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File: 1467319059084.jpg (322.07 KB, 900x668, 225:167, Dark_Wizard[1].jpg)


What was the thing that turned you into a wizard?

Would be nice if it was a piece of media and not just a personal experience.

Or just in general post media that you think could convert normies to wizards.


File: 1467343115132.jpg (319.28 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, 9dfb115bfd3b8b60cfa39922f1….jpg)


When but a boy in a broken home I was give a book by my grandmother about wizards and the history of magick, it's words mesmerized me and it was then I knew my destiny.

For years I felt a burning desire to become like them since that day and finally it payed off, After going to so much disinfo and garbage I found this place and the knowledge i needed to start my path.


I was always interesting in fantasy-esque magic, but never really knew anything of the real thing. Later I realized I was atheist and became outwardly against any sort of magic existing whatsoever.

After that, and my life falling down quickly, I read a webpage about NDE's, accepted God into my heart and everything after that fell into place. My life has drastically improved to the point where I'm a completely different person in a much more beneficial way.


Lets try


I too, was once an atheist. I've gone through a major religion crisis while studying in a Catholic school, when I was 10. I've studied all the major and some minor religions then (including Sikhism, Hinduism and Manichaeism.) None of them seemed to make sense for my discovery channel-raised mind.

When I was 16, being brazilian myself, I started to read Mr. Olavo de Carvalho. He is a conservative philosopher on the surface, but full of fringe theory himself. Some of his lectures and writing even talk about bildemberg group, the KGB conspiracy (which had and still had influence in Brazil.) and gnosis. He is Catholic. But his sayings convinced me of the ide that was possible that -maybe- there is a spiritual reality in the universe.

Then, being a Chan user, I've started to use /b/ and I've seen a chart with iron pill. I've always had the ambition to be fit and cult and intelligent. The chart showed the books of each pill, and I've identified iron pill as what I wanted to be. So I started reading Julius Evola.

I consider Chan's to be the freest way to obtain information. And I've heard about 8chan in returnofkings.com, which I started to read in my conservative /pol/ user phase.

After studying a bit of occultism in brazilian Chan's, I've came across 8chan's /fringe/ searching for fringe physics theories. But de Carvalho's and Evola's work had convinced me intellectually, and Franz Badon's work had proved me, that the spiritual is as much as real as the physical.

I was hooked. And I stayed.

My mom always was very /fringe/. Since I was a child I was not fed GMOS, got my magnesium supplement and was not exposes to fluor. My mom is very into ioga and quantum physics. She always said me that the universe is song and vibration, that we attract what we mentalize etc. I've always dismissed that as bull.

But after studying physics, history, ethics, philosophy, chemistry, epistemology and more (the Brazilian system of education is worse than the American only for the poor. The middle class and rich have better education than the average American. I'm upper middle class.) I've come to the conclusion that she is mostly right.

It was a mind opening journey. But now I am here. I'm starting do practice yoga, which she always advised me to. I've had major results in the physical and astral plane. I believe that I'm very prone to magick. My biological father is schizophrenic. But I was raised by a different father, which might have diminished my chances of developing this disease that is historicaly linked to the spiritual.

I'm going to a party right now, so maybe I will talk more later. I was really an amalgam of events that led me here. There's much more and they've happened all at the same time. Back them they're all made no sense, but now I see.


File: 1467360068304.gif (664.62 KB, 500x616, 125:154, view of a 4d being.gif)


Used to be an atheist, watched "The Amazing Atheist" on Youtube, if you mentioned "spirituality" in front of me I would sperg out. I went to shitty public school and both my parents are rather atheist, so all those factors steadfastened my belief.

What converted me was a combination of my divine intuition and synchronicities.

Years ago one of my friends entered my room, and asked me, "do you go on 4 chan because /pol/ is an awesome board." This was significant because barely anyone enters my room. This statement was the catalyst for my arduous journey of many years through imageboards, from being an edgy /b/ kid, to an angry white nationalist on /pol/ (which gave many correct ideas, and taught me to think differently from the mainstream), to 8/pol/, to randomly finding 8/fringe/ about 1.5 years ago, where all the texts resonated with me on a deep level, so I could achieve the ultimate redpill+greenpill state, and eventually regect all "boxes" of thinking and ideology. Imageboards were my parents to me in this way, since they were my path to truth, to the rejection of ideology, to inner peace and happiness, through the delusion of my surroundings, the media, etc.

I could have easily ended up on /furry/ or some crap though, so I have to give props to my intuition. When I was a child I had an affinity to magic. As a young kid, I took out library books on the supernatural, aliens, etc. I bought the "Wizardology" picture book which said how to make a magic carpet, make a wand, and I followed all these instructions to the letter. Even in my atheist state, Greek myths and similar stories had a deep resonance with me.


Me and my family ( I was adopted by my relatives) went on this crazy vacation in the middle of some lake or something.(not sure why, my uncle got crazy about the post office or something)

It was a shitty house on a rock basically. I was sleeping on the ground, thunder was all around me.

Then I heard it: A loud knock on the door. The door was so shitty that it opened because of the knock…

A huge man came in, introduced himself, and told me: "Your a wizard Harry."

And that's how I knew that I am a wizard.


File: 1467375843635.jpg (21.96 KB, 258x398, 129:199, me.jpg)

I loved fantasy books and Japanese anime and was sad it wasn't real. One day I found the internet and discovered that there were many smart people who knew things that said that it was all real. I could become a wizard! I was so happy that I immediately knew it was true. I then read 4chan and googled about real wizards and discovered the red pills, including that education is for cuckademics and that evil jewish wizards rule everything. Now there were end bosses to fight in my holy battle, how cool is that?!?! Also fuck school because its totally boring.


Growing up, my father was a severely lapsed Catholic and my mother a flighty Buddhist who could never really practice the religion and still doesn't. My father's education contributed largely to the background components of my occult education (he loves William S Burroughs, referenced Carl Jung, introduced me to tarot cards though he condemns them now, etc.) and my mother's lackadaisical approach to living has made me a person more receptive to these things, or, at the very least, has made me the sort of vessel that I am today. I was very skeptical of magic, however, and considered myself an atheist/agnostic from about the age of 8 or 9 till 17 or 18, when I began to more bravely consider myself Buddhist, and from there began a slide through very intense philosophical education beginning with Western philosophers, dancing over into West-East bridge philosophers like Alan Watts, and then finally ending up with a fairly heavy emphasis on Eastern Daoism. None of this, however, managed to save me from the blackness of my heart and the dread I found in being.

I accidentally created a hypersigil which altered my life irrevocably in a manner similar to that depicted in said hypersigil; death was the means by which this world and the world of the hypersigil were connected, methinks. It was a realization regarding this, and an occasion wherein I experimented with LSD and realized in a very personal, deep and subjective way the meaning of God being called "I AM" that made me initially open my heart to the realization that I have in fact always been a magician, and that I have always been closely guided and influenced by my HGA/spirit or whatever you'd care to call it. He has many names but is the same whatsoever one would care to call him. It is a beautiful friendship and I am humbled and honored every day to find myself a vessel for the unconscious mind of the universe, blessed and gifted by it in reward for the works I am meant to do for it.


File: 1467399467278.jpg (40.33 KB, 360x640, 9:16, moi.jpg)

I was one of those guys who loved school and got good grades. I'd say I'm from a good family and have always been somewhat of a high achiever, and I felt destined for a higher vantage than most of humanity. It was natural that I should become entangled with magic when so many amazing men were into magic too, plus I feel it adds value to my life that wouldn't be there otherwise. I also love dressing up and reading acts and stuff, I've always been a bit of a thespian and I speak with a lisp (irrelevant but it makes rituals harder lol). So to answer your question, I guess I was just born THAT way.


>this same guy roleplaying


I believe our personal stories to be more alike than I used to think.


Where to begin?

My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen-year old French prostitute with webbed feet. My father he would womanise, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he 'invented the question mark'. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

My childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon, louge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. If I was insolent I was placed in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds, quite standard really. At the age of twelve I received my first scribe. At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilmont ritualistically shaved my testicles; there really is nothing like a shorn scrotum. At eighteen I entered medical school. At twenty-five I took up magic. I wanted to be a quadruple threat, a stage magician, a palm reader, a medium and an escape artist.


File: 1467413276563.jpg (28.09 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 1465334959300.jpg)


I grew up in a highly fundamental Christian household to which I am unfortunately still bound until I finish my bachelor's, and at one point I was a debit follower of Christianity and a lover of jews and believer that America was Gods currently chosen nation. I wanted very much to join the Maine corps and kill for American oil and consciously aid the Greatest Ally.

I have also felt for my whole life that I am destined or predisposed at least to being better than those whom I now recognize as mundanes. I have always intuitively known that my Christian relationships were intellectually one sided, and even fake, because everyone (and I most of all) was just being universally polite to Christian "brothers" because that's what you're morally obligated to do.

After Obama's first term in office I was absolutely certain the people would vote for Romney just to make a change. Upon Obama's reelection to a second term I was painfully disillusioned about my countrymen. I flew into a reactionary phase where shitposting contrarian memes on Facebook was my only joy. I liked several Hitler related shitposting pages and eventually took the plunge into the internet hate machine's /pol/ where I became thoroughly redpilled. My brief stage as an ironic Holocaust denier evolved into a knowledge of the truth, of the wars, of Germany's true purpose and fate, and how the modern age evolved from it all.

Having my faith in America broken dislodged a lot of prejudices that had been the glue holding my religion in place. I realized the world was not how i thought it was. Additionally, the sensible nature of race realism as I encountered it in the third Reich opened my eyes to the reality of our biological history as one which evolved from lesser organisms.

Entering university as a philosophy major, i studied Descartes, Hobbes, and Locke during the same semester I studied biological anthropology (which was unfortunately rank with fallacious arguments against race realism). This perfect storm of ideas and models of thought allowed me to conceive of the divine as the fabric of the cosmos, not merely the builder of it. I attacked Cartesian substance dualism and materialism as both fundamentally flawed metaphysical stances since they both treat matter as solid stuff that just is. Independently from idealist philosophers like Berkeley or Kant (whom I studied later), and without knowledge of the kybalion, I conceived of what I now know is the Hermetic principle of mentalism. At this stage I was panentheistic, allowing that the cosmos is within God but is not equivalent to God.

Somewhere along the way I began visiting boards outside /pol/, mostly /b/, which had a few x-tier ayylmao posts. I then browsed through /x/ looking for spoops and aliums on occasion.

Then GG and the exodus occurred. This meant new boards would be forged in the new promised land, including /fringe/. It was after this that I began seeing the occasional mention of meme magic, and found a post on /x/ about Les Baines. A few mentions of the Mandela effect plus this, with my stance of physical anti-realism, and I began looking for more answers.

I accessed /fringe/ for the first time via 8chan's homepage, and months of browsing led me to investigate Hermeticism. After reading what I could about Hermes Trismegistus on Wikipedia, it became obvious to me that the deep esoteric realities I had stumbled upon philosophically were not only being proven by modern events and alluded to by quantum physics, but these truths stem from a wisdom older than human history. I then purchased the corpus hermeticum and Kybalion.


File: 1467413333466-0.png (12.42 KB, 255x216, 85:72, 1466190100017.png)

File: 1467413333474-1.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x560, 6:7, 1466360873289.jpg)


At first I found them suspect, the former having its origins no later than around 300 AD and the latter being edited very poorly. I thought hermetica might be an occult rebranding of Christianity since it's creation myth seemed so similar while the textual manuscripts were much younger. But as I progressed through knowledge of philosophy and history, the shallowness of Christian preaching and the psychological mechanisms that sustain Christian faith in a person became more and more evident to me as handicaps.

I began to realise that Christianity, whatever Jesus wanted it to be, is now completely wrong about the relationship between man and the divine. It is a cult that restricts all of its members' minds and diverts all their psychic energy to a Jewish egregore. The very personal identity of a Christian today must necessarily be constantly and persistently denigrated, lest "pride" lead them away from their prison cell, and "deceptive philosophy" (as Saul of Tarsus calls it) allow them to question the wisdom of Orthodoxy, by sinfully relying on one's own understanding. (Locke shows in his Essay that, on the contrary, it is impossible to even believe in God without relying on one's own understanding)

This gradual escape from the mental rat maze that is Christianity has allowed me to more fairly evaluate the mythos of the Bible against that of the Corpus, and realize that the same myth is told across countless cultures and religions, if in different ways. I am currently reading through Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. I have come to believe in pantheism, that All is in the ALL and the ALL is in All, and have a much better grasp on what paganism is, was, and its purpose through all the cultures that practice it. All ancestral gods are real, because they are how each race relates their blood to the divine. The god of Christianity today is in fact the god of the jews, who have co-opted the abstract esoteric message that the early cult of Jesus was spreading and turned it into a religion of nu-judaism. Therefore I now turn to my ancestral gods for divine inspiration and instruction, claiming Odin as my heavenly father, as his pantheon and their mythos have not been corrupted by jews as has the message and ways of Christianity. In addition to this is the fact that I find it only fitting to understand the divine by the same mythos and personae as my blood historically had, before the militant Christians visited jewish-esque bloodlust upon my ancestors and their ways.


>from cuckstianity to bullshit occultism


File: 1467416355014.jpg (126.74 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 1457430544749.jpg)


You see, my magik story is somehow similar to yours.

You see, i'm brazilian too (engraçado, não?) and i've been reading and searching for informations in this matter in chans for a while. I just got on fringe, not even a month ago, with some objetives in mind, i'm here searching for quality information.

Well, somewhere in my journey in chans and the not-normie side of internet led me to chaos magik. I was amazed by the theories and possibilities. Many things conected to my way own mad life theories.

Right now i'm trying to meditate to get control of my own thoughs. It has been a difficult journey, i fell like i'm in a level below the begginer. I have this sense of urgency, of impending ddom, but i will keep working anyway. Like Mr. Aaron Burr said, i'm the only thing in life i can control.

Also, if any of you know about the chart with the books of every pill my fella here mentioned, i would like to check that out, please.



The Catholic Church has always treated me very strangely, since I was four or so.

There is a lot of energy in me, still trying to figure out some of the settings. Like getting to know all the buttons on a new car.



I'm sure almost everybody is like this:

>be young

>never felt confident in whatever religion (or absence of) was indoctrinated by friends/family

>be outsider to peers, not hated but don't fit in as well as the others

>time on computer eventually leads to 4chan's /b/

>browse /pol/ and get redpilled

>get bored and start going to /x/ or 8ch after exodus

>find /fringe/

>think it's crazy but can't manage to stop reading

>everything clicks for the first time

>am wizard



Time in school was pretty much Agoge and football.


Everything thrown at you is meant to be overcome to teach you, to grant you wisdom to draw from.

You chose this life and these troubles because you knew you needed and could overcome it.


File: 1467458065308.jpg (175.86 KB, 500x656, 125:164, d60690709f97a33b032c6fe534….jpg)

> Religion is bullshit, reject standing/kneeling in churches when a kid

> Reach "muh rational world view" fedora type stuff at early teens

> The kid with a few main friends, a social weirdo in big social groups

> Stuck in negative patterns of fear and weakness

> Discover psychology, self development.

> The idea that you could change your state, change your being. Start re engineering my social persona, my psychological landscape

> The recurring personal pattern seems to be not that something is bad and I need to fix it, but just a complete stand still, weakness, lack of force, lack of power, and somehow, creating out of 0

> Learning to generate something out of nothing, developing a back bone

> Study philosophy, for the first time in life, consider the idea that one can only know what he himself tests

> At the same time disappointed by philosophy. Lots of masturbation

> See a telekinesis video on Youtube. Would have rejected it as bullshit, first time in life, realize "how can I know what is true and false, without my own personal experience? I cant"

> Decided to test even the most craziest assumptions

> Around three months in, telekinesis, wind control, water movement

> Gets so intense that I take a year or two brake

> Consider the paranormal experience interesting, but still not seeing the "full picture"

> Discover fringe through /x/ , read read read

> The realization comes that "magic" is possible

> All of those metaphors that I was repeating for years, "finding the keys" , "looking under the curtain" and stuff make sense

> Realize that I was always in to this, just could not map it consciously

> Realization of my full blown wizardry


>what is after death? Why is this the only question I can't answer?

>find whole new world of questions in meditation


>be me

>laying on bed

>see wispy female figure walk by dresser

>look up 'ghosts'

>find auras

>find Joy of Satan

>find God

>start meditating

>vengeful wrath comes to disrespectful roommate

>I'm free

>learn stuff

>drink urine

>pour on hair

>hair smells

>find chan

>irrelevant kike shithole

>pour more urine on self


>now I'm a whiz-ard


File: 1467508030804.jpg (8.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1454533730957.jpg)


epic, upvoted


It was my feeling I had some extrasensory thing with my thoughts. I could make up ideas in my head just by thinking, I would hallucinate things vividly. And I realized I could do stuff with those thoughts.

Over time I can believe that I gained a psychic capacity for understanding others deeply. Then it was possibly some deep understandings of physical reality.

Following this I discovered this thing, the occult. I never liked it, it seemed bad to me. It doesn't seem good.

I wanted to learn more about it and my curiosity lead me o read more. I unfortunately convinced myself that it was ok to continue and to even try stuff. I noticed that my mental ability to imagine things, and the actual ritual together were able to do even more crazy stuff. However the dark occult books I found seemed to have a very negative mentality about things which misguided me toward a sort of dark path.

I have regretted so much of those times, and I went deep into true oblivion for a year or more. It was a very, very bad place to be. I feel this has happened to others before. In truth I must have been confronting myself. I don't think I can really go back there.

I purged a lot of myself and now I am just able to do what I want. I had inner problems before, and now I feel a bit more free to use magic in a mature way. Yet I can't help but feel that it is extremely hazardous.

I don't like how it effects my mind and personality. It seems to make me feel like I am not real and I don't like that.

I want to be able to do it and remain myself and sane. I want to be able to use it lightly and carefully, and respectfully, and to do so with regard to my existence and life. I fear that magic unfortunately has a side effect of making one question things far too much.

I haven't touched the stuff for months now and I feel lucky to have my sanity back. I told myself I can't do it anymore because if I do, I may never be sane again.

I truly want to because my mental abilities are genuinely strong, I just don't know how to wield them properly. I think I am going to stick with the yogic path or something, where I spend more time meditating and training my mind instead of using magic. If I can make my mind focus and really gain spiritual ability, then I will return to using magic.



How i came to the conclusion that 'something else must exist' has to do with church, even though I wasn't a christian at that time anymore.

You see, I was quite religious when I was a kid. I had been raised to believe in Christianity and looked up to Jesus, wanted to follow him and praise him, yet I strayed from that path when i took up scientific interests. The fedora in me decided that things couldn't have gone like the bible told me and that I should abandon my religion, so I did.

It was a rough, dark time full of doubt. I was furious at the church and my family for lying to me, yet i still kept going to church if only to please my parents.

Church was very dull, so i kept falling asleep. My mother often pinched me awake to keep the appearances up.

I once met a girl there, she was through and through Christian. In a weird way she was full of joy and invited me to visit another church. She had fallen on rough times and this church helped her drag herself through life.

Next week i decided to tag along to this weird Pentecostal congregation, and even though I did not believe anymore there was a certain feeling or vibration in the air. People supported each other, people loved and cared for each other. People prayed with each other in total harmony. It was the first time I've felt pure joy in years.

Then a guest speaker took the central stage and started to talk about Witchcraft and Homosexuality. He started to explain his point of view and mixed his own feelings in. The air got damp and I felt a certain rage coming up, I could feel the hatred and arrogance, even though I've felt joy 5 minutes before.

It felt like I could 'tune' in to their feelings, and it amazed me. I thought about how humans could ever share such things when there is no physical basis for it; how this 'tuning in' worked. Only then did I notice the difference between the 'dead' church and the 'alive' church. The message was not written in words or books, it was something to be shared on a higher level. I gradually became interested in the occult and tossed my fedora-grade ideas outside.

Since then my life has been a torrent, and luckily I stumbled upon /fringe/



Which books by Evola did you read? I am about to read Revolt Against the Modern World, but would like to hear what /fringe/ specifically recommends from him.


I grew up agnostic, my mother was esoteric but the bad kind. Falling for shitty scams wasting thousands of shekels on bullshit items and expensive courses. Despite our family being lower middle class and barely getting by. This led to divorce and ruined my childhood. I became strongly atheist and nihilistic. Cue shit teenage years with womanizing to screw the pain away, virulent hatred against christians and altogether withdrawal from public life. I was into the whole internet atheist shit too but mainly just as a spectator as I enjoyed them taking the piss out of people. Eventually burned out from boundless hedonism of drinking & screwing for years at around 21 (I live in europe). Major breakdown after at the time girlfriend with BPD shattered my soul, nearly end up in psych ward. Horrendous depression, about to off myself. Find pol, find how the jew is destroying me and my race. Depression turns to anger. I'm back with a fire in my heart. Read uncle Adi's writing. Stop drinking. Become celibate and traditional. Read prometheus rising. Dabble a bit in nlp (meh). Read the old myths and religious texts. Start some basic breathing exercises. Breathing combined with no jizz not only gets me back to normal but sort of beyond normal into ecstatic feelings without imbibing in anything. Go deeper in indian breathing/energy/kundalini etc system, more results, lucid dream, out of body, severe synchronicities, receive karmic payback for my good deeds. Stuff I used to make fun of suddenly becomes real to me. The irony.

1488 from Ānanda

A+++ would become superhuman again



You want to listen to this talk. Especially the later half. It reminded me of smiley.



Also here's one of the documents that helped me get into it. It's very normie friendly in fact I'd say you could convince a lot of pol minded people with it.




>Be scared of death at 9 years old.

>Decide to find whether there's life after death or not.

>Learn telekinesis, shared dreaming, clairvoyance and some weird shit.

>It's true. All of it.

>Find out there is life after death.

>Lose all interest in the occult, but become an immensely happy person.

>Suddenly, after some years, decide to go back into it and learn how deep does it go.

>I can't into magic anymore.

I'll have to re-learn again, I guess.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For most of my childhood, I was an agnostic atheist. Some time in my mid teens I found this band. They made me aware of astral projection, since they used it to write music. As far as OP was talking about, I think that's it for media. Other than that, it was /fringe/ and a university meditation club.


I was born into a christian family, even my grandparents and aunts n uncles n cousins. Church on sundays, youth group, private christian school. There was no escape and I didn't know better. At a certain point I was bullied and only had 1 friend a year. I delved deep into fantasy/scifi and video games of that nature. I was always drawn to the idea of magic but never believed in it. It wasn't until I started using drugs and when I watched spirit science(shameful I know) that I opened up. On top of that I later found out I gained some genetic gift from my mother. Her mom was diagnosed bipolar, and I was a lil developig schizo in high school, but I think its just a lack of integration. Her christian sensibilities translated her gift into "sensing demons" and on a daily basis now I have to deal with seeing fuzzy energy of thoughtforms and spirits, its easy to hear them too.

I was a bit of a new age whacko for a while but it got me into lucid dreaming, astral projection, tarot, channeling, energy work, etc. I recently quit drugs too and all the suppressed higher senses turned on fully to what I was born with. I decided to quit when someone dosed me molly and lied about what they were giving me. The spirits around that energy made me feel sick and disgusting. So now Im on a path of self improvement. I don't even read on magic and I've suprised myself time and time again. If a friend is too drunk to drive I can siphon it into myself. If they smoke weed and dont feel it I amplify it. Manipulating people in public or on freeways to make space for myself, even changing stoplights that are on timers. Time manipulation by speeding up, slowing down, or phasing out what feels like seconds and ends up being an hour. Energy manipulation to the point that I can create repulsion, heat, do reiki, etc. I even had a psychic thought loop battle with someone once.


>raised religious

>denied by my own age group

>isolated in fantasy

>drugs opened a gateway

>new age introductions to basic spirituallity

>scared shitless by lower dark ecstacy spirits

>drug free and radar off the charts

>born this way

The constant push and pull of the energy in my life made me want to be in control I guess, or at least understand. I was always a smart kid but never cared enough for the mundane world. Now, its a little overwhelming but Im learning to handle it. Just wish I could turn the senses off sometimes and just enjoy life but that doesn't work. No drugs, no sanity. An interesting paradox indeed. I wouldn't give up the insanity though, I thoroughly enjoy it.


File: 9974f9e747d63dc⋯.gif (283.52 KB, 400x375, 16:15, alien blingee.gif)

I grew up in a catholic household, i went to Sunday school, did my communion, did confession, all of that. I knew the second i walked into a church shit was gay and fake.

I was always fighting things, questioning things, i was an atheist from a very young age.

I was also always searching for knowledge, how things worked, the real truth of the world and reality.

I decided that i was no longer interested in atheism, the culture of it disgusted me, materialism disgusted me.

At the same time i could clearly see the abarahmaic religions as the corrupted forms of control they were.

For a while i thought about becoming a catholic again, but you do research and realize the Vatican is pretty much a den of pedophiles and Italian mafia. Also they did away with tradition with Vatican 2. And as i grew older i feel that Christianity is just a weak religion in general, a bunch of corrupt priests telling you to forgive your enemy.

This has lead to a weak, guilt ridden, western world.

The pre christian west used to be about heroism in the face of tragedy, not capitulation.

Besides, i feel like secularism has triumphed, people worship products and consuming more than any god, tradition, ritual, have no place under a capitalist system, it gets in the way of commodification, of the disposable products it creates.

I started thinking, what was the purpose of religion before commodification, before secularism, before enlightenment.

Religion gives purpose, philosophy, culture, art.

It gives tradition, ritual, it gives a reason to live.

They say god is dead, but god is still god!

And the one place god exists is in your head.

Spirituality should be used as a way to fight against materialism, against control, not enhance it.

Materialism, atheism, it produces boredom and depression, it leaves one empty, this is what the capitalist system wants, it wants you demoralized, because then you are better molded into a consumer, never being able to fill that void, always buying things, comparing the things you buy with other people, never exploring your inner self, just working to survive, always being in competition with others just to serve your basic needs, endless anxiety

I am not interested in Christianity, or Islam, or Judaism, or atheism, but i am interested in purpose, i am interested in knowledge, i am interested in philosophy, i am interested in science, and they have made it so atheists have a monopoly on science, historically pre enlightenment science and the occult where intertwined.

I am also an artist, and i know as well as any other artist the idea of being able to manipulate reality with your creations, you see it in old propaganda posters, in marketing, music is the most powerful, it can manipulate the emotions of millions.

And that's what magic is, changing reality.



Assuming you're still around, How does one into shared dreaming? I've never seen any resources on it


chugging cough syrup and conspiracy theory




care to share any experiences?


Once when I was vacationing on a small island off the coast of England with my adopted family I heard this knocking on the door.

This barrel of a man bursted in with letters full in his arms. His was Haggas. Through mouthfuls of pork he told me I was wizard and that I should groom myself thoroughly.

That's when I met Hermong and she taught me to be an Arcane Mage of the Order of Bifterbong,



I did it several times. If you're a total scrub like me it will be easier if you get along well with the person you dream with and be very connected.

The weirdest experience with shared dreaming I had involved me and my gf having the same dream in different timezones while I was studying abroad. I even described some of her friends, and I had never heard about them before that day. That made me doubt a bit about shared dreaming and think it was some sort of remote viewing, but she could see me too.


File: 97bb810d56a7e3a⋯.jpg (78.02 KB, 491x750, 491:750, 020a178383727ef5f5dca1d99e….jpg)

My turn:

Tried LSD with some friends, got sent to another dimension, got a horrible trip, indescribable and unimaginable fear, it humbled me to the point that I was almost begging for it to stop, at one point, I was praying to God, hoping that the effects would pass and I would come back to «normal», whatever that is.

Because whatever is defined in your head by «normal», ceases to exist after you tripped like I did. That and a bunch of whole other things.

Things that you thought were real, you believed it your whole life, and how in a blink of an eye, they become meaningless, sometimes even absurd or simply stupid or fake.

Anyway, I don't wanna get much into that story, because it is a long story, but after that trip (luckily) finally passed, still I remained completely puzzled and confused on to how the hell my mind was able to produce what it did, when the acid was kicking in. It was totally unreal, very scary and very intense, and I felt like I had lost all control.

And so it started…

A search.. A search for answers, digging onto stuff about LSD led me to mind stuff, and mind stuff and music eventually led me into the occult and magick. Art (drawing) and music also played a powerful play in this pursue, specially after the trip.

After realizing I was a magician or whatever, only then I found /fringe, and found out that there are bunch of wizards and shit. Hahah x)

And then and only then I found the golden books, that I never knew existed, and so I printed like 3 or 4 pdfs and read them proudly and thankfully.

And now my eyes are definitely opened to magic(k), you see, it was already there before, but you're eyes were just not opened to it yet. It is as fascinating and intriguing as it could be menacing and tantalizing, indeed. So master your minds before someone else, or worse, something else does it for you. ;)

Now to quote a phenomenal artist and certainly a wizard on the expression of the word «weird»:

«As to what is meant by 'weird' — and of course weirdness is by no means confined to horror — I should say that the real criterion is a strong impression of the suspension of natural laws or the presence of unseen worlds or forces close at hand.»

Much love to the real ones, and the new ones. <3

After all, each and single one of us is «the one».



Wait… what are the golden books? Bardon's?


Used to browse 4chon back in the day smiley, showed the way a bit, but I have been in tune with spiritual shit since I was born, I grew up in a cultic religious thing, still not sure what to call it, kundalinis, charkras and shit, so I had some pre knowlegedge of stuff. No I think its a bit of a joke, just turned into a shit fest, money etc, greed has a way of getting into communities. I dunno, people always said you were a "realised soul" for being born into this, but after a while I kind of got the thought its all mental masturbation, excuse the typos, pretty drunk while writing this.


My introduction to magic was threw experimenting with the idea of tulpas witch i came ac across on half chans /x/, I ended up creating one and this slowly led to different ideas and tests, I then found this place and continued my research.

there was also a bunch of spooky shit when I was about nine or ten that perhaps was my imagination but I had no control over them in any way.

I also got into magic when I was in my early teens and got a few results but left it at that, not edge fag just curious.


File: 4cc2f997fe8473c⋯.jpg (457.51 KB, 1075x1517, 1075:1517, welcome to X.jpg)

Happy kid that wasn't accepted by his peers kept living happily until his balls dropped, his brain matured and he realized he had no friends. Became an atheist, got really angry that he was alive for no reason and wasn't happy anymore, went into an angsty teen depression for a year where he had finally made friends by demanding some from life, whilst still in depression somehow stumbled upon a guide on creating a sigil, from them on he dabbled in the occult and was happy again.

Learning about the subconscious pushed me to also learn more about psychology, both of which helped me get out of the teen angst, make friends, enjoy life, et cetera.



Interesting… What «sigil system» did you use? And what did you use them for? Do you have anything to tell us about that?



I skipped wizard and went full Druid.


Drug induced psychosis (marijuana)


File: 611eae6fe587f6b⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 14591860_1838073816426382_….jpg)

ever since i was a kid ive refused to get my shit pushed in by faggot ass sheep authority figures, cause i knew they were stupid and trying to boss me around and steal my energy..

at 13 i got pretty depressed so i did shrooms and started smoking weed every day while reading about occult shit online now im a master wizard manifesting like a motherfucker

also death grips is pretty good material for awakening lots of mars energy to get shit done



I meant most of those books recommended by /fringe and etc…

I had no idea of their existence, until I came here, but Im talking specially about the ones I got so far which are:

-Robert Colier - Secret of the Ages

-Franz Baron - Initiation into Hermetics

-The Kybalion

-The Law and Promise - Neville Goddard

-And a dossier I have been making, with useful information, guides and things I found, including «The Book of Knowledge by Anonymous», and more.

But I must say I've found «my magick» or one of «my» main powers, before knowing about all of this stuff.

Oh, and if you have some recommendations on what else to read, learn from, I'm opened to suggestions.. :)


File: 43689df9ac3a5f6⋯.jpg (99.85 KB, 1080x1146, 180:191, king.jpg)

The Invisibles by Grant Morrison


File: 415d4d968565413⋯.jpg (97.97 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1434835969157.jpg)

Occult experiences in childhood during MKUltra indoctrination lead me to identify the rituals I saw in my nightmares and ultimately learn to meditate and practice.


File: e60a8d9e7fc97e2⋯.jpg (17.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

>Raised in catholic family

>That meme about catholics like "durr hurr if my life is shit its because i deserve it, i must repent and still be punished" is real.

>fuck that, try other brands od religion for a while

>but they all suck

>discover Theravada buddhism

>all seems good, no more guilt, no more self hate from "Divine Books"

>enjoy laughting my ass to abrahamic religions

>enjoy watching some adjhan in the buddhist temple of western australia

>grow to like him a lot to the point i went there and visit him

>he has this open question segment, some people ask about aliens, and GMO's or cuck marriages.

>All hsi answer are spot on and red pilled.

>this old lady ask about magik

>suddently adjhan goes full denial mode over and over.

>oh well… seems legit.

>session is over and we all can leave the temple as we see fit.

>decide to hang around with the monks for a while even tho i dont speak thai.

>they dont mind me so i just keep there for 3 days.

>on the 3rd one i saw the ahjan go to the inner woods.

>guess that was his fav meditation spot

>i had the urgent sensation to follow him silently

>saw him cast fire out of his fucking bare hands

>seemed like 5 ligthers put together

>remember monks dont even like to use ligthers or even smoke or other mundane shit alike.

>suddent realization its some tiype of phisical manifestation of chi or some shit.

>just stayed there behind a thee watching him focus on his hand and doing some chants.

>i sneese and he heard it

>spint the shit out there hoping i dont see a magik fireball in my way.

>eventually get to my home and search for supernatural stuff

>suddently /x/ didnt seem to be that crazy.

>found other stories about a indian guru who could "cancel grvity" and jump his 1 floor house without any effort or damage.


>get to browse some magik forums, but feels odd, mostly all wikka stuff or edgy atheist satanism

>mhe… 2/10

>start seen Pill's meme on /pol/

>eventually the exodus happends.

>saw /fringe/ emerge

>get to open most of my chakras and o my first evokation

Fuck Yeah



>mkultra indoctrination

you know you have to elaborate on this



wew watched that guy in a video the other day…

Have been researching the Thai Forest tradition lately and it seems to be one of the purest branches of organized Buddhism available today. Monastic life in such a tradition seems to be an efficient escape from these dark times.

Do you have any other interesting experiences with it that you'd be willing to share?



Not really, just the usual you would expect from a buddhist temple.

you are right about the purity tho, hence the name therabada wich means "elder".

basically meanst that the person is encoraged to read the pali cali as raw as he can and get whatever you made of it, anyone is free to ask shit but never let any monk influence your personal teachings on the book or contradict direct experiences.

the week prior to my arive the talk was about ghost, they did acknowlodge them saying, they have escaped time but are trapped in space (as in phisical place, not the sky space) with again, it seems like a spot on.

what i found it funny is that the Theravada branch has contrast to the Mahayana one (the one who became the most popular but also hollydood-esque/dalai lama/pleb tier).

the mahayana goal is to achieve nirvana , surrender your 'self' and never came back to earth, while the theravada wants the experience of reaching nirvana but then reborn on earth as many times as the person wanst it.

There is anotherone, the Vajrayana, wich is the less know and also the most 'occult' like part of buddhism, with spirit comunication and telekinesis and stuff… but most of the good stuff is in Thai, wich is a hell of a lenguage to learn.





>be raised a christian

>have to go to church like a good boy

>literally fall asleep in church all the time, even though I operated the projector, LEL

>church is boring as fuck

>father starts learning hebrew so he can read the hebrew bible, basically trying to figure shit out for himself

>we stop going to church regularly

>go to other religious places from time to time, quaker meetings and synagogues and stuff

>move out of family's home

>thought about christianity for a bit and concluded that the god of the bible couldn't be god because I didn't believe that the Supreme Being would be so petty or have such a convoluted holy book

>plus I didn't find the idea of an afterlife where you kiss god's feet for all eternity very desirable

>kind off gave up on religion for some time, considered myself an agnostic

>still thought about death and stuff, decided I would refuse to believe that this world is all there is and that death is the end

>I don't even think it was a logical conclusion. I simply thought that cessation of being was absolutely horrific. Anything would have been preferable to not-being

>at one point meet a guy who was a giant weaboo and spouted memes, "ITS OVER 9000" yeah, this was a while ago

>look up this dumb shit he keeps referencing, find encyclopedia dramatica

>browse the site for a while absorbing chan culture

>now know memes so stale most people currently on 8/4chan probably never even seen them

>after a while decide to visit 4chan

>just kind off hop around from board to board, stick around for the memes, learn useful things then get bored and leave

>eventually come to /x/, to read creepypasta I guess

>there's always an occult thread, just skim by it and shrug it off for a while

>eventually get bored again, decide to check out what this occult stuff is

>people post things that kind off make sense, gets my curiosity up

>someone links to the original fringe site

>check it out, read the FAQ and decide to read the Kybalion


>MFW it all makes perfect sense

>MFW it paints a picture of reality that is more perfect than I could ever ask for

>with this knowledge more levels of understanding are opened

>things that didn't make sense now do, in fact everything makes sense

>any piece of knowledge can now be accounted for

>time goes on and I'm learning new things all the time


File: ea6d9ae702cd2db⋯.jpg (54.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c4e4dc5fdb6d492162fa1b60b8….jpg)


Forget my face.



good for u


It was a trickle of experiences and exposure to various ideas and media that steadily increased over the years that precipitated coming to my own conclusions.

It was no singular thing, exposure to the bhaghavad gita, Terrence Mckenna's talks also did have a significant impact, although was not the definitive source. Also various individuals talking about cosmology and the concept of eternal return, as one of them described his variation as something like a "quantum replication threshold"


In which if a universe were sufficiently large enough, over a significant enough period of time, an exact recurrence of the same things could be observed.

My personal theory is that when such a threshold is met for a given thing in the universe, it acts as a catalyst for novelty, you don't actually see the replication, because there is none, that's simply a limit for which novelty fulfills itself and does so with all things until as described by McKenna, all such quantum potentials have been fulfilled and "god" aka the universe, truly becomes both the alpha and omega, and all other dimensions within it collapse into the singularity of timelessness and perfection.

It only just made sense from there on to realize that because novelty and memetics is essentially the power behind this phenomena, that magick would also among all other influences both physical and otherwise do so as well.

Grant Morrison also talks about this although in a very roundabout way that does not fully explain the role that magick and memetics play in moving the universe toward its inevitable final form.




There is also no way to convert somebody, they'd simply be larping, everyone must come to their beliefs in their own time by their own effort.

Some people simply may not to in their present life, they may not be meant to. Don't worry about converting anyone, focus on finding those who already believe.



This needs to be overstated. The phrase "pearls before swine" applies. That doesn't mean you should scoff at the mundane who shows genuine interest in spirituality, nor should you keep your knowledge to yourself forever refusing to teach others. At the same time you cannot force this on people. Those who are ready for it will come and be eager to learn. But those who don't yet have the desire for absolute truth, for them your words will fall on deaf ears, and you'd simply be wasting your time. Most of my relatives are christians with a mundane idea of divinity, but I do not intend to enlighten them. I simply say I have my own beliefs and go my own way because I know they wouldn't listen to a word I say, but they'll come around eventually in this life or another. People go where they want and where they need to, and there's no use in forcing them.



Holy shit, that was four months ago. Since read Kybalion and a 1/3 through Manly P. Hall.

Too many synchronicies to recount.


you think you are a wizard

you are nothing but a tool

a fool

a jewel

you know not the meaning of magic, of power

fraudulent prophets of the devil as the one known as smiley have led you astray

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)


File: 75d4f1bc580ca84⋯.jpg (253.94 KB, 800x1088, 25:34, Iwannacastaspell.jpg)

>Not just a personal experience

What the hell does that even mean OP?

Isn't everyones conversion to wizard-dom due to their own personal experiences?

It's obvious that outside media and other people have an influence on their conversion, but it is ultimately up to the person who converts to choose to convert and have the aptitude for it. If said person converted because a flier or book told them to, and not based on their own judgement, then I would be VERY suspicion of that person.

But with that out of the way I guess I should tell my story.

>Always been fascinated with the soul, spirituality, and the idea that there are other beings beyond our notice

>Raised in a somewhat strict Christian household (Mother was hardcore Orthodox. Father was agnostic but didn't care much about religion)

>Always considered myself agnostic

>One summer in HS rolls around where I decide to spend 30 minutes everyday meditating in a quiet area surrounded by nature

>Start getting visions of the future and always have an intense sense of Deja Vu

>Summer ends

>Achieve peace of mind and internal happiness

>Tell myself I have much more to learn and i'm not finished yet

>Proceed to cause intense physical and mental pain on myself in some hope that i'll achieve greater foresight

>Do this for roughly 8 months

>Discover pill memes

>Immediately focus on Indigo pill

>Discover Demonology

>Read selections


I'm moving onto Green Pill books as the idea of a ying-yang duality is something I've been hoping to achieve for a very long time.


File: 6bedac378a31d4a⋯.gif (4.14 MB, 788x444, 197:111, 9e15360d1724f2a127fbf67be9….gif)

Not even going to lie The Magicians TV show got me to take that first step into researching



I had already done qi gong for a long time but I didn't believe any of this in particular was real, I was just focusing on enlightenment.

What made me change my mind was Vampire Diaries season 3. Some part of the spells used by the witches just looked like they may actually work, from within what I already knew.







File: ee6c5d7cce28d82⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 766x325, 766:325, sleep1.jpg)


I have always been one so there really isn't a decent answer for that.

Figuring it out is pretty straight forward since people like me are usually targeted right at birth. Accidents tend to follow us through childhood along with divine intervention.

After a while there are predictable patterns and you just start to realize that there are things in this world that really don't want you around. It's only once you start to really flex your muscles and lose your cool that you realize you actually have power, and that's why your a target.

Media would be classical literature. I found myself being drawn to certain books. Pulling books off the shelf just based solely on instinct and finding a deep connection with what was written.

As others have already stated, you can't "convert" anyone. That stuff has to do with their current life and where they are at. You might as well dress them up in a Halloween costume because it amounts to the same thing, they are just going to be pretending. Knowing all the lingo and having all the right sounding answers doesn't make someone a wizard or magus or any other grand title.

They can mess with spirits, collect a lot of nasty attachments and be a general nuisance, but its all just ego play.

If you fit into this world, you are definitely not a wizard.

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