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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 19d03a6d7004b48⋯.jpg (6.94 KB, 236x177, 4:3, 58e9124152a70fac01bda07de1….jpg)


I've become interested in discovering or even fashioning a spiritual path that is actually scary. There's already religions and traditions out there that are either good and evil, white and black, right-handed and left-handed, blessed and cursed… etc, but I haven't found one that is primarily centered around the emotion of horror, fear, spookyness, or terror of a supramundane sense (Supramundane means transcending the mundane : spiritual, celestial). Being in a state of bring spooked by something is an interesting emotion to have to deal with or even utilize. It would be a challenge to the participant and or practitioner to work with it.

I remember a time when witches were scary, like in the Blair Witch a project, but now they are kinda cutesy. Black magic, satanism, luciferianism, demonic magick can be scary at times I guess, but I don't think it is emphasized, and in the vein of the Laveyan, Setian, or Luciferian philosophy, it is not particularly spooky as it is more of a triumphant, individualistic spirit.

My closest guess would be summoning, working with ghosts, doing rituals in the dark, like in the woods at night or an abandoned building, or a haunted location, and trying to abide peacefully, centered, and grounded amongst the spookyness. Perhaps one would also eventually be able to 'absorb' this spookyness, who knows.

I also believe the genre of horror in fiction is a good exploratory route in understanding this psychologically. Horror fiction, like it's monsters, are usually symbolic of aspects in current society or what have you that are troubling in some regard. I believe traditionally, Dracula represents the fear of an old aristocracy that exploits the people. Witches I think point to a fear of some hidden, disturbing power within the feminine, or anima, and this power being untamable, due to its association with nature.



welcome to: /fringe/ - Mental Illness

I can see you're insane! Good!

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Fear is definitely a strong emotion, I suppose it could have occult applications. What I find potentially interesting, is the personally transformative effect overcoming fear could have. Playing a horror game or watching a horror movie for example in essence involves not shying away from your own fear.

I wonder how consistently powering through scary things would effect you. Kind of like taking cold showers everyday, where you override that 'I don't want to do it' voice inside your head.



skeptics need to gtfo

(6. Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time)



The only thing I'm being skeptical of here is your mental stability, and possibly intelligence.


File: 4e00dd6f3276c7b⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 500x713, 500:713, Aghori Sadhu.jpg)

Try the Aghori sect of Hinduism. They live in cremation grounds and for initiation they must find a human skull and fashion it into a bowl that they keep with them for the rest of their lives, and is used in their rituals that include things like eating rotten human flesh and meditating on top of dead bodies


A lot of the shit I do spooks the mundanes bad without me wanting to. So much power in the hands of someone like me scares people.



>include things like eating rotten human flesh

From what I've seen they burn so much that by the time they're actually eating it, it's just ashes they are eating. There was some CNN or whatever it was reporter that went and interviewed the Aghori and ate some brain and mentioned it tastes like ashes and basically that's all it was. Made me a lot less impressed with these Aghori.



Good post OP. I've thought about this myself and have been working on how to use the emotions of terror and spookiness since my first run in with a shadow person. I actually love your idea, too bad I'm committed to the good of humanity and the virtues of love and beauty. I'm going to meditate and work on strengthening the feeling of fear and utilizing it. Thank u op





>see this several days ago

>don't look it up, just open the thread to read the posts

>a couple days later (i.e. now)

>suddenly and (((cohen)))cidentally that exact CNN video shows up in the recommended section of the YouTube homepage

There is no fucking escape from this shit without being entirely void of technology, is there?




Look up the Hindu deities, Bhairava and Bhairavi.

I am currently reading the Kali Kaula, as recommended by a Tantra Anon. In that book I have read a few sections on Bhairavi, and those passages basically state that invoking her properly can give you some amazing, creative, and unexpected spooks.


Air-non, you really should be using uMatrix and hooktube.



Look into these:

The Witches' Book of the dead - Christian Day

Charnel Whispers - Somnus Dreadwood

Communing with the Spirits - John Hansen

Nocturnicon: Calling Dark Forces and Powers - Konstantinos

The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide - Michelle Belanger

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