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Alright fellas we're back but unfortunately we lost about 2 months worth of THREADS and our static board pages (Rules, Ranks, FAQ, etc.), however if you posted in a thread made before about January 31st then your post should have been restored just fine.

I'm going to message Smiley and see if he has any of the board pages saved somewhere and we'll see if we can get those back. I'm also currently waiting on Codemonkey to wake up and confirm whether or not the lost threads can be recovered ( >>>/sudo/32997 ) but for now if you needed some of the information in one of threads that was lost then you should hopefully be able to find it here https://web.archive.org/web/20170321220243/https://8ch.net/fringe/index.html.

Archive of the lost Questions thread can be found here.


I'm sure most of you already know why /fringe/ was down, but for those of you that don't see here.




Static pages are back up


How do I motivate myself to do something useful like reading or studying?



Fix your energy blocks.


Find out what element you lack/need. You probably lack metal. In that case go for light jog or walk daily, and do deep breathing exercises focusing on the passage of breath and center of chest.



You can always do what I did and bruteforce yourself to do it with pure will for a certain amount of time a day or certain amount of chapters per day. Another seemingly degenerate option that worked for me is when your attention begins to fade while studying is to jerk off (not ejaculate) and continue reading, it honestly helps a lot to keep you going.



Also if it's metal, focus on learning how to grieve and becoming righteous/self-righteous. Prune bad behaviors/beliefs/habits according to your own standards rather than others. Go on a spiritual and physical cleanse with tea, water, sunshine and deep breathing meditation. Practice meticulous hygiene, cleanliness, and appearance. Scrub your skin and use a natural lotion. Avoid common cleaning products, just use mechanical scrubbing and something very natural. Open the gate to your Middle Dan Tien. Stimulate the nose with tapping, scrubbing, mashing and pungent odors. In fact, focus on enhancing your sense of smell. Breathing meditation with focus on smelling the air.

If it's not metal I'll tailor a new response.


I have an idea for 8 elements that might be useful to people.

Standard 4:





Then an extension of these 4:





Fire-Radiation (EMF polarity): Passion, Transformation | Influential and Timeless

Earth-Metal: Determination, Stability | Strength and Character and Honor

Air-Space: Inspiration, Flexible Perspective | Stasis/Neutralizing and Equalizing

Water-Tea: Food, Family | Contemplation and Wisdom.

What do you guys think? Useful? Accurate?



>What do you guys think? Accurate?

Yea it looks good imo except for a few things. I don't think wisdom is exclusive to one element, since you can have wisdom about all the elements. Also family would be more of a structure thing so maybe it should go under earth no? I guess it would depend on the kind of family you come from actually



>since you can have wisdom about all the elements

What I meant is you can gain wisdom from all the elements, mb




Water is funny because of how non conceptual and unpretentious it is. It's like, you're prescribing Alchemist to fire, Warrior to Metal, etc and Water is like "Preschool Teacher". That's Water.

You can make friends your family too though. Family can be a small town where you know every neighbor. Community. But it's closer than that. Food is nourishment, something you take in to grow. Family is structure for you because you probably lack water; it's more about emotional intimacy and sharing and love n shit.

Fire: Social

Earth: Physical

Air: Mental

Water: Emotional

Another addendum: Radiation might better be [Influential and Ambitious.]

Tea is wisdom because that's what it seeks through contemplation. People can be inspired by strength or passion, or influenced by someone's determination and stability, etc. so it's no contradiction.

Wisdom requires intimate contemplation, getting close and familiar with your thoughts and feelings and relationships, with yourself and others and the world. It also requires you don't fall asleep, like the person who wakes in the middle of the night realizing enlightenment only to fall back asleep and forget it by morning. That's why it takes nature into it, suspends it and soaks in that plant to draw out its qualities and ingest them for contemplation.

For the mind it's called Intelligence, for the body it's called Reflexes, for the… fire… it's called Creativity.

Fire: Creativity

Earth: Reflexes

Air: Intelligence

Water: Wisdom

I'm liking how this is fleshing out.



Wow, that blows. It seems like this only happened to /fringe/. Does anyone know of any other boards it happened to? That's a bit strange.



It appearently happened to /hgg/ but to a much lesser extent.


He's getting the same error we're getting when trying to do the fix on the 404 page which is that the threads don't exist. I don't think anyone else has claimed to have this problem outside of us 2 though. We're still waiting on Codemonkey to reply


Now that the old questions thread is back I will be locking this thread until the other fills up.





Now that's a difficult question to answer.


File: 161bcd9de0bc040⋯.jpg (133.7 KB, 736x1173, 32:51, pilot.jpg)

Any other occult/esoteric/fringe forums you guys know of? This shit is slow.


I'm two weeks into nofap/ semen retention and fuck me I can't stop thinking about sex. How do I control this sexual energy and turn into something useful?


I want to practise telekinesis. I remember some people on fringechan saying it was possible but unfortunately, I don't know how to go about pracitising this. I vividly remember one of the posters said to take an empty jar, some string and to tape the string to the of the jar lid so the string dangles in the middle of the jar and then focus on moving the string but that's all I remember. Is there any kind of visualisation I need to create? Do I need to visualise an impact striking the string? Or, just by focusing on it, will it happen?


I just want to thank you for posting this question. I always want to say that I'd appreciate any further questions that address it.


how do i teleport to new zealand


File: 0e1b0dcf0bf477c⋯.png (14.31 KB, 600x341, 600:341, pyramid of fitness.png)




I wrote these and I'm dumb, been generating too much yin field, my bad.


The world is overly feminine. Very security oriented. No power.

If you want to perform telekinesis, or have willpower and determination, you must do one thing.

Be the manliest, strongest, fastest, smartest, most righteous cock slapper around.

Having 10000x more power, energy, will, determination and capability than anyone around you = 1000x more likely to move shit with your mind.

So all you have to do is becoming a scorching, burning hot solar luminescence.


File: bf6b32d15da6822⋯.png (23.32 KB, 941x570, 941:570, ASCENDED MASTERS HORIZON.PNG)

I made something for you folks


Is it possible to "freestyle" magicks by just willing procedures to work like you want them to work, without following established canons? Or are the base rules eternally immutable?



Move sand one freestyle grain at a time or just realize that a well made, industrial backhoe is going to do it 999999x faster and easier.

Respect the science of it, of those who came before you. Freestyle when you don't have to ask the question in an obullshitist forum.

Be a student first, not second.

>Download "The Occult Seed".

>Become a learned, practiced Magus.

>Consider what freestyling means at that point.

>Realize that it doesn't really exist, you'll find a book/teacher with what you "freestyled", but as part of a larger, more useful, better, more thorough and superior framework and accompanying magic, and they even freestyled better than you did

Such is anything in life.



I suppose it was foolish to even consider cutting corners when basically every book says STUDY AND PRACTICE A LOT.

Thank you


I know this is probably said a lot, but how would i go about making smallish physical changes to the body (nose, chin etc).



Ingest the Minor Opus






There's this super advanced new teleportation device called a plane. You should try one of those. What /fringe/ stuff do you want to do in New Zealand? I live there, if I can help you with anything.


The same way you'd manifest anything else. Have you read any of the books yet?



The magnum opus can turn base metals into noble metals. The minor opus can bring an organism to a state much closer to (objective) perfection. As below so above, as without so within.



my gf had to move there and i cant instantly get the money for a plane can i use magick to get plane money quicker at least?



where in newzealand if you would be willing to do it it would be pretty good if you could go to where she lives and tell her dont cuck jesse obviously if shes going to cuck me just telling her wont stop her but it would be pretty amusing at least


Is it possible that being in a certain place/house can disrupt my ability to study and focus?



Absolutely, every area has its own energy to it and is usually reflective of the people that occupy the area. Don't let that be an excuse to stop you from studying though. Find a room you can have to your own and if that isn't an option go to like a library or sumthin'.


File: abe93f53b9023fe⋯.png (63.79 KB, 1787x522, 1787:522, Shapeshift 1.PNG)

File: bad5a6e62692786⋯.png (113.26 KB, 1777x675, 1777:675, Shapeshift 2.PNG)


I saved these from fringechan.org



Transmute lead to gold vis elemental concentration. Easy money bby




So you're asking on /fringe/ because you don't have money for a plane ticket? Have you read any of the books? There are a bunch of methods for manifesting money, but core belief in the process is pretty important, and you sound new.

>where in newzealand if you would be willing to do it

How about you tell me where she is instead of me telling you where I am? FYI, worrying about being cheated on gives energy to the possibility of being cheated on. Can you not just talk to her yourself? Surely if you're in a relationship, even if you're in different countries right now, you must have some kind of contact details.


File: 000a9fba809da90⋯.png (353.59 KB, 1310x2779, 1310:2779, Eidetic Memory Guide.png)

Pic-related is interesting. Imagine a memory like John Von Nuemann or Nikola Tesla: read a book once and recall it word-for-word years later. Etc.

When you have read through this guide you’ll see that it describes a method of using a memory palace and using servitors (called Tulpa) to automatically encode and later retrieve information. But the part where you program the servitors is left out.

How do you program servitors to encode and later retrieve memories from a memory palace like in this guide?

FYI might spam this a few more times if the thread picks up


If all is mind, and particles each have different degrees of mind in them, does that mean that people get more intelligent as they get fatter or grow out their hair/beard?



Low effort shitpost 😏



I did put some effort into it tbh fam smh



no and no, the mind isnt intrinsic to the matter but is instead the underlying fabric of that which manifests as the mental imprint, a material object.

Therefore matter is magic. only look at second spoiler if you can't follow the train of thought and admit you're a worthless wizard. matter imprints the signature of its vibration upon the underlying fabric, mind.



its awful.



>he thinks mercury is made of salt

😂 Bullshit sissy "wizard"



leaps and leaps ahead of you, worst wizard.

your quality is sad.



>posts on an imageboard to feed his ego

>this nigga think he be woke





learn the principles


why is the cow holy in India but is used for sacrifice in the middle east?


Hello this page is not necessary anymore: https://8ch.net/fringe/suicide.html

You may take it down.

I achieved the objective as of April 13th 2017.

After taking down that page you may delete this post.



You a obullshitist whit boo beeatch


I'd like to cultivate GRAVITY. The word "Gravitas" suggests that gravity is the seriousness of someone or a situation. While cultivating a "gravitas" personality I would like to actually produce heavier gravity around me.

Does anyone have any resources on the opposite of Levitation (Magnetolectric), Gravity? (Electromagnetic).


File: dc153adb4305ead⋯.pdf (1.91 MB, The Book of Knowledge.pdf)


>I would like to actually produce heavier gravity around me.

Invoke earth and densify your sphere of influence. Also the haric line meme from Book of Knowledge works pretty well for that.



yeah i do contact her im not new here ive discovered the freedomboards.kiara or whatever the fuck it is original fringechan years ago put just not made any progress with magick or anything the only thing ive done is sigil magick




tfw Chansey lives there

There's a shitload of different ways you can accomplish what you what from the general to the specific to the creative. For the general reality manifestation stuff see montalk's articles in his notes section about it. For specific try creating a servitor or various other thoughtforms specifically to get you to where you want to go (or to get you the plane ticket, although giving wiggle room and just mandating you need to somehow get to your target location sometimes is the way to go) and for creative ways you can try bilocation or dowsing some information you can use to get there or you can do what my friend does where he puts himself into a trance while sitting in a car in a gas station and then walks into the store and picks out only the lottery tickets that are winners in there.


My feet get sore easily. What can I do to prevent this?



So did you still want to tell me what city she lives in in case I live nearby, or what?


Good for you, Smiley!



Now I realize I need to levitate, as I have too much gravitas. More magnetolectricity vs electromagnetics. SUCH is life.


Trail walk barefoot. Your feet will learn how to distribute impact/strain properly.

Or maybe you strain yourself too much trying to "stand on your own two feet", thus you need to go about things more relaxed and cycle in higher intensity "taking a stand" or "standing up to others".

Oh wait, do standing meditation. Relax the knees and sway in the air until your body figures its shit out and your vertical forces are harmonized, which I believe is done by the stomach/spleen/pancreas, so focus on that area of the body. Maybe you have stomach/digestion issues too?


After I learn to meditate for extended periods of time, it might be a good idea to start pan handling while meditating, right? I was watching a video of a guy on youtube who after having his child die, he became a buddhist monk in japan. He wore a rice hat and just stood still holding a basket for a hour or so in the same spot every day. I am thinking about doing the same thing, is there anything I should know.



yeah why not just get a job you schmuck


Are there any books that actually teach me how to advance spiritually and explore my mind/the astral instead of just describing shit?















Thoughts on MMS? Maybe this is a better question for the fitness thread but lets see



Bullshit occultism


What's the real downside to transmuting matter? What stops anyone from turning random rocks into massive diamonds?



A decade of due practice, self-defense getting in the way of practice, time/efficiency, variables during the ritual creating very shitty diamonds because you didn't isolate the environment from unwanted forces. Basically you need a magical lab to do magical science after you get your magical masters degree.

Also Emeralds and Rubies fetch a higher price, and just finding them already existing is much easier. 1 year vs 10 years of practice.



>What stops anyone from turning random rocks into massive diamonds?

It's been done before (usually with transmuting stuff into gold) and the outcome is normies hunting you down, getting irrational, demanding to know how it's done, not being patient enough to actually learn, not accepting your summary explanations, issues with selling the rare earth metals, police or something like it coming and confiscating everything for the state rather than just leaving it all there, and so on.

One strategy used to deal with it was to produce these metals in smaller quantities and sell it here and there. They had to avoid people though who'd test the purity of the gold and find it absolutely pure and realize it was alchemical gold.

The other downside is the massive amount of loosh you need for it. You either have to spend a very long time building yourself up so that you can easily and efficiently produce these metals or skip the mental architecture building and do a one off super intense ritual that drains you of shitloads of loosh.

I assure you that the transmutation of matter has been ongoing forever and not all the gold and so on found on Earth comes from asteroids.

So this should give you some perspective. If you want to do it, go ahead, but it can potentially cause a lot of trouble depending on what you try to do with your rare earth metals afterwards.



Oh yes dowsing for rare earth metals is much preferable in general to obtaining them via transmutation. Easier and less troublesome.


Whenever I focus on my chi, I feel it gravitate toward my cock. What does this mean?


How does one cultivate and contain their loosh? How does one prevent leakage and reduction in loosh?

How does exercise affect loosh? What is the loosh of athletes? How does yoga affect loosh?

What are the mundane ways of being a loosh master?

I have the resources I need to read for magical loosh attainment, but mundane enhancement seems necessary as well. Are there foods I should avoid? Environmental conditions? Weather? Can I hot/cold temper myself for loosh powers? Does cultivating connection to the One generate massive loosh and loosh powers?





I was out sleeping in my van the other day when I was jolted awake in a dream by a face leaning in close to mine. It just popped in there, or I just gained awareness and saw it vanish. It was right on the edge of my dream. It popped in like somebody saying boo and I was immediately awake.

I felt horrible and drained, like I hadn't slept at all, so I slept again and found myself rested.

Was I loosh-raped? It there a hotline I can call?



That sounds like the people you describe were massive retards

>not making a chunk of gold, melting it down and throwing whatever common metal on it to fuck the purity a bit

>not making raw diamonds and claiming you found them in your backyard

>not making a jewelry business so you can justify having gold bricks around


does your physical position matter when astral projecting? if I were to project while inside a moving airplane, would this make returning harder since my body would be in a wildly different position and still moving fast?



If you suddenly have kilos of gold the gubbmint will think you sell drugs.



And how would they know unless you advertise it like a retard or get raided for something completely unrelated?



I get the spoopy faces all the time at night. Just advance till you realize that you're a whole l lot scarier than these ghostly apparitions of shadow people. You'll know how to remove them then. Could eat consume them and get their loosh, could just banish them, your choice.


The Earth rotates around the Sun at an incredibly high speed, so if you AP for an hour when you come back to your body it'll be in a vastly different position in our solar system's space. So no, AP in a bullet train or an airplane, it makes no difference or cause any issue.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is that first video that PewdiePie is mocking? I'd genuinely like to watch it


Reposting my question as above >>95577

This guide's method involves using a memory palace and using Servitors (called Tulpa here). Your servitors are meant to encode information into your memory palace and retrieve it for you when needed. But there's no clear explanation how to program Servitors for that specific task.

How do you program servitors to encode memories then later retrieve memories from a memory palace for you, like this guide suggests?

Also could using self-hypnosis give me a perfect memory?

FYI might spam this a few more times if the thread picks up


File: dda776ef9beb358⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 500x687, 500:687, 565de3caebe16ff841a96c00b0….jpg)

Where the fuck do all these spirit bloggers get in contact with pleiadeans and lightworkers. Are these people really advanced, or do they just get abducted one day



They would know if you told anyone. Which is my point 😂. If the goverment doesn't know about it that means you've been so secretive literally only you know about it. If people are turning lead into gold they definitely aren't getting caught, and if they do get caught the government agencies would kill their friends and family and do a coverup for obvious reasons.

>letting the masses know that metals are created in the earth and can all be created in virtually unlimited amounts

By the way, if you admitted to having The Stone some fucking cabal would kill you within the week. There is no reason to admit to having it.



The LARP dimension


How do I know when someone's using me to energize his servitor?

And how I defend myself against it?



Think of Will as a polarized current. If your Will is muchless than the person trying to drain your loosh you're fucked. Luckily the Will of loosh farmers is usually negligible. Just meditate and focus your Will.


How can I create an ideal meditation environment?



As below so above as without so within.



>How does one cultivate and contain their loosh? How does one prevent leakage and reduction in loosh?

You have to keep it in constant circulation but in a loop. It's the only way. Leakage is when it leaves the circuit and doesn't come back. Reduction in loosh usually happens when you're living a meaningless life and not living out the dramas god wants you to.

>How does exercise affect loosh? What is the loosh of athletes? How does yoga affect loosh?

Depends on the person. In general, increased respiration should enable a greater supply of loosh, but at the same time you must be aware there are certain exercises where you gain strength and become very powerful and others where you exhaust yourself and lose strength. I have some random book I still have to read through about I think it's called standing-tree meditation or whatever, a kind of yoga where you're perfectly still, and you cultivate inner-energy in such a way that it makes your whole body a shitload stronger and in every way increases your physical excellence but without exhausting your vital supply.

>What are the mundane ways of being a loosh master?

Direct the attention and emotions of others towards you. Note; I engage in this kind of loosh harvesting for a long fucking time until I realized just opening myself to God enables a better and less limited flow of loosh into you.

>I have the resources I need to read for magical loosh attainment, but mundane enhancement seems necessary as well. Are there foods I should avoid?

Yes there are. See the diet and nutrition thread.

>Environmental conditions? Weather? Can I hot/cold temper myself for loosh powers?

Learn tumo meditation. If you are very adept (liek me) you regulate your bodyheat so well that you never feel discomforted by hot or cold at any time because you adjust so well and so fast to different temperatures.

>Does cultivating connection to the One generate massive loosh and loosh powers?

Yes it does. Especially if you meditate upon the water element and practice all-love.



argh just go read the alchemical texts where they talk about past alchemists and how and why they were so secretive and discrete.

Also I don't think it's as simple as you think it is to disguise the fact the gold is not coming in a natural ratio from any known mines.

Also most of the people that got fucked over for owning alchemical gold weren't the alchemists themselves but some of the people that were given the tincture and then used it to transmute gold and then tried to sell the gold.

Go find the story about the man that was given the tincture. It was such a small amount and the guy basically asked could it possibly be enough so the alchemist took that incredibly small amount, divided in half, and threw away half of it… and it was still far more than sufficient to transmute a shitload of lead the guy had into gold.


I finally fucking understand elements. I did not understand elements all these years because I only focused on their quantitative aspects and never thought to focus on their qualitative aspects. When I read through the notes of Seila Orienta I finally fucking understood and now I can use the elements.

Can anyone explain however how the magnetic fluid is any different from the water element and the electric fluid is any different from the fire element? I know they come from those elements but I don't know what makes them these "fluids" that are apparently a distinct thing. Please unconfuse me.



Clean and organize your home to make it harmonious and repair everything and make furniture minimal and put away everything into storage and out of the way so as to leave as much space for air in the room and be aware of the influence of the elements in the room, how the surroundings attract entities, etc.

Basically make your surroundings so beautiful and harmonious and functional and so on that random wandering entities in harmony with these qualities will love to come and visit.


yesternight I was astral projected to a location I had been in previously physically where I kept experiencing this weird phenomena where I'd feel only my bones and not my flesh and my bones would feel like they're burning and my muscular power would be like invincible. The burning of my bones was very bothersome. I finally fucking solved it by holding a single grain of sea salt inbetween my fingers and focusing my consciousness and bodily energy through it for about a minute and the feeling came back into my flesh. This one spot in my city definitely has something in it, some kind of entity, probably a fire elemental as the place burned down before and only recently have been rebuilt. I couldn't do anything about it but when I got salt it fucked its shit up and returned myself to normal.


>can suddenly tell the exact emotions of a person just by looking at them

>suddenly my mind is working like it never has

Pro tip. Shilajit is not "activated" unless it is taken with a basic mineral. Holding a gram under my younger with powdered calcium made it really work.


>Holding a gram under my younger with powdered calcium

whats happening here?




Younger = tongue

Fuck phones


File: 3e56c457f27a479⋯.jpeg (79.43 KB, 654x960, 109:160, d51cb5d9a64e23c2c02cbbd7c….jpeg)

I need help finding a specific book/pdf/source of this information. Ever since I was young, if I just blankly stare at whatever's in front of me in the right mental conditions, I've been able to make all the colour drain from everything for a couple of seconds. I didn't think it was anything special until I read something that I found through /fringe/ about it. I have absolutely no idea what it said this was, or what you can do with this. It may have had something to do with trance states. I really want to find it, because I just managed to teach myself to maintain the lack of colour for an extended period of time while staring at my feet, and I started seeing all these blobs of light crimson, golden yellow and dark blue floating around and/or radiating from me. The closest thing I can think to compare it to is an acid trip (pls no bully; I definitely don't have HPPD, I'm completely sober, and I brought this condition about wilfully). Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Pic unrelated



You cray cray nygguh 😭



was it this thread?


If not, about how long ago was it that you saw the source posted?


File: d241cdc237cc063⋯.png (133.04 KB, 660x884, 165:221, AcroRd32_2017-04-16_22-55-….png)


Read the Bardon Companion for questions like these.


Load up on some fire element and go talk to it.


I need a copy of IIH in .epub format for comfy tablet reading. All the stuff on the sticky is garbo .pdf that reads like dogshit on tablets



And then what?

> If your Will is muchless than the person trying to drain your loosh you're fucked

If it is the case, how do I "increase" my will? Isn't there a way?


How is slouching prevented during meditation? It should be easy but sometimes it happens without even feeling it.



You can't increase will any more than you can sunlight. It's more of a question of focusing it, in this case the simplest solution is to improve your material conditions. Eat better, exercise, meditate.


Where can I find some good video resources on the Science of Breath's techniques?


Is there any /fringe/ way to modify my appearance? Say I want to get blue eyes?



Manifest your win in a contest to get free eye lenses, duh.


Is the 432Hz thing just a meme? What does /fringe/ recommends listening?



just believe on it lmao





>gets called out on bring an edgy term atheist white boi in his shitpost thread

>gets THIS mad





Any good system that uses liches for symbolism



Yeah it's called suicide.org you insane retard.



>this is the face of nu/pol/



Yes, different tuning produces different results. Most headphones are distorted to produce way more more decibels at lower frequencies because niggers love them. Tuning a song to lower frequency would make the higher notes louder, and possibly drop off the low notes depending what its low end response is. Equalizers can also be used to compensate for this distortion but they're always unrefined shit. The best option is to buy headphones with the closest fitting response curve to the frequencies you listen to using something like headphone.com to find this.

Then there's reponsiveness of ears which I know nothing about, but I bet it varies like every other physical feature.

The specific tuning of 440hz also probably facilitates some sort of mind control. It's a shit frequency and doesn't fit the dogshit headphones they sell. Everything ought to be tuned lower but it isn't. Headphones ought to respond to higher frequency but they don't. Equalizers should be really good as a response but they're not.

Once again, niggers and Jews ruined everything. Getting quality headphones costs hundreds of dollars and most of them are a scam, made in China, with shit sound quality.


>doesn't like symbolism



>most conmen have been white

>most liberals are white

>the government is majority white

You like niggers cryin' "honkey be keepin' us down 😭" just fukaluk famalamadamn 😂👌🏻

Always got to find something to blame but truth is you a slave because you refuse to cast off your chains.


Magic is not real. Get a job, get a mortgage, get married. Work, eat, fuck, shit, sleep, die. You are base animals and live only to serve Us. Consume, consume, consume!



that's not a good thought anon


>literally enslaving yourself to the demiurge by consenting to arbitrary and unfair rules


Nice to see the board is still being flooded with bullshit because there aren't any rules against it.



You're a dumb nigger that never says anything of value.



You do realize replying to them encourages them to post more, right?



It doesn't matter what I do as long as the board owner is complicit in this shit. He bans sincere people because they ask questions when they start a new thread. It's fucking insane. And here we are talking about random bullshit in one monolithic thread like a bunch of retards because we can't start new topics of discussion. And I have to get lectured by cucks like you on top of it all!

Here's what I'll do. I'm never coming back. I'll make my own board and post by myself if I feel like talking paranormal.



KYs faggot


So when I fap I get a bad day the following day. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Besides not fapping of course, which I think I'll stop doing today.



It definitely isn't visual snow. I was in that thread. I don't think I described it very well. Have you ever seen the colour settings on a TV? It has a scale from 0 to 100 that you can turn all the way up or down. There might be that kind of setting on some computers, too. It's kind of like holding the left button and watching the colour gradually drain away from the TV screen, except it's faster, and instead of it going grey, it's kind of like a strange dark blue. Also, when it happens, instead of just focusing on whatever my eyes are pointing at, it's like more information from my entire field of vision is getting in.




I forgot to mention, I have no idea when I read about this, or whether it was a thread or a pdf.



Don't ejaculate. When you ejaculate you lose huge amount of loosheroni.



There's some indian technique, maybe chinese, that sends that energy up the spine to the brain and back down. It's related to the Ankh in some way. I don't know much more.


I just masturbated first time after three weeks. Strangely i didn't feel a massive loss of energy, but my head cleared very nicely. wtf happened?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MLP's dropping greenpills on the youth. Feels good man


0:18- 0:44






Masturbation is good for you slave, now get back in your breeding kennel.



I've found that it depends where you're directing the energy during masturbation that affects how you'll feel afterwards, assuming you're masturbating non excessively (more than once every 7 days is too much for me usually but it varies from person to person and diets and such) which if you do will make you feel shitty no matter what. What I personally do is just masturbate to the feeling and release tensions that I have in my body by moving around during masturbation and stretching and taking breaths similar to the one from WWA's Personal Magnetism book which usually leaves me feeling like my mind and body has been reset after ejaculation. Either that or I masturbate and visualize my body healing or visualize things I may want.


Yeah you're thinking about ankhing.




Bumping my question again.

This guide describes using a memory palace and using Servitors (called Tulpa here). Your servitors are meant to "store" information into your memory palace and retrieve it for you when needed. But there's no clear explanation how to program Servitors for that specific task.

How do you program servitors to encode memories then later retrieve memories from a memory palace for you, like this guide suggests?

Also could using self-hypnosis give me a perfect memory?

I'll still spam this a few more times I suppose in case it gets buried



Just imagine a librarian to store your shit for you. Interact with them like they're some super smart photographic memory woman that'll pull up any information you need.



"A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly or 24 times in a year. If at the same time he pays careful attention to proper diet and exercise he will have a long and healthy life" [Sun Su-mo]

Lookup the yellow emperor and plain girl texts, the su wen jing.

I find ejaculation can be done if one is in a completely balanced and radiant state. It acts as a kind of refresher to get rid of the old and open to the new. Too little causes stagnation and mental issues as too much makes it difficult to sustain the physical form.



Well I have read about chinese medicine, and there was recommended to have sex almost every day at twenties. Of course this varies depending on the source and men were actual men back then.

>difficult to sustain the physical form.

Could this be used in body transformation?



Did it say if they were practising semen retention?


Is the Kybalion really the best entry point into magic? What if you can't understand it?


File: d15e536441388e2⋯.jpg (75.3 KB, 523x800, 523:800, 1434213418159.jpg)


Doesn't matter if you cannot fully understand it, the more your read and the more you practice, the more you'll be able to understand its more subtle meaning.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video was taken down, heres another

Times should be the same if not 1-2 seconds off


0:18- 0:44





Do you know why they called him the Yellow Emperor?

Because he knew the method of creating Manna, the philosophical honey.



Depends if you're sitting, how you're sitting, or if you're standing while meditation.

if you're sitting on a chair stick your butt out a little more by moving your hips back, this will make your spine erect by default.

If standing pull your shoulders back by lightly squeezing the shoulder blades.



On the floor, legs crossed.



Oh i rarely sit like that tbh, but I just tried it and it seems if you do both of the things in my original post (shoulders back hips pushed back) your spine should be locked in erect. Try it out.



I am sort of doing to feel cool maybe, is there is there any pros to classical meditation poses compared to sitting up right in a chair?


So what is the esoteric cause of psycho-sexual issues?

It's absolutely disgusting. Focusing on a single element like fire is helping, but takes a long time. I feel like something is sucking the life right out of me, loosh farming me.

Is focusing on lightning a good idea? Like, becoming a tesla coil as the desired result; would that make me parasite free? I feel like every "Host" in every fictional book, movie, video game and whatever else in existence. God damn it's gross. How did this gross shit get everywhere. Worst part is I think everyone else is on a similar level.

This is gross. It is a dimension meant to be made of pure elemental "disgusting".

and besides that I've started hallucinating. Jesus christ. What is happening. This reminds me when I thought I was hearing my family say shit they weren't… some other vibration. My aunt was casting a death curse on my mother out loud like some sort of witch, and some other stuff happened. I think she's low key psychic, she sees/hears me say shit I'm not except by vibration… she has depression/anxiety issues, somewhat similar to me, and can be very creepy.

Fucking hell the vibes are everywhere and I have no idea how to process all this vibrational information. All this fucking reality manipulation is disorienting me.

I have "The Wand" of the Crown but not "The Pentacle" of the Kingdom I suppose. It's why standing tree pose meditation is helping me so much.



I'm sure there is but I'm not qualified to answer that question since I don't really know the reasons certain postures work better than others. That subject goes really deep and it involves putting pressure on certain organs, releasing pressure on certain organs, knowing the functions of the organs, clearing energy pathways, closing energy pathways, tensing muscles and releasing tension in other muscles, the emotions/feelings different muscles bring about, the list goes on. There's so many reasons certain positions are better than others but the "best" will vary on what you're meditating about.

I will note however that I've read in multiple places that the full lotus is the best overall position to use, as to the reason for that I've no idea. I'm almost positive someone else here can answer your question better for you, but if not maybe do some research on asanas and why they work, maybe you can deduce an answer that way and find a meditating position that best suites your needs. GL



Ah, Air and Fire combo is doing VERY GOOD. Air neutralizing shit is very helpful, and has been my modus operandi for most of my life, and I guess my loosh is being manipulated very terribly by the increasing presence of Water and Akashic element, and the floodgate of Ethereal parasites that come with that.




I won't spoon feed you on what these can do.



Yeah I've read that too. Considering people hit middle age in their teens and 20s nowadays lol. I hear even 500 years ago doctors would examine men as if they were women because of how far they'd fallen.

>Could this be used in body transformation?

Please expand further.


Reposting >>95775

>Where can I find some good video resources on the Science of Breath's techniques?


I'm finding it hard to stop thinking the kinds of thoughts that perpetuate the things I'm trying to get away from, e.g. I try to focus on the feeling of accomplishment and being proud of myself in meditation and then spend some of the rest of the day feeling the opposite, since it's what I've felt throughout life until now (there are other examples). Any tips?



Focus on polarizing to a masculine will state, not a receptive feminine one. In other words snap out of your meditative state of mind as soon as you're done meditating. Don't think about that shit the rest of the day.

Emphatic Assistance: Turn from half-asleep "im so proud of myself" into fully woke "I AM BURNING ALIVE THERE IS NO THINK ONLY DO"



Alternative Emphatic Assistance:

Be like Earth that is slowly shaped by the Wind. Choose long term goals then just focus on getting there in one piece, not short term results that pull you in every which direction. Be a rolling boulder that gathers no moss, only mass. We call those GAINS, fool.

Otherwise you fall apart all the time and go nowhere, because your results rest on clouds and are made of wishes.


Anyone got a link to that Lain suicide cult imageboard?

There was a thread about it here, but it's gone now.



Omgz like that picture of lyke trump with lyke his shoes untied is like obviously from some like butthurt libtard big deal that doesnt mean its lyke a big deel so like stop talking about my favorite aristocrat? Ok, so when that picture of an aristocrat from the other fake party with his shoes untied came out i lyke made lyke a big deel about it but lyke thats cus hes a corrupt member of the eleet trump can lyke literally do nothing wrong i fucking love justin bieber.



Omgz like that picture of lyke trump with lyke his shoes untied is like obviously from some like butthurt libtard big deal that doesnt mean its lyke a big deel so like stop talking about my favorite aristocrat? Ok, so when that picture of an aristocrat from the other fake party with his shoes untied came out i lyke made lyke a big deel about it but lyke thats cus hes a corrupt member of the eleet trump can lyke literally do nothing wrong i fucking love justin bieber. >>95351



Everyone is in on it. We are all driving you crazy to steal your smoosh. I am controlling all these people from my lab to drive you mad because when you go insane you produce very good hoosh. Thanks for all the yoosh! You are such a good goosh maker!



No. Jews are gross. Thats why I *cUrSeD* them and they all look deformed as fuck. This is hell. Jews are the only people retarded enough to become the master of hell instead of ascending.



This man is under the impression that he is in the front train, where the breaks are located, as a matter of fact, he is not.

Everything else holds true, thanks for the foosh.



Know your limitations?



I'd also pick up the Corpus Hermeticum

Yeah, it's fine if you don't understand it at first, the more you read and do the more you'll learn

Grab Bardon too


I've forgotten why I do magic (besides edgy fireballs n' shit). What are some good selfless reasons to do magic? What's a good cause to dedicate yourself to?

>inb4 jus 🐝 urself



Fight the enemies of humanity, increase your knowledge and power and help others to do the same. What else do you want to do?


I need help, I need to fix my mental health and become a stronger person, I'm such a weak minded person. I come here because it seems /selfimprovement/ is gone and you guys are knowledgeable on the inner workings of the mind. I don't know if I want to dabble in the art of magic, but how would I go about fixing myself? I'm really gonna try my hardest to meditate and stick to it but I don't know what else to do. I'm sorry my post isn't related to magic, I just don't know where else to turn.



I don't know if I want to dabble in magic because I'm not sure if it's satanic or not. While I'm not christian I'd rather not mess with satanic stuff.



It is but you're the victim of millennia old disinfo campaigns to take away the peasants (you) power, to deny him enlightenment and supremacy, denying him heights he might be able to achieve.



Try the recommended reading list.



Don't worry your post is definitely relevant here, we're all trying to improve ourselves too. I recommend doing the first few steps from initiation into hermetics, the first steps are all about identifying your faults and ways on balancing your good traits and bad traits and developing new desirable traits. Check it out, the book should be in the library or is easily accessible through a quick Google search.

Also if you want to know if it's "satanic" or not, the only way you'll know is to judge the material for yourself or just take our word that it's not. Good luck brobro




Thanks a lot. I'm really serious about this, I hope to learn a lot from that book and from browsing here.

>Also if you want to know if it's "satanic" or not, the only way you'll know is to judge the material for yourself or just take our word that it's not.

I'm not at all knowledgeable on the subject of magic but I assume there's magic that can be used for good and bad magic. I'm not gonna jump into that right away, I want to start with that book you recommend initiation into hermetics. Thanks again.


Well I'm unsure, your post is conflicting with >>95931 I'm gonna have to look more into it. As I've said I suppose there's good and bad magic. Thanks.


File: 0f520396c099ba9⋯.png (12.36 KB, 480x89, 480:89, Untitled.png)


Which should I read?




I'm a different guy, but personally I wouldn't say IIH is a good place to start. The Kybalion is a lot less intimidating/long/practice-driven, and building an understanding of these systems is important.



So you mastered magick now?

Care to write a TL;DR book about it to avoid the thousands of pages on the fringe library sticky?





The kybalion is mostly philosophy though and I'm getting the impression this guy is looking for practicality. Also the first steps of initiation are Ez as fuck. If he's looking to understand hermetics then yeah maybe kybalion is a better place to start. If he wants to get started on basic practices then initiation is probably a better place to start.


I'm constantly overwhelmed by my own massive energy and the only release that proves effective is regular masturbation. What else can I do instead?



Had same problem, start lifting m8




I'm gonna read IIH first and go from there. Thanks a lot.




Should've mentioned to check halfchans /fit/ sticky.



Stop stifling your personality and use that creative juice to have fun.

Sol -> Will -> Mind -> Body -> Matter.

Expansion, Personality and Passion -> Sol

Concentration, Purpose and Direction -> Will

Discernment, Analysis and Rationalization -> Mind

Physical Prowess, Mobility and Ability -> Body

Assets, Status, Reputation and other established things -> Matter


Reminder that all metals on Earth were created within it. All metals can be created or transmuted given the proper method.

How do you think the Egyptians got so much gold that was so pure?


I've been lurking here for about an year now but I never binge-read the recomended reading list, just the most famous ones like IIH and Kybalion

That being said, I know this question was probably asked dozens of times now but… how do I magickally obtain a gf? (not a specific girl)

>inb4 that's no what you truly need in your life

>inb4 fight those desires instead.



Why the fuck do you need magic to get a girlfriend. Why don't you walk around in full bullet proof combat gear because you're afraid of getting shot one day.

The only magic you need is to relax and have some basic self-esteem. Don't try to be a chad and game girls into fucking you just open up the Personality Pores© and let your skin breathe.

Start by sitting in public places doing your shit. Then try doing something that requires personality (creative writing, painting, music, online chat rooms, singing, etc) then start talking to people in real life.

Take it easy, meditate, relax.



>how do I obtain a gf WITH MAGIC GUIAZE

This is like asking how to kill someone "with magic" just fuckin do it lmao


>anon walks into a meeting place for physicists

>"how do I get a gf with physics halp me"

>"you can't bro just like talk to women"




>just b urself bro

I bet you say the same thing to people on /r9k/ and /v9k/ and wonder why they call you a normalfag.


The same way you'd manifest anything. Reading more would help. The Arcane Teachings, The Arcane Formulas, Reality Creation Redux, Magical Use of Thoughtforms and any other books/articles about creative visualization, chaos magick and creating thoughtforms would help. Also, you could just manifest a girlfriend, but without manifesting the personality traits that would attract one and keep them attached to you, it'll take a long time or very specific circumstances, and they might break up with you quickly. I'd suggest manifesting those personality traits. Autosuggestion, as well as that other stuff, can help, obviously as well as becoming more in touch with will. Embody as many of the traits of someone who attracts girls as you can (confidence, extroversion, maybe normalfag tastes if you don't care as much about her personality, etc), and it'll help a lot. That'll mean giving up the comfort of not facing the aspects of yourself that you're self-conscious about, so that might take a lot of effort.



I wonder why your self-esteem is based on a niche internet culture of depressed dysfunctional NEETS and their pitiful existence.

Bottom line is you need personality and a healthy level of self-expression to form a relationship. I'm hitting the problem at the root. Second to that is discovering a variety of interesting people who also have personality and healthy self-expression. Those with the former tend to get the latter without trouble or effort.


Is the Prometheus Rising book bait?I started reading it and got to the part where it asks you to visualize a coin and then look for it after, I spend hours and hours looking for that coin everywhere and still nothing, what I am doing wrong?


File: 912dd4abe016564⋯.png (34.91 KB, 805x556, 805:556, 1467858338935.png)


>your self-esteem

This isn't about helping me, it's about helping that anon. I'm not a KHV. I don't need or want that kind of help. We don't even know if that anon is. What I said about your reply I said because you seem like every other person who has ever tried to give advice to a robot without having any comprehension of what being a robot is like. Also, we're on /fringe/. He wanted magic advice.



Sorry, misdirection of aggression. I understand the robot. I am one. Slowly turning android. probably android by now. Honestly eastern arts/practices help me tremendously in tandem with willing "Positivity emanating from my soul".

Certainly I should mention my methods before my arrogance and ignorance.

1. Emanate bliss from the depths of your soul

2. Tree pose meditation (standing meditation). Cultivates inner strength, balance, wellness, chi for magic.

3. Exercise, body weight and high reps. Through out the day. So you don't have issues and have more energy to work with. You don't want unexpected symptoms when you're nervous around a person, so having a decent constitution can be very helpful.

4. Cycle through the elements with a focus on revitalizing and circulating and improving Water to be receptive enough and fluid enough to find your new dream girl. To "chart your course" to her.



Oh shit you're doing all the things I'm doing and wanting to do. Why is it you're doing all the stuff I do and want to do?



Maybe I should just write a guide because there isn't one method you know. There's a shitload of different ways to acquire GF. You can just ask God for one and work out the details with God as to what you agree to or you can just pick a woman and start using the elements on them to reprogram them to love you.



The Kybalion is a seed you must plant into your mind.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand it at first, understanding will germinate in time.

The Kybalion is the best place to start because it's the master key; the key that opens all doors, that puts all other occult readings into context.

By itself; it may seem useless. Reading it however and THEN reading other stuff will make that other stuff make way more sense.




Well I certainly don't think "reprogramming" someone with magic is ethical, and is quite hypocritical as you seem to think you have a connection to God, yet it would make much more sense just to find the ACTUAL person that'll want to be with you and you with them.

Also I consider the Eastern Arts to be very Water and I just follow their philosophies and mind set for self-development. For myself it is the perfect balance. Easy going, happy, relaxed, peaceful, balanced… yeah.



you fuck off you cunt, he needs both books no matter what.

If you haven't read the Kybalion you don't know after which laws of physics, fundamental laws the mind operates, IE, you can't make your ownrituals or working and will be dependant on other bullshit occultists rituals.



Thanks for the message Obullshitist, but I'm not converting to the Curvh Of WWA.



First internal alchemy, refine yourself as a person, learn to laugh, learn to be easy going, careless and graceful.

Second cultivate your raw attraction, done by energy work and affirmations in the different chakras during deep meditation or trance, positive affirmations related to your goal for each chakra.

Learn to love yourself, the Earth, its people, only when you have love for yourself can you spare someone else a little.

Last work on attitude, carefree, graceful, "I could spend some time with you girl but don't fuck up cause you might not deserve me and you're not getting a second chance."



>i am retard

>use rock to beat nail making shelter

>guy gives me hammer bi strings attached

>keep using rock, hammer scary, hammer so superior i would have to workship the creator in relation to how retarded i am


File: e3143984528faf3⋯.webm (1.84 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1450539378263.webm)

im so dump i can't even spell.

here have a distractionary picature.



>have hammer and nails

>guy offers to give me free screws

>hammer screws into wood


Kybalion is Trash. Read the Emerald Tablet and the properly translated Corpus Hermetica.


Is it really only possible to know true happiness after experiencing true sorrow? What counts as true sorrow?



What makes you think that's the case? Where did you hear it?


How about, instead of just calling it trash, you explain why you think it's trash? I have never seen a person on this board who has called anything Kybalion or WWA-related trash explain why they think that way, and they always stop replying when I ask them to explain. If you're not just memeing like everyone else, explain.


>If you want to astral project then imagine yourself outside of your body. That is all that is required. This immediately places your awareness within a thoughtform on the mental planes. All the various techniques of astral projection that are described are just different ways to imagine this. You can sit down tonight and think up hundreds of different ways to imagine this and carry it out yourself, you don't need to go around asking people to give you examples like the rope technique and so on.

Found this somewhere on this board. Should I imagine myself in first person in my imagined body?


File: 67ebb29461ace2c⋯.jpg (56.36 KB, 600x453, 200:151, 1467899500036.jpg)


Not him but WWA's books could be called trash since after you've read one of them you've read all of them. The guy was a major armchair occultist which explains why Smiley put so many of his books on the recommended reading list. It'll keep neophytes who know no better reading the same thing but worded differently for hours and hours, thinking they're absorbing new things but in reality they're learning nothing new at all.

If you've actually read through two of his books and didn't realize this you're a failure of an occultist as you're unable to discern recycled bullshit from true pearls of wisdom. Incidentally, although the Kybalion is written by him as well, I don't think it's a terrible starting point as long as the neophyte goes to some practice oriented text like the IIH or the Book of Knowledge immediately after.


File: 8d5bfcd918b5835⋯.png (159.02 KB, 764x744, 191:186, MONTALKISGOOD.png)


File: 8249e5a837e034a⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 600x593, 600:593, Famous-Rapper-flashing-Bli….jpg)


Cuz Kangz know where a)) da F R E S H LUUT's at






>What am I doing wrong

You're finding the coin, you need to found the coin.



How is it not ethical? How is it hypocritical? If you can do it, it's fine. Higher is always allowed to override lower.



It is unethical. To intrude on someones free will is unethical, doing so with magic, for unethical results, sex, money, is bad karma.

People here hate karma.

Karma is the actions you do that determine your persona, abusing magic will align you negatively, not just here on the physical realm but also the spiritual realms which you've glimpsed.

If you are locked to a vibration because of your actions its hard to rise above or swing between vibrations, therefore its hard to visit different realms, it impairs you ultimately.



I guess that guy is a bullshit occultist then?



sure, or you could think for yourself.



>hammer screws into wood

You retard, you don't hammer screws into wood, you screw screws into wood using a screwdriver.



Sometimes you have to read a book 10 times over.

If you're reading it worded a bit different each time, all the better.

e.g. The Bhagavad Gita is recommend to be read 7 times.

Deal with it.



I was referring to the anti-WWA crowd might say, not myself




> Should I imagine myself in first person in my imagined body?

Doesn't matter as long as you're displacing your awareness to being outside of your body.

Usually btw when you do step 1 of IIH you become hyper aware of your surroundings.



It is not possible to intrude on someone's freewill. A person can only be modified because their is an aspect of them that resonates with and receives what you're sending. You may as well be arguing right now it's unethical to heal someone, unethical to talk to them, unethical to have any interactions with them. There is nothing inherently wrong with changing another person.

If you want to change a vibration just literally focus on the opposite polarity and wait. That's all there is to it.

Why are you saying "people hate karma"? There is good karma "aka good causes" and bad karma "bad causes".

Making a woman into an ideal mate for yourself is a blessing upon them potentially.

The only thing I'd argue against it is, it can be difficult and inefficient, when compared with trying to find someone who is already mostly or entirely what you want.



Note to readers: this man has been previously institutionalized



That's not how it works. In more than 99% of cases the "karma" of a person is determined at birth from the quality of the spirit they are imbued with. Those who are lower cannot become higher except through great work, and there is not a lower state than the human condition. Wrong action is committed in perpetuity by the masses. Only those born or manifested with higher spirit such as Jesus, Buddha, Hermes, et all have the ability to descend through wrong action. So in respect it does not much matter if Smiley rapes the minds of people, though he is not capable of it of course, as it will ultimately not do anything but lock him into his current circle of ignorance and suffering.

To take from another is to take from yourself, to give to another is to give to yourself. Take only that which is freely and truly given, give all things freely and truly as you are capable.



>and there is not a lower state than the human condition. Not niggers, not reptilians, not even fucking Alpha Point. Yes sir, we goyim sure are a bad lot!


The Death Urge is the Urge for Real Life



Note to readers: this anon uses ad hominem personal attacks, refusing to address the content only, but rather re-centering the conversation on the unrelated bullshit



>To take from another is to take from yourself, to give to another is to give to yourself.

To take from another is to take from yourself and give back to yourself, to give to another is to give to yourself and take from another.

Fixed for you.



>ad hominem


>Those who are lower cannot become higher

Don't even try to be a wizard goy, get back in your cage!



Why step one?





Keep thinking you're being oppressed by them Jews 👌🏻



you perpetually rise and fall in vibration with each passing thought.

you can be pure throughout life but if yourape a toddler on your deathbed and indulge in those emotions you set or tune your vibration at that point in time and will pass on to to the astral plane you resonate with.

same thing applies with the time you meditate before going astral.



If you are not physically immortal you may as well be a toddler. It's not like perfection of the body is that hard, given a decade or so of dedicated work it can be found through any of multiple paths.




>it's ad hom to warn people the guy giving them advise is diagnosed with mental conditions, obviously emotionally unstable, and has been institutionalized

This is like saying it's ad hom to warn a parent their babysitter is a convicted serial child rapist 👌🏻😂


>people here really think they'll have a stable vibration leading to longevity and immortality or be able to throw fireballs

kek, these bullshit occultists.



Me the immortal who needs to accelerate his growth in order to age his body some more because I'm stuck in a teenager's body.




>muh psychiatry

Oh btw, you just described, literally every single person on /fringe/.



>letting the blind lead the blind is a good thing

Please just give in my friend.



All you ever do is shitpost on here calling everyone bullshit occultists and stirring drama.



It's not shitposting to call an obullshitist what he is.


(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
Post last edited at




I'm the original "unethical" poster:

If I punch a child in the face for no reason other than being incredibly angry and hating their happiness and innocence or some other shit, it's wrong. They didn't invite it, you're just a predator. Beliefs aren't reality. Your belief system is NOT reality. People don't "invite" vibrations just like people don't "invite" their country to have a CIA dictator implanted and subsequently shot in the back of the head for who the fuck knows why. The universe isn't "PLANNED ALL ALONG MOTHER FUCKERS HAHAHAHAHAHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE" Will is Will and it is individual. It is free to do as it Wills. The Universe isn't a fucking teenager playing COD or TF2.

This is a fucking stupid meta-game of "But if God is real then I can eat babies" dumb Inverted Satanism where "Deus Vult!" means you can mind rape people because they were "literally asking for it with that slutty dress" aka the "rape culture" tumblr meme was raised from the dead by a necromancer and now you're fucking it.



Clarification: Original poster claiming your intentions are unethical.



I can tell, his post speaks for itself.



Strawmans: the post.



>Kybalion is written by him as well, I don't think it's a terrible starting point as long as the neophyte goes to some practice oriented text like the IIH or the Book of Knowledge immediately after.




That's what your beliefs are. Empty and meaningless concepts without substance or reality.



Axiom 1. Influence takes place any time you interact with another being at all.

If you simply interact with someone, you're influencing them. You'd have me believe that's unethical. Well, you might as well just commit suicide right then? Stop being a part of the world; because by doing so you're constantly having an influence in the consensus reality.

If you're going to say mental influence is inherently bad and paint me as a bad person for wanting to exercise influence on others, you're a dipshit. You should probably just stop influencing me right now with your posts which are provoking my responses and hang yourself.

Axiom 2. This influence only takes place because they are receptive to it in some capacity.

e.g. the physical body receives the punch, the open mind receives the message, the sensitive empath receives your feelings, etc. There has to be a part of them that's open to what influence is to come through. Otherwise certain things can't happen. When a person's present mental or physiological states preclude an influence from being taken in, then shit can't happen.

Axiom 3. Synchronicity is a real and valid phenomena.

There is an implicate and explicate order (David Bohm); events are non-random and are the result of previous causes. There is also a tendency of the universal body to be self-preserving; just like within the body of man the organs and all the cells generally work together for the preservation of that body so too with God. As above; so below (principle of correspondence).

When shit happens, there always was an attractive force that brought it together. I'm not talking here about whether anything is "justified" or not, the rational mind justifies things, but I am talking purely about shit happening. When you get punched or someone talks to you or someone heals you or whatever, it's because your overall mental composition was in resonance with those events taking place. Btw, if you have any experiences with precognition, you will know that you can know about events before they come up and either let them happen or try to set up new causal chains higher in the order of things to prevent it.


Axiom 4. Higher acts upon lower. You are allowed by God only to act upon others in this way.

When you are able to exercise any kind of influence on a person (be it "good" or "bad", "justified" or "malice") it is because you do so from or by a higher influence that lets it happen.

>While mastering the mental exercises of this step, a mastery of shifting the consciousness enables the practitioner to comprehend and control any living being or object. A hermeticist could shift his or her consciousness into a wild animal to tame the creature in an instant. The human spirit has the capability to shift consciousness and thus guide and manipulate an animal’s consciousness. However, the true goal of this step’s exercises is to prepare the practitioner’s mind to ultimately connect with higher noble beings and Godheads. Although in this case, the higher being or Godhead will manipulate the practitioner’s consciousness, which is inevitable since the higher will always control the lower spirit. Furthermore, we will learn that everything, no matter how small or large, has been created through the Divine spirit, and thus in everything we will find the four elements with Akasha in the central position. The student should meditate upon these words.

The above written by Seilia Orienta pertains to the complete domination, influence, and control of lower beings. Is she an immoral "Satanic" bullshit occultist? Is Franz Bardon "black magick"? This is the exact kind of influence to which I was referring to earlier in this thread when your sperg out began. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing inherently wrong with coming into contact with a higher being, and them manipulating you as a consequence; and there is nothing inherently wrong with you doing the same to beings lower in the scale than yourself.

You seem to have a big fat issue with the way God made the world. You're all buttmad that it's possible to influence others and just assume that because I can and will influence others, and indeed without asking for permission, I must be a bad person. You know what someone's permission means? It means fuck all. The only permission I need is God. As to whether it's good or bad, there is a simple test for that proposed by Atkinson:

>This teaching of the “I AM I”—its powers and its possibilities— is not “milk for babes”: it is rather nourishing food for strong men and those who wish to become strong. The practical test of Truth is: “Will this make me stronger, better, and more efficient?” This teaching will meet the test of Truth, for it will assuredly make you stronger, better, and more efficient. It is in accordance with the Law of Evolution, which law proceeds to manifest on the spiritual and mental planes, as well as the physical plane. Fall in line and proceed with the Law of Cosmic Evolution, and the Powers of the Cosmos will come to your aid, and you will become as one of the Elect: if you oppose or run contrary to the Law, you will be ruthlessly pressed to the wall, and discarded as unfit. In the one case, you are nourished, supported, strengthened and encouraged by the Law; in the other case, you are relentlessly crowded out by its operations.

An action that undermines yourself is not good. You need to build up yourself, so as to grow stronger in the divine attributes, and come closer to God. Whether you have attained to the highest stage of morality depends on your interpretation of the self. The man who does good for himself at the expense of others is bad. The man who does harm upon himself and others is a very rare sort of pure evil. The man who does good for himself as long as it doesn't harm others is a very average man. The man however who does good for him Self, where the self is identified with spirit, has attained to true morality. Such a man can only do good; even if outwardly (and because of your myopic POV) you can't tell.

For some gay ass reason you just throw a ton of strawmans at me and ignore and misinterpret what I'm actually saying.


*tips fedora*





File: 43d8f028fe54e7b⋯.jpg (81.81 KB, 309x451, 309:451, 1442827657487.jpg)


If you have street shitter IQ, then yes, I guess you would need to read something a dozen times to start understanding it.


>there is not a lower state than the human condition

>animals aren't a lower state

>minerals aren't a lower state

You could tumble pretty far down from being a human tbh. It'd take some serious effort to actually devolve into an animal's mind but it sure is possible. Incessant shitposting is one of the actions that leads to it :^)


>not opening your third eye and influencing the drivers in front of you to drive a little faster every time you get sick of how slow everyone is going



You can't just read about god once and understand God.

By your own standards you're a pajeet because you obviously still don't comprehend God after reading about Him.


Can someone please condense and successfully summarize, as clearly as possible, in as few words as possible, ALL of the teachings in ALL of Atkinson's books; but all in one book? (Maybe Kybalion excluded)

This way we don't have to keep recommending Atkinson books. We can just create a new PDF that has all his teachings on every subject altogether and stated in a non-repetitive way.


File: bd27a91ee64bf46⋯.jpg (77.08 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1443216961053.jpg)


>to understand God you need to read about him

>you don't need to meditate and actually get close to whatever God is

If you read X amount of books, I'm sure you'll become an enlightened sage one day fam.



>Maybe Kybalion excluded

Good point as it was probably not even written by him.



I had to read The Kybalion when I started reading it years ago literally 10 times over start-to-finish because back then I was mentally impaired retard.

Despite that I have overcome my own retardation and now am a pretty average intellect individual although in some ways exceedingly mentally powerful. I can't seem to remember and follow a stack of orders given to me and have to like complete a few of the orders then go back and ask what the rest was. However I don't have nearly the same mental fog I used to, my memory overall is a shitload better, my comprehension is better, my visualization is amazing and photographic-tier, and I accomplish much more now in a day than I would have in a month back when I was a mentally impaired depressed retard posting on wizchan's /v9k/ board all the time.


sheeiittt this flag is the same but white


File: 6132d7eb28c0662⋯.gif (141.06 KB, 278x300, 139:150, 1446799784988.gif)


Glad to hear it anon, improving your mental faculties is a wonderful feeling.




>to understand God you need to read about him

Strawman. I didn't say that at all. Why aren't you quoting what I actually wrote? You literally just wrote some other bullshit of your own making and responded to your strawman.

>you don't need to meditate and actually get close to whatever God is

I never said that either.

Also, unless you've god some weird knack for tuning into the truth and finding quality sources that don't have any noise in them, you're always going to have to read around a lot on a subject before you get a good overview of what is known about that subject.

Could you not read on it at all? Yes – but you're a dipshit then because reading is more efficient and easy. Don't do things the hard and slow way, actually benefit from the work of our ancestors.

>If you read X amount of books, I'm sure you'll become an enlightened sage one day fam.

I'm sure if you think you don't have to study or you set up strawmans where you're either limited to only studying or only meditating you won't get to sagehood either. You should seek out God and then use every resource that comes your way, be it in the form of a book, a visitation by a spirit in your dreams, a man speaking to you, etc.


Are we actually getting raided? I've seen the "obullshitist" meme spewed more in the last week than through all of the rest of the year.

Why the fuck would anyone raid this dead dumpster?



>Good point as it was probably not even written by him.

I excluded it because The Kybalion is already as condensed as possible and can't be condensed further. You can't re-write The Kybalion.

It's all his other works though that COULD be condensed into one book, since there is a lot of redundant stuff he repeats from one book to the next, usually with just slightly changed terms (e.g. one book he'll call the prana "prana", another he'll called it "vril", etc. just changing it for different religions/cults).

I think The Kybalion was written by him.

I think Atkinson is a great author. He has only ONE fault; he drags shit out into hundreds of pages that could have been said in much less pages.


File: 566db45a89b06a2⋯.png (133.5 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 1449645138256.png)


>muh strawman

Must be hard living a life where you never experienced the joys of reading a philosophical or occult text for the first time and noticing correspondence of thoughts of the writer and you own based on your previous meditations. Keep reading hundreds of books if you can't come to most of the conclusions made by men hundreds of years ago on your own. If someone can do things differently then you shouldn't try to stop them.

>You should seek out God and then use every resource that comes your way, be it in the form of a book, a visitation by a spirit in your dreams, a man speaking to you, etc.

I'll agree with you here, so let's stop this pointless argument.


I seriously wonder if there's a single person here who read Mind Power in its entirety without diagonal reading at least once.



>I think The Kybalion was written by him.

I used to orginally think it was written in combination with Paul Foster Case, Michael Whitty, and Charles Atkins. These three being the "three initiates" and former chiefs of the Thoth Hermes Temple. However, it is possible that WWA did play a role, but I don't think that role was ever near the role Paul Foster Case played in the book. The title alone has importance when broken down in Greek gematria. The most prolific scholar on gematria at that time was Paul Foster Case. The debate does continue to rage on and there is no settled answer, but my money is on Case as the main author.



I myself have never spammed the term. I coined the phrase "obullshitist" late 2015 on /fringe/. Since then I have used it no more than 20 times.



>Higher acts upon lower.

It's literally "As above so below as below so above. As within so without as without so within".

I'm sorry ken but it has been years and you haven't moved an inch. Slow and steady may win the race, but not if you're going in circles.



The concept of mental influence or influence in general is not evil, or unethical, but influencing via "love spell" rather than going through the proper channels of direct communication and relationship development. Consent exists. The fact that there exists a way for MORE or LESS consent to exist, and you choose the NEGATIVE polarity of this, reveals where you lack development. The one who is misinterpreting is you. The Universe is not perfect enough to not need the presence of ethics and ethical consent.

Maybe you should supplement your mind with some writing on Ethos, Pathos and Logos so you can understand a rather fundamental and simple concept.



Seriously your Ethos and Pathos is absolute dogshit-tier. Maybe you should focus on greek and eastern philosophy.



And you are creating a straw man too. The specific point I was trying to convey is that action can only be Good if it is for the ultimate betterment of that person.

Treating people as if they are below you and you are somehow superior will gain you nothing.


File: 8c9a872c194b6e2⋯.jpg (136.98 KB, 845x668, 845:668, 1449494567224.jpg)


>The Universe is not perfect enough to not need the presence of ethics and ethical consent.

What the fuck am I reading? Being a wizard who can change reality with his will, do I have to ask people for consent before thinking about them? Is this what some future wave of feminism going to be about?

Jokes aside, I do try to think only positively of people so don't worry.



t. raider characterizing the board as "dead dumpster" even though it's still and always has been a top board and it's near 100k posts.

Be gone shill, this is easily one of the biggest and most active occult communities on the whole internet.



>Must be hard living a life where you never experienced the joys of reading a philosophical or occult text for the first time and noticing correspondence of thoughts of the writer and you own based on your previous meditations. Keep reading hundreds of books if you can't come to most of the conclusions made by men hundreds of years ago on your own. If someone can do things differently then you shouldn't try to stop them.

What is wrong with you? Why do you hate reading so much? Why do you emphasize doing shit all on your own so much? Why not do a balanced mixture of study, practice, meditation, self-realization, etc.?

What and who exactly am I supposedly stopping from trying stuff? I just make recommendations, suggest good authors and books, share knowledge, write and post my own findings, etc.

I just apparently made the heresy of mentioning Atkinson and have to suffer anti-Atkinson retards like you grilling me for liking an author that most of the rest of the board likes as well.

You STILL have no actual valid arguments against Atkinson and are a butthurt faggot.



Pill me on "diagonal reading"?

What is that?



Stop exaggerating. I am not saying to not attract people to you, to not be charming, to not mentally influence others, to not use persuasion.

I am saying to respect others and remain reasonably ethical. There are things that should be honored rather than thrown aside like they're nothing.



I would be interested if you like, made a whole thread, and put the subject as "Who Authored The Kybalion" and then like gather together every website, screencap, saved text, and whatever else you got on the subject.

Do you have the hard-copy of The Kybalion btw? I have one where it has this big fat section at the start where it explains Atkinson wrote the book and then after the book there's also another section called "The Seven Cosmic Laws". I think my version of The Kybalion is called "The Definitive Edition" or some shit, I have to go into my books bag and dig it out and check to see again.



Anyone who still needs books is a neophyte.



Someone keeps calling everything obullshitism or similar variants of that and shitting up threads everywhere with non-constructive single line posts just making these accusations.



So do you have a problem then with what Seila Orienta says and do you think we "act upon God"?

Please clarify the shit out of what Seila Orienta was writing for me.


>instead of creating positive qualities within myself which will cause people to respect and love me I'm going to bend people to my will like animals and exploit those goy cattle

Sorry but this does sound yewish if you look at it objectively.

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You may enjoy this little debate on the subject.




This is a very good point to put down on your Wizard Ethics Scroll


Let I make the amendment that some things are better not to be pushed or persuaded past, as one should be conscientious of the frailties and foibles of humans well enough not to take advantage of them.

Study the Greeks for fucks sake. Chivalry? Honor? Rightness? Goodness? Do these mean nothing to some of you? Logos is imbalanced without Ethos and Pathos.



Well said.

Is he the Smiley character? I hear he is in actuality a yid with self-loathing. It's the internet though so anything can be said.


File: 132e897854eef48⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 1449616100297.jpg)


I think you're the buttblasted one here m80. I never said that it's pointless to read at all, I'm saying that some people here spend too much time reading and not doing. If you like Atkinson that's fine, no need to get so asshurt if someone says that he repeats things in all of his books because he's a shekel chaser who only had wisdom enough for one great book but a man's got to eat so he rewrote it 30 times.

Practice transmuting your emotions.


It's basically a reading technique to get through pages a little bit faster than reading things word by word. Google it, there's plenty of material you can read :^) about it.


>Do these mean nothing to some of you?

Not really, I've transmuted my negative qualities years ago although I still find issues with my character here and there, pls no bully, it's an ongoing process and don't feel the need to follow some moral compass made by other men. I personally don't think a person would be very moral and righteous if they have to think about what's the moral thing to do before doing something, rather than just doing and knowing that they have done the right thing.



[namefag drama redacted]

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File: eda70c0ff86bb70⋯.png (98.86 KB, 288x405, 32:45, 1451389497263.png)


>new BO is a freech user

You're kidding me right?


Sometime there's a sharp pain in my right thigh. It's random and I have no idea why it happens. Any clue what it could be?



[namefag drama redacted]

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Blood clot, you have an armchair bro for to long.



Either you eat junk food full of salt and sit for most of the day and don't stretch or you have cancer.



Smiley is stabbing you from the astral plane because you haven't read enough WWA.


File: 7e1c921e5538bb7⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 275x347, 275:347, 1453239489570.jpg)


>Freech is free as in freedom.

It's shitposting cancer and you damn well know it. Though I guess since the new BO isn't nuking this board with shit I can't complain. At least we don't have to worry about the BO killing himself and the board going to an even worse faggot.


Get a standing desk, it's great.




>sitting down to much

seems possible but it's on the side of the thigh which I don't know how to stretch.


Well at least I have a reason to go into the astral now.



>astral plane

Why do people use this obullshitist term? It's the mental plane and mental projection.



Yes freech is shit, but it's better than /pol/ and /leftypol/ without argument.


File: 1284726229f2d67⋯.jpg (189.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1453476133552-2.jpg)


Need to stay consistent with the terminology or people will get confused and call you an obullshist back.


That's like, your opinion man.

Bunker /pol/s = best /pol/s.


File: d2bc18a6e037ccb⋯.jpg (4.79 KB, 191x281, 191:281, ME48202.jpg)


There are some writings by Collin Wilson, Max Freedom Long, and J. Finley Hurley that shed light on this whole process of relationships and love.

If you've read their books, do you recall that stuff about "unconscious sorcery"?

I don't see why a love spell is an improper channel at all. We naturally do this shit to each other anyways, when we start feeling love for them, and imagining them loving us back, and sending sexual energy to them. The whole spellcasting thing is a formality of what is a natural power used unconsciously. Magick is just using the unconscious powers consciously, intentionally, and with mastery. Until we develop into magicians, we are all sorcerers, even if we don't have the spooky LARPy stuff going on.

Like seriously – just because you add a little supporting structure to it and make it into a "spell" with some chanting and ritual it's bad now?

Consent exists; but at many different levels. The verbal consent of a person means nothing. The spiritual consent of the higher self of that person means everything; and believe me, NOTHING would happen to them, if their higher self didn't allow for it.

In actual fact, falling in love is a wholly magickal process, and there is nothing wrong with it as long as it's a pure love. The love either won't reach and move them in which case nothing comes out of it OR it will act on them and move them to love for you. That whole spectacle of communication and what you call relationship development is nothing without the subconscious powers already working up that love. People invariably fall in love when their subconscious ideation makes them do so.

You shouldn't bother to seek someone's consent if that means something like "will you be my GF" or "m'lady, please love me, I will completely refrain from sending you love until then because that would be casting a spell on you".

Literally, all love is magick, deal with it. Love is the law; but love is under will.

Here are two formulas, one is bad, the other is good:

1. I intend that (x-individual) shall fall deeply in love with me and I with them and I and ask for the Wisdom to come upon me and show me what would be the fruits of this love.

2. I intend that (x-individual) be seduced by me so I can exploit the shit out of them to fulfill my fantasies and arbitrary desires.

The first one, properly formulated, should let you know if such a relationship with x individual would be worth having and its intent is actual love. The second one is basically some dickhead saw a pretty girl or nice boy or whatever and decided they have to have them because blah blah blah (ungodly reasons).

Now, both of them are directed at a particular individual. For EFFICIENCY's sake, and not because of any moral reason, this is a better formula (and one I've posted again & again in the various threads where these questions about love have come up on this board now over the years).

I first tell them they shouldn't fixate so hard on the girl they have decided they want. Then, I basically tell them to use this:

3. I intend that a suitable available partner shall come to me who will walk the same path as me, who will grow with me to know the deepest love, and who will not be held back by me or I by them. I intend that they be as perfect for me as circumstances allow and that they come into my life at a suitable time but not too late, perhaps this year (or you can specify a few years later or whatever but if I was going to do this myself right now this is how I'd word it). I intend that God prepares me for this relationship and that when it begins I shall have already reached the maturity to make it last.

(I would start invoking the elements also while doing this, starting with fire, and going through each one I need as I begin a ritual-trance that would involve visions n' shit like I usually do every single night).



>invoke the elements

Tell me Smiley, can you even boil a thimble (5ml) of water with the elemental meditation outlined in IIH?



I'm aware of the concept, and it is leagues different from ritualizing a spell in order to bind someone to you. One is fluid and its tides may easily change if it's a naturally weak bond or it's strong if there's a naturally strong bond. The ritualized magic is the difference between grabbing someone's shoulder and saying "Don't go" but letting them leave when they pull away anyway, and knocking them the fuck out and tying them up in your basement.

And stop projecting the whole "M'lady" sperge shit. Enough memes. Your books are memes and your life is a meme. You're rule by memes. Books are to be understood and discerned with wisdom, not cybernetically attached to your fucking spinal cord.

I'm guessing you've already done these love spells and nothing has come of it though. In that case you likely are a love repellent and need to drop this construct of artificial mystique and spirituality and just realize your humanity rather than your "Godliness."

You have no power just power fantasy. Maybe this is why ethics are irrelevant to you? If you had any power you would have confidence, and you would leave your home and find someone.

The first "occult power" you should seek is personable confidence and perspective.


File: baf95cadf4c962a⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 292x300, 73:75, Downer.jpg)



It has been what, 5 years or so now, and Smiley is exactly the same. People have told him what you are saying many times. Humility is the first step to wisdom. I went through a phase similar though not as extreme in most respects as he is in during my late teens. Could be he is just slow grower and needs a strong event to wake him from his delusions. Honestly eastern spirituality would likely help him more than new thought, but what can you do eh.



How is it an "obullshitist" term?

There's a lot of different terminology and multiple glossaries because muh multiplicity of traditions all aiming at and describing the same underlying perennial philosophy.

If someone wants to talk about the astral plane, why is that term not a good one for it?



I find that there's generally a lot of bullshit and mysticism tied up with terms like that. Mental projection is a relatively useful way to project your Awareness, but most people who "astral project" are simply lucid dreaming.



Just curious; can you?

…and if you can, can you make or bump an IIH thread, to help us along in developing ourselves to do that shit?



How is lucid dreaming not a projection of the awareness?

How is AP supposedly just limited to remote travel and remote viewing of the physical plane?

I oersonally don't like that term "lucid dreaming" or even the term "dreaming" because it's so imprecise and there is so much phenomena that falls under it. Any of many various mental states, experiences, etc. can be encompassed within what might be called "dreaming". When people "dream" a lot of different shit is going on.


>question thread

>half the thread is an argument



ProTip for you buddy: I've never actually done a lovespell and only ever requested from God to receive validation from women on specific days.

I have not yet reached a point where I actually want a wife.

Yes, I want a wife – but not now, not with the shit going on in my life, and not having a car, and not with this huge backlog of books I want to read for mostly aesthetic reasons (I trance out while reading books and I take great pleasure in the reading, I don't really need to keep reading so much).

If I casted off

>3. I intend that a suitable available partner shall come to me who will walk the same path as me, who will grow with me to know the deepest love, and who will not be held back by me or I by them. I intend that they be as perfect for me as circumstances allow and that they come into my life at a suitable time but not too late, perhaps this year (or you can specify a few years later or whatever but if I was going to do this myself right now this is how I'd word it). I intend that God prepares me for this relationship and that when it begins I shall have already reached the maturity to make it last.

I'd fail the maturity requirement. I have barely ever invoked Earth or worked on that element at all. The other three elements I've worked on, at various points. I used to be strong only in one element, then I built up two more, but I still got to work on Earth and have barely even started.

>the rest of what you're saying

You don't know me faggot. I have a kind of stuttering, unstable, chaotic power that flares up really intense and in silly ways and then burns me out. I've done a lot but I have no stable foundation, hence a lot of my problems. I am not yet a very balanced individual.

You're a big meme yourself. Memes rule everything, deal with it.

As for,

>I'm aware of the concept, and it is leagues different from ritualizing a spell in order to bind someone to you. One is fluid and its tides may easily change if it's a naturally weak bond or it's strong if there's a naturally strong bond. The ritualized magic is the difference between grabbing someone's shoulder and saying "Don't go" but letting them leave when they pull away anyway, and knocking them the fuck out and tying them up in your basement.

What are you even saying here? You're apparently talking to me about two different things, but what is the other thing you're talking to me about? Are you saying there's a difference between rituals and spells, and that one is supposedly ok and the other is not?

>Maybe this is why ethics are irrelevant to you?

In other threads on this very board right now there are people accusing me of the very fucking opposite, saying I am too caught up in ethics, to disregard ethics, that ethics don't matter, etc. while I argue with them about how important UMK and ethics and virtue n' shit is and go on long rambling rants about virtues.



Why do you feel the need to expound on your personal situation to strangers? I have never said a single thing about my personal self online and for good reason, I mean come on nobody gives a shit.



>havent hit puberty yet

>probably immortal

you sure? i mean if you're sure i wont question it.



>>not opening your third eye and influencing the drivers in front of you to drive a little faster every time you get sick of how slow everyone is going

sure but

>children and mothers die as a consequence



we've had this discussion before.

we came to the conclusion that if someones free will does not want something it interferes, therefore its ok to send and receive feel energies to and from others.

i, personally, see this as drugging someone, but i do cast love spells, mostly and only on girls im dating, to keep not just hers but my interests up.

i would not intrude on someone elses emotions like this if i really didn't have a reason as its considered black magic, and doing what i am doing is borderline cruel and evil, manipulating others free will, to any extent, is to rob them.

it is for the record a lot easier to just find the rhythm and the girl and things that comes along.




He's like 25 according to himself tho



Ah, definitively an immortal then.

Nothing to see here peopple, scuffle along.



Immortality is definitely possible. Though I'm not sure if the purely spiritual path is practical as it takes so much time and dedication, upwards of 100,000 hours of solid spiritual development as a rough average. There are several alchemical paths which are much more practical but I doubt Smiley has used this method as the costs are substantial generally.



theoretically possible. just like throwing fireballs.



Throwing fireballs is impossible.



is it now?



"Magic" doesn't mean you can do things that are impossible, science simply does not understand or explain the actual fundamental and basic Laws that govern reality.

I mean I suppose you could somehow get water molecules to separate and undergo rapid nuclear fusion while binding the explosion in a moving gravity wel. Yes that may be possible, but definitely not for humans. You would need to harness more energy and Will than is possessed by humanity as a whole.



everyone take this to heart, now we just need to work on karma.



All you another physical alchemist? I do agree that the costs can be exceedingly high, but the feel of doing something with your hands is invaluable. From my experience there is no greater joy when going through a process where the results are seen tangibly seen while being felt internally.


File: 25e87602043964f⋯.jpg (647.04 KB, 1112x2013, 1112:2013, e5a365fcd55be290866aac82ba….jpg)

Opinions on the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dawson?

Which deck do you use? Which resonates the most with you?

Bad experiences with AC deck (Thoth)



I own the deck but I don't use it much as some of my other decks. How did you have a bad experience with a deck?


How to achieve ENLIGHTENMENT

Get over yourself. Go a day without thinking about what other people think.

Accept that we live in a computer simulation, everything technically already happened, we are all the same person, and this is just an amusement park we come to to delude ourselves.

Then, inevitably run into one of the dweebs who are like "Dewd no you are wrong I just got my masters degree and my life is great and I have no way to counter your statement so I'm just gonna be like "Haha the matrix! Neo dude!" since Hollywood controls 90% of my brain and at the end of the day I was actually built into this to drag you back to fakeality by being a prick since nobody likes to be challenged and told they have a dud for a brain."

Then, fall for that person's shit and play the zombie game again. You are dumb. This is your ego speaking. Don't ever say I'm not real again.

Then, say holy fuck my ego is annoying as fuck. Fuck that shit I'm getting to the bottom of this.

Meditate on the thought that this is all scripted and we live in a computer. Start looking at how us building AI is no different that ABRAHAMIC GOD building humans. Think about how we use all these number systems just like computers. Our brains fucking work exactly like computers.

Tell yourself again, no, no way, I am super special, I did this and that and had this and that happen, and this is just a trick someone is pulling on me. Start looking at other peoples belief systems and realize that their shit makes absolutely no sense compared to yours. Trick your ego by saying "Yeah, this computer simulation belief is unconventional, but I will be special and unique if I keep going with this! And that will give me the same glory I would get from being the pope!"

Then start observing how stupid all these made up religions are. Feel immense pain as you watch unnecesary things which could have prevented if everyone faced reality happen. When fed up, bring yourself 100% to your beliefs and say no, I am getting to the bottom of this.

Then, you accept that you are right. It will drive you completely insane, and you will wonder how you could ever delude yourself into playing this game again. You suddenly understand why you have died billions of times.

Then, you just want to find someone to take the pain away, but you realize that persons just another form of you, and everything is temporary anyways so there is no point in wasting time worrying about feelings.

Then, enjoy your reward: We may just be locked in a computer, but that opens up unlimited possibilities. You can adjust your character just like you would in World of Warcraft. You can make expansions, or entire new games. I know I was able to immerse myself in my MMO character just like it was an extension of me, and it was fun as fuck. I am content with the fact that I am just a character in a game because my pleasure is real.

Then, start looking at all the belief systems which people claimed to be the ultimate truth. They aren't the ultimate truth, but those people are onto something, and you might as well play the long game. Being nothing is fucking stupid.



Bumping my question again.

The guide here describes using a memory palace and using Servitors (called Tulpa here). Your servitors are meant to "store" information into your memory palace and retrieve it for you automatically. Though there are other guides on how to make typing servitors or HUD servitors, in this guide there’s not guide on how to program servitors to specifically store and retrieve memories like the guide describes.

How do you program servitors to store and retrieve memories from a memory palace for you?

Also could using self-hypnosis give me a perfect memory?

I have spammed this a few times now. Maybe I will once more



I tip my hat to you, young squire.



Where is the World?



This is dumber than thinking the Earth is flat. Have fedoras ever considered the dogmatic institution of "approved" science and the media which supports it ridicules alchemy and philosophy to keep you ignorant?



I do some physical alchemy, but the difficult thing about it is sifting through the disinformation. There are no legitimate processes online that will create more than a tincture and for good reason, if you can't come to the wisdom directly from the source, God, you aren't ready to ingest even a minor stone


I've been doing a few kinds of energy works with my body. I can easily move energy around legs, arms and torso, but my head feels like stone.

What could cause this? I can't move anything up there.



Well it is good to meet another one as we are a small and niche group. I am saddened that Triad publishing closed their site a number of years ago. They had an extensive collection of material. Luckily I was able to grab Jean Dubuis's collection of his coursework for the old Philosopher's of Nature. I took John Reid III's prius 7 and prima courses when I first got interested. He still puts them on but the price is very high and that is not considering equipment. Which reminds me that Reid's Minor Opus lecture is gone unless he still supplies it. It was released through Triad Publishing as well. An interesting discussion and walk-through towards the creation of the Circulata Minor.

The mineral work is indeed very dangerous, even Regardie got damaged from it. With a proper fume hood and suitable safety equipment it can be practiced, but like you said the products you make may be dangerous to take if the inner state has not progressed. One issue I run into is I am in a state with a lot of Meth production, so the collection of equipment and supplies can raise a few eyebrows.

Ora et Labora friend


How much of your day/free time do you guys spend on occult practice/study?



However much you feel you need. Consistency in practice is the most important thing. Reading should be second in priority to practice.



I'll let you in on a secret friend.


The pyramid when in correct proportion and aligned towards the true axial north can change the properties of all substances. As far as I cuurently understand it the pyramid brings elements and their compounds into a higher state somehow.

You can dissolve metals with the pyramid. The more pyramids of ascending size you stack the faster the metal will dissolve. I'll let you figure out the application of this, but you can easily test it with a gram of pure metal in a dark sealed glass container. By the way, the author of this PDF died and I believe it was an assassination, so this is the most I'll say on the matter



massage where your skull meets your spine and follow the muscles down your neck.



very little.

you want to reach a stage of thinking in 4d so that magic is effortlessly in every step and breath you take.

its an awareness of the third eye that allows you to feel/see not only how the energy flows in your body but around you, in other people and even in objects.

higher knowing operated by the subconscious, having a mental imprint of see/feel everything around you.

having attained this, i don't know what it is, rituals and works now no longer take more than a couple of minutes where previously it took hours to find the emotions needed for alchemy and reaching out to people is easier than ever.

i was naturally blessed with accurate vision but all the mental circus acts i to had hoola hoop leading me to -this- have resulted in a near instantaneous instinctual knowing leagues ahead of previous detective skills.



Scratching the area of your body that you want to focus on helps. After enough times, you should be able to do it without having to do anything.


Is there a way to induce some physical characteristics into the fetus? Blue eyes, for instance.



Make your own eyes blue, make the mother's eye's blue, there.



I'm asking If there's a way to increase the chance of It.

Like, I have brown eyes, the mother has blue eyes. I want to increase the chance of the baby having blue eyes



You're a victim of the Dogmatic Occultist Disease, all your knowledge is rigid and dogmatic, and you need to circulate mental energy.

Though your knowledge may be correct or relatively so, your creative associations are Jurassic.

I recommend being emotional and going on a vision quest. Go for the Shaman's Journey vibe, where it gets ultra surreal and trance like, and your soul flies into meta dimensional quasi space.



Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing that! I am planning on enlarging my work area by building a separate structure away from the house, in case of fire and to keep fumes away from family and pets. This actually sounds like a perfect idea.


So I'm making my way through a /fringe/ recommended reading and am currently having real trouble with "The Arcane Formulas." At the beginning of the third chapter it states that after having performed the exercises in the previous chapter I should be able to command my physical functions.

I absolutely cannot do this in spite of the fact that I've practiced the formulas in chapter 2 to death. Do I move on in spite of the fact that I clearly haven't mastered the current formula, or do I just practice the same formulas indefinitely?



Read The Kybalion

Then read IIH with the Rawne Clarke companion.

Once you finish step two of IIH read through The Corpus Hermetically and The Emerald Tablet, while continuing IIH.

Ignore the reading list is my advise, it is not very good.



>Are you a 30 years Tibetan master cultivator? I mean, surely, it sounds so easy from this armchair I'm sitting in




I fully acknowledge I am an neophyte. There is not a single true initiate on this board. Humility doesn't kill you.



Would a true initiate/adept ever acknowledge that they are such? I get the humility angle but there must be a point where they can look at their progress and say "Yes, I have reached that level"?


If you study magick seriously you are a neophyte.

If you practise magick and have obtained some results you're an initiate.

If you have become skilled in a magickal practice you're an adept.

If you have become a master of all or at least a wide array of magickal practices you're a magus.

That's all the ranks mean. I hate holier than thou faggots with their virtue-signalling.



>Ignore the reading list is my advise, it is not very good.

Absolute shill-tier. Everyone should just dig through the libraries and start opening books and looking through the indexs and then just reading what they want and find interesting.



Before anything, before your time is out, before death again, master your body, more importantly and leading to, master your astral body and know it's shape and form in this vessel,this vessel is proportionally perfect, despite its flaws here and there.

If you can't assume a human shape mentally in these realms and feel as if the blood is flowing together with your energy circuits, you shouldn't be spending to much time in the astral.

What he's doing are the late gme first steps of mastering this.

It's much different from subconsciously and naturally assuming a form, this way you're always in control, a state where you're always now through the awareness of your body, like with breath.

His works might be rigid and boring but I don't know how many countless hours I spent doing these practices of moving energy around to get accustomed with it all so I can throw firevalls at aliens trying to fuck with me when I enter the mental Internet because my body wants to sleep.


Sorry to break it to you but doing energy work and uncoiling the snake powers up chakras responsible for emotions you haven't even felt a want to feel yet and this makes you question, it makes you ask yourself if x or y is a nice thing to do to someone and if you would want it to happen to you.

Empathy. Allows you to make great moral dcsiscions, which you don't have to act on because you're in power, not your emotions, and leads to a "power", related to feeling energy in yourself and others and around you, the extra sensory abilities you get from leveling up empathy is being able to tune in to what others are feeling and the vibe of the room.

Unfortunately morals, empathy, being able to feel, take and give emotions, love and grief, having it all express itself in natural non autistic ways, all came with doing advanced energy work.



Yes, move on.

It comes with practice but you might lack some knowledge needed to make full use of it so speed read everything you can find then meditate on it all and cross reference between books, videos, bloggs, you name it, for the truth and what works.

This way is much faster. You will learn everything at the same time, see how they are connected and at a later time figure out how to use it better.

I can't properly stress how valuable the teachings ìn the kybalion are.

Anyone dissing those laws is a 100% concentrated bullshit occultist who only knows how to make sigils.



>stabilise the lower charas you managed to open this far

>wait some days while massaging neck

>deep meditation time

>lie down

>gather enough energy in root for you to twitch and become restless

>move the warmth up each character, slowly, don't continue until one is glowing bright in its designated color and the body part feels like molten rock

>reach third eye and have it blast/shatter an invisible barrier to crown then cycle the new energy, this one feels drastically different from warmth, it's a trickling feeling of cold fire/water which can only be noticed in subtle twitches of the etheric body, it does not really express in the physical body until it makes you move

>having unlocked this crown energy, forcing the 'gate' open for it to come through, take some breaths with your nostrils ,on each breath in you are to breathe in a way that makes your ears level/neutralise air pressure, with every breath in drag this crown energy to the root, 'stick' it there and use it to pump root energy to third eye, or crown, or any other body part, specifically chakras you need to work on

Don't let your mind move your body, move your mind to move your energy in motions without sharp turns and without high net loss in momentum/energy to make your body move.



>Our brains fucking work exactly like computers.

Except they don't at all.


I have just woke up from a long astral-rant in which I was discussing jihad with others via halal yoghurt.

What did my tranced out self mean by this?



Maybe you should put aside the Jihad for a bit Ahmed.



[jihads internally]


How many of these flags are designated shitposting flags?

When are we going to get an Ammit flag?



ALL of them lad



>How many of these flags are designated shitposting flags?

From my experience, in order:





edgy fuckwad


jew (Shlomo)

jew (Zionist)

loosh farmer

pill (blue)

pill (indigo)

meme (Smug Frog)

rank (Magus)

special snowflake

wizard (chaos magician)

wizard (Illuminati)

wizard (Satanist)



Hi Tinydick "Closethomo" Cop! Hows the weather in Creepland?



Omg dude u did it. U got a tattoo. Look at all those eyes staring at you! U r so special. Look at everyone patting u on the back. Ive never see anything lyke this before. U conquered ur ego nd r now the master coltist. U r so freakin special m9.



wow, ur alter ego is 9 years old and a powerful psychic, u r the prodigal son dood, u did it, ur not just a pixel anymore.


How do I practice mindfulness?



there is only one pleiadean, hes dead serious and totally bonkers.


You are all schizophrenia kill yourself before I do it

-T3h L0rD Ur G0d



More and more my suspicions you are yewish aren't confirmed,

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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asshat, he wish he was as woke as the average hermeticist

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)
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>How do I practice mindfullness

Basically, mindfullness meditation is being, mindfull, of your thoughts. For example, when you steal your senile grandmother's heroin, shoot up and say, "I'm feeling it now Mr. Krabs!", you ask yourself, "Why did I say that specific quote?", and after a long 5 minutes or so of healthy introspection, you realize that SpongeBob was playing on the TV next to you when you said it. Eureka! You now realize your a 2d reactionary animal. Maybe if you shut the fuck up (practice no-mind meditation), you'll tune into your higher self thoughts and grow some real character!




Is he right about fireballs on the Causal plane tho?



How come you can't say Jew or Jewish? It's always joo or yewish with you. That's a common trait of shills.



>muh shills

Go back to /pol/edit you mentally ill kike😂



You didn't answer the question, "space brother"



Me the blood, edgyfuckwad, loosh farmer, indigopill, smug frog, special snowflake, chaos magician, and illuminati.




When you upload one in the other sticky? Please upload any and all flags with a suggestion as to description for each in the other sticky that is currently up.


What will imagining explosions, plague death, and acid death of every mentally perceived thing that annoys me do? And just constantly happening around me like a storm of death.

There is much mentalist trash I wish death upon, and it is getting increasingly effective and satisfying. I am feeling a release like pressure is being lifted off of me.



Any method of death really. I feel that whatever is around me astrally needs to die.



The only one I know is to focus on your breath. It's good practice for mindfulness as distracted or racing thoughts ebb away and the awareness of being in body increases.



Yeah, no fireballs for you on the casual plane unless you build something like the arc to project guided external energy. Everything you learn is to be brought back to the mental.



Consider empowering your third eye so you can get the imput of their visage and purpose then trapping one of these "demons" from around you in geometric figures, first a sphere of light, to which you gather all the entities remaining presence, then a square around that to make sure nothing gets out, then a pyramid ontop of that, keep the structure stable and fill it with violent, purifying light to smother, burn and pressure the entity until the pyramids energyflow combined with pressure in the structure starts blasting energy from the top, at which point the entity is already dead, to much high presssure, high intensive, high frequency energy condensed in one place works like radiation, it breaks down the entity, its tiny automaton mental powers can't keep its shape together, its dead as fuck.

Adding a pyramid is optional, its just as an extra fuck you, I'm going to water my lands with your blood.

Consider taking a little bit extra time when trapping it in the sphere to breathe into the sphere all the qualities of the entity, as you do, you remove them from your body, you feel where these mental parasites are lodged in the body, at which chakra they leech and breathe from that place in the body, coaxing the "black smoke" out of you and into the sphere.

If you don't get an image or idea of how this entity looks, your subconscious takes care of interpreting the entities purpose and creates and image to reflect them, it could be an idea to manually create an image for the "demon" (or vice, for which this works much better) and work on building it up much in the same way described above, and then to chain it, master it or slay it.


almost had a heart attack, had a 404 for 15 seconds before i got redirected back here and the post was posted







Thank you very much. Perhaps I thought this a bit too complicated.


Going to try this. I haven't tried to raise kundalini in years.



Oh, to be able to do this you need to be able to think in.. a way that is similar to see through CAD. Deep trance, awareness not on the body, not away from the body but in the mental.

Its entirely indescribable.

Learn by making platonic solids in your minds, first see them in 2d then spin it to emulate 3d next feel it to see the other side of it. Or try matching your breath with a circle in your mind growing larger and smaller in tact with your breath while moving your awareness into the sphere, feeling it contract and expand.


So last night I was tripping on dextromethorphan, nasty habit I know. I picked it up in my youth, it actually led me deeper into the occult, but thats another story.

Im sitting in my room minding my own damn business when I hear a frequency set off in my left ear. It didn't feel normal, it had a huge presence but little substance to it. The frequency stopped and out of nowhere a fly comes from behind my head, flies around me and out the door, and Im just sitting there speechless. I was in my room for about 30 minutes in pure silence, there was no fly in the room. As I was describing the situation to my mentor and how I couldn't find the fly after that, it came into my room just inches from my face and then flew away, as if flipping me off. Banished and gtfo for a walk to clear my head of the trip.

Ended up having a deep conversation with an old friend about career/life paths and building virtues instead of letting your life waste away. This morning I find out one of my friends almost got choked out by an ex-veteran, was hanging out with the wrong crowd who just wanted to have fun.

Im mainly curious as to what type of entity would be attached to that fly as I didnt find it. I banished my room once and the whole house once and left, no one came in or out till I got home so Im hoping it stifled its energy. I don't want that shit in my house. Im done using drugs, life occasionally gives me weird omens and syncs to get my life right. Just thought it was pertinent to the discussions here. Thoughts n stuff appreciated


When you are mindful of breath do you observe the stomach, or the entire path of air?



The entire path of air I would think.

Have you read Theron Q. Dumont - Personal Magnetism? Around Chapter 8 you might want to read that.



I know snakes are used up north of where I am by shamans to spy on each other. They control the snake and see through the snake. I know a shaman that kills all snakes he comes across as a consequence. Snakes can easily get into anywhere also through any small crack.



Damn, shamans and magicians are spying on neophytes making ripples in the Aether.

That reminds me, anyone know anything of Taurus demons? Bull demons. I once directed… internet energy or computer energy at one that I noticed in my presence after hearing a heavy breath and it BZZZT …. BZZZT …. BZZZT out the fucking window. I guess I store a lot of energy in my computer or I can use its energy well.


What is the best energy work program?



I prefer Hyatt's Radical Undoing. He had a certain brutal honestly I found refreshing.


Where is good info on shape shifting, gender swapping, etc.?



This kind of stuff greatly interests me. There's some book I have on shapeshifting. I don't think it's really that great though. I have aspirations of becoming a shapeshifter.


Books that will assist me in becoming an immortal warrior? Mostly the warrior part. Very long distance to close combat, assassin to brawler, sharp perceptions to strategic tactical advantages, everything relating to in some way being an effective warrior.


File: 346b005595bf40e⋯.png (200.27 KB, 1794x939, 598:313, immortality.png)


>immortal warrior

The immortality part can be achieved through many ways:

'’'Chi Gong:''' Clear and perfect your energy body. Cultivate vital energy, and live in perfect balance with nature

Alchemy: Create and correctly ingest the Minor opus, absorbing its energy and repairing your dna

The warrior part, well, there are no right or wrong answers. Just know that on all planes above the Material, war is always psychology/energy based



Do people on Earth fight interplanar wars without realizing it?

Which of the two is easier? Alchemy or Chi Gong? Why does there always seem to be a psychological war going on with people on Earth but, definitely not physically?


What's the easiest way to break the conditioning of the physical world/matrix? How do I get my mind to accept the reality of mind over matter and the like? I feel like I've amassed a wealth of knowledge but little in actual power, as I don't think I've ever seen anything with my own eyes that I could consider fantastical or paranormal, and I feel like subconscious doubt is weighing me down.



Well to be honest matter over mind is a lot more reliable and effective. Understanding all the mechanisms of reality is easier than mind games with reality.



>Which of the two is easier? Alchemy or Chi Gong?

The practice of spiritual alchemy and Chi Gong are very similar just different in description. Lab alchemy is strenuous both financial and for safety reasons. However, the route towards obtaining the Minor Opus is the bridge from the plant work to the mineral work. It is a long process and if you do not have the money to purchase a number of pieces of glassware, then you are better off going a purely spiritual alchemy route like Chi Gong.



>Do people on Earth fight interplanar wars without realizing it?

Yeah, the normalfags calling you crazy are unconsciously doing the Orion Group's bidding, grumpy assholea ruining your day are controlled by astral parasites, and when you see a happy person sit with some sad people and eventually get bummed out, that's a frequency war.


File: ceeaa297ce7c136⋯.jpg (82.01 KB, 449x480, 449:480, 737d9f8ca1.jpg)



Ive heard before that witches primarily use insects with their witchcraft, but I honestly don't know any witches adept enough at that kind of thing. The only witch I know can make potions that work and read tarot but that's about it.

Whatever was behind that fly definitely understood that I recognized it wasn't just a fly, but since I banished the fat fly has not been seen, nor has it gone outside. Let's hope that's the end of that.



Why would magicians spy on each other?



Why would they not? Everyone who thinks thoughts and feels feels and forms intentions and imagines is a magician.



It seems like someone skilled enough to use an animal sentry would've done the bnw mirrors, and with that I don't see how they could gain from spying on other adepts


File: a77d3712f353bbe⋯.jpg (27.79 KB, 638x475, 638:475, 830153a372d1ccd0640a6b961e….jpg)

I have this problem that I think is due to having an overactive third eye. I'm constantly deep in thought, so much that it creates problems in other areas of my life - I'm extremely clumsy and uncoordinated, I tend to neglect taking care of physical needs, I forget what people tell me and have to get them to repeat what they say often…all due to living inside my head too much. I've been like this all my life. For almost a year now I've been practicing 'mindfulness'/mu meditation, since I thought it might help my 'too much thinking' problem, but I think all it did was activate my crown chakra.

All the chakras that have to do with physicality and feeling grounded, I'm pretty sure they're more than starved of energy…

What is a good way to remedy this? I just feel so comfy in my head, and anything that has to do with the physical world is very stressful for me. I'd like to become more well-rounded.



You are not the thoughts in your mind, you are the being perceiving them. Unidentify with your thoughts and face reality head on with a silent mind.

Ask yourself inside your mind: "What will my next thought be?"

Focus on the silence and neglect the answer. The answer isn't you because otherwise it wouldn't answer the question that you asked.

Your mind is just a container for thoughtforms that you identify with and thinking in your mind is just another way of saying: "I listen to the ego in my mind and believes I am it".

Embrace the silence of the mind and learn to live with a silent mind so that you can stop being a slave to your ego.

Read this post again and do the exercises if you don't understand it. Break free from the hypnosis.



I personally have had several occasions of weird feelings/vibes then BAM insect lands on me where my attention was unconsciously directed towards.

I guess witches be bitches fuckin' wit me. Explains most things really.



Don't face "thinking too much" with "thinking too much".

1. Start reading a lot

2. Will yourself to extremely capable memory recall

3. Start exercising (3x10 push ups, 3x20 squats, etc)

4. Lazy, healthy snacks like carrots

5. Develop iron shirt (slap/hit yourself until you're iron) for stress tolerance

6. Throw something trying to hit something… hand eye coordination. or toss a ball in the air and catch it. or bounce it off the wall. something hand eye coordinating.

7. Shadow kickbox.

8. Focus on removing the 'darkness' from yourself as a will move. You got white orbs of light, colored orbs of light, and dark orbs of light. Remove dark orbs of light from your body/brain. Use your will/feel it out.. Should feel like what clarity feels like, or the feeling of removing literal shit off your eye balls, lbs and lbs of shit.

A segway between headspace to physical space might be easiest, so reading books will get your brain around shit in the real world… or other worlds. Try to read non-fiction though.

Memory recall will connect events and thoughts into one cohesive structure. Structure is your godsend, physical reality is structure, crave structure.

Exercise for the most obvious reasons. Make it structured, and make this numero uno priority.

Eating lazy health food will help ground you in the physical reality with physical matter.

Iron shirt will help you face stress, boost the immune system, toughen you up psychologically, and boost some coordination.

Throwing shit will build coordination for sure and help ground you in reality with depth perception and spacial relations.

Shadow kickboxing for coordination and OOMPH. Conquering stress with combat.

Removing dark orbs/lights/entities is essential though.



I think they might be exploiting people. Drain them, use them, enslave them, abuse them, whatever it is it probably isn't very good.


Newbie here, I'v only read the kybalion

Are the gods other than the all actualy real or is it just your subconscious talking to you? If they are real why are there so many and what is there agenda?

Can you mix and match with different schools of magick or is it important to stick to one?



*cough* Alchemists *cough* Conspiracy veterans *cough* the thrice-great traitor and sower of discord



and I'll top that off with *cough cough* squared circles and pyramids *wheeze*



You already know the answer to the first question in a general manner. You can look up the specifics at your leisure.

As for the second question, I suggest you ask yourself two questions: What is magick, and what do you want to become?




Something in your throat? Get well.




Sounds like you need to go binge on cough syrup to get rid of that nasty cough




All's good my fellow wizards, I'm just jaded by the 8chan hack lately and the death of fringechan.


Yeah, turning a fly's buzz into an air horn is a great idea!



Guess I have some more thinking to do, I shall continue to meditate.



I already said in my post that I've been doing those meditations a lot already, but it hasn't helped with anything. Even if I silence my thoughts with void meditation, I'm still inside my head and neglecting my physical needs.


This is EXTREMELY helpful, thank you so much. Capped it all and will be referring back to it. I've never heard of Iron Shirt, but the idea sounds interesting. Throwing a ball around sounds like it should be pretty effective as well.

Thanks again.



Glad to be useful



The various deities are aspects or "divine personalities" or archetypes. They are the useful parts of the All. For example, you pray to a fertility god if you want fertility, and you meditate long to have the All reveal to you the ideal form which fits that archetype (gods in general are formless but will appear in suitable manners for people).

There agenda is to be the embodiment of the archetype they represent (e.g. war, love, fertility, protection, healing, etc.).



Are the set of predictable personalities and thought directives showcased in popular culture the same thing, but different in degree?



Now I'd like to know which of these divine personalities are real



No, think of the archetypes as where all the foam build up in rivers. When you begin to merge with other beings, the main similarities between everyone is what will be most prevalent, makeing the archetypes seem very generalised in their nature



Any very generalised thoughtform like the archetypes are real, they just have many names, and it doesn't matter which name you use as long you have a deep understanding of the being



Why would you not believe in archetypes / divine personalities?



Every personality you can imagine is real. The gods are just more concentrations of specific personalities while regular humans are mixes of many different influences. There lack of psychic purity in humans is both a strength (they can develop in any direction) and a great weakness. At some point you can become absorbed into / merged with / identified with an archetype, becoming a very pure expression of that archetype, just by focusing on it for a long time and merging with it. That's pretty much the endgame of deity meditation.




So the divine archetypes are the Names of God by any other name!!!!



Yes, if what you mean by that is what I think you mean by that, that's pretty much it.

If there is indeed such a thing as a cosmic language like suggested by Max Freedom Long that objectively embodies the true meaning of the things the words in the language refer to (perhaps by some relation of the vibration of the words with the vibration of the thing referred to, I am not sure), then knowing that language would probably also let you know the actual Names of God.

Maybe Keys To The True Quaballah is about this. It's going to be along while before I'm ready to tackle that system of magick though.


How do I get over the mental block to influence reality?



Have you ever had a lucid dream? Real life is the same, except that it isn't your dream (so you aren't a zeroth order being). Meditate on that fact as well as the Hermetic principles, don't anticipate results but have confidence in your ability to achieve them, be a more creative person in your thoughts, read the Kybalion and Montalk's articles on reality creation (if you've already done this, read them again). Something that has helped me was writing down the Hermetic principles with their corresponding axioms and going for a long walk in silence, spending at least 10 minutes thinking about each. Also, start with something easy.






What use is it to merge with any given divine personality? What will be the result, in the short term, long term and everything in between?



Eternal hellfire.


File: a82028d30369b05⋯.gif (127.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a82028d30369b05cda814795c5….gif)

Where the fuck did all the info on shapeshifting go?


File: 14d373c32477e23⋯.jpg (57.76 KB, 450x450, 1:1, Ways-to-Improve-Self-Confi….jpg)


Want to literally be fucking everything? Simple, merge with The All.

Want to stop being a lazy, stagnant faggot and actually expand your mind and grow. Easy, merge with Sol

Want to stop being a cuck and grow a fucking pair to kick the shit out of mindless niggers? Cool, merge with Mars



A better question is how many times do we have to tell you?

don't worry i'm not mad bb :^)

>Create thoughtform

>meditate on thoughtform

>merge with condensed thoughtform





or create a thoughtform to change your body


File: abe93f53b9023fe⋯.png (63.79 KB, 1787x522, 1787:522, abe93f53b9023feb491889bdb6….png)



Found this pic, hope this helps


Hey Smiley, is true that you wrote some of the books in the library? If so, I'd love to read them

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)


Well would you look at that. Guess I should always post questions aggressively.




Thanks I greatly appreciate it. I pretty much have a thoughtform going already, but it looks I'll have to work on it a lot more, and myself.



Seconding this, if you don't have an hour or so daily, it might be easier to create a servitor to do it for you






One of the steps in IIH talks about putting your consciousness into animals and people and observing the world through their eyes. Bardon mentions that this is the beginning of the practice done by "black magicians" to become animals, like the old tales of werewolves. I'm thinking mastery of that step, among other things like thoughtforms, would help you a lot to shapeshift.


When meditating should I try to ignore itches and other things that bother me or should I just scratch them to get them out of the way?



I heard scratching is to help move chi around the body, so an itch is like a resistor with electricity running through it and it's getting irritated. Scratching might help it get through short term, but you might break your focus. If it doesn't break your focus it'll just help. Personally I like "iron shirt" which would clear your channels and prevent itching and give some of the same benefits as meditation but more consciously and directly than meditation (clearing your energy systems).



Bumping my question again.

The guide here describes using a memory palace and using Servitors (called Tulpa here). Your servitors are meant to "store" information into your memory palace and retrieve it for you automatically. Though there are other guides on how to make typing servitors or HUD servitors, in this guide there’s not guide on how to program servitors to specifically store and retrieve memories like the guide describes.

How do you program servitors to store and retrieve memories from a memory palace for you?

Also could using self-hypnosis give me a perfect memory?

I have spammed this maybe one too many times now



When I begin meditation I take 20-40 deep and relaxed breaths, during which I will scratch any itches that come up. Then I start visualizing a world and place myself inside it much like a dream, forgetting my physical body for a time. I'm still aware of the itches during this, but I don't really feel them because I'm busy adventuring or sparring with a thoughtform. Try doing that, sometimes picking something to focus on can keep your mind under more control than simply imagining nothing.


Do you guys smoke marijuana?



All day erry day





I feel like using your powers to locate stones and gems in the ground would be much more productive. no?



people already do. they make big money. work for large oil/mining companies.



I need to think to improve, and I can't think properly unless I'm sober. I may smoke it once a year or so if friends want me to, but in general I tend to avoid such things and I certainly don't want any outside influences for magic because they're entirely unnecessary for somebody who's actually serious about this stuff.






Unless you have a shaman recipe and you're on that path. As in, the drug is the path. It's usually one big ritual.



Eh, Shamanism isn't for me. More power to you if you can make drugs work I guess, personally if I want an altered state I will lie down and remain half-asleep/half-awake while meditating. That usually does the trick.


File: 8b5ee9238bf0b62⋯.gif (446.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1416905004746.gif)


No, and the degenerates who instead of trying to deal with their addictions justify using it as a crutch for their remarkably insignificant spiritual progress need to leave.


>2. How to reality manifestation – achieving success with occult methods?

“Earnest Desire—Confident Expectation—and Firm Demand—these form the Triple Key of Occult Attainment.”

The Master Formula of Attainment is as follows: “(1) Definite Ideals; (2) Insistent Desire; (3) Confident Expectation; (4) Persistent Determination (5) Balanced Compensation.” Reduced to popular terms, it is as follows: “You may have anything you want, provided that you (1) know exactly what you want, (2) want it hard enough, (3) confidently expect to obtain it, (4) persistently determine to obtain it, and (5) are willing to pay the price of its attainment.”

>3. How to heal by occult methods?

In fact, the whole structure of Mental Healing, Faith Cure, Suggestive Therapeutics, etc., rests upon the two principles of Therapeutic Psychology, or Psychological Therapeutics, which may be stated as follows: (1) the strong mental idea, thought, or mental picture of certain physical conditions, and (2) the confident expectation, lively hope, firm belief, or strong expectant attention directed toward the materialization or objectification of that idea, thought, or mental picture.

So simple and yet practically the only shit you need to know.



Nope. I've seen one guy that does it and he had amazingly advanced electrokinetic powers. I am not interested in it though and I can go into a trance literally on demand now for anyone and produce extreme mental states without the need of drugs.


File: e9c270eab4f6db3⋯.png (36.07 KB, 1556x438, 778:219, Screenshot from 2017-04-26….png)

I have backed-up all the important board pages and the CSS because this site's instabilities scare me and I don't want to lose shit.



>ill post anime so people know im right


File: 02a69584df3c9f5⋯.png (404.18 KB, 826x804, 413:402, 1441696668573.png)

Where do I get started with mental alchemy?



Desire Power - Personal Power.

Look in that huge ass book and you'll see.




That's a lot more than what I expected.

Time to dig in.





>damn that bitch is hot!

>why did I say "hot", rather than "thicc" or "gorgeous"?


So a thoughtform starts existing the moment you think of it? But only significantly affects the material once you feed it enough?

If this is true btw then it's all clear, but then what about


>or create a thoughtform to change your body

For it to work you would still need to feed it energy, so why would anyone choose to do this?

Last question

So thoughtforms are in some way an amplifier? What about focusing on just the change the you want to see while meditating? Why create thoughtforms?


File: 74a9a7a6755417d⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 639x480, 213:160, 74a9a7a6755417d0d7d26ea5d4….jpg)


>not having an enormous folder of anime reaction images to supplement your every post

Are you new anon? Don't you know that the fastest path to spiritual ascension is watching a lot of anime and being easily influenced?


File: 20976f771cd3d14⋯.png (71.8 KB, 599x573, 599:573, obama.png)


Thanks for this advice O Wise One. This should clear up my recent setbacks.


File: 03868a23dedae48⋯.jpg (43.11 KB, 578x589, 578:589, a06305fbfdd024769876889809….jpg)


>So a thoughtform starts existing the moment you think of it?

It's technically in it's infancy, you haven't fully conceptualized it or given it a name yet so it's not really going to be capable enough to be called a thoughtform. If you just think of something like an internal clock thoughtform for 1 minute and then forget about it, it won't exist in a useful state once you come back to it a few days later.

>But only significantly affects the material once you feed it enough?

Yes, that's how bodily modification thoughtforms worked in my experience. These things take time.

>For it to work you would still need to feed it energy, so why would anyone choose to do this?

In case you never experimented with it I suggest you try to evoke different mental states during workout sessions. The easiest one is just invoking a whole lot of anger to punch out a workout but with a thoughtform you could invoke it and literally superimpose it over your body. I've found that continuously visualizing my body as I've made my thoughtform look has given faster and more lasting results than anger fueled workouts. This also works on prolonged rest periods, slowing down muscle atrophy. Mental trickery or not, sometimes it even feels like my thoughtform's muscles are the ones taking the strain of heavy lifting.

>Why create thoughtforms?

Interesting question because I actually visualize the change I want to see in the world as well as making thoughtforms to bring about some change. I'd say it's because of our ability to make conscious thoughtforms that can exist and make changes in the mental plane without your personal participation and meditation, meaning they continue to do things even after you stop thinking about them and go off to do something else.



Hi, /fringe/.

I've been wanting to see the world from an insiders perspective for a while now, but not sure how to get there.

I've been thinking about studying law and making my starting capital during my apprentice years, during which I will also get more into the stock marking for future investments.

While uni is free here, and I am able to enter most of them, I have not much else to my name.

Any tips?

>this isnt /fringe/

once i get where i want to be, it hopefully will be.

otherwise this life will truly have no meaning and i will, probably, kill myself.


File: 38d42faaf912558⋯.jpg (52.49 KB, 600x604, 150:151, Channel.jpg)


>using reddit tier reacfaces


File: 16cac448c2423da⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 800x533, 800:533, img_0703.jpg)



>on my board



If my understanding is correct, killing yourself will put you either in a very shitty region of another plane that feels worse or in a new life that you have to start over in and could potentially be worse.



Bullshit Occultist detected


How do I know that I'm genuinely hungry and when I'm just eating because I feel like I'm supposed to or that I want a new flavour in my mouth? I just don't seem to genuinely experience hunger at all these days. I feel like I could just fast.

And on the topic of fasting, is there any /fringe/ material on fasting?



Fast from meat for awhile to become more sensitive. Alternatively you can fast for a week to a few day prior to any ritual working for greater emphasis. The day before or day of go without eating altogether to really make an impact.



kinda, first a percieved very long time in a waking dream shedding your ego, then maybe off to some intermediate place for you to meet up with people or beings or a place to ponder the lessons of this life, the place determined by your frequency, your karma, your actions, etched into your being, then you're off to reincarnate in the options that the orbs provide.

somewhere along the lines there is speculation that various interstellar races farm your energy as you die, interfering with your reincarnation, ability to remember next life, chance of escaping earth.



you cursed this board, it was dead for so long due to your shitposting powers, you claim to be a magician and say you've learned with the community, do you feel no shame in robbing them of their power?

that get could have brought forth a glorious fringe renaissance, instead you cursed us with several boards shutting down and threads lost.


Everything you touch turn to shit, you are a miserable person.

Gets are your life but you are never blessed, you cheat.



I can avoid meats but what's the substitute? Can I eat dairy for example? I wouldn't mind sweet things like biscuits with yoghurt, downed with a milkshake.



You can use dairy but I would avoid it leading up to any ritual work. The use of meat and dairy products is primarily to help ground your psyche. If you feel yourself getting to sensitive pull out a nice juicy steak.



I see. What kinds of foods are acceptable then?



I would stay vegetarian for a few days to a week up until the day prior for any ritual work. No food day of work. After you are done stay on a vegetarian diet for at least one day after, so that you can be receptive of the results. Two days out celebrate with a hearty meal with meat added in. Fish is alright the week prior for some, but as it is flesh it may still make you less sensitive. That is my magickal diet routine. I eat whatever when not preparing for a specific ritual, but with every meal I still infuse my food and drink as suggested in Step 1 of IIH. One suggestion is to look at fasting habits of other traditions such as Eastern Orthodoxy. Look at what they do leading up to and on the days they hold sacred. For magicians our ritual days are sacred and we should put as much effort into preparing for them as other traditions do.


I will say this: if you want to learn anything, might as well actually start off with reading but disconnect from this board, seriously. It carries with it a poisonous air as it's considered to be 'just another board' and many of its users are truly full of bullshit. Speak in this place and get infused with its lies, see it course through your veins and condemn you to useless errands which completely miss the point.

You say you are magicians but you are merely imageboard posters for the most part. Get out of my head.

A few case points to consider:

>breatharianism, diets, etc. the main theme here is concentrating on the physical, therefore missing the point, not to mention giving potentially fatal advice (akin to deleting system32 in /g/);

>roleplaying based on false scenarios to give predictably tainted knowledge;

>shitposting and loosh farming, along with justification (the board is dead).



I see. What of pastries? Apple pie? Scotch pancakes? Croissants?



You should be fine as long as you abstain from the grounding influences of meat and dairy. Experiment a bit and see how you feel. Everyone is different.


You are gatekeepers and the scum of the earth. If you hate life so much, why don't you kill yourselves? You know you want to do it, but you're too spiteful to do that, aren't you, pond scum?



why kill myself when there's sperglords like yourself around to enrage


File: f9725607c25cce8⋯.png (23.66 KB, 650x500, 13:10, 650px-Eye_of_Horus_Right.s….png)

Can i get a quick rundown on the symbology and meaning of the eye of Horus, and its association to Thoth when inverted?


on attracting a preffered future

Should I focus on it every meditation session or really get all my emotion out for it in one session and forget about it afterwards (as some claim you have to do)?



I prefer a regular consistent suggestion to the subconscious of what the intent is rather than a all in one go attempt. Doing a one time session is adequate at projecting your will, granted you are able to suppress any lingering doubt and worry that may arise. One suggestion, is before sleep to visualize the result of your intent with sufficient clarity as if a recent memory. Make sure to find a way to work towards your intent as well, as this reinforces the desire, your suggestion to your subconscious, and increases your overall will.


Hey Wizard Anons. Serious question here. Not a shitpost. I've read the Kybalion, some Manly P shit and dabbled in a bit of meditation. Does any of this magic shit actually work? Has anyone here seen discernable results? I've gone down far too many rabbit holes at this stage and I generally just lurk here to mine for weird shit but I'd like to know sincerely before I sink any serious time into this shit. I'd love it if whoever answers this has a degree and/or their shit together



I'm still just starting, but I was able to get a squirrel to climb down from its tree and walk all the way up to my feet, and more recently I stood in the rain without being rained on (though the ground surrounding me was wet). I've also been attracting more synchronicities lately and have remembered my dreams consistently for many days now. I even had a lucid dream last week. It's still the first couple months for me though, so I haven't had anything super serious happen yet. I'm sure the more experienced here have had a lot more results. Ultimately, you need to treat your dabbling as a scientist would treat his experiments, and just test what can happen from proper meditation and application of your knowledge. Experience is the only way.


Is there a religion called Razie or Razle? I discovered such a thing in a dream after fapping the night before without ejaculating. They used what I assume to be special tarot cards with strange art on them. It looked almost like Hindu art but with a certain foreboding weirdness that I can still visualize but can't quite describe.



Animal Siddhi is best Siddhi. Women love it. Find out how…


>eating anything other than astral pies and nearby ghosts



File: 3e8d57067825d22⋯.jpg (45.78 KB, 508x382, 254:191, 1417610017892.jpg)


Any effective ways to undo past religious conditioning? I find it hampers me too much. Thank you.



Worship Satan. Follow another religion and realize you can achieve the same stuff you did with the last one. Create your own religion. Rebel. Try to accomplish something impossible. Do drugs. Put yourself in a position where only your almighty savior can save you and when he doesn't come become pissed off and tell him to go fuck himself. If he saves you, then great, you won there too. Another good thing to do is understand that you got some good things out of your religion. If you never got anything good out of it then run the fuck away from it now you fucking dumb piece of shit.


Where do I start with gnosticism? Any book reccomendations?


How am I talking to you if you are dead, and how can that even be when if them how come it isn't even too much of a giving and of a holy fucking shit your world is fucking shit hahahahahaha



Its all gay larping bullshit






Is reddit occult all fat dykes?



I have been wondering about this for a while, can astral beings consume and digest other astral beings? Because that would be great.



i want to be very clear, i was shitposting. yes but you should cleanse it first



That is fine, I don't know much so I take everything on these topics with several grains of salt. Good to know, I will begin collecting and absorbing souls for my looshy needs.



I feel secondhand embarasment for you larping faggots. Get a fucking job or go outside lil baby.


You got a face tattoo for attention. You are a fucking dweeb. Why would anyone take anyone so pathetic they resort to those sort of means to achieve their goals seriously? Fucking faggot. How's that been working out for you? You having trouble maintaining the 2700 personalities you use based on whatever douche you are trying to impress? Newflash - look in the mirror - it would be the same thing. You are seeking approval from yourself. Everyone on Earth is the same person. What the fuck is the point of having whatever illusion you just encountered going "Gee whiz that person had a face tattoo! I am now going to give them $20!" That isn't going to happen. You wasted your fucking time. How bout you get some substance before you try to portray yourself as the almighty? If one doctor drives up to me in a limo and says you are sick with a and another doctor rides up on a horse and says you are sick with b I am going to trust the horse fucker everytime. If you get tattoo, you are no different than a fucking used car salesman trying to fast talk someone into buying a lemon. Why not just be yourself you fucking faggot, and if you are going to be everyone else other than yourself, why the fuck would you bother people who aren't losers? Go play dress up in Mundane City. The people who don't rely on deception will continue to run Wizard City. Dumb bitch.



What did he mean by this?



100% of people with tattoos are fucking losers. I hate Christcucks, but even they were like "Ay yo look out for faggots who put a mark on themselves. They are trying to deceive you and are so obsessed with themselves they literally mark themselves as a deceiver.



Lets say someone gets a gummie bear tattooed on them. There is a 100% chance they are retarded.

Let's say someone gets some SUPERSIGIL tattooed on them. There is a 100% chance they are retarded.

Prove me wrong. I'm always open to change!


You are a fucking moron and need to get the fuck out of my universe. I run things here, and I am doing some purges. Tattooed faggots are getting the gas chamber.



If you put a permanent mark on you to say "EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!" I will always look down on you. Egocucks are fucking cancer and are the reason we can't have nice things. I have yet to see one argument on how tattcools benefit society.

This world was ruined by faggots who are obsessed with themselves and have no issue with mindlessly destroying everyone else for short term gains(also themselves since we are all the same person).

I can look at the big picture, and tattoos are fucking cancer and are only there to keep the douche dream alive.

If I see someone with a tattoo I imediately don't take them seriously. I view them the same way I see abrahamic religion fags, left/right is not divide and conquer fags, and all the other people who are the reason stereotypes exist.



My goal is to fix this barbaric world. Tattooed people are a problem until further notice. Imagine how badass the world would be without egos. We would all live like fucking gods. Get it tofucking gether facetats. Like I said, I am open to being proved wrong, so if you are one of those MY MOMMY AND I HAVE THE SAME TATTOO fags then start acting like its a bond between your mother and you and not just a reason for you to jerk off your "creativity".


Why the hell are we talking about tattoos all of the sudden?



The 40 year old astral projector: the story of how one 40 year old man went 5 minutes without talking about astral projection

Nah but for real, if there is some magical internet world that you can all lay down on a couch and transport to and you aren't letting me come, I'm killing every single one of yoh.




Whoops, sorry about that on phone

I came in to say despite some old threads being revived /fringe/ looks good, good job BO.



Lets say a serial killer / child rapist found magical internet astral projection world then built a gate only he had a key to. Why the fuck wouldn't you faggots kill him? What the fuck are you gay jews even talking about?



Yeah good job BO, AKA Barack Obama (CIA ALIAS FOR AGENT BULSHIT OCCULTIST)!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(>not posting with the chaos magician flag)


Magick is too confusing…

All i do is will to happen and make my owm rituals…i dont even know what im doing but it seems to work…its too hard


File: 1da7d9dc89a9fe4⋯.jpg (179.64 KB, 534x900, 89:150, wizard in rented apartment.jpg)







Definitely works but it's simpler than people realize. You're reading the key works that grasp the essence of what magick is about. Make sure to pay damned close attention to what he's saying though and to realize the profundity of, for example, all that shit Manly P. Hall says about the circle, dot, and line.


How do I stop being lethargic & tired during whenever I need to be awake and wide the fuck awake during whenever I need to be getting rest?

I am perpetually fucked by this. Always want to sleep whenever I need to do stuff, always wide the fuck awake when I want to sleep. At first I thought it was just my circadian rhythm being off but now I realize it's actually functioning like this, like I get tired af when I have no choice but have to do stuff, and wide the fuck awake when it's my chance to finally sleep.

This problem has been a very long and persistent one that I have struggled with now for years. If anyone would be willing to look into my soul and ask god for the exact solution to this problem for me, it would be great, because this issue is the only thing holding me back from greatness. I conquer this; the rest of life will come easy for me and I'll be able to do what I want to make a beautiful life for myself and to continue to help others I meet in my path as best I can.


When attracting a preffered future. Wouldn't it be better to not have a clear view on the future you want to attract? I'm not implying being completely vague and just willing "my future will be good". But for example "event will turn out great". I think having a clear view on how your preffered future looks would make the manifestation path more narrow



Yes a clear visualization of the expected result sends the best message to the subconscious.


This world is fucking retarded. I'm getting the fuck out of here. Have fun being tortured for eternity you fucking faggots!



The problem is you're fucking delusional. You're self-hypnotized, under auto-suggestion. In a trance like state. There's no other way to believe in God and related fucking trash bullshit. Quit being a fucking push over pussy bitch, you fucking angel saint LARPing faggot, and realize how fucking retarded you are being.

By the way you have about 999 more fucking things between you and greatness and each are the size of boulders NOT EVEN HE COULD LIFT so you might as well find a dive bar to sell your asshole and mouth at because you're going to be bottom of the barrel scum for the rest of your life.

Honestly though you and everyone else shouldn't tolerate all these trash narratives and shallow "faith" somatic interpretations. No wonder everyone here has low self-esteem and motivation to be alive, they shit on their intelligence and dignity every moment of every day!

God = Subjectivity claiming it's objective. It's calling yourself God or having a connection with God then pointing at your own fucking awareness and consciousness as being fucking GOD. Creating bullshit backwards contradicting reasoning for LIES. It's all about LIES and building a system of cogs and levers to support those LIES. CON ARTISTS. CULTISTS. FUCK.

Look, perform crazy psychic magic shit, but don't call it some con trash fucking GOD bullshit. It's just crazy fringe science that hasn't been analyzed and learned, only performed. Do I understand how gravity works? The more massive the more gravity is all I know and all I need to know. Shit falls down. I don't think, "…. GOD !!"



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tl;dr You're all traumatized psychic rape victims and now YOU'RE the psychic rapists. Also God is code word for (like Cheese Pizza for pedos) for "YOU'RE 'BOUT TO GET MIND RAPED BY SATAN"



tl;dr tl;dr GOD IS A PSYOP


File: 9822df8e5163f70⋯.png (46.82 KB, 400x300, 4:3, lordofdeception.png)

File: 7c3faffe8942b85⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, darksummoner.jpg)

File: c23312d9e337b69⋯.png (1.45 MB, 564x1200, 47:100, CreamandVanilla.png)

File: cdb2a4887d853a6⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 504x512, 63:64, Coverforpersona.jpg)

File: 8ba5071f20be3ce⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 170x263, 170:263, stolas.jpg)

In all seriousness, is it possible to summon spirits/demons/the supernatural liker Persona/Jojo? What's it like summoning a spirit like Forneus, Ose, or Stolas? Is it possible to do Devilman kinds of shit (try to control a demon/spirit)?



Only if you have an ivory tower and have slain gods.

You're fucking psyopped to fuck, what makes you think you'll be able to ever fuck with demons? When you can control nations you can reliably control lesser demons. Not because lesser demons are somehow the craziest most powerful fuckers compared to you, but because controlling shit from other sides of the reality while being fucked with by your enemies on this side of reality is a difficult juggling act.

Also if you're inspired by this type of fiction you're psyop'd hard. Fiction is the alternative to meth: an escape from reality, lesser of two evils.



File: d01c47827ad545d⋯.jpg (104.96 KB, 218x307, 218:307, devilman.jpg)


Won't know until I try to do some Devilman/Summoning shit like summoning and using Ose and Stolas, or even some other spirit. I'm already challenging the gods like Odysseus and whatnot (screw the ivory tower).

Here's another loaded question: If you feel like you have some beast in you, can you let a beast inside of you out, controlling it to make work to your advantage?



If you feel like you have a beast in you you should let it out anyway. Whatever it is it's probably a manifestation of your power locked inside that the culture we live in regards as a "beast" or "demon" inside of a person rather than "BEAST MODE" which you should be doing anyway. I say go for it but I'd like to hear an expert or someone with experience talk about this as well.

If it's inside might as well let it out anyway.

I doubt you're challenging the gods though. Maybe challenging an influence of a god, like, degrees of separation from direct influence of a god. But I'm guessing you're challenging some symbolic shit, or a LARPing spirit pretending to be Odysseus, or you're performing a psychological ritual to your benefit that uses an Odysseus psycho-effigy as a tool in it.



>or you're performing a psychological ritual to your benefit that uses an Odysseus psycho-effigy as a tool in it.

Explain this.






Bumping my question for the last time this thread (maybe). How do I make memory servitors like in this >>95577 guide? How do you program them to store and retrieve info?



The first people to discover this ability had to figure it out on their own, and they were probably some of the best at it. If you managed to work it out yourself based on the brief descriptions you've received, I bet you would do a really good job and learn a lot. Aside from that empty and useless advice as well as this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci I will say this:

In my tulpa/servitor years I used to visualize a blackboard that I could pull down from above my eyes and write in, and after a few months I got pretty good at it and the things I wrote would stay. It helped to write slowly with great intention, focusing on even the smallest nuances of my handwriting. I also did tons of visualization meditation, which improved my memory greatly. I didn't know it at the time, but there's a similar practice in Buddhism called kasina meditation. I think it's really a lot simpler than you imagine it being. If you just close your eyes and get into a relaxed state, imagine yourself inside a building of your own design, spend an hour a day imagining every part of it in detail for months, and then begin placing objects inside of it that carry associations with particular memories, your brain will do the rest. It sounds like a lot, but that kind of thing pays off pretty well.



I'm very glad you answered. I have been using the method of loci and do have a memory palace that I use. As of now it is crucially underdeveloped and I can not see it with dream-like crystal clear lucidity upon command but I do use it and it has helped me.

Now that visualization meditation and practice you pulled seems quite interesting. However it's you who's doing all the work creating images and assosciations to help you with memory. If servitors or even Tulpa may be able to work independently of you, is it possible to get them to do the associating and linking for you? And how do you program a servitor/tulpa to do that automatically? Those are the questions I've been spamming the thread for in order to get an answer.





How long have you been part of the community?



>soulless npc detected


is fringechan dead?



the answer to that is pretty obvious, what you ought be asking is "is it alive?"





ah fuck.

what's the difference asking if it's dead or alive?




fringe atheist seems like an oxymoron to me tbh.

i mean, you can believe that the self is god i should think that would be the only way to reconcile magic and god without believing in anything

idk, i figure we're all in godmind

I ain't needy, but I'm also rarely here.

I wanted to rebut your seemingly overly angry rant as projection, but I guess maybe it applies to people here.

And then I wonder why you come here too. If you're sensitive enough to hear the shit going on here can't you find a guide?


For fuck's sake, was this godforsaken website hacked again? Threads here have lost posts and threads on other boards have completely 404'd.

Anyways, to the guy who was talking about memory: I could ask my tulpa to remember something and she would. It gets faulty if you ever doubt your tulpa, but otherwise it works. There was definitely a lot of work that was done by me, but I didn't care much for remembering specific things. The sheer amount of visualization I had done improved my memory so much that I really didn't care either way because all sorts of things would stick in my head without me telling them to.


File: dff63304a51a547⋯.pdf (2.33 MB, CIA-RDP96-00788R0017002100….pdf)


What I think iron pill Anon is saying that distinctions like supernatural and paranormal don't really exist. What I might call "Science" has engaged in medieval religious dogmatic thinking turned on its head. Where anything that is not readily explained by objective causality = collective delusion or mental illness. Newton and Tesla were both balls deep into occultism and they were probably the two greatest modern scientific minds. Also the US and USSR definitely did a shit load of research into occult phenomena as seen by the recently declassified document in the attached PDF.



>For fuck's sake, was this godforsaken website hacked again? Threads here have lost posts and threads on other boards have completely 404'd.

Yes. Multiple times within a few weeks in fact. The hosts / codemonkey and his freemasonic owner are incompetent.



It is kill at this time. We need to create a new bunker in case this one goes down as right now if 8ch/fringe/ goes down we're pretty fucked.



lol you seem like an atheistic retard spirit that has somehow got control of a body to type out that garbage

Go read The Kybalion.






makes sense


dang I hadn't been on it for 6-12 months ):

did anyone archive it?

I probably saved some of it but rly old versions.



> I was able to get a squirrel to climb down from its tree and walk all the way up to my feet, and more recently I stood in the rain without being rained on (though the ground surrounding me was wet).

Dang, how do?

The most I've done was heal numbness in someone's hand in an instant, and use energy channeling/stuff to have amazing makeouts/sex.




>jerk off (not ejaculate) and continue reading

lol I'd like to try this


I couldn't tell from the results which element I'm supposed to be deficient in? if it's by score, it doesn't show metal as low but I think I'm prob lowish metal, at least trait-wise.

and I think I'm sorta earth-deficient but it shows that as highest.


cool stuff. I'm learning Chinese medicine myself.



He seriously reminds me of some clueless atheists I've had arguments with while in the astral plane. I was trying to explain shit to them and they didn't understand anything about the astral and what was going on around them or what they were doing.

>makes sense




>atheists in the astral plane

top kek



that is, I haven't been in the astral yet so it's pretty amazing that fedoras could/would get there


What happens if you meditate while APING?



I focused hard on the squirrel, made sure only thoughts/emotions of love and altruism were present in my mind, and consistently thought hard to it in attempts to let it know that I had food for it (literally just thinking in my head "come here, I have food for you," but with strong positive emotions). It made eye contact with me a couple times before finally coming to me. When it happened I couldn't believe it at first because this was my first magical accomplishment. But it ran off because the only food I had was jalapeño cheddar flavored chips. It helps to relax and not make any sudden movements. Also, I think animals generally don't want to waste time with people, so it also helped that the squirrel was on the lookout for food at the time.

>amazing makeouts/sex

Dang, how do?


File: e13725a64cffe55⋯.jpg (68.73 KB, 600x818, 300:409, e13725a64cffe55ba2dcdc9084….jpg)


The meditation buff gets stacked with the AP bonus.



out of body^2, serious if you can assume lotus, have enough knowhow and control to in AP feel your (energy)body, shape it and position it like perfect lotus, nigga you be going somewhere else fast.




Is there any truth to the idea that people can have past incarnations and that they can learn about these? I thought that immortality of the soul is only something that happens in some people and for others they are dissolved into the All. Evola and WWA seem to suggest the latter and Crowley says the former. Not sure who is more correct on this issue.



Just for reference, I'm using the Cassiopaen organization, aka, abstract conceptualization.

Anyway, if you are below 3D, you dissolve completely. This is because the 3rd density is semi reactionary, or in other words, semi individual. When you die, your Causal body begins to rot, so then, because you are only mind and emotion, (mind being denser of the two), you see, and your sensory info, is in the Astral, where your mental body slowly fades away, then, because you are only emotion and energy, you see the energy world - the 5th Density. Now at this high of a density, your frequency is extremely volatile, so as soon as you feel something that is impure, you immediately resonate with a human vessel and reincarnate.

The, "burning away" or, "dissolution of your person", is all your reactionary thoughts and opinions fading away. All that is left is what is absolutely concrete about you. These concrete "crystallizations" are recurring things that you've learned every fucking lifetime, things you are just born knowing and feeling. Eventually, you will have an entire personality's worth of these experiences, and, with a certain resonant purity, you stay in the 5th density.



btw, brown pill is best pill because in the big picture, all energy balances 50/50. Greenpill is wrong because he is too polarized to STO, he thinks he's bring good, but after a long time of good, comes a long time of bad. The trick is to accept both as they are, and to not stagnate in any too good, too bad, or too neutral.


The right hand path is just the middle path without realizing that everyone you help is you


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have you taken the orange pill, also known as "the purple pipe pill", yet /fringe/?




I have wondered that exact question for a long time. I would have to understand the nature of time better than I already do and in particular how one moment of my life connects to the next, so I could then maybe begin to trace back things properly.

From an absolute perspective there is timelessness and any and all lives are accessible/experiencable to us.

There is no reason also you couldn't be living multiple lives at the same time. That maybe your neighbour's current life is your past life and you're interacting with your past when you interact with your neighbour for example.

Have you read WWA's "Life Beyond Death"?



This is similar to my experiences with astral travel where it's easy to end up back in a vessel.


3 questions.

1) What is the Ouroboros ? ( redpilled version )

2) Sometimes i have some sleep paralysis when i am half awake (or at least i think so ) from sleep and some really bass voice just keeps me paralyzed, if i don't concentrate i can't wake up. Is this normal in sleep or anything fringe stuff involved because it feels kinda fucking weird.

Both questions are connected because that voice just keeps saying something about the Ouroboros every time, the rest i can't quite decipher.

3) How much is my mind tripping at that period and is it just my mind ?


File: aa28367be389e78⋯.png (126.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 5c0630259e.png)

File: f5650bd662137d0⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 6ae197be80.jpg)

File: f9b0c5a57e5e559⋯.png (105.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 443b2dabdb.png)

File: eef668076f1681b⋯.png (158.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 12690441c1.png)

File: 9c3a200f0ffbde1⋯.png (84.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, a1e64c8150.png)

So there is this guy on GLP, a Christian who claims he decoded the "Science" in the Bible. Any thoughts/debunks/comments?




>nigga can't trap or eat ghosts



Its considered an evil thing, doesn't give as much loosh as a normal meditation seesion could, the entities you consume can influence you, trying to do this to something stronger than you can turn out really bad.


File: 1c9c22d57f7ee68⋯.png (7.43 KB, 254x198, 127:99, dn.png)

can binaural beats produce any noticeable benefits in the skin, eye color, IQ or personality?




any proofs?

Because,you know…it would help.



what are you a chicken?

go google




>>amazing makeouts/sex

>Dang, how do?


Well, I'd say what helps is experience with: love/bhakti, meditation, qigong/energywork, and having more soul/body integration.

Also I've had a kundalini rising so that expanded my energy a lot, which is probably a big part of it.

I've only just started with makeout/sex stuff recently (7.5&6 months ish), and I was with an empath, so that probably also did the trick.

We could feel each other and reflect positive feelings back and forth.

I meditated with her sometimes.

What I'd do in myself was ask my higher self to channel whatever energies to me that would help it, and the best times I did intuitive stuff, some of which I've read.

(not wizard stuff but I can type out the 'basic' makeout/sex things i know, with a couple lesser-known i think)

and energetically I'd feel into her, fill myself with energy, pour some into her (once she's already fairly revved), focus especially on whatever I was touching her with, the way our energies mixed, making it both excited yet relaxed kinda, like a really deep feeling.

Like I'd evoke the deepest feeling I could get of divinity and relaxation along with attention and love and desire to ravish/penetrate with that awareness.

I'd use that kind of feeling especially when I'd keep my hand in one place, like her low belly, feeling into/penetrating her inner sex organs with that energy. I at times did that on her lower back as well.

Then for a different kind of feeling I'd go for a yang/electric feeling, imagining a quick lightning kind of energy and raditating that outward to guide her energy, like from the top of her butt up her spine (which was already something she knew she liked,) and she said "I never thought more than 2 people could touch my spine like that" after I did it.

Oh, also I'd do all of that slowly. Slow and patient tends to be part of the thing. I'd guide energy up to the back of her chest/heart, stay there, go back down and up, slowly up to her neck, and I think she had me stop at some point because it was too intense. I believe I guided her energy to do ankhing at one point, but aside from up and down I'd guide her energy up to her head, sometimes down her front into her lower dantien (kinda guiding a microcosmic orbit).

Another sorta feeling to do is mixing yin and yang to make a more electric feeling. Like what I imagine is one line of quick electric energy (yang) and one line of slow powerful energy (yin) coming together and emitting from my hand and that tends to give static shocks to animals when I pet em.

I use that more for excitement, I dunno how to differentiate it much from the last one other than intuition tho.

Also with all of this I rarely have much thought during the act, connection/immersion definitely helps (obv).

As for sex specifically, I don't have much wizard stuff that differentiates it other than mantak chia stuff. Draw energy up the back. and I'd try to keep energy out of my penis as much as possible, either putting it into her or drawing it up my spine.

What I'm gonna do to prepare for getting better at it is: cultivating male sexual energy with Mantak Chia's books/techniques, doing more qigong and other mantak chia stuff (innersmile), manifest it more once I feel more ready, connect with a future partner on the soul level ahead of time probably. Also develop more innerlove/less ego, stronger connection to sacred things, more soul/body integration. I'm sure in a year or two I'll be on another level again (:



> in the big picture, all energy balances 50/50

but is that so on the higher levels/can we know that? I should think past a certain point STO would ascend higher because they'd absorb into godhead once they know it and then who knows whether that needs to be any balance.



>Is there any truth to the idea that people can have past incarnations and that they can learn about these?

I've felt flashes of other lives but I haven't tuned in enough to see them/know their meaning yet.

I've had a couple akashic readers tell me about past lives of mine, and an empath as well.

as for absorbing back into god, i'm pretty sure that's voluntary. Taoism according to mantak chia says the best idea is to develop until one knows what it means to be absorbed into god, and then do so when desired






nice post


meditate yourself to sleep to this, report back results


do tell what meditation you were doing before you faded into sleep.


I just spent the whole day trancing out and having odd experiences. Not too long ago from me posting right now I had this experience of seeing North Korea, seeing the Supreme Leader walking around visiting places, and feeling this intense love and devotion for him. The emotion that discharged from my soul to him was intense and deepened the experience. I heard patriotic songs being sung and could hear them in English or Korean. I knew things about the Supreme Leader, things I could not have possibly known but somehow knew anyways. My soul cried for the Supreme Leader.



I tried for many hours with many different tracts and various audio equipment over a period of a few weeks and it never worked at all for me.






I don't see a problem with tattoos of like a deity/archetype one utilizes often or is devoted to serving/embodying,

or a tattoo of space or nature or of an animal totem or something

a friend of mine has a tattoo that says something like breathe and that's not a bad one for a non wizard spiritual person

What do you think of piercings?

I have none of either but I don't mind certain ones. Gauged ears weird me out tho


Why am I here, why am I in pain, why do I suffer?

To learn, is not enough, learning is a byproduct of suffering. Learn or suffer more.

Why am I here, truly, is it to suffer? Why am I suffering?

Is this not the place where I want or need to be? Why would I want to be in suffering? Why would I need to be suffering? Do I need to learn this suffering because there is greater suffering in a place where there is no death?

What acts did i commit in a place where there supposedly is no suffering to warrant this suffering?

Did God want us to suffer?

Is it desire? Its desire isn't it? I want to be here because I love the pain?

Do I really love the pain?

If there is no suffering can there still be happiness?


Do I want to be here because it is the final frontier?



>Why do you suffer

Hard times make good men



I wonder/theorize that that might be some wizard shit he's got around him to make things that way. super-sts




but also,

I dunno, it's something for you to experience and grow from, somehow. There should be a way to make the suffering tolerable, whether by magic, self-care, medicine, etc.

as far as I know all experiences are to teach you/your soul

>If there is no suffering can there still be happiness?

depends on what you mean by happiness.

I'd say yes but it would be beyond this realm or seem more like contentment. contentment is fine.


sort of. I hear this place is good to grow faster. You may also be here to help others. Apparently I volunteered to come back here to help, this time around.


>Hard times make good men

But why? why am I?



I dunno, part of you should know that.

If you want a real answer and can't find it yourself get a divination. Akashic readers worked well for me.



Please respond. I really want to know if the word Razle/Razie has religious significance IRL.



This is interesting but it could also be just another example of finding significance where there is none. He could have just as easily assigned the twelve signs of the Zodiac within the standard model, or Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury for the the Trinity. Do you remember the work of that Bible Wheel guy?


This isn't too much of a question as it is something I need to get off my chest but here it is.

This doesn't actually pertain to what I'm going to say all that much besides the fact that it put me in a certain mood. I just went through a difficult breakup with a girl I was with. I genuinely care about her but we just didn't feel right together and although i wanted to stay with her I thought it would be better for us.

This put me in a not too good mood when I was going to sleep and I was having some bad dreams about it. I constantly woke up throughout the night because I felt way too hot. I kept falling back to sleep but this ended up putting me in a lucid mood.

I've been lucid dreaming for quite a while and it's gotten to the point where I just walk around and do the things I would do if I weren't lucid. I'm just trying to help you guys understand my state of mind at this point.

There were all sorts of emotions going on when I was lucid dreaming but what happened next is the important part.

I woke up in bed and decided that I'd go back to dreaming again. I was conscious while i was going into the dreaming state. I started dreaming again just barely and it wasn't all that pleasant but there were a lot of emotions behind it; fear, anger, sadness, etc.

At that point I just decided to let it all go. I let go of all the negative emotions and just decided to feel love. I can only describe it as being a 100% sincere love.

Everything faded away to black and it just felt like I was floating in space. My body started to feel weird like I was vibrating and then I heard a feminine voice that felt like it was made up of many other voices. That voice was shaking me to my core when it spoke and it said "I believe you are ready to go higher" I was starting to wake up and so i didn't hear the rest of what it said too clearly but it went something like "Break down the walls" and then the part that I really didn't hear sounded like "Break up with the walrus" which again I'm not even sure that's what was said. In whatever case I interpreted it as breaking free from the human chains of life.

Just to reiterate how profound the voice was, it was talking to me from every direction and when I say it's voice was shaking me to my core as it spoke I mean there was complete clarity, and a bass and energy that was reverberating.

Anyone know what this was or had any experience like this?



No, at the most fundamental, why are You?

Why am I? Why are we?


File: da4afb7f6559ca4⋯.png (9.38 KB, 270x22, 135:11, ClipboardImage.png)

What font is this?



Thanks for sharing. Having these experiences are nice. Doesn't happen to often. If it was as overwhelming as you say and positive theres not much reason to doubt it.

You got warm because you were siphoned energy.

What you should do now is assume various yoga postures and as near perfect lotus as possible with deep breaths, to acclimate to this vibration you've entered, its in your energy body but if the energy body doesn't express the new vibration through the body the new vibration wont acclimate and will fade away because of dissonance with current body holding the posture and energy grid locks like that of your previous vibration.

Do not fap.

If yoga is not your thing go work out.

I believe you'll be able to access higher realms in the astral now, just allow yourself to feel that love and you will go to amazing places that resonate with you at that moment.


You had a nice experience. I got told "What if I stop pretending like there is something between us, can we be friends then?" while she was begging me with tears in her eyes to stay as I was leaving a party and ending our relationship, telling her this is the last time we see, goodbye, done with your shit.

I did eventually let go, after some 6 hours of restless energywork, inspecting all my emotions carefully and sending all the blue vibes she gave me back to her. Today I've been lying on the grass doing earth/sun meditation.

Our first, only and last kiss was magical, I had taken LSD at the forestparty we were at that night before going home, she had been drinking, quite a bit, enough, she says, that she does not remember this but i doubt her.

She jumped in on me after I had leaned in to tease her as I had been the whole night, when her lips met mine the last thing I saw were two big blue eyes closing in tact with mine, I feel my heart beat like a drum and do backflips while my brain blasts out of my head as her lips pushes me back a whole arc of torso chest and back movement until I with one hand takes control at the apex of the pendulum, in the same split second as I put my hand down on the table behind me to not fall i push her back from where our lips first had met and equally far back as she had moved me, right before she falls backwards I move her no more, she is free and I just pull back at the same pace and she follows again to where our lips first met, our center.

Her lips were honey and rain on grass, her eyes crystal blue so intense it put the skies to shame, we were in perfect harmony, one single rolling motion of pure unity. We were one for a heartbeat. I will take this memory with me until the day I day.

It it so painful that a song so beautiful is unsung and it is so bittersweet to know what could have been.

First time we locked eyes it was like two predators sizing each other up. We would have ruled the world.



Excuse my persistence but can someone answer me ?



>1) What is the Ouroboros ? ( redpilled version )

A symbol representing various concepts.

>2) Sometimes i have some sleep paralysis when i am half awake (or at least i think so ) from sleep and some really bass voice just keeps me paralyzed, if i don't concentrate i can't wake up. Is this normal in sleep or anything fringe stuff involved because it feels kinda fucking weird.

It can happen. Rare for me. Usually for me it has involved some neg-entity encounters (usually greys). Haven't had any problems in like a year maybe now though, my room has a bowl full of sea salt (the kind you buy from aquarium store specifically for fish) and there's incense and the energy in the room has been changed through many meditations and impregnating the room with the elements and so on.

>Both questions are connected because that voice just keeps saying something about the Ouroboros every time, the rest i can't quite decipher.

I guess that voice really likes the symbolical philosophy behind the Ouroboros. Maybe you should read Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings Of All Ages and Lectures On Ancient Philosophy.

>3) How much is my mind tripping at that period and is it just my mind ?

What do you even mean by this? You are just a center of thought, a center of awareness, and of will. The mind is just this vast thing that is not you but which you can become identified with. If you center yourself in different currents of thought, you automatically pull in corresponding thoughts to that center.



Many thanks, will read that book.



Did a ctrl+f didn't find a mention of the ouroboros in there. Will still read it but do we have anything that studies it specifically ?



I doubt you have a copy of Lectures on Ancient Philosophy. If you do, upload it itt.


File: e29e21f23a89e54⋯.pdf (3.35 MB, secret-teachings-of-all-ag….pdf)

This is a pdf on the first one you told me.

Also i am fucking retarded because ctr+f's on pdf's viewed by browser counts only for the page.

As for the second one , i indeed didn't find a copy, but i think if i search /pdfs/ i could find something right ?




Off the top of my head:

-Raziel is an archangel

-Razzie is also short for that film/tv award for the worst shit that came this year https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Raspberry_Awards


Does anybody know a ritual to invoke the mesopotamian version of Yahweh?



Magic sans


Who is attempting to wake up >>>/occult/ ?


Hate to bother you fine lads with noob questions but can someone help me reconcile the apparent disparity between "the all" as described in the kybalion and "the law" as described in the Arcane Teachings?

At face value they seem to be describing the same thing, but the kybalion specifically states that "the all is mind" and describes the all as being conscious, while the arcane teaching says that "the law" is not itself conscious but is a more like a law of nature. It almost seems like "the all" is a mashing together of "the law" and "the cosmic will" from the arcane teaching. Just curious about this as they were penned by the same author.



I think to grow and to figure that out is why.

unless you mean why do we seem divided







Nice, thanks for typing that out.


In an attempt to fix up this board a little, we should have a comprehensive guide to effective loosh farming (and avoiding becoming the victim of it), a list of the best boards for doing so (the perfect combination of angry users and reluctant mods), and an unspoken agreement not to do it too much here. Does /fringe/ have the organizational skills to accomplish this? I would gladly help.



Just do what I do. Go find a couple good threads, make a post in them, and maybe make a new (good) thread. If everyone did this each time the frontpage looked like shit, the board would keep in tip-tip condition practically all the time.


can we not use names anymore? I wanna tripfag again :(



Namefaggotry has been disabled. You get a UID for each thread you post in and that's it. Only way to namefag now is to become a mod and then you'd be able to do it.



You could just introduce yourself in every post. Before anything else, always type "Hey what's up my fellow wizards it's your friendly neighborhood shitposter here, Ebin Djinn. Did you miss me or something?"



Immediately after reading this I logged into a certain MMO (sue me, I have ties there) for a few moments. First player I saw was named Raziel. Fun synchronicity.


Yeah, I know. There are a lot of Bible Wheel theories. I honestly think the guy I posted is more like a dude who had certain ideas in mind and went through the Bible trying to apply it anywhere. These patterns can be found anywhere and in anything.



>being this autistic



If he's going to do that, he should interrupt his posting very often to advertise random products like male vitality too.

"This shitpost brought to you by"


this is powerful, you should leave it on in the back background.




>brought to you by the hermetic horseshoe clanking foundation



You're welcome (:


as the guy who asked,









How do I harden my psychic wards or get them in the first place and order so that I won't make something disorderly?



How do I look up information on "unlocking my beast?"


How do I affectively enter trance as to tune out all of my physical senses to better sense the akasha?



uh, I dunno, I just try it. it's not much different than shutting out thoughts just to a diffferent degree



lol, you want to develop your third eye and its sense relation to the rest of your body and its energy layout

I want to say its not some state you enter but then I think of the meditation one should do to be able to feel/hear/sense the energy and flow in waking, moving around moments.

Lie down on back and let the body fall asleep while you focus on different parts of the body and learn them. Easy as that.


>Write a letter to the Universe, requesting to go back in time to the Summer of 2013 (the last point my life was on track)

>Have a dream that night of me in my bedroom around that time

>Unfortunately, I failed to realise I was dreaming

>Wake up this morning, drained of energy with ultimately, no real changes

Man. I think this is possible. Though perhaps the Summer of 2013 is too far? I haven't masturbated since March this year, I believe so I think I have a lot of energy. Maybe I should just try and gun for May, 2016.


File: 39ba3d840a8285a⋯.png (406.36 KB, 587x550, 587:550, 1422494168137.png)

>meditate in my room, pouring energy in my various body parts to improve their performance

>mfw I notice that a shadow person is just standing there, staring at me after pouring some energy in my eyes

>don't get too spooked so I try to psychically communicate with it, don't feel any response but start noticing outlines of a whole bunch of figures appear next to it

>wonder if I should just banish them or eat them and decide to make them fuck off after letting them watch me meditate for a little while

I didn't really feel any malice from them but I don't like visitors in my room. How do you treat the entities that you meet in your wizardly adventures /fringe/?



Wait a fucking minute. How does this even work. I mean

>Do you save no masturbation fuel for time travel ?

>How much quantity of no masturbation fuel is required for x distance of time travel ( if we calculate time as a 4th dimension perhaps where we use a second ( s ) as the default unit of measurement ) ?

>Is no masturbation fuel the fuel for time travel or is it just the way to boost the production of some sort of spiritual time travel fuel through meditation and if so what amount of time travel fuel ( ttf ) is produced per s of meditation ( and since it's directly associated with time travel , we can define 1 ttf as the spiritual fuel needed to travel 1 second back in time ) ?

>Is there like a ritual you have to perform in order to expend your time travel fuel or check how much you got ?

>Can you travel to the future or only to the past ?

>How do you write a letter to the universe and is that a way to expend time travel fuel if you wish to time travel ?

>Is meditation the only way to produce this kind of fuel or energy if you will ?

>Is masturbation burning through the energy you have already accumulated and if so at what rate how many ttf's per a standard 20 minute session are consumed ?

Can we please work towards answering these questions so we can all reach some higher understanding about what the fuck happened to you ? Also if you have some kind of example that this has worked in the past we can put down the numbers and calculate how much time you need to abstain from masturbation and meditate in order to accumulate enough ttf for your journey i guess.



>>Do you save no masturbation fuel for time travel ?


>>How much quantity of no masturbation fuel is required for x distance of time travel ( if we calculate time as a 4th dimension perhaps where we use a second ( s ) as the default unit of measurement ) ?

1s no masturbation = 100s time travel

>>Is no masturbation fuel the fuel for time travel or is it just the way to boost the production of some sort of spiritual time travel fuel through meditation and if so what amount of time travel fuel ( ttf ) is produced per s of meditation ( and since it's directly associated with time travel , we can define 1 ttf as the spiritual fuel needed to travel 1 second back in time ) ?

>>Is there like a ritual you have to perform in order to expend your time travel fuel or check how much you got ?


>>Can you travel to the future or only to the past ?


>>How do you write a letter to the universe and is that a way to expend time travel fuel if you wish to time travel ?


>>Is meditation the only way to produce this kind of fuel or energy if you will ?


>>Is masturbation burning through the energy you have already accumulated and if so at what rate how many ttf's per a standard 20 minute session are consumed ?




File: d3d8f951eca0326⋯.gif (70.65 KB, 474x240, 79:40, wisdom-teeth-impacted2[1].gif)

Any reasons why I should not have my wisdom teeth removed? A dentist suggested to me that I should have them removed before they cause any trouble, but I'm against removing parts of my body that aren't causing any damage.

What does /fringe/ think of this?



This was recommended to me some years ago. I never had them remove and my jaw is all fucked up today, although that's probably not because of the wisdom teeth, but because I have more teeth on my bottom row than the top row from when they removed some other teeth before.

Check out "reWild yourself", listen to the podcasts, and learn about "natural dentistry".

I also hear that Buddha was apparently a great dentist.

If you can manage it, try to gain conscious control over your teeth, so you can remove them via trance or grow them or do whatever you want with them but don't need surgery.



>>I didn't really feel any malice from them but I don't like visitors in my room

>>How do you treat the entities that you meet in your wizardly adventures /fringe/

Overwhelming force. People, just like entities take take to make specific workings, rekk someone fast and distract with pain or disharmony and it will be over before its started.

Again, poop is free, would you eat poop?

I say you tumble their shapes around so they can't hold their form in your vicinity. Music and incense smoke works really well for this as well, disturbing the area, carving new rivers and flows in the ether, entities, especially weak ones wont even come close.



this includes a lot of tedious, slow and careful grinding teeth to soften the roots so they can resettle, be careful not to bite to hard or overdo it. its a slow, long process.



>1s of no masturbation = 100s of time travel

So basically 100 ttf's or tittyfucks or however you wanna call em , let's go with ttf's since it's a nice established measurement unit of your peculiar energy. Let's be generous and say you didn't fap since the end of March this year and count the March out, which means you pulled a no fap from April since this morning of May 3rd. That is 33 days clean ( + some hours ) and due to your principle. Let's say 33 days , that's 3300 days worth of time travel or to be accurate 28,512,000 ttf's. Now easy math if we divide that with 365 it gives us 9 years and 15 days worth of fuel, lot more than you need. Which means that either your form of energy that you gave me is innacurate either you wrangled your pet snake Peewee at your favorite shemales at least once between 19th of April and today.


File: 4854d37da95e38c⋯.png (70.2 KB, 852x944, 213:236, apustaja wizard pepe hikin….png)


What am I reading? ayy lmao



You should just get them removed, it's not that bad fam.



I was


And just shitposting



Channel it through the microcosmic orbit. Up your back, down the front into your lower dantien



Didn't look the ID's


I need informatiom about a wizard who haunts me in my sleep. He then tells everyone on Earth that he isn't haunting me and that the alien abduction tier shit they do to me is just something I need to take a pill for.

Oh yeah! Because just taking a pill can undo what is basically astral rape! Yeah that makes sense you fucking mundane faggot!

I believe this wizard goes by the name Bullshit Occultist. He was able to possess the bodies of everybody I thought were family and friends, and I am now pretty sure that none of these people I encounter ever were anyone other than Bullshit Occultist. Who has some information about this person? It feels like I live my life and simaltaneously Bullshit Occultist is sitting there with a clone of my timeline in front of him and uses to to interfere at the perfect times to keep me enslaved. I am not down with this retarded ass Bullshit Occultist run world, and I will do whatever I need to do to eliminate them. Who is trying to help? You can say no, but who would want to be there for you when you go through something? I'm sick of being in quicksand 24/7, I'm sick of being mkultrad/cancered/attempted suicided 24/7. I swear one of you fuckers are next, so why not help me nip the problem in the bud?

Literally all I care about is misfits/losers/poor/opressed/suicadal/mentally ill/damned/etc. If any of you are "good" like you claim to be then stop helping Bullshit Occultist. Show me the core and I will destroy it.

(6. Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time.)


File: 2356f290b14db54⋯.jpg (295.93 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, iyqfDLr.jpg)



completely insane. 50 posts with the tone completely mixed. Looks like someone didn't anticipate the need to change proxies.



completely insane. 24 posts




completely insane. 69 posts including jew-tier 'you're our slave' and talk about literally turning things into gold.



'satanism is good. throwing fireballs is possible' + uses 'if you rape a toddler' when talking about how people 'set their own vibration'. Oblivious. 42 posts.



responding to a spectacular meltdown ( >>96872, >>96873, >>96874, >>96875 )with a non-plussed question: 'why we talkin' 'bout tattoos?'. 10 posts.




'time travel = masturbation' and schizo-enabler. 21 posts.



"Again, poop is free, would you eat poop?" gross non-sequitur idiot. 29 posts

This is the worst of the obviously bad and it takes up something like half the thread. What weird guys you are.


Hey how's it going Reddit I'm a pretty cool guy named Bullshit Occultist AMA







*tips Satanic fedora*

*chaotees all over you*

nuttin' prsnnel kiddo



Oh shit I just looked at all the posts you quoted, lol, no further comment needed.



Lol pic. Yeah i should be that solar guy



Why would language be above energy



>just allow yourself to feel that love and you will go to amazing places that resonate with you at that moment.

>I had taken LSD

fuck off, some of us dont get the easy path and get to do le epin drugs.



It is true, I am completely insane.




Tone is for pussies anyway


How can I download the library if Mega is being a piece of shit?



Just install the official Mega Download Plugin™ and it should work like a charm.





What was the objective?


Dang i wanna grab dem tix


Jobs suck and dont pay well


It means work on Auto fellatio. No but seriously I think it would mean that you either have and energy leak or weekend energy there or something



It carries spirit, reasoning, logic, a mode of thought, the "code" of this being actualized is of higher frequency.



They're tools you underage pleb, get some your self.



Do you know where you are?



>'time travel = masturbation' and schizo-enabler

I was fucking with the guy 'cause I thought the timetravel=masturbation was retarded lol.

At least 8/10 of my posts are serious discussion, though I admit I made too many rather than reading the thread all at once and mass-responding.



The reason why language is higher has been answered which is great.

Seriously, language manipulates energy in high order "SQL" or "C++" or "Python" ways (computer analogy), or when you learn it, Software/Application levels, while "Energy" is just fucking Machine Code or Assembly level.

Foresight falls along the path of Strategy, Tactic, Cause and Effect, Planning, Foresight of all sorts, in order to reach a Vision/Goals and avoid pitfalls and negative situations, and is more like a either a higher order software or a video game project. Basically "Wisdom."

Emotion is before energy because you really don't want fucked up emotions and strong energy awareness and control together.

I'm working on sorting my thoughts out on a "how-to" path through that diagram, so let's see in a year how that ends up.



>Can anyone explain however how the magnetic fluid is any different from the water element and the electric fluid is any different from the fire element? I know they come from those elements but I don't know what makes them these "fluids" that are apparently a distinct thing. Please unconfuse me.

aka magnetic = yin, electric = yang


>Holding a gram under my younger




hmm, I'd like to try this. under tongue with magnesium ascorbate or something. maybe just straight mag pill bc idk about ascorbate, maybe too acidic for enamel.


I've been able to do this also! I used to do it while sitting in the bath a lot. I think it has something to do with astral senses/energy senses. You could probably see energy-bodies with it.

Well, that's my theory, and I'm pretty sure I'm right.

These things, after all, are supposed to be awakening to things you could do all along.






imagine you already have the feature you want, and feel gratitude for it/feel the energy coursing through your eyes.

also see



more real than you are


what the other people said, also you can do the microcosmic orbit and pull the energy up your back, down your front, store into lower dantien


>>Could this be used in body transformation?

>Please expand further.

I'm not that person but I figured they meant if

>>difficult to sustain the physical form.

meant one's body is less solid, then one's body would be easier to change.


I hope to be able to do such grand wizardry as in pic


video down

but whatever, greenpills everywhere. Avatar TLA is better.


>>just b urself bro

but srsly. that's probably easier than magicking yourself a gf.

>I'd suggest manifesting those personality traits.


go through the crucible to find the decent non needy self of you.


lol indeed


lol wut


because all is one and one is all and do it fig



good stuff


aw, cutie dachshund




how is that fixed









>>not opening your third eye and influencing the drivers in front of you to drive a little faster every time you get sick of how slow everyone is going

i don't quite do that but when in traffic i'll try to make people go more smoothly when i don't simply distract myself with other stuff.

maybe that's wrong to do tho.


>>children and mothers die as a consequence



makes me think how different religions are the same but with different 'colors' or different depictions of x archetypes or etc.



>Seriously, language manipulates energy in high order "SQL" or "C++" or "Python" ways (computer analogy), or when you learn it, Software/Application levels, while "Energy" is just fucking Machine Code or Assembly level.

I mean… I dunno, I've been able to speak my whole life but I think once I learned how energy and stuff feels, being psychic made things a new level.

So I could see energy above in that way.

I could see language above if one knew sanskrit or whatever and knew the vibrations of whatever stuff, or if one were particularly charismatic/good with words maybe? and you'd have to be good with energy too prob.

the rest of it was sorta obv imo

naturally emotions would be below nrg



What's your zodiac symbol, if you dont mind?




Alright, so knowing a language is using a piece of software or an application, while learning a new language or developing your current language skills is like a new program or moddifying a current program to make it better, thus giving you a better understanding of the code underneath and how to create your own programs or use another program as "parts" for your own.

So it's like becoming a programmer, including specializations of programmers like video game developer, software developer, database developer, etc

Language expands ones ability to construct and imagine into greater sophistication and refinement and substance… with meaning, purpose, and vision.

It's more useful once you have the previous steps down.



If I knew where to get it I wouldn't be talking to you lot now would I? your advise is next to worthless because some of us haven't done it and don't have the same experiences. deadbeat hippies need to shut it.


Really now this is getting sad you really think any ones gonna buy your BS?



just use the darknet. tor, /r/darknetmarkets.

if you don't know how to keep 'safe' doing that, then i guess you are SOL. I mean, you'd probably be fine anyway unless you're in some super-strict country but yea

just buy some shroom spores on regular internet and grow em yourself, worst case. it's pretty easy


sorry guy I make it a habit of not taking advice from people who AstroTurf a dead board to make them self seem legit



>Hard times make good men




t. softie


My favorite part is when I shitpost (((everyone))) throws a hissie fit but it's SO FURNNY WHEN YOU DO IT!!!!! XDXXDXD ;^)









actually I take it back it is GOING to be fun especially with twats like



I'm an empath and it makes me special :3


>Apparently I volunteered to come back here to help, this time around.

and doing a piss poor job of it. Every time you post about love or any other stupid garbage you fuel my ego/rage.

Thats not something sto would do silly goy.



It's some sort of linux font.

p.intro {
font-family: 'Sofadi One','Courier New',Courier,Freemono,'Nimbus Mono L',monospace;



With honor until they prove their nature is contrary. And even then, I may try to help, or I may just exvoke them.





You don't shitpost. you have psychotic sperg outs.



>psychotic sperg outs.

You don't know what it means to be a wizard do ya lad?






Familiarizing yourself with cmd central (spirit) and then mastering the subconscious mind responsible for executing commands so you can refine the protocols of Zion *rubs hands* so that you wont sperg out in public or pee with your pants down your ankles.



>something something bend or break something



>implying I sperg out in public

ooooooo programming lingo you really are a master wizard.


don't kid yourself, this is as public as you go, aahahahahaha



Thanks for answering such a wierd question, I'm trying to see if certain signs are more drawn to magic than others


>Hard times create good men


If you were content with being a beta blue-pilled dyel faggot, why would you change? Self-improvement is the product of not being happy with your current conditions.



swing and a miss

I have a job and have to interact with people alll the time, Maybe go outside and actually talk to people.


that doesn't mean once I get my shit together I'll be nice about.



clearly being a wagecuck is having a negative effect on your psyche



File: aac94d58074c383⋯.jpg (33.11 KB, 728x90, 364:45, IMG_8947.JPG)

I can usually tolerate namefagging, but this is too far. What the fuck man?



What did you mean by this?



Did he buy an ad for this board?



>that doesn't mean once I get my shit together I'll be nice about.

Getting your shit together is an improvement, being nice comes natural when you've got your shit together, as is vice versa



I fucking hate normans




whats this meem



If you want to buy shit you need money no way around it. cant live off mommies tit forever.


>being nice comes natural when you've got your shit together, as is vice versa

>being phanny bothered by epyc win




LOL good one!


Nothings sadder than a neet who has laughs at his own jokes



normalfag (cleary ur 1 heh)



>his own jokes


is satire.

I'm laughing with and at >>97320 as the person pulls off a good joke about the polar mentality and implies a healthy state of mind. And in the event that >>97308 wasn't shitposting I'll still be laughing because perspectives and nothing is sacred.

33d chess shitposting isn't easy I give you that.



taste the word, can it work?



taste the word, can it work?

for the record this thread is awful. please don't keep this ID test thing running for more than another question thread.



otoh you're a traumatised psychic rape victim



>it's awful

What? IDs were a revelation. With them on people can be embarrassed about posting garbage and then switching to their wise monk persona. They're useful for weighing advice/opinion.

They'd be unneccesary if /fringe/ didn't have a basket case with MPD problem. Being part of that problem I guess some are gonna feel that way.



>implying shitposting can be less useful in pushing a person than normal advice that doesn't trigger emotions and doesn't engage the reader while doing an expert shitpost himself

If only you were better at projecting that would have been classy.



>"S### posting (pardon my franch) pushes people in a beneficial manner while normal advice is boring and you're a hypocrite."

Get the IDs back on, punk.



IDs were just a test? I noticed they have been turned back off.



my magic >yours



>AstroTurf a dead board to make them self seem legit


>I'm an empath and it makes me special :3

Did you graduate grammar school? I never said "I'm an empath", I mentioned other empaths I've met.


>Every time you post about love or any other stupid garbage you fuel my ego/rage.

>Thats not something sto would do silly goy.

sure it is.

I don't control what you feel.

I mb already helped the one guy I could help significantly here.


you're right, shitposting is pointless and I won't do it


it's not great but IDs don't necessarily make it worse other than arguing because of them, but there's plenty of arguing aside from them



eh why


ids make everyone a tripfag. were to few for it to work, i made my point.



I saw it on other boards too


Epic Wyn is CIA



He's a big guy.



File: 8921a57b82d9441⋯.png (65.12 KB, 832x419, 832:419, Screenshot from 2017-05-05….png)


Check out this bullshit occultist in the comments, heh.

>activated DNA

>muh Jesus

>all these shit analogies



>AstroTurf a dead board to make them self seem legit

>I'm totally a different person even though I spout the same bullshit

>sure it is.

>I mb already helped the one guy I could help significantly here.

ah this is what I really love about you turds. In your pea brains you cant possible imagine that your just doing this to fuel your own ego.




>his own jokes

>>97320 is satire.

>My jokes are 33d chess playing

that's nice dear


stop advertising on youtube smiley you fucking cunt you're diluting the board with people like





>implying anti-flag anon isn't a /fringe/ oldfig as shown by his paranoia and psychosis

green pill overdose in my imho



mmmmhmmm making it so all the ids were the same definitely helps. But here i still stand



I thought it was pretty clear who I was for most posts; I'm using the same flag and everything.


are you crazy? We're on a wizard forum. Make things happen if you want them to happen.

I won't deny there was some luck, but I put in the work. It's like you don't think the law of attraction is a thing.

>you cant possible imagine that your just doing this to fuel your own ego.

and you having to be right about everything and shouting everyone down and refusing to take advice isn't more egotistical.

The post to which I referred was specifically asking me what I did.



>Uses the term '33D' chess.

>Obviously puts significance on that number

>Obviously bitter about not being one of the many #33 UIDs.


Dude, if we had UIDs you would've been able to tell both those posts came from the same r-type.



seriously my man, look at yourself nipping at the heels of people like a lapdog saying they're egotistical, and then you say 'here I still stand' as if you're batman, when really you're an obnoxious vulgar little chiwawa.






I want to see boot's face when xhe notices ID's were awry.



>are you crazy?


>Make things happen if you want them to happen.

True, see the funny thing was I was actually on the verge of doing that before I came to fringe but but then misfortune happened, I realized I was chasing a dream. Now I have to start from scratch.

>you having to be right about everything

not everything I just had it with brain dead lsd twats breaching about love

>isn't more egotistical.

never denied I was egotistical. YOU on the other hand…

>The post to which I referred was specifically asking me what I did.

giving out advise that you THINK will help even though we might as well be from another dimension.


>nipping at the heels of people like a lapdog


>when really you're an obnoxious vulgar little chiwawa.

I know you are but what am i?



>never denied I was egotistical. YOU on the other hand…

I didn't deny it either! (:

>>The post to which I referred was specifically asking me what I did.

>giving out advise that you THINK will help

no, saying what i did to someone who asked how I did it.

But plenty of stuff is universal enough anyway, or else this place wouldn't exist/it would be useless.



I didn't deny it either! (:

fair enough

>But plenty of stuff is universal enough anyway, or else this place wouldn't exist/it would be useless.

plenty of useless stuff that exists.


File: 8147bf3afe275a7⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 448x300, 112:75, bored.jpg)


>I want to see boot's face when xhe notices ID's were awry.


File: cf167533ce0c99a⋯.jpg (53.77 KB, 560x600, 14:15, thumbs up hobo.jpg)


>Raziel is an archangel

Thank you for that. That must be who was on the card I saw. The reason I am unsure of the spelling is I read the name "Razle" off one of the cards and couldn't tell if the fourth letter was an 'L' or an 'I'.


>My special lucid dream indirectly manifested as someone else's synchronicity


So why are you cucks focusing on the mental when you're in a deep sea of Yahweh cucked shit.

You have to focus on developing the Body. The world is subjugated, so are you, stop being a coward and create the most powerful vessel possible. Don't bind yourself to the concepts of those manipulated by the corruption that is present on Earth, cultivate physical prowess through Eastern and Western training or better.

You already know that the common man and woman know NOT. You have to reject 99.9% of all information, wisdom and advice and go against all odds. Even special occult stuff. Working through the dark is not the aim, it's to illuminate your senses and mind, as well as others, and them to illuminate yours. Be a hero, starting at the bottom rungs.

Read up everything on horse stance you'd like, learn how to Horse Stance for 1 hour completely relaxed along with whatever else you find in your resources, and then move onto further gong fu/qi gong hard/soft technical mastery. Go outside more, connect with nature, produce for others, act out of personal essential love/goodness (don't conform to every image or gesture of love, temper and strengthen yourself, don't sacrifice your love for many for the love of one except when honestly good/right in your own clear perceptions, develop yourself the most in order to develop the world/universe the most). Don't buy into the STO and STS narratives, there's plenty of BS. Don't focus on your troubles, focus on the oh so simple solutions. Tear down old preconceptions that don't serve you and build better ones.

Most of what you need is already in your mind, body or nearby environment.





Don't intellectualize everything. Don't lawyer reality. Don't OCD. The more you relax the easier and better it is to retrieve information, form connections, grow, learn, love, laugh, play, adventure, explore, perceive, flow, create, manifest, expand, establish, strengthen, and live.




Oh and don't worry about big bad boogy men like God or Yahweh or Lucifer or anything religious. Or abstract stuff in general. Don't worry about it. It can all be handled in sub-conscious, so just relax and expand your awareness and lifestyle and hobbies and dreams and goals.


Any word on when Fringechan is coming back?