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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 007c2fc68962b44⋯.png (9.28 KB, 120x130, 12:13, 10D5F5E5-C266-4598-83AF-25….png)


You know them.

>gmo safety

>msg caution

>fluoride caution

>vaccine safety


>healing autism, adhd, diabetes, heart disease, schizophrenia, anxiety, and other mental, and gastrointestinal and autoimmune illnesses


>high fructose corn syrup and mercury trace amounts

>fluoride in water

>saying mental illness is influenced by what we consume and/or inject

>acknowledging mental illness increasing

>cfc bulbs and mercury

>computers/iphones and microwavelengths and cancer and neurology


>calling mainstream cancer and mental illness research cashgrabs


>saying theres a natural solution for illness instead of meds that only hide the symptoms but not solve the solution


>saying masturbation and porn is unhealthy


File: 51f78cf04cd2164⋯.jpg (91.91 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, 5d554c00795e91a66c620a8b94….jpg)

Hey Schlomo!

All of what you listed are /fringe/ related because they're poisoning your body and all that shit added up will ruin your abilities.

Lurk a while before posting next time you decide to start a disinfo thread, this isn't even funny.



What i mean by it shouldnt be fringe is that it should be taken more seriously and not disregarded as being a fringe conspiracy theory



>saying mental illness is influenced by what we consume and/or inject

Pretty sure getting poisoned by heavy metals isn't good for your mental health, even though most mental health issues are overwhelmingly because humans have become caged animals put under high stress and forced to live terrible lives.



>It should be taken more seriously because what's real is only what Mr. Mundane thinks of as real

The world of other-peopleists really does seem to be hellish.

If every problem being fixed depended upon everyone being aware of it, then no intractable problems would exist, and yet we are still faced with problems essentially identical as those of our ancestors (at least within the scope of history) in all but the nitty-gritty. People being aware of a problem for sure doesn't necessarily do any good. In fact, in an era of media like this, awareness of a problem often just breeds its own problems.

Whether Johnny Jackoff next door believes in any of this doesn't mean anything. If a solution is available from people I trust, then I will apply it and observe whether or not it's correct. If someone else is able to hear about that solution, I'll share it. Otherwise, to share it with someone who is obviously unable to hear it is to invite disaster and to feed the leech narrative of "only other people can fix this, crowds are important, other people's opinions and attentions are important, other people other people other people!" Nonsense.



I know its real and an issue



Also this seems like a very strawman like post idk why



Also the world isnt sunshine and rainbows if youre trying to say it is and the govt is all for the people



Nevermind, disregard all my other replies, I was being an idiot/reactionary not seeing the real meaning of this post right away.




No harm done, apology accepted.

Just to confirm, I absolutely don't think the world is sunshine and rainbows, I'm just very skeptical of the idea that normalizing important issues automatically helps bring them to an end. Sometimes the opposite is true, especially right now when the media is capable of reaching so many people and yet utterly incapable of controlling itself or getting a grip. The degree of totally counterproductive panic generated is enormous, and at perhaps no other time in recorded history has it been easier for psychoviruses and negative memetics to propagate.

When it comes to memetic warfare–which is what you're discussing here–the rules of actual war may find some use. For example, loose lips sink ships.

It can be disastrous to go public with only a half-formed set of ideas, or info encoded in a meme or memetic structure which necessitates the information's opposite or counternarrative.

I would rather a matter be on the fringes of knowledge where the people who discuss it must be educated on it out of sheer necessity, since this weeds out the people who either don't care, or, far worse, become instant "experts" the moment they're given a platform to speak. Though everyone here is pretty well aware of this, it bears repeating that the average mundane is not really conscious of the ways in which they are programmed, from without or within, and their ability to parse for useful info is lacking on a good day.

tl;dr I'm not saying that I want the fringes to be some sort of clubhouse that nobody can ever enter or some sort of "teehee we r astronomus" secret club, only that taking the time to be mindful of your audience and the language in which you encode the message you want to get across will pay off in spades. Measure twice, cut once.


Honestly, you'll have to seriously debate heavily and actually convince people with scientific proof about GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, homeopathy, and "healing" autism, ADHD, and other mental illnesses.

And mind you all of these topics are handled by professions with years in training who have read and probably produced scientific journals on such.

That being said, I say people of /fringe/ should stick to non-scientific topics rather than these topics, lest they be doubted for BOTH beliefs, since you may be able to prove these scientific subjects correct, but it would be hard to prove the existence of Karma, God, and other spiritual topics (even if they're all together from different regions with different cultures and religious beliefs).



GMOs are banned in Europe tho. It's the americans who think that shit is ok.


Well yeah, they are fringe for a (((reason.)))




It should really be common knowledge at this point that the elites are black magic practicing devil worshipers/pedophiles but unfortunately we live in a world where people have such a poorly integrated concept of the shadow that the cartoonish levels of evil going on right in front of their faces are so outside their framework of understanding that they quite literally can't see it. I'm convinced at this point that an HD video of Obama, the Clintons, the Rothschilds, Soros and all of their ilk raping and drinking the blood of babies would fail to wake a good portion of them up.

Sometime over the next couple of months I plan to go through the qu'ran with a highlighter and mark all of the times it calls for the subjugation of women and murder of non-believers and scan the pages into a pdf. I'm curious to see how the leftists on various social media sites will try to explain it away.


File: 046ae907bf16a16⋯.png (269.8 KB, 530x398, 265:199, 15 - 1.png)


ofuck yea the new new age translation right? \ while ur at it, download the bible kidz bop translation off your customized interwebs and send me some "quotes" and … evidence ha if you wanna use that word.

> twentee a.teen

> "lefists"

this is tragic… instead of encouraging you to jump out a ffuckin w indow i figure some heart will do me good..

love you … i guess :/ pic completely unrelated . not sure what'll pop up



>mark the quran's instances of corrupt demiurgic control

that has been already done in several websites, search "the religion of peace website" (it's ironic btw) for more info.


>pointing out pathological science and pseudo-science in academia

I really hate how academia uses hypothesis and theory interchangeably, these rent seeking charlatans know the difference. They really can't admit to the normies "I don't know" and really want the gibsmedats grants. Cosmology is the welfare queen of the sciences, the whole dark energy/matter pathological science is hilariously painful to watch; I believe the universe is now 98% dark matter in order to make their equations work.


File: c1b08d6a446cf15⋯.png (264.9 KB, 530x398, 265:199, 4NTHg26.png)



>shouldn't be because I says it so



GMO is biotech weapon. Enjoy your brownpill body.


msg is brain food. Too much can kill. Turns most people into happy-comfy zombies


calcifies important glands for practitioning (foresight triangulation AKA 3rd eye)

it passes blood-brain barrier also the oldest frontier of biotech


fucking shill confirmed

>healing autism, adhd

avoid sugar and instant / 3in1 drinks

drink barista-brewed coffee


and cancer

sodium bicarbonate, eat cakes risen by baking powder and of course without sugar and stop eating goyim bread (yeast)

kill the parasite in your gut by taking leafy veggies and herbs

>heart disease

music below A440 and going with the natural cycle

6-8hrs sleep - avoid staying up at night


decalcification and nature meditation.


meditation and sexagenary sign lucky colors (chinese zodiac)

>other mental, and gastrointestinal and autoimmune illnesses

I like how you know these two are linked.

Gut microbiota and brain. The way through a man's heart chakra is through their stomach.

I welcome corrections or objections.


File: bda085785ae1c90⋯.png (297.41 KB, 530x398, 265:199, c1b08d6a446cf151d14c93a6f0….png)



>kill the parasite in your gut by taking leafy veggies and herbs

Do this on shuffle. Don't repeat sane dish in one week.

Your body will start to revolt and you will feel lethargic and crave for cheese, sweets, or yeasty bread or noodle.

Don't. Just keep it up.



>sexagenary sign lucky colors

hmm as an anxiety person I wonder. meditation def helps but colors, hmm



>below A4=440Hz

Beside A4=432Hz, which is the tune of Nature, there is the A4=444Hz, which is the tune of Elevation and its C5=528Hz.



This so much. Academia has gone to complete shit. Some random on this board posting about how he summoned a succubus to play Quake with her has more credibility than academia these days. One of the things that's making me slowly consider that more /x/-tier stuff than I previously thought possible actually exists is watching how all the goddamn motherfuckers in academia push theories they know they have no real proof of to get funding from the fuckwits in administration, and especially how they censor. God damn, how they censor and suppress anybody who calls out their bullshit. I wish more people were posting here so we could have a real thread about this.



>high fructose corn syrup and mercury trace amounts

stop drinking soda

>fluoride in water

a marketing ploy based on fear for water filter king alex jones to make money. Buy bottled water

>saying mental illness is influenced by what we consume and/or inject

we dont even know what cause Alzheimers so to say it's correlated with food and vaccines is far fetched

>acknowledging mental illness increasing



Being gay, a tyranny, and whatever else doesnt mean you have a mental illness

>cfc bulbs and mercury

>computers/iphones and microwavelengths and cancer and neurology

Too much electronic light will fuck up your circadian rhythm. Try to get more sunlight and sit in pitch black darkness



Here's a made up bs problem you have. Here's a over priced snake oil to cure that bs problem


Too much of anything can be unhealthy but thanks to edging I have gotten a lot better. You know how viagra says you should call a hospital if your erection lasts for more than 2 hours that's called a normal morning for me


>claims to have cures to shit

>doesn't share

What's the point of this thread?


File: 3fd24facb87ccc2⋯.png (330.71 KB, 447x387, 149:129, repost2.png)

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