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File: 40044b61ed2f1d1⋯.png (96.84 KB, 1050x671, 1050:671, shitcoins.png)


How badly is weed for spirituality really?

I do understand and notice that I get less aware, my dreams dissapear too, but is this always a bad thing? If I'm sober for over a month I tend to get anxiety and very high energy that is hard to control. It's not always fun to deal with. If I then, blow one I calm down and am relaxed for a good week.

Can anyone comment on how much weed hinders my spiritual progress? I do want to grow but I also want to be able to relax and be calm.

How much does it negatively impact my growth and my afterlife?

Can anyone write something decent about this.


File: 190e87d5bdb768c⋯.jpg (72.34 KB, 634x959, 634:959, woodywillie.jpg)


Not very dangerous at all unless you're an abuser with no hope of change. Aleister Crowley did some observations on cannabis and it's effect on a magician. I might have been participating almost daily for the last 5 years and can attest that I still hold a regular job and if anything it's brought me closer to the spritual mind.



Since marijuana affects the chemical centre of the brain, it changes the hormone levels in the body. In men it decreases the level of testosterone. This could sometimes lead to the enlarging of breasts. In women it increases testosterone. Could this be the missing part of the parthenogenesis puzzle?

Maybe this was used during the ceremonies to change the chemical balance within the females at certain times of their cycle, and this would trigger the process? Then if they continued to use this during their pregnancy it would increase the testosterone in the foetus, therefore leading to a mutation of the X chromosome to a Y, leading to the birth of the first male.

Baphomet symbolises cannabis, the Templars venerate it.

As a man has to activate his feminine side for the Great Work, having cannabis will help do this, as it reduces his testosterone poisoning.

Atbash cipher, was used in translating the word Baphomet, it transposed into the Greek word "Sophia", which means "Wisdom" and is also synonymous with "Goddess".

Baphomet = Goddess & Cannabis = Enlightenment = Gnosis & Sophia.


File: 2205861176bba2c⋯.png (18.98 KB, 515x174, 515:174, ARKERINO.png)


Interesting, thanks for this>>120440

>▶  05/23/18 (Wed) 21:27:47 No.120

How do you explain my deminishing dream recall?

I'll be honest I'm in a relapse phase right now and smoking regularly ( 2days a week or so ) and my dreams have once again faded into darkness.

during periods of soberness, cold showers and meditation I managed to remember more and more of my dreams and attained lucid dreaming almost every few nights. I had much ore power in that realm that I feel, is now gone.

It's been months since I had a lucid dream, OBE or AP experience at night.

I understand dream phase is a great time to learn and explore but weed doesn't even allow me to remember/see anything.

How can you say weed brings "wisdom" then.

how can you say weed helps with enlightenment when, clearly it only takes away from my awareness?

thank you for your comment.


you too thnx.



You already have lucid dream, OBE or AP experiences. That means you're already very advanced.

Cannabis affects everyone differently — that is an undeniable fact. One way to describe this disparity is with “vibrations”: frequencies that are unique to you and interact uniquely with the mental effects of cannabis. These vibrations are heavily tied to your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and similarly linked with personality type.

Granted, we acknowledge that there are many other factors that play into the effects of cannabis including strain, dosage, and smoking environment. Scott Teal, who is a spiritual advisor, states that cannabis affects everyone differently due to these vibrations. He explains that someone with a lower vibration than the plant is likely to feel better because the plant raises their vibration. However, if someone with higher vibrations than the plant ingests it, they may have feelings of paranoia or sadness.

Cannabis works in mysterious ways. For those who have not figured out the secret of marijuana, here it is: it’s all about intent. You need to decide what effect you want the plant to have before actually consuming it. Without this step, your subconscious will decide what effect it will have and will usually play to consuming thoughts that may already be bothering you. What’s great about harnessing intent is that you can begin to use cannabis as a productive tool for something as simple as relaxing, all the way up to something as complex as enlightenment.

Cannabis may not lead to enlightenment for everyone, but it can be a useful tool for some. As demonstrated by historic practices, it can aid in achieving new levels of spirituality and can help users explore things in new ways. Of course, it’s best not to have preconceived notions that are too far-fetched—set your intentions, be open minded and let the rest happen. If you set yourself up before digging into some flower, you may be surprised where it can take you.

The reason so many people have a skewed view of cannabis is because they personally have not benefited or understood the potential power of the plant. For those who have the right vibrations for cannabis along with an understanding of how to control your high, you can use marijuana to have a positive influence on your life—and possibly achieve enlightenment, whatever your enlightenment may be.


Sleep deprivation and electromagnetically induced drowsiness (emulation of sleep's Delta Waves) are useful for entering the state between sleep and awake. Weed can help increase the window of this awareness.

For some reason the powers that be enjoy exciting certain imagery centers during such time, thus invoking somewhat relevant but not concretely exact thoughts. This reveals to me the resolution of their electro mechanical capabilities, which marijuana and sleep deprivation assists.

Now imagine two individuals trying to send an image from one to another and a third party able to see an FMRI scan of each brain. Imagine that the FMRI scanner is able to increase the excitation in one mind matching regions patterned after another mind (and patents do exist for this). It is therefore possible to wirelessly create what seems to be telepathy and etc. "magic" effects.

Weed facilitates this by allowing subjects to focus more strongly and be more susceptible to influence.

TL;DR: If you're a MK* (ultra, etc.) subject then weed could be just the thing you need – or you might want to stay away from it if you're foolishly in opposition to such a cool opportunity to experiment with mental "powers".


If you live in a place where it's legal (only place it's advisable to even think about using this) remember that it's stupid to smoke or vape anything because it's bad for your lungs and increases your risk of cancer (any kind). If it was legal where I live I would look for an extract of the oils (like CO2 extraction) or some other method that didn't use toxic chemicals to extract it and then just ingest the food grade edible oils if I could even find them, and then in only very small amounts. not even worth it to try and do it any other way.



I would also strongly suggest that anyone avoid anything that isn't non-gmo project certified and usda (or some other certification) ORGANIC. as with any oils/essential oils they spray pesticides on the plant and when the plant gets extracted and concentrated down so do the pesticides. monsantos round up is cancer causing and they're getting sued out the ass for lying about it.

>sell thing that kills living things (weed killer)

>people surprised when it kills them too

>but muh muh muh monsanto said it was safe



> You already have lucid dream, OBE or AP experiences. That means you're already very advanced.

Well lucid dreaming isn't actually that special a lot of people experience this. The longer I don't smoke though the more chance I have at dreams and going lucid in them.

I've also have had shared dreams and telepathic experiences.

I honestly believe all humans are somewhat psychic so.

I'm not advanced per se.

When I was younger I had much more control over how I could influence the dreams.

From ~10 to ~18, if I went lucid I could fly easily and warp my world without issues.

Now that I'm mid twenties I'm lucky if I can make myself fly when I'm lucid.

Uhm anyway yeah. my advancement level is… nothing special.

> Cannabis may not lead to enlightenment for everyone, but it can be a useful tool for some.

I fear it does the opposite in my case.


> It is therefore possible to wirelessly create what seems to be telepathy and etc. "magic" effects.

I'm well aware of telepathy and experience it regularly.

> stay away from it if you're foolishly in opposition to such a cool opportunity to experiment with mental "powers".

I think I'll have to stay away to experiment. If I'm stoned I don't do anything productive.


I can get it semi legally.

Thanks for all the feedback appreciate it.

Deep down inside I know weed isn't going to bring me forward. When I was young and didn't have much experience yet it, was a good thing to grow but, nw it's just holding me back.

I'll try to keep the use minimal



I don't know what sort of people you associate with but most actually do not lucid dream, let alone remember dreams.

And even if you don't count that as advanced, experiences with AP/OBE, shared dreams, telepathy confirm you're not as shallow as you pretend to be. You've actually done most of the 'hard' work that is needed to advance further. You've 'pierced the veil', reached the soft cap of your development, so to speak. You already know what works and how it works, you've experienced it. If not yet consciously, but definitely intuitively.

Much love and good luck in your experiments.



>How badly is weed for spirituality really?

It's not so much bad for the spirit, but you shouldn't base your spiritual development off of it.



You have anxiety and high energy because you're either poisoning yourself.

Don't escape your problems.



Essentially, you don't deserve to be calm because you're poisoning your own body by whatever your doing.

Stop eating foods that make your head hot. Stop eating shitty food, Get off your medication, Go outside and get some vitamin D, find a hobby you enjoy.


I just had perhaps one of my most spiritual meditations ever after smoking a dab last night.

I realized that everything is made up of two possible parts, just like binary code, and each binary variable leads to several new possibilities and it goes on forever. I became increasingly aware of parts of my consciousness extending beyond its usual points, and felt my chakras vibrate continuously.

The two parts are Yes and No. Create and Destroy. Expanding your consciousness is creating and losing your memory is destroying. I wondered if perhaps these are linked to our gendered spirits, where Create is male and Destroy is female. Someone further up in the thread said weed amplifies your female self and I became more and more acutely aware of how much I Destroy, especially as I lost my short term memory.

With this awareness of the duality of Create and Destroy, I can be more conscious of what makes me weaker and what makes me stronger. What makes me submissive and what makes me dominant. That knowledge can either lead to me being all powerful or instead mentally and instantly killing myself and possibly everything else.


File: c880cba9c1751b9⋯.jpg (98.93 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-human-being-is-a….jpg)


>I wondered if perhaps these are linked to our gendered spirits, where Create is male and Destroy is female.

The gendered distinction of forces exists above the forces, like an oil spill covering the surface of the ocean. You have to go through it to reach the real stuff, but it's not what you're going for (with the exception of those of us trying to clean up the spill).

My experience would say that creation (or "Order") is more female and destruction (or "Chaos") is more masculine, but that's just it: My *experience*. You've had different experiences with creation and chaos, so you gender those experiences based on the body that was used to provide them. The forces existed before you learned to associate them with a sex.

Your revelation was a powerful one despite my semantic argument. I look forward to hearing more tales of your future development.


cannot use it as I am on psychotropics. otherwise I lose my sanity. also I hate stoner culture and stoners in general as they come off as complete pricks.


File: 833524433391b2e⋯.jpg (87.78 KB, 570x881, 570:881, 9cec12e4c5b9bd76139932a89b….jpg)

Switched from flower to pre packaged concentrate carts. The semi-pure thc carts were hit and miss with my anxiety. The 1:1 THC:CBD carts are alchemical perfection though, I'm going outside again. I'll never need xanax again.


I used to believe 100% that smoking weed made me forget my dreams but I have been making a bigger effort to keep a dream journal in the past months and I have to say my dream memory has come back. I think it indeed makes your recall fuzzy but if you do dream recall every morning I'm sure soon you'll be back to normal levels

at least that's my case


File: 01bfb24e11491da⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 572x444, 143:111, small_bacchus.jpg)


This is an astute observation. The memory and concentration detriments are counteracted with a higher tolerance and actual memory and concentration practice. Play memory games on the toilet.



I know that smoking makes my dream recal shit. don't try to lure people into shitty lifestyle.

weed can learn you some things but if you keep doing it and do it consistently you only degenerate.












File: a011b059c42ec32⋯.gif (6.62 MB, 999x640, 999:640, 13215d29fde2c72463b4e1a7cc….gif)


> know that smoking makes my dream recal shit. don't try to lure people into shitty lifestyle.

>my dream recal shit.


Too lazy to retrain it?



>stop giving your opinion about weed on a weed thread

okay mate I think you got the wrong board



if you are high from weed a few days a week its useless to retrain.

it does more damage than you can fix by "training it"

the only way I can get back good dream recal, lucid dreamingskills and astral projection episodes THAT I CONCIOUSLY REMEMBER

iis when I don't smoke weed.

One big joint and my ability is impared for atlest a week and even two.



stop smoking big joints



>I honestly believe all humans are somewhat psychic so.

THEY ARE, only if they would believe. It upsets me to no end how mundanes brush shit off. Even when I catch their thoughts, fucking hell. I'm degenerate as they come and passive as well. If I could do it, so can they and I can only image the levels say, a person utilizing their being into learning law or how one lives in strict discipline for their military service whilst able to keep composure during fire fights, would get. If I can see the future and move simultaneously with events as if I was in sync, talk to voices, some of which seem capable of manipulating physicality in a capacity, and a whole laundry list of things. I can only imagine how far some of these mundanes who take their field seriously to perfection would get into meditation. Clearly further than a man whose only light shines at work whilst the rest of his time is spent being a hedonistic piece of shit drained of seed by himself. Fucking hell. If I can do it, they can too. Truly upsets me to no end.



Sounds like a glorious triumph more than a fix honestly. Your sword was your book.


File: 7196614e11a4fac⋯.jpg (144.92 KB, 1436x834, 718:417, gracieyoga.jpg)


I used to smoke daily for 5 years before I got a new career prospect and my lucid dreaming and memory recollection was great, because I trained. I never would have stepped out of my closed mind if it hadn't been for cannabis.

Nice reddit spacing btw



I don't have to guess, you're getting super strong medical grade shit. Recall that 30%+ THC strains (hell, higher than 9%) is an invention of the last couple of decades.

Roll it as a spliff with tobacco, or if you're opposed to tobacco, get some mullien, raspberry or damiana leaf and mix it up. Then you still get the enjoyment of a "joint" without getting too fucked up.

Nicotine is great because it's a stimulant so it counteracts the hypnotic effects of marijuana. Just buy good shit.



OOH man do I know what you mean. My favorite pasttime is to flip a copper ball between my hands telekinetically. I've gotten as large as a 4" block of calcite to move. It's a party trick, but I see myself doing the "impossible" and I'm in awe at the implications. Imagine someone with my gift, applied scientifically, performing tree surgery. The most dangerous profession… Eliminated overnight by psychic warriors.

The mind boggles at the possibilities. But I show it to a mundane and they think I'm David Blaine.



Please include in your next post a video of your skill and the necessary steps to reach your level of mastery, thanks.


File: 90b55ed27f1dfc9⋯.jpg (86.09 KB, 450x361, 450:361, Balch.jpg)


Hashish, charas, etc. high potency concentrations are not new. people figured out how to concentrate the active ingredients thousands of years ago. Tincture of Cannabis was routinely available since the 1600s, any of these can have concentrations equal to or greater than a whole leaf product. Even if weak it is still possible to consume higher amounts.

Scythians would vaporize kilos at a time in sweat bath lodges. They would not be impressed by your stringy dispensary product.



I avoid all drugs. I don't do hallucinogens. I would say total abstinence is not necessary, but using frequently, or to the point where you are under the influence more often than not when meditating/pondering I would deem a problem. The most important thing that any of us can do is to remove all behaviors that lead us to feel doubt. Doubt is not a bad thing but it has significant trappings, meaning that it is important to doubt things and shit check them, call all your beliefs into question to ensure they stand the test of truth, but to partake in things that cause us to doubt ourselves is very deleterious. And, in that, if you are smoking weed because "it makes you more chill and you can be more spiritual with it" that, by extension, leads to you subconsciously thinking that you can not achieve the same level of spirituality without being high.

But, at the same time, I was having a significantly difficult time wrestling with something. For months I was stuck in this battle of the mind and it was getting very difficult. So, eventually, I realized that it is insanity for me to keep attacking it head on so I took a step back, said "go fuck yourself" and had my first beer in over a year. This allowed me to recharge my batteries enough to step over that stumbling block.

TLDR; as long as you can maintain the agency to know when something is affecting you negatively have at it.


I used to lucid dream every night before I was prescribed ritalin a few years back. It really fucked me up. I have dreamed in the four or so years so I took it (and two/three years since stopping) only a handful of times and they are weak.

Anyone know why? It also broke my dick and not one doctor has ever heard of stim dick or takes it seriously. I want to get back to my old self but how? Dreaming is a big big big part of me as a person and I haven't felt whole since.

I had my first wet dream since the ritalin at the beginning of the year and that was after having a few cold showers for a week/using a shakti mat. I guess I have to 'repair' myself?

Fasting/cold showers?



fasting and cold showers can help. I personally think the biggest benefit of fasting is it gives you awareness of your own body and your ability to control your urges and that in conquering those urges you develop your sense of control.

Let me give you a little anecdote that will hopefully help you, as it is relevant. I was injured in Iraq. Had an artillery shell go off less than 10 feet away from me. Rang my bell real good. Ever since that happened I had horrible headaches, dizziness, and a complete lack of energy to the point of constantly feeling ill. No medicine ever worked for it. And it was absolute torture. Felt like I was living in my own personal hell. It is also how I discovered "magic".

I put magic in quotes because I dont believe magic is a good description. The word magic implies that you are performing the impossible. But, no, in truth what you are doing is making the impossible possible. And, the truth of the impossible is that the only things that are impossible is what we believe is impossible. Change that belief and enter paradox

Now, I was at the bottom of my rope, the pain and lack of energy had really fucking destroyed me. And then I literally stood up from the couch I was sitting on, wasting away, and declared "Fuck this everything that is wrong right now is only wrong because I allow it to be. This is all in my head, all of it, everything, and I do not desire to live like this and thus I will not"

At the time I had zero knowledge of the esoteric. Those words just came to me. And, even to this day, that was the most powerful spell I have yet to cast. My headaches subsided greatly. And after a few days of constantly reaffirming these "power-thoughts"… I hit the ground running and nothing could stop me.

Words, your thoughts… The words you think and the definitions and boundaries to which you define them are magical.

With that in mind, try this: Think about everything that is a problem for you, take a total inventory of it. And then think of the results that you want. At first don't go overboard with it, think about the things that you want that you can say honestly that you believe you deserve and will be a good thing for you. And then think about those problems again. Those problems were obstacles from which you were supposed to learn something about yourself. What could the lesson have been? Do you think you've learned those lessons well? If not, ponder them. But if you think you have learned those lessons well then you have completed your task. Those problems are going away. Your health is returning. You are growing stronger. Your vitality returns. Your metabolism is correcting itself and all these things are currently taking place, they will not begin later they have already begun and they will continue to take place. You are becoming whole again.

Focus on those thoughts constantly. Walk tall, keep your shoulders and head high, and think those thoughts as you go about your day. And, very importantly, smile. Even if it has to be a forced smile. And it does not have to be an outwardly apparent smile, just a slight smile enough to give you the feeling of a proud and happy glow. Associate the act of smiling, and this glowing sensation with wholesomeness and you will find yourself at one.

If you ever slip and forget yourself a bad couple of days can do that to you take great strides to be able to find that starting point again.

Also, if you could do me a favor, after you have done this and you find that it does in fact work, respond to this post again so that other anons can see that I am dropping gigantic fucking pearls of wisdom right now.



Ritalin puts you in 'go' mode. If you associated the 'go' buttons with a non sexual environment, school, going to work, doctors office, the 'go' mental routine that usually only kicks in this hard (for sex) would become normalized and you basically need to get into a mania to ramp up the sexual tensions, which are still locked on that level where the non sexual casual 'go' supersedes the instincts for sex 'go'.

Reaffirm yourself and your sexuality, when to allow yourself to take action and when to not.




Yes please.



Far out, you've written things I've thought myself.

I straight up have thought going manic would 'reset' my brain. The issue is I feel disconnected down there. I don't have morning wood, don't get erections unless I really work at it and even then, yeah nah. Shits fucked. My testosterone is 900 something!



900 ng/dl? Hey that's not bad. That's high nowadays.



Yeah it's a fantastic level and I'm pretty much asexual now. Somethings going on.



Maybe the women you're looking at are ugly or the context is just off-putting for a higher test male.

i.e. your standards are higher.



Check your androgens I guess. Connecting your sexuality to your 'go' like that other anon was saying would solve the issue.



Or it's perfectly normal and dreaming about pleasure dens with an opium thick atmosphere and a baal goat god fucking virgins with his python cock in the center of the pentagram isn't necessarily better.



Maybe one day. Ever since several months ago tech acts funny around me. Laptop camera won't activate, webcam software stopped working for my desktop, phone camera is tempermental. Three pairs of earbuds broke on me in a week and only one of them has any sound on the left side. I assume it's something to do with EMFs but IDK, I'd love to be rich so I could get someone to tell me what's going on.

Best guess is that it's manipulation of my bioelectric field. I think of it as breathing, you don't push the copper during an exhalation or an inhalation. It's a smooth transition, it moves with you. It becomes a part of your body.

$4-10 will buy you a decent sized ball of copper to play with, all I can say is "just do it". It only took one day after I imagined it to get it moving, admittedly that's all I spent that Saturday doing for 8 hours.

Even easier than moving the ball is cooling it down to below body temperature. I can only explain that as "pulling its heat into you". You can also heat it up, but without rubbing it between your palms that's actually harder than moving it is.

Really it all boils down to practice. I spent 8 hours in one day meditating with that copper ball because I was determined to make it move, and I did. Odds are no one else in this thread has done that or they'd have the same results as I.



TBC I'm willing to post a video as soon as I have a working cam but I've been wasting my magic on telekinetics instead of abundance spells so I'm broke as a joke. When I got more than $60 in my wallet we can talk about me buying a new camera.

TBH I only think it's worthwhile as a way of convincing yourself it's real, it's not like I can prepare a meal telekinetically or anything (I WISH). Subtler work gets more results with less effort.

Oh and it burns a ton of carbs, jsyk. Be ready to eat a ton after you're done.



The other anon implied that unconcentrated flowers have been developed to have higher levels of THC than the mexi grass our parents smoked in the 70's and 80's.



although a nice post.

this is just mainstream mundane info.

everyone who isn't a complete retardd knows this

> pearls of wisdom.

Yeah no sorry.





"Weed is spiritual bad for you"

then so is Dmt,Lsd Ayahuasca.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HuF2vMP9I ( You Create Your Reality ) Charges 20.00 for a fucking shirt

I hate brain dead robot hippies because the cant realize they're frying there brain and act like what they spew means anything. Psychedelics don't = love



People you listed are brain dead with or without psychedelics, especially the red headed cunt. But for those who aren't total meatbag NPCs, they can be a great inital eye opener, or baby's first step into the esoteric.

And "frying your brain" is just a stupid meme with no basis in science and reality.



>You HAVE to be this crazy to delve in to the esoteric

Yea you can fuck off with that line of thinking



>this is just mainstream mundane

There are so many anons on here, even, that dont grasp it, which is why I posted it.

>yeah no sorry

Any knowledge that explains the truth of your faith is a pearl unto you. When the lesser initiated share their pearls, and thus see them trampled, it can lead them into doubt. Just because a piece of advice does not serve you does not mean it is worthless.



>then so is dmt

Your body has its own source of dmt, there is no need to imbibe additional amounts. Although, learning how to compel your body to create/use it is extremely useful.



Depends on the sort of "spirituality" you're into I guess. The Left-hand Tantrics of India use it a lot, as did a few branches of Taoism back in the day.



There is not one fact in this post. It's some cringey nonsense you wrote to try to feel special. You have this fantasy where you are an expert that anyone at all relies on, yet you are too stupid to learn anything , so instead of trying humility you have to plague the world with another one of the billion faggotbook users "manifestos" like anyone other than narcissist con artists gives a fuck about the latest narcissist con artist methods

Kill yourself nigger



In my experience, it is useful on occasion and if not abused. Lacking of dreams is a very big thing for me as I value my unconscious a lot. If you are to smoke I would recommend the way that I do it, in which I smoke large amounts a bit more sparsely. I find that it gives me a lot of focus and internal hallucinations of ideas.



From my experience, frequent use (4+ times a week) will make you mentally slower and weed causes you to give less fucks which isn't good for progressing in life.

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