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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: cec4adc515caff8⋯.png (89.22 KB, 1792x652, 448:163, Capture.PNG)

File: 5e819f0ef4dd4b7⋯.png (123.13 KB, 1342x1060, 671:530, capture 1.PNG)

File: d2de464bb3cf8a9⋯.png (66.31 KB, 1435x495, 287:99, capture 2.PNG)


>Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (anti-christ in islam) has fulfilled multiple of the predicted signs.

>There are 10 signs of him coming, of those 10 8/10 have been fulfilled.

>There are 4 signs of his emergence, of those 2-4 have been fulfilled (2 are arguable)

>Particularly noticeable is a very specific sign of date-palm trees in Baisan no longer bearing fruit

>In islamic eschatology there are 5 major signs of end times.

>Of those 2-3/5 have been fulfilled.

>There are also 60 minor signs.

>Of those 25-33/60 have happened.

>A lot of those seem like they could happen in the nearby future.

Is this a real possibility or just a large amount coincidences?


File: f6cc0ec09407407⋯.png (344.37 KB, 1600x1954, 800:977, finny chain of events.png)

>the romans will form a majority amongst people

guess the world's not going to end…unless we breed finns to bring about the prophecy

(I'm personally okay about breeding finns)



(((coincidences))) huh, maybe.

The way I understood it was that not every minor sign has to be fulfilled only a certain fraction, so even if some are practically impossible the big event might happen. also polite sage.


File: 287ec2e4766471c⋯.jpg (95.03 KB, 704x530, 352:265, Untitled.jpg)

>women will rise in number, and men will decrease in number so much that 50 women will be looked after by one man



All those signs sounds like general human shenanigans that have been a thing long before Islam even existed.


File: 4006abbc57de669⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 467x536, 467:536, urban-development-dubai-1.jpg)


>nomads will compete in the construction of tall buildings

thats creepily accurate for something this specific by prophecy standards



There is a pattern of patterns that everythign follows. It plays out in history along the lines of these prophecy's. It is also why the prophecy's in all tongues read like unintelligible metaphor. The trick is.. how do we interpret them. The first step is to identify the pattern. The second step is to figure out how the fuck it applies to everything. The third is to figure out where we are in the pattern. The fourth is to figure out where in the pattern these prophecy's take place.

I believe we are either near or at the point of the pattern where the large scale pattern (not just the small scale "we are living through the 1930's" pattern.) begins to repeat.

We have a metaphorical flood, an exodus of rapefugess. We have a metaphorical antichrist, the (((globalists))). Et cetera et cetera.


bumping turbo-interesting thread



95% of all these signs are already 100% true. it's closer than we think.


>3-7 is basically real life

>8 is arguably similar to those who live as complete wageslaves

>10, 11, 15, 16, all very much real life as well, especially in metropolitan areas

>17 has basically been in effect for 1000 years tho

>18 is like those grocery stores adding 'pay a dollar to feed hungry kids' stuff

>20 is literally a slutwalk

>21 is the US university system and their rate of censorship

>22 Fake news

>28 by Romans what is meant here? Christians? White people?

>32 Humans communicate with objects? Like cell phones?

>35 That is basically the modern design of women working full time so the powers have extra tax pool

>36 Arguably prevalent today, especially if you take into account social media

>38 Now this makes more sense if it is spoken from an ISIS standpoint

It's safe to say there's a lot of strange, detailed parallels to current society. This doesn't make me think of any natural prophecy, sadly, this makes me think that such 'traits' were forced upon mankind. As if some group simply wants to see the world demolished so something new can be born from it's ashes.


File: 3705a6a130accdb⋯.jpeg (10.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images_7.jpeg)

Fuck teh jewzzz

btw teh way this is me


File: abf15663d14b567⋯.png (125.79 KB, 401x219, 401:219, 8f4.png)

gOd n hitler in pece as man kind finolly realizing teh truth



it's not just that, the

>humans will communicate with objects

is also creepily accurate


super interesting thread


OP, I think you're onto something.


>>women will rise in number, and men will decrease in number so much that 50 women will be looked after by one man


The waiting part is what's going to cause you to be one of those men who are the reason behind why those who yearn forward are to have the fifty women.


>the large scale pattern

What would the historic equivalent of the large-scale pattern be?



>finns are romans

the ultimate WE WUZ



From what I have come to understand I think every doomsday prophecy ever is bullshit.



>the historic equivalent

What I imagine, when I am thinking about or working on figuring it out, that it basically amounts to the geometrical equivalent of the iching. Or, and this isnt the best analogy, a multidimensional (as in geometrically) sort of zodiac without the idoltry.



>acceleration of time

I have noticed and others around me have agreed with me that over the past like 2 years there are certain times where it takes 20-30 minutes to travel a road where normally it takes 10 minutes at the same speed to go that same distance.



Anyone else think that the fifty women to men note is just a euphemism on how men are the ones who fight wars?

I don't think the ancient arabs had a concept of a gender-specific disease. Lets hope that this isn't some sort of prophecy of xenoestrogens turning men into women.



That's deceleration, surely.



all I can say is

>muh happening.

that said, this one's got some very specific signs, oddly specific even, at least by prophecy standards.



yea but they follow more or less the same rule as other prophecies. There is a way to read the pattern of history and figure out how it flows but all the 'end times' stuff I dont think is correct at all since it seems like the story of his story always grows, it may repeat in certain ways but why would we be lucky enough to be the ones whom experience the 'end times'

And, as above so below.. a forest grows and eventually burns only to make way for new life to grow, the cold death of winter gives way to spring. I think if anything the end times are the end of an age.

Take a look at the life cycle of a civilization, the death throes of a society mimic end times prophecies.




normally it takes x amount of time to travel the same distance, but there have been times where it took 2x amount of time to travel the same distance at the same speed. Time was counting faster.



Much of this is eerily accurate, yes. It also is specific in many claims and still fits them.

But I just cant get over things like 58

>The Moon will split in two, but non-believers will insist it isnt happening for real




Most likely either there will be an optical illusion of a second moon, or another moon like object will appear. or maybe by moon they mean something entirely different. Just watch out for any related sings but don't take this too literal. I doubt the actual moon will just split for real.



If you were to understand those doomsday prophecies in their pure forms before disinfo fucked the entire idea of it up, it wouldn't quite be the case. If you learn how to practice qigong, you should be able to get more accurate answers of what's to happen. Also take into consideration that when people learn of these prophecies, they expect it to come immediately which is why the knowledge is so quickly twisted. People get really caught up in the supposed end of things because they're unaware of the fact that majority of mass-changes are done within galactic (or even universal) scale, exopolitical cold wars. Humans on Earth are just one of the many slave planets that end up affected by the decisions of higher beings.


File: 38c460751f044af⋯.jpg (65.7 KB, 460x687, 460:687, moon landing.jpg)



It may refer to the flat earth/moon landing never happened theories, meaning people believe in different moons conceptually.

Coincidentally in the surrealistic book trilogy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami from a few years ago, there's a second moon appearing indicating a split reality, but only some people can see it.



I don't think you wanna be that guy. I think those who will be left to look after the hordes of women will have the most terrible fate.

It is better not to be a slave of the desires of the flesh and to be materialistic in my oppinion. Meditate, become celibate, master your body, get rid of all desires and finally attain liberation, leave this plane of suffering behind. Women are not worth it, it is only a shallow illusion that makes you think of them as awesome and something to be desired. Leave this job of looking after the masses of them to some blue pilled pua degenerates who won't mind to be left behind in hell for a few more decades.



In science the term "acceleration" has been used for both speeding up and slowing down. It's like the name for a change in current speed whether faster or slower. I always liked the word deceleration better to describe the slowing down part of course because it makes more sense.



Oh so it felt the same, but the clock went ahead quicker. Whoa. nice perspective.



hey there, do you have any tips on qigong?


File: b831c69f5064d77⋯.png (5.05 MB, 1630x2721, 1630:2721, 87546536546.png)


>your image

>then my image

>only some people can see it

like the mandela effect

whoa what's going on here. somebody get crazy russian hacker in here to say one of his "whoa"s for me. this is really interesting.



i'm gonna go on a whim and say that that image is probably not the thing the prophecy implies, if the prophecy is true, it seems that those signs go in a chronological order, so for now we should wait and see.

That said, can anyone find any data on global earthquakes and lighting storms?



I wonder if the "sky trumpets" have anything to do with it.

this thread has some links to videos of those strange sky sounds




>tips on qigong

Close eyes and point your eyes upwards, remain patient, ground yourself, be in the sun, don't eat before (or at least heavy foods), drink unflouridated water, listen to the planetary sounds of your natal dominants.




thank you!



Great find. Even if this has a scientific explanation, we should treat it as a part of the prophecy, there's a reason why the sounds are called "trumpets".

The prophecy is getting more and more likely.






Thinking about it long term, most of us can agree that the last year passed faster than expected.

Talk to any elderly person and i gurantee to you, they'll agree with you. Polite sage, since i've made a lot of posts in this thread.



it's been happening for a few years now..




No, but the zionists want to induce the conditions and force to happen, or brainwash people into thinking it will happen to control them

This is the entire point of ISIS. The fall of sham is another sign that is also present in the bible

Anyone that wants regime change in Syria is contributing to bringing the apocalypse



I was joking, I only want one really. Maybe not even a whole one, just the good bits.


File: 9d400ae73dd92c5⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2moons.jpg)


>The recently discovered 2016 HO3 has been the companion of Earth since around a 100 years and probably continues to be so for another couple of centuries. It is an asteroid with a diameter of 40-100 m and a distance from Earth between 14-38 million kms.

>Although it is at most a minimoon, we can delete the “what if” from the beginning of the question. As you see in an article on the website of NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI):

>any given time there should be at least one asteroid with a diameter of at least one meter orbiting Earth. Of course, there may also be many smaller objects orbiting Earth, too.”

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(469219)_2016_HO3

Possibly the thing in question, but i wonder about the "non-believers will say it's fake" part.

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