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File: 8e60fdd01d1da3d⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 256x257, 256:257, Goetia_Pentagram.jpg)

File: 36d3159697925e9⋯.png (9.1 KB, 234x238, 117:119, Goetia_Hexagram.png)


The Goetia is one of the most infamous texts in the western occult and yet there seems to be paradoxically little discussion of it.

In this thread share your encounters with the goetic spirits and any effective methods you have for summoning them.

What is the nature of the goetic demons, are they old forgotten gods as many claim or are they truly demons?


Eh, personally I've never had any experience in them. I've dabbled in things such as O9A and sinister Satanism, but the Goetia just seems weird. Most people I know that have actually attempted to summon the deities say that they're boring or do absolutely nothing, other than survive off of the loosh given to them by us summoning them. They're just any other thoughtform that we can create. People just give them loosh so they can survive longer and they're super sp00py so people keep giving them loosh.



If you want the results that the "daemons" give you, just do the work yourself. Way better results. Don't waste loosh on a entity that's just trying to live off of your energy.


I want to put a Goetic spirit inside my cat and release it into the world so it can farm loosh without having to be summoned by neckbeards.




Do not listen to this man, he is Apalm

(5. No identifying posts / namefag drama)



I think I should be banning you under rule 5 right now…


File: c64acb350da13d0⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 750x729, 250:243, c64acb350da13d0887b861bc4e….jpg)


Are you even getting paid loosh for this, hotpocket?



I'm sorry, who? I haven't been on this board since about late 2015. Just got a new PC



You think I give a shit Smiley?


Joy of satan members are always claiming that goetic summoning should be done without a protective circle.

Is this just an epic troll to get people buttraped by demons?



Lol, I tried that in 8th grade.

>want to know if demons are real or not

>google "how to summon a demon"

>Joy of Satan is the first thing that pops up

>wait till mom is asleep

>light a candle

>draw sigil of Balam on a piece of paper

>do my first ever pranayama, unwittingly, breathing on counts of 6 like Joy of Satan said to do

>recite the name Balam again and again, like the site said to do

Nothing happened.

Later I tried Goetia more properly when I got my hands on the actual book, though I still could never get all the equipment together, I did get some results. Having done drugs and hallucinated though, I can tell you the only results I ever got out of Goetia were very mild hallucinations and shifts in emotions. I think the demons are just imaginary, and the more energy you put into a ritual the more effects you get. See Crowley's essay "The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic."



why would you even share such a lame anticlimactic story



Demonstrates how effects from magic can be obtained. Why would even make such a lame post?



There were zero effects. The entire point of that post was to point out the lack of effects. and you know very well how retarded that question is



If you ignored everyone who didn't get effects, the only people remaining would be people who say they did. In this case, that'd be JoS people. So yes, it is important to record fruitless experiments.



You have gone full retard. The point of me saying

>why would you even share such a lame anticlimactic story

was to point out that all that had to be said was that nothing happened. like so 'i tried lighting candles and drawing sigils and shit but nothing happened'

Instead I read this greentext story like something crazy is about to happen but no it it was just leading on for nothing.



You shouldn't let your expectations build so easily, it will reduce the control you have over your thoughts and emotions. Here you are taking multiple posts to tell somebody off because you thought they had something fun to say and they didn't satisfy you. The best magicians have learned not to act like little bitches all the time.



It's your perception that sees someone acting like a little bitch. yet it's you who are bitching about your perceived bitching

I simply pointed out how there was no point in that greentext story, other than to lead someone on to dissatisfaction. aka to troll

Basically it was to say stop fucking trolling, but if I said that explicitly I would be making assumptions which is not logical.

The subsequent posting was just me replying to the retarded responses that I got



I'm not the anon you have been talking to, I am a third party here to tell you you're making a grand ass of yourself and continue to dig deeper into this hole of retardation.



Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others


Which goetic demon can a newbie summon without getting buttraped?



Baal is a good starter m'fam



I've had very little experience with evocation, but to be honest, I've never felt the need.

You have all the power within you anyway. I think personifying that power into something that is halfway between a god and a servitor and having to contend with its personality quirks is very inefficient.

I rather pray to my higher self or create servitors and use other "low" kinds of thoughtforms.

I understand, thought, that if you want to do really LHP or basically anything that goes against your deep subconscious dogmas, you have no other choice than to use spirits to do so, because otherwise your subconscious is going to magically cock block you.

This could rapidly turn into a discussion on the real nature of magic and reality.


File: ac21869a8a070bd⋯.gif (85.14 KB, 480x270, 16:9, download.gif)


I think you're on the right track, but the pieces of the real "why" puzzle are in The Science Behind Miracles. It's the only text I have read that poses a model that doesn't contradict any of my own experiences in any way.


Well, it depends on the nature of the buttraping. I have read good things about King Paimon. He is a hardass, but will get you into shape. You know, like a coach or something.


Is it better to follow the original text or use modern methods which add in the LBRP and other stuff?



To play devil's advocate, one could summon an entity and put it to work on a task while you take care of some other business. Like hiring gooks to farm WoW for you but more dignified and useful.


File: b980441fe535869⋯.jpg (111.75 KB, 500x455, 100:91, angry1.jpg)

>be me

>Interesting thread about goetia

>Personally interested, want gain knowledge also summon demons

>click thread

>tfw you're all neckbeards & no good content at all


Can I summon a girlfriend?


File: 5f66fc3d33a97f5⋯.png (349.54 KB, 512x724, 128:181, Kiarastage01.png)


Supposedly, yes. You can summon Gremory, who is said to procure "the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens".

Just remember to offer some food to her camel to show your good intentions



if you did so as you write then you surely contacted the entities, now it certainly must have affected your life, sinchronicity is a thing, for better or worse you did contact balam.


File: 6d06cad9965b726⋯.jpg (101.44 KB, 900x675, 4:3, Yeah thats the reason dude….jpg)


What a feel this is.


File: 8c502ca1ae25376⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 640x889, 640:889, 6b8.jpg)


Negative results are still results. Knowing what doesn't work is still better than knowing nothing at all. Plus, no one's stopping you from repeating the experiment.

Why would you even make such a lame anticlimactic post?


File: c57c6fc54ff1c6c⋯.jpeg (59.05 KB, 536x745, 536:745, 12093809389.jpeg)

Had just as much success WellComing embodiments of C'thulhu mythos as with Goetic summoning.

Hint: Crowley revived "sex-magik" AKA, "a love craft"; Love-Craft's writings are the result of certain exploration methods.

IMO, Goetic entities aren't forgotten gods; They're simply someone trying to do what Love-Craft did, again.

BE CHAOS but have a strong energetic web and you can catch the glimpse of beings none have yet named. Just don't get snared yourself.


Paimon was kind of a bro. Would recommend



so it's literally just bullshit occultism. what a joke



Seere or Marchosias or Vassago.




what's loosh?



Emotional energy



What happened?



Help me summon Belial.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Seere, Vassago, or Marchosias are the most tolerant.


I did not know screaming was a text.

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