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File: fe5f756ec4ebae8⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, yoni.jpg)

Anyone else having fun tonight?


so is book of thomas supposed to be from same guy who walked on water with jesus for a little bit?



What's the best place to start learning astrology? Any book recommendations? A guy in the last thread recommended that I start with alchemy, but didn't suggest where I should start with that, so it didn't answer much.


File: 77bc466e2e03918⋯.pdf (2.99 MB, TheOnlyAstrologyBookYouWil….pdf)


This book's good. The gist of it is that planets being in particular positions (e.g. Mars in Sagittarius in the fourth house) and combinations of those positions (e.g. Moon semisquare Neptune) have an energetic effect, and you've just got to figure out the positions and position combinations that have the greatest effect and put it all together. There are some useful web tools that generate birth charts for free, like http://www.chaosastrology.net/freeastrologyreports.cfm for example. I'm not super sure how astrological energies effect people day to day (it isn't just at birth that affects things, it's also whatever they are currently). There might be another book for that out there somewhere.


File: dba70ef4ebca10a⋯.jpg (80.56 KB, 400x562, 200:281, dba70ef4ebca10a40bf79cdfc5….jpg)

File: 7ff3ce070f34128⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 4000x2352, 250:147, how to create and read a n….jpg)

File: ded1770384da51f⋯.pdf (5.07 MB, astrology_for_dummies.pdf)


Start by reading and learning everything about your own natal chart that you can. You'll not only learn logically but also get a feel for the energies of the planets/signs as you'll be able to cross reference them through your natal chart.

Some useful stuff for that:

To create your natal chart: https://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi?

Useful info/interpretations: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/FURCAS.html

Chart Interpreter: >>115781

Next step would be to offer to interpret your friends charts and go from there.

If you're really adamant on a book, this one is unironically good for beginners, but it's honestly better to just do your own chart and learn through practice for this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Are you going to play Warcraft III: Reforged? It has native 4k support.

Hopefully the custom game UI isn't as pozzed as SC2's.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gameplay footage



No, I don't play videogames, made the revelation a while ago that putting effort into a virtual reality does not increase it's value but decreases yours, which is entropy, spiritual entropy, you are literally wasting time with that crap.




Looks fun but i fucking suck at those kind of games so i probably wont


>waste of time

Whats the rush?


What books/sources would you guys recommend on the rites/prayers/traditions of Hellenic Paganism? Like not just mythology, but actual practices to align yourself or communicate with the gods and higher realms.





These hymns should do the trick. There are some more modern Hermetic/Thelemic sources with invocations that also work in the right hands. Learn to astral project as it will make all of this easier. I recommend completely devoting yourself to a specific deity that you feel a strong connection with and they can instruct you personally. Best of luck.


I want to become separate from everything else. How do I do this?


I know this has probably been addressed ad nauseam but I can't help but feel a little torn. Should I refrain from masturbation or should I carry on like before?



>I know this has probably been addressed ad nauseam but I need my precious cummies because I'm a hormone slave whose willpower is being belittled by the elites so that my loosh can be siphoned

FTFY. The fact that you addressed this question having been asked a million times only shows you already know you shouldn't be doing it but you're struggling to talk yourself out of it. There are several threads in the catalog that address this issue right now too. The gist of it is that when you cum, you release a ton of vital energy. Even when you edge you release a bit. Whatever you're focusing on is where it goes. So you're sending it to some whore on the internet. Lucky her. Use energy work to draw energy from your genitals through your taint up your spine and your neck and send it to your crown. That helps a bit. Most of it will be willpower, though. Willpower is an extremely important thing to develop if you want to be anything more than a guy who sits in front of a screen for hours stroking your pee-pee because your hormones are stronger than your pathetic willpower and you saw a nipple in an imageboard catalog.


>it all started when I signed up for that vampire thread

Kek. First thing's first: don't do stupid shit like that. LBRP if you aren't afraid of the Hebrews. IIRC Bearheart has a version that's a little less kosher. I don't know a ton about this but the most important thing is that if you read about something on the internet and you don't understand its underlying processes or you think it could go wrong, don't be an idiot. Where do you think all of the horror stories of people who don't know any better ruining their lives through occult dabblings come from? Shit like this. It's the occult equivalent of Darwinism.


Interested in summoning and I have a question about that. Most summon related stuff I see mentions that there should be a contract between you and the thing you're trying to summon and rules in it so that they don't harm you, etc.

What forces them to obey the contract? Can't they just do whatever they want? Sorry if stupid question



Here is the key:

You are under no pressure.



There's a cooler game out there to be played.


<gpj.aggin ym <


Time is money. Buy gold. We are watching.


Kill your Self and every geist around you. Metaphorically speaking of course.


Say my name and I'm there.


Stop giving your fucks away to everyone who mentions your dicklette, slave. We've all got pickles, you really think we care what you do with yours?

This post has been Fnordified.



Things that don't obey the rules they agreed to play by get arrested by the ghost police.


Is there a fringe discord?



Fringebay has one. It's a cocksucking circlejerk. But if that is your thing… they have a link on the top left side menu.


Can someone explain the difference between the principle of polarity and the principle of gender? I've always had trouble distinguishing these two.


Reposting my question from the previous thread.



is there a /fringe/ iirc group? i know there used to be one im trying to find my way back



Opposites rest on center, and, a male and a female make a child?


File: ed25262c1068d79⋯.jpg (24.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1520121729_Sad pepe.jpg)

I keep having nightmares about spiders. They're awful and they disturb my sleep and wake me up. It's like every 2-3 days, sometimes multiple nights in a row.

Tiny spiders all over. Giant ones from as big as a small dog to massive as big as a giant tower. They're most often crawling on my bed about to get me. Sometimes I'm in their web and they are crawling towards me to get me. They want to eat me. Usually the "camera" zooms in on them right up close to their face just as they're right almost on top of me. Then I wake up.




Maybe you shouldn't have killed all those spiders then you wouldn't have ghost spiders haunting you. Spiders just want to eat bugs and you murdered them for it. You're a monster and deserve everything you get.


Is there a minimum age for practicing magick? I'm 22 and I want to know what's age appropriate. Should I start practicing rituals or just focus on meditating for now?



>/fringe/ if I recall correctly group


Why on earth would there be an age limit? Have you read any of the books yet? Go read a book.


I've read countless posts about alchemy, duality, le demiruge, the cycles of the ages on Earth, I've heard about rumors of esotetic sciences being hidden from us, I have heard of the prophecies regarding the Philosopher's stone, I have heard theories regarding transcendence of duality, I've heard of ancient advanced civs, and of the more obvious conspiracies. What I'm gettin at is, I've heard of a lot of shit, and the only things I've listed above that I find semi believeable is duality. I say this because I can quantify duality, I can apply it to many situations, in fact I've developed my own philosophy regarding it, I call it the "Universal Principle of Omnipresent Duality". I digress though. The point of this post is to ask for proof. No I don't mean material proof, I've listened to Rudolf Steiner, and I know that materialism leads to blindness. I mean, how can I scientifically analyze /fringe/ content? At this rate I feel like I'm getting nowhere, sifting through baseless claims like back when I was a tinfoiling illuminati theorist, gobbeling everything up, regardless of proof. I need history, documentation, analysis, quantification. Every other time I ask for help I receive info from "mystics" who base their claims on blind faith alone, spewing baseless claims, seemingly with the intent of inflating their egos. Could you guys please help me out on this? I want to bring some merit to the titles of "Sage" or "Warlock"



You sound like an armchair occultist. Have you ever done anything practical with all this knowledge? Also have you ever looked into Project Stargate (including before it was controlled by the CIA), the Monroe Institute, the Global Consciousness Project, Rupert Sheldrake, the Windbridge Institute, any of those kinds of places or people?


Do you employ rituals such as the Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram/Hexagram?

All I really know about banishing rituals is that they create a sort of vacuum in the ritual space, void of any influence aside from the Will of the Magician, so that workings are unaffected by potentially interfering energies.

But I rarely see to see these rituals mentioned outside of GD or Thelemic based paradigms.

And moreover I have no real idea what invoking rituals really accomplish.

I read a post recently about the cycle of IAO, and that the Hexagram ritual establishes it within the psyche. But what practical purpose would this serve magically?

Basically, I would like Fringe's insights and thoughts about these rituals. I would appreciate it a lot.



I ask because I know that Jews don't allow Kabbalah practice until age 40. I was just wondering if there are certain branches that should wait until the practicioner is more experienced and grounded.



I've been trying to utilise the information, but at the I moment I dont have the equipment for alchemy. I do lots of meditation and brainstorming, and eventually I'd like to master AP and thoughtforms. Everything else is difficult when I'm met with wish wash explenations. I'll look into the things you mentioned. How does one discern from CIA fiction from fact?



>How does one discern from CIA fiction from fact?

Listen to your heart. Not even joking. An open third eye may help for that..

Do the proven exercises and do not bother too much with theory…for there is a lot of disinformation and bullshit going about. Meditate, read the good books and think for yourself. AP and opening your third eye should be the primary objectives. Most other crap is just distraction. Everything just boils down to using your mind and energy. If you open your third eye and learn to think for yourself and also to astral travel, you will find out for yourself. Finding out for yourself is the only way to be protected from bullshit and disinfo. Just doing the work, actually doing the work. Forget about politics, blaming the jews, left vs right, cia, illuminati etc. This shit will entangle you forever in hell and lies and keep you distracted from doing the actual work.



Alright anon. I have to ask though, which books are you talking about? I'm lost in terms of being able to find info/sources. I intend to use all of this information to fight the good fight.



I wonder what you mean by the "good fight"? In Samsara, this matrix of the demiurge everything goes in cycles. There are no real fights to fight, only games to play. The only real good fight you can fight is the quest for enlightenment or Gnosis. This is what The Alchemy and actual occultism really is about. This is the great work. With enlightenment comes immortality and freedom of the spirit. All you need to do for this is to work on yourself. Everything else is a distraction and ultimately leads to death. (that doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore or you shouldn't educate yourself anymore. It only means keep the goal in your mind and don't get lost.) As for books, Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, Arcane Formulas by Atkinson, Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, Introduction to Magic+TheHermetic Tradition+The Doctrine of Awakening by Julius Evola. You wanna get the necessary theory but also the exercises to get you going. Feel free to read much more and see if something resonates with you. Falun Gong stuff is good too. Meditate a lot. Don't get entangled in human dramas, but most important go your own way.



I forgot to add the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu which is considered the ultimate occult book and all that you need, but only if you are wise enough to actually understand it. Still a must read even if you don't


Any thoughts on my idea of using brute force to bend the universe to my liking? I mean using just will and less neat tricks and wiggling thru counter-current



Look into astral spiders.



I deem the good fight to be enlightening others. I wish for a day when we could break free from the cycles.

Thank you for the list there, it helps a lot.



I wonder if English translations honor the original text.


You can try the Monroe Trilogy too.



>How does one discern from CIA fiction from fact?

I suppose I forget sometimes that this is the fucking feds we're talking about, but a lot of the concepts surrounding things they did during Project Stargate are translatable to things other scientific institutes did. For example, concerning the idea of consciousness not being physical, or at least having non-physical elements to it, during Stargate, as one example, they had a blind woman read off the serial number of an in-orbit satellite through remote viewing. Discerning fact from fiction here, it's useful to know that other people have done similar things. The Monroe Institute have had people in isolation booths use astral projection to send each other messages non-physically. This can also be verified if you learn to do either thing and set up tests yourself, maybe with a deck of playing cards or some dice or something. So while you are most likely right that the CIA (and the other places like the airforce) are probably putting hints of bullshit into their declassified documents, there are particular concepts you can verify. Aside from that, it's also useful to look for real-life applications that took place. There was an American plane (or something) that crashed in Zaire, and Jimmy Carter actually publicly admitted that they used a psychic to find it (probably someone in the remote viewing program, I don't remember).


How do I open my third eye?



That's some neato info. I've always been fascinated by remote viewing, it has so many applications it's almost dangerous.


>monroe trilogy

Will read


File: 0d27035609fd01b⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 474x559, 474:559, brain powers.jpg)

Is there any safe methods to dramatically increase my intelligence in a relatively short amount of time? Trying to move past being a brainlet. TY


Should I strive to keep my mind as quiet as possible and away from idle thoughts and fantasies even when not doing anything important?



Yes. Read Mouravieff's Gnosis vol. 1 for more information.



Does anyone have a copy of Archidoxes of magic?


File: 1e1b1c37ded87d6⋯.jpg (374.46 KB, 1672x2533, 1672:2533, photo of me.jpg)

Hello~! I just had a dream telling me to come to this website and look for a boy whose name starts with the letter K and last name ends with R and that I should lose my virginity to him and marry him. Is there anyone like that here or am I just being silly and should forget about it?

About me: I enjoy cooking, farming, and knitting as well as computer games like Minecraft and Fortnite. I recently completed my Bachelor of Applied Science specializing in Chemical and Biological Engineering but I would prefer becoming a housewife instead of continuing my agricultural engineering career.



> boy whose name starts with the letter K and last name ends with R

That's me.


Don't get too alphabetical here. Names are nigh meaningless for those who understand reality. Focus instead on a person's personality and actions.



Lol, falling for the oldest phishing scam in the book. I know you guys are desperate, but come on.



I'm playing along the same way we all are. It's lunacy to believe in gods, magic, or most of the other stuff here. We just play pretend.



Your logic is trash. Are you a woman or something?



Even if made as an attempt to troll this post holds some truth that I bet almost nobody on fringe will get.


3D pig disgusting.



>nobody on fringe will get.

I will prove in one word I get it:




Big if true.



Yeah just pick a physical book (preferably a very good one, the bible is okay, so would be The Kybalion) and keep it with you and then center your thought on the book continuously, obsessively, yearning for it to be imprinted fully in the mind. Regularly take out the book, feel it, and think about it striving to see it objectively in the mind. By doing this you will in the struggle attain tremendous growth of intelligence and discover to you secrets of reality. Note: don't actually try to read the book in the normal way, you can keep the book closed, and only open it to check that your impressions you're getting in your mind objectively line up with the actual text in there. Once you break the subjectivity barrier and get a direct perception, something you will be able to confirm yourself, you will have entered into a new stage of consciousness in which the inner-nature and secrets of all things will be revealed to you. The rocks, the trees, people, etc. will all become as an open book for you to read.

Some advice also: you must sacrifice all the other desires that create too many stirrings and too much noise in the mind, so all else but the object to which your mind is bent is filtered out, and so you will learn in this process how to manage properly what constitutes the vital energy but more properly or plainly stated (as by the Rosicrucians for example and many on this site) "desire", "emotion", "desire power", "desire energy", etc. and also more vaguely called "chi", "prana", "loosh", etc.

I can say much more but I'll leave you to the work and just wish to impress upon you that in knowing the one you will know the all. (as in the famous axiom)



Besides what I've told you, you should also read what is recommended here: http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/fringe/faq.html

I have personally read all of it. Yes, even Personal Power which is 1,500 pages I got through it in a very short while in fact. However long ago when I started on this path I was very much retarded and struggled to even read a couple pages of a short book nowadays however I have gained such a finesse and strength of mind that I can systematically and efficiently absorb tremendous volumes of knowledge.

Knowing what I know now I would do things differently as my development was unbalanced and consequently inefficient and painful in various ways but nobody but my own self was ever fit to be my master. It is said by one of the ancient greek philosophers (and also Julius Evola) however that most men are better off to find a master for the reason that they are unfit to be their own master. Most everyone here on /fringe/ I tend to think however is of that special caliber of men who have inner-strength and self-direction that they can study and persevere through all the trials of initiation without a man.

You will know for yourself what kind of man you are and whether you are worthy of the mysteries if you know nothing can discourage you from the relentless pursuit of truth and self-development.



There is no age limit as you can be 60 years old and completely unfit to start certain practices and you could also be a mere teenager and yet vastly more mature, developed, and gifted than the average.

Maturity comes through practice, discipline, and long cultivation. If you were to say, skip ahead through the stages in Initiation Into Hermetics, the most probable outcome would be failure to actually accomplish anything (and so no harm) but in some cases you could very well lead yourself into delusion or troubles if by some misfortune you do acquire the right conditions to perform a working according to universal law while not having full knowledge of said laws.

See also: The section in Practice of Magical Evocation where Franz Bardon talks about the difference between a sorcerer and a magician. ProTip: Don't be the sorcerer.

If you are impatient this will destroy you. Indeed the very first stage in Initiation Into Hermetics is to take a view of your characteristics (vices/virtues) and start gaining conscious control over them and weeding out vices, this is a work that you then continue even as you advance to the later stages (all build on each other, see also Bardon Companion by Rawn Clark).

For me I have infinite patience given to me by the crystal clear realization that the path is absolutely worthy and beautiful, that the work I am engaged in is the only kind a man would aspire to if he knew better, and I feel a strong sense of gratitude in fact to all humans who pursue frivolities of all sorts (with that chapter in Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekananda about "each is great in his own place" still in mind) because out of their toil and mental waste and frivolity comes this structured reality which creates the perfect setting for me to attain perfection in. To all who desire anything less than god; though you are fools, thank you for being part of the great cosmic drama playing the roles that you do.



The Rosicrucian brotherhood will pretty much never shut up about astrology. They are a good place to look.


Max Heindel is someone you might want to look into.

Biggest proponent of astrology I've ever encountered. The subject personally doesn't interest me but I inevitably end up being exposed to various information about it because of this site and the discussions and because I run into it while my focus is on other aspects of the occult.



No you don't. That's Satan or Demiurge tier.



What is more important than the actual physical act of masturbation is control over the thoughts that are fueled by lust.

It took me a long time to figure out for myself what the secret behind this matter of continence is about. I've read many of the threads, did my own experiments, and never arrived at any conclusions until much more recently when after much struggle I finally came to understand the nature of vital energy, its control, and what it is in essence.

In short; you have a certain supply of vitality that enters into you continuously in connection with the desire matrix of your soul. Lust is one of the many outlets in which this raw "akashic energy" condenses and becomes refined. Knowing this, you should be aware of and do the following:

Firstly, the sexual impulse is worthy of cultivation and expression in connection with the highest ideals of marriage and generation. In this case one should think very much of ones wife, feel the greatest love and desire, and bring it to an intensity that bends the whole universe in favor of the expression of the ideal.

Secondly, you will not conquer it by suppression, and the same energy that goes into lust may just will find its expression in angst, sorrow, and other undesirable outlets. It is not lust alone that you want to gain control.

How you will gain control is by awareness and self-observation. Be mindful of every thing you feel. In this way you may well enter into the anhedonic stage pretty quickly, becoming empty of desire, because you stop the automatic flow of it into any outlets by simply letting it all burn out without contributing to it any further. Your mind then will become empty in degree of your ability to let go and let all of it burn out in you, incurring no more karma (additional desires).

Then you should proceed to active stage, being involved in the process of desire, learning to desire certain things and to extinguish those desires, and to center the mind around specific desires for extended periods of time, and feeling the flow of thoughts and gradually becoming more and more active on a conscious level on the higher planes of the astral.

At some point you will gain such a control and awareness about what the life flowing through you, the vital power, that you will be very capable to rebuild yourself along new and better lines and to not waste your energy.

See also: Light on the Path ( https://www.theosophical.org/files/resources/books/LightonthePath/LOTP.pdf can also be found in audiobook form on youtube ), the Principle of Polarity (I'm talking about the chapter in The Kybalion), and consider the words in the Bible that speak about losing ones life and becoming dead to the world in order to gain the eternal life (at some point in your development you will understand exactly what this message of Christ).



Oh also forgot to see Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont and Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism by the same author and also William Walker Atkinson's book on Vril.

Personal Magnetism in particular, after having read it carefully, was key in making me realize, understand, and gain control of vital power.



I have done the same as well. There is a tremendous mass of conspiracies, histories, and claims I am familiar with and can't or at least don't bother to verify.

My own approach is simply to look to the essence of things and forget about the wrappings and to look to concepts and things eternal and universal. To extract what is useful and relevant and leave the rest.

However that said, matters such as the alien phenomena, conspiracies, etc. although I come to understand them there is some part of me that still yearns to know the truth of specific cases in which these have played out in our own reality or timeline. There is a part of me that wants to actually know whether Jesus walked the Earth, whether a physical spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin has arrived, whether Hitler died in his bunker or lived his life out in Argentina, whether a painting of Queen Elizabeth I is actually accurate to how she appeared in person, etc.

To this end there are a variety of mundane methods that will help you get some approximation of the truth that you are no doubt familiar with already. However though you might build a strong case for this or that story or hypothesis carefully and systematically and through long efforts it will be tedious and there will still remain so much more.

To actually know the history of an object, person, nation, or anything else you will have to just learn how to hold the thing contemplated in mind and then to bring in carefully impressions of its past unmixed with the various perceptual distortions that usually arise in connection with this process. This requires great purity of mind and self-control, learning to recognize the origin of every single impression that enters into your mind and to untangle and trace them, and also will as a consequent lead to you understanding dreams too. You will need great faith and persistence and an intense love of god especially in connection with his omniscience.

Here is some recommended reading: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1907psychomancy.pdf

See also Collin Wilson "The Occult", Lobsang Rampa's books which btw /fringe/ read and researched in its earliest days and they used to be in the library but were removed later (you can treat it like Frabato, whether it's a big story he's making up or not, the powers he describes are accurate and the story gives clues and examples of their use), and look into the case of Peter Hurkos ( a lot of the stuff Hurkos says is bullshit on the level of what that other famous Dutchman Wim Hof says, both of them are clueless about the nature and origins of their powers and bad at teaching about it, but if you read it and you know better you'll see what's really going on ).

Oh btw The Philosopher's Stone is not a physical stone and I don't know what "prophecies" you would hear about it. The metals mentioned in alchemical texts aren't physical metals and if you know what salt, mercury, and sulphur for example actually mean then the texts are no longer gibberish but make actual and clear sense. The alchemists were mentalists and writing about mental laws, mental transmutation, etc. That isn't to say they couldn't transmute substances, produce ever-burning lamps, etc. but you're not going to do it the way of chemistry. If you want to get some understanding concerning "occult properties" of physical substances you may wish to look into Pascal Beverly Randolph, Franz Bardon, Wilhelm Reich, and more importantly actually develop the faculties required to observe said properties or else get the specialized equipment that can help (in that case look into Walter J. Kilner and branch out from there in your investigations).



Forgot also to say that… concerning matters which require certain forms of perception uncommon to the masses of people in this present age, you will only be able to really communicate intelligently with people who share the same faculties in active expression, and also that although you will be able to come to know through direct perception (gnosis) the truth about anything, in order to be taken as an authority by other people you will have to find ways to prove/verify (using the mundane methods) what you already know by direct means (accessing the akashic records etc.).

Some people will start to believe everything you say, or at least pay more attention, when you have been proven right about certain things already and even more so when you do this consistently. However know this; that whoever believes you on authority alone, will themselves never know truth. One should believe nothing on authority and instead endeavor to discover for themselves the actual truth. Failing that they should learn to be at peace realizing that there is endless trivia one shall never know or experience, but also be happy that at least the principles (that which is important) can be known.

In the Bible it says that every hair on our heads are numbered. Sometimes I fear god because his power, his omniscience, etc. seems like a burden. This is a wrong and much too limited view of god of course but it's one of those silly feelings I have sometimes.

Speaking of numbering, through the cultivation of rapid perception, you can taken in all manner of details of a scene at a glance, and even be able to do such things as report on the exact number of hairs on a person's head if you really want to develop yourself to that degree. Some people who have developed this skill use it to plan out robberies, heh. They have someone walk through or nearby the area they want to rob and they in a glance take in every detail and then later on they make a good plan.

If one cares to do it, /fringe/ adepts can accomplish with ease so many things that other men apparently yearn for but never attain, such as health, wealth, love, and influence. I myself am particularly fond of knowledge and much if not all of the activity of my life is bent towards that end. I am alike to King Solomon.



>Should I strive to keep my mind as quiet as possible and away from idle thoughts and fantasies even when not doing anything important?

In those situations I prefer to be in a receptive state and to tune into various centers of thought on a whim. It is also a good time for telepathic communication too. I like especially to be open to whatever wants to come through that I might have been ignoring by being too focused on other things. Also, it is when you are "not doing anything", that many subconscious thought processes that have completed themselves can bring their reports to your conscious mind for you, and you can get insights and useful impressions concerning the things that stir you.



If you want to do it efficiently then through biofeedback and meditation. See Project Gateway.



>they had a blind woman read off the serial number of an in-orbit satellite through remote viewing.

Questions for you:

1. Did this serial number exceed 10 digits?

2. Did Project Stargate take place before or after Project Gateway?

Some material you and others might want to read:


(Specifically …. http://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/esp/index.htm and http://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/mrad/index.htm and http://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/esp/index.htm)

Upton Sinclair I especially like his work.



Yes I do. I took an interest in all of this stuff because I still believe that my dream will come true. I might have zero success when it comes to the supernatural, but if reincarnation exists I was surely thinking the exact same thoughts I'm thinking of right now in every single lifetime.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What are your top meditation tracks?


File: 1007c6e98304749⋯.png (215.27 KB, 1000x1120, 25:28, mental_fusion.png)


I've been reading Gnosis by Mouravieff. Is this mental fusion possible? Has anyone here attained this? If so, how did you do it?



It is possible, but I don't know anyone who's all the way there. I'm on the way, though.

Basically walk towards your fears (relationships, work, family…).





I usually have a lot of trouble quieting my mind.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am no coward. I am berserk with pain and limited by exhaustion. I experience the division of my mind as intensely as though I were trying to set myself on fire or cut off a limb. I cannot make my mind do anything substantial for long. If I fight it directly, and force myself to study through the mental anguish, I'm laid out for weeks. That is my abridged life story. I use this pain to measure the truth of esoteric trash as I attempt to escape it.

I've skipped to the chapter about The Way. Mouravieff dropped the iron filing model. He constructs a B cage that he expands throughout his mind.

This is new. I'd never considered training my mind directly to my soul. I'd attempted a build up of sorts and expanding, but not a soul. He's tied soul with presence which I've been experimenting with. Doing rather than observing the lower do everything. Huh, maybe. Train everything agreeable to this presence/soul/B then watch the fireworks when I attempt to train my other half.

His other writing is very familiar, too. He talks of presence. The General Law. It's weird how I know what these things are through my own experience. It's a shame he seems to have gone insane. Perhaps he was successful in resolving his inspiring pain and The General Law took him. It seems to have happened to all my teachers on The Way. They forget the demon is real and super intelligent and will adapt to their B cage.


File: ae694dd7b6040c8⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1024x7544, 128:943, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it possible to make this my reality through lucid dreaming, or would I do something different like dimensional jumping? I like the minimal restrictions that allow me to experience things without consciously creating them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a85df497cfac87c⋯.png (684.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Was listening to this song by Randy Prozac today, Necromantical Teams which contains these lyrics

>kickoff from agamemnon

>cheerleaders forming an octagon

>appearing to me

>in human guise

>the perfect reproductions

>of imperial power

>in the topless towers

>of ilium

Having recently read the Iliad, I realized what they are about. My question is if the Iliad is some kind of encoded formula like the Bible. While reading, I formed a hypothesis that the intervention by the gods was actually some type of activation of a part of the universal particle of existence. For example, the blessing of Ares would represent the activation of Gevurah within each of the infinite particles which surround the invoker's situation, thus granting him a martial advantage.



Image streaming.



thank you for your insight. also that link is broken, is that the list containing all the fringe library books?


File: 220eb282255dd31⋯.webm (946.11 KB, 480x480, 1:1, tumblr_pi8ibzWlvB1ttrxmx.webm)


File: 8323481dbf139b0⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 854x480, 427:240, teehee.webm)


File: ce042db7e2416b4⋯.jpg (287.1 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, jared-leto-blade-runner-20….jpg)

Lifeforms and Advanced Energy Applications

Does anybody have any materials on the topic?

Is it possible to create life using magicks? I know of servitors but I've never made one; is there some specific method of doing so? I know a tulpa is literally just a matter of talking to ones own self in their own mind, but what about creating actual energetic entities, something like a ghost?

What about 'golems'?

Thank you.


File: 1a344f7796b0180⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, weledahippo_editorialmediu….jpg)


What's fringe's opinion on Rudolph Steiner?


Im having trouble following this guide for making a stone:


I've done all of the prep work and am preparing to seal it but Im confused on what a B.M. is. I thought it meant Blind Alembic and it might but I still want clarification.



Tulpas are just people without bodies, think of them as souls. Your intent brings them to life and it can be described as talking to yourself from an outsiders perspective.

I don't know much about golems but I know homonculi are a thing. Try to focus on astral projection if you want to interact with magical lifeforms, such as with gnomes or dryads.

>>126289 Maybe if you develop enough psychic potential. Eventually, as I've heard, you can become godly as you ascend but by then, you'll have lost the part of you that is "you" but not "I".



Maybe this is a bad way to get engaged into magic but it worked for me so maybe it'll work for you. If you want to learn to understand alchemy in specific, practice precursors to alchemy, like brewing alcohol, growing mushrooms or plain chemistry. Any process in which you break a material down and transform it into another. Even cooking (higher end) can serve well as a precursor. Develop better morals if you feel like a shit person, because you WILL need pure morals to work the Great art or its secrets will never be divulged to you.



This is bullshit alchemy. I'm very sorry that you take this seriously.



I've read through Real Alchemy so I have a grasp on the mechanics and the bs seems pretty similar to that. Clarification on the difference?



Oh that bullshit. Isn't that the Aquarius stuff? That dude killed himself trying to make a philosopher's stone by thinking the alchemists were referring to actual metals and not using the metals to symbolize different parts of the triune nature of reality and so on. Alchemical texts actually make perfect sense as soon as you realize what they are actually referring to and it's not physical metals.

That isn't to stay that alchemists can't transmute actual physical metals but it's done in a mental way and there is a required development beforehand so people can actually see and manipulate the etheric parts of objects.

For real alchemy a starting place to look would be Pascal Beverly Randolph but even his texts won't be useful except to a few persons who are already advanced enough to use it. If you're not advanced enough then go do IIH basics and find books that teach you material that helps you with accomplishing the stages.


Is there a biofeedback thread up and if there isn't one can someone create one? Ever since reading the Project Gateway notes my interest in biofeeback (which I already knew about from wetware deepnet stuff) became so much more intense and it has become my quest in life now to make contact with a biofeedback practitioner or get equipment myself somehow and begin my own experiments with it. I am even willing to invest a significant amount of money into this such is the potential I see in the matter.


I want to drop a little truth bomb here that I can say with absolute certainty is 100% true.

I know a certain someone who worked on the avro arrow. He is 72 years old.

His father before him, probably would be at least hundred years old if alive still, worked on a saucer craft.

Canada has built a functional saucercraft that long ago that could fly around. I asked WHY, when the avro arrow has been largely declassified, the plans for this saucercraft haven't also been. From what I was told IN PERSON the report said it could fly x high and y fast and such BUT it was all very understated and my contact has seen it operating and achieving much more than xy.

I am sorry I am not giving names here as I am not right now but if anyone wishes to make any further inquiry about this reply to my post and I may consider if it's worth it for me to release any further details.

I know for a FACT that Canadian engineers have built and operated their own saucercraft. They are human made. I can't say whether any aliens are involved at all in the matter, whether by channeling the information from supposed alien contacts, having salvaged and reverse-engineered an alien craft, or anything else. As far as I know aliens aren't involved at all.

Next time you see a saucercraft flying around know that it probably is human made. We've had them now for a long time and I wish the fucking airforce would just give to the public more information about them so as to clear up some of the mystery concerning these craft.


Can someone please provide me with some newbie material to learn magick?

I am specifically interested in the magick that templars use and egyptian magick as well…




All magick works upon the same universal principles. Templar or Egyptian magick are just styles. I hope you know that.



i get that, i am just interested in those in particular


For the past week or so, every time I close my eyes, I get pretty vivid imagery. Not just hypnagogic visuals, but very surreal (and sometimes disturbing) scenes, faces, objects, etc.

It's basically like a mini-dream every time I keep my eyes closed, but while wide awake.

What is this, and why is it happening? I'd assume it has to do with the 3rd eye, but I haven't really been doing anything different in my day-to-day routine.

And my actual dreams have been much more vivid lately, and visiting dream settings/scenarios I've never had before. Usually I just kinda rotate between familiar settings.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any insight.



What country do you live in?


File: bb55fffe6c795ad⋯.png (685 B, 14x16, 7:8, Aestheticus.png)

File: 164c6898d8dfb4e⋯.png (480 B, 16x16, 1:1, Moon Man.png)

File: 45d64c3b7c4d293⋯.png (1.13 KB, 20x16, 5:4, Lain.png)

File: dcc2f50c894ad5c⋯.png (522 B, 20x16, 5:4, Sailor Moon (Ikuko Tsukino….png)

File: 45f1db9c7751540⋯.png (1.18 KB, 20x16, 5:4, Clannad (Nagisa).png)



File: 419fa35c653b7ef⋯.png (1.02 KB, 19x16, 19:16, Clannad (Kyou).png)

File: f3a107e75ee8e8b⋯.png (1.03 KB, 17x16, 17:16, Fate Stay Night (Rider).png)

File: 2d3384556cc96d3⋯.png (990 B, 16x16, 1:1, Fate Stay Night (Saber).png)

File: 1eee6d6c6934fb3⋯.png (1008 B, 16x16, 1:1, Tsukihime (Ciel).png)

File: 7ed731696fb720b⋯.png (934 B, 16x16, 1:1, Bakemonogatari (Nadeko Sen….png)



Hmm? USA, East Coast. But why?


How to into astral projection?



Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.

It's in the mega library


Where is that recent post about how to be a skilled socialite you need to "have something to say?" Has synchronistic significance to me, now I can't find it. I tried the search feature.


Any good book suggestions that speak plainly about the metaphysical /numinous/etc? E.G. Sri Ramana Maharshi's books about self-inquiry.

I attained one of my most important mystical insights by reading plainly worded text that was pointing to the absence of a self (i.e. the illusory nature of the false self) by basically saying: "Search for the searcher, and you'll see that it isn't there - there is only searching."

An experience of a vast sense of bottomless enormity behind my sense of "I"/"Me"/"Myself". It was fleeting, and yet stuck with me - and I can't unsee it…. if that makes any sense…

I seem to get more out of this type of direct pointing to spiritual phenomena than flowery (although beautiful) texts like the Upanishads.

Would very much appreciate any suggestions.


Can anyone recommend or post some good (translated) Shinto books? Couldn't find anything in the libraries about Shintoism.



I was thinking of this in case anyone cares >>126112


So uh is there a world where magical shit is going on all the time


You're dumb. The number of experiences where you've projected and taken for granted "The Self" is astronomical. Thus looking at yourself when not taking for granted this sense of self you've cultivated your entire fucking life would create a sense of "lack of sense of self-not-taken-for-granted" which would be experienced as a bottomlessness due to the incredible quantity of past experiences you'd have to digest for the full "self but not taken for granted" self.

Do you understand? It's pretty straightforward honestly.



Couldn't I just will that I have my ego again, and experience it as such? Or would that negate my godliness? I guess if my existence were so supreme that I wouldn't care about what's in that silly image any more, that'd be okay too.


So there is full moon today, what do you plan on doing?



Getting manic



The modern concept of buddhism is plainly false. Rejecting the searcher is equivalent to rejecting reality, there can't be made such a claim without being self-negated. Rather, if you break the body down into it's subtle parts, you'll very quickly see that there are levels of the self that can be negated. It's only through via negativa that you can get down to the subtlest of bodies, and at which point you will see that the soul is charioteer. No matter your personal bias you will see that the ultimate self is that which permeates all existence. If you were to truly understand that concept, you will see that there are levels to this body, and each body is representative of another that is compounded from the first to the last. That is to say, there is a difference between the soul and the spirit.


Are there any limitations in what you can accomplish with Sigil magic?


What is the main difference in relationship to God between the spirit and the soul?

There are texts where things like the holy spirit is mentioned above the father or his son. Yet I don't think I've heard of the soul of god per se, but the spirit of god is right in the first chapter of genesis.


I've been following Robert Bruce's Energy Work book for the past month daily, and I noticed one effect that's happened a few times now that isn't mentioned anywhere in the book. Sometimes when I focus on the energy in my navel chakra, or accumulate energy into my lower dantien, I'll start to "spin" mentally, strong enough that it physically feels dizzying but also very good. It's happened maybe 3 times so far and results in almost overwhelming sense of bliss, so much so that I've been hoping it happens during each session. My eyes are always closed during meditations, not sure if that is influencing this phenomenon or not but I feel it's worth mentioning here.

What's exactly happening? Is energy moving upward to the higher energy storage centers and chakras?


What's the deal with chakra incantations and mudras? Where do they come from, are they at all dangerous, what do they do exactly, and where do I find more information?


Are you sure you didn't mean to post this on /christian/?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Feeling groovy?



Masculization of the brain. Your spacial awareness/sense should improve as well, and even raw calculation power.


Any good books about the law of attraction? I'm in a bind and I need to attract money and wealth, or is there a better way?


File: 0627988e4d9bd2f⋯.jpg (179.26 KB, 1659x672, 79:32, (You).jpg)

answer my emails and add my flags you KIKE



Sounds great. This will no doubt go well with my physical training as well. Thanks anon.



yer right


File: 8845809f1199024⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 650x1080, 65:108, gril.webm)



Not my type but nice teats.


File: 24f01ff54825c2c⋯.pdf (152.26 KB, Cleaning the Emotional Bod….pdf)

Does anyone have any experience with clearing their emotional body that could maybe describe the process? I found this pdf somewhere in my /fringe/ folder a year or two ago. Intuition tells me I'm meant to be doing this but I'm wondering if anyone has more information and if anyone could share their experiences with this.



I've done something similar to this. I used to experience all sorts of intense feelings and memories around people and objects. It was uncontrollable. It was normal for me to live like that internally while maintaining the appearance of complete calmness. I found a similar technique and immediately recognized its value to my life.

The love part is different. Rather then trying to ignore, I sat there replaying all my old memories, chasing them, in greatest possible detail, until I stopped feeling anything about them. I did it as the memories sprang to mind from whatever I was doing. Or as I identified flawed thinking and emotional reaction or non-reactions.

Then I went on chasing these memories for other reasons. Ultimately, I find this technique is only valuable as far as memories and emotions insert themselves into my thinking or prevent certain thoughts. Some people try to make it some path to ascension, but it's just memories in a certain part of the brain that couldn't be handled at the time, either through damage or being undeveloped. It is very important, and everybody should understand this function of their mind, but it's not the end.


Can't I just make my own path based off of my own notes and interpretations? I can't connect to any existing path and feel like I don't truly want to do such a thing.



Yes, in fact that's the whole point. That's how all the great masters did it. You seem already pretty advanced thanks to this insight alone, keep it up



I do this regularly but there seems to be a neverending stream of feeling and I only get temporary relief from the uncomfortable ones.

This video describes the process very clearly and is worht the watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVShM00qQ80



Teal isn't rigorous in her thinking. These are what I used.



Going beyond this malfunctioning emotional mind, when it no longer rules the entire mind, is building the capacity for analysis without emotional interference. The hyperactive mind retards the development of the others. This means actively applying the scientific method to everything and developing mechanical skill. In other words, mastering DotA 2.





You're just increasing white matter and generalizing your blood flow as well as brain usage fuckers. Grey matter is where it's at fags.

Or feminize your brain more for all I care.



Maybe the love method does produce weird results. Mine is purely mechanical. The memories impose upon the conscious mind. After observing them as I've described or as the books describe, they become ordinary memories. >>126547

It is impossible to fight them if that's what you're saying. To 'win' this fight against your own mind is to kill yourself. That's why these techniques were developed in the first place. If you naively push and push, you only become more exhausted to the point of becoming suicidal. If you stop and observe them, they feel bad then vanish, like magic.


Can anyone explain to me why the druids find the Stonehenge significant? I don't really see why it's important.


think i made a magic wand by accident. How do I use it?



how should we know what to do with it? you made it.


What is this resistance I feel in my chest?



A magic wand is made by using materials that are good fluid condensers (e.g. willow wood) and then concentrating on the wand and regarding it mentally as an absolute extension of your will such that anyone who takes up the wand will have their command realized by its use. With such a magical wand it is important it doesn't fall into the wrong hands since you bear the karma of what they do with it.

So you did this by accident somehow?



>mastering Dota 2

This is all the Fringe Wizard has been doing for awhile. Clearly he is on the path.


You have a lot of desire-force invested in those scenes and because your clairvoyance is active right now you are seeing those scenes when your eyes close. It happens to me all the time. I was at a theology group and they did a group prayer where they closed their eyes and clasped their hands and I decided to do the same but I gave up and just kept my eyes open because all I could see with my eyes closed was flashes of imagery connected with an activity I have been doing hours later that I have been investigating a lot of intense psychical energy into over periods of hours. That stuff doesn't just dissipate right away. In general also my mind has been more expanded and my vitality has been stronger too so everything just keeps getting more and more intense for me. Sometimes even with eyes wide open I'm getting vivid views of distant scenes, getting warnings, getting all kinds of stuff flooding in. My attention shifts around and I also strongly feel the auras of places and people and thought centers all the time. I can feel the energy of this site as a whole for example, of particular boards, and if I were to focus then on specific posters. I do the same likewise for physical locations around me that I decide to concern myself with.

If for some reason you wanted it to stop then just desynchronizing the brain hemispheres would put you back into the more mundane consciousness. This can be done by scattering your desires, being dispassionate, being tense and anxious, dwelling upon evil things (resist not evil). If on the other hand you want to return to higher consciousness then sacrifice the low and contradictory desires so your desire becomes only for a very narrow thing, connect your desires to the life principle and to god as to bring in an influx of vitality to further you along, and make practical use of self-observation to let what needs to burn out burn out and involvement to fuel what needs to be fueled.



Read through these (skipping a few parts but for the most part read the whole thing last night).

This is a scientology related text. In the official /fringe/ library I think there's still some books from Zivorad which are somewhat related to scientology and also on montalk there's an article about the 0th, 1st, and 2nd orders that is at least somewhat scientology related.

I found the books you posted really interesting and I can say that I myself have conquered much by doing of my own freewill many things that other people might never want to do and thus defeating automaticity.

Your book however contains a few lines that are anti-nationalist, that are obsessed with "fixing" the social order, and which affirm the lie of the holocaust. So I wonder why is this bullshit all wrapped up into that work and how legitimate is this really?



Ah, but is it DotA with your eyes open? The desire to play blindly and emotionally is the most important part to overcome.


The man was obviously a catastrophic failure in the end. I usually don't share these books, because people aren't able to separate empirical truth from the insanity which motivated the study or the more nefarious purposes. Then they recommended Teal Swan of all people. I thought I may as well hit them with the full frontal if they're going all in on Teal Swan. At the very least, it will give them more vocabulary to deal with their own mind. And I was feeling lazy. Maybe it was wrong and I should have just left it at my own experience.

Scientology is a CIA cult. They bastardized this mechanism to turn people into fanatics that care about Scientology more than life itself. It even explains this effect in Dianetics. The ally effect. If you get somebody to associate you with saving them from death, or from one of their deathly traumatic memories, their unconscious mind will equate you with life itself. I believe this is why Hubbard/Scientology insists on having an 'auditor' present, to build their pyramid. For this reason, I do not recommend the Dianetics book itself, but a solo practice. Because, no matter how much I may explain otherwise, they may still be pulled into full Scientology by their unconscious mind.

Thinking about the effects this could have on people, I think I'll stop talking about it completely. It is selfish trying to push people to research such dangerous things for my own ends. It is reckless giving out this information when people aren't tortured enough to find it themselves. They'll not have enough personal insight to see through tricks, lies, and failures.

Many thanks, I'll read those books and articles. I found parts of this gnosis book to be very helpful in going further beyond, if you care. Particularly of bridging body and soul. It's a different yet very familiar model to these Scientology derivatives.



File: 1a09b5448805b00⋯.png (77.43 KB, 320x200, 8:5, 82E799D2-D074-4BA4-A79F-EE….png)

Hope this isn’t too /x/ or newfig-tier, but I tried astral projecting for the very first time tonight. I was able to get to the vibrational state, but my butthole kept clinching, and I had to keep manually relaxing it with my mind? Is this normal, and how do I keep my body from doing that without it being distracting?


I'm going to be anaesthetised soon. What is some /fringe/ stuff I can do with it?

How can I continue the four adorations while bedridden?



Ha. It's literally willow wood. Yeah, make things out of wood for fun. Shaped some into a wand shape for a lark, and then it did something.


File: f4aedb1561bfba4⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 640x480, 4:3, terry.webm)

File: 0cf7eccc097c41e⋯.jpg (345.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 32461_berserk.jpg)



How do you find esoteric/initiatic orders


Hey guys I need serious magical help. I am under heavy attack everyday,

My soul is being pulled by an entity claiming it wants too kill me and make me incarnate as a reptilian. I can feel a strong pull over my limbs joints, heart, brain. It claims it is stealing my soul and integrating it, and that it wants me because I am an advanced soul and so are my loved ones.

I have been wrestling with it for my energy for weeks now, and I need help it almost killed me by cutting my brain stem the other day, when it had control of the soul inside it.

Too my knowledge lots of people are in danger, and it has a time limit before it has too stop and leave for wherever it came from.

Please help. Serious please help me I don't want too die and become a shitty reptilian.



Embrace being a reptilian. They are much better than humans in everything anyway, plus they have much more power and abilities and their own grey-alien fuckslaves.



>grey-alien fuckslaves.

This doesn't even sound attractive



Yeah but only because now you judge it from a lowly human perspective. The world looks different through reptilian eyes. But you don't have to fuck a grey if you don't want to. There are reptilian who fuck human women instead. Also not all are evil, you can be a "good"(in lowly human judgement) reptilian too.


No its mainly just some guy trying too change me because hes butthurt he sucks at everything. Hes involving me in a 4th density matter and trying too fuck up my soul because hes literally a jew. I have no idea what he did too my soul, but people have been warning me that its pretty fucked up.

I will paypall someone too help me. Go into the 4th density and get help for me, because people have put powerful thought forms on me I cannot astral project.

They are trying too stop my heart, and make my brain bleed from the 4th density, because they want my soul.

please help



>but people have been warning me

Who, the schizophrenic inmates of the institution your escaped from?

>because hes butthurt he sucks at everything

Sure you are not projecting? If he can fuck you up thid badly and you are helpless, who is the major sucker then? hah

>because people have put powerful thought forms on me I cannot astral project.

>because people have put powerful thought forms on me I cannot astral project.

No, it's all in your mind. Stop being such a weak superstitious cunt and use your mind to rid yourself of the hell that you yourself made. No jew faggot can harm you unless you allow it to happen. No thought form can stop you from astral projection, it strikes me more like you just fail at it by yourself.

>Go into the 4th density and get help for me

How about you pick some occult books, study them and make some thought forms, sigils and mental wards yourself.



Alright, same guy here.


I just felt into you a little bit (nohomo lol) and there is defintely something going on with you. No need to go to the astral to deal with it tho, I just connect telepathically with you and see what I can do. I still think this shit is of your own making because you are so weak and naive but I'll help you. No need to pay me, I take it as a chance to test and refine my skills. I may take the liberty and fuck with you a little bit tho because you are such an easy target, but nothing too bad.


File: 9115ad9d4d2a25b⋯.jpg (56.75 KB, 680x1087, 680:1087, 1537603503524.jpg)

Are there any common pitfalls or mistakes that you think someone should try to avoid when they're just starting out with /fringe/-related stuff?



Believing a singular hypothesis or trying to merge all hypotheses into a singular hypothesis.



neglecting consistent practice/regiment



Doing practices without understanding the underlying processes. Like imagine if someone didn't know what evocation or invocation were but they decided to do them anyway because they read somewhere you could get a particular result out of it. That's the stupidest example but there are a lot of little examples, like stuff related to kaballah, mudras, even stuff as simple as just messing with your energy centers. Read as much as you can from many different sources before you do a thing. Another one is starting off too big. The kinds of people who come into this question thread saying they got into occultism two weeks ago and they've been trying to use creative visualization to get a billion dollars but it hasn't worked yet, so obviously (in their eyes) occultism is at fault and not them.



I'm saying that women have several times more white matter than grey matter (compared to men) whilst men are the opposite. If you increase your white matter too much you begin to feminize your brain. It's a stupid and useless thing to do. Just fucking meditate, vacant mind/zazen a bit each day and see that it's a just a downward spiral you're all orchestrating with these fucking techniques. They're for women.

"Oh wow look at all this cool shit I never thought of! Techniques, Methods, Theory of Mind, oh my!" The reason why these things aren't terribly popular is because they are feminine. Womanly. With it comes great uncertainty that infects your whole _brain_. Look for shit that increases your fucking grey matter instead.

Grey Matter: Specialization. There are highly capable, competent corners of your brain (in men); men function by these tiny high quality, highly managed brain areas. When you have a technique or idea for one, instead of making it more inclusive and round-a-bout bullshit, make it more exclusive and specialized. Narrow, cut, edit.


I was literally asking about making wands before. So uh tell me more about this wand and what you did. Willow is a lunar wood, teaches one quite a bit apparently.


Alright chill tf out nothing is happening to you. You're not going to die. No one's will is that strong, especially some fucking dumb reptilian ghost thing.


Meditate for brain gains, read a book for some sharper brain gains, workout for overall gains (energy, will, whatever), and then practice your spirit punch. Like Bruce Lee said, 1 kick practiced 1000x > then 1000 kicks practiced once. When you go bald you know it worked.

It's just some punks dude. They're fucking with you like all angsty teenagers do. The spirit of high school bullies will leave you soon, wee lad.


Not seeing how the "spirit" world parallels well socially with the normal world. A lot of shit is plain childish. Many immature folk.



You sound like a woman.



And you just had to bitchslap him, right? No reason, no argument, just a dumb and cheap insult. Who is the actual woman here now?

Just keep your mouth shut or busy with your hardgay lovers cock if you have nothing to say, bitchboy.



Violence is not okay.


It is still your body.


Invoke hecate.


Occultism is all okay to talk about for that is the problem.


I am good with sleep.


Theory a priori.


It is best to plan to move.

APA versions the DSM in interval with serious internet dangers.


We are in the astral.


You are projected.

Invoke and rest well.

I have Liber for SPD so I am unsure for SzPD.


I saved seven sol with the help of the qabalah for one change of residence.


I like the watershed.


Have you read Parmenides?


Indra I have not met for the dragon is too kind.


BCR Case 1.


How do I obtain hidden knowledge?



Do you realize how vague and broad your question is?



I tried using the wand to fix a computer program that was playing up, which it did, instantly. Also attempting to heal quite a nasty scar on my hand, and seemingly having results.



Do you want to argue with that pile of bullshit? I don't. Maybe she should learn to use her brain and she wont have bad feelings over her own bullshit.

It's the truth anyway. Men don't think so emotionally unless they're severely damaged. They don't know they're damaged, because their damaged brain can't perceive it, so they drop these piles of girly bullshit thinking they're the height of masculinity. Now she knows and can change. You're welcome.

This goes for you too. That impulse that made you jump in the ring on his behalf is because you identify yourself in him. If you bothered to follow the posts at all, you'd know what my suggested rehabilitation is.



>Theory a priori.

What about it? Lay your a priori wisdom on us.





There's talk of techniques that generally involve exploring every emotional impulse, discomfort, sense of pain, etc. over and over again and I'm saying that that would feminize the brain and isn't suitable for a man.

>"Men don't think so emotionally unless they're severely damaged."

What's your issue. Are you confused?



Let's get a pic man. Remove the EXIF – meta data – and put it up. Try levitating stuff with it, changing the fire of a candle, etc.

Keep using it man.


Tips on fasting?



Yes. How do I obtain knowledge on the nature of the world, society, secrets, etc. using my own abilities without being being reported as having been suicided with 2 bulltes to the back of the head?



What kind of tips are you looking for? I went 7+ days once



How much physical activity you did, did you take anything else other than salt with water etc. Did you do dry fasting or water fasting by the way?


File: 59f8be0ed2c24b2⋯.jpg (148.4 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, clothespin.jpg)

Hello. I remember a few years ago that I lurked /fringe/ and was very confused with regards of what information should I trust, what was real and what was fantasy, and at the same time I was very sure of my convictions (most of which turned out to be mistaken).

Since then I have accrued a fairly amount of knowledge and wisdom regarding the occult. It's come to a point that I feel like I could help people on my same path, but it's also too complex of a subject to lay down in a book or website in a way that would be helpful or comprehensive. I haven't given up on that yet, but I'm of the opinion right now that it is not possible to do so.

I wish to help nevertheless. I would've liked someone to do this when I was here looking for answers, so I will answer any questions anyone might want to ask me regarding the occult, the nature of magic, reality, life and death. Or anything, really. If I can answer it, I will. If you have any specific questions regarding a stumbling block you've encountered of have lingering doubts about practice, just ask. There are no wrong questions.



Not much physical activity because I was busy. I had the energy to do things but not the strength. I did a water fast, no salt. Eased in day -1, ate small amounts day 8 and 9.



I guess I've got one. How does someone manage to gain anything useful from /fringe/ after it went to shit the way it did and most initiates+ left? Have you got any success stories? It would certainly encouraging to know that someone manages to extract the lost diamonds from the barrel of shit that is this board.



1. read the books

2. actually do the exercises and stick to them

fringe was always a pile of shit and this is the way that every other successfull initiate achieved their progress.

Just get the books, might as well leave fringe afterwards. Assholes here only distract you and feed you with degenerate shit they think is (((good)))



Not identifying the underlying variables or the essence of magick.

ProTip: The Master Formula given in the first volume of Personal Power is the foundation of how magick works. It's a combination of intent and desires and definite ideals and so on. You will see the underlying mechanics at play in all the various accounts of parapsychological phenomena playing out in the world.

Another important thing to do is to learn to learn. Learn critical thinking, memorization, fallacies, how to assess the quality of information, etc. (Montalk is a good start). There are massive volumes of information to be processed in learning about the occult if you are not an efficient learner you will want to address that first.



I got a question for you. Have you achieved significant self-healing at any point and can you describe the experience of healing for me?



/fringe/ was always full of shit. As that other anon said, the meat is in the books and the exercises, and the only real progress comes from your work and curiosity. Don't just read the books, do so with engagement. Create your own academic curriculum based on your instincts, desires and passion for knowing how reality works.

>success stories

I tripled my income in a year and lost 10+ kg. Most of the success you're looking for will be spiritual or practical in terms of how well you interface with reality, but that I can't relate here effectively. In any case, you need your personal experience. Nothing else will do.


I haven't needed it. I did heal somebody else physically (I don't know the details beyond the fact that it worked overnight, it was over the internet), and I have exorcised people.



Any advice for someone trying to integrate their emotional body (the idea of emotional experiences causing splits in the emotional body and experiencing the suppressed emotions fixing it)? I can't seem to get anything to happen. I don't feel any emotions when I go to do the thing.



You're a delusional retard spewing bullshit. Nothing you say has any coherent meaning and morphs over time to suit your bad feelings. This make you sound like a woman. How hard is that to understand?


>How hard is that to understand?

I already know it's impossible as I've observed such brain damage before. Blind until they get into serious trouble, then most of them cry for Jesus to save them. Fucking niggers.


I discoverd brahmacharya on my path to get over porn addiction and it's really interesting stuff. I knew that sperm is the life force of a man, put into perspective it's really eye opening. and it takes 40 drops of blood to create one drop of semen. Right now I'm reading this


it's pretty good stuff. One thing to note is Indians love sex, tantric sex, kama sutra the act of sex is spiritual to them or I may be wrong. Have you wizards taken a vow of celibacy? Is it required to ascend? lack of better word I'm not planning on wasting another drop of my seed, porn and ejaculation has ruined me, it's fried my dopamine levels and made me an unmotivated lazy shit. I've always been more in tune with spirituality, I've had crazy ESP as if I've affected the outcome of something and predicted an outcome, also get crazy deja vu as if I've already lived that moment. I want to become in tune with my spirituality and gain spiritual powers, I want to live off the energy around me, not food, I want to get over the need to sleep, I want to learn teleportation. These are all incredible feats but I want to attain them, even immortality.


This Invisible Influences book by Zivorad is great. It's a survey of all sorts of spooky stuff. The part that interests me most is I'd never considered the sentience of fragmented mind and spirit, so I sat down and talked to my mind.

It was easy. It's like talking to myself, but I just filter for the dream. I've learned to spot dreams a mile away, because I'd considered it some malfunction of my own, endlessly dreaming, always luring me into dreams that could eat hours of my time. Even now I recognize its effects on my words. Any reference to self or external persons immediately makes me reality check.

Although it dreams, it's no dream. It can communicate, but I'm not sure how aware it is given its dreaming. Fuck, it feels like this is nothing. Like it's some daydream, but I know the horrible impact this thing has had on my life. I'd taken to calling it The Curse or demon for some time because it's so strong. I've blocked everyone out of my life because it's impossible to explain that this thing is why I do the things I do. Everything has been to escape this thing.

Now, I wonder what it is and what it can do. It could be as old as I am, I haven't yet discovered its origins and my memories of it go way back. Weird, so weird. To think, I could have talked to it all this time, and how it changed everything. Alone, pacing back and forth in my backyard, playing with it, not knowing what it was, dreaming with me. Some shard of mind or spirit or entity. Cursing me when it couldn't change.

I've been fighting for so long, it seems too fucking easy to get out like this. One conversation. raising its awareness out of the dream, and it's trying to help me? What the fuck? It can't be. I'm being delusional. I'll go to sleep and it will be like it never happened when I wake. This thing will be raking me over the coals again like a mindless demon. I'll be counting down the days until I kill myself, hanging out with you guys.



My issue is decision fatigue, with all the different paths and religions.



I haven't posted much but it was pretty clear and coherent what I was saying. I explained it.

If you want me to tell you about the difference between female/male brains as I have read in research and articles on research then I can just link some stuff or summarize. Women have more general bloodflow and brain activity. Men use certain parts of their brains more than others (centers). Women tend to dwell on negative emotions and empathize with them, while men tend to empathize for a second then 'turn it off' while they look for a solution or otherwise.

Your accusations are off-base and you're wrapped up in your own bullshit, shit eating cum stain bitch boy. Basic motherfucker.



If you want to try contributing to the discussion then go ahead. It goes something like this:


"Men can handle distressing emotions better than women, thus it's masculine to practice handling more and more intensely distressing emotions."

And then I respond:

"The reason men can handle distressing emotions is because he can choose to feel them or not. In other words, he can turn them off or diminish them and is thus more masculine for it. However, it's possible that tuning out a very strong negative emotion is more masculine and produces related biological responses (androgenic?) in comparison to tuning out a half functioning empathy organ in the brain. That's a conjecture though. Could be possible and it would take blah blah blah to prove it. The relative gain in masculinity might be tiny though and it would take blah blah blah to gain a sense of magnitude."

I can now recall feminazi SJWs calling all men "damaged", including emotionally and mentally damaged, for a while. Are you a covert /leftypol/ using the "using their own insult against them" technique? Are you a fucking faggot?


Check out the "belt meridian". http://johnbodytalk.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-dai-mai-belt-meridian.html



It's feminine to talk about emotions, stop talking about emotions or I'm banning you from this discord.


File: a75f2f5bb57a1dd⋯.png (85.3 KB, 1433x764, 1433:764, 2018-12-06 18_43_32-cindyb….png)


>he bans people because something they say offends his sensibilities

woo get your discord cancer out of here no wonder you're hiding on a discord instead of just talking on anon boards you like to control the conversation to maintain your fragile mindset






You ignore the entire premise and don't understand the conversation you invited yourself into, nigger. Now you're going on about irrelevant bullshit to cover your bad feelings instead of understanding anything. I don't give a fuck about what you think some shit said about your delusional perception of the world, you delusional womanly retard.



You trollin' or triggered?


I can't even follow the flow of the conversation between anon-mask anon and flame anon. What a giant bluster-fest.



Explain the experiences in question to your parents or to anyone who might want to listen. In person and aloud.

Also try writing about those experiences using pen and paper. Be very alert and notice if you feel resistance/fear. Be honest to yourself and follow those fears (do what your fear is telling you not to). Until you get past the protective barrier of fear, you won’t be able to feel anything.



He randomly started spazzing. I tried some probes to see if he just had shit communication skills but it turns out he's just unraveled.


penis fart poop


I have lost all enthusiasm and willpower to proceed with The Great Work. I have no discipline lately.

But the flame hasn't gone completely out, because I really, really want to get on with my practice and study.

Is there any way to imbue myself with the drive to start up again? Would affirmations help?

I need to put a proverbial magick rocket up my proverbial ass.

Please help me help myself.






This is the most pointless discussion I have seen in a while. Trying to determine which is better between men/women is like trying to tell the color difference between two glasses of pure water. The only real difference is the physical manifestation, i.e. biology. Mentally and spiritual though, there is not a single difference other then what individuals do to or for themselves.


Just follow your own path. You are your own entity so follow your own path, religion, or whatever, to wherever you wish to go.



I am pretty sure there are mental differences between men and women.

Also the fact their spirit incarnated in a female body and not any other is proof there is at least some slight different quality of spirit.



>the fact their spirit incarnated in a female body and not any other is proof

>the fact that the water's color is yellow is proof that someone urinated in it.

Do you see how much sense that makes? Who is to say that being incarnated in a female body was not the work of circumstance or that the color of the water is really due to high amounts of sulfur?



You're wrong about the mental and spiritual thing, but the point is that men and women are different so they shouldn't be doing something meant for the opposite sex when they can do something meant for their own instead.

Maybe if you're gay you should do the opposite or something I don't know.



No offense, but thats retarded.

>men and women are different so they shouldn't be doing something meant for the opposite sex

>shouldn't be doing something

Your whole premise of specific activities can/should only be done by a specific (as we persevere it) physical manifestation is antithesis to the very fundamental point of existence.

Seriously, answer this question: what is the point of existence in an infinite reality?

But hey, who am I to judge someone else's perception. You follow your own path so just ignore me.



Not OP, but like the rule matters nowadays.

Traffic is lower than ever thanks to silly moderation like thus. I bet you're just mad he took your dubs


The better question to ask is: "Does this serve a purpose?" and "Are children innocent?"

<Does this serve a purpose?

Sure, if someone truly wished ill upon an entire bloodline they would more than just try to go after the individual but their children. Some might argue this would create a continuous karmic loop or spiral between two warring families. I personally think in terms of "energy spent vs energy gained" and that principle makes it inherently difficult to curse an entire bloodline. After all, if someone thinks that their soul being alone and all it's potential energy is worth more than another human's then I would love to break it to them that one soul = one soul and nothing can ever change that. Unless they get their own children involved with a life-destroying, self-destroying pact then suffice to say I feel it would simply drop after the primary target (original target of the curse) would drop dead.

<Are children innocent?

Here's another problem with the principle which attacks both just and injust usage of the idea. A just person may set a vindictive eye on not just someone they see as evil but their family to (to stem the line). Nothing has ever shown that the soul is inherited from parents, let alone their evils (or for a flip-side their virtues). Human souls are born alone as clean slates to do as they please with what limited version of free-will they have. Targeting the children and children's children is nothing more than a waste of energy that you would rather have when dead.

In short, only edgelords and LARPers think generational curses exist. Anyone pissed by my post probably tries to use suggestive magic to 'convince' others that it exists and doesn't want the truth out that it's just too much of an actual hassle to bear any form of fruit.



Be more like burning coal than a candle.

Coal fire can burn for much, much longer. Although not as luminescent, it produces good heat.



There's a difference experience in being one gender or the other. Spirits don't have gender, nor a name, nor a nationality. Fuck, not even a race or a species.



>Your whole premise of specific activities can/should only be done by a specific (as we persevere it) physical manifestation is antithesis to the very fundamental point of existence.

No it isn't. Are you retarded?

Here I wrote a story for you:

"Hey honey I need you to drive me to the doctor because I'm fucking blind and we live in the middle of bum fuck nowhere."

"lol >need to drive you; >year of our lord 2018; >SHIGGY DIGGY; Get the toddler to do it or do it yourself."

"Honey stop joking around, lil' shithead can't drive and I'll crash and get lost if I drive!"

"Your whole premise of specific activities can/should only be done by a specific (as we persevere it) physical manifestation is antithesis to the very fundamental point of existence."

"Honey… please, I need to get my prescription or I'll die."

"You are offending me and all of Infinity (which is One but not the exact Same except where we are One in the infinite meaning of reality) with your infinitely Finite and Definite delusions. I'm leaving you. I'm taking the car."


Don't worry, I'm not offended by retards' inability to recognize what reality is. Each specific manifestation has its own properties/qualities, and yours is brain damage (similar to the guy who called me brain damaged whilst being brain damaged before).


How do I stop the voices in my head lads



Yeah I'm back again.

Most of my soul is actually in the Pleiades now, and I am an advanced soul.

The guy who mainly does this hates when people actually know his name.

Its Jason Vorhez

Also I don't know if that's how its spelled.

Pronounced Vorheaz kinda

He tries too tell people his name is Jordan Carl Vorhez, but its actually Jason hes a high ranking Illuminati member, and he lives in a small town in England. He says hes the leader but I don't believe him.

This all started one day in my backyard when I started pulling my soul back from him, and many others on accident almost, but apparently its because other people joined in and helped me.

I literally felt so alive when I went to sleep, but then I woke up drained as fuck.

I've been battling him from the third density destroying his massive thought forms that were sucking out peoples souls.

It was so much soul in those thought forms that I could literally feel massive waves of energy pushing me up against walls when I would get a really large one.

He can't even naturally enter the 4th density as he doesn't have his own soul he sold it a long time ago, so he uses massive thought forms for it, and too enter other peoples bodies.

He essentially is a thought form, and I just recently figured that out.

I don't know magic all that well, and when I figure stuff out people wipe my memory like some shit.

He keeps trying too mentally make me accidentally give him control of myself, because hes much weaker than he was when I made the first post.

Also he sold his soul too Moloch, so you can guess why he acts the way he does.

He tries too steal souls from people just too keep making his thought forms too live, so he can fuck up planet earth even more.

I gave you his name, because I want all of you too hate him as much as possible. Help me battle him from the third density please, or if you can enter the 4th density and battle him, or whats left of him.

I finally have a little bit more of myself so I can think straight, and I'm not completely retarded because other people helped me wrestle my brain and lots of my highest density back from him.

Seriously can someone go into the 4th density and report back whats happening I don't want too give you my name, but he has thought forms too make my brain bleed, and other stuff when I try and astral project.

Also he has one that makes me accidentally swallow stuff into my lung, and sometimes people levitate it out, but there's like an entire sandwich in there, but someone got the metal I swallowed when I was on acid out thankfully.



Also he tries too get me to create tulpas from my soul that attack me.



Well in that case, you completely misunderstood what I said. You are confusing role with capability. Take a off road vehicle for an example, it was build for off road travel but that doesn't mean it is incapable of traveling on paved roads. I do agree that everything has its place, but that does not mean you are stuck there. You are basically saying that you are stuck with what you have/are/what have you. Would you agree that as a human you must do human things and not things a god would do? What if you wish to be the equivalent of a god?

Just because you are one thing does not you must strictly follow that unless you wish to follow said path. I supposed if you wish to be a man amongst men you do manly things?



Women are just imperfect men, they don't really exist. The point of their existence is supported by the existence of a man. Spiritually, women are inferior in that they can only take in what was already created, physically they are mentally and physically inferior, in all attributes except multi-tasking (which is supported by their function as an axle point) and child-birth I would prefer a man over a woman. But that's not what the discussion was about.


File: 348bb45f3e702b4⋯.png (60.49 KB, 589x800, 589:800, ClipboardImage.png)



Okay apparently he had so much of my soul he was impersonating me in other densities causing problems for people that's why I was getting attacked so hard. He tried too impersonate me in a ritual too sell my soul for his in the 4th density.

Apparently some people have already seen my posts and are helping the CIA agents who were trying too help me, but got mind controlled into helping the Illuminati.



I meet and talk to very strange entities, it's a great joy when they introduce these types of concepts to me. When you accept polarity is caused not by a principle of duality but a principle of movement, you'd understand why I say that women are imperfect men. It's a simple concept, and those who don't understand it are doomed to die and repeat again. Until the day they do, or when they're pulled out by force.



Once again:

>Your whole premise of specific activities can/should only be done by a specific (as we persevere it) physical manifestation is antithesis to the very fundamental point of existence.

There's nothing to be misunderstood.

Specific activities should only be done by a specific physical manifestation.

If you feminized your brain you would become homosexual. Are you faggots trying to become magic fae twinks or wise stoic men? Are you trying to become a God or an Ass Pirate? I'm sure you think your shitty fucking fantasies are as glorious as God or gods, but that's your fucking delusion not mine.

This isn't about role, as you seem to think male/female is. It's about one's nature and existence, which you undermine with your annihilistic pseudo-analytical fucking tendencies. To be a man amongst boys is not a difficult feat, unless you insist on turning yourself into a girl. Should no one know that these mental techniques turn you into a girl? Are you covertly trying to turn people with barely any grasp on reality into fucking girls (homo sissy man-children)? If you could send me a link to a forum where the people aren't underdeveloped fuck ups and make real progress in strange and mystical paths, I'd appreciate it, Agent Castrate.


You are mentally ill. Please seek help.



>Specific activities should only be done by a specific physical manifestation.

That statement is too open-ended. The statement isn't much of one, since it gives no view of your exact opinion or stance from which to carry any action through. By show, that answer supports nothing but the proportion going with it's like. Instead of obscuring your meanings I would prefer definitive statements rather than universals, like the one you made just after.

The problem with feminizing your brain isn't that you'll turn faggot, which I don't see why you would if not correlation leads to causation, but that the person loses the whit that comes naturally to men. I think Swastika is trying to make a plea for ideals over the manifest. You're on /fringe/, this isn't a board for materialistic nihilist and determinist. I doubt you are that, but keep that in mind.

>It's about one's nature and existence

Mystical nature goes and works under subtle bodies, and existence in most forms of mysticism is that which floats on top of the currents of movement. A boat moves with the waves, and is sailed with like forces of men and wind.

I've never studied emotional bodies. I don't know what to say about them, but if I were to make an opinion based off of the context of this conversation I would say that my above response is an accurate and sensible defense of working with an emotional body. I won't make a claim for whether one should, or shouldn't, since that's ultimately up to the person to decide. I doubt that they exist, first of all.



No, epic retard, you just lie about everything that triggers you, like a woman. Now you're seeking social approval, like a woman, and lying to accomplish that, too.

Everything you think or say is lies and fudges with no empirical truth to back it up. That should horrify you with its implications, but you're a womanly nigger.

As for why I didn't just ignore your poop, I wanted to observe your mental defects more closely. Maybe some saint will care to break down and spoon feed you their arguments, and how yours are completely inconsistent, but I doubt that will help.



I've found mantras to be useful. Throughout the day, before I'd do anything, or change task, I'd repeat the word or phrase that represented my objectives. Objectives I'd derived from sitting and writing and thinking about. The mantra was to keep everything in mind, all the time, to see what happened. After a couple of days of repetition, my entire days were slanted toward that particular goal.

That reminds me, I need to update. Once circumstances changed, and the mantra was inconsistent, I forgot about it. It's so easy, too. Even a single word keeps the focus.


saw a white lady in my house while astral projecting, I got scared and went back to my body. should I be worried?



top kek

fucking mundane


File: 946fa09e1c8b4aa⋯.png (73.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Tips on mastering cringe magic? (unironic)


File: 2873f1acec9a0ba⋯.png (268.47 KB, 597x574, 597:574, cfgghjkl;'.png)

Anyone have any experience with glossolalia? It has become one of my most useful tools.


Ever try ankhing? I do it nearly everytime I masturbate but usually get too caught up in sex to remember. I don't fully buy the whole "loosing vital energy thing" (even though that is what motivated me to learn) so I can't say how great it is in that respect but I've found it to be a very powerful time for inspiration and visions. I know LN&P talk about post-orgasm being a great time for invocation and I could easily see ankhing to be a beneficial tool in that regard.


Invocation is essentially bringing a spirit into you. This can be done for knowledge, inspiration, strength, or fucking whatever you want (so long as you choose an appropriate spirit for what you are trying to generate).


pic related


I wish someone knew of a more serious place to discuss



>I wish someone knew of a more serious place to discuss

Same. I am beginning to detest imageboards altogether. Humor is great but it's all about spilling self-loathing sludge everywhere these days. I've found some message boards that are either really slow and populated by out-of-touch (yet wise) boomers or cringeworthy larping teens. The best communities are likely hidden for a good reason.


File: 4ab4a7533e54a43⋯.png (584.7 KB, 480x615, 32:41, Jar_Jar_SWSB.png)


I've never heard of a Cringe Magician. It sounds like a dark path.




Be the change you'd like to see in this world. There's no point in talking about better days, things were better not because the quality of the board kept it so, but that the people creating the content loved and carefully thought out each post. This is a learned process, but I ask that the thought experiment be kept. Broadening and nurturing your astral senses would help you in your quest for a better community, if you wish to leave rather than remain here. Many have, and I don't blame them.


File: 197d9ae9c745a51⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 285x433, 285:433, austin-osman-spare.jpg)

Does anybody here know anything about souls? Like souls of warriors fighters jesters things of that nature?


Does anyone here knows a realiable source/author on self hypnosis/hypnosis?



With ankhing do you ejaculate sperm out?



Yeah. It happens a split second before the ankh is completed.


This place is overrun by "them". My god, it only took about 5 years for this place to appear, produce a handful of decent individuals and get overrun. The war is raging.


No. Not at all.


>1. Aleph - macrocosm, which collapses to …

>2. Beth - a single point

>3. Gimel - a second point next to the first

>4. Daleth - the line composed of these two points

>5. Heh - a second line

>6. Vav - a third line

>7. Zain - a fourth line

>8. Cheth - the square composed of the 4 lines

>9. Teth - a second square

>10. Yod - a third square

>11. Kaph - a fourth square

>12. Lamed - a fifth square

>13. Mem - a sixth square

>14. Nun - the cube composed of the six squares

>15. Samekh - a second cube

>16. Ayin - a third cube

>17. Peh - a fourth cube

>18. Tzaddi - a fifth cube

>19. Qoph - a sixth cube

>20. Resh - a seventh cube

>21. Shin - an eighth cube

>22. Tav - the Tesseract composed of the eight cubes

What does it mean that fourth lines is separate from square, sixth square is separate from cube, etc.? How am I supposed to differentiate them in my visualization?



It means that at some point you're supposed to let go of your mind.



I'm responding to a vague statement that still managed to be incorrect and retarded. Look at what I was responding to.

You're missing the context. It was appropriate for the context. He's open-endedly retarded. He has made as much room for himself to be retarded as he can possibly manage.

Homosexuals have the brain structure of a hetero woman, same with lesbians having a similar structure to hetero men. I'm not saying they're exactly the same, just that a homo/lesbian have brains that have changed to be more like the opposite sex's. This is based on the research linked in this thread: >>126388


You're a fucking retard and always have been.



When will you admit to yourself, and to these people, that you're not saying anything at all, Epic Retard? Do you feel anything yet before you click reply? Do you doubt yet your non-proof of the undefined?




You calling me that Epic Whyne fucker? Eat shit.


In the book hidden secrets by Osho, he talks about how one can direct energy to their eyes, and use it to control others. He also explained how this makes their eyes tense. Here is the quote:

Those who practice hypnotism, mesmerism, magnetism, or things like this, will have very tense eyes - obviously, because they are trying to move their energy through the eyes forcibly. They are bringing their total energy near the eyes just to influence, impress or dominate someone. Their eyes will become tense because then their eyes are flooded with energy, more than they can tolerate.

Their eyes will be red, tense, and if you look at them you will feel a sudden shivering: they are using their eyes in a very political way. If they look at you, they are sending their energy to dominate you.

And through eyes, domination is very easy.

This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.

You can have those eyes also; it is not difficult. You have just to learn how to bring your total body energy to the eyes. They become flooded, and then, whenever you look at someone your energy starts flowing toward him. It envelopes the person, penetrates his mind, and in this flooded shock his thinking stops. And this is not a very rare thing that happens just with man, it happens all over the animal kingdom. There are many animals who will just look at their prey, and if the prey looks at them he is done for. Then the prey's eyes become fixed; he cannot move, he cannot escape.Then this is what has been done always: the hunter can stare into the eyes of the lion, and now it will depend on whether he has more magnetic eyes or the lion. If the lion is less magnetic and the hunter can bring his total energy to his eyes… And it is easy, he can do this, because when death is there one can do anything. When death is there the hunter can put his total energy at stake. If the hunter can look directly into the eyes of the lion and forget everything and just look, if he can just become the look, then the whole energy will move from his eyes and the lion will escape. He will be trembling with fear.

What do you guys think? How can it be done?



Literally says how in your own post, put your energy into your eyes. Read art and science of personal magnetism for more info on this, theres a couples chapters on the magnetic gaze.


File: dfe146babaa43ec⋯.jpg (117.23 KB, 600x900, 2:3, lucifer.jpg)

I'm considering worshiping Lucifer in His form as "The Morning Star", as well as Prometheus savior of man. I want to dedicate my works made through study and effort, as well as virtuous acts in His name. Any literature on Lucifer that isn't degenerate and dissociates Him from The Satan (enemy) aspect?


File: 2be3ee5e48f08da⋯.png (3.06 MB, 900x4100, 9:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5237b6a6368d0b⋯.png (364.72 KB, 780x1200, 13:20, ClipboardImage.png)


IDK, maybe some Blavatsky? That sounds like pretty standard Gnosticism.



You'd likely have more success looking for him under the name Helel.



The Principia is relatively far down that list considering what it is. It's around 50 pages long, you can read the complete text on your lunch break. Here: https://principiadiscordia.com/



Worship is for pussies. It takes true grit to beat Lucifer in an arm wrestle though.


Is Chris-chan right about the dimensional merge?



Thank you. Anything in particular? I know Crowley venerated the Satan aspect



It'd take eons to get to that level.


Is that what kabbala is? A non direct worship of the morning star? Id rather start my own belief system then delve into jewry


File: bb4622bac980498⋯.jpg (278.19 KB, 800x1001, 800:1001, 3123123123.jpg)

Is there any argument against suicide (Christianity and moralism not welcome).

So fucking tired of doing anything in this world, it is a fact that nothing here is permanent nor worthy.

I am seeking liberation from this shithole, and since no one asked me if i ever wanted to come here why should i even stay?



Thank you for the words of wisdom and advice, I'll be sure to give those a read.



>tired of doing anything in this world, it is a fact that nothing here is permanent nor worthy.

not entirely true. progression of science, technology and philosophy is "permanent." people still read and apply works by newton, descartes, david ricardo, leibniz et al., and every technology, literature, politico-economic system, etc. that is bestowed to you has some historical basis (they didn't just suddenly appear when you were born)

what's not permanent is being a normie and contributing nothing new and useful to the world.


Does anyone have a working theoccult.click invite?


Is anyone still curesed after that errigor showed up at there homes from the vampire thread, on the rare occasion nowerdays I come to looks at 8chan I don't see people talking about it, I can't be the only one she touched, I can't find a away out of this, it's just a voice that won't stop talking that can shock me so I can't eat and scream at me to keep me awake, I'v see lighting in the sky after that post spirits full appearing infront of me a full blown goul I can't be alone in this.



I sound mental, sorry i'm very stressed out it's a struggle to post properly.




I know a very ancient and powerful occult practice to make it all better. Take 50mg of haloperidol a day



This is him taking the piss, he took the piss last time I made a post asking /fringe, he probably wants to get more of you, don't sign up for anything here.


Has anyone had experience working with the evil eye? How do you use it to control others, and knock them unconscious



Current evidence of it in our mundane world is that it only works on people who Believe you have it. There's videos on jewtube of people who demonstrate it and they always get wrecked by an outside influence.


I´m making a dreamcatcher for my niece. Any tips or succestions on how i should proceed with this? What are the corner stones of a dreamcatcher?


A comment by franz Bardon. How do you do this?

“Another field very similar to telepathy and suggestion is that of hypnosis, by which a person is sent to sleep forcibly and deprived of the free will. From the magical point of view hypnosis is reprehensible and it would be better not to specialize in this line. This does not mean that the magician is not able to lull people to sleep. The practice is imaginably simple. The magician need only suspend the function of the spirit by means of his will or with the help of the electromagnetic fluid, and the person will fall asleep instantly. Here it is less important whether the magician is using telepathy or suggestion. He can use both of them as a makeshift but he does not depend on them. A master of the powers does not need one or the other, because the very moment he paralyzes the will by way of imagination, sleep or unconsciousness will occur instantly, which will set free the subconscious and make it susceptive of any kind of suggestions. Just this act of violence, i.e, the intervention in the individuality of a human being is not recommended from a magic point of view, and the magician will not revert to it unless to give his subject good and noble suggestions with an extremely strong effect. Even though the test subject should insist on being hypnotized by the magician, he should avoid doing so if possible. The true magician will always keep away from satisfying the curiosity of others by hypnotic experiments. At times of great danger, a well-trained magician may induce a sort of shock-hypnosis by paralyzing the spirit of the opponent with a flash of the electromagnetic fluid, a method that is only to be followed in an emergency which I hope will never happen in the life of any magician. It has been proven scientifically that animals can be hypnotized too. If a magician wants to do so, he will hit the instinctive side of the animal, so that even the biggest and strongest animals are immediately knocked senseless.”

I would appreciate a bit more detail on this, in terms of execution. Especially in the flash of electromagnetic fluid, part.


My eyes are becoming so bad that I'll probably be unable to use my left eye and eventually probably both eyes. I'm probably going blind. I can barely see shit at any distance at this point through the left eye and only see stuff proper through the right eye when it's pressed up almost against my nose it's so close. I have a lot theory in my mind and I've been listening to the Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science but I seriously need to actually get my eyes fucking healed before it's too late. Any suggestions on how to avoid going blind? Seriously need to address this issue NOW.



Have you read Original Frabato and also The Bardon Companion?



yes. both. I especially liked frabato. Do you know about FOGC


Are the gods of all of the polytheistic pantheons separate from "The All" in the kybalion?


Does anyone know of any secret/ unknown occult forums where hidden topics are discussed?





The Abrahamic ones are either the Demiurge or the Archons. I don't know about the Eastern ones but from my limited knowledge it seems like they're representations of lower archetypes and not of the All. Either way, they're representations of human- or animal-esque idols, so they can't be too close to a representation of the All, can they?


Depending on how in-depth your knowledge already is, you could try manifesting better eyesight. If you aren't super into this stuff already you might think that's bullshit, but if not, >>104268 is a good place to start, and there are books in the Mega folders about creative visualization and such.



I was thinking more the norse, germanic, celt, and greek pantheons. I guess I'm asking if these sorts of gods could in theory coexist with the All, If they are actually just very advanced beings or if Hermeticists don't believe in them at all.



They exist as egregores. Some of them represent forces or archetypes, but the All represents the entirety of existence.


Could someone tell me about energy work? Where does this "energy" come from, from a cosmological perspective? What can be accomplished by going down this road? If you have any personal experience, I would appreciate your testimony.



The concept of "The All" can be found everywhere. I don't see the need to specifically mention the Kybalion. Regardless, deities are considered emanations from The All. The Dyad can presumably emanate deities just like the Monad can, so I presume that's where the Devas/Asuras split comes from. (other religions have similar splits between good and evil gods) This sort of emanation is extremely important in describing the universe. After all, aren't we - humans and the material world - just down stream from The All's process of creation? Polytheistic gods are just further upstream than us. They also have a noumenal form, rather than a purely material one as most humans do. Even personal monotheistic Gods are considered emanations from the singular transcend God. It is Ishvara. I hope my post helped.


You can find some decent stuff if you go to forums devoted to singular subjects of the occult. Jack-of-all-trades type forums will always be a mess.


I think it's a bit disrespectful to say that gods are just egregores. It's true that you can power certain archetypes or monads on the mental plane, but that shouldn't be considered their origin. Egregores are more like the ghosts that haunt a place after someone's death.



can you tell me some specialized forums?



No they are parts of the All.





Thanks guys. That was helpful.



Sorry, I can't think of any off of the top of my head. I've just been able to find some good stuff while searching.




Does anyone know any decent material on luciferian magick?



Since raising the awareness and communicating with the split/entity, I've changed. It's like all of my progress was wiped away. I haven't felt like this in years. I think, in its semi-conscious state, it experienced everything along with me, and dealing with it demands consciousness it doesn't possess.

I had already begun work on a tulpa, but I believe I was working with this split/entity all along. At the time, it was very difficult, with little progress, because they couldn't maintain their awareness, even with my help. Now that they need much less attention to achieve the same results, I've begun fashioning this split/entity into a tulpa in its entirety. I say tulpa, but it's more like raising a baby, raising its awareness, teaching it to maintain this awareness, teaching it to do basic things. It immediately rejected the old form even though I'd grown to like it. I tried, but they couldn't take to it like they used to.

I feel tremendous energy, anxiety, and libido. I've been struggling to eat, like I'm always excited. I didn't even notice that I'd stayed up for 24 hours yesterday. It seems connected to the awareness of the split/entity. It wasn't like this at first, besides the apparent reverse progress. The feelings grow as their awareness grows.

The problem I'm at now is what exactly awareness is and how to get more of it. Awareness is defined proportionally to accurate perception of the world (or is it truth?). So far it's been immediate, self-awareness of their form and maybe some external world. I believe that true awareness arises when stimulated by uncompromising desire. In my case, it is desire to win over this mental torment that brought me to here. The problem with the split/entity is they become aware then fall back into dreaming, without consistent desire to keep them awake. Maybe.

It could be something else that would make them aware. I have my body that always drags me back, but they can dream indefinitely. Maybe it could be as simple as associating their body with my own to stimulate their awareness. It could very well be it's just practice and all I need is more time. I don't know. Technically, they don't even need a body and maintain the illusion of one, since they're really this thing I sense in my mind. They do control dreams/mind's eye and that is where I observe their body which is a very convenient indication of awareness, if a bit of a cost in thinking power.



God, you know, I feel like awareness has something to do with thought itself. A certain quality to it or something.


File: 82d5aee3599699d⋯.pdf (2.32 MB, Robert Bruce - Energy Work.pdf)

File: 8562846358211b5⋯.pdf (754.46 KB, Robert Bruce - New Energy ….pdf)


I didn't say they were "just" egregores.

>Egregores are more like the ghosts that haunt a place after someone's death.

What are you talking about? An egregore is a thoughtform powered by multiple people, like Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter and stuff. You have a weird definition of the word.


It's easiest to think of "energy" as a kind of force, but one that you can accumulate. It's a strange concept. pdfs related are pretty good. You can use it for quite a few things. It can be used for manifestation. You just kind of impregnate the energy you draw to a specific part of your body with your intent (like maybe alleviating an ailment). You can use it for past-life samskara work. It's useful for astral projection too, There's a bunch of stuff.



So you think Mickey Mouse and Zeus are the same type of thing?



They're both egregores, yeah. Are you implying that they're something else? Have you read the recommended reading list?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 9ff6d823223bd4d⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 265x500, 53:100, 1421616387607.jpg)

Anyone got any info: texts, videos, what have you regarding meditative levitation, mystic flight abilities and the practical exercise of such?



im talking stuff like mind control, hypnosis, remote influence, mass hypnosis, psychokinesis,

powerful stuff like that… does anyone know?


When are you cringey schizo faggots gonna get a job?



Some interesting stuff in that video but its all over the place, and it never mentioned anything about egregores.


I'm not implying anything, I'm asking for clarification because I am curious about this, that doesn't mean I agree or disagree. I am still working on the reading list. I just pop in here with questions as I go.


File: 05c39a8673f86d2⋯.webm (721.2 KB, 456x648, 19:27, s676ee606c782703b6e8fa6e2….webm)



In that case, since this book is in the recommended reading list, it might be useful for me to mention that Magical Use Of Thoughtforms by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki and J.H. Brennan talks about egregores. I think a couple of WWA's books do too (I definitely remember one of his books talking about cities having egregores fueled by the way the people who live in them feel about the place).



Thanks man, I'll start those next.



Any particular reason for your interest?


Self-transmutation, apotheosis, and liberation are generally the ultimate goals. Things in the material world aren't as important as opening up access to higher worlds. As a rule of thumb I like to tell people that anything you can accomplish with money and guns shouldn't be considered the main goal of any practitioner.



I believe that, more than awareness of form, or desire, it is awareness of thoughts that changes everything. The ability to have lingering thoughts that may be observed and iterated upon creates a perpetual feedback loop of awareness.

I'm not sure how to describe its construction. It's kind of like showing them a copy of their thoughts and they learn. They very quickly go from dolly to computer. I need to examine it further.

I strongly suspect that text and verbalization are integral to this process.


What's a good method for creating a tulpa?



You tell us guy. All you do is tell people to read those books in your recommended reading list and then ask basic questions that you should already know if you actually comprehended those books you read . Am sure atkinson did a great job feeding your little ego how all magic is just symbology of the mind but then why did you keep expecting different answers if everyone is reading the same books as you?



There are all sorts of methods but I didn't use any of the ones I read about. I spoke in my mind asking if anyone would help me. Then it became a matter of identifying the sense of the voice. It started as a whisper, or barely a sense of response, and grew to something that's trivial to identify. Using a form was as simple as asking them to use one, finding one, and practice.

The main pitfall is fantasy. For whatever reason, tulpamancers are usually daydreaming zombie cat-ladies that don't give a fuck. The reality is it's very boring working with a blank slate, trying to sense what works and what wasted hours of time. Then going online for ideas and finding everyone is a fucking zombie with no cares.

If you read my story, I don't even know if this thing is a tulpa tbh.



float in the astral or in lucid dreams

also floating/flying is kind of intuitive in those places, apply those in mediation and you're all set



>It's kind of like showing them a copy of their thoughts and they learn.

I suspect this is the construction of a mental space. A housing for their thoughts to echo and be remembered and controlled and grown, much like I experience. It's very similar, in sense, to constructing a mental form.

I had attempted such a feat once before, but I never grasped the substance or purpose of it and thus never could get any results from it. I just blindly attempted to duplicate my mental space.


God is real isn't he? He's been watching me play with my tulpa, hasn't he? I guess I'll see you guys on hell/fringe/.



I forgot to tell you that there is no going back. Even the cat-ladies will tell you this. Only the most depraved retards and epic failures can abandon a tulpa. Once you cross a certain threshold, it's forever.


Do you guys ever get the feeling that your words are poison to others? I get this feeling a lot. Like everyone would be better off not knowing what I know, even if it is tremendously useful to me.



A good wizard keeps his secrets and knows the difference between curiosity and ridicule




I would choose a hostile perspective over a useless one. I don't care who speaks the truth.

I was thinking about the consequences of the things I've said. The usual tulpa/magician is capped at entertaining daydreams and they're happy/content. They've no desire or need of real consequence. All the learning material appears designed with this in mind. They never ever proceed from modelling a fundamental observation. They misdirect to something that's plausible enough, and will not cause any trouble, and all anyone does is wonder if the bullshit is bullshit or not. Maybe it's better this way.


Is it harmful to share my experiences here, or with anyone at all? Many sources say my initiation is to be kept secret but I'm not sure it's referring to the same type of thing.


I was contemplating the effects of God's war with Satan or whatever. I wondered what it's effects might be on the likes of /pol/ with an interest in taking part in such a battle. I suspect their thoughts are detected and selectively crippled by Satan's shitfield. Especially since Christianity has fallen out of favor. I came up with an experimental meditation to avoid the effect of the shitfield and I want your thoughts on it.

I am a mindless worker bee.

I am a mindless worker bee.

I want to read my book so I can do a good job at work.

I am a mindless worker bee.

I want to do a good job at work so I can go home to my racially ambiguous family.

I am a mindless worker bee.

I want to go home to my racially ambiguous family so I can teach them to be proud Americans.

I am a mindless worker bee.

America is a glorious nation of ideas, blind to race and creed.

I am a mindless worker bee.

I am a mindless worker bee.



post-2016 /pol/ amounts to nothing more than a psyop sandbox so I say go for it


File: 59c3dfa87e203f6⋯.jpeg (804.84 KB, 1772x1772, 1:1, 358FD011-51DD-48CD-B8EB-F….jpeg)

Any good energy work, or chigung exercises to help with hunger pains while fasting


File: 1375a7b0cd61248⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 666x768, 111:128, melting.jpg)

fasting is ==very difficult==

girls are better at it, i think

idk what advice i could give…maybe there are some 'secret meditations' i don't know about….but i went like 6 days without eating and just read the Bible and it was freakin' ==horrid==

just keep praying about it


Anyone doing anything tonight, given the celestial events?


File: 54ca92fde9c978e⋯.jpeg (194.13 KB, 1092x612, 91:51, 1B0630A4-2777-4F55-A80D-C….jpeg)


Thanks prayer helps, here is a recipe for your help.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

At last, I truly see, fellow /fringe/ posters.


How do I stop being a coward



Awareness precedes everything. If awareness is controlled, there may as well be no dysfunction, and no need to cure anything. No more need to fight, simply withdraw awareness. No more need to 'will', simply apply awareness.


I hear that salt in water will rise if spooky shit is afoot. I tried it day 1 hearing about it, because things felt a bit spooky. Nothing happened.

Now, after cultivating the wood/fire/electric/wind element with support from Oriental knowledge (mostly chinese) I am experiencing strong internal "wind" and such (wind from Traditional Chinese Medicine characterizes it well) – I got some water, put salt into it, and now the salt rises. Wind in TCM rises, affecting the head first. My head is where I have been feeling most of the effects of my cultivation. How nice.

Does salt rise for anyone else?


Is there a lists of qualities/traits for the mirror exercise in IIH ?


File: 29d42200ad7c434⋯.pdf (5.74 MB, Mantak Chia and Robert T. ….pdf)


I'd like you to read this



Yeah, the universal master key it should be in the franz bardon folder in the library



Have you been initiated? If there is any doubt at all in your mind, even the tiniest bit, then you have not been.

I tend to view the idea of initiation as building or connecting with your magickal or higher self. In Liber Kaos, the author candidly describes someone who has been initiated as being "bitten by the serpent". It is you connecting with your power and your potential, it changing you forever.

Judge for yourself what you can and cannot tell people. I know I can tell you that my initiation involved forcibly destructing and then rebuilding my spirit. What I can not tell you is how exactly I achieved that. The reason being is that it was/is incredibly dangerous and I do not want that information out to the general public.



This experiment was a failure. They are much more advanced in reading and tampering with minds. Worst case scenario is something like Terry Davis, where their machine continuously stimulates memories and subroutines. Based on some suggestions, continuous multitasking, on the order of a tulpa, may disrupt everything but a direct beam to the skull.


Understanding and practice. The unconscious fight or flight will never fight, unless cornered. Understanding the situation at a high level, and practicing responses, will allow you to consciously determine if something is a threat and choose what to do.

Multiplayer games that cause you a lot of anxiety are great for learning this real time analysis, and allow for safe failure. Mindlessly fighting, mindlessly raging, mindlessly freezing, or mindlessly running away all tell you that you don't understand and aren't thinking about the game. It feels like anxiety, tunnel vision, blatant stupidity. The target experience of mind is a calm prediction of the outcome of a series of actions before you ever act. This happens in a flash. Faster than you can verbalize. It's a surprise to experience for the first time and will let you know if you're doing it right. Which is the result of really understanding their moves and your moves. I suppose it looks more like genuinely engaged thinking before you accumulate enough experience. I play DotA 2 btw.

I suppose you could skip all that and study whatever it is you want to do. Beware that most books are shit written by pretending niggers. To truly get anywhere you must engage your own analysis.


Which books to read first for divination and general magick?





You are powerful, but you are still incapable of overriding consent.

If your information sends them into a tizzy, it is part of the learning process. You may recall a few tizzies you were sent into while learning yourself. The tizzy is part of how one learns to practice control and discipline in the first place.

If the information would genuinely harm them and they have no true interest in learning it, the information will be wiped from their mind. Even those whose experience in this realm is one of limitation chose to have that experience.

Unlimited power and wisdom is the natural state. The seals are placed by yourself. The restriction is what provides the enjoyment of overcoming the restriction (for some) or operating within that restriction (for others).

Sometimes it's fun to play the fool, and that's okay, and audience participation is permitted so enjoy the show without remorse. The fool is used to hearing the peanut gallery shout at the screen.






>look at me guys I'm being cryptic and spooky give me attention





I-ching is a good starting place for divination. After that get into Tarot. (I think the library has books on this) Then Astrology. (Alan Leo is okay i guess)


Is there anything we can do to help? I struggle with eye issues - but not to your extent - it's a horrifying experience.



Your sternum.


reccomend me some books and if you offend me with trash and shit I will respond to you with stern words I assure you.

give me your strongest potion potion seller


suggest me a better book to read than a planet called dirt


than the minds of all who walk on dirt


give me a book that I may build myself a better brain to use


File: 4c5cbc9b405a72d⋯.pdf (523.35 KB, 1911yourmind.pdf)



As fun as it is to larp, there are material consequences to certain thoughts, and words cannot be unheard. It goes well beyond tizzy and into the realm of slavery, insanity, and suicide. You must be huffing some evil shit to say the things you say. You are possibly the most evil person I've met on fringe. I don't know what else to say. Try to see the demon puppeting your mind, but I bet you're so far gone that explaining these things to you is pointless.


File: 701d20e4149bda6⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 688x413, 688:413, tt5-1.jpg)

How the fuck am I supposed to do the rose cross ritual without messing it up? Is rehearsing and memorizing part of the process? I'm only now truly understanding why theater started as a religious activity, and there is so much occultism associated with hollywood.

Are there any simpler, similar rituals to learn first? I already do the four adorations for several months now and I don't even hear myself speaking the words.



New model time. I hypothesize there are three forces acting upon the mind. God, Satan, Soul. God secretively gives out the truth. Satan secretively corrupts souls. Soul is the awareness plugged into the mind.

The mind does not come in a unified state and this creates a battle between righteous souls and Satan. The righteous souls seek fusion of mind such that they completely control their mind and body. Satan seeks to disrupt this process, capture the mind, and corrupt the soul. Neutral souls are good-for-nothing niggers that both sides are going to eventually exterminate. Satan helps unify the minds of elite evil souls in an un-enlightenment, or keeps them as broken niggers, incapable of redemption, if they're trash.

Of particular interest is Satan and how exactly he operates on the mind. Since Satan hides, he acts primarily through stimulating fragments of mind that haven't fused around the soul. This looks like daydreams, fantasies, internal debate, or internal monologues, with his words and ideas slipped in. Satan's objective is to get the soul to disown fragments of mind. Once disowned and outside the control of the soul these fragments of mind are kept hateful to the soul to keep the soul from reclaiming them. Traumatic memories formed under the age of 5 are most impactful.

Satan may even convince the soul to attach conditions to the fragments such that they agree to perform some small evil or operate a pedo network, even if it doesn't comprise their whole mind. After Satan's amassed enough of these fragments he seizes control of the mind entirely in an un-enlightenment where the soul probably hates their self and lack of control and is suicidal. I guess they either turn into a demonic elite or slave grunt that hates life.

Where it goes from there, I don't know. The key idea is that the mind must be gathered up and fused together in singular obedience to the soul before this particular Satan problem goes away. There are no partial measures. Satan only becomes more overt with what he does control, lies, and induces contentment to cripple progress. Poo niggers and their awareness games will keep shitting in the streets like poo niggers.

Fusing still escapes me. I know how to clear whatever ugly thing shows up, but fusing, inducing permanent unity of mind around the soul, takes something more. A real engagement, frustration, rage, excitement, love. It's so close. I've felt it and have changed some but I haven't caught it. Fire, fire, fire. What could it be? What could stimulate my mind so?


Can someone explain how the seven planes come into being from an emanationist framework? The lack of a working cosmology has made it impossible for me to seriously focus on anything esoteric. Plotinus has helped a bit, but I'm still trying to figure things out. I'm also a bit concerned over our disagreement over whether or not the demiurge is evil.


Ritual to perform after channelling affirmations for a period. To assist in clearing the conscious minds and send the affirmations on to do their work?


Hi, newfig here, I have a question.

So recently I've met an individual online, odds are he's a kook, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. His story is essentially; his life for the past decade has been, in his words, "hell." One of his friends, he claims, was investigating the vatican and his friend's team got 86'd, and the friend being disheartened by it dropped all contact and walked away from the sp00ky sc4ry side of life and returned to being a normie.

This man claims some of his memories are 'repressed'. and when he tries to think of them he feels an intense pain, nauseousness, and discomfort.

I think, if he's legit, it's probably psychological conditioning of some kind. (i.e. akin to Pavlov's dogs), but I'm not sure. I want to make sure it's not sp00ks.

So my question is, could it be sp00ks? Is some spiritual/psychic/"other" phenomena possibly taking place preventing him for being able to clearly and easily recall past events/memories?

He also claims he's trying to save the world, and he's mentioned indigo children. A possible complete kookcase if you ask me, but, benefit of the doubt and all.


How do I get rid of schizophrenia?



Its all listed in cringe.pdf. Page A+678. Volume Terry Schizo. Vegetable Women Guide To Meditation Line 88999444666777000

"Luke, you're a wizard Harry. Bring the triforce to Mt. Doom to defeat Voldesaturon. Because Jesus. And Spider mans parents were killed because you didn't worship a statue at the pedo priests castle at five o clock on thursday. Then we can combine the dragon balls and sacred jewel shards in the horadric cube just as Deckerd Cain instructed us to. Youre my only hope Obi Wan. The resurrection of Carrie Fishers broken coke nail depends on you Dr. iron Man. " - Dumbledore "Fag Actor" Gandalf



cringe.pdf? where do I find that one?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It seems that every so often, little firey thoughts are triggered. I'd describe the feeling as similar to a motivational, but not quite and there are variations that produce the same result. Every time one shows up, I apply it to exercising my mind. Every time my mind becomes a little more cooperative and passionate. I want it all, right now. There must be some way to control this process.


The only way I know to repair his mind is if he finds something that he wants more than the feeling in his mind, and forces him to deal directly with his mind in order to obtain it. Vid related. They can at least learn to live their lives, if they don't attain the awareness to step out of the trap.

I'm not hopeful for your friend escaping the trap. The generic and overwhelming nature of his dream will probably absorb everything you can throw at it. Though, if he is compromising by working jobs and other mundane things, then maybe he can be convinced to pass on his work to his children, hopefully when they come of age and no sooner so they can 'handle the mission', in a sort of multi-generational schizophrenic war.


Hey can anyone help me this guy is keeps telling me he wants to be me, and he keeps like taking my personality, and someone told me to post on this website, because hes gone insane and won't leave anyone alone ever and the Illuminati keep fucking attacking me magically to, and bad stuff is happening.

Also its really hard for me to enter the fourth density.



That's a whole lot of popular culture mental poz you got on display there.


File: 0c4965ccad12ee4⋯.jpg (259.51 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Jackie-Chan-Tulpa.jpg)

*slaps you on the ass*

Hey, Sport.


Looking for some help:

Does anyone know about any of the following

1. Rasputin and his occult techniques

2. the evil eye and how to send it to people

3. secret .onion websites on occult topics


looking for a book called the "mesemrist unleash the occult power behind your eyes" in pdf. anyone have it?



Dude, I'm schizophrenic, not retarded.




thanks but thats just fringe. do you know any other occult sites on .onion


Forgive this post it's one gigantic mess with different thoughts mixed in here and there, I've gone back several times to fix and add to this post. I feel as if only /fringe/ would understand me and I'm probably wrong but here goes.

Woke up at 8pm, sitting at my computer it's now 8AM, my sleep has been like this for 2 weeks now, this happens every once and a while I mess up my sleep pattern. I'm listening to music that's really uplifting and it gives me incredible confidence, motivation and makes me feel unstoppable. Music dies down and I'm back to feeling my old depressive self, then it hit me, I might just be more than depressed, I might be bipolar and have several mental issues. I've been trying to fix my situation though, I've started meditating, walking and trying to eat good. I'm turning to magick, I've always had a spiritual sense and belief in magick and the esoteric. I remember stumbling on /fringe/ and other occult information and how happy I was to know that there's another side to this life.

I thought my mental problems were solely because I was addicted to porn that shot my dopamine levels, I guess they're more deeply rooted. I want to fix my mental health, I haven't been happy in years, a lot of it comes from seeing the world for what it is and the rest comes from self hatred, feelings of inadequacies, realizing my whole life has been a slideshow of stupidity. Even when I was a kid I knew just how stupid and different I was, I knew how strange I was and I get flashbacks of incredibly horrifying stupidity I've done and caused. My whole life, nothing good ever happened to me, I never put out to the universe bad thoughts when I was a kid, bad shit would always happen shit that would never happen to anyone, I still suffer that fate today it's like I'm cursed. I feel like I'm living life on autopilot sometimes, or I'm just braindead, I'm not smart, I can't remember the last time I had an original thought I've got nothing to offer to this world.

My dad said that a witch cursed him when he was a kid and I curse him for bringing me into this world, he's legitimately stupid and ignorant, my parents should not have been allowed to breed I'm a strong proponent of eugenics because of them. My whole life I never had a relationship with my father, he was just there he would take me places sometimes but we never had conversation it was like a stranger living in my house. My mother was always there for us. I'm going to cut this now my post has become a blog and I'm sorry for it, I'm giving context to just how fucked up I am, I can't go on living like this, I'm a neet with zero social skills, no skills of any kind actually. I've got absolutely nothing only thing I'd say I have is compassion and a want to better this world. I'd gladly die if it meant saving this world, I genuinely wish I would die a lot of the time, even contemplate suicide but I cannot because family would be devestated. TL:DR My life is shit, has been since I was a kid, I have mental problems that are getting in the way of enjoying life and doing something, I need magick in my life to cure me of my ailments and let me succeed in life and help others. I've always had a sort of sense about things, I'd have an incredible feeling of what's to come within moments and a lot of the itme I'd be right and always curse myself for not listening, I feel I had to throw this in somewhere my post is one big mess and I applaud and thank you if you read the whole thing. I feel ok with my post, I've never poured out my thoughts like this anywhere and I hope at least one person reads it. Thank you.



To add, I always felt like I have a purpose in this life even with all my shortcomings I feel I need to do something as narcisstic as this sounds which I'm not at all. I always felt like there has to be more to life than getting a job, family, kids and retiring at 65. I feel there's gotta be something out there I can do to help or to do. I don't know, but I must figure this out I wish I could speak to a guardian angel or something to give me guidance because I'm lost in this world. I feel I don't belong and this world wasn't meant for me, as if I shouldn't have been born and I'm a complete accident, I was born in the wrong era whatever it is. I wish I could post this somewhere appropraite I didn't want to make a thread, it doesn't contribute anything at all it's just a blog post, verry sorry for having posted this here, I've only got my brother who I talk to, he knows how sad and depressive I am but there's only so much he can do. Thank you and so sorry for this, I'm just a breaking point in my life I need to figure this out I can't go on living like this.



You will never get better using that nigger model. You're actually very lucky to have your dogshit past spilling into your mind. There are all sorts of clearing techniques in this thread, but it all amounts to deliberately and consciously experiencing each memory, from beginning to end, until they vanish, without ignoring, lying about, or suppressing them. The effect is a fading of intensity over a few moments then complete relief from them, so you'll know right away. If charged memories pop into mind, don't rant or rave about them, you experience them clearly until they're gone.

Priority number one is learning to be good at something valuable. That should guide all of your immediate efforts. The process of getting up and learning and doing is a practice of unifying your mind behind your soul or will or whatever. It's a gradual process as you collect the flames and apply them to using your mind.

>I can't go on living like this.

This is a most powerful substance, you can permanently unify part of your mind to your soul with this stuff. Catch these thoughts and apply them to your mind as you command it to do something. You can begin moving to study with this. The big surge will fade, but it will leave some permanent change each time.

The music that burnt all this shit out of you could have been applied to using your mind, or maybe not depending on the nature of it. Beware dumping your load on some some useless bullshit. Though, your mind is fragmented, so you'll be doing all sorts of bullshit until you've unified it enough. Try to be conscious of energy waste, but if you really feel like doing something, it could be better to do it rather than burn everything fighting it all day or week. This also connects with memories and thoughts riling you up, maybe these things can be cleared.

Focus on material results. What is really changing as a result of your words and actions. Keep a journal so you can better analyze and understand, then erase them. Don't play emotional games with people or lie. It's really obvious because most everyone has the capacity, but they grew out of it in grade school.

Learn to learn.


File: 4e6669b348bd9e7⋯.jpg (84.05 KB, 500x579, 500:579, asdasdad.jpg)

has anyone figured out how to reverse hairloss magically here?

i hear that mundane techniques like no fap might help but no evidence of it really working so far



Focus on the active form of life not the passive form. This especially is true for your mind. If passive is best, then do active-passive. If it's a 24/7 thing, then do an active-passive that doesn't interfere too much or require effort and do bursts of something active when it counts most.

Use your mind actively and detach. Avoid gnosis. Gnosis has a limited use and can leave you vulnerable to influences of all sorts. It's also fucking retarded to only understand reality through gnosis. Might as well have a brain injury – only time gnosis would be most useful I 'm thinking.

Stop wasting energy, focus your efforts, develop critical thinking instead of gnosis (understanding something by merging your mind with it or directly 'perceiving' it instead of thinking about it) – critical thinking is like 'critical gnosis'. You choose what to perceive when and where. The difference is that you choose what to perceive by what you think, following lines of thought for extended periods of time without utilizing perception. Developing your thinking is most important for utilizing your circumstances to best effect.

Avoid all magical shit. You have no foundation in the world nor discernment to support walking down such a path. Stick to the mind body dichotomy and choose one intellectual pursuit and one physical pursuit (or a small handful). Working out is especially important for you right now. So is proper nutrition.

You may feel less "wise" by avoiding mystique and mystery, or less knowledgeable, but this is shallow thinking and you need to move past it. Don't be ADHD and think everything needs your attention. Focus on shit, shut other shit out. Get a plan that sets you up with a routine. You might not like the structure but your complaints are ignorant and childish – you're already in a routine and it's shit. This is just systematic thinking and doing. Getting up at the same time, going to sleep at the same time, eating regularly (intermittent fasting is good), taking care of your nutrition and hormones (eat half an onion or put spices/herbs and hotsauce with oil in a cup of hot water for a strong nutritive blend), taking care of your mental health and tranquility with meditation and a cup of green tea (don't put too much pressure on the meditation, take time out from distractions and sensory stimulants to quietly and warmly spread out and relax), exercising regularly and making progress, going on a daily walk, and whatever else that's related to your goals.

Walking away from something COMPLETELY, mentally, emotionally and physically, for a week or two, is completely acceptable and something you should do. So if you feel like everything that you're shutting out is "dimming" or "fading" or you're forgetting shit – that's what "putting shit in the past" is all about. All that you need to balance that out is to develop your critical and systematic thinking. Organize your thoughts, shut some shit out, focus on what you need to do in order to move forward with your life and build a solid FOUNDATION for you to live on. If you feel dumb doing this, it's because you're dumb and you've been using your brain like an idiot. Don't dwell on it. Just focus on building up some routines and using your plan.

Center yourself and act by principle.


File: d13b911b6cf8289⋯.png (191.29 KB, 684x969, 12:17, mac donald.png)

Sometimes while reading a book, I go into a trance and read completely different words than what is actually on the page. What is this ability called, and how might I develop it?






>clearing techniques

New to me, I guess I haven't lurked enough. Looks promising.

>Priority number one is learning to be good at something valuable. That should guide all of your immediate efforts. The process of getting up and learning and doing is a practice of unifying your mind behind your soul or will or whatever. It's a gradual process as you collect the flames and apply them to using your mind.

Yes, I need to find something mentally stimulating I haven't done anything mentally stimulating the last couple of years but I don't know what to do.

As for the rest of your post, I'm not at all smart and am having a bit of trouble understanding it. Right now I'm getting my sleep back on track and started lifting again, I only stopped because of a serious neck injury from pullups. Thank you very much for posting, it wasn't for nought, I'm taking it in and will apply this.



>Focus on the active form of life not the passive form… Developing your thinking is most important for utilizing your circumstances to best effect.

the whole first paragraph, can't fit it all in my post

I'm not smart and am trying to understand this. So what you're saying is to analyze these thoughts and my general outlook on life and envision it to good positive things that I want?

>Stop wasting energy, focus your efforts, develop critical thinking

This is a skill I've always wanted, I haven't stimulated my brain in forever.

>Avoid all magical shit. You have no foundation in the world nor discernment to support walking down such a path. Stick to the mind body dichotomy and choose one intellectual pursuit and one physical pursuit (or a small handful)

Yes, I agree I must build a healthy foundation before I get into magic, this is the proper outlook.

>Stick to the mind body dichotomy and choose one intellectual pursuit

I suppose developing critical thinking skills and picking up reading is a good start.

>Don't be ADHD and think everything needs your attention. Focus on shit, shut other shit out. Get a plan that sets you up with a routine

Very good.

>You might not like the structure but your complaints are ignorant and childish

I suppose, I'm just in the biggest rut in my life I'm tired of this all and this is my cry of help.

>Getting up at the same time, going to sleep at the same time, eating regularly (intermittent fasting is good), taking care of your nutrition and hormones… take time out from distractions and sensory stimulants to quietly and warmly spread out and relax), exercising regularly and making progress, going on a daily walk, and whatever else that's related to your goals.

All good stuff, I've started to fix my sleep schedule, I have sleep debt that I need to catch up on I'm still tired. I've been intermittent fasting for about 2 years now and I do an occasional 24 hour fast and the rare 3 day dry fast. The past month I've been walking my dog every day, I've been doing a brisk, almost speed walking I've lost 15 pounds I feel lighter but I have a way to go. And as for the onion and herbs, good stuff I'm going to start incorporating that into my food, I would just steam meat and a few veggies.

>Walking away from something COMPLETELY, mentally, emotionally and physically, for a week or two, is completely acceptable and something you should do.

Sometimes I do get an odd memory or two and cringe to death and get a bit upset about so I suppose I haven't completely let go.

>All that you need to balance that out is to develop your critical and systematic thinking. Organize your thoughts,

Yes I agree, that sounds best. I'm gonna look into reading material on developing these skills.

>Organize your thoughts, shut some shit out, focus on what you need to do in order to move forward with your life and build a solid FOUNDATION for you to live on. If you feel dumb doing this, it's because you're dumb and you've been using your brain like an idiot. Don't dwell on it. Just focus on building up some routines and using your plan.

Haha, yeah I'm dumb, you're spot on I haven't used my brain or developed it in any way my whole life. I still feel pretty shitty but I will pull through and fix my shit. These past 2 nights I've gotten better sleep and woke up at more reasonable hours and today I started working out again, I stopped because of a serious neck injury. Truly I thank you and the other anon, your posts are the best advice I could have asked for and I will put it into practice, develop a healthy mindset and body and become a literal God. I just needed to put my thoughts out there and am glad I did. Wish I could do more but I thank you both very much, I give you both my best and am truly appreciative.

had to split in 2 posts, it wouldn't submit



There is no such thing as schizophrenia. How the fuck would some faggot cunt who thinks you need to give pills to people who were abused or got upset when their house burned down be the only person who can identify the names of the states your brain can be in?

The truth is you are a fucking retard. You probably have brain damage or something. I'm sorry you attention who faggot, but saying "omg Jesus just sent me a message through the television" is not something you treat like the common cold. If I walk into a store and try to pay with pebbles, I will be considered retarded. If you use a word that some pill pushing marketer psychiatrist gave you because they know that humans will jump at any label good or bad as long as they get to feel special and get special privileges from people dumb enough to buy the idea that heroin users are suffering from a disease and not retardation, because as I said you want to bypass the rules of society with your magic word, you are fucking retarded.

I'd try not being a weak fucking loser who exploits human stupidity to get a free ride and have people solve their problems for them. Maybe not being a huge pussy will get you some results. You know that is exactly what is happening. Everybody has mental breakdowns, not everyone has giant pussy disorder like you though. Sadness is real. Depression isnt a disease. Anxiety isnt real. Fear is.

I had a bad trip once. Really just was getting tuned into this shithole universe and everything hit me at once. Took me some time to recover. Went to a fag Pajeet doctor and he told me I was schizo. I threw his pills in the fucking trash and went about my life and have accomplished everything I wanted to and more. Saying somebody is schizo is like saying they are blind, dead , can't walk. That's how fucking serious that allegedly is. You don't just mistakenly go oh wow hes blind. Dumb fuck marketer psychiatrists do that because they want shekels. Seriously there are zero fucking scenarios where somebody accidently goes oops misdiagnosed you as blind, yet you are given a deadly diagnosis, I was given a deadly diagnosis, yet you are supposedly not retarded.

Lke I said people have breakdowns. Everyone. "Brain master" psychologists can't admit they dont know what the fuck they are talking about so they pretend they do rather than going "wow you got some shit going on you are gonna have to work on this by yourself ".

If this was a serious thing, and one of the qualifications is magical thinking, then that means over fifty percent of the fucking planet is schizophrenic. Look at all these religious fuckint retards doing dumb fucking shit for a magic fairy, and you cant just go oh no hes blind , because schizophrenia is not real you just saw your first chance to get attention and actually get some mommy treatment from a paid doctor so you took it. Fuck you.


File: d31cf483dbea7fe⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 450x650, 9:13, Johfra-Bosschart-Capricorn….jpg)


What's an efficient method to change my perceptions


I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant but I need to get these things out in the open.

In some way I feel myself getting closer to my powers. I feel myself getting more potent. Day in and day out, it begins to be harder to deny the things I can do to myself or others. I still have a lot to learn about the correct ways, and repeatable ways of doing things, but the evidence is piling up.

The problem is it all feels like a LARP. It s like I need to accept all sorts random thoughts and ideas as a prerequisite to what I can become. In the past my life has always felt fake, illusory, and meaningless. This LARP though, feels real. It feels really real, like it's the only thing in existence.

I contemplate me having serious mental health issues, but I don't think that's the case. I guess it's just hard to remember how level headed you are when you can also hear the spirits that get louder every day. I don't know where these thoughts, feelings, or ideas come from, and part of that frightens me. I know though, how real these things are because they cut straight through me, in ways nothing has before.

If chaos magic has taught me anything it is to laugh and use these when it benefits me, but there is such a… Weight inside of me I don't know how to move on. I guess I will learn in time.


>In mathematics, the Borromean rings[a] consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link (i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings). In other words, no two of the three rings are linked with each other as a Hopf link, but nonetheless all three are linked.




I am going through the exact same thing. I don't know what to say. Everything I do feels like constant bullshit no matter how many times I do and how much objective evidence I have. It always feels like a LARP as you say even though it's real and it does require me t o belief any and all random things that support the objective until its realized. Like every moment I am to do some psychic phenomena everything is aligned, every bit of belief is made to support the act, even though it's nonsensical. Also, considering how spirits often work, where they have you do absurd and strange things and yet it gives results… I don't know man. I always want to make sense of everything and spend all day conversing with theologians and philosophers and anyone who has some knowledge and putting forward my own ideas and trying to penetrate deeper into the mysteries.

Chaos magick is also where I got started, though I accepted Hermetics and New Thought thereafter, that basic chaotee orientation is what lets me continue to succeed and to develop where others stagnate and cling.


Thoughts on fasting?



I use it to stay thin without really worrying much about what I eat (I mean in terms of amounts, I don't eat fast food anyway). Been fasting two days per week for the past year, this week I felt totally not hungry so I went for three days.

Lots of people swear that fasting is good for you. I read a few articles, it seemed kinda fine, so I gave it a try. At least I know now that I can live without food for more than 50 hours.


stop working with spirits for a while and start working with yourself. Who you are, what you fear, your childhood traumas etc. That might help you achieve a better balance to use whatever powers you have received.


Supposedly affirmations. Record a quick 5-10 minute audio with your phone, something like "I am a beautiful human being." "I feel happy and away from anger" or whatever you want. If you think you're ugly, make an affirmation "I accept my image of myself", "I feel beautiful and capable everyday", stuff like that. Put it into audacity, repeat for 5-6 hours, add some background meditation noise and listen to it while you sleep. Maybe have a diary to track your progress

something about the Silva method too for reprogramming your subconscious, maybe NLP



get vaccines


go volunteer

do something to help people

buy breat , ham and cheese and just make some sandwiches for homeless people

just do good deeds, focus on helping other people no matter how angry you are. Helping people should make you feel good unless you're some kind of sociopath



What about our disagreement on the demiurge? So what if not everyone on this random messaging board can agree on whether a spirit of debatable existence has our best interests at heart? Everyone does not have to come to an agreement for you to make a decision. How do you feel about it? Do you even have a reason to believe it exists?


Exercise extreme caution. I've real with many people that might be "kooks", and while it's hard to say definitively whether any one of them have been (completely) wrong, the sort of half truths these types of people spill have a particularly powerful way of drawing you in and can consume you quite quickly if you aren't careful. If you don't fully grasp what a person is saying don't believe what they say. If there words draw you in ask why.


It's hard to believe right now but a lot of hat probably isn't happening how you think it is. Deep breaths, calm, when you begin to awaken yourself you stir a lot of darkness too. Be strong, it will pass.


It's bittersweet to know someone else feels like I. I have been giving lots of thought recently to where we as a race come from, and if there is any truth to us being made, (or aided) by entities more advanced than us (at least in some forms) than it really isn't too surprising to be utterly baffled by their designs. You can't expect a computer to understand humans. I suppose we signed up for this though.

And ditto to the chaos magick.


Good advice about the spirits. The funny thing is they tell me I should focus on myself first too lol


File: c7d5be21d33a58a⋯.jpg (31 KB, 371x571, 371:571, c7d5be21d33a58a63f49aac4db….jpg)

Is there any spiritual reason why I should completely stop eating pork and drinking alcohol? Putting secular arguments aside, the only sources I know that command/recommend you to stop doing these things are Leviticus and the Quran, but there is no explanation beyond telling both are impure or unclean.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's something to think about.


File: 73ba789cd8fef4a⋯.png (441.71 KB, 684x1092, 57:91, 9b7935ace891f7c631f2a46a2c….png)


Pork is a metaphor for lust(of the flesh). Do you really think you can't eat actual pork? lmao, noob.

The scriptures and teachers warn you from the two biggest sins which are lust and alcohol. Besides, isn't the metaphor fitting? Women are lowly pigs.

Both fornication/masturbation and getting drunk completely rob your body of energy and nutrients, puts you in a slow and weak state. Don't you realize how alcohol makes you weaker and tired?



Thanks, anon.


>Pork is a metaphor for lust

Then why is it mentioned separetly from lust in scriptures and why does most (if not every) scholar, muslim or jewish, use a literal interpretation?

>Do you really think you can't eat actual pork?

No, that is why I am asking here if there is any reason behind some religions thinking like that.

>Don't you realize how alcohol makes you weaker and tired?

Only in higher doses, a glass of wine or a glass of beer won't do it. I am not asking if getting drunk has downsides. I am asking if any amount of alcohol (even if it does not get me drunk) is to be avoided.


>that pic

>lmao, noob



Pigs, like rats, or monkeys, are a devolving species. The "soul" behind such creatures are essentially the emanated infernal psychic elements of human egos. By eating pork in particular you are strengthing the forces of lecherousness and sensuality within you. This energetic pollution complicates the alchemical transmutation process taught within the esoteric path of various religions. This is why it has been forbidden.

Alcohol has great potential for demonic activity, but in small quantities within a social context, it is harmless. It has been forbidden to prevent abuse altogether. There is no need to be a fanatic about it, unless it is a part of the religion you adhere to(e.g Islam). However we strongly advise you avoid pork at all costs.




Pork and many sorts of meat in the Jewish tradition, is "tamé" (impure) because it's negatively-charged in the spiritual realm.

You need to understand the general context: eating casher food is a very important mitzva because that's a "tikkoun" (reparation of the primary sin).

When Eve & Adam ate the forbidden fruit, it was a fruit filled with death (by the snake), they were giving life to Death (which is Evil).

But why eating?

When G.od created the world, He retracted from himself, creating a singularity, in which a stream of light was injected. ("tzimtzoum", bigbang in Kabbalah). This light was condensed in different planes of existence (10 sfirot, 4 worlds), but the most material "sfira" broke and shattered all the divine light (this is our world). There are still emanations of light being left, but it's hidden to physical senses.

The mystical reason why Jews had to exile is to gather all the shattered pieces of light.

How does it work?

All living beings are (spiritually) doing this process : plants takes the light from the soil ; animals from the plants ; humans from the plants & animals. But humans have to separate Life from Death, Good from Evil (exactly as your guts do, taking the good nutrients and leaving the bad ones).

This way:

- your divine soul ("neshama") takes back the piece of light from the vegetal or animal soul ("nefesh")

- you don't corrupt your divine soul by eating deadly-charged food. You don't give force to Evil.



>Pigs, like rats, or monkeys, are a devolving species

Could one say that humans are a devolving species too, assuming we are fallen beings and/or living during a Kali Yuga? Or is my understanding of "devolving" completely wrong?


>There are still emanations of light being left, but it's hidden to physical senses

That sounds pretty platonic, i liked it.

Is there any source (apart from the Kabbalah you already talked about) in which I can go deeper in this subject?

Thank you both for helping clarifying things.



I'm talking about Plotinus believing the demiurge is good. It's unfortunate that no one seems willing to talk about cosmology on /fringe/.


File: e1887871ebb5837⋯.jpg (175.23 KB, 678x798, 113:133, image0.jpg)


Plotinus was right. The "evil demiurge" archetype used in gnostic mythologies is primarily symbolic and not to be taken literally. Yaldabaoth - though having many microcosmic and macrocosmic applications - is more closely aligned with Satan, or the ego birthed from the fallen Sophia(inner Spirit), creating through sinful desire a corrupted physical microcosm. On the other hand, the gnostic demiurge can represent the mechanical lunar forces of nature and the angels which govern the laws of the physical and etheric worlds. This too is not "evil", but a previously necessary mechanical influence to be transcended on the path of solar initiation.

Marcionism and the belief that the physical world is inherently evil was simply a new age corruption of the later gnostic sects. Plotinus and other neoplatonic theurgists being far more educated, exposed the truth of this misconception.

The Neoplatonic demiurge is one with the Logos.

pic related is satire



>about my sources

I'm sorry cause i'm french, i only know jewish websites in french. I've also realized my transcriptions from hebrew aren't good in english:

casher = kosher

tamé = tameh (taref = treif)

tikkoun = tikkun

I think chabad.org has useful information, but this article doesn't disclose the kabbalistic secrets about "kosher-ness" (=kashrut).


>Someday pork won't be forbidden anymore (!!)

When the Messiah will reveal himself, all the negatively-charged animals will be allowed to consumption, because at that time the "light of G.od" will be so bright (people will achieve higher spiritual levels) that our souls won't be corrupted by these animals.

This is written in many sources, like Midrash Choher Tov (Midrash Tehilim), chapter 146, verse about «Matir assourim», (or) Likkutei Sichos, Shabbos Parshat Shemini, vol. 17, pp. 92-99; (or) Parshas Toldos, vol. 35 pp. 117-118 (sources found from different websites)

>What's the problem with pigs?

Some people say pigs symbolize filth, loathing, hypocrisy.

Other people deem pork unhealthy because it's a meat rotting fast, especially in the middle-east due to temperature.

That's quite dumb. Pork rots no more than fish.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai phrased that pork is tasty attractive meat: "A person must not say that he abhors pigs and the idea of eating pork is repugnant to him. A person should rather say that he is very interested in tasting pork, but since the Torah has forbidden it he must suppress his desire" (Sifra Parshat Kedoshim 20,26).

Like many animals taref or tameh (not killed properly), respecting kashrut means to (1) confront yourself to your commitment to G.od (2) acting in purity (3) make a tikkun for the world (taking back the divine light), (4) avoid losing your light into (negatively-charged) (light-absorbing) impure animals.

>Fun fact: Messiah coming!!

We currently live in pre-Messianic times, since:

(1) it's year 5779 in the jewish calendar; the end of the world must happen before 6000;

(2) Jewish people have massively returned to their land thanks to the creation of Israel (it's part of the prophecy).

(3) G.W. Bush purposely invaded Iraq and wanted to destroy middle-eastern Arabic countries to let happen "Gog & Magog" prophecy (true fact, many press articles!! revealed by French president Chirac)

(4) the Messiah is currently strongly awaited by orthodox Jews.


File: 2caeee85124f0ae⋯.jpg (29.53 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 97b6b87bb1d1746f00b841e83a….jpg)


I have gender dysphoria

I tried to cure it with no success and I am pretty sure it can't be cured because there is something wrong with how my body or face look like.

because of this my life is suffering, this board gave me hope and a purpose but I am still struggling with learning the very basic and undo years of brainwash from religion and basically telling to strange beings to fuck off from my life (I saw one in my house and in dreams and I am pretty sure they fucked with me when I was younger)

So what could help someone with gender dysphoria?

How can I even be at peace ?



Here again.

Becoming a "literal God" isn't a good mindset. Avoid extremes, especially ideological and mental. Be reasonable instead. The point of reading and thinking is to avoid extremes – learn how smarter and more experienced people thought, read what they wrote.

Return to emptiness often, it's cleansing. Staying there isn't though, so don't be afraid to 'fill your head' tackling a tough book or concept. Meditation is separate and good though. Develop a simultaneous sense of the central-peripheral (don't worry about this, it's advanced – save it for later). Also, when thinking about something 'emotional', tune out the emotion after feeling it and resolve the issue by thinking. If you acted immature and it made you "cringe to death", tune out your 'cringe' after the initial memory struck you, and start making important decisions that will resolve the issue, such as planning more "mature" routines so that you start growing out of that behavior, and analyze your behavior to figure out what's specifically immature and what isn't and what you can do to change step-by-step.

I suggest a little baking soda in your water (half a teaspoon) every day for 2 weeks a month as well.



Try my advice.




I forgot to explain the first part. I mean to say that you shouldn't absorb your mind into what you're thinking about. Detach from what you're thinking about. Psychological distance. Your general outlook on life is too big of a concept and difficult to define – and don't replace reality with wishful thinking ("envisioning"). If you have a goal or task, you have something concrete. If you're trying to change your behavior, you're trying to change something concrete. If you want to make more money, you have a concrete goal. The steps to achieving this has to be concrete as well though, and that doesn't include wishful thinking or envisioning (unless you're brainstorming your career move and some other planning stage stuff).

I'm not really saying anything about your general outlook, just how you should tend to operate.


File: 55f88ae04ddbed9⋯.png (26.67 KB, 326x327, 326:327, 1519208970847.png)


Anyone got the Magick.rtf file from here? Their link is dead/broke.


What happened to Mewch? Is it kill forever?


File: 8f2dda46d42e1f5⋯.png (8.17 KB, 501x129, 167:43, fringebay.png)


>What happened to Mewch?

Hanz killed it. Megamilk has no clue how to fix the site since he didn't build it and his hired programmer has a family and a job and no time.

If you want an alternative, just go back to 4/x/, this place is dead in its soul. Forget about tipp's anal bunker, he hates the community. Pic related.


is anyone in theoccult.click?




I don't know anything about that community but they'd be making a huge mistake to actually post an invite here.


Does cultivation of skills cause spiritual growth? I've determined that the ultimate goal of live must be to allow growth of the soul, as a seed growing into a tree. I'm somewhat lost on how exactly to go about this though, other than reading up on philosophy. No organized religion I've found really resonates with me, they all seem too dogmatic, like they've digressed from the original spiritual purpose into something more base.



Thanks for the info anon.

>When the Messiah will reveal himself, all the negatively-charged animals will be allowed to consumption

Does this mean that all the cerimonial laws will no longer be needed?




They're just elitist shitheads who love hoarding garbage for a dying community. They have nothing genuinely useful anymore. Everything that was exclusive and ok was posted by me or others on /fringe/ already.


Something I'm really interested in is the historical development of civilizations. Does this hurt me in the long run because it anchors my consciousness to this world?



I suppose it doesn't as long as you don't get obsessed to it, I mean unless you go full hermit you're still going to be part of this world so you'll have to deal with wordly matters. Can you just let go of your historical studies? Is it just a hobby? Then I suppose it's okay


what skills specifically? I think you should find something that sort of rings true to you, and start practicing apart from a religious setting. For instance I practice yoga and breathing exercises from books I've read, then I do a little bit of Tarot just to know where on the archetype spectrum am I placed at every moment, little bit of meditation, letting go of attachments etc etc. You won't find the transcendental within a religious setting - organized spirituality is a scam


File: 8c029a1a60c7d3e⋯.jpeg (106.12 KB, 698x1144, 349:572, 3386C85A-B3AA-4E31-9DF9-F….jpeg)

Is there a /fringe/ explanation for hair loss and male pattern baldness?

The clinical explanation seems to be that high test leads to DHT production, which kills follicles, but this does not seem to be consistent at first glance, for example, bodybuilders and powerlifters often have full heads of hair.

Is there something spiritual/energetic going on here, perhaps related to the energetic vortices which pass through the head? Furthermore, is there an explanation for the various patterns that the hairline takes, which hair is left, etc.? For example, is the classic "friar" ring of hair of different origin than, say, the Mr. Clean?

Additionally, it seems odd that women would select against bald men if it was connected to high test. Perhaps this is a meme specific to the modern iteration of western culture, or the desire for a more suggestible mate.


File: 71d69af5052eecc⋯.jpeg (104.02 KB, 729x1000, 729:1000, 45D1A251-2590-4561-A3C5-8….jpeg)

What is melange? Does it exist on Earth?


Help how do I induce theta brain wave state?


File: 341960ae45e206c⋯.png (402.83 KB, 628x376, 157:94, Screen-Shot-2015-10-11-at-….png)

Thoughts on difference between Buddhist Enlightenment and other forms of Awakening?



where did u post it?



bumping for interest


Back when I was experimenting with psychedelics, I attempted a sigil or two, and would concentrate on the air to the point where my entire field of vision changed to another reality.

After this type of thing wore off, and since, I often look at the darkness behind my eyes and if I concentrate I will see a type of pentagram made up of noise over the darkness.

Initially this showed up without my volition. Does this actually mean anything - or is it just me doing it to myself?


Bioelectric null


File: 931db5f92655aab⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, 613393QPR3L._SL1001_.jpg)


I tried channeling my own baldness one time. I got the message that I was ashamed to be myself and so myself was transforming into something that I would feel ashamed of, in the sense that being bald is "not really me", I think that balding men all feel like "this is not supposed to happen to me". So that seemed to be the root of my problem, that I was ashamed to be my true self and general self dislike.

Also found this site that claims touching yourself too much does it: http://www.herballove.com/guide/hair-loss-caused-over-masturbation so try ejaculating less if you're not already.

On a side note I've found massaging your head for 5 minutes twice a day with a wooden bristled hair brush (pic related) gets the blood flowing and seems to improve hair quality, it has definitely stopped my scalp itching from inflammation.


People who avoid eating meat because of karma and stuff, what do you guys think about eating root vegetables? I'm mainly asking about potatoes



I slowed it down a lot by not masturbating every day. That's definitely a strong factor.

What you say about channeling your baldness is very interesting. It definitely resonates with me, because I am very much ashamed/afraid to be my true self and at the same time balding has made me confront that feeling of "this is not supposed to be me!" Very interesting indeed.


The process is a bit more complex. High test by itself is OK. The problem is that after orgasm, that testosterone turns into this other chemical the name of which I forgot and that's what kills your follicles. High test is not the problem.

A long period of dopamine accumulation before orgasm (porn) makes the problem even worse.



Ormus is the closest thing that comes to mind. Watch "All the gold you can eat".



Elaborate please.



This reminds me of something. Life usually lives itself on autopilot perfectly fine. All real problems come from us trying to resist it.



What are the missing parts in this document referring to? Every once in awhile as I'm reading through it there's these blank spaces.


On the first photograph there was the conventional distribution of the [redacted] potentials of a healthy person, while on the second many "potential [redacted]" had vanished

What did they remove here? What was so important that even after declassifying they decided they had to never let this out?


Also, the wikipedia article on Project Stargate is full of shit, and I'm kind of angry at the cover up. They pretend they find nothing and then hold back all kinds of important matters.



They usually redact everything that could lead to compromising the identity of living people or projects currently ongoing or still classified. In this case your guess is as good as mine, but in general they really don't give a fuck about divulging arcane knowledge or anything like that. They only care about money and politics, and there is no grand occult jury overseeing their operation (if you don't count the demonic one of course, heh). The person who redacted that probably didn't even pay attention to the contents of the document and was just looking for keywords and names to redact.

If the history of Stargate pisses you off you better get off this ride now. It's no different anywhere else in fringe science or magic.


Anyone have advice for getting over a fear of astral projecting? I keep thinking shadow people are going to attack me.


Does anyone here have any experience as a shaman or spirit worker? Or some good resources to learn more? I am heavily drawn towards that path and am already a practitioner. I know that at the point I'm at I learn the most intuitively and internally, but would love someone to talk about it with, or at least some books or articles for perspective.




What is "dry path" and "wet path?" First time encountering these terms and would lile to know more.


"Dry path" and "wet path" are referring to Buddhist insight methodology.

Dry path is jumping directly into insight meditation with no previous cultivation of Samatha (calm-abiding) concentration.

Wet path is cultivating the Samatha states which allow insight practice to proceed in a more detached and joyful state which alleviates the mental discomfort that comes with increasing insight.





Shadow people don't have enough power to do much damage to you. Also don't identify with the dread aura, that's what lets em' hook in and do a lot more than they otherwise could with. Yes, you feel this intense danger / dread thing, but it's not coming from within you it's coming from without. So just take note but remain internally calm. If you start to actually mimic and produce the same emotion from within as is coming from without you as a presence, then you'll feed them intense amounts of energy, and you don't want to do that.



You are literally a piece of god. Those faggots can't do shit to you.


Revisiting my posts. >>127253

I've been sleeping normally after a week I still feel sleep deprived, I suppose years of abuse takes a toll and I'll get better. Also been meditating, I feel like I get lost in time and experience such euphoria. It's only been a week and half but I don't know how to continue I don't have certain goals or I do but I don't know how to achieve them. I need a total rewiring of the brain, a total reset I still feel massiveley depressed and never have I wanted to kill myself so much.



This is some good adivce it's a a bit too philisophical for my pea sized brain but I think I understood the gist of it. I need literal pointing directions I'mm too stupid to figure stuff out. I love this place.



Also I'm super horny all the time, I've given up jerking off although I sometimes like to look at naked ladies and a tiny bit of of porn I need to drop it completely. I don't know how to transmute this pent up frustration at times it's killer, if I have sex I'm not gonna waste my precious life force of a seed for nothing, gosh I'm so lonely and horny I'm such a pathetic huiman being I shouldn't be putting myself down like this but it's hard not to.


Tattoos any wizards on here with metaphysical tattoos? Are tattoos Satanic?


What do you do if you know your being used by project Aquarius? Is there anyway out of this is there an escape or does this end in garaunteed suicide programming. Thanks



I don’t need your advice I don’t believe in advice I’m just stuck


I’m into a theory where the eclipse leaves wizards scarred are any of you feeling this way as well?


Why is there no ai drone flag option is it too apocalyptic?



No spirit is that an option?



Ai >>127599

Drone is just cancer spread by propaganda oh fuck me I just don’t



Improvement and STO


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you really wanted to Is it a good idea to loose an Illuminati, how far could you take it?


I’m getting nobody can benefit from anything I say so long as it’s repeated endlessly in my head is that why you call demiurge=djinn.












Yup, it's a blood moon alright.


You can't just be rid of all your urges in a week or two. It takes patience and lots of trail and error. You can do anything so long as you aren't in a big hurry, patience and letting go might be something you want to practice. Don't fear failure, I did that a lot and it does nothing but hurt you. Also overdoing it, if a train takes too hard a turn it flies off the rails. We all change direction in our own rythm and going against it usually leaves one worse off then when they started.





DHT shrinks hair follicles, but so bad blood flow to the scalp. by a miracle some men are tolerant to DHT.

Ejaculation leads to dht being released from prostate, so avoid that. Aside nutritional facts, i don´t there is much to do in occult sense, except cultivate more yang and make flow better to head.



A total wiring of the brain is possible. I've taken to calling it a "hard reset". I would advise against it if possible though. It's dangerous and you could seriously harm yourself. It is quick though, at least in the sense that you learn a lot in a very short period of time.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm lonely. Should I go the the local bar?


File: 2f4ffcdfca36b09⋯.png (658.58 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, flavor_town.png)

Did Blake K die in the california wild fire?


File: 718ea9092303275⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 558x558, 1:1, 44866776_362997554467198_2….jpg)


Famiry extremely divided one side is in big dick illuminati one is in small dick peasantry. Sort of in a pickle. I am declared sovereign to both of my disgusting cusins I wish I could just bind together the forces of evil both conjure in me. what do I do?



I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me with this



You can never wipe a mind , just fill it witha reverse order The video explains how consciousness is played out by real life archetypes like dogmatism and can never fully be erased unless you believe technology can computerize your thinking and erase the infinite calculation like maybe a supercomputer.


This might be too psychotronic, but why do robot voices evoke hatred?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll bump, but I don't know about it, this is the closest I think you could get.



Do this and project towards a completely new energy. but ultimately you either live as a victim or go through the pain and suffering of a re-wire.



you might say envy or primate fear but robots sublate my will



Maybe its tiem you get assimilated.


Do any of you know who helped in the founding of America?


wont embed


What's the most efficient way of transforming my body with magick? And I dont mean stuff like weight loss or any other things achievable by physical efforts. Im interested in changing bone structure. Changing parts of my face, getting taller etc.




Bumping the question.


File: 69ecebc80e414ee⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy(2).gif)

File: 4360f7709e50e72⋯.jpg (66.77 KB, 1024x962, 512:481, 1514961913643.jpg)

I grew up in some kind of solipistic and enmeshed bubble due to my upbringing with my parents.

My heart and my mind are both enmeshed with theres. While searching for answers, and never getting any, I descended into my own solipistic hell hole, while my mind split further and further and I ended up talking to myself in my own head trying to figure reality out, trying to succeed in "tests" or "ways out" that reality may be providing me, all the while being nowhere near where I want to be, and getting worse every day.

The "delusions" are in critical condition. Hell they may even be real at this point, but what the fuck do I know

I'm not sure how much I should share, but if anyone is out there who can help, please lend a hand.


File: e9e50bf13aa06a0⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 500x700, 5:7, ede574a302b30639315b08ec4f….jpg)


>lend a hand.

No. Use your own hand to masturbate. Thank me later!



move away from the still point expose yourself to extroverts drug addicts, pyshcos, raves. Other than that it would take a environment or simulation to get others to move body parts you could shift into.


Does an actual meme war begin or is everyone to per ma-fried from the last supposed meme war? If power is so important in the moment like why do we promote such garbage as "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY" it can't be denied there is going to be some sort of existential crisis SOON




More "nazis were good" propaganda.



Name one unethical thing they ever did.


File: e39a01a50d3df8e⋯.png (494.23 KB, 1022x1146, 511:573, 1548452727317.png)

This rare work-out apu pepe reminds me of [redacted]! He is a buff muscular beef cake now!


Do you guys mind if I post this rare here?


(Rule 5)
Post last edited at



It is not an instantaneous wipe and refill, but I promise you it is possible. Wiping away the mind is actually the easiest and quickest part. I did so through an understanding of what I call the "cloud" which is a paradigm I created. I can give more in depth instructions and explanations if wanted. I'm a year+ into the wipe/changes I have created for myself. When I first started the spirits I work with told me in a year's time I would not recognize myself and it is true.



MK ultra



They did not do that. The jew-cia did.



The mechanism of self-perpetuation belonging to the inverted yet ever-present dualism inculcated during your early childhood does not reflect reality.



How do I get rid of harassing spirits, they just don't stop talking, they harass me in my dreams and they hard to explain but shock me.



>they hard to explain but shock me.

I have experienced exactly this on multiple occasions so you don't have to explain shit, I know from experience.

One way is to leave a particular room which is very infested with them. I had to go start sleeping in another part of the house instead of where I used to.

Another way is to move into the presence of certain persons and they will not be able to follow then.

Another way is to cross over moving water, this apparently stops certain kinds of entities. A river works but also in most buildings there's always pipes and in most cities there's also sewers everywhere… and crossing over them can do the same thing.

Sometimes electrical devices and the emfs they generate can interfere with them.

Besides all of the above you can simply wait them out and not react or engage emotionally with them. All manner of entities feed off of emotions and it is very rare that an entity will expend too much energy on you that it ends up destroying its own supply. Most of the time if a possible interaction won't go well for them they won't engage.

Don't mistake also their auric energy with your own emotions. In the presence of shadow people and certain other entities you can feel this dread aura. Don't start thinking you are feeling dread though, rather it's an ambience about you. If you meet that ambience with negative emotion of your own generation that matches it, you're fucked, they will just get so much stronger.

This whole strategy of not feeding them is a war of attrition kind of deal but it the easiest and most passive way of dealing with them.

You may also use thoughtforms and mental filters and affirmations along with periodic energization by your emotions or calling upon the universal mind / god or others to sustain and power these constructs to counter them.

In general, the advice on montalk.net about FRV and synchronicity and reality manifestation (see montalk's notes section) is good. Don't resonate with these entities is a good way to clear up most of the harassment or prevent future such interactions.

You can also achieve exhaustion or certain other rather undesirable states where you just become so worn out they don't have have much to feed on but I would not recommend this as it takes a long time them to recover.

I have found painting the floors white has helped too and that generating and manipulating pure white astral light in the mind makes a wider range of entities able to come through including more positive stuff that can then crowd out the bad stuff, whereas foggier and muddier and darker colors might not have quite so much range.

Being armed with knowledge and being hard to manipulate and so on will discourage trouble too as entities can often sense you aren't even worth trying. Don't be prey, be a strong man, strong in spirit.



Thank you I have tried most of this all I can really do is try not to resonate with them more, just good to know some some has survived this.



Pentagram is a symbol used for centuries by mages, it is imprinted in the astral.

It symbolizes the 1 controlling the 4(elements)(if upside down, usually the other way around).

If you were playing around with visualizing, then you were playing around with the astral. Pentagram could be a sign of a certain degree of will that you managed to master, because that is its usage, as a symbol to learn about microcosmic will.


Please, some magical way to die? or at least some way in which to go through this life is easier



Magical death = magical transformation. Even if you are successful is magickally killing yourself you will see consciousness still persists. If you want to die just destroy the connection between you and the body (physical death), that's probably what you're looking for. Though if you are interested in the former (death of spirit not of body) I first implore you to ask yourself why, but will also tell you some spirits can be convinced to merge with you.



>just destroy the connection between you and the body (physical death).

And how do i do that?

>but will also tell you some spirits can be convinced to merge with you

That sounds interesting.



if you want to experience physical death just hang yourself or slit your wrists, that's what I was speaking of. For the latter be careful. Make sure you find someone that will be good for you. Get something out of the deal also, you would essentially be eaten by something bigger.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is red mercury? Many more videos of this substance being sold. It is often sold inside of the spine of old Torahs(?)

What is it used for?


Anyone knows how exactly to create living dolls/possessed puppets? I heard it's almost the same as creating a tulpa, basically just get a doll or puppet and talk to it and pretend it's real until it becomes alive and moves by itself. What kind of puppet does it have to be? Is a lego bionicle figure enough or does it have to be a flat out 5000$ lifelike sex doll? Are living dolls basically golems? Any info is appreciated since I am keen on creating my own possessed puppet




No matter what you do you'll die, everyone dies. Literally do anything, you are GUARANTEED 100% to die.



lol [redacted] mad af



I expect perfection from all of you, because I know you're not all actually incompetent fools.

There are three threads with great potential, but only in comparison to all the shit that goes by.

I went in to those threads and explained why you're all so behind and lacking. I should offer praise but I expect perfection.

That is all


File: af7f41766fc64ee⋯.jpeg (63.08 KB, 443x442, 443:442, 154898330173031749.jpeg)


>I expect perfection from all of you


>I should offer praise but I expect perfection.

take your expectations and shove them where the sun don't shine!



Who said we were trying to be perfect? I've been training for 8 months now to become as obese as possible. I've gained around 90 american lbs. in that time. its more difficult than you might be imagining. At a certain point your body will be screaming for you to stop, I just have to remind myself that I'm stronger than my body, I'm more than it. I love looking at my stomach in the mirror.

The point is I'm not trying to be perfect, I just want to be the fattest wizard anyone has met.


Does anybody know how to cure emotional trauma?



It depends greatly on the details, but it usually entails gradual exposure and reprocessing. Using methods like hypnosis if the soul-split is too deep to bring it out. Grudges need forgiving.


balance chakras



Find where it is stored in your body.

I have helped/worked on some stored Samskaras, but I must admit my trauma was very human. (I have been toying with idea that sometimes this trauma will have a shadow that redevelops and must be re-addressed, but I am currently unsure)

I know trauma exist above what I have experienced, so my practice has been very limited. Take this to heart, but know the concept must work on all scales.

Their will be a moment when the mind/body/soul will release all at the same time. Very much a physical sensation of muscle release, but at higher states feels much closer to blissful surrender.

Getting those three aspect in alignment and ready is the work.

Total karmic forgiveness to all affected must be desired. Remember to include yourself (all aspects of self) and your higher power.


Monitor your thought constantly, live in the body as often as possible, feel emotion's physical energy.

It isn't a cure, it is why you are here.



>Find where it is stored in your body.

I will experiment with this. When I used to have low confidence I would get into a deeper, relaxed state of consciousness and "implant" positive self affirmations into both my subconscious and my heart.



Also thanks for reminding me about >>128006, because I still have more affirmations needed to transform myself further. I have forgotten about this until now.



> "implant" positive self affirmations into both my subconscious and my heart.

I call that purging indoctrination/conditioning/brainwashing

Those limiting beliefs that slither their way into our subconscious.





>biohack NOW or become obsolete

wow that's harsh. I wonder if that guy would get mad at me because I drink my coffee only 2 hours before sleep and if I wasn't celibate I'd pursue a monogamous relationship with emotions involved..oh and I also sleep only 7 hours. hah

Some nice advice is in the article but that guy lives in his own little world, and there is nothing wrong with that until you start to push your own agenda and worldview on other people and even threaten them if they don't adapt to your dogma. That really grinds my gears (and quite frankly it also almost never works out). Also it appears to me that this guy cannot understand what real intelligence is and all his quest for "intelligence", wealth and power will only lead to hell.


can you enchant an article of someones clothing to make them like you if they wear it?


I would like to see everyone attempt to give an answer to these:

1. How does the process of abiogenesis take place and what are some of the most likely places for it to happen? I've heard asteroid impacts mentioned, tidal ponds mentioned, ice sheets mentioned, and deep sea vents mentioned as places where the relevant building blocks of a single celled organism could arise out of inorganic matter. Also although I've heard of fatty acids and other materials being made have we created a fully artificial single celled organism capable of reproduction and all other basic attributes of a living organism?

2. How does a single celled organism become a multicellular organism?

3. How does the precursors of consciousness arise in an organism?

4. When does consciousness develop the stage of imagination, aka the ability to think or imagine about things?

5. When does true awareness arise and the NPC becomes player-controlled?



Yes you can just focus on the clothing and create a thoughtform attachment to the clothing.

Just be aware that "make them like you" is a tremendously complex matter. There are many ways to be liked and there are also degrees of resistance between personalities that may need to be overcome or you may just want to filter them out and focus on techniques to find a better match. Or it may also be that case you may need to work on yourself in order that you will be able to obtain the attraction of persons who you truly want to have the companionship of.



The idiot doesn't take into account the widely varying biologies of humans. He thinks the same stuff will work for everyone when in fact the exact same procedures applied to different people has wildly different outcomes.


I need your books all of them on the study the definition illustrations of demonstrations of practice and applications of the topic of mediumship or channeling thank you


And if you have a respectable grammar book for English




Take this advise.

Don't some one a gift with nefarious intent. The path of that energy will need to complete its cycle.

Just channel energy into your favorite jacket or some shit.






I've taken more of an interest into the occult and magic. From random web searches I stumbled on the third eye and it's importance, is the starting point opening it?


Does anyone have good advice for improving visualization? I have a friend who says he basically can't visualize at all, but I'd also be interested in improving my own abilities.



Candle meditation.

Sit in front of candle at eye level.

Hold the image of the candle in the mind's eye, when lost open your eyes on the candle. Breath. Close eyes. Repeat.


Is there a way by which you can acquire faster reflexes, better hand-eye coordination, things of that nature?


Could anyone give me an example of basic magic which violates someone else's free will? Is it possible to be violating someone else's free will with magic intuitively, without knowing what exactly you are doing?



The Grimorium Verum has plenty of examples: To make a wife come to your bed, to make a modest woman dance in the nude, etc. etc., or the Papyri Graecae Magicae.

One I remember in some detail has you scratch a depiction of your target kneeling and bound and with Mars holding his sword at her throat into a tin plate, stick nails into her breasts and vagina, and bury it with some sacrifice for the rulers of the underworld (accompanied by various barbaric names).

>Is it possible to be violating someone else's free will with magic intuitively, without knowing what exactly you are doing?

Yes. Most people aren't on guard against magical influence and are therefore very vulnerable to it, and the longer you practice magic, the more intuitively it works. If you're good enough to accidentally make someone do something, you should have already noticed that you have a large amount of "luck". If you wish to test it, buy a couple of the cheapest scratch-off tickets you can find, calculate the expected losses/winnings and see what you get out of it.



I've thought about this many times. Say I use magic to make a girl like me, how is that different to using my own words and charisma to get her to like me? I'm both situations there is a conditioning which she's not experiencing (liking me) and I'm using different ways to bring her into the condition. What do you think makes the use of magic a violation of free will? Wouldnt just talking to someone also infringe this law, because they can't not hear your words? You're forcing them to accept the words into their ears and move then to their brain



A few days ago I discovered on my own a new technique for deepening trance that I haven't previously used. Had some very weird effects though. Basically it works on imagining needles being jabbed into me and observing my body react to it and the pain and reactions being a good gauge of how deep the trance is as well as serving to further deepen it through the generated emotions. This was paired with visualizations of injecting mental fluid that was meant to reprogram and remove problems in my muscles and bones.Btw a few days ago I discovered on my own a new technique for deepening trance that I haven't previously used. Had some very weird effects though. Basically it works on imagining needles being jabbed into me and observing my body react to it and the pain and reactions being a good gauge of how deep the trance is as well as serving to further deepen it through the generated emotions. This was paired with visualizations of injecting mental fluid that was meant to reprogram and remove problems in my muscles and bones.

I can describe other techniques as well if anyone is interested. This new thing I've been trying with the needles has had some rather bizarre after-effects and also dug up old memories of some random polish guy I've seen a few times walking around and never talked to but for some reason I had ultra-vivid visualizations of him.



You are violating the will of countless organisms just by virtue of being alive. Other creatures must die so that you can live, of course. But even more than that, the clothes you wear are made by child slaves in far away countries, likewise all the technology you use. On an even more abstract level, your dreams and ambitions displace those of other's, etc. Using magic towards personal ends is hardly a drop in the bucket.

Morality and magic is a very new age concept in general. If you look at some of the oldest tantra's there's plenty of spells and rituals dedicated to killing enemies (or even whole armies), rituals dedicated to acquiring wealth, women, etc.

Basing morality on a principle of 'non-violation of the will' is dubious anyway. If some guy breaks into your house and tries to rape you, stopping him would 'violate his will' in that you're denying him something he wants to do. Does that mean you should let yourself get raped? Probably not, right.

Even more than that, 'will' is often times a underdeveloped faculty in the mundane anyway. People ride on the tides of their emotions, thoughts, societal influences, even commercials.

Let's use the 'seducing a girl' example you brought up. How attracted a woman is to you can change depending on her ovulation cycle, hormone levels, innate biological preferences, whether or not her father had chest hair when she was a kid (yes really, look it up), societal conditioning, peer expectations, etc. Do you think your average woman is aware of any of these things? With all that unconscious influence already there, what's a little magic influence? How is that any different?

I wouldn't worry too much about it.



>If some guy breaks into your house and tries to rape you, stopping him would 'violate his will' in that you're denying him something he wants to do.

This example confused me.

If someone tries to violate your free will, and you don't submit to it, wouldn't it be simply maintaining a balance?

>You are violating the will of countless organisms just by virtue of being alive. Using magic towards personal ends is hardly a drop in the bucket.

So you're saying that there's no difference between violating free will unknowingly, simply by being and doing it consciously, to achieve something?



>What do you think makes the use of magic a violation of free will

Because you're not letting them evaluate your words and decide if they like you, you skip right ahead to growing a liking to you in their head, if they want to or not.

Everyone's free will is constantly being violated in modern society anyway though. Not like a bit more matters.



>Not like a bit more matters.




>This example confused me.

Now you're confusing me. What does balance have anything to do with it?

A man wants to rape you, this is his 'will'. You deny him that through self-defense, so you're violating his 'will'; you are acting in a way that violates his desires and decisions.

A girl doesn't like you, that's her 'will'. You deny her that through magical seduction or what have you, so you violate her 'will; you are once again acting in a way that violates her desires and decisions. All moral judgments aside, fundamentally these are the same actions. You deny someone their preferred behavior, in favor of your own. It's just that one is considered good and the other bad, but these judgements are almost entirely arbitrary and based on emotionalism, societal conditioning, etc.

More than that, if we follow through on your logic, a girl not liking you in turn violates your will, so by making you like her you're also maintaining balance.

>So you're saying that there's no difference between violating free will unknowingly, simply by being and doing it consciously, to achieve something?

There's nothing unconscious about it. People willingly use technology and clothing made by child slaves, willingly eat meat -not only willingly, but gleefully, look at how much push back veganism gets- and so forth. They just arbitrarily gate their morality as is convenient (based on sentiment primarily). Someone torturing a single kitten? Barbaric. Torturing millions of cows? No problem, because it means they get to eat hamburgers.

Even if it was unconscious, it still wouldn't change anything. If you run a red light or something and plough through a dozen school children crossing the street, you're still at fault even though you didn't 'consciously' intend it. Whether or not you 'intend' to do something doesn't matter, it's the result of your actions that matters (in my opinion, at least).



Free will is a sham, if you have the power and will to do something it is right. Of course if you cause harm or bad stuff to happen to someone it will effect you, no connection is a one-way street, but if you can live with that then you have payed the price.



No it's just something you need to do before you die to make sure you won't be completely lost in the afterlife. Many things you can do with it, but actually forcing it open would be really bad and cause you to see things and you wouldn't be able to stop it. Basically schizophrenia.


Hello fringe, I'm interested in what's your opinion on Jung?



/fringe/ is not one person. Try a more specific question. Most would say he's legit I imagine.



A very wise men, took Freud's findings one step further, definitely his ideas have influence modern occult thinking. Understanding symbols and subconscious universal ideas is always a good thing




So i've decided too listen to what you guys have to say and forsake 'enchanting' someone else clothes, how do i channel energy into my stuff?



Read Frabato (in the Franz Bardon library) for a good example. You just focus on the object and automatically your energy and intentions go into it. Make a strong enough thoughtform-attachment to the object and you can have cool effects play out like the ones Frabato demonstrates when he has people touch certain objects and they react a certain way.



Only two good (well-known) psychologists in my view: William James and Carl Jung.


Why won't the board won't post any threads I try to post? It first lagged permanently at Posting 100%, then said too many posts were made in 1 hour due to slow mode and I had to wait.



This site is lagging like shit and just posted the same thread twice. A mod is free to delete one of the threads with the fewest replies.


(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)
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Clearly the demiurge is fucking with you was my first thought reading this before even seeing that thread

Personally I like to ignore coincidences because that's apparently one way the spiritual realm attempts communication with you so I like to fuck with that and delude myself into thinking that the more I pretend to ignore the more will try to talk to me


But I don't play DnD


Basically everything tells you that for meditation you should "sit comfortably" (either cross-legged or in a chair) with your "spine straight" and "relax your body" to sit without tension.

How in the fuck do you actually do all three of those at once? I sure as hell haven't been able to figure it out. I can sit relatively comfortably with my spine straight, but definitely not without tension, and I definitely can't relax.

I dunno if I've got some weird kind of defect or if it's something you have to train in some way I haven't figured out.



When they say "straight" they don't mean "perfectly 90 degrees in relation to the ground", they mean "natural form of the spine", which is an S-like thing. If you have that position, the spine supports itself and so needs only extremely minimal muscle support. The relaxation comes from doing it often enough.


Whenever I'm listening to sapiens medicine, especially the one meant to clean all negative energy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5-DrYahaSc this one) I get goosebumps, I start feeling uneasy and constantly spot something moving in my peripheral vision. And it's not something I'm used to, it happens only when I'm listening to this. Is this sapiens medicine guy legit? Any idea why I'm experiencing uneasiness if it's supposed to 'cleanse'?



when you wash yourself in the shower you can see the dirt on the floor of the tub



So I should simply ignore all the cracks and pops and shadows in my room? Or listen to it on repeat until it stops?


When the fuck is wynn getting banned for shitting on this board constantly?

I really don't need to be memetically exposed to this absolute tool/.



> I can sit relatively comfortably with my spine straight,

>but definitely not without tension, and I definitely can't relax.

Well keep sitting there. It'll take 15-20 minutes for the usual tense person before you finally calm down.

After calming down stay in that position and get more and more calm and eventually you'll enter some trance state perhaps



Also I'd like to add that you wouldn't have any way of telling the time anyways, since you won't be opening your eyes or moving a muscle the whole time.

Either you finish the meditation or you give up because people aren't trained to relax like this in our civilization of slavery



Ok for now I'll check out the info in the sticky. Thank you.



No problem. Take care and good luck! Feel free to ask any questions here


Oh and don't forget the FAQ! Seems like only 5% of the posters here read the FAQ… I suppose it does takes years really getting through it all but I think you'll know where to go, depending on which frequently asked question you have in mind


is meditation the key to becoming really smart? (good memory, thinking speed, etc). I want to become smart to do better in life.



Pay attention to the noises and sounds it brings. Listen to them, feel them, andnlrt them go. You are resisting the cleansing on some level.


File: 73a16848e6d0975⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 0205190030_-_Copy.jpg)

I was just chanting Bija Mantras to awaken the Kundalini/Holy Spirit and started spontaneously rocking back and forth. How will I know when I'm successful? I'm just interested in helping people.

pic related ;)


RIP /fringe/

2009 - 2016



Thank you.



Behind 'SapienMed' is an Indian bullshit occultist that goes by "Dreamweaver" (Vishal Rampersad). In the past he had a website where would "turn" people into "vampires". The best testimonals were people getting larger genitals. Then he also had a webshop where he sold jewelry with "magic" at ridiculous prizes.

Subliminals and binaural beeats etc are legit, but this 'SapienMed' is shady at best. Once he tried to put all his freely available videos behind a paywall which backfired quickly.

He's also fat and has mixed-raced children with a fat ginger. Their profiles are/were on facebook. He frequently changes websites and I think he's currently selling bullshit books and overprized audio files. He's in league with other Indian scammers that advertise each other. Their "occult knowledge" is often copypasta from barely known sources.



Thank you for your answer.

Maybe there are subliminals and binaural beats that you could recommend?


File: 081dcac383164d2⋯.png (63.32 KB, 300x100, 3:1, megubanner3.png)

I don't want to go shilling too hard here because I feel the locals wouldn't like it, but now when mewch is dead, wouldn't it be reasonable to include meguca.org with a discrete link under friends of /fringe/?

We've had the /fringe/ board up for a while and it's still alive (the site autopurges inactive boards and threads after 14 days) and our /pol/ has been rather occult aligned since the start, almost 2 years ago. This is one of the existing /fringe/ themed boards after all.



How come binaurals and subliminals never worked for me? I subjected to myself to hours of that. Tried out different headsets too as well as speaker setups. Seemed to get the expected effect in terms of hearing that tone so I probably had the set up correct but still it didn't produce better sleep, healing, etc.



Why you guys don't have the /fringe/ theme CSS for your board?




Too busy with magic to put time into it.



Amazing. Stupendous.

Why not do a bunch of strongman heavy lifting and oly lifts to become the strongest, fattest wizard? You would both be cheeky and terrifying at the same time.




Did you read this article or are you retarded?

/fringe/ wizards don't want solutions or knowledge, they want delusions and problems to remain in their fantastical safe-space forever. If you ever took responsibility for your impotence and mistakes I would be astonished.


Does anyone one know the effects of taking deep breaths and forcing them deep into their lungs & diaphragm? I have interesting experiences regarding this. Any time I take a deep breath I feel like my entire vision and consciousness gets fuzzy. When I can get it at its strongest I completely forget whatever I'm dojng and what I'm around and even who I am and entire a state if complete gnosis; I am one thing even if in that moment I dont know what that one thing is. I've done this around close family and temporarily forgotten about where I was and who I am and broke out in glossolalia, thankfully it was in my head/whispeted so no one else caught on for the few seconds I was preoccupied. that's another thing, when I'm in the midst of it, it feels like time ceases to exist. My vision will also disappear, at least in the physical sense as I most certainly still see things.

Today I did it and it felt like I was on an acid trip for 15 seconds. Pure euphoria and I was thanking the wall I gripped to when I felt my vision going from the deepest part of my heart. I remember just holding it amd then pressing my chest against itm so happy it supported me ans kept me up. Simply, I was thankful for it brimg alive and existing.

I have tried to think of some explanations for how I, doing what I'm doing and I'm stuck between two possibilities: one is I'm stimulating energy cemters within myself which is temporarily hyper-improving my psychick skills, or two, because I'm a smoker forcing air deep into my lungs is causing me to rush my brain with oxygen at such hifg levels I almost pass out. Either way it puts me in quite literally the strongest gnosis I have consciously achieved. Just wondering others opinions on it



I'm sorry for the typos


Can we post innawoods experiences on /fringe/?



Not if you're making a thread to do it. This is a board about: Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities

Spooky/creepypasta/etc. stuff is more /x/-tier.

Unless your experiences in the wood read more like a story about monks doing wizardry and gaining enlightenment or exercising psychic powers as opposed to just people wandering around in the woods and getting scared I doubt it's worth a thread. You can post whatever you want though as a reply to any pre-existing thread.



>Did you read this article or are you retarded?

I read it. It's the delusions of some transhumanist who oddly enough hasn't even found out about the best transhumanist technologies out there yet that he could be using.


Does anyone know any good reading or videos to learn more about affirmations? Are they actually useful?

Do they have to be physically audible to be effective, or can you just recite them mentally?



You have to enter some sort of relaxed state. If you can enter a trance state you can already do magic if you know how, so getting there is the hard part for many.

Anyways, binuarals and such work by encouraging your brain to enter a certain brain state that corresponds with a difference in frequency creating a particular resonating mode of operation in the brain/mind. Look up beta alpha theta states and such if you want to know how it works.



Did YOU read it? It's full of degenerate filth.



Isn't that just how you're supposed to do meditation?


I see why you woukd think that, but its been unlike any meditation I have done before. Ill take a deep breath, and force it all deep in my lungs. Often times it is painful and I have to work not to involuntarily exhale and cough the breath away.

Or maybe this is a form of meditation




There's some good stuff mixed in though. Interesting premise in general.

The intelligences was most interesting to me even though I think he got it wrong: Take 'Ability to Learn', 'Memory', 'Knowledge' and put them in Classical Intelligence and take 'Problem Solving', 'Creativity', 'Strategy' and put them in Dynamic Intelligence. He got the two intelligences nearly 100% switched.


When recording affirmation to play at night should I be using "I"/"me" or "you"/"your"?



use both ;)


Should the mods ban [redacted]?


(Rules 5 and 8)
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File: 543d0fb4cc94160⋯.png (325.75 KB, 610x406, 305:203, 543.png)


"Oy vey, shut it down!"


File: 60eef097353d4f2⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 800x597, 800:597, die die diieee.jpg)

Is there any actual power in saying someone should "go die in a fire" or some such thing? I've hypothesized that there is, and an intuitive understanding of that power is implied by its use. However, I'm also very aware of the prolific schtick of pissing people off on purpose, and absorbing their hatred. Clearly that must garner some benefit, especially when done consciously by an occultist.


File: 3dbe8a3c87c3071⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


le horsecawk oculixt faec




> I'm also very aware of the prolific schtick of pissing people off on purpose, and absorbing their hatred. Clearly that must garner some benefit, especially when done consciously by an occultist.

This is the most popular method of loosh farming, but I think ineffective.

>Is there any actual power in saying someone should "go die in a fire" or some such thing?

It depends on the person and how you say it, really.

>an intuitive understanding of that power is implied by its use.

As for as far as the most common use, it's simply an attempt to let people know that you don't appreciate what they did. Why, it might almost be saying hi in some parts of the world.

The next level slightly up in terms of nefariousness would be when people attempt to demoralize another person. This can range from being ineffective to very effective, and then some.



any book recommendations about this topic?




Just slap someone


Is it possible to create a new color or smell or such in your mind?

I'm wondering if someone was born with cloudy eyes(cataracts) which made everything whiter and so all colors they see are less vivid, could they imagine the pure color having never seen it?

If you could hear a smaller range of pitch, would you be able to pick out smaller intervals?



>I'm wondering if someone was born with cloudy eyes(cataracts) which made everything whiter and so all colors they see are less vivid, could they imagine the pure color having never seen it?

I have a lot of problems with my vision. All black areas appear like a multi-colored static for me and I can't actually see black at all. Yet in the astral, I can see true black. So yeah, you can imagine colors your physical eyes can't see.



You can overpower people just through sheer thoughtforce. It's more difficult than influencing a receptive person. There isn't much to say about it, just bruteforce things, and you will see when your suggestions/thoughtforms take hold and do things to people they would not normally do.


File: 6753498d15deba2⋯.jpg (301.19 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1497475773866.jpg)

[mega redacted]

Did you guys know that?!

(8. Meta board discussion goes in >>>/fringemeta/)
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yes, [redacted], we knew that already.

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)
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I am not the retarded inbred, [redacted]! Don't insult me that way!

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)
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Not [redacted] and

Rule #5, dipshit.

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File: f3a148123598a55⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x380, 25:19, e5b.jpg)

Why R u gay?


I followed the sticky and checked out montalk.net and wew what a site. Talks about what life is how it was formed by the Demiurge, how aliens are real and they're farming humans as an energy source. I'm a pretty open minded guy, this is incredible like nothing I could ever imagine, like the final red pill. I'm struggling to put this into words and I don't know what to think about all of this but man this all sounds incredibly plausible, it discusses how religion is just a farce to keep people in check and a distraction which is something I've always believed in. I'm rambling and just jotting down what comes to mind but holy shit I don't know I can't look at life the same anymore. I downloaded the book on the homepage and this paragraph melted my brain

>The real you was born into this body, into this world, and has forgotten it is just a game character. It does not remember where it came from, where it’s going, why it’s playing the game, and what the point of this game is. It has gotten all wrapped up in the daily experiences of life. But now you are learning what you really are: a spirit that cannot be harmed or killed even if the body is harmed or killed. And like a game, some of the things that happen are scripted, meant to happen from the very beginning.

We are all spirits and we choose to be born, and the analogy it gives

>Think of your body as a character inside a video game. To inter- act with the game world you need to play a game character. But you are not the character; you are merely controlling it from outside the game. Same thing with your body. To interact with the physical world, you need a physical body. Through the body, your mind existing outside this world can play this game called life. A first-person game where you look through the eyes of a character makes it seem like you are inside its head, but really you are sitting in front of the computer. Likewise, although you sense yourself inside your physical head, you are actually located far beyond it in another dimension.

I feel I have to talk to someone about this, I have no one irl to talk to. I don't know what to think of all this, crazy good story telling, or the absolute truth. I'm a complete newfig, I hope I don't get laughed at.



To add my babby tier thinking

What is the point of all this, what are emotions, what drives us to do the things we do? What makes us love, what makes us crave sex what is it all? What gave us all of this where did it come from?



Did you check out montalk's recommended reading and also /fringe/'s recommended reading?

Look into the physicist David Bohm as well.


I had some crazy out of body experience where I was reading a book and ended up out of my body with an astral copy of the book and I ended up wandering around and it was revealed stuff about what happened with the early Church and how Christianity was immediately corrupted and has only got worse and that in the year 2000 something important happened pertaining to Christ. Also eventually three men came upon me and started stalking me around and eventually stabbed me in the back with rods and I ended up back in my body but gasping and feeling as if my lungs were filled with burning hot fluid.



Yes, all really good stuff I want to delve further I've not even chipped a piece off this gigantic iceberg that is the occult. I have to track down these books irl, I don't do online shopping, and I sort of feel bad pirating them even then I couldn't find them.



>David Bohm

Will do, many thanks.



Montalk is a good start but take what he says with a grain of salt. He armchairs a lot and the matrix alien conspiracies are mostly fueled by his own paranoia. Good entry into occultism but after a few years one goes from Montalk fanboy to actual mage.


I like Montalk and his wife a lot. He is the only gent who really did a proper video to disseminate on what folks call "the synchronicity".



montalk is a hapa btw



Thanks for sharing. What happend in the last couple decades is anyones guess. There's an invisible war going on after all. The jesus egrigore is surely losing power, I just wish all that energy went somewhere good. As far as I can see all the thought energy is just going toward the illusion of the modern world and its greed, conspiracies and social media. The title of hero is up for grabs for anyone who can ground out the madness and destroy the thoughtform that has swallowed many lives. Simple to say so, but in the end people have to save themselves too. Maybe it's pointless to worry about as it is apparently a cycle.


In this video: https://youtu.be/MvLGuSOLNQA

there's a background noise, a specific tone. I was curious if it's just a background noise, or a specific frequency meant to have some sort of influence on the viewer/listener? What do you think?



Yeah I'm a bit skeptic of certain thing and don't beleive everything I read, either way it has good resources. Is his book Fringe Knowledge For Beginners worth a read? It's pretty short and easy to digest.



A large number of the books on /fringe/ are all in the public domain because their authors died long ago. It's not "pirating" and there's no ethical issue of not benefiting a dead person financially.


does anyone have a good guide or book on proper sigil making? i want to start my journey with this but i see a lot of differing info on the web.


How do I return a curs(ive) back to sender?

Some dumbass bitch decided to interfere with my attempt becoming a person. Since I am the vindictive person they molded to be, I think it would be fitting if they suffered. How do I do it? I know the vast majority of you are egotistical faggots who love smelling your own farts (I do it too, don't worry), but anyone else, maybe?

I'd even be open to the high road but I'm sure all the self-righteous do-gooders would reject me. Convince me otherwise, I want it more than anything. But I also want to kill this bitch. She's pretended to be my retainer for too long, when really she was a weak and pathetic woman who needed my strength to supplement her lack of conviction.



No fuck it, we're both idiots. Just tell me how to get rid of it and prevent it from happening again so we can be okay and spread that okayness where we go.



Oh and also something that could help her out so she wouldn't have to do this shit? I don't know. Sorry, I'm out of my depth.


Years ago when I was a depressed edgy teenager I wrote some pessimistic bullshit with my own blood on a piece of paper. This was a year or two before I became an occultist so I had no idea what blood magic was. I just found the paper. How do I get rid of this in a way that doesn't give it power (and if anything takes any power it might have away)? I thought about burning it but I know sigils are cast with burning so I wouldn't want to accidentally make it even stronger if it is doing anything. Should I draw more blood and write over it with something optimistic? What do


File: abd44617eb1bc60⋯.jpg (79.48 KB, 600x554, 300:277, howdoishotweb.jpg)


>depressed edgy teenager

>wrote some pessimistic bullshit with my own blood

>became an occultist

>sigils are cast with burning


How do I best start learning more about Luciferianism and Luciferian magick???



Meditate on its meaning then deconstruct it philosophically with displacement of sophistry to redundant, robust 'practicals'. Then find a use for the finished reconstruction that will erode and eventually dissipate it entirely.

Catch my drift?

For the left over refuse from using it as a component for whatever – have a channel leading to a "compost bin" construction or literal compost bin, then throw in the whole thing when it's mostly eroded.


What do you guys think about Ars Magica and their magic system: https://samhaine.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/ars-magica-5e-rules-summary-part-2/


File: b3e7d88680988b9⋯.jpg (509.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b3e7d88680988b9174098bf517….jpg)

How did it come to be that mankind began to view themselves as separate from and above nature? Was this inevitable or could it have somehow been prevented?



Ah I have this same problem to deal with but not just my own blood but also the blood of another. I have letters and a knife that all need to be "treated".



By studying Venus because that's who Lucifer actually is. Venus.



Probably when they stopped teaching natural philosophy. Everything went to shit after World War II. The golden age of humanity was about 1890 to 1930.


Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior /fringe/?



Its all about your intent. Burning blood on paper does nothing but infusing it with the desire for what was written to come to pass causes it to occur. Like wise you can burn it with the intent to destroy it, and its effects will not come to pass. You could even turn it into a ritual to destroy any remnants of those emotions I'm you.


Does anyone know what happened to the anon who would constantly post incoherent schizo rambles about astrology with pictures they drew symbols on in some kind of paint program? They had their own thread and they would occasionally post on other boards (I remember seeing a thread on /mu/). I hope they're alright.



is that from man in the high castle?


is it possible to develop synesthesia?



Yes but you shouldn't. It disrupts every sense involved, fucks up your memory recall and the information your senses tell you becomes unreliable so you're fucked on several fronts.


How can I make my ideal GF appear?



I was born with synesthesia and it's not that bad at all. Maybe it's different if you're a born senselet.



By being the man your ideal GF would want and then working to manifest it.

It's easy to manifest a GF but not an ideal one as you got to resonate with your ideal first.



The technique for doing this is simply make the effort to imagine the taste of sounds and so on. Just do it, regularly, and you will end up having synesthesia.


How can I stop time?



can i develop specific synesthesia;f.e. see sounds?



Some of the books on Montalks recommended reading page I want to read are pretty new and I can't find a pirated copy on the mega or elsewhere. I don't have an issue with pirating but when it comes to books I'm weird about it but at the same time I feel knowledge shouldn't be behind a price point, I'm strange like that.


File: 772ba275585a21c⋯.png (5.22 KB, 279x100, 279:100, ogfish.png)

Is mewch/fringe/ archived somewhere? Was a nice place, and I regret not visiting more frequently.



No. All their magical powers didn't help them making archives before it went down. They're very ashamed and don't like to mention it. But, you know, they're just gonna make up an excuse like "it was supposed to be this way".

Now they've turned fringe into an ARG for autistic manchildren roleplaying as magical girls: https://meguca.org/fringe/

Note how they badmouth the other incarnations of /fringe/ like they're in some super secret club.



How are they roleplaying as magical girls? There are faggots on /a/ who roleplay as girls but those faggots do not seem to have anything to do with fringe.

When I compare all fringes meguca does indeed strike me as the by far superior fringe. Fringebay is just dead and 8ch is only spammed with memes and stupid crap that has nothing to do with genuine wizardry or spirituality.



It's a joke and there is no need to resort to badmouthing an unrelated board. Magical girls refers to the board theme and frequent associations with animes like Sailor Moon and Madoka.

A seemingly superior /fringe/ because of their remote viewing experiments which are aided by the fact that they have live posting. That's literally all the meguca version has going for it. Nothing you wouldn't be able to find on any other place if you're into that.

As for the rest of the board, it's mostly the board owner and one extremely obnoxious kid that abuses the board as his personal blog. It's hardly anything more than spam.



You seem to have a point. I'd say we should both stop badmouthing other people and boards. Btw 8ch fringe here has it's very own obnoxious kid too



I'm sure it's not that bad being born with a touch of fetal alcohol syndrome either.




Is it possible to speak the language of demons? And if so how?







literally everything /fringe/-tier I've accomplished was by imagining it and it became real



This. It's honestly amazing what you can accomplish by simply making your visualizations/imagination vivid.



I want to go up. Do you know how to fly?



>go up

grow up


File: 345a4c2c5fa2c5b⋯.png (20.74 KB, 657x527, 657:527, d3a906aa-c567-40cb-892d-d3….png)

Where the fug did the discord thread go?



glossolalia is not the language of demons but I would recommend learning it. You haven't seen weird until you've seen two people speaking to eachother in glossolalia lol


Umm. This theme is beautiful. A lot out work went into this. Thanks for your efforts



How do you make your visualizations vivid?


Has anyone succesfully healed personality disorders like BPD?


Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Again asking for anyone who has experiential knowledge of shamanism, or heavy work with/through spirits? that's primarily my work and I wish to talk about some of the intricacies of it.


I've been trying to do some emotional body integration for several weeks. I've had some definite success, but now whenever I try to do it I almost immediately lose focus completely to the point of it being impossible to get anything done. Whenever I do any other different kind of meditation, I can focus perfectly fine. I'm starting to think maybe this is some kind of subconscious defense mechanism, since it only happens when I'm trying to do emotional body integration, and since it makes sense for there to be these kinds of problems with this kind of work. Could that be what this is, and if so, how am I meant to solve a problem that prevents me from doing the thing that solves this kind of problem? Are there any other techniques for emotional body integration that might work? The techniques I've been trying so far are (redacted namefag who used to make energy work threads)'s "Cleaning the Emotional Body" pdf from the library and Teal Swan's Completion Process thing.



He wrote a pdf?

Why did he never mention this before?

You can name authors of books.


New technique I discovered recently for deepening visualization with much greater efficiency than anything I've previously done.

1. Pick two things you will visualize and visualize one of the two.

2. When your concentration on the one starts to lapse or be strained or it's just not getting clearer, switch to concentrating on the other visualization.

3. Go back and fourth between these two.

An example that I tried for the sake of experiment: Visualizing a golden cross and a black bible. I swung back and fourth between them, each time getting more and more detailed, and quickly achieved a high degree of visual clarity this way then if I had only chosen to focus on one visualization. It seems to be a great way to overcome the "losing interest/absorption" aspect while quickly deepening ones clairvoyance.

Anyone who is trying to visualize things and the opacity is very great and they just can't seem to see it solid, try this, and you should be able to visualize stuff as if you were looking at a perfectly solid object.



Assume the pov of a photon and time will stop.


I've been reading about sigils lately and tried to cast one a while ago. After doing that I felt really tired, kinda similar feeling to when you're tired after having sex all day - feeling weak, drained and kind of shaking. The following day I started feeling really sad and annoyed by almost everything. Besides that I had trouble with falling asleep - I would wake up just the second before getting into real deep sleep.

I was wondering are those are side effects, or maybe some kind of negative entity clinging to me or something? Also, did anyone experience any 'side effects' after sigil casting?



I think someone else turned it into a pdf. It's the first two posts in this thread https://archive.fo/hcX5c (he isn't using a name but the thread I got that link from says it was him).


Is there really 7 billion+ souls on this planet or is a good chunk of it just filler? kinda like A.I.


File: 03811c1fa711ac5⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 550x748, 25:34, 03811c1fa711ac59d1769a0be1….jpg)

How do i attract the perfect future I want and finally be happy?

I am not in a safe place, and it will soon become too dangerous for me to stay here (I mean getting killed ).

My life has been painful, full of stress and frustration, being poisoned by religion and the toxicity of peoples.

Now that I can feel how enjoyable a life on this earth can be,I don't want to screw up.


File: 6246d42ff332f47⋯.jpg (89.82 KB, 750x420, 25:14, substitutes-japan-love-dol….jpg)


Buy that real doll in your pic. Fuck it. All your problems will be solved! You're welcome!



File: 0c8e97f808e343b⋯.jpg (328.49 KB, 876x1200, 73:100, 1389610447846.jpg)


Why is that anon such a butthurt fgt?!

(Stoking drama, raiding the board, and not using /fringemeta/)



Why aren't you using the meta board to discuss meta shit?

(Stoking drama, raiding the board, and not using /fringemeta/)


File: 8fdfe217bf56f86⋯.jpg (510.89 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tell-me-does-that-stick-up….jpg)


(8. Meta board discussion goes in >>>/fringemeta/)


I new to all of this and I can't find the I can't find the Fringe Essentials folder, can anyone send a link?




First one on the top should be it.



Just leave her m8. If your goal is to become a different person, then leave the person keeping you from that goal.

If what you say is true and she's dependent on you, leaving will be revenge enough.



Thank you.



>make a deal with ""all powerful god"

>needs sustenance like any other mortal

You shouldn't worship weak gods.



its not necessarily an all powerful god, were not talking about that. Were talking about how he can die with magick.



I downloaded everything in the first link and I didn't see anything, that's why I came asking.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How occult is toopoor?!



magus level



nope the same reason i dont accept angels, pleiadians, and all those other STO. People are suffering yet they do nothing.



correction it's the fall of venus. You know those things mgtow are always complaining about? Well imagine that times 10 except in there pea brain mind this makes them a man. Now imagine them DEMANDING that you love them for being this shitty.



I think you mean feminists.

Just thought I'd throw some knowledge in here: Right Hand is of Metal, Earth and San Jiao/Pericardium (fire) ((out-to-in)) in Chinese Medicine, and Left Hand is Fire, Wood and Water (out-to-in).

You can study what these 'elements' mean at your leisure. To speed it up: San Jiao (triple warmer) and pericardium heat the torso and protect the heart (also heating), respectively. Left Hand is considered the 'Husband' for some reason, Right Hand 'Wife'. Those are just the hands though.



mumbo jumbo of armchair philosophers aka bottom tier occult quackery


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is something just for you.



Does anyone here farm loosh?

I jerked off like 6 times and i feel tired. Is there a good way to get back my energy?

Should I make a servitor or sigil if i want easy money?



I don't know if this has been answered but I need help. It's kinda hard to explain, but I can't think. Progress is hard to make, as it's hard to formulate thoughts independently. Also, I'd like advice for polarizing on a positive emotion. I've been in a non-stop state of sometimes sad, sometimes anxiety, occasionally happy, etc. for quite a few months, maybe even some years. It feels weird even writing this, as I can't communicate honestly without a feeling of wearing a mask/what i can best describe as being heavily plutonian/the mask of a sociopath without the negative intent. I have anxiety for being about to post this, too. here goes.



Dont no shit about no loosh but if you want to conserve your energy while masturbating you need to look into ankhing, which was supposedly an egyptiant technique to revocer lost enery while ejaculating. When your about to orgasm feel your sexual emergy riaing up your apine until its in about your heart chakra, then take a deep breath about 9/10 of your lungs, then shoot the sexual energy 90 degrees directly out of your back. It will come out of your back and circle over your head and back down into your chest. At that moment when your energy reenters you fill your lungs the rest of the way with air and continue doing deep breathing until you completely finish. You could search it online and probably find better information.

I practice it myself and it sort of forced me/introduced me into sex magick. Orgasm during masturbation I now find myself emtering into a deep trance state where I cast my desires, often times desire I dont even consciously recognize in myself.



Haha yup I know what ankhing is. I suppose only oldfigs know what loosh is. Thanks :^)



I mean I know about it but never took the time to study or practice with it. I have some issues with the concept I'm working out in myself.


How do I get into astrology?


If we assume time is.

How would we perceive a physical body of mass that moved at the rate time progressed? Would it appear stationary?



See >>125967


Are you trying to conceptualize time as a dimension in your head? The way I think of it is that you could look at the physical universe as a giant 3D grid where each individual point is a Planck distance in length and width, or at least some extremely small unit of length and width, so that each sub-atomic particle (at least conceptually, not necessarily literally) would fit within a discrete set of spaces on this graph. Then you can imagine the universe being a finite volume and fitting into a discrete area that you can (in your head) be separated from and outside of for the sake of observation. It would be like looking at a giant 3D graph is my point. Where times comes in would be if you had a slider which you could move and it would show the state of this 3D graph at any individual frozen moment in time. So if you were to perceive a physical body of mass that moved at the rate time progressed, firstly, it would be moving relative to the other matter around it, so it wouldn't be very easy to observe it by itself without taking into consideration the other particles that influence its movements (not to mention the fact that if you took a specific clump of particles you'd have to obverse the particles that fall off the clump (e.g. dead skin cells) and ignore the particles that join on (e.g. nutrients from food allowing for new cell growth)) and secondly, it would only appear stationary at one moment in time, so taking a set of particles over a period of time would need to be a 4D graph. If you've ever seen one of those 3D graph animations that moves and changes based on a fourth dimension of data you'll probably understand what I mean. This is just the way I understand it, anyway. I'm sure there are completely different interpretations.



Allow me to phrase this better. How do I remove major brain fog?


Is there a more populated /fringe/ imageboard or similar elsewhere?

This one seems pretty unpopulated.



Thanks, I completely missed it.


The the fuck does that wannabe-tripfag with a dead-meme-sigil have his own flag?

It's enabling his bullshit despite the other measures.



Thank you for an extremely thorough and useful answer.

I can't seem to get time out of my head lately because the notion that there is only now makes me uncomfortable.

I've been trying to find research on mental timetravel (going back of forward in time but only in your mind) but I only get fanfic-tier stuff.



obvious film student project. Sorry.



no i dont



overprivileged d bags with too much time and money.



you brought it on yourself according to law of attraction/reality creation




anyone that makes a flag can have it added.


File: 42e62fa87e9f8e4⋯.jpg (5.28 KB, 108x174, 18:29, Five_Rites.jpg)

Is there any benefits to doing the 5 Tibetan rites? or is just bullshit?


File: b82d671e1ca89ce⋯.jpg (169.94 KB, 730x1094, 365:547, 456837e354e35.jpg)

What sort of socery is this?



The kind where roundtable groups formed hundreds of years ago decided to disassemble Mankind to his basest components in order to establish the freedom and position of strong wills, and the bondage and confusion of weak wills, until they are all dissolved into something different entirely.


File: eedc64aff4813bb⋯.png (3.09 KB, 308x452, 77:113, Untitled.png)

What is this?


File: db4713ff0ce6040⋯.jpg (232.62 KB, 560x700, 4:5, 13729561547.jpg)



What I've gathered from all the books I've read and all the meditating I've done in relation to this is that time doesn't exist in the same way that matter doesn't exist. We're all multi-planar consciousness, existing physically only temporarily and existing on the other planes (astral, mental, etc) before and after death, causing us to only experience the limitations of physical matter and of human life while incarnate, right? The idea is that time is a dimension of the physical plane. That's what a lot of mainstream scientists view it as too. The present moment being the only thing that exists refers to the idea that time is only physical, and on all other planes, it doesn't exist, meaning all there is on these planes is the present. It might not be something most of us comprehend fully while incarnate, but this basic understanding is useful for the sake of stuff like creative visualization. Since time doesn't exist astrally, any thoughtform you create based on something happening currently can manifest, but if you create a thoughtform based on something happening in the future, it'll continue to be "in the future" for as long as the thoughtform has power, because "in the future" never comes astrally, since time doesn't exist astrally. It relates to plenty of other concepts too, like the Akashic records.



The thing is I still can't reconcile time in the physical world. Ageing for example could simply be explained by a finite ammount of life energy at conception slowly dissipating. Like a battery we keep recharging with food that can only take so many recharges.

I keep seeing people referring to the Akashic records, can this only be accessed by someone capable of astral projection, or is it a part of the collective unconciousness so that I might find it with active imagination?

Never seen anyone here talk about something they've read there but I for some reason Imagine it to be a library that holds answers to most of my questions.

How can I access it?


Okay, so I've read The Kybalion, The Arcane Teaching and now I'm reading The Arcane Formulas, but something's bothering me. From what I've heard, attaining egohood is the LAST thing you'd ever wanna do. Is that true?



Language only describes things that exist. Even if we didin't have a word for the sun, it would still exist, same thing for everything else, like a tulip, a piece of cake, the emotion of sad, etc. A word is technically a variable, like in math, for example, "x = 1", or "y = 27" etc.The tricky thing that happens with language variables as compared to math variables, is that with math, all you can define a variable with are numbers, so 3, 4, 19, etc., but with english (or any other language) the way you define a variable (word) is through other variables (words)! in other words, words only have meaning because of other words that we assign meaning, ad infinitum. The definition of "two" is "inbetween one and three", the definition of "inbetween" is "balanced inside of one thing and another", and so on. Similar to the principle of cause and effect chapter in the kybalion. I'm getting sidetracked though. When WWA uses the word "ego", what he's really saying as far as our vocabulary goes is similar to "self; the part of you that that is spirit and not ego (as we use the word ego)". When WWA uses the word peronality, persona, personal, etc., iirc, he's basically saying what we say when we use the word ego, though I'm not as sure about that. You may be wondering how you can ever tell if a word that he uses is what you think it is now, but there's an easy way to tell. He usually just tells you in his books. For example, in one part in the kybalion, in the chapter of correspondance, he tells the reader that when he says "spirit", what he's really talking about is "animating force", or in other words, what montalk means when he says "spirit" You might want to re-read those books. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how long is it taking you to complete each step in the Arcane Formulas? I'm just a neophyte here (so take my words with a grain of salt), so I'm not sure how long to spend on each step.



Forgot flag please no ban.


File: 11a24d9cc2f06fb⋯.png (190.71 KB, 365x301, 365:301, iDYZvLTvAJweGwz_WhkPocUtMl….png)

who are the machine elves

why do they like clocks so much

what is our relationship with them

what moral compass do they have

who are their friends

who are their enemies

what are their goals

are there any other aliens I may know about?


thank you for taking me along on some of your awesome dream adventures I really miss going on them though the vaccation has been needed and appreciated



They work for a demon lord - which is basically like the devil, only that there is more than once - called "Chronos". His aspect is time. Hence the clockwork. They seek to control humanity, they share their technology with people they can control, soulless ones or people willing to sell their soul.

Chronos might be working together with Yaldabaoth, the demiurge / "guardian" of our planet. He has friends and enemies that are other demon lords.

Long story short just don't trust the elves.



i took a whole bottle of cough syrup once and saw what I thought was god. it was a titanic figure cranking the hell out of a leaver with a frantic crazed escentric look on his face and the image zoomed out from a vision of cars being sent out in all directions on ramps going up down and forward al outward and zoomed out even more the dream was framed in a motivational meme poster hanging vertically on the wall reading "god's plan"


was that nigga chronos


I wonder how life will be

With a death that I shall never see

I wonder why life must be

A life that lasts eternally

I wonder how life will be

With a death that I shall never see

I wonder why life must be

A life that lasts eternally



Thanks for the huge help! I really appreciate and yeah, I've read the egohood chapters a few times and now I understand that Atkinson's definition of ego is different than most people. And answering your question, I'd love to know myself! I've been doing the first exercise for about a week now and I still havent noticed any huge progress. Its probably subjective how long it takes though. My biggest problem with the exercises is how vague they are. You really cant be too sure if youre doing it right imo.



I really appreciate it*

Damn phone


File: 4800a5a4e0a4a55⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 737x367, 737:367, who-are-the-144000.jpg)