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Tipp's Fringe Bunker


A secret mindcontrol program exists that can be used to induce thoughts, voices, "demons" and aliens to combat dissidents.

But it's now used to feminize the alpha males and white men in the USA and Europe. Feminism is not about empowering women but about disempowering men. Noticed the 800% rise of trannies and crossdressers in the last decade?

We all know free porn is to keep the population down. They are now getting open about the transsexualisation of men (it's not a genetic thing or disease, it's mindcontrol and very refined). They are getting open about it now….

Go to Youporn, type in search "sissy hypno".

They target males age 25-35 to become agents. Engaging in sexual sissy activity can be used against them to commit criminal offenses on their behalf.


On youporn there are new types of porn

"sissy hypno trainer" "Mkultra sissy"



I thought this was pretty much common knowledge 'round these parts. They use not only porn to achieve it. And feminization of men itself is just the small part of the tip of the iceberg. Pretty much everything in this world has been corrupted and we've been conditioned into not seeing it and not understanding the significance of it. I don't know where to begin. It all becomes an insanely frightening mindfuck once you start seeing the system.



The most important aspect that have been changed, probably centuries or even millenia ago, are language and thought patterns. We communicate autistically direct with barily any subtext, yet our thoughts are so much intertwined that they barily produce any fruit. From the texts I have read and what I know of the stone age, ancient people thought in a simplistic solution-oriented manner and their language was way more metaphorical, with many layers of subtext if formulated accordingly; and, in general, to their words actions followed in most cases. While you talk in the Western world too much but barily do anything - well, like a woman.



It's interesting that symbolic blackness is in ratio with socially appropriated femininity.




That porn has been on other sites for years.

You want something terrifying, look up Rhizocephala.Then Liriopsis pygmaea.

>Once the female cyprid locates a suitable victim, it inserts a thin needle into a seam of the crab's armor, injects a tiny clump of its own cells into the host and discards the rest of its body entirely, losing more than 90% of its total mass. Now little more than a protoplasmic blob, it begins to grow throughout the crab's interior almost exactly like cancer, wrapping fungus-like tendrils around organs, muscles and even the crab's eyes.

>Soon, the intruder reveals its presence to the outside world as a bulging sac known as the externa, located where the host crab would normally carry a clump of eggs. If the host happens to be male, the parasite simply alters its hormonal balance until the crab is shaped like - and behaves like - an egg-carrying female.

>It is at this point that the male barnacle finally enters the picture: Injecting himself into the externa, he fertilizes the parasite's eggs and the crab is induced to nurture them as it would its own, carefully cleaning and protecting the bag of baby barnacles. Eventually, the crab will climb atop a rock or coral and shake its body in the water's current, the same action normally used to release crab larvae. The crab will spend the rest of its life raising the offspring of this cancerous invader again and again, unable to ever reproduce with its own kind.

>Rhizocephala may be among the world's weirdest parasites, but that only means Liriopsis pygmaea boasts some of the world's weirdest hosts. The featureless white globes we see here are highly degenerate isopods attached to the externa of a Rhizocephalan, in turn attached to its host crab. And just as the crab is castrated by its parasite, the parasite is rendered sterile by these hyperparasites.

This has been a friendly /an/ post.


How can this be used as blackmail? You mean like how you aren't cool unless you are LGBT?

"The evil demons are trying to control you by showing you you can explore any part of the universe! They want to keep you locked down by opening more doors for you! Give me full control of your will! You aren't allowed to do certain things. You have to check with me so you don't act the wrong way. Now let me control you otherwise the evil people trying to not control what you are allowed to do will get control of you and give you freedom! Freedom is bad! The meaning of life is being a slave for Demiurge so he gets to be happy! Evil demon Lord Satan wants to give you ability to be happy! That is evil and satanic and being my slave is good and divine!"

-Killl Yourself

The meaning of life is creating as a sovereign being and collaborating with other sovereign beings. Faggot bully psychopath vampires who walk up to peoples creations and destroy them then say WORSHIP ME OR I WILL DESTROY MORE OF YOUR SHIT! Are faggot bully psychopath vampires. Get over it. Your faggot team lost and everyone doesn't give a fuck and does whatever they want now. Please, for everyone's sake especially your own, commit fucking suicide. Nobody cares about merchants priests bankers lawyers cops politicians thieves murderers soldiers insurance agents child abusers or people checking ID'S at bars. All people care about are inventors, enhancers, healers, artists, family, friends, community, teachers, philosophers, non fag capitalist scientists and engineers, cooks, and pilots.


Don't use your body the way you want to! Otherwise you will be Satanic and enslave people! Doing what you want is bad. Be my I mean gods slave or you are evil. Not being my slave is evil. Drinking water helps you when you are hungry. Play basketball with a toothpick instead of a ball. Look I can sound like a fucking retard too!

All religious finger pointing is projection. Every person crying about somebody they've never met having sex the way they want to is pathetically using another person's freedom as an excuse for their inability to do anything. If a human fucktard spends their entire life believing retarded comic books, obviously they are going to try to cause as much pain as they can to everyone who wasn't as dumb as them so they can "level the playing field". Nobody in human history has ever been that wrong about something and then just inmediately went full humble and said "gee whiz, I was dumb, let's move forward"




This whole drivel can be summed up with "do whatever you want, there are no consequences for anything, reljun bad". No interesting points or anything you just repeat the same thing over and over again. But most importantly, what does this have to with the thread at all? Babby's first psyop? >>124305



Don't feed it. Let it starve


I can confirm this is true since I feminize other men. I don't care to act feminine myself, but they're wonderfully adaptable and really susceptible to suggestion. It helps that I have no interest in women and that they're used to interest from only closet cases and the like. They generally are very willing and I find it's most useful to flatly tell them what I'm doing to them. Most are transfixed by the idea of being manipulated by a masculine father figure.

I've had tremendous magical success from this and can generate small cults of personality with relative ease. Once I've let it run its course, I send them on their way, I wish them the best, but I don't really catch feelings, besides pride in a job well done.

As for a racial component, some guys prefer to feminize whites and asians especially, but I don't discriminate that way. It's more about their drive to submit, or their potential to be fun if they resist a little. It's basically a game each time to see how their psyches vary and what works best to convince them. Once you know what leverage they have against themselves, you can tip them into doing what they already want to do.

I know of no CIA encouragement besides possibly a hand in the hypnosis elements. My hypnosis style is really much more straightforward than all that, it's more about persuasion techniques. Results are all that matter, not so much flash or flair. Still, I welcome any friendly groups in this. CIA acid helped me immensely in understanding the nature of magic, and I don't cry big crocodile tears over regular folks getting exactly the thing they want. I face no opposition or obstacle in this, feel free to use this as proof you are right that there are at least clandestine people working to make something like this a reality. I have no agenda besides my own success, and the success of my family, friends, and subjects, to the extent that the latter qualifies service to this as a personal success. Praise Slaanesh.


Oh, and before some nerd with a dream journal tries to stick some dipshit hex on me like the last few times I've admitted this, don't waste the paper or the candlewax. It's not my will performing most of this, it's theirs, and I have never seen libidinal incentives from anyone against this that rival the self-sprung potency of sex. If eliciting feeling is art, surely pornography is the highest art there is. There is no counterprogramming material which will outdo lewd materials which have been lovingly crafted. You wouldn't be the first to try and you surely won't be the last to fail. Think of it like this, which would you rather have, a night alone with a gorgeous woman as her slave, or a lifetime of self-control spent with Andrea Dworkin?

There's nobody else playing this game and any hypothetical opposition wouldn't know how. But have fun sifting through materials, boys.


Oh, and one last thing, I think it's a bit rude to assume I use this material to blackmail them against their will. Hardly, many of them love being exposed and would gladly ask for it. No, this is way simpler in its origin.

1. I want to bust a nut and I have extremely specific taste.

2. I enjoy their service and attention. The ego is a temporary lie, but then, so is the pursuit of being consciously without an ego by sheer force of will. Therefore, so long as I have an ego, I will have it to the best of my ability, and the situational narcissism which this engenders pleases me. You should try it some time. Or don't, I've been at this a while and it takes some dedicated study to get it right at the level of crowds. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's quite useful.



The demon's gradually nudge your thoughts into identifying with themselves to assume control of your body and mind. Can't you feel their webs upon your mind? Perhaps not. Most people cannot. Their minds are seamless with the demons.

Though, the way you ramble indicates the burning dissatisfaction of partially failed possession. As though they've only managed to make you transfer your own feelings of cripplement to some other activity and it never stops hurting. That is what woke me to their presence. The burning in my mind would never go away. Especially if I tried to break character and be something more fulfilling. It would dumpster me for weeks. They never captured my analytic functions and so could only divert them to stupid ends, or burn the fuck out of my mind. Both of which only rile me up even more.

They think I'll settle for this shithole hell dump piece of fucking trash existence. Just another demon cog in the machine. No. Never. I'll never take the devil's gold and be another piece of fucking shit slave in his mastershit scheme of bullshit. I've lived through enough already and I reject it wholly. I will never inflict it upon another soul. Luckily, God seems to feel the same way and gives out the most legit strats and info. At least, something answers to that name. It could just be a fucking alien for all I know, but I'm not turning down any help in my extermination of the demons and their helpers.


File: 38fe85fbdbb90d4⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 750x737, 750:737, 38fe85fbdbb90d407363935beb….jpg)

File: 663c55c77e5a806⋯.png (766.5 KB, 641x700, 641:700, chechen method.PNG)

File: 58ca2643187367d⋯.jpg (174.21 KB, 318x488, 159:244, ELIMINATE THE GAY COMMUNIT….jpg)







>The demon's gradually nudge your thoughts

==The demons have infested his mind a long time ago, he probably became one of them. Read link related what sodomy is used for:== http://www.whale.to/b/knox1.html



Thanks, this is interesting.



As a former Catholic, I can tell you that the Catholic seminaries were cesspits of homosexuality and pedophilia was considered a joke. Giving new seminaries female names still goes on today.


File: b235ded08bbcfbf⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 388x400, 97:100, female genitalia.jpg)

File: 4a528d8e52cc2fe⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 2472x5748, 206:479, Saturn and Remphan.jpg)


>I can tell you that the Catholic seminaries were cesspits of homosexuality and pedophilia was considered a joke

That's because post-Vatican II Catholicism enabled men of secret societies to assume positions in the hierarchy. Sodomy and pedophilia were a thing before, because every congregation has their Judases, but I believe not nearly as much and openly as today. Secret societies are all about Jewish-Babylonian paganism and their mystic rituals; sickening and disgusting fertiliy rituals directed to their god Saturn.



Yes, I agree with you. This secret society assault on society accelerated after WW2. I still can't decide on the Hitler question. I resist those who want to draw the Devil's horns on him, and I resist those who would paint him an archangel. I certainly know that Hitler attacked the Kabbalah in the shtetls and Hitler initiated Aktion Hess which decimated occultism. Anyway.



I'm on the same page with you about Hitler. There are either those who say he's the devil incarnate or a saint. Neither of which are true, but I believe he was definitely on the good side. There is a Jew who loves Hitler and has a good video that describes why he became a Christian and a National Socialist: https://www.bitchute.com/video/FApIFpKSdrzu/

For my money, he is too uncritical about Hitler, yet has quite differentiated views.


File: 54a35093ea1e8e1⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 682x510, 341:255, FB_IMG_1523808916221.jpg)




This isn't something I just started doing yesterday. This has been an ongoing process for about fifteen years now, at least for me personally. That's why I know nobody else is really playing this game, why the only other players are either people like me or people who want what I'm giving them. There is only support. There are only complicit parties. So-called opponents or critics are not operating on the same level and could not if they desired to.

I've been around for long enough to see anyone who dislikes what I do fail to impact my work even slightly. This is only the third time I've ever seen anyone suggest that it's a massive program. It isn't so far as I am personally concerned, that is, I don't work based on anyone else's agenda, but only one person working on this can impact hundreds or more. Only a few people like me are enough to turn whatever tides we want to.

Whatever narrative I propose, I then live out. Whatever version of myself I appeal to when I perform magic involving this is one which always answers back with just what I asked for, just what I needed. I don't care who it comes from, I simply show respect for its source. Whether that comes from demons or the CIA or any number of other boogeymen is no concern of mine.

>They think I'll settle for this shithole hell dump piece of fucking trash existence. Just another demon cog in the machine.

Demons don't care whether or not you stay or leave. You stay because you want to, you leave if you want to. Don't pretend you don't know how. Everyone knows how. You stay because deep down that's what you want, the story of fighting against the machine. You want to be the poor, hapless underdog who rails against this world's evils, and the rest is provided for you. Your wish is granted.





File: 05f8c0947d93c20⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 379x379, 1:1, 56c.jpg)

File: e3df5eafb9fffaa⋯.jpg (450.01 KB, 2160x2184, 90:91, disdain for gays.jpg)

File: 398572b826eed74⋯.png (672.78 KB, 378x756, 1:2, THE GAY COMMUNITY 1.png)


I hope you find Marion Knox so he can cast out the Strong Man out of you. If not, then I pray that the Islamization of the West will take care of reprobates like you.


There is nothing else to expect from a femininized sodomite.



Poopdick retard with a crippled mind can't shake the demon that controls him. That's why it's down to extermination. You are the global minority in the extreme.

Eventually the demonically challenged will be controlled like the pests they are and the rest of the world can get on with more interesting things. This isn't some great war. You're just so retarded that not everyone can believe it enough to kill you yet. It is coming. Though I doubt you'll believe it when all the people you've hurt repent and seek you out. Casting off the demons is like brushing off flies. No big deal.

It only matters a great deal to me because my own parents did it to me as a child. I didn't need any help seeing how retarded you people are. Trading your souls for a little poopdick. Like, how do you not see? It's so fucking stupid. It makes me laugh out loud thinking about you sitting their plotting the conquest of your next butthole. Secret gamma butthole king. "Oh yeah, gonna stick it in there and feel real good and magical! Hehe, he's totally mine forever. Hehehe." How do you even consider yourself a competitive entity? How do you intend to sell that shit to anyone presented an alternative?

Hahahahaha wtf and you think I'm the poor underdog because I turn down the keys to the butthole kingdom? Hahahahaha! How stupid are you that you can't just make your own future? Like just don't do poopdick no more or support anyone that does. I even tell you that God is freely handing out the most legit future and you can't see. Hahahahaha.



You want to pray, knock yourself out.


>How do you even consider yourself a competitive entity?

Oh, I don't, there is no competition, but the thread is framed in a way that merited a response. I'm saying there's really no point in you or anyone crying big tears about it, people have tried and failed before and they'll try and fail again. If you want to add your name to that list, be my guest.



>Secret gamma butthole king

How'd you know the name of my band?


Don't forget the whole thing where just thinking about a girl is considered rape in modern society. (exaggerated but not really)


File: 94c17d6c791ccaa⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 960x720, 4:3, War has changed.jpg)


Actually as much as I am this thread's token sodomite, that's true.

Genuinely, straight men, I feel sorry for you and I hope things start looking up for you soon. You would not believe the number of men who come to me asking me if I know how to convert them from a position of total heterosexuality, because being straight is practically impossible for all but the very top percentage of straight men. Things are infinitely worse for straight men in every way. They have no real role models and can do essentially nothing right in the eyes of women. I understand this would-be exodus from heterosexuality, because obviously the thought crosses men's minds eventually that other men would make for better partners. More rational, less demanding, more giving, less confusing, etc.

Sadly, there's really nothing I can do for them, it doesn't work that way. If a "straight" guy is into traps, he's not really straight, so if that's the case, I can work with those cases, but if they simply want to be gay because they just can't stand being straight, I have to break the news to them that it's beyond my capacity to flatly convert them, I have to work with what I'm given. Women for their part are naturally more bisexual than men are, men are rarely bisexual and usually are one or the other without much in-between. It's hard to make that jump without a foot in the door.

Straight men, I apologize for being unable to do more for you. I know you're in crisis and I wish you the best. I do the best I can under the circumstances, always, but most of you are not really qualified to be gay and would not be good at it if you tried.

All I can say is that I hope the cultural tide changes soon because it's really sad whenever I have to turn a convert away.



Jesus dumpstered the worst of the demons. We hit peak faggotry a long time ago. Now they need immivaders to keep people down. This world is a huge powder keg of righteous fury. All I need is to light my match. Bye bye.



There is MGTOW and the pump and dump movement. There is not the mass exodus of men tucking in their balls and prancing around like sissy boys. They were already homos and needed an excuse.

I like women, but I don't respect them - well most of them. The interesting thing is that they really crave the cock at certain times of the month so they can't do without men. The normal ones also like being laid upon and dominated. Hate fucking is also real. Strange creatures these women.



>There is not the mass exodus of men tucking in their balls and prancing around like sissy boys. They were already homos and needed an excuse.

Most of the time that's correct, and I would say that this issue is not so serious that it causes me any issues, but I did notice a sharp uptick in the number of cases of this about six years ago and although it's plateaued, it's remained relatively consistent. Honestly I think since the term 'cuck' really took off, it's been good for business through sheer exposure to the idea of personal humiliation as something someone could and would desire. I'm not sure when the MGOTW movement took off but I suspect it was around that same time as well.

In any case, anything to increase throughput is friendly so far as I'm concerned, and however those groups do it, they seem tied with this uptick. Hats off to them and theirs!


Wow, you are all insane, holy shit



MGTOW as an idea has been around for a long time. There are two extremes

MGTOW Monk. Men who avoid women. Some also practice nofap.

MGTOW Fuck/No-cohabitate. These men still crave a woman's body, but they absolutely refuse to live with them.

There used to be friction between these two groups, but most men in MGTOW go backwards and forwards between these positions depending on where they are in life.





Hi, welcome to /fringe/!


Oh, I imagine as an idea it's been around for a very long time, I moreso meant as something perhaps more culturally visible, something to draw men's attention to the raw deal they get. Thank you for the information!


Sissy hypnosis has been around for a while, as has hypnosis as a kink, it's just porn.



Feminization is disempowering to men? It's empowering to the men who desire it, and empowering to the men who reject it because they now have fewer men to compete with for women. There are malevolent forces conspiring to keep the population lower? Maybe it is just a natural result of the manifestation of the divine will within the human animal as more individuals awaken and shift from Hylic to Pneumatic states. Anything resulting in lower fertility or less reproductive pairing must be insidious, as it is a universal righteousness to create more human life on earth, is that the case? Physical life is the only truth to the Hylic who sees earth and not god.



As bad as shit can get for us, at least it's nice being a mammal. The insect and fungi worlds are fucked up.

We just have jews to deal with.



Accept most people aren't reproducing because they're trying to ascend. Most people aren't reproducing because they are lovers of themselves and are unable to forgive even their loved ones for offences. Fucking A, I was the only kid who didn't think it weird of family to stay together growing up and over time I understood why they all wanted to move out. Because they were lower than hylics. Same thing going on in relationshits. Less than hylics get together only to sense pleasure for themselves and the minute the relationshit seems different to them, they want to end it in order to preserve their pleasure. Hylics are higher than these people.


I'm sorry but I was never targeted due to having abnormally high T levels and a sadist streak comparable to Muslims.



they kicked ME out. I was the strange one.

I'd call myself a post-incel since women have fucked me over so much I'd rather date a self-hating muslim woman.

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