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File: 61ebdce833a7329⋯.jpg (131.8 KB, 483x640, 483:640, 88ac7331d9316b955c23424d66….jpg)


/pol/ thread is destroying everything /fringe/ believes in. Turns out you're just a bunch of Juggalo, Eminem, nigger posers like Hillary. >>8459016


File: e23879745782c01⋯.jpg (771.74 KB, 1600x1203, 1600:1203, LordOTRingsFellowship_276P….jpg)




You're board is cool looking though



Whatever the fuck is this thread about? This is barely fringe. He doesn't even refute anything we believe in like the Kybalion or one of the books we say in the FaQ. If anything, you're just fucking another religion or whatever and you want to throw /fringe/ into it for some reason.

>"Do what thou will shall the the whole of the law!"


>Child sex for spiritual purposes (dissociative personality disorder)

No seriously what?

> "Satan" worship

Only for JoS faggots, and we disown them as fools

>Eating shit, blood, sperm, anal and phallic obsessions

No, we distinctly describe that Hedonism has no place in the Kybalion and that people should go search another book.

>Belief in human energy stealing and giving ("be more positive, man")

>Worldwide usury and NWO obedience

>World bureaucracy

>No Nationalist government or Nationalist identity

>Gender fluidity

We don't have political beliefs like that.

Seriously, where is this coming form?

If anything you're seeing magick being performed by "normalfags" who can't grasp it and therefore coming into false conclusions about what we do here.

Please come back when you've read the Kybalion or Initation into Hermetics, or feel free to continue laughing at false gods, but please do not associate us with it.


/pol/ thread is already dead, who knew.

lets say goodbye.


More like turning into a hugbox that has to ban people who share esoteric secrets.





No argument, no balls… no loosh




Let them believe what they want. It only harms them, not us. Those who are ready for the truth will find it.

>Turns out you're just a bunch of Juggalo, Eminem, nigger posers like Hillary.

These are the only terms /pol/ can think in, because they'll still plugged in. Hilarious.


File: 8aa460a4350c9c0⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 300x150, 2:1, fring.jpg)



A bunch of pseudo-intellectual Oprah level larping, "let's say the obvious that philosophers said and call ourselves a mystery school because we talk all mysterious and shit"

Fucking Freemasons are no less slaves to the Jew than Christians.


>let them say what they want. We dont care

You got beat up a lot in high school, right?





Holy shit you must be in the single digit IQ range.



>>let them say what they want. We dont care

>You got beat up a lot in high school, right?

schizo logic


File: c621c1583148468⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, 39:50, back to pol.jpg)


>/pol/ thread is destroying everything /x/ believes in.




Hermetics became popular through Freemasonry. Stop larping.


File: f85dbaa311f2ff5⋯.jpg (69.8 KB, 410x620, 41:62, freemason nazi.jpg)

>Hermeticists don't perform nigger magic you braindead retard

HERMETICS is pure nigger magic. Psudeo-intellectual nigger magic

>we is all connected and shit

>opposites are like real and shiaaat – we all relative - WU Tang, Yin Yang, WHAT WHAT!

>everything is in the mind of the All and all is in your mind and shit

It's niggerish junkie weed-bro talk that was created because the "Hermes" freemason larpers couldn't figure out paradoxical thinking so they cheated like a nigger. The rest is just ripped off from better philosophers like Heraclitus just like Aliestor Crowly ripped of Nietzsche's better philosophy so he could act like a nigger…. because NIGGERS STEAL SHIT, make it stupid and gross, and then take credit. Its niggerish magic.

/fringe/ is nigger magic



Then why don't you leave?



You sure seem angry for some reason. Why do you care so much?



Thank you anon



BEGONE reptilian, why must your species bother me so?


>go into the thread

>its a bunch of (1) proxies

>reddit spacing

>obvious goon sockpuppets

>nobody calls it out

/pol/ is dead. /pol/ remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become Hitler simply to appear worthy of it?



I like your board. It's cool looking


File: 2ae8589bd0af757⋯.jpg (46.54 KB, 780x460, 39:23, stoic right cicero.jpg)



>You sure seem angry for some reason. Why do you care so much?

Because you need to follow a new path not created by degenerates.



> reptilian

See what I mean…. They are fucking up your path with lame Jewish propaganda



>reddit spacing

>obvious goon sockpuppets

IMKamphy trolls /fringe/ too?



If you can't see how reddit spacing became prominent then you're blind m8.




You mean lizardpeople?



>you need to do what I tell you to do

This is why /pol/ will never amount to anything. You're communists in denial.



>not created by degenerates.

You haven't even explained why its "degenerate" or something you idiot, the first post on >>87552 isn't even /fringe/ and the one on >>87587 is just /pol/ taking some knowledge form a quick read of the Kybalion and then rewriting them like he was a nigger.


File: 2383e823efdf3b7⋯.jpg (45.63 KB, 700x700, 1:1, wayne-dyer-wayne-dyer-the-….jpg)






You have no idea what you're talking about.



>This is why /pol/ will never amount to anything. You're communists in denial.

Libertarian beta wizard checks in


File: 3fef4ef095ddb91⋯.jpg (98.46 KB, 540x540, 1:1, anti jew satan 2.jpg)


/fringe/ is just complaining… There is not one response to any of this nigger magic because you're embarrassed


Come on /fringe/. If you can't identify and refrain from falling for basic Jewish tactics, you may want to spend more time on /pol/.

Or meditate more, if that works for you. As long as you learn to see this nonsense for what it is.


"If I re word something in ebonics and compare it to the original statement it means the same thing"

Really makes you think



I re-word it because there is a connection. Try re-wording Tesla and see if that works… It doesn't.


File: 1b110434d6830fa⋯.jpg (246.49 KB, 800x532, 200:133, black magic woman.jpg)

/fringe/ why do you waste your time reading the Kabballa and Hermetics and all this failed NeoPlatonist shit… (or whatever)? You should be creating your own stuff. This is the first time in history where humans have the technology and ability to advance in a collective through debate, research and shared info to the point of being limitless, and all you fags are doing is larping this pseudo-intellectual esoteric babble. You have the Library of Alexandria through internet and what is being produced? The Muslim and Christian memes are still more powerful then you are.

Why don't you start creating?

Why don't you start writing instead of copying?

Why don't you advance beyond the typical crap we've all seen done over and over in the 1800s?

Why don't you push the narrative beyond any other generation that came before?

Stop comparing and contrasting AND start transcending beyond the "hidden" snobbery of failed attempts at real magic! Normal scientists are doing this everyday, but you're all stuck in the vortex of vague platitudes and failed ego tripping

Every time I talk to you fags it's just sad. A wasted opportunity and wasted lives.

= niggermagic


File: ecdcbd82090c9e8⋯.png (224.08 KB, 1241x635, 1241:635, 00000.png)


Your scientists are just masturbating over things that were already long discovered. New discoveries by scientists re-hash most of the content written in the Kybalion, as it is already so close to reality itself.

I will not be surprised if they, one day, come with the lost techniques for making Damascus metal and Pyramida architecture, for that is how science has been and should be, agree or not: Recovering lost knowledge. It is no surprise that most atheist scientists are occasionally dropping bouts of how impossible our universe is and how there must be a god behind it.

Now, I don't know what you want to do with the "narrative" or whatever, but we have been re-working the Kybalion while you were here, pushing your thread that got hijacked by people who hated /fringe/, and now Luciferians as detailed within my image. Maybe you should take care of your own cancer.



>why don't you disregard truth and instead make up another bogus philosophy the post



>The Muslim and Christian memes are still more powerful then you are.

Just because they have more subscribers doesn't mean they're more powerful. The masses of followers of these religions are hopelessly powerless. Hermeticism is reserved for the true elite of this world.



>truly elite

To whom are you referring?

To the hierodules? The vessels of sacrament? To their slaves, to their masters? To those who oppose them? To those who stand apart?

Be specific, because the first group does not use hermeticism at all, though it may use some of the shared concepts and practices that hermeticism also contains.



>Your scientists are just masturbating over things that were already long discovered

So the Greeks has internet and chans? Shit logic




Anti-Luceferian you dumb ass



>Just because they have more subscribers doesn't mean they're more powerful.

yes it does… That's the direct result of power





The way you panic is disgusting, /pol/ack.

You see people praising Satan and you call them "anti-Luciferian" because you know your board has done something wrong and you have to lie about it. You see normalfags doing something and it disgusts you, until it turns out you can use its popularity in a argument. You lie and you cheat all for the sake of your little world and when you don't get your way you start whining about the jews.

Sod off.




>all this divide & conquer kikery

That anon is not a true /pol/ack and you're not a true /fringe/ wizard. We're Esoteric Hitlerists here.



The true elite are those possessed of all the virtues, self-control, magickal power.

People like Mansur Al-Hallaj or Hadad.

People who likely aren't even known to the world, who live perhaps in very remote regions or are shapeshifters living amongst us, and whose mental powers allow them to exert the greatest force upon the world.

They aren't actors / puppets. They don't have to waste time playing any kind of role in the world. They have other people do that shit. They just reign.

I don't have an illusory concept of power like you want to imagine I have, I know what is ACTUAL power.



>You don't belong here unless you conform totally to my political ideology

I guess you are a true /pol/ack.



>Esoteric Hitlerists

I'll become one if you can actually prove Hitler was a Sorcerer like he claimed to be.



Yes I agree with you that such masters could be called "elite", but they exist separated by society not above it. Those who actively control societies are all puppets as you should easily be able to see.


Hitler was the second Messiah. Christ was physically crucified (the cross). Hitler was mentally crucified (muh holocaust). And the third messiah will be spiritually crucified. The first was reborn, the second died, and the third will be the incarnation of all humanity in a single man. His spiritual rebirth will be the beginning of the True Holocaust and extermination of the jewish parasite.



Fuck messiahs. They are in it for the money. Hitler chose his own salary, Jesus had gold at birth and the vatican vaults are his anytime he chooses to return.


I will say this to anyone who actually cares.

Imageboards are not the place for this type of discussion, the level of shilling and tip-faggotry from goons and the like is at peak levels. There's no benefit to be had in remaining here.

Discussion such as this should be confined to moderated forums where the types of influences found here are quickly removed.



blah blah Hitler was the messiah blah.

If Hitler had read that post, he would have you locked you away for psychological examination.

Hitler was a christian, no doubt, but that's just straight up blasphemy. Besides, he was a very pragmatic person who despised all the esoteric shit of Himmler and his cronies and was against Germanic paganism because it didn't help anybody and its leaders were "the woefullest poltroons imaginable".

Anyway, Esoteric Hitlerism is utter shit, it's gobbled up nonsense by some LARPing 'white supremacists' who can't acknowledge the fact that the third Reich lost.


File: 50a45a42036e80a⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 333x500, 333:500, 51o6I0bjBZL.jpg)


I dont even know what that all means but it sounds like a woman screaming at me about cheating on her. Satan isn't real you fucking pathetic Jew worshiper

>Esoteric Hitlerists here.

= anti National Socialism. Learn to Rosenberg you fake wizard beta mentality lazy fuck



meant for : >>87782

>That anon is not a true /pol/ack and you're not a true /fringe/ wizard. We're Esoteric Hitlerists here.



National Socialism is shit OP.

If you had read Evola you would know that but you're a pseudo intellectual cock mongler.


File: 7bcdfa18b5a33a9⋯.png (206.85 KB, 427x473, 427:473, eye roll.png)


>If you had read Evola you would know that but you're a pseudo intellectual cock mongler.

Not only is Evola into butt sex magic but

Evola is a beta tier pseudo-intellectual who rambles on and on not saying anything, until he finally reveals pleb level knowledge. He is pushed by the Jew World Order for that reason alone and this is why Rosenberg's book is banned and Evola is in any common bookstore for idiot losers like you who want to be a nigger magician


>Still going around about nigger magic even though you can't find anything nigger about it

/pol/ you're just autistic, admit it. And stop evading questions about Luciferians on your board.


File: 074e0e64ffc61b6⋯.jpg (55.4 KB, 806x313, 806:313, jews satan monsters.jpg)


Luciferians are an ad campaign to push for the "Process of Demoralization", pleb.

You be listen to too much of dat Kanye muh nigggA!



A guy in a suit? That's so trivial. He should've gone for the full attack and made it a man with his wife and children. Then he could've been like, 'Take that you human scum'. Or he could've made it a baby, as to encapsulate everyone.



>Pretending you're not a fucking kike



t. smiley, king of the jews



>Reddit macro image

>cuck/pol/ writing style

Go back to cuckchan.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is it possible to learn this power?



Please name those forums. 8ch/fringe is a shithole run by a suicidal roleplayer. fringechan is run by a Joy Of Satan teenager.



By moderated forums he obviously means venues in real life, not on the internet.

Find some /fringe/ mates nearby and set up a meeting at a nice pub on some day of the week, eventually you get enough people and money that you can create your own meeting place like a lodge, and there you go you've created a secret society.


File: a32800698ec4cdb⋯.jpg (75.06 KB, 576x432, 4:3, 1415915633417.jpg)



No more role playing fringe. I am your master now! I demand you stop pretending!


File: 95932afe131aee0⋯.jpg (10.28 KB, 300x200, 3:2, kurt angle.jpg)


>Find some /fringe/ mates nearby and set up a meeting at a nice pub on some day of the week, eventually you get enough people and money that you can create your own meeting place like a lodge, and there you go you've created a secret society.

Must be nice to be British… American culture doesn't allow for socializing at this level. Everyone is looking for an angle.



Guess that's why England and Germany founded all the original societies.

I think the always looking for profit thing in American culture is a result of Yiddish influence on the country's culture, not sure. Not even franks are that bad and they're the worst of the Europeans.



It's one of the mods

Esoteric threads generate interest and there are plenty of people on the board that also dabble it's just the mods are fucking cucks who ban this kind of discussion (and also literature discussion and self help)



Now I am the Master



You sound like a nigger right there



>I'll become one if you can actually prove Hitler was a Sorcerer like he claimed to be.

No one on /fringe/ seems to know what real magic is. They think it's larping as third eye NeoPlatonists



real magic is loosh farming mundanes who wander into /fringe/ by getting them to continue their pointless threads until their looshurt hits maximal levels

your looshurt feeds me kid, keep going


File: 7420469cbcb829f⋯.jpeg (100.39 KB, 720x502, 360:251, kangs of egypt.jpeg)

Hermetics is nigger magic. Actually it's NeoPlatonism that was turned into "a mysterious science stretching back to the dawn of time" which is exactly how niggers talk… dumbing shit down, creating false narratives to seem more important and better than others. /fringe/ is niggerish as bunch of drunk porch monkeys in New York City sitting on the stoop and claiming to have sacred knowledge of the Egypt and Hebrews.

Ask any /fringe/ Hermetic to explain anything about their beliefs and they crumble like those same niggers into name calling and self aggrandizing. It's pathetic



Loosh farming is the lowest form of magic, why steal loosh from peasants when you have an infinite supply of elemental energy if you know where to look.



>Hermetics is nigger magic

fuck, can anyone be that retarded?

but fine, pearls before swine…etc

stay pleb



>shills try to d&c

Simply prove we don't do this shit and let the rest decide.

They love synchronicity, don't they?

We all love synchronicity.



You're literally focusing only on the shit that absolutely doesn't matter.


Someone was tired of being the saddest thing in their own life, and came to dump on all of you.


You lost the battle OP but we will win the war. Death to those who spit on Allah with their black magics, ALLAHU AKBAR!





I wish the mods banned this kind of shitposting.



Something against Allahists bigot? You know it's 2017 right? I mean come on kuffir, it is the seventeenth year of the twentieth century.



File: 25bc07b7841dd8e⋯.png (209.91 KB, 500x283, 500:283, juggler.png)

>Turns out you're just a bunch of Juggalo

you uncovered our secret behind the clown sightings


>nu/pol/ is now a bunch of r/atheism-tier fedoras

This is just embarrassing.



>They also discovered /otomad/ and then had a stroke because it was apparently GAY MUSIC REMIXING

I wonder what subversive 8ch board they'll discover next.



They don't use the Christian dating you know.



>divide and conquer: the post


The dead cannot effect the living.


fringetard schizos eternally PWNZ0R'D BY OP!

fucking schizophrenic retards kill urselves like seriously make the world a better place one bullet at a time LOL


This is cleary a D&C thread made by some butthurt leftycuck or any other kike association shill that has learnt where the recent magickal knowledge of /pol/ came from.


The Kybalion calls the passage of time "the great processional flight."



Do not forget that the Hellenic culture ruled over Egypt after Alexandros the Great.


File: 7e290cd98cc41d0⋯.jpg (166 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 47d1fd66dc480799bb3321272c….jpg)


File: 65521e18b640221⋯.jpg (127.61 KB, 980x673, 980:673, 9.8.13_spanish_mass_1.jpg)

But goe ye and learne what that meaneth, I will have mercy and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.



Do you suppose, /pol/ that a bodybuilder, in a civil society, has anything to win by their gains amongst the civil, and rather not out in the war?

A militarized youth is a dangerous problem if not properly guided.



>some shill = /pol/

Shitty thread, sage.


File: cdc1f249a7f1007⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 550x580, 55:58, ^1D4797CD34E5CC602740BF4D3….jpg)


OP is a Faggot


File: 9e406816847506f⋯.png (259.7 KB, 680x539, 680:539, 4e7.png)


Drown in a pool of your own bitterness, cretin.


File: a4fc22603378aa0⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 6624x3024, 46:21, 1453478326966-4.jpg)


File: 91d37662f02e8fb⋯.png (3.57 MB, 3224x4536, 403:567, 1406056331383.png)



Admittedly we don't expel unwanted forces. We sorta limp wrist it.


Hey someone else realized that it was platonist shit. Ideals as perfect forms are a curse.


I need to take the Black Swordsman Pill.


File: 5d7c6c62c304624⋯.png (3.59 MB, 3224x4536, 403:567, pills.png)




Ego Pill here


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