hope that noone falls for some bullshit here, anyway.



Hey, I'm >>113143. Did you cast the spell? Because for now I didn't feel any changes. Had several chaotic dreams, but nothing out of the ordinary (mostly renditions of stuff I've seen, as usual) with the exception of all of them being more actiony than usual. None featured a female figure or whatnot, although I might have forgotten.



I suppose, we won’t know if we are immortal for awhile though so might be a while.



Humans in this lifetime may incarnate as animals, insects or plants in the next, there's not much difference.


Yes I did, and like >>113178

all I can see is a change in your signature so far. Let it do its thing.



Can you see my signature?



You and the guy who talked about regaining his vigor both seem to have most improvement showing. But these are just signs, some that had this successfully done before didn't notice any specific changes at all.

We'll see later on after more people shared their experiences and if it worked, what signs to look for and what other factors are important.



Mortality is part of the human-condition. It's not an all-encompassing definition, but to escape mortality is to go outside the circle humanity.

I'm this guy >>112912 >>113106 .

Requesting the spell be cast if I didn't manage to 'tele-push' the button.

I already age a bit slower than other people from what I've seen, but that might just be a form of neoteny.


So I meandered into my brother's room and I told him I'm hungry and need to feed but my room is upstairs and I can't make a link to Tera up there. So I'm just going to stand in his room for a bit. I pulled Tera up through my feet and kept going despite being topped off to save up for when I have to go back upstairs. This made me collapse in a dizzying bliss. I asked my brother if he felt weak or anything and he said no. This made me elated so much that I became unbearably drunk. I started dry heaving whatever blood I drank out of my system…. but it wasn't blood… This made me think I've just done a terrible mistake and stumbled around my brother's room confused. My brother told me to go away so I somehow managed to drag this body back up the steps. Once in my room my drunken state subsided and I became very moody. I went back downstairs and once my feet touched the ground I could feel the energy making me blissful again. Looks like I'm moving downstairs.


File: 9b160ae9b73a164⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 650x416, 25:16, 1377927686044.jpg)


I can’t account this but I have noticed I have improved memory and I am able to see figures in my static vision better, saw something clearly I’ve only barley perceived last two years.


File: a7504c3c38bcbc6⋯.webm (918.88 KB, 228x462, 38:77, tru.webm)

Fuck it my life is shit.

A thousand years of youth and superpowers might fix things.

What are the downsides?

Before I decide



imo, none, but I guess not everyone sees it that way. It means you need to really finish your path to enlightenment with the body you have now, starting from the position you are in right now, and keep going. It's not without strain, but life isn't anyway. The difference is you can solve it and get rid of all your problems this way. If you're a mundane you wouldn't want that, but rather just be lazy and engage in hedonism until you die and then start over, never getting any relief other than a few days off now and then, but still thinking it was worth doing.

With immortality you just keep going, slowly learning more and more and coming to understand the real nature of reality bit by bit, widening your view and not getting drunk on life to forget what you don't like. So if you're the kind of person who wants to avoid things rather than facing them, it may be painful at first.



why do they want to share immortality with people?


Is anything required from you? Like, are these vampires together in a sort of a group, like a secret society, or are they just basically really wise people just enjoying life, do they have physical form? Do you gain immortality of the flesh or a different type, spiritual immortality perhaps?



Read the thread.


>Immortality requires disattachment of some kind, meaning to not interfere too much with mundes.

newfig here.

What if I still want to experience some mundane stuff, like having loads of money/ occasionally having sex, would the spell still work on me?

Also, can you give an exemple of what would be too much interference in the life of the mundanes?



To expand a very small community. We are talking no more than a little over 100 world wide as far as I know. It won't get crowded. With history progressing this society may disappear and anyone recruited from this time period will be a preserver of the culture of this era. This in some sense makes it logical people on chans should be included since this is, crudely speaking, the essence of modern culture.


Things that are an integrated part of being human will be removed from your life. You still have the body but those functions will not be automatic, so beyond the basic stuff like breathing and digestion you have to manually control your body. Human thinking is powered by the fear of death, the idea that you need to "catch the day" and procreate for humanity to survive, in the process creating the future generations you may reincarnate into.

None of this will be relevant to you personally, and you'll find that part of your mind wasn't really you, it was a "mechanic" thing in your body. Your question is based on this part, and thinking beyond it when you have it isn't easy.

This is how you won't interfere, you will not want to. The example used in posts above about a rich person who just want to live a little longer and abuse his position, now THAT would be interference. But such a person is unlikely to succed here anyway, he'd probably get indifferent to wealth and stop thinking that way right away if this worked.



OP, I read it 12 hours ago and instantly feeled very attracted to it.

Now my head hurts like crazy and my arms and legs are very sensitive. Is it the autospell?

It's everything I've been looking for in my whole (although short-ish) life.



It's been 24 hours and I can't say I feel anything at all. I did not experience any sort of bodily phenomena; no positive effects (like feeling more energized or what have you) nor negative effects like mild sickness (being purged and the likes).

Mentally, also no changes.

I was at the very least expecting a funky dream or something, but nothing there either.

I guess that's my first rapport.



Sounds good to me then, I'd be willing to give it a try. If you don't need to drink blood or lust after young women like film vampires then I don't see why not give it a try



>Now my head hurts like crazy and my arms and legs are very sensitive. Is it the autospell?

That is a possible effect.



Just be patient, I'd expect at least a few weeks for most people, but I guess mundanes are different from people with some occult experience.



Would you say it is almost like an ache? The head pain?




It started as pain, now it is more like an aura. It's not unpleasant, just not familiar. Right now it feels like a circle in the center of my forehead.

Op, did you do something? Because it changed from pain without a proper transition, like one moment was hurting the next it stopped.



I see. Thanks for the reply.

I am willing then. I accept immortality.

Could you cast it manually just to be sure?



By the way, I give my consent too, even if I think it already triggered and sticked.




It was probably already active from the autocast but I gave it an extra push to speed up the initial process manually. As I explained it seems like some people have many "layers" of something blocking them and while the magic itself can work its way through, it's going at the lowest speed if left unattended.



I do that when I see someone ask. The idea was to try and automate it eventually so that when knowledge spreads and someone shows interest they can receive it without anyone getting involved. It may sound mysterious but basically the "function" means summoning a spiritual being into existence with the purpose of maintaining this spell. It/he/she will do so no matter the circumstances so it's a safe against losing communications later on.



Thanks OP. I hope the path I'm going to follow will be able to explain all the weird stuff that's been happening for all my life.



Could you please give me a push too or check on my status (if it won't bother you too much)? Because I don't think I feel anything special yet. I'm >>113137 >>113143

> some people have many "layers" of something blocking them

Btw it was once suggested to me by someone that I might have something like that.



Done already when you posted before. I don't see a problem, but how deep it digs can't be told right away.

Someone I wanted to support with this had it working on him for 6 months and then it seemed to fail. I waited like 2 months and made a new attempt and this time it broke through to him. I think it has something to do with karma, it's just something the person has to wear down on over a period of time in some cases.



It might be odd but just observe the sensation.

It’s probating you.



So, you claim you feel a distinct energy signature behind every poster on an anonymous imageboard? How exactly does it work?

What else can you "scry" that way? An approximate location/distance from you perhaps?

Or at the very least it should allow you to easily discern samefags, right?

Care to check it out? I mean, if you are not a LARPer, pointing out a samefag or telling a poster where he is from would be all the proof needed, don't you think?



I only see what's at the very front. It works with people on tv or photos as well as anything slightly personal.

I've done these threads on 4/x/ before to give people a general reading from posting their hand to try it out.

Some people can change their signature pretty easily. We tested it and he put on different cloakings and I described them to him because he didn't know what it looked like from outside. So there is no way to know if someone is samefagging, it's the same as using a proxy server. I'm just assuming here that people who ask for a reading are not cloaking themselves and ruining it, that would be silly, don't you think?

You shouldn't have to ask this if you knew anything. I mean it used to be very common that some assholes cursed or otherwise attacked posters on here for merely sharing info.



To keep you up on it, I had this horrid dream last night, purple lightbulb shaped scaps were falling off my body and I couldn’t help but think I had the bubonic plague.

Maybe that is something.



Sounds like some serious body cleansing.



That’s always good.


Very interesting. I triggered the autospell five days ago (19th) and have found it to have quite a powerful effect, most notably a surge in willpower and determination to advance myself. I purposefully stayed out of the thread until this morning to see how things would develop. I wrote out a long post detailing my experiences but realized after writing it that it was stained by my perceptions at that moment and overly long. Suffice to say that I have made basic contact with something/someone who lead me into performing several rituals. I can post a detailed account of my experiences over the past few days if desired.

I do have questions for OP based on what I went through. First, do vampires sleep? Second, “Sanguineous” - and associated ritual - ring any bells? And finally, if you are so inclined, could you send me an image of the matriarch? I have been trying to visualize her but her form escapes my grasp. I can answer any questions you may have as well. Many of my early 'symptoms' are similar to the accounts of people posted here, but there has been a clear divergence after I committed the rituals that were suggested to me.


File: 98a94cbaf6dd8bb⋯.jpg (24.44 KB, 500x638, 250:319, image.jpg)


Thanks for sharing.

I'm interested in hearing more about the person who contacted you and the rituals they had you perform?

Seeing as you used the "satanism" flag, if this corresponds to your previous practice, I can imagine this made it easier for you to grasp/connects to this. The magic taught is generally seen as the blackest available. I didn't come from this background but general christian with an interest in asian religions and consequently they tried to block me at first. It was only my determination and ability to force through that made this possible. This relates to the immortality aspect mentioned before, since you can't put yourself in danger you can use things that would be too dangerous for ordinary people. So the magic can't be spread widely to just anyone, it would be too risky for the practitioner.


>“Sanguineous” - and associated ritual - ring any bells?

Since the word literally means "bloodthirst" or "contains blood" I assume it's any variation of the original spell.

>could you send me an image of the matriarch?

I won't be posting images of her actual person even if I could find one for obvious reasons. We could work with telepathy but it may be unreliable at first, and there's also a difference between physical appearance and astral. I looked on the web and found someone who kinda looks like her, see pic.

>do vampires sleep?

Yes, but they may take advantage of the dimension jumping and the time difference, for example sleep a few hours over there in a 20 seconds here.

>there has been a clear divergence after I committed the rituals that were suggested to me.

What differences? It doesn't have to be detailed, a concise description will suffice.



>they tried to block me at first

Who tried to block you and how exactly did you persevere through it? Since I come from the same background as you I might face the same challenges as you.

Also can you check on my signature? You don't have to tell me if the spell works or not, just maybe if you would be so kind and the spell doesn't work would you cast another manual spell on me. I'll keep lurking and waiting. Btw I feel like I am getting sick now, not sure if that has anything to do with the spell. Feeling of weakness, slight headache and so on.



Ok, reading this I understood the layer you were talking about. My relatives are very christians and used to make a lot of "christian rituals" (prayers with salt and oil) to "protect" the family. I need to overcome this.



There is no problem with your signature, it still has the flow of the spell. I think you're just one of the people who have little to non surface effect, or very slow. Remember it may still work and the only thing you'll notice is you didn't age when looking back 10 years from now.

>christian rituals blocking etc

The cabal themselves treated it as an attack when I reached out to them.

I later got to see their perspective on it from their own experiences in history. They consider christianity to be an evil religion because to them it's a practice that persecutes, tortures and kills people. People believing in it doesn't make it look better to an outsider, the mundane side of it really is horrible.

I could never understand this part before when atheists started talking about religion creating wars and corruption, becaue obviously that isn't the purpose. But I never really followed what went on in the church's organizations, it took a long time for me to even realize other people don't see it from my view. Whenever I saw dregs going to church for whatever non-faith related reasons, I considered them to be an exception and didn't care about it. It was only last year I finally saw the church is totally rotten and doesn't follow a single rule set up in the bible. It's filled with mundanes treating it as some club for gossip and social status. After I realized the true state of it, I cancelled my membership. I'm not against the ideals of Jesus and Mary but it seems not a single follower even tries to live up to it, save for some monks and nuns isolating themselves in monasteries, and even then it seems they have a hard time actually doing it.


Hypocrites took over christianity long ago and if you associate with the mainstream version of the religion you're spreading sin.



Thank you very much based OP. I haven't cancelled my membership yet because I just was too lazy to go to town and do it since there was no need to and I am also not paying church taxes as of now. But mentally I don't consider myself a christian for a long time now. I think now is the time that I finally go out and cancel it, would also be a nice sign to the vampire cabal and basically whole universe that I am free now.

Well, I keep lurking and working on myself and my magick skills meanwhile.



Of course the church is corrupt.

What do they think of the ideals of Jesus himself though?

Could you read my energy too.


Oh and to keep up to date, my static vision seems to be developing better.

I am starting to see shapes in it easier.



It's now been more or less 48 hours and still nothing -nothing I have been able to perceive at least. It seems I'm not a quick bloomer as some of the others supposedly are -which is fine, it's a slow and subtle process according to OP, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt- so I'll probably report back in a week, unless something significant happens.



Start meditating on it.

Breath in through your nose deeply for three seconds in and three seconds out and keep this going for a while. While doing this start to observe the emerging sensations on your body.

Perhaps that will tell you something.



I'm not going to play along with the LARP. The premise of the whole ordeal is that you need to do nothing at all except express the intention to initiate the whole process. If I start fiddling I'm sure I can summon all kinds of phenomena but that would be contrary to the initial premise.



The breathing exercises are just to be more aware of your conscious body.

It isn’t meant to cause anything but increased awareness of yourself.



>Could you read my energy too.

The image is meaningful but hard to describe conceptually, let me try:

It seems you are stable in yourself and developing in the right direction individually, but you are disconnected from the bigger context. I can't quite find the right words, maybe like a sleeper cell though in a good way.


It's normal, you don't have to do anything. Checking back in a week is fine.



Sleeper cell?

As in I’m hidden agent or something?



It's a complicated thing to describe, if you treat "agent" as a neutral word maybe.




I'm a hidden subject then.



Can I ask you to read mine, too?



Assuming you're the same who said you had a layer blocking you before, it seems pretty thick tbh. If it is a mere layer of your own.

It looks more like you're in an igloo or something, keeping a small fire alive inside while the spell is working on the outside.

It's coming from outside from the looks of it, it's some really nasty white energy, so it could be religious fanatism creating this, if it makes sense from your local situation. Do you have any possibility of moving outside of this field temporarily? That may help. Going back after the magic already reached you won't be a problem as it'll deflect energy like that after forming closer to your body.


Could you check mine out too please



The accuracy of this post is incredible, for real. Any advice how to move out?



Did you post before?



I meant simply move temporarily outside of the field's influence, like change your physical location for a while. Maybe take a long walk up on some hill or into an abandoned or wild area with less human activity. That should work for mostly anything created by humans. If you can't do that, try to think of a place where the ideas you're escaping has no power. You should be able to feel it inside once you're free from the direct control of the field, in your mind relaxing and so on.



Yes, here: >>113117



Right. I didn't recognise the flag.

It seems you have an ok stability of mind so you don't really need external support. There is some kind of field like this anon has >>113279

but you're on the outside and the field is in submisson so there is no problem. It looks like you are on a mountain with the sun at the horizon, if you want an image of it.



After contemplating the subjects in the OP, focusing on the implications and details, and meditating on the subjects of immortality and 'true' vampirism, I began to feel the buzzing in my forehead described by many others here. There was no excitement or gush of emotions, and the feeling began to go away as I consciously moved my mind to other subjects. Things otherwise went on normally. Upon waking the next day I found myself with an altered perception of myself and my surroundings. This was not a physical change but a lack of the mental congestion which was preventing me from advancing myself both physically and spiritually. It also seemed that my perception of time had altered in a subtle way, as if time were simultaneously moving faster and slower. My thoughts returned to immortality and vampirism throughout the day. The conclusion that I came to was that an immortal life, coupled with an unbounded inner strength, would lead to a near-infinite track of self improvement and expression of Will. I was able to contextualize my current existence with the existence that awaited me in the future, the realized Will that I would come to embody through time. I was able to complete a lot of important tasks that day. The word “Sanguineous” popped into my head but I dismissed it at the time. The dreams of that night exposed aspects of my personality that others would find unbecoming. This was done through humiliation, and when I woke I was more determined to continue down the path of self-restraint and consistency.

I was not just moving faster and slicing through mental barriers that had made me prisoner, but also investigating new subjects and knowledge. I tried yoga and began keeping a morning routine. In the evening I created two sigils and cast them, one to realize a goal, the other to affirm my communion with vampires. Sleep that night was normal and restful. As I used my time more effectively the next days, many synchronicites began occurring, too many to list without over-explaining the personal connections. But to list a few: Frank Sinatra's “I've got you under my skin” became the default background noise in my mind when not following or creating thoughts. (It's still going and getting to be a bit much). Another happened when I found an old chairman Mao waving watch souvenir (google it). It was waving at me with the clock hands in the shape of a V, despite it not being touched in years and dying when I put it down. The head buzzing kept returning at various times, both intentional and not. Sanguineous rang in my head at random times.

I took to meditating outside at night, trying to further develop a mental connection. I had not explored telepathic communication very heavily before, but I am familiar with the concepts and have practiced with various ESP tests. It was at this time that I seemingly made contact. By focusing my mind on the OP's subjects and associated details I summoned the buzzing. In this state I asked a series of questions by holding them as singular thoughts for some time, then quieting my mind while still focused to see whatever thoughts came my way. I asked a series of questions that ended with the visual suggestion to perform a blood ritual, which clicked when I realized the implications of “lack of blood as the physical medium”. I was switching between contemplating mysteries and my own creative endeavors. Many ideas kept 'coming' to me, visual images as well as creative concepts that were so good it felt like I was being helped more than I was coming up with them myself. After realizing this, I decided to ask if performing the blood ritual was appropriate for me to do. Shortly after forming the question and holding it in my mind, it began to rain. I took this as a yes. When inside, I took a clean bowl and filled it with what felt like an appropriate amount of red sports drink I had on hand. Before I started, I made sure that the intentions in my mind were simple and clear; this was only a confirmation of intent. I darkened my room and turned north while holding the bowl. Clearing my mind and focusing on the liquid, I spoke “Sanguineous”, which in my mind turned it to blood, then drank to the last drop. Upon finishing I immediately went to bed. I will henceforth refer to this ritual as communion.





After taking communion, I couldn't fall asleep. I laid completely still, cold, with the buzzing sensation in my head going wild. My veins felt energized and my heartbeat felt very tense. I cleared my mind and tried to rest, which lead to clear statements coming to me such as "Time is a guide, time is an ally" and "Fear cedes to Will". During this restlessness, I 'intuitively' discovered diaphragm breathing. After thinking intensely for hours, I dozed off and slept into the day. Upon waking I did my morning ritual and resumed my normal life. The only thing I noticed during the day is that I start to get sweaty and clammy when it's hotter than 65 degrees inside. I didn't want to keep sleeping in late so I took a pill (benadryl) to help me sleep the next night. Upon going to bed I immediately fell asleep. Within the first moments of sleeping I fell into a lucid dream that quickly scared me awake. The feeling from the night before returned and I spent another restless night plagued by rushing thoughts, head buzzing, and Frank Sinatra. I had a morning appointment so I had to get up and going. Despite not having rest I felt surprisingly awake and aware that day. Unhappy that fear had roused me, I felt inclined to try an evolution of the communion ritual by merging it with sigil magic. Being more serious/less cautious about my intention for results, I spent some time studying the chemical composition of blood. I used a clean bowl and measured out a pint of water, which to my surprise was the same amount I had poured out for the first communion. I warmed it, blew on it as if giving it life, then added a pinch of salt. When I performed the ritual I put my hands out in front of the bowl, spoke "Sanguineous" which turned water to blood, then faced north before speaking my will, "I HAVE CONQUERED FEAR", and slowly drank until finished. At the end of the ritual I had the very strong taste of blood in my mouth. I went to bed and fell asleep immediately. I awoke three hours later feeling extremely well rested and motivated. Despite having only 4 hours of sleep in the past 48, I felt more aware and alive than I ever have.

That's around the time I initially wrote my post. The way I had worded it made it sound like I could keep going forever, but I did end up getting tired and crashing for about 5 hours. It's the holiday so I'm spending time with family but I will be continuing my progress and making communion in short order. It's been quite an interesting experience so far. My goal is now 4 hours of sleep a night and staying completely busy during waking hours. 20 hours of progress daily, which seems to pass very quickly, but becomes a massive tangle of time when trying to remember everything I've done on a given day.

I have been spending time trying to visualize the two figures you described in the OP. I have also been spending time envisioning their sanctum in the astral, a great dark castle with many chambers. I am not a satanist, but chose the tag for the inverted pentagram. I would call myself a Setian, or seeker of the knowledge and wisdom of Set. I have found black magic to be very powerful and even moral in the right hands. As for organized religion, “church” is the embodiment of lawful evil. I rejected christianity at a very young age. Thank you for the picture. I'm interested in attempting to telepathically communicate further. This little adventure has been my first real attempt out of curiosity and I'm surprised how far it's taken me. It seems to be easier when there is a common ground or mental space for several minds to share.


File: e37361d43b43a55⋯.gif (986.68 KB, 500x664, 125:166, 7Wc2pZa.gif)

>>113143 reporting in. Still nothing worth mentioning on my side.


Hmm, I'm not baptized, so religious stuff shouldn't be blocking anything for me.


>Assuming you're the same who said you had a layer blocking you before

I think that was me. Anyway make a check if it's not too difficult. As I've said I've never been initiated into any cult/religion so if there is indeed something blocking I have no idea what it might be.

Other than that, I guess I'll report again in a week or so, unless something significant happens.



Cool, thanks for sharing.

How long after the transformation is complete before we are able to travel to different dimensions? What are these dimensions like?



That anon used redpill flag.

Your signature is very "vampiry" actually, the closest of the posters in this thread so far. It looks very open and clear.


I don't know anything about time to reach the first step, but the last takes 1000 years according to the others. I'll line it up here:

>level 1: You will be able to cloak yourself to remain hidden in plain sight, people can't recognize you. This is available from the start but you need to figure it out. It looks a bit like a buckler (medieval shield) egergetically.

>level 2: take a step back into a fixed dimension at your current location, physically dissappearing. You can slow down time to recover quickly or work on problems you need to figure, meditate etc.

>level 3: Move between two locations by a "tunnel" system outside of the physical, for almost instant travel. Doesn't work in all locations, you need to find the right spots.

>final level: jump into a full 3D dimension and move anywhere, jump back for instant travel to any location or manipulate humans by telepathy, this is what they do when you see them as spirits talking to you.



Sounds good.

When does the enlightenment part kick in? How would you describe the sort of enlightenment it brings?


OP I have some questions.

1) in the meantime, is it advised to work on our paths and rituals disregarding the spell?or is better to look for signs and just meditate?

2) I tried to contact you yesterday, in order to establish a link with you just in case. It's still difficult because I have just some words on a screen, and linking them to an intention, which is linked itself to a "person" is difficult to me.

3) I don't want to be suggestioned by all of this, but tonight I was smoking on my terrace and by the time my finished cigarette touched the ground I heard a weird noise on the air. The exact time it touched the ground. It was, I think, inhumane: short, aethereal, high pitched. I tried to look for monster sounds and the best I could find is the second sound in this very short video


I was thinking about this spell, so it could be just my mind distorting other sound like a car drifting, but I'm just reporting because maybe you can tell me something about this sound that scared the shit out of me.

4) I still feel my heart Chakra burning, it's 74 hours without stop. I think I'll meditate as another user suggested..

Sorry for the long post, see you again in a few days.



Enlightenment doesn’t kick in, you must find it.




Thank you for writing this out. Your observations and your ability to analyze them seems somewhat similar to my own. I think this gets the message across very well, other posters an take notice of this; it's the sheer amount of details all working together that creates your "enlightenment" here (this is answer for your question >>113309 ).

The ritual you describe seems to have come naturally to you and you are letting it play out this way. I also did something like this. Despite the actual blood no longer being a part of the spell, it is in the body of the magic and in a lot of the other cabal members, so it's inevitable that traces of it echoes into your own awareness. I myself felt like I was missing something and bought iron supplement pills for dissolving into water. They turned into a blood colored drink and it did have the copper taste of blood when I drank it. After using up two packages of pills the urge seemed to leave. It later came back in another form and I got some blueberry drinks this time. I think you can solve this any way you see fit.


>is it advised to work on our paths and rituals disregarding the spell?

You won't be able to disturb it unless you invoke some powerful entity, but it may slow down if you do thing contrary to the direction of it, by now I think organized religion may cause this. It's not that you can't do it, but keep it in moderation and consider your motivations for doing it and what it may cause in relation with this. There are too many possibilities for me to predict them.

>I tried to contact you yesterday

People do this now and then so I can't know who is who.

Don't worry, this thread's backed up at wayback machine and if 8ch goes down you can use mewch/fringe/ for now.

> I heard a weird noise on the air

This is part of things you'll be aware of, it's from the astral. It can be scary at first but most of it isn't relevant. Sometimes it means something to you, other times you just overhear something.


I'm not familiar with yoga terminology so I'll assume this is part of being energized like someone suggested above.



I must say that right now I'm in a little city in the campaign and I'm feeling very different, more open but more dizzy.

Thanks for the advice


Pretty uneventful Christmas except for the usual neurotic psychosis, which is something I've dealt with long before this whole magical suggestions thing started. I'm starting to realize how shitty the propaganda in movies are.


I'm in. Feel free to reinforce my commitment from your side if you think it's necessary. I will post again if anything extraordinary happens.

Otherwise come to fringebay in a thousand years.


OP, tell me what you think of this. I came up with it the other day and it changed my whole paradigm then and there. If I didn't know better I'd say what a coincidence that happened before seeing this thread.

I was going to post the rundown here but I'm feeling such a strong resistance that I won't. Something's telling me not to go into details.

The thing is, I realized we don't survive death the way I thought we did. I used to think immortality was overrated because of death not being the "end", but it is, actually. Not in absolute terms, obviously, but in a way that I'd rather not experience if I can help it. Not as bad as I thought when I was an atheist but… Fuck. As I try to put this into words it unpacks more and more inside my mind. This is awesome, honestly.

Anyway. The day before I had this realization, I would've dismissed this thread right away. Now I think this is the best course of action for the time being.

I deleted two more paragraphs because the answers to my questions keep unpacking inside my mind. This is a great exercise.

Sage for double post.



You could at least explain what's so bad about death in your oppinion. It may help someone.



It's not bad per se. You eventually dissolve the way your body does, and "you" come back the same way the atoms that composed your body do.

But as I said, it is immensely more complex. I cannot express it with words yet. You would (and probably already do) understand something different to what I mean just by reading my words and coupling them with your own ideas.

The Egyptians and many ancient cultures mummified themselves. I believe cohesion of the material that has served as a development frame for the thoughtform that is you serves as a way to maintain cohesion of that thoughtform after physical death.

I won't say more because there's no point right now. (And I have to go have dinner with a friend).



I see your point. I too have had my own ideas about this and how to "lessen" the severety of death and make yourself ready for death that you don't actually dissolve but keep on going in the astral with your astral body, basically staying intact and whole as yourself.

Anyway, I believe with becoming a vampire and living long as fuck you cannot go wrong. The more time you get to develop yourself and get ready, the better.


I heard the sound of shackles being broken in my mind. It is done.



For people who believe in repeating digits, you got that at least ;^)

I'm not sure I fully follow your line of thought here. But from my interpretation of it, seeing this from my view, when you die you normally lose all contact with who you were during your lifetime. Even your personality will turn into a mere memory because it was tied up in the material situation of that lifetime. The artifacts you owned, the people you knew, the places you walked and knew as home, as well as the language and words you used to refer to those things, all of that will be gone as it was stored only in your brain like a RAM in your computer. Once you cut the power it clears and nothing remains.

That's one aspect of it. What you have left is just a vague recognition when you see similar things in your next life, but you can't relate them to anything material or understand them. The most obvious side of immortality is that you keep your memory and your skills and just add to them. But in the end, these human things will evolve into something deeper, something lasting. If language evolves over time, with new words added, new grammar and new ways of using old words, there is something behind this change. It can somehow be predicted based on what you find in the astral, and once you learn these things, you'll be able to understand all past and future versions of this language. This is my own speculative understanding of it.

I'm thinking the novelist Terry Pratchett is onto something with a phenomenon in his books. It's a line of study practiced by wizards of his fictional world, where they predict future books by studying existing books. Silly, but somehow fully possible in some aspect of it.

I am personally trying to access my past live's memories but I've found exactly that, because those things are no longer materially relevant it is extremely difficult to make use of it. If I want to bring back my language skills from another time period, I need to adapt it into today's situation and my current needs, because language and culture are things of necessity. Without fully emulating the exact situation, it doesn't make sense.


almost a week after I did what you wanted, don't feel different tbh

Also, can you read my energy?



Yes, your interpretation is very close to what I'm thinking.

Could you do a reading for me please? And maybe give me a little push if you think it's needed? I'm



>For people who believe in repeating digits, you got that at least ;^)

Would you believe me if I told you I had an intuition that I would get digits just as I started writing that post? :D



It looks like steady development according to plan imo. Not feeling anything doesn't mean anything, it's what happens -when- it happens that matters.


Your signature is also quite close to the actual vampires, but it's restricted in scope. Similar to >>113306



Thanks. Could you give directions in order to learn to read the way you do? Is it different than Franz Bardon's way from IIH?



I had the ability from birth, but it was weak at first. I don't know how to develop it if you don't have it. From a young age I've noticed different colors resting behind certain acts and social customs. When I was 6 I went by car to pre-school every day and I noticed a dark yellow field around the sides of the road and the barns we passed. On the "inside" of this field was a dark brown/red field like mud. I also saw this in movements of people, like a trace in the air right after they moved their arm in performing an everyday act. Most of it was dark.

At one point I went to a store run by volunteers from a church, and I noticed the store clerk had a much brighter color behind him and in the movements. The difference to an ordinary worker at a grocery store or factory was huge, they all had a dark and deep hole behind them, like something pulling them down and swallowing them.

Through this I saw early on that money as a motivation is a dark and dirty thing, and I wanted to avoid these acts. I've based a lot of what I do on this, and I can see the difference clearly when I manage to change an environment for the better, as well as if someone does something bad and makes things worse.

Over time I learned to interpret things more exactly as well as seeing complex patterns and identifying it in situations where it wasn't very obvious, like when just seeing a photo of a person or a post on an imageboard.

Large events reported in the news also have corresponding energy signatures, and these are also available for historical events. For example I couldn't understand why Finland would lose to the Soviet union in the winter war, when they were so much more advanced in technology and strategy. But after reading an article in a popular history magazine I saw the full signature of it and realized the russian side simply had purer energy. It doesn't matter what things look like, pure beats dirty, every time.



Very interesting, if it isn't too much trouble could you read my signature?



So far I've felt nothing, but I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and a runny nose. Somehow I don't think those are the first symptoms of immortality.



I see. How I envy you, you lucky bastard! I have a similar thing but instead of visual it's "kinesthetic", and I've had had to develop it in this last year. It's extremely subtle and I have to be careful not to mix up real and made up. The only thing I've had my whole life is the ability to sense presences, but that's pretty common. I'm still learning to balance my projective vs receptive sides. I have also noticed each person is unique in this regard, and written instructions are more often than not useless because they don't account for the idiosyncrasies of the student. That's why personal tutoring has always been the way.



You are slightly less than these two



but still have a pattern somewhat similar to early stages vampires. There is one difference in your signature, which is a turquoise stream going down closest to you. This may be the effect of the spell or it's something you had already which was made more visible. Something like this usually implies trash energy leaving the body in combination with some kind of stability.

To give an example, this turquoise energy is usually quite rare because you wouldn't find a balance like this, but for those people in underdeveloped countires living off selling garbage at the city dump, or those living in corrugates steel sheds in the slum, they usually have it. It means finding a stable existence in an unstable place. Somehow more common in latin america than anywhere else.



OP I did as you suggested, went to a low human contamination area and meditated. Do you feel any changes? Because I do, the sense of freedom was incredible, now that I'm back in the city it went down a bit but it's really night and day compared to how I felt before.



Yes there is a huge change. Your field looks more like a calm ocean now where as before it was just the signature showing a pattern.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Could you give directions in order to learn to read the way you do?

Lets try something. This is purely for experimentation and research. Those in this thread who asked to have the spell cast on them can try this and see if it gives you any results in increasing awareness of energy signatures in your surroundings.

For complete mundanes and those with no exposure to high intense magic like this, I don't expect this to really work at all, but you can still try if you're lurking here.

>close your eyes firmly, cup your hands over them if you need

>at first you're likely to see images jumping around or imprints of windows, lamps and other things

>wait until those start fading

>you're now supposed to see the red/brown/black color of your eyelids and the blood in your own body caused by the light still shining through

>apart from this lack of total darkness, you may experience "static" like a tv with no signal

>observe these "grains" and stay aware of their color and movements

>do you see any other colors than black and dark red?

>do you see anything but random patterns?

>just observe this and stay aware of it

>now open your eyes

>can you still perceive any of the "static" with your eyes open?

>repeat this exercise until you can see the static with your eyes open, like a layer of vision placed on top of your regular 3D vision

>if you can do this, you have the basic ability to see energy patterns in your environment

>you can now try to identify colors and shapes and how those relate to the situations they appear in


File: e903312a378a848⋯.jpeg (33.75 KB, 743x167, 743:167, sexuality colors.jpeg)


I'll include this because it's one of the few things from modern science that actually corresponds to what I've found. This color scale was published in magazines around 20 years ago as a test, pick the color you think represents your sexuality and then read how other people with the same color described their sexuality. It was found that this gives enough reliable results to be used as an indicator.

These colors and the descriptions matched perfectly the colors I've seen in people's signatures. It's the only connection point I've found to western science. It goes from

>pink=being a virgin, teen or just innocent


>orange=very intense sexuality with lots of experience

This scale can also be used to understand colors in other areas with a similar gradual change.



OP so can you tell us how long it will roughly take until we truely become immortal? I assume since I am only for for roughly over a week I can still die, get killed or kill myself.

Also what if we receive fatal wounds such as being burned alive, getting our head chopped off, getting shot in the head or the chest, drowning etc etc. while being immortal vampires? What will happen to us then? I cannot imagine simply regenerating to normal after you get decapitated.



>I assume since I am only *in* for roughly over a week



In general for this version of the vampirism magic it should take 3- 6 months but could be faster, down to a few days.

>what if we receive fatal wounds such as being burned alive, getting our head chopped off, getting shot in the head or the chest, drowning etc etc. while being immortal vampires?

It doesn't work that way, once you receive the magic and it's determined you can fully transform, you will be protected. Anything happening in the human world is caused by spirits of some kind, human acts are caused by the human spirit of the person doing it. All spirits will be subdued by the spell and cannot interfere. After being removed from the reincarnation cycle, your body is seperated from the human world by the quality of its cells. These things simply will not happen to you. You will also not be capable of self harm, your mind will not allow it.

You need to think beyond the human deductive mindset to understand this. Everything is spiritual and controlled by spirits, if you control them, you control everything. This is absolute, there is no chance, it's all predetermined based on the interaction of spirits.



Alright I am trying my best to fully grasp this concept. But you may need to explain a paradox for me about starvation. We cannot die or be killed, yet we must eat as far as I have understood it from this thread. So can we starve or dehydrate or not? What happens if I refuse to eat or become homeless so that I cannot buy food anymore? I hope you can forgive my mundane iquiries, but it will help me to understand better. For me it's really a mystery, being immortal yet having to eat.



Consider it a hierarchy of spirits. You are never at the bottom, so even if you did end up homeless, you'd still have what you need because others would be forced to provide it for you. If someone has it, they won't be able to deny sharing it with you, because they are below you. It just works that way. Society doesn't have a fixed living standard, so it's possible it may be really low sometime in the future. Don't get hooked on concepts like "homeless", people used to sleep in caves or simple huts during primitive times, if that happens again you'll just have your spot there. That's all that it means, your relative living standard is guaranteed compared to the rest of society.



Could you look at my energy signature, I did something a few days ago and just hope it didn’t interfere.



That's very interesting and relate a lot to something that started happening yesterday. With eyes closed or open i can clearly see a very definite image of 3 to 9 horizontal lines that follow my sights but fades near certain objects/people.



Are you shitting me? I've seen that "static" all my life! When I'm relaxed and in a bit of a dreamy state, it appears. Like a film grain filter except the particles are transparent and distort the background, like heat waves. But when I focus my attention on something or someone they vanish. I guess that makes sense since that would mean I break the trance.

I'm going to investigate this. I assume for remote reading you close your eyes like you explained and reach out mentally?


>You need to think beyond the human deductive mindset to understand this. Everything is spiritual and controlled by spirits, if you control them, you control everything

I've suspected this for a while now. I've always been disillusioned by the materialist-influenced explanations you usually hear about will, invisible etheric bodies, personified spirits and whatnot. You are the first time I've heard an explanation that makes more sense according to what I've observed.

Damn, this thread is a gold mine for me.



I don't know if it matters really but there is now a distinct black downward energy stream close to you. It seems confined to its own space so whatever you did shouldn't interfere.



>for remote reading you close your eyes like you explained and reach out mentally?

Closing your eyes is and exercise for being able to identify it at first. I always keep my eyes open when targeting something, but in the case of something not present I visualize it and look at it that way. Say if I want to know what the situation if for Donald Trump and Ivanka I just visualize them and look at the signature of the visualize image. The only issue here is that you need proper accuracy or you won't receive the image of the actual situation over there, so you need to research it properly first. Usually mainstream sources are enough, but in the case of things where history was incorrectly recorded you may not find a connection until you uncover the real situation.

Say if I wanted to look at a city during a certain time period, but it didn't exist at the time or the location was recorded wrongly, then I won't find it.


File: 1c87957a95ca831⋯.jpg (206.53 KB, 817x1222, 817:1222, download.jpg)

"Limited scope" here. So as to not sit on the default flag all the time I'll use this flag.

I knew I had heard of this visual phenomenon before. I found it now:

>1. I want you to look up away from this page and at your wall. Actually, I want you to look at the line where your wall and your ceiling connect.

>Your eyes are going to automatically focus in on that point, bringing your vision of it into clarity. I want you to relax your mind, and relax your eyes, and “pull back” your depth of vision about a foot or two.

>With Soul Travel you can lift the veil between the Physical World and the Spirit World.

>You can do this by imagining that there is a sheet of glass or transparent plastic a foot or two away from that corner, separating you from the wall and the ceiling. Pretend that you are looking at that sheet of glass or plastic.

>Your depth of vision will automatically adjust, and the line between the ceiling and the wall will blur.

>2. Maintain your focus on that imaginary sheet of glass, and after only a couple of minutes, you’ll start to see something amazing:

>The veil between the spiritual world and the physical world will be lifted.

>At first, you’ll see what I call “Static Rain.” It basically looks like tiny droplets of shimmering rain are frozen in the air in front of you. This visual phenomenon will increase until you see static all around you.

>You may find yourself feeling a bit dizzy, lightheaded, or off-balance. This is a sign of your success! Your brainwaves are moving from conscious activity into a sort of super-consciousness.

>3. It is at this point that, as long as you keep your vision unfocused and your brainwaves in super-conscious Theta state, you’ll be able to stand up out of your body and move across the room.

>This needs to be done with an exhalation. As you breathe out, move out.


Now, I don't know about the getting up and walking part, but is this the phenomenon you were talking about?


File: 59343dbd7d9137d⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu M….jpg)


I've been able to temporarily induce various vision effects like grain, lines, etc since a long time ago. But never figured out how to identify colors or anything.


Hehe, can confirm. Picked the leftmost color without even thinking. I'm a 28yo virgin.



>Everything is spiritual and controlled by spirits, if you control them, you control everything. This is absolute, there is no chance, it's all predetermined based on the interaction of spirits.

>Consider it a hierarchy of spirits. You are never at the bottom, so even if you did end up homeless, you'd still have what you need because others would be forced to provide it for you. If someone has it, they won't be able to deny sharing it with you, because they are below you. It just works that way.

Wow, that's literally my worldview. Was initially inspired by the Taoist concept of the "perfect man", I think. And the Christian "he who has faith will be provided for".

>your body is seperated from the human world

You know, the one thing about Buddhism (especially its later advaitic form) that I have always had a personal problem with is that imperative on achieving "oneness" with humanity and such - never felt it, have always been repulsed by the majority of humans, even decided that I must be an elf or other such being imprisoned in a human's body. Partly that's why I eventually drifted towards Chaosism, then Gnosticism, etc.

Remembered a fun fact from my biography btw: I once contacted through connections a fairly famous (locally) hieromancer/diviner and had him read me. He kept insisting that one of the major spirits incarnated in me is not a human but a beast (he described it as a snow tiger). He also said that he "oddly enough sees no distinct danger in my future".

Forgive me for this autistic egocentric attentionwhoring rant. Just kinda enjoy talking to you I guess, even if you are LARPing.


>You know, the one thing about Buddhism (especially its later advaitic form) that I have always had a personal problem with is that imperative on achieving "oneness" with humanity and such - never felt it, have always been repulsed by the majority of humans, even decided that I must be an elf or other such being imprisoned in a human's body. Partly that's why I eventually drifted towards Chaosism, then Gnosticism, etc.


Exactly the same here. Never made sense for me. Also I think it's very good that you are a virgin, I would actually go as far as to keep it forever if I were you but that's only my belief. Won't give any reasons to that here since it's irrelevant anyway. Too bad I wasted mine already.

As for the statics and the colors, I actually see it too. Now that you guys talked about it I tried it out I see the static very clear when I concentrate and when it's dark. I still see it in the day and with light but not as clear, and I see the colors and shapes flying before my vision (and those are not imprints of lightsources). That's pretty cool. Also I tried to see an aura and I saw it rather easily, but I saw only the very first, white/clear layer of it as of now. Babys first aura sisghting if you will. I am sure I need to evolve this and expand this skill. Now I know why my forehead/third eye is tingling so much in the last few days. My astral sight definitly expanded and started to form. Since I do nofap now it might also come from the energy I do not waste but which I keep inside. I still cannot see any spiritual beings or clear, developed auras and I still cannot astral travel, but I guess the beginning is made. Also I have an easier time being celibate now, my urge to masturbate and look at sexy females is still there and I still can get a boner, but it is also definetly weaker. I actually feel now that I am able to resist it easily and don't give in to the urge to look at porn or keep thinking about it. As of now I am even disgusted when I think of vaginas because I just see them for what they are. It's a paradox in me, the desire is there, like an automatic process to rise up but when I put a little conscious effort into it I can easily tell the illusion and even get disgusted by the thoughts of desire. Will definetly try to be even more aware of myself and the changes happening with me and report back here.



I guess it makes sense if you wanted to astral project, it should be basically the same thing you're looking at, except you're now in that form. I personally have no interest in AP but I can see that this may be touching on the same area.



Do you think it will kill me?

Perhaps it is a mark to shame me for seeking what isn’t mine.



I can't tell if - whatever that is - is something that appeared and formed as a negative thing, or if it means the exhaustion of something which already lay latent and is now in decline. It doesn't look harmful in its current state, is all I can say.



That removes a lot of anxiety for me.


OP, what would you recommend to aid the transformation process?

Something helping me/us to gain new insights and aid the unfolding process



In trying to come up with something all I get is an image of old trees and leaves on the ground…

Maybe what >>113369 did will help.

It's a matter of perspective, things take a very long time and move slowly, like old trees grow I suppose. If you have the chance to visit some old reservation/nature reserve and spend some time there under simple conditions that may be beneficial.

When reaching out the only thing coming back is the dry leaves on the ground, huge old trees creating a "hall" and decaying old tree branches on the ground. The smell of autumn but rather dry.

There's just something about aligning with these slow movements of nature.



It didn't want to ask for a 'reading' because it seems like an obnoxious thing to ask, but since everyone is unashamedly asking anyway; think you can give me a go?



Please may I have a reading to see if anything happened at all? I'm still very skeptical about magic (quite frankly I still don't really believe in it despite all these cultist theatrics. I've definitely been locked in deep soul searching meditations to confront and come to terms with my flaws but other than that, nothing much happened.



>Still don't believe in magic

If you've gotten past the main hurdle which is the cognitive dissonance that prevents most mundanes from even considering it, what you need to do now is grab a basic sigil tutorial and start making sigils for easy things, storing them in an envelope somewhere and activating them at least a month later (so that you forget their meaning) in astrologically favorable days. Burn them using a candle of the color of the planet of the hour and chant a prayer (or the Kabbalah godname) to get into the trance.

Forget about being fucking immortal for now. Cast for things such as a free meal, finding something you lost and forgot, finding money, an unexpected trip, business opportunities, etc.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Btw don't think casting for easy things is lame. If you don't really believe yet, even the most basic things will blow your conception of reality straight out of your fucking mind.

Good luck.




>it seems like an obnoxious thing

It's ok with a few asking but I feel this is taking over now, this isn't a divination thread.

I already said several times that it may take 3 - 6 months. Apart from some initial readings to see how the spell develops at first, it's not needed to check every other day. Just be patient.


Someone may be attempting to talk to me in my dreams I suppose.

I had a dream that someone was talking to me over a radio,for some reason I was more content thinking I was imagining it but then I saw the light on the radio turn on when I heard the voice. It was saying my name and say come here. Apparently the girl found my surprise amusing and said Boo in a teasing manner and then laughed lightly.



I had a dream about a girl too. Beware of succubi. I never trust girls, not in wake world and not in dreamworld. And in my dream she actually wanted to have sex with me, but I got saved.

>They want your sweet sweet vampire powers

>also if you are celibate and do nofap to become a demigod they will swarm you



They want your energy is all, not the most sinister thing.

I don’t even do nofap maybe not.



Yeah maybe it was just a random chick or a member of the vampire cabal trying to say hi, whatever. Just watch out.

Also giving your energy to those parasites is actually pretty bad. It will stun your development and leave you weak, you'll have to recharge and heal again. You could cultivate special energy and forge your soul for months and one succubus drains it all in one night. That surely does suck.


I also had a dream about a woman, but since I had already read about it here I don't think it's anything.

Also, the real "demigod" is the one who can fap or have sex without feeling bad afterwards. Literally the same as watching a movie or having a beer with a friend.




Oops, also had a dream featuring some girl last night. Nothing blatantly sexual though. We were sitting at a table and drinking some stuff that made me extremely drunk/high in literally moments and started acting like some kind of comedian. Then I slipped and fell and she fell over me and I woke up. Das it mane.

There was also some conversation involved but I can't remember its subject unfortunately.




>the girl found my surprise amusing and said Boo in a teasing manner and then laughed lightly.

>in my dream she actually wanted to have sex with me


>drinking some stuff that made me extremely drunk/high

This does sound like something a cabal member would do. The drink may be symbolic for the experience of drinking blood for those with bloodlust.

They have no social taboos or feelings of shame so they won't judge your "dirty desires" either. This makes it easy to instantly feel really close to them. This part may really be something like how people feel about God, that he understands everything and accepts you anyway. It could be the source of the mythology of the "undead gods" in Temple of the Vampire. I think those people may just be seeing cabal members without knowing what they're dealing with.


File: 56918a6b1941b67⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 1676x3815, 1676:3815, 1510034643963.jpg)

When i was a child, everything I ever wanted was to become immortal. Now, I don't know if I want to anymore.

Will think about it some more and come back if i decide.


OP, could you talk more about the magic they do, "blackest available" sounds interesting, but a bit intimidating. Also any reading material you recommend?



You can only practice for real after your transformation is complete. This is because it relies on being able to mentally balance on a razor blade, you can't do this if you don't fundamentally have the immortality particle in your being. The magic they practice has no "safety."

For example, the things brought up just above in this thread


>Beware of succubi. I never trust girls


>Also giving your energy to those parasites is actually pretty bad. It will stun your development and leave you weak, you'll have to recharge and heal again. You could cultivate special energy and forge your soul for months and one succubus drains it all in one night. That surely does suck.

None of these things will be a concern at the time you're finished with the initial process. If you encounter parasites they won't be able to take anything of value, in fact they can only help in purifying you. The things they can take are things you shouldn't have in your body.

While hostile beings and other occultists could still attack you, they will only be able to slow you down because you still have karmic debt. That's your only weakness, and every time they do manage to do something against you, that particular route of attack will no longer exist after that because they destroyed the karma when attacking you. This means you will only get stronger from hostilities.

So while you currently need to worry about shielding your body and not losing energy, in the future you only need to focus on offense. At least as far as your body is concerned. Protecting your material assets is more complicated and may require some attention if you want to keep things tidy though.

Specific spells will be taught directly through telepathy by cabal members, the manuals are often complex mental images in several dimensions. Writing them down and spreading them doesn't happen on any significant scale from what I know.


>become immortal

That which is created is destroyed. That which is eternal is everlasting.



I guess a consciousness that was created for a specific purpose loses its original form after several hundreds of millennia of unnatural life. Is purpose and meaning everlasting?



Technically it's just extending your lifespan a lot rather than immortality.

I've been feeling changes, but I won't talk about them while they're ongoing.

btw OP, while something is indeed happening, I don't really believe this immortality thing is really literally real. Is that a problem for it to work?



Emotions and desires don't change, but they're seperated from the human condition of - like someone on /x/ put it - having to grow up fast, worry about college plans and marriage. When you have time, you can let things take time.


For many things I'm a sceptic myself, it's just that occult things tend to often prove their existence to me against my disbelief in them. I test something to see if there really is anything behind it, and sometimes there are results. Other sceptics tend to stay with the idea that people making unusual claims are just doing it for attention. But considering the social shaming against these sorts of things in general that explanation never sounded reasonable to me. I just weight things against each other and find a spot where something can be tested.


I don't usually frequent 4/x/, but today I found this:


She said 30-something was too old to turn and not die. I'm 31. Should I be worried I'm not gonna make it?



Read it, pretty ridiculous stuff, the author didn't even bother to close the plot holes:

on page 113 she claims she was unconscious when she was being transformed and thus doesn't remember it, but later on page 127-128 she describes it all in details.




She may be legit but some things in the story doesn't add up, it may be intentional misinformation to create confusion. Going by certain things I won't elaborate this now, maybe later I don't think she ever killed anyone, that part is an exaggeration to create an amusing story. The inconsistances may be intentional to make people focus on that and not see the real bullshit. It's a pretty simple tactic. She's also one of those with the weak version of the magic (dies after a maximum of 1000 years), one simple sign to tell is that she's acting offended over sexual questions. Real one's don't care.

Going by her signature she's pretty refined compared to those I've seen posting on 4/x/ (those also act offended by sexual questions) before and the one's operating close to where I live. It's obvious they couldn't be killing people every day in a small place like this and go unnoticed. The city that's their center is a mess of violence, drugs and political abuse and people under their influence have their energy all over them. But that many murders couldn't be covered up. To say it straight out I don't like most of those "weak" vampires, they're causing lots of disturbances, to the point their field effected my mental state. I told them to back off telepathically but they refused so I blocked them from using telepathy in this area of the country. They could choose a more pleasant approach but they didn't because they're assholes.


OP, for now I won't update on what's happening. Nonetheless when you had the feeling of old trees i had a magnet feeling between my eyes lasting for 3 hours.

Anyhow I had a feeling today that you more or less know a particular set of entities.

Jenyah and Sabirah among these.



>casually dropping vampire names

Shit's getting real yo



It's just a feeling, dude. don't larp, because i'm trying to make sense of things happened in the past with things happening right now




side note: these two names are taken from a particular esoteric tradition, not from nerdy/geeky bs



The way my telepathic ability functions is by translation, it doesn't come through in the exact wording so I couldn't tell you their exact real names even if they had told me. I know the names they use officially for some of them and I suspect they may be using their real names because they're old eastern european names. Blends in fine here considering all the quest workers. The amount you can get away with is pretty big, if someone was named Vlad and wore a cape people still wouldn't make the connection because these things don't exist in real life anyway. Arrogance is a shield.

>Nonetheless when you had the feeling of old trees i had a magnet feeling between my eyes lasting for 3 hours.

I really tried to find something but it's too complex, words don't describe this properly. It's like learning to wave your ears.

>Anyhow I had a feeling today that you more or less know a particular set of entities.

It's as I said above in the thread. I interact mostly with three women, the researchers (unspecified) and sometimes a group who seem like court ladies. We don't talk a lot, I share my findings and they support me in return, it's an exchange.

There is someone who had the wrong blood type who still wasn't transformed at 800 years of age. I got her over on my version of the spell after they sent her to me. Kind of a close call really. I feel responsible to care about her now. I'm not entirely sure but I'm starting to see a hierarchy based on merits of some kind. It may turn out I broke a few steps on the ladder without knowing it.


Op, i'm >>112830

i'm not very sure it's working on me

just to make sure, I would like a manual cast

I send messages on different occasions, saying "I'm interested in your magic" and things like that, but maybe I do not have the ability to communicate telepathically

If it is not my Wyrd, I will accept it.

Either way, thanks.



>one simple sign to tell is that she's acting offended over sexual questions. Real one's don't care.

How do vampires relate to sexuality? Is there a kind of 'anything goes attitude', or what?



You think "wyrd" means destiny, but there is an even older acception that is "one who is wyrd". That is, one whose life is influenced by certain spirits towards certain end.

You have the ability to chose your wyrd, to a certain extent. Seek out new allies.

And have some fucking patience for fuck's sake.



The immortals are not infertile physiologically speaking but getting one pregnant (or the other way around) is a tricky matter. Their bodies look energetically like dried up river beds, everything preserved but no water running. If you manage to "flood" them it can be done still.

Other than that it seems the males are more or less asexual after they get a bit older while the females tend to have an obsession with giving blowjobs, at least a group of them.

For the untransformed ones running on the half assed versions of the spell they are not technically undead so they function like humans, it may work or it may not.


I had a dream where I felt like I was something was coming after me but it was just someone I knew.

Then I went to Brazil where I tried to get this guy to stop from killing a beautiful women but then I discovered we were in brazil and I let him do it.



Sure that's the 'physiology' behind it, but I more so meant the 'social' -not quite the right word- aspect behind it. There is a trend towards asexuality as one grows older but until then is sexual behaviour the same as a regular human's? Also, how do vampires relate to sexuality as a 'cultural phenomena'. There are for example groups that strongly belief in virginity and and celibacy and all that, while others belief in complete 'sexual liberation' or whatever.

Are vampires indifferent to sexuality in that sense?



I know what Wyrd means, i know i have influence in it, but if i don't have the enough skill to take this particular chance, i'll accept it.



My libido starts to come back after channeling enough Tera energy but releasing semen is such a huge drain it feels like years of work was lost. Since my soul star is clearly locked tight despite my best efforts to push through, I had to find a workaround. The way It seems to work is I get God to start dropping white mana stars from the sky like snow, which I can absorb and then use that mana for the semen's soul energy. The poor vampire who was doing the coaxing got singed badly from the mana so it's probably a bad idea to use it if I fully turn.




What's going on here? Did you double post or did 2 anon have the same dream?


Sexual morals as we know them today comes from konfucianism in asia and christianity in the west. If you were to look at the other cultures/religions with less influence you'll find tantrism, sexual practices in taoism and a complete lack of modesty in japan, seen from our view. In earlier times the dominating views didn't have these concepts we have today (even if they have degenerated now), during primitive times there were no marriages and children were property of the tribe, the family unit didn't exist. This was from my understanding the way things functioned in prehistory, and people from those times have a very relaxed and unconcerned view of sexuality. It's just a bodily function to them. Liking something is just a preference. It's a non issue, which is why I described it the way I did.

I won't deny the reason I got a good connection with some female cabal members comes from sexual tension. It's not even at the level of them finding it amusing, it's just there, objectively, like an everyday thing.


It's too early to say. Just be patient and lurk for a while if you don't feel anything.


>The way It seems to work is I get God to start dropping white mana stars from the sky like snow, which I can absorb and then use that mana for the semen's soul energy. The poor vampire who was doing the coaxing got singed badly from the mana

I'm not sure what you're saying here, can you use more common language? I don't think you could do anything to a real vampire.



I posted under anon, thought I got rid of it though



Idk It may all just be visions of me trying to crack the problem of vampires having to draw energy from humans. When Moses was leading his followers through the desert, they started to starve, so Moses got God to rain mana down from Heaven. That story is simply what came to mind then I first saw the energy raining down so I just call it mana. The soul star is where souls go to be reabsorbed into oblivion. There are gates just below it that seem to become become closed off and locked once the vampirism starts to take hold.



>The soul star is where souls go to be reabsorbed into oblivion. There are gates just below it that seem to become become closed off and locked once the vampirism starts to take hold.

Interesting observation. That would mean you are already inside, or your destiny has been changed with this in mind.


Hey OP while one waits for the spell to take effect, what is something that one can do to let's say "clean" oneself or get more in tune with these let's say "frequencies" or ways of thinking? I was hoping that joining a group like the one you describe would help me advance in my development but until I establish contact with them I suppose I should continue working alone.

What kind of magic do you practice? What kind of knowledge do you have? Out of so many different spiritual paths, as part of a group which is devoted to self-improvement and spiritual growth, what is your take on those different paradigms?


Since you asked for us to report stuff, here it is.

I've been feeling incredibly tired, like some do during seasonal changes. Also cranky, which is unusual in me.

Besides one dream featuring a grey haired woman, which I attribute to reading this thread, I've had daily dreams in which I berated and insulted my mother in a sadistic manner. This is something that I wouldn't do, but I feel it's some kind of repressed mommy issue bubbling up. I felt really ashamed when I woke up.

I've also had two prominent dreams featuring animals.

The first one felt like the astral enactment kind. A house cat harassed me and tried to bite me. I warned my mother (again), that if she didn't control the cat I would have to respond and kill it. I think cats might represent spirits? In this particular case, my mother wasn't her. She just looked like her. That's why I think this dream was astral enactment.

The other was a proper subconscious-driven dream. Had it tonight. I had a dog trapped in a pen and it wanted to get out. I felt it could be really dangerous if the dog got out, despite the fact that it was a very paceful animal and I was obviously making it suffer. I was afraid of it (I don't have any history or problem with dogs IRL).

Besides the stuff with the animals, I feel I'm coming to terms with my codependent realtionship with my parents. I resolved my father's side a couple of years ago while I "awakened". I think this one is more deeply embedded.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Last night before going to sleep I reached out to you in meditation so that you would guide me to these brings. I met a handful of ones. They felt old like mountains. Their bodies were all deformed like a tree gets deformed by the passage of time when all kinds of stuff grows around it. It wasn't disgusting, and I think it was symbolic. As if they were so old they didn't know how to wear a body anymore. Their vibes were neutral.

Anyway, a very tall and thin female stood out among them. She was so tall my head reached to about her hips. She extended her arm and gave me a weird kidney-looking thing to eat from her hand.



I use a version of sigil magic of my own design. I only use each sigil once. I design it in my mind so that it ends up being a few straight or curved lines with intesections. Other people don't need to understand them, the important thing is that I fully know the meaning of every part. That vill force the spirits seeing it to refer to my mind to understand it, and they will by this be under my control. Then I use the simplest and most primitive method available. I go outside and draw the sigil in the dirt of a road, using a stick I pick from the ground, or my foot. It has to be drawn once, with full movements like calligraphy. Then I wait a few moments until I feel it "click" and the effect has beeing inserted into the surrounding (roads work better for this), after that I erase it at once and forget about it.

For simpler things I don't draw the sigil, I just visualize the process and it has the same effect.

That's about it for magic in the sense talked of here. The rest is dependent on your skills and abilities to control non-physical energy. I've been using what I learned from the time I practiced Falun Gong. Specifically the approach of "cultivation" ("xiu lian" in chinese) where you search yourself, observe and correct yourself based on what you experience in everyday life. It's not so much a method as it is a way of understanding things. For elaboration of this I'll have to refer to the source material, the book Zhuan Falun ( http://en.falundafa.org/falun-dafa-books.html ). This is a very powerful method, it's not in conflict with what we're doing here. But I suggest if you pick this up for real, that you're prepared to practice this in a focused way for at least 1-2 years, it requires a lot of work. So if you had the spell cast on you, it's my recommendation that you wait until it activated first, I don't know if there might be interference during the process.

Another group I've had contact with is completely unrelated to the cabal, they're more associated with some of the things normally discussed here on /fringe/. I haven't met them irl, they are a "hidden" society, using only telepathy but in a pretty advanced way. You could call it a facebook interface for wizards. I choose to refer to them as "the library" because they use some kind of astral entity which functions like a library.

The main point here, if you didn't see it yet, is that you need to develop your senses and you need telepathy. Not having it is like not having money or internet in the world today; you'll be left out from most of what's going on.

It's a huge step up from mundanes but if you can't make it "up here" you'll just be stuck with them, guessing and arguing but not being able to receive the real stuff.


This is why I started this thread, to offer a way up there for those who have the potential for it, but you need to wait for the spell to take full effect first. The only thing I can say to speed up the process would be to take a walk out away from human interference, observing changes and adapting yourself to them. Letting them guide you.



Your dreams seem to have some strong personal symbolism. Try to analyze in depth what they could mean to you; these things are often highly personal, your mind is trying to grasp complicated phenomena from within your current ways of thinking.

The last part seems a bit like the transmission of the original magic, intimate and primitive, at a level that modern people would think of as intruding on their personal sphere.

This last part may be how it is. You mention things that made you feel ashamed, but maybe it's an expression of something you need to relax around. Sometimes harsh means are necessary and in the greater perspective it had a positive result.


That demon fucker seems to be finally dead. I've been dealing with that shit for 23 years. Even if its arrogance pissed off a lot of people and turned me into a pariah I'm at least finally free from its prison and I'm truly grateful for that.


It's been exactly 7 days now. Nothing worth mentioning transpired. All I can say is that I've been sleeping exceptionally bad . Usually I fall asleep at around 00:00-01:00, but ever since the 'spell' I've been falling asleep at around 03:00.

It's not an 'extra energy' thing either, because I sleep the same amount of hours -I've been falling asleep later, but also waking up later.

It's probably nothing, but nonetheless it coincides with the casting of the spell so I'll mention it for the sake of thoroughness. Other than that it's just same old, same old.


Shit has gotten real this afternoon.

I was doing some work and suddenly I started feeling things. There's definitely communication going on, but since it's not using words I'm going to have a bit of trouble explaining this.

>felt a vital carefree presence, powerful in the "the world is my oyster" sense

>felt this sensation grow in me as well

>feels like I want to go partying

>there's people with me

>close my eyes and concentrate on receiving

>one young girl, fooling around, laughs

>campfire, people around, relaxed atmosphere, all is chill

>more subtle stuff I can't put into words

I know this sounds like LARPing, but I shit you not. Something has made contact. always tread carefully. tricksters abound



Is Keanu Reeves a vampire?


File: 36cab4281cc2fc7⋯.jpg (4.68 MB, 2538x11995, 2538:11995, Screenshot-2017-12-30 Kean….jpg)


My thoughts exactly.

In his latest movies he seems to be getting a bit older though. Maybe it's a ruse.


Don't despair, minnasan. While you wait, read The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.


File: 5d4e36b4fd5fb4b⋯.jpeg (7.31 KB, 255x139, 255:139, 5081edaab8c3afb8bbd18e0c5….jpeg)

Op I contacted you telepathically, but I want to be sure I received the spell plz send it to me. Love to you. Thank you.



I'll take the advice, seems like it was custom made for me. Thanks.



One time before when I had interactions with some wizards of the lower ranks they perceived me as a 9 year old girl with an orange dress and leather boots. I received this image back from them because their minds were completely open and they failed to get past the first layer of who I am (reading someone's mind is really easy when it comes to most non-immortals).

Saying this because I get the feeling your perception is of the more symbolic nature so the way you see me could be something very far from my real life image, and this could be the reason you think you failed to contact me. Maybe you already did see me without realizing.




Thanks for the report.


I need to update you, OP.

I feel sad like never before without any specific materialistic or mundane reason. The fire in my chest is now a quiet constant warmth, but I feel a desperation growing inside me. It's like, I don't know, being extremely emotional about… Dunno.

I can assume it being a kind of emotional cleaning, but it's weird af. Keep track all of our reactions, OP, it's interesting to see how everyone is affected.



It could be the beginning of letting go of sadness. You'll feel it but after a while you see the other end of it like a release and there is a feeling of "beauty" in it. It's a process, I think relating to all the built up sadness in previous lifetimes now surfacing. Some complex things from the past may be solved and you'll suddenly see why you're interacting with the people you do in this lifetime.

I had these experiences of things resurfacing and seeing that my mother in this life was a military leader for the enemy in a past life and we fought bitterly against each other. From what I understand it was as far back as the 1200s but the karmic bond was still there.


I think I have to report on something.

For the last several days I've had a weird feeling as if I'm incapable of being sad/depressed anymore. It's as if my mood is somehow being maintained only at either calm (ataraxia-like) or elevated (catharsis-like) levels. Same goes for most other negative feelings like nervousness, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, etc. Overall it's pretty cool, I hope it sticks.

I'm >>113306 , >>113390

Also, happy new year everyone. For some reason I've an inkling that 2018 is going to be interesting.


Boy what a night. I've been astral traveling and waking in repeat for 8 hours straight.

Months ago if not a year ago I made a simple sigil for King Paimon to help me project easily. Well, I've never even been able to make contact with him, in any way, and I haven't tried since then. And after literal months, a voice out of nowhere goes "hey, this is what you're doing wrong. Do this and that." "Are you Paimon??" "Yeah, yeah [grabs me and takes me out of my body] do it like this". And then poof, he's gone.

I mean, he seemed to mean well, but why the fuck now after all this time? I've only once before heard a voice this clear, and it was a demon saying "I'm going to kill you", although it was almost hypnogogic. This was much more stable and clear.

Maybe it wasn't even King Paimon, but some nice certainly new neighbor. It makes me think about what you said about moving up in the spirit hierarchy. Perhaps King Paimon (if it's him) "can see me" now, whereas before I was too low for senpai to even notice me, if you know what I mean?

I'm sorry for the blog posts, but you asked for reports and my magic development was almost stopped before all this, so it has to be related.

The lethargy that had come over me is definitely gone and I'm back to myself.


Just wanna drop in one last time and let OP know I changed my mind and don't want immortality anymore and being a vampire cabal member for a number of reasons. In case this is not larp or fake bullshit and in case the spell actually worked on me(which I think was not the case anyway) I purified and healed myself back to normal today as best as I could. Wish you all the best and good luck.




If it didn't work on you all the way you still get the initial purification of your body. If it did work it can't be reversed, and it's not desired to do so either since you realized a part of your self in the process.



Heh, funny.

As I typed my reply I had to check a word on google because my english is kinda limited, and I found an article that was highly relevant to an issue I've been working on in the results.



We will see. But since I could help you even if indirectly, that makes me happy. Glad to be of service lmao.


If you left a reply to me I must say I cannot see it, your post is empty. Sorry but if you want you may type it again.


Op I felt my heart pound and energy through my body. I was posting as pleiadian. So I think it worked and can you check my signature. Thanks

And today I had heightened senses and energy. I have been feeling different too. More happy feeling.



It's reaching closer to the core of your being, but the last little step is up to you to enlighten to. If you feel a stiff point in your mind suddenly starting to budge, give it a push and you'll be through.


Just to make sure: I didn't active the spell, right OP?

Something odd happened, so I was wondering… I didn't want it to active btw.



It's automatic, so I wouldn't know.

If you expressed intent somehow and it was honest, that's the trigger. Though just lurking here places you within the field of the group (egregore) of the anons who did so on 8/fringe/ so there could be spill over effects from that interaction.



I just suddenly felt an intense flash of pain in the back of my head for no apparent reason, then I recalled reading through this thread a couple of days ago which I had forgotten. At the time I did think this'd be interesting, so might as well ask about it.

As long as it doesn't fuck up my development then there's no problem I suppose. I'll report back in a week or so, if I don't notice anything then I'll dismiss it.



More likely it would speed up your development, unless you were working on some conflicting system, i.e. some other method of longevity since then this would override what you did before.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There, I just did it. No immediate changes or feelings. Not to bother you too much, but could you read me?


I'd be grateful if you did this to me too OP



It looks like it's encircling you at a distance. This means you may not feel a lot because your current understanding of things is not compatible with the reality you'll have to face. It doesn't effect the effectiveness of the spell, it just means you may be less aware of changes at first because it will use the part of you where you'll easiest understand it without interfering with the other parts.

This seems to be the case with about half of the people who had it cast on them here.



I must admit I tried to purify myself and reject the spell because I got hit with a major episode of depression, anxiety and suicidal weakness and I thought that even being a vampire would not help me ease my suffering, so I decided I want rather to die as fast as possible and leave this demiurge shitfest behind me.

Surprisingly I feel a lot better today and honestly I don't care anymore, now I feel at peace. I feel if it does work then I will make the best use of it, if it doesn't then I get to die at least and either leave for good or get another chance.

But still I am curious if my attempt of self-healing and purging of the spell had any effect on me and the spell whatsoever. I still don't feel much difference. I summon you OP to look into me once again and tell me what you see. Is the spell still working on me? Am I becomming a vampire or did my efforts change anything? I don't want to bother you and will ask this only because this seems like a special occasion for me.

I am still seeing the light static whenever I close my eyes and it's almost impossible for me to see in the dark because all I see is light static. But my third eye is buzzing much less now. Much eyes are much bluer and seem more alive than usual but I attribute this to the effect of semen retention and celibacy. I dream of stuff every night but I can never remember it when I am awake, so I think it's not that important. Other than that I don't feel much change.



And I forgot to mention that I feel a much worse effect on me from alcohol now since I started to work on myself and this whole vampire spell thing. Earlier I never noticed such a effect of alcohol on me, but now even drinking a little feels like I am completely draining myself of energy and fucking myself up badly. Also I can only imagine what happens when I would ejaculate, like this guy >>113493. I think it would be devastating. But I have much less lust now and much more self control so I easily stay celibate.



At the time you posted saying you purified yourself there was a yellow qi layer closest to you which wasn't there before. It was "inside" the field of the magic, which appears as dark orange. Look here and you can see it, it should correspond to any of the 3 colors on the right side >>113377 it's relevant here as well, these colors only show the depth of something, it's not specifically about sex, like in the example.

Now it seems the yellow field is larger. If you felt depression and suicidal that could be part of the things cleansed from your body. Normally it would be the symptoms of a cold but I suppose this could happen too if you had these problems. Depression is also some kind of physical problem, a chemical imbalance at some level, which is why medication has an effect on it, If you can get the body to activate its own production of the needed substances like endophines, you'll instantly feel better.

I should probably also elaborate a bit on the magic itself here:

It's a kind of collective entity, an egregore consisting of all current vampires, their knowledge and experience as well as their influence on the world. So when the spell is cast, it connects you to this entity and you'll be evaluated by the spell's function (the being summoned to carry this out) while it uses the egregore's bank of knowledge to find ways to pass enlightenmen to you. So it has a lot of resources at its hand and it's just as persistant as the full body of existing immortals. Sometimes the person just isn't compatible anyway, sometimes the angle used didn't work, then it fails. But in some cases it could work at a later time because universal phenomena changes the situation, and then it may be effective at a second casting of the spell, or it will persist and wait for that opening if it's close by in time.

Ok, this post got long and complicated but I felt like this reply came in part from the magic itself, it just flew out of me.



>Normally it would be the symptoms of a cold

Oh, on December 24th I had a restless night, it felt like a very high fever. But it went away in the morning. Sorry for not reporting it back then - I mostly connected it with the organism's readjustment after I completely dropped vaping on December 20th. It indeed felt like cleansing of sorts.

Also what I said in >>113562 still holds - normally I would feel down/sad under present conditions but it's like I physically can't anymore. Only calmness disturbed by occasional amusement. Feels very wholesome.

Happy new year btw. And thanks for what you are doing. Even if it is placebo effect I fell as if it's helping me immensely.

Steel can't remember dreams though unfortunately. Nor establish conscious connection with anybody.



Thank you for the reply but I don't understand the meaning of the first passage. I don't know what this qi layer means, what the yellow color indicates and what it means that it is now bigger.

I must educate myself on all this stuff.




It's my habit of using qi gong terms. Qi is the low density energy all humans have, it's what you use for all basic energy manipulation or practice. If it's yellow it's clean. If it was dark or black that would mean it's karma and a source of illness or possible injury.

To be honest, earlier today some images came to my mind and I remembered the post you wrote about changing your mind. It had the image of some black energy being removed from you quite violently, at first I couldn't tell if it was increasing or decreasing, so I got a bit worried about the meaning of it. But it started moving and turned into a maelstrom thing and was cleansed. Then I came on here and saw your new post. I was a bit releaved seeing that it turned out ok, because it looked pretty bad for a while. I've seen people abuse practices before and get in huge trouble as a result. It's their doing of course but I still feel bad seeing it happening, even after cutting contact with them to protect myself. I suppose this shows the guiding function of this ancient magic really can handle things like this. But then again this was posted here and aimed at a small audience so it's not like some retarded mundane would accidentally come in here and get ideas and harm themselves.

They'll see this and discard it for LARP so nothing is likely to go wrong.



Well there is not much difference between a retarded mundane and me. I wish I had at least some of your skill so I wouldn't be as dependend on people like you to help me out and see for me what is happening. I feel like a helpless, blind child, aka mundane compared to you.

Anyway I am still enourmously tahnkfull for your help and your engagement.



I think the difference between being a "mundane" and not being so is exactly what the word suggests.

To such a person, the world is essentially grey and dead without their distractions, with no ambition or possibility beyond what they already know to be true and immutable. Reality cannot surprise them. I remember it well.

Unlike the difference between OP and you (and me), the difference between you and a mundane person is not quantitative, but qualitative. Once you "get" magic, you can no longer be mundane even if you wanted. Skill develops over time with practice, and can indeed be lost to idleness, but it doesn't define you.


Hey OP, I contacted you to practice some telepathy, did you hear from me?



I've been rather busy today so I don't know, I pick up a lot of communications and most of it is random stuff I overhear so I've learned to ignore it.

It's possible, if you tried sending just a smile, I noticed that one.



I had a small conversation with you. Much earlier in the thread you mentioned time distortion to someone, I'm wondering if perhaps that is the cause and from your point of view the conversation occurred at another time?

Or perhaps I'm just being to hopeful and I didn't connect right to you. Oh well, if you spoke/speak with someone who describes the vampires as looking pretty inhuman let me know.


File: a4de69e2d0936a0⋯.jpeg (261.62 KB, 1800x1238, 900:619, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


I also perceived them as pretty inhuman:

>Last night before going to sleep I reached out to you in meditation so that you would guide me to these brings. I met a handful of ones. They felt old like mountains. Their bodies were all deformed like a tree gets deformed by the passage of time when all kinds of stuff grows around it. It wasn't disgusting, and I think it was symbolic. As if they were so old they didn't know how to wear a body anymore. Their vibes were neutral. (>>113515)

And by neutral I also meant they probably don't give two fucks about morals one way or the other, but I'm not sure. I assume after such a long time you develop quite a detached view of the universe. I mean, I'm developing it and I've barely been here for three decades.

By the way, as far as I know, most of the time you either talk telepathically with someone or evoke them (even if they're alive), you are going to talk to a part of them that is not the same part that remembers it, generally. Unless the person is aware of your attempts at communicating and paying attention, it's more or less like having a conversation with someone that talks in their sleep. For the same reason good for gathering private info if the person hasn't set up any defenses.

One of those random conversations you have with yourself during the day could be and probably is someone or something contacting you telepathically. As OP said, we tend to think those thoughts are ours but we're like radios picking up all kinds of things.

I'll bet there is a lot of contact that is made unconsciously and that people actually communicate telepathically with each other without noticing all the time.

As a little game and a test I have tried to contact you and conveyed fluffy pink bunnies to you. Did you come across or think about anything like that recently? If it was you indeed who I reached, I got a very formal feeling, almost suit-and-tie, Asian-like, young. After the second attempt you actively refused me. I got a void after that, and after I insisted, an actual "fuck off already" attitude. If you like, you can try me.



I saw the vampires, I think it was the queen, definitely a female and it felt like some sort of leader or dignitary. I saw a yellow glow surrounding these two long, stony, icicle like fangs coming from a strange mouth. Beneath the yellow glow I could see some of her body, it was like a red fire. She had some shape that was vaguely humanoid but it did not stand out much. After a bit of talking she seemed more human but still with the long fangs. Her hair was up in beehive fashion, and it was a dark glossy purple and green. She almost had a duck like quality?

I've kind've realized that is how it is when you communicate with something telepathically, but I've always held the assumption things were that way because I was somehow lacking in skill or ability. Maybe I simply need to adjust my thinking some.

And yes I do think I might have felt you try and contact me, though I do not think I realized that is what was happening. I definitely felt some surges in energy but I pushed them away thinking they were something else. If I was not sure who you are the formal greeting sounds like something I would do. I'm not asian, at least not in ethnicity, and I'm certainly not old though I'm not sure what age-range young is.

And yes, I might contact you.



I don't think that was me - not because I didn't talk to anyone, because like >>113626

said you can slip into someone's thoughts and get replies while they treat it as an internal monologue - but rather because the "inhumane" view of vampires doesn't match my perception of them.


I know from before that when you realise something complex, it's likely you connected with a "material god", this was explained by Li Hongzhi, writer of the book I referenced before. Basically, in my understanding, all lawbound matter has a god controlling its functions, or everything material would collapse. When you reach a higher understanding, you unlock communication with a new god and they will then explain the new principles to you by slipping it into your thought patterns.

There seems to be something similar going on within the cabal, intentionally or not, I had a vampire explain something like this to me yesterday. I don't know if he did it willingly or if I connected with his mind because I reached his area and the information was passed over naturally.

Anyway, in reply to


>As a little game and a test I have tried to contact you and conveyed fluffy pink bunnies to you. Did you come across or think about anything like that recently? If it was you indeed who I reached, I got a very formal feeling, almost suit-and-tie, Asian-like, young. After the second attempt you actively refused me. I got a void after that, and after I insisted, an actual "fuck off already" attitude.

I walked outside and saw animal traces in the snow, first a dog, which made me wonder if it was a hunter's dog or a wolf at first. Then a reindeer and last a hare. When I saw the hare prints my mind went off thinking about my relation with another player in an MMO a few years back. I did think of her as a bunny because of a situation where we did co op and she had to jump around alot to stay alive because my battle rating was way beyond her's and the enemies were adapted to me. So yeah I guess it somehow had to do with bunnies. Though it may have been with a delay as the memory only came up when I saw the hare trace in the snow.

The rest could just be my standard reaction when I'm busy, as I said I push stuff away all the time without looking at it.

A wizard I know from before suddenly contacted me about a wand but these interactions are very straight forward and will break through to conscious communication at once. We only exchanged 2 sentences and an image and the business was finished, this is how concise it normally is. I guess if someone wanted to small talk that wouldn't catch my attention at all, intent matters.

The female vampires are more interested in emotional experiments but the interactions are just as concise and to the point. It may also be a matter of what level of communication you are at.

Now that I think about it, if you want to small talk, try contacting the figure skater Shizuka Arakawa, she also does telepathy. Don't ask me why or how, but she does, I talked to her a lot in the beginning. Just watch out because it can be hard to "hang up the call" with her, she's very strong and intrusive. I dreamed of skating across my kitchen floor the night after talking to her.


Aside from passing time into the wildlands, I'm trying to link my will daily to the vampire cabal, trying to act as an antenna spreading my signal.

Hoping to find some signs and contacts, as I understand this spell mechanism


File: 9f8b5880831bec0⋯.jpeg (72.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


>I've always held the assumption things were that way because I was somehow lacking in skill or ability. Maybe I simply need to adjust my thinking some.

Maybe we both are somehow lacking in skill.

>And yes, I might contact you.

Make sure to report back. I will probably not realize consciously, but we can piece it back together afterwards.


I still don't believe physical immortality is possible, but this thread is fun as fuck. And I do want to keep my consciousness pattern together for as long as possible after death.

>Shizuka Arakawa

This keeps getting better and better.


File: a38de04c237de6b⋯.jpg (161.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, doggos.jpg)

I've been visiting this thread for a few days now, did not consent to anything yet.

Today i had such weird dreams.

I remember thinking that it was ok to rape someone because I was dreaming.

I dont think it's something to do with this thread specifically, but I wanted to talk about it with someone.



I sent a simple message trying to convey less of a concrete message and more of feelings and ideas. I sent a feeling of cold and love. Not sure if you picked it up. Also not sure how I feel about continuing this… I'd like to find a better way to practice than sending random feelings over an image board lol.


Everybody already knows about the governments wanting to turn the planet into a snow globe for a couple decades. What I'm curious about is the survival capabilities of a vampire in a mini ice age situation. Personally, I start to get very cold if I haven't channeled any energy in a while. What would happen if there's no more humans left to feed on except for in walled off villas that are inaccessible to a common vamp?



Start by actually reading the thread.


I hear smiley's trying to get into vampirism to give into his genetic heritage as a jew. Details?



I hope these can help to dissolve the bad dreams! This time I include an explaination of every video!:

I hope that you like this.

I have some good resources. The 4ch threads this was on were suddenly archived or just deleted.

This video here, https://youtube.com/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w , is a remote "soft kill shield" for targeted individuals of all kinds. It will work to destroy many harassments. This other, https://youtube.com/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ , is the second version of the targeted individual scatter frequency. I hope that they help."

"Dive deep within yourself, speak to your Higher Self (read www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/08/23/why-i-am-no-longer-a-light-worker/ and http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/11/21/tell-the-lords-of-karma-that-you-are-sovereign-no-longer-a-lightworker-part-2/, by Cameron Day), enter your Akashik records, and you shall Know. We are One with the All (Infinite Source) as the All (Infinite Source) is One with Us. If you need more guiding, read from Bibliotecapleyades and Montalk. Finally, listen to the following videos https://youtube.com/watch?v=RQIO9cqwgcE which is a video that will help you to vibrate with the Universal Love , https://youtube.com/watch?v=pSyUT2p4H24 which will help you to awaken your Intuitive Powers aka Higher Self Guidance , https://youtube.com/watch?v=feilxGTQkow which will help you realize the Interconnection of Everything, aka. that You are Divine and that All is One ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o , this is an Etheric Extraction, to PURGE your etheric out of anything negative ,

https://youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss and this is a Supremely Powerful Subconscious Purger , (commas are flying so they do not become part of the link).

Each has instructions, and the two last ones are particularly important; only watch it 1 time per day for 5 days, then rest for 2, and then you may repeat it. Beware that sometimes channels will try to brainwash you; the ones I have listed are safe. Reclaim your Divine Sovereignity, Fight the Parasites, STS/Duality Low Vibration/Frquency/Density Beings and the different Matrix Control Systems.

Remember always, do not go into the light when you die."

Demons and archontic parasites absolutely hate the last video!

Also merging one of my other comments:

"The DrVirtual7 has made these amazing videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k , to help you with making a Shield of White and Golden Light, and https://youtube.com/watch?v=MrvQ-YNThDg , to protect yourself from and dissolve black magic, also cleaning the Space of Self."




This stuff won't be needed for the anons addressed in this thread.


This shit still active?

OP the whole reason I'd want to become a vampire to to gain the power to easily predate on people and drink blood without bullshit. If this won't give me that, or if removing the 'bloodlust' means I won't like blood anymore, then this has zero value to me.



I see. Thanks for advising me! I think that everywhere there is a person who can need one of these, that's why i gave it to the anon who had strange dreams.



I don't know why you'd want that, sounds unnecessarily traditional. The goal is to get rid of bloodlust in the end anyway since it's one of the things keeping you here and a hindrance for finally leaving the physical plane. Removing it is an advantage.

If you're only here for the edginess of it you're better off just dressing up with a cape and faking it.


Most anons here have strange dreams and it's a normal part of what we're doing in this thread. Getting rid of them wouldn't be beneficial as they have messages for the dreamer.


File: 67c513ceda2b5a3⋯.jpg (3 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20171208_171227.jpg)

pleiadian poster here, you said i was almost through and that i just needed a extra nudge, i meditated and asked for the extra nudge. then felt my third eye tingle. after that not much

its been 2 days nothing much has happened except i have been focusing on my vampire teeth alot. and i have been feeling more happiness like >>113606

oh and i have also tried contacting you telepathically, and i think you said it went through, i persisted and you told me you are busy.

i have been wondering when i can stop eating. (i dont want to eat) . but im afraid i will lose my nice gains i have been getting and become a "skeleton" again, i have very high metabolism.

Right now im living in nature. Im growing my own food, on a piece of land, away from the mundanes. i love the connection of nature in my place.

also can you check my signature and see if i went through? :) thank you

pic is a photo from my place.



Nice place, anon! Keep it up.



There are a few layers normally to achieve to get there. What I can see so far is the external "circle" being connected and an internal energy field is there, but I can't tell right now if you reached the fundamental particle or not. It's very deep so it's hard to see this for sure within someone. All I can say is you are doing the right thing. Keep going and you will know, you will feel the stability inside you when you have it.



It's the suffering of uncertainty while we wait. I have chatted with someone who said she always wanted to be a vampire more than anything ever, but she doesn't believe them to be real so she has no hope of becoming one. Then I realized that it is a great priviledge to be here and receive vampirism and immortality and I wanted this too all my life. I felt ashamed that I even tried to get rid of the spell just because I could not control my feeling and succumbed to a sudden burst of depression. What a disgrace to be so unthankful for the opportunity to become a part of the vampire cabal. I realized while chatting with her that I really want to become a vampire and wanted this since my early childhood. But now the pain of waiting and not knowing if it works or not is even harder, and to think of that this will go on for 6 months, laways the fear that in the end it might not work after all. I think I deserve this.

Anyway, when I look at this post >>113667 I must ask…do we actually get vampire teeth with the spell or do we have to work on them seperately, if that's even possible? I think vampire fangs would actually be pretty neat


File: b63122e7c2924cd⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 640x426, 320:213, bra-2306600_640.jpg)

File: 0d77183570e9e40⋯.png (75.62 KB, 640x320, 2:1, vampire-151457_640.png)


The teeth are, as far as I understand, a symbolic representation of a complex universal structure. It has to do with a pattern that (I assume) will be visible to you when you learn how to perceive these things.

It's a form with 3 pillars, or energy streams taking on that form, and they're white or red/pink. The form representing the upper side of vampirism has white-red-white with the teeth represented by the white. It also has to do with wether the pillars stretch all the way or if they're contained and has a carrot shape, in which case they really do look like fangs. There's also a directional energy, with the white here going down and the red going up, symbolized by the blood being sucked up between the teeth.

There is then the lower form which is opposite, with red-white-red and the red going up and white going down. This also has a very concrete representation but I'm not sure I should explain it here, it may be another "wtf moment" in this thread.

I'll add 2 pics and you can figure out the symbolism yourself.


Well, I think I'm done for the time being. My mood and feelings throughout the day went back to normal. I guess it either worked or it didn't. What do you suggest I do next, OP? For instance, can I go back to doing daily Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or will that mess up the spell (among other things it's a life extender).

Is there an equivalent ritual I could perform without compromising this spell?

When I tried to contact Shizuka Arakawa I got a very fast and hectic stream of stuff including Christmas imagery, ice and snow and smiling women.



Don't do things out of habit, think about the purpose of it. I don't think there is any rule against what kind of magic you can use, but some of the things you've used will not have any meaning after you've come through because these serve to perform things that will now be internalized and automatic. For example there will be a shielding function protecting you against physical and mental attacks including a shield for your material assets. This was sort of included in the old spell as well, but it's been worked through properly with the newer version for faster development. So anything meant to protect in these areas will be abundant, you can focus on more important things.

Just as >>113667 you have the external cicle formed already but again it's hard to tell if it formed internally yet. It's just a matter of time though, if the circulation formed it will come through eventually.

If you just want to get rid of spirits I suppose you can do the banishing, but considering they won't be able to harm you or your assets, there is the question why you would bother removing them. Unless they attack you(in which case the shielding will repell them) you should be able to communicate with them and if they have a hostile attitude you can tell them to fuck or else. If they still won't listen you can take action. Some beings will defect over to your side if you force them down though, so it may be a better idea to try and suppress them in place first.



Then I assume I can do regular offerings no problem?

I do offerings of incense, candles and/or meditation as tokens of gratitude and for those spirits who would like to favor me in return (not as worship).


I feel stupid for asking this, but will there be a problem with sunlight? Actually, are there any downsides to this condition?



There shouldn't be a problem. From what I know they work with spirits of different kinds. It's only at the very initial stage that you may want to be careful with it. But you should feel when you're through somehow. It may already have happened for all I can tell. You can feel it inside if you have it, there's going to be that feeling that you'll just have things your way no matter the resistance, that no one will be able to stop you. Not just confidence but a rational conclusion that this is objectively how it is.


The downside is that you'll have to enlighten to something, meaning you'll lose your human condition. It's a trade of one thing for another to maintain balance. If you no longer reincarnate, you lose all your future lives as a human, and trade it for one long life, stretching out until you're done with the physical. Balance means no one can say that it's unfair. You're not stealing anything from anyone, unlike humans who would take what they can and then die painfully as punishment.



>there's going to be that feeling that you'll just have things your way no matter the resistance, that no one will be able to stop you. Not just confidence but a rational conclusion that this is objectively how it is.

At risk of sounding arrogant I must say this is the way I've felt since I started doing magic. I didn't understand it then, but I believe I made myself a place among the hierarchy. "God provides" for me at every turn and I even feel genuinely sorry for people who despite having everything within their reach, struggle. But I also know their help can only come from within.

It is also true that I'm a very little ambitious man. I want almost nothing, but almost everything I want I end up getting. And the thing I want most is to know.

I will believe in physical immortality when I see it with my own eyes, but in the meantime, this seems good.

By the way, as >>113683 said. I would like to know, not the downsides, but rather if there is any kind of compensation these entities take and in exchange for what. Meaning, can one earn their service in one thing or another? Is there a protocol for exchanging value within this community the same way there are protocols for exchanging spirit favors?



By the way, I had never seen it like this, but most spirits work for us in exchange of what is essentially artistic expression. They're patrons!



I'm so tired of hearing about this in the media all the time, going over and over about jew blood rituals and human sacrifice, usually of infants, throughout history and right up to the present day.

Can't they report about something else for a change.

Note, it is in the very foundation of modern israel. Look up "Moses Montefiore", an italian jew that chose England as his base of operations. He frequently visited palestein, and was one of the founders of modern zionism. In his biography it is mentioned that he went once at least to make a deal to release some jews that had been convicted of human sacrifice and blood ritual.

That was in the mid to late 1800s.


File: 86673fad6cc4b48⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)


They could report about the blood sacrifices of any of the other thousands of groups who have used it and use it for their benefit.

It's effective as fuck, you know.

But they count on people being myopically fixated on the Jews to see the bigger picture. It's /pol/'s bane, to be honest.




>Is there a protocol for exchanging value within this community the same way there are protocols for exchanging spirit favors?

It's there for sure but it seems to be merit based with a strong hierarchy. If you know what to ask for you can get it simply because you have the insight enabling you to ask that question. But it's my feeling that you need to put in to get something out. It's like the mafia, they don't tell you, you should just "get it" and know your place.

Something came to my mind just now, from a movie based on a biography of some photographer. Back in the earlier 1900s all models were nobility of some kind, because it was simply seen as unworthy to have people look at commoners showing off fashion. Quite unlike today.

There is this scene where the photographer is fucking one of the models in the lodge right before a photo session. It ends with her telling him "You can fuck me all you want, but you know we can never marry." This illustrates the situation, the photographer being a commoner can be allowed treating a noble like an equal in private but when leaving the room the hierarchy is back up.

Find the spots like that and you can skip ahead despite being at the bottom. I don't know if the illustration makes sense to you, but I think it came up for a reason.


I was thinking kind of idly, and I pieced something together from a weird dream I had a few nights ago. I think I may have met the character with the "blue eyes" >>112869 was speaking of. It was at the end of a dream. I was shown activity that at the time seemed to suggest as cult. I won't go into much detail about it suffice to say there were black hooded cloaks and torches all about. I was frightened by it and instead of entering the area with the "cult" activity I turned around and walked away. Shortly thereafter I saw another being. It was a clown, but it looked similar to a ventriloquist's dummy or a marionette, with visible lines for things like the mouth to move. Its eyes were fully rounded and comically large bugging out from his face, and the iris's were a cool piercing blue that cut right through me. From the pupil were multiple black lines bisecting the eye, making seem all the more fabricated or "unnatural". The eyes held a deep anger and wrath that was immediately noticeable. Though he frightened me some at first I could quickly tell he meant no ill-will. He spoke simply, and seemed both surprised and disappointed. It seems he (and most likely others) wanted me to go in and interact with the "cult".

When I attempt to apply logical thinking to this I doubt that it was the same entity, yet something about those eyes stuck with me, and I can't shake the feeling it is the same being.


File: a43d9127b4744fd⋯.jpg (140.34 KB, 512x623, 512:623, 39452eb9e129378b94887dbefc….jpg)

Had a strange persisting and recurring dream today. I was putting various things (mostly food i think) into a microwave oven and as they were heating up they turned into figurines of various lovecraftian-looking monstrosities. The subject repeated itself as a separate dream several times as well as weaved itself into several other dreams of little importance (mostly variations on seen stuff as usual). Didn't even use an oven yesterday, so no idea what that means if anything at all.

Other than that no significant changes. Yesterday had to go to a shopping centre and noticed that I'm irritated by large amounts of people even more than usual. Thus it's been the only thing that significantly disturbed the already mentioned feeling of calmness/positiveness that dominated in me during the last week.

OP, if you have the time, look into me a bit just in case please. I'm >>113606


File: d1a18274defeac9⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, d1a18274defeac933fb7f0989d….jpg)

Jesus Christ why am I craving baby flesh now. What the fuck?



So the upper form is white-red-white with red going up and the lower form is red-white-red with red going up and white down again? Are you sure the red is not going down and white up actually?

Other than that I thought of something like as above so below. It's basically the same form but inverted. The bra picture only adds to the confusion.


I must say I have noticed I am experiencing a lot bursts of depression followed by relaxation. I'll feel properly bad for a while, and then the feeling goes away and I can feel my body relaxing; warmth, tingling hands and feet, all that. (I rarely manage to relax to such an extent).

Can't say for certain it's related to this, but for the sake of documentation I thought I'd mention it.



My guess would be it has something to do with kundalini. The white stuff kinda reminds of ida and pingala channels (which probably means they are synchronized in vampires), and the red one is the central kundalini channel going up.


File: 7c5dfddd2d8b8fb⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 41202575a1cb3704dbae8f33a8….jpg)

File: 0db6ff9a28868e5⋯.jpg (400.22 KB, 747x1044, 83:116, 7da629f556f699d485baabe40c….jpg)


I guess it can be seen in that form as well, with red-white-red and red going down while white goes up. These things also change and have different roles in different people. From my view it's based on whether you are dominated by yin or yang. They reverse like that. But the symbolism remains.

Both pics are relevant and they relate to why there are stereotyped images like pic related.


I just tried to astral travel but in vein again. Either I never can get to exit my body or I do exit but the mind split occurs and all memories of it get lost. It's a bummer but whatever. When I lie down and go in trance in order to expand my energy body and possibly astro project I also feel my energy body a lot better. And I try to visualize something just for the exercise of visualization and to help me get out of body. So this time I visualized I visited OP and asked him if I'm a vampire. Of course since I have no idea where Op is or how he looks I visualized a old mansion (classic) with a vampire wizard guy inside. And when I asked him if I am a vampire I believe to have felt my heart chakra burning too just like fellow anons been reporting here earlier. It really felt like a burning sensation in the heart, something like a slight pain but not really uncomfortable. And it came right in response to the question. It was an interesting observation so I thought I write it out here. (still i hope I will finally be able to leave my body someday and astro travel)



Someone seemed to try to contact me when I was out for a walk. I remembered some people from here may be doing that so I asked if there was anything in particular. After getting no specific reply I just sent a greeting and said "bye."

I received the image of a male vampire in traditional clothing attempting to bite my right shoulder from behind.



Oh well, while I highly doubt that I did actually contact you I still realized that you must be bothered a lot and will from now on abstain from even trying to visualize you, in case my telepathy skills actually work. It must be a real chore to be contacted with horrible telepathy skills all the time. So if it was actually me then I am sorry and I try to not let it happen again.

>I received the image of a male vampire in traditional clothing attempting to bite my right shoulder from behind.

I never send out such an image or even thought about biting someone, or you in particular.


File: ee53c4aaf8cd1b8⋯.jpg (289.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CkoB9jh.jpg)

Hey OP, what about karmic debt? Vampires like you described get removed from it?

Could you please do a reading? If you don't want to, just ignore it. Np.



OP do you have blue eyes? I ask because this night I tried something described here, to focus on the static blurry vision. I did that and reached the grayness/black mass developing without focusing my eyesight. But I couldn't breach to outer layers of reality still. After that I tried to contact the cabal and while in this Mindstate I got the vivid image of a male blu eye, morphing into a tiger half face.



Telepathy works in strange ways. What you think of one way could come out quite differently on the other side because of the difference in context. I saw the image of the person, not an actual message. It's not that I live in a mansion but it's an old farmhouse and quite big so it's not totally wrong either, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Even saying "op of this thread using blood flag" should be enough to contact the right person. It's not a problem if you have a real thing to communicate, but if it's just for practice I suggest spirit communications, they have time for it.


Vampire live a long time so their karmic debt is worn off. They're also a different species from human after transformation so human morals don't fully apply to them.

Did you trigger the spell? It looks a bit different for you than for the others here. I get a feeling of "uphill" movement while everyone else has the energy moving "downhill." I don't know the significance of it.


What you see is usually symbolic. I don't have blue eyes, but from the descriptions I'm beginning to suspect it could be me. There's a relation to the blue eyes with lots of fury described before, and I can also see how the jester image would make sense. It's all a matter of perspective. Same with the other descriptions, there are reasons why it would make sense, but I can't tell right out this is how it is, because these are associations and images, not real life. I am not a butler or servant but if you wanted to look at it from a certain perspective my relation to the matriarch could perhaps be seen that way. I have no idea. You'll have to look at the full situation of it.


What you see is mostly relevant from your own personal world of concepts, it doesn't easily translate to other's understanding of things. If you want to be exact, use sigils, those don't usually change shape.


File: 3a9d0b12ad56212⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 829x1100, 829:1100, b0c2ca2ac3f45361d301744d3b….jpg)

OP, I think I have several questions just out of curiosity.

What country/culture did the original cabal start in?

Do certain countries/cultures tend to have more "vampires" existing in them currently?

How many members worldwide are there now approximately?



It didn't start in any country now existing. But I have had indications it was around during the times when most of the western world was centered in the middle east. Naturally it spread from there as culture spread. You may want to consider the blood sacrifice rituals in the mayan society as well.

The population of vampires including the weak versions is greater but for the cabal, I think around 200, but I'm not sure. Like literature claims, the second class vampires (untransformed, non-cabal members), the ones actually causing problems, may be more present in america than anywhere else. They need huge territories to not get caught so it may be true that there are just 10 in New York and maybe 1 in smaller places. Those vampires can be hunted by societies involved with that kind of activity. It wouldn't suprise me if the secret services of different countries know of their existence, similar to aliens.



>It didn't start in any country now existing.

That makes sense, but I meant more as in geographic terms or something. Thanks for answering anyway. Yeah, I thought it would be one of the ancient civilizations too, just was curious about which one exactly.

>They need huge territories to not get caught

Wait, so those "failures" that die before they are a thousand years old actually engage in drinking blood?



I don't know a lot about them, they don't "count", but if they were a result of a cabal member trying to transform someone they will be protected. But that problem shouldn't exist anymore.

Those failed vampires have a distincly different signature, I saw them post on 4chan/x/ now and then. People just think it's RP so they are left alone. It all adds up with the stories told tho, about someone who was "transformed" (people use this word even if it didn't really -work- in our sense of the word) by a vampire who later seemed to have died. They also get really upset if WW2 is brought up, which seems to be in line with those /x/-tier theories that there were vampires in germany and europe in general and that hunting them was carried out in cover of regular war operations.


>>113596 here. Still can't say I have any clear "symptoms" that I can readily attribute to the spell. I've been a bit more clear-minded, but that may just be that I've ended a long term project within the last week. I've had flu symptoms, but it's the middle of winter.

I had strange dream tonight, but having bizarre dreams isn't that unusual. I had 3, I would guess only the last one is relevant. It was a false awakening of sorts. I was at the house of some of my relatives. I haven't been there in over a year and had never dreamed about being there before.

I remembered the other two dreams as if I had already woke up. I also remember seeing a website which I assumed to be squatted until I looked more closely. It was an apology from the domain's owner (up to this point, probably a sort of priest or minister) for a sermon he had given, which had something to do with prayer and keeping demons away, and people had apparently misinterpreted it as meaning that prayer was ineffective. I clicked one of the links and it led me to a pretty standard "occult" website. I don't remember if the following sentence is accurate: There was a low-res grayscale picture of a woman in a small apartment, the sort you'd get by shooting at night with a monochrome camera.

At some point after that, I looked out the window and had a very clear mental image of that same picture, except now it was tinted in red. I did my usual protection ritual, which is unusual because I almost never can remember to do so in nightmares. I stopped feeling my legs, and then I felt something, which if I had to guess was humanoid but very small, creeping up my torso. I woke up right after.


Are you stuck with the body you have or can it be altered using magical means? Being limited to the physicality you've been born with for the next thousands of years to come seems pretty lame.



So were the vampires the good guys of ww2?



Thanks for sharing. The images are interesting, made me think of the intro of the first Silent Hill game, the idea that the world is owned by that girl, or in this case the woman you saw. I've had similar feelings about Resident Evil 3, that it represents the mental space of the main character who has to escape it, it's a similar idea. It also comes out pretty ok in the SH movie, that distant control, that the entire world is only about this little girl.

Seeing as you felt something climbing on your body it could be a demon girl of this type. Those games and movies represent actual entitites. You don't need to worry, they're if not friendly, at least reasonable. You can talk to them and bargain.


Gooing by the slowest development you should be able to freely move into other physical planes after 1000 years, so your body by this time will only be a symbolic representation. There won't be any hindrance even when "in here", it'll be as fine tuned as possible with no ailments. I don't think the cabal knows of any shapeshifting but it's possible they do possession of other humans. I'm currently working on something that may change this. My first goal is to be able to gender switch the body, seems like a basic feature to try and achieve.


Those vampires are not good, ever. That's why they die, they can't balance their karma. It does, in the end, depend on your enlightenment ability after all. If you could identify the qualities of the blood it would have worked no matter the blood type, but no one before in history could do this.

But as they call me "demon" and don't think of me like the rest, it's just how it is, I was able to do this because I came in here with a purpose and carried this out over a number of lifetimes, going back to the roman empire. I only just finished this in my last lifetime and was born with the ability I achieved back then. So I was never dependent on the vampirism magic from start.



So there's vampires, even the real 1000+ year old ones, who aren't part of the cabal?



I see, how unfortunate those vampires couldn’t get rid of their debt and were killed.

How does my energy look so far since I’m stopping in anyway.



No they're dead. I don't have a word for them since people call them vampires and they call it transformation but none of it has actually been done. The terminology is confused because not many know the real situation. The Vampire Diaries + Originals were pretty close, lining it up as two types where the commoners can be killed in traditional ways while the originals only die from white oak. Real immortals can't be killed but the general idea of how the magic works is correct, as well as the other dimensional stuff. They also had the dying and reviving part right.

The failed vampires never die, all of them who have described it say, if you die you're dead. That means the magic is weak and can't revive you, therein lies the failure.


It looks like there's a new extensibility in your energy and it looks a little more powerful.



Changing the body -at least to a relatively insignificant degree- is something that often times pops up in mundane-tier magic circles, like people who are into the law of attraction and the likes. There's a lot of reports of chicks getting bigger tits, or guys growing a couple of inches,etc.

If people like that can manage, I reckon having the benefits of being a vampire should mean you're absolutely able to do it - that's why I asked.

It also just seems like an extremely beneficial thing to be able to do; appearance does in fact matter in the human world.



What I meant was, is the cabal membership mandatory for the successfully transformed vampires?

Can you opt out of the whole telepathic hive mind thing?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

13 seconds



Right. I thought you meant things like transforming into bats and wolves and other ridiculous things like neophytes talk about, then changing the goal post and saying they changed their astral image and not physically, as if that mattered. Growing a little bigger is probably no big deal if you have time. I just don't think they care about this. There are better things to spend your time on, like learning to use the traveling dimensions. The first thing you learn is a masking skill so no one will recognise you if they have hostile intent. So changing your face isn't needed. I just had an idea of changing certain parameters after the body has been moved away from the physical, then manifesting a human bodily form similar to the method a demon uses when visiting the human world physically, then possessing that body. I can't think that it matters a lot in experience but there are reasons you may want to use the other gender for working on issues related to yin-yang differences. Putting on muscle mass isn't that useful, there are abilities for this anyway, buddhist monks are said to have had those in the past, like some of what they show off in kung fu, but more advanced level.


It isn't mandatory but that's like saying you don't want something that only has advantages. If you get the offer there is no reason to not accept. If you're worried about integrity they can read your mind anyway right now, as with all humans.



It's really the fringe cases I'm wondering about. If you have some massive facial or physical deformity, it seems that would be worth changing considering you're going to be spending at least a 1000 years in that body until you can 'freely move into other physical planes' as you say.

I can imagine living your life for hundreds of years looking like Quasimodo is undesirable, but maybe that's just short-sighted of me.



Let me put it this way; if you have such a deformity, that is because of massive karma, you probably were a drug dealer or some other crook in your past life, so your situation is punishment. With that amount of karma, you wouldn't survive transformation, or even be able to receive the magic.

It's my understanding that people who can enter the field of the cabal's egregore may have passed several lifetimes on the outskirts of it before being allowed in. It's not as simple as just inviting anyone.



Would the field kill them if they come in contact with the egregor?

If they weren’t ready?



I see, I see. That makes sense I suppose. Thanks for clearing it up.



It's an interesting thought that you might be the character with the blue eyes. My dream >>113706 occurred before I had even seen this thread.


The thought of being scouted out by the cabal worries me for some reason. Maybe I was too rash in my original decision to turn it down.

Either way I want to thank you OP, this is an enjoyable thread.



Holy shit, I guess I'll be either dead soon or the spell isn't working on me after all. This scared me more than it should and suddenly I feel my heart chakra burning again.

Man next time you really should post a warning included into the op. "people with deformities will possibly die from the spell." That would be very helpful lol. But maybe I am lucky and will get away.


File: a65f4e45ce5d4bc⋯.png (65.54 KB, 539x409, 539:409, i ching.PNG)

File: c58e3d3b056cc96⋯.png (76.15 KB, 548x443, 548:443, i ching 2.PNG)

Just did an I Ching reading with the question "Is the vampire magic going to succeed" and got a nice result. Have asked similar questions a few times, all with positive results. I don't feel much of a change, except an improvement in mood, but I remain hopeful as it's still early days.



Maybe stumbling upon this is opportunity is already indicative of having the requirements?

Kind of how in Buddhism just being born in a time and place where you known Buddhism exists is already an indication of good karma.



Well I have thought about death often, this is only an oppurtunity to practice detachment and see if I can really take death so easily and not give a fuck as I always imagined it to be. But if you are right, that would be awesome obviously.



If you really are deformed or a cripple in a way that it cannot be healed, it may not work. The traditional way of doing this with blood is done in person so they wouldn't have accepted someone with deformity, they only pick beautiful people or like someone phrased it

>je ne sais quoi

a hard to define quality, like artistic talent. Maybe you have a talent?

Otherwise what I mean by die in transformation is the 1000 years resulting in failure/death, unless you refused to drink blood in which case you'd die at normal human age. Or so I think. It's getting hypothetical here. Using this spell from a distance is different. If you at first accepted the idea, you can't be an amputee or something, right? But either way you may develop the enlightenment quality needed and escape reincarnation after death anyway, it may just not work physically. I suppose having physical problems is a kind of removal of karma as well because it means disattachment from the physical in a quite direct way if you manage to ignore it.



To clarify, this version of the spell doesn't use blood and it doesn't produce "failure" vampires either. It will work or it will pass through you with a mere cleansing effect. If you didn't develop it yourself in your body it will be gone soon. Physical blood transfusion on the other hand works no matter what, as explained before, so it works all the way or half the way.



>you can't be an amputee or something, right?

No I'm not, in fact I believe myself to be rather good looking and my deformity is not easily seen, if it is seen at all when looking at me in everyday- regular life…that means when I am fully(normal) clothed. So I guess it is not as bad as you may think.

Another question, so when I am a noob at telepathy and I attempt something like this I might end up talking with myself right, or what seems talking with myself while actually talking with the partner I aim to talk?

Because I tried to contact the cabal telepathicly and I ended up talking to myself in my head after a while. Only short time later I remembered this thread what you wrote here earlier and I realized that I may have actually talked to the cabal and that I only received their messages in a way that I think I talked to myself. Is this possible?

It is funny because I asked for a sign of communication from the vampire cabal and soon I gave my own reply. I replied to myself with "It's highly amusing that you are so excited about being a vampire and the cabal can't wait to finally meet you for real when the transofrmation is done."

Of course most likely I talked to myself but the chance is there that such a reply would come from the other part, right?



Will minor conditions such as nearsightedness go away after awhile, and if so how long will that take?

Also can you check my signature again? I haven't noticed too many changes but I do seem to be a bit more clear-headed.



Does that sound like your wording? Do you usually talk to yourself like this? It's possible the message did slip in and you couldn't hear it at first, then it echoed in to your own thoughts.


Your energy seems a bit more cleared up, lots of yellow qi.

Eyes will heal but how fast I can't tell. It's probably a combination of genetics and bad habits that need fixing. If you want to speed it up, try bates method, it doesn't hurt to exercise.


The "long swing" in combination with "palming" is said to work well.


You mention karma a lot implying there is some kind of system of morality at play; by what manner is morality determined?

In Buddhism there's obviously the 5 precepts, in Yogic traditions there are the yamas, and niyamas, etc. What, in your understanding, constitutes the workings of karma? What 'rules' are there?



Harming someone else for pure self interest, such as looking at it from only your own personal life as a single human with a limited lifetime, and trying to just get whatever you can at the cost of others.

But there's that concrete aspect that I see these very clearly, karma is the black energy blocking you and it's creating things like an entire inverted society when people go along with it. It's gone to extremes, with 3 layers of society completely based on karma and a 4th layer to top that like a screen. All of these exist energetically inside a black hole, but people who walked into it can't see that. It's all spo extremely low that you can't really grasp it at first. I started exploring this "rabbit hole" back in 2005 and came up with 9 levels of the bottom of society, then I realized it kept going down, and again and again, reaching so many layers I lost count of them.

For example the top of the secret societies like "illuminati", the real ones, they are still just working at the bottom of the whole thing, their "enlightenment" sure is huge to a mundane but it's still like diving into the bottom of hell and falling for a year in free fall to get there. It's really horrible. This toches on the idea of morality and why the cabal vampires could take blood in the past, they were still paying off their debts so it didn't matter, they're gods compared to what humans are doing anyway.


Today I noticed my sense of smell was particularly sharp.

I also realized we know the answer to every question we lose ourselves and the only answers we seem to not know are the ones we do not accept. But we can feel truth lurking just beneath the surface of consciousness. If that makes sense. Is it like that for everyone or just me?



*we pose ourselves

Also, the things we don't or can't know are only the things we don't know how to ask, because of the above.

I don't know if I'm explaining in a way that makes sense, but I wish I could. It's a fucking huge realization actually.



>shield for your material assets

What exactly does that include?

Is it protection against theft? Bombs? The tax man noticing that this weird spooky mansion hasn't changed owner in centuries?



I think I know, but you worded it in an unusual way. Everything is there in the open but you either discard it thinking it's nothing or your mind is blank and you can't place it on the map.

Being able to ask relevant questions means knowing what is relevant, and that in itself requires pre knowledge of the topic. It's a circular situation with no appearant entry point.


It's working on the outside of all human systems, subtly altering situations and human thinking to create a shield out of void.

To use an example, I placed a shield manually over my country to protect it against meddling foreign powers. I know it can't be pierced, when I do these things it's just absolute sometimes, I know 100% it will work. Now the effect is really weird sometimes, and it has exposed the meddlers to me. Without saying too much there was a number of events which seemed like a sofisticated attack meant to drive public opinion into a controlled opposition position by creating racism against a certain group. So the whole thing was changed by an immigrant from a "non controversial" country being obviously framed for murder but no one seeing through it. Instead he was sentenced to prison but soon deported instead. Unfair it may seem but the real criminal being found would have created a toxic political situation. It was really obvious to me how this was prepared, and the shield just effectively blocked the whole thing by manipulating useful idiots to steer the attack away.

It did the same thing again later, but this time a demon girl entity I had worked with played along with the shield and diverted another attack in a really messy way. I still can't tell what that would have led to politically but in short:

>police had knowledge of a bank robbery being planned

>they sit in their cars waiting for the robberers to show up to take all of them in the act

>suddenly a man goes phycho on the street and stabs a number of people for no reason

>police have to leave their posts and take care of that instead

>bank robberers see the police and get nervous, tried to escape and crashes their car

>police takes them with no resistance

What was protected? The bank? What could have happened if the bank robberers hadn't freaked out and crashed? I have no idea but something creating a certain political situation would have taken place if it had played out according to foreign attackers plans.

There is an advanced occult war going on at all times, this is what you'll be protected against mostly.


Op, what do you gain out of this?


I hope it is not expected from the new vampires here that you create, or any vampires for that matter to participate in occult wars, politics and so on. This stuff seems pretty unenlightened to me to be honest, pretty mundane. And it boggles me to be honest that so many spirits and wizards partake in this. Btw I must say seeing vampires smoke or giving blowjobs seems pretty unenlightened and "mundane" to me too. Personally if I would be a vampire who goes for enlightenment and is protected I would be pretty much the hermit yogi meditating and working on myself most of the time, occasionally helping people. Politics or occult wars and that stuff wouldn't even cross my mind.

To be honest the only thing an enlightened master would get involved with imo is to help create protection for every human being so that they cannot get played anymore like a puppet by any spirits, demons or occult wizards. No "demon girl" entity or whatever the fuck should be able to get you killed just because of some spell from another guy. All this violence makes me sick, and it makes me even more sick to see how it is all invisible to 90% of the humans, and they are blind and helpless to it.


btw I actually don't really believe karma works that way, if karma is real at all. I once saw a buddhist phrase. Every time you read that phrase 80.000 eons of years of bad karma gets erased from you. I read that sentence a lot lol, but I highly doubt it actually works that way. Buddhism today is not what original buddhism was back then, it was real back then but is surely is mostly a joke today. So I wouldn't believe it too much. What I believe in is karma shaming, and buddhism is the best in shaming you and threatening you with karma. In the same time they lure you in into their religion with the karma threat. I have seen various buddhist masters say "buddhism is the best philosophy/religion for those reasons…" It shocked me how often I have come across this. They really do try to promote it and make people think buddhism is the best there is. And apparently only knowing about buddhism is a sign of good karma, right? Now you need only to join and your karma is already even better…not sure about that. I am open to karma ideas and think there is something like karma, but I do not think it's this comical clishee idea of buddhist karma like they make you believe it is. To be honest I think karma shaming is the best way to trick a soul to reincarbate again in this shit matrix of a planet


File: 7e7ff226def36f2⋯.jpeg (73.71 KB, 600x465, 40:31, DR53jEuW0AAJP3Q.jpeg)


Karma is created by the chimera and the archons. They use karma to justify your entrapment in this prison planet.

In the universal laws there is no karma, only cause and effect. Karma is a twisted form of cause and effect, made by the archons so you have to reincarnate again. Cause and effect state that, every effect has a cause, and every cause have a effect. When we came here, we sadly had to agree to their twisted rules of karma. The archons knew we would never be karma free under their rules. (Only when you live away from the system, like the old ascended masters).

Here is a good link to some good information on the planetary situation going on. http://2012portal.blogspot.pt/?m=1



1. I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would have agreed to that voluntarily when coming here

2. Why would anyone come here in the first place? I believe we are brought here and trapped against our will by simple means of birth.

3. I think it's time to say NO, take your (will)power back and break out of the system. If you have anything to add on how to escape feel free to do so. If not then our best bet is just our will, awareness and knowledge about the world. Don't agree to archon karma system


File: 83c6f39aae26102⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 255x180, 17:12, 940f382fa56d139bf4d8a9ac61….jpg)


We came here 26000 years ago before the planet was under the archons and chimeras control, we got implanted and manipulated, when the negative forces won the control over planet earth.

it all started with the collapse of Atlantis, the demiurge or yaldaboth infiltrated the minds of people and made them commit wars and atrocities. Positive forces couldn't intervene directly because the archons had made toplet bombs on the plasma and physical plane, keeping us in a hostage situation.

We are close to the liberation of our planet, because the lightforces are clearing the bombs carefully, both from the plasma and physical plane.



And what happens when we are liberated?

Will we be able to stop incarnating on this plane?



More rational people in the world will be better. It's also that the people who really become immortals will still be there later on when leaving this place. I do believe this is my responsibility.


I had that view too, but when you realize to what amount you are being attacked by occults from all over the world for no other reason than them being assholes, then you start fighting back. After a few years when they still don't get it, you start shielding yourself and your environments, and set up automatic traps for them to keep them away. Over time you realize they simply will not stop, they keep thinking they can beat and will not give in until incapacitated. As much as you just want to meditate in peace, 99,99% of the world doesn't want you to do that, they want you to support their self interests, knowingly or unknowingly.

It's just the way it is, humans are dumb and violent and you will need to keep them at bay.




This topic is better discussed in another thread or in its home:




Thanks for the link anon


File: 511899e2f849289⋯.jpg (310.65 KB, 1024x895, 1024:895, Screenshot-2018-1-4 ghost ….jpg)

I want to thank you OP for setting up this thread and giving us this "thing". The meditations that have resulted from it have culminated a process of healing I started about three years ago and they have also helped me keep growing as a mystic.


>occult war


>Egotistocal Buddhists

None of this matters

All of it is a passing fancy, all is maya until you choose what you want to be true and go from there.



Time for me to post an update.

Since this came up here and there is something I've been working on, I think I should share this. I really do cringe when I see those "shapeshifting" threads normally posted on occult forums so I don't really want this to be associated with it, but anyway.

<I'm going to use this in the simplest sense of the concept; changing your physical body slightly for health benefits.

I saw this post on /fit/ earlier this year about someone wanting to grow his lower lawbone for better posture. I would have discarded it as broscience but someone posted before and after pics of himself, and said he had done an exercise which in short means

>placing and keeping the back of your tounge against the ceiling of your mouth during the day

The idea doesn't sound dumb for building muscle but growing bones? However his pics had a very distinct difference, and I just can't say it was just the muscles. His jaw was just visibly longer.

So I researched this a bit and in short, science claims you can grow your bones before age 20. For example with the right kind of exercise you can increase your ribcage by around 2 inches. But after you stop growing, it's not possible.

Anyway, I read an article about what problems could be causes by a short tounge, with a case study of a woman who had constant migraines, difficulties with breathing, swallowing and tense neck and shoulders. Nothing helped, until she had a simple operation cutting a part of the tounge loose from the front, appearantly the string was to short. That solved all the other poblems.

So I thought I'll try this exercise, but most of the time I forget about it. Mostly I would remember to keep the back of my tounge pressed up when I went for a walk. Maybe I did it out of habit at other times.

Last night after contemplating this stuff and the differences between bodily forms, it just clicked into place. Some kind of blockage in my jaw opened up and the energy started flowing.

When I woke up this morning I felt very relaxed in my jaw/mouth area and as I went out into the bathroom I noticed in the mirror my jaw position was different. I haven't been checking this since starting the exercise (which was a while a go), but I can tell now after looking at my side view, it's not just how it feels. There's an increase of at minimum 10 millimeters, maybe more added to my jawbone. It's not a muscle change, I don't need to stay tense to keep the posture which would have been the case if it was just an effect from loosening up my movement pattern. I've felt the difference all day, the tense feeling in my head overall is gone as well as in my neck and shoulders. Those have gradually been fixed from just slowly getting into weightlifting and learning how to move properly, but this change is sudden and distinct.

So it seems if you have a physical problem related to something "unfixable" according to science, this can be corrected. I at once went on to free up the energy stream in my solar plexus to see if the same is possible for the ribs.

Immanual Kant is said to have had problems with anxiety caused by his small rib cage blocking his breathing, so there would definitely be benefits in having more room for your internal organs.

<occult relation to this

Now to take this further into the area here, what I discovered was that the key to be able to change your bodily proportions seems to be to sever the spiritual connection to your ancestors. Quite contrary to what occultists normally do, but there seems to be a lot of negative energy coming from them and this is keeping your body fixed in the form you had genetically when born.

I'm going to work with some of the older vampires and see if I can fix their sagging tits this way too.



*meant last year



I am >>113731 and no, i did not trigger the spell yet. Today i had such a weird dream.

I felt fully protected by something (i think in the dream i had triggered the spell), i was living in a very big house and from my kitchen door i could see a wooden "bridge" that would lead to an even bigger mansion, there was darkness instead of a door to this mansion at the end of the bridge.

I felt a lot fear when looking at this darkness, but in dreams when i feel fear i always react by going headfirst into it. So i did that, i went running thru the bridge and into the darkness. Before i reached it i fell on the floor, all of my nerves were extremely tensioned and in pain, a lot of fear going on.

I got back to my house slowly and went to a bedroom, afraid that my family was attacked. Everyone was just sleeping. I lookd at my mother and said "mom" and woke up.

My legs irl were sweating profusely and i was wide, wide awake. This was about 2, 2,5 hours after i went to sleep.



OP you seem to have a lot of work to do with such…meaningful…tasks like you described in the last sentence and I wish not to disturb you and keep you from your work longer than necessary. But will you answer me one more question? You said astral traveling and out of body experiences are not of importance to you and that's alright I guess, but can vampires in general astral travel? Since they are not really living and you said they are energetically like dried up riverbeds. If you happen to have no idea about this topic, maybe you can ask another vampire of the cabal? I feel this is important to know for anyone here because astral traveling is quite a important skill to have.



He already said in this thread that it's not important when you are able to physically move between dimensions. You don't need to do it astrally.



I believe there is a difference between being able to it physically or spiritually. Also I doubt that you will access the higher astral realms with your physical body, it just makes no sense and would probably break quite some laws too. Those realms are not for physical bodies.




I tried asking "the princess" but she just said she's more interested in having her tits fixed. I feel like there's a bit of mental distance here… I've said before they don't really seem to care about astral travel (and a bunch of other things brought up on /fringe/), they just reply

>why does he want to do that?

with a teasing smile and there is nothing more to say about it. The aging related things are a serious topic, and this relates to it. They haven't been able to fully stop or reverse aging themselves despite living for such a long time. I am able to add a different view of it because I didn't come into the community in the same way as them, and they also have very old habits and traditions they won't change for no reason.

The physical body to my understanding is staying fixed into a single cell when you switch dimensions and instead you move in the physical body of that dimension, so you're not intruding. For every level you have to develop the corresponding body.



>why does he want to do that?


If habits and traditions haven't taught her how to fix saggy tits in 130000 years, maybe it's time to expand her horizons a little.

Just saying.



Maybe it's time someone new and fresh takes the charge of the cabal. Someone who actually can work on sth and get shit done like OP. Look at him, he works on altering the vampire spell, he brings new vampires in, he fixes the tits of the old vampires.

OP for vampire king 2018-?



There is that part about their spiritual patron and founder having already left the physical plane by not caring about these things, as well as his first disciple doing the same. Having seen that it works, they're not going to change how they do things.

What I'm doing expands the beginning steps but of course in their eyes they haven't seen this working all the way. Being able to predict certain things with 100% accuracy in one situation doesn't automatically transfer to another situation. All you can do is try it and see. I have no intention of leading the organization, other than maybe leading my own research field. It goes mostly by age and closeness to the original wizard anyway, that's just how it is.


File: 20b18874b035384⋯.gif (997.27 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 1486595486719-1.gif)

OP, could you check on my status please?

I feel like the effect is wearing off for some reason.


File: a1f82f0e71f9502⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 63563bd6ad63f63c737cc65535….jpg)

After some days under the spell, I have been feeling almost no sense of danger. Its like im starting to feel I cant be killed. I make food by the fire, I used to be more carefull handling the fire with my hands, but now I just dont mind, because I dont feel the danger anymore. I can still get burned ofcourse and im aware of the danger of it, but I just dont FEEL the danger anymore.

feeling good energy too. Also op can you check my signature.



And also my appetite for food has gone down a lot, I hope its just because I have full energy from the spell and not something else, i dont want to be a skeleton. But also dont want to eat anymore.

Dont want to be dependent on eating, I only eat, when I want to eat. Is the goal.



How are you going to survive thousands of years without going mad if you have so little patience?



It's gathering at a smaller area so that may be the point where you'll break through. Apart from that your energy is quite clear, light yellow.


Similar to what I said to someone before, you're closing in and will have the fundamental stability if you give it a little push, or you're already through, it's hard to tell.



Does one have to figure out himself how to give the "push", or are there some examples on how this can be done? The other person here just asked for the push mentally. I wonder if that's all there is to it. Any advice?

Btw I thought it works on its own, how come one need to give it an extra push himself?



It does work on its own but anons in this thread are being impatient so I'm saying what they can do. "If" was the word I used. You don't have to, and it will still work. I mean if I had just sat there waiting nothing would have come of this, so it's not just beyond anyone's control. But I created this with no specific requirements from the target person, so that it would work for anyone if they have potential. I just can't specify what you'd need to do, it's mental focus thing. You know what to do and do it, that's the only way if you want to speed up or develop something intentionally.


while blank mind meditating last night I heard a single word in my mind, it was my name.

I know it wasn't mine because I was attempting to suppress thoughts.



Update on this post.

It seems level 2 is like activating a "mode" in which you fall back into your own dimension when staying still. As soon as you interact with the world in any way using normal 3D thinking, you come back. Meaning if you start walking you're walking physically, the level of disattachment to the world is determined by how much you intend to interact with it using your own body.

Level 3; the requirements for jumping between two locations seems to be that they need to have similar conditions, so moving from one to the other doesn't upset the balance in any way. If it's cold you can only go to a cold place, for example. This would explain the "gate" sites set up by the cabal, it was one of the first things I became aware of: temple locations used for travel. So by using the same layout and climate they would be able to travel between all such locations freely.



Do you think the new vampires here will even have enough time to reach those levels and get thousand of years old, regarding the state of the world and how easily and fast it goes downhill?

Personally I think the best time to become a vampire was in the ancient civilizations…those vampires are lucky, they lived through all of the history and cultures. But the new ones, how much will they see? They already missed out on everything before this lifetime and who knows how much time we all have left on earth.



Trips of uncertainty.

Not the OP, but our species will always be here, i think. Try and find beauty today, although it is hard and not mainstream, it exists.



I see this period as a repeat of the fall of the roman empire. People living in it didn't experience it as an event because the process we now think of as a single historical event took 80 years, a whole human lifetime.

We already know from artifacts that there were many advanced civilizations before and they all collapsed. I think this is normal and the only difference this time is the spread of modern technology. or alien influence, if you want to put it that way.

Take a look at this for example:


It's a fossilized footprint of someone wearing shoes with a heel and he stepped on trilobites which are also in the print. Trilobites are extinct since 252 million years ago. Kind of changes your view of history a bit.


Today I was looking at people while driving and out of nowhere I picked up a woman's thoughts.


Op can you read me, I'm this guy >>113599. I'm in a really shitty situation(and have been in for some time) but TL;DR, I can't control my thoughts well, feel like obsessed with things I actually hate and feel like everything(and I mean everything) I'm going to do is going to fail. I just wonder if you casted this on me and what can you read on me


It's been two weeks now, and I must say I can't feel anything significant nor have I had anything noteworthy happen to me.

Like mentioned here>>113721 I have noticed I am more prone to relaxation and my mood is slightly elevated. This is the only thing that's even remotely worth mentioning, and it is debatable to what extent it is to do with this vampire stuff.

Quite an uneventful affair so far.


May I?

I sincerely hope this won't lock other paths in life, leaving me stuck as a master of the physical realm. Having an undying nature is enticing, but surely there are even greater forms of existence. I have to admit, I felt a.. 'natural' calling to this spell. My subconscious mind decided to accept it before my conscious mind even began to interpret it, at which point I felt a rush of energy entering the body-vessel, before stopping at the upper gut level or Solar Plexus. I have never experienced this phenomenon before, even if the spell or experiment is a placebo/LARP effect (which this is far too detailed to be just that). I would like to hear from you in one way or another. The strange feeling hasn't left during this whole time, and it's been something like twenty minutes. I feel like tearing up a little and I can't stop swallowing saliva. It isn't as powerful as it was initially, it is now more of a pulsing sensation that won't leave. Do I want it to leave? I can expel this force with ease (or at least feel like I could), but I imagine it would cancel out the spell and this entire process would have been for nothing, which feels wasteful. I don't know entirely what your experience has been, perhaps it's different from person to person. I feel like listening to 46 and 2 after this experience.

At any rate, thanks for your time.



Everyone who asked for it manually has had it cast on them manually. Since you didn't use a flag other than anon I have a hard time remembering specifically (just a hint, use a flag no one else is using in the thread).

What it looks like; the magic is all around you but there is a lot of very destructive energy around you, it looks like you're in a war zone or >>113016

something of the same mental stress level. The magic should protect you no matter what those things are. You're still going to experience it but it can't harm you for real. Bursts of negative thoughts are a possible part of the process when your >>112809

bad habits and conditioning is being challenged, they will be worn off and you will come out with truth and clarity on the other side.


It doesn't have to be violent, any observations are still useful. My own reactions were very limited at first, see >>112809


That's a good first step at mind reading.


> I can expel this force with ease (or at least feel like I could), but I imagine it would cancel out the spell and this entire process would have been for nothing, which feels wasteful

Welcome to the thread. That's a new experience. I think there is something to the saying I've seen around these parts

<magic is the science of things that happen only once

There are similarities but not a single poster had the same effects so far from what I can tell. Some mentioned feeling something in their 3rd eye, which I haven't felt myself (but this may be because I already had it cleared up before during qi gong practice). If you feel like you can let it in or not by choice, then it's up to you I guess, this seems to be at another level of awareness than other posters.

As for

>I sincerely hope this won't lock other paths in life

This anon had described it in a quite concise way




I fucked up the post linkings, hope it still is readable.


Page 161 from DNA in the sands of time

many people. The Holocaust. From the human point of view, it

was a terrible human tragedy. From the spiritual view, it was

one of the greatest sacrifices that was made by any group on

this planet. There was a hidden purpose for this event, that is not

recorded on the planet. We bring you this information, so that

you can realize the great sacrifices that the Astral Pure Bred

were willing to make, to raise the consciousness of the world, so

that their brothers and sisters world wide, who live in darkness,

could finally awaken to the truth of who they are.

We have stated that an event happened, that scrambled the

Sirian DNA, that was passed down through the lineage of the

descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This event happened

in our lifetime and it is called the Holocaust. It happened

during World War II and it was the killing of the jewish people by Nazi

Germany. We must go back in time, to the pointwhen Yahweh

came to the planet, to bring the sacred pronouncements of the

Hebrew language, to those who would be part of the Jewish

nation. The spirits that would enter the bodies of the people that

were to become the Jewish Nation, were those that we called

the Astral Pure Bred. These are the spirits that came down to the

planet, to help those who became trapped here, from the fall

that happened during the time of Atlantis. Once the plan of the

Jewish nation was started, it was agreed that all who would

enter this race, would have to stay in this race, no matter what

the consequences. It meant that once you were born a jewish, you

always had to come back in all your future lifetimes as a jewish.

You could not leave the Jewish race and be born into another

race. Once a jewish, always a jewish. A jewish for all generations. This

commitment stayed active, all through the ages until World War

II. Together as a group and a nation, they agreed to take on the

hardest lessons and the greatest challenges, in order to help

raise the consciousness of the human race, to the level of spiritual

awakening. That is the reason why the Jewish nation and

its descendants, were caught up between the whims and wishes

of the Nefilim Gods and the attacks by the Sons of Darkness,

while they were trying to awaken spiritually. As they sought a

higher spiritual path, they became outcasts to the world. When

World War II came, the Astral Pure Bred decided as a spiritual

group, in the spiritual realms, that they were not achieving their

goal of spiritual awakening, in the human bodies of the jewish people.

They came up with a plan, to make a change to release themselves

from the Jewish race, so that they could complete their

work, since the end of the age was now only about 70 years

away. The plan, was to self sacrifice a portion of their own


I'm glad to see you are still around OP, if at all possible I would like you too manually use the spell on me. Mainly just in case the autocast doesn't work for whatever reason.


I read in this thread that true vampires are immune to physical diseases but I just wanted to make perfectly sure…. are magical vampires really immune to HIV?



You must understand. If I'm not mistaken myself, OP explained that the immunity is "synchronistic" (my term). Meaning you simply won't come across the disease, just as every other thing that is not aging that could kill you will simply ignore you as you life your life. The same way a spell manifests itself, seemingly by coincidence.


I found a succubus recruiter thread on mewch/fringe. Sounds similar to your thing OP, with immortality and breaking away from the reincarnation cycle included. Albeit way more silly than this vampirism thing. What do you think of this? Larp or real? Do you have by chance anything to do with that one too?

>as a succubus you get your own cave

god damnit op why don't we get a own home as vampires?

source: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/99.html





HIV is just a syndrome, not an illness in itself, it's a weak immune system caused by acting like an idiot imo. Immortals will not have these problems because they will not carry the thought which attract these things.


Yeah this too. "Negative luck" will be on your side, meaning you avoid trouble by seeming luck, but don't gain anything by luck.


It's another prong of the "keikaku" from 4chan/x/.


If you click the "old thread" link on each OP you can trace the discussion back a bit. Though it did start way before Nex took over, he was a bit of an annoying prick and eventually got the topic banned from the board for almost a year. This was when discussion was still allowed on 4chan.

The original troll thread here on /fringe/:




OP since you seem to believe in Karma and reincarnation cycles and seem to have knowledge of your previous lives, is there anything you can tell us about the higher self? Do you believe in such a thing, and what does the higher self think of us becoming vampires? Does the higher self actually orchestrate this event that we find your thread and become vampires or may it actually be opposed to this and maybe works to stop us from becoming immortal?

Another question I came up with recently is about impregnating human women as a vampire. Since human women are fertile you could flood yourself energetically and impregnate them…what kind of child would come out of this, if any? Or are the male vampire semen dead no matter what you do? Since you suggested that part of the female vampires are obsessed with blowjobs I instanly assumed that they want to suck semen for energy since they cannot produce their own(much like mundane women), so that would mean that male vampire semen are not completely dead or empty of energy.



I'm not so sure of the validity of the "higher self" concept. Do all humans really have a part of god or divine inside them? I really doubt that. There is the function of opposites in which desires and selfishness must be countered by something opposing it at the human level. There is also the part of you which remains the same across your different reincarnations - your soul. If you go against your soul as a result of confusion, you get bad karma. Achieving any kind of enlightenment means getting closer to who you really are, and that is where you'll find immortality, as the soul is beyond the physical. But this all gets very theoretical very quickly and there are a lot of religious terms and ideas getting in the way. A lot of that stuff is just created as a way of arguing for a belief system, it's not based in reality. In my understanding, strictly speaking there is no "higher self", maybe a "true self" but it isn't an authority and it doesn't have more power than you give it. If the "higher self" had such power it would stop you from creating karma.

But after achieving fundamental immortality of the soul (it doesn't yet reach physical immortality at this point) it does have a certain power over your conscious actions.

If your "higher self" stopped you from being enlightened and immortal, I suppose you would be rotten at the core. It's not unbelievable such beings also exist right here in the human physical, considering how some people behave. So if someone opposes enlightenment and claims this is how they are, that may be true. They could just be fundamentally ignorant and being true to themselves they'll get dumber because their higher self is dumber than humans.

>what kind of child would come out of this, if any?

The child would inherit the immortality. But this doesn't work with just the physical act, because it requires the summoning of a soul who deserves this. If the mother is a regular human, she will also be immortal in the process from sharing the blood circulation with the child. The universe doesn't like people randomly creating immortals so it isn't easy to perform this. There is also the possibility of "virgin birth" where the woman is self impregnated and the male could insert his genetics from afar to main the human line but not including the immortality, but then we're talking really complicated stuff. This may be what the birth of Jesus is about in christinanity - it's an actual method. There are ways for it but you'll be shown this when you can communicate better telepathically, it can't just be said with words, it's too complex.

I don't know about the semen for energy part, I haven't looked into it. Technically they don't really needed blood either, it's more of an attachment. But then you could say humans are attached to food, but if you don't eat you die? So which is it, a mere attachment or something physical? I think it's interchangable in some way, a "pointless" desire creating an act which is a part of human society, because that's just how it is. This working in combination with a need for balance of male and female, I guess it makes sense. I think this question has to do with the "loosh farming" idea which is pretty dumb concept imo. There is no use in just "energy" in itself, particularly not taking it from someone else. You need to create and maintain your own energy, that's the only thing really working out in the long run, the rest just means interacting with beings at a low level and getting trash energy from them.



Try to think of the higher self as a future-version of your soul which tries to guide you. The bad karma you speak of which you recieve when you "go against your soul" is the consequences your higher self causes when you stray from the path which has allowed him to move on in the reincarnation system. Which, I guess, in your particular case would mean it'd not lead you at all since you're "immortal"? Seen from that perspective it also makes sense that you don't think the higher self is real in the first place.


40 year old vampire woman please take me in. I require a home and the warmth of your love and affection.



How exactly is something rotten to the core? Just because a person's actions seem inane, cruel, or ignorant to you, does not mean they are lesser than yours. Nothing can be rotten, though things can be inefficient. A "higher self" is an entity that you are a part of. It is you and more. You are a sensory appendage for it in the 3rd(or 4th) dimension. It lets you experience things on your own because that is your point. You can receive information and help from it, only if you want too. If not it will not force it, you are in charge of your life. In a sense you are the "higher self", though most are incapable of understanding that.


To give an update, I've been feeling dense almost hot spots of energy in certain spots of my body specifically my right shoulder and left hand. It feels very hot but in an almost pleasant way, and if I focus on it it seems to spread to the rest of my body like I'm guiding it. feels similar but a little more intense than the energy work stuff that Robert Bruce's book touches on



>How exactly is something rotten to the core? Just because a person's actions seem inane, cruel, or ignorant to you, does not mean they are lesser than yours.

You can't eat rotten food or build houses or make artifacts from rotten wood. A person with the same energetic qualities (or lack of qualities and potential) would have to be called rotten. It's a mere observation and description, it doesn't mean putting any value in it. I just said hypotethically if people's higher selves were against enlightenment and pro bad karma that they would be rotten because they'll be guided to be the most hedonistic and degenerate mundanes. And we have a lot of those in the world.

Don't forget you're posting on a /pol/ affiliated board, these ideas are part of the board culture.


Makes sense I guess.


Thanks for the update.





kik dreadlocksamson



discord qop#1404



pick up



Excuse me… I'm excited


Are we getting a discord?


I have a good reason to believe the spell won't work and probably isn't working anymore. I know you didn't want to confirm this sort of thing, so if you don't want to tell, ignore this post.



For you personally? It looks ok, it's just not on a large scale, that still shouldn't matter on it's effectiveness. I've seen a certain form it's taken for a lot of people here and it's following that pattern.

The automatic function itself won't give in since it's a summoned fundamental spirit, it will have the same qualities as an ascended vampire after a while since it's earned it by working with the spell. It will only get better at it with time, which means it's getting slimmer and faster, it may not be very noticable because it's more energy effective.



Oh, fine. I asked because you mentioned that it may not work if you're crippled in a way that can't be fixed. I have a physical condition that, while rather minor to practical purposes, is incurable, so I wondered if it was enough to make it stop working. In any case I'd need to wait a few months to make sure, right?



If it's something like a missing leg or otherwise crippling it would quite simply be annoying as hell to stay that way for 1000s of years before you can start moving permanently to dimensions where your physical body is irrelevant. That in itself may be a hindrance to achieving the enlightenment necessary for this to work. If it's something you can live with and which doesn't cause major everyday pain, it shouldn't matter.




Still nothing, I don't feel like anything has changed for me. My perception of myself and the world around seems to not have changed. I did meet with an old friend who's now into witchcraft and we might do something together but that was a meeting I had planned since last year so I don't think it was influenced by OP's spell.

Just reporting.





still nothing significant to report, I think my back may have gotten a little straighter? No idea if it has anything to do with the spell.

I had a couple of dreams since then, one very intense which was about some kind of apocalypse, but I believe it was just a dream, so I wont go into details.

The second one I went to sleep very late, so I was still asleep close to noon. In the dream I woke up for some reason and was going back to bed, but my mother had taken the bedcover to wash(?), and I was confused/upset because I really wanted to go back to sleep with that bedcover.

Then I woke up IRL cause my parents had arrived, and they had just bought a bedcover for me.


What do you think about Teachings of the Immortals book, OP? It's in the mega archive if you don't have it. I'm >>113599 and >>114028 btw, picked up this flag


Last night I was meditating and stimulating my energy body as before when I felt a searing rod shoot up most of my back that stayed there for a solid ten minutes. It felt like the same type of energy I mentioned before. I've also been unusually successful at my workplace which started around the beginning of this.




Interesting with the lively dreams. I've had more of them myself since starting this thread.

Your back getting fixed seems like a repeating occurance. It was the first thing I noticed, and the same was reported before in the thread. >>112924


>Teachings of the Immortals

I had it already but I haven't read it. It seems to be about the spiritual version of vampirism, it soon goes into the idea of someone being a vampire before being born, and ponderings of life and death. It's a different kind of thing altogether. It is related but they don't really become immortals, they just control their reincarnation path, so they need to pick people up every time they are born, like the Dalai Lama has to be found. So they're spreading it like a cult and need to constantly re-recruit people.




I like to think its working but I don't know, cast it on me again for good measure?




>I've also been unusually successful at my workplace which started around the beginning of this

This might be related to Saturn in Capricorn instead. Or in addition to.



Need blood



If you activated the spell from here you won't need it. There are traces of the old magic because it's the same strand, but the actual need for blood is not there. If you still feel like you have to drink something, try replacing it with iron supplements or blueberry soup.



Alright, I'm in, do me. I want to see how this affects Qabbalistic work and traditional solomonic/hermetic magic. Maybe there will even be some clash with Enochian too. The possibilities for data are huge.




Please post updates of any changes you experience for research.



Aye, will do. Thank you.



Where is home



Elaborate please.


File: d961b5f53ffe7b8⋯.pdf (2.47 MB, Morphosephram.pdf)


I've decided to read the thread, and while I'm not really impatient I do believe I have "shields" erected from prior practice, so if you wish, do a scan at your leisure. I also have some extensive evocation and invocation work planned for the new moon as well as a lot of Abrahamic themed rituals, so I wonder what your preliminary prediction or opinion is, regarding the manner in which these separate paradigm influence will interact. Also, I wonder about you opinion regarding PDF related.




I don't know what the author wants with this text, some parts of it seem right, others are downright wrong. Some of this is probably caused by limited knowledge. There are wizard societies with the ability to produce immortality of similar standard as the cabal magic offered in this thread, but the vampires themselves lack knowledge of them because their field of influence and knowledge does not penetrate that specific area, despite them living for so long. It's like some narrow back alley in a city you walked past but never really noticed. You don't walk in there because you can't think there is anything but trash to be found. They've basically said

>there are no werewolves, period

and this text says the same of vampires. I thought this too before the events described in the OP took place. I still don't really think there are werewolves, but the theoretical description of shapeshifting does sound legit. If it has ever been done, or if it can be done, I have no idea, all I'm saying is; if it can be done, that is probably how you do it.

I wouldn't recommend attempting any of the things in that PDF without the basic enligthenment and immortality standard of the level of a cabal vampire. It sounds extremely risky. I don't see a conflict between them though. There is some strong and disturbing forces behind that PDF. It's messing with my mind when just skimming it. It can't do anything to me, but it's trying, squirming, like a water hose turned on and flinging in all directions like a snake when you're trying to catch it and make use of its force.

As for abrahamic and hermetic rituals, those would probably work as long as they deal with neutral or demonic entities. It's not that there is hostility between the groups, but I can see why angels wouldn't be useful to you after going throught with this. You'll be a different kind of entity yourself so there is little to none interaction between yourself and them, caused by the distance between your own subjectist view and their principal view.

The feel of uneasiness when seeing religious symbols described by another anon in this thread is not something I've thought of myself, I have lots of them at home. But after reading this I went to look at them and really tried to sense any resistance. I guess there could be such an effect if you were deep into the "sin" described in a religion. As a mundane you don't notice it, you're in the shame and feel nothing. But as an immortal that feeling may actually be there and it could make you feel uncomfortable, similar to how a religious person may feel uneasy going to a religious site if he knew he had broken the rules. I haven't engaged in much of the things forbidden in religions and maybe I have just gotten used to having them at home, but upon searching inside I could feel a slight feeling like I wanted to look away. It seemed to have more effect from the images of Jesus and Mary than it had from a Buddha statue, but it's still very slight. I have no less than 2 icons with both of them right next to my computer monitor, so it's not like it disturbs me.

Lastly I can't tell if you have any specific shields, it's more of a field or pure energy than a shield set up to forcefully deflect things. It works still but it's not a shield imo, it's more like how you can't walk through a fire, compared to a trying to break a wall.



Marry me



Hence the quotation marks around the word "shield" I couldn't find a right term at the time, I had the feeling such a defense developed passively. This area of the occult is something I have no experience in and that PDF if the only book I've read that comes close to the topic, naturally I took it with a mountain of salt but nevertheless wanted to know your opinion on it. Secondly I take a very similar stance toward all of this as >>113132 though I do give a larger margin and benefit of the doubt to everything hence the reason I joined, should it be LARPing I'll just continue with my own projects and undertakings, should it actually work I'll have an immense boon that will bolster me even if there's a catch that you're not telling us about since everything is possible.



Now onto my report, after you initiated me I noticed a throb in my 3rd eye area however this happens with all other occult rites I do or am subjected to so at the very least it confirmed that something happened or it was a very strong placebo, after I noticed a dull throb of pain on the right side of my forehead akin to fasting pains that indicate a cleanse so again that's another point towards you but again I won't rule out the possibility of placebo. Then during my evening meditation, I felt the sinuses in the left side of my head getting unclogged which I usually have to facilitate by cracking my vertebrae away from the ida channel due to scoliosis and I felt that my spine is straighter but given that I use chiropractic techniques to correct my spine before meditation this again can be chalked up to placebo however I'm not inclined to believe that it is, my intuition tells me it isn't mere placebo. So after laying down and falling asleep I dreamed that I was in a cave and after knocking a wall down I found a chamber with a vein of gold ore in the stone, I grabbed a pickax and started going to town but the wall on the on the other side was broken down from a chamber that had some sort of underground dwelling of vampires and the one who broke it down and proceeded to grow fangs and attack me was none other than my mother, the dream ended there and I woke up. All of this was rather funny so I turned around and went back to sleep. The setting of the whole dream was an environment from Skyrim along with the mechanics, which is odd because I have not played that game since 2012 and I have not played any video game in the last 2 years. So that's about it for my report at this time.



As for 'sin' I have a different interpretation of it than usual, to sin is to fall short, in the literal meaning of the word originating in the Hebrew and Greek bibles, in these same bibles there is no statement that forbids the practice of magic either, the text was copiously translated and transcribed during history and things were added and censored at the fancy of many people. It doesn't help that its codified and ciphered to begin with, the 12 tribes of Israel are the twelve fixed constellations of the Zodiac and so on, its a magical text through and through so I don't see a problem with evoking and invoking angels and so forth, the conflicts other's experienced are probably just due to their faulty interpretation of the religion which almost every modern Christian believer and institution shares. But we'll see, perhaps I'm yet to reach such a point so I can't speak of it, only offer my musings.


File: d0ce1452b13e80c⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 400x296, 50:37, cc4ce90416737757aef9d6a87a….jpg)


I want to become one.

Please tell.

Pic might be related to the reasons.



OP I'm back with some reports. Some shit might be getting cleared. Today someone tried to steal my Spotify account and I dropped a spinning hard disk, totally wrecking it. It feels like a Mercury retrograde, except that those have never affected me or I have never noticed them.

The Spotify incident has prompted me to re-do my whole security setup, but I would like you to read me if you can, please. I want to know if indeed this is some crap coming to the surface for clearing or something else.

Thank you.


File: f9e14393f3764c7⋯.png (138.54 KB, 461x461, 1:1, 1487378954000.png)

It's been exactly three weeks now. Still nothing remarkable. Was kind of hoping for at least some pizazz by this point, but too bad for me I guess.



Thank you for your detailed report. Will be interesting to see how this develops.


That dropping HD incident seems to be a physical manifestation of breaking a karmic "sphere" or ring, the structure is right there in your signature very clearly. It's hard to describe this all in a concise way, but let me try. Most people tend to go into something which creates a spinning motion like an engine during their life. This is perceived as "economy" and it forms what seems to be a particle. But the thing is usually going downward and will at one point crash. When the circle breaks there will be an economic crash. It's correctly described as a "bubble" in economic theory. The issue here is that all such formations are karma and will be destroyed, and at some point it will make all of society crash, like the roman empire and any other large society did. A mundane person will also have a personal karmic "circle" and it will break when he dies. There may also be many small ones, like one for each job the person has, breaking as he gets fired from it. It's best to not have these, or to evolve them by internalizing them so they become a sustainable particle instead.


Consider the breaking of the disk a concrete manifestation of what could have been a much worse thing, possibly losing your job or dying. It was transformed into something harmless to protect you and is now worn off.


There is progress but maybe it's a bit slower than some other anons, don't worry about it.


File: f3070ef3fe97cda⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 770x513, 770:513, gettyimages-512201978.jpg)


Same. Not sure if we are left out/immune or we just don't notice anything.

>pic related



File: cd9416c9d5ef308⋯.jpg (29.52 KB, 640x615, 128:123, shamefur.jpg)


>Robber has chink eyes

>not using taoist immortality methods




A couple of questions for you OP:

>"I go outside and draw the sigil in the dirt of a road"

I've heard a story of an esoteric practitioner dying after he found a note on his front door, I always had the thought it may have been a sigil and not a note but now I'm curious, what do you make of this? (I can try to find the source if you're interested)

Do you have any experience with WHM (Wim Hof breathing method)?


These sorts of small "coincidences" that help you find or stumble upon something you wanted or needed, did you become more aware of them after initially receiving the spell? It really feels like it's everywhere, as if you're constantly being nudged one way or another by something that manipulates the circumstances.


How do you develop your spells? I enjoy learning about the thought-process of other people so if it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you talk a little bit about it?


A weird and random question but do you know of anyone that just goes by "the zombie" or anything of the sort? I can almost completely swear I am being watched by something at my workplace and I know it's not my nerves because it's not a sound or visuals, it's really more of a presence, typically followed by some of the same visual imagery (some kind of thin creature that almost looks like a corpse that just watches from the dark areas of the vents we have placed in some parts, I don't actually feel threatened by it or anything but it does happen an awful lot so I figured I ought to ask.

Feels silly to ask this after I'm already overloading you with so much, but could you check my signature or whatever it was you were doing for the previous anons? I haven't thought or checked out this thread in a while and I had a strong urge to get in contact with you out of nowhere.


Do you have any suggested books related to this OP?



How is my progress coming along?

Nothing is really happening after those dreams.



OP said it could take 6 months and even then you might not notice anything significant, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (even thought that's an awfully convenient way to justify LARPing), but I was at least hoping for some wacky dreams involving loli vampires or something.



Could you read my signature as well?



>OP said it could take 6 months

I intend to post here in years time and give OP some shit if I show any sign of aging.


Thank you.


By the way, OP. Is there a particular book, teaching or meditation token that you would recommend if you had to explain Karma to someone, as you understand it?

Double post sage.



>what do you make of this? (I can try to find the source if you're interested)

Try to find the source, I need more info to have any opinion on it.

>Do you have any experience with WHM


>These sorts of small "coincidences" that help you find or stumble upon something you wanted or needed, did you become more aware of them after initially receiving the spell?

I think they existed all along, but after I became aware of it, they became more accurate. For example if you expect invisible beings to help you, there is a precondition in which your mind holds the possibility of a contract or deal. By performing a service for you, the being can demand something in return. So by awareness of this, I may unintentionally present offers for them because I'm aware of the cost of certain things, and willing to bargain. Mundanes don't get these "offers" because they just want things, they don't understand that spirits/entities could fulfill the wish for a price, so they offer nothing in return(do not consider the idea of a trade) and consequently get nothing.

>How do you develop your spells?

I look at the external energetic structure of things and analyze it to find a way to change things in my favor. Then I visualize the change over and over until it reaches a state where it corresponds properly to the real situation. This is marked by a "fixation" of the pattern as if it suddenly fit into a mold, or like a gear change in a gearbox. To "spellify" it, I then develop a sigil form and apply it with described method, or trace it inward to find a "zero particle" (this is too complex to repeat here, I talked about it before I think >>113095

it's a topic of its own and would need an entire multi page article to sum up). The cabal magic usually refers to a zero particle so when sharing a spell between members this form is necessary for proper transmission. When using this form of spell you activate it by your mind alone.

> thin creature that almost looks like a corpse that just watches from the dark areas of the vents

All kinds of spirits get attracted by this magic because it can fix them up just like it can cleanse a human. I've gotten stalked by beings similar to the demonic nurses in Silent Hill (game/movie) and since I have no need to conserve energy I target them with a burst of positive energy to see how they react. Some of them turn out really good, their bodies stop decaying and they can become powerful spiritual allies. I recommend treating the being with kindness and see what results you get, it doesn't sound like a vampire.

>could you check my signature

There is a feel of some greater view, like a large continent or long historical period, like you'd see visualized in a documentary of past civilizations. There is also a hint of something bad, like a field of something rotten, like dead meat, being enclosed in the image, as if you're looking at a great empire but there are some crimes being committed somewhere at its foundation. Maybe like it being started by pirates and then evolving into something lawful, but retaining it's immoral roots. It's not just a signature.



Not really, this hasn't been done before.


The magic seems to have made an imprint in your signaure but there is currently no traces of it externally. I would think the rest is a process in which you realize something about yourself personally, then it will be finished.


Whatever abilities you had from the start may be strengthened as a direct result of the spell cleansing your body. If you started out really low, there may be no significant effect at first. I can't say this magic itself had that much of an effect for me either, apart from partially fixing my back. It improves your "frame" but you still need to fill it with something.


Did you trigger the spell? This isn't a divination thread.


> that you would recommend if you had to explain Karma to someone

The explanation in lecture 4 of Zhuan Falun does the job imo.




I wasn’t really sure if I had triggered it or not, but looking back I’m starting to think I did not since I haven’t fully decided if this is for me or not



>It improves your "frame" but you still need to fill it with something.

What would be a worthwhile practice? Being someone with lowly abilities it's difficult to ascertain what's a worthwhile practice and what's not. As of now, all I really do is meditate. (I can already guess, the answer is probably going to be: 'you need to decide for yourself' which fair enough I guess).

Is worth picking up a practice at all at this current stage? Or would it be better to wait for the spell to sort everything out and take its full effect before adopting a practice?



You can start by reading Zhuan Falun in the link here >>114363 for general knowledge, it doesn't hurt. But I do recommend waiting for the spell to pass (with positive or negative result) before starting any dedicated practice to not cause interference between the two. Since you came to this thread first, I assume the universe guided you here because this is your easiest entry point into any successful practice.

Personally, I finished my initial path in my past lifetime, then reincarnated here and played around with different small stuff. I made a wooden divination table, read asian philosophy, tried taoism, did karate, ju-jutsu, ninjutsu, ended up with falun gong and stayed with it until I fulfilled my potential in that practice. It was only after that point I was able to fully grasp the cabal magic. So this is my 3rd practice. For most people it will be their first, since finishing one path usually takes a very long time if you do it alone or by conventional means. My first took 2000 years during which I incarnated along a set path, looking back it all makes sense; I was in ancient rome as a gladiator, in a primitive village, in the vatican, an artist in china, in different armies during a number of lifetimes, a female prostitute in one lifetime from what it seems, I did all sorts of things to complete the full thing, up until the last time when I finished it. Some of the people I was in the past are recorded in history. So if you think 6 months is long… it's really nothing. I've seen the initial spell used to create this path, which is what I cast back then to control my reincarnation until it could be completed. It's similar to the vampirism magic in some way, maybe the first vampire also did this back at first. All of that is lost in the long past history, 2000 years doesn't count in the long run anyway. Maybe you were all caught in this and trailing along during all this time ;^)



How sure are you about that? I wonder how did you get all this information. There are only three possibilities: Someone told you this, You saw it yourself or a combination of both.

It is so easy to err in this regard and get deceived. If someone else told you this, they as well could be lying or simply incompetent and picked out the wrong information, their view might be clouded and conditioned by their own egos and dogmas. If you found out yourself it is possible you only saw what you wanted to see, or what you are conditioned to see. The chance is high all those are not even your lifetimes but either made up completely or taken from someone else just because they were fitting into your current signature. I once heard life review is never about your actual past lives but about your current life, and that it is impossible to actually pick out your previous lives. Also it is beyond me how being a prostitue or a gladiator was of help to your path, but also it would make sense that the same people who were your victims and your clients back then are still on the journey with you, being your victims and clients in this thread.



I'm tangentially familiar with the Falun Gong stuff, and I've at some point already read the Zhuan Falun book -a good chunk of it at least. I don't remember being particularly impressed with it; nothing you can't find anywhere else in terms of knowledge and I don't really care for the whole 'framework' around the system. But to each his own I guess.

Theoretical knowledge in general is not something I lack. I'd consider myself quite well read, but in terms of practice I might as well be a mundane. That's where my main problem lies I feel. I'd say I'm pretty spiritually untalented.

As for all the other stuff, I admit I'm not nearly at the level where I can speak about past lives and the likes, so I can't say where I fit in in the grand scheme of things. However, I do have to remain somewhat skeptical I feel like. 6 months isn't a lot if we're talking about about reincarnation and what not, it is a lot when we're talking about LARPing on the internet.

'Just post in this thread and you'll become an immortal vampire but also you might not feel it working just trust me bro' is quite the ridiculous premise. It also contains two of the biggest tell tale signs of bullshit which are; it's too good to be true, and it devalues the focus on any results. It's the perfect LARP storm. So, you'll have to forgive me if I exercise some caution.



>too good to be true

That's were you need to go deep inside and really look into the matter. Is this really so good? You might be lucky if this is only LARP.



That's the even more LARP-y.

>'it's actually dangerous, trust me bro I fight vampires in the astral realm!'



The reasons are very clear, I've traced it back and I've even seen some of the artworks I made back then because with internet you can search and find almost anything if it was just a little known. There are details there which only I would know the meaning of, even things I feel deep inside which annoyed me and the memories are coming back, how I was not satisfied with something and it's still there.

There is that thing about accuracy and being able to test things, being able to -know- that this is how it is. People have doubts but I'm just beyond that since long. I either know 100% or any % less than that, and if I tell anyone about it I would say "most likely" if it was 70% chance it was right, or "maybe" if it was 30%. Less than that I would say "I assume". Magic doesn't work if you doubt it, it's a major obstacle.

The different roles I had in the past are for very exact reasons, like clockwork, the things I learned there I still know, the only issue is adaptation and regaining full access to those memories and skills.

Your past lives ARE about your current life, they're the same.


I guess it won't be useful to tell you to

>just go talk to spirits and learn telepathy

either. You do have to find your own way to get a step up. I'm sharing what I did since you asked.

As for the believability of the thread, that's just part of what makes this possible. If it couldn't be discarded as RP I don't think this would be allowed, it would be sabotaged by occult societies and spiritual entities alike. I'm not here to prove anything to anyone anyway, if you're (not you personally, you in general) at the level where you need proof, this isn't going to work out. No mundane sceptic will spend 2 years trying to create a spell by daily visualization exercises to achieve some result which can easily be attributed to mere coincidence and then believe that they were successful. They'd question it even if they for whatever reason went throught with it and succeded, so they would then say "it didn't work, now it's proven that this is just make believe." A real wizard does it again and finishes in 6 months the next time.



I'm not saying it's dangerous faggot. OP wrote that there are no real dangers to it. It might just suck ass to be stuck in this place for thousands of years and maybe you will regret it. But w/e



Except OP also wrote that your safety is always guaranteed because of muh spirits and after a 1000 years you transcend the physical form anyway and can fuck off to wherever. There are literally no downsides, that's why it's too good to be true, you retarded. If you die you'll end up in some equally shit place anyway.


That's all fair enough I suppose. I'm not looking to argue or anything, just airing my thoughts for the sake of documentation.



I guess you'll have fun slaving away in a mundane shitjob for thousand years, being trapped in this hellhole of the demiurge with mudane idiots before you can teleport to a place equally shit for a few hours. I hope you don't get bored, or insane. OP might even be a servant of the demiurge himself who tricks you into staying imprisoned here for way longer than you should, unable to ascend. The perfect mundane slave if you will.



The cabal is way older than christianity in any of its forms and does not acknowledge its deities, hence these things are not relevant to what we are doing here.


File: 0f2cba9def27aa2⋯.png (132.77 KB, 512x512, 1:1, b175e6942d4728b912a7299ab5….png)

>>113914 reporting in. Nothing extraordinary happening yet.


Come on, no one's being victimized here. It's all a pretty comfy thread with, at worst, a pretty comfy LARP that at times provides some sweet placebo. OP doesn't seem to be a megalomaniac and doesn't exhibit a "holier-than-thou" attitude of any kind. In other words, if it is a LARP, it's all very much better than the typical "hello i'm an alien, AMA", wouldn't you agree?

Of course I hardly doubt that it is possible to change someone's entire nature through a post on an anonymous imageboard as OP claims to be able to, but again - I can't see any harm done to anyone as of yet.



>highly doubt*


Have suffered from gastroenteritis for the past week and am just now seeming to recover. Spewed out a lot of yucky stuff and felt worse than ever before. Hopefully the spell played a part in this horrible illness. Have also had two dreams where I was a vampire.


I'm not sure if it's related to this but I had a dream this night. For the last few years in my dreams I always felt very weak, I would struggle to even walk and feel like there are chains on my feet. This time however I felt very strong, I carried a fucking ship out of water. Also people usually don't talk to me but there were lots of people interested in me in the dream


>turns out the cabal are the demiurge/draconians who trick and enslave OP

>In all of his lifetimes OP was a loosh farming slave, having the most mudane and degenerate professions like whore and gladiator

>got tricked into believing in reincarnation and karma by demiurge, thus being entrapped in their games by his own will

>in this lifetime got contacted by a memeber of the demiurge and convinced into the ultime next step via vampire LARP because he likes to watch vampire diaries

>starts creating new immortal slaves for the earth plantage once again in service of demiurge

>begins in the most awakened place he has access to, where the members have a high chance of freeing themselves and getting enlightenment/gnosis….fringe

>able to get consent from said people because he uses the mundane egos (vampire thingy is so cool) and effectively putting a stop to their rising through the immortality spell

>claims you get enlightenment with it

This is how prometheus is hindered from rising and must remain for thousands and ten thousands years longer in this low physical dimension.

But it's better for most people anyway. Lot of us will not rise but go to the astral after death were we sooner or later just die again and dissolve. In this way at least most of us get a chance to actually evolve and rise so that we, when we finally do die, do not just dissolve in the astral but can be actively reborn at will again and agaian in the highest heavens and even above.

It's not as bad as it seems, everything has it's pros and cons.



Weird way of understanding it but whatever works for you… Makes me think of this one




I'm not even serious about this post. Just a fun conspiracy that came to my mind and I felt like posting it. Gotta admit it actually makes some sense tho lol.

btw I think I'll be leaving fringe soon so I won't come and post and or look into the thread anymore, will invest my time into other things. I want to say that if something "vampiry" happens of course I come back and report as is my duty to you, IF the thread is still alive then. If not, whatever.



I'm saving regular back ups on webarchive so you can read any further discussion there if you come back later and it's gone.



File: 6e611aed4a947a5⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 53253435631641.jpg)


Thanks for the in-depth reply OP, I don't know how you find the time but I do appreciate it.

I stopped to meditate a bit today and tried sending some gratitude your way, I might not be getting freaky dreams or anything of the sort, but I have felt changes since originally posting in this thread and I do feel as though you were the catalyst for those changes.



Hey OP, if I may bug you about this a bit more, could you either elaborate more on zero particles or link me some place I can study about it at? I just can't seem to get that stuff off my mind ever since I read that post.



I'll give you a short summary (I hope)

>0D or zero dimension particle, looks like a circle, the fundamental matter. Negative particles with the same form can be created and are then the basis of false societies based on delusional theories. Most of the modern world is like this. Beyond the false particle you'll find 3 layers of society, the last one has an external structure (level 4) added to form an even more false image, which is where the current world is at. If you trace it along you'll see it corresponding to different phenomena, for example the surface level 4 corresponds to proxy warfare and terrorism, 3rd layer democracy, 2nd layer hedonistic sex and abortion, what's at the 1st layer I'm not sure, I haven't gotten there fully yet. I'm working on dissolving these things because they're ruining the world

The particle itself is within a person or it's a god being, it represents immortality. It has no dimensions, hence 0D. It's also what is called quarks.

>1D has one dimension. Here you'll find radiation, x rays, radio, visible light, the full scale of one dimensional particles with waveform. When God said "let there be light" in the bible, it describes how he went from the 0D zero particle (the god particle if you want) and created one dimension, 1D, which is light and radiation. This is also where you'll find "aeonic magic" and prime numbers. Every particle corresponds to a prime number, this is definite. A few years back some indian guy proved mathematically that prime numbers are limited to a specific number. This corresponds to the number of particles being limited in the universe. These are also known as string particles.

>2D, this is where you'll find flat material things, underworld or hell dimensions, also the creation of life, such as during pregnancy. This is what you know as the event horizon of a black hole. The current theory is that things falling into a black hole do not collapse, they lose one dimension, so they're still there but flat. So a guess, if you want to know what the meaning of falling into hell is, it means the spirit going into a black hole turning 2D.

>3D, what we know as the physical world. Molecules and stuff.

That should give you an idea by placing it in context. The rest will make sense once you can see this stuff and explore it yourself.



If you want to read about the aeonic magic go to mewch.net/fringe and check out the Order of Nine Angels thread, it has the complete collecion of their PDF:s.



>So a guess, if you want to know what the meaning of falling into hell is, it means the spirit going into a black hole turning 2D.

But the spirit is not 3D. Only a physical body could lose one dimension.



After coming into 3D you are 3D and need to remain such. But if this was fully known and explored we wouldn't need "occult" practices, they'd be in the open with no mystery. I'm assuming getting rid of your attachments means a controlled motion back into 0D whereas submitting to desires leads to uncontrolled decay and the death of the spirit, in which it falls back all the way and enters the false world of fake gods made up of the false zero particles.


I had a strange experience while meditating, it felt like a second heartbeat started in my chest and I can still feel it. Also op can you read me please



It's open and a lot of red energy, doesn't have a lot of form really, so I can't tell specifically. Looks "windy" maybe.



Who is this mathematician you speak of? As far as I know, according to Euler's theorem, primes are unlimited in number.


Please drop a link to a source. This is interesting to me.


Regarding black holes, check this out. https://youtu.be/KR3Msi1YeXQ



I actually had a hard time finding the news articles from back then, this may be the one:



Hm, I'm not sure now. The guy isn't indian and didn't come to that conclusion. But from what I remember it was from 2015 and this is from 2013.

This is insane, news websites have no functional archives of anything and web searches give nothing. I know I saw this in multiple sources including radio.

This was an annoying experience.. I know it was reported in early 2015. Some indian working in a fast food restuarant had solved it.



Anyway. The discovery coincided very nicely with my own progress. The 1D particles follow a set pattern which can be drawn into an increasing set of boxes. I started doing this and realized that each particle had required a number of boxes corresponding to a prime number. I traced it down a bit but it gets really complex after a while and I since I did this in my head I gave up because my ability to visualize isn't savant level even if it may be good. Going by the structure of them I soon realized there is a max number of "boxes" or links that a 1D particle can consistst of, after that it collapses. This is unavoidable. There is a split at the zero particle 0D but the 1D particles continues on the other side despite their existence now representing "lies" or "false matter" when manifesting in society. So you could say "truth" and "lies" are different kinds of material existing at a particle level. When they reach the last step of the 4th level of the other side (as explained here) >>114434