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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 31c61cb9b3d06a6⋯.gif (54.59 KB, 600x579, 200:193, eastern star.gif)


>Order of the eastern star.

>Traditionally the female deity Astarte was represented by a pentagram/

>Order of the eastern star is an all female lodge.

>Astarte represented the divine feminine.

Is there a connection here? Forgive my ignorance if I'm incorrect. Also, general masonic education thread.


>redpill me on masonry

The masons are one of many secret societies used as fronts for the overwhelming global cabal. The majority of those in power of such groups and their branches are part of the Chosen Families, specifically most are from offshoots of the Rothschilds (of which all "nobility" currently still having vestige of power in Europe belong, Death To The Queen Kike). The jews and those power-hungry enough to betray the rest of humanity for their jewish masters all belong to this overarching group. In large they worship a variety of demons including Yaweh, Moloch, Baal, etc. Their main rites of true passage (only the best and most influential/powerful goys get this far) are fucking children before slitting the child's throat and drinking its blood from a goblet. The jews and their ilk control everything in western societies and the "illuminati" disinfo was created to hide this fact. In fact everyone in high ranking of the FBI, CIA, MI6, etc. belongs to this group. Most senators belong to this group, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush definitely do, though I am not sure of Obama.

Wake up it's the kikes.



This sounds more like conspiracy theories than actual esoteric knowledge.







>using the term "conspiracy theory" (a term created by the CIA)

>linking to /pol/ because you're butthurt

You belong back on cuckchan.



>conspiracy theories aren't fringe





>heir main rites of true passage (only the best and most influential/powerful goys get this far) are fucking children before slitting the child's throat and drinking its blood from a goblet.

thats just cartoonishly evil, I doubt all of masony is so corrupt, they did come from rosicrucians afterall


>so much retardation in one thread.

This place has really gone to shit over the years.





They were once good folk, but they failed to keep the Ma'at and instead turned it into a faggy gentleman's club, which naturally allowed the Jews to worm their way in.


/pol/yps get out

this is a /leftypol/ board now



OES isn't all feminine, it's mixed. And the five pointed star is emblematic of the Five Graces, as it was originally a Christian-only group.


>penal battalions

>getting into other peoples dreams

Do certain lodges specialize in these types of things, or is it common throughout masonry?



No, and not present in Masonry, nor it's appendant groups.


You got it.

>Hermetic Jewish Mystics

>Zionists and globalists

>George Washington

>Crappy (((Symbolism))) all over our money

>Suck shriveled and mutilated jewcock

That's pretty much it.


File: f311c22b23c7184⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 514x308, 257:154, 767942808ac4f5c3246ad06779….jpg)

Oaths void, masons

Now you got to retake them all, HAHAHA



I don't see the problem then.



>asonry 01/07/17 (Sat) 10:34:33 No.89106>>89196 >>89778 [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]


>>Order of the eastern star.

Actually, they aren't an "all female lodge" They are only open to females who are married to Masons, and generally speaking their Master Mason husbands join as well. I do know a few Masons that are members of Eastern Star, but don't have a wife in the group.


File: 5ae5b5f9dce763a⋯.png (561.66 KB, 3184x2998, 1592:1499, 5ae5b5f9dce763a5cf6b25e7e6….png)


So they are cucks then?



Other female relatives may join as well. It really is the only co-fraternal appendant body in the US as recognized by I think most of the Grand Lodges in the US. As far as I am aware the UGLE does not recognize the Eastern Star. However, the appendent bodies within different countries and states are under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of that area.



Freemasons and their ilk worship Osiris and Isis.

Isis is Astarte under a different name.

So the females worship the womanly aspect.



Wrong, try again.


File: 8ae7dc91d97ddce⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 443x550, 443:550, 3a2731a56a58f3a80c0a8b2235….jpg)


Tell me, Freemason, have you ever read The Brothers Karamazov? Do you remember the tale that Ivan tells Alyosha?



It has been a long time and I don't even think I finished it. All I remember is the Grand Inquisitor part. It still does little to change the fact of people spouting bullshit when they haven't actually researched the history of fraternity outside of juicy conspiracy books.



Ah, all in all I thought that tale made an excellent rational for such a fraternty even if it was rather cynical. I guess if you don't want people to gossip and create rumors and conspiracies you shouldn't be part of a fraternity based on secrecy and untransparent motives. Maybe if it concerns you so much you could tell us the intricacies and meanings of your order and its practices?



>based on secrecy

This is part of tradition and anyone that has read up on the history from scholarly works instead of conspiracy books will understand the reasons behind it. All the "secrets" of Freemasonry are now available for the world to see on the internet. We still maintain "secrecy" because of our tradition and also because we are not recruiting every Tom, Dick, & Harry. The secrecy of Freemasonry stems from its earliest origins as an operative organization. The grips, signs, and tokens from that time were so that other Freemasons could identify each other. We were basically a semi-closed labor union. When Freemasonry became a speculative organization with the admittance of the higher and noble classes during the time of the Enlightenment, that was when the "speculation" and conspiracy began to take off. The previous religious wars which wrecked havoc across Europe played a role in the continued use of secrecy within the fraternity. It was within the lodges of Freemasonry that men of different Christian denominations could meet as equals on the common ground of their faith in God. To discuss philosophy otherwise during this time could invoke great distress upon their reputation from their church. It was also during this admission of the noble class that appendant bodies began to form with fancy degrees and titles, as nobles always enjoy fancy titles. The noble class also had a lot more education and as such they began to bring in greater philosophical ideas that were being rediscovered after the Renaissance. These ideas carried a lot of Renaissance Christian Cabala, Hermeticism as well as influence from the recent Rosicrucian manifesto release a few generations prior. Basically the kind of subjects that nobles got wet over and were not allowed to discuss in either Protestant or Catholic churches. One major issue that developed out of this time that has caused a lot of headache for the fraternity is that fact that Freemasonry never established a definitive date of formation unlike that of the Oddfellows who also came out of the trade guild era. Aside from establishing a date of formation for the UGLE, speculation on the past was never discouraged and has created all sorts of wild and contradictory fantasy theories. It is also because of a lack of official establishment that we have numerous clandestine and fake masonic bodies each peddling their own made up masonic history in order to give themselves supposed legitimacy. When anyone can form a masonic body, anybody can "speak" for the fraternity. This causes a lot of confusion for those that genuinely want to learn about the fraternity, while at the same time giving conspiracy theorists something good to read on the toilet. Now contrast that to many of the fraternities that formed during the Golden Age of Fraternalism. Almost all of these groups had secret signs, rituals, and grips along with imparting moral values to their members. Groups such as these were the Redmen, Moose, Knights of Pythias, the Woodmen etc. No conspiracy theorist ever mentions them primarily because these fraternities do not speculate due to a firm date of establishment.

>untransparent motives

You will need to elaborate more here as to which motives you feel are nontransparent. Freemasonry is not a united whole as I have already briefly touched upon. There are numerous Grand Lodges and no one speaks for Freemasonry except the individual Grand Lodges, and only within their own jurisdictions. Not all Grand Lodges are in harmony with each other and refuse to see each other as Freemasons. In regards to Masonic recognition, non-Freemasons will be unable to separate recognized lodges from phony lodges. As such many people will believe anything they hear about Freemasonry because they do not know how to discriminate. Also because of this lack of unification within Freemasonry, the actions of one lodge whether legitimate or not, is taken by non-members to represent the motives or direction of all Freemasons legitimate or not, such as in the case of the P2 Lodge in Italy.



>all female

there's an OoTES lodge in my town and I've seen men go inside


File: e7feab83c5dbf49⋯.png (129.77 KB, 493x640, 493:640, Movement_Anonymous.png)


In other words, it's like Anonymous, where some members of Anonymous are jackasses while others are good, and the actions of some bad ones can be interpreted as the whole of Anonymous being bad even if said actions are at odds with the generally accepted principles of Anonymous.

Freemasons are just Anonymous but for spirituality it seems.

~Epyc Wynn


Jesus was a tekton aka mason aka stonecutter aka 'carpenter.'


Are you guys retarded? They used to be legit but they got hijacked by the Bavarian illuminati

Fucking pick up a history book sometime


It's true look it up yourselves


>zero mention of Solomon's Temple

shut the fuck up and stop dropping red herrings


File: add8db10bf1638e⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2040x2592, 85:108, 1413403940061.jpg)



>Fucking pick up a history book sometime

I would suggest that you do the same as well. The illuminati did not hijack Freemasonry, at most they infiltrated a small handful of lodges compared to the number of lodges already in existence. The illuminati were proto-communists, but the desire to reshape European society did not sit well with the majority of Freemasons in the HRE at that time. It was fellow Freemasons themselves, in particular the Rosicucian lodges and the Three Globes Lodge, that led the assault in rooting out the illuminati. Some of the remaining members of the illuminati did flee into France and Italy and possibly had influence upon the French Revolution and the start of radical socialist groups. However their influence upon Freemasonry was trivial as a whole and was completely eradicated in Barvarian Masonic lodges within less than 20 years.

>zero mention of Solomon's Temple

shut the fuck up and stop dropping red herrings

You proved my earlier points. It is obvious you are unable to separate myth from reality. You also show that you have no understanding of Masonic history and only wish to dwell in juicy conspiracy tales. I understand that reading actual Masonic history is dry and is most likely above your intellectual ability to comprehend. You may continue to spout off your misinformation, but I will call you out on your bs every time I see it.



>they infiltrated a small handful of lodges compared to the number of lodges already in existence

yea keep fooling yourself underling

And once again you've ignored the extreme symbolic significance of Solomon's Temple it has absolutely nothing to do with history, these rituals and occult practices happen TODAY But hey, feel free to keep shilling this is much more interesting



I sure hope you have convinced your friends and family of your delusions because on here it is plain to see.



not an argument. it is your choice to be logical or to be a shill



Some lodges are full of GAP, others like mine aren't. Some lodges are 'fashionable', others are humble. As with any organization of men, each individual group differs and some are more prone to slovenliness than others. Your average lodge, in my experience, is not a 'slobbish' place but actually fairly fashionable (rural masonry and city masonry can be quite different in this respect), and the extent of the trendiness is more… Here's a personal example. I can choose between three second hand dry denim sellers online so that I can nail my fit. One's a japanese guy who I have no experience with, and one is a Brother. Given a choice, I'll usually go with my Brother because he does quality W.A.Y.W.Ts and he's a friend, and given those two factors, I'm guessing you'd pick the same. I also trust him not to have 'discharged' more than I trust the others, because I'm not just a customer - I'm a man he has to look in the eyes every month, swearing loyalty and honesty to each other. That's the kind of backscratching that exists in my experience, rather than the conspiratorial 'freemasons secretly control the jawnz trade!' style. You get the same thing out of pretty much any grouping of people, whether it's a fan club, an old football team supporting each other, or even just a friend of a friend doing you a good rate on the seat repair you need done to your Nudies.

Think of it like this. Masonry can be either a single step into the shallow end of a pool, or it can be a ticket straight into the deep end. It depends on the individual mason - if they want to go deeper than the three month no wash, there are many pathways to do it, and many mystical traditions that have either spun off from or share a great deal of bleed with Masonry to accomodate them. If they don't, then they don't have to, and nothing in the Craft degrees will make them try one year no wash fades on Levi's 501s or starch.



dude what… so Gap stores are masonic? I cannot comprehend your post



I understood the rest of this post. But what is craft degrees and why won't they try 3 month no wash denim? also I love the gap franchise



obama and hillary for sure



>showing people pictures of potato chips with circles all over them= problem for them?

I am so confused.


File: 404cf1a8eb2f098⋯.png (727.58 KB, 811x827, 811:827, oath_breaker.png)


Oaths are void.


Can someone get a list of Mason manuals and other related books on how they function?



Albert G. Mackey is good.



File: fc12775b4742c0f⋯.jpg (66.33 KB, 803x711, 803:711, 1517351532942.jpg)


>You want me to back up my own claims with evidence? Nah just look it up yourselves lmao



>unironically using the term 'conspiracy theory'

Your whole life is a lie.


The divine feminine is collectivism. The divine masculine is individualism. All of the symbols that frighten you are nothing but smokescreens to the divine contest.

Which do you prefer? The triumph of individualism before collectivism, or the other? Do you prefer security or liberty? These are the only real questions.



This is the reason masculinism is inferior, alone is not strong. This society based on forced external individualism is weakening individuals by turning them to masculinity so they can't organize themselves and form any kind of resistance or force against the current rulers. /fringe/ as a whole supports this and are for this reason NWO demiurgecucks in practice whether they want to or not.


File: 47f5dc6a2981eae⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 200x200, 1:1, cd0.jpg)

I find them abhorrent as I'm patriarchal af and besides rumor has it, Karla Homolka was a member, no thanks



>/fringe/ as a whole supports this

Awfully wide net you're casting there, pal. That alone would third position the balanced family position. Can't have one without the other if you're dualistic in practice.



You're awfully pompous, not surprising coming from a Freemason

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