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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: c0c63ec9653ca30⋯.jpg (229.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dennis rodman.jpg)


Tell me, has there ever been anyone on this board that came even close to warping reality to manifest completely improbable things? Some reports from anons can be found but no proof. Reality warping magic exists, but it's not found in the books of the library on this board. How are all those rituals supposed to help you if all the most successful people in the world never used shit like that to get where they are? Real reality warping magic is something based on intuition or belief, Rodman grew from 5'6 to almost 7 feet in a few months at age 19 when your growth plates are already closed for the most part. It was either that or he would be faced with working as a janitor for the rest of his life. Now, how much disinfo is on this board? If someone without any access to any kind of library figured it out but people here still live with their parents after going through all of the books in the library? I'm not here to fedora, as I truly believe real magic like that exists. I'm making this thread in the first place to warn about disinformation and get a discussion going about real methods to actually warp reality.


File: 6791e3f9e3ede91⋯.jpg (299.7 KB, 414x778, 207:389, 1465033150506.jpg)

Sorry for not being much help, but I can tell you this: it's fucking hard. The path to spiritual growth is hard. You need to filter out the disinfo yourself and that's the harderst part. A decade ago people barely had access to anything, now everything is at your fingertips - but you are bombarded with disinfo and propaganda.

There are no books that will tell you all the secrets, because you can not learn magic from a written source. It's not like something you can learn from a manual. You can learn from it of course but it's far more advanced than mundane skills.

The answer is obvious: TPTB don't want you to know how real stuff works and they do everything to keep you busy and distracted from it. If you know how it works then you can control it, and that's why thinking human beings are a threat to their system.

Interesting fact about Rodman though. Keep in mind that high-tier celebrities are all part of some shady stuff.



>Reality warping magic exists,

citation needed



I'll give you a clue: the ego cannot do magic. The Huna got it.


File: facfa931fa0f384⋯.png (731.05 KB, 817x546, 817:546, 9gvu860zm2121.png)


Disassociating from the ego just puts you in a silent state of mind and cancels out the negative influences from the thoughtforms you might've picked up throughout your life. You don't really see people who had a kundalini rising do any extra-ordinary feats as the one I described, except for some ancient reports of yogis which are well, pretty hard to put much faith in. I agree that it may help but it doesn't seem like it's that important as to be the missing key to it all.



>You don't really see people who had a kundalini rising do any extra-ordinary feats

And why would they? A risen Kundalini is not a permanent state. If you have it once it lasts a little bit then it goes away again. You have to raise it multiple and tons of times until eventually maybe it stays permanently, if it does at all. Besides, pretty much nobody knows what kundalini really is and how to raise it. You bet your ass that 100% of all teachers, new agers and gurus who claim to have raised their kundalini have no idea what they talk about. They have stirred it at best, felt a few heavy symptomps and now they think their kundalini is permanently raised.



I didn't say anything about disassociating (?) from the ego. You didn't understand my clue (it would be strange if you did right away). Check out The Secret Science Behind Miracles in order to understand what I was hinting at. If you don't jump to conclusions when reading my post and any books you come across you'll have a better chance of understanding the clues.

In any case, the bottom line to all of it is that reality warping feats of magic are not necessary. They only happen when there is no other way. One of the rules of magic is that it takes the path of least resistance (and we could get into why this rule is, but that would make a long thread full of conjecture). Read The Magus of Java for more on that.



No offense, but that huna shit is raising a lot of red flags

>new age

>Max Freedom Long wrote that he obtained many of his case studies and his ideas about what to look for in kahuna magic from the Director of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, William Brigham. There is no credible evidence that the two men met. Even if they did, Brigham was not an expert on kahunas and did not document in his own writings any of the incidents Long ascribed to him, including walking on hot lava. In his letters and manuscripts, Brigham stated that Hawaiians were "an inferior race," and implied they were lazy. He referred to Queen Lili'uokalani as a "she devil," "squaw," and "nigger."[12]

>author killed himself



Read the damn book and see if you can get anything useful from it. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by npc-judging it like that.


Did you look at the books in the library? Atkinson's books contain zero rituals. Take a look at this one for example: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1922innersecret.pdf


Good books to help you on the magickal path:

Mabel Collins - Light on the Path

William Walker Atkinson - Personal Power

William Walker Atkinson - The Kybalion (see also the whole arcane series)

William Walker Atkinson - in general

Franz Bardon - (all his books)

Parapsychology research - good to look in for clues



Atkinson's books only cover simple topics like not associating with the ego, visualisation, desire, intuition, and takes 2000 pages to explain them.



Man gotta eat.




>Disassociating from the ego

How and why would you do this?

What are the benefits and drawbacks?



shortcut : take dmt a few times


File: 337ace4d17eb940⋯.png (234.72 KB, 467x619, 467:619, 154824956824709150.png)

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