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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 50af50ec66e7f81⋯.jpg (105.23 KB, 541x617, 541:617, nephilim.jpg)


How might I contact and converse with the Angels?

I am trying to reach Samyaza, the chief of the "Sons of God" spoken of in the Book of Enoch, whose angels conceived the Giants with human women (according to the Book of Enoch).


I am actually doing an evocation of an angel called "the pointer of the way" and doing this with two other initiates right now.

I already wrote about it but to a different audience so I will explain again.

The method is we create a document, I detail in the first part the nature of the entity we are evoking, and I start staring into the astral light and narrating who he is and what he shall do. All this is typed out of course.

Then it's sent over to one of the other initiates working on it with me. They do the same thing writing more and more paragraphs. Then it's sent back, I read it, and look into the astral light and see those scenes.

We keep doing this and spinning a more and more pure light and manifesting the pointer of the way. Eventually he will an egregore type entity that the three of us interact with and the story begins writing itself, we no longer have to make our imperfect input.

Then we will use the pointer of the way to go into the purer regions of the astral light in which shall manifest the perfect man. From the perfect man we wish to know the things that are, to know ourselves, and to see what our plans ought to be, and how might we be made more in his likeness.

In a Christian sense we are doing a rather elaborate evocation of the Christ.

Now chances are however that we will come across an angel before we get directly to the Christ. The pointer of the way will lead us to a messenger of God. It may be that we might have to travel through the light awhile before we reach the Christ.


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