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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 6164f62e2500bbc⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 540x573, 180:191, f6783cf96f25d7634d4a211254….jpg)


Feel free to share your experiences with spirit companions, astral travels, teachings, tips to beginners or anything.


Look for a certain person within the people you meet in life. They suddenly act all strange and almost alien to you, those are gods possessing them. Listen carefully



or they're just doing drugs



You see 4 "people" within a group of 20. That isn't just drugs


If you are honest about this and really want to find out about astral travel and spirits then why do you ask on a dead image board for mundane larping shizos?

Anyway, if you make the thread then at least contribute OP. Go ahead and tell us your experiences with that stuff. (I can already guess you have none just like the rest of us here)


File: 9ac148066f6e13c⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 894x894, 1:1, shadow_monster_by_marioshi….jpg)

File: 3d88e9f37d0fb6f⋯.jpg (68.2 KB, 730x518, 365:259, 2b402cab36242ee0200618d531….jpg)

Dig your heels in. In the astral, just as in the physical, the world is full of fake-ass fuckers who try to put on the appearance of being something they're not: Demand to be shown their true form and keep demanding until you know you've got it. Most things that look super beautiful/scary are actually super weak which is why they put so much energy into maintaining that appearance. Something genuinely strong doesn't NEED to put on a beautiful appearance to register as powerful, it might be a ball of light or geometric shape, but it will FEEL strong. I can't quite describe the sensation and I believe everyone would describe it differently, you'll know it when you've got it, if you're not sure, it ain't true.

If you undertake spiritual work on the behalf of someone else, say to give a friend with depression a way out of the cycle, don't tell them unless you know that not only do they believe, but they believe in YOU and YOUR ability to heal. If they don't believe in you or your abilities, they'll undo all of your hardwork with their disbelief and they'll sap your strength if they add even a grain of self-doubt to your own practice. True work doesn't need to be shared, because you don't need validation outside of the work itself. When you know what you're doing, you know what you did.

That said, if someone does believe in your ability to heal, then it's of course perfectly fine to share what you did with them, and this is where your own judgement comes into play. Often, you'll know the work succeeded because they'll feel the need to come to you and tell you about a dream they had that you'll recognize as being their end of the experience. It will be different from what you saw and went through, but the link will be obvious.

For example, when I did work for a girl I'm close to, I saw her alone in a dark room crying, when I tried to get her to turn to face me, forms like

>pic related

began to fly out from where her face should have been. Every time they came, I'd dispel them by saying "this isn't you", I had to do this more times than I could count, until eventually I grabbed her by the shoulders and said "LISTEN, THIS IS YOU" and forced an image of her appearance as I remembered it onto her body, which remained behind as I left the room.

A week later, she told me confessed to me a dream she'd had of her having sex with me. At first we were having sex from behind and it was painful for her, like she was being stabbed, then she turned around so she was facing me and the pain disappeared and she was comfortable again. Keep in mind that as a dream symbol, sex tends to be a symbol of unification of dualities (one of the most common male dream symbols is autofellatio for this reason, esp. when you undergo the spiritual path), in her dream I represented the outside world while she was herself; when she's not looking at the world she's afraid of what it thinks of her, but once she's involved in it, the fear evaporates. It was at this point that I told her about my own journey into her psyche and what I saw there, and she saw it for what it was and thanked me.



Another working, this one was several months ago so forgive me that my memory of it is less clear, was done for a friend who I "awakened" some time ago and was struggling with his gift. He lives in a very haunted community, an old miner's town (poor fucker), and his gift for psychic sight is so strong that the first day after I woke him up he was seeing shadow people walking and having conversations all around town, as well as the previous tenants of his home lingering in his room. I'd be lying if I said in some ways I don't envy his gift, I'm strong but my Sight comes and goes depending on the moment, I rely primarily on my empathic senses in that department.

In any case, he was struggling because he was seeing all these fucking dead people, lots of them angry (especially the previous male of the house) and had no idea what to do with it. I'm on another continent so I had no direct resources to help him, nor teachers I could refer him too; besides which, I feel that mentors have a tendency to misdirect, either out of a need to make others gifts fit their own models (ignorance, not malice) or just for their own entertainment because that's how they were taught (again, not malice, but a very rude way of teaching someone not to take everything they're told for granted; my first teacher hates me for it now because I'll throw her own words back in her face all the time now that I've advanced beyond her spiritual teachings.

I actually was in the middle of another working when I had a pop-in from one of his guardian spirits. I dismissed them immediately at the time because I was busy and thought they were coming to me because they identified me as a threat to him, but after the working I reflected and realized that no, they knew my signature from his and were asking me to come clear something out for him. For the week after that work I noticed his behavior had changed, he was very closed off and angry compared to his previous patterns, so after meditating on it I went in deep and cleared some cobwebs, so to speak. It was at its core a very simple work, just giving him the ability to see his own inner strength and the confidence to push forward. I never told him about that work, but its effects were obvious and since then he has made some very impressive strides that I'm very proud of him for, and that includes on the physical level: Getting his car repaired, developing his own meditative practice, finding a job, improving his diet and physical health, all of the measures by which one can say he's succeeding on a physical as well a spiritual level. I've still never told him about that journey, because he needs to hear from his own guardians at a higher level, not my physical body that was just lending a helping hand out when asked.

Though something I find hilarious is that his guides use my voice when they speak to him to get him to listen. I guess in his brain my voice is what he thinks of as a "shut up and listen, mentor is talking" voice, so it's useful to them to get him to pay attention. It only gets funnier when he comes to me cussing me out for popping into his meditation and I'm like "nah nigga I was over here doing my own thang that's your blood talking LOL" and he gets flustered, it's cute.


File: 7a3f5ecd0bfb1dd⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 900x406, 450:203, the_hanged_man_by_buechner….jpg)


I submit for your consideration: Rather than project your inexperience onto others, consider reflecting inwards on it to improve your own practice.


File: 547c5445266c3bd⋯.jpg (107.37 KB, 564x826, 282:413, 3120f696eabbc132a276a600a5….jpg)

And you know what, fuck it, I'll throw a bone out into the wild for y'all:

Anyone who feels they need work done on their behalf, post asking for it and provide an image that is personal to you for some reason, you don't need to say why. A personal portrait photo or natal chart is the best IME but of course that's more than most would willingly post on /fringe/, so a personal sigil made for the purpose or a picture of a favored piece of jewlery is a good second choice. Even just a meme image you're particularly fond of will work, though, so if all you've got is a reaction image folder 13,000 files deep, don't be afraid to post.

I will undertake a journey for one of the first three people to respond asking for assistance. I will not describe the journey, nor will I single out who I selected. I will simply post when the work is done.

You may provide as much or as little detail as you wish in your request. More information gives me more to go off of, of course, but it only increases the number of tools in my arsenal; I'm perfectly capable of going in blind and completing the work and I enjoy a good challenge. It's like calling a plumber or mechanic: If you can tell me where you think the problem is, it saves us some time and resources, but if I have any idea what I'm doing, I'll be able to find the problem anyway… And since you aren't a mechanic, you might not even be right about where you think the problem is.

If I have reason to believe that someone is screwing the system by posting multiple times, or if someone has a particularly urgent need, I'll consider other posters. So if there are already three posts beneath this by the time you see the thread, you're welcome to ask for aide anyway, I'll still consider you. Besides, some other anon might be interested in getting some free practice in and will take your case on in my stead. Never hurts to ask for help.


File: 9051bc1fd3e61e3⋯.jpg (502.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Mothman.jpg)


It's time to try your skills. I volunteer for the work only to see if this giant wall of bullshit is more than a larp. As you probably can already tell I am tormented and I am suffering. Been thinking about ending my own life by 2020 if nothing dramatically "changes" for me. Go ahead and see what you find and what you can do, if you want I even report back. I have attached the mothman which will help you attain a connection with me, if you can walk the talk.



Id say those are not necessarily weak energetically but theyre weak mentally and/or emotionally. They get strong somewhere to compensate for the weakness elsewhere. Also the feeling around the actual strong i would describe as the air around them is denser and more electric. Their presence is invigorating.


I dont really want a working but id love to know the method you used to awaken your friend. Im like you and rely on feeling rather actual vision.


File: 4d4d77960588f90⋯.jpg (115.23 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 12400690_10208143817334021….jpg)


smudged face is irrelevant. clear face is mine from when i was young.

I was born april, 1995, vancouver.


File: 2a0ee60917432e7⋯.gif (202.67 KB, 800x1304, 100:163, obullshitists.GIF)



this triggers me


File: 118f90883fd68b6⋯.gif (14.39 KB, 500x600, 5:6, chart.gif)


I would like guidance or hints or whatever to help me stop being such a mundane and tell me what I should be focusing on. I read a lot of books from the recommended newbie stuff, half of it feels like larps, the other half feels like some marketing spin to sell me a cult and drain my loosh.

I know that in this field, what one needs the most is focus and persistence. So I downloaded ea koetting's Mastering evocations course and am gonna focus on that. But again, it feels like he's just some edgy guy trying to sell me his larp. The fact that I spent years building resistance and skepticism to 99% of what you find on the internet doesnt help.

I do feel like I have certain… "dormant?" abilities, let's say. I wont have the pretense to say that I am unique or special or anything, but I did have a couple of experiences throughout the years that point to some sort of a talent, I guess.

Basically, what I need is guidance on my journey through the paranormal.

plz respond.


File: 02d1240fb447c81⋯.png (68.41 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, graphic.png)


Tell me what you see.



just be yourself



just be someone else


File: 104c818cc4f6c0d⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 336x361, 336:361, fukudude.jpg)


If I sleep on my right side, I'm fucked. My left side, I'm fucked. But if I sleep on my back, I'm not. Also not sure if the voice in my right ear is mine, wish I could remember what it tells me more clearly.


Thread is already derailed and dead.





This dude reminds me of vampire-senpai albeit senpai didn't seem as arrogant/edgy as this dude. The larp is almost the same tho



Same flags too, makes ya think

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