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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: c67165cf694ca26⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 185x272, 185:272, download.jpg)


Ive heard that there are different levels of advancement which the magi possess. Some of them have enough energy to control nature and some can only manipulate the minds of weak people. The "advanced" magi can destroy the whole cosmos as we know it. would anyone like to classify the magi (occultists) from different sects and which one is the greatest?


File: f527366b1192a1b⋯.png (587.74 KB, 590x590, 1:1, epycwynnlightened.png)

Magic is just a mix of highly theoretical and poorly explained influence, memes, and metaphysics.

The greatest sect of magic is memetics. It is useful to perceive reality as a series of symbols that extend in power based on their popularity, strength of belief in them by others, and how fundamental they are to the universe's coding.

But don't bother treating it as magic. Nobody has ever managed to actually achieve an act of magic you couldn't just as easily call science. True magic, as in that which cannot be sufficiently explained by science yet clearly occurs in a way which transcends normal science, has yet to be realized save for metaphysics on tiny shit we have no reason to believe we can control without technology.

Magic is one disappointment after the other. It's more of a self-help style of studying more-bullshit-than-usual philosophy and creative concepts. I can guarantee it's been discovered though; in an alternate universe far from this one.

~Epyc Wynn



Since nobody has killed you yet…ever tried killing yourself? You'll like being dead, I promise.

It would do the board and the world a big favour too


File: 2f88c5780e82296⋯.gif (2.38 MB, 442x442, 1:1, wizardgmagik.gif)


That is it you have forced me to activate mY FrInGe BoArD mAjYyK pOwErS!1!1

I first activate the trap card NO U, causing your spell to target you. I sacrifice the Lemon Car, Farmer Stock Photos, and Regular Show Nope memes to summon the BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON. I also play Accelerate to give Blue Eyes White Dragon haste and attack your magic points directly. I use the card CHEAT to allow me to equip Mithril Armor despite me being a wizard, and end my turn.

As you can see I am an exceptionally powerful meme wizard so you would do best to not make me angry. Pay tribute to me in dank memes before I absolutely obliterate your butthole with the sheer genius of my… well let's just say I watch Rick and Morty.

~Epyc Wynn



>would anyone like to classify the magi (occultists) from different sects and which one is the greatest?

This sentence is a bit odd. It seems to imply that magic differentiates between various places, but is still valid in many of those forms. I'm not sure I agree with such a pluralist view. I think there is one truth shared among all valid mystery schools.

Personally, it's hard to define any sort of hierarchy since I work alone. But every advanced "level" would blend together to someone as low as I. I disagree with the notion that they can destroy the whole cosmos though. Even most gods are not capable of that.



Alright alright. Tbh I too think that all this magic crap here is a mixture of 50% placebo and 50% schizophrenia. Real occultism however always points to enlightenment, or has transcendence as the highest goal. Sadly of course those fringe boards are as far removed from actual occultism as possible. But back to enlightenment. What is your oppinion of philosophies like Zen or Gnosticism? Do you think they are crap too? Stuff like this is not stupid fringe-tier "magic", but maybe Enlightenment is crap too?


Yes there are different levels of delusion. Staring at a wall and chanting will not make your toast get buttered. Getting off your lazy autistic schizo ass and using a knife to butter your toast will though. There are zero scenarios where your faggot made up religions and cults have any say over anything going forward, so either waste the rest of your life being an obnoxious douche bag or move on to reality.


Every person here promoting this faggotry fell for shit and wants to drag everyone down into their hole because they either want to level the playing field by dragging innocent people who never did anything to them into a prison or because they are straight up psychopaths who did the whole holy Jesus bread thing because they thought they would get material gain (ironically the opposite of what Jewsus preached, because all christians are either retarded or psychopaths), and now that they didn't get to be prom king or Chad Pitt they want to do the next best thing which is harming innocent people.

Do not disregard my words. It's not the fact that they come from me some almighty savior, it's the fact that anyone at all is even sending some reasonable information your way. 99.9999999999999999999999% of people are selfish parasites and find no issue with somebody sitting in quicksand for eternity. Do not take for granted the fact that somebody is offering constructive criticism by pointing out a huge mistake you are making by worshiping fucking statues and planetary alignments which literally just tell you how far from the sun a planet is and whether it will be night or day.

Its like if some dumb junkie fuck is about to shoot up a bad bag then someone is like yo dude my friend just died from those bags. If there is any "magician" in the world it's the ONE out of a trillion junkies who is going to go wow maybe I should take a step back and reevaluate my shit. Or you could go down the amazing human path where hundreds of people die in easily preventable car accidents every day because they had to tweet a fire emoji to Kim Kardashians hairy stinky ass hole


File: b49e0f832aa2a8b⋯.png (7.33 KB, 255x82, 255:82, download.png)


Yes they are terrible. They take nothingness and acceptance of failure and act as if that this ultimate pinnacle of lazy failure is something to strive for. Avoid any religion that preaches passivity as the one true ideal. Giving up and destroying the artistry of all of one's potential identities, egos, and personality traits does not lead to freedom -it leads to your end. One should organize such mental abstractions ethically and effectively not destroy it all like a fucking ignorant retard who burns the library in the name of the blank page's purity. Enlightenment is perhaps one of the most evil things I've heard of as it leads potentially great people to sacrifice all ambitions of righteously fiercely creating and progressing better lives for people in the name of laziness without end for their own personal fake gain of enlightenment that amounts to accepting being a lazy failure. And they would justify this evil with "but muh nirvana" or "but muh oneness with being a lazy fucko."

If magic were based on enlightenment I'd still tell you all to abandon it because by the time you achieved enlightenment you'd be so soulless and worthless that any magic you cast would be in the name of a devilishly ignorant cause you would lack the soul to judge. But, I wager that magic requires not the destruction of one's imagination through ego-death, but rather that magic requires the creation of an imagination able to comprehend reality so accurately it can think in a way which transcends normal science yet is entirely functional anyway. An imagination which is highly skeptical and open-minded, which can see the socially constructed individuals hidden behind the veil of our communicative brains. I believe such an imagination would at least be closer than a normal one to achieving some fragment of magic, however fleeting and likely impossible that would be. But that is only a hunch.

~Epyc Wynn



Definetly something to ponder about. Not saying that I agree or diasgree with you but I certainly appreciate your oppinion on the matter.



what web site is that? looks cool.


File: 6e0d53a72f73724⋯.png (106.86 KB, 502x365, 502:365, unknown (5).png)



The site's coding is genius and is built on flash and use of swf files for all their core content.

However, the ownership has switched numerous times the past couple years and major updates to the code haven't happened in a long time.

~Epyc Wynn



Hermes is not at the top of the pyramid; he's just good at saying he is.



I think people overstate the rank of magus. Yes, it's impressive. But I think it just describes something who is knowledgeable, and has successfully performed several types of magic. I encourage you to look at just the table of contents of the book "The Magus" (available on sacred-texts). It's interesting how "entry level" a lot of it seems. I've noticed that most people on /fringe/ will label themselves as "initiates" because it's a rank which says "I'm not a total idiot, but don't actually test me on anything." It's the safe option. (Smileyberg is a chaos magick/new thought type, so he uses the illumates of thanateros hierarchy)

Most people seem to get stuck at the level where they're moving psi-wheels and lucid dreaming, but not doing anything mind-breaking. I think that once someone is competent enough at magic that they could serve a king or lord and not be totally useless, they can be considered a magus. The magus is someone who has gone beyond basic energy work and things like that. He is strong at the alchemical science, strong in philosophy, and strong in practice. The word "magus" is essentially the same as the word "magician." Yes, historically it was a revered position, but I don't think initiates should bow to magi like they do here. An adept can do many things that people might classify as within the magus' domain. But this final rank cannot be determined by the ability to perform certain actions. People astral project randomly. People dream. People pray. Lower ranks can summon spirits and interpret alchemical symbolism. What I think separates the magus from other practitioners is that he is prepared to work with others. He is at a level where he is able to take on a student. He is at a level where he can offer his services, as if they were a prized asset. He is at a level where he speaks, and the wise listen.



>flash and not pure gtml text

Fuck that shit nigga



Ah yes that is quite right. Also a magus is able to defend his rank.

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