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File: 535c4c0f445a4e9⋯.png (100.83 KB, 300x446, 150:223, St George.png)


Could we have a thread dedicated exclusively to Shadow Work?

I find myself constantly having negative thoughts. Not just negative — destructive. I am often feeling hatred, jealousy, a desire to just surrender to my most basic instincts and enjoy the fruits of my destruction. Ever since I can remember, I have always felt like if I was given the choice between becoming the Christ or becoming the Antichrist, I would go with the latter.

How do we fight these urges? I remember IIH has a practice to create a "black mirror" of the soul, to start listing the things that you consider are your worst traits and also quantify them to reflect upon these negative aspects of your psyche. Jung wrote about this too, but I haven't read him yet (and he seems a bit too dense for my thick brain)

I find that alcohol makes these feelings strong, while weed on the other hand makes them weak. I associate alcohol with male (yang) energies and weed with female (yin) energies. When I'm drunk, I wnt to destroy things, to do damage, to see blood. When I'm high on weed I want to laugh, embrace other people and just relax.

The image of Saint George defeating the snake supposedly represents our higher self conquering the animal which inhabits in our souls. What do you people do for shadow work? How do you face your demons and defeat them? How can we possibly become the buddha or the christ, when negative feelings are so powerful and strong? We all know how good it feels to get angry at someone. I mean, that's why we shout at people even when we love them. Because negative emotions are incredibly powerful and sometimes "positive thoughts" just can't even compare.


I feed the urges until they explode tbh. Im a lazy fuck with a high emotional pain tolerance so its the most convenient for me. I wouldnt recommend it to everyone.

For example if im an angry little fuck and treat people like shit ill eventually get my ass kicked and that would teach me to be more respectful and thoughtful about others and their feelings or expect them to retaliate negatively if i act in a way that warrants it.

If you want to shadow work through philosophy rather than through the real world then The Universal Master Key by Franz Bardon is a good book on morals and not being a piece of shit.

A balance of putting yourself in real world experiences and philosophical thinking/empathy is probably the best way to shadow work if you think about it.


There is a book of self therapy called Self-Therapy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Wholeness and Healing Your Inner Child. It is a self therapy books, it says that your mind is made up of different parts, parts are classified in two: protectors and exiles. The role of a protector is to protect you from a exile, and an exile is a negative emotion produced by a trauma (like people laughing at you, being beaten up) that you don't want to feel.

The book teaches how to get in contact and talk with your parts to heal them.

It is likely that there is a part making you think negative thoughts, give it a try.



Where is the destruction aimed towards? The outer? The inner?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I find that alcohol makes these feelings strong, while weed on the other hand makes them weak.

I drink alcohol but have absolutely no interest in weed. Grew up around it, and have tried it a few times as an adult and find nothing in it I like.

I do like tobacco though, but mostly through pipe smoking. I can't stand cigarettes and am disgusted by people who smoke them, even people I like. Getting drunk is anesthetizing. I mostly binge drink and while alone.

I like the things Teal Swan says about shadow work. It's been a while since I listened to any of her stuff though. For me shadow work is facing the harm others have done that I brushed under the rug. Hungry ghosts of Christmas past.

I've read that in High Magick doing shadow work is all about summoning demons and bringing them under your control. Magic circles, swords, lampblack mirrors, incantations, and probably some hallucinogens involved.

Being mostly feral (in this life, previous lives point to having been in secret societies) I prefer to let things work themselves out.

I encountered my shadow self a long time ago, during a profound experience while likely nearly dying of the flu. It was me, but completely sociopathic. Devoid of any concern of anyone or anything for any reason. We had some issues about some choices he was making, got into a fight, and I ended up having to punch a knife I had stuck under his jaw into his brain, then kick him over the side of a cliff we were fighting on. That was a pretty fucking crazy dream, and I was messed up for days after.

But I'd say it qualified as shadow work.

I don't think he died, just acknowledged and constrained for appropriate times.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The shadow is everything about yourself that you don't know and would rather not know. It has been said that the shadow is the part of life not lived.

Here are some Jungian shadow work excercises:

Draw a tree. On the branches write all the things that you were told by your family that you should do or be, how you should act. What is missing from this family tree? The opposite, so now on the branches write down how your family wouldn't want you to act, do, or be. Draw yourself sitting under this family tree of your family's values and their shadow. What is left out from this dichotamy?

Draw yourself - a stick figure is fine. (It helps to gender the figures with either a upright or downward pointing triangle for their body.) Next, to the right of the figure representing yourself, draw one of your parents, about twice the size. Think about everything your parent told you that you should, ought, or must do. This represents your complexes. Complexes are how you enter conciously into the unconscious (in Jungian thought.) Now to the right of this parent figure, draw the associated archetype twice the size of your parent. For example, if you chose your mother, the archetype you would draw should be the great mother. Again, a stick figure is fine. This figure represents the energy dynamics that fueled your complexes through your parent.

Now you have a graphical representation of persona and influence in your life. With each successive figure, your parent and the archetype, you move further away from your persona but closer to what has influenced you. Confront these complexes with courage for psychic release and transformation.

The last excercise is to invite a stranger over for dinner.



This dream represents a complex from your parents. Images of piercing and penetration such as the knife, pertain to the great father. The image of the earth swallowing your shadow pertain to the great mother.


It's ok to do what you want and take what you desire. If you are the evil one, you are the evil one. In the end it shall not matter. The "right" path, the path of light, the path of right conduct, the path of love and compassion is not for everyone. It is impossible for most people to walk this path and that's ok. Maybe you will find enlightenment and the ultimate liberation between the guts of a protitute that you murder. It is still better to live as the shadow, to become the demon, the "evil" sith lord, the darth vader, than to be like the majority of people. Those lifeless husks, braindead zombies, lifeless NPCs. It is better to be the demon than to be the husk controlled by the demon. Go and live, there is only one path for you and you know it. Reclaim your power.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It was my shadow self. This was an extremely vivid dream. It wasn't iconographic. I saw "me" as a complete doppleganger and thought, "hey, cool, its me!"

The fight started when I realized the other me, smiling away, was going to kill a lot of innocent people while I just stood there stupidly watching, thinking "he isn't actually going to do that!"

So I had to stop him, even though I didn't want to be violent. It wasn't until I finally accepted that he wouldn't quit until I killed him that I punched the knife all the way through. Kind of figured knifing him in the throat would have convinced him, but that fucker, being me, wasn't so easily convinced.

There were other dreams that followed related to other aspects of my life, equally intense.

I was laid up in a bed in a hotel for a couple of days at the time, and probably should have gone to the emergency room from the flu symptoms.

The idea of it being a complex from my parents doesn't fit. The piercing of the knife is more related to me having a serious interest in knives and knife fighting in general.



What do thunderstorms in dreams mean, if I may. They have been pretty frequent aspects of my dreams for my entire life. It's either thunder and lightning itself or the threat of it.



You are using the wrong part of your brain. You can feel which part is in use. You've already identified a few properties of your lower mind with alcohol and weed, Christ and Antichrist. That is simply how it processes the world. It's 100% social animal bullshit. If you eat the wrong thing, it feels bad and smashes or is overly friendly. 99% of people's problems is the food they eat. I can't eat even a little dairy or I feel hulk smash for days.

Try massive amounts of critical thinking and analysis. Read books on the subject. Play games that demand it. Eat food that enhances this process. Developing and leading with the rest of your mind will make this old behavior look stupid.

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